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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 7, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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twitter. be sure to check out and follow lifezette.comma. good night from washington. "the five" is next for new york city. see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i am kimberly guilfoyle. along with richard fowler, dana perino, greg gutfeld, and jesse watters. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." when president trump came into office, he signed an order that clear the path to strip federal funds that don't comply with the nation's immigration laws. they are sanctuary cities all across the country, providing safe haven for undocumented criminals. chicago is one of them. today, it's mayor powell mike filed suit, accusing the president of blackmail. >> we are a welcome a welcoming
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city and we always will be. in addition to that, our police department is built on community policing. we don't want officers just know my patrolling a neighborhood, but to be a part of the fabric fabric. to force them to choose between theph values of the city and the philosophy of police department is a false choice and it undermines the public safety agenda. >> kimberly: attorney general jeff sessionser released a statement s earlier calling it astounding that chicago would protect criminal aliens who prey on their own residence and be hostile to laws designed to protect law enforcement. sessions it said comply with thr law or forgo taxpayer dollars. make sense? >> greg: yeah, but i am always tired of people being accused of black male when they are just trying to explain an agreement or axp deal. if you don't do your job, you will be fired. by this definition, that is blackmail. if i show up for >> richard: ,
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you will be fired. you are telling me -- if you don't comply by the law, you do not get these funds. can you imagine if rahm emanuel felt as strongly about gang violence as he does for donald trump? most of it is driven, most of his opinion is driven by agreeing with the pc assumptions. he comes out c against chick-fil-a, against trump, but he won't come out against gang violence because that could be perceived as bigotry. >> kimberly: dana -- by the way, the chick-fil-a chicken biscuits are amazing. >> greg: they go straight to my hips, girlfriend. [laughter] >> dana: this is a prospective lawsuit because these have not been withheld yet. it is almost like a little bit of a p.r. stunt by the mayor. i also feel like, it is only $3.2 million. in that city of chicago, if you really don't want to comply, okay. then, don't take t the money.
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if that is really how you feel, if you feel that strongly about her, then pay taxes in your city, if you really don't want to do it, then, don't ask for the money. >> kimberly: there is and way you can work around it. >> dana: i would love to see some mayors across the united states making that decision. thank you very we'll do our local thing. >> kimberly: that will be a strong stand. that would make sense. that is exactly what they feel and they could do without it, then, make that case. >> jesse: but he would rather fight trump and crime. he is protecting illegal aliens over the residence of his own city. and he saidder something funny n the statement to cnn. hen, said as undermines or actul safety agenda. i didn't know he had a safety agenda. that was news to me. >> kimberly: shock and awe. >> jesse: a bad homre beat someone up, he doesn't speak any english, he has gang tattoos all over his face, they run his prince, he has been
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deported, as a felony in california. all trump a and sessions wants s hey, rahm,, give us a call two days before you release this got back from the streets and maybe we canhm pick them up and rahm says, no. rahm is saying releasing criminal illegal aliens on the street of chicago makes chicago safer. that doesn't make any sense to me. this happened in phoenix, arizona, a sanctuary city, they revoked it, and crime are down 25%. armed robbery went down. car theft went down. assaults went down. they did a study, the university of riverside and california, six year study. sanctuary cities has have a higher rate of crime thent nonsanctuary cities. someone like rahm is just trying to gain traction for his left-wing crew, but he doesn't care about people on the south side. >> kimberly: richard, an amazing reply and rebuttal is coming from you. i can feel it. >> jesse: i can't. [laughter] >> richard: actually, if you read the welcoming cities
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resolution that was passed in chicago, an individual like that would actually be deported in the city of chicago. >> jesse: how so? >> richard: the law says if you commit a violent crime or a warrant for your arrest outstanding, you would be reported to i.c.e. immediately. what jeff sessions is asking him to do is if somebody gets a traffic ticket and they are supposed to be detained for -- if you get a traffic ticket -- >> jesse: is selling here when a violent crime? >> richard: let me finish my segment. >>it jesse: is at? >> richard: can i finish my statement? the welcoming cities resolution in the city of chicago,g cook county, says, if you haveun committed a violent crime, ore' there is a current warrant for your arrest, you will be held and checked against the i.c.e. system. if you are found to be illegal, then, i.c.e. will be contacted and then the deportation proceedings will go as planned.
