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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 29, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> hello, everyone, cel wright, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm julie banderas. good to see you. i feel like we have been apart for a long time. i've missed. topping the news this hour, north korea testing another ballistic missile that experts say has the range to hit major cities in the u.s. how the white house and u.s. allies are responding. kelly: in venezuela there's political crisis, demonstrators making a final push as country plans to vote that gives president sweeping power. julie: leaving trump administration with few options forward. so what is the next step on the agenda? ♪ ♪ ♪ kelly: we begin with the white house with another major shake-up.
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live from the north lawn and doug, is this the last senior personnel change you think we will see or what do you think? >> well, it's hard to say with this house. changes come back and unexpected here. we are coming upon the month of august when changes are frequently made in washington if changes are to be made before washington ramps up to full speed in the month of september. this was arguably the most, tumulteos and scaramucci tirade at the new yorker reporter and failure of skinny obamacare bill and lastly the sacking of senior staff reince priebus. trump and priebus put the best face. the president tweeted, quote, i would like to thank reince priebus for his service and we established a lot together and i am proud of him and priebus refusing to answer questions about all of the infighting and
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alleged back-stabbing among white house staffers. here is what he told shanty. >> i'm not going to get into the subject. it's getting into mud. palace intrigue stuff is distraction and takes away from the president's agenda. i think what everyone needs to do is focus on the president and focus on the things that he wants to get done for the people. you know what's in his heart. i know his heart. he's a genuine decent incredibly hard-working president. >> there's the anticipation here at the white house with the appointment of director of homeland security john kelly to chief of staff position that the white house has now turned a corner. >> in general kelly the president selected a generational peer and
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dc. >> i say it over and over again. if the laws are not good laws, then change them. >> kelly enlisted and went to college and returned in 1976 by the time he required in 2016 kelli was a four-star general and served as adviser to former defense secretary during the obama administration. >> i think a great deal of john kelly could be one of the -- one of the best personnel changes that president trump has made in six months. >> kelly is married and had three children, one son lieutenant robert kelly died in afghanistan in 2010. kelly unfortunately became the highest-ranking military officer to lose a child in afghanistan. julie. julie: all right. allison barber. thank you.
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kelly: >> the main concern are the intelligence and this is what's imperative from the chief of staff, it can be helpful in making sure that people know that it's a very dangerous prospect to continue leaking information. kelly: let's bring in alan smith, politics reporter for business insider. thank you for joining us now. >> thank you for having me on. kelly: i want to go to something that barbara lee tweeting marginalizing john kelly that the president was trying to militarize the white house. was she over the top or was she correct? >> democrats have had some issues with general kelly and roles in homeland security
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secretary and he went through confirmation with overwhelming support but early months of homeland security, he's been very -- very effective in carrying out president trump's immigration agenda and rubbed the democrats a -- the wrong way. kelly: which is why i said marginalization, a four-star general that received the country well, certainly in terms of a lot of people would not be extremist but actually a patriot. >> absolutely, the idea of calling him extremist would be offensive. kelly: having talked about that, let's talk about the issues at hand, he's now the chief of staff. starting monday, what changes do you anticipate this general will bring to the white house? >> well, look, the very first thing, it was clear that priebus, they were focusing on the leaks with him. anthony scaramucci came out and
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gave interview for the new yorker. kelly: very colorful. >> clearly this is going to be the first order of business, getting the white house under control. now, will he be able to do it, that remains to be seen. they had public warnings before about leaking information from the white house and anthony scaramucci went out and said we are going to fire the entire communications staff, we still saw leaks as far as yesterday and today, so, it remains to be seen. kelly: keep in mind, this is a general, marines, marine and now leading leading the people within the white house. he's accustomed to leading marines. when he says go fight they will go fight, he develops a strategy and if they formulate the strategy, go out and try to win wars for america to protect our national security. now he's on the cutting edge of what goes on inside the white house and while president donald trump has campaigned vigorously about cleaning up the swamp and draining the swamp, how will
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kelly be able to tame the wild, wild west wing? >> the first key points is these aren't marines he will be dealing inside the white house. these are people with -- these are political people, people with their own aspirations and a lot own ideas and we know that an effective way to communicate with president trump is to go and have your ideas and get out there in the media whether it's tv or in print and try to stop some of that, some of these people might not be willing to listen as some of the people that he led while marine general. kelly: let's keep in mind asthma reen general you also learn how to be humanitarian because it's not always fighting, it's always hearts and minds, what does he have to do to win hearts and minds within his staff, president trump's staff and give the president support that he envisions receiving from a general john kelly and then being able to move forward and being able to move in such a way that he retaining aibles and questioning him and some of the
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things that the president does, mr. president, maybe you should stop some of the tweets, mr. president, you should consider this, would he be able to go toe to toe with the commander in chief? >> what you're bringing up the most important thing going forward. will the president not only respect general kelly with his words but respect general kelly with his actions. will he give general kelly the respect to sort of lead the white house operation, control a lot of the messaging, sort of set a direction for where he wants the staff to go that's under him and will the president not undermine him with tweets and messaging, we saw this morning already president trump's, you know, sending out a lot of tweets about changing the filibuster in the senate. is this some of the stuff that general staff wants to have under control coming from the white house's messaging. from everything we've learned from watching the campaign all the way to donald trump announced through presidency, no one has been able to get him to stop going off on his own with tweets. will general kelly, four-star marine general will be able to do that?
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that remains to be seen. if he's not able to do it, maybe no one can. kelly: staff in and of itself, adam, how would they operate with the new leadership and perhaps more leadership in terms of actually the tweets going out and saying the president twiced this, let's get prepare today address this and how does -- to me it's a quagmire within the white house and people might be argumentative about that because those who support president trump he can say anything and do anything, they will still support that. when you look rat the democrats and republicans who are a little bit upset with the president and other people are saying, mr. president, we have to go forward, please stop tweeting and get the leadership in order, many people are criticizing the white house as being in disarray. can this bring it together? >> maybe it can. again, if a four-star general is not able to, maybe no one can go get it in order. but again, general kelly will be able to bridge divide between congress and the white house.
