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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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herself at some point. it was so much fun on this friday. thanks for joining us. have a lovely weekend. i'm sandra smith. here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington where. trump has been hammering away at his critics after word broke of a grand jury investigation. the president tells people it's time to move on. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. >> shepard: of course, his critics are not convinced. after pressure from the president, the attorney general jeff sessions going after white house leakers. >> we're taking a stand, this culture of leaking must stop. >> shepard: how do you do that? ahead what the attorney general says he will do differently. and encouraging development for every american. employers add hundreds of thousands of more jobs. no matter your politics, this
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news is very good news indeed. let's get to it. at least, it's friday. first from the fox news deck this friday afternoon, president trump calling the russia investigation fake and demeaning after a report that a special counsel, robert mueller, has a grand jury working on the case. the president told a rally of supporters in west virginia last night the whole russia story is a total fabrication. >> most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. [cheering]. >> shepard: the wall street journal broke the story during our news cast yesterday that robert mueller has impanelled a grand jury to look into russia's interference in the 2016
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election. the journal reports muellers of team trump collusion with the kremlin is growing in intensity and will likely go on for months. if you have never served on a grand jury, may help to know how one works. it's a group of 16 to 23 people who decide whether there's probable cause to prosecute someone. it lets prosecutors present evidence and call witnesses to testify under oath in secret. these proceedings are behind closed doors to protect witnesses and potential defendants. the right to a grand jury goes back to the bill of rights. part of the fifth amendment states no person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentment of an indictment of a grand jury. one of the president's lawyers said he wasn't aware that mueller had started using a grand jury. you're not normally notified. and the white house is committed to fully cooperating with
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mr. mueller. the russian president, vladimir putin, has denied that he interfered with in the u.s. election. our intelligence agencies are sure. president trump has called the russian investigation a witch hunt among other things. john roberts is live at the white house. good afternoon, john. >> good afternoon, shep. the president had an on-camera interview this morning. he didn't comment about this. there was the rally last night in west virginia. he could have talked about the fact that robert mueller is using a grand jury to issue subpoenas. he stayed away from that. he did castigate the overall russian invettesgation. as you pointed out, the president called it a witch hunt. he didn't use those words last night but he ripped one strip up one side and down the other on the people investigating what's going on with russia. listen here. >> they're trying to cheat you
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out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly demeaning to our country and demeaning to our constitution. i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one, which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in november deserve. >> shep, it's possible there's less here than met the eye. conflicting reporting between the "wall street journal" and "the new york times." the "wall street journal" says mueller has impanelled a grand jury. "the new york times" says he hasn't impanelled a special grand jury. he's using one that was in washington d.c. he could just be using it to issue subpoenas. it's likely this investigation will go on for some time to come. some analysts and legal watchers are saying this could go through
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2018. >> shepard: john, president trump is leaving for vacation today, 17 days. the white houseworkers will be replacing the building's climate control system. they'll do painting and patch a few holes. not so easy to fix the leaks in the administration itself. insiders have been passing along secret information for months now. the attorney general, jeff sessions said time to do something about that. >> a criminal who would illegally use their access to our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are in fact being investigated and will be prosecuted. i have this message for our friends in the intelligence community. the department of justice is open for business and i have this warning for would-be leakers, don't do it. >> shepard: attorney general sessions also talked about "the washington post" publishing transcripts of president trump's phone calls with leaders of mexico and australia.