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if it is something else, if it's a minor infraction, you will be releasedl because there was a lawsuit in portland in 2014 in which portland, which a federal judge said, it is unconstitutional to hold these illegal immigrants longer than 48 hours under the fourth amendment. excuse me. 2014, a federal judge said that these individuals were held against their willr for 48 hours and that is against the fourth amendment search and seizure. >> jesse: illegal aliens have constitutional rights? when did that happen? >> richard: according to a federal judge in portland, oregon, that is -- >> jesse: some judges says that's fine. you know what? i don't believe that criminal illegal alien has constitutional rights. >> kimberly: your piece is malfunctioning. >> richard: you're a lawyer. >> kimberly: i'm a lawyer. there is a differing opinions between the federal government
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and what they believe, and i believe that the law should be enforced, that it should be followed.el the states are trying to enforce that, if they have an issue and a quarrel with the u.s. government and the feds, then they should say that we are not going to take your money and really,oi take back the rug from under the federal government. if they are saying, you can't tell me what to do if i'm not taking your money to subsidize my city, there you go. that is how they really viewo this in an honest way and i don't see -- >> richard: i i think the problem is, for years, since the 1980s -- >> kimberly: we do give due process, by the way. >> richard: since the 1980s, we have a patchwork of a sloppy immigration system. the 1980s have called and asked for the immigration system back. if our politicians and washington -- >> jesse: i think i am going to ban that joke. >> greg: it didn't work with obama and pressure, either. >> richard: you can banke it if you like but it's true. we have a sloppy immigration
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law, which is why we are here today. our politicians in washington are bold enough and brave enough to fix our brush broken immigration system, we wouldn't be here. we have broken laws, and mayors and governors are saying, i hear you, mr. trump, there is illegal immigration, i heara you, we he a problem, i hear you, our borders are porous but these laws are outdated. why don't you work with republicans in the house on the senate to fix our broken period?ion laws, >> greg: this is about chicago, which has a glaring murder problem. he >> richard: that is's not caused by illegal immigrants, thus caused by guns. >> greg: you are absolutely wrong oyn it caused by guns -- s caused by criminals. let me finish. let me indulge you ands say thee is no correlation between sanctuary cities and the mass of murders that are taking place in the cities of chicago. what it doesch show you is that the city prefers to act symbolically with things like
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statuary cities, rather than actinger concretely to stop the murderers. they will sit s there and they will geter up and they will talk about sanctuary cities while people are dying. poor urban blacks are most likely to be victims of crime. we know that. the way that you can stop and reduce i that crime is making gs more available to them to defend themselves against the criminals. the permits are too high in illinois, they are 450 bucks for permits and training. there is a great article on that. in new york, you got to be rich and powerful to get a permit. we are denying poor, law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves against people that are out there with the legal guns because you can get illegal guns and gun controlled cities like chicago. every time you blame it on illegal guns, you are showing that gun control doesn't work. especially in cities like chicago, where gun-control is so high. >> richard: i have one response. thee former police chief in chicago said this, and i support the police, he said this, the number one problem in the streets of chicago is this.
