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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 17, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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expertise. this is the big story of the day. we will have continuing coverage now. >> heather: "outnumbered" search right now, will be back in one hour. >> harris: we continue our breaking news coverage now. what we are looking at now is the open area and spain not far from me shopping district. it will be careful with our lingo until we know what we are talking about. the word "terrorism" has been talked about, but not confirmed. here's what we do know. a white van jumped to the sidewalk in las romblas which is a district of stalls, and shops.
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there were early reports of people one on the ground. we do not know what caused this, what it could possibly become but the word terrorism has been used, but not confirmed. a turkish restaurant where two armed men entered reportedly and took hostages, that's in a different part of the city, but we don't know if these two things are related. these hostage takers were described as possibly being from the northwest region of africa, but again, we don't have the confirmation of that and why they would think that, perhaps there is language being spoken, we're working a part of the story as well. amy kellogg is covering this for us and also our sister network sky news is on there. amy is in milan, but she's in europe obviously. to revisit these two scenes so you understand simultaneously, what's going on.
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if these turn out to be related, this would be significant because it would mean that the arbitrary nature of these things would be taken away and the likelihood of it being something more coordinated would be there. at this point, we don't know this. a white van jumped the sidewalk and a shopping district, that's one. reports and it took -- reportsa turkish restaurant, that's two. amy, are you with us? >> i am, it has been a very edgy summer in europe and you go around cities, certainly in italy, you see a very, very heavy police and at times, army presence. people are living in fear in barcelona when police told them to run. we've been hearing eyewitness
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reports of people who are barricaded inside shops and have pulled down those metal grates, those grills, then we hear of people barricaded inside a church. the reports the people who were driving that van, just a short time ago fled on foot. you mentioned there may be a simultaneous incident going on in a turkish restaurant with armed gunmen who entered and possibly taken hostages, we need to be careful. is that the driver of the van on the loose or is that something else? there are a lot of unresolved questions right now, but we do know that media reports are saying that two people may have been killed as a result of this crash, which authorities basically initially were just calling a massive crash. this happened a short time ago in europe, it's 6:00 in the evening, you know what that means. getting ready to go to dinner, going to have a cocktail,
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spaniards coming back from a an afternoon nap. there would be a lot of foot traffic. >> harris: i want to cut in just a second. sky news is reporting, and we are now getting it at fox news, will try to confirm this on our own, but our sister network sky news is reporting that two people thought to have been killed in the van crash, barcelona police are saying now this is a terrorist attack and that's what they are reporting going based on barcelona police. go ahead. >> i think that's what everyone certainly has been assuming, especially when the driver fled on foot. in any event, this is something that certainly has been happening at a time when the center of barcelona would be busy. barcelona has not had a major incident as far as i can recall. there's been a lot of migration
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across the continent that has been causing concern because there's fear than on everyone that's arriving has good intentions, but again, we don't know anything about the identity of people involved in this case. they did have a couple of terrorist attacks in 2004. bombings on trains in madrid that left 191 people dead, but since then, it has been to an extent on the radar. >> harris: i need to break in and will bring you back. i need to get to sky news right now, they're talking with a witness. >> you are caught up in this crash. >> we didn't see victims, we saw people sort of running. just trying to get far away from this scene.
