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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 29, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> no. i am proud of her. and i'm glad it wasn't a bobcat eating a dog. [laughter] >>never miss an episode. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been the star. he's done an incredible job thus far. respected by everybody. a great, great american. reince priebus, a good man. thank you very much. >> bret: a wild week in washington ending with a west wing shakeup announced late this afternoon. the president speaking about his new chief of staff, homeland security retired general john kelly. the press secretary resigning and a new white house chief of staff chief of staff. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. just before 5:00 eastern time,
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president trump announced general kelly will be his new chief of staff, he starts monday morning. at first, there is no mention of what happened to reince priebus, who has taken a beating this week, courtesy of incoming communications director anthony scaramucci. the president, priebus and scaramucci returned to washington from long island on air force one. he thanked him for his service and dedication. the shortest tenure, 189 days, of any chief of staff not serving in an interim role in the white house. kevin corke with all the breaking news of a dramatically changing white house. kevin. >> quite a day here at the white house, bret. sarah huckabee sanders says the president thanks reince priebus for his service. they accomplished a lot together. he was loyal and his dedication to the president. he thinks him and his family for
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his great service to the country. the odd man out in a very interesting tug-of-war, brought on at least in part by anthony scaramucci's elevation to white house communications director. working on parallel tracks. sarah huckabee sanders was asked if scaramucci's elevation had anything to do with it. they do bring in general john kelly, who most recently has been over at the department of homeland security. he's done an amazing job over there. the president, who has made a habit, bret, surrounding himself with generals -- he comes in with a great deal. washington experience. if we have any more information, we will pass it along to you. he will be on the job monday morning. it bret. >> bret: are they characterizing how reince left? there was talk he resigned on thursday but he was on this trip
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and there is now talk from senior officials of the president was looking at general kelly for this position for some time. >> yeah, that is what we understand. if the white house continues to self-titled this, what they are trying to do and just listening to sarah huckabee sanders, they are trying to be very careful to not step on a person they feel like has done a good job, as well of a job as he certainly could do, despite the fact that he did not do a good enough job to keep his job, we are speaking of reince priebus. around the rnc, he rescued it from the depths of debt despair, powering it to prosperity and of course leading the trump train during the campaign to victory in november. she leaves as someone who isn't clearly not in favor of the president. he was criticized routinely by the president privately and it has obviously spilled out now as he is no longer the lead man or the point man here at the
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white house, bret. >> bret: kevin corke on the north lawn. joining me now by phone to talk more about this, brit hume, senior political analyst. your thoughts on this day? >> if the change here suggests that what we will now have is a fully operational real chain of command inside the white house, of the kind of a military man like john kelly might be just the person to provide, it may well be a step in the right direction. obviously this has been a floating crap game in the white house going around. it's causing all sorts of chaos and problems and kelly made be just the man to provide this white house the kind of order that previous white houses have always had. that kind of hierarchal structure did not it occur in the white house by accident. it's been used for many years and there's a reason for it. >> bret: it's important to point out, he does have
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experience working in washington. both sides of the aisle. a legislative liaison for the marines. senior aide for gates and panetta. he's worked with both sides of the aisle. he's comfortable at the former head of several commands, dealing with capitol hill. you know covering the white house, as i have, orchestrating the trains that go in the oval office about who gets in and who doesn't -- this will be a challenge. >> it is a challenge. he's been regarded as a real star in the way he's running the department of homeland security, as we know, he's only been there in less than half a year. the question comes down to this, bret, does this president really want to have the kind of hierarchical situation where all the paper and appointments and visits to the oval office work through the chief of staff to
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get to the president? that's the point of contact, as well as inside. there are reasons why that kind of structure has been employed in the white house. you don't want to be pulled in all directions all the time. this president is impulsive. he was used to doing things his own way. to a casual operating structure. will he really allow this to happen? there are reports tonight that kelly's been told everything must come through him or he'll be able to set that up. the question is how long will it last and will the president be able to stick to it? on that, it will turn the success or failure of the kelly administration at the white house. >> bret: i talked about his of experience but he hasn't dealt with the politics, the pure politics of a policy shop. does that somehow empower the kellyanne conways, the stephen
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bannons, to give them more access where general kelly may not have spent a lot of time? speak out for a general, kelly has had quite a lot of washington experience. he's well known in the town. he's worked in the white house before. he knows his way around the place. his job as chief of staff is to see to it, a variety of viewpoints and issues, and they've been presented in a kind of fair way. most chief of staff are not noted for being policy experts themselves. it doesn't mean the president will turn to a chief of staff and say what you think about this? his job is to be a broker through whom different viewpoints reached the president. she is responsible for the paper flow and all of that. his ability to manage that and to do it in a fair way is the key and whether that can work or not, it's all up to the
