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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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conversation. >> with the immigration debate, the new policy would change who we let in and how many people we let him. i like the idea of having a more merit-based system leventhal. >> and i'm arthel neville. "the fox report" is next. >> president trump on a working vacation as the justice department works overtime cracking down on leaks. one of the top officials defends a probe that the president is criticizing. i'm ed henry in for harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." president trump praising the man he once called weak, after the doj launched a crackdown to find and prosecute government leakers. the announcement sparking concerns about freedom of the press. ports >> attorney general has been clear, we're after the leakers,
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we'll devote resources we need. . >> rosenstein speaking out on the russian investigation saying it's moving forward under special counsel robert mueller and they can look into any potential crimes, even though the president's allies feel that the probe is starting to run far afield. with speculation that the president could fire mueller, two senators are pushing a bipartisan bill designed to protect mueller's job. >> this legislation codifies the current procedures. the only thing it adds is a review after the fact, after a special council has been removed, subject to a three-judge panel, so we can make sure that it was done for proper cause. >> kristen fisher reporting live from bridgewater, new jersey, near where the president is on
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his working vacation. >> the deputy attorney general would not give an exact number of leaks, but all he would say is the first six months of the trump administration, same number of leagues during the last three years of the obama administration, so much so, the justice department has had to commit a significant number of resources to deal with the leaks. >> you look at the facts and circumstances. what was the potential harm caused by the leak. what were the circumstances? that's more important to us than who it is, who the leaker is. we identify somebody no matter their position and if it warrants prosecution, we'll prosecute them. >> including white house officials and members of congress? >> including anybody that breaks
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the law. >> president trump seems to love this crackdown coming from his justice department. "after years of leaks going on in washington, it's great to see the attorney general taking action." after weeks of calling his attorney general weak and beleaguered, praise for the attorney general. >> rod rosenstein angered the president when he was named special counsel. what is he now saying about the special counsel investigation moving forward? >> he's really been downplaying the big revelation of the past week. the news that the special counsel had empanelled a second grand jury. he called it another tool like any other tool that would be used in an investigation. >> in general, chris, it doesn't say anything about the
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likelihood of indictments, because we make a determination about whether charges are appropriate. >> rosenstein also said that the special counsel will not engage in fishing expeditions, something we've been accused of by some members of the trump administration. rosenstein said if the special counsel finds any crime outside the scope of what he was initially intended to investigate, the russian meddling in the 2016 election, that he will have to ask rosenstein for permission. and that permission would have to come from rosenstein himself. >> kristen, this russian investigation has sparked all kinds of speculation. we want to separate fact from fiction and i know you were with the vice president traveling overseas and he seems hot about this "new york times" piece suggesting that vice president
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pence may try to take advantage of this by preparation to run themselves in 2020. >> both the vice president and his staff are hot over this one. the vice president put out a statement in which he called that "new york times" article "days -- disgraceful and categorically false." >> i asked the vice president about any potential 2020 or 2024 presidential ambitions and he shot it down several days ago. >> all i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to see president donald trump re-elected in 2020. >> now a senior member of the vice president's staff told me tonight that one more problem that they had with "the new york
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times" article is that at that recent fundraiser the reference in which vice president mike pence raised $1 million for his leadership, ivanka trump was headlining that event. so that's just one more problem that the vice president and his team have had with that article. >> certainly trying to show tonight that he's loyal. the u.s. and china appearing to show a united front when it comes to north korea and rising concerns about the nuclear program after a barrage of missile tests. rex tillerson is in the philippines after a regional summit where it was voted to slap pyongyang with sanctions worth $1 billion. >> we kicked them in the stomach and told them to stop and said, we'll not put up with it anymore. we have a big decision to make. they can respond by pulling back and saying they will not be a
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part of this reckless activity or we'll see where it goes and we'll continue to keep up the strength and the activity to make sure that we stop them. >> lauren blanchard is in washington with more details. >> after 22 intercontinental ballistic tests last month, the toughest sanctions yet were approved. it's a good step, says nikki haley, but she's not rule out other options. >> we hope we don't have to do anything, but all options will continue to be on the table. >> the resolution bans exports including coal and iron and p prohibits those working abroad. it will slash the exports by $1 billion, 1/3 of their total. the goal is to cut off the money that kim jong-un uses to fund the missile program. >> we gave them a kick in the butt with sanctions that they
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will start to feel right away. >> the foreign minister of china is urging his north korean counterpart to stop provoking the goodwill of the international community. he said that the u.s. and south korea need to stop increasing tensions and urged all to return to negotiations. the chinese ambassador says that the yes vote from china and russia underscores the growing frustration the global community has with the north koreans. >> the fact that the counsel adopted this resolution demonstrates that the international community is united. >> it's seen as a big win for the trump administration. now the president and the u.n. will be watching closely to make sure that the sanctions are fully enforced. ed? >> meanwhile, a plea from north korea, as japan marks 72 years since the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb on hiroshima.
