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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i am jon scott and for shepard smith. the dow hit a new high today, but it is off just a little bit. "your world with neil cavuto" is next. trish regan in four neil cavuto. here is trish. >> trish: did north korea up the ante with a nuclear showdown? i'm trish regan in four neil cavuto. "the washington post" said they will have a miniature warhead can fit inside a missile. they may have more bombs. the president warning north korea, any new threat will be met with quotes, fire and fury, like the world has never seen. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon with the latest. hello, lucas. >> hello, trish regan. detailing from "the washington post," the pentagon is not commenting. the results are pretty startling. north korea has demonstrated the
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ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads according to this report, but still must do two things to launch an intercontinental medicinal gimmick missile. it must hit a target, in also, demonstrate the ability, you back from space down into earth. so far, it has not done that. let us recap this last two until continental ballistic missile test. on july 4th, traveled 1700 miles in the air for 39 minutes. then, weeks later on july 20th, north korea launched a second enter continental ballistic missiles that's out back traveled 2300 miles and was in the air for 45 minutes. longest and farthest ballistic missile test in the history of the regime. cameras in japan picked it up, and it was on fire in the atmosphere. there are still questions about their capability, but clearly this report shows that north korea is accelerating its
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missile program. it is noteworthy that a top u.s. air force general echoed much of this report in october of 2015 when he said north korea does have the ability to militarize a warhead. it is as the pentagon is wrapping up their effort to shoot it down. president trumps budget for this year actually cuts missile defense. top republican leaders include chairman matt thorndike has inserted language that will increase missile defense, but it is also noteworthy, the result of it recent test wording are mixed. late may, they successfully shut down a test intercontinental ballistic missile after an interceptor missile was shot from miss california. just a month later and interceptor missile,
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john paul jones, a ship in the pacific, missed its target. raises questions about what comes next. >> trish: thank you very much, lucas. sanctions against north korea, but is it all just too little too late? author of "nuclear showdown: ." good to see you, gordon. what are they capable of doing? they do not quite have the technology to guide one of these missiles right towards a major city in the united states, but you also said that doesn't necessarily matter. >> if you're trying to destroy a missile silo, which we try to do in the chinese. you need to be accurate within feet. if your if you are trying to te, it doesn't matter. they just want to terrorize us. yes, they do need to work on their guidance, but nonetheless, it is not significant at this
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particular time. they do have questions about heat shielding. to our disagreement about how successful this last test was on the heat shield. the north koreans have already have had a successful heat shield test. they are on the way to being able to bring back a weapon space. they are making accelerated progress. within months, maybe a year at that. it will be able to hold us in terror. >> trish: hold us to tear? in what way? if you do not do this, you are running the risk that you have a nuclear warhead heading to los angeles? >> i'm not worried that kim jong-un is going to wake up one morning and say, i want to live a missile at l.a. or new york. i am concerned that one day, one day when he is capable, he will use it as blackmail like it's been 21 dead in the baltics. he wants to break up the alliance between south korea and
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the united states. get us off the peninsula, and then try to destroy the south korean state. that is at the core of the legitimacy of the north korean regime. to rule all of korea. that will start a chain of events that we will be involved, the japanese, and certainly the chinese will have a say in what goes on. >> trish: we cannot let it get to that state, right? we reenacted sanctions, russia, china. signing up for that one, although we have not seen the chinese follow through before and their ability to really work on those sanctions with north korea. how are we allowing it to get to the point where they could hit l.a. or new york? can we do something in between? >> there's a lot we can do, but america is a administration, which failed to deal with this over the course of decades and they failed for a number of reasons. dismissing north korea, but also we have seen presidents put the
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integration of china in the international system above disarming north korea. and because of that, it the north koreans have been able to make a lot of progress as he pleased the chinese and keep them happy. this is been a mistake, i think historic importance. we are at a point where we have not, and this is going to be history looking back at us and say, how could you let this happen. we have not been willing to use all the elements of american power to protect the american people. >> trish: because we do not want casualties? we don't want anyone being hurt? >> we have had other priorities. we looked at where we were involved in the middle east, . >> trish: bigger issues. this one is allowed to fester, in a now is at a point, where we have to do something about it. gordon, my question is what do we do about a? >> one of the things we do start to impose costs on china that are so severe that they have no choice to be help to make
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helpful. >> trish: this is a short i would china? >> very much. they cannot stand up to the international community if they do not have backing. they had backing from beijing from all sorts of economics, diplomacy, to all sorts of things at the chinese supply to the north korean regime to give it the confidence to stand up to the united states. if the chinese weren't doing that, we would have solved this a long time ago. >> trish: this will be a big test for the administration, for sure. >> this will be its first crisi crisis. >> trish: he promised they would not allowed to have this capability to actually hit us, and so, he is going to have to make a lot of decisions come to him and his teams in the last few days. gordon, they could see you direct. stocks report down after north korea has nuclear warheads. why would the market be rattled by that.
