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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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of house republicans yesterday. we're waiting to hear the good word of when he will go home. we'll let you know. it's been a busy hour. more news to come. i'm harris faulkner. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon in phoenix where president trump is set to hold a rally. we're expecting thousands of supporters and demonstrators at the city's convention center. comes during tension between john mccain and jeff flake. both have been critical of the president's comments. president trump also telling american people a bit about his strategy for afghanistan. promising u.s. troops will have a clear path to victory. what is victory? what exactly does his plan change? what does it mean for thousands of brave military heros risking their lives in a war zone? today some answers including when they wind up on the ground.
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let's get to it. first on the fox news deck this tuesday afternoon, president trump on his way to arizona where tonight he will rally thousands of supporters at a campaign-style event in phoenix. the president gets a chance to turn the page after yet another white house staff shakeup and the continuing fallout of charlottesville, virginia. president trump set to meet with marines at a border wall near mexico. that will comes hours after his new a strategy on the war in afghanistan. tonight we could find out if the president will pardon one of his most controversial supporters, former sheriff joe arpaio. the president told fox news that he's seriously considering pardoni pardoning arpaio. a judge convicted him for ignoring a court order to stop
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his immigration patrols. the state of arizona is home to two of the president's biggest critics. senator mccain and jeff flake say they're not attending the president's rally. both have condemn president trump's comments in charlottesville after he blamed the violence on both sides. the president has called flake toxic. the president has blasted senator mccain as you know for helping to defeat a republican bill to repeal parts of obamacare. police say they're getting ready for demonstrations in phoenix over the president's charlottesville comments and immigration policies and the protests could heat up we're told if the president announces that he will pardon joe arpaio. the democratic mayor asked president trump to postpone the rally saying the country needs more time to heel after the violence in charlottesville. arizona's republican governor will also not attend the rally. a spokesman said he will be
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working to help keep the events safe. the governor is scheduled to meet president trump when air force one lands in yuma this afternoon. mike emanuel is live. good afternoon. >> shep, good afternoon. could be a return to campaign mode for president trump. could be in front of a crowd of supporters after giving a serious way speech for afghanistan, perhaps sounding more commander-in-chief. the president told "fox and friends" a lot of it will be about the agenda going forward. >> we want to support our troops and provide the resources they need. we want to support law enforcement. build a wall and have internal enforcement and border security. illegal immigration at the wall is down 60%. that's as a result of the leadership the president has
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been providing. >> pence called on congress to address those issues when they talked about government funding issues in the month of september. shep? >> shepard: some said if trump goes after senator flake, it could do some damage. >> no question about that. jeff flake is seen as one of the republican senators that is most likely to face a tough re-election effort next we're. we've seen president trump take to attacking senator flake. great to see dr. kelli ward running against flake. weak on borders and toxic. that led to mitch mcconnell taking to twitter defending one of his own republican senators writing -- >> meanwhile, emotions running high in phoenix. the temperature heading for a high of 107 today.
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the phoenix mayor is calling for calm. >> to those attending the rally and those outside, we want to give you every opportunity to express your first amendment rights in matter what your opinion happens to be. however, as mayor of the city of phoenix, i'm expecting you to be civil, respectful and peaceful. that is the phoenix way. >> so far we have not seen any signs or heard any signs of trouble. it's still early. we do expect plenty of folks from both sides both for the president and against the president to turn out, shep. >> shepard: mike, the house speaker paul ryan says president trump messed up his response to the charlottesville attack. speaker ryan criticized mr. trump for saying there were fine people marching with the white supremacist. >> i believe that he messed up
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in his comments when it sounded like a moral equivocation or moral ambiguity. we need extreme moral clarity. >> speaker ryan said he and president trump spoke yesterday about the need for moral clarity. back to mike in phoenix. mike? >> well, shep, vice president mike pence handled the criticism like a diplomat, essentially not attacking paul ryan, who he once served with in the house. he took the time to defend the president. >> criticism comes with the job. we recognize that. the president couldn't have been more clear since that terrible day in charlottesville, that tragic day, that we condemn bigotry and hate and violence in all its forms. we denounce white supremacists, the kkk and the neo-nazi organizations. >> pence went on to say that the president has said many times