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japanese officials using the ceremony to call for a denuclearized world, pleading "never again." urging states to work together as north korea makes advances in their missile program. >> the government should act in earnest to be a bridge between nuclear and non-nuclear states. the ratification of nuclear weapons convention can be promoted. the participation of nuclear weapon states and nonis necessary. >> august 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped, killing tens of thousands of people. right now, a new round of violence in venezuela, as two dozen soldiers attack an army
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base. plus, u.s. military officials say they're shifting from rescue to recovery, as three marines remain missing after their osprey aircraft crashed into the ocean. a closer look at the aircraft coming up.
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you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? >> the venezuelan government thwarting a terrorist attack. a group of 20 men planned to launch an uprising. 10 of the menes cap-- men escap and the rest were killed. months of protests have left 120 people dead. back here at home, the u.s. military suspending its rescue mission for three marines.
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they went missing after their osprey aircraft crashed into the ocean after australia's eastern coast. a recovery operation is under way, but warned it could take months to complete. >> they've notified the families of the three marines. no word on the cause of the crash. military officials say it happened during regularly scheduled operations. fox news is told at this point that the marines are listed as missing. officials called off the search around 3:00 a.m. the day before, the osprey crashed off the east coast of the country. 26 servicemembers were on board. the osprey took off from a u.s. navy warship. defense officials tell us that the aircraft crashed during the landing. as for the white house, they say that president trump is getting updates on all of this from his chief of staff. ed?
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>> the aircraft involved, it's had some problems in the past. what is the military trying to do about it? >> at this point, we don't know the answer to that. in 2015, an osprey crashed during a training exercise in hawaii. two marines died. an osprey crashed roughly six miles off the coast of japan. the osprey is a tilt rotor aircraft, used to transport marines to battle and it can operate a as helicopter and a plane. u.s. military noncombat aviation crashes are up this year. we've seen 12. same time last year, 8. 1/3 of the jets and helicopters -- excuse me, only 1/3 of jets and helicopters in the marine corps are flight-ready. last year, we were told that budget cuts hurt the ability to repair older fleets and pilots
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spent less time in the air. this is how it was described in april, 2016. >> after 15 years of hard service and fighting and deployment, we don't have enough airplanes to make sure that the marines are ready to go out the door. >> quite honestly, it's coming on the backs of our young marines. my young marines are the ones working 20 to 21 hours a day to get them ready to go on deployment. the likelihood of a ground mishap or making a mistake late at night and pressure to perform is the bigger safety risk. >> the marine corps experienced another tragedy when one of their cargo planes crashed, killing all 16. >> sad story tonight. thank you. >> you bet. >> a knife attack foiled in france at a top tourist attraction. details on the suspect and the terror group that may have pushed the plan. the fbi is joining the effort to find the suspects behind a bombing at a minnesota mosque.
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the bombing of a minnesota mosque. state officials getting a firsthand look at the damage done. people showed up early saturday morning for prayers. police are trying to determine if it was a hate crime. keith ellison saying that he wants the white house to condemn the attack. >> i could say that after officials have spoken up for tolerance, so we're hoping from a word from president trump. >> claudia cowan is live in los angeles. good evening. how many people were inside that mosque? >> no one was injured, but the office of the iman was heavily
10:22 pm
damaged when the device went off. several witnesses reported seeing a truck speeding away. governor mark dayton condemning the attack in the strongest terms. >> it's an act of terrorism, criminal act of terrorism against the iman, who thank the good lord was not present in his office, as it would appear that this person intended. and the destruction done to this sacred site is unthinkable, unforgivable. >> the fbi is leading this federal, criminal investigation. agents of talking to eyewitnesses, reviewing videos from inside the mosque and cell phone data. they're analyzing the device working to see who built it and why. they say their investigation will determine whether it was a hate crime or an act of terrorism.
10:23 pm
scombr claw-- >> claudia, what are other religious leaders saying on this sunday? >> they are speaking out. dozens gathered to condemn the violence. they said that everyone has the right to worship in peace and safety. >> the attack on a mosque is an attack on a synagogue, is an attack on a search and all faith communities. we stand with you. one million protestants in minnesota. >> there's a $20,000 reward in this case and the mosque has set up a gofundme account to raise money to repair the damage. and civil rights groups are advising a step up in security. >> thank you, claudia. the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia entering a new phase. special counsel robert mueller reportedly empanels a second grand jury.
