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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 4, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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distracting for a team of soccer players. giving them the red card. essex, england a month after hiring them. >> look at them. they are pretty girls. pete: police on the loose for beauty bandit. caught on camera, stuffing products down his pants at the local ulta store. >> i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for all of you. >> president trump wows the crowd at a rally in west virginia. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. >> deep state targets president trump again by leaking transcripts of phone calls he had with world leaders. >> tonight's news is not just a threat to trump and his entourage but it is to, i think, cop constitutional stability.
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>> whoever leaked these needs to be found out and reprimanded and fired. >> according to leaks from unnamed sources special counsel robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury. >> attorney general jeff sessions will make an announcement about the department of justice's efforts to crack down on leakers. >> i will tell you as west virginiaens, i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor. >> trump somehow just keeps grinding forward. despite everything, i think that the trump system is gradually beginning to really work. >> all across the country, americans of every kind are coming together with one simple goal, make america great again. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ in the middle of a pickup truck ♪ cut it up ♪ let's roo raise the roof steve two hours from right now trace adkins is going to be all-american summer concert series featured performer today 48th and sixth avenue. abby: of course summer barbecue. brian: keurig is still sponsoring throughout the summer putting a bounce in everybody's step. you just got to wait in line one cup at a time. steve: indeed. thank you very much for joining us on this friday. ainsley is out and abby is in. abby: i love the diversity on this show. we had hampton on a few weeks ago and today trace adkins. brian: i thought you meant
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swedish, irish and italian. steve: swedish, ireland and russia. the president of the united states did bring it up. did you watch that rally last night at the big sandy super store arena in huntington, west virginia? he got a hero's welcome. that guy, i could not stop watching the guy screen right in the red cap. he was mr. trump's biggest fan. if you missed it, we have boiled down the good parts of the rally speech to this 1:30 monda30montage, listen to this. >> our agenda rises above left or right. it's an agenda for all of the people, especially for the tens of millions of forgotten americans. they're not so forgotten anymore. i will tell you. you proved that the -- with us tonight who voted for us -- it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history
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of american politics. that's all it is. it just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about. what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. [cheers and applause] most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. have you seen any russians in west virginia or ohio? or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight? any russians? we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again.
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thank you west virginia. god bless you. brian: he did talk about his agenda. he did for the first time say he is about to roll out an infrastructure plan, trillion-dollar infrastructure plan and reviewed what he unveiled the day before on immigration. he did review what he wants to do on tax reform and is optimistic while still calling out republicans and democrats for not repealing and replacing obamacare. abby: also brought it back to the american people. we talked about it so much on this show. the forgotten man. the people who voted him in office. is there anyone from russia in here? you are the reason i got elected. this is when he is the most powerful, talking directly to the folks that got him to the white house. steve: keep in mind as he picks up that trump digs coal sign from the guy in the first row right behind him, he brought up the president of the united states brought up a statistic yesterday as he throws the sign back that in his presidency so far, exports
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of coal have increased 60%. and one of the reasons he won in west virginia by such a wide margin was the fact that he said he would revive the coal industry. and he had done his level best to do just that. brian: the reason why he brought up russia and so potent. his answer to the news "wall street journal" broke that robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury right in washington, d.c. a few blocks from where his office is, not in alexandria. steve: heanged. brian: look into the role of russia in this election. although judge jay sekulow the president's personal attorney no reason to think he is the target of this investigation. what does jonathan turley think? jonathan, first off, thanks for joining us this morning. coming on early and talking the significance of this impaneling of a grand jury. how big of a problem is this to the trump administration? >> i think it's a big problem. i think there is every reason to believe that they are investigating the president.
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it appears that they now have multiple fronts going forward on this investigation. one of them is obstruction where the president will be central in that investigation. by the way, on that issue, both rob rosenstein, the deputy attorney general and mueller himself could be potential witnesses so there is sort of a curious conflict there. it's also clear that they are ramping up and pushing forward on financial transactions and business deals. that's the red line that the president has drawn in the past. there is every indication that they have crossed that red line and are moving forward. including adding a bunch of prosecutors whose resumes compose financial fraud and foreign bribery investigation. steve: jonathan, explain to us why we knew the investigation initially was going to be about russia and was there collusion with the trump campaign and stuff like that. why did rod rosenstein, the deputy assistant attorney general, why did he make it so
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broad that he said, you know, and you can investigate anything else. why is that? >> well, this is an exceptionally broad mandate. it basically says look at the russian election but feel free to go into anything that arises during that investigation. now, special counsel investigations by their nature tend to be broad because you don't want to limit their independence. but, there wasn't any real criminal definition or target in the mandate. and so you have this entire subject matter, which tends to expand. and so all of these investigations to to expand. when you start off with expansion investigation broad investigation going forward. we know of 16 prosecutors that are working full time on this. we have two grand juries, just 10 miles apart that have addressed this stuff. abby: jonathan, chal charles
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krauthammer agrees with you. >> i think we should be threading very carefully here. this is what we are sleep walking into this. will when you appoint a special prosecutor, you started white water, you end up with a blue dress 8 years later. this is an investigation in search of a crime. show me the crime, i'm also to imperical evidence. if they show it, i will be open to say well maybe this ought to be prosecuted. as of now it is something that's closing in and it is very dangerous. i don't think people appreciate how dangerous it is for the stability of the most stable democracy in the world, a quarter of a millennium. we shouldn't be threading these waters. >> we shouldn't. the question is have we moved on beyond russia? are we going to be looking at 1998-2004 building of a skyscraper somewhere overseas or right here in new york city? could we end up from white water to a blue dress here, something totally unrelated?
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>> we very well could. these are all prosecutors. if they uncover a crime, they are likely to pursue it we could very well end up in a different place from where we started. but the thing that i would caution the white house is that this is a lot like complaining about the weather. the fact is you have got a special counsel in the field. firing him would be a huge mistake. it would deepen this controversy and prolong it. so you basically have to bunker down. have you got to make sure that people are maintaining consistent narrative. and have you got to get through it and i think that they can. but it's going to be harder to thread this needle if you have this much broader look at all the tractions that have occurred by a president who has the largest portfolio in history. abby: what is your message to the american people? many of them we saw at this rally last night in west virginia are frustrated. we did not vote president
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trump in to be bogged down by an investigation for no knows how long. people want to get back to focused on the agenda. letting president trump do what he promised he could do. what your message to them. people frustrated getting impatient with this stuff. >> i have been waiting for someone to ask me for my message to the american people. i will say, this the cubs are at the top of central. and i got to tell you, that's just something we can all rally around. and find strength in the chicago cubs. steve: sure. professor, just because -- now we know of at least two grand juries and apparently reuters was told that one of these grand juries -- the latest grand jury apparently was looking into that june 2016 meeting that don jr. had with a russian lawyer. so that's one story floating around from reuters. but just because they have impaneled another grand jury, that doesn't mean any charges are going to be filed. >> no, it doesn't. the real concern is that when you have such a large staff, so much money, a couple of grand juries, it's hard to
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walk away without indicting someone. steve: got to find something. >> you don't want to look like the italian army great on parade but never seen on the field. these prosecutors are likely to want to show something. you just got a guy who gave up a partnership in new york to come and investigate this is the person expert on foreign bribery. buzz kill to come here and find nothing. brian: the problem is, buzz kill or not, this jury is impaneled in washington, d.c. where about six people like donald trump. how key possibly feel good about the possibility of something not bothersome to emerge from that grand jury? >> well, first of all, one should never feel good with about a grand jury. this is not good news. this is great. there is a couple grand juries looking at me. what i do want to emphasize here yes, you are right, this is a rough jurisdiction for the president. but there still needs to be evidence of a crime. i agree with charles.
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i don't see the strong evidence of a crime thus far. i see a lot of rhetoric, but they will have to show something more concrete. i'm hoping that bob mueller, i think he has a reputation for being a serious guy. and that he is going to come forward if there is any criminal act with a serious indictment and not one that's a 3 point shot on a hope or a dare. brian: how long is this going to last, do you think? just guess. >> i think this could easily go six months or more. we have had these go years. so i think six months would be a record time if he could do it. i doubted he would be that fast. steve: the cubs in the world series. is that the rest of your prediction? >> that's exactly right. abby: john, i'm glad i asked you the question have you been waiting so long for. it was good to have you with us this morning. steve: what do you think email us at or tweet or facebook. they just lost the governor of west virginia who today is
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going to register as a republican. what does that mean for future democratic elections? we have details coming up. abby: what do the voters think of president trump's speech last night? todd piro is having breakfast with friends at st. albans, west virginia. coming up next. y and we are usaa members for life. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.
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when we had it done, like it or not like it, but the democrats walked away from me. today, i will tell you with lots of prayers and lots of thinking, today i tell you as west virginians i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor. [cheers and applause] so tomorrow i will be changing my registration to republican. [cheers and applause] steve: there have you got the west virginia governor, jim justice, big jim as the president referred to him last night, is he waking up this morning as the democrat. and as soon as the office opens, he is going to change his party affiliation to republican. abby: that was quite a moment last night if you were watching this live. not many saw this coming. he said he has given this a whole lot of thought and could serve the state better as a republican governor. brian: he said he has been in
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the white house a bunch of times recently and talked to the president a bunch of times. keep in mind, too the most moderate democrat in the senate is joe manchin, he was governor of west virginia. many people thought joe manchin who was against obamacare. didn't he shoot obamacare with a gun in campaign ad. he thought he might be the one to switch next. i thought it was very curious the president didn't bring up joe manchin at all last night but brought up senator capito. steve: she voted for doing something about obamacare. joe manchin is on the other side. brian brian on different issues because of trump's popularity in west virginia. steve: he needed him last week. abby: he has a big election coming up. it will be interesting to see what he will do. the media has been covering. this "the washington post" of all places has this headline out west virginia's governor switching parties and democrats just hit a new throw. they have this map and article that gives you a sense of where things stand right now in the country. the g.o.p., you can see that in red.