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we're stronger as a nation when we're united. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in the valley of the sun. let's go to jill colvin. jill, i've been listening to his supporters. some are saying he had a good moment last evening. it was well-received. his strategy as he gave out few details, but he gave a reason for that, was well-received. his demeanor seen as presidential. the suggestion that he can ride the wave of that for a week. yet, there's a rally. what is being made of this there? >> it's an interesting timing here. we've seen time and time again when the president delivers a teleprompter speech, he's praised as presidential. people hail it as the moment of the president really stepping in to the office. and then the next time he does a rally or campaign-style rally when he's surrounded by fans and the cheering and the applause,
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he has a tendency to return to the campaign-style of president trump. somebody that is more likely to speak his mind and things that get him in trouble. tonight we'll see whether the president is able to maintain that discipline. >> shepard: do we know what kind of advice he got on this matter in his own white house? >> we know the speech has been planned for a long time now. keep in mind the president will first be visiting yuma, the border region. the president has been very proud and his administration has been proud with the impact its been able to have on border crossings. people coming across the border illegally. it's an issue that they say as positive. one of the reasons why jill -- general kelly was promoted. >> shepard: are we expecting anything on joe arpaio tonight? that got mentioned to fox news
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channel and a lot of his base watches fox news channel. you wonder if this is a real thing. do we have any reporting on that? >> at this point he's not expected to decide that he wants to make this announcement about arpaio. there's questions here at the white house about what he will want to end up doing. the president is somebody that has a flare for the dramatic. he loves surprising people on a rally stage. so i think everybody will be watching closely to see what he will do. arpaio has said that he's not sure. >> shepard: you wonder if he couldn't keep the same energy that he brings for the rallies. nobody will discount that. he's a hell of a performer. if he can use that same energy to talk about strategy in afghanistan and rally the troops and rally the military supporters and not do so much of the other stuff that gets him criticized. >> what you'll see tonight is a very large protest effort. this rally comes on the heels of
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his controversial comments on charlottesville. he used his televised remarks to project the message of unity. we'll see whether he can sustain that on the rally stage and see the way that all of those people that are likely to turn out tonight wind up viewing that. yuma is a city in the past that has attracted heated protests for trump events. >> shepard: i can't help but ask you, i'm sure our viewers are noticing the construction happening behind you. what's going on there? >> there's been a pretty extensive renovation effort happening at the white house the last couple weeks. all the west wing staff were moved into the executive office building a cross the road. right now they're kind of just -- last minute tweaks happening, landscaping efforts. inside the building, looks like everything is finished. a lot of boxes around with people moving back in now with the new coat of paint, new carpeting, things like that. >> shepard: all right.
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nice enough. great to see you. thank you. >> thanks very much. >> shepard: an american commander revealing more about when u.s. troops can arrive in afghanistan. what he says about the timetable and the two republican senators that have been critical of president trump offering him some praise for his afghanistan strategy. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this eclipse-free tuesday afternoon. sad emoji. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> shepard: the top u.s. commander says more troops could arrive in weeks or days. the president outlined his plans last night. but the president refused to confirm reports that he would send thousands of troops. it was clear he would send more just unclear how many when or where. he said that was by design. rex tillerson says the administration's new strategy will turn the tide in america's longest war. >> i think the president was clear, this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban to have the taliban understand you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one but neither will you. >> shepard: last night said the hasty withdrawal of u.s. troops would create a vacuum that the terrorists would fill. he said we're not nation building again. we're killing terrorists. the commander-in-chief said he shares americans frustrations with the 16-year war and his
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original intend was to pull out. in the campaign he said we wasted trillions and what do we have? the. said the security threats facing the united states are too great. the president's speak on afghanistan got praise from the toughest critics. senator mccain of arizona and lindsey graham backed the president's strategy. senator graham said he would be proud of the president. but democrats are slamming this somewhat new approach. the house minority leader nancy pelosi said the commander-in-chief is declaring an open commitment of lives in afghanistan. he called his address low on details, which the president said was by design. john roberts is live on the north lawn. we heard some of this tone from president bush 43, some from obama. now some of it here. >> they've tried to throw everything at the wall and see what works in afghanistan.
