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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 30, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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already and my bad for the environment or good for the economy? five is for a medication. >> no and yes. greg: thanks to morgan, rob, kat >> i love it. we are back tomorrow at noon, 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock. hope you can join us. >> julie banderas is up next with "fox report". >> have a great evening! quite a dramatic exit of reince priebus capping off a chaotic week for the white house. as they tried to put the leakers on factum. you are watching "fox report". the white house dealing with yet another high-level shakeup as the president replaces reince priebus as chief of staff with john kelly. -- >> general secretary kelly will bring in discipline. and he will put out loose lips
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sink ships. before people tried to hurt each other in their colleagues by using the press to do so or even to think that there helping the president by conveying information that perhaps they are not yet, that is not right for public disclosure. i believe general kelly also represents someone very deliberative and patient and strategic. >> we are reporting live from the north line tonight. doug, what can we expect from general kelly?>> is one of the president is fond of his generals as they say. and they former four-star general, john kelly will command a certain respect that we've not seen perhaps in the future. his experience in the marine corps is unquestionable. 40 year tenure, homeland security director regarded as a wide success. he helped restore morale which was a low point among federal agencies. and as command of the
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immigration policy of the trump administration. he is also regarded as a success. one of the few successes in the ministration. he is coming in at a chaotic time and the former generals are not necessarily known for their political acumen. however the building he may be an exception to the rule. >> general kelly actually served a stint as a liaison on capitol hill. he has a number of relationships already there. he is a very strong leader. he has relationships on the hill and i think he is going to exercise those relationships to get the president's agenda done. >> it has been a very bad week here at the white house. from last friday's resignation of sean spicer, the apparent for appointment i should save anthony scaramucci as communications director. then his foul mouth that he but was off the record then it was found out to be on the record. the devastating failure of the skinny repeal of obamacare which is now potentially jeopardized.
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other key parts of the donald trump agenda. then yesterday's resignation under intense pressure of reince priebus. he was as gracious as anybody could be expected to be under the circumstances. >> i'm feeling good about the fact that he is making a change that makes him comfortable with moving forward. you know, we had a good talk yesterday. i resigned, he accepted it and we started working together and talking quite a few times about who would be a great pick to come in here. and be the chief of staff.i cannot think of anyone better than the four-star general john kelly.>> john kelly is officially expected to take the reins here on monday. >> there are those that say that it is not the white house staff and but in fact the commander-in-chief who is responsible for the chaos. >> that raises big questions about how much john kelly can do here. evidence of what you just suggested here is published in the wall street journal aspect of the card copy addition today. from a very sober minded voice
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of conservatism. she wrote, the president's primary problem as a leader is not that he is impetuous, rash or nacve. it is that he is weak and sniffling. he undermines himself daily. we will find out in the coming weeks whether john kelly can affect that. he has a tremendous mutation for instilling discipline down the chain of command. the question is, can he instill this up the chain of command? back to you. >> thank you. meantime republicans on capitol hill are looking to regroup after their latest attempt to repeal obama care crashed and burned in the senate. congress is a jampacked agenda for this fall with taxes, budget and debt ceiling all of the schedule.