3:20 am
now has full control of 26 states. that means they have got control, right, of the governor and the state legislature. you compare that, you look at the blue. you have to really look closely to see where the blue is. six of them. steve: in all. jim justice marks the 34th republican governor, that is all-time high for the republican party. he revealed something last night that i don't think any of us had ever heard before. once upon a time, recently it sounds like in the last year or two eric trump changed his tire. problem on the suv. eric trump went in the back and put on the spare. brian brian he went hunting with don. reince priebus deserves a lot of credit for that map. he took a republican party that was flat on its back in deck, raised money and from the ground up rebuilt it and ended up with the presidency and the house. abby: huge show today. on the rundown, would you altar the d.n.a. of your baby if it meant saving their life. controversial break through is up next. brian: debbie wasserman shultz
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firing back after kin continuing to pay it staff after investigations of fraud and hacking. this morning she says it was, quote, the right thing to do, closed quote. abby: no. hard. brian: i find that hard to believe and so does abby since she said that twice while i was speaking. (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure,
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3:25 am
federal authority to detain illegals. police departments in baltimore, albuquerque, san bernardino and stockton, california have until august 18th to prove they will comply with the laws or risk losing all that federal money. abby? abby: controversial break through when it comes to gene editing. a team of scientists say they have safely repaired a mutation that causes a heart defect in human embryos the 72%. fixing 42 of the 58 embryos that were used. sparking debate for the potential of so-called designer babies. joining us is benjamin and senior writer for "newsweek" jessica berger. good morning, ladies, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> this is just the beginning of the debate but i have no doubt it's going to become more and more controversial to what you can do to change a baby. alice, originally you say this was meant to help with heart disease. >> absolutely.
3:26 am
so this study was actually done to prevent hyper trope pick cardio myopathy. they did some genetic changing, 72% of the time they were able to alta alter the gen. this is embryonic period. this is 8 weeks after conception. most women don't know they are pregnant at this time. because we have the science we have to be delicate how we use it. abby: get to the place have diner babies. this is coming from concerned scientists about. this this time, given the nature and number of unanswered scientific ethical and policy questions, it is inappropriate to perform germ line gene he had at this time diddinging that culminates in human pregnancy. >> right now we are having the wrong conversation. we are decades and decades away from being able to alter the d.n.a. of an embryo and
3:27 am
for a viable pregnancy. and i think the conversation we should be having now is the fact that there are virtually no regulations for using this gene editing technology. it's at a very early stage. i think a lot of the coverage has really spun this in a way to make it seem like there are scientists growing babies in labs that, you know, that they have completely redesigned. al al so it does give you a sense of the direction things could potentially go and talk about living in a world with designer babies. now that i'm pregnant with a girl and in fact will have her in a few months, it makes you really think about this. obviously for health reasons you want to help your baby, at the end of the day i want whatever i'm given. that baby is a miracle. >> absolutely. we want the best thing for our child. i'm 100 percent behind it however we have to be very delicate.
3:28 am
although this study was looking at hypo tropeic. this technology especially in the wrong sign disses hands we will be ordering our babies just like we go through the drive-thru. i want a red let. i want a blonde. i want green eyes. we have to be very careful to this because there is a natural order to things. we still don't know what could happen. we are going to be potentially creating a superior race within a race because we are removing disease but are we also going to make them smarter, stronger? and again, with this science, this was done in a lab. so this was something that was planned. what about children who -- parents who decide to have babies the natural way? will these babies be superior to those babies? there is just too much happening here. we have to have strict guidelines. we have to have clear definition as to what we are doing. can we do this? and is this something that's going to be equitable if we
3:29 am
can actually pull off this technology. abby: last word, does anything concern you about this? >> i think that the main issue is that the scientific community isn't stepping up to figure out what to do about this, figure out a way to regular imlat it. currently the nih. >> that's because we -- >> currently the nih will not fund research that results in viable pregnancy with gene editing. >> and they shouldn't. >> right. because we are not ready to do this because this is only research that's happening in a lab and we are so far away from being able to do that. abby: certainly the debate is beginning. i have no doubt it will be quite controversial from here. a lot of sense tifts. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. abby: you may want to skip morning coffee run why police officers called for boycott of dunkin' donuts. that's up next. president trump doing what he does best. taking his message straight to the people. so what do they think? we have the brand new dials in
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up next. >> who sacrificed our sovereignty, our wealth, and our jobs. we don't need advice from the washington swamp. when i needed o create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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♪ >> but you know this. you know it better than most. i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for all of you. that, i can tell you. your dreams are my dreams. your hopes are my hopes. and your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day. steve: so there you have the president of the united states working last night at the arena out in huntington, west virginia. while he was working so was lee carter the president and partner at maslansky and partners. you were running the dials again last night. >> i sure was.
3:34 am
brian: overall that the speech was powerful and also the scene was powerful. the place was packed and even had cameras on the outside with people who couldn't get in. >> that's right. it was really a powerful night for his base. he needed to rally his base right now because it's been a really brutal couple of weeks. abby: one of the comments that got them riled up is i don't need advice from washington. i'm here because of you. that was a big moment from for him. >> it was a really big moment for him. steve: watch the dials. >> those who washington who oppose our movement are the exact same people who gave us one terrible trade deal after another. who gave us one foreign policy disaster after another. and who sacrificed our sovereignty, our wealth and our jobs. they gave them away. [crowd boos] we don't need advice from the
3:35 am
washington swamp. steve: looks like republicans and independents don't like the swamp but do democrats? >> well, listen, the republicans gave this an a plus, independents a b while democrats gave an f. the whole night for democrats was a loss. there was very, very little that he said that they would give a pass on. only one moment they went up to a c. steve: why do you think that is. >> i think they are so disgusted with the president and the way the news media has been covering. i'm not going to make excuses for the past two weeks it's been tough for the president. as low for democrats as we have seen. democrats even softened there they gave this a b. usually the drain a swamp a message that resonates across the board. republicans and his supporters they loved it. independents gave it a b. not bad because the independents sort of were lukewarm to him throughout a lot of the night last night. steve: a lot of people in attendance had been to some of his rallies before.
3:36 am
he answered the question why did he win? once again, watch the dials. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. [cheers and applause] we won because we totally out worked the other side of. we won because millions of patriotic americans voted to take back their country. >> here's a big one here is independents. >> yeah. abby: no shock democrats give an f because is he talking about beating them. republican independents a minus. >> when he gives the power back to the people that's what he is about. that's when he is best. it's not because of me or anything else, it's because of you. people feel empowered and hopeful. you heard how excited people got. he talked a lot about russia
3:37 am
last night during his speech. some said it was too much. when he talks about it in that context it's but. you guys were for me. brian: normally is productive when you have news the "wall street journal" broke during the day and the fact that the republicans are working with democrats to make sure he doesn't fire mueller. i think he had to answer them in yesterday's speech. i think he did effectively. i thought if steven miller wrote the speech he did a really good job. the question i would love to put hillary clinton in his remember view mirror but he spoke about that last night. listen. >> what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. >> so can you see there, republicans gave this an a. independents a b minus and democrats f. abby: democrats hated this entire speech they really did. >> independents took a dive with hillary clinton thing. they are somewhat tired of it. he did a lot of punching back last night.
3:38 am
a lot of that is going to stick. really important do those things people are armed against or for the president, against the russian probe and whatever. some people we spoke to said it was a little bits too much. they wanted him to sell more of the policies and what he was going to do. talk more on those terms they responded much more favorably. steve: interesting the incidents not as close to the republicans as they have been in the past but they are still tracking with them. >> they are tracking with them for sure there is a widening gap and skepticism. brian: they are doing construction in the west wing. in new jersey for a while. great idea personally if he went out and explained his side of the story to the people who put him in office. you saw those scenes along with his agenda. president bush was like rain man same thing over and over again. barack obama had one message and he did it for a year and a half about obamacare. the president has got to do the same thing. >> absolutely. talking about america first but people want to see tax reform and healthcare. steve: he needs congress. >> he sure does.
3:39 am
steve: lee, thank you very much. >> thank you. great to be here. abby: let's go over to jillian for other headlines we are following this morning. >> good friday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. we begin with a fox news alert. fox news just confirming moments ago a u.s. drone strike took out a al shabaab leader earlier this week. responsible for attacks in the capital of mogadishu. carried out under new authority from president trump. it allows the military to conduct these types of operations against the deadliest terror group in africa. congresswoman debbie wasserman shultz is standing by decision to not fire it aide until a day after he was arrested and months after an investigation into him began. awan is accused of overbilling congress and hacking into house servers. was sermon schultz said i believe i did the right thing and i would do it again. there are times when you can't be afraid to stand alone and you have to stand up for what's right.
3:40 am
did yodid you know continue dons is apologizing after a worker. cops. quote i don't serve cops as they waited in line at a brooklyn franchise. dunkin' donuts says they have a long history of supporting local law enforcement and that the franchise's owner has personally apologized to one officer and plans to meet with the other. it's unclear if the worker will face any kind of discipline. steve: well, they should. jillian: more to this story. steve: those cops should get free coffee for life. jillian: for life, ding ding ding. abby: lightning striking down a power line leaving cars dangling in the air surrounded by live electronic wires. brian: how is it standing like that? steve: oh, it's on the wire. brian: get the driver and two young children out of the car. this happened in connecticut. steve: another dramatic rescue this in california.