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as the secretary state said it, doesn't look like there's any chance for a military victory on either side. but on details, as you pointed out, the president was intentionally low on details. he's said several times that he's not going to talk about troop levels, he's not going to talk about military moves, he's not going to telegraph what he's about to do that unlike the last administration he's not going to give the taliban a heads-up on everything that is about to happen. as you can imagine, the president's speech last night won praise here among his colleagues at the white house, including vice president mike pence who said this earlier on "fox and friends." >> the confidence the american people heard last night from our commander-in-chief derives from the fact that this is what he used in north korea and syria. we're going to take those lessons and the direction being be out in afghan with the same
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result. >> the speech drew praise from john mccain and lindsey graham and also drew praise from senator rubio. he said "good afghan strategy and laying it out to the nation." and rob disantis who served in iraq. >> i think the president did a good job. once troops are in combat or harm's way, we have to get behind them and give them what they need. >> the problem here, shep, there's no magic bullet. there's no good options left. the president is trying to do whatever he can to put muscle on the other countries in the region, countries like india, pakistan, to get the taliban to the table. the only way to end this war in afghanistan is a political solution. again, if you craft a political solution with the taliban what are the chances that that will last very long, shep? >> shepard: the president's
12:18 pm
chief adviser, his son-in-law, jared kushner, headed to israel, we understand. >> yes, with jason greenblat. they're in the gulf area now and meeting with the leaders of saudi arabia, jordan, qatar and the united arab emirates. they'll be going to israel tomorrow where they will meet again with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. the president has tasked him to focusing on the palestinian and israeli peace talks and strengthening economic steps that can be taken down ant after the peace deal is signed. the president really does believe and he's said this before, he believes the conditions are ripe for some sort of peace deal in the middle east. though he is getting -- taking it on the chin for people like
12:19 pm
congressman ron desantis for continuing to sign waivers that the u.s. embassy in israel not be moved to jerusalem. so it's got a lot of people on his side in terms of trying to craft a peace deal. he have people saying he's not doing enough, shep. >> shepard: john roberts from the north lawn. the pentagon chief says the islamic state's days are numbered. james mattis made the announcement to a trip to iraq. he talked about what he called the last stand for isis. we're live at the pentagon with new information next. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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>> shepard: isis on the run. those are the words from jim
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mattis. he said that during an unannounced visit to baghdad where he met with a iraqi prime minister. today about 50 miles west of mosul, troops gained ground. he confirmed the terrorists are losing momentum. >> today, the security for the iraqi people has greatly improved. cities have been liberated, people free from isis, from dash. they have been shown to be unable to stand up to our team in combat and they have not retain one inch of ground that they have lost. >> shepard: secretary mattis said the islamic's days in iraq are limited but the night is not over. jennifer griffin has more. >> defense secretary mattis spent the day in iraq where he told reporters traveling with him that isis now trapped on
12:24 pm
both sides of the syria-iraq border and will be squeezed in a military vice. u.s. military officials say the aim is to make the war in afghanistan similar to the isis fight. more troops, closer to the front lines with the ability to call in air strikes and to get the taliban to the negotiating table. >> i'd prefer not to go into those numbers right now. i have directed the chairman to put the plan together now. we have obviously been discussing this option for some time. when he brings that to me, i will determine how many we need to send in. >> he says a lot of this will rest with the state department. the plan is to get to the taliban in the negotiation table. >> shepard: what is different about the president's strategy? >> well, it's interesting. the centcom commander said that
12:25 pm
troops will begin arriving in afghanistan in the coming days and weeks. separately we learned several thousand paratroopers are expected to deploy in the coming weeks. we've been here before there were 100,000 at its peak in 2010. the plan announced last night is not different from what presidents have tried in the past. it's not a surge, it's not a withdrawal. the difference is there is no timeline. president trump wants to hold pakistan and india accountable. he wants them to bring the taliban to the negotiating table and to end the use of safe havens in pakistan. but remember, the cia carried out more than 400 drone strikes on the border an inside pakistan from 2004 to 2014 killing up to 3,900 people. it's not as though this hasn't been tried before. money has been withheld from pakistan in the past to no avail. it's not clear what in leverage the president has on nuclear arm pakistan. what is clear is trump's
12:26 pm
military advisers convinced him that the u.s. had to stay in afghanist afghanistan. defense officials say there's no way to win, but there's a way to lose. the president chose to stay engaged and not withdraw. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. and now we go to michael from "time" magazine. how are you? >> i'm good, shep. >> shepard: we heard this thing from previous presidents. there's evidence to suggest the trend is in the right direction. what is your take? >> i think the biggest thing to take away from this is that there has long been criticism from the country in politics about what we've been doing in both iraq and afghanistan. there aren't many other options. what president trump realized over the cost of the last few weeks and what distinguished this process from a lot of what happens in the white house, this was an organized process with all the stakeholders and the government weighing in with lots of meetings with the president. what he realized was, when it
