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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 18, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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[silence] [applause] steve: last 90 seconds we have been watching a moment of silence in the heart of barcelona at the blaze de catalonia. the camera had zoomed in on the king of spain sixth. as you can see thousands there on this friday morning to honor the 13 dead.
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100 injured by what appears to be a terror cell of perhaps as many as 12 people across the country of spain. three different locations. this was not a one off. this was quite a plot. and it looks like it all came to an end just about four hours ago. abby: pretty amazing to see this community coming together. 13 dead after the attack that started on thursday night. more than 100 injured. lives will never be the same. we have been seeing these type of vehicular attacks the last three years. todd: everything kicked off wednesday night with a house explosion. initially it was unclear that that house explosion was connected in what appears to be a massive terror plot. but further investigation did reveal that that plot was connected. and we continue to investigate just how massive this terror plot could have been. steve: let's just watch a
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little more. [[applause] [. steve: you can hear in the distance there is the king of spain right there. and he is shaking the hand of some local dignitaries as well. can you hear in the background as -- you can hear right there. [chanting] steve: the people of spain are undaunted. as we heard from lee um several just about 15 minutes ago, someone who lives in that neighborhood. he was shocked how many people were out on the streets this morning trying to return their lives to normal. abby: pretty amazing how resill yent people are. that's what terrorists want to do is hit at the heart and soul of western society. we are not going to let that
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happen. spain is a perfect example. as we wake up this morning it's about 12:03 p.m. there in barcelona as we are watching live now. they are moving forward. they're going to be stronger because of what they just went through over the past few days. this is still an ongoing story. there are still some missing pieces to this. overnight authorities trying to find what is reportedly the driver behind this ban, behind some of the attacks that took place. steve: right. it does sound as if now looking at local media in spain, it does sound as if they think the driver of the initial attack was the brother of the fella who rented the van. kenny logan is live in london right now with the very latest details. kitty? >> good morning, guys. this is very much an active investigation with developments unraveling as we speak. as you mentioned, there is now a suspect named by police who is the brother of the person believed to be involved with hiring that van. authorities in spain are
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talking about one key suspect still being at large. perhaps that is the driver of that white van involved in the attack yesterday. three people have been arrested so far. but we saw dramatic developments overnight in the second attack using a vehicle in a spanish coastal town near to barcelona. this black audi rode into a town injuring 6. police were able to intervene. they shot dead the five suspects involved who they say were wearing suicide vests. now all this comes after that attack late on thursday afternoon in central barcelona. there were scenes of shear panic when that white van drove through crowds swerving back and forth. police say the driver tried to hit as many people as possible. in all 13 people were killed and 100 injured. now, the driver fled the scene on foot. he is still on the run as we know two of those detained are thought to have helped hide this white van. police still looking into that connection.
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meanwhile, the street has now reopened under the close watch of spanish police. things are hardly back to normal yet. there is that huge manhunt underway. police still launching this massive counter investigation. we have seen this style of attack before here in london and other european cities such as berlin using a vehicle to drive into crowds. police are still looking into the details that meanwhile it is interesting to note that isis has claimed responsibility for this particular attack. back to you guys. steve: all right. kitty, thank you very much. abby: hard to know if isis is claiming responsibility because they want to take credit for it or if they actually are behind obviously we know this is a very sophisticated attack a lot of training and planning went into this. hard to know where it originated from. todd: they take responsibility for a lot of things and intelligence needs to figure out what they're responsible. steve: u.s. intelligence did warn spanish authorities as that particular neighborhood, the ramblas
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district be forewarned it looks like there is a possibility that something bad could happen there. but, keep in mind, it is the way that particular street works is it is a very wide podesta path in the center of the street and the cars travel on the side. so if a car wanted to jump into the pedestrian area and knock down as many people as they possibly could, that's what the driver of the white van did yesterday as he zigzagged back and forth. that is the story that burst onto the world's psyche yesterday where we heard about that. as it turns out, this particular terrorist strike, it sounds like there was a cell they think of at least a dozen people so far. it started on wednesday night. and we've got a map. we will put up a map to show you exactly what happened. a house in another part of spain blew up and initially they thought it was a gas leak. as it turns out the people inside the house apparently had and that's the rubble and what's left of the house, apparently they had
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30 canisters of propane and butane. initially thought to be gas leak one person dead. then as it turns out they are able to start after the attack yesterday in barcelona, which killed 13 and injured 100. they realized, wait a minute, this looks as if it's connected to that. just a few hours ago, in another part of spain, in a coastal city, what happens? five guys in a black audi a 3 which kitty just showed us, they were wearing fake suicide vests and they were trying to ram a police car and civilians as well. they were all shot dead. looks like it's all connected. abby: what we thought yesterday was an attack in barcelona maybe one person behind the wheel. it's far more expanded. far more intense. far more sophisticated in that. i just had ryan marrow a security expert on the show. he was saying these terrorists are taught you don't just go and put out an
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attack. you have to build frurecketd in these areas. you need to get involved in the community. you need to blend in with the muslim community. so they're hard to detect. steve: here's the thing. in that part -- and we saw the spanish map a moment ago. the part of spain where they were building the bombs, how do you put together 30 canisters of butane and of propane and still sail under the radar. it's easy in this country to get propane because everybody uses it for their barbecue grill. but butane? it is interesting that that was under the radar. todd: really to underscore the sophistication level that's involved here. it's important to note once again as you pointed out. it does appear the cia did alert spanish authorities that there was a possibility of this kind of terror attack. maybe not necessarily to scale. but to me how quickly we have sort of put the pieces together, at least spanish authorities have put the pieces together lead me to believe that spanish
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authorities knew more about the individuals involved, and that's how they were able to connect. this quite frankly, in less than 12 to 16 hours. steve: i don't know how sophisticated they were when it came to building bombs because ultimately that place blew up. todd: true. good point. steve: guys killed in the audi a 3 were wearing fake suicide vests. so thinking from the experts is the reason they would be wearing fake suicide vests is number one they are not good at building those kinds of bombs. can't get their hands on the kinds of explosives they need for that perhaps they were planning and that's the car they were residing in upside down on that coastal city. perhaps they were planning some sort of a last stand. if they all got out of that car wearing what appears to be bomb vests, the average police officer would not shoot them because they would be afraid that he would detonate the bomb. so they would then go somewhere, try to take somebody hostage. obviously they were going to try to have some sort of last stand. abby, you talked to ryan murrow but ultimately it
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would lead to the end of the road for them because a good police officer would shoot them in the head and then they would go to allah. abby: absolutely. in this case the van was rented. i was talking to ryan murrow in the commercial break. the big challenge when you tell people if you see something say something why can't authorities get these guys before something happens? it is really complicated. you have to have enough evidence that person is going to commit an attack like this in order to arrest them or to to put out a warrant to go into their home. that becomes quite complicated. where do you draw that line in terms of where can you catch somebody. he had some really interesting points. we had sheikh at one point in his life was turned as an extremist. we asked him all about that and he said when it comes to these vehicular attacks. we have seen at least six of those attacks in the past couple years. and the sophistication and what's behind that he said this is the new norm and it's only going to get worse. here is what he said. >> this is exactly what we
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should be expecting, i think. multiple hits and individuals who are increasingly sophisticated. normally what would be one individual running over people in a public space, now we have multiple attacks and coordinated hits simultaneously. these guys are learning to adapt from these attacks. they look for unprotected areas. they look for places where large groups of people, especially tourists because now have you multinational victims, you know, media organizations from different countries are going to cover the issue. this process of radicalization it's the same human process whoever you are dealing with terrorism is something that's learned. that kind of hatred is something that's learned. rob: now the question becomes what could happen here? obviously we heard earlier this week and reported to you about the al qaeda inspire magazine talking about subways and trains here in the u.s. truck bathrooms are using a truck as a particular manslaughter vehicle is obviously at the forefront as well. a lot of stuff for us in america to be paying attention to.
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steve: absolutely. unfortunately there is a lot of soft targets in the united states. sixth avenue, new york city, all of those streets, all it takes is one person in a van or a car to jump the curb and try to kill as many people as they did right there. because ultimately what they want to do, the terrorists, they just want to scare us. todd: cause terror. steve: they did it yesterday. abby: seeing the king of spain and all those people how resilient they are. western society they are not going to change the way we live. steve: what is our government doing to prevent attacks like that here in the united states. former security advisor to president george w. bush and barack obama. gillian turner just got back from barcelona. she joins us live next. ♪ marie callender knows that a homemade turkey dinner can make anyone slow down and pull up a seat to the table.