3:41 am
helicopter crews lifting a man off the top of that pickup truck surrounded by raging flash floodwaters. let's turn now to meteorologist janice dean live on the plaza and she has got some help because today is a final day for a college associate who worked on "fox & friends." janice: it's mary carroll, everyone, she has been such a great college associate. she comes to our meetings prepared. she pitches stories. she gets coffee for everybody. you are so happy. i loved having you here. >> thank you. i'm going to miss it. janice: are you ready to do the forecast. >> i'm ready. janice: are you excited or nervous. >> mostly excited a little bit nervous. janice: are your parents watching. >> i hope so hi mom, hi dad. fingers crossed. i hope they are awake. it's a little early at 6:30. janice: she told me her grandpa watches mornings with maria but today she needs to be watching "fox & friends." >> fingers crossed they are watching. janice: go mary carroll. >> warm and humid temperatures across the east coast today. a strong cold front moving
3:42 am
over the northwest and great lakes will bring below average temperatures and risk of thunderstorms. the west coast is still dangerously hot with not much relief over the next few days. that's your weather forecast now back to you abby, brian, and steve. steve: mary carroll thank you very much. abby: fabulous. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. brian: we will get this tape to maria. >> that might be what we need. abby: have you a great future ahead of you. >> thank you. abby: thank you so much for all of your help. brian: free tickets to trace atkins coming up in a few minutes. abby: amazon echo could be recording everything that you say. now some hotels want them installed in your hotel room. kurt the cyberguy here with the scary new warning up next. steve: that's a little nuts. plus, what do voters think of last night's speech from president trump. todd piro having breakfast with friends in that town st. albans, west virginia, near huntington, todd? todd: good morning, guys. great job mary carroll.
3:43 am
we are here in st. albans and we are pouring coffee. we are talking about the issues of the day. president trump's speech right down the road. obviously a lot of reaction to that. a lot of reaction to the fact that their governor just switched parties and wouldn't you know it? a train packed with coal just drove by a few moments ago. we're in coal country, we are in the mountain state all morning long "fox & friends" when we come back ♪ ♪ binders. done. super-cool notebooks. done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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steve: meanwhile could your own devices be spying on you? if you have amazon's echo device the answer could be yes. a british security researcher recently found that amazon echos bills between 2015 and 2016 apparently vulnerable to hacking especially in public places like hotels. abby: what does this mean for your privacy? here to break it all is kurt the cyberguy. a lot of people can relate to this. i have one of those echos in my apartment it will repeat things i say and answer randomly. >> it's recording. look at your app. say what you said or asked recently keeps that history. what we didn't know is what this researcher in the u.k. figured out on models made in 2015 and 2016, pre2017 amazon echos, the bottom of the unit
3:48 am
could be taken apart and minuted to add soft wear that then monitors your echo. hacker who had physical access to the device could then create a constant stream to snoop on every word it hears within its room that it's in. steve: okay. so if you don't have one of those you don't have to worry. there are apparently some hotels starting to put these in as a feature so now you have got to be worried that your hotel room is listening to what's going on in your room. >> you do. buffalo, new york, westin hotel, 116 rooms there. they just put these in. this now is a question. when you are checking into a hotel, hey, it's going to be a great idea to be able to ask alexa hey, can i get room service. those kind of things are coming and they are really amazing. however, now you have to wonder is this one of those devices that could be vulnerable. now, i reached out to amazon because i was curious, hey, what are you doing about this?
3:49 am
are you acknowledging this is happening? a lot of these tech companies don't always acknowledge what researchers come up with. they actually did come out with a statement that they offered us in essence they are saying that customer trust is very important to us to help ensure the latest safeguards are in place as a general rule we recommend customers purchase amazon devices from amazon or a trusted retailer and that they keep their software up to date. abby: quickly, what can people do then, kurt? steve: unplug it. abby: turn it off. >> one thing can you do. here is what you can actually do without really freaking out about this. at home all these devices have a mute button. avoid buying it from a second hand source. if you don't have one and thinking about getting one of these. steve: it could be hacked. >> it could be one of these older ones and avoid using this in public locations such as a hotel. use that mute button that's on top. that manual tapping of the mute button is still going to work despite what a hacker has
3:50 am
done to the amazon echo. steve: or stop being lazy. if you want to turn off the tv, stand up and turn off the tv. >> i love it. abby: oh the world we live. in big show kellyanne conway, judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera and newt gingrich all coming up next. steve: what a show. first todd piro is having breakfast with friends getting reaction. is he out in west virginia. that's where the president was last night ♪ working for a living ♪ living and a working ♪ i'm taking what they're giving ♪ because i'm working for a living ♪ s your nose s your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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♪ ♪ brian: president trump addressed his supporters. abby: "fox & friends" correspondent todd piro is live from dwights of st. albans to hear from the people. todd, good morning.
3:54 am
>> that's right, abby, steve, and brian. what's so interesting about this county here where st. albans is located, when john mccain ran against barack obama in 2008, mccain only won by less than a point. yet, 8 years later when president trump ran, he won this county by 20 percentage points. why the increase? we will talk to a first time voter in that election. his name is parker. sir, i can tell by the hat you are a trump voter. why did you vote for the president? >> i just knew that they are against us. i just knew that he was the man that was right for the people. he is just the people's man. he is here for us. >> you are a small business owner. your major focus is taxes. talk to me about why. >> well, you know, lou dobbs said it the best on sean hannity the other night. if we can lower taxes on the majority of americans it can help small business owners and create jobs. with creating jobs, we can also, you know, it creates more taxpayers at a lower rate. it just equals more money.
3:55 am
simple concept. todd: along the business front have you a interesting experience. you are a small business owner you hired somebody down on his luck and a week and a half later because of what trump had done here in coal country he was hired by a coal mine. >> he was. he was -- this is the boss man right here. he had hired him. you know, it was just an entry level job. we just tried to get him back on his feet and what do you know? the trump administration got it going. every day we see more coal trains going by and he had got his job back. they got a call back and hopefully there is more out there. >> parker, thank you for your time. we're going to go down here to a very interesting gentleman, his name is caleb. is he a student and also a delegate to the republican national committee. talk to me about what your major issue. >> i supported president trump from day one. one of the issues that i loved -- one of the issues that he put at the forefront that no other candidate, especially republicans were talking about was trade. and how we need to have smarter trade. we need to have more fair
3:56 am
trade. and we need to have trade that benefits the american workers. and we have seen firsthand just how nafta has and these bad trade deals have taken our jobs and put them down to mexico or shipped them overseas. we need to bring our jobs back and trump was saying that and none of the republicans were -- none of the other republicans were saying that. >> you were at the rally last night. describe it. >> oh, it was great. there was energy throughout the crowd. people were very excited. they gave trump a hero's -- the president a hero's welcome there he was -- he did a terrific job. he excited his base. and he insured us that his administration is going to continue fighting for jobs, jobs, jobs, and we're going to put our coal miners back to, would. that's what i love. todd: i have 10 seconds for you, lance, you are in medical supplies. big fan of obamacare or not. >> absolutely not it destroyed our business and people can't get their oxygen because of it we are looking for a full repeal from the senate. it's time to that we take the message that we got and got to
3:57 am
get it through. todd: understood. thank you everybody here in st. albans. big round of applause for these folks. thank you very much. we will send it on back to new york city. abby, brian, and steve. abby: thank you, brian: coming up next, kellyanne conway, that's what's she have to say? that's what she looks like. not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for all of you. >> president trump he wows the crowd at a rally in west virginia. >> h we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. >> deep state targets president trump yet again by leaking transcripts of phone calls he had with world leaders. >> tonight's news is not just a threat to trump and his entourage but it is to, i think, constitutional stability. >> whoever leaked these needs to be found out and needs to be reprimanded aened fired. >> special counsel robert
4:01 am
mueller has impaneled a grand jury. >> i don't see the strong evidence of a crime thus far. i see a lot of rhetoric. but they are going to have to show something more concrete. >> i will tell you as west virginians i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor. >> trump somehow just keeps grinding forward. despite everything, i think that the trump system is gradually beginning to really work. >> all across the country americans of every kind are coming together with one simple goal make america great again. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ white t-shirt ♪ ain't afraid to work ♪ got a what you looking at ♪ pretty boy smirk ♪ abby: we are getting in the mood this morning. trace atkins is live on our plaza. it is drizzling a bit right now. people are up and excited and eating ribs 7:00 in the morning. steve: it is pouring right now. those people want those ribs. heavy rain for the next hour. trace adkins officially takes the stage i hour from right now. featured performer today in the all-american concert series brought to you by keurig. brian: we will talk about that in a second and go out and be a part of the live audience if you are anywhere in the vincent. first things first. have review from the man that was the center of attention is the president of the united states. he tweeted this out.
