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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> a state of emergency declared in virginia after clashes interrupted a white nationalist rally in the city of charlottesville. hello and welcome. i'm julie. >> present trump is responding to the situation twitting this, we all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one.
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doug is live in charlotte's will, virginia with the latest. doug, how does it go? >> things are calm here right now, i send there's a de-escalation and the tension level early in the day. the last lie we are doing from the other park where the white nationalists had marre migrated, here where we stand in downtown charlottesville there is a horrific accident and appears by all accounts it looks intentional. the convertible car was involved. it is the middle of three cars that were involved. another silver car came up from behind on water street have their headed in a southerly direction at a high rate of speed. rear-ended the car which then rear-ended a minivan in front of it. then, the car which made the initial impact backed away from the accident scene at a high rate of speed. running over several pedestrians. as many as six victims. the police told me they would not quantify the number of victims, only that it was multiple and the injuries range from life-threatening to very
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minor. apparently, the car which did the initial ramming has been taken into police custody. was found in another part of town. there say nothing about the driver who was in the car and what the motivation was. they will not characterize it as an intentional ramming, but eyewitnesses who sought are characterizing it that way. >> kelly: thank you. there were reports initially that it wasn't intentional. now where hearing there might be some variance there. we'll wait for an update. >> let me add one thing. if you look at the video and i think you been running it. you see as the car is moving forward at a high rate of speed people are throwing projectiles that it. there's a possibility, i don't know this, there's a possibility the driver was trying to escape the throwing of projectiles and that's why he was going fast. the other possibility is that it was intentional.
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you can see please put a pair kates so they can proceed with the investigation. >> kelly: doug, thank you. >> julie: president trump and congressional leaders reacting to the situation charlotte, virginia. were expected to hear the president speak live about three minutes from now from bedminster. there, we find kristin fisher who is live from new jersey near where the president to saint for his working vacation. we expect comments any moment. the white house is taken a stand on the unrest of virginia. >> most early. i can confirm that president trump is expected to address the situation in charlottesville right off the top of his remarks when he speaks. he should be walking out any minute now. this is where was supposed to be a bill signing. a bill having to do with veterans affairs, we don't know exactly what about. of course now it's being overshadowed by the continued violence taking place in
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charlottesville. we expect present trump taken diamond and very strong terms. especially given the statement he just put out on twitter about an hour ago. here it is quote, we all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. he then said quote, i'm in bedminster for meetings and press conference on virginia. and all that we have done and are doing to make it better. but charlottesville, sad. it's very clear but president trump would love the focus today to be a veterans affairs in this bill. he is expected to sign the bill today. what has been taken place in charlottesville is taking priority. we've had some democratic leaders, chuck schumer came out say that president trump needs to directly address and name the perpetrators of this violence. and the perpetrators of the say. it will be interesting to see if president trump decides to do this when he speaks. especially since there's been a
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video circulated non- social media from former ku klux klan wizard, david duke. he essentially tries to tie president trumps policies to everything this rally and this white national rally is promoting. even the president trump has repeatedly denounced and denounced any kind of support from the kkk, are specifically david duke. we don't have the video. it was video taken from a photojournalist with the indianapolis star. we have the statement. this is from david duke and he says quote, we are determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. that's what we believed in, that's why we voted for donald trump. because, he said he is going to take our country back. so president trump, again want to make it clear, he has repeatedly denounced david
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doug's support multiple time, even though he took criticism for perhaps been slow to do so from the very early days of the campaign. the very early days of the republican primary. he has denounced but david duke continues to be a vocal supporter of president trump. it will be interesting to see if president trump addresses that in a few minutes. he's also been in contact with the virginia governor's office. they been in close communication with all of the local authorities in charlottesville. as the situation unfold. again, looking at the video and there's a group of veterans standing behind the podium. he's definitely going to talk about this bill what she has been working on behind the scenes. right off the top it's a very powerful statement about charlottesville. >> julie: it's interesting and important to bring david duke up
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because you want to disassociate for all of those were trying to pin these two together, president trump has disavowed not only his ugly language, but his whole message. david duke is not lashing out at present trump on twitter. he read one of his tweets, here's another. people were peacefully simply an attack by the same radical leftist who attacked your supporters. peacefully assembling does not necessarily describe what doug has been covering. now we heard about this car accident there were getting more information about, whether it was intentional or not, could've been that the driver was trying to defend itself by objects being thrown at the car, nonetheless, it's a mess and peacefully assembling is not a way to describe this. the president, by the way during the campaign trail let's go back to somewhere trying to pin this on the president and calling it