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we saw with health care. reince priebus was expect today sort of lead the messaging between both congress and the white house. it didn't really pan out. health care as we saw this past week didn't go through. will general kelly who also has no experience as legislator in federal government, is he going to be able to go in and get congress in the white house to really start working with each other. kelly: i want to go back to something that reince priebus said. he has left -- kudos to reince priebus by the way he has chosen to leave, a gentleman that still supports the president of the united states and supports the country, the ideas how that the president hopefully been able to establish something with the establishment there. it's like the president will go rogue as he did throughout campaign. let's listen to what reince priebus had to say. >> i think that general kelly could see if we can get to the bottom of it and figure it out. obviously unnamed sources are something that's been problematic and i wish him well and i'm going to try to help him.
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kelly: unnamed sources leading to what the president arguably says it's fake news, fake news about his administration. he's tired of it, he tweets about it and lets the media know, people like myself and others to stop it. so will general john kelly be able to get a handle on those unnamed sources? >> i mean, every single white house leaks information to the press. it's not something unique to the trump administration. now, people within the trump white house tend to do it a lot more than we have seen in past administrations but this is really because, again, comments and out in media expressing. so, i mean, look, reince priebus appeared to have a softer touch on the staff and getting called out and comes and he he's breathing fire on this administration. yes, and then we saw priebus out
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within a week. we know the big thing for kelly going in right off the bat try to plug the leaks. kelly: all right, it all starts monday, we will be watching. a lot to say and a lot more to come. thank you so much. >> all right. julie: north korea raising alarm bells all around the world after launching a ballistic missile yesterday. experts are saying that it has the potential to reach the u.s. mainland. kitty logan live on more on the alarming developing story, hi, there, kitty. >> hi, julie, north korea remains defiant over latest test. we have seen pictures today from north korean tv as success and the broadcaster of north korean leader kim jong un apparently overseeing the latest test at the launch site. now that missile was launched on a steep trajectory and flew at height of 243 miles for 47 minutes before landing in the sea.
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experts say this launch appears to show technical improvements in the missile development from this earlier intercontinental missile which was launched this year. they believe the missile which was tested yesterday could reach parts of the u.s. potentially if this type of missile were to fly out at a lower trajectory, all the rhetoric as well coming from kim jong un appears to be escalating as well. he say it is launch is, quote, a stern warning to the u.s. now president trump described the test as reckless and dangerous. he said it further isolates north korea. now the country has, of course, continued with its missile test in defiance of u.s. ban and the leadership appears by sanctions imposed as consequence of that. now today secretary of state rex tillerson also condemn it is launch that he's caused on china and russia to address more of the threat from north korea, also today we saw u.s. and south
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korean sources launch exercise in response to latest missile test from north korea, julie. julie: kitty, logan, thank you very much. kelly. kelly: sports even turns tragic when a stampede breaks out in the stance. we will show you where this all happened, plus, protestors in their final showdown ahead of controversial election in venezuela as they fear their president wants to put an end to democracy. we will have a live report ahead. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. the toothpaste that helps new parodontax. prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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kelly: welcome back, tensions rising in venezuela ahead of a controversial as the country prepares to vote on a plan which critics say paves the way for dictatorship. steve live from miami herald. very important situation unfolding in venezuela. >> it really is, kelly, the stakes are so high, the opposition is saying what is at risk is democracy in venezuela. the past four months on a daily basis, protestors have been going out into the streets, many
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with gas masks fighting against government security forces using rocks and bricks against water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas, more than 100 protestors have been killed in the past four months and the running street battle is likely to come to a head on sunday. that is what is being called by a vote by the government, a have to rewrite the constitution if the president nicolás maduro says he needs to reorganize an ailing economy. the opposition it's a power grab, a one-person dictatorship. as far as reaction around the world, many neighbors including colombia say they won't recognize the vote at all, you can't vote no, you can only vote for people put on by the president. as far as the u.s. goes, they've already launched sanctions against 13 top venezuelan officials, u.s. does not want this vote to go through. u.s. officials say if it does go through on sunday, they will respond with swift and powerful economic measures.
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back to you, kelly. kelly: all right, steve reporting tonight. thank you. julie: after a failure to overhaul health care, can republicans bounce back? is it too late? also will they get to tackle taxes and infrastructure? what's next, we will take a look at where the gop goes from here. plus, despite defeat, republicans lawmakers are not throwing in the towel for repealing obamacare, whether he be talking to andy biggs, i will talk to him straight ahead.
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julie: bro tom of the -- bottom of the hour, the white house will sign legislation slapping sanctions on russia. moscow responding with orders to reduce u.s. diplomats in russia.
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kelly: two people killed and several others injured. it happened stadium, the call is under investigation. plus. julie: palestinian president abbas undergoing a routine health check-up and the doctors say the results are good. the 82 has suffered a heart attack in the past but the doctors say he is doing fine. kelly: republicans are looking to regroup. the gop's stalled agenda a source of frustration for president trump as you can imagine, in fact, he tweets, quote, after seven years of talking, repeal and replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imemployeding obamacare. garrett tienny and the very latest on skinny care and failure. >> congress had a lot on its plate this year. most of the big-ticket items
12:29 pm
have been put on hold while lawmakers focus on health care. congressional leaders are saying it's time to move on. health care reform is still on the docket. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans will need to work with democrats to fix obamacare which is what minority leader chuck schumer has been calling for all along. >> nobody said that obamacare is perfect and that it doesn't need fixing, the problem is when they tried to just pull the rug out from under the existing health care system. so change it, improve it but don't just take a knife and try to destroy it and put nothing in its place. >> bipartisan health care deal isn't expected to have in the next few weeks, instead the senate is expected to work its way through a long list of nominations for positions in the trump administration that are still vacant. that includes confirming
12:30 pm
christopher wray as director of fbi. tax reform will be front and center along with passing a budget to keep government funded and another issue republicans are divided over and raising debt ceiling, another issue the republicans admitted they will likely need to rely on democratic support in order to get something done, kelly. kelly: all right, garrett, tall order, a lot of work to be done. julie: members of the house freedom caucus slamming the senate for fail to go repeal obamacare. carolina congressman suggested majority leader mitch mcconnell should step down. listen. >> the people who seek leadership have an obligation to come up with plans that are workable and to date it's quite apparent with respect to health care, mitch mcconnell has been failure in coming up with a plan that musters the 51 votes to proceed the senate.