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but the president urging them to take yet another stab at healthcare. tweeting quote - unless they are total quitters repeal and replace is not dead. demand another boat before voting on any other bill. the north carolina congressman mark walker sharing the sentiments. >> we cannot relent, we cannot stop at this point. we have to continue to make sure that we are holding her upper chamber, the neighbor accountable for the lack of fulfilling their promise. at the very minimum we call a "skinny" repeal. basically allowing people to put in a situation where they are not forced to buy a product they did not want. if we cannot get that out of the senate sometimes the question or concern is what can we get done in the senate?>> garrett tenney has elitist from washington tonight.>> julie, it is time to move on. as a message from republican leaders after the senate once again failed to pass a repeal of obamacare this week. help repair form is still on the docket. to do that mitch mcconnell has said that republicans will need
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to work with democrats to fix obamacare. on friday, the minority leader chuck schumer said that is what democrats have been asking for all along. >> nobody has said obamacare is perfect. nobody has said our healthcare system does not need fixing. the problem was, when they stride to pull the rug out from under the existing healthcare system. so, change it, improve it. but do not just take a knife and tried to destroy it and put nothing in its place. >> like the president though, not every republican is ready to give up on repealing obama care. a number of conservatives are planning to continue working on other plans to find a way to get it done. >> give up on healthcare, i don't think you have to say it! this thing is a disaster, it is imploding and hurting americans all across the nation. it may be that things have to get worse before they get better but we are not going to stop while doing this because of one setback. >> even without healthcare, congress already had a lot on
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his plate this year and most of the other big ticket i have been put on hold for the last six months my limitless focus on healthcare. there is no shortage of work for congress when it comes to the august recess. front and center will be tax reform.what is an issue white house working on behind the scenes the past few months. passing a budget is also high on the list. lawmakers will have to vote on raising the debt ceiling to prevent the us from defaulting on loans. the problem with each item is that republicans are very divided over what to do meeting there will likely need to give up some things in order to get democrats on board and get something passed for healthcare. >> thank you garrett tenney. for a closer look at the future of healthcare you can tune into fox news sunday for exclusive interviews with nancy pelosi and john kasich right here on fox news channel. check your local listings. secretary of state rex tillerson pushing back after north korea launched
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intercontinental ballistic missile for the second time. rex tillerson: russia and china enablers of north korea's nuclear program. this comes as experts say is or missile was capable of actually going far enough to hit some major us cities. >> our intelligence on this has got to be spot on 100 percent accurate. we've got to do better job of getting open-source intelligence on that. it is a capability that represents the greatest threat to america right now. we know kim jong un has a encryption device. let me tell you, that was one of the most secure forms of encryption in the world today. we need to go to the air force and national institute of affairs and technology. quite frankly this has been -- x kitty logan has the latest. >> and they claim that they cannot hit any target in the us. they are certainly concerned that the weapons programs is becoming more sophisticated. state t.v. had pictures of the
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north korean leader kim jong un apparently overseeing a test at the launch site.the missile was launched on introductory at a height of 2300 miles for 47 minutes before landing in the sea.experts say that this large appears to show technical improvements in the missile development. the earlier missile launch that took place in july this year. they believe it is more powerful and say that parts of the us could potentially be within reach if this type of missile were to fly at a lower trajectory. and, the rhetoric from kim jong un appears to be escalated also. he says the launch says quote - a stern warning to the us. but the president said the test will further isolate north korea. the country has continued with its missile test in defiance of the un band and leadership appears undeterred by sanctions imposed of the consequence of this. secretary of state rex tillerson has also condemned
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the latest test and called on russia and china to do more with it dealing with the threat from north korea. >> thank you. meanwhile, japanese showing video of what appears to be a bright light. do you see it there in the background falling through the night sky? this is the japanese island. it was reported around the same time a missile launched by north korea and this could be the possible splashdown of it. right now, democratic congressman already announcing to run against the president in the 2020 election. more on this lawmaker and why he has decided to run. plus, the crisis in venezuela entering a new phase of the countries prepare for a vote in a special assembly to rewrite the constitution. how could this drag -- >> i have two go at five in morning across the city and go morning across the city and go liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