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>> this latest attack, the worst world attack spanish soil since the 2004 madrid train bombings shows us again that islamic radical terrorism is one of the greatest threats we face today. isis has taken credit for this barbaric attack. but whoever is responsible should know that the united states of america, together with our allies will find and punch those responsible and drive the evil of
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radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. abby: that was vice president mike pence yesterday in panama, sending a direct message to the terrorists that they will be held accountable. todd: that's right as he and president trump are set to meet with their national security team at camp david later on today. steve: let's bring in fox news contributor gillian turn his or her recently returned from trip to barcelona and served under president bush and barack obama. >> good morning, guys. steve: what do we need to know this morning. >> so, traditionally we think in this country defending against isis as a military or homeland security matter. but something i wanted to point out to viewers this morning is that the state department, especially under secretary tillerson has a bigger role and more important role than ever before when it comes to fighting terrorism. one of the most important things the state department is doing today is working for the first time with social media platforms like facebook, twitter,
3:19 am
instagram, to really create sort of online climate in which it's harder for radical content to get shared and spun around the internet and it's harder for would be terrorists to communicate with one another. this is something that i think we're going to be talking a lot more about over the coming year, few years. todd: okay, gillian, with that in mind you said you were in this very area just a few weeks ago, you were wondering why the state department did not issue a warning if the cia did have the intelligence that we're reporting they did and that they did inform the spanish people of. >> i spent a week in barcelona the week before last. it was our summer vacation. i was there as a tourist to enjoy the city. experience spanish culture and i stayed on the rambla this street where the attack happened yesterday. it's one of the most crowded areas i have ever seen. i actually saw this transpire last night, watching the death toll,
3:20 am
watching the injured toll, i kept thinking to myself dear god i don't know where it's going to stop. it's sort of like if a truck rammed into people in the middle of times square on a saturday afternoon. it's that tightly packed. also, one of the things that i thought to myself is why didn't the state department issue a travel warning specific to spain, specific to catalonia around this time if we had that type of intention. even if it wasn't specific, even if it wasn't actionable. i feel like american citizens we should warrant some kind of a warning so we can make smart and informed travel decisions for our families. abby: we are glad that you are back safely and appreciate your perspective this morning. an unsettling time. >> thanks, guys. abby: there were warning signs before the attack in barcelona. how did this happen as we were just talking with gillian. jim hanson and lieutenant colonel tony shaffer are here to weigh in on that next ♪ ♪
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. todd: 24 minutes after the hour now and we are back with a fox news alert. isis now claiming responsibility for the horrific attack in barcelona. so, how can law enforcement and the intelligence community catch these types of attacks before they happen? joining me now jim hanson president of security studs who has conducted counter terrorism in the u.s. army and tony shaffer cia intelligence officer and senior fellow for the london center for policy research. thank you, gentlemen, for being here. instead of trying to analyze what happened, i want to talk to you about how we can protect ourselves here in the u.s. so the base question is when
3:25 am
you have an attack like, this using a van that anybody can go out and buy, can we prevent these types of attacks here in the u.s.? >> well, i will say first thing that we need to look at is the fact that europe is reaping the hellish reward of having open borders and no control over who is coming in and moving around in their countries. you know, they brought in a boat loads of people who don't share their values. now those people are unsurprisingly conducting attacks and trying to push that agenda. you know, 'points out the value of president trump's executive order, which is commonly called the travel ban, but it also added a call for our security agencies to conduct what he called extreme vetting, making sure that we're not letting people in who have jihaddists ties. who have islamist tendencies. because those people have no business coming into our country. so we need to support that as those agencies start to conduct these kind of
3:26 am
checks. todd: okay, tony. i will ask you now. with all that in mind, let's assume we can do that in the u.s. let's assume we can close off the borders in the way that president trump and the travel ban is proposing. can we still stop these attacks from those that are already within our borders? >> well, as jim says, no. the networks that can conduct those attacks are already here in some form. we recognize there is weakness in our system. that's why we a bit after the fact have done the travel ban. two things we can do that can be effective in countering this sort of thing. first, aggressive application of human intention. look, mime pompeo over at cia is already making a difference by the fact that cia did give some level of accurate warning to the spanish. we need to expand that the way you defeat a network is by penetrating it you do it by old fashioned clandestined human intelligence or spying. that's what have you got to get back into. do it aggressively. secondly, law enforcement and those organizations need the intelligence to be effective. there is always observables.
3:27 am
all these things happen in spain there was some level of rehearsal at some point. those things can be seen if law enforcement knows where to look and when to look. the two things together are getting ahead of this. we are defeating isis in other places. unfortunately we had snowden and others compromise our ability to spy on these folks. therefore, the other piece of this is social media. they often telegraph and communicate via social media. those things together can be used. but it's a matter of political will and letting all these agencies as jim said work together to make us safe. >> that's great point. jim, i have a great question, a follow-up for you. over the next 28 to 48 hours. i guarantee on other networks you hear the phrase civil rights. we can't violate people's civil rights in the effort to get people's information. how do you respond to those critics? >> civil rights are vital. that's part of the free western culture that we want to preserve. but when you are talking about people who don't share those values and are trying to undermine them, you have to be a little bit aggressive. still within the bounds of
3:28 am
whatever the constitution is in your country, and we expect them though to be aggressive in pushing that. one of the problems they have in europe, especially, is a lack of assimilation by the migrants who are coming. in they are not joining the culture of the countries they are going to. and consequently, they have their own private communities. the police, as tony mentioned, are going to have to put informants in there they have to use human intelligence in the mosques in those communities to find these people. because we want to stop them before a terrorist attack. not be looking for more afterwards. todd: if i'm waking up this morning and hearing this discussion. i have a family at home i'm worried about them. are you confident with the parameters and what we have in place in our government, in our security operations. are we safe today or should would he be worried that something like this could happen here in the u.s.? >> look. you need to always be cognizant of the threat. look, i walk around in new york. i walk around washington. i'm always worried about something happening. situational awareness, you
3:29 am
personally taking responsibility for yourself. there is never a substitute for. that is like i said no, the law enforcement is not there fbi, joint terrorism task forces are failing. nypd right there. nypd counter terrorism shield, intel, they are doing everything they can to help do a nationwide network to help people talk to each other and share information. we're not there yet. i mean, some of us, look, i work for sheriff david decatur homeland security advisor. i'm a volunteer. we have to do what we can individually to help the collective do better. we can do better. we should do better we are not there yet. todd: i want to give you last word on the open borders discussion. were they to blame in what happened in barcelona. >> absolutely. no doubt. jim is completely correct on that we have whole communities when they are not assimilated even if they are not pro-terrorists they become terrorist safe hanks and allow this to happen. we need to look at that seriously and be very clear about who we bring. in need to be people who don't want to kill us or other muslims. they need to be people who are pro-united states.
3:30 am
todd: gentlemen, an important but nevertheless frightening discussion. thank you so much for taking the time to be with us this morning. >> thank you. todd: 29 minutes after the hour it has almost become a new normal in europe. terror by car. how do we make sure it doesn't happen here? former nypd officer and former secret service agent dan bongino live next. ♪ ♪ unity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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3:34 am
many pedestrians as they could. they encountered a police officer. they returned fire. the terrorists are dead. seven people hurt there, including the police. and this also is tied to the fact that apparently part of this cell, which police now believe could be 12 people, part of the cell it sounds like blew themselves up on wednesday. a house 120 miles from barcelona exploded. it was filled with explosive canisters. it looked like a bomb factory. clearly, what was going on in barcelona and in cam brill yesterday was much longer than just a one off. todd: meantime u.s. authorities on high alert back here at home after the latest inspire magazine mentioned threats to trains and subways along the east coast. abby: we now go live to rob schmitt in "new york times" square a major tourist destination as we know where authorities are on high alert after what happened in spain. rob, what are you hearing this morning? >> yeah. well, you know, guys, a lot
3:35 am
of people now at this point after we have seen some attacks, when you walk through times square you are a little bit more nervous because this is such a target. let's be honest this is times square. this is an area always packed with police officers and heavily armed here. they have made additional enforcements to that you will see more of that here. more heavily armed. you have assault rifles on the officers as they walk around and times square. other parts of the city as well. columbus circle is going to see beefed up security and stuff like that. let's go to sunday bite from the nypd how they will keep americans safe in light of what they have seen in barcelona. >> response and command vehicles to some of the spanish locations consulate and tumor office outourism offi. ensure those people as well as all of new yorkers. this is the center of the universe if you will in times square and it's well protected.
3:36 am
>> okay. so if you look behind me, one of the big things that they have been doing in recent years and what they're going to continue to do are these steel ballers. they can stop pretty much anything. solid steel, dug into the crowned. that is what stops a vehicle from plowing through here and all the people that you see in times square every day this is such a target especially during the daytime hours tourists walking around. the nypd investigating even more of these steel ballers is what they are called. also concrete barriers. steel ballers that stopped them attack. not a terrorist attack but crazy guy driving up through times square. number of people injured killed one woman. that's how they are trying to keep this area safe. as we are seeing now, we are moving to a point where there is no longer weapons. there are not many ways that you can secure a crazy person with a car. people can get their cars on. this is how they will keep people safe in areas that are as busy as manhattan.
3:37 am
todd: rob, obviously that is going to be the scene in new york today. all eyes on times square. abby: there are now 14 people dead as part of that terror attack played out over the last few days. more than 100 injured. want to bring in former nypd officer and secret service agent host of the renegade republican. daniel bon nino. dan, the numbers keep coming up. we are seeing these types of vehicular attacks. you just heard there this report from rob schmitt in times square. is this the right approach we are taking here at home? >> abby, the approach is changing. i think it's clear at this point that the fireman approach if we can call it that isn't working. what i mean by that is these attacks happen and we put out the fire afterwards. that's not working anymore. we have to become arsonists. one of your prior guests put up a great point. time to transition to all
3:38 am
out -- i mean really a full-fledged effort at the local state and federal level to start developing humans. short for human intelligence services. what's different from 9/11 style plot, it required the attackers to get out of their communities, learn flight training. they had to learn to get money and contact people outside of their community to. jump behind the wheel of a car and tragically mow people down you can stay isolated for as long as possible and holed up in your cacoon and never leave an investigative footprint behind. you need sources to break these things up. steve: it does sound, dan, ad cording to sources in those communities the goal of these terror strikes was mass casualties. they have killed 14 so far. at least 15 are in critical condition. they have injured 100. there are two terror strings. one the guy in the white fiat van in barcelona and then these five guys were in
3:39 am
the fake suicide vests in the seaside city of cam bliss. it sounds like part of the cell blew up. the cell is they know at least 12 people. part of the cell blew up, it sounds like on thursday morning in that house where they were putting the bombs together. so, obviously, they were going to put the bombs somewhere. maybe they had real vests there but they all blew up as well. so then they went to plan b which was to run down as many people as they could. >> yeah. and, steve, this was always the next evolution of the hostile vehicle attack. what i mean by that is the chaining together of multiple attacks and explosive attack, vehicle attack. and a vehicle attack somewhere else. you may ask yourself why. why is that the next evolution in the reason is it shows a level of sophistication and planning. sophistication and planning has always been the hallmark of terrorist organizations looking to raise money in their profile. it's their way of saying look what we can do to you.
3:40 am
we not only run people down tragically we can do it multiple spots at the same time. remember, they are losing at home, isis and a lot of these groups. the only way for them to generate the support they need, to generate new recruits and funding is to show that they can do this elsewhere because they are getting their butts kicked at home. this was always the next evolution chaining multiple attacks together. todd: focus on us right now. next guest i asked earlier. focus on political correctness. focus on civil rights. critics say we can't violate people's civil rights. that's not what we do in america. you heard our earlier guests say we need to do what we need to do to protect the home landing. how do you respond? >> listen, todd, i'm an first amendment absolutist. this isn't a problem for me at all in saying this. guys, listen, practicing islam in the united states is obviously protected. thank the lord. pun intended. everybody knows that.