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they revealed the border wall is a political issue and the least important thing they discussed. the transcripts confirmed earlier reports that president trump argued with australia's prime ministers about refugees and president trump said he had a more pleasant called with vladimir putin. the attorney general said no government can be effective when its leaders can not discuss sensitive matters in confidence. attorney jeff sessions said he's reviewing policies for subpoenaing the media. though he did not say whether he plans to prosecute journalists. john roberts at the white house again. this is quite a turn. >> yeah, and the leak of the full transcripts served as an exclamation point on what the attorney general said today which makes curious the timing of that yesterday. the director of national intelligence, dan coats, followed up the attorney general by saying that any people in the intelligence community who leak information will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and they will not like the result. but it was also very interesting
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and disturbing to many people what the attorney general said about potentially going after the media. here's the way the attorney general put it. listen here. >> we respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect. but it is not unlimited. they cannot place lives at risk with impunity. we must balance the precious role with protecting our national security and the lives of those that serve in the intelligence community beyond forces and all law-abiding americans. >> that brought a sharp response from the american civil liberties union. you can hear the president's helicopter land behind me. he supposed to be leaving in about ten minutes times. the aclu said "every american should be concerned about the trump administration's threat to step up its effort about whistle-blowers and journalists. a crackdown on leaks is a crack
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down on the press on the hole." he said this was a dangerous threat to the freedom of the american people. shep, this has raised the idea that will the president leave mueller in his position or seek to remove him? lindsey graham and others are introducing legislation that would subject any attempt to remove mueller to a judicial review from a three-judge panel. at the same time, lindsey graham says when it comes to leaks, mueller better run a tight ship, too or he's doing a disservice to the president. >> john roberts on the north lawn. to chris wallace, host of "fox news sunday" live in washington. hi, chris. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: on the matter of leaks, there's more than one way to look at this. >> yeah. look, obviously there's leaks and leaks. sometimes it's a leak of government wrongdoing. i don't think anybody would have a problem with that. there's leaks that have political impact. and while you may not like them,
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you can understand those coming. if sessions is as careful at he was in his language there and saying the only kinds of leaks in the media that he was reviewing actually involve the safety of americans or safety of the troops in the field, most people would agree with that as well despite the americans civil liberties union raising heck about it. if it's a matter of political security, it's disturbing, the idea going after the meeting. if it's a matter of national security or the security of our troops, that's a different matter. >> shepard: you think about the leaks that brought about the mike flynn changes. one could make the argument that without that leak, he might still be both on a foreign government's payroll and the national security adviser. >> yeah. you can see that either way. that is a more complicated leak. on the one hand, you can see if flynn was the national security adviser, lied to people at the white house, expressly lied to
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the vice president about his conversations with the russian ambassador, maybe he shouldn't have been there in the first place. on the other hand, the person that leaked that has no authority to do so. do you want people in the intelligence community, law enforcement community just deciding on their own, well, i going to leak that because i don't like what the information is in there. >> shepard: you're on point. as you always are. then there's last may when the president got the information from the israelis and a leaked it to the russians in the oval. that raised eyebrows itself. >> yeah, that was about how we had gotten information from inside syria about isis and a lead that we had gotten about isis. in a legal sense, there's no question there. the president has the total authority to declassify anything he wanted. apparently that was something that he said that he shouldn't have said to the russians that there were great worry inside our intelligence community with the information he gave the russians, that that was going to lead to them blowing up that
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source. obviously the russians not working in concert with us in syria. they're working on behalf of the assad regime. we want to oust him. >> shepard: on the mueller investigation, it's appearing more and more as if they're going on at least one track after the money. money laundering, the president, the people around the president, in the campaign. it appears that is an avenue of investigation. the president has called that a red line for him. i don't know what the that means and how the president gets to draw a red line in an investigation into him. do you have any thoughts on that? >> well, this was in an interview with "the new york times." they said go beyond russia. if this becomes an investigation of your personal finances and he said that would be a red line for me. you're right. it's not like he gets to decide as we saw in the bill clinton investigation, started with a failed real estate deal in
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arkansas and ended up with monica lewinsky in a dress. once a special counsel starts going, you don't know where it's going to go. that's one of the reasons that presidents start special counsels. they're completely uncontrollable as they root around in the forest. having said that, you can understand the president's concern that an investigation and financial dealings with russia is one thing. if you're going to go into everything he did as a real estate business man over the last quarter of a century, you can understand how he wouldn't like that very much. i'm not sure he can stop it. >> shepard: and then the matter of the tax returns that he's guarded with his life. if those don't come out, many legal experts say they would be surprised. if they don't come out to the public, but maybe but mueller. >> it's one thing to investigate, looking for possible financial connections. it's a didn't thing if it goes to the public which would be completely improper, an invasion of privacy. we need to point out again, just
12:13 pm