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his fault because the people who voted for him feel empowered by him. back in november, eric trump said that do, and this is a quote, deserves a bullet. is that friendly language between the trump administration and david do? no. what more can the president say to the american people to further disassociate himself with the hatred were seen right now charlottesville? >> no question, president trump has repeatedly denounced it. that same for a eric trump i forgot about it. president trump has tried to get ahead of this and say that he wants no part in this. david duke and his supporters keep time president trumps name to their rallies, to what they are promoting weather present trump likes it or not. the one thing people might want to see from president trump today is to say it again, to disavow it one more time, given the fact that all of this is
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ongoing in charlottesville. through the would be nothing new from president trump to say the sentinels for support from david duke. think it would go a long way. think people on capitol hill have said they would like to hear that kind of language. they're like to hear president trump actually specifically cite the people or the persons and specifically name the perpetrators of the violence and hatred and the protest that he's been are ready talking about and announcing on twitter. the key is to see how strongly worded president trump statement is and whether he actually names the group that he has been condemning all morning long. >> julie: were remade in the remarks in charlottesville regarding the virginia protest if you're just joining us. earlier, donald trump had tweeted that he's in bedminster for veteran affairs and all that we have done and are doing.
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unfortunately, veteran affairs are going to be taking a backseat to what has turned into a racist rally in charlottesville, virginia. he says, charlottesville, sad! now more pressure on the president to address these people. many who held celebrations after the president was elected in november and january, throughout the entire election. some organizers and people who are behind the organization of these rallies of people that also held rallies outside the white house. trying to put themselves in alignment with this president. one of the organizers had basically had his followers yelling hail trump. what kind of message does that send? kristin, we'll get back to the second. i want to bring in vincent, former nashville police officer
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and host of the podcast, be on the badge. thank you were talking to us. the president should be speaking any moment now. unfortunately his message of veteran affairs which is very important duty for the president to address, all of our veterans, those serving in those who are veterans of past service, and we thank you for their service. nonetheless, this is now coming to center stage. what more can be done at this point? seems this has spiraled out of control. >> julie, thanks for having me. veterans are very important issue. myself being a veteran there is nothing more to me than a veterans of this country to put their lives on the line every day. unfortunately it's been overrun by what's going on in charlottesville, virginia. first, i pray for the safety of all the officers, all the first responders there in charlottesville, new virginia as they tried to get things under control.
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>> julie: let's talk about the car accident. we have been showing this horrible video. it makes you gasp when you watch it. basically you have a car that is speeding at high speeds, fast enough for your thinking, is this intentional or is he running from something. certainly it suspect 20 see a car traveling at high speeds directly into a crowd we have people screaming and running out of the way. once he makes contact, then you see a car in high-speed and reverse running through the crowd again. how did the police handle this? these vehicles are hard to control if more people follow suit. >> absolutely. vehicles are hard to control. from what i can see now, it
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looks like this act was intentional. traveling at a high rate of speed, whether trying to get out of the way of project us, you left the scene of an accident. the car was found some distance away. to me it says it's intentional. but police right now need to make sure there trying to control the crowd, control people and get them off the streets. just because this person is in custody, doesn't mean it can't happen again. a lot of people in an open area and the situations are dangerous. >> let's talk about the misdemeanor charges that can be bought out. i'm not talking about those who decide to take a card and use it as a weapon for somebody who has an open carry license and pulls out a lot gone. those are all attempted murder charges they could be facing. simply being there at this point. because it's been deemed unlawful by virginia authoriti authorities, that's a misdemeanor, slap on the wrist. a fine. and then you are out. to they need to make this a more serious crime? this is perpetuating a more
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violent situation. >> absolutely. at some point, it went from protesting peacefully to inside in a right. anytime you are told by law enforcement to leave the area and yet you're still there, me personally think you should be charged with inciting a right. here we are come six people injured by vehicle because the crowd is still there and they continue to be disruptive. >> julie: can you do that? can you say this is no longer misdemeanor because a finest nothing. these people want to make their mark in history. a lot of people are doing this because they want to say i was there when. but if you actually have to spend time behind bars is it worth it? >> unfortunately you would have to change some laws. the current laws again these are misdemeanor charges. to be able to charge them with that, i don't think a grand jury or district attorney would
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pursue those charges. >> julie: thank you for talking with us. >> always a pleasure. >> kelly: now, let's bring in congressman thomas garrett who represents the district of charlottesville. sir, it's good of you to join us today. this is a very difficult situation for you obviously, these are your constituents in their day is been mirrored by violent things coming out of that area. >> i can't think of a circumstance i would rather be on your show for less than this. i want to point out, the victims of this racist violence my constituents, but a lot of the perpetrators are not from the area. i don't have words for it. i love this country and i want to see progress and we should strive to be more perfect union.
