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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sides of the street making money off a very hostile crowd here on both sides. tucker back to you. >> tucker: be safe, steve. see you soon. that's it for us tonight, we are here every night at 8:00 p.m. we hope you will join us. fox will continue special coverage of the event right 2340u78. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i am kimberly guilfoyle. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it is 6:00 p.m. in phoenix, arizona. that means we are just one hour away from president trump's remarks at a rally there. his first political event since the violence in charlottesville ten days ago. vice president mike pence will introduce the president and we will bring it back to you live. thousands of protesters have descended on downtown phoenix. the president's remarks followed last night's address to the
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nation for more on afghanistan. let's go to mike emanuel. live at the phoenix convention center. >> good evening, kimberly. the people inside this convention center have waited all day for this presidential rally. some gathered out on the sidewalk as early as 2:00 a.m. local time. when temperatures hit 107 degrees by midafternoon, it has turned out to be in in and endurance test. i asked folks today but they are hoping to hear from president trump tonight. >> i'm looking to hear him reaffirm things he promised on the campaign trail. maybe a little bit of clarification. >> i want assurances that he will continue on with the same policies that he was elected by. >> i want to hear what he has to say. continued to say what he's been saying since he was running his campaign. >> there've been a lot of
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questions about what president trump may or may not say about arizonans to republican senators. the president has classed with both john mccain and jeff flake. he's been upset with mccain over the bill that killed health care reform and flake has been a vocal critic and the president has fired back saying he is weak on crime. if the president attacks jeff flake tonight, with flake expected to have a tough reelection bid next year. vice president mike pence says we should expect the president to lay out the agenda when congress returns in september. issues like tax reform more tax cuts, money for that border wall and of course, scrapping obamacare. in about an hour or so, we will get a sense of exactly what is on the president's mind. kimberly. >> kimberly: the president -- there are many demonstrations outside. at the mayor of phoenix issued this warning last night.
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>> to those attending the rally in those outside, we want to give you every opportunity to express your first amendment rights no matter what your opinion happens to be. however, as mayor of the city of phoenix, i am expecting you to be civil, respectful, and peaceful. >> kimberly: jonathan hunt is there. let's get more from him now. hi, jonathan. >> hey, kimberly. it's a loud crowd. a raucous crowd. it's so far a civil crowd as the mayor asked these protesters to be. there are several thousands of them directly outside the convention center right now. they are being kept behind police placed barriers. a street with apart from the trump supporters who have been filing into the convention center. having waited outside for many hours.
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we've heard the usual chance that you've come to know from the end i trump supporters. the approach from crowd going into the convention shouting back the slogans we have heard many times before. something like 3,000 members of the phoenix police department. either they are on duty or on call tonight. from our experience comparing l the protests we saw during the presidential election campaign, the real flash point comes after the rally rather than before or during it. that's when the trump supporters file out. they are met on the street by the antitrust protesters. that tends to be -- if there is any trouble -- when it happens. the phoenix police department have appealed for everybody like the mayor did to be civil and respectful tonight. we will see if that happens. the rally not obviously under way in terms of mr. trump speaking as yet. when it does, then those supporters will file out and
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that is when there could be a flash point and the potential for trouble. the phoenix police department very much on the alert for any violence. they say they will crack down on it very quickly should it happen. >> kimberly: thank you for that, jonathan. juan, we see the scene as jonathan has said it. the people outside, the mayor has really urged a sense of calm and caution for people to be there to peacefully express themselves. but not like the violence we have seen in other situations. what to expect tonight? >> juan: i don't know what to expect. this is kind of an explosive situation. give lots of protesters. not just a few. you have them coming from very different perspectives. there is a protest in support of police scheduled for tonight in phoenix. you also have the jewish community rallying, saying "never again." any of the anti-trump people. and then you have the
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antifascist people coming in as well. all sorts of elements there. you don't know how they combine, kimberly. that's what i'm trying to say. one important aspect is you said this after ten days after what we saw in charlottesville, there is a potential for specific feuds that could ignite. whether president trump would pardon former sheriff joe arpaio. and we heard from the white house today. there will be no action on a potential pardon of joe arpaio for any time today. not at this event. there's a real tension coming with internal republican politics. people like john mccain, jeff flake, they are not fans of the president. flake has a best-selling book out, the president has attacked flake and mccain. an ongoing fight with senate majority leader mcconnell. you are undermining a 2018 candidate for the senate from the white house. we will see how that goes.