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>> up until that point, this is a normal summer's day in barcelona. >> this morning, there does some to be a lot of police about. >> i know you're back in your hotel, we were speaking to a colleague of mine who's in barcelona at the moment who's suggesting people are being told to get indoors, to stay in their offices and their hotels. i'm presume this advice given to you as well. >> all the shops are shut down and everything is closing up. >> have you been in barcelona for longer than a day? i want to try to compare and contrast what you can see from your windows of the moment and what you might have seen yesterday around the same time. >> we've been here for a few
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days. two nights ago, we were shopping and eating dinner. everything was normal and now it's just chaos. >> if you could pause for a second, i want to bring viewers a little bit of news from the reuters news agency. the two armed men, a periodical newspaper is reporting that two armed men have now entrenched themselves in that bar. there is reported gunfire, didn't say where they had that information. it is not however immediately clear, we should make that absolutely and parent that these two individuals. have you heard any gunfire or anything of that sort from your
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position? >> no, the hotel which is far from a scene, so we haven't really heard anything. >> many thanks for being with us and we wish you and your family and friends well, stay indoors. just to reiterate that's what we have heard over the past hour or so, a van has plowed into pedestrians in barcelona city center, two people it is believed so far are dead. police have described this as a terrorist incident. we can speak to david borden to get a more complete picture. try to bring us up-to-date as much as you can, please. >> as we know, this van plowed down this pedestrian eyes area killing, we think, to people and
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injuring many, many more. at the center of this operation, and needs to be at a restaurant nearby where according to local newspaper sources and the police, there are two armed men -- >> harris: we've been watching sky news and that was important for us to dip and write at that moment because they were talking with a witness. we are going to pull back from them now and do our own reporting on this. spain's newspaper which was the first to report about the situation with the driver, perhaps in the white van that jump to the sidewalk nearing a shopping distance, that reported citing police officers and sources that the people in the van, and they're saying more than one person in the van, we don't have a number according to this newspaper in barcelona are now holed up in that restaurant bar.
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las romblas, historic, it's iconic. lots of stalls and shops, it's an open area. a lot of people would have been walking around, jumping out of the way are some of the witness accounts that we been able to hear now. away from this second scene and now we're led led to believe, not awfully far and if it is the case that the people in the van got out it went into this restaurant, there is seen doing so because it was a short distance away. they are described as being armed and now we hear reports through our sky news and sister network that there was gunfire somewhere in and around the bar restaurant. as a turkish bar restaurant. we are working with our own sources, amy kellogg can come back to us. she's been following this as well in milan and while we wait to bring her back, we have steve hilton on the couch. we have talked many times about
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terror in europe and everything we've seen in spring or summer. amy describes this as being europe on edge, what are your thoughts? >> steve: it's such a tragically familiar scene unfolding. ever since the nice attack, when you hear about a vehicle, your mind immediately goes to this kind of attack. this weapon icing of vehicles, a very simple, basic way of carrying out a terror attack is such a terrible trend that we are seeing. the other thing about this that reminds me of the attack we saw in london, where you also had its spill over into other parts of the city, a very similar kind of set up where the iconic markets in london and you had hostages being held in restaurants, similar things seem to be going on. it must be terrifying.
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i would say, las romblas is the most iconic place in all of spain. it's a very high profile target and that again testifies to the planning that has gone into thi this. >> sandra: want to continue to get more perspective, i want to let you know as well that the nypd counterterrorism unit has spoken out on this saying we are closely monitoring the developments of the incident in barcelona. buck saxton joins us, he is a former cia counterterrorism analyst. obviously, when we see a situation like this overseas, we tend to tighten up security here at home. what do you make of what you're seeing and hearing so far? >> clearly, it has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack and whether it's isis inspired or isis directed, it could even be remote control where you have a terrorist group that is
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actually telling somebody every step of the way, get the vehicles here, get your target set in this place, those are all things will be finding out in the next few hours, the next few days, but so far, the target set alone is indicative of a being a terrorist attack. this is a heavily traffic area. we've seen this before but people who were remote-controlled or inspired by isis. it's all lining up and unfortunately, it's one of these incidents where people are going to be asking questions like how can we stop this, how can we prevent this? very difficult to prevent a low-tech attack like this we can also be a mass casualty low-tech attack. >> sandra: sky news just tweeted out an update of where we are, what we know at this point. a number of people have been run over after this van hit crowds and the las romblas area in
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barcelona, several people injured. police say the driver of the van reportedly fled on foot after the crash, barcelona police are calling this a terrorist attack at this point. and they're saying metro and railway stations there have been closed near the incident and paris just reported the spanish newspaper our same perpetrators are holed up in a bar. what with the situation on the ground be like for the police and the feds in this area at this point knowing what we know? >> they're going to be cordoning with emergency services units to handle the imminent threat of these individuals now reportedly hold up in a bar. that probably is already becoming a hostage situation. when you have individuals who are likely inspired by jihadists, ideology, it's a possibility that they will increase casualties and not seek to have any resolutions to this at the end where they come out alive, which means you are