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president. >> bret: clearly this president likes generals. he respects the military and the service and thinks that that is key, as far as key positions. in the wake of what we now have today, another icbm missile launched by north korea, a rocket launched by iran. a serious problem in the middle east. is there a comfort by having someone with such experience by his side? >> he does seem impressed by military people. you've seen it with his performance he's made everywhere. he didn't appoint a civilian to head the pentagon. he did the same with the department of homeland security. of course, the national security advisor is also a military man. there are some people that are going to complain about that and say it represents the militarization of our government and the rest of it. my thought would be that this administration badly needs the
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kind of discipline that military people are accustomed to and can provide. when it comes to these issues, such as the ones you just mentioned, his familiarity and knowledge will likely be an asset. >> bret: as always, brit hume, thank you for your time. catherine herridge, look at general kelly's short but accomplished record. and his history. >> john kelly was sworn in as the fifth secretary of homeland security on january 20th. to strengthen the southern border. fox news traveled with secretary kelly shortly after he came into office. he'll create a powerful deterrent for illegal immigrants, by searching immigration judges to the border so that processing would happen in days, not years.
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kelly described how the numbers dropped. >> we are doing the best we can to stop the illegal movement of things and people into the united states. the movement of illegal aliens across the border in the last six months or so is certainly post-january is down 70%. >> the president's controversial executive order, suspending the refugee program -- the policy is being enforced for the time being. the decision was based on intelligence, not religion. >> there are several countries out there that surprised me they don't have the top-of-the-line passports, for example. some countries don't have passports. you know, anyone in this room would recognize. just like with aviation security, you need to go in this direction, otherwise he won't
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come to the united states. >> kelly told fox that he loved the homeland security portfolio and felt very at home with his new troops and had no second thoughts about coming out of retirement and his wife karen is okay, bret. >> bret: for more analysis on this white house shakeup, karl rove, deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, he joins us from austin, texas. your thoughts on this breaking news, it happened just before 5:00. >> president trump has had the shortest survey national security advisor in american history and is now the shortest serving chief of staff in american history. previous record holder was kim duberstein, she served less than six months under ronald reagan. now reince priebus is just over six months. a change in the white house. at the question will be what kind of authority has general kelly been given? my suspicion is he did not take
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that job without an understanding of what kind of authority he would have. the west wing is a very hard-working, fast-moving place. complicated in the best of times and can't be run without having a chief of staff who's got hiring and firing in the west wing and control over direct reports. the president should have people who can walk in and out of the oval but average of work for the chief of staff and a process that best serves the president. my sense is we are able to see that happen here with general kelly. >> bret: what about reince priebus and how this transpired? obviously, an amazing run with helping the campaign and then talk about his service as chief of staff. >> look, this has been a chaotic white house. white house is are an expression of the personality and the methods and leadership style of the president. you don't have a white house
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that's run distinctly different than how the president wants it to be run. the question will be in the weeks ahead is president trump willing to have less chaos and more control and focus? this was a deliberate decision, first and foremost it will be reflected in the policymaking process of government. clearly general kelly from a military background and his service at the department of homeland security is focused on methodical process. planning and execution. you may remember, he was the first victim of the chaotic policy process of this white house. the very first week president trump was in office, he issued an executive order on immigration and on pieces. people from terrorist states. you may remember, there is pretty good evidence that general kelly raised concerns about this, on a wednesday or thursday saying back to his
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people to the white house, i've got concerns, it looks like it applies to current green card holders. i am worried about the lack of clarity about how it affects iraqi civilians who helped american military, you know, et cetera, et cetera. every one of those objections turned out to be a major problem with the first iteration of the president's executive order on these visas from terror states. having the raise those concerns, the normal expectations was all right, we will now have a constructive process where these issues will be ground through and incorporated into the thinking. in fact, there was no process and they simply went ahead with the original draft that kelly and his people had seen and had objected to but they had no input on the final product. i don't think that's going to happen again with general kelly. >> bret: several sources are now saying the president has been given full authority and everything will go through him, no more walking in and out of the oval office. if that's true, how big a deal