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fox news network drives me now, and charlie come again, i am pouring out a little bit it's all, but when you hear headlines like this, you anticipate a whole lot more >> when you talk to big-time investors, they sit there and tell you, they do nott north korea in and of itself is going to be an existential threat to the u.s. economy. that is where it is. maybe they are underplaying it or underestimating it, kim jong-un's ability to cause havoc and have terror for the u.s. to harm our training partners like japan and south korea. obviously, south korea were not farewell and a nuclear war with north korea. i would definitely an economic impact. right now, at this point, >> trish: everything else is looking good? right? you have a market that continually misted today, but we were going for ten straight days
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in a row of records. >> and records trade off of headlines, and today's headline with korea, but my real point i is, the markets don't see north korea as an x essential threat. at least right now. the question is, , are they underestimating it or not? do they have it just right? if we have to, we'll just wipe them off the face of the earth. we hear people -- investors talk about all the time. we will take them out. they have no way to impact our economy. i kind of think they're underestimating it. >> trish: it is china. it is not just north korea you're talking about. you have to get china on board, and they do not want to play ball. they are invested in seeing this kind of chaos. >> not necessarily. i do not believe that. listen. right now, they are invested in making sure the u.s. does not
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control the korean peninsula. that is why they backup north korea. that is why they have historically. they also are invested in the u.s. they hold our treasuries. there's a lot of business that they do with us. there's an economic rationale for that, for them not to have north korea. >> trish: as gordon said, it is to their advantage if they get us out entirely, and if we start to treat north korea like a rational player and are scared enough, they may back out. >> we will see how it goes. i am not inside the mind of the chinese leadership right now, but i will tell you, common sense, it is in its in the economic interest for us not to have a nuclear war with north korea. it is in the economic interest. they know and we know it. >> trish: thank you very much, charlie. he was homelands secretary
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>> trish: it to define for a special prosecutor. not to russia, this. well clinton's atomic meeting. remember that one? with former attorney general, loretta lynch. this is after slew of emails came out were going to jim jordan who is calling for a special prosecutor. for all of this. kristin fisher is in washington, d.c., with the very latest. hello. >> this is coming from the center for law and justice. group led by one of the personal traits. it has been digging for documents related to that. into this meeting on the tarmac between former attorney general, loretta lynch, and bill clinton during the campaign. through a freedom of information act that she has been using an email alias for official emails, including emails related to that very meeting. it is not totally uncommon for cabinet secretaries to use an email alias, which the
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predecessor use. sorted irs official. it is not illegal, but makes it more difficult to make difficult >> you can have a situation where the attorney general conducts emails in secret using this address. and when they put enough freedom of information requests and they want the attorney general correspondence, the person who handles that request may not know about the secret account. >> the chairman of the house judiciary committee and his republican colleague has already sent a letter to the attorney general's office urging them to investigate. the american public has a right to know the facts, all of them. surrounding the election and the aftermath paired we urge you to appoint a second special counsel to ensure these troubling, unanswered questions are not relegated to the dust of history. to this latest regulation will be more fuel to that request,
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trish. >> trish: . >> trish: let's go reaction right now from ohio, republican kai was meant, member of the house judiciary committee. you would like to see a special prosecutor in this. you do not like the idea that she is out there using that was not her? >> right. if you're talking about grandchildren, why do you need a special email account. it is interesting, that they took place with bill clinton before the benghazi report came out. after being interviewed by the fbi, and it is coincidental? i just talked? nobody buys that. that is a concern, that is why we called for special counsel to look into this and a host of other issues surrounding this. james comey and loretta lynch.