the fact that there's a grand jury doesn't mean there's any charge against anybody let alone against the president. so this is an investigative tool, indicates it's a serious investigation and will go on for months if not years. it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to result in any charges. >> shepard: absolutely not. chris wallace from "fox news sunday." great to see you. >> you bet. >> shepard: this sunday, chris will talk with the north carolina republican senator tom tillis. he's co-sponsor of one of two bipartisan bills that are designed to protect the special counsel, robert mueller should president trump decide that he needs to be reassigned in some way. that and much more this sunday on "fox news sunday." that's on your local fox station. check your local listings for times. the white house new chief of staff is trying to whip the west wing into shape. our next guest says general john kelly's no nonsense approach seems to be working. the next question, will it hold. fascinating new pronouncements
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>> shepard: the white house is not a military unit, but the general running the place is trying to instill military discipline. "the new york times" noting the changes that general john kelly brought to the administration since he took over as chief of staff after reince priebus got the boot. from the times reporting, mr. kelly cuts off rambling advisers mid sentence, he listens in on conversations
12:17 pm
between cabinet secretaries and the president. he's booted lingering staff members out of high level meetings and order the doors of the oval office closed to discourage strays. the "wall street journal" with which this network shares common ownership is out with a new article this afternoon. the journal notes the general has demanded the president's daughter ivanka and jared kushner check in with him before going to see president trump. normal course of business back to the white house. let's bring in peter nichols. a white house reporter for the "wall street journal" and live with us now. good to see you, peter. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: this is work something. >> seems to be working. you have a sense that it's a new day at the white house. it's a more top down hierarchy than what we've seen before. trump kind of likes the spokes in the wheel approach. that's what's been in operation till now where different aides radiated around him. kelly is a gate keeper where
12:18 pm
people have to work through him, go through him. people just can't see the president on their own. >> shepard: so if you want to go in there, you have to make an appointment? >> and kelly wants to know what you're going to say to the president. he is controlling the paper control to the president. any aide with a random idea or news story that they think the president might see can't just do it. kelly wants to vet it. the whole idea here is impose more discipline and more control, a loose knit organization and kelly is there to put a stop to it. >> shepard: the president, before he was the president, ran his new york business in a family way, more like a small business than a big corporate environment. ins and outs and family and all the rest. i wonder how he's taking to this, how he feels about it. >> a couple things. in his book, "the art of the
12:19 pm
deal", he talked about how he looks a looser organization. his instinct is reflexes, to reach out to people he wants to speak to. he doesn't want that discipline and control. it's not clear that will be comfortable with this new arrangement but it's clear that he realizes things weren't working under reince priebus and he needed a change. we talked to an associate of the president that predicted that kelly might not last long. this prediction is he would -- kelly would survive four months. so we don't know. kelly might get frustrated. the president likes to tweet. he's doubtful that he will put a stop to that tweeting. if aides somehow circumvent kelly, he may get frustrated. this is a work in progress. we don't know how this will end. >> shepard: it's the tweeting that seems to get the white house off message. it's not the media. it's the tweeting that does it. he was prolific this morning.
12:20 pm
if they're trying to slow it down, i would say they're not getting a very high mark on that front. >> well, it's all relative. it's somewhat of a slow-down for the few days that kelly has been there. we've seen this before. a period where aides were hopeful that all of trump's tweeted would be vetted to the lawyers recognizing the legal jeopardy because of the russia investigation. that never happened. so i'm sure kelly would love to get ahold of the tweeting, but other aides have tried and failed on that score. >> shepard: it's nice to talk to you. thanks for your great work over there the last few weeks. appreciate it. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: peter nicholas from the "wall street journal." markets gaining ground today yet again and could be headed for another record close. would you look at that? 22,066 on the dow after encouraging news about american jobs. there's always a down side. right? we'll have both sides.
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>> shepard: the july jobs report is out for america today and it is fantastic! one economist calling it near perfect. employers added 209,000 jobs last month. more than the economists predicted. second straight month of gains. the unemployment rate back down to what it was in may. 4.3%. that is the lowest level in 16 years. president trump taking to twitter and taking credit. excellent jobs numbers just released and i have only just begun. many job stifling regulations continue to fall. moving back to the u.s.a. if analysts say a down size is
12:25 pm
wages. they're rising more slowly. with unemployment low, wages go up. meantime, the dow is on track for another all-time high. it's a bull run like nobody has ever seen. hit 22,000 for the first time on wednesday. and our man, adam shapiro from the fox business network is live with more. insiders say they're worried about the low wages. >> right. that is the thing. if you're looking for a bad issue in this report. the fact is that wages year over years are rising 2.5%. that might sound like a good increase but it's not good when we consider what officials in washington will tell you is full employment, shep. they say that that 2.5% increase year over year for wages should be much higher and they can't explain why wages are not rising higher. the bottom line, there's something that they could be missing that could future a slow
12:26 pm
down in the economy because there's not wage inflation. shep? >> shepard: there's room for improvement? >> there is room for improvement in all of this. take a look at what is happening on the stock market. this is a wonderful stock market. up more than 20% since president trump was elected. a lot of that has to do with the trump bump. a lot has to do with the fact that hiring and jobs have been growing very dramatically. averaging 184,000 jobs a month. that's a pretty good pace. here's what gary cohn, the economic adviser to the president said about where we could go from here. >> we've created well over a million jobs since the trump administration has come to office. the economy continues to grow. we got a gdp number last week of 2.6% for the quarter. unemployment for a 16-year low. things are on course for the economy. we're very pleased with what's going on. >> pleased, but if your keeping
12:27 pm
score, remember, the trump administration is aiming for 3% or better growth and they expect that after tax reform. that 2.5% increase in wages year over year, democrats, republicans, federal reserves, they all want that to be higher. they're not sure how to do that just yet. >> shepard: adam shapiro on a beautiful day in the capitol. can republicans agree on tax form after falling short on healthcare? paul ryan says taxes will be easier. we'll talk to a real clear politics editor, a.b. stoddard, says she's not so sure about that. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel.