12:27 pm
comes to afghanistan, there's no easy solution and lots of ways to allow this to get worse what you saw in the speech is similar substance to what president trump left office with his policy being. you know -- >> shepard: president obama. >> yes, sorry. he said in 2014 that he wanted to get troops out of afghanistan and then he backed off that last year realizing the same thing that president trump realized, which is that if you start to pull out with such a weak afghan government, a resurgent taliban, you can lose the country. >> shepard: the president spoke about victory. how do they define that? >> it was a notable passage in his speech. he said we're going to clearly define victory. he was trying to draw a contract with president obama. he said victory means defeating isis, al-quaida, containing the taliban and making sure that there's no safe haven for terrorists to attack the united states. what is interesting of that
12:28 pm
definition of victory is that it's really kind of loosy goosy. that is an ongoing problem. that's the problem that afghanistan, you know, since we moved in 16 years ago after the september 11th attacks. there's no timetable for that victory coming to pass. most strategists will tell you the chances of any of those problems being zeroed out in the next decade are incredibly low. so i think what he's saying is we're probably in this for the long haul. >> so the long haul means more than a decade? >> it's already been 16 years. there's no history of anyone in the last 100 years figuring out how to get the tribes of afghanistan to work together. >> shepard: history says empires die in afghanistan. you can see the soviets going out through the pass. i wonder if they have listed what might signal, okay, this
12:29 pm
would be it. if this, that and the other thing happened, then we can go. >> that's right. he said that. what he's saying, he's imagine ago future in which there are no safe havens and a place that is known for constantly having safe havens for terrorists. a land that has been ungovernable for 50 years. if that is the benchmark, it's going to be hard to achieve. if the benchmark is taliban integrating with the government, which is a goal here, it's also going to be very hard to achieve. there's some hopes that that will happen, but that was the goal of president obama for eight years and he was never able to pull it together, a goal of president bush before him. he was never able to pull it together. >> shepard: how much of this is not on my watch? they've said to us in as many words, we don't see a victory for us. we don't see a win for us. we can't let them have a win either. how much of this is -- we're not losing this on my watch. we're not doing it. >> i think that may be the correct policy! if you have a situation in which
12:30 pm
there is no way to fully win without an enormous commitment of money and troops, which the united states people -- the american people don't have an appetite for, then you manage the situation. i think that's what we're going to have. the other question is, how much do we have to continue to manage the situation in iraq and syria even with isis on the run right now, it may be that in a couple years we're in a very similar spot in those places. the local authorities are not able the maintain order and we're going to have to maintain some sort of a presence. it will just be managing to make sure it doesn't get worse. >> thanks, michael. great to talk to you again. thank you. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: more than 200 people in south korea are taken part in a defense drill that involves bombs and a staged poison gas attack in a subway station. again, this is a drill in seoul, south korea.
12:31 pm
a person acting as a militant and set up a gas attack. south korean officials say they planned the drill to help prepare for any possible threats from north korea or natural disasters, this comes in south korea and the united states conduct annual joint military exercises. north korea has threatened merciless retaliation in response, again, they always do. a u.s. navy commander has said they have found remains in the southeast asian waters yesterday. now the question is how did that happen? the body of an american hero that died on an attack in afghanistan returns home. that's coming up. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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>> shepard: fox report now. headlines from the fox news deck. a high speed train slams into an empty train near philadelphia and injured 40 people. happened after midnight in a
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busy terminal in upper darby. the passengers told reporters that the conductor overshot a couple stations right before the wreck. that passenger said there was blood everywhere. doctors say a handful of passengers in critical condition but they expect everybody to survive. bill cosby is back in court two months after his sex assault trial ended in a dead locked injury. the comedian talked about getting a new defense lawyer. the current lawyer wants off the case, a baby whale surprised people in long beach, california. the 20 foot gray whale came just feet from the shore. the whale has been nicknamed bayboy. it's been working up the west coast. marine animal groups keeping an eye on it. millions of you are online right now,
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12:37 pm
house speaker, paul ryan. he says congressman scalise is in physical therapy and his recovery is going to be awhile. that's a quote. doctors say the bullet hit the congressman in his left hip and traveled across his pelvis. last month congressman scalise moved to a rehab facility after more than a month of surgeries. speaker ryan confirmed that he is improving and phoned in to a house republican conference call yesterday. president trump honoring the dead and missing crew members of the u.s.s. john mccain. he tweeted just minutes ago, we pray for our fallen heros who died while serving our country aboard the u.s. john mccain and their families, this comes after divers found some remains of the sailors inside the flooded destroyer. ten crew was missing after the destroyer collided with an oil tanker near singapore.