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>> trish: there are people who feel this is yesterday's news. she did not win. donald trump is now president. let us move on. even though donald trump sounds like he does not want to go after hillary clinton once he has taken office, but now we are in a situation where they are going after him, with the whole special investigation. it feels like in some ways, this might be more appropriate given the level of vitriol they have been directed at him? >> it is not yesterday's news. is the fact that people did not play ball, and that is not what he got. he had special treatment and different standards than what you and i got. and for james comey's testimony, he indicated at the direction of the united states attorney general, the fbi director, went out and misled the american people when he called the investigation of the matter not investigation. ten days ago, the last time i checked, he was not the director
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of federal bureau of matters, the federal bureau of investigation. why would he obstruct the director to mislead the american people? why would she meet with the president, former president days before the secretary is supposed to be interviewed by the fbi? i think it is obvious. they wanted the justice department, they wanted clinton to win the election. >> trish: it is a different kind of conclusion perhaps. there are a lot of questions here. a whole lot of russians. as much as people would like to move on, for the health of the country, and a new president, and hillary clinton is in the past, i hear you. this kind of stuff cannot be allowed and so there are questions that need to be answered, and things that need to be addressed. the justice department should not be misleading the american public, and that is what they did. jeff asked the question, why. when you asked the question why,
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they were trying to help clinton win. >> trish: i have to hand it to her on the alias. elizabeth carlisle has a nice ring to it. it does make it harder for journalists when they tried to get info from loretta lynch. you can get all the loretta lynch you want, but you will not get it from elizabeth carlisle. let us turn to north korea. i'm sick, very big story today , from "the washington post" ." what are we going to do your? this has gotten to the point we will have to do something evil in china on board. >> we applaud this. the trump administration and the work they did on the sanctions. there were trying to work with china to exert more pressure on north korea. this is serious. i know the white house and foreign counterparts are taking it with a very serious matter
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that it is. we'll have to wait and see, but let us hope that this individual who runs north korea can tone it down a little bit. some of this has the impact that we hope it does. >> trish: do you think china will be able to enact any kind of influence or is it ceremonious? >> we will see. the idea that our administration, trump trump administration, engaged with china, and encourages them to get control. exert some influences on north korea. i thought that was a smart move, right move. again, we will have to see. phuoc irishman, good to have you here. let us talk about that other investigation. the grand jury going to see a fair shake. why alan dershowitz had some serious doubts. he is here. an outrage as they held this
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g.o.p. lawmaker to die in pain. first on fox. that lawmaker is here. >> may you die in pain. [boos]
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>> trish: let's go to new jersey right now. a life picture, where the trump administration to talk about the opioid crisis. kellyanne conway will go to this momentarily. we will listen for your to talk about north korea. if she does, we will go straight to it. obviously, north korea is a dominant story today. we are waiting on kellyanne conway. laura ingle is in new jersey, where all of this is taking place. some of these meetings just
1:26 pm
wrapped up between the president and others. phyllis and, laura. >> hello, trish. there's a lot of excitement today as we were waiting for president trump to bring in this opioid crisis conference. everyone wanting to know about the situation that has been unfolding today with north kore north korea, and body language and tone tells us anything, that is setting the stage for what he is about to say on the issue. take a listen. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening. beyond a normal state. as i said, they will be met with fire, and fury, and frankly power.
1:27 pm
the world has never seen before. >> that comment came after a reporter queued up the question for him on north korea. he got down to business of what he was there to do, to discuss the opioid crisis. happening in america. president trump continued on that. quoting the staggering statistics those rabbit so many americans, that he described as young, old, rich, poor, and urban and rural communities adding, it is his greatest responsibility to protect the american people and secure the safety, especially in some parts of the country. adding end, deplorable. counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. and tom price expected here any moment. once they come in they are expected to give us a briefing about what had happened today at president trump's golf club. of course, we want to hear if they are going to share any more information on north korea reaction. >> trish: thank you very much, laura. in new jersey. let us switch gears here.
