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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 18, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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that was evolving? bomb belts were used, several men shot and killed, was the driver of the car, the van, was he involved in [screams] >> i instantly knew something wasn't right. everyone was hiding. the first we 5 minutes no one knew what was happening. >> we are in a global war against islamic extremism, they are in a war with us. >> the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those responsible. the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. rob: fox news alert, a second
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terror attack thwarted overnight just outside of barcelona as five jihadists in suicide belts i shot dead by police. heather: a third arrest is made just hours after a horrific scene played out in barcelona. you are watching an early edition of "fox and friends" first. rob: the driver jumping the curb and a fan barreling to the crowd at 60 miles an hour plowing through people the length of 6 football fields. >> 13 dead, 100 injured. >> three people in custody in the that attack, the urgent manhunt for our mothers, live fox news team coverage. the president's response and more on the fans being used as killing machines. >> kitty logan live in london with breaking details on a
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second attack overnight. >> reporter: romantic development overnight, authorities found eight people involved in both the attacks. what we saw last night in the spanish coastal town a second attack using a vehicle, six people injured when a car drove into them deliberately. five suspect that the scene who they say were wearing suicide vests. this comes after an attack late thursday afternoon in central barcelona, a van drove through a city street popular with tourists, witnesses say vans were back and forth, driver tried to hit as many people as possible. there is a terrific video showing victims lying in the street, people from 24 countries among those hurt. the driver fled the scene on
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foot, two people have been arrested who were thought to hire the van, he claims the documents were stolen but the street is reopened under the close watch of spanish police but far from businesses usual, a huge anti-terror operation underway and a manhunt for the driver of that white fan, interesting to note that isis chain is claimed response ability for these attacks. >> very quickly they claimed responsibility. here's what we know about the barcelona suspects, three people in custody, police arresting the third suspect overnight in northern spain, two it is detained in the hours after the attack but neither of those two were behind the wheel of that fan. >> one suspect is born in morocco.
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initial reports claim he rented the fan using the attack but he later handed himself over to billy saying he took no part in the attack and his brother, 18-year-old stole his identity. police looking at whether the teenager from barcelona is the real suspect. >> he has written on social media about, quote, killing infidels, the second man in custody is a spaniard from the spanish territory in northern africa, spanish territory across the pond being held where a house explosion is believed to be linked to the attack in barcelona. >> the desperate search for a california man who was in that area intensifying. jared tucker and his wife, heidi nunez separated in all the chaos, his family begging for help online saying he is okay but she hasn't seen or heard
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from tucker since the horrific bloodbath. rob: all four us college basketball games are safe and secure in spain, on the clemson, arizona, and men's teams overseas, oregon's head coach discussing what happened on twitter. >> everything is good with our guys moving forward, they accounted in the hotel. >> the clemson basketball team will return home today as scheduled. heather: donald trump condemning the horrific terror attack in barcelona. >> he meets with his national security team later today. garrett tenney has the latest on that meeting. >> reporter: donald trump is receiving regular updates from chief of staff john kelly on the terror attack in spain, the first public comments on the
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attack came from first lady melania trump who said prayers to barcelona and a few hours later after more details of the tragedy had come out donald trump offered his condolences and supports weing the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love you. vice president mike pence is wrapping up his trip to latin america echoing sentiments from panama where he also we should this morning's weather would be terrorists. >> isis has taken credit for this barbaric attack. whoever is responsible should know the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> the vice president cutting his trip short to return home to meet with the president in cam david for a previously scheduled
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national security meeting where the latest terrorist attack is sure to come up. >> in the wake of the barcelona terror attack sitting across the nation on hilar this morning. heather: in new york heavily armed security guards patrolling popular tourist destinations like times square, counterterrorist units increasing their presence outside spanish dramatic buildings. trying to deal with the latest terror trend turning every day trucks and vans into killing machines. rob: is a text killing people across europe in a matter of months. jackie about years with more on that and what us intelligence knew about barcelona. >> reporter: a dozen people left dead in the streets of barcelona. a cold-blooded terrace turning a van into a murder weapon yet
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again. the latest attack echoing several other truck massacres, an idea highlighted by al qaeda several years ago. last summer a terrorist rammed a truck through crowds celebrating bastille day killing 86 people including three americans. months later a driver plowed through a christmas market claiming 11 lives and just weeks ago three attackers crashed into people on the london bridge before launching a deadly stabbing massacre forming -- killing michael waltz. these attacks are hard to see coming. >> terrorists found the perfect weapon, and can't stop all crowds. look at the strategy to stabilize. to finish off isis, and the statement warned about possible summer attacks in
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europe, extremists focus on tourist locations. us citizens should echo additional vigilance. police in barcelona with a potential terrible zion most of this. >> we will talk more about that. >> it can't be understated, the second attack that injured 5 or 6 people, the fact there was a vehicle used there, five suspect's wearing suicide belts, imagine how much worse this would have been. >> the suicide belts were apparently fake. that just came across the newswire but it could have been so much worse. >> just 5 of them, wouldn't have
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helped the situation in barcelona and surrounding areas. heather heyer rob: this was all rather large cell. a number of people have been detained and the number of people killed so this is a big sell sitting in a place like spain which they are talking about after what happened in 2003 with the madrid train bombings the happened in 2004. this is a country under a lot of surveillance. a lot of surveillance there. heather: was obvious to me, they were very quick, isis was, to claim responsibility and pretty quickly spanish authorities calling this a terrorist attack but you really similar to the attack on the london bridge.