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certainly there are racist symbols and am once in our history that we need to overcome as we work towards being a more perfect union. again, i'm saddened. i will tell you that we don't know what happened with that car yet but from my point of view it appears to be deliberate. let me condemn that as if it was deliberate it's a terrorist attack in that shameful and i cannot believe this is happening in my home. >> kelly: were waiting to get clarity. i want to read something to you from senator marco rubio who is weighing in. he said these haters in charlottesville are added taters in search of relevance and publicity for a cause very few
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people support. >> where have things gone that we would even have this going on in the 21st century? >> 54 years ago in the city where he said, doctor king longed for a society where we judge people on the content of their character not the color of their skin. these clowns didn't get the memo. who we are as a nation is a melting pot. my wife and i did dna test, i happen to be 10% spanish and north african, who cares, i'm an american. i don't know where this came from. i do think it we have tried to ignore the clowns because i have to believe rubio is right. they're a tiny fraction of the minority of hatemongers and they feed on attention like -- feeds on oxygen. it can't be ignored. in the city were thomas jefferson lived when he drafted the declaration of independence and observed all people are created equal. >> kelly: i want to ask you about your town. tell me what you love about it and what the united states should know about it other than this ugly situation today.
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>> this country is the greatest nation on earth. we have ideas to strive to be a more perfect union. this is the best congressional district in the nation. the first congressman was the draft of the constitution, james madison. he ran against james munro so they are collegial and friendly. thomas jefferson drafted the declaration of independence lived in this district. chief justice marshall retired in this district. grant -- ended the civil war in this district. and the young girl, 16 years old named barbara johnson walked out of a racist school system to start this civil rights movement in the fifth district. >> kelly: let us not forget not far away was a young man by the name of doug wilder who wanted to become a hero during the korean war and ultimately emerged as a senator and the governor of virginia. >> again, i believe he was the first african-american governor in the nation coming from the very state were now we see her
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wristhorrific racist bigotry reg its ugly head. it's not who we are as americans. it's not who we are as residents of virginia. it shameful. we have montpelier, it's a wonderful place. these people are not from here, therefrom all over the country. it blows my mind that this many racist bigots actually exist in this country. but people need to understand, i'm a little fired up. people need to understand, how can you argue with all men are created equal, how can you argue with judging a person by their character content and not the color of their skin. what is wrong with this people? i can't figure it out. i will can diamond and i think it shameful that we have to. but here we are. >> is said to see what goes on
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in the hearts of men and women who think that way. while were talking about white nationalists we can forget the other side where there's people from the left and right -- i'm just trying to figure out why they're having dialogues about my life is more important than your life. isn't it true that living in america all of us should matter. were created equal in the eyes of god. >> so jefferson was imperfect person, slaveowner. but he gave us a near perfect document and the declaration. but your freedom should extend to the point where my stops. we should determine for ourselves what a destination should be so long as we don't hurt others. this is way beyond that. again, for it to happen and what i believe one of the greatest parts of america it's mindnumbing.