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is that? each president operates differently but from everything we have heard from this oval office, there was a lot of that. especially with family members. give your son-in-law and daughter working as senior advisors, they come in and out. perhaps tough to stand up to a member of the family. >> general kelly has a lot of challenges. hard to work in the west wing if you can't be fired by the chief of staff. it makes it difficult for the chief of staff and for the president and he's got to people who cannot be fired. ivanka and jerrod. i hope they do stand at the problem and respect the chief of staff and don't go around him. he also has a problem with the new communications director. the ugly things he said about reince priebus and the ugly things he said about steve bannon, that poisoned the atmosphere with one guy who is now gone but that's a problem in making sure that thing does not continue to go on. i'm sure there are people in the
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white house where i worked for seven years who have strong opinions about other people but i never heard them expressed in a way like that. and certainly never expressed publicly in the manner that they were done. that's going to be a test of both scaramucci's willingness to accept adult supervision or to leave. it will also be a test for the new chief of staff. there's one other thing here that you touched on earlier with brit hume that i want to return to. at the job of chief of staff requires really good political instincts. general kelly on the one hand is from the military. and has not been in practical politics. he has not been on capitol hill at an elected official but he had been on capitol hill as a liaison as he pointed out earlier, top deputy to two defense secretary's. he has some political skills but he would be advised to have
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someone with those skills close to him. >> bret: karl rove, thank you. someone who knows inside the trump administration pretty well, the former campaign manager, corey lewandowski joins me know from new hampshire. thank you for being here. do you think it was in the making for a while? >> it's very clear is that the president wants to make a change. with the health care bill going down late last night and all the intrigue stories we have seen for a long time, the president was resolved and the fact that he wanted to change direction inside the white house and what we thought today was a president decisively saying we want general kelly to come in, leave the department of homeland security -- need it, and bring that same result to the white house. >> bret: what does it tell us about the president? choosing general kelly for this job? >> he's very serious about cracking down on the leaks that continue to permeate throughout the white house.
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to make sure the white house is high and strong and make sure his agenda is going to move forward. general kelly has done a great job. border crossings are down. in a six month period, he also tells us the president is committed to the illegal immigration problem and now with general kelly coming over to the white house, i think we will see an increase push to get the wall built. >> bret: with reince priebus not getting it done? >> that's a question for the president. i can tell you this, i had the privilege of predemonic being next to candidate trump and it is a grueling job. he's one of the hardest working individuals i've ever worked next to. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when you have an outsider who comes to washington with a message to completely disrupt the system, it's very difficult in any environment to go and be successful immediately. the president is continually focused, every such body and
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this white house needs to be on that agenda. nobody else was. >> bret: there's this unique challenge dealing with senior advisors who happen to be a son in law and a daughter. general kelly apparently has been given full authority. if you believe that to be true? >> i do. if you have a four-star marine general who understands the chain of command and what it's like to be in charge of a chain of command and understands policies and procedures. what that means, i believe, general kelly probably said president, if you want me to come of ranbir chief of staff, i need the full authority of that position to run the office in the white house the way i think will come and with what your wishes are. every senior staff member will be at that staff meeting on monday. i can promise you that and there's also a cabinet meeting where they will formally announce general kelly at the new chief of staff. >> bret: what do you say to
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people who look and say this president lake's chaos? and that he brings in this communications director who is not even in the job yet and goes on this tirade about others. obviously try to get to the bottom of leaks, then this on the record deal, your thoughts this week and what it tells you about his management style in washington. >> it wasn't a great we forget this administration sibley because the repeal and replace bill failed in the u.s. senate because the bill did not move forward and there has to be accountability. political accountability for those three republican senators who did not vote for the bill, it's disappointing for the administration side because they campaigned so hard on it and put so much effort into getting the bill done and then it failed and all the chaos, the intrigue stories, i think those come to an end today. reince priebus and his position
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have come to an end today. general kelly is going to ensure that every person who was previously reporting directly to the president is now reporting to general kelly. >> bret: even anthony scaramucci? >> even anthony scaramucci and even all the other individuals who had direct access to the president are now going to find out that the chain of command in the white house is going to have military persistent and they will be reporting for general duty. >> bret: has this been going on for a while? >> there's been a number of reports for the president had said do you think i'm the right team in place? is this the right individual to run the operation? at the end of the day, it's always the president's decision and prerogative to decide who's going to be his chief of staff. he has made a decision, we are moving forward with it. i think reince priebus for his service. it's a very difficult job, he was put in a very difficult position and i'm sure the president also thanked him.