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some brand-new reports on the attack say that the cia warned local police two months ago. rob: were these warnings followed? could they have been prevented, and the president of the llc, global intelligence and security firm, mike baker, thanks for coming on. people are going to gather no matter what you do. could this have been prevented? >> analysis shared between the cia and liaison parties, the warnings about spain and the cambrils area.
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they are fairly general, operational leads and income, and the impression the cia, to a vehicle, the following potential individuals, general concern, general warnings, lots bits and pieces of intel coming in and making your best estimate where a problem could be and the warning was in a sense saying likely areas, the promenade in nice, 86 people killed last year. these warnings tends to fly back and forth between intel services, could it have been
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prevented? there were not sufficient operational leads at the time and the only way you would have prevented this, family members in particular, see something or heard something, whatever the motivation is, they advise them there may be a problem. >> there is news that follows that these suspects were on the radar somewhere somehow. this initially broke, this is within 15 minutes, local media over there, one of the suspects, from north africa. someone do something.
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>> the moroccan, may have been they have gotten some operational leads from the incident itself. this person came across, the feature for beach book, we are able to conduct services, and we don't have resources but in large part, the laws on the books in that jurisdiction don't allow for that. in the us somebody comes across our radar, that is great but if you don't have enough information, to continue an investigation or mount surveillance or get a warrant,
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can't keep that going. and hands -- >> to inspire people, this is a large cell. it is going to come out, someone do something, how do you get people, you got to tell somebody. do we need a better hotline. what can inspire people to prevent these things from happening. >> you are asking the million dollar question, here in the us, local, state and federal authorities spent a great deal of time on it, it happens off
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the radar screen. trying to inspire or create communication, if you talk to anybody in the fbi or others in counterterrorism, they will tell you if you are talking about a small sell, gathering of individuals sympathetic to the extremist cause, or lone wolf as an example, the only way to get ahead of that, disrupt and prevent what they may be planning. someone close to them willing to pick up that phone because they have sufficient trust. without that you are very hard-pressed to prevent and disrupt these operations, you will never get it down to 0 but the ability to get them to call and report, that is a heavy lift but something they work on all
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the time. they created a much larger potential pool to support us. >> cooperation and sharing, in different countries. >> absolutely true. miles ahead of where we were. the lack of ability to share information, miles ahead of that point. >> thanks for coming on. coming up, open borders we were just talking about the blame for barcelona's deadly terror attack is your next guest has a decade of his life to combating radicalization. what now needs to happen. >> ramping up security, how to
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>> fox news alert isis claiming responsibility for the carnage in barcelona, the deadliest attack in spain since the madrid whale were a bombings in 2004. rob: i voters to blame for the terror groups stronghold in this country and other places like france? joining us to weigh in the president of the american islamic forum, talk a little bit
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about this statement from the state department on spain's open borders, a statement that came before this attack, its western european neighbors allow possible terror groups to enter and exit the country with anonymity. >> no doubt when you look at statistics and polling of the exodus of refugees show 20% sympathy with isis, having said that you will find one of these attackers that was born in spain and most of the attackers are radicalized on our homeland but also having said that we don't want to be allowing everybody, people who immigrated here not to enjoy our values or share what it means to be spanish or american but actually to establish a theocratic islamic state globally. we have to counter that ideology
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before we allow the influx of those who may not share our values. >> the prime minister referred to this as jihadi terrorism. was he correct in doing so? >> we can't begin to begin the process of the ideology we need to counter, diagnose and begin to treat it. if you call it violent extremism which is the mantra of most, just a behavior, just a symptom, tactic like terrorism, we have to identify islamic terror, jihadist nation -- a british or muslim becomes bonded to the islamic state, bonded to the jihadi of that nationality, globally wanting to establish a
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caliphate. that is who begins to lift up and push forth not only that we are fighting terrorism, a behavior we are going to miss. because we weren't following the nonviolent portion of islamism we were waiting for the violent part, we won't know when they decide to hurl their vehicles into an innocent mob. rob: you can't prevent somebody from driving a car, or a plane from crashing or a bomb, somebody taking a car, you can't prevent. we need other muslims, muslim leaders to come out real strong against this behavior and lay it out, if we do this this is not going to be your ticket to paradise, this is nonsense and need to come strong against it.