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>> kelly: will get a chance to talk to each other again i love charlottesville. good to talk to. >> pierce to the victims of the violence. >> julie: will be hearing from president trump at a moment now from his working vacation on the unrest on this day. will continued the coverage.
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>> this is a fox news alert as we await president trump to come forward. he'll be holding a news conference on his working vacation in new jersey. he's been doing more work in the vacationing. he was supposed to talk about veterans affairs an admission there he's been working hard on. to be commenting on the unrest in charlottesville, virginia. this just in. the mayor of charlottesville just tweeted, i am heartbroken
12:25 pm
that a life has been lost here. i urge all people of goodwill, go home. that justin. one person dead in the unrest of violent protests that have been sweeping all of charlottesville as we have been watching police trying to control the angry crowds. that only deer protesters as part of this all right movement, if you want to call it that, the white nationalist. the near protesters protesting the protesters. clashes from both sides. we have been hearing some heated language between the two. fist finds. most importantly, the violence broken out involves a car crash. we've been showing you this disturbing video of a car at high speeds plowing through a crowd of people, six people were
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hurt, then he reversed and conflicting reports as to whether not this was intentional move or if they are trying to evade projectile objects and thrown at it. nonetheless, they left the scene. therefore, that is a crime. if you're in a car accident and leave the scene that's a crime. that investigation is ongoing. joining me now as richard, radio talkshow host, thank you. this breaking news that one person has died has taken this to a whole new level. they need to lock this area down. people need to go to jail. people need to be evacuated from the area. what is your take? >> it's heartbreaking julie. i thought about this a lot as i wash your coverage and before that leland and elizabeth, have to say one thing, everybody
12:27 pm
watching this is a white america, black america, a game my haircut, a transamerica, we are all americans here. that is part of the problem. the started yesterday with the tiki torches which brought our country back 50, 70 years ago to this hateful, ugly, disgusting past. that is not who we are today. we need to reject that. i'm happy to see the president and vice president tweeted that earlier. i look forward to his press conference today. now, more than ever we need to reject hatred on both sides of the aisle and put partisan victim bickering behind and make sure our policies reflect who we are as an american. and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> julie: it certainly is. the president early tweeted
12:28 pm
about it. trying to communicate to the american people, we all, and all capitals, must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. [inaudible] >> the fbi has been following for decades for his hateful rhetoric. when we saw last night you see the alt-right which is code word for kkk, white supremacy and white nationalists. that should create a pause against all americans. these individuals literally want to take our country backwards to a time where individuals like me were not able to sit on the stairway and speak freely. that's not who we are as a country in 2017. that ideology has to be
12:29 pm
rejected. that's most important thing we have to understand as we look over this. now that we have lost life, we have to reject it. we have to lock the city down. and i know the mayor very well, i think his tweet is right. law-enforcement has done everything in their power to try to get control. we as americans have to do a lot of praying and soul-searching to figure out how we come together. how do we bring a divided nation together. we have been divided for years. i think the 2016 election made us more divided. now this president has a really hard job. how does he bring this country together when 49% and 49% and nobody's trying to figure out how to come to the middle. >> julie: david duke also needs to take responsibility, he never will, but nonetheless. he is trying to inspire his
12:30 pm
followers into believing that the president condones any of their actions. and he's been tweeting up a storm today. one was, in fact if you directly tweeting the president sing, i recommend you take a look in the mirror and remember is what americans who put you in the presidency not radical leftists. he's basically say were your supporters and were here because you empowered us. that's not the case. the president needs to come out strong today. not only say that we all must be united and condemn any kind of hate, but a more specific message to the supporters of david duke in order to further to announce not only the hate and violence, but also disavow and distance itself from any association. to be clear, the president does not associate himself with these groups. >> i think that's right. we sought candidate trump disavow himself from david duke.