1:28 pm
special counsel robert mueller. alan dershowitz says, where this was all happening is a big problem. he joins me now. this is something that newt gingrich said recently, professor, that the grand jury was happening in d.c. because you have a bias crowd there in d.c. to think of something to the? >> no, i do not agree with the statement. what i said was very different. i said, i thought that mueller had a tactical advantage by moving the potential trial to the district of columbia, which is at 90% democrat compared outside which is a split. i thought the ethic and racial composition of the district of columbia provided an advantage to the prosecutor. i am not saying that they cannot
1:29 pm
be fair in the district of columbia. i fed my fist there white and black jurists can be fair. i'm just saying that any experience lawyer would rather defend a member of the trump administration in virginia than the district of columbia. that is an uncontroversial statement. by people like maxine waters have described me as a racist -- richard painter used that term. even my friend, nancy gregor refused to deny that. that i was a racist for making an obvious observation about the fact that political affiliation, race and ethnicity, matters and juries selection. every prosecutor knows that pit
1:30 pm
when it comes to donald trump, people are prepared to hypocritically deny reality in order to simply have political points. >> trish: it has gotten to that point without a doubt. you have been interesting throughout all of this, professor. you are someone who is always been very liberal, but you have come out in many cases in defense of the trump administration. i think this shows us your true heart here is in defending the law. as opposed to defending a particular political party. that is what i find it interesting to talk to. do you think the special counsel here is assembling a team that has invested interest in a certain outcome given their political background can make it at many of have donated to hillary clinton and democratic causes, or do you think they can be bipartisan,
1:31 pm
like you are being, by being fair and examining the actual law to make what is gut instinc? >> when you appoint a special counsel, you expect results. it is like captain ahab and the white whale of "moby dick." they are ready to catch that white well no matter what it takes. they come up empty-handed, they'll say, why did they spend all that money with those resources. when you have a special counsel, you expect them to catch the whale. there is a bias. it does not come from any partisan or political, or contribution bias. i have been making the same point for 30 years. when senator stevens was falsely accused. bob mendez. it goes across party lines. democrat sometimes. it helps a republican sometimes. i'm always on the side of civil liberties and rights, and people do not understand that.
1:32 pm
today people on the right like me. tomorrow they will hate me. the blacks hate me, depending on where i stand. >> trish: as long as you are true to where you are intellectually and spiritually, that is all that matters in all this. it is refreshing, frankly, professor to see that. although i can imagine you're making a lot of friends. >> i am getting fewer invitations to dinner parties. but i am losing weight. >> trish: [laughs] there's an upside to everything. silver lining. good to see you, professor. we are awaiting kellyanne conway, who was going to speak momentarily. this is out in new jersey. anticipated shall make some comments on the opioid crisis in the united states, but will she say anything on north korea. the big story we have been following this afternoon. i want to go straight to richard edson who's at the state department.
1:33 pm
wendy you hearing there? >> the timing of this that north korea they have a nuclear warhead small enough to go into a missile. sunday at "the washington post" is reporting. it is when secretary of state rex tillerson is in asia talk about this very issue. he was in thailand, malaysia, philippines earlier in the week. and throughout the we can. all of what the administration cause is pressure campaign to diplomatically and economically isolate north korea to force it to surrender its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. secretary of state rex tillerson was in thailand earlier today. that is where he began the day. thailand, according to state department officials is a country that has not only a visa process that is very easy, a little too forgiving. it allows north korean businesses to set up essentially sham companies there. it also has diplomatic relations with north korea.
1:34 pm
they have an embassy there. so that u.s. secretary of state was trying to push them specifically to reign in those practice and isolate and freeze out north korea. on top of that, part of this is also china. ten accounts for 90% of north koreans trade. the u.s. has put china into existing sections, new sanctions from the u.n. over the past weekend. with this part of china, but now that is about enforcing. so secretary of state pushing and pressing regional allies there. this is an issue that was a top of his agenda, but given more urgency with this report that we just got from "the washington post." we went thank you so much, rich. let us get reaction from retired lieutenant colonel tony schaefe schaefer. walk us through how things have changed. in >> through this started on the 21st of october in 1994 when bill clinton in the clinton administration went to agreement, like the iranian
1:35 pm
nuclear agreement which was similarly flawed. it gave the north koreans the path to where we are at. over ten years past, recently, it has gone far worse by the fact that it was pointed out. the north koreans have a clandestine midsole program. willing to allow this technology to develop. in fraley, the part of why we see this expanded access over the past two years, because the iranian program. the money that we get if the iranians have gone from the iranians to the north koreans to enhance their ability to research, develop, and now make weapons. they are there. it is all related. i think it is frightening, it we have known that they are not going for bigger blast, they are for smaller blast which means miniaturization. no surprise they've been working very hard to get missiles in orbit. they have right now satellites in orbit. i was briefed in december by senior pending officials that
1:36 pm
they are a lot further along in the pentagon was willing to say. >> trish: walk us through where we are now. >> we have been briefing this very thing to members of congress. we have three areas that are now threatened if the technology works. they'll hit it in a second. if the ballistic missile technology that north koreans put forward that is now available, they could pinch potentially hit her hawaii , washington state, oregon, and california. this makes them an x essential threat to the united states. they could do something beyond simply hitting our allies in the region. this is something that we now have a look at. the question becomes, what kind of technology have actually been able to develop. there are still questions about reentry it all these things. it is not easy for a nuclear weapon and come up with the other concern is electromagnetic pulse.