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dealing with a very difficult circumstance. again, assuming we are talking about jihadists which is statistically likely, but not yet confirmed. also, always out the major attacks in paris over a year ago, to have multiple locations in the city, specifically target for an attack, to maximize the psychological terror for the entire city that comes from this. this could be a one-off, it could be an individual in a new vehicle mowing people down. this could be an incident that follows on attacks. authorities are really working around the clock and time is not on their side. >> sandra: thanks for jumping on the phone with us. >> harris: before we go to our next guest, please have court enough the popular street ordering stores and nearby metro and train stations now to close. they are asking people to stay
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away from this area in barcelona, this iconic historic area las romblas, not to give way to emergency vehicles las romblas, as we been talking about would be a very crowded area. you can see people in the area with a lot of pedestrians walking down a very wide street with shops on other side. catherine herridge now joins us from washington and we would automatically be giving them support, what are you hearing? >> i've been able to confirm the last few minutes, this is a group that was great after 9/11 as the main hub for threat analysis for the u.s. government, they are focusing and monitoring the situation in barcelona at this hour. a couple of details. one is the reported use of this rental van, it fits the m.o. of
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previous attacks in europe, number two is what seems to be simultaneous or coordinated attacks between the ramming of the crowds with the van and also, what is now appearing to be a hostage situation as your last guest just mentioned, there also trying to determine whether this is the sum total of events or whether there may be more attacks as well. >> harris: they were telling americans very early on the dangers of traveling to europe this summer. i do not anticipate or did not have the list with my family when i went to paris or london any ideas about barcelona, but as our guest steve hilton is telling us today, this area would be one that anyone would target because of the population, the size of that
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street. >> i don't want to get too far outside the lines because we don't know the identity of the suspects or their motivation, but i would draw your attention to the spanish media reporting that there are some intercepts that it's highly likely that it was a terrorist attack. they also have more information about the suspects who are holed up in this turkish restaurant. what the authorities are able to do in a situation like this is effectively put a dome down over the area so they can pick up the phone communications as well as social media communications which helps gives them a better idea of what has unfolded. your point about the high threat level that we've seen throughout europe, really at the heart of this is the idea of the long wall for the self radicalized individual who has taken very primitive tools, become radicalized and launches what
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amounts to a low-tech attack, so that could be with knives, machetes, firearms, but sadly, more typically and recently, these vehicles as weapons. that's a big, broad overview of context. we have to really be careful here and make sure we know who the suspects are and what the basis is for the spanish police making this statement that is likely terrorism. they would not do that without sufficient evidence. >> harris: i'm seeing again for the reporting on that. barcelona police are treating this incident is a terror attack. we have several reports in a row on that now. what you're saying is while we don't have all the facts, that is not arbitrary for them to use that kind of terminology this early on. catherine herridge, will bring you back as the news warrants, thank you. >> sandra: i wanted to get this in here, just as eyewitness
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accounts are coming in. bbc reporting that there was a loud noise and nobody ran for cover. this is one of the most visited sites in barcelona, i think several people were hit. thank you for jumping on with us, can you tell what you make of the situation so far? >> it's reminiscent of so many things that we've seen over the last several years. a high tourism facility were a lot of european tourists are at a very high peak tourist time. we are seeing these low-tech type of attacks running through the city, now we are hearing about to potentially people
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inside a restaurant, this remind me of what we saw in bombay years ago where a gunman as held up inside a hotel, and took some hostages to try to prolong a media blitz where they were able to talk about their issues and keep hostages. this is reminiscent of many of the things we've seen that politically, they've tried to get their issues heard him and to give voice to their disgusting viewpoints. >> sandra: because barcelona is such a popular tourist destination for many americans, the u.s. consulate in barcelona is saying americans in spain, if you are safe, be sure to notify friends and loved ones. if you use social media, be sure to update your status. we are aware of the reported incident, please avoid the area and monitor local police for
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updates. we don't know that much right now, what is it like on the ground right now as they try to figure out what is happening and what is still happening on the ground? >> as we ask americans who are there tell their loved ones where they are through social media, what we are learning is through social media, even the communication that we've gone from police, local police saying this is a terrorist attack. that came from the local police department. in this age, whether it's the local police department, whether it's families or terrorists, many communications come through social media in this self radicalization has also been through these echo chambers that have been created. people live in this social media
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means and he began to radicalized because they create a group of people that they listen to in these echo chamber chambers. these extremist viewpoints begin to harden. in spain, what makes it a very unique place is there is the separatist movement in spain, so they're completely nonreligious, the train bombings that we saw in 2004, what we saw in 2006, we saw an airport bombing in a 2009, we saw a bombing. spain has had multiple movements. we are not sure exactly who is behind this, we learn that in the coming hours, but it could be far more complicated than what we've seen in brussels and london. >> abby: abby huntsman here, as you said, this is reminiscent of what we seen for the past year and a half, since early
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2016 of cars or vans running into crowds in popular areas in europe, over 100 people have been killed and that period of time in the past year and a half or so. you think about nice, berlin, london, stockholm, how do you protect the people, how do you prepare for these kinds of attacks, when we are talking about just a random person getting into a car, and this case, a rented car and just driving and running right into such a crowded populated area? >> this is a soft target. you can never really protect these soft targets. we've seen this in airports in turkey recently where we began to harden airports and then we see this happening right outside the security area so not many airports were trying to prevent people, even from getting between a 3-mile radius and through checkpoints.