12:31 pm
i'm pretty sure the press will ask him will he is about the all right once again? he probably will do it pretty strongly. he's going to have to say i do not support the all right. i will see what they say after that. more importantly, this president is going to have to say listen, we have to come together well, we have to find a way to create -- this is a tough situation were dealing with, it's not the first time we've seen it. i'm in new orleans today. a couple months ago was in new orleans, not as violent but we saw the mayor takedown silver it statutes. the same protest and angst happened here. clearly this all right movement does not want to go silence.
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>> i need to go to the virginia secretary speaking at the press conference. let's listen. >> passed with bipartisan support both the house and senate. s want to thank a veteran service organizations who were there helping us get this important piece of legislation passed for veterans. many are here today, others not able to join us today. the virginia choice and quality employment act has three important components. the first, is that this helps us expand our ability to hire medical center directors and other senior executives to serve in the virginia. this is about leadership and it's important that we get the right leaders to help us get the right job for veterans. the second, this bill authorizes 28 new facilities, leases that will be in different parts of the country that provide veterans with updated facilities. again we are committed to providing our veterans with were class care. third, and most important, this bill allows us to continue to provide care in the community
12:33 pm
for a veterans to make sure there getting high quality care, not waiting for care. already in the first six months of this year we have authorized over 15 million appointments for veterans in the community. that is 4 million appointments more than what was experienced at this time last year. we are making progress in expanding choice. this is a temporary fix. we still have more work to do with congress and with the president support. we need to collapse a different ways of paying for community care into a single program and simplify to make it easy for veterans to use. i know with this president's commitment toward countries veterans, this is important to him, to me, and to our veterans.
12:34 pm
it gives me great pleasure today to introduce the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. mr. president. >> thank you very much. as you know, this was a small press conference about a very important one. the schedule to talk about the great things we're doing with the secretary on the veterans administration. we will talk about that very much so in a little while. i thought i should put out to comment as to what is going on in charlottesville. so, again i want to thank everybody for being here and in particular i want to thank our credible veterans. thank you fellows, let me shake your hand.
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>> great people. great people. we are closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. it's been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack obama, this has been going on for a long, long time. it has no place in america. what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. no citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. no child should ever be afraid
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to go outside and play, or be with their parents. and have a good time. i just got off the phone with the governor of virginia, terry mccullough. we agreed that the hate and the division must stop. it must stop right now. we have to come together as americans with love for our nation and true, and really, i say this so strongly, true affection for each other. a country is doing very well in so many ways, we have absolute record employment. we have on employment the lowest it has been in almost 17 years. we have companies pouring into our country. car companies and so many
12:37 pm
others, they're coming back to our country. we are renegotiating trade deals to make them great for country and great for the american worker. we have so many incredible things happening in our country. so when i watch charlottesville, to me it is very, very sad. i want to salute the great work of the state and local police in virginia, incredible people, law-enforcement, incredible people. also, the national guard, they have really been working smart and working hard. they have been doing a terrific job. federal authorities are providing tremendous support for the governor, he thanked me for that. we are here to provide whatever other assistance is needed. we are ready, willing, and able. above all else, we must remember the street. no matter our color, creed, religion, or political party, we
12:38 pm
are all americans first. we love our country, we love our god, we love our flag, we are part of our country, we are proud of who we are. so, we want to get the situation straightened out in charlottesville, and we want to study it. we want to see what we are doing wrong is a country where things like this can happen. my administration is restoring the sacred bonds of loyalty between this nation and its citizens, but our citizens must also restore the bonds of trust and loyalty between one another. we must love each other respected reach other and cherish our history we have to respect each other, ideally we
12:39 pm
have to love each other. and now, to the veterans administration where i'm so proud of david and the job you have done in such a short time, i think your folks would attest to it. if anyone disagrees you can leave the right now. but david really has, he is a star what he has been able to do. so i would like to thank you very much for your leadership and for your profound improvements to the virginia services you have made in such a short time. today was another milestone in our work to transform the virginia where we are doing record-setting business including something called the con ability act where david and his executives can hold people accountable and say your fire,
12:40 pm
you do a poor job for veterans, you're fired. that's been in the making for 40 years that we are not able to get approved. whatever many legislative successes and i know david is making life a lot debt that are. people are making progress because of it. in a few moments i will sign the virginia choice in employment act of 2017. this bill will ensure that veterans continue to have the ability to receive the dr. of their choice. so important. and don't have to wait for travel long distances for care. during the campaign i kept talking about it. people, these great, incredible veterans ar our finest, they are waiting in line for seven days, nine days, 14 days for ailments that could be fixed quickly. they end up dying of things that could be taken care of very, very routinely.