1:37 pm
you do not have to get that close. high altitude shot, and i can take out the entire coast. >> trish: this is a game changer. >> yes, it is. >> trish: we have to do something now. we cannot sit on our hands like we have as you pointed out for the last ten years. allow them to go at it. we have to do something. what are the options, colonel? >> as general dunford said recently, military options are on the table. that includes a full spectrum of capabilities. precision strike to actual heavy duty, more than precision strike activity. i do not want to get into it. i have to be careful what i say, because i still work on these plans. there is no doubt that the military option and the potential of using it is valid under president trump. they're still concerned concern by the japanese and south koreans that the deterrent program to deter north korea it was not being supported by president obama appeared part of the reason we hear -- to be honest, it is not political, but
1:38 pm
president obama and his administration dropped the ball over the growing threat in the past eight years. and the bush and administration did too. it started in the early 2000s. >> trish: plenty of blame to go around. now we are in and in a situatit we have to deal with it. there are military options. what you mean by that? >> we have known for a while that there are sites, both developing, storing, where the weapons are being mounted onto the ballistic missile systems. these are valid targets. we have a good understanding where they are at. i think one of those things is always the first strike option at the moment. you see these things being put together. there's always a profile. they cannot be done. that's an option on the table >> trish: strike and take out their nuclear weapon arsenal. don't you run the risk that he potentially will fire something off to his neighbors in the
1:39 pm
south? >> always. you do not know if you get everything. and the other thing, south kore south korea. south korea is a hostage city. you can hit north korea via artillery fire the capital. >> trish: how do you think the president and his team are thinking about this right now? >> i have great confidence in that into gun and general dunford. secretary mathis. they dusted off that all plans and have new plans. they are giving the president some amazing operational concepts and capability. clearly, others military, and a show of force of late has been meant to try to push the north koreans to the point where they will work and negotiate. we have to work on the chinese. let me make this clear. i don't think the chinese understand how much they would lose regarding economic benefit, which they are getting right now. other things a benefit from in the region should they -- should
1:40 pm
a shooting war started. they need to step up and help us the nuclear eyes them. >> trish: as you see tom price and kellyanne conway. we are actually going to listen in. we are obviously going to see if they have anything to say north korea. there is tom price. >> the present understands the magnitude of this challenge how devastating it is. how it has devastated individuals and communities, large and small. he understands the effect that it has had on our nation. especially on families. and on children. the numbers are absolutely daunting. 52,000 overdose deaths and 2015. 33,000 approximately related to opioids. and 2016 are no better. in the numbers and 2017 are even worse than 2016.
1:41 pm
we briefed the president on our strategy through health and human services department. a strategy that includes taking certain where the resources and information necessary for prevention comment treatment and recovery. best practices for states and those that are engaged in that process. making certain that we have overdose reversing medication as present as needed and possible. anywhere across the country. making certain we are doing the data, identifying the data. the public health aspect of this. why is it that 52,000 americans to come to overdose deaths and those numbers increase. fourth is the research aspect of this. what is the nih doing? what can they do? and provide hopefully for her pain medication that is not
1:42 pm
addictive or is not euphoric. one of the exciting things that they are working on is a vaccine for addiction, which is incredibly exciting. finally, how do we treat pain in this nation. as a formally practicing physician, orthopedic surgeon, i know that physicians and other providers also since there is a incentive to provide medication. we need to know that people divide appropriate narcotic and medication but no more than necessary paired we want to make sure that the president knows it was an inter-agency, process that is moving forward. we met previously with the department of state, justice, department of homeland security. all in dcp, and others to make certain that we are working together on a comprehensive strategy that we are in the midst of right now, and
1:43 pm
presenting to the president in the near future. at the end of all that, the president made certain that he was committed to making certain we turn this scourge in the right direction. turn this tide in the right direction. make certain that we see the number of overdose deaths and the number of individuals addicted to medication. decreased. he has made certain that we understand and appreciate that this is an absolute priority of his administration as it has been from day one. one of the things we have done to try to bring a voice to it and faces to it is to go around the country. multiple states and visit communities. try to find those best practices. what is working out there? what has not worked? talk to those families that have been devastated by the addiction crisis. talk with folks who have been addicts and have recovered. what is it that has worked?