3:41 am
practicing islamic radicalism, leading to terrorism, is not a protected act in the united states. i mean, i can give you actionable examples of how p.c. is hurting us right now. you had a plan in new york city a couple years ago where you had to generate a pound of paperwork if not more to go surveil a mosque. now, that's insane. obviously there is no need to put cops in every mosques. most mosques just do what they do is their religion which is great, which is fine. if you have someone in a mosque that says something that could lead to a terror attack or incites terror and thankfully those incidents are rare, i don't understand why is that some kind of a protected class. if that happened in any other church, whatever it would be zorro astroism or whatever it is, you would have police officers and fbi in there tomorrow. political correctness is absurd. you saw it with the refugee crisis as well. god forbid you mention the fact we couldn't vet refugees you were immediately painted as some type of phon phobe.
3:42 am
steve: you know concerned kicked them out of the mosques. wasn't as if they went in and kicked out. they went in and sat for public services. >> which anyone else can do, steve. put a badge on and automatically you are barred at the front door? it's a public place. it's absolutely outrageous approach and totally unnecessary. and no question that kind of stuff puts americans in danger. abby: dan bongino, great to have you on this morning. always appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. steve: fighting isis now like hitting a moving target. how do we stop an enemy that constantly evolves as we saw yesterday? our next guest has fought and killed jihad fighters and looks into the mind of the terrorist. ♪ ♪
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while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at injuring 100 in barcelona. we have seen a rise in these types of attacks across europe. what other tactics are terrorists employing to try to attack and kill as many people as they can? todd: joining me now is special operations analyst and author of drone warrior bret belko very much. thanks for being here and reading your research that you sent to us earlier, the thing that stood out to me the most is when you say isis is losing in their homeland so now their focus is going to be on europe and potentially the u.s. >> yep, todd, you are absolutely right. the fact is that now isis is essentially telling their
3:47 am
foreign fighters to really stay put. that's because they are losing ground and they know they need to enter this next phase of terrorism which is essentially having the same individuals who would have gone overseas to conduct attacks and really at this point have them do what they can to appreciate attacks in their own country. this is what we are seeing as jihadis come back from the battlefield or try to get there they realize the best thing to do is to stay put and use the mechanisms necessary things around them to actually putter americans and hurt, you know, europeans. abby: yeah. our last guest we had on, dan bon geno said these attacks are complicated because if you were to get behind the wheel of a car and run people over. before that happens can you basically isolate yourself in the community. biggest challenge we always ask is how come these terrorists were not caught before it happened. you have to have enough information on them, right, to arrest them or to go search their things, to search their home. that is a really complicated
3:48 am
part of this whole problem we face. >> you are absolutely right. again, i mean, look, i know a little something about this. my job was to basically hunt these guys down and unfortunately we are going to see more of this. this is essentially more of the same. but the problem is i got to be honest, i get really tired of constantly hearing that we had this information about these people. i bet we will see in the next 48 hours if we vice president already is that we knew about these individuals before the attack took place and we did nothing about it or they were warned beforehand by either the american government or somebody else. and the problem is that we are so reactive to these terrorist attacks and we really got to get in front of it that comes down to good intelligence, good surveillance, good cooperation. i mean, a lot of the work that we did, we would provide information to these foreign governments because they just did not have the intelligence apparatus that we do here after the home. steve: bret, this particular two terrorist strikes we know of right now regarding this, this is scary because
3:49 am
it involved at least a dozen people. they say there were a dozen people in this. it sounds like they had a house where they were building bombs. they weren't very good at it they blew themselves up on thursday morning. that level of sophistication is terrifying. >> yeah. and there is definitely a lot of planning involved. i wouldn't necessarily call it as sophisticated as some of these other attacks taking place. they were wearing fake suicide belts. steve: why is that? why would they have a fake one. >> well, probably because they couldn't get their hands on the right explosives to do it. to them it was deterrent. if anyone saw them they may be reluctant to take them down or capture them. for them it was deterrent. using very rudimentary tactics. anyone could go out there and do what took place. which is the most dangerous piece of this. they wouldn't using massive explosions. they literally just rented a van and did everything they could. it was targeted opportunity for them. maybe they thought the
3:50 am
police or law enforcement communities were on to them and they needed to do something. brett velicovich, great to have you on this morning. the eiffel tower going dark for the victims in barcelona. can you see it right there. the heart breaking signs of support that are coming in from around the world. we are going to bring that to you next. ♪ ♪ marie callender knows that a homemade turkey dinner can make anyone slow down and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances
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3:54 am
social media is one of the first places people go to share their terrifying experiences. it's also a place where people from around the world can send messages of strength and love. but the shock never softens. a british actress live tweeting the moments after a van plowed flew las ramblas. layla writing quote in the middle of an attack hide notice a restaurant freezer, happened so fast. praying for the safety of everyone here. and, of course, of the sports world is chiming in as well using social media to show support. spanish team madrid holding a moment of silence before practice and spanish tennis star tweeting quote shat terred buy what is happening to barcelona. all my support to affected families in the city. pictures have been plastered all over social media.
3:55 am
you can see them right there. one in barcelona special with a heart instead of a b. other city in black with the words pray for barcelona and the #no more terrorism. i saw this just a couple minutes ago on twitter. in my opinion it was pretty powerful. you see the greater manchester police in london stating that they stand with barcelona. coming few months after they had an attack on their own city. you have to imagine that's still raw. paris showing solidarity. eiffel tower going dark. we have seen that some times over the last few months. state side, freedom tower and new york city lighting up with the colors of the spanish flag. now, interestingly enough, i don't know if you guys noticed this yesterday. maybe did you as home as well. if you saw a lot of picture of cats when you search the #barcelona. that's because police actually ask people not to post pictures, not to post video from the scene. they don't want that information out there. to so people have been posting cat pictures in order to infiltrate the system of twitter and
3:56 am
whatever other social media sites people are using. that way you are not seeing all of those pictures right away when you search barcelona. and you have to imagine if you are one of the terrorists out there and you are trying to get information on social media, it's going to take longer to get that. steve: and as has been the case in other big disasters and terrorist strikes like this. facebook activated safety check-ins so everybody if they wanted to check in with somebody they have a family member who is over in barcelona. they could go with facebook and with any luck the person picked up their phone and said i'm okay. abby: this is where social media can unite. jillian: a lot of people are saying words aren't enough. we need to act. people are getting to that pointed where you see it some times now. abby: great point. very powerful stuff. death toll now rising from 13 people to 14. this is just heart breaking. at this hour the manhunt is still on for the driver behind the barcelona rampage. and it is intense phiing. we are live on the ground there with brand new information that's next.
3:57 am
steve: governor huckabee on reaction from the white house coming up straight ahead. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city and europe. ♪ ♪ choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how your joint damage could be progressing. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 14 years. ♪ [sirens] >> breaking right now, we have just learned at least one more terrorist is on the loose. >> the terrorist cell of up to people involved in both these attacks. we're looking at three different parts of spain. a much bigger operation than we originally thought. >> screaming from behind. and everybody just ran forward. people and -- >> next guest says that that van stopped just 10 feet away from him. >> within seconds it turned to screams. >> latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sickened us all.
4:01 am
as the president said, the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. >> this is exactly what is to be expected. multiple hits and individuals increasingly sophisticated. >> we have had failed immigration policy for many years. frankly the all thing is madness. >> europe just doesn't seem to be acting on it. steve: right now you are looking live here in new york city. welcome to "fox & friends." we start with a fox news alert. we have just learned police reportedly have named this man 1 18 oukibir. a manhunt now intensifying for him. they were able to figure this out because apparently his brother rented the van and turned himself in and said, hey, you are not looking for me. you are looking for my
4:02 am
brother. abby: it went on from there. hours later police killing five terrorist its after they drove a car in to pedestrians. authority linking the back-to-back attacks to massive terror network. the death toll now rising from 13 people to 14 at this hour. todd: conor paul on the ground with us from barcelona with brand new details. conor, good morning. >> well, good morning. spanish authorities have just released an update of information here in the last few minutes or so. telling us that there is a massive manhunt underway for outcome oukabi for. -they five attackers in an attack outside of barcelona. picture we are getting right now of the group that tried to carry out these attacks is that it was a fairly large cell of 9 or so people at least nine we know of
4:03 am
right now according to spanish authorities. this was a fairly well-planned attack involving several different locations. one of the interesting things about the attack just south of barcelona about 60 miles or so is that the attackers originally had tried to build some bombs. were wearing fake suicide vests. but they unfortunately or fortunately were not able to get those bombs to work. they were using fake bombs. and, instead, carried out a similar attack that we is a here in bars leona using a vehicle to ram pedestrians and police vehicles. just a short while ago spain's prime minister and king were here in barcelona for a moment of silence. there was a very large crowd here chanting "we will not be afraid. we are not scared." there was a lot of real unit. here in barcelona it seems like a normal day with the exception of this area where there is already monuments, flowers, candles, vigils being set up here in the area. the city is very much still sort of moving on with life. but down here in this area that the las ramblas, there is a high police presence. a lot of armed security. a lot of roads still closed
4:04 am
as spanish authorities continue their investigation. guys, back to you. steve: conor powell in the heart of barcelona. thank you very much. if you are just getting up, it is a little after 1:00 in the afternoon now in bars lonena, spain. here in new york city, overnight, there was a second terror attack. five terrorists wearing fake suicide vests about 70 miles as we heard cop nor say to the south and to the west of barcelona in the town of cam briles. -- they tried to kill as many people as they could. they did kill one person before they encountered police who shot them dead. what's interesting though is that they were wearing fake suicide vests. what exactly did they have planned? abby: the big picture this morning is this was expansive terror attack in spain. when this broke yesterday at
4:05 am
about noon eastern time here in the u.s. it was thought maybe there was one driver behind this van that obviously went and ran over people in the las ramblas, the very popular area in barcelona. and now as we are waking up this morning, we are learning it's far deeper than that far more complicated. have you maybe up to a dozen, some places are reporting, of terrorists that were in this thing together. that they had planned this thing. it was well-orchestrated. steve: when you look at than that, mark, if we could put the map up again, as far as down the mediterranean coast as you can see something happened on wednesday. what was that? well, apparently there was a house explosion and initially they thought that it was just a gas locate. something was going on there. now the authorities are saying essentially this was part of the cell. they had 12 canisters of butane and propane and they exploded. that is what is left of the house. now as we wake up on this friday morning, we're wondering how could they have assembled these
4:06 am
components for bombs without being popping up on somebody's radar somewhere? todd: the question of how is also asked in the broader picture. how did these individuals get into spain in the first place? nigel farage fox news contributor said this earlier about open borders. >> normal nations make their own laws, control their own borders and choose who comes to live, work, and settle in their country. we have surrendered that as a member of the eu. we don't wish to have bad feeling to anyone in the world but we want to choose who comes to our country. and we will do that to make sure that our workers earn decent wages but equally, importantly, we will do that to try to make ourselves a little bit safer. the whole thing is madness. and what we have got is a european project, with a high mighty set of ideals that is now, frankly, endangering the lives of european citizens. yet, there is no sign that any of our leaders yet
4:07 am
wanting to change policy. steve: there was one other story that was out yesterday in the initial confusion. local police said that apparently somebody right in the same neighborhood had a rifle. stormed into a restaurant and had taken people hostage. that, as it turns out. never happened. abby: you talk about these vehicular attacks, right? the new norm that we are seeing. we are now up to 14 people killed in terror attacks. one was in cambrils. 13ers in the las ramblas areas of barcelona. but when we talk about these vehicular attacks, in the past, what, couple of years, we have seen more than six of these types of attacks. and you can literally just get behind a car, get into a busy area and just run over people. that area as we have heard, the cia here in the u.s. gave a warning to officials in spain about two months ago that this part of barcelona was a target, that they needed to be aware of
4:08 am
this. we are still learning more information about how much they knew before this attack. i hate to say, this is not a wake-up call about these types of attacks. we have seen these more and more times. todd: and to that point, abby, the reason we are seeing this, i mean, look, after 9/11, we clamped down on air travel in a way that had never been seen before. so to a certain extent, while it is always the super bowl you hear people say on this air for them to blow up an airliner, they are focusing on the easier things where you don't need as much multinational corporation from the middle east to europe to the u.s. it's one guy in a van, at the very least it could be that now. we do believe there was more coordination in this incident. but at it core you need one guy. you need a van and area with pedestrians. abby: although we had ryan morrow on this show a security expert it comes across that way one person getting behind the wheel of a car. oftentimes they are instructed from these terror groups to build an infrastructure. you just don't go there and directly attack people that you build the infrastructure.
