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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 22, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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debate the controversy in the nfl with the national anthem. and janice dean with her brand-new book. >> so nice to meet you. >> bill: thank you, guys. a search for the 10 u.s. sailors messing with the navy destroyer, uss john mccain crashing on monday. the commanders say a number of human remains found in a flooded compartment on board. they are working to identify them. the second deadly collision in two months and the navy ordering an investigation of all the operations throughout the pacific. more details on that as we learn more. first, the president unveiling his plan for america's longest war in a primetime address last night bowing america will fight to win in afghanistan, but they will be not be nation-building l not be a blind check. as we break it all down.
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i am bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." >> shannon: good morning, happy tuesday, i am shannon bream. president donald trump saying he will get washington off the backs of our troops and make sure they have the tools to get the job done. speaking to the nation from a room of service members in virginia, the president promised victory. >> the american people are weary of war without victory. i share the american people's frustration, the men and women who serve our nation in combat deserve a plan for victory. they deserve the tools they need and the trust they have earned to fight and to win. our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. from now on, victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating ices, crushing
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al qaeda, preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan, and stopping mass terror attacks against americans before they emerge. >> bill: in a straightforward tone last night. national security correspondent jennifer griffin begins our coverage today. what are the differences in this president's strategy, jennifer? >> welcome a bill, it is not dramatically different from what presidents have tried in the past. the difference is emphasis, president trump will hold pakistan and india accountable in the use of safe havens in pakistan. the cia carried out more than 400 drone strikes on the border and inside pakistan from 2004-2014 killing up to 3900 people. it is not as though this hasn't been tried before and money has been withheld from pakistan in the past. it is not clear what no leverage the president has over nuclear arms pakistan. what is clear is trumps military
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advisors convinced him the u.s. had to stay in afghanistan. >> the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum for terrorists including isis and al qaeda would instantly fill just as happened before september 11. >> defense officials agree there is no winning in afghanistan, but there is a way to lose, and the president chose not to lose, to stay engaged and not withdraw. >> bill: what is a reaction from the military so far? >> the defense secretary jim mattis just told reporters isis are trapped and will be squeezed in the military vice. u.s. military officials say the aim is to make the war in afghanistan closer to the isis
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fight in iraq and syria, more trips to the front lines with the ability to call in air strikes. the u.s. military is dropping in afghanistan 180% more bombs this year alone. that is more than this period last year. 1,984 bombs have been dropped so far this year in afghanistan, but the military has long said there is no military solutions for afghanistan, that means a lot will rest with the state department, which is underfunded and just shut down the office of the special representative to pakistan and afghanistan and currently does not have an ambassador assigned to kabul. >> bill: more reaction coming up, thanks. jennifer griffin leading our coverage there today. >> shannon: the big speech last night. tonight president trump will head to phoenix for a campaign rally. not everybody is happy about the event. why that the white house. a lot of ingredients possibly adding into this visit that could create trouble, a lot of
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folks not happy about it. >> it comes on the heels of all the troubles in charlottesville and many interpreted it as the insensitive remarks that they were good people on both sides of the argument in charlottesville. many encourage the president to delay the phoenix rally if only to let tempers across the nation calm down. he rejected that advice. secondly his visit focuses on a hot-button issue, immigration. thirdly, comes after the president said he was seriously considering a pardon of arizona county sheriff who was recently convicted of a misdemeanor charge of contempt of court. and as many prominent political figures in arizona have made the decision not to attend the president rally including both republican senators jeff flake and john mccain, and three house members will skip the rally. another prominent figure not attending the rally, doug ducey. his spokesman told the associated press that he will greet the president at the airport but then he will oversee
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security. security gives the governor a good cover to miss the rally because venus is expecting several protests, as many as 10,000 protests expected to show up toe hovering in the 100 degrees mark. the mayor of phoenix has sent a message to those planning to attend those protests. >> to those attending the rally and to those inside, we want to give you every opportunity to express your first amendment rights to matter what your happens to be. however, has mayor of the city of phoenix, i'm expecting you to be civil, respectful, and peaceful. that is the phoenix way, and tomorrow we have a chance to show the entire world what phoenix is all about. >> adding that if people are not civil, he said i assure you, we are well, well prepared. >> shannon: okay. do we expect the president will talk about things beyond immigration?
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>> yes, we do. in an interview on "fox & friends" this morning, vice president pence laid out the president's talking points. here's what he had to say about it. >> i think tonight you will hear the president say as the congress prepares to come back, here's the agenda. we want to support our troops, we want to provide the resources they need to support the mission the president has tasked them to accomplish. we want to support law enforcement, we want to build a wall and have internal enforcement and border security. >> the phoenix rally gets underway at 10:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. >> shannon: we will bring it to folks live. thank you, doug mckelway at the white house. >> bill: byron york, good morning to you. you say it was a most presidential performance to date, but you wonder -- what's going on there? we'll figure it out. it looks like there was another eclipse, but i think that was yesterday.
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does he go rogue tonight? >> you just never can predict with the president. last night it was the most president performance in the white house because it had all the elements. it was a prime time address on issues of the war and peace. he was acting as commander-in-chief, a military audience, it had all the elements and president trump delivered a very solid speech. the worry of his staff and his supporters is that he will go rogue in phoenix tonight, decided to relitigate charlottesville or who knows what and step on all the progress he made last night. but no doubt last night with a solid performance. >> bill: you say there is no doubt he is gotten behind a policy that he clearly did not support. >> we mentioned this a little bit yesterday. in the campaign he talked about the invasion of iraq as a big fat mistake. but he didn't say so much about afghanistan. in fact he said in 2015 that he
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would actually keep the troops there "begrudgingly." it is not a huge change, but clearly president has a dim view of u.s. intervention around the world, and we know when the conversations that lead up to this policy last night that he was constantly asking the question after 16 years, why are we still there? and probably his instinct, he said in the speech's instincts were to get out, but he decided to go against his instincts after listening to the advice of all of his military advisors. >> bill: after a lot of discussions. byron, thank you, from washington, d.c. >> shannon: there are these little screens that move as the sunlight changes, it looks as if you might be being beamed up to a different location. >> bill: more coming up from there, thank you, byron. >> shannon: high praise for president trump's new afghanistan strategy. >> the game has changed with pakistan, the gloves are off
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inside of afghanistan. >> shannon: senator graham that only the only g.o.p. senator applauding the speech, we will assess the speech with rhonda santos. >> shannon: plus the decisions from the previous call to get out of the region. former house speaker newt gingrich in a moment live with his analysis next. >> i fully knew what i was getting into. big and intricate problems. but one way or another these problems will be solved. i'm a problem solver. in the end we will win.