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yesterday. fast-moving water trapped one person in a pickup north of los angeles. emergency crews using a harness to rescue a man that climbed on top of the truck. storms will sent water rushing over fences and homes. forecasters say it dumped as much as three inches in an hour. in baltimore a tree crashed down on a car killing a girl. two other people were trapped inside. crews used a crane to pull the tree off the car. in chicago, fans evacuated a concert as a storm moved in on the city. it was the first day of lollapalooza. you can see folks streaming out after organizers made the call. we're watching something brewing in the tropics. that's ahead as the news continues with shepard smith after this. i no longer live with
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12:33 pm
make good on this threat to let obamacare fail. so what would that mean for millions of people's health coverage? mike emanuel has more. what do democrats say? >> democrats are warning if president trump refuses to pay subsidies to help lower folks afford premiums, that would have a devastating impact. >> we have enough problems in the world right now without president trump creating entirely new ones out of political spite and a petty vindictiveness. when you lose politically, you don't take it out on the american people. that's not presidential, that's just small. >> there will be bipartisan hearings when lawmakers return the week of september 5 after labor day. lamar alexander and patty murray says they will look at steps to stabilize the insurance markets with concerns that they may be collapsing. that's a recognition but lawmakers on both sides.
12:34 pm
they must do something short term, shep. >> shepard: what is the republican narrative as they head to districts for the holiday? >> a member of the senate leadership team says they need to keep working at it. >> the biggest domestic spending issue is what happens in medicare and medicaid and now obamacare. we have to figure out how to make this work and sustainable where people have more access to healthcare rather than just more access to an insurance policy that doesn't let it go to healthcare because the deductibles are so high or their family can't afford it. >> another key senators say they expect republicans to get an earful from constituents this month. >> i want my republican leadership team to know and they will be open-minded to a new approach. we should have our heads handed to us. we have not replaced obamacare. we have not done all we could to replace obamacare. so i'm insistent that we take every shot we can and the best shot hasn't happened yet.
12:35 pm
>> shepard: graham is selling his oh proposal. giving the healthcare to governor so they can design programs for their states. shep? >> shepard: are most of these republicans going back to their districts and holding town hall meetings and get-togethers? i asked senator graham because he said it ought to be given to us. >> our expectations that most of them will do events. it's expected. it's not all vacation time. it's expected to be a working recess back home, interacting with constituents. so a lot of folks will say you've been promising since 2010 to repeal and replace obamacare. what happened? they'll say we got 49 votes. we needed 50. those that voted for it said i tried to do something but they do expect to get quite an earful from constituents that said this was the first order of business. you should have made it happen. >> shepard: budget and debt ceiling yet to come. mike emanuel, a busy time ahead. hope we get a break here.
12:36 pm
>> thank you. >> shepard: reintroduce himself to his family. in a minute, we'll talk to a.b. stoddard about this and plus investigators say terror suspects smuggled bomb parts on a plane and built an explosive that could have killed hundreds. and how a suspect may have tried to trick his own brother into a suicide attack. first, we're heading to peak hurricane season. today the president got a briefing from fema on a possible catastrophic strike. the president said they will hand out emergency funds quickly. we're looking at a couple hot spots in the caribbean. what are we seeing, rick? >> things are about to change. in this coming week, a lot we're going to watch and heading to the peak of the season and heading to i think what is a much more active period, especially all the way through
12:37 pm
the month of august. two storms we're watching. one out here. this blob of clouds, a very good chance this will develop and a lot of models are taking this to a hurricane status. way to early to see if it impacts the u.s. there's one here in the caribbean, could have a development somewhere around the yucatan of mexico, maybe getting in to the gulf. we're heading to that point of the season. everybody needs to watch. obviously we'll continue to track that. we've been talking about the heat across parts of the west. take a look at this. temperatures have cooled down. we're five degrees lower than yesterday for high temperatures across much of the west. that's good news. that said, we're above average. we're going to continue to see the heat here for much of the weekend. heat advisories are in effect across parts of the west. we will slowly cool down a little bit. that said, that cool down is going to still keep temperatures above average. take a look at tomorrow.