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the proliferation of illegal guns. >> greg: in a highly gun controlled the city. >> richard: exactly. most of these illegal guns are not coming from chicago. they are coming from places like arizona, all of the border states where they have these ridiculous gun laws or you can go to a gun show and buy enough weapons to blow up the pentagon and one day. >> greg: not true. >> richard: it is true. theot police department in chico will tell you that. talk to the local police chief. >> greg: if you talk to other police chiefs, they will also tell you that it has to do with the fact that people can't -- aren't allowed to protect themselves. there are studies that show that criminals will not go to places where they think somebody is armed. felons will fill out questionnaires and say they have actually avoided places where someone is armed. if you are armed, people are less likely to bother you. you got to arm these people. it it will make their communities safer.r. >> kimberly: soft targets. we have been saying that. >> greg: hard in the soft
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targets. >> kimberly: we all sayn it again. a new update on the justice department intensified crackdown on white house leakers. that is next. stay with us. ♪ phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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>> the trump administration has a huge problem to el >> jesse: the trump administration has a huge problem, eliminating leaks. president obama's homeland security secretary offered his take over the weekend. speak of the leaks right now are really bad. i have never seen it this bad. there should be a concerted effort to identify and follow after leakers. >> jesse: no one, no matter how high up on the food chain, will be immune from prosecution if they are i caught. >> look at the facts and circumstances. we identify somebody, no matter what their position is. if they violated the law, that warrants prosecution. >> including white house officials and members of congress? >> anybody who breaks the law. >> jesse: kimberly, with the obama administration officials are now condemning leaks, it has gone beyond partisan politics and now, they are damaging nationalli security. >> kimberly: it has always been ati damage or national security. it shouldn't happen under any administration, it needs to stop
9:16 pm
in the current administration and nobody should be above s the law.. if you are caught leaking sensitive information that can affect u.s. foreign policy and national security, then you have to be prosecuted and jailed and that is the way it >> jesse: i think a lot of former obama administration officials would be okay with some of these prosecutions with some of these leakers. it's not a political issue. >> dana: in june of 2013, they had the ultimate national security leaks, edward snowden. absolutely, fundamentallyly changed so much of what has happened for our country, around the world. basically, blew a hole and all the tax player investment over many years. president trump, even when he was a civilian, he was against that leak at the time. there is bipartisan -- bipartisanship breaking out. >> jesse: can you believe that? i can't believe that. greg likes to say that trump is the. wall. rhetoric and enforcement. >> dana: i think we are good
9:17 pm
on that. as before you are out there saying that we will put you guys in jail, congress, anybody, doesn't that he sent a chill up their spines? >> greg: it should. i have to say, dana, i am trying to think of people that are so upset about these leaks that were so pro snowden. you know what i'm talking about? >> dana: i remember them well. >> greg: "in the leaks must stop!" >> dana: "he was a hero." i can hear it all. >> greg: what i find interesting, despite the chaos of thehe previous six months, te democrats are in trouble. there is no alternative to trump yet. maybe that is why they are worried. please leaks stories may be helping donald trump. republicans still hold a a ten-point lead among blue-collar voters. that is from a democratic survey. clearly, trying to undermine it this way is building sympathy. his poll numbers may be low but you are lowered for doing it. every time you come after him, you try to undermine him, these
9:18 pm
leaks are not alerting anybody to danger. they are doing too embarrassed donald trump and to subvert his governance. it's a gutless way to win. >> dana: some of those are not actually -- what is outward? you can't prosecuteca them. >> kimberly: the leaks that are embarrassing are necessarily crimes. >> greg: i have embarrassing leaks. >> jesse: that is another issue. [laughter] we had a democrat on the othery, day, maxine waters, who was applauding the leaks. she said, bring it on. do you think that is a little hypocritical? >> richard: no. i think the leaks are problematic. sadly, what makes this even worse for the president is that a lot of these leaks, minus national security leaks, are are coming from his white house, which is even more problematic. leaks from his campaign staff, leaks from people who worked on hised campaign, people who workd myin communications office. those are even worse because those are the folks who should be endeared to you. your most trusted individuals, folks who work in the west wing, who are leaking on in trade, and
9:19 pm
that is the most problematic. i think that has to do with the fact that usually, a president should endear these individuals to hisld vision. >> dana: that is not what rod rosenstein is talking about. >> richard: i'm talking about leaks in general. but the one caveat i want to make here, and i think i am happy that rod rosenstein's interview with a little bit different than what we saw jeff sessions say a couple weeks -- midweek, when he sort of walked the line in the first amendment. leakers are one thing. but let's talk about the journalists who are getting to report on it. those journalists who get the leaks, they have an obligation because of the first amendment to report this information after they have checked to make sure that it is verified and true. the person i bring up is one of our colleagues here at fox, judith miller, who went to jail for 85 days for not giving up her sores. i think it ist important that journalistic i integrity integry is protected when that informats leaked. i think it is important. >> jesse: do you think i'm a