4:09 am
you can isolate yourself and hide from authorities and plan this attack. which is what we have seen happen. steve: i think ultimately what we saw yesterday in barcelona and then later down the coast a bit. that's not what they had planned in the beginning. >> i think they had something planned. keep in mind 12 people. not one person behind the wheel of a rented van that was what happened behind the london bridge attack. dozen people worked together, they had a bomb-making factory, essentially set up in that neighborhood but it blew up. so plan a, no longer operative. instead, what they had to do was they went to plan b, which was to try to kill as many people as possible. and, the big question is, why hasn't that happened here in the united states? could it happen here in the united states? mark thiessen, who was a speech writer for president george w. bush had this observation about the threat america faces right here last night on the channel. >> the fact is seven years agricultural divide in the arabian peninsula published
4:10 am
a magazine called inspire published arm ultimate mowing machine urged jihaddists to use a pickup truck not as a mowing machine to mow grass but to mow down people. the latest issue of inspire just came out and it urges them to carry out attacks on trains in the united states and in europe. they have a list in the magazine of train routes in the united states. number one target list in here washington, new york, and d.c. they have 18-page guide in there to how to build a derailment device to derail a high speed train. so we have seen that the enemy tells us what they are planning to do. we need to take the word of the enemy seriously. vehicular attacks have followed this pattern and now it's going to be train attacks. abby: how frightening is that according to this al qaeda magazine inspire. they called for ultimate mowing machine. now they are pushing for attacks on our subway
4:11 am
systems, train systems here in the u.s. if you want to take that seriously, look at what they were warning about seven years ago and what we're facing today. todd: all areas of vulnerability. steve: soft targets. todd: airports tough to get into. it's tough to get into an airport if you are a terrorist. subway right here. steve: last couple of airport attacks we had seen before the security cordon. as people go to work here in new york city or major metropolitan areas across the country and around the world today they are wondering, you know, what exactly is protecting me as i walk to work or as i am at work? abby: right. steve: a lot of people are reminded when things like this happen there are bad people out there trying to kill us. abby: what's incredible when we wake up the next morning from what we have seen the last couple days play out the resilience of western society. rehad leia mmple several. he saw the van go in and hit people. he saw in barcelona people were waking up and still going in to their shops and
4:12 am
restaurants and trying to live life normally. steve: but what choice do you have if you -- you know, if you don't get up and pick yourself up and try to start over, they win. >> the bad guys win. we can't let that happen. todd: what's comforting to me as we saw in rob schmitt's live shot earlier. the big guys with the guns lining times square and hopefully we will see that throughout other cities here in the u.s. protecting our homeland. on the day after this. and, you know, again, the question becomes how long do they stay there in that sort of heightened posture? do we want to live in that society for the rest of our lives? steve: they stay there as long as it takes. abby: nothing brings western society more than a terror attack. we heard that from the president and vice president yesterday. we are standing by our allies. we will give them anything they need, of course, to get through this difficult time. steve: you are looking live at images out of barcelona. where people of barcelona have come to the main towns square to salute people who died yesterday just out and
4:13 am
about just living their lives. abby: a week that they're for sure never forget. steve: coming up on this friday, stopping global terror may start at one of its main sources. the country of syria. is our military doing enough there? our next guest says it's time for america to start playing some offense. ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: a fox news alert. isis now claiming responsibility for the deadly attack. spain has seen the deadliest since the madrid rail bombings in 2004. abby: so are open borders to blame for the terror group's strong hold in the country and are we doing enough in syria to make sure this terror is not spread? todd: joining success former green beret advisor and counter terrorism to dick cheney and fox news contributor lieutenant colonel michael waltz. >> good morning. todd: good morning to you. i want to ask that second question first. you say we need to continue to take the offensive here and take it them in their
4:18 am
home lands in syria, in iraq, and afghanistan. >> you know, that's right. i mean, look, the terrorists have found the perfect weapon, the automobile, that requires no training to use and to the credit of our law enforcement agencies in europe and the united states, they have stopped a lot of plots. but they can't bat a thousand all the time. they can't stop all of them. and what we have to do is continue to that i can down these sanctuaries. particularly in syria and iraq. we should have never allowed it to get this far by withdrawing all of our forces from iraq under the obama administration and essentially turning a blind eye to the rebel that we were supporting in syria. you know, and we have to be very careful here. you know, today, president trump's national security team is meeting in camp david to discuss afghanistan strategy and i truly fear if we pull out, like a lot of people are calling for, which i know -- and i know there is a lot of frustration for what we have done wrong there. but if we pull out of
4:19 am
afghanistan, too, he risks being to afghanistan what obama was to iraq. and we will have the islamic state in afghanistan and pakistan now in a situation will be far worse. we have to stay on offense get our leadership, but we also need a broader strategy that goes after the ideology. steve: indeed. colonel, you know though, that there is not much appetite in this country for what you are describing. >> i know. i know. and, listen, the frustrations are high. we have done a lot of things wrong. but we have to look at the downside. al qaeda, isis, 20 of the 40 of the world's 40 declared terrorist groups are sitting in the afghanistan, pakistan region. and if we just walk away. we will be sitting back where we were before 9/11, except worse. remember, the terrorists' ultimate goal is not necessarily these kind of base hits they are hitting against us with vehicular attacks. the ultimate goal is the home run of weapons of mass
4:20 am
destruction and right next to afghanistan is pakistan, with 10 times the population of iraq. and a nuclear arsenal that they can destabilize and try to get their hands on. so the stakes are high here. and though frustrations are high, you know, both in the west and around the world, we have to maintain -- we have to stay engaged. we are in a global war against islamic extremism, like we were against communism. and these are the new battle fields. steve: sure, as you said the president is convening national security team at camp david. i doubt they are going to come out and tell us what their strategy is but nonetheless they're on it lieutenant colonel thank you so much. abby: thank you so much. >> all right. thank you. steve: up next on this friday governor mike huckabee joins us live. his reaction to the president's response and what he thinks the white house should do next to calm fears around the world. ♪ ♪ what powers the digital world. communication.
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so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to ash be a 25 minutes after the hour. back to a fox news alert. where president trump promptly responding to the thai attack in spain yesterday, offering his condolences and support. tweeting this the united states condemns the terror attack in bars lonena, spain and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you. todd: so what steps should he take to avoid any future attacks? steve: here to react we have got the former governor of arkansas 2012 republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor mike huckabee. mike, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, good morning, abby and todd. great to be with you. todd: great to see you, too, sir. steve: there is troubling news regarding this. that is apparently, according to the authorities, our cia told
4:25 am
spain two months ago that las ramblas neighborhood is ripe as a terror target. and, yet yesterday, it seemed like it was just another day there. what do you make of that? >> the tragedy that we see all over europe is that the unfettered immigration policies, which have really just allowed people to come in without any vetting, has resulted in disaster. we have seen it in france and in belgium. we have seen it in the u.k. we have seen it in germany. now we see it in spain. and it's a great tragedy. people have been so critical of president trump because he wanted to have a vetting process for the united states. we have got enough trouble with homegrown terrorism like we saw at charlottesville. but, we don't need to import any more of it. and i think some day europe has got to wake up and realize that when you invite people in who do not share your values, who do not share your future and
4:26 am
interests, you just got to say you're not coming. abby: he gave a strong message, the president did, about standing by our allies and doing everything we can help. he also tweeted out something yesterday, governor, that has gotten a lot of criticism over the past 12 or 10 hours. he brought up a story about general john j. pershing. who is said in stories that have circulated online that he had dipped bullets in pig's blood to execute islamic terrorists in the philippines whose religion, of course forbids contact with the animals. the story has been. he has been criticized for bringing that up and urging his millions of followers to go and learn about that story. what was your reaction to all of that? >> well, i'm just convinced that no matter what donald trump says, no matter what he does, the critics are going to line up and pile up. if he says something -- that if he says god bless you, they will beat him up for using the term "god."