12:38 pm
malaysian officials found a body, but they haven't yet identified it. yesterday's crash comes two months after the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a container ship and killed seven. trace gallagher with the rest of this. any record on the cause of this collision? >> the chief of naval operations was asked about cyber sabotage, if the computers on the ship were hacked. we know the collision happened at night and the visibility was moderate. there is word of a possible steering malfunction on the u.s.s. mccain. though it's very unclear if that played a role or not. four separate incidents involving navy ships this year has caught the attention of more than just the navy. watch. >> congress will look at some of this stuff, too, is it human error, training issues that need
12:39 pm
to be addressed and are there any type of outside intrusions a cyber intrusion. >> the big question is how a ship with state of the art radar and communication systems gets hit by a tanker three times its size and a whole lot slower, shep. >> shepard: the u.s. getting heat from china over this, right? >> very true. the u.s.s. mccain was coming back from the south china see where it conducted a freedom navigation exercise near the manmade islands of china. the concern is that china will use them for military purposes and the chinese are none too pleased about the u.s. patrolling the waters. but the recent string of it's debts involving u.s. ships to allow china to turn the table accusing the u.s. of endangering maritime navigation and becoming a dangerous obstacle in asian waters. it's a bad time to have the mccain out of commission.
12:40 pm
it's aegis missile defense system is a counter weapon to my missiles that north korea might decide to launch in the near future, shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. a town paid tribute today as a soldier killed in afghanistan came home. 23-year-old army sergeant jonathan hunter was one of two american soldiers that died earlier this month in an attack on a nato convoy. he was from columbus, indiana. about 40 miles south of indianapolis. hundreds of people stood in the rain and lined the streets of his hometown to honor him as hearse brought his body from the airport to the funeral home. he was 32 days in his first deployment. a key figure in the russia investigation taking questions from lawmakers about a file of accusations about then candidate trump. the new details on that and they're next.
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>> shepard: one of the main players behind an unverified report about president trump's possible ties to russia appeared before the senate judiciary committee today. that's according to the associated press. abc news reports that committee members will question glen simpson about the funding and sources that he used for this document. simpson runs the research firm fusion gps. it hired a former british spy to produce the documents about now president trump ahead of the presidential election. the president denies the report's accusations and says they were made up as an attack on his campaign. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with more. catherine? >> the committee is not commenting that the session moved ahead today. meantime, a committee spokesman did confirm that glen simpson and the firm provided documents to congressional investigators but most are worthless or
12:45 pm
irrelevant. the statement reads that fusion's documents consisted of headlines from public news reports and more than 175 pages of blank paper. fusion provided the dossier that has been publicly available since january. a privileged log that raises more questions than it answers. last month simpson, who is seen here at the security forum, received a congressional subpoena to testify and eventually agreed to a nonpublic session with a transcript. late july, the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee questioned the firm's ties to moscow and alleged smear campaign against a public corruption whistle-blower. >> what phases do you have to believe that fusion's -- >> this entire effort was under the auspices of natalia, the one
12:46 pm
organizing it, it was being paid for by her client who is the patriarch. >> and this is all about the same lawyer that engineered the meeting with donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort and others. >> shepard: catherine herridge, capitol hill. thank you. a man ambushed and shot a judge at a courthouse in ohio. the judge had a gun of his own and fired back. the judge as it turns out is okay. suspect is decidedly not. we're now learning more about how the two men were connected. details on that ahead. first, the fox extreme weather
12:47 pm
alert. nonstop rain triggering dangerous flooding in missouri. look at this. this scene near kansas city where the rising waters forced families to wait for rooftop rescues. search crews report pulling people from stranded cars and saving one woman who was trapped up a tree. adam klutz live with more. >> rain totals impressive. that's what this is for 24 hours. you're looking around the kansas city area getting close to 10 inches. this was widespread and a very large event. this is the leading edge and along it, folks in upstate new york, stretching to the south. all areas we could see severe weather today. the same system tracking off to the east. we've seen big storms along here. we'll likely see more as we head into the evening hours, continuing to wrap up through the overnight hours. the other big story -- this is a bigger story in the next couple days -- we have this low pressure system. areas of concern, this is a 90%