4:03 am
abby: west virginia was incredible last night. he says crowds and enthusiasm were beyond gdp at 3%, wow. dem governor became a republican last night. which was probably a moment we will never forget. brian: g.d.p. for west virginia. he says that's where it's going and that's where our country is heading, perhaps. steve: we are going to hear from the governor who made the big switch this morning. he is going to switch from democrat to republican. we will hear that in a moment. first, if you missed the president, he was in rare form last night at his rally in west virginia at the big sandy super store. they were packed to the rafters here is what he had to say to the folks in west virginia. >> our agenda rises above left or right. it's an agenda for all of the people, especially for the tens of millions of forgotten americans. they're not so forgotten anymore, i will tell you. you proved that. the russia story is a total
4:04 am
fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. it just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about. what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. have you seen any russians in west virginia or ohio? or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight? any russians? we will make america proud again. [cheers and applause] we will make america safe again. [cheers and applause]
4:05 am
and we will make america great again. thank you, west virginia, god bless you. brian: that of course, is heavy emphasis on russia in the past i thought to myself why we bring that up. other times he would leave that out. i thought last night it made a lot of sense. steve: it was in the news. brian: it was in the news. heard abou grand jury. it was the "wall street journal" that published it leaks of different world leaders, again, being undercut from the inside about his early conversations with the president of mexico and the leader of australia. just tomorrow bare was him to the point where there is actually bipartisan outrage about the -- what that represents. and last night was his time to sound off and show off. here is what i mean. caught up in approval ration. no election right now. these people that voted for me, i'm doing what i said i'm going to do. they are still with me. i will show you. my sense is he is going to do
4:06 am
this every 10 days while pushing infrastructure, his immigration reform, and first and foremost tax reform. steve: that would be great. you know what's interesting and, brian, you touched on it a moment ago. you know what today is. today is the day jeff sessions is going to have the department of justifiable announcement that we are going after all these leakers and i couldn't tell date us where we they're in the investigation. don't know where they are going into the unmasking and stuff like that. nonetheless, everything we are talking about today has to do with leaks. the leaks to the "the washington post" of those transcripts. brian: unbelievable. steve: it never happened during any administration i can ever think of and clearly it was just to sandbag this incoming president. but then have you got the leaks from this grand jury investigation. now, apparently the investigation started a couple of weeks ago. apparently robert mueller asked a chief judge down in the district of washington, d.c., berttle howell to elm impanel a grand jury and she granted the request. keep in mind while there has been a grand jury impaneled. this is the second one, the first one across the river in alexandria to investigate
4:07 am
michael flynn, the attorney general for the president of the united states john dowd made it very clear knowing everything we do quote we have no reason to believe president trump is under investigation. abby: he is right though. i mean. steve: of course is he. >> you listen to the attorneys jay sekulow on with neil cavuto yesterday saying basically the very same thing it is very common to have grand jury as part of this investigation. steve: get stuck. abby: many times you don't know a grand jury is going on. as you mentioned because of these leaks continues to be for the white house. i feel badly for the white house. they have no control over. this newt gingrich was on yesterday he was talking about this grand jury and the investigation. he says this could actually be more serious than you think that the mueller threat is deep state at its worse. here is what he said. >> i think it's very real. i think it has been all along. the mueller threat is probably the most deadly because he has the power of the law. he has the ability to indict people. he has the ability to negotiate and let some people off if they will testify
4:08 am
against other people. i regard the mueller example as the deep state at its very worse and it worries me a great deal. and fits the whole case of that we have seen about the justice department at times being out of control. so, that worries me a lot. abby: you see this report now brian about the fact that mueller may look into the trump family finances before the election. it does beg that question. what is this investigation about? because originally it was to figure out the meddling in this past election. right? if you are going back into finances, it had nothing to do with ultimately what happened in this election. to does make you wonder what are we searching for? brian: it looks like, perhaps, they already have his tax returns. they look like perhaps both committees in the house investigating and the house and senate have his tax returns. they are going to be looking for things that maybe are unrelated. and jonathan turley also brought up is the 16th attorney hired. his name is greg andress top
4:09 am
lawyer at power house law firm right here in new york. he oversaw the criminal division of the u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn. it's a bad sign for the trump administration that he would leave his lucrative position and join this team in that he has a specialization and now that they have this jury impaneled a few block grs robert mueller. they don't have to worry about going over to alexandria where he already has a grand jury impaneled. the big concern, i think, out of all of this is that you have an administration that wants to govern and no one in the washington seems to have his back. the senate is going out of its way to combine with democrats and republicans going out of their way to make sure the president doesn't fire robert mueller. and then they go out of their way to make sure the president doesn't have a recess appointments when he has over 100 nominees up until yesterday. including your dad, waiting to get hired and get nominated and put through and they are worried about the president doing a recess appointment? and you are a republican? how does that make sense?
4:10 am
abby: they may need him very soon when it comes to election time and they realize they are in states that the president won hugely and they may need his support. big message that he wiewkd about earlier from last night was the governor of west virginia. governor jim justice and talked about his parents how they have been republicans and given it a lot of thought. and he decided is he changing parties. take a listen. >> as a coach, i would tell you it's time to run another play. i would also tell you this and pay please close attention to this. my mom and dad were staunch lovers of ronald reagan. staunch republicans. my mom and dad are no question in my mind in heaven right now and they're both saying the same thing but my mom is saying it more profoundly and that is she is saying: jimmy, it's about damn time you came to your senses.
4:11 am
[cheers and applause] just say this to you as bluntly as i can say it. west virginia at the al altar when we had it done, like it or not like it, but the democrats walked away from me. today i would tell you with lots of prayers and lots of thinking today i tell you as west virginians i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor. [cheers and applause] so tomorrow i will be changing my registration to republican. [cheers and applause] steve: later today when big jim justice does switch his party affiliation, he will be the 34th republican governor. that is an all-time high for the republican party holding 34 governors mansions across the country.
4:12 am
abby: yeah. the republicans now have control, deplete control of 26 states. west virginia's governor is switching parties and democrats just hit a new low. we can pull that map up for you just to give you a sense. you see all of that in red is now totally controlled the governor and the legislature by republicans. only six states, the blue states there are controlled by the democrats. steve: in the states that don't have a color of either blue or red, those have split leadership. they have got the republicans and democrats in charge of the state house and the republican or democrat from the other party in the governor's mansion. abby: do you know what tells me, brian, when you talk about the democrats' message and past year it's been resist, resist, resist. there has been such a focus on russia. and when you see that governor out there speaking last night it was pretty powerful to me and people realizing democrats have a real problem on their hands to get people motivated to be excited about their party and what they stand for. obviously this resist movement
4:13 am
and focus on russia that is not working for them. >> they tried the better deal. they rolled it out last week, and it has not gotten warp speed yet. kind of interesting. four special elections. the president's party won the whole time and then have you a governor flip parties in west virginia. no one is reporting it, but it seems like politically he seems to be on a roll. steve: think about you folks watching right now. do you vote for people to go to washington to just obstruct or do you vote for people to try to get something done? i think most people want something done. brian: some would argue, too, republicans were just obstructing during the obama administration but they were for putting together their own budgets and their own plans. steve: they passed a bunch of bills that just sat on harry reid's desk. abby: they are running for mayor of detroit and half of them have a criminal record. steve: sanctuary stiffs have you been warned the department of justice with brand new threats mayors won't be able to ignore. son of an immigrant and trump
4:14 am
campaign. is he going to talk about that and much more coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ all right now ♪ baby it's all right now ♪ i know, i know ♪ filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love.
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whyou're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares ♪ steve: well, the department of justice is making good on
4:18 am
plans to crack down on illegal immigration starting with sanctuary cities. the department of justice now threatening to pull some federal funding from four cities struggling with crime unless they cooperate with immigration authorities. joining us right now with his reaction is the spokesman for hispanic 100 a member of president trump's former hispanic advisory council during the campaign and fox news contributor steve cortez. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me, steve. steve: four cities we are talking about, baltimore, stockton and san bernardino. what is the department of justice warning to those cities? >> the warning is if you don't comply with what is clear federal law, we will withhold funds. by the way i even hate the term sanctuary cities. i hates that we give up the language to the left. it's not sanctuary for the victims of these crimes. it's not sanctuary for the cops who have to deal with known criminals. steve: what's more appropriate. >> renegade cities. the mayors of these cities and by the way there is a lot of them. it's not just these four. i live in chicago which is probably the most dangerous
4:19 am
city, frankly in the western world. and our mayor, rahm emanuel instead of worrying about protecting the children of chicago, is he worried about protecting known criminal illegal immigrants? that's a renegade action and it reminds me, quite frankly, of the southern governors in the 1960s, people like george wallace who openly defied federal law, clear federal law because they had their own narrow political agenda they wanted to pursue. steve: when you look at these renegade cities, ultimately, what are they doing? i mean, you want to protect your people. and if there is somebody in your town who has been deported five times for criminal reasons and they're back and you know it, why not cooperate? >> steve, it boggles the mind to find out why. i guess the reason why is it fits their politically correct world view. political correctness sometimes isn't just dumb it can be dangerous. we saw that awful case talked about it on your show over the weekend in portland, oregon, somebody was deported 20 times. is this insanity? and then not turned over, even though ice issued a detainer which is the official warrant
4:20 am
for the arrest and deportation. portland police refused to comply because portland is a renegade city, so-called sanctuary city. he then raped a woman, a 65-year-old elderly woman in her own home. we can't tolerate this kind of nonsense. it belies common accepts. the american people, the foundational principle of government is to protect citizens. steve: when we looked a this map we showed you a little while ago so many republicans in the governor's mansion as opposed to the blue states which are predominantly on both the coasts a little bit. have you got to wonder whether or not the people -- is it just the people in the middle who are interested in the rule of law? >> well, it certainly shouldn't be, right? because you can't pick and choose. listen, i'm all for. steve: sanctuary cities? >> i'm all for federalism. i like local control. but immigration is clearly a federal issue. it is constitutionally, it is by statute. and in this instance, local control does not make any sense. and it doesn't make any sense for the safety of those localities. rahm emanuel, i would abhor him, please, worry about kids
4:21 am
on the west side of chicago who can't go to the playground and play. not the known dangerous illegal immigrant. steve: maybe is he watching right now. >> i hope. steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: we will step aside. dana loesch is coming back after a two-minute time-out. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait.
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abby: welcome back on this friday morning. we begin with a fox news alert right now. two u.s. service members injured in a new attack in afghanistan. this is new video of the scene just in to our newsroom. this comes as we learn the names of the two american soldiers killed earlier this week in kabul. 25-year-old specialist christopher harris of north norh carolina and sergeant jonathan hunter from indiana. they were pair troopers on their first deployment. a massive fire ripping through one of the world's tallest towers overnight. check out this video.
4:25 am
you can see the flaming debris raining down from the 79 story building ironically named torch tower in dubai. no word on how this started. incredibly no one was hurt. second fire in that tower since 2015. eerie reminder of that deadly tower fire in london. 80 people killed in that disaster. half of detroit's 8 mayoral candidates are convicted felons, that's according to an analysis by detroit news. three out of the four charged with gun crimes. two of them were convicted of assault with the intent to commit murder. it is not illegal for convicted felons to run for office in the city. abby? abby: thank you, jillian. president trump blasted the democratic party for not serving the american people. take a listen last night. >> democratic lawmakers will have to decide they can continue their obsession with the russian hoax or they can serve the interests of the american people.