12:31 pm
at this point, the if i were mitch mcconnell i would resign and let somebody else, see if they can provide the kind of leadership that's necessary. julie: joining me now another member of freedom caucus, congressman andy biggs, thank you for coming on today. >> thanks very having me. >> that happens to be the same year in which every single support of repealing obamacare, you fast-forward two years, he couldn't get it done even with a republican president in office, so need to ask you, do you agree with congressman brooks, should he resign, does the gop senate need new leadership? >> well, i'm going leave that to the senators to decide but i will tell you this, i'm as frustrated as anybody else in america that here we sit seven months later after coming in -- after years of promising and even on the skinniest of skinny repeal options we couldn't get 51 votes. i'm astonished by it, actually.
12:32 pm
julie: the house managed to get the bill through and so this all falls on mitch mcconnell. so if you were a senator and your leader experienced the same failure to pass the skinny bill this week, would you want him to resign? >> i tell you what what made me madder than that, we have the rule that rules 60 votes the cloture rule and that's what caused this to do these off the wall repeals. julie: yeah. >> that's what i would say. hey, look, let's repeal the cloture rule and get to 51 so the american people can actually have real representation that's not unconstitutional in the senate. julie: yeah. >> that's what i'm asking for. i saw president trump tweeted that out. julie: let's put that on the screen actually because he talked about changing the senate rule that requires 60 votes on measures and here it is. republican senate must get rid of 60 vote now in killing and
12:33 pm
allows dems to control country, 200 bills sit in senate a joke. he went onto talk about kate's law and measures that will never move forward saying republicans in the senate will never win if they don't go to 51-vote majority now. they look like fools and are just wasting time. will this kind of pressure, do you believe, from the president on a daily basis on twitter make a difference to you -- do you think? >> i hope it will and i hope the american people will understand because this came old rules of the senate that most people just have a tough time grasping but need to realize they are not giving the representation because if your senators in the minority they are discounted completely whereas -- so it means that your representation is undervalued so we have to push this thing forward and we have to get this otherwise we will not get agenda through. i think president trump is right on the money. because we are doing -- trying to do budget reconciliation
12:34 pm
things that you get all of these kind of odd bills that don't quite do what anybody wants them to do. julie: right. >> let's clean it up and get rid of that rule and go forward. july swrul something the republicans promised to do for seven years. when president trump earlier said it's a bunch of talk and republicans need to get it done, i mean, they have promised the american people and i mean, constituents are furious about this and come the midterms they are not going to vote well for all those that are seeking reelection when you've got people's premiums are skyrocketing, some paying over a thousand dollars a month and come january it will go up even higher. you have democrats and some republicans who voted against the skinny bill saying it doesn't bring cost downs and the cbo says it will rise premiums by 20%, nonetheless, both stink. bottom line is we need to save people money. health care needs to be affordable so then, i guess, some argue let's fix obamacare.
12:35 pm
how do you get to fixing obamacare when we have been talking about repealing for seven years? >> yeah, that is not -- you know, it blows my mind. i'm a new guy there but i tell you, i tell you this, it's hard to explain common sense in a place where common sense is in short supply. i mean, when you promise repeal, what i think of that, that means you're going to get rid of the laws, rules, regulations, taxes that go with something but when you are modifying something, good grief. you haven't delivered on the promise and that, i think, is what motivating republicans nationwide to be very, very upset with congress and they have every justification for it. we could pass 200 bills but if they will sit in language in the senate, you know, we look like we are not doing anything. that's what -- julie: how about infrastructure, when are we going to get to that? and they are really only hurting themselves by not getting
12:36 pm
something done. but what's so confusing this week, we had the debate and the debate, the vote to debate whether or not to proceed on the vote, i mean, the whole thing was so confusing. it went ahead into the early morning hours. eventually they did vote to debate. that's 20 hours of debate and they put forth a bill, they call it the skinny which came out of nowhere, that was invented this week and the vote happens at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. it seems that they had seven months since president took office, they've had seven years to get their ducks in a row. they have been complaining about obamacare since 2010, i don't understand why it's become such an issue and you have to look at the leadership. who else is there to blame? it's sort of your ratings stink, you go to the bottom. somebody -- i hate to say it, got get fired. it's a bad word to use when it comes to the administration these days, or either fire or resign and when it comes to senate leadership you have to
12:37 pm
resign. >> well, reality is people have to take ownership of this. that's what has to happen. you have to take ownership of the direction you're supposed to be leading, you have to take ownership of the legislation itself, how in the world did we get here and how did we get in this odd position where you can't get 51 senators to vote. you to bring vice president pence to crack the tie on just moving to proceed. this is seven years of promises. people have to take accountability and that's really what it's all about. julie: all right, hopefully they can come together with some amendments because that also -- i mean, ted cruz trying to get through an amendment and mike lee and rand paul. all of these amendments aren't even getting through. i don't understand. i think i need to run for office. it's so frustrating. >> you might need to. julie: i can't stand it. it's driving me nuts. >> the little hair i have i'm pulling out, so -- [laughter] julie: congressman andy biggs,
12:38 pm
thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thanks, julie. yeah, thanks. kelly: you're running for congress. julie: no. kelly: i might join you. moving forward, actress angelina jolie opening about a health struggle she's had. the mother of six revealing she was diagnosed with neurologic disorder, the doctors in to discuss jolie's condition and road to recovery. plus two republicans announcing plans to challenge democratic governor tom wolf of pennsylvania, what's happening in the common wealth, one of those candidates paul mango joins us next as he plans to use the career in the health care industry to help his state americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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12:43 pm
former health consultant and army veteran and joins scott wagner to try and unseat incumbent democrat tom wolf. new candidate for pennsylvania governor paul mango joins me now. governor, good for you to joining us -- >> you can call me governor if you'd like. kelly: how dare me. i wanted to ask you, you're a west point graduate, received in the army, elite 82nd airborne, thank you for your service and owner of successful health care company. you are a leader but critics say you lack political experience just like the current democrat governor tom wolf when he ran and won, so why are you running to become the next governor of pennsylvania? >> yeah, kelly, thanks for having me on and i will tell you why i'm running. we face nothing short of a complete turnaround situation in the common wealth of pennsylvania. pennsylvanians are hurting. they are hurting because our
12:44 pm
jobs are leaving the state. they're very concerned because they are having to make trade-off between soaring health care premiums and food on the table and they are frightened because the drug overdoes in the common wealth of pennsylvania has taken 13 of fellow citizens a day. they are very concerned about their children and they are frustrated because what we have in our governor, tomas the tax engine wolf, the most liberal progressive governor in the country and guess what he believes in, more taxes, more spending, more dependence, more redistribution and more debt and i don't believe in that. kelly: you unpack a lot. you talk about the opioid epidemic in pennsylvania, i attended a conference on pain and management in new jersey and they are talking how pennsylvania is behind in terms of how it deals with opioid
12:45 pm
abuse. why is that and you being the person from the health care industry, what can you suggest to change that as well as improve the health care for all of the people in the common wealth of pennsylvania? >> yeah, thanks kelly for that question. first of all, it's not an opioid ep dimmic, it's a drug overdoes, it's fentanil and affecting folks very differently. our governor is treating this solely as clinical issue. clinical issue, part of it is overprescription. we don't have an integrated database and they started to address this. it's also a big social issue. our people here are suffering from diseases of despair, it is a big social issue. they have lost hope because we are losing jobs and losing our children, our young college
12:46 pm
graduates are all leaving to go elsewhere, it's also a criminal issue. our governor has not taken a comprehensive enough ra approach to this issue and by the way, kelly, i don't feel the sense of urgency from our governor. i don't feel the sense of urgency, we are losing close to 100 pennsylvanians a year. i would declare a statewide emergency on day one in office to deal with this issue. that's how i deal. kelly: i'm hearing your concerns and it's very palpable, i can hear your passion in that. i want to ask you, though, about voter fraud as you know it's taken place in pennsylvania, here is what the governor currentry says about voting fraud and getting voter information. let's pull it up on the screen. we can read what he says. do we have that ready? there it is. response to voter information requests. this is not satisfactory address and serious reservation about the real intentions of the committee, what are your concerns about voting fraud in the state?