4:27 am
donald trump is an impulsive person who says things that come to him at the moment. >> that's what his twitter account is about. people can either accept that as the mind of a guy who is being incredibly transparent, maybe sometimes uncomfortably so or they can just use it as one more way to show their absolute irrational hatred for all things donald trump. and i think we are seeing that more than anything. and especially in the criticisms after charlottesville. he made a very, i think, clear statement saturday night. even before we knew who the assay atlanta was. he was incredibly clear, calling out my name the white extremist and anti-semitic groups that are disgusting. he did that i don't know what else he can do because these people are not going to be happy. they don't want to be happy. they want to be angry and hate donald trump and they will find a way to do it. todd: governor huckabee, let's take that a step further now. is there anything that the
4:28 am
president can do with regard to open borders, with regard to travel bans, things along those lines to convince people who don't agree with him? in other words, how many more barcelonas, frances, ie, on and on how many more of these do we need? >> well, none. and i think that's the point. and the steps that he has taken, have already resulted in declining by half of the number of illegal immigrants coming in to this country just since he took office. that's dramatic. in its turn around. federal authorities are being given the authority to do their jobs. we're ending sanctuary cities. people ought to be standing up and applauding. this is a president who takes american security seriously. thank god for that. steve: sure. one other component, mike, is the fact that you know, we don't know exactly hot people are who perpetrated this attack over in spain. we know that they are looking at a cell of about a dozen people which would suggest it's really big. but we don't know whether or
4:29 am
not they actually had contact with isis or they simply radicalized themselves via the internet. the internet is a very powerful tool for good and in this case for bad. >> one of the challenges i think we have got to issue to internet, major companies and the social media giants like facebook and twitter often, when are the communication links for these radical groups is if they are going to censor guys like me for putting out a christian message and they have before, i mean, it was certainly not inflammatory. it was just a message that they thought it was too religion. so if they are going to do that, why is it that they don't put some type of more genuine lid on these radical messages that are transporting back and forth between radicalized people and giving them instructions on what to do. i think that they have to shoulder some responsibility for that.
4:30 am
steve: mike huckabee joining us today from the panhandle of florida. governor, thank you for being with us. abby: good to have you governor. >> thank you. steve: you bet. the latest terror attack once again hitting a popular tourist spot packed with people. so how do we protect soft targets here at home? our panel of terror experts are going to weigh in on that coming up next. ♪ ♪ ["love is all around" by joan jett & the blackhearts]
4:31 am
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) todd: welcome pack to a fox news alert. hours ago police announcing this name oukabir in the deadly rampage in barcelona. massive hand hunt intensifying for the team who allegedly killed 13 people and injured 100 more.
4:34 am
steve: police also killed five terrorists after they drove their car into pedestrians in ca cambrils, spain. linking back-to-back attacks to a massive terror network. in other words, there was a strike in bars leona and then a few hours later there was this audi a 3 ramming into civilians in the coastal city of cambrils. todd: meantime u.s. authorities on high alert back here at home after the latest isis inspire magazine mentioned threats to trains and subways along the east coast. steve: that's right. we have a lot of both here in new york city. that's why we have dismachesd rob schmitt to times square. rob? >> hey, guys, a nasty day in times square. it's rainy but not as busy as it normally is times square is always busy. always a lot of security here. probably the number one target in the united states for terrorists because it gets so much exposure. everybody appears has been to times square. you see the officers out here normally. you see them even with the
4:35 am
assault rifles normally. they are adding to that an additional security -- ramping it up to bring more in to times square because of what happened in barcelona. and, you know, other areas of the city as well. columbus circle down in union square. you will see more officers on the subway as well. bringing in that additional security. the nypd talked a little bit about how difficult it is to protect a city like this where everywhere walks the streets. where the streets are always busy from an attack like a car attack. which is something so easily attainable by a terrorist. >> you need to work with intel and get that kind of an information. we had someone who was planning such an attack. something happens at a moment's notice, we have to deploy with police officers. rob: okay, guys. so, if you look behind me, can you see these kind of looks like steel poles sticking up about 2 feet out of ground. those are called steel ballers. the nypd has been using these for a number of years.
4:36 am
we saw them pop up after 9/11. that is the best way to prevent a car attack like we saw in barcelona, like we have seen in france and a number of places. and also like we saw here in times square just a little bit ago, maybe a couple months ago when a man drove his car right up the street and killed one girl and injured a lot of people. you will see more of that the best way to keep people safe in an attack that is not very preventable. somebody gets into a car and plows into people walking down the street. it's a tough time. send it back to you. abby: rob schmitt. thank you, rob. isis claiming responsibility for this deadly attack. what county u.s. do to protect americans from these kinds of soft target attacks? here to weigh in is our panel o experts. former nypd officer dr. darren porcher. new york state assembly member and fellow at the clarion project ryan morrow. good morning to you three gentlemen. great to have you with us. unfortunately on a sad day and continue to wake up to
4:37 am
more attacks likes. this i will start with you dr. porcher. we just had that report there from robb, in times square. popular areas in the u.s. especially in the middle of summer. we have already seen a car ram through times square this year alone. how much can you do to stop that from happening? >> well, one of the things rob mentioned in terms of the erexz of the steel ballast something that initially happened in the times square area. that will branch out to more and more soft targets here in manhattan. one of the key things in a place like new york city is the elise station of intelligence from citizens. citizens, we live in a city of 8.5 million people. we only have 38,000 police officers. 38,000 police officers pales in comparison to the intel that you can elicit from 8.5 million people. therefore, it's necessary that we have that information exchange between citizens and police officers. coupled with a lot of these i want to say these campaigns that you see something, you say something. abby: what can civilians do,
4:38 am
karen? because you think about what happened in the las ramblas area of barcelona. spain was warned by our cia two months ago that there could very well be a terror attack in that part of spain in barcelona. still though, people need to go out and live their lives. we cannot let terrorism win. what can we do as civilians to look out for things to maybe spot something that looks fishy? >> you know, it gets back to the old if you see something, say something. that still rings true. one of the barriers to that is political correctness. you know, if you go back to the intern attack. san bernardino attack. neighbors say we knew something wasn't right. people coming in and weird hours. we didn't know what they were up to. we were hesitate at that particular time to call the police or authorities because we didn't want to be accused of bigotry. we have to get past that we have to keep the lives of everyone safe in this country, we have to err on the side of caution. abby: this story, ryan, still not over yet. you still have the driver of this van on the loose. they are still trying to
4:39 am
figure out where he is. an 18-year-old man. what can you tell us about him and the facts that he is still on the run. i mean he obviously didn't go out to commit suicide in this mission. >> he almost certain solid going to know people that can he work with whether they're willing to harbor him, i don't know. but what we often find ised that the stone called lone wolves don't actually exist. they know someone. they have a family member. it is part of a network. in terms of what citizens can do. there is something that we can all do actually right now. which is that isis thrives off the perception of success. it appears that they are being successful, they then recruit more because it's interpreted as being allah's blessing that you are doing the right thing. as we talk about the attack in barcelona. do not allow it to eliminate coverage of a very important fact which is that you have christians, sunni arabs and kurds fighting side by side in raqqa right now. we are still winning this. abby: that's a great point. as we were talking about earlier, you see something, you say something. dr. porcher there is a limit to that right? can you see something that looks a bit off and report
4:40 am
it to authorities. you were former nypd officer here. but they have to have enough evidence to catch these guys, right? to actually go into their home to see if there is anything really going on there. there is a fine line. >> it's going to start the investigation. that's the most important thing. thousands of tips come in to police departments not just in new york city but nationally. the police department has to have that information to act on it. oftentimes when you get this information, it's just a matter of surveillance in a public place. places where people don't have an expectation of privacy. we have officers that are constantly surveying subjects in the street. it starts with gaining that information. it's an arduous process in conducting these investigations it requires a lot of resources. but the first step in this is the public's cooperation and participation. abby: it takes every single one of us, a new frightening reality we live in. thank you all three of you for being here. interesting expertise. >> thanks for having us. abby: there were warning signs before this attack in barcelona. how do we track and stop
4:41 am
these hidden terrorist cells before they strike? scott taylor is here next to weigh in on that. ♪ ♪ the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. you're in the match app. now tap on the new missed connections feature. it says i've crossed paths with kate six times this week. that is a lot of times. she's cute too! yea! how did i miss her? you didn't. match picked it up for you. check out new missed connections on match. start for free today!
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4:44 am
todd: top target for jihad terrorists as early as june of this year. abby: what steps do intelligence agencies need to stop these terrorist cells from happening. steve: joining us from is congressman from virginia and former navy seal scott taylor reporting from duty from virginia beach. good morning to you, scott. >> good morning. how are you guys doing? steve: we're doing okay. although we have been talking about two terror strikes and house exploding in spain. looks like a dozen terrorist guys involved in this cell. what can we do. >> obviously the cia did
4:45 am
their job in trying to talk to the spanish authorities. you have to take another level. you also have cities that need to be involved now as well, too. it can't just be nation states. it's got to be closer to where the problems are what you are seeing is as the -- as these folks isis and certainly in mosul they learn how to use vvid. vehicle improvised explosive devices. this could have been that unfortunately it was not. u6r8ly it happened, period. they are learning things on the battlefield. you have to give those threats, those methods those tactics. you can't do the nation state. you have to push it down to the city as well, too. you have to be -- had you good guests on here before talking about if you see something, say something on the street. also local authorities, also national authorities to bring those data points together to be able to disrupt networks. abby: as a former navy seal have you been trained differently as civilian have to look out for terrorist activity. what advice do you have for all of us as we are just walking the streets if you do see something fishy, what should would he be looking out for?