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♪ >> my original instinct was to pull out. and, historically, i like following my instincts. but all my life i've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. >> bill: one comment from last night getting a lot of attention today. president trump announcing his new strategy for the region afghanistan and pakistan last night. newt gingrich, author of the book "understanding trump," welcome back to the program. >> so good to be with you. >> bill: what did you think of the way he frames his argument last night, sitting behind the desk and having the job and how
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things change? >> first of all i thought in some ways it was his most courageous speech because he told us the truth at the very beginning. his heart was for leaving, but his head after listening to advisors said you had to stay. as president you have to allow your head to tell you what reality is and rely on people like general mattis or general kelly or general mcmaster, and that is what he did. he put together the national security team along with secretary tillerson, and said pulling out would be a disaster. so he had to go through a long process of saying fine, show me a way of staying in that makes sense, and i think this is a step in the right direction. if we emphasize pressure on pakistan, if we liberate our forces to use all the compact capability and if we are prepared to train the afghan
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military and afghan police, in the long run we will eventually succeed. it is a long, difficult process. it doesn't necessarily happen on tv schedules or election schedules, and i like very much the president saying he wasn't going to have some false schedule, he wasn't going to have some false limits, he was going to let the military do their job and reinforce them based on the circumstances. >> bill: one thing you said we will pick up with jack keane next hour. i thought that was clear in the tone from last evening and the words he chose. let's see what happens with his relationship and pakistan. about 16 years later, is not easy. if it were, we would have resolved it years ago. >> remember, bill, for a second. remember, if you liberate forces, you allow them to apply sound military behavior. you will get three or four times effectiveness out of the same troops because they have been so
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crippled by the obama rules of engagement that it has been pathetic, including finding somebody they knew was a taliban person and were not allowed to shoot at because the rules of engagement and the 12 lawyers involved said that is wrong. this is a huge break from the last eight years and will dramatically empower our military to be far more effective. >> bill: he says he will visit to the border tonight and he has a rally in phoenix. there will be protesters, how many, we will see. they will garner a level of media coverage as well. what does he gain from doing this rally tonight? >> well, think he keeps faith with his base, committed to controlling the border, gives them a chance to tell them the legal crossings are down 76%. also attributed to john kelly, and gives him a chance to remind the courtroom supporters across the country of the core values
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that led him to be president in the first place. it will be fascinating to watch because he's clearly in transition. he has a very presidential speech to a veterans organization tomorrow, and so he is right now in the balance. does he go back to a much more divisive, angry rhetoric tonight, or does he stick with this presidential style, which last night gave him in norma's positives. when you saw people like lindsey graham, who have been severe critics at times, he spent 15 minutes on fox last night praising the president and supporting the president saying the exactly right kind of thing things. my hope would be he would sidestep senators mccain and senator flake, he will need both of them this fall, it is not a time to pick a fight, and i hope he will be more presidential and less confrontational tonight, but look, he is a president and gets to do what he wants to. >> bill: what does the smart
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money say on that? >> i wrote "understanding trump," didn't write "predicting crumb." all of his advisors are going to say please focus on a positive way, and when the audience starts reacting and he starts getting excited, who knows what will happen. that is why people watch his speeches. >> bill: quickly, what do you think is the most realistic way forward for the republican majority on labor day? >> i am very worried as somebody who has passed a fair amount of legislation, they need to pass a simple, clear tax cut for the big component for small business, try to get to a 15% rate for corporations and a nice, solid middle-class tax cu cut. it has to be signed by thanksgiving and impact the first and second quarters of next year if we are going to keep the house.
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the danger of ending up with speaker pelosi is directly if we can pass a tax cut, and i'm afraid that the guys who failed to pass obamacare repeal are going to go through the same dance reassuring us up to the failure that they can do something very complicated. i think it ought to be clean, simple, driving the american economy, focusing on the american economy, and every step that makes it more complicated and every step that takes longer strikes me as a danger for this republican majority in both the house and the senate. >> bill: well stated. newt gingrich. and we await your new book, "predicting trump." thank you very much, sir. >> bill, that is an impossible book. >> bill: you are probably right. have fun writing it, though. >> shannon: another theme to the president's speech last night, make sure we don't leave another vacuum for terrorists in afghanistan. the comments, as we learn more about the isis terrorist cell
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responsible for the attacks in spain last week. we will talk to a former cia officer about that next. plus, doesn't hurt every high-speed train crashes outside a major u.s. city. details on the story as passengers begin to pour in. >> they never go bad. our face hit the wall, put a big hole in the wall and i went straight down and blacked out. it was loud and it hurt. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last.
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>> our soldiers watched the cities they had fought for and bled to liberate and won by an occupied troupe called isis. the vacuum we created by leaving too soon gave safe haven for isis to spread, to grow, to
6:25 am
recruit, and to launch attacks. we cannot repeat in afghanistan and the mistake our leaders made in iraq. >> shannon: the president said he is not willing to make the same mistakes in afghanistan that he says were made in iraq. in the aftermath of the terror attacks in spain, police shot and killed the driver of the van who drove into a crowd of people. they say he is the one who injured more than 100. all suspects in that terrorist cell they say are now dead or in custody. we are learning troubling to information about the cell as well. good to have you with us. eight dead, four in custody. how confident can they be that they got everybody, what kind of intel will they get from the four in custody? >> they think the imminent threat has lessened, but they have to look closely at what additional connections these
6:26 am
cell members may have had. most notably the ringleader of this, spanish authorities think they have some tied to the madrid 2004 train bombings by sharing a prison cell with individuals sharing time for that. thinking is a spur of radicalization for all of this group. so who is he in contact with? they will be looking very closely at that. >> shannon: my understanding is he was one of the people killed the night before the attacks. many authorities say they were hoarding gas canisters and could be planning something very destructive with multiple events and attacks. but because of that explosion the night before, which must have been a mistake on their part, to that force their hand into going ahead with the two attacks we saw the following day? >> it certainly seems that is what happened. they were trying to work with
6:27 am
tatp. if you make mistakes the whole house can go up, which seemed to happen here. in the process they were trying to build large bombs, they rented a few vehicles to build an improvised device because the house went up, it is believed he was killed in that house. they went forward with this other plan. they will be looking in addition to everything else in play right now at what could have been missed here, what could the authorities have seen that they didn't, and based on everything reported so far, the tradecraft of this cell, they have a dozen individuals radicalize, move to a safe house, perhaps cut off all contact from the safe house, no internet, no phone, don't leave any signatures law enforcement and security services would use to track them down. this is a nightmare scenario, when it is very difficult for law enforcement to be able to catch this in progress and quite honestly looking back at this,
6:28 am
there is a sense it could have been much higher casualty account of it wasn't for the bomb going off forcing them to go to plan b. >> shannon: if he was killed in that explosion, how do they begin to branch out and look at others that he may have influence. as far as i know they were not on watch lists, they were not red flagged by anybody. how far could his connections g go? >> his travel, how far he went overseas, he would have gone to north africa, already some reporting on that. if he were to have had an extended stay, people asking questions like was he perhaps in contact with al qaeda, was he in contact with an isis affiliate in north africa. there are a number of places where extremist connectivity could have happened in person, but he may have just been somebody who radicalized, who
6:29 am
had that in circles to exploit young people and convince them that they should engage in this kind of attack. it may well just end with him, we will have to see what connectivity he has. >> shannon: it keeps going back to the fundamental critical problem that overcoming the ideology is much tougher than bombing a city. when people have this mentality of radicalizing others and to die in the process, how do we turn back? >> it is a struggle within islam, a struggle for the international community, for the west and all of our allies, finding a very, very small percentage of individuals who are radicalized in this way before they can engage in attacks. something we in america and our allies have become very good at, but that gets much less attention than the occasional attack like this that gets through, just continued vigilance and honestly get luck
6:30 am
lucky. >> shannon: working 24/7 to protect the rest of us and a lot of the efforts we never know about. thank you and to all of those out there, same thing. >> bill: 9:30 now, vice president mike pence sang a new way forward in afghanistan is well overdue. >> in many ways we haven't had one strategy for all those years, we have had 16 different years, the 16 different strategies. what president trump announced yesterday was a whole new strategy for south asia. >> bill: saw that from this morning, how are lawmakers responding to the new strategy? congressman ron desantis is here to answer that question. >> shannon: and a terrifying scene outside the county courthouse, a judge firing back after getting ambushed by a gunman. why police say the shooter may have known the judge very well. >> when you see the judge coming down, jumped out of the car, he started shooting. and the judge backed up.