4:26 am
[cheers and applause] brian: well, they did approve 65 nominees finally yesterday. maybe they are going to stop obstructing. this criticism comes after democratic governor jim justice announced he is leaving his party to join the g.o.p. complete control over 26 states. abby: is this proof that the country supports president trump and his agenda? joining us now is the national spokesperson for the nra and the host of dana on the blaze tv, dana loesch, good to have you with us. good morning. >> thank you so much. good morning to you all. abby: i mean, you look at that map. "the washington post has an article out about it. it shows you the states that are fully red. meaning it's controlled by the governor and legislature. 26 of those states compared to six of them that are blue. i mean, that's a huge deal when you look at that and that moment last night when the west virginia governor comes out and says i can't serve you best unless i am a republican governor of the state. what's your reaction? >> right. this was an amazing event last night. speaking personally, when i
4:27 am
looked at the governor of west virginia. when he came out and when he said that he could serve his constituents best as a republican, i actually viewed that coupled with the fact that he was on stage with president trump and they were sharing this event together. this seemed to be a shot across the bough by republicans towards democrats coming up in 2018. let's look back at what just the brouhaha that happened this week. you had the chairman of the democrat congressional campaign committee who really caused a lot of controversy within his own party simply by saying they are not going to use abortion as a litmus test to deny funding or public support for democrat candidates. that caused a lot of controversy with democrats. they bristled at the thought of having to expand beyond the rhetoric and policy that they have held steadfast for the past 8 years. this is a party in crisis. it's a party that is struggling with their identity. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have relaunched or have launched this new branding effort for democrats called a better deal, which is basically a new deal reduction. that doesn't change though, abby.
4:28 am
the divisive policies and rhetoric we have seen from this party. republicans have been working on building a real coalition. we saw this past election. with west virginia, think about this, this is a state where in the last election, democrats vastly outnumbered republicans you but, yet, president trump took this state from hillary clinton by 41 points, which is huge. so for the governor to come over and to change his affiliation to republican is huge, so does that mean now that senator joe manchin will do the same? he seems to have found a sweet spot so far. brian: personally, he's the one guy in washington i always love talking to because he calls the closest thing to the shots as he sees them. former governor of west virginia himself. now, the other thing that i am wondering is what the republicans are thinking about this president, going out of their way to pass legislation to make sure he does not fire robert mueller, even if he goes across what the president thinks a red line. number one. and number two, making sure he doesn't have any recess appointments. the democrats basically
4:29 am
admitting they are holding up 50-plus aappointments and minus the -- not including the 65 they green lighted yesterday. so why are republicans going out of their way to hurt the republican president? >> that's kind of a million-dollar question, brian, isn't did? i'm really curious to see this unfold. as you know there have been reports that mueller has impaneled this grand jury which, of course now he has complete freedom to go and make this last for as long as absolutely possible. seemingly no check and balance on this. it's just the furthering of this witch-hunt at which though, brian, there has been no evidence at all whatsoever. and americans are tired of hearing this from democrats. i mean, people are worried about how they are going to pay their bills for crying out loud. they are worried about their healthcare. they are worried about jobs. in spite of all of, this what we have seen we saw historic record with the dow jones that was announced this week. we have also seen job creation starting to come back after 8 years of unemployment
4:30 am
balloonballooning and i don't tk this president is getting really much credit if any from the media for the work he has done. brian: zero credit. >> he has done by and large quite a bit. is he not getting the credit for it. abby: we want your thoughts on this debbie wasserman shultz story. it seems like no one is talking about it huge story. she is now standing by this it aide that has been on her payroll. as you know he has been charged with bank fraud and caught as leaving the country at the airport. here is what shea said defending her decision. she said that i believe i did the right thing and i would do it again. there are times when you can't be afraid to stand alone and you have to stand up for what's right. if there's one thing i'm going to make sure i maintain, this is ironic, it is my integrity. there is also a "wall street journal" article today saying this is a much bigger deal. people are not paying attention to this. this is serious stuff. what is your reaction? >> >> amazing job breaking this story and following it for months. well, there needs to be a full on congressional investigation into this.
4:31 am
there are a lot of aides to the it that believe there may be perhaps some blackmail material here. why else would you have debbie wasserman shultz threaten a capitol police chief on camera when he is simply trying to take her laptop as evidence in this ongoing investigation. and there is even more out there than what's currently being put up there in the headlines as well. there is the relationship with the stepmother, the ghost employees, the association with an iraqi businessman that has hezbollah contacts and so much more, abby. abby: i do wonder if it was a republican congressman, brian if it would be handled differently. brian: kimer enterally strossel in the "wall street journal" today. thank you so much. >> thank you so much have. great week. brian: you too. abby: president trump taking his message straight to the people and putting the swamp on notice. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that, i can tell you. abby: kellyanne conway reacting live from the white house. we will talk to her next. brian: plus, what did the people think of the president's speech? todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia.
4:32 am
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♪ ♪ steve: all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." 25 minutes before the top of the hour. it's pouring in new york city but i understand it is dry in our nation's capitol. abby: beautiful. >> perfect mornings here at the world's greatest workplace. good mornings to you. steve: all they they are going to paint and put in a new air conditioner. you need it. let's talk about the president's big rally last night in west virginia. stuck to the rafters at the big sandy super store arena. it's interesting because one of the things he said last night that we hadn't heard before is they're trying to cheat you. >> yes. steve: what's he talking about? >> that was one of my favorite lines of the night or passages
4:36 am
of the night where basically the president is telling the people of west virginia and by extension the country that the media, the investigators, the democratic party, they're not just denying the election results for donald trump. they are denying the american people who put him here. and they are trying to cheat them out of their rightful presidency, but also, all of the good that's going to come from this presidency. and there in west virginia they have got 3% growth. here across the country already have 2.6% growth. they have coal miners so happy with this president. manufacturing jobs. what is he trying to do in repealing obamacare. you saw the democratic governor of west virginia became a republican last night. he is one of many democrats out there who are so sick and fired of a leftist party that's gone so far that you don't welcome pro-lifers, pro-second amendment, you want to show more respect for military veterans, national security, american
4:37 am
exceptionism, and you see this in the governor's conversion. it's not just that he changed parties. it's what signal it should send to the democratic party that these still any message, vision. they are there for obstruction and resistance and leaders like donald trump and the governor of west virginia want to actually get things done. brian: meanwhile, the "wall street journal" had big news yesterday, not been denied, that bob mueller is eu78 pamming a grand jury attorney to look into the russian connection into the last election. and possibly trump finances how about concerned is president trump about the mueller probe going into finances that date back. steve: unrelated. brian: date back, 10, 25 year years? >> let me remind everyone what the president has said about this. it's a witch-hunt. it's fake. last night i believe he called
4:38 am
it a fabrication. we know that the nature of these types of investigations become fishing exat the dicks throwing yellow up against the wall and hoping it will stick. they said they would comply and share whatever information that they do have. you saw jared kushner do that just last week with house and senate officials. then he came right out here behind me at the white house and delivered a statement. have you heard don jr. say he would share information he has. other individuals. but let's also talk about that meeting. what came in the meeting? no consequence. no follow-up. no smoking gun. i became the campaign manager shortly after that. steve: you're talking about the last year meeting in june. >> yes. june. steve: manafort and jared were in with russian lawyer. >> it was brief. it was inconsequential. jared texted the assistant and said this is a waste of my time. please get me out of meeting. who does that if they are learning the secret sauce in how to defeat hillary clinton.
4:39 am
we defeated hillary clinton by having a better candidate with optimistic message who connected with people and didn't seem angry all the time. there is a winning formula. on this matter of the investigation, ty cobb, a special counsel to the president, has said that anything that accelerates the process, we are for. and we will continue to cooperate. but let's not foreguest what also the "wall street journal" did last week. they did everybody a favor by showing an analysis of polling. americans are telling pollsters the top issues for them, jobs, healthcare, immigration. top issue for the media, russia, russia, and number three is you guessed it, russia. 6% of americans say it's the most important issue to them. 75% of the coverage has been about russia. a complete disconnect between what americans are telling all of us is important to them which the president gets and what the media is saying are important to them which they don't get. abby: kelly, maybe the greatest challenge within the white house right now are these leaks. the reason we know about this grand jury is because someone leaked it.
4:40 am
do you know where that leak is coming from and what is the white house doing to clamp down on figuring out how to get rid of these leakers? >> remember, grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret. so someone leaked it. could be anybody that's on the grand jury. could be one of the lawyers. could be anyone, i suppose. but what really should concern everyone are these leaks that imperil national security. leaking the phone calls between our president and other heads of state is nothing short of a national disgrace. you know who agrees with that? democratic senator from virginia mark warner. he said so yesterday. he said governors, senators and indeed presidents of the united states need to have confidence. they can engage in conversation with other heads of state. they can negotiate. they can discuss issues without the threat of it being leaked. abby: what's being done about it, kellyanne conway? what are you guys doing? >> do you know who have access to. steve: oh, they know. brian: see the notes of these conversations. we heard about the people who had seen the notes months ago. now we get the details.
4:41 am
is there a finite number of people that could have had this? >> yes. i have said before the west wing is a small place. i think it's easier to figure out who is leaking than the leakers may realize. on this matter i want there to be bipartisan outrage because we need people who understanding this impayrolls national security. i also think, whether it's the doj announcing their leaks investigation what they are doing there obviously the nsc is trying to crack down on that and general kelly making it a big part of his mandate here in his first very successful transformative week at the white house. steve: kellyanne, because it is a finite number of people who would have had access to those phone calls that the president made to those world leaders back in january, a week into his tenure, i heard a commentator say they know exactly who had access to it. so calling every person and go ahead and run a lie detector on them. why don't they do that?
4:42 am
>> well, they may. and they may, they may not. there are many different ways to discover who is leaking. steve: are you going to get to the bottom of it? you know, people want to get to the bottom of it. >> this is incensing the people here to serve. that begins with the president and the vice president and our cabinet, obviously, our chief of staff because what are people gaining from this? you are currying favor with the journalists. brian: you are hurting the president. abby: you are hurting the country. >> hurting the president's ability to negotiate and discuss serious issues with other heads of state. you are actually, that's correct, hurting the country. democrats are even admitting that now they are saying listen this impayrolls national security. this isn't just embarrassing somebody. you are imperilling national security and that has to stop. abby: everyone is hoping that you guys can get to the bottom of it. kellyanne. good to have you on this morning. always good to see you. >> thank you so much. steve: have a wonderful day and weekend. still ahead this hour judge jeanine pirro and trace adkins.