12:41 pm
and i said that it's never going to happen when i am president. i said even at the time, before having tremendous research given to me and after the research was given, it was still back to the same basic common sense, why can't they go out and see a dr.? if they have to wait seven or 14 days why can't they go see the dr. will pay for the cost of the dr.? it will be less expensive but more importantly you will have immediate medical care for our veterans. and they're very thankful. it started already. quite a while ago considering we are young administration. i think you see from the veterans they're very proud and very happy. and partly, this bill authorizes new community-based outpatient clinics and improves virginia's ability to higher-quality job candidates. were getting candidates that are of the highest quality. they're coming into the virginia system now.
12:42 pm
so our veterans have more choices and more access to the absolute best possible care. i want to thank congressman phil roe, senator johnny isaacson, those two people have been working so hard. senator dean heller for their dedicated efforts to get this bill through congress. is very, very tough. for reasons that, i guess i understand, but it was not easy. i will tell you that phil johnny, ending work very, very hard to get it through. and, by the way i can also say others, and even some democrats. i want to say their names, go ahead say their names. >> senator koester and representative walls were key in helping us get this done mr. president.
12:43 pm
>> see, i can do it. but people fought and they fought us hard. and now the administration is fighting for you. we are working night and day to ensure our brave veterans are provided with world-class treatment which is what they are getting, world-class treatment. by the way, again, we are here for just a little more than six months. you are seeing it on a daily basis get better, better, better. you're hearing it from the veterans. they're getting this great medical treatment, care, procedures, and we're getting our facility shaped up and made into world-class facilities at the same time. our great veterans deserve only the best, and that is exactly what they are getting. i want to thank everybody for being here. especially the wonderful veterans behind me. that helped us so much.
12:44 pm
they are spectacular people. again, going back to charlottesville, we have to heal the wounds of our country. these are ones that have been going on for a long time. i thought, and everybody thought, and everybody wants it to heal. it will heal. we are going to make every effort possible to make sure the healing procedures go as quickly as possible. i love the people of our country. i love all of the people of our country. we will make america great again, but will make a great for all of the people of the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. [inaudible]
12:45 pm
[inaudible] >> thank everybody. >> mr. president, can you respond to -- because they support you. >> they like me to sign the bill here instead of outside so i think we'll do that. thank you. [inaudible] who's getting the pen? [applause]
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>> ladies first. okay thank you very much everybody. >> mr. president you want the support of these white nationalist groups to say that they support you? have you denounced them strongly enough? >> what you call this terrorism sir? >> c-130 have it. the president dressing first and foremost the virginia bill he signed essentially extended rights to veterans, something he campaigned on. he talked much about the fact that veterans and those abuse by the system, those abusers should be fired. he wanted to make sure that law and order was held to those people within the virginia system that has turned it into a broken system and so many veterans have been neglected through the years. also get a veterans the option to choose whatever ve doctor thy may want even to get the best
12:47 pm
care possible. based on the questions from reporters, all reporters and everybody there wanting more on the president's view of what's going on charlottesville. he came forward and was very strong in his remarks. he read from a prepared speech, basically condemning the violence in charlottesville and the alt-right rally today. he mentioned the car several involved in a car accident where investigators are trying to determine whether or not that was intentional or not. the violence is escalating on the president coming out of saying he spoke with virginia governor declared a state of emergency. basically saying i'm quoting, they must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this violence in america. he went on to talk about that in his press conference essentially saying that from both sides there is no u exception to the rule that this kind of hate and violence is unacceptable. it must stop. the mayor charlottesville coming
12:48 pm
out moments go saying one person has died. a fatality as a result of this violence asking people to just go home. the question is, will they heed that request? now over to kelly. >> kelly: it's been quite a day. doug is live in charlottesville with the latest of what's going on there. >> the latest with this horrific car accident we haven't heard from authorities whether this was intentional, they haven't categorized it that way. from witnesses it seems like it was intentional. a lot of videotapes of car accident from cell phone videos that we spoke to. one journalist by the name of john sigler who shot one of the most prominently aired videos, john, describe what she saw. >> when i first approached the intersection behind me i was five and i was here to get the protesters on my lifestream.