4:46 am
at what point do you report something? >> you know, obviously to an untrained eyes, you may not see some things. but there are definitely things that look fishy for folks and they need to report it immediately to the authorities. you know, what you are seeing right now is some low tech very difficult to prevent and i think had you another guest that was speaking about that as well, too. there has to be more jersey barriers there has to be steel ballards in areas where folks are walking around. not just in new york city but other cities as well, too. that intel has to be pushed down to the local authorities. and if you see something, say something. you know, like these attacks are very difficult to prevent. but as you guys spoke about with inspire magazine coming out, you see what they are doing, they are getting their butts kicked in raqqa and syria and iraq. as that happens they will push that information out to the cells around the world. and they will push out what they have learned on the battlefield for them to replicate that in other cities. abby: how serious should we take the inspire magazine the new threat of blowing up trains and subways here in
4:47 am
the u.s.? they warned about seven years ago these type of vehicular attacks and now they are pushing out their men to come here to the u.s. and do that to trains and subways. >> i think it's a very serious threat because, again, it's very -- it can be unpredictable sometimes. some of those threats, of course, you are able to deal with signals intelligence and understanding through our own intelligence gathering where they are and we have the ability to disrupt them. other ones you are not what you are talking about with the vehicles. whether you are talking about with drones which is probably the next thing people will see somewhere around the world. again as they're getting their butts kicked on the battlefield. they are disseminating that information out to their networks around the world. it's a very serious threat. again, we have to be able to disrupt those networks which going to take local authorities and national authorities and the man and the woman that's on the street that might see something that's bad. steve: all right. congressman scott taylor from virginia. sir, thank you very much for joining us live. abby: thanks for being here. >> thank you. steve: coming up, he interrogated some of the worldst worst terrorist
4:48 am
including mastermind of 9/11 attack. what do they all have in common? dr. james mitchell takes us inside the mind of a jihad next. ♪ ♪ what's up guys? we're dude perfect. make sure you check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year. (male announcer) hey, it's time for great deals on great gear! plus, weekends during the classic, you can get up to a $100 instant rebate on select gear when you purchase with your bass pro shops mastercard.
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they save us from getting lost, getting hungry, and getting tired of places like this. phones changed everything - shouldn't the way pay for them change too? introducing xfinity mobile. where you can pay for data by the gig, and share it across all of your lines. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you pay by the gig. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to steve: we are back with a fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for the deadliest attack spain has seen since close to 200 people were killed in the madrid train bombings back in 2004. our next guest questioned some of the world's worst terrorists. so what do they all have in common? joining us right now is former cia interrogator dr. james mitchell. he helped the cia develop its enhanced interrogation program.
4:52 am
dr. mitchell joins us from florida today. dr. mitchell, what do they all have in common? >> well, one of the things they all have in common is that hateful ideology. you know, we like to pretend that it's not based in the radicalized version of that religion, but it is based in it. and i think until we recognize that the teachings of -- there is over 100 verses in the quran calling on people to attack and kill and harm infidels and nonbelievers. and the literal interpretation of that is part of the problem. steve: right. the president and his national security team are going to be convening later today at camp david to try to figure out what to do going forward. but, you and i were just chatting during the commercial break, and you said we are going about this the wrong way. we're at the wrong end of the terrorist pipeline. >> yeah. i would say yes and. in the sense that we need to do all those things at the
4:53 am
business end of the pipeline that we find ourselves at, with the radical jihaddists who are attacking and killing us. but it's a little bit like trying to stop a bathtub from overflowing without turning the water off. we really need to be working on the other end of that pipeline. we need to -- while people are still young and still impressionable, their parents, their schools, the religious institutions, the social institutions need to be teaching them western values, not housing them and stove piping them in a community where they are led to believe that the western values is really what is oppressing them and then act surprised when they grow up and want to attack us. steve: sure. dr. mitchell, for folks who are just waking up, there were actually two terror attacks in the last 24 hours. one in barcelona and then one overnight in cambrils about 70 miles from barcelona where five guys wearing fake suicide vests once again tried to mow down
4:54 am
as many people as they could in an audi a 3 i believe. eventually they came into contact with the police and the police killed them all. however, why on earth would these guys be wearing fake suicide vests? >> well, it's hard to know what's in their head, but as an exbomb disposal guy myself, i would think they would be wearing that to gain time, to try to intimidate the people around them in case they needed to escape, to hold the police off long enough for them to be able to come up with some other plan. steve: yeah. >> i suspect that it's not anything more than to make themselves look dangerous so they can do more of their deeds. steve: yeah. with about a dozen guys involved in this particular cell, that we know of, it sounds like part of the cell blew themselves up wednesday into thursday. apparently there is a house in another part of spain that initially they thought was just a gas explosion. apparently they had 20
4:55 am
canisters of butane and propane in there. so it sounds like they had bigger plans than just running over people. >> yeah. i was actually involved in the development of the fuel air bomb that the air force uses. and those propane bombs are incredibly powerful. and those vehicular bombs that include propane can be incredibly dangerous and incredibly deadly. fortunately, fortunately, the bomb makers were incompetent and they blew that thing up. and what you sometimes see in these kinds of attacks is once some horrible thing happens, like the house blows up and they know the authorities are going to get involved. somebody runs out and tries to use plan b to save as muchs of it as they can. so i think we were lucky in the sense that the house blew up, unlucky in the sense that this young person decided that the way to go about doing this was to kill as many people as they could. steve: sure, before you leave, briefly, famously you interrogated khalid sheikh
4:56 am
mohammed the master mine of 9/11. what did he tell you which seemed prophetic regarding political correctness? >> well, he told me in 2004 and 2005 that we were going to see a lot more of these small group low tech attacks because while al qaeda dreamed of huge catastrophic attacks, they really weren't very practical. and since they are targeting the minds of civilians, not so that they can slowly ratchet up sharia law, what he said was that political correctness and our immigration policies and our civil liberties were actually cloaking devices that would allow them to move into our neighborhoods and establish the support networks they needed to pull off these kinds of attacks. steve: all right. dr. james mitchell joining us today from florida. thank you very much for lending your expertise to this. >> thank you, sir. steve: all right. coming up on this friday, geraldo rivera is here. remember when geraldo's daughter was caught up in the paris terrorist attacks?
4:57 am
he will way i weigh in on that d what is happening now in spain ♪ ♪ otice... find fast, all-day sweet relief behind the pharmacy counter with claritin-d. strut right on past that aisle... and tell your stuffed up nose to stuff it with non-drowsy claritin-d. a steroid free allergy medicine that contains the best oral decongestant. it starts working in as little as 30 minutes. so you can get back to living the good life. live claritin clear with claritin-d. a penny it's ourr back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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hitting people along this famous tourist spot. later last night, five men tried later last night, five men tried police say they shot and killed all five men there. trying to launch this attack. now as police are still hunting for the one man, the driver, moussa oukq!ir, here a few minutes ago, few hours, there was a big rally, spain's king and prime minister were here in the square. there was large chants we will not be squared. we are not afraid. there was moment of silence for victims which has gone up 13 to 14. authorities are warning that number could increase even further because there is at least 15 people who are seriously wounded after yesterday's attack. guys, back to you.
5:04 am
steve: conor powell with the very latest. we have live images. this is one of the locations there in theç las ramblas district of barcelona. where a number of people were killed yesterday. explain what this neighborhood is like. it's a very big tourist attraction. it is very wide boulevard. in the center of the street is the pedestrian walkway, most people, on that street are walking. they have single lanes of traffic on each side, so easy for the guy in the white fiat van to get in the middle, zigzag, obviously what we know now, trying to kill as many people as she could. todd: trying to thinkç of comparison in the u.s. there is the pedestrian area in denver. there may not be roadways on either side, there is third street promenade in santa monica. no cars on either side.
5:05 am
one of those areas where pedestrians are walking what appears to be a roadway. obviously this situation is happening there in barcelona. abby: it is still ongoing. as you heard from conor powell, the 18-year-old they believe the driver behind the white van, can see him right there. being reported possibly took i.d. from his brother and arrested with authorities as we speak. he might have taken his brother's i.d. we know onç social media he wre two years ago, kill all infidels. could be the ringleader behind this whole operation. he is still being searched for. this is still very ongoing situation. steve: sure. because his older brother walked into a police station i think you're looking for me because my name is on the rental car. i was here. my brother took it. joining us from cleveland, fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera, every time something like this happens, it brings back terrible memories when your daughter was over
5:06 am
during the tile of bataclan and stadium terror attack. >> gives you theç chills, stev, every level. terror attack is terrorizing, because spontaneous and victims were randomly selected very often. people have nothing to do with whatever beef terrorists have. this was similar-sized crew of terrorists in the paris attack at november 2015. affected my family so profoundly. it was one/10th as effective as paris. simone, my lovely daughter, working in the district attorney's office inç new york, she was in the stadium, holland playing france in soccer all of sudden explosions are outside. why was she spared? randomly the ticket-taker at the football stadium, the soccer
5:07 am
stadium wouldn't let suicide attackers in. they ignited their vests outside the stadium. so the people inside were safe inchewedding my simone but some others died. what happened here, that is why the casualties were only one 10th as pairries. as they were preparing a bomb outside of barcelona itç exploded. so now the bomb exploded. so now their original plot was obviously to take the bomb they were making, put it in vehicle and blow something up in classic vehicle-born improvised explosive device was authoritied. what do they do? the kid grabs the brother's rental van, randomly they go to las ramblas, a place in barcelona. wonderful problem understand, my family and i have been there many times, commits this atrocity. it was basically failed attack, even though 14 tragically were killed.