4:43 am
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♪ honky donk badonkadonk. abby: we all know him. has a deep love for our servicemen and women and of course, women. steve: he reiss released 12th album on sale across the country and online. brian: xii is the name of it trace adkins welcome back. great to see you. >> you too. 12th avenue.
4:47 am
>> i didn't know it was 12th. steve: thank you, wikipedia. >> whichever one it is. you know, what should you be intrigued by that i can still do this maybe? i don't know. brian: still like it. >> i love it, sure. best job in the world, man. i'm one of those people i say it sounds trite but it's true, one of those fortunate people that my hobby turned into my career and it's a beautiful thing. steve: one of the intriguing things is now we have a president who was a reality tv show star after he was a business mogul. he has gone into politics. kid rock is apparently thinking about running for senate. >> that's what i hear. steve: up in michigan is he leading debby stab know in a big poll. ever think about that? ever think about getting into politics? because you do have a political vein to you. >> oh my goodness. yeah. i have. i have. i have thought about it. but i think it would probably be on a local level where i would really feel like i could affect some kind of change
4:48 am
because i just believe if i got in national politics i would lose my mind. brian: you would be frustrated. >> because you can't get anything done. i would go completely nuts. abby: that's why people love you. i think it was a lot of the attraction to president trump because you are connected to the things that matter most, trace. have you your three beautiful daughters and family matters to you and troops. have you a strong connection to our military. >> yeah, sure. i try to stay connected and, you know, one of the greatest things i think that i have been blessed with in my career are all those uso tours and all those wounded warrior project things that i get a chance to do and all the veterans organizationst that i get a chance do work with. they are the most amazing people. and i always feel like i get more from them, you know, than i give them. but i have always loved doing. this. brian: another wounded warrior project new spot for them, right? >> yeah we did sponsor wounded warrior project. kick start that thing again. a new program. steve: you are kick starting
4:49 am
our all-american summer concert series today you are our featured performer. right now you might be singing in the rain like kelly. >> singing in the rain. brian: inside or outside you will be singing. steve: it's going to be outside. definitely going to be outside. brian: what are we going to be hearing? >> we will do a couple new things off of this record. then we will do a couple things have you heard on the radio, you know. the compulsory ones we have to do. abby: people have been lined up on the plaza to see you. >> i know, bless their hearts they are all wet now. abby: in the pouring rain but we love you. steve: trace, w good to see you. brian: was it good for you to see us? >> yes, it was. my mom was mayor of my hometown. steve: look at that in the family. bury the lead. confirmed 65 of the president's nominees before they left for vacation. one person they didn't confirm newt gingrich's wife calista. what's up with that? we will talk to the speaker
4:50 am
next hour. brian: judge jeanine pirro is coming up. we will see how he feels about that and us and trace. steve: here comes the judge. all rise, here comes the judge ♪ i'm here for the party ♪ purchase. ♪taking care of business. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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steve: department of justice special counsel bob mueller impanel ago grand jury in the russia probe. here to weigh in is the host of justice jeanine pirro. good morning, judge. >> good morning. brian: what do you think? >> what i think is having impaneled grand juries myself. having appeared before them, also, is that you need a grand jury in order to access the documents that you need for an investigation, subpoenas,
4:54 am
records, witnesses. however, given the individual, who was requested that the judge impanel this grand jury and the team that is with him his conflicts that are clearly apparent to anyone who is being objective, i'm very concerned about this. i'm concerned about what appears may go beyond the mandate of the special counsel. and, you know, they start talking about jared kushner and his family's investment or, you know, the sales of a property to a russian al dark nine years ago, then have you got a fishing expedition. you have to understand that the point of an vartd and a point of a prosecutor is to find evidence of a crime. it's not to just do an across the board investigation of everything that they have touched, but, you've got mueller and his staff who are former federal prosecutors who know full well the way to get someone. and the way do you that is you
4:55 am
get a family member. you get someone who knows him. you squeeze him and you say i have got you by the short hairs. you give me something, and then they move up the ladder. that is the m.o. of the federal prosecutor. brian: the russian probe then it, is the trump probe. what did he do in 2002. could they be doing things that have nothing to do with running for president and being president or talking to russia? >> think about it. 2002, 2008, donald trump wasn't running for president. this isn't something that i'm sure -- i'm sure everything enters donald's mind. he never stops thinking. at the same time, this is an agenda my concern is if they end up with an indictment against a family member, just to, you know, just to get at donald trump when they couldn't get at him. there is going to be real uproar. a real upprizing in this country. brian: at him? >> i'm sure, look, you can do anything. i was a prosecutor for 32 years.
4:56 am
you can indict a ham sandwich. the only person in that grand jury is the district attorney who is instructing all of those grand jurors on what the law is and the body language is clear. abby: judge i want to read you in this is from greg jarrett our legal expert. it's worse because robert mueller impaneled got grand jury 11,000 votes compared to hillary clinton's 260,000 votes. i dare say there is not a single person on this grand jury that likes donald trump it's doublely unfair. >> it's called the forum shopping venue choice. look, if it's donald trump and the campaign why aren't they in the southern district of new york. why are they in washington, d.c.? why aren't they in west virginia where the flynn thing is going on? look, there are. brian: traffic. >> traffic. if a prosecutor with a siren, a body guard can't get through traffic. brian: don't get mad at me.
4:57 am
steve: judge we will be watching your show this weekend. >> that's right. brian: highly rated successful show. steve: just like this one. abby: newt gingrich and brian: i was supposed to say that. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. so
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>> i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for all of you. >> president trump, he wows the crowd in rally in west virginia. >> we didn't when because of russia. we won because of you, that i can tell you. >> according to leaks from unnamed sources special counsel robert mueller empaneled a grand jury. >> it's a witch-hunt. it is fake. we donate turf these types of investigations become fishing expeditions throwing jell-o up against the wall hoping something will stick. >> as a west virginian, i can't help you anymore than as a democratic governor. >> trump keeps grinding forward.
5:01 am
i think the trump system gradually is beginning to work. >> all across the country, americans of every kind are coming together with one simple goal, make america great again. [applause] ♪ ♪
5:02 am
steve: man that guy has a set of pipes. trace adkins, brought to us by keurig, doing song so many people love, honky-tonk, badonkadonk. abby: i love the song. spending time in nashville on main street, visiting honkky tongs. everyone is happy and singing. everyone on the plaza singing. david: do you have enough to ride the bicycle up and down the block. sitting bike. you need 20 people. you have to go up and down main street with that. have you guys tried that? steve: did that in philadelphia last year. abby: it is like bachelor parties and bachelorette parties you do that. i feel that is dangerous and might not end well.
5:03 am
steve: if you want to watch the whole concert, go to to watch the whole concert live. jillian: we have breaking news out of afghanistan. two u.s. servicemen injured in homicide attack. it is second attack just this week. they are in stable condition the. as with learn names of two americans soldiers killed in an attack in call buell. 25-year-old christopher harris north carolina, 23-year-old sergeant john hand hunter from indiana, were pare a troopers on their first deployment. breaking you now, navy suspending search for american sailor. scouring the south china sea more than three days and finding nothing. the missing officer checked in aboard the ship a short time before disapa peering. the officer's identity is unknown and an investigation is underway. massive fire ripping through
5:04 am
one of the world's tallest towers last night. flaming debris is reining down from the 79 tower building ironically named the torch tower in dubai. incredibly no one is hurt. the second fire in the tower since 2015. an oary reminder of that tower fire in london. 80 people killed in that disaster. a little lighthearted for you. who says rain delays are boring? check out the major league danceoff between the chicago cubs and arizona diamondbacks. >> a little fishing. ♪ a little danceoff. jillian: cubs players reenacting a fisherman with a ferb trying to get away. playing dress-up. diamondbacks joining in on the fun, creating a makeshift bobsled. >> a big finish. that's awesome.
5:05 am
jillian: they also played human bowling. this is my favorite of the night. wait for it of wait for it. is it a strike, we're not sure. going down during three separate rain delays totaling 2 1/2 hours. diamond backs winning 10-8. this game was close to seven hours. you very well know baseball trying to shorten games. didn't happen. that's hilarious. david: i think players should be reading during rain delays. steve: jillian. thank you. >> at least they're not drinking. jillian: reenact the human bowling, see what happens. steve: start at the beginning. robert mueller, the big news he impaneled a second grand jury. one in virginia looking into the michael fin. this one, don't know what they're looking into. ultimately, i got a text from somebody you know formerly in the department of justice. they said you need to remind people this is how, through the grand jury system you wind up
5:06 am
getting evidence. you wind up getting people to come in to hear what happened. >> there is bigger impact than that. more than an evidence-gathering mechanism. it is also a machine to intimidate. they bring in some of these underlings, take paul manafort for example, i think he has exposure because of millions he got from the pro-russian ukrainian government. bring manafort in -- say over decades. they bring manafort in, you're at risk. you're at peril, you give us immunity, tell us everything you know about donald trump. steve: who fired him. >> who fired him, probably for good cause. i think a couple of things, steve. first of all there is real political impact now, when you see congress passing russian sanctions bill. what they're trying to do, use the president's weakened condition, his low approval ratings to diminish the authority of his office, the white house, and to enhance their own authority.
5:07 am
i really think there is, you will see more and more of that. there will be a bill passed in the next few days i think that demands the president not fire or mess with the special counsel. so there is real political consequences. david: add something to that. recess appointments. preventing the president doing recess appointments even though, republicans too, even democrats have been artificially holding themp, abby's dad should be in russia. that is our national interest to have many a ambassador in russia now. they're going on vacation. abby: if you're mitch mcconnell, why not stay here one more week to get people through confirmation to do their job for this country? is that really that hard to ask? >> i think this is strictly an issue of power expanding to fill a vacuum. they perceive the president now being surrounded by mueller and his 16 henchmen. so they are going to do all they can. i think they will be bipartisan attempt to diminish the office of the presidency.