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the further we get out, the terrorist needs to go right outside that area in these are very difficult to do. right here at home, we talked about charlottesville, we saw the car running that just occurred at a protest. this extremism has grown in many different folds across the world and sometimes what we overlook is that these echo chambers where people talk to each other and begin to amp each other up on their individual narrow conference, whether they're religious, on the left, the right, they began to isolate themselves from the larger society and begin to believe that their individual concern is that they can treat others as less than human.
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that is incredibly dangerous across the world and we have to address and counter this violent extremism narrative. >> trish: trish regan here, let me ask you about something you brought up, given that this has happened in barcelona, they seek a big movement, walk us through that other theory. the instinct that many people have when they see this is that most likely, it is islamic terror. there is another possibility here, do you think? >> yeah, the barcelona nationalist group in spain were part of an airport bombing in 2006 in madrid. two had died, 250 people were injured. that was a very significant effort. the separatist movement comes and goes, we see it take hold in spain and over the years, the spanish have struggled with it.
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we haven't heard in many years from that movement, but again, the advent of social media has allowed people to organize over the internet and create these individual echo chambers that sometimes if they go unchecked, can cement his hatred and allow small groups to become violent. we've got to begin to address this. >> harris: this is harris, we're getting some reports and this is obviously coming from -- let me lick it with the is here. this is from the department of spain, they have a loose translation, but basically it says that there are dead and
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injured victims as a result of the overthrows. there is a word that it doesn't quite translate, but we know the card jumped the sidewalk. there has been no shoot-out. i wanted to put that in there because we have had some report of gunfire outside this particular location which is close by. that is a very large department store and now the interior ministry is saying there has not been a shoot-out. now back to you in your thought thoughts. >> often times in recent history, we've begun to look at terrorism in the context of as we think about this in modern
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context, extremism comes from separatist groups and nationalistic groups, we saw some of that here in charlottesville, as you look at spain now, potentially and again, it's early, we don't know, but it could be the epa, the nationalist group in spain. it's early. i would caution all of us, as we think about this, as we watch our television screens, that we should monitor our children as to what they're doing with their computers and who are they talking to? many times, people are engaged in an online groups, community groups and we should know what they are so they get removed from society. you should know what kids are involved in, especially teenagers and young people. this is a lesson to all of us, a
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reminder to all of us, as we watch these global events happen, we tend to think that that is not going to affect us, that is in effect our families, but in small ways and big ways, these things are important. >> harris: mustafa timmy's joining us, he is giving us his take their as he continues to talk what was happening on the ground. we appreciate your time today and your thoughts. i want to remind everybody, as he's talking and giving us details and texture based on his experience, we do not have anything confirmed about who might have pulled this off. we don't know which group. we don't know if there is necessarily a group, as part of the story that's unfolding right now, but it's great to get his perspective on what could be and certainly what it's like right now. we're going to pause, all right, we're not going to pause quite yet. eventually, we want to bring on
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it our broadcast station. as soon as we get dealer to do that, we'll take off at that. now i'm getting a countdown. live television, we're bringing in everybody. we went to pause for just a moment to let our fox stations join us. >> harris: this is fox news coverage of a possible terror attack in barcelona, spain. i'm harris faulkner in new york at fox news headquarters. here's what we know so far. there are two scenes that police are working, the first of those scenes, police are calling their end spain, a possible terrorist attack, that's their words, that's how they are terming it. a white van jumped the sidewalk and a very popular tourist shopping district. ed was filled with people both in the street and along the shops and stalls and there is a very large department store there that has come into play. we've learned it's name today. we do know from reports that two people have been confirmed dead.