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my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> john delaney of maryland
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throwing his hat in the ring for the presidency. the third term lawmaker saying that he will seek his party's nomination to challenge president trump in 2020. the former banking entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest members of congress. the 54-year-old democrats as the president trump is taking the country backward. >> venezuela's capital mostly, following violent clashes between protesters and government forces. the anger fueled by controversial election. to elect a special assembly to rewrite the constitution. but most of the nation planned to basically boycott post more in an effort to delay this. >> tomorrow very few venezuelans will appear maybe eight percent at the most. the ones forced into boarding
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so everyone made to believe that people went out to vote. but it is a complete fraud. the other 92 percent of venezuelans will be protesting in the streets or with barricades on the highway. >> we are live from the miami bureau with more. hello steve. >> julie, more than 110 venezuelans have been killed in street battles between protesters and government security forces over the past four months. more than 1000 people were wounded. among those wounded including a 23 year old violinist. he often played while the demonstrations even playing through the teargas. he was beaten by security forces, loyal to the government with his own violin. his right ear was pounded in and he has lost hearing. a symbolic leader of the protest now hospitalized. both sides are gearing up for what could be a major and violent fight on sunday. the opposition is calling this an attempt by the president to establish a cuba style
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dictatorship in venezuela. already, there have been security forces around polling stations and converting the stations set on fire by demonstrators as well. there's really no way to vote "no" you can only vote on different people selected by the government for the rewriting of the constitutions of the authorization says is a power grab. and columbia said that they will not recognize the results and the us is trying to put pressure on venezuelan officials launching sanctions against some of them and also warning that there could be swift economic action against venezuela if they go ahead with the vote on sunday. actions could include brabson and margo of venezuela oil. back to you. >> a lot of viewers might be thinking how might this affect the us? >> an oil embargo could mean in the short term, higher oil prices at the pump. we get about 10 percent of the oil from venezuela.but if the
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economy completely implodes in venezuela, in our own backyard we can have a major refugee crisis with thousands of people fleeing to get out julie. >> thank you very much. senator john mccain back in arizona where he will begin his -- he has put treatment off for the all-important vote on healthcare in washington. we will have the latest. plus an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. when investigators are not saying about the shooting. >> what do americans know about russia, trump and vladimir putin?we hit the streets to find out.
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returning home to begin cancer treatment. the eight year old set to begin mediation and chemotherapy on monday for a brain tumor. he was diagnosed earlier this month after surgery to remove a blood clot from his eye. it was in fact behind his eye and that is when they found the cancerous tumor. he was back in washington for just a few days when he made the decisive vote to block his parties attempt to repeal parts of obamacare. senator mccain plans to return to washington after august recess and our prayers go out to him and his family. a community remembering officer killed in the line of duty. in indiana a police procession carrying the body of southport police lieutenant karen allen to a funeral home. he was shot as he was helping people attract an overturned car. will carr is live with more. how did this happen? >> julie this was not a police chase.
2:22 am
the car was not running from anything as far as we know. so when the lieutenant arrived he was in medic mode racing to help the people in a carveout of homework both dangling up saddam -- they were upside down when one shot at him. >> it is with a heavy heart that we lost a brother. he responded to a crash to preserve life. and tragically his was lost. we learned that the reported driver has been arrested and will be charged with murder. at this point the motive behind the attack is still unknown. the driver is in the hospital and nearby residents are still in disbelief. >> it is disgusting. i was in the service. are we not going to be able to walk out kids down the street?
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>> according to authorities brown did not have any arrest warrant in the car was not stolen. investigators are trying to put together the pieces that led up to this tragic shooting. >> what more do you know about the heroic officer? >> we know that lieutenant allen had a nickname that really describes his personality. he believed him best as teddy bear.he was a veteran of the indianapolis police department with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. he was also named officer of the year in 2015 after saving a man's life at a state paragraph. also a husband and a father of two boys. his body was moved this afternoon from the corners office to the funeral home. sadly, 22 officers had been shot in the line of duty in the united states is here and this comes after we saw a spike in officer deaths last year compared to 2014 and 2015. >> thank you. our prayers are with the family.