9:20 pm
dana, because trump ran against the establishment, and he ran against the cia, critical about 9/11 and the iraq war, critical of the fbi, critical of republicans, and democrats, so he gets into office, and there are all these institutions, and they are mad, and they want to pay him back, do you think that there is the bureaucratic thing going on? g >> dana: may be a little better. he was a very strongly against the intelligence community, right after the election, and before he got to know them a little bit better. i think some of these things we are talking about, i think it is really important to separate them out. national security leaks that are huge problem and then there is the cause of the stuff that is not prosecutable. what is the word for that? >> kimberly: that's it. >> greg: i feel like i don't know the lingo. >> kimberly: you got it. >> dana: i do think that even i'm talking p about prosecutions will tamp down leaks. i do think that it will remind everybody that youu have an oath
9:21 pm
to uphold. what would really help the administration, if they find somebody within the intelligence or fbi that actually did leak one of these national security issues and they prosecute, that will stop it right away. he >> jesse: what can you y get ifou hit with one of those big time prosecutions? 20 years? >> kimberly: you go to jail. >> dana: that is why edward snowden is hanging out in russia. >> jesse: that's right. he doesn't want to come back here. >> greg: if the president goes down on some of this stuff, if it is because of a leak, i think hehe will have an incredibly any population because he has achieved some pretty big things. whether it is the economy, jobs, regulations. for him to go down saying something like the silly conversations or whatever, you will have a population that will be just as angry as the population that was bad about bernie sanders. you will have two populations
9:22 pm
that saw their guy get screwed. then, you will have other people who really don't care. but you will have a you are basically unfairly trying to unseat somebody who won, which is kind of what happened to sanders in a way. that was his and they took it away andnd now, it is trump and they are going to take it t awa. the people that are doing the taking away are absolutely no different. they are the samee people. >> jesse:ou some very serious new developments on the north korean nuke threat. north korean nuke threat. d@x@@ whavoid,tellites ve where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how iug o but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control...
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put under a microscope, we could see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. ♪ >> dana: with threats, responses. the world has taken action for punishing north korea forn takig actions capable of reaching the united states. the u.n. security council voted.
9:27 pm
i spoke with nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., just short while ago. >> it was a stick strong day for the united states. a strong day for the united nations. it was a gut punched her north korea, to let them go the international community is tire. the signs that we are seeing from north korea, they are concerned fact. now, they see the international community standing with one voice. china didn't pull off, ruptured that and pull off, and all of the security council and the international community, said that's enough. that is -- you have to stop it. >> dana: the sanctions are not sitting well with kim jong-un. they are threatening harsh retaliation. meanwhile, american spy satellites have detected that they have moved missiles to a dpatrol boat, despite the insistent that these mental tests have been halted. i asked the ambassador the ambassador if she had to twist arms to get to these boats on saturday or sunday and she said yes but she didn't give me details. you canha imagine.
9:28 pm
a big win. all of the administration's critics, had to admit, that this is a really big moment that the united states was able to get this done. >> kimberly: absolutely. it's a tremendous achievement. we were talking off-camera about what a great job she is doing. this is really a difficult position that she is in, especiallyal during this time, t dealing with a geopolitical arena, north korea, verya unstable, volatile. definitely, the number one national security threat as it relates to the united states right now. it's imperative that they press on all fronts. one of those is in terms of the sanctions being levied against them and also, they have to engage in diplomacy like we discussed on previous shows. you can't roll military intervention out of the table either prior to >> dana: i think china might have gotten something they wanted out of this, remember last week, president trump was supposed to give a speech about getting tough on china and their trade
9:29 pm
practices last week and that speech was postop with no explanation from the white house and now, putting two and two together, i think they told trying to we will hold off on that if you vote with usus on saturday. before we stopped about an billion dollars of sanctions on them. inr, seafood, coal, that was with a lot of at the same time, china can help them skirt that and prop them up. china does not want a humanitarian crisis on their border. that will be dangerous.ri they also don't like south korea, the united states, and japan, messing around in their sphere of influence. so china, next week and will do some naval exercises as a show of force. n we'll see what happens there. it's just like apl bunch of peoe playing chicken. hopefully, no one miscalculated. right now, kim jong-un is the guy who you play basketball talks a ton of trash but can't hit a shot. but you have to guard him anyway. >> dana: even i could dunk on him. [laughter] >> jesse: probably true.