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i don't think that's going to spark any >> kimberly: dana, set the scene in terms of what's happening and what the expectations are. what's the message, given he had a very successful national security speech. it went over very well. now he's coming into a decision -- there is a hotbed in terms of immigration issues. >> dana: i've been frustrated with the rally is just from a newsmaking perspective. it's a great opportunity for any president to drive forward a message for the next day. he gave the national security speech. tomorrow he speaks to the american legion. he should refer back to that speech so he can continue on that same -- he also toured the board this morning. that's going to have to be something that comes up. i do think he will have some sort of reference to charlottesville like he did on monday night. doesn't necessarily have to be too specific. it was a very different audience. it's not the military.
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this will be a very excited cloud. i really high approval rating in arizona. i expect that he will enjoy the speech but i would be curious about what he thought about his own speech last night. it did get some pretty high marks but on substance it's been picked. i wonder how he feels about that? he did not to be today. i don't know. >> kimberly: unusually quiet. you make a great point that he will be in front of the really welcoming crowd. people that are really feeling the president. he should get some enthusiasm and energy from that. someone follow-up, if he makes any comment specifically about the senators? i heard brian kilmeade say that on the specialists earlier today. what you think, dana? will he come away from the message, discipline? >> dana: he will do what he wants to do. there are consequences for doing that.
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that might actually benefit him. senator flake's not going to be there tonight. but i think that's also fine. i think they agree on a lot more than they disagree on. the president will want and can count on his boat, senator flake, when it comes to tax reform this fall. if that's the most important issue. i would just drive forward on that. >> kimberly: brian, you've got some gas in the tank? you've been here since 3:00 a.m. >> brian: i didn't realize he did not tweet at all today. the boston protest, boston police responded great. they saluted the protesters who spoke out against hate. then you have monday speech. it during the day, without news. besides the bannon situation. we were able to talk about afghanistan but now the networks want to pivot and talk something negative about trump. the gap to the back to charlottesville. they had nothing that day.
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look at the friction on the right, that doesn't get the readings. >> dana: that's old news. >> kimberly: news alert. >> brian: can you imagine if he opens up in the first two sentences, instead of taking aim at flake, he talks about the wall, $1.6 billion at the house wants. the need for tax reform and that he goes after those three -- you have to face the people in your state and you're going to win reelection. you know i have the agenda to turn this country around and still, you are marching on the senator schumer who has done nothing for you except destroy the party. imagine if he does that? every democrat will pass out. there were will be bodies all r the streets of new york city. >> juan: there i'm going, i'm expired. >> kimberly: greg, what you expect from him tonight?
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>> greg: it's good to see you, brian. it really is. it's so funny you do a show called fox & friends. you are neither a fox and that you know friends. >> kimberly: still mean! >> greg: challenged me to insult you and so i am insulting you. >> brian: i said small talk before the show. i was kidding. >> greg: i wrote down the insult right here. fox & friends. he's no fox and he has no friends. i don't know what to say about this because it hasn't happened yet. we're going to do four segments, america. on something that hasn't happened yet. what would i like to see? i would like donald trump may be to come out there and be self-deprecating and funny because i've seen him be funny but not necessarily self-deprecating. to say he is not perfect -- i'm a businessman, not a spoken word
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public. i'm a guy who does things. i build things. i don't really say things. i build things. i've said this before. he is the inverse obama. obama was amazing with words. not so much with deeds. trump is a guy who is a man of action. his words are in artful. we are dealing with the complete opposite. when it comes to something like this, your preconceived assumptions are going to drive your conclusions. no matter what he says. if you think he's a racist and satan and hitler wrapped up into one, it just going to drive you crazy. when people applaud, you're just going to get madder and madder. there's no way to change that. and he shouldn't. >> brian: his critics that it was pretty good but he got in his own way. some people don't like the details he didn't give out. part of his plan is not to give out details. i think if he delivered a speech, it will force his critics to --