5:08 am
i think it is very, very dangerous. in terms of the legal liability, aside from manafort, i think obviously general flynn and what he told feds turned out not to be true. there is real exposure there. maybe jared kushner, visas for money, maybe his family. president is right, this is the buried headline. there is no russia collusion as far as anybody knows. with all of these malicious leaks, all of these malignant leaks, you have not heard one send till la of evidence that the president of the united states did anything illegal vis-a-vis the russians and the election. i think it will be very clear that -- abby: made the point to kellyanne conway, the group is small leaking transcripts. small group of people had access. why not bring them in the room give them lie-detector test? why are we in this place months later.
5:09 am
there is leak after leak and seems like there is no leads? >> i'm not certain. i don't have the expertise to tell you how many people could have access. could be somebody high level or someone working the xerox machine, i don't know. the feds have ability to give a polygraph under the statutes. they can lie detector everybody they think had any connection with it. what quill happen, general kelly as he imposes much more structured system in the oval office and west wing, it is through that process that we'll find out who is leaking. these leakers are not, they're trying to kill the president politically. really absolutely appalling. steve: think about it though, her ruled he dough, over the last five presidents have we ever seen the exact phone conversations that they had with world leaders as have been leaked just in "the washington post"? which we saw highlights of couple months ago but we're seeing whole thing?
5:10 am
>> this is function of his unpopularity and perception that he is weakened president. there is a more and more enthusiasm for trying to bring him down. now they're trying to pile on. trying to do things in north context might even be treasonous what they're trying to do, to undermined the office of the presidency because they hate him and they recognize he is weakened. he has to stand his ground. ty cobb is excellent lawyer. fight out every skirmish. keep talking to the base. trying to let republicans and democrats there is political consequence to some of this sabotage. david: right i think success leaves clues, bill clinton gave him a clue, while they pursue, there was something there with clinton obviously different from whitewater, he ended up with 60% approval rating, that they overstepped from newt gingrich on down. president goes to west virginia, next stop michigan, next stop wisconsin, next stop texas. shows everybody size of his
5:11 am
crowds and enthusiasm for him. let them know it is them against us, when you take me out from something in 2004 you're taking out most of country's elections decisions. know what you're getting into. if you thought prohe tests were big when i won, can imagine if you take this away from me what you will do to this country? >> but you have stress, you have to emphasize the difference between clinton and trump. clinton, there came a point when ken starr was gettings him and getting him, house was about to impeach him. his popularity soared. why? because people were suggesting this is private thing. hillary should connect his butt for cheating on her but this is not, the general public gave the president, president clinton a pass. okay, so he went into the 60 percentile. by the time it got to senate to vote whether or not he should be convicted in terms of impeachment.
5:12 am
he was over well messengerly popular, the senators saw they had to save their own asses. they voted not to convict him. president trump is different he has half the popularity president clinton had at the end. david: beginning of investigation. steve: this is a difference. he bill clinton broke the law while he was in office. he told a lie to grand jury. the 1978 land deal with donald trump statute of limitations probably run out on that. >> it is but there is relevance if the allegation or suspicion or con project it that he colluded with the russians, how do you prove collusion, is not a crime unless he got something for it or gave something for it. so that allows them to look into his taxes. so he has vast enterprize, all interlocking corporations for when he was a private citizen. miss universe all rest of it, they will audit everything with hostile intent i believe. david: when he became president
5:13 am
he had to resign from 350 companies. think about that. think about how init twined he is in world business. good luck investigating that. >> they, you you have 16 people whose mission now is to do exactly that. i mean how would you feel, woke up every day, knowing not only 500 of the best reporters in the world are out to kill you, but 16 sharp lawyers empowered by a special counsel. abby: we could debate this all morning long. always good to have you with us. good to see you. president trump doing what he does best, taking his message back to the american people. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. [applause] abby: what do the american people think? brand new dial from the president as rally in west virginia. they are in next. david: west virginia is where todd pyro is getting opinions on the rally.
5:14 am
>> we're talking down the road about the rally in st. albans. we're talking about this sandwich. called the huskey. guys, it's a steak sandwich. should i eat it? come on. ♪ er serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk.
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♪ abby: welcome back. president trump out of washington, d.c. back with the people in west virginia for a rally last night. how did his message resonate with the voters? lee carter is a pollster. she put the president to the dial test. we were watching this last night. this is when he is most comfortable, talking to the people. many of them voted him into office. he spoke directly about that. it wasn't russia got me elected. it was you in this crowd right here. he talked about patriotism. take a listen. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you, that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] we won because we totally outworked the other side. we won because millions of patriotic americans voted to take back their country. abby: you can see the
5:19 am
republicans gave him a. independents a minus. democrats an f. they did not have anything what he was saying, no surprise there. when he does that, people love that. that is what it is about. that is what his basis. abby: he talked about russia and leaks by the grand jury. he took it a different direction. he talked about the fact we should focus more on hillary clinton's 33,000 emails. take a listen. >> what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 delete the emails. [applause] >> republicans gave that an a off the charts. independents a minus. democrats gave it a f. independents say, enough hillary clinton. let's move forward. abby: what is most powerful moment? >> he gave it back to the people. he said you're the reason i'm here.
5:20 am
some of the digs that he gave on russia were pretty good. some of them were too much. abby: too much? all right. >> yeah. abby: as we said. that is where he is comfortable. needs to spend vacation time traveling to more places. >> give it to the democrats, when you had no message. that was a pretty big moment. abby: democrats made the entire speech. >> they sure did. they sure did. abby: speaking vacation, congress goes on vacation with no moves on health care. the next message for lawmakers, diamond and silk. up, trace adkins. take it away, trace. ♪ i will make my own, i make my own rules. mama put the car in park out there ♪ ♪ said i was just like you
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♪ >> that is why i will repeat again tonight that congress must do its job. keep its promise, live up to its word and repeal and replace obamacare. you have to do it. nothing in life is easy, but congress must not give in. they must not give up. but instead congress must get to work and deliver americans the
5:25 am
great health care that they deserve, the great repeal and replace that they have been talking about for seven years! steve: that is the president last night in west virginia. congress going on break as their august recess officially begins. even after pushing back the vacation time a week or two, they were not able to pass any major legislation, including health care reform which many were waiting for. abby: here to react, go sisters from north carolina are former president obama supporters of the they stand with president trump. diamond and silk join us. we know you two of the you made quite a name for yourself. congress deserve a round of applause because of vacation. >> no. >> we are irritated with congress because they were supposed to repeal and replace obamacare. so it is not fair we pay our tax dollars to them at their salary and they haven't done their job. >> that's right. >> maybe time for us to repeal and replace them when they come back.
5:26 am
steve: does seem if some republicans are not really on the same page as the republican president. >> that's sad. we have a republican president and they promised, if you give us a republican president, hey we'll repeal and replace this thing. time for them to get behind the president. he is our president. get behind him of the part needs to be back in the president. abby: how do you think he is doing? how do you think the president is doing so far? >> phenomenal. he is doing amazing job. look at stock market and jobs coming back. steve: he is doing what he can at his end of pennsylvania avenue. you look at congress, what do they have to, they're all going home. they're meeting with constituents. what achievement do they have? they confirmed an fbi director. that is pretty much it. >> i don't want to hear anything about a fbi director right now. i want them to repeal and replace obamacare because people are hurting. people have a card and no care. >> that's right. >> mandate are hurting them.
5:27 am
job-killing regulations hurting companies. >> that's right. >> people are hurting. this should have been repealed and replaced. >> that's right. abby: you were talking about in the commercial break, there is such a discontact with congressional members and what the american people want. why are they not focused on you two and want to get what you want done. >> we have a stop that. we have to stop it. steve: who are you talking about? >> listen, when i see that some of these people don't want to repeal and replace, what kind of kickbacks are you getting from lobbyists? >> a lot of politicians wrote obamacare, if they wrote it for the american people to abide by how did they exempt themselves for it? if obamacare was so great, why did they exempt them service for it? abby: you used to be a barack obama supporter. what did you think? you watched that speech last night in west virginia. the governor said i can not do my job well, so i'm switching parties. he is turning to the republican
5:28 am
side to be republican governor. what did you make of that? >> absolutely, just like he switched, we switched to republican. we were caught and conditioned, you vote. if you're a democrat you vote and i don't care who is on the ticket. this time we voted for person, person that was going to do the job. that is why we voted for president trump. steve: president trump talked a little bit about russia last night. what do you make of this whole robert mueller, special counsel, special investigator looking into possible collusion an all that? >> i think it is really sad. i think our president is about to be railroaded. >> that is right. >> he is about to be railroaded. we know there was no russia, russia. how about pushing jobs, jobs? pushthat. we know there was no collusion. it is slap in the american people's face. we got out voted for him. we rushed to the polls and voted for him, now you want to blame this on russia? american people voted for president. abby: you're speaking out for a lot of american people this morning. you're on "the specialists at
5:29 am
5:00. >> supposed to be. abby: maybe we'll see you there. thankthank you. steve: ladies thank you very much. it is 8:30. we have a fox news alert. after record week on wall street could winning continue with unemployment numbers. we'll find out in 90 seconds. newt gingrich live to react to economic breaking news. abby: here is address adkins performing songs about me. take it away, trace. ♪ ♪ he spotted my guitar, said, what are do you do? , i said i sing for a living, country music mixed with a little rock and a little blues ♪
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5:33 am
steve: fox news alert the july jobs number just into the newsroom. according to bureau of labor statistics the u.s. economy added 209,000 jobs. that is higher than the 183,000 forecast. david: unemployment rate 4.3%. down from 4.4% in june. as the president brought up last night, i want those people that have given up, disappeared from the payrolls, we're only 60% many employed.