10:24 pm
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>> i'm matt henry. the russia probe appears to be moving full steam ahead, this despite the president slamming the probe, claiming that special counsel robert mueller is leading a witch hunt. >> i'm not sure that i agree with the witch hunt and we'll let the facts lead us to whether or not it was a hoax or distraction, but we are where we are, and i want to see this investigation conclude so we can get on to doing the good work that the president has started with regulatory reform, healthcare and tax reform. it's a distraction i would like to get past so i can go back to supporting the president's agenda. >> former senior advisor to john kasich, and managing director for mercury llc.
10:29 pm
good evening to you, both. >> good evening. >> i want to ask you, this idea that you have a republican senator blocking the president for having the power to potentially fire the special counsel and yet the same senators saying, we want to stay focused on the issues and taxes and regulatory reform. isn't that impossible now? >> it seems to be very difficult. the president of the united states needs to treat this investigation like gravity. it's something that will happen. mueller has wide authority and not doing anything improper here. if you treat it like every time an apple falls from the tree and you shriek and you say, it's an unnatural act, that's where the distractions come in and takes you off your agenda. if you just continue to do the work that the people elected you to do, you will have more success.
10:30 pm
that's what the senator is trying to say. >> instituting more order inside the white house. haven't seen the president outside tweeting as much about the investigation, inflaming things. do you think this was a good move as we head into the second week of john kelly at the helm? >> certainly. i think that anything brings some order to the white house is good for the country and good for the white house. regardless of whether or not you support president trump and the republican agenda, we want to see our government function. when people get distracted by derailing the conversation away from the legislative agenda and towards these issues, that's what is what derails the conversation. the only way that the russia issue is put behind us is if robert mueller is allowed to do
10:31 pm
his investigation and put it behind us. it's the only way to know what the realities are of this issue. and that bill is a bipartisan bill. and all they're trying to do is essentially codify current department of justice practices. >> capri, i want to stay with you for a second as a democrat. sounds wonderful, but since when did chuck schumer work with this president on any of the issues that washington should be focused on? >> i'm critical of the democrats as well. chuck schumer made some indication that he would be willing to work with republicans as a way to fix obamacare, but democrats and republicans alike, need to work together and i will be just as critical of democrats saying, you know, that they need to come to the table with solutions as well, because both parties are charged with the job of governing. and both held accountable. >> sounds fair and balanced to me.
10:32 pm
lets turn to you as the republican. we heard at the top of the hour, that vice president mike pence is hot about this team suggesting that republicans, including maybe john kasich, who i see is headed to new hampshire soon, which is a state that a lot of people if they're thinking about running for president like to go to, but vice president pence is upset about the idea that "the new york times" is suggesting that he's waiting in the wings in case something happens to trump. >> the president says privately and publicly often that he will be there for 7 1/2 more years. so he plans on being a two-term president. it's absolutely true that the vice president is get getting ready for 2020 for re-election as vice president. >> so they're upset. they say, look, the vice president is not waiting in the wings. as part of their defense, the vice president's office is saying he's planning this fall, 2017, to start doing events for the president and his
10:33 pm
re-election, before we've even gotten to the mid terms. does that tell you that he's being loyal and also that they're getting nervous? >> i think it would be political suicide for the vice president to be looking at 2020 and that's why i don't buy this. i think it's a look toward 2024. the lure of the presidency is all-consuming. you have to start early and lay the groundwork and what you are seeing from a lot of people out there, they're locking past the 2020 election, because challenging a sitting president, it's a lot, else when you are the vice president. so you will be looking to see what you can do and how to build support. >> capri, what do you think about the idea of the vice president looking out there at doing re-election events for the president. we now see this trump tv operation out there. one of the daughter in-laws of the president, an operation out there.