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>> bill: breaking news now, follow-up from late last night in philadelphia, 33 people injured after a high-speed train crashes into another that was parked at a station outside of philly. it happened around midnight as i mentioned. for people in serious condition including the conductor. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> we will not dictate to the afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. we are not nation-building again, we are killing terrorist terrorists. >> shannon: plenty reaction to the new afghanistan strategy including praise from two republicans who long called for new direction in america's longest war. here is lindsey graham. >> i'm proud, i'm relieved, i'm proud of the fact president trump made in national security decision, not a political decision, proud of the
6:35 am
fact listening to the general, and most proud of the fact he shows the will to stand up to radical islam. >> shannon: john mccain saying "i commend president trump for taking a big step in the right direction. the unfortunate truth is the strategy is long overdue. nevertheless, believe the president is now moving as well be on the prior demonstrations failed strategy of merely postponing defeat." joining me now, florida republican ron desantis. and continuing to serve in our navy as well. good to have you. >> good to be here. >> shannon: so, your reaction to this. it is getting praise from folks who are not normally praising the president for every tweet. what do you think? >> i thought it was a great presentation. this is a president who didn't talk as much about afghanistan in the campaign but he talked about how iraq was a mistake and would also say if you are in, you don't pull the troops out if that means terrorists will take over, so he faulted obama for
6:36 am
that, so i think he came in, inherited a mess from president obama. he said he would rather not be in afghanistan at all, but sitting in the oval office has to take the measure of what will happen to u.s. security. most of the advice he has received is it will not be good, you will really give the taliban and al qaeda a breath of fresh air. >> shannon: he owned that upfront, said that was my instinct to say we are tired of this, americans don't have two commit anymore time and talents to this, but he had the information being the president is different being the commander-in-chief and only left out he has come to a different evolution on this for now. senator mccain talked about the fact it is time for congress to do its job. congressional hearings, moving on the strategy, what is the next step? >> our job should be to support the president, support our troops.
6:37 am
i think the president did a good job, but even if i didn't agree with the particular policy, when troops are in harm's way, we have to get behind them and give them what they need. one of the important things he said last night was we are no longer going to fight with these very restrictive rules of engagement where you effectively have one hand tied behind your back. sometimes they are not allowed to shoot at a terrorist, so now the gloves are off so they will be in a true combat where they go and can defeat and overwhelm the enemy. that will make success much more attainable. >> shannon: not everyone a fan, as you would imagine. house minority leader nancy pelosi saying the president knew what he was getting into and had a plan to go forward. clearly he did not. the president's announcement is low on details, but raises serious questions. he said he will be for a lot of this authority to the military. she is not a fan of what she heard. >> i served in iraq in 2007. before we deployed we had harry reid and nancy pelosi
6:38 am
saying the war is lost, it is a disaster. that didn't sit with a lot of us getting ready to go over there. i think in this situation this is something both previous administrations have been involved with. let's try to get it right and get behind the president instead of sniping at every little thing. there are so many other things they can snipe about, but let's root for america's success in this endeavor. >> shannon: you served in the navy as a lieutenant commander. want to ask about the recent incidences we have seen. now we are getting word that 10 sailors believed missing from the uss john mccain. some of the remains have been discovered. this is the fourth time in recent months this has happened with a major vessel. what is going on? >> is a huge deal in the navy. even one is a huge deal, the navy takes this stuff very seriously. there are different things that have been put out there. congress will look at some of
6:39 am
this stuff too. is it human error, training issues to be addressed? are there any kind of outside intrusions? a cyber intrusion? we don't have the facts on that yet, but clearly there has to be some explanation because it is very rare to see mishap after mishap. >> shannon: and quickly, we got word jared kushner, advisor envoy to the middle east peace process is on his way traveling to israel, we believe he will be there tomorrow to continue the conversations. israel is a big priority for you, what do you think you will be able to accomplish, what would you like him to see? >> what i them to announce a president will not be signing anymore waivers with regard to our embassy, it will be moving to jerusalem. if you did that, that changes the calculation on the ground. i'm skeptical if they want peace, but if they start doing that, they will see the earth is moving underneath our feet, we better get with the program.
6:40 am
being unapologetically pro-israel. >> shannon: thank you for being here. >> thank you. shannon, the first lady and son from the balcony on the solar eclipse. and he pulled a hemmer taking a glance without the protective glasses. we can all see today. he did take a look with the glasses, about 90 seconds, and then some others including jeff sessions. >> shannon: you may be able to see today despite my numerous warnings about this, but you don't know the long-term damage. >> bill: you look great today. >> shannon: then maybe the damage is already done. >> bill: i took a piece of aluminum foil and a poker little hole on it and i could see. >> shannon: did it work? >> bill: it worked fine. get a little cloud cover in new york passing through, so that helped too.
6:41 am
i thought it was underwhelming for us here. we just had a little piece of that. >> shannon: i didn't trust myself to go outside, i didn't know i would be disciplined enough to look away and i didn't have any tinfoil. >> bill: and you can still see today. >> shannon: by the way, we have breaking news coming in on the uss john mccain, the collision was an oil tanker near singapore. the very latest on that investigation, officials are making a grim discovery aboard the destroyer. >> bill: and president trump's agenda facing make or break moment as a president comes back to new york. will they get tax reform in the books? great question. next. >> we are 100% committed to getting it done. i would like to think there is bipartisan support, some bipartisan support. the issues we are focused on, tax reform, are good for the american worker, are good for the middle class.