12:47 pm
>> kelly, first of all, the role of the governor is ensure that we maintain and safeguard the integrity of ballot box. we've had several allegations over the last couple of cycles of voter fraud in the common wealth of pennsylvania. congressman has brought this up and asked folks to investigate it. i think the governor should be cooperating with the election integrity commission that he's being asked to. kelly: i wish i had more time with you, i have one minute left but you once said in immediate interview that pennsylvanians want to be inspired. they are specific, they think we are in a rut, they think we are stalled, we are stuck in neutral, i was just recently in philadelphia as a matter of fact yesterday where thomas jefferson -- >> beautiful. kelly: right to liberty, you know, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i thought that was inspiring to me as a typical american. so how do you plan to get the
12:48 pm
common wealth in gear and since you mention inspiration, how do you intend to inspire pennsylvanians? >> first of all, kelly, we created a phrase for that and that's mediocrity is over. the way we do is compelling vision and prosperity for all pennsylvanian as and that's what i'm going to do when i'm in office in january. kelly: thank you for your service. interesting campaign to watch. you stated your facts and, of course, more people you go to that declaration to see that it's life and pursuit of happiness and might declare own independence from government. [laughter] >> absolutely. hey, kelly, thanks so much for having me on. i really appreciate it. kelly: we appreciate you coming on. thank you. thanks. >> take care. julie: a-list actress opening about recent health struggles and what she was actually
12:49 pm
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what, what? what? ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. julie: oscar-winning actress
12:51 pm
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angelina jolie opening up about
12:53 pm
disorder in interview with vanity fair. it's called bell palsy. muscle weakness due to damaged facial nevers. chairman of urology and professor of urology at hofstra school of medicine. from breast cancer that runs in her family, her mother died of that two double has -- mastectomy. you can literally go one bed one night and wake up and have it. >> it's a paralysis of facial muscle. you can see this kind of drooping of the face and as a result of trauma to the facial never. the nevers on the face are affected by some sort of either a virus, we think that pregnancy
12:54 pm
could be a reason for this. and pain behind the ear and dropping -- drooping of the face. a big shock for her, 42 year's old. has six kids and recently went through a divorce, tremendous amount of pressure but she's a very strong woman and very open about this and i'm glad that she's talking about this. 40,000 americans are affected by this and it's good for people to know because, you know what, it looks like having a stroke. it looks like you're having a stroke except you don't have all the weaknesses in your legs and arms. julie: it's not permanent, how long does it last or is there any treatment right now in order to -- to shorten the duration which you are suffering symptoms? >> usually the duration, the best scenario is three weeks and sometimes it can go onto three
12:55 pm
months and even up to six months unfortunately. this can go on. but absolutely you're right. prognosis is excellent. this is not a permanent problem only 1% of the patients we see very long term problem. tingling feelings and being the muscles not functioning the same way. the reason is because facial nerves are really inflamed or swollen and the area they are going through canal they are being compressed and can cause symptoms. maybe can put symptoms up again for people to recognize it. one side of the face is drooping. poor taste in their mouth and they have drooling from their face and it's awkward, really ugly specially for an actress like this but this will pass and hopefully will recover and i'm glad that she talks about those things. julie: she's been open and i love that. a lot of people do look to celebrities for advice and they all actually feel better.
12:56 pm
>> bring attentions to the disease. diagnosis is very hard. it's exclusion, no cat scan or mri to get this, treatments are antiviral medication and she will do quite well. julie: all right, doctor, kelly. kelly: a major shake-up at the white house as homeland secretary john kelly is tapped to be white house chief of staff. can he streamline the west wing? plus, new tensions with iran after a u.s. navy aircraft carrier reportedly fires warning shots near iranian ships, a live still ahead [woman 1] oh, it's f. [woman 2] yeah, totally. it's fine. but it fine though? because, i would maybe be worried...really, really, really worried. you want me to go back and look for it? i will. i mean a lot of bad things could happen. you need to call the bank. i don't know how else to tell you, you need to shut that card off-- [woman 1] it's off. [woman 2] what?
12:57 pm
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even without methotrexate, and is also available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. julie: president trump hitting the reset button. reince priebus out as white house steve of staff after lasting 189 days. the shortest term ever in fact, for someone not serving in an interim capacity or leaving with the president. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters, plenty more to talk about. >> will take over will try and the administration that some say and personal vendetta.