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early reports said there were people lying in the streets. we do not know how many people have been harmed in this, but we can tell you away from that seen seen, the spanish newspaper was reporting that somebody got out of that van and then ran away on foot. other witnesses are saying according to localized reports that they went into a nearby turkish bar and restaurant and that's where the story then gets a little fuzzy for all of us because we can't see inside that restaurant and we don't know what police can confirm on the ground at this point in terms of this, but the reports say that there are hostages now inside that turkish bar and restaurant and it's unclear if it would have been the men from the van or some other coordinated situations going on, so that's all that we know at this point. the confirmation is two people are killed. sandra, i'm looking to the right of my shoulder, has something popped? >> sandra: the department of the interior is reporting there are fatalities, obviously, it's a rough translation into english
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of this, there are dead and injured victims as a result of the overthrows, there have been no shoot-out in the department store to which you referred. >> harris: okay, some witnesses early on had described these people, and we don't know how this could be, maybe it was a link which were using, as possibly coming from the northwest region of africa. again, we don't know how they would know that. police operating on this as a terrorist attack. the las romblas shopping district, popular area for tourists. you just heard sandra smith say it with me, alongside here that those reports of gunfire outside of a shopping department store could not be confirmed by the interior ministry, they are saying from a department that that did not happen, but what we do know today is that there have been dead and injured in summing the police are calling a terror
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attack. this is spain, we'll keep coverage on this on on fox news channel and on your broadcast station that you're watching right now. in the meantime, people in the local area are on lockdown. here's what we know about that. the metro trains and all the public transportation around this have been shut down. people were told to shelter in place at this point. those shops have their window coverings drawn and people are told to stay away from the windows. this is very much an active scene because whatever happened with the person who jumped out of that man, they're looking for that person and then the separate reports that this hostages taken by one or two men with guns, that's a different situation, could be related to this, but that's an ongoing situation. stay tuned to fox news channel and this broadcast station for our continuing coverage. i'm harris faulkner in new york. all right, back here on fox news channel, the situation now, sandra, obviously it is
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that barcelona police are working this scene, two of them. now they have to figure out whether or not the second scene where people were taken this turkish restaurant has anything to do what the first of the vantage of the curb. we are looking at a scene unfold in new york that we were warned about earlier this summer that terrorism could flourish. while we do not know the exact cause or group or whatever, we were told to be on lookout. of course, and spain, they hadn't had anything happen the way they have in london. >> sandra: earlier, we had one of our experts on saying just how important social media is in breaking news now, especially as we have witnesses and similar terrorist attacks like this, it's an important part of putting the pieces together. it's amazing at this point how little we do know. we have two people on the couch by the way who know this area fairly well, as i understand it.
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there are indeed fatalities and all of this, going back to catherine herridge's report, the national counterterrorism center, that's the government hub for monitoring the developments in barcelona. the use of a vehicle as a weapon and what is reported to be a possible follow on a hostage restoration. we're going to bring in bill gavin at this point, he's joining us live on the phone, he's a a former fbi assistant director in new york city. can you give us some idea of what he can make of the situation at this point while we are waiting for more details? >> right now, there's a ton of confusion going on. two different scenes. police have to address the urgency. the other thing they have to do
9:37 am
is start peeling the onion on the car. there's a lot of confusion going on, but i can tell you this, the law enforcement and the intelligence authorities are in direct contact with the u.s. in looking to see if there has been anything that popped up on the grid that wasn't understandable until this event occurred. the other thing that pauses me about this is the vehicle seems to be the weapon of choice now for terrorism. we have an event coming up in boston this weekend that's a spillover from charlottesville this weekend. the things people do with vehicles spawned people of like-minded who do that, they don't have to be isis folks, they have to be other terrorists and one never knows if you're going to see that again. i assume the boston police and state police, the bureau, all law enforcement have got to be on edge this weekend in boston.