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>> bret: do you think jeff sessions stays on as attorney general? >> that's a difficult question but jeff sessions is a man who arrived the utmost respect for. i think you should not have recused himself because jeff was on the campaign. he knew there was nothing to this russia investigation. it was a mistake for jeff to recuse himself. he will continue to remain in place, that's my initial gas i think jeff states for as long as the president wants and he's happy with the work that he's doing, particularly on the ms-13 crisis. >> bret: cory lewandowski. we appreciate your time from new hampshire. we are just getting word, breaking news right now about a statement coming from reince priebus just moments ago, it reads... it has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve this president and our country. i want to think the president for giving me this very special opportunity. i will continue to serve as a
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strong supporter of the president's agenda and policies. i can't think of better person than general john kelly to succeed me and i wish them god's blessings and great successes. with that, let's turn to general kelly. you've got quite a record of military service. we talked about it. lucas tomlinson joins us with a look at that, good evening. >> good evening, bret. with the white house wing to deploy nearly 4,000 american troops to afghanistan very soon, expect newly installed john kelly to fall back on his more than four decades in uniform leaving marines. before becoming president trump's' director of homeland security, general kelly served three tours in iraq in 2008, he led the entire marine force in volatile anbar province. in 2010, he became the highest military ranking officer to lose a son or daughter in combat.
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the president chairman joe dunford knocked on his door and general kelly saw him in uniform, he knew his son was dead. before leaving at the head of u.s. southern command, bret, general kelly spoke to reporters at the pentagon and to give an indication of how he thinks how u.s. advisors -- take a listen to what he said. >> this more stuff is hard. it's not for the untrained. the mentorship, the advising is what makes -- the equipment is important but it doesn't come close to having people that are just with them over time. >> born and raised in boston, before the age of 16, general kelly hitchhiked across the
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united states. he will bring his decades of experience to this job can be a part of any military decisions. >> bret: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. let's check in with mike emanuel on capitol hill for some reaction there. >> a number of top republicans on capitol hill are praising the selection of tom kelly, noting that he brings unparalleled leadership skills to the job as a retired marine corps general. they know him here on capitol hill from his time on homeland security. and through his various interactions with lawmakers in and around washington over the years. they are also praising reince priebus saying he had excellent relationships here on capitol hill with many lawmakers. he said he did a fine job and no he cleaned up the rnc and did a terrific job but they are hoping that in retired military man will be able to bring law and order to the white house. and get some of the chaos they are at the white house under control. to try to get the legislative agenda back on track.
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>> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. it let's bring in our panel, jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist, amy walter, national editor and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> it's clear trump runs a very personal presidency and he never had the personal relationship with reince that he has with others. it became rather chaotic, the president's own style from when he ran his business. you can't have that kind of chaos in the white house. the really important question and importance of a military man is precisely what's needed. trump respects generals and he need somebody with a sense of the chain command and discipline. i'm sure kelly negotiated a deal in which he really is in charge. you know what i think it's going to be the ultimate question that was raised in what you said a little earlier?