1:01 pm
>> that means no more personal agendas, no more back fighting, no more back fighting. kelly: we all know and former star general kelly will command a certain respect and certain discipline in the west wing. his military record, help today turn around moral at allow point among all federal agencies and help today turn around immigration policy which you have seen as one to have successes of the obama administration. it's coming in at a chaotic time and former generals are not necessarily seen as being the
1:02 pm
political acument and corey lewandowski he might be an exception to that. >> he has a number of relationships already there. he has relationships on the hill. ic he's going to exercise those relationships to get the president's agenda done. >> well, kelly has a tall order because it has been a bad week at the white house, resignation of sean spicer, anthony scaramucci and scaramucci foul-mouth tirade and when scaramucci thought it was off the record, the reporter said it was on the record and failure of skinny repeal of obamacare which has now got tennessee potential of jeopardizing other key parts of the trump agenda and finally yesterday's resignation under intense pressure. priebus was as gracious as anybody can be in the circumstances.
1:03 pm
here he is talking to sean hannity. >> i feel good that he's making a change that makes him comfortable to move forward. we had a good talk yesterday. i resigned and he accepted and we were working together and talking quite a few times about who would be a great pick to come in here and be the chief of staff and i can't think of anyone better than four-star general john kelly. >> kelly official takes the reins. >> you have to give a lot credit to reince priebus. but doug, as you know, there are those who say it's not staffing, not white house staffing that's the problem but the commander in chief who is responsible for the chaos, why? >> indeed. and perhaps the most strong voice of that regard is peggy, respected and very sobber mind voice of conservatism who wrote in a piece who was published on the wall street journal website, quote, the president's primary
1:04 pm
problem as a leader is not that he's naive, it's not that he's inexperienced crude and outside, it is that he is weak in snibling. that's about as hard-hitting a statement as i have seen coming from conservative quarters, we will find out in the coming weeks and coming months where general kelly's reputation for instilling discipline works upwards as well to the commander in chief. kelly, thank you. kelly: always good to see you. julie. julie: with secretary kelly comes more than 40 years of military experience. he retired last year after a three-year stint as head of u.s. southern command. counselor to the president kelly anne conway thinks he can impose discipline. listen.
1:05 pm
>> many are excited about new infusion of discipline and i can speak to myself, even if that means that there's more protocol, more pecking order and that there's less regular access in and out of the oval office, i think it's incredibly important. julie: interesting. jamie host of the jim ji weinstien show joins me now. does that mean disciplining the white house staff and all the leakers or does it mean disciplining the president and wheel him in, what do they mean by instilling discipline? >> i'm sure he didn't have the general kelly would tell him what to do. he wants discipline on the staff or at least he says he doesment he has the reputation to cultivate rivalries within the white house. globalist versus nationalist wing. that seems to be what the president wanted and, you know, as we just heard, you know, it all starts from the top.
1:06 pm
general kelly, secretary kelli, four-star marine general, no one is better at instilling discipline with someone with that background. it wasn't a lack of discipline with the white house that caused donald trump to create a public rift with attorney general jeff sessions, that was donald trump's decision to go to twitter and do that. so as much as general kelly does within the white house to make a maybe protocol of order, it's still the guy at the top that makes the role. julie: something president trump really likes is strong people, strong men, strong women. reince priebus didn't necessarily reflect that. there was also talking that after anthony scaramucci spoke with the new yorker and called reince priebus all these names and steve bannon all these names, none of which we can repeat on television, that he was upset that reince priebus didn't really fight back and he was also very stand-up, he didn't fight back.
1:07 pm
he's not a fighter. i think donald trump appreciates a fighter. he almost enjoys the infighting. >> they said he saw reince priebus as weak. in donald trump's world that's the worst it can be. no one is going to star a four-star general weak. julie: no way. >> he's casting, he's a guy that you should be able to restore order, but if donald trump respects, for instance, what anthony scaramucci did and came in and attacked reince priebus, he's not on the way out, reince priebus is on the way out, it's hard to imagine you restore order when you are respecting the type of things that lead to disorder which is many would say anthony scaramucci did kind of create a fight between him and the chief of staff, so he might like strength but that might also be sometimes chaos. julie: some of the white house insider shake-up behind reince priebus and anthony scaramucci, first of all, when scaramucci was assigned as the communications director, he was to report directly to the
1:08 pm
president and reince didn't like that, reince didn't want him in the white house when he left and sold company because he wanted to get into the white house. there was a vendetta there. so he clearly feels embolden enough and feels the president backs him enough to go as far as he did and not worry about losing his job. if i spoke like that i would be afraid i would get canned the next day. >> priebus is now canned and not anthony scaramucci. so, again, it all comes back to the president. the president who has the make the determination that he wants disciplined white house and the number one concern i've heard from people that didn't take white house jobs that were offered is there's no line of decision-making, there's no coherent way to make decisions. everyone comes in and out of the president's office without going through the chief of staff. will that change now? i think that general kelly or secretary kelly would like to see a change. julie: all right. i want to put all the scandals and all of that over to the side because what really is most important right now is that this administration faces one of the
1:09 pm
most dangerous moments in our u.s. history. we have threats from many different countries, we have sanctions that have been applied to iran, to north korea, to russia. north korea has just launched its second icbm. this could not be a more perspecttime to have a retired general and, you know, secretary of homeland security to be in office. my question is, how does he now steer the ship toward basically facing one of the greatest foreign threats of our country? really the timing could not be more key. >> we don't know the intelligence donald trump is getting. perhaps that's what partly spurred him to bring someone in like general kelly in there. maybe he wanted someone by his side at all times to give him advice beyond being chief of staff. there's no question with north korea, this is a threat with no good options. every option that's layed out is not one that you can say, there's a good one, we can take that one. perhaps having someone with that
1:10 pm
experience by his side is comforting to the president. julie: russia and all of the bickering, twicing, none of that matters anymore, really. this is the true threat and this administration has to face. all right, thank you very much for talking to us, really appreciate you coming on, jamie. >> thank you. julie: kelly. kelly: a fox news alert just as we heard julie and jamie discuss a day after north korea test fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile, kim jong un claiming his country's latest missile can hit the u.s. mainland and some experts say it could reach california. our kiddy logan is live in london with more details, kitty. >> kelly, well, north korea remains defiant in the face of international criticism over this latest test but many experts fear that this latest missile could be more sophisticated. now, television has been shown video of leader kim jong un
1:11 pm
overseeing at launch site. now, experts say this latest missile appears more powerful than the earlier one, earlier intercontinental missile which was launched in july of this year. they believe the u.s. could be potentially within reach if this type of missile were to fly at the lowest trajectory. north korea leader kim jong un say it is launch was a success and sends a, quote, a stern warning to the u.s. president trump has described the test as reckless and dangerous. he said it further isolates north korea, now the country has of course, continued and rex tillerson weighing in today condemning the launch. he's called on russia and china to deal with threat of north korea. we saw the u.s. and south korea carrying out joint life fire
1:12 pm