12:48 pm
chance of becoming tropical storm harvey. it will likely become one when it runs into the gulf of mexico, a lot of moisture and warm water. that's why perhaps getting up to hurricane status. it's going to be right at that level, maybe a little low. take a look at this route. this is running up along the gulf coast here, running at 9:00 p.m. on friday. so this is one we'll pay close attention to, at least a big rain maker for texas. we could be talking about hurricane level winds as well. one we'll pay close attention to. more of "shepard smith reporting" after the break. phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> shepard: an officer stopped a man in ohio because he had a broken headlight, gave him a
12:52 pm
warning. hours before, that man shot a judge at a courthouse. that's according to police in stubenville. this is the man, nathaniel richmond. a court convicted richmond's son of rape in 2013, but a different judge handled the case. the sheriff in stubenville says richmond ambushed and shot the judge. the judge had a gun and fired back. the judge is expected to be okay. the suspect died in a shootout. mike tobin with details in the midwest bureau. mike? >> the jefferson county sheriff says there's video of the whole thing. that nate richmond had been out drinking all night. the video shows his car pulls up at the courthouse about 45 minutes ahead of the ambush. when the judge comes walking towards the entrance of the courthouse, the attacker comes out of the car with his gun
12:53 pm
blazing. a probation officer was with the judge. it's believed that the probation offer fired the shot but then later it was showed that the judge fired back. the judge says he was definitely armed. >> with all the nuts running around, i encouraged him to get a weapon. he did. another judge on the bench, i gave him a gun to carry with him because we have nut cases running around the city of stubenville and the country. >> the attacker, nate richmond, is the father of malik richmond who was convicted of raping a girl in 2012. malik served his time, went to college but the case followed him. he tried to play football at youngstown state but a petition was circulated to ban him from the grid iron. mike? >> shepard: the judge was overseeing the case involving the shooter? >> the case from the rape case that judge was from the cincinnati area.
12:54 pm
but the judge that was shot in this ambush yesterday, he was overseeing a wrongful death case brought by nate richmond. that was related to a fire that killed his mother. a motion to dismiss that case, set to be heard next monday. it's possible that richmond misunderstood the hearing on the motion to dismiss and thought it meant his case was being thrown out altogether. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin with us from chicago. thank you. who is the highest paid actor in all of hollywood? now we know. the list is next. and powerball? beyond is a natural pet food
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12:58 pm
million. second place, fast and furious co star, the rock himself, dwayne johnson. the highest paid actor in the world, $68 million, mark wallburg. $68 million! movies including the latest transformer flick helped send him to the top spot. the top ten actors made nearly $500 million, triple their female counter parts. the top earning woman, emma stone. she made but $26 million. if you can't make millions in the movie, perhaps you should snag a powerball ticket. the jackpot the largest in merge history, $700 million. less than half last year's $1.6 billion but still a good chunk of change. two months have passed without a powerball winner. that could all change tomorrow night's drawing. the odds of winning are 292
12:59 pm
million to 1, which means i don't remember more likely to die in a shark attack, unless you go near the water. which means you're more likely to win the powerball slightly. and leaders from a dozen nations adopted the geneva convention. the agreement called for armies to treat all injured soldiers no matter what size of the battle they were on. it also introduced a symbol to mark medical supplies, a red cross, on a white background. today the red cross helps people all over the world. after world leaders signed an agreement in geneva 158 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. a good dayton the markets. that i were up from the beginning of the session. we have been green all day long.
1:00 pm
the nasdaq up about 1.5%. the s&p 500 doing very well indeed. it's all great news if you're neil cavuto who is the king of business on cable in america. i'm shepard smith. i'll see you later. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have a stock surging world. dow ending near session highs today. largely on the results of the president's speech last night and optimism that it paves the way for progress on things that once look sticky like tax reform. defense issues were the biggest catalyst today. up on indications the president could recommit himself to more troops and make more spending in afghanistan. maybe in pakistan. we still don't know the details, this much we do know. investors are betting that that is a good bet, defense stocks, as were finance stocks and growing optimism that it might be misplaced but you know how they go on optimism that we will t