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>> not just the counter and critique and condemned the act itself but the precursors. these guys don't all of a sudden self combust into radicals. the ideology of anti-semitism, anti-western is in, and anti-muslim bigots, with organizations that radicalize the community. they drove through the crowd, is not a coincidence, anti-semitism, who had a month ago screaming anti-semitism about the temple mount and other things we tried to expose and the media wanted to ignore, let him give it an apology which was not really honest and at the end of the day these are the precursors. you can prevent these acts in
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the pool that they are swimming in, against our values that we share as westerners. heather: we have to wrap up, didn't have time to ask about the muscular liberalism but we appreciate your insight. rob: 13 innocent people killed in a tour section of barcelona. how do we prevent the soft target attacks back here at home. army veteran darren porter joins us next. heather: a closer look at how the hour unfolded, live team coverage with complete analysis continues live on the ground up next. ♪
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rob: a second terror plot has been stopped overnight as 5 jihadi's in suicide belts are shot dead by police south of barcelona. >> hours after her fixing played out in a popular tourist area, 13 people dead, 1900 injured. rob: a lot of fox news team coverage. heather: sky news for an affairs editor live where the second terror attack was thwarted. >> here we are in cambrils.
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the thing about the last we 10 hours, it has gone from the scene of a terrorist attack, no less than five terrorists, all of them wearing what turned out to be fake suicide else in a black vehicle that plowed into a crowd of people outside the sailing club here, a civilian and policeman, having crashed their vehicle and emerged, ran around the -- died a little bit later on. they believe the five were part of eight people, connected with the explosion and the destruction not of a town but of a house in a town about 120 km,
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80 miles south of barcelona incident. 13 people killed, over 100 driven by drivers, late afternoon sunshine, one eyewitness was present for those atrocities, this is what he had to say about barcelona. >> to see hundreds of people move so quickly. >> something wasn't right, you could tell. almost crying, everyone was hiding. the first 5 minutes no one knew what was happening. >> one of the most striking things we have seen in cambrils, a judo coach in the united kingdom was an eyewitness to the
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shooting death of one of the terrorists, the terrorist appeared to be running around carrying a bomb around his waist. shiny silver was visible, looked like what appeared to be a trigger in his hand. police were trying to get him on the floor. in the end he was shot twice, went down very quickly, he stood up again, jumped the barricade, smiling and yelling before taking another series of rounds and being killed outright. what was absolutely staggering was his ability to get back up, like watching a horror movie. we have seen this sort of behavior. i have seen it covering syria and the fighting around mosul, a lot of islamic fighters are high on a drug called test again
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which is a strong amphetamine which last several hours. it drives the madness we have seen. rob: psychosis. thanks. moving on, the trump administration strongly condemning the terror attacks in barcelona. the president plans to meet with his national security team later today. a lot of talk about that. >> reporter: us security working with spanish counterparts to assist in these investigations in the white house tells us donald trump is receiving regular updates on the attacks from chief of staff john kelly. the president offered his condolences and support to spain saying the united states condemns the terror attack in
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barcelona, spain and will do whatever is necessary to help, be tough and strong, we love you. in panama vice president mike pence says the prayers of all americans are with the victims and people in spain. >> the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem, the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. >> reporter: back home lawmakers waited as well, paul ryan tweeted the pure evil in barcelona, we stand with the people of spain and then prayers to the victims of this horrible terrorist attack. chuck schumer echoed those sentiments posting my prayers are with barcelona after the terror attack which stands firmly with you and against this awful violence. in law enforcement ticking of their posture at home, rex tillerson issued this morning to other would-be terrorists. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: donald trump and mike pence will meet with the national security team at mike -- camp david to discuss north korea but the latest terror attack will come up as well.