5:08 am
five terrorists were killed, outside, 70 milesç outside. spanish authorities did a great job. and you know, our thoughts and prayers are with the people, the parents of people who happened to be in barcelona. abby: often after the attacks, geraldo, there were warning signs. cia warned officials in spain two months ago an attack was likely specifically in this las ramblas area of barcelona. what more do we need to do? what more do officials need to do, government and civilians. we had a lot of guests on the show talking about how pc we still are in this country and around the world. we have got to change that. >> inç regard to the last part, abby, about pc, one of the ways we but traditional organized crime, mafia, infiltrate with informants and under cover operatives. i had not yet seen that, publicized. we managed to penetrate one of
5:09 am
these cells, with young agents of our own who can then tip us to what's happening. we have to be much more aggressive. i also believe. this war in syria and iraq, mosul has fallen. racca, the capital of the so-called caliphate, still stands, even though it is beleaguered. we must crush themç there. we must wipe out the rat's nest. we must get them in a place where they don't have safe place to do the billion call schemes and attacks on innocent civilians. we have to wipe out their base, penetrate their cells, get, enhanced intelligence and then the simple stuff, like in front of the fox building where you're sitting right now, there are concrete barriers, and prevent vehicles from coming off the street on to the sidewalk. i call on every single public plaza, in the united states of america to have these vehicle
5:10 am
retrainingç devices. they cost 50 cents of concrete. you can save awful lot of lives. look at times square. the huge, it is 1000 feet from where you sit right now. the huge promenade there, now banned to traffic largely on the west side of the street. wherever you see the pedestrians, they have to walk through these pillars. why not. you can prevent serious attack with very little expense with some forethought. todd: great idea, geraldo. i want to take you a step back here. do you think what happened in barcelona will change any mind globally with regard to open borders and specifically here in the u.s., with regard to the travel ban? >>ç well, i mean, it is certaiy going to bring up the issue. i just want quick history lesson though. remember spain separated from africa. former spanish territory. algeria, tunisia, by the straits of gibraltar which is 20-mile wide, unlike the mediterranean
5:11 am
further east, which is you know, hundreds of miles wide, right there in spain, only 20 miles from africa, festering population of activists, some of them muslims who were deeply resentful of theç moroccan king and spanish government. spain expelled all muslims back in 1482, you might remember. a lot of historical conflict. i'm not sure that spain, to answer your question, i'm not sure that spain is suffering because of its liberal immigration, come one, come all that obviously has afflicted belgium and germany and france, but still, there is no doubt a restive population, some percentage should be penetrated by local patriotic muslim spaniards, get in there, find out what is going on, alert the authorities, bust these acts before theyç happen. of course spread what we have now common in this country, if
5:12 am
you see something, say something. steve: we do know one of the suspects arrests was spanish and another was moroccan to your point. quickly before we go, do you think, they're looking into this particular, the driver, the 18-year-old kid, apparently he had been to madrid aways away from his home for a while. they want to know who he met with earlier this week. apparently he arrived in barcelona a couple days ago. do you think he was in contact with isis directly or do you think this is one of those think, i don't know obviously, remembering what i was like when i was 18, you all when you were 18, worried about sports and girls and life is very innocent and you just beginning. here is 18-year-old so committed he is willing to die for it. it is, it is, it is tragic.
5:13 am
i don't know how you stop it. it seems to me that the most likely thing is not that the 18-year-old kid was talking to raqqa syria, but there is older person, several older people in charge of a terrorist cell,ç tt include many of these impressionable children. i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't for one of these, wahhabiist clerics who tells the kid, you know, go to heaven, virgins and so forth. i think that i have no, i have no problem if a mosque is known to be preaching extremist rhett i have zero problem putting agents inside to tell us what the cleric is doing. abby: no one is born an islamic extremist. we have to figure out how people areç radicalized. steve: thank you, geraldo. >> president gets ready to meet
5:14 am
with his national security team. todd: michelle malkin, dana loesch all coming up in the next 45 minutes. don't go anywhere.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
todd: welcome back, 17 minutes after the hour. president trump meeting with national security team, on heels
5:18 am
of yet another deadly terror attack. abby: the commander-in-chief condemning the massacre, vowing to help find and punish those responsible. steve: garrett tenney, live from d.c. with the latest. reporter: good morning. white house tells us president trump is receiving regular updates from his chief of staff john kelly. across the administration there were condemnation for the attacks an expressions of support fromç spain. first comments came from first lady, melania trump, thoughts and prayers to barcelona. after more details of the tragedy had come up, president trump offered his own condolences in support. the united states condemns the terrorist attack in barcelona, spain and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you. at the end of a trip to latin america mice president mike pence echoed the president's sentiments. at a press conference he issued this warning to other would-be terrorists. >> isis has taken credit for
5:19 am
this barbaric attack. but whoever is responsible should know thatç the nights of america, together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. reporter: the vice president returned home last night from his latin american trip a day earlier than original planned for a lunch meeting at camp david with president trump today, followed by a meeting with the national security council to discuss north korea though. you can expect that these attacks in barcelona will certainly come up as well. back to you all. steve: garrett, thank you very much. we're getting further details on the second attack where there were five terrorists in the audi car. apparently what happened was, they wereearing fake suicide vests. a police officer was doing a spot-check at a round-about and this car tried to run over as many people as they could. then they crashed into the police car. their car flipped. then they got out, terrorists with the fake suicide vests got
5:20 am
out out of the car and had axes and machetes coming at one cop, who killed four of the five. the fifth one took off toward a public park and engaged by a police officer later and he was killed. some hero cops in spain today. abby: that is absolutely incredible story. one of the civilians died. 13 othersç died in the las ramblas area of barcelona. steve: former member israel's counter operations unit, aaron cohen, how we here at home prevent the next barcelona style attack. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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abby: we're back with a fox news alert. the latest terror attack, once again hitting popular tourist spot packed with people. how to we protect soft target here at home? steve: former member of israel special counterterrorism unit andç founder of a counter terrr school joins us live from l.a. good morning to you. >> good morning, nice. steve: what is your headline what happened in spain overnight? >> well, if i was advising president trump, the first thing i would say, you know, we can't take a soft approach to soft targets. i would advise the president to immediately put together some type of a task force that was combination of federal, state, local, to look at every soft target across the country. geraldo rivera said it beautifully. get bollards up and create choke points. every part of this country wherç vehicles access and ram people. simple thing.
5:25 am
put bollards up, cheap plastic bins with water. uniformed armed police officers, randomly checking bags and vehicles, but physically stop the vehicles where i would start on the defensive here in this country. abby: talk about armed police officers, but also you say one of the best kept secrets in israel they have police officers that don't wear any gear. they wear regular man's clothing, they're out and about like normal people, if something happens they're there to step in. >> yeah, i'm going to share with you guys one of israel's best kept secrets. this is reflective policeç cap that every off-duty police officer in israel in plain clothes officer must fold up, very simple to use. folds up, puts it in his pocket. in the event after terror attack, can put it on his head after he responded with lethal force with the police officers in barcelona. can neutralize the terrorists. here is the thing. there are million sworn police
5:26 am
officers in the u.s. we need off-duty officers to help act as force multipliers. this cap allows them to reduce risk to themselves while producing weapon, eliminating threat, not gettingç shot by other cops. that is super important. over a million sets of eyes off sworn in this country. half a million off-duty any given time, 300,000 or 200,000 off-duty. typically u.s. law enforcement is shunned away from responding off-duty for liability reasons. we need to retrain that. train off-duty forces to be able to respond to have additional sets of ice out there. guys, we can't protect every single corner. we need off-duty elements. that is big, bill deal in israel. todd: those are great on the ground approaches. what can we do from intelligence perspective to cut the things off before they're even in the planningç stages? >> great question. intel, intell, intel. here is how it works. our federal agencies begin to
5:27 am
develop sources. they begin to infiltrate these terror groups. through their communities. and quite simply with terrorism, it really took comes down to old-fashioned spy craft. which involves tapping cell phones, for text messages, hacking into emails for, to be able to find out what is cooking within this networks. so that we can get warrants and begin to start to follow and listen and eavesdrop. next thing whenç it comes downo is, kicking down the doors, getting warrants from these federal judges. again if i was advising the president, i would be making it rain terrorist warrants. that start from the intel phase. you have to be kicking down doors of would-be suicide bombers. we've seen vehicles, machetes, axes. you were reporting how they wept after the law enforcement officer. it is very similar to the signature of hamas. they use whatever they can. you have to cut these guys off.
5:28 am
really good intel and a lot of actionable information that leads to warrants. that is how this is done.ç steve: that is what you did over in israel. would get close to the bad guys, figure out what they were going to do next. >> correct. steve: we don't know identities of all four suspects they have in custody right now. sound like the cell was close to a dozen people, aaron. we do know one was moroccan and we do know one was spanish and as geraldo reminded us, morocco and spain are 20 miles apart through the straits of gibraltar. when people talking about people coming from all different land, that 20-mile boat ride across the mediterranean right there, that is not aç stretch. >> you can swim. you know. not literally -- listen, barcelona is one of the great
5:29 am
middle-eastern vacation spots. steve: cruise ships. >> tourists travel there every week. cruise ships, greece, all in the same neighborhood. all one one hundred kilometer radius. europe is very close to northern africa which makes up a very dangerous part of the world. so obviously the immigration policies across europe have failed tremendously. and the truth is, let me give you another piece, this is coming from, central intelligence friends ofç mine. there has been a significant amount of information shared by our intelligence agencies, just this summer with the european police agencies and their intelligence units. problem, europe doesn't have intel. they can't get it done. they're just not putting into action plans that will allow them to be -- steve: why is that? why not? >> because europe is -- they're extremely correct. abby: cia did warn spain about this attack.
5:30 am
not this specific attack but said something could happen in the las ramblas area. maybe they didn't warn the people díough? >> europe is -- i just came back from working on a film in bulgaria, i will tell you, europe, airports, europe is so far behind america and again, i've always said that america is still going through security puberty. we have many years to figure this thing out. europe is so politically correct and so backwards so afraid to offend their citizens. i understand they have a dark history. i always explain it to the parents of dead kids, everybody has to get together on collective here. aggression is a tactic. we need to get aggressive. that is a real tactic. aggression should be in the actual vernacular lookingç at w anti-terror laws. todd: words of wisdom. steve: aaron cohen, thanks for joining us from l.a.
5:31 am
>> thank you, sir. abby: michelle malkin says the political left is hurting our efforts to stop the next terror attack. she will explain why exactly that is. she will join us next. ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782
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abby: back with a fox news alert. a fourth arrest in connection with the horrific back-to-back terror attacks in spain. steve: authorities say the latest suspect taken into custody is not 18-year-old moussa oukabir, the driver named in the deadlyç barcelona campaign. hunt for most wanted man in europe is still on this hour. todd: police shot and killed five terrorists linked to the terror network as they drove a car into pedestrians in a second attack. the death toll now 14. michelle malkin, editor of
5:35 am
conservative review. good to see you this morning. we've been talking all morning long about the nuts and bolts of this. let's bring this back home. what does this mean here in the u.s. for president trump's policies going forward and what should we as a nation do? >> well, what happenedç in barcelona, is yet another sobering and deadly reminder of existential threats that all americans face. no matter what color, no matter what creed. no matter what backgrounds. i think that we have been so roiled by anti-trump bashing and by partisan division that we forget, american lives matter. american security matters. and what i'm frustrate most, friend, is that every time we have one of these attacks overseas, you get the last responder response, okay? we're supposed to beç first-responders, not last responders.