12:49 pm
i saw about three or 400 or more antiracist protesters gathering and ready to march and make their presence known. they decided they were going to turn the corner go that way. they got about 20 or 30 feet down the street and i was 10 feet away from them. all of a sudden you heard the impact of a person being thrown over a car. you can see my footage the car coming in at 30 or 40 miles per hour. other witnesses thought it was a cop because it was a dodge charger with tinted windows. then when the path was open and floored on the gas directly in the path of the protesters. >> after impacting the two other cars he put it in reverse at a high rate of speed and had more
12:50 pm
pedestrians. >> that is true. the fact that he hit those two other cars which hit more people. the van, there is no driver, he got pushed down in the intersection and more people get injured. >> is there any doubt that this was a white nationalist behind the car. >> no doubt my mind. it was a cord needed attack. >> why do you say coordinated attack? >> we started talking to people adverse parts of the street to get the story of what happened. the first people tell us they waited on san it was a cop saying there's two nationals nationalist out of there saying come this way. there were in the same attire from the park earlier. >> let's wrap it up saying john noticed several witnesses the car had no license plate. we have not confirmed that with the authorities, but no license plates on the car. >> kelly: thank you doug. >> julie: will go back in a moment but first were keeping an eye in charlotte so, virginia after an emotional day. stay with us for continuing coverage after this you don't let anything
12:51 pm
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>> kelly: an update on thevehick place there, or that we understand it was intentional. officials in charlotte wilson one day, 19 injured after the car plowed into a group of protesters in downtown charlottesville. that broke out the car plowed down and injured 19 and one dying. let's bring in republican congressman gary. we heard from the president right now but first, before i talk about the president, your reaction a response to the situation with the vehicle. >> i sought on the last segment. we had not determined if it was intentional but based on my
12:55 pm
interview a look that way. that's an act of political terrorism. no different than the shooting at the baseball diamond. let me hit on something the president said. was particularly articulate. we have to respect each other, ideally but we have to respect each other but we lost that. that is part of what makes us great as a nation. i served in the military in the balkans, i saw places where people bodies worse deck like corwin because people worshiped on different days of the week. these white nationalist or whatever they are or not who i believe america is supposed to be. i respect their right to speak, they don't have any right to perpetrate violence other fellow citizens. there's no defending that. i want to absolutely. >> kelly: i really want to ask you quickly, something else the president got into an you're talking about it, he didn't pick
12:56 pm
sides. he said it's not donald trump is not barack obama, to me, my frame of thinking, he nailed it right there saying it's not about the former president of this president, it's been going on long time. and something has to be done. so he is stepping out firmly fuel to say this is got to stop and we have to learn how to get along. >> there's lots of people who agree with me on issues and why disagree with that who i love and embrace. and to dissent from whatever opinion, that's who we are as a country but this is in. i want to give praise to the charlottesville mayor for his tweet regarding people who want peace and to just go home. >> we appreciate you so much for sharing and weighing in on the issue. were sorry it's happening in charlottesville. your great constituents there. as a president said we need to pull together as a country. >> and pray for the victims.
12:57 pm
>> thank you. >> julie: we continue to watch the unrest is 19 people were injured in the car crash that was intentional move, one person dead. the mayor's asking everyone to go home. more after the break. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking.
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is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> kelly: this is president trump condemning today's events in charlotte, virginia. after a white nationalist rally turns into chaos. hello. welcome to a new our inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie, state of emergency has been declared. continued violence in charlottesville this afternoon is a car plowed into a crowd near the protest. our local reports are saying it was a collaborated, plant attackan