9:38 am
>> trish: it's trish regan, let me ask you about what the process is for now, finding that person that may have been driving that van that we are told may have fled on foot, do they have cameras, any kind of facial recognition that they could be employing right now on the intelligence side of things so they can try to find that person? >> i'm sure they have some eyewitnesses who can identify the clothing and the general description of the individual. i'm positive they also have cameras particularly in this tourist area. the other thing that they do is they may be shut down the public transportation to look for and to prevent a person from escaping their and to prevent other people from going into and
9:39 am
cause more havoc and kill more people. >> sandra: i have an update from the state department, the spokesperson for the state department, just put on the statement saying the state department is closely monitoring events in barcelona, we urge americans to stay away from the area and update family and friends with whereabouts. the u.s. embassy in madrid, we are aware of a report at las romblas in barcelona. >> abby: bill bill cowan, thanu so much. we want to bring in amy kellogg his life for us, she's been covering this from the very beginning. amy, give us some context to the area we're talking about here in barcelona when it comes to potential hotbeds of extremism and what they're dealing with with immigration, help set the stage to understand that area. >> barcelona, spain generally has been one of the most
9:40 am
populous -- a popular tourist destinations recently because a lot of people have been frightened from belgium given the relative frequency of terror attacks they are. spain has been relatively quiet, however, it's important to point out that in 2004, the largest terror attack on european soil that took place in madrid and those were bombings on the train. 191 people were killed. since then, spain has kind of been off the radar, however, when you look at it, there are periodically arrests of people in spain who look like or accused of having links to isis or al qaeda. the police are keeping a very close watch on this. you've got the migration situation here in europe, about 100,000 people have arrived in italy by sea this year alone. most of those people are looking for work, but there is always concern about infiltration in some of these migrant boats of
9:41 am
people from northern africa who may be extremists or have some sort of orders to carry out attacks here and that has been a very nervous issue for people here in italy is pushing back against that, arming the libyan coast guard or i should say, furnishing it with a lot of materials in order to push some of these smaller boats back to africa. as a consequence now, spain is getting a lot more migration. it's a three times up from last year, so something like 8,000 this year, 2,000 the year before so far. those people are likely just looking for material this year people of numbers who are arriving here and it's impossible to keep track of everyone. >> harris: i want to interject because how they -- for we know,
9:42 am
they could be citizens of barcelona so i want to be careful about drawing a conclusion. we cannot draw a direct line. sandra and i have just watch a video and i don't know if we can show that on television, but it is on twitter right now and it is with the rtv ee broadcaster was showing and spain. it shows people being entered on the ground and others rushing to help them in the middle of the street. apparently being helped by police officers as police were broadening or shutting down stores, so that would have been taken in the last hour or so this happened at 545 local time there. there were people in those shops in those restaurants and there were people gathered outside of a beautiful day and downtown barcelona. the spew on the spanish provide a briefing at 1:00 p.m. eastern
9:43 am
time, that would be at 7:00 p.m. local time on the ground there. an update from the white house just coming in. they are keeping the president abreast of the situation, always important to know if the president has been made aware. no official treatment yet from them. >> harris: when you look at this video, we're going to send it to our control room, if there's any part of it we can share, we will try to come up it is hard to watch. whomever has carried this out today has done the one thing that they set out to do, no doubt and that is to scare the world over when you see those images. >> sandra: john kelly keeping the president abreast of the situation and barcelona. we were just told them i went to bring in catherine herridge, she joins a fly from washington. what are you learning? >> i've been making calls last half hour, what i can say is the u.s. government is engaged in
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monitoring when happening right now and barcelona, as we reported about 25 minutes ago, this is the nations hub analysis that was set up after 9/11. they focus on barcelona, the details of their jumping out at them is the use of a rental van, and what appears to be some kind of follow-up attack with one or two armed individuals. the fbi has an office in madrid, people forget that because the primary domestic law enforcement agency of this country, they have what's called a lead guest in madrid. they said at this point, still considered an ongoing situation and spaniards are obviously in the lead, but if the fbi can help in any way, they will offer that kind of assistance. the other thing i would've my contacts pointed out to me is that there has been discussion