5:36 am
and you get this grudging acknowledgement from people in d.c., oh, yes, we should probably do something about that. well our white house and our president are doing something about it. it is progressive left and democrats in this country that are obstructing it every step of the way with their old, tired race card and ad homonym attacks on people in this country who are true patriots trying to make sure that happen to us here again and again and again as a matter of course, as a matter of accepting islamic terror as a part of our everydayç lives. steve: so, michelle, part of president trump's policy agenda needs implementation you talking about? >> all of it. i would start with the physical barriers and the wall. that was president trump's number one promise. unfortunately, steve, we've got people in both parties, and special interests on the left and the big business right, who have no interests in fulfilling that promise.
5:37 am
for crtv, my show, michelle malkin investigates, we were just at the border for many days over past couple weeks, dealing with ranchers who are under siege. you want to talk about attacks on a daily basis? they'reç frustrated with both parties. they have got an 18-foot, that is double layered. only 30 miles of that. the fulfillment of the secure act from a decade ago hasn't been accomplished yet. and then, that fence goes to 10 feet. barbed-wire, i walking along the border, flood channels are open through monsoon season, anybody can walk through. we hear open borders caused attacks inç europe and we havet done jack yet, compared to what is happening on ours. abby: michelle, we have add on
5:38 am
our society. every time attacks happen, we have laser focus a few days. we all have the same conversations, what more can we do, how can we prevent this here at home. we get distracted on to the next thing and the next. how do we keep our eye on this. how do we implement so we can be most prepared for when it does come here? >> i think having no fear is the first factor, abby. too many people in the beltway, who fear offending the identity politics groups of theç world. the open border lobby. and a lot of it of course is about following the money. and this is a lesson that i've been trying to teach for the last 15 years, since invasion, my first book came out on systemic immigration enforcement failures. we need comprehensive immigration enforcement. you still have too many people in the beltway, unfortunately many with them with an r by their name, who listened first
5:39 am
to special interests and not american people. steve: absolutely. after the last week, you see that the president of the united states himself does not have much support with many of those people with the rs,ç next to their name. but, michelle, what about the larger question to the internet. because we don't know circumstances of bad guys tried to pull it off over in spain? they could have been in direct contact with isis? who knows, we don't know the travel record yet. they could have done it online. >> yeah, sure. youtube, which smart of the silicon valley elite, now hounding president trump as not sensitive enough, of course, themselves have been irresponsible when it comes to stamping out jihad and spread of it online. ine what did president trump try to do? hello, part of the extreme vetting process is to look at the social media history of
5:40 am
potential jihadis. where is the progressive left and democrats on extreme vetting an executive orders that president trump made a priority? fighting it every step of the way. along with every step of comprehensive immigration enforcement. it has to do with physical barriers, more manpower, yes, the use of technology, and making sure that every door is watched. the front door, and that means, figuring out who we let into this country and why. that is what the raise act is[% all about. about rethinking the ways, which we determine who should come into this country and making sure that every single person that gets into this country is somebody who is going to strengthen it, not weaken it and sabotage it. steve: we all have a lot of questions on friday morning. thanks for joining us from colorado. thanks, michelle. abby: thanks very much. >> you too. steve: you bet. we were talking about social media. coming up president trump tweeted about the barcelona terror attack. he says our border laws need to
5:41 am
be tougher now than ever before. is it enough or do we need more? our next guest dedicated his life to ending islamic extremism. theyç join us live next. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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on the labor day limited edition bed. super cool notebooks... done. that's mom taking care of business, but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. order online and pickup in store in just one hour. ♪ taking care of business abby: we're back with a fox news alert. president trump reacting to barcelona attack, moments ago tweeting this out, homeland security, law enforcement, are on alert and closely watching for any sign of trouble. our borders are far tougher than ever before. todd: commander-in-chief was not only one reacting on social media. survivors sharing tales of terror as others around the globe send their report. steve: jillian joins us with more from the social media front. jillian: a lot happening on social media last 24 hours. social mead is one of the first places people go to sharefy
5:45 am
their terrifyingç experiences d let loved ones know they're okay and people around the world can send messages of love. the shock never softens. a british actress, tweeting moments after the a van plowed through last ram blast. hiding in a restaurant freezer. praying for everyone here. sports world using social media to show support. spanish soccer team real madrid holding a moment of silence. tennis star, rafael nadal, showing my support for barcelona. you've seen a lot of theseç photos. pictures of solidarity, plastered across social media platforms. one spelling out barcelona, with the heart instead after b. two others showing black ribbons draped over the city. another with a the city in black, with the words, pray for barcelona, hashtag, no more terrorism. this one is powerful. the greater manchester police in
5:46 am
england say they stand with barcelona. their support coming a few short months after their own city was rocked by terror. emotions i'm sure still raw. paris showing solidarity, eiffel tower going dark overnight. back here at home. the freedom tower, in new york city, lighting up with the colors of the spanishç fla. i want to let you know, mood shifts on social me media as you see the progress hours after the terrorist attack. i searched #barcelona, people are posting photos of loved ones they claim are missing. seeing motions, people upset this morning when they wake up and realize what they saw yesterday. actually there is a story posted of a resident australia. there is story circulating she survived three different terror attacks last few months. she posted on twitter. i'm here again. i'm okay. steve: in the wrong place at wrong time three times. 't to see the world more. she realizes how precious it is.
5:47 am
abby: really powerful stuff, jillian. todd: thanks, the attacks in spain one of many europe has endured over past few years. so the question now becomes, can the region eradicate this insurgency of islamic extremism? abby: joining us the ceo of a counterterrorism organization called qiliam international. harris, thanks for being with us now. >> thank you for having me. abby: that big question, most important one, we've tall been asking this morning when everybody halls, how do we stop this from happening? only getting worse and worse. you are a counterterror expert. it starts with peopleç radicalizing. no one is born an islamic extremist. how do we stop people from radicalizing often times in their teen years, then being capable of carrying out these horrific attacks? >> there are two parts to actually a terrorist attack. first one is how do we stop one. and i think we have to let our agencies focus on that, and need
5:48 am
support from muslims and non-muslims within our societies, when they suspect something, see something, suspicious, they should report it. and that is happening. but we are never going to stop every single terrorist attack. that is given fact. but they areç overstretched, overworked an doing their best. if we want to win this, long term, we have to focus more on how do we prevent it, your question was absolutely right. the prevention really, has to come from civil society. there are a number of things we have to do. first thing is, we have to name and shame islamist ideology and the salafist jihadist theology underpins it. not be afraid to do so. president obama didn't want to do it. president trump calling it islamic terrorism. i prefer the term more accurate, more precise, islamist terrorism. that is the first thing we have to do. is to isolate this ideology in the same way, that we isolate
5:49 am
racism, fascism, whole bunch of other things we don't like within our system societies. third thing we have to do, we have to challenge them. we have to take them on in our schools, parents need to do this. because let's not forget, as a muslim, i am just as much a target, probably more than a non-muslim because they, the islamists do regard me as trader to their cause. but we need to be stronger. we need to collectively challenge this ideology, on everyday basis. we need to challenge it,ç but also, recognize and understand what is it that we stand for, hold on to those values for dear life. steve: great point of view. harris rafik, thanks for joining us from rainy london. you have the same weather there we have in new york city. abby: really great perspective, harris, thank you. todd: coming up the manhunt continues for terrorists behind deadly campaign in barcelona. this morning dana loesch says he
5:50 am
could be anywhere things to europe's immigration policies. she joins us next to explain. steve: first let's dial in shannon bream for a preview what happens on the channel exactly ten minutes. >> good morning, guys. you knowç multiple terror attas have rocked spain. 15 dead, more than 100 injured as the manhunt continues. can we stop attacks moving forward. how intel agencies in the u.s. work around the clock to prevent the same thing happening here at home. congressman pete king. todd: dave schweikert join us on tax reform and debate over confederate monuments and hate speech will once again derail done. top of the hour. ly serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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todd: fox news alert now, 14 dead, 100 injured after horrific attacks in spain. abby: is the u.s. doing enough
5:54 am
in response to this to protect the american people? steve: joining us to weigh in national spokesperson for the4%e blaze," dana loesch joins you i believe from dallas. good morning to you. >> that is right. good morning to you all. steve: as folks are waking up, there was a secretary record attack last night. it was about 70 miles away from barcelona, twice wearing suicide vests, fake ones were going around a round-about, there was police officer doing a stop right there. they realized we would have to do something. tried to run over as many people as possible. hit a police car. flipped over. they came out, had axes and machetes and police officer there who had a gun and killed four of the five of them.ç another police officer engaged the other one, a short time later in a park. what do you make of what is going on over there? >> it's awful. i mean anybody when they would see this news, it is awful. speaking personally, when i,
5:55 am
this isn't the first time, second time or third time, really from what i understand, that barcelona had to deal with islamist threats either. not too long ago they conducted raids arrested individuals connected to the one terror cells, with satellites, lack of better way to put it in paris and brussels and they were related to the bataclanç terrorist attack this is widespread throughout europe because so many individuals who seek to do people harm have the means by which to easily travel between country and country because of eu open borders policy this ising is in the united states domestically, that we have looked at, thought, you know, there is reason why the administration put out the moratorium. we thought we need to make sure we vet individuals coming into our country and fix any problems with our current system as it is before we expand it or allow individuals to come in further. steve: right. >> that is the whole point of it. it is terrible when you see this it is terrible when you go back
5:56 am
and you question, what could we have done to prevent any of this. todd:ç dana, quickly, does this sway anybody who previously disagreed with the president on open borders. on travel bans, things along those lines. does this sway anybody? >> i don't know if it does. i think people are so tribal listic, everyone wants to revert to the corners and claw it out rather than having honest conversation. part of honest conversation what will keep us safe, how we have to secure our borders. seems like we're one of the only sovereign nations on entire planet has to fight to secure our borders. everyone else, they can do it without a fight. steve: good point. >> dana loesch. thank you.ç >> have a good day. steve: we'll step aside. more "fox & friends" live from new york in europe. in two minutes. ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee.
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olol >> so that massive manhunt
6:00 am
continues in spain. 14 dead and hundreds injured. a big break news day. thank you for joining us. the theive us will be back tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow, have a good friday. >> bill: good morning, everyone. at the moment there is a massive manhunt under way in spain as authorities scramble to find the driver who plowed in to pedestrians in one of the busiest streets in barcelona. the incidents left a total of 14 dead and hundreds others injured at this hour. i am bill hemmer and shannon, good morning to you as well. >> shannon: i am shannon bream. isis claims responsibility for the deadly attacks and at


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