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>> bill: republicans pushing for tax reform and a big agenda soon. congress going ready to come back to work after questions if lawmakers can really get some of president trump's agenda throug through. former staff secretary to president clinton and rich lowry, fox news contributor. a gentleman, great to have you both on the program today. listening to newt gingrich 30 minutes ago, i don't think he was skeptical, but he was really in doubt whether or not you can hit certain deadlines and dates, rich, and get something done. what did you think of his comments? >> it seems there is plenty of time, but you look at the so-called legislative days the senate has left, and it's not a lot. the fall will begin with a painful internal republican struggle to pass the debt ceiling. i think they will have to pass a clean debt ceiling. the question is, can they revive the health care bill somehow? maybe, but probably odds less
6:46 am
than 50/50. and can they get a big tax reform? which i am skeptical of. it will not be some transformational tax reform where you really need all the stars to align, bipartisan agreement, and firing on all cylinders. the president and congressional republicans have not been doing that lately. >> bill: mitch mcconnell's comments yesterday, he seemed doubtful. did you hear otherwise? >> no. he doesn't have 2 feet in the grave, but 1.5 or one and three quarters feet in the grave. as long as they are talking about it, there is a potential they will get the 50th vote in the senate, but i wouldn't put my hopes on it. >> bill: now, david, how much can the left slow down this agenda? >> well, i kind of argue with your premise there, bill, because there are senators from states that trump won that were up pre-election.
6:47 am
they very early jan say i want to work with you, mr. president, on infrastructure, tax reform, things we can agree on. that has always been the case. i do believe the president were to come forward with something democrats can work with him on like infrastructure or even tax reform, you would get democrats on board. i question your premise that this is somehow the left trying to get in the way. >> bill: you wonder how much they can slow down tax reform and whether it is generational tax reform or tax cuts. the latter basically is what we are hearing. >> that depends on what's in it in the middle class. if you can show there is a benefit to working middle class families, you will get democrats to support it. if it is another tax cut for the richest people in america, they will be against it, as well they should be. it comes with an agenda. >> bill: i want both of you to listen to one of the initial comments last night from his
6:48 am
statement on afghanistan/pakistan. watch this. >> when we open our hearts to patriots, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry, and no tolerance for hate. we cannot remain a force for peace in the world if we are not at peace with each other. >> bill: what he tied in there, rich, was u.s. military fighting and the battles together. what did you make of that? >> i think this shows how crumbs nationalism unifying has a lot of unifying themes. to the same country, the same flag, he used the military as a symbol of that because no one in the military cares if they are white, black, or whatever, they all adhere to the same rules in the same sense of duty. the problem trump has is after the symbols last week, a lot of people will be very skeptical of the message, especially when he
6:49 am
is reading it from a teleprompter. >> bill: david, what did you think? >> i want to bring to rich's column, which i read with great interest, why steve mnuchin had to somehow defend to his classmates why he stayed in the administration. to say that donald trump can be trusted with a unifying message is like to say a shark is a vegetarian. it ain't so, and nobody is buying it. his comments does great for him, it was the generals who had to come forward and say we actually aren't racist, we have a multicultural military, let's get back on the script. he was trying to get back on the script, he failed. this is really important, i want to praise richard for this. richard said yes, it's very difficult for people to serve in this administration. i don't want to misquote you, but you said we need some good people to stay in. i will say this now as a jewish american, there are plenty of jewish americans who feel that it is impossible to both be a
6:50 am
good jew and support donald trump. pick one but you can't have both. that is what steve mnuchin was responding to and what the president is trying to dig himself out of. we are stuck with a president who showed his true colors. >> looked, he obviously things he said last week will be very hard to undo and hard to take back, but it's worth the effort, and i just think good people need to serve as president. he is accepting to the advice. >> bill: the young men and women deserve to return home to a country that is not at war with itself at home. david and rich, thank you. shannon, what's next? >> shannon: welcome a dramatic rescue caught on camera. you won't believe it. check it out.
6:51 am
a baby survived after a terrifying earthquake. >> bill: also, a very brave judge trading fire with a gunman. he was ambushed outside the courthouse, new details on how he could be connected to the shooter. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls
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♪ >> shannon: and ohio judge expected to survive after being shot in an ambush yesterday outside the courthouse. the gunman apparently approaching the judge firing several times not before the judge, though, pulled out his own gun and fired back. live in chicago with all the details. good morning, mike. do you have an update on the judge? >> yeah, he is out of surgery and by all indications of judges that to recover recover. after 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning when judge joseph bruzzese jr. arrived at the courthouse. he was ambushed and it turned into a firefight.
6:55 am
the judge was armed as with a probation officer who he was at breakfast with. they believe the probation officer shot the attacker but they were both armed and both of them able to return fire. >> i encouraged him to get a weapon, and he did. another judge on the bench, i gave him a gun to carry with him. we have these nut cases running around the country. >> the shocker here is the identity of the shooter. nathaniel richmond, also goes by nate, the father of one of the football stars convicted of rating a girl at an alcohol-fueled party in 2012. he served a ten month sentence, but the case followed him to college. he tried to play on the football team but people in town circulated a petition seeking to ban his participation. shannon. >> shannon: the question that keeps coming up, is there a connection or not between the rape case and the judge?
6:56 am
>> that is the puzzling part of this case, shannon. the judge who handled the rape case was out of the cincinnati area. judge joseph bruzzese was overseeing a case as a wrongful death lawsuit, that wasn't due to be heard next monday. there are accounts of an individual who had been out drinking and still in the car with nate richmond monday morning. that individual said he had to be in court yesterday. four hours ahead of the ambush, nate richmond was pulled over for a defective headlight. >> shannon: keep us updated. thank you. >> bill: president trump now will hold a rally later tonight, phoenix, arizona, also making a stop along the border. what the white house hopes to gain from this trip as the protesters await his arrival there. >> shannon: plus, the president rolling out his afghanistan strategy promising no safe haven for terrorists and an ultimate victory for america. straight ahead, analysis was u.s. ambassador john bolton.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. president trump now turning his focus to a campaign style rally planned for the night in phoenix. following his address the nation last night announcing his plans to send trips toward troop tour in afghanistan. a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream. good morning. >> bill: you can see today. >> shannon: i can because i didn't look at the eclipse. >> bill: your warnings were often yesterday. the president traveling to phoenix later today despite that city's mayor asking him to postpone the trip. state and rises to "the washington post." "america is hurting and it's hurting because trump has doused racial tensions with gasoline. with his plan to visit phoenix on tuesday, i for the president may be looking to light a match." >> shannon: former house speaker newt gingrich said the president should say focus on his agenda. >> he keeps faith with his base, reminds them that he is still committed to controlling the border and gives them a chance
7:01 am