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>> greg: as a guest on this show, you are not supposed to disagree with me. >> brian: are we live? i'm sorry. >> kimberly: ainsley earhardt is very sweet and polite. if you are little bit of... you have a lot of friends, versus meatball over here. you love meatballs. that was a cute term. juan, do's expect there are going to be violent protests from people like antifa and is going to be something like if the president does a good job -- these groups, do think that's going to be taking away from what he's doing? >> juan: of course but he doesn't control that. >> kimberly: will they think about that? >> juan: greg stanton, he said america is hurting because trump
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taoist racial tensions with kathleen. it's like a pregame show. for this big matchup, gee whiz, this is a key event because of what happened in charlottesville. i think that brings added attention, added pressure it's the president's performance tonight. last night he said some things about racism in charlottesville. i thought well, he's taking an easy out using military as a prop. tonight, this is just about trump. trump and his base at a very passionate, loud rally. how does race play into that? >> kimberly: a very supportive group. very vocal. they're going to give him -- they are going to be the laugh track. they're going to love what he's saying. it's a good image for him, dana, in terms of talking about the wall and what he wants to achieve like brian said. the country sees there are people that support this. >> dana: remember it was in
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arizona where mccain said during the campaign, there is a negative comment about president obama and mccain on the trail had to say luck, we don't do that here. sometimes that crowd can push you into that zone. the president might decide that that doesn't hurt him. when he spoke to the military and he said this is the best experiment -- everybody is equal here. he was being a president for all americans. when he is speaking tonight, i think hopefully he will keep that in mind. there's a rally and that's great. you have a lot of people out there who are anxious and frustrated. if you want to poke them, you can. or you can choose to not poke them, which would be different. >> greg: juan brought up the quote by the mayor of phoenix accusing trump of dousing racial tensions with gasoline. i think that would make sense if
6:16 pm
you are in a bubble. trump did not give the perfect answer. and then he fell into an antagonistic trap with the press. i would not call that stoking racial tension. i think that's a bit of an exaggeration but that's just my opinion. >> greg: stoking, dousing, self-deprecating -- that would be the best thing to do. he indicated he could do that yesterday. >> brian: task >> greg: it's too late, brian. >> kimberly: a live shot of phoenix, arizona. waiting for the president to come forward. we expect a very enthusiastic crowd and rally and much more throughout the hour as we wait for the president to take the stage. vice president will be introducing him soon. up next, new details on the trump administration strategy to finally end the war in afghanistan. we'll be right back.
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>> we have inherited a challenging and troubling situation in afghanistan and south asia. one way or another, these problems will be solved.
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i am a problem solver. in the way, we will win. >> dana: president trump is optimistic there'll be an end to our longest war after announcing the new way forward in afghanistan last night. today secretary of state got more specific on the strategy for the mission. >> this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban. to have the caliban understand that you will not win about a field victory. we may not win one but neither will you. at some point, we have to come to a negotiating table to find a way to bring this to an end. >> dana: rex tillerson is putting pressure on on afghanistan and to provide its own support for terrorists. >> we have witnessed terror organizations finding a safe haven in pakistan to plan out attacks against u.s. servicemen, officials, disrupting peace efforts inside of afghanistan. pakistan must adopt a different approach and we are ready to work with them to help them
6:22 pm
protect themselves against these terrorist organizations. starting to end their attacks that are disrupting their efforts of peace. >> dana: about 4,000 more troops will be sent to afghanistan. let me start with you, brian. on this idea of talking to the caliban -- the president backed off about last night and this speech. there were rumors he might lay it out there but as i understand, the taliban who think they are winning right now -- if we brought them to the table, negotiations would be all lopsided because they want something unpalatable to us. >> brian: he wants to get leverage back. she said i'm putting more troops in. we're going over safe havens in pakistan. i'm going to go tear arch enemy, india. he started to wire the games. he wants them to be asking questions amongst themselves. once they start getting pushed back out of the province which they control 80% of, that will get their intention.