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heather: thank you. isis claiming responsibility for the so-called soft target attack. what are we doing? what can we possibly do in the united states to protect against similar threats? joining us is army veteran doctor darren porter. thank you for joining us. you heard this unfolding last night and overnight and this makes us think of soft targets in the united states. is there anything we can do to avoid this happening here? >> absolutely. one of the things is a place like new york city, we see officers in places like times square with heavy weapons, barricades erected in the soft targets. the second component would be a police community relationship. intelligence is key to 40 these
1:37 am
attacks. heather: we talked about that with our other guests. in terms of getting that information from people, they thought they heard, how often do you think that happens. >> quite frequently. if you look at law enforcement numbers it pales in comparison to the population. people in this population are familiar with things that are happening among loved ones like a radicalization process, these people like family friends etc. will be influential in assisting police departments not just here but abroad. one of the things we have to consider, islam is a religion of peace so the majority of people that are muslims are good people. this is a small part of the population and you have a larger piece looking to eradicate this threat. >> important to talk about this,
1:38 am
law enforcement officers. >> the most effective strategy to for these terrorist attacks moving states. it is something that could continue to evolve. we see periodic snafus in connection with information exchanges, something law enforcement agencies locally and nationally have to come together and coalesce behind a solution enabling betterment of that information. >> we mentioned we keep hearing suspects were on the radar in some way but this particular incident, spain itself and barcelona was not on that list, they give travel warnings. why was that not the case when
1:39 am
they were warned this was possible? >> there has always been a conflict between christians and muslims so this has been on radar in connection with these caliphate's from years in the past. the last true terrorist attack in spain happened in 2004. so a teachable moment for what happens in other parts of europe and spanish authorities need to maintain technological advancement of law enforcement to make sure they can capture these transmissions. we look at communication among radical people, doing things like developing applications, they are abreast of technological advancement.
1:40 am
between police and community. >> they are printing what they are going to do because they printed in several publications they were encouraging people to use vehicles as weapons, in some of their publications actually showing people how to derail train lines. telling them to do that. >> law enforcement is focused on what is happening on line, hundreds if not thousands of officers that monitor social media 24 hours a day, the key component, we mentioned literature being passed out, starts on social media and encounter the threat. >> hopefully nothing like this happens in the united states.
1:41 am
rob: we learned from the heather heyer the regional president that one more terrorist is being sought after the deadly van attack in barcelona. what do we know about those who have been arrested? a closer look at their ties to terror with security expert ryan marlowe coming up next.
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rob: at least one more terror suspect being sought in yesterday after the terror attack in barcelona, isis saying these are there killers. what do we know about the killers in these attacks? ryan morrow joins us with more. we are in the beginning stages of this.
1:45 am
>> i can tell you what happened so far, the practice of islam, what is often referred to as wahhabi as him, there are areas of spain, money is flooding in, tens of millions of dollars from our allies in saudi arabia and other countries, spanish intelligence reports link newspapers back to 2011 saying we have a problem, parallel societies forming because of these radical -- 100 mosques with radical imams and that was before isis burst onto the scene. rob: 100 mosques in spain. >> in spain alone. reports that were leaked to the newspapers. it is astounding to me. all of this money dumping into
1:46 am
this and nothing can be done about this? seems like if they know it is there, we know there are 100 mosques, where's the prevention? >> a few things happening that pave the way for these networks to grow. first is an incorrect policy. and ideologically based insurgency not just collections of terrorists but because so few people can talk about this without being called islamohphobos. you gain nothing by having that branded on you and cultural relativism, it is bigoted to say i believe western ideas are the best and if you are coming to a western country you better adopt them. rob: that is the nonsense we are talking about. judge andrew napolitano, one of our guys last night was talking how difficult it is because we
1:47 am
have such a pc culture and until development and you can't just go after people you suspect, looking at a broader picture you can tell who is doing these things, young men from certain areas that might be citizens in a country that developed and radicalized in that country but a basic idea that you can narrow down. the judge was indicating we had so much data coming in, so much intelligence about good people, they would be able to tell if you did any profiling, you would not be bringing in this data and have as much to sift through. is that fair? >> there is information overload but we don't have the analytical framework to identify them. you could get into trouble if you have a database of people connected to the muslim brotherhood because they are not listed as a terrorist group, you profiling them based on their religion and that stems from not identifying it for what it is, these radical islamic movements. rob: if you are not doing