exercises in response to that latest missile test launch from north korea. kelly. kelly: kitty logan, thank you. july -- julie: u.s. navy carrier firing a warning shot according to iran's revolutionary guard. john with more from the middle east. hi, john. >> julie, julie, the u.s. navy released a statement that one of the helicopters fired warning flairs at a group of iranian officials were heading at dangerous rate of speed, high-rate of speed towards american ships and that was done, warning flairs were fired because they couldn't get communication or establish communication with the iranian vessels and the navy said that
1:13 pm
it was done safeliy and professionally, no not so says the iranian navy guard claiming it was provocative and unprofessional move. iran say that is the u.s. ships were close to iranian oil and gas platform right around the middle or so of the persian gulf and this was friday. the navy say that is the iranians were conducting quote, unquote, gun exercise that involved weapons being fired into the water away from american ships. no one was ever in any danger and both the u.s. and iranian vessels, iranian ships went separate ways after establishing communication. the concern here though, this is the second such incident in a week, tuesday as we reported the uss thunderbolt fired warning shots on iranian patrol vessel. you see the video or hear the machine gun and you see the rounds splashing around iranian boat and came within 150 yards
1:14 pm
of the thunderbolt in the northern part to have persian gulf. u.s. navy officials say they fired the shot or the shots were fired in order to prevent a possible collision there. again, there were no hits, this wasn't naval warfare but adding another troubling layer to this is that both incidents come as the u.s. hit iran with more sanctions friday following the successful launch and you guys were talking about it of most advanced satellite carrying rocket that was fired into space on thursday and the sanctions here apply really to anyone or any company that are doing business with iran and iran's ballistic missile program. well, today, iran's deputy foreign minister said that the country, despite the new sanctions will continue with its missile program and call the sanctioned a hostile and vicious act as for the latest incidents again while there was no danger no one got hit, this wasn't naval warfare, this could have
1:15 pm
been a hazardous situation, back to you. julie: scary stuff. kelly. kelly: down but not out says president trump as he urges republican senators to pick up where they left on health care despite their stunning defeat early friday morning. next to talk republican congressman weighs in on whether the gop can still repeal and replace obamacare. julie: plus police officer in indiana shot and killed in the line of duty and the new details of that killing are shocking. boost. it's about moving forward, not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. and you're about in to hit 'send all' on some embarrassing gas. hey, you bought gas-x®! unlike antacids, gas-x ® relieves pressure and bloating fast. huh, crisis averted.
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1:17 pm
what's in your wallet? julie: u.s. don -- condemning
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
north korea. proves it can strike the u.s. homeland. let's bring in chairman and former deputy assistant of the u.s. army, thank you so much for talking to us. okay, so, you know, this is not a first or a second or a third incident. history as pyongyang defying the u.s. goes back decades. it has basically put the administration as you point out at the most dangerous level of direct threats from north korea.
1:20 pm
what should the president's next move be? >> prior administrations both democrats and republicans kept kicking the can down the road. it's important for people to understand that we are today at the end of that road and as most folks agree, there are no good options. the big threat is not just icbm, is that icbm with nuclear capability and what i am most concerned with today is where they stand with this militarized war head design. we know that north korea and iran both have the nuclear war head design, our intelligence on this has got to be spot on, 100% accurate and we have to do a better job of getting open-source intelligence on that. it's that capability that represents the greatest threat to america right now. julie: right now the administration is not only facing the greatest threat when
1:21 pm
it comes to pyongyang but our intelligence, intel is being put under tremendous pressure ever. it all does weigh in on intel, what concerns me, though, is that this week the chief of staff of the army u.s. general mark said that north korea's capabilities were actually and i'm quoting, advancing significantly and faster than many had expected. that is really scary because if you're hearing from the chief of staff of the army saying that they are surprised at how quickly pyongyang has developed its nuclear weapon's program, if we are not aware of how fast it's happening, then what else don't we know and is our intel doing a right enough job? >> the chief of staff, julie, is spot on, he's 100% correct. what concerns me is where they stand from a cyber perspective. i'm one to advocate this president take a strong hard look at cyber warfare offensive capabilities to be able to disrupt this nuclear program of kim jong un right now. the problem is and i actually
1:22 pm
wrote an op-ed for fox news about this a couple of months ago, we know that kim jong un has a device, let me tell you, that would be one of the most secure forms of encryption to date. we need to go to our air force and our national institution and quite frankly nsa and national security agency from cybersecurity perspective has in the been doing things that should be doing. if kim jong un has a incrimination, that would be a wake-up call for our country. turn this loose, let's go after them and let's look at the things that we can do from a cyber warfare perspective from an offensive standpoint. julie, i would say this. i'm happy today that we have john kelly as the chief of staff for this president. i think it was a right decision, when you look at this threat, i would want to have a chief of staff who has been a combative
1:23 pm
commander and assistant to the secretary of defense, he knows the right questions to ask. he doesn't have to rely on the government bureaucrats. julie: yeah, no. >> he has seen the war plans and he knows the right kinds of questions to ask so that our commander in chief can have all the options in front of him and make the best decision. julie: yeah, i said it earlier, the timing couldn't be better. i know that a lot of americans would agree. you can't say a bad thing about general kelly. now, as far as him steering the white house in the right direction when it comes to international threats, when it comes to foreign policy. talk about the south korean president who reached out to the white house yesterday and general kelly, in fact, is going to be assuming his position and beginning on monday. they're talking about the thaad missile program, something south korea wants to make sure is in place. obviously south korea is the most unhappy about these developments. >> absolutely. it's been a wake-up call for
1:24 pm
this new south korean president, julie, this guy has been a dove from a military perspective. that's putting it mildly. all of a sudden now, the second icbm test has been a wake-up call for him. there was an emergency call today between the south korean foreign minister and secretary of state rex tillerson. he reached out to the white house yesterday and all of a sudden he wants thaad. we had begun to deploy. thaad only has a range of 125 miles. it can go 125 miles in atmosphere. kim jong un was able to get this icbm up 2300 miles into space. that's the concern. i believe what he was doing he was testing its reentry capabilities and that's got to concern our government right now because we do have interceptive
1:25 pm
capabilities design today take out these things when they reenter the earth's atmosphere, i think that's what he was doing. he tested tested this thing from another missile site that we had never -- that we weren't expecting. so we have got to think outside the box in dealing with this threat. julie: it's interesting. you look at how strongly the president reacted to syria and the assad regime and they went after them for, you know, dropping chemical weapons on their own people and they went after where they were actually launching that aircraft. it's going to be an interesting task to look at north korea and figure out how we stop them before they can actually launch this thing. it's a scary situation right now. >> the most complex foreign policy a national security situation a u.s. president has ever faced. he's inherited a mess. he's bringing in the right team around him to deal with it. julie: thank you very much. really appreciate your insight. kelly. kelly: some horrifying new details in the shooting of an indiana police officer who was
1:26 pm
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...what you love. ensure. always be you. kelly: welcome back, the push to repeal and replace obamacare may not be over. despite the failure in the senate in the wee, wee hours yesterday republican members in the house which passed health care reform bill are hoping the senate will keep at it and president trump tweeting after 7 years of talking repeal and replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding obamacare. republican congressman mark walker from north carolina joins me now, chairman of the committee, largest conservative caucus in the house. congressman, thanks for joining us. you are a member of all-important committee and you're the chairman of it. tell me what your assessment is of skinny bill.