6:23 pm
that's the deal, war style. >> dana: there weren't a lot of specifics but the military seem to really like the speech because it said we are going to let the generals decide. we've already changed the rules of engagement. the best thing you do is kill bad guys. i'm not going to put a definition of what winning looks like. >> greg: did you ever watch farm rescue? if the bartender is good at making drinks, you get that person away from the kitchen. bar rescue. you know what afghanistan really is? afghanistan is the place you park your van to stake out the place next door. pakistan. which has nukes and the van, our van, the sad news is it's going to stay there forever because the strategy boils down to two things. killing terrorists and preventing a nuclear holocaust. park your van outside of pakistan to make sure pakistan
6:24 pm
doesn't get any nukes. to the taliban. we will have to be in this godforsaken place forever sitting there like the undercover cops in the van outside of my house. after a late night. >> dana: the president decided that leaving was worse than staying and staying means we have to have some investment there. kimberly, do you think the congress will ask for a vote this fall? >> kimberly: perhaps. it's kind of to be expected, isn't it? it's not a bad idea if the president can get the support there. there's no way to be successful in afghanistan unless you have some more true commitment likely heard but the 82nd airborne. they know what they need to do. withdrawing troops and giving the support to people already there -- it's a suicide mission. he has to do this. he has to get them the support they need in order for them to
6:25 pm
succeed. it's too important. as >> dana: additional complications because of iran and russia assisting insurgent groups. there is also additional competition. >> juan: there certainly are. in fact, the president at the most is going to double from about 8,000 maybes 6000-14,000. at the number of trips on the ground. people like laura ingraham pointed out we had -- my point, she pointed out 100,000 people on the ground in 2011 and that did not obviously win the war. if you are -- it would have to take a much greater political risk. that's what's missing. it rex tillerson comes out today and says the quote you heard at the top of the segment. the taliban might win some battles and we might win some battles but they won't win the war. he's focused on the negotiation. he wants them at the table and right now, the taliban is
6:26 pm
claiming more and more land in afghanistan. >> dana: we will have to see how it goes. we have to run because we've got more stuff to get to. identity politics. the epidemic in the united states. ♪ when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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i love you, droolius caesar, but sometimes you stink. febreze car vent clip cleans away odors for up to 30 days. because the things you love can stink. ♪ >> greg: as identity politics, yesterday's eclipse with the sentence "dubbed the great american eclipse. they live almost no black people." 12 cleveland browns players annealed during the national anthem. that's their right. maybe there team should try standing up and having a winning season for a change.
6:31 pm
viewership is down. you wonder why? we come to watch you play, not the posture. the country is always improving. it ain't perfect but it's the best thing going. those who stoke the divide seem to do so based on the attention they get. in a podcast out today, al sharpton said this... >> we are in a poisonous atmosphere. president of the united states -- it's like turning on gas in a room. lighting a match. any amount could lead to an explosion. >> greg: a match, and explosion. 1995. al sharpton leading a protest. back then, sharpton said we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother to let some white interloper can expand his business.
6:32 pm
shortly after one protester shot some customer, set the store on fire, killing seven employees. al, you are right. any match could lead to an explosion. that match is you and three quarters of today's media. we were going to talk about this story but it was broken by clay travis. right? this is such an unbelievable story that we don't believe it. it's true. according to fans -- msnbc decided to pull -- excuse me sorry, what'd i say? espn decided to pull an asian college football announcer named robert lee off the william and mary university of virginia college football game because they were concerned that having an asian commentator named robert lee -- we want to
6:33 pm
check this out because it's like an onion story. >> dana: [laughs] >> greg: espn issued a release. they are very serious about this. we collectively made the decision with robert. at the tragic events in charlottesville, simply because of the coincidence of his name -- in that moment, it felt right to all parties. it's a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that it who calls play-by-play for football games has become an issue. how did it become an issue? >> dana: [laughs] >> brian: it's like pulling al michaels from calling football because there was a shooting in a michaels. >> kimberly: think of what they are doing to us. >> greg: juan, is this reaching hysteria levels? >> brian: you are throwing yourself on the desk. >> dana: it's the most bizarre story. >> greg: i'm still thinking
6:34 pm
this can't be true. >> juan: to me it's absurd that they would decide -- it's so disconnected. the reality is, they are responding to what they see as racial tension in a society. robert lee. the statue. that's what i think. >> greg: how many names he would have to -- certain people people -- >> brian: i would have to have an emergency meeting of robert e lee was calling again. if they are not firing you, they are suspending you over at espn. >> kimberly: they are petrified. petrified, they don't even know what they are doing. super reactive to any kind of thing that's happening. they are making it actually worth, i think. >> juan: very expensive, kimberly. they feel like the whole country is wrong. >> kimberly: that i don't disagree with. they aren't helping it. they are just amplifying it to the point where they are making
6:35 pm
it awkward. it feels to me like they are very destabilized and uncertain of their identity. management. the way the wind blows. panic attack. send a memo. delete robert e lee. >> dana: we don't know. he's asian american. and now he's been reassigned. he will be going to pittsburgh and a different game. >> juan: let me argue about the memo. to me, you said don't kneeled down. >> greg: i would rather have that than violence. definitely. >> juan: the thing i want to disagree with -- you see people saying that÷÷ basically this is white identity politics at play because guess what? if you don't do what i say says president trump, you get a tweet from me -- -- nfl owners -- we don't want colin kaepernick.