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of who it may have been responsible for this event. a domestic terrorist group in spain, their typical ml is small explosive devices and not using vehicles as weapons. >> sandra: thank you, i want to bring this to the couch. steve hilton is here, as mentioned earlier, you know this area well. what do you make of what you are seeing and hearing at this point? >> it's important to repeat the caveat, we don't know who's behind this, we don't have an information yet. what we can see is it's very clearly a person. abby earlier in the show listed all the attacks that this resembled, nice, berlin, london and i think the thing that's important for us to look out for is that phrase that frankly, especially when you see the videos that you're talking about, the devastation of people's lives. a phrase that makes me more and
9:46 am
more angry because you hear it every single time in the end after one of these attacks, the people who did it were known to the authorities. we hear that, we heard that every single one of the attacks you listed. of course, we don't know if that's the case here. we need to look out for that phrase, both the reason i bring that up is that what we asked the question, what can we do about this, of course you can't turn our public spaces into war zones with barricades, we have to live our life, but when we know these people, it's a reasonable question to ask of our government, where are we doing a thing? it turns out that we knew these people were on the radar. this bill and there's an update from sky news coming in right now. they are reporting according to local media, three people have been killed in this incident and at least 20 others injured after that van plowed into a group of people in the las romblas area and barcelona.
9:47 am
>> trish: it hits of the heart and soul of western society. as we said, we don't know everything and will continue to get more truck the day. as we continue to talk about these terror attacks in the reality that we've been dealing with, with vehicles ramming into popular crowded places, with people just living their lives. often times, the role of summer, they are vacationing with their families, they're trying to have a good time. they want us to live in fear, and want us to not leave our apartments and hotels. everyone has now been told to stay behind closed doors and to stay away from the street. that's how they want western society to live. >> that's right. they're not going to succeed in the long run because we are stronger than them and will say that every time and it's important to say that. it's getting more and more frequent and never mind the big impact from our society.
9:48 am
it's something we always have to think about and we have to ask our authorities to do more when they know these people. >> harris: we've got a quick timeline now, a 5:30 p.m. local time is when this started, police and the northern spanish city of barcelona said a white van had jumped the sidewalk. police said on their twitter account at that point, there were possibly several injured. three are dead, some 20 are injured. we've been covering this for you on "outnumbered." shepard smith is on the fox news deck. shepard smith reporting now. >> continuing coverage of breaking news, we've been monitoring ting our affiliates including our own sister networ network, sky news. i want you to know that sky news is now reporting 13 people have
9:49 am
died and they believe that the death toll may increase. harris mentioned a moment ago that we are watching a video online that's circulating on twitter now of the scene. we are not showing in at the moment. the spanish police have asked us not to as it reveals faces of some of those who were either injured and some who may have been killed, it appears from this video. we are working to doctor this video so the faces are not seen. in an internet world, we do what we can. we are aware that families are home and kids are home, and i'll tell you, the carnage on this scene is highly disturbing. it appears from the video that this van didn't just come up onto a sidewalk and then crash into a few people, from this video, it looks like this van came up onto a pedestrian walkway, a sidewalk and went some distance.
9:50 am
i wouldn't venture a guess at this moment, but down a city block at least where there are victims to the left and the right and people bleeding in an outdoor market with others working to help them and trying to revive some. this is a scene of a credible carnage the sky news is on scene and covering this life. let's listen in there. >> they try and get them out of there safely. at the moment, if we assume the restaurant is surrounded by police, it's ready clear that the situation is relatively contained. what police need to do is make sure that continuous. they do not want to the situation spelling back into the street were potentially more people will get injured. >> thanks very much. police and other security personnel are making sure people left the area or moved off from the streets inside.
9:51 am
thanks for being with us, mel. >> i was with my two daughters, we're walking down -- we run inside and they locked the doors to the shop and we all waited there. i suppose for about 20 minutes. it seemed calm on the street. the people working in orange were police and told us to stay there for now. about 20 minutes later, they
9:52 am
said we could leave and we were just about to leave when people started running again and screaming and he said everyone back end, we went back inside. at this point, they shut the shutters and told us all to go upstairs and we went upstairs and were there for about 20 minutes, just sitting there waiting. we could see everyone else on the street, he looked quite cal calm. then after about 20 minutes, they said the police said to just go home. just go straight home, go as quick as you can and that was it really. >> where are you and your daughters at the moment? speak out we met up with my husband, we were worried because he was somewhere else, but by phone, we contacted him and found out he was okay. met up with him and then just walked about a 25 minute walk home in the opposite direction where the incident was.