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the man in charge of carrying out a deadly knife attacking germany is an islamic two german security forces apparently. german officials are actually saying the 26 old palestinian man was registered and intelligence systems is a radicalized islamist. but authorities are saying he had no known terrorist ties apparently and was not considered an imminent threat. he allegedly did kill one person and injured six others in a supermarket yesterday. he was arrested after being overpowered by bystanders. for the second time this week a navy vessel getting into a tense confrontation with iran. details on the incident that they are calling quote - unprofessional and provocative. plus, a closer look at the incoming white house chief of staff john kelly. how the retired four-star general could help jumpstart the president's agenda.>> mr. trump came in with a series of campaign promises. he told me one day, i did not know it before took the job. [woman 1] huh. can't find my debit card. [woman 2] oh no... [woman 1] oh, it's fine.
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[woman 2] yeah, totally. it's fine. but it fine though? because, i would maybe be worried...really, really, really worried. you want me to go back and look for it? i will. i mean a lot of bad things could happen. you need to call the bank. i don't know how else to tell you, you need to shut that card off-- [woman 1] it's off. [woman 2] what? [woman 1] i can turn it on and off in my wells fargo app. [woman 2] huh! i feel better already. [woman 1] good. >> i am julie banderas.
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this is the "fox report". time for the news. reince priebus out as white house chief of staff. in case you have not heard. the president announcing the end of the six month tenure in a tweet yesterday. his replacement, homeland security secretary john skelley per the retired four-star
2:29 am
general has already played a significant role in the administration.for more on that we are going to ellison barber in washington. >> julie, the retired general is not a new phase in the trump administration or washington d.c.. the senate overwhelmingly confirms kelly as homeland security secretary on january 20. >> i a profound respect for the law and will always strive to uphold it. >> not long after the issue, there were new guns a ramp up deportation efforts of undocumented immigrants. by hiring more border patrol agents, ending the so-called catch and release policy and removing the expediting process.that did not sit well with democrats. in may, the pennsylvania senator bob casey treated about this deportation of a mother and her young child writing quote - the target of this mother and her child, gangs will target them as soon as they land in honduras. yet the trump administration insists on the school policy. kelly responded at a speech in dc. >> as it is over and over again.
2:30 am
if the laws are not good laws, then change them. >> kelly enlisted in the marine corps in 1970. he served two years and went to college. he returned to the marines in 1976. by the time he retired, in 2016, he was a four-star general. he also served as an advisor to the former defense secretary leon - in the obama administration. >> i think a great deal with john kelly, it could be one of the best personal changes that president trump has made. in six months. >> john kelly is married and has three children. one son, lieutenant robert kelly died in afghanistan in 2010. john kelly unfortunately became the highest ranking military officer to lose a child in afghanistan or iraq. julie? >> thank you ellison. the trump administration is taking aim at ms-13 and and illegal immigration. the president paying a visit to long island. bound to protect the borders and eradicate the brutal gangs in the us. ms-13 is allegedly responsible for at least 17 homicides on long island.
2:31 am
since january 2016. brian has more. >> they don't like shooting people because it is to quit. they let you knife them and cut them and let them die slowly. >> the president describe the notorious violent criminal gang ms-13 in his speech in front of law enforcement officials on long island in new it is the policy of the administration to dismantle, decimate and eradicate ms-13. >> ms-13 started in the 1980s in los angeles. there is an estimated 10,000 gang members nationwide from la to houston, to the service of long island fit most members are from central america primarily el salvador. they gang targets b,15-b,25. >> they force you to go through some often very brittle and initiation ceremonies. often killing someone to join. >> and they say the brutality of ms-13 is on the rise. largely due to recruiting from
2:32 am
a flood of unaccompanied minors that cross illegally into the us over the last three years. >> ms-13 is exploiting a humanitarian program. that is why the government needs to do more to influence the program in a responsible way. >> since january 2017 people have been murdered here at the hands of this gang. in april for young men were butchered with machetes and left. and to girls were slaughtered while walking home. since then the commissioner says that the police have been on the offensive making over 240 ms-13 arrests in the last 10 months.the president promising local and national law enforcement more resources. more immigration judges and more customs enforcement officers. president says he will stop century city's. and the road to healing continues for this one person.