to remind the core of trump supporters across the country of the core values that lead them to vote for him in the first place. it will be fascinating to watch because he is clearly in transition. >> bill: mike emanuel is already in place. convention center at phoenix, arizona. the rallies there later tonight. what are the expectations there in phoenix? >> good morning. there are significant preparations for both president trump supporters and protesters together on the streets here in downtown. with temperatures expected above 100 degrees, things could get a little testy. many downtown businesses are expected to close early after the city's democrat mayor has expressed his concerns. some democrats are already taking preemptive shots. >> economic opportunities for everyone. [indistinct] >> before coming here to
7:02 am
phoenix, president trump will visit the border. you can expect some language from him tonight on the need to build the border wall. >> bill: what should we expect in terms of some of the more familiar names there in arizona? >> president trump has clashed with both of arizona's republican senators, senator jeff flake has been a frequent critic and the president went to twitter last week to attack flake writing, "great to see that doctor kelly is running against jack flick who is weak on borders, crime, and a nonfactor in senate. he is toxic." it is worth snorting that he voted for health care reform than senate. it was john mccain of arizona who killed the bill and it was clear that was still on the presidents mind a week ago. >> senator mccain, the one who voted against obamacare? you mean senator mccain who voted against us getting good health care? >> the president has said he is
7:03 am
seriously considering pardoning former sheriff who is convicted of criminal contempt of court, but the president has called him great american. he has told media outlets he is not sure of the president will partner him tonight. >> bill: we will see you him. live in phoenix third day for u us. >> shannon: president trump lang at a new strategy for year law war in afghanistan. he is going to step up the fight against the taliban are calling on our nato allies to do more. ultimately, the president said it is not to the afghan people to protect themselves. >> the stronger the afghan security forces become, the less we will have to do. afghans will secure and build their own nation. and defined their own future. we want them to succeed, but we will no longer use american military might to construct democracies in faraway lands or try to rebuild other countries
7:04 am
in our own image. those days are now over. instead, we will work with allies and partners to protect our shared interests. >> shannon: former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor and a senior fellow at the american institut institute. so we said that the afghans must carry their share of military, political, and economic burdens. he said our patience is not unlimited. how capable are they are those runs? >> i don't think they're very capable. i must say this is one element of the president's speech that troubled me in general. i thought it was a very good speech, the weather was his views or his advisors, this is where the element of nationbuilding comes back in. honestly, i wish nothing but good things for the afghan people, but americans are not there to protect them. they are there to protect america against the terrors who might retake control of afghanistan and engaged back in danger more people in afghanistan. that's why i think the language in the speech about helping the
7:05 am
afghans to defend themselves implies that the only reason we are there. i don't think that's accurate. i think trying to build an afghan national army as we've done for the past 15 years modeled on our is really a centralized one nation army isn't going to work. i don't think that's the best way to proceed. i hope that's not still in the hidden agenda that will roll out when the details on the military side become clear. >> shannon: another thing we talked about is putting a lot more autonomy back within the military, allowing them to make decisions that are dictated by what's happening on the ground versus any kind of timeline or anything else. here is what vice president mike pence had to say about tha that. >> we are in a very real sense changing the rules of engagement, so the american commanders on the ground can make real-time decisions. for too long in the last administration, we had artificial timelines that only embolden the taliban and terrorist enemies in the country. >> shannon: let's talk about the taliban because last week, they sent a letter to the
7:06 am
president saying basically don't do it troop surge. we are not going to enter any serious peace negotiations until both nato and the u.s. give a timeline for their withdrawal. we have seen how that has played out elsewhere, but a lot of folks say you can't follow the problems there and to pakistan where there is a safe haven for these taliban terrorists. unless you get the taliban to the table. it doesn't sound like they are in coming. >> the time to get to the caliban to the negotiating table is when we have our boot on her neck. that's the time that they will negotiate. other than that, it's a waste of time. it highlights what i think was an important point in the president's speech, but one that is still not fleshed out. that is the role of pakistan. general mattis, secretary of defense promised the south asia strategy, perhaps still under development. it still appropriate to pressure pakistan more. let's be clear, this is very complex. with that clear, we could've pressured pakistan mercilessly years ago.
7:07 am
the dangerous they've got scores of nuclear weapons. one of the main reasons i think to prevent caliban from re-taking control of afghanistan is so that it doesn't then facilitate similar islamic terrorists from taking control of afghanistan and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. here's a word that was missing last night from the president's speech. china. china made pakistan a nuclear power. china's trying to integrate pakistan into its speed sphere of influence. spending a lot of time there. i think we need to pressure china more given it made pakistan a nuclear power to help eliminate the terrorist threat, and honestly it's in china's interest to do that. they've skated scot-free on this pakistani problem much of the same way they skated scot-free on the north korean nuclear weapons program. a real south asia strategy ticks into account not just india, but the 800-pound gorilla in the room, which is china. >> shannon: what you make of this argument that we are at war
7:08 am
with china and economic war and that they are not giving a single weapon or single true but because of these deals that have a rabbit in so many of these countries, they are leveraging their interests in a way that doesn't help us without firing a single shot? >> china is pursuing global mercantilist policy inside the wto and outside and tend to abide by the free-trade rules, but this is a very, very aggressive country. you look at the south china sea, a look at what they are doing in the east china sea, all around the periphery. i know that we have a general saturday on it yet, certainly the obama administration didn't. i think it does come down in this case in the context of afghanistan to getting them to do more to stop the pakistanis from encouraging and fostering terrorism. peter thompson, a former career state department double matt once said that pakistan was the only country he ever knew whose
7:09 am
government was composed of arsonists and firefighters at the same time. the only amendment i'd make that does sometimes they are the very same people. that's why pressuring pakistan as a bumper sticker sounds good, but it's very complex. it's important the president is focused on it, but we need a lot more elaboration to just how we are going to do it. >> shannon: we hope more will come as a flesh this out on capitol hill as well. good to see you. thank you. spirit another big story today developing overseas at this hour, a grim discovery this morning. the u.s. navy finding some of the remains of the sailors who went missing after a collision between the u.s. as john mccain and a tanker. that crash happening off the coast of singapore on monday, the navy's fourth major mishap in the pacific over the past year. picked up covered enough in the pentagon. what is the latest on his recovery efforts? >> good morning. the head of the u.s. navy's specific fleet says that divers
7:10 am
have discovered several bodies of these ten missing sailors aboard flooded compartments inside the uss john mccain today. the admiral spoke to reporters a short moment ago. speak of the divers were able to locate some remains in those sealed compartments. during the search today. additionally, the malaysian navy has reported that they have located potential. they are working to confirm and identify those remains. >> is the fourth major mishap in the pacific with the u.s. navy this year starting with a uss antietam running aground in tokyo base among more than 1,00. it also comes two months after the uss fitzgerald collided with a cargo ship off the coast of japan, so immaculate and seven navy sailors. the top officer ordered yesterday and operational cost fleetwide to set off any intermediate steps that need to be taken to ensure their safety. the admiral richardson spoke to reporters yesterday also looking at the training of u.s. navy's