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does anthony scaramucci go through kelly or does he go directly through the white house, to the president? the answer to that question will determine because it will reflect the authority of kelly, it will determine the success of kelly's tenure as chief of staff. >> bret: an interesting piece of history, when richard nixon was in trouble, he and his chief of staff had left. he turned to alexander hey, general with experience. to straighten things out. inside the oval office. it seems like from the outside, uncertainty and chaos on the inside, he turns to a general to try to straighten out the oval office. >> the situation in the white house was unsustainable. it could not continue like this. they needed to be a shakeup. the lack of success, the obamacare repeal was just the latest on top of all this.
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this needed to happen. the cost in the end i think charles raises it quite correctly when he said it's not so much that the structure is fair, does president trump want to live within the structure? will he abide by a structure that kelly can bring to it? i don't have any doubt that the former dhs secretary could do that with precision. you have to have a president willing to do those things. will we see this moving the agenda forward? what happens next on obamacare? on taxes? with the debt ceiling? there's a lot of frustration on capitol hill, it has been brewing for some time. the president and white house hasn't done a good job in putting forward a very clear agenda and then fighting for that agenda every single day. instead, what they saw this week, a very good week for a legislative process with the president who spent as much time
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tweeting about his attorney general as he did about health care. that's the bigger problem right now. i don't know if the new chief of staff is going to change that. >> bret: it definitely will have a different look in the oval office and in his interactions. we should point out, the department of homeland security wants to make sure that the secretary is still the secretary until monday. it's about a transition because it's such an important job with homeland security. that's another question, who is going to be the next dhs secretary? >> yeah, that's the next question. i think this is a great move, if you thought the central problem in the trump white house was reince priebus. i'm skeptical. i think the general is very capable. i don't think he would have taken the job if he didn't think he could do it. and if he wasn't guaranteed the authority he reportedly will have in taking the job. he is a very capable person. the question again is, will
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trump delegate? amy is right, the status quo is unsustainable. you can't be at war with your chief of staff and get anything done. trump has a divided country and divided republican caucus and a divided white house. you can't get anything done with all these divisions. and you give democrats all the fodder they need to the obstructionists. some teens will certainly over do here but the question is, will kelly be any more successful with donald trump than anyone else around him? >> bret: he does have a different perspective when it comes to generals and people in the military, it seems. it also seems that at the beginning, the thought process -- here is reince priebus, a very close friend of paul ryan, someone who played the inside game at the dnc, with money and data and everything
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else. that was the connection. the outsider with the insiders help. nothing health care go down, perhaps the thought was you know what? this insider thing is not working out for us too well. let's go with the outsider team. >> i agree, this is a cleansing thing. if the report that reince priebus resigned yesterday, before the mccain strike and health care revision went down, as of last night it looked as if there was a good chance that the health care reform might have gone ahead. it might have gone to conference, who knows what would happen but the timing is a little odd because if priebus was out yesterday, it could not have been because of the failure of the health care bill. >> bret: sometimes timelines are adjusted -- >> people readjust them all the
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time. memories become more short under pressure. jason is right. the key question is, this really is the president, if not priebus. is the president willing to be disciplined or at least have somebody at the front door that brings discipline? general kelly's job is to be the gatekeeper, the doorkeeper, or the bouncer in the case of this white house. we don't know if you will do it because it will depend on what trump decides. if he gives the authority, they could be reined in and if he doesn't, it will be reince all over again. >> bret: often times we say politicians forget that we have video. because we play video clips from the past that are hypocritical. but they forget we have twitter that goes back a few years. january 2012, donald trump, then
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businessman tweeted... three chiefs of staff in less than eight years of being president. it does come back into play. washington is a different place to manage than the campaign. >> it's a different place to manage than the campaign or in trump tower. it's not like running a business. running a business is not the same as running a country. working with legislators is not like working with other business people. the real metric beyond the new white house chief of staff is can they get some wins on the board? while that trait reflected what was going on in 2012, the reality was when barack obama was president in 2009 and 2010, they did get some big wins on the board. including the health care bill. that chief of staff left with
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some successes. they went on to lose in 2010, a historic number of seats and a loss of majority if the metric is to keep the president focused? the second is, can you get some wins on the board? for folks up in 2018 who are on capitol hill right now, the biggest fear is that they are going to go into an election with nothing. they're going to have no legislative accomplishments despite how they control all three branches and part of the frustration is they feel as if one, they have their own internal problems. thoughts on them. but there's also a frustration that there's not a leadership coming from the light to back white house, the tweets, all of that is not helping. >> bret: i get all of that but in the prism of what we saw in the washington, are we using a different scoreboard in washington? are the trump supporters in the middle of the country looking at different things? that they like the shakeup and this is a not hillary clinton
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and they love neil gorsuch? and even if he doesn't have the traditional wins and legislative wins, may be the prism is different that they are looking through and touching the president. >> you are absolutely right, bret. his base likes this in-your-face attitude. first and foremost, that is what they have signed up for and that is what they are getting. we have our own metrics and the press that covers the white house about what is successful, unsuccessful, we obsess over the polling and so forth. at the fact of the matter is, if trump wants to get some of these big items done, he needs to be a little more popular than he is right now. when ronald reagan did tax reform in 1986, he was pulling around 60% and he needed to be. that was a big deal that requires working with the other side of the aisle, giving the country on board and so forth.