9:30 pm
i think a lot of the trash talk coming out of his mouth is basically for domestic consumption to make them look tough. at the same time, he looks like a total loose cannon. we are fearful of that because we don't want anything happening. trump won't continue to play the game, especially when the muscles can hit alaska or potentially california. >> dana: they showed now the trajectory they are on, they can to new york city within 34 minutes. greg, the president earlier today tweeted, you were wanting some tweets, so get one, he said "the fake news media will not talk about the importance of the united nations security council's 15-0 vote in favor of sanctions on n. korea!"ean and as he tweeted that, they were giving him some credit for that. cnn did. they should give him a won. >> greg: the traditional practice in dealing with north korea, instead of trying to solve a problem was trying to make the problem go awayu temporarily while you were in power.r. every president did this thing, if i could get through 4-8 years
9:31 pm
about dealing with this crazy person, i will do anything. i would use the phrase kicking the can down the road but i band at approximately 18 years ago. this is a big deal. he didn't just get the 15 countries, you got russias, and china and america to agree on something. it's like the movie "48 hours," eddie murphy, nick and also, theyas banded together to fight the villain played -- the point is, they came together and they fought for something greater. igr think that is great credit o trump's administration, that he was able to convince the world to make a change. this is a departure. it's not to say that will be less dangerous but may be this is an open door for something good.op they made headway. >> kimberly: they can buildod upon it. i think it is great to get that coalition going on that everybody is saying, we have to be united against thisa great threat against the evil that north korea poses to the world. today may seem like united states problem, tomorrow
9:32 pm
it is yours. >> dana: richard, i will give you the last word. >> greg: this one is for the president. i hope he is watching in new jersey. maybe i'm the only idealist at the table, mr. president, but here is the thing. they keep trusting these weapons, now they have them on the boats. i think the sanctions were a good thing. but i think now is the time to have a conversation with the north koreans. >> dana: the secretary of state said he was going to. >> richard: absolutely. i think we have to talk to them. here's why. once these test missiles, if they had south korea, japan, even on accident, that puts us ins a war. a war that we cannot do right now. that could be a nuclear war. >> kimberly: we could do it. >>ke dana: make no mistake, the united states of america could handle the situation. >> richard: but a nuclear war assures their instruction for the world, right? >> dana: that is where the president is saying he, he won't let it get to that point. >> richard: c i am saying, we can sit down and figure out what
9:33 pm
this guy wants, what can we do tot walk you away from the idea of war? >> dana: that is the idea of the sanctions. >> richard: sanctions, send rex tillerson over there, look this guy in the eye, and say, what do you want? >> dana: it might get to that point. >> richard: if it will take china, if it will take the u.s., south korea, we all sit in the roomom had to say, hey, what wil it take to get it done? let's do it. let's stop playing distinction game, but keep the military they are, keep the sanctions there, and look him in the eye and have a conversation with him and say, hey, we know you are crazy, but what will it take you to be a little less crazy?li >> dana: they don't think he is crazy which is why they are talking about -- >> greg: they could have the meeting and shoot him. >> richard: my mom said one thing, a broken clock is right twice a a day. >> greg: your mom said that? >> kimberly: >> dana: about you?
9:34 pm
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>> miami dolphins, >> greg: the miami dolphins, a football team, dana, just signed jay cutler asl a backup qb. good for you. as a controversial colin kaepernick remains untouched, like a quart of expired milk. some are calling this racist, but that's nuts. if i ownedli a bar and the hosts announced that she will be protesting at work, i would fire her because that is not the job of a hostess. cutler fits in with miami. he had his best year under that coach in chicago. meanwhile, collin chose to fit in with activists instead, using his work for political theater, perhaps or take attention off his mediocre playing and
9:39 pm
bring attention to who is minted political brand. speaking as a fan, he ruined the 49ers. not o because of his politics. i don't care about that. he does or parts of the fans by making the game about him. he put himself before the team, the fans, the owners who pay him. so, colin is to blame, not the owners. look, "the five" is a show or five people express political opinions. we are five colin kaepernicks. what if i announced on "the five" that i want to play football on the side while everybody else talks? is a reverse colin. i'd be gone in minutes. but colin was a part of my many in the media for his risk-taking. but what did he really risk in his waning years? nothing much. my prediction, the book deal, an honorary position at evergreen college, than regular appearances on bellmawr. maybe that is a social justice golden parachute that he wanted all along.