7:11 am
watch standards including junior officers who are supposed be driving the shifts safely. >> bill: lucas tomlinson, thank you. at the latest there from the pentagon. >> shannon: vice president mike pence says tonight's phoenix rally with the president will be about one thing, the future. >> with the people are going to hear tonight is a president who is completely focused on an agenda, to move this country forward. >> shannon: will tonight's planned rally help the president get his agenda back on track? we will talk about that plus this. >> a dramatic rescue underway after our earthquake blocking a popular tourist destination. that's a baby pulled from the rubble. details in a moment. plus this. >> shannon: protesters take their concern to us roseville city council meeting, and it gets heated. that's next. >> had to jump out of the way of
7:12 am
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(keybdear freshpet, tank was overweight and had no energy. until freshpet... put the puppy back in my dog. >> bill: many voices erupting during the city council meeting in sharpsville virginia last night. they had a lot to say. a demonstrator shouting down the
7:16 am
mayor, shutting down city council members, angry about what they say was a botched response to the white supremacist rally. monday's meeting with the council's first since the deadly violence early in the month. many there argued officials did not do enough to stop it. >> i went to the city manager's office. i didn't get to speak to him. i got to speak to the assistant city manager, and i said i'm a child of the '60s. i've seen this movie before. i know how it ends. it ends in death. >> bill: >> bill: demonstratorsg the city to take down the remaining confederate monuments and by the end of that meeting, council members voted to remove or take the first steps to take out statues of robert e lee at stonewall jackson in charlottesville. >> will continue to support those efforts. repealing and replacing obamacare, bringing about the kind of tax cuts that will get
7:17 am
this economy moving even farther, even though we've seen a million jobs created. in companies around the country investing in america and get instead of investing around the world. the president tonight is going to call the congress to step up and move an agenda forward. >> shannon: vice president mike pence this morning saying you can expect the president to deliver a very clear message to lawmakers tonight. get back to work on the agenda. a political ad occurred for, co-author of the book "end of discussion" at a fox news contributor. is a lot of controversy brewing about what the president is going to say when he is in phoenix, but now we hear that the crosshairs might be trained on lawmakers. we know before the recess launch that he and mitch mcconnell had some differences in opinion about his expectations about what can get done in washington and tonight, he's going to be back at him. >> that could very well be the case, and i see both sides in that particular dispute. i think the president is rightly frustrated. there has been not a single
7:18 am
major addenda item passed. you could talk about the va reform, but the big ones have been installed. senator mcconnell is saying it's difficult for me to try to get together the votes on health care when have people like john mccain of arizona voting no. preventing republicans from moving forward. i don't think it's any secret that the white house chose arizona for a reason. it's not a surprise. it's the home to two u.s. senators who are republicans, one of them going against a bill to move obamacare repeal forward and senator jeff flake, who voted for repeal and is actually quite conservative. he's been a vocal critic of president trump for many months. i think this is a strategic location that the president has chosen tonight, and we will see how much he focuses specifically on the agenda versus going after certain people potentially by name. spit it is a lot of work to do. a debt ceiling, still hasn't
7:19 am
done anything with health care, tax reform, there's a lot of focus on that. house speaker newt gingrich just moments ago talking with bill had this to say about getting that done. >> the danger of ending up with baker pelosi is wrapped up directly and whether or not we can pass a tax cut. i'm afraid that the guys who failed to pass obama cares repeal are about to go through exactly the same dance. >> shannon: speaker pelosi. that will get the news attention. >> it will, pelosi being an asset from publicans as sort of a of vocal point of fear for the revoking base. speakers point is well taken. at the rebooking's go to the first half of this president's term accomplishing versus the back virtually nothing when it comes to big legislative accomplishments, there is going to be deep royal frustration among the republican base, the very base that is going to be essential for them to turn out
7:20 am
to beat back democratic attempts to when the house in 2018. obamacare is still sitting there, it still collapsing, it still failing. are they going to revisit that? are they going to get the tax reform? that's not an easy lift either. they have to do something. i think the obamacare mass is a worrisome sign, but hopefully the g.o.p. across the various factions of the party recognizes that all of their fates or many of their fates lie together, they need to really show their own voters that pulling the level for republicans accomplishments something. >> shannon: there's a lot of bipartisan work going on behind the scene on the tax issues, so we'll see when they get back in a couple of weeks. guy benson, thank you. >> bill: there is a dramatic scene unfolding in the midwest. many waiting to be rescued from the roof of this house, and you see all of that water around them. in a moment, details on where this is happening. we will take it they're coming
7:21 am
up. >> shannon: plus a plot to destroy a confederate monument foiled as police arrest a man with homemade explosives near statue in a park. >> leave the public statues, monuments, the public art alone. you don't have the right or the authority or the power to deface or to attempt to destroy.
7:22 am
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7:24 am
>> shannon: texas police all the arresting man for allegedly trying to blow up a confederate statue in houston. officials rated the suspect's home and found hazardous materials along with a timer, duct tape, and wires forcing an evacuation of the whole area. officials say over the weekend, the 25 year old man was found kneeling near statue with explosive chemicals. mary houston of speaking out. >> i understand everybody has a first amendment right, but you do not have a first amendment right to deface any of the
7:25 am
public art, the statues, the monuments in the city whether you like the art for the statues or you don't. >> shannon: the suspect previously received five years probation after pleading guilty in 2014 to improperly storing explosive materials. >> bill: a deadly earthquake rattling a resort island off the coast of italy. it's a stunning video here. rescue crews using their bare hands to sift to the rubble for survivors, including a 7-month-old baby. two people killed, three dozen injured, magnitude 4.0. mindy kellogg has allayed is now reporting out of milan, italy, . in may. >> dramatically, this comes just two days before the one-year anniversary of those devastating quakes across central italy last year. the debates have already started up about why more homes here aren't more earthquake proof and how come there are so many
7:26 am
illegal houses constructed across illinois. for the moment, his hats off to those rescuers who worked throughout the night with their bare hands to rescue three little brothers in the rubble. after the baby was rescued, crews were able to pull a 7-year-old out of the rubble of their home. the parents were in another part of the house when earthquake struck. two of the boys from what we have understood were on a bunk bed, which formed a protective tent over them. the most dramatic is the final rescue, that of an 11-year-old who escaped with nothing but a small fracture rate it took 14 hours of careful digging, all the while keeping the little boy engaged in allaying his fears. the rescue workers were elated in the end that they had been given the greatest gift in the world, saving that little boy with his head was extremely brave. the 4.0 quake hit about 9:00 last night on the island near naples. it's a resort area famous for thermal springs and pools.