10:34 pm
it's pretty early and they're jumping in. >> every election cycle is shorter and shorter and shorter by virtue of the 24-hour news cycle and twitter and everything else. speculation continues to grow. so it doesn't surprise me that they're trying to start the re-election efforts so early. we're hearing about democrats out there going to iowa, new hampshire, and discussions surrounding who may be the next person to challenge president trump in 2020. so we're looking past mid term, but i think people are preparing because it will cost more and more and the cycle shorter and shorter. >> looking ahead, our viewers want to nope what about the substantive issues. here's orrin hatch talking taxes today. >> is it doable in 2017? >> i think it is, but it will take democrats and republicans getting together, putting aside their stupid differences and
10:35 pm
saying, let's do this for our country and for our american citizens. let's do this for our economy and for the world, really, because the united states is the key country in the world. if we're not strong, the rest of the world will be in chaos even worse than it is right now. >> i need 30 seconds from each of you. jay, what about this notion about whether or not both parties will be able to come together and i suspect that some of the president's supporters are saying, where is my tax cut you're talking about? >> true tax creform will make healthcare look like child's play. what i would do is try to get some legislative wins. get a transportation budget going, in frastructure. >> i agree. >> you agree that you want to be critical of some of the democratic leaders for not
10:36 pm
working with this president. is taxes something they will work on so it's a victory for all sides or just try to deny the president victories at all turns? >> i don't think it's about denying victories. i think there is significant differences between republicans and democrats in regards to the philosophy. it will be more challenging. i agree that infrastructure is a better bet. and main there will be a smaller bill with tax cuts involved. >> if way bring -- >> the best thing the republicans have is the democrats and the lack of vision that they have for any economic plan. that's will be their failing. >> bringing smart people to the table like jay and capri, maybe we can deal with the stupid differences. good to see you, both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> as lawmakers consider a bipartisan fix to obamacare, a
10:37 pm
look at the challenges. >> hooked on drugs and in and out of prison. >> i had problems with the law. >> jorge rivera hasn't held a steady job since 1987 and yet he's had quality care available to him thanks to a little-known creation by congressional democrats, signed into law by george h.w. bush, it's a federally qualified health center. rivera credits one of those centers with saving his life. >> if it wasn't for that, i would be on drugs. >> there are 1,300 nationwide serving 24 million people. they accept all patients regardless of ability to pay. but the clinic's ceo worries about the safety of the safety
10:38 pm
net thanks from signals from d.c. >> if this legislation were to pass, many thousands of our fellows officials will die. >> is that true or will the decades-old safety net survive gop-led health reform if it ever happens? >> if there is less dollars in future, what does that mean for us? >> we're going to stand with you. it's a win-win. better quality. lower costs. >> while it's true obamacare did bring his clinic more money, it's also not sustainable. >> we still have a problem with access issues. we still have a problem with lack of special pistes. >> we're having a system that will not last long term. >> 50 senators behind closed doors saying it's the future of your healthcare. >> as the repeal and replace debate dragged on --
10:39 pm
>> are there enough of these to make the democratic talking point inaccurate? >> i believe that's true. it's a misrepresentation that we had as republicans, saying we don't care about poor people. that's not the case. >> whatever happens on capitol hill, many republicans say that patients like rivera will have a safety net. mark siegel, fox news. >> a powerful tornado touching down in oklahoma, damaging businesses, knocking out power for thousands. tornado sirens didn't go off in time to warn people in harm's way. the reason, next.
10:40 pm
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>> the national weather service now confirming a tornado touched down in tulsa, oklahoma. the powerful storm causing extensive damage and leaving several people wounded, including two with life-threatening injuries. >> the national weather service confirmed it was an f-2 strength and that it hit at 1:25. we're talking about winds that are up to 135 miles per hour. there is significant damage by interstate 44 in some areas of midtown tulsa, southeast of downtown. thousands of people lost power and streets and businesses are closed. the roofs were torn off. buildings, trees and power poles were uprooted.
10:44 pm
the national weather service team continues to assess the damage. frighteningly, the tornado sirens didn't go off, because it moved so fast and changed directions, so they didn't have time to get that warning out. >> there were patrons in three restaurants and they were eating and dispatch started to get calls of people that were trapped in restaurants because the roofs started to collapse. >> remarkably, nobody was killed. >> unbelievable that the sirens didn't go off. new orleans, extensive flooding. we're heading to hurricane season. you hear flooding in new orleans, people get worried. >> you hear people talking about katrina and comparing it. it overwhelmed the city's
10:45 pm
pumping systems. the pumping system there is designed to handle 1 inch of rain in the first hour and 1/2 inch every hour after that. residents there are upset. >> it's like katrina all over again. >> unbelievable. it's crazy. you can't go out your front door. . >> it wasn't a hurricane. it wasn't katrina. it wasn't a major storm. it was 2 hours of rain. >> in kansas city, missouri, heavy thunderstorms and flash flooding shut down roads and reports of multiple cars stalled, stranded and even up to 5 inches of rain was dumped. stay away from standing water. >> thanks. fox weather center now. where are the storms headed to? >> i'm tracking all of them and they're drifting off to the east.