1:44 pm
it is so uplifting and inspiring to hit the stories of many of those individuals. when the president's senior counsel, kellyanne conway, his came with me pictures that are meeting today, and i know she wants to say a few words as wel well. kelly and >> thank you tom price. the secretary and i have traveled to a number of different states, and we have heard the harrowing and met those who have successfully gone through recovery treatment. we are very heartened to the many people who are feeding the opioid crisis and it is a polydrug problem in our nation. we are a nation that consumes legal and illegal drugs at very high at alarming rates. the problem is complicated and we are on the losing side of this war. with the president's leadership in the first lady's involvement
1:45 pm
across the spectrum of departments in the west wing, we are confident that we can help those in need across this country. we know that this involves public health, health care delivery system, law enforcement, education, local and statewide elected officials, devastated families, and those in treatment and recovery. we have presidential and cabinet leadership but most of the work is being done at the state and local level. they know what is needed to best help them. we did not get here overnight, we cannot solve it overnight. that said, i would like to bring attention to some other areas with respect to the opioid and drug epidemic that sometimes go uncovered. with 52.7% increase in outpatient veterans, substance abuse orders from 2007-2013.
1:46 pm
no surprise that it is plaguing our veteran community, and we will work on that. the next generation of the crisis is being seen as a number of newborn colas that are born addicted to opioids and other drugs nih is made sent every 25 minutes, i newborn is born addicted to opioids. we are working hard to also stop the import offended all and work with those governors and health commissioners and others within the state who are in reducing the number of pills in a day of prescription and working with the curriculum so that our medical professionals are more educated with the methodologies as well. president tub and the administration are working tirelessly towards this i would just say traveling to
1:47 pm
this country, it probably is very close, no state has been fair and no group has gone untouched. this is not a problem of young or old, black or white. of rural, urban, or suburban. it really has affected all of our communities in various degrees. it is also a nonpartisan issue. in search of bipartisan support. bipartisan solution. we do hope that those in a position to help with the decision-making and advocacy and solution commandos charged with covering this issue as well. will agree that it is nonpartisan in search of up bipartisan solution. thank you very much. >> happy to take a question or two. >> several attorney general, and republic is upset, manufacturers of opioids should be sued and should be culpable to parts of this crisis. do you agree with that? was the ministrations orientation on those laws? >> there are a couple suits that
1:48 pm
are out there right now, that have already been begun this gives voice and punctuates the e have felt because of this crisi crisis. there isn't a position that the administration has i.d. suits at this point. it is clearly gotten the attention of the pharmaceutical companies. i will analogize it to the tobacco suit. have been 20 years ago with the issue of tobacco. whether this is something that is analogous to that, i do not know. what i see is that there is -- we continue to move in the wrong direction on a number of individuals that are not only addicted but those that are losing their lives to addiction.
1:49 pm
the president is committed to solving a problem, it and we will turn over every single rock and make certain that we are identifying every single thing that could move us in a better direction. >> mack the present believes that we will treat it as an emergency, and it is emergency. when you have the capacity of yankee stadium or dodger stadium diene diene every single year, that is a crisis that has to be given incredible attention, and the president is giving a data that attention. >> at the crack problem 20 years ago, how is this different, and how is the approach with the opioid problem going to be different, and i'll be going through a cycle of a new crisis every 20 years in the public forgets chemic what is different here? >> it is different for a number of reasons.
1:50 pm
the magnitude and numbers of individuals succumbing to addiction and losing their live lives. this is relatively recent. in the past 10-15 years, these neighbors have spiked out. the difference is that the crack cocaine issue, which was a terrible terrible issue, but it did not have the potency of the medication that exist now. fentanyl exists in a way that kill individuals with very small doses. the cost of illicit drugs. the cost of heroin for example is significantly lower than it has been. the axis to these drugs is that much greater. it may be different in terms of generational engagement or involvement, but as kellyanne conway said, this has no age distribution. it is affecting young and old.