1:48 am
anything wrong you shouldn't mind being looked at a little bit because it might make us safer. they were looking at the mosque, i don't think anyone has a problem with that, we forgot the pain we went through on 9/11. it is outrageous. we appreciate it. heather: coming up next we are live on the ground in barcelona where the deadly bloodbath was carried out plus terrorists turning vans into killing machines, 100 people across western europe in a matter of months. could this have been prevented? these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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heather: police in spain hunting for the cold-blooded terrorists involved in the deadly van attack, isis claiming responsibility for killing 13 people and injuring 100 more. rob: connor powell landed in barcelona overnight and he is on the phone. >> it appears this is more extensive than originally thought a few hours ago. spanish authorities are hunting for the driver of the original attack, white van, killing 13 and injuring 110 in downtown barcelona. over the course of the night spanish authorities shot and killed five men who were trying to carry out an attack south of
1:53 am
barcelona and they have arrested three other men bringing the total to nine people that authorities say were involved in these connected attacks. spanish authorities say one of the men was trying to build a bomb that detonated on wednesday night just before thursday's attack so it does appear this group, soldiers in the isis army, they were trying to carry out some explosive as part of these attacks. however, in the seaside resort south of barcelona police say the bomb belts they were using were safe bomb belts and use the vehicle to ram pedestrians and police vehicle south of barcelona. we are beginning to see what the overall plot looked like which appears to have been something where they were trying to use explosives to attack civilians. this really tourist area of
1:54 am
spain, this is extremely busy not only for spain but barcelona. lots of tourists are here and this was a real attack trying to target the spanish tourism industry and shake the confidence of the spanish authorities here. it does appear from what we are seeing from isis related accounts claiming responsibility. heather: since you are on the ground and just landed what is the security situation like at the airport, metro stations were all closed down in that area where the incident happened? >> reporter: we are seeing security, tough to tell if it massively increased, but always raise the profile particularly since we are seeing multiple spots being attacked, authorities are concerned there could be more. they are saying there's one individual they are looking for, they think this sell was
1:55 am
probably eight or nine people. you do see police officers with assault rifles walking around the airport in the metro station. there is heightened security here but also this is a tourist and vacation spot. all the planes coming and going, people are not convinced not to come here and still have a vacation. heather: we will check with you later today. police i dealing with the latest disturbing terror trend, turning every day trucks and vans into killing machines. rob: killing hundred people across europe in a matter of months. what us intelligence new about barcelona. >> reporter: more than a dozen people left dead in the streets of barcelona, cold-blooded terrorists turning a van into a weapon again, the latest attack
1:56 am
echoing several high-profile truck massacres across europe, a disturbing idea first highlighted by al qaeda several years ago. a terrorist rammed a truck through crowd celebrating bastille day in east france killing 86 people including three americans. month later a driver plowed through a christmas market in berlin claiming 11 lives. weeks ago three attackers crashed into people on the london bridge before launching a deadly stabbing masker killing eight people. lieutenant colonel michael walsh says these attacks are hard to see coming. >> terrorists have found the perfect weapon that requires no training. we can't stop all vehicles, we stop all crowds. this is why the strategy to stabilize syria, finish off isis as a state is so important. heather: the state department warned about possible summer attacks in europe saying, quote, if extremists focus on tourist
1:57 am
locations us citizens should exercise additional vigilance. the cia warned police in barcelona of a possible terror bull's-eye on las ramblas, the site of yesterday after the attacks. rob: an incredible story of survival. a man escapes death by crazed isis terrorists for the second time this year. heather: chris pauli says he was steps away from the barcelona van attack months after he walked away from a concert bombing in manchester, england. >> can't believe we are in the same place is another terrorist attack, hope everyone is okay in barcelona. sadly they are not. heather: more live coverage of the horrifying terror attack in barcelona, the latest from live coverage continues up next. , or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪
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heather: we follow this developing story, lots of curves since yesterday when this began in spain, 13 people dead, 100 injured. rob: van attack in las ramblas which occurred in the afternoon in the united states, injured 100 people, terrible attack and another attack foiled in cambrils, a coastal town south of barcelona where seven people were wounded, five terrorists were killed by police so that
2:00 am
went better than we could have hoped for. heather: we continue to follow all the latest developments. stay right here on fox news. "fox and friends" starts right now, goodbye. >> a massive terror attack in spain, 13 are dead, over 100 injured in what police call a terrorist attack. >> people -- >> the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. as the president said the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. >> the united states