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trump is not there yet. he doesn't seem to be doing the things that would bring him there. spent a lot of time this week attacking senators on the health care vote that he will meet on a tax reform vote. he's not playing long game. he needs to be. >> i think the metric that counts in the end is the unemployment rate, the growth in jobs, and the increase in the gdp. those are the metrics that really count. the economy recovering. that's the most important thing. they don't really care about scoreboards. in the individual housemates was, yes, i think scoreboards matter. did you have a win, did you pass? when did you do any promise about obama current? in terms of his popularity -- to get an agenda through, as the general state of the economy and that, as yet, it is undetermined. it looked reasonably good up
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until now -- if you throw in the stock market, we don't know where it will be in november 2018. that's not going to be quite as decisive. >> bret: i'm not down for playing the -- there's many lawmakers saying i need something. >> this is separating the two of these things. if you go out and talk to folks, they say we like the way that the president operates. that's what we voted for. we did not vote to do things the same way as usual. what we liked about him is that he is different and he's not going to play by the same rules. in that sense, he's being successful. at the end of the day, the real question is -- is he able to achieve as much as he was able to achieve for people who wanted to see jobs coming back to the country? >> bret: just moments ago, a statement from secretary john kelly, he said this... "i've been fortunate to serve my country for more than 45 years.
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first as a marine and then as secretary of department of homeland security. i am honored to be asked to serve for the chief of staff for president of the united states. it to the tremendous men and women at dhs, i think you for the opportunity to serve as your secretary. when i left the marines, and never thought i would find as committed, as professional, as patriotic a group of individuals. i was wrong. you can accomplish great things everyday, defending our nation. i know your exceptional work will continue. that's general john kelly, start to back still the security of homeland security. we are going to take a short break. we will bring you the other headlines of today, continuing our break in coverage of the new chief of staff, white house of the 45th president of the united states.
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>> bret: breaking news in washington on a friday afternoon, reince priebus the chief of staff's outcome of the new chief of staff as of monday morning is general john kelly -- currently the secretary of homeland security. back to the white house, kevin corke on the north lawn. kevin. >> bret, what a night here at the white house. reince priebus actually sent in his back is nation sometime yesterday. we learned it by way of twitter sometime today. general john kelly would be taking over as white house chief of staff. we have seen a barrage of comments about this change here, including from reince priebus himself, who called it a great honor and indeed a pleasure to serve that its president. he committed in his statement to continue to serve and support the agenda of the trump administration moving forward. we suspect we will actually get a chance to hear from reince
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priebus perhaps later on this evening on the fox news channel. i can also tell you, bret, despite the change that brings general kelly over here, we asked sarah huckabee sanders specifically if the elevation of anthony scaramucci -- who have course if you've been following the news, the internal back and forth, the politics between him and former chief of staff -- if that had an impact on whether or not he would be forced out on his position with chief of staff. and she said no, that had nothing to do with reince priebus being forced out of his job. we take her at her word but we don't know if that is for sure. does this bring in another general into the mix? he has served over at dhs. it changes the tenure here -- reporting directly to the president on one hand and then chief of staff reince priebus on the other.