1:51 pm
and across all aspects in our generation. it is different, if only for the potency for the food drug and those succumbing. >> why has the president not officially declared the opioid crisis a national emergency. as he planted. >> mack >> trish: we will continue monitoring this forwar. i want to go back to what the president had to say within the last hour or so. here it is. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening. beyond a normal statement. as i said, they will be met with
1:52 pm
fire, fury, and frankly, power. the likes of which the world has never seen before. >> trish: quite a statement from the president. i'm joined now by judge andrew napolitano you do not like that. >> i did not know what he meant by the powers of which the world has never seen before. >> trish: will this is america. >> you must mean nuclear weapon weapons. not far from where he is talking about, and that was it the greatest power japan we got the news. >> trish: kellyanne conway it just leaving the podium. here we go. she was just asked a question about what he meant. >> we are at a very peak level, and one thing i should have mentioned earlier that is very important component is destigmatizing the use, misuse
1:53 pm
of substances could we find a time and again people are just too fearful to come forward and admit that they have a problem. admitted to the people closest. family members, friends, colleagues. also something we discussed with the president and first lady at length are the different accounts that we have heard and states. you can see the stories for yourself. we are so sour mr. and mrs. jones. we try to save your son. we we suss to state them three. >> trish: i'm here here with the judge. your concern, you're doing with a crazy man here, and you do not want to test him? >> i would not challenge him. i would not feed his fury. i would start him out. i am your legal and constitutional guy, not your military guy, so i may not be the right person to be asking this. but i'm sitting here with you to discuss to discuss loretta lynch, now this comes up. i was startled that the president's language. sometimes the president gets his
1:54 pm
message across with a exaggeration. everyone knows he must be exaggerating. maybe not literally, and then he is talk about using nuclear weapons, and then there would be no place for that. no indication for that. and that would be horrific to our allies. >> trish: is this a war of wars. you not just the present but in nikki haley even making media around trying to indicate to north korea that this is serious and we mean business. >> and the way you do that is through diplomatic channels and through what ambassador haley did at the u.n. i do not -- i would not feed fire with fire, and although i respect the president come at the was so over-the-top that it will encourage this crazy nut
1:55 pm
rather than deter. >> trish: kellyanne conway same this was strong and obviou obvious. >> it they cannot be literally accurate. if we were to use greater force and power than the world has ever seen, he means greater than nagasaki and hiroshima. he cannot possibly mean that. he will not kill innocent north koreans. it's different taking out their military and kim jong-un. it's different taking out the people. >> trish: what are our options options. you've spent a lot of time thinking about this. nonmilitary guy. what are we looking at? you can go in from a military perspective and actually strike specifically? >> he has intelligence that you and i don't. intelligence meaning cia, intelligence assets, can tell him how serious this guy is paired how close he is to making
1:56 pm
a decision like this. capability of his weaponry. stuff that goes up in the air and down into the ocean or will it really hit alaska or los angeles. intelligence is presumably advising the president of that. he wisely is not sharing that with the public. these are military secrets, and a legitimate, lawful secret. i do not know why he would try to provoke this guy, unless as a barry goldwater once said, i would trade provocation so i can wipe the main enemy out. >> trish: that is an interesting way to look at it, i guess. maybe it is as simple as you threaten me, i will threaten you, and maybe you should listen to our threats, because guess what? we have a way bigger military than you guys. >> you can dial this guy with a phone call to the president of china. >> trish: you may have more faith in china and then some. we will see whether or not they enforce the sanctions. it's good that they signed up
1:57 pm
for them, but whether they go and enforce them. >> you see the little people suffer. >> trish: is so great to see you, judge. thank you so much for watching. the "specialists" is next.
1:58 pm
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>> kat: everyone, everyone i'm kat timpf along with eboni williams and brian kilmeade. this is the "the specialists." ♪ ♪ >> kat: a game changer in the nuclear crisis with north korea. "the washington post" is reporting that a new u.s. intelligence analysis says the rogue state has now miniaturized the nuclear war head that can fit inside its missiles. a crucial advance far ahead of what many experts predicted, which is not good. president trump delivered a blunt reply to the growing provocations from north korea this afternoon. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be


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