1:31 pm
>> the republican commitee are making sure that we fulfill the promise that we made to the american people. i know that sounds like a broken record, we cannot stop at this point and continue to make sure that we are holding our upper chamber and the senate account for lack of fulfilling promise. we are frustrated by what we saw that took place. listen, we are talking about the very minimum, skinny repeal which only dealt with the mandates so basically allowing people to be put in the situation where they weren't forced to buy a product they didn't want if you can't get that out of the senate, what can we get done in the senate but at this point not time to back up oh of our promise that we made to the american people. >> congressman, you're frustration is understandable and also from peggy who is a conservative columnist, a
1:32 pm
political drubbing of of the first order. the put everything they had into a bill to replace obamacare and couldn't do it. the leadership -- she goes onto say the president looks lost. >> i think that's a false assessment. we finally called all the entities together, caucus chairman, the different committee chairman, we brought everybody in one room and began to realize for the first time what was the difference and we began to iron those out to a place that we could get something that had the majority in the house to send to the senate. i would certainly encourage my colleagues on the senate side to continue to try and do the same. we don't believe that it's dead yet. we believe it's a pause on the senate side. the more the american people continue to demand that the senators fulfill the promise and take this incredible burden, listen, this is about 40 million people being added to the medicaid roles.
1:33 pm
this is not about the fact necessarily that it does increase the national debt, it does blow up deficit. this is basically about putting able-body people out of poverty and engage people and remove entitlements that sometimes damages many of our communities. kelly: your communities, all the communities in this country. let's talk about the issue as it relates to your home state of north carolina. they are down to one provider option as i understand from reading some of your talking points. premiums are going to increase next year. how big will that increase be, sir, and how painful will it be to those who are financially vulnerable and do insurance companies bare some of the blame for obamacare's brokenness? >> the last question first. i believe there's enough blame to go around but this was sold on a promise specifically you asked premium number. in north carolina alone, premiums for people in the individual market have now risen over $3,000 per household.
1:34 pm
that's a lot of money. that's $300,000 a month that's burden on families. we've got to continue to bring highlights to that and not just north carolina but across the board. we will have people literally in counties that still have the aca or obamacare but will have no provider to be able to offer that insurance. so you can have obamacare but if you do not have someone or insurance company that's willing to underwrite it, really what kind of health care plan or coverage do you have? kelly: congressman walker, we thank you for sharing insights and we wish you well as you get back here and start working a new plan and we will continue to follow the developments and tell the people from north carolina hello for me. >> will do, thanks for your service. julie: stunning new details of indiana cop, offered gunned down as he was helping two people in overturned car. lieutenant aaron allan was shot 14 times.
1:35 pm
will carl live for us, will, what happened? >> this started with a bad crash that lieutenant responded to and when he got there the car was flipped upside down and one of those people started firing, shooting more than a dozen times according to police chief allan arrived in medic mode trying to help instead of being in full police mode and had no idea that he was about to come under attack. >> with heavy heart that i say this afternoon we lost a brother, lieutenant aaron allan he responded to a crash with argentina cri to provide life and tragically his was lost. >> the reported driver has been arrested and be charged with motor, at this point the motive is unclear and brown is till in the hospital and come to nearby residents are still in disbelief. >> it's just disgusting, i mean,
1:36 pm
we are not going to be able to walk our kids town the street because of foolishness like this . >> brown did not have any arrest warrants and try to figure out why this played out the way it did, julie. julie: will, what more do we know about the officer, obviously a hero and he was trying to help, what more do we know? >> lieutenant aaron allan had a good nickname. teddy bear, a six-year veteran with the south port police department in indianapolis, more than 20 years of law enforcement experience and 2015 officer of the year after he saved a man's life, he was a husband and father to two boys. he's now sadly the 22nd officer to be shot in line of duty in the united states alone, julie. julie: will, carl, thank you so much. kelly.
1:37 pm
kelly: more protests in venezuela ahead of what should be a contentious vote tomorrow on a measure that could give nicolás maduro socialist government the power to rewrite the country's constitution. protestors saying if it passes, it would make venezuela far more of a dictatorship than a democracy. steve joins us live from our miami bureau with more details, steve. >> kelly, the two sides are on a collusion course on the one hand the one time bus driver now president of venezuela nicolás maduro, socialist who is pretty much run the country's economy into the ground and now wants to rewrite the constitution. on the other side, opposition protestors, they've been coming out in the streets every afternoon now for four months, more than 100 of them killed in the protests throwing rocks at security forces, getting hit back with water cannons and tier -- tear gas. they want maduro to leave, they
1:38 pm
say this vote is a sham. it's no rule at all. they -- their only choice is to vote people selected by the government to make this new constitution. there's no no vote on that ballot. the u.s. is one of several nations saying they will not recognize as a vote. u.s. has already levied sanctions against 13 top venezuelan officials, if this vote goes ahead, the u.s. vows to take strong economic actions against venezuela. one potential action would be limitation of the import of vens venezuela's oil. the oil-rich nation sends half of the oil to the u.s. and cut back in that could really cripple an economy that is already reeling. kelli, back to you. kelly: steve reporting from miami, thank you, steve. julie: deadly knife attack in super market and we are learning more about the suspect including what authorities knew about the alleged attacker before it happened. kelly: plus after the gop's failure to repeal obamacare,
1:39 pm
president trump saying senate republicans look like fools. that's what the president said and he's calling on majority leader mitch mcconnell to change the rules.