2:33 am
-- they grateful for the president support. because he has to attack this with a no mercy outlook. because they are attacking our children with a no mercy outlook. quest the president thanked law enforcement for their efforts. i.c.e. has deported gang member since january and already a thousand more than last year. in brentwood new york, fox news. the u.s. navy responded to reports of an unprofessional encounter with iranian forces in the persian gulf. events of the uss - in several of the warships came close to his vessel in the gulf yesterday before shooting players. but the navy is denying some of the claims presented iran's armed boats were present us ships at a high rate of speed. john huddy has more from jerusalem. >> julie, the u.s. navy says that one of the helicopters fired warning flares at a group of iranian vessels that were approaching american ships at a high rate of speed after the
2:34 am
chopper could not establish communications with the iranians. the navy says that it was done safely and professionally. while iran's revolutionary guard calls a provocative and unprofessional move. this of the us ships were close to an iranian platform in the middle of the gulf. they said that they were conducting an exercise away from american ships. both ships went their separate ways after establishing communication. this is the second such incident in a week. on tuesday the uss thunderbolt, a navy patrol vessel, fired warning shots off the bow of an iranian patrol boat that navy officials they came within 150 yards of the thunderbolt in the northern part of the persian gulf. the u.s. navy official said the shots were fired to avoid a potential collision. there is no damage. both incidents come as the us
2:35 am
has more sanctions by following a successful launch of the most advanced satellite carrying rocket into space on thursday. sanctions applied to anyone or any company involved in iran's ballistic missile program. today i ran deputy foreign minister in an interview so that his countries missile program will continue despite us sanctions that he called quote - hostile and vicious. >> thank you john huddy. for this new fda chief has big plans to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. how they are using the generic market to do just that. we will explain. plus many without power at eight popular tourist destination. what caused this and when the power is expected to come back on. on. >> i have lost a ♪ no, please, please, oh!
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commissioner doctor scott making moves to deliver on the trump campaign promise to bring down the cost of prescription drugs.our medical correspondent mark siegel spoke with him about the plan to make it happen. >> the man in charge of keeping the president promised to make prescription drugs cheaper if the new head of the food and drug administration. doctor scott gottlieb during his is the solution is as simple as supply and demand. more drugs on the market means more competition and thus, lower prices. but brand-name medication manufacturers do not want to share their formulas with generic competitors. and even once developed, it can take up to four years student generics approved.
2:40 am
we are able to affect competition, get more competition on the market. if we are able to get generic competition onto the market sooner for certain drugs arena do not face generic competition, there's no question it will impact drug prices and drug spending and lower the overall cost for consumers and give consumers more low cost options. >> the dr. wants to cut the time from lab to pharmacy down to 8 to 10 months. no trade-off between speed and safety. >> i do not think we are making the process faster that somehow we are sacrificing ap. i think there ways to make the process more efficient to get the drug to the market quickly and we will learn about the safety and effectiveness of the products. quest the white house and that the air also focused on fighting the upgrade epidemic. dr. scott gottlieb says yesterday and other agency -- the fda and other agencies should have been ahead of this crisis. because of the biggest crisis they're facing. >> what we need to do is regulatory to bend the rate of
2:41 am
new addiction. summation of people being prescribed opioids are being prescribed them for a legitimate medical purpose. we can reduce the rate of addiction, it is simple math. >> the dr. has a big job ahead of him but he knows that they will make necessary pharmaceutical more affordable for everyone. in new york, doctor mark siegel, fox news. >> official said it could be weeks before power is restored to some 9000 homes off the coast of north carolina. this after a construction crew apparently accidentally damaged a transmission cable thursday. forcing thousands of tourists to evacuate a pair of popular items. officials say the shuttle to nearly 4000 people by ferry, airbnb is offering free rooms for travelers until monday. flash flooding causing massive chaos in the mid atlantic. west virginia's governor already declaring a state of emergency for northern parts of the state. an evacuation has been ordered
2:42 am