12:38 pm
91 in portland. 89 in seattle. sunday, back up to 96. 91. the heat will certainly continue out across the west. that's the latest from the fox weather center. "shepard smith reporting," we'll be right back. (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable.
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>> shepard: even though republicans control the house, the senate and the white house, they're leaving washington without a major legislative win. it's not just healthcare. big campaign promises on the trump and gop agendas are still in the air, including tax reform. paul ryan told the wisconsin state journal the gop will have an easier time overhauling the tax code than they did trying to pass a healthcare bill. paul ryan said republicans are largely in agreement on taxes. let's turn the a.b. stoddard from real clear politics. i was surprised to hear that, a.b. i know the priorities of the more moderates and the priorities of the right wing are different. >> well, they were on healthcare reform, shep. you can tell that the speaker's
12:42 pm
job right now is trying to unite the party and move ahead on tax reform. something that they believe unites them but they have disagreements on. they want to paper them over and move with momentum and say we're ready to produce a win finally. if you look behind the proposals and the rhetoric, there is a quiet sort of fight brewing over whether or not they have a permanent paid-for tax cut which the fiscal purists like paul ryan and the party want or a deficit-funded bill that leads to a fiscal cliff. it creates terrible problems and uncertainty for business. it's the goal of speaker ryan to do something long-term. he is quietly keeping it quiet, fighting with others including white house on whether or not they can do something that is deficit-funded or permanent and paid for. >> shepard: so what you're saying, one way to do this is to put it on the national credit
12:43 pm
card and the other way is to stop spending so much and that stop spending so much is what paul ryan wants. >> paul ryan has been floating a border adjustment tax that was going to be a big pay-for, a trillion dollar. very controversial. it just recently died. they were going to get $500 to a trillion out of obamacare tax relief to apply that to a sweeping tax reform and cut package. that didn't pan out. so they're looking for ways to pay for it. they don't have one. while they want to say yes, we're going to present the proposals in september and get going, they haven't agreed on whether or not they are going to pay for it and have it be permanent or whether -- really give the certainty to business that paul ryan has been talking about the whole time or do something that can expire in 10 to 20 years. >> that is a fundamental disagreement. >> therein lies the rub of the
12:44 pm
republican conference and the house and the senate, shepard. they disagree with the ranks of the moderates after a few years of obamacare in place grow fond of a medicaid expansion and the fiscal hawks like paul ryan and the freedom caucus who say their goal all along as republicans and conservatives was to shrink the federal government, get it out of healthcare and reduce the deficit and debt. there really in a fix right now because not only did obamacare grow so popular, president trump defended entitlement spending, doesn't want to cut back on medicare, social security but the white house is pushing for an unpaid deficit-funded tax cut that won't be as deep and won't last -- won't be permanent. that's going to be another battle between the conservative wing and the less conservative win of the republican party when they get to tax reform in the fall. >> that starts after labor day? >> after labor day, shepard. you know there's 12 legislative days in september before the end
12:45 pm
of the fiscal year during which republicans have the raise the debt limit, fund the government and want to pass a budget resolution. they need to fund the children's health insurance program. they want to end the sequester. i can't way to see if they can do it. >> sounds painful. >> shepard: a.b., have a great weekend. >> you too. >> shepard: jurors have reached a verdict in the securities fraud trial of the former pharmaceutical company ceo martin skrelli. he's guilty. prosecutors say martin shkreli took money from his own company to pay back investors in two
12:46 pm
hedge funds he ran. shkreli's attorney says the investors got the money back. here he is after the verdict. >> this is a witch hunt of epic proportions. at the end of the day, we have been acquitted of the most important charges and i'm delighted to report that. >> shepard: you're 34 years old and you're best known for raising the price of an aids drug by 5000%. this trial was unrelated. shkreli is known for trolling his media critics on social media. something that made it more difficult to select an impartial jury. "the new york times" reported that potential jurors called him a snake and the most hated man in america, which all the tabloids in new york have been calling him since his legal section here began. the most hated found guilty at least on some. a terror suspect tried to sneak
12:47 pm