9:40 pm
kimberly, you are a 49er fan, should he -- i can't even think about the 49ers anymore. >> kimberly: remember when they were so amazing? oh, my god, ! >> greg: dwight clark! or member that? the cat! >> kimberly: make the 49ers great again.. not with colin. [laughter] looked, it is your prerogative. it's not entitlement nfl. if they want to, they want to. if they don't, they don't play that is the break. >> greg: what do you think i'm a ruptured i'm -- richard, 2020, he already has the name recognition, entering politics? >> richard: i think that kaepernick is a better quarterback than cutler,
9:41 pm
according to espn. cutler has a 33 -- amber two, i think the ravens have not signed a backup quarterback yet, so i hope the ravens will make the right choice and sign kaepernic kaepernick. >> kimberly: why? to think is that good? >> richard: falco is injured. >> kimberly: flacco. >> richard: number one, jersey sales will go through the roof in baltimore because i think he would fit in grade with the city. number two, for the fact that people are making this big stink about kaepernick expressing his first amendment rights for not standing up during the pledge -- >> greg: at work. >> richard: that's fine. i get that. >> greg: for a game, for people.
9:42 pm
>> richard: i get that. but tom brady treated and still played the game. >> greg: hey. >> richard: michael vick got arrested. players -- one player had a murder case and then he went back to the field. the vitriol that we are having about kaepernick forcing black lives matter when a player cheated in the game?he >> greg: >> kimberly: they are a lot better at playing then he is. sorry. he's at the end of his abilitie abilities. >> greg: you're deflecting. >> kimberly: he's no tom brady, sorry. he >> jesse: that whole soliloquy. the nfl, sadly, you can abuse your wife and still played. >> kimberly: murder! >> jesse: here's't the point. the dolphins aren't antiblack, they are anti-idiot. this guy lacks respect and he is bad for team chemistry and bad for the franchise. these franchises are billion-dollar businesses. you don't want to somebody representing our business that
9:43 pm
is noto going to ingratiate yourself to the fan base. base. colin kaepernick wore a castro t-shirt. the miami dolphins? they will boo him out of there. the majority of the miami dolphins are black.ow how are they miami dolphins racist? itci might be a purely football decision. cutler is more of a court of fact, he had a great year under his offensive coordinator in chicago. he could jell there. kaepernick isin more of a runnig quarterback. that is fine. he had a good season statistically last year on the 4049ers brady 16 touchdowns. they want 1-10. the guy is a loser. he's a loser on the field and off the field. >> greg: i feel like this is another arena where identity politicss. invades and divides because it creates a prism that only allows for one perspective. it has to be racist if they do this. you have to hate this person
9:44 pm
because of their skin color, that is what identity politics does. >> dana: then, whatever decision you make couldn't be a business decision. was in a just two weeks ago that the nfl made an announcement that said that the reason, they did a study, the reason the ratings were down last year was because of kaepernick? the miami dolphins, do you want a successful team? i don't mean even just winning. do you want a team that is going to get fans to come out? jay cutler, he played for the broncos, that's how i knew him. >> greg: there you go. and he's married to... kristin cavilarri. al gore's new film is a flop at the box office. will he demand a recount? >> jesse: oh, that was my line line. ♪
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
>> it will not be easy. we, too, will encounter a series of nos. >> it will not be easy and we come too, will encounter a series of nos, but after the last know, comes a "yes." t and on that he has come with a
9:49 pm
future world depends. >> richard: al gore has a new warming flick in theaters but it is notot a hot ticket for moviegoers. "an inconvenient sequel" came in 15th on its first weekend of wide release. sabotage to blame? that is what one gore fan is arguing, saying paramount botched the release. now, i got to tell you, i am not a big fan of sequels. i have told you that before, greg, so i think it is suffering from a sequel blues. >> greg: ifou he was right in the first movie, there wouldn't be a sequel because we were at all be dead. i blame this film bombing on climate change. a warmer climate has moreim peoe outside and started being in the theaters and in five years, i predict all movie theaters will be underwater. by the way, the reason why it didn't work as he undermined his crusade. if he hadn'tne been so hystericl and he hadn't gotten so many things wrong, he might have helped this issue instead of undermining it. he is the biggest problem with climate change.
9:50 pm
>> jesse: all this hot air. we'll be right back. >> richard: i do believe that climate change is real. i think the more ice melts, it worsens weather, take this weekend, we saw awful flooding in new orleans. to be whenn you can't elegant to extreme changes. >> richard: let me make my point. >> greg: you can't link whether incidences to climate change. >> richard: we should be praying for the people of new orleans. >> greg: don't try to change it on me. >> dana: one of the things is, i think if you want to be successful, don't't narrate it yourself brady has enough money. to be the executive producer, step back and let it be compelling. who could listen to that? who among us? i blame colin kaepernick. [laughter] >> richard: i know you think climate change doesn't exist. it >> jesse: don't put words in my mouth, richard.