across the region. let's check in with her meteorologist adam with our fox news weather center. how is it going adam? >> good news, we are beginning to see storms pushing off the post. ran wrapping up in the next couple of hours. this is what we are looking at. the large system of the east coast so it will rain in the d.c. area where rain has really been heaviest. without group marilyn continuing light at this point due to the heavier rain now several miles offshore. demmings eventually through the overnight hours we will dry out a little bit. we continue to see this in the future radar, this is tomorrow morning, by then tomorrow we are drying off up and down the east coast. maybe we'll get a chance to get a break from some rain. it has been impressive totals in the last couple of days. this is just a three-day rainfall total. estimates getting up in some cases, d.c. and philadelphia, baltimore. we are looking at spots getting
2:43 am
3 to 4 inches of total precipitation. that was enough to begin to pile up and cause problems we are seeing here in the last day or so. otherwise, across the country this has cooled us down in the east coast with current temperatures sitting at 76 degrees in new york, 69 closer to boston. still warm air in the middle of the country. texas will be very hot the next couple of days. we are looking at temperatures climbing in the middle 100s. in some cases here we are looking at numbers with austin 104 through 105. as a result we have heat advisories issued from his far north as dallas stretching all the way to the gulf of mexico in houston. very hot here for us. the rest of the weekend and finally out west what we see here in the last day or so? the monsoonal moisture has began to pump in. folks looking west of the mississippi, it just explodes. we see widespread showers on the western half of the country. that will be enough to raise the water. with itsy flash flooding there
2:44 am
in the next couple of days. the east coast is finally drying out. a lot to look at in the next couple of days. >> thank you adam klotz. and marcus on your calendar. we will be treated to the awe-inspiring total eclipse of the sun on august 21. now the national solar observatory is predicting exactly what it will look like. take a look. when the moon covers the sum we can actually see the faint lines around it. and pretty much all of north america should be able to see at least a partial eclipse. the date again is monday, august 21. pretty cool. after 10 years of making high-priced electric cars, a limited number, tesla is finally delivering the first mass-market car. the model three to the first customers. this is the problem, not really mass-market when only 30 of them are being released. of course, to tesla employees. i'm not sure how that helps the rest of us. the ceo saying the supply issue is another problem.
2:45 am
it is making it tough to reach his goal of 500,000 cars by next year's. the starting price of the model by the way is $35,000. not too bad. half the cost of the previous model. it can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge. police arresting for suspect in a series of terror raids. where this was and what they were reportedly plotting. plus, a major public transportation system accused of putting political correctness over safety. >> when it is involving juveniles and these last incidents, the police department makes a determination that is not in the public interest. in sending the i
2:46 am
i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune. well, a 103 yeah, 103. well, let me ask you guys. how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. well, i'm sure you talk to people all the time who think $100k is just pocket change. right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today. >> are striking authorities
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preventing a suspected plot to bring down an airplane. foreman allegedly planted terror attack in australia. they have been arrested thank goodness. police raided several buildings and several sydney suburbs. a witness describes the chaos. >> - she said there was loud yelling, people outback and people screaming and yelling at each other. guys with masks on. then i think police and masks coming about trying to control the situation. i know she was stuck inside. >> austria's prime minister says his administration takes terroristic threats clearly. >> the cooperation and cooperation between security agencies is appeased at keeping us trillions safe from terrorism. the four priority of my
2:50 am
government and my commitment to the australian people is to keep them safe. every day, every hour. we are focused on ensuring that our defenses against terrorism are stronger than ever. >> australian police that none of the four suspects arrested have been charged. california's bay area rapid transit system is under fire after refusing to release a video that shows teenagers beating and robbing writers. we have more. >> a 9-1-1 call in oakland. [inaudible] >> this someone - >> they invaded the car, beat and logged in number of as individuals. >> cameras capture the
2:51 am
incident. >> when something happens on a car police can pull it. we now have video of you. >> the individual seen a video for repeat offenders. they knew who these people were. >> yet they refused to release the video claiming - question involves juveniles like these two incidents, the police department makes it different determination that there is not a public interest in sending the information out. >> but that is not the whole story. >> i have uncovered a memo that indicated that the meeting was to withhold releasing video for fear of creating racial stereotyping. >> the internal memo says releasing tape of the crime would quote - unfairly affect and characterize rider's of color. leaving generalizations and media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary. >> i think that's important for the public to see ways that people steal things, so people on the train. >> compared to last year - >> i feel unsafe.