9:53 am
>> as you made that journey, we've been into a number of people who have been in and around, talking about this sheer volume of police. >> people were very, very calm in the street. they were directing everyone in the opposite direction, but people were still wandering down towards the incident. >> how are your daughters? >> when we were in the shop, they were very scared. suddenly, you see things on tv and even though we were safe, you suddenly understand how frightening it is. when they told us to go
9:54 am
upstairs, they were telling us to duck, so we were ducking behind the counter. and the two of them were quite scared, as was i as well. there were children crying. it's the unknown really, not knowing what's happened. then we found out what had happened. >> anyone who is caught up in a situation like that has a right to be scared. give me one not of notice, up until this incident took place, had you noticed that the police presence on the streets, did it strike you as a heavy police presence? >> we only arrived yesterday. today was our first day at the center. to be honest, no, i hadn't noticed a police presence. i wasn't looking either.
9:55 am
i really wasn't thinking about the streets. >> what do you and your family intend to do given what just happened? >> probably won't go shopping. maybe we'll go to the beach or a quiet place or sit at home. we haven't worked it out yet. we're going to watch the news, stand tonight. they're telling everyone to go home, lock your doors, go home. just until the situation, the people are still in the restaurant, so we'll see what happens. >> we wish you and your family well. >> we are fine, thank you very much. >> many thanks, indeed. let's bring you up-to-date with the very latest that we are
9:56 am
seeing from barcelona, where a van has crashed into crowds in a pedestrian iced shopping district, at least 13 people have been killed as a result. that according to one source, i should say. they are saying there at least ten dead. spokesman not confirming on the record the number of casualties, but at the very least, it does appear that that has moved into double figures. we are also now being told by police that they are treating this as a terrorist attack. we have heard that from a number of sources. let's bring you some new pictures we have right now. new video of the search taking
9:57 am
place at the marketplace. you see police carrying sidearms, moving through, unclear as to whether there moving backwards, away from a place of interest. you notice they're looking to the left and off-camera, whether it's for colleagues to follow or whether they're just checking. these pictures continue, the search, clearly taken place. it was certainly a peer of the occupants of that have fled on foot and are somewhere in the city center. there is a parallel incident that we've been told about of individuals holding themselves up in a bar. again, we cannot confirm whether or not the armed individuals that have taken refuge in a bar are the individuals that caused
9:58 am
the deaths in las romblas. it appears to be a reasonable assumption as they are somehow linked to the van, if not the people who were inside and driving it. just to remind you, at least 13 people dead according to one source. as you can see on the bottom of your screen, police are moving through the city center of one of spain's biggest cities, searching for the occupants of that van. we are expecting an update from the police and the next minutes, we'll talk about what's taking place around 6:00 p.m. british time. it tends to speak to the public as soon as possible, partly to huge interest, but around the world for what is happening there. also to reassure.
9:59 am
to make it clear, the pictures we been showing you, clearly demonstrate, there is a massive police presence. armed and unarmed, . bomb disposal and ambulances have arrived at the city center. we are told that spanish president is being kept abreast, as indeed are those in the white house. the foreign offices have changed their travel advice for that this particular part of spain, telling people to stay inside and stay away from the las romblas area of the city. it may be the case. the foreign office here in the united kingdom, update your travel advice further. information about what has happened in barcelona continues to emerge. two incidents, a van crash which
10:00 am
has killed at least ten people and armed individuals hold up in a >> it is 10:00 on the west coast, 7:00 p.m. on the east coast. sky news in the united kingdom and for europe, reports 13 people have died, local media reports ten have died in a scene of carnage on the street. here's what we believe has happened as we cover this live on fox news channel, fox television statements networkse united states and around the world. an hour and a half ago a van jumped onto a pedestrian way, a white rental van it has been described. they know it is a rental van because on the side


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