1:44 am
we expect fairly quickly in short order when he comes into office on monday, that will change and everyone will be reporting in one direction. that will be to white house chief of staff, general kelly. >> bret: understanding general kelly has a much different way he works about things, being in the military -- we have the authority and will he be the person by which all people come through? the question about anthony scaramucci is a big one. does the white house communications director and his personal relationship with the president then have still and around the chief of staff and will the senior advisor, jared kushner or daughter ivanka -- do they have an end around the new chief of staff? that's the question to ask and it's probably an answer the white house has not officially been ready to give. >> i can imagine you are right
1:45 am
about that. to add a little color to that, when you consider the unique structure of this white house, a group of people that don't have a ton of washington experience and in many cases, have none. now they are going to be led in part by someone who is the ultimate insider. he may not be a huge political experienced person but we are talking about a man who not only knows the washington game, he's been around long enough to know how to lead, especially in a unique environment. that's what we will all watch unfold here beginning monday, bret. >> bret: kevin corke on the north lawn. joining us here on the phone, leon panetta joins me now. thank you for joining us. >> is a pleasure to be with you. >> bret: tell us what your thoughts are on this day? being in that job, and perhaps the difficulties and challenges the general kelly faces? >> i think a great deal of john
1:46 am
kelly, he was my military aid for almost two years when i was secretary of defense. he's a tough marine. a dedicated public servant. but he strongly believes in discipline and a strong chain of command and in accomplishing the mission and has very little tolerance for chaos or for people that don't follow orders. it could be one of the best personnel changes that president trump has made in six months. if he's willing to accept some of the discipline and better chain of command that could bring some order to the white house. if you could do that, this could be a good relationship and a good move. >> bret: i think you are on the phone when i was asking you that question, everyone reporting to him, that's a key element of how the oval office works, right? >> i always believed is chief of staff that you need one chief of staff, others need to report to one chief of staff, that's the only way you can operate
1:47 am
effectively as president, to be able to have one person who's able to have the staff do what they are supposed to do in order to support with the president wants to achieve. that's the best way to try to get the job done. >> bret: in this time, it's a very dangerous time with north korea's missile launched today, another icbm, iran, syria, you look around the world, is it comforting in some sense to have someone with general kelly's experience at the president's right side? >> i don't think there's any question -- i feel a hell of a lot better having john kelly in the room and in the oval office when it comes to dealing with the crises that the president has to confront abroad. as well as dealing with the need for greater discipline within the white house operations. he is an adult. he's the man who really does
1:48 am
believe in a national security for this country. he has fought for it. he spots a very tough battles. it's great to have people like john kelly, general mcmaster, general jim mattis, to have that trio working for the president -- i think it's a real plus when it comes to national security. >> bret: as defense secretary, he was an aid for you, working on both sides of the aisle up on capitol hill? >> that's correct. he was my military aid. the person in touch with the military establishment and dod but he also dealt with the congressional inquiries that came in for both republicans and democrats. he's got great experience not only in washington but also in understanding what our military needs to do in order to remain the strongest on the face of the
1:49 am
earth. >> bret: secretary panetta, this is a unique situation, we haven't had a president that has had his own printing press, a twitter account. it's a unique challenge for chief of staff? >> it is. if i know john kelly, i think you will want to bring greater order to how policy is developed within the white house. he is somebody who believes that policy ought to be developed, relying on the people who can provide the best information possible to the president and developing that policy. i think he will be very concerned if policy is going to be made by tweets. he will want the president to get the best advice possible before he makes decisions on key issues. >> bret: understanding you are a member of the opposition party, working with both sides of the aisle, you in this
1:50 am
position are looking at this as a comforting move? >> absolutely. as i said, i think it could be one of the most important personnel changes that president trump has made. assuming that he's willing to accept the discipline and a stronger chain of command that i think it's necessary in order for the white house to do its job. >> bret: secretary panetta, we appreciate your time. secretary of defense and cia director and chief of staff or bill clinton, leon panetta. it's been a busy day, believe it or not. and not just in the last hour. there are some other big headlines making news at the washington. we will run over them quickly. u.s. and south korea conduct a firing exercise after north korea defies the world again with a second intercontinental ballistic missile launch. at the other one was july 4th. america's top brass, senior