2:52 am
for people like myself young women especially it is concerning. >> i would encourage bart to go ahead and release the surveillance videos. >> the decision is expected in august.>> there is a difference between reading about a crime and seeing it. which is why they believe that bart is worried about a public backlash. appearing to put political correctness over public safety. in los angeles, fox news. >> thank you william. now we look at a dangerous insurance scam linked to obamacare. and the rise of what they are calling sober homes. steve has the story. >> the explosion of homes for recovering addicts in delray beach florida can be traced to a civil discovery. and at the time the affordable care act was rolled out. a lot of money could be made off of urine tests for drug screening. >> if i choose to abuse the system what i then do is bill
2:53 am
for very specific drugs rather than a class of drugs. it is $50 per drugs times 100 drugs. the bill will be $5000. >> one sober homeowner here managed to bill insurers for $50 million over a five-year period. a potential windfall has led to the creation of so-called junkie hunters. who scour aa meetings and crack hotels for clients. >> the only requirement is that you. [bleep] in the cops three times a week. and we will send the samples to be independent used laboratory. then we will bill the you know what out of the insurance company for the samples. >> patients trying to get sober of collateral damage. >> one day - >> this woman son was billed $30,000 for urine tests. less than one month in a sober home without ever seeing a doctor. >> have never met the physician. no clue who the dr. is to this
2:54 am
day. i asked my son about urine tests. what is happening? why are you getting billed? and he said mom i don't know they just told me to sign a paper. you did because you have to be in compliance in these homes. you have to follow the rules or you get kicked out.>> the perks offered by rogue homes make it hard for people to compete. >> these homes have promise of luxurious day that sober homes while in reality they come down here to a flop house, given drugs to keep them in the system and they go to recovery leases that bill insurance thousands of dollars instead of getting healthy. >> overdoses in delray beach are up 250 percent in the past two years. 70 percent of the overdoses take place within one quarter mile of a sober home. in delray beach florida, steve harrigan, fox news. because a shocking video capturing this. check this out.
2:55 am
[video] >> oh my gosh! oh my goodness, can you imagine? you out for a leisurely day of fishing then you have a guest on board. this enormous shark jumped onto a fishing boat. it got stuck. we will show you what happens, next. ♪imagine no possessions ♪i wonder if you can ♪no need for greed or hunger
2:56 am
2:57 am
july rsh passengers on one fishing boat off the coast of long island getting quite a surprise. >> he jumped on the boat. oh, my gosh. julie: that shark jumped on board. got stuck right there on the handle rails. the shark thrashing around and trying to chomp on the rails to set itself free. you can see the predator bleeding from its mouth. here is the hint. it's called a hook. someone lassos the shark's tail
2:58 am
and loser it back into the water. thousand tickle-loving people flock into relish the annual picklesburgfest. >> i have this pickled ice cream. it's home made and it tastes delicious. julie: the popular festival even held a pickle juice pickle juice
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ abby: capitol hill looking to regroup, after latest repeal of obamacare crashed burned in the senate president urging senate gop not to give up one of the -- saying this after seven years of repeal and replace the people of our great kin are forced to live with o imploding obamacare. >> people run a campaign on it then they do the exact opposite when they get to kwausht. >> american people are tired of politicize as usual. >> u.s. condemning north korea after a test fired second intercontinental ballistic missile this test it says


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