10:46 pm
you can tell the eastern half of the country really exploding here. the heaviest rainfall here is beginning to line up across western kentucky, western tennessee. this is an area where we're looking at heavy activities. all we're looking at is very heavy rain. it has a history of dropping heavy rain. here's a look at the last 48 hours and you are looking at portions of missouri getting up to 6 to 8 inches. this is packing a heavy punch as far as rainfall totals are concerned and that's what we continue to be concerned about. when you say a severe threat in the over night hours, yes, we could see some wind damage. the biggest threat here is so much moisture. we'll continue to talk about at least a chance for flooding here into the overnight. here's the radar.
10:47 pm
i will step out of your way, but watch this progress across kentucky, to the mountains and mid-atlantic. this is weakening as it moves that direction. we're still going to be talking about some very heavy rain in those spots. why is it moving the way it is? you can tell when you look at the country, there's a defined line here of warm air to the south, cool air to the north, some of the coolest air we've seen, as we're looking at folks across the country sitting in the mid 70s. still all that heat to the south. it's around that frontal boundary where the cool air and warm air meet. that's where we will continue to see the pop-up showers. the temperatures never get too hot along the northern portions of the country. we continue to see some pop-up showers there and across the southeast. this system will break down a little bit. and temperatures will start to warm up. i heard you mention hurricane season. we're tracking a couple of
10:48 pm
low-pressure systems headed this direction. we're not talking about a hurricane yet, but when you get a low-pressure system, you certainly want to pay attention. >> thank you. they showed up big time to back president trump last november. and now some u.s. religious groups are getting bashed because of their support of the president by people close to the pope. >> it's not political liberalism or conservativism. it's both. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works by focusing right in the gi-tract to help control damaging inflammation and is clinically proven to begin helping many patients
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>> an article in a vatican-v vatican-vetted journal taking
10:52 pm
aim at some trump supporters. lauren green has the details. >> speaking loud and clear, at least that's what some believe as two close confidantes rail against the political collaboration that's grown strong between evangelicals and conservative classics. in a publication, it says the alliance is radicalized, calling it's hateful and xenophobic vision that wants walls. >> the ideas of catholics and evangelicals working together is a good thing for america. we have a president that's
10:53 pm
religion-friendly and we hope to capitalize on that and we will not be scared away by something out of the vatican. >> 80% of white evangelicals voted for trump and join with conservative catholics on issues like abortion and marriage. catholic professor said that the rift is the product of the media and christianity is not a political system. >> it's not political liberalism or conservativism. in a sense, it's both, a liberal heart and conservative head. >> neither pope francis or the vatican have commented.
10:54 pm
>> the trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration has some supporters saying that the laws are being enforced. on the other side, there are some in texas saying there's an adverse effect. construction companies say they're seeing a shortage of skilled workers, putting them behind schedule and driving up prices. >> there's just not anybody you can hire out there. >> stan merrick has owned a construction company for decades and has seen better years. >> you don't have change without some pain. and i think we're seeing the pain now. >> pain in the form of an extreme labor shortage. more than 50% of builders across the country say they're in the same boat. 4 out of 5 companies has reported a serious shortage, according to the national association of home builders, so bad, nearly 70% say they've had to decline new projects.
10:55 pm
>> we have to turn work down, which we're doing routinely. >> mexico's economy is doing well at the moment, meaning fewer people are crossing the border for work. then you have president trump's hard line stance on illegal immigration, which many believe is the real root behind this shallow pool of migrant labor. >> there are expectations that consumers should have. >> ted wilson's company studies and tracks real estate trends. with a scarcity like this, get ready to wait longer and pay more. >> we've seen direct construction costs climb 30%. >> texas has been hit especially hard by the shortage. behind california, more illegal immigrants call texas home than any other state. and here in the dallas area, the local home builders association estimates there are roughly 50,000 fewer construction
10:56 pm
workers this season compared to last. >> thank you. now let's catch a wave from texas and go out west, serious waves, surfing safari. who let the dogs out? ♪ bow wow wow ♪ bow wow wow ♪♪ it's happening, it's happening! in the modern world, you can control just about anything with an app. your son is turning on all the lights again! you can do the same with your car insurance with the esurance mobile app. esurance. click or call. ♪i'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'♪ ♪one day maybe next week, ♪i'm gonna meet ya' ♪i'm gonna meet ya', i'll meet ya'♪
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corn, nice and easy for those dogs. they did great. that's the fox report for the sunday. thanks for watching. we go from surfing to "watters


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