9:51 pm
the climate does change. a changes in the fall and the spring in the winter in the summer. >> jesse: >> kimberly: that's te seasons. the movie came in 15th at the box office and that is basically, you know, where global warming ranks among issuesng americans care about. [laughter] at least he still has current tv. oh, wait, he sold it to a bunch of oil kings. i forgot about that one. as the emoji movie -- [laughter] >> richard: my mother used to say, help me accept the things i cannot change -- jesus said that, my mom taught me that. >> greg: you are giving credit toto your mom on everything. she better be watching tonight. >> jesse: high, mrs. fowler. [laughter] >> richard: kimberly? >> kimberly: hello. what do you want me to tell you?
9:52 pm
it is like groundhog day. the same thing keeps happening over and over again. you can recountan this what you want. it will still be a flop. paramount is trying to give it a boost by pushing the climate propaganda to additional 500 theaters.y that can't say for this. >> dana: in new york, it is 65 n august. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. >> richard: for the record, his first film was an oscar winner a. >> greg: riddled with falsehoods. there are at least a dozen untruths in that world. >> richard: climate change is real. >> dana: i'm not saying it's not real. >> greg: we are just saying het he destroyed -- exaggerated. >> richard: one more thing, it's a mess! ♪
9:53 pm
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it's time now for one more thing and also happy birthday from the five. >> happy birthday. look at the camera. >> there you go. this is an amazing job herding these cats thing, that's a happy birthday from the five. >> happy birthday! oh, there you go. she does an amazing job herding these cats around here >> it's time for our one more thing, as i said. today marks purple heart day, and we want to take a minute to honor all the brave men and women who have received the award given to those wounded or
9:57 pm
killed while serving in the united states military. it was originally introduced on this day in 1782. and it officially became the purple heart as we know it today in 1932. tweeting on purple heart day, i think all the brave men and women who will sacrifice in battle for this brave nation. yes, so on behalf of them, we thank all of you for the sacrifice you've made. >> an article, about ethics hips teres are the new pure tans. >> all right, time for this. gregg's nutrition tips. >> bread is high in cashes if you want to lose weight. you have to reduce carbs and your bread. better to exercise on the bread. like this little fellow here. that's herbie the hedgehog. he lost three ounces doing ab crunches on a slice of bread. yeah, it's true.
9:58 pm
that is how tiny he is. look at this guy. >> you're melting, aren't you? everybody at home it is freaking out over this. this is the greatest hedgehog video of all time. he have a collection of hedgehog videos. i somehow save them for work >> well, that's fascinating. >> my one more thing thornily is going to be amazing because there is going to be a winner in the weston county junior rodeo, and we'll have pictures and video, i hope. so that mama will send that to me. in the meantime, what is the worst thing that happened to you every couple months when your computer tells you you have to change your pass word. you hate that, right? so this guy, bill, created this whole thing like doing the capital letter, the number, he said it's all a waste of time. he now regrets it. he says don't do that anymore. just do a long, easy to remember pass word. forget i ever said that:
9:59 pm
>> recognizing stone said justin trued dough, the canadian prime minister says i wish he was our present. do you really? this manly guy capsized nakaiiac, yeah, real cool. you want him to be your president with a life vest cap sizing nakaiiac? not the most manly display i've ever seen as a leader of canada. >> so we don't reward by pa partsanship awards. rand paul and cam la harris is reforming how we do jail and how we do bail. what this does is forces states to rethink how they do bail. instead of using money, they actually use risk assess many. is this person a flight risk?
10:00 pm
they make assessments. they have conversations with these individuals. >> this is actually good stuff. >> actually, what they do, they get it done. >> okay, we have to go. set your dvr, hannity up next. >> many thanks to our friends on the five. this is a fox news alert. welcome to hannity, breaking new updates on the massive democratic scandals that we have been warning you about and the media ignores. tonight i have a message for the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, tonight we are demanding you stop robert mueller's mission creep, investigative creep and put an end to the political witch hunt against trump. that's tonight's opening monologue. >> the russian investigation which is being overseen by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is beyond corrupt, beyond political and has now turned into an open-ended fishing expedition, and just like robert


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