1:40 pm
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julie: man charged with
1:43 pm
carrying out a deadly knife attack, islamist known to german security forces. the 26-year-old palestinian man was registered in intelligent systems as radicalized islamists but authorities say he had no known terror ties. he allegedly killed one person and injured six others in a super market yesterday. he was erupted after bystanders overpowered him. the motive of the attack remains under investigation. kelly: day after the senate fail today pass a slimdown repeal of obamacare president trump urging the chamber to change the rules
1:44 pm
to a simple majority to pass legislation. the president this morning tweeting the very outdated filibuster rule must go. reconciliation is killing senate. mitch mcconnell go to 51 votes now and win. it's time. joining us now to discuss all this and more former ohio congressman and fox news contributor denise and brad, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. what are we talking about, the president's tweets. moments ago -- seven minutes ago the president tweeted this, the republican senators are total quitters, repeal and replace is not dead. what say you about the president 's passionate plea to get this done? denise, whether he start with you. >> well, first of all, the big issue is the american people,
1:45 pm
it's about assuring health insurance instead of insurance. there's separation of powers issue here. senate by the constitution, article 1 section 5, i believe, it has the right to be able to create their own rules and the president is going to have to abide by that same constitution and so i think that the president needs to be very careful here with the way that he's confronting the senate because the truth is the senate doesn't work for him, they work for the american people and they need to work together but it's going to be difficult to whooshing with -- to work with the president if the senators feel that he's beating them up. kelly: conservative columnist peggy had written a column about failure of skinny bill but also said something about president trump and basically paraphrasing here. he doesn't understand the total process of how congress works and the office of the presidency works, that's firing across to
1:46 pm
president trump. what do you make of her comments and what denise just talked about the president has to understand that congress has a process and that therefore congress and not for his own pleasure. >> well, what the president understands is what the american people understand and that's congress is not doing the work that the people sent them to do. they made promises specific promises to repeal and replace obamacare, it's not being done and they are not honoring the promise and a bill can never get to the president unless it gets through both houses of congress and the president is quite correct. nobody should go anywhere on vacation or otherwise until and unless they get the bill through the senate and back through the house through conference to repeal and replace obamacare, do what they say they are going to do. inaction is not unacceptable and the president has the right to tell congress when they are not doing the job.
1:47 pm
kelly: time for cpr, congress performing -- >> that's right. kelly: when will we see congress performing response, if they are not listening to the president of the united states or the american people when they vote them out of office? >> if they have a health care bill that puts 120 million people out of health care, that's not responsible. so i think that we have to look at the bigger question of what's in the interest of the american people with respect to a health care that can provide for all americans. we are not there by any means and on the other part, the american people want the president and the congress to work together but it has to be done in a way not using harsh language or beating people up verbally. he needs to lower the decimal and good-old fashion talk.
1:48 pm
kelly: the way things once were done and is there a way of doing it by raising the -- the conversation so like to denise's point where you have civility, people sitting down and talking about it again getting back to peggy how ronald reagan were able to do it and get people who were against him to vote for him. >> the republicans have to realize is the american people could not give them anymore power than they did, they gave him the white house, the senate and majorities and they expect congress to make good on promise. there has to be more action in washington. people have to do what they say they were going to do when they got the power that they asked for and power is fleeting. 2017, this year must be a year of action because 2018 with midterms is going to be a reflection. kelly: well said. something has to be done and one
1:49 pm
can understand the president's frustration. seven years the republicans had to get something on the table, they complained about president obama, they kept talking about him, they said the democrats lied to the american people and then they come forward to meet with the american people and have nothing to show for it, what they've done. one can definitely understand the president's frustration. >> they can understand president's frustration, let's be clear about this. what the president is advocating and the republican congressman is advocating will put people out of health care and what i advocate, of course, there's a chance to say it, is a single-payer approach where everyone is covered, no one goes broke, no one goes bankrupt and the insurance companies don't make outlaw band its. >> a single-payer system, if the american people like going to the department of motor they will love where they wait in line and see a doctor that you
1:50 pm
may not know or ever see again. kelly: gentlemen, thank you. have a great civil day. >> thank you. kelly: all right. julie: state of emergency with nor flood warnings after heavy rains swamped parts of the mid atlantic, we are live with the very latest next keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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julie: mark this day on your calendar because it will be treated as inspiring treat of eclipse of the sun on august, predicting what it would look like when the moon covers the sun, we should see the faint lines emanating from the sun's corona, pretty much all of north america should be able to see a partial eclipse. monday august 21st. >> powerful storm dumping heavy rain in atlantic causing major flooding, the national weather creating state of emergency for northern parts of that state. brian is live in our new york city news room with more details about this storm, brian. >> hey, kelly, the guard is mobilized in west virginia, evacuation of communities primarily in north central west virginia due to significant flooding caused by heavy rain.
1:55 pm
flash flood watches and heavy rains causing rivers and streams like rock creek in dc to flood today. basic wall to collapse in an apartment building, 11 people are now displaced from their homes and the national weather service has issued weather warnings where driver was rescued from vehicle friday from the heavy rain. it's important people pay attention out there. don't drive on any flooded roadways and the weather service says people should be alert that the saturated drenched ground could cause flood. should be over by now or a little later this afternoon. kelly. kelly: brian yenes, thank you, sir. julie: tesla finally delivering
1:56 pm
its first mass market car, the model 3 to its first customers. but only 30 of them apparently, all tesla employees, ceo elon musk saying supply issues is another problem make it tough to reach its goal of making 500,000 cars next year. the starting price 35,000, half the cost of tesla's previous models and can half more than 200 miles on a single charge. pretty soon we are not going to have to drive our own cars. i'm a backseat driver. that'll never happen. i will see you at the fox report . kelly: thanks for watching homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt.
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