7:27 am
two women sadly were killed. one while in a church. 2600 people were left homeless and authorities are hoping to put them in area hotels so that nobody will have to sleep in a tent or at the close call of this one family raises the spotlight on construction in italy, the soundness of it. it was reported today that there are 200,000 illegally constructed homes in that region of italy alone, and a recent report found that it was in the top five for having these so-called hastily built illegal homes. they will be a lot of soul-searching going forward. >> bill: amazing story. thank you. amy kellogg, milan, italy, with that story. >> shannon: vice president mike pence singh the president's decision was all about making sure our troops are taking care of. >> the president last night made it clear to our troops but they are going to have the support and they are going to have the freedom at of field whether it be in iraq or syria or in afghanistan, to be able to accomplish their mission. speaking when it comes to
7:28 am
afghanistan, president trump is unlike his predecessor, he will give military leaders much more autonomy there. four-star general jack keane is here with us to give us his take. >> the very first time we have a definition of victory, attacking the enemies and obliterating isis and preventing the taliban from taking over and stopping terrorists from killing and attacking americans. straightforward and good stuff, and the right thing to say.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategies from now on. america's enemies must never know our plan. >> bill: president trump saying he is committing more u.s. troops in afghanistan, not giving specifics clearly from
7:32 am
that sound bite there. saying he does not like to telegraph plans to the enemy. general jack keane a fox news military allen west. i heard you yesterday last evening and out today. what will be different about this mission in the 16 year war? >> that's a great question. first of all, it's the president's commitment to the mission to succeed in a way that his two predecessors did not. george bush, the priority was a rock and not afghanistan. it was under resourced for six years. president obama when he came in truly is not committed to the degree that we needed to be. he wanted to and that war coincidental to his administration ending, and that's exactly what he went about doing. now we have a president who says i've got a 16 year problem on my hands that should've been resolved before i take over. i am committed to ending this favorable to the united states, favorable to the region, and favorable to afghanistan. i'm not going to have arbitrary
7:33 am
timetables. this is open ended so we can get on with this mission based on the conditions on the ground, not based on those timetables. that will have profound impact on our troops on the ground. >> bill: how come? >> they're going to have freedom to do what they need to do. the commanders are going to be able to delegate and make decisions dealing with tactical and operational situations. no micromanagement from the pentagon or from the white house as has gone on in the past. not the pentagon was managing, but executed with what has house wanted them to do. also, the rules of engagement which we have talked about will be loosened up. that will give the soldiers the freedom to deal with enemy targets as they present themselves, use their own judgment, which we trust whether it's a pilot or a soldier on the ground or a leader making a vital decision about who lives and who dies. these are people that are trained properly. they have experienced, and they
7:34 am
are acting in concert with our values. yes, while the troops -- there will be more troops participating, it's also more about the strategy that it is about the troops. that is really going to be critical as well. >> bill: i think this whole idea about a more aggressive mission was something that i heard in his voice last night clearly. and this is part of that. >> i've already lifted restrictions the previous administrations placed on our war fighters that prevented the secretary of defense and are commanders in the field from fully and swiftly waging battle against the enemy. micromanagement from washington, d.c., does not win battles. they are won in the field. >> bill: at the point that you were making there. the lack of specifics, the back channels suggest 4,000 more troops going in. the lack of specifics reflected
7:35 am
in general madison earlier today, he would not give numbers either. what does that tell you about with this administration is trying to signal to the other side? >> first of all, they don't want to tell the enemy everything they're doing and they also want to have some flexibility. the president last night was obviously displaying significant flexibility in changing what is in things were not to continue with this war, but he listened to is more experienced national security experts and he's doing that. the commanders want the same thing. the enemy has a vote on everything that we do. we want the operational flexibility to deal with that, so adjust our troop numbers as need be to put more capacity into the afghan army because we took so much of it out. increase our soft forces is necessary based on what's taken place. that folks ability the president has given them, they're going to make those kinds of decisions. certainly, the military appreciates that. it's the way it should be done in the way it has been dead in the past.
7:36 am
>> bill: two specific questions, and i've got about 90 seconds left here. take the taliban first. how do you drive the taliban to the peace table? >> if you listen to the president's words carefully, he said we are going to stop the taliban from overthrowing the government. he didn't say they were going to defeat the taliban, but the second thing he is going to do, we are going to stop pakistan from supporting the afghan taliban in pakistan with intelligence, with resources, with trading, and with logistics. that's been outrageous for 16 years. two presidents have talked about it. this president at least based on what he displayed last night, i am convinced that he is going to do something about it. that is a game changer. if he's able to do that. >> bill: it's been tough so far. that was my second question about pakistan. you just answered it. we are going to see how it goes. 16 years, $700 billion. this was a reluctant commander in chief, but now the decision has been made.
7:37 am
thank you for your time in your analysis as always. jack keane. shannon has more. >> shannon: afghanistan's president is welcoming the new strategy for his country and thinking the u.s. for supporting the "joint struggle against the threat terrorism." >> good morning, shannon. afghanistan's president also said that the u.s. asked afghan partnership is stronger than ever. he said the objective, the paramount objective is ultimately peace, but also afghan president added a warning saying that i have a clear message for the military. you cannot win through war. come and accept our hand offering peace. the general was just talking about this, it's been pretty much impossible in afghanistan as we've seen with afghan forces not only fighting the taliban but now ices as well. further, iran has played as we've learned, an increasing role supporting the taliban in afghanistan against the afghan
7:38 am
government and also to really undermine the u.s. overall strategy and work in afghanistan to this point. that said, today the country's second most powerful man, the chief of executive also had a warning of his own saying this. listen. >> if they think that they can win entirely, they should give up. because as long as they continue fighting, there would be pressure on them. >> a taliban spokesman in response to afghan leaders and of course, the president's speech and announcement said that in part, and these are his words, "if the americans keep with their war strategy, we will keep fighting them with high spirit and commitment until one american soldier is left in our country, and then with an ominous warning of his own, he said that a taliban will keep fighting until the last breath.
7:39 am
>> shannon: thank you. >> bill: later today, the president goes to arizona to make a primetime rally in phoenix while the democratic mayor wants him to rethink that idea. >> people who come to voice their opinions outside should be able to do so without fear of violence, those who come down to attend the president's campaign rally will be able to do so without fear of violence as well. >> bill: we expect protesters on the outside, but we will see how many later today. hang on on that. >> shannon: check this out. a look at historic flooding in one minute boston city. this is a live look now. there are people on the rooftop waiting to be rescued. we will update you on the situation after the spread. this is a story about mail and packages.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> bill: torrential rains causing historic flash flooding in misery. rising watters forcing families from their homes and onto the roof. this is a video from a short time ago. we are told they are not in immediate danger, but you see the river going by. the creek nearby after crews are
7:43 am
waiting for the water to fall to safer levels before going in. now back to a live look here. 10 inches of rain falling overnight. responders also saving stranded drivers throughout the town. please going door-to-door as they can't update the folks and get them evacuated when possible. they could be out there for some time. >> shannon: they look surprisingly calm. they say no immediate danger. those pictures seem to tell a different story. >> bill: you got one decision to make, either lower the helicopter down or wait for the creek to back down. the sun is out, that's the good news. the storms came quickly last night. >> we want to give you every opportunity to express your first amendment rights no matter what your opinion happens to be. however, as mayor of the city of phoenix, i am expecting you to be civil, respectful, and peaceful. >> shannon: phoenix mayor greg
7:44 am
stanton speaking out about president trump's planned campaign style rally in phoenix tonight, fearing it could inflame tensions in the wake of charlottesville. there's also speculation the president might pardon former arizona sheriff joe arpaio, who awaits sentencing for ignoring the judges order to stop anti-immigration patrol. mayor stanton saying "let's be clear. it can only be seen as a presidential endorsement of the lawlessness and discrimination that terrorized phoenix as latino community." he goes on to say to white nationalist, neo-nazis, and other races who shamed our country's mother and charlottesville will surely chair a presidential pardon. the spring in our panel. john mccormick is a senior writer for the weekly standard. welcome to you both. the sheriff did not ask for it, he did not seek this. the mayor talked about the kind of fire a good start of the president decides to go there and pardon the sheriff. should he skip it? >> i don't know if i'm qualified
7:45 am
to talk about the legal merits of this case, but certainly in terms of how it looks, this is the sort of thing that is a very combustible situation. he went to look at this carefully and deliberately. want to go through formal vetting at the department of justice if the president is going to consider a pardon. according to news reports, that has not happened. so to announce that pardon of a deeply controversial person who has been sentenced for discrimination, that is a very aggressive thing to do to really spark things, i think the president will want to think about this carefully and calmly and not in a campaign style. >> it may be about none of that because what we are hearing for the price but mike vice president this morning, he said he's going to go after congress. he needs to get things going and call linda step up and start working on his agenda. you know he enjoys his campaign style rally is, they tend to give him a shot in the arm. he loves being out there with the people who supported him, elected him, and still believe and support him. >> yes, and nobody argues or a lot of people agree that trump
7:46 am
has somewhat of a sensitive ego. right now, it's been a hard season for him. we see him using these rallies to sort of showcase that i still have supporters, i still have people who were strongly with me, , and i think it bolsters hs own engine, but also i think the optics of it help them in whatever they do. definitely, the politics and the climate right now is a sensitive one, so i do agree that that would be a very questionable choice. trump has defied all rules when it comes to politics, and he does what he feels is the right thing to do in the moment. we'll see. >> shannon: there's also question about if he goes after congress more broadly, about getting things done, he is talking about a specific law makers. just days ago, tweeting about senator jeff flake, who is a conservative republican but has very much stood up and spoken out against the president and a number of ways. basically tweeting that he is supporting a primary candidate against senator flake. we have the tweet here.