a bomb on a plane in sydney airport by planting it in his luggage carried by his brother that was clueless about it. that's according to police in australia who say they believe the men got help from the islamic state. a deputy commissioner calling it one of the most sophisticated plots ever attempted on australian soil. investigators say the luggage with the explosives never made it past the check-in counter. it's unclear why. two men are facing charges for planning the attack. after the first idea failed, police say the same suspects started to work on another plan to release toxic gas in another area. police say they broke up the plot. grn correspondent roger maynard is live with us in it is any roger? >> yeah, this is a tearest plot that could have killed hunts if police didn't foil it. it involved a senior islamic state member that apparently
12:48 pm
smuggled parts of the bomb through air cargo on a plane from turkey to sydney. that device was assembled here in australia and the plan was to smuggle it aboard a plane from sydney to abu-dhabi. one of the accused men tried to trick his unsuspecting brother by putting the bomb in his carry-on luggage. the brother was unaware of the improvised explosive devise which had been concealed in what we believe was something like a heavy meat grinder. thankfully the device didn't make it on to the flight and for reasons unclear, the alleged terrorist took it back and his brother continued to board the plane. after that botched attempt a second plan was hatched to produce a gas bomb made from hydrogen sulfide, otherwise known as rotten egg gas and can be fatal to anybody exposed to
12:49 pm
it. it never got off of the planning stage. the two alleged terrorists appeared in court in sydney earlier today after police raids. a third man remains in custody, still being questioned by police and a fourth was released earlier. shepard? >> roger maynard live from sydney before 6:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. newly released video shows a fire that broke out in the engine of an american airlines jet happened in o'hare in chicago. this was back in october. investigators say the pilot was about to take off. a piece of the right engine broke apart slashing a fuel line. crews helped the passengers get out safely. i want to show you another look at this plane here. the feds say they are now investigating. you know about the solar eclipse coming. said to cross over the united
12:50 pm
states for the first time in 99 years. and it will draw massive crowds from coast-to-coast, they tell us. so how can you get a v.i.p. view? that's next. liberty mutual stood with me
12:51 pm
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when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night... so he got home safe.
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12:54 pm
one. he will get on air force one and head to new jersey to his golf course there, bedminster. a lot of previous presidents, they go off to hyannis port or martha's vineyard. former president obama going there. but not this president. he's a workaholic, his people tell us. he prefers to work. they're doing the work at hit white house so he's going to new jersey. he would say why would i want to sit in somebody else's resort when i can sit in my own, which makes sense from his perspective. so he will play golf and hang out there for 17 days while they renovate the white house. going to put some new paint up and patch some holes and change the heating and air system, which is long overdue. in parts of the white house, it doesn't work.
12:55 pm
president trump tweeted in 2012 when president being a glimmer in his eye, he said i don't take vacations. what's the point? if you don't enjoy your work, you're in the wrong job. think like a billionaire. that was november 19, 2012. they say it will be a working vacation at his property in new jersey. we're about to see the first total solar eclipse over the united states set for august 21 and it's big. the winners of an air b&b contest could be the very first to see it in the sky. lillian has details for us. we're preparing all kinds of special programming for this. it's going to be a big deal. what is this air b&b thing? >> air b&b wants eclipse fans to go to their website and tell them why they think the eclipse is bringing people together and why they want to be a part of it. the winner will get to bring a fan to the oregon wilderness,
12:56 pm
spend the night star gazing and in the morning jump on a private jet, fly to the pacific ocean where the eclipse will start forming. not only will they be the first to see the eclipse but get an extra minute of eclipsedom. on the ground, you get it for two minutes. in the air, you can see it a minute more. if that doesn't work, you can go to the path of totality where you get the solar eclipse. >> shepard: we'll have full coverage. thank you, ma'am. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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with an easy open cap. >> shepard: on this day in 1753 a young guy from virginia earned the highest rank in the secret fraternity of free masonry. his name was george washington. he was 21 when he became a master mason. the organization grew out of
1:00 pm
stone mason guilds. after our first president earned a different kind of rank 264 years ago. today. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. another dow record world and you would think that would be in the mix of things you either credit or note under the presidency of donald trump. the reason why i mention it, because of this late edition of news week that is out. not to help them sell more magazines, but it's over the top. they're calling the president a la-z-boy as if there's a problem. any only problem on this, this is -- i wouldn't say this is representative of all the mainstream media. this is a bit extreme, this is an opinion piece that bashes the president. six months into his presidency seems to take