5:34 am
i want them back in the fray. he put down that number. abby: that will be talked about today. attorney general jeff somethings has a big announcement to make at 11:00 a.m. about this investigation that they are going to start figuring out these leaks, where are they coming from, how they crack down on the leaks. we'll air that live on fox news at 11:00 a.m. don't want to miss it. steve: what is live on fox news channel, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, 2012 republican presidential candidate. author of "understanding trump." great big "new york times" best-seller. mr. speaker good morning to you. what do you make of these jobless numbers, north of where they were forecast. what is going on in the economy? >> well i do think there is a trump recovery underway and i think it is partly deregulation effort has has been amazingly successful so far, taking a lot of costs out of the system, a lot of uncertainty. partly just to use john maynard
5:35 am
keynes line, animal spirits. he loves jobs. he talks about jobs. it makes small business owners feel good. they're more likely to invest and hire people. but it also makes it really important for the congressional republicans to understand, they have to pass a tax cut and have it signed by thanksgiving to keep momentum up. this economy is counting a and a pro-jobs tax cut. that is part of what the stock market is about. abby: we were talking about the looks and the attorney general making announcement today at 11:00 a.m. but we see these leaks happening almost every single day. one of those yesterday. special counsel leaking out that there is an grand jury as part of this. what do you make of that? you do you think the white house should be concerned about this grand jury? >> yeah, of course the white house should be concerned. first of all, anybody who has any doubts about corruption in the justice department ought to read sidney powells book,
5:36 am
"license to lie." which is a tremendous study of both senator stevens being destroyed by the justice department and whole enron, arthur andersen case, both which were basically corrupt. i worry about the government having kind of power. notice what mueller is doing, changing the targets. would supposedly look into the russian collusion. the articles this morning gee looks like russian collusion may be hard to prove because maybe it didn't happen. they will go after finances. after finances they go after procedure. karl rove wrote recently, he was almost indicted for failing to remember something. you get into this game. you have this lawyers that mueller attracted, high-powered left-wing lawyers. they're virtually all democrats and headhunters. several were mentioned in sidney powell's work bad actors, repudiated 9-0 by the supreme court.
5:37 am
go back look at irs. go back and look at things the obama administration did to destroy control of the coal industry. when the government comes after you, no matter who you are, enconcluding the president, you have to be worried about the sheer power of the lawyers coming after you. david: do you look at this grand jury as a threat to the president's presidency, stopping him in his tracks because of something had nothing to do with russia? >> everything that is going on, leaks, the what we're learning about unmasking, what we learned from huma abedin's emails, hillary clinton paying off to people that gave to the clinton foundation. all of this is deep state. the drop state is real. massive bureaucracy of people that believe in liberal big government. they see donald trump as their mortal enemy. this will continue. this fight will continue because trump, week by week, judges he is appointing, regulations he is rolling back and having the
5:38 am
governor of west virginia switch parties, trump is gradually gaining momentum despite every effort of the deep state, if you will, and swamp it lives in to stop him. david: newt, but it is also republicans. they're making it legislatively impossible to get rid of mueller, not that he should anyway. making it impossible to have recess appointment of own nominees to be artificially held up. slapping sanctions on russia, which they deserve but not consulting president before they doing it, a lot of them are leading it. how do you explain it? >> first of all the swamp of deep state isn't just democrats. there are a lot of folks, there are a lot of lobbyists, a lot of other folks around very comfortable, a lot of never-trumpers in the republican party. president trump, you know i think is remarkable historic figure.
5:39 am
that is part of why i wrote "understanding trump." president trump took over republican party in hostile takeover. beat 16 other people. he pivoted and won presidency in hostile take over against the establishment. he enters white house with large number of people in both parties don't want him to succeed. that is what you're seeing lived out. abby: our personal experience, your wife calista up to ambassador to the vatican, confirmations not getting through to do their job. my dad is one of them, ambassador to russia. your wife, how is she feeling about things? david: ambassador to the vatican. >> calista is practicing patience. obviously would love to have gotten through yesterday. i think she was disappointed all other members of her class were confirmed yesterday. apparently one of the democrats wanted to record a vote on her. going to come back in september. david: unbelievable. >> i worry about people like kevin hassett.
5:40 am
we're trying to write a tax bill. we have the chairman of the council of economic advisors has been trapped in the senate since mid-june. i think it is really irresponsible. i'm more worried about has set. david: why does it take former speak to express outrage? where is the current speaker? where is anybody expressing outrage that our government is working with one arm behind its back? >> part of the problem there is so much noise where it is trump's tweets. leaks in the newspapers. it is attacks. so much random noise. i think some, some people get numb from the process. >> paul ryan is working getting tax reform bill. speaking about it. going all over the country talking about it. this is the key to the trump presidency. a key to republicans keeping the
5:41 am
house in 2018. i would give speaker ryan real credit for having focused on that. do i wish the republicans were more aggressive? yes. do i wish they take on for example, all the things we learned from huma abedin and all things went from the clinton foundation? yes. we should know about what is happening with the pakistani i.t. people and 38 democrats, 38, not just debbie wasserman schultz, 38 democrats who hired them over last 13 years. i do wish republicans in that sense were more aggressive. i frankly puzzled that they're not. steve: they can't do anything now because they're all on vacation. abby: for five weeks. steve: newt, thank you very much for joining us live. >> take care. abby: let's go to jillian for other headlines. jillian: busy news day on this
5:42 am
friday. "judicial watch" demanding full access to what the doj you poo about the hillary clinton email vision. the watchdog group asking trump administration to release complete, unredacted talking point prepared by the obama doj in relation to the controversial meeting between former ag loretta lynch and bill clinton. lynch privately spoke with clinton arizona tarmac days before the investigation was dropped. national naacp getting slammed by one of its local chapters issuing a travel advisory to miss -- missouri saying the state was too racist for minority to visit. the people hurt by the advisory are members of naacp community who work across the state in hospitality industry jobs who played no role in the legislation. the travel advisory in response to a recent bill passed in missouri tightening legal standards for proving discrimination that are also legal in 38 states.
5:43 am
turns into a moment this little girl will never forget. 12-year-old christie flury getting surprise of a lifetime, when a special visitor shows up at the dolphin show. ♪ all right. looks like we don't have the sound. tell you what is going on here. christie running into her dad's arms for the first time in nine months. watch this video. u.s. army reservist captain josh mcflury was deployed in kuwait away from the home in chicago. the captain said it was the best hug ever. wish we could have had the sound. steve: have it on the web site, jell jill you can imagine the moment. abby: thanks, jillian. steve: abby mentioned a couple minutes ago, attorney general for the united states of america is going to announce his crackdown on leaks from the department of justice at 11:00 this morning. you will see it live just about
5:44 am
three hours and 1minutes from right now. brian: i want names. i want who did that yesterday? steve: that would be great. abby: more fox and friends right after this. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. you're in the match app. now tap on the new missed connections feature.
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>> where are you from, my love? >> from new jersey. >> what school are you going to? >> george wash in d.c. >> have are you having fun own "fox & friends." >> i'm having amazing time. >> have you ready for catherine. break a leg, my friend. >> thank you, janice. warm and humid off the east coast today. coal front pushing across great lakes an east and west pushing risk thunderstorms. west will remain very hot.
5:48 am
not much chance of relief over next several days. back to you, abby, steve, brian. [applause] >> future looks so bright i had to wear shades. [laughter]. steve: best part of the forecast, it will be nice and dry for trace adkins singing in five minutes. abby: thanks for all your hard work. brian: let's go back out to dwight in st. albens, west virginia, where "fox & friends weekend" correspondent todd piro is enjoying breakfast. >> this is trump country. this area went for john mccain less than point in 2008 election. it went for president trump by about 20 points. we'll start with jerry, a trump voter, says obamacare destroyed his business, how? >> when obama care mandate was enacted it took away my ability to make a commission. i don't make any commissions on individual health insurance.
5:49 am
my commissions went from 3500 a month, down to 500. you i spent 35 years building that business. he took it away swoop of a pen. >> do you think president trump can fix that? >> i hope so. >> that is why you voted for him. >> yes, sir. >> thank you, jerry. we'll head to matt, who is also a basketball coach. matt says the business environment here in west virginia, but across the country is really improving. there is a lot more to lending. talk about that. >> awesome with the sba programs that linda mcmahon brought out, everything like that. gdp growth in west virginia up 3% right only behind texas. we're growing. got a guy getting his first sba loan to start his own business, seeing his vision become reality is great. we have a saying in st. albans of the we used to have a train every 11 minutes come through. over last few years under obama administration, that is 20, 25 minutes. you're seeing coal starting to move again which is great for west virginia, jobs and everything.
5:50 am
>> quickly you were at rally last night. describe the experience. >> amazing. reality in there, energy, everybody going for trump, amazing. god back in the white house and so is trump. >> bill, interesting license plate. >> thank you. had it made a year and month ago. actually before the president was president. i just felt that it was time for a change. and president trump is is not a typical politician. and america is sick an tired of the political hacks. that promise everything, produce nothing and that includes republicans as well as democrats. and he is doing an a-plus job. >> thank you very much, bill. that is it from st. albans. thank you, everybody. back to new york. abby: thank you, todd. brian: trace adkins takes the stage live to perform next. there he is taking stage. steve: we'll check in with shannon bream who will take the stage in ten minutes. >> in d.c., guys, leaks, leaks,
5:51 am
more leaks. big announcement from the attorney general about cracking down on those responsible. is someone about to be charged. impaneling the grand jury in russia probe. what it means for president. aren't those supposed to be secret?if top of the hour on "america's newsroom." the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. will people know it means they'll get the lowest price guaranteed on our rooms
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>> trace adkins. >> this is a song called "watered down." >> shannon: the leaks just keep on coming. the latest special counsel robert mueller picking a grand jury. news comes as president trump fires up a big crowd in coal country and dismisses the investigation as a waste of time. good morning. ifm owe shannon bream live in "america's newsroom" from washington, d.c. hello to you, leland. >> i'm sure they miss you. i'm leland vit ar. new leaks releasing robert mueller will subpoena documents as he investigates


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