7:47 am
"great to see that doctor kelly ward is running against like. who was weak on borders. crime and a nonfactor in the senate. he is toxic." here's what a former house speaker newt gingrich has to say about this personal jab. >> my hope would be that he would sidestep senators mccain and flake. is going to need both of them this fall in terms of the agenda. this is not a place to pick a fight, and i hope that he will be more presidential and less confrontational. >> shannon: don't think it's a coincidence that he is there in arizona on their home territory. you think he gets personal tonight? spit a database and then we really want to see, weatherby escalates his fight against a jeff flake or stays mute on it. for the president, it's not about ideology or any issue in particular, it's all about him. it's the fact that jeff flake has slighted him and has criticized him. in the air and the primary, it is from ground zero in this provoking civil war.
7:48 am
he does have supported the establishment as well. kelly ward is more of a populist figure. just today, a super pac of mitch mcconnell went on attacked her for endorsing these crazy conspiracy theories about chemtrail's saying john mccain should immediately step down after being diagnosed with brain cancer so she could become a senator. this is going to be a race to watch over the next year to see if the parties are overtaken by more figures in congress. >> shannon: something else to watch tonight, the mayor talked they are about respecting the first amendment. people have a right to say what they want to say, do it in a civil and respectful way. this could be a test tonight with both supporters and we expect protesters showing up. will you watch for tonight as that takes center stage again? those freedoms butting up against each other? >> as we saw this weekend in boston similarly, the leadership there stood up and made it very vocal, want to honor the first amend that right but we ask for respectful and peaceful.
7:49 am
it's going to be a different climate in arizona. the tensions around immigration have been there for almost a decade and arpaio again for that same time period has been a very controversial figure. he may not come up, but regardless, i think given the diversity of the population, it's going to be a test of the police force. going to be tested leadership, it's going to be a test of the tone the president can set on the ground. it's going to be really important because he's there. he hasn't been at the other rallies. his presence should be an interesting one. >> shannon: it'll be a very closely watched incident tonight to see you whether he shows up. marjorie and john, thank you for your time. >> bill: your barcelona, suspect shot and killed believed to be the suspected driver last week's deadly man attack. we are now learning a lot more about what else they may have been planning. inside that, next. for the strength and energy,
7:50 am
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>> bill: 7 minutes away on "happening now," president trump with a big-time address last night, resetting the country's mission in afghanistan and demanding more help from that country and its neighbors like pakistan. we've got a fox team coverage on the president's speech and what it means the future future of america's longest war. plus, the president heads for phoenix tonight with the nation on edge. we will discuss in the strange case of the inventor. his sunken submarine and a possible murder ahead happening now. >> bill: top of the hour, 7 minutes away, fox news alert. authorities have shot and killed a suspect they believed there were van into that crowd in barcelona last week, killing 13 people. officers say he was wearing a fake suicide vest. this is for suspects face a judge for the very first time. live in barcelona to take us the story today. >> great relief here in
7:54 am
barcelona after the 12 member of this terror cell was killed yesterday. younes abouyaaquoub was captured about 20 miles away from barcelona in a town called subirats. he was found by a member of the public who called into the police, and when they arrived there, he was found hiding in a vineyard. he charged the police and they shot him dead. he had no money, no phone in his pocket, so expected that he had walked the 20 miles to get ther there. he was wearing that fake bomb belt which so many of these jihadists have done to ensure they cannot be captured alive. however, they do have of the four attackers, three of them were captured in the epicenter of this attack. one of them was captured at that bomb factory which blew up. he managed to survive that bomb blast. the attackers were all over moroccan dissent, we are now learning. all very young, one of them left a suicide note in his house asking for forgiveness for those
7:55 am
he killed and another one's mother said morning of the attack he had been acting normally. they were radicalized by the local mosque, and he is going to be seen as a leader of this terror group. but now this attack may be connected to other cells around europe. the car that was used in the attack on thursday night, the second attack which ran over police and pedestrians, killing one, was seen in paris a week before the attack in barcelona on a speed camera. may have been there picking up explosives. they may have been meeting other terror cells. the cells have been disbanded. there are great fears that it may have been passed to a wider network that may be still people that knew about it that haven't been identified. >> bill: and benjamin hall reporting there in barcelona. >> shannon: president trump heading to phoenix for a campaign style rally. as despite the mayor and other officials asking him to stay away. you might expect, we expect
7:56 am
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will have separated and he's making his way back to deeper waters. in the meantime, beautiful nature and august off the coast of california. >> shannon: i'm worried about it getting back to its mom. this will make you feel better. two rescue lions meet. they are kissing before they return to the ocean in california. back in march, there i found critically ill, but they were released back to the ocean after rescue officials nurtured them back to health. that will make up for the upset.
8:00 am
>> bill: do you think they'll be okay question marks me to the sea lions make me feel better. >> bill: have a great day everybody, i'm taking a couple days off, so we'll see you on thursday. "happening now" starts now. have a great day. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert as president trump is gearing up for yet another eventful night heading to phoenix shortly. he'll be holding a campaign style rally there. good morning, welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> melissa: and i'm melissa francis. the president is outlining a new strategy in afghanistan, he says he was deliberately laid on details to give the military more flexibility. he also reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to the afghan government, but set american support should not be taken for granted. >> however, our commitment is not unlimited and our support is not a


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