1:51 am
officials saying they are discussing a possible missile my response. it was delayed because of weather. at this missile was said to have traveled more than 600 miles before falling into the sea of japan. now there is a new estimate of possibly north korea being able to hit the u.s. by 2018 with a missile and maybe even a nuclear tipped missile. the president has yet to sign the bill but russia is not weeding, telling american diplomats they need to get out after congress passes that bill. it would deliver sanctions on russia, north korea, and i've gone. the u.s. embassy and consulates in russia now will be capped. 459 people, the same number russia has in the united states and a compound where americans are working in russia would vacation -- it would be off-limits as of next week. the u.s. ambassador has
1:52 am
expressed strong disappointment. we will see if the president signs that bill as soon as tonight. after a late-night vote vote that delivered a devastating blow to the gop's plan to revamp obamacare, lawmakers were back at it today. lindsey graham met with president trump this morning to discuss his proposal for health care reform, while democrats and republicans alike called for bipartisan cooperation. the president tweeted today... saying i told you, let obamacare implode. and expressed a lot of dissatisfaction for the vote last night. >> i don't think it's a good idea to let obamacare implode. there will be a lot of people on capitol hill who don't want to see it completely collapsed. this is a challenge for republicans. it is now their ball. they control all branches of government, the buck stops with
1:53 am
them. to a lot of voters out there, the idea that just letting people either lose their health care or the subsidies they depended on is not going to be a political winner. poll after poll will tell you right now that voters think it's the republicans job right now to go ahead and fix it. what a lot of americans are saying, they want to see the two sides work together. well, that's where we need to go. >> bret: is there some sense that the committee process can begin again on health care and possibly even tied to a tax reform where the deals are crossing two bills? >> ideally, that's what we would like to say. mccain wants to get back to general order. that would be the best way to go. it's going to be difficult. i think amy is right in that voters are going to blame the republicans for problems with obamacare point forward.
1:54 am
they are going to have to fix what is broken. until they have the votes and the political will to make bigger changes to it. i think the mistake they have been making in communicating a new policy is this focus on the broken exchanges. they are right, it's broken but that's not where a lot of people are getting their insurance. they have not spent enough time explaining what will happen to the people who signed up under medicaid and what and how the republicans are going to offer, make those people good and hold again? they have not done a good job of explaining it to them. >> bret: panel, standby. we will hear from charles after the break. a wrap up of a breaking news hour and breaking news day. okay, breaking news week. a new white house chief of staff starts monday. starts monday. it is friday. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but...
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>> back with the panel, do you remember this week. >> this illustrates the incredible power this president has to change the dialogue. >> let's take a look back at some of the notable corbels this week. >> john that kelly will do a fantastic job. he has done an incredible job so far in in and is respected by everybody. reince priebus is a good man. thank you. >> today i change the word swamp to the word cesspool or sewer. >> it stinks from the head down. i can tell you to fish that
1:59 am
don't stink, that's me and the president. >> he's a passionate guy and i think he lets his passion gets the better of him. >> it's clear that president trump is trying to bully his own attorney general out of office. >> i cannot confirm if john spicer will be on "dancing with the stars." >> i will not yield for questions. >> can you address the very interesting points that he is making? >> people are going to say what they want about the media. >> heroes walk in our midst, love triumphs over tragedy, our resolve is stronger than ever.
2:00 am
>> we have recovered completely, fair and balanced. and sean hannity will talk about reince priebus have a great weekend. hannity up next. >> sean: thanks to our friends on the five. this is a fox news alert. welcome to hannity. change comes to the white house. the dhs secretary john kelly will now replace reince priebus as the president chief of staff. reince priebus will be here in just a few minutes with reaction to the knights breaking news. first, the five forces that are working to destroy president trump have graded an unprecedented environment of difficulty for any white house. it amounts to what i call political warfare. and that is tonight's important opening monologue. we've heard rumors about the potential of a chief of staff checkup at the white house, so it wasn't a total surprise that there was a change earlier today. but here's the thing whe i