6:36 pm
greg and i often talk about identity politics becoming more prominent in american life. most often we talk about it and things like black lives matter. we talk about going overboard. i think there's also a reality reality -- he have someone like president trump saying owners don't want to get a tweet from me about colin kaepernick and a result and lots of people putting those players who are growing in numbers saying why is colin kaepernick being blackballed by the by the nfl? >> brian: a couple of things going on. they are picking up what colin kaepernick did last year. because they want to show that they are not happy with the country. i just think if they are not happy with the country, grab a sign and march before or after. that's one thing. greg is not happy with the country and got up right now and started marching around the table, i should not accept that behavior.
6:37 pm
>> greg: i could march under the table. >> dana: [laughs] a great limbo march. >> greg: like you said, the analogy before -- like me all of a sudden deciding i want to play football during "the five" while you guys are trying to do a show. it's my right. >> kimberly: they are saying they are praying. they respect the anthem. >> brian: pray after the anthem. >> dana: >> kimberly: your preao the choir over here. >> greg: that's weird because most people don't agree with you, brian. that's why they keep you on early in the morning. most people are half-asleep when you are talking. >> brian: but it's your decision. >> greg: i am reviewing your career right here. >> brian: it is a little thin. >> juan: you know where greg gutfeld came from. espn management. >> brian: [laughs] fantastic. >> brian: >> greg: don't know ag about sports.
6:38 pm
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(avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. ♪ >> juan: president trump is about to address a lively crowd in phoenix. earlier today he toward a border patrol facility to highlight his pledge to combat illegal immigration. men and women on the front line, he inspected equipment including a drone used to patrolled the region. it greg, when you look at the president -- this is an area where the wall has worked. that comes from me, a critic. the lowest number of crossings -- i'm guessing he wants to use it as an example to the nation. >> greg: it works because he ran as the law and order president.
6:43 pm
how was he able to run as the law and order president based on the perception that law and order was under attack? it was. the media, law enforcement -- they were maligned for years. it justified riots and demonstrations and looting. condemned the militarization. we did days of shows on the militarization. just cops trying to protect themselves from getting killed. we were also dismissing any real concerns about crime. if you brought up gang crime, you are trying to put attention away from other injustices. you're pointing at gang crime. he was elected president based on what people perceived as a lack of law enforcement. >> juan: the wall was put up and it was under president bush. it had bipartisan support. so many people -- we would say boy, border security has become
6:44 pm
so highly politicized. is that why you see this resistance to any kind of bipartisan support? >> kimberly: i think it's because of the wall itself. an actual physical structure that's meant to obstruct anybody trying to illegally gain entry. it's become such a big symbol that people have become attached emotionally on either side of the issue and become very entrenched. if they are pro-illegal immigration, following the law, against sanctuary cities. if they are pro-building the wall, they are entranced on that side. on the other side, give people saying we are in a nation of immigrants. this is offensive and the wall becomes like a statue, producing that visceral reactions of people fixate on it but they should instead just think about trump. >> dana: good point about it becoming like a statue. >> greg: like a wall. >> juan: very quickly, you have the president on this board are looking at drones, two types
6:45 pm
of aircraft's -- he's at sensors, increasing the number of patrol agents and talking about a decrease. and yet he's making a case for more spending. >> dana: what you're saying is he might end up doing what he did last night on afghanistan, this is what i said initially on the campaign. this is what i've learned about the issue. we've already made a lot of progress. there does need to be a physical structure. x and y. i do believe we can use technology and other things to do the rest of it. the house has already passed the board of funding request for the wall. and other mechanisms. paul ryan as a speaker has done that in the house. the focus will be on the senate as they go to appropriation. he's figuring out a way to get the votes for what he wants. >> brian: a couple things, president trump -- the border
6:46 pm
patrol agents aren't there yet. in fact, they lost some. it's not the threat of -- i get it, what really bothers me most about democrats on this issue with a lot of them agree the border is the the dash they are afraid of giving him a semblance of a win. they don't want six nations showing up on the border with bricks in their hand because that would be the symbolism that gets donald trump the pat on the back where the push that says he's doing what he said. >> juan: let me ask you a question. what party controls the house, senate, and the white house? oh, oh, i forgot. >> greg: they are in arizona right now. two senators might be being sent on their way. >> juan: i think he's got some even bigger senators dan flake and mccain, standing in his way. i thought you said mexico was going to pay for this wall?
6:47 pm
>> greg: the money we give them to go rasul off drug dealers, we will put it towards the wall. >> juan: don't worry about it, the least important thing we've got to talk about. >> greg: is the most important thing. that's one of my promises. >> juan: go check the transcript, folks. kimberly, do you expect him to talk about the wall? >> kimberly: yeah, he should. this is the right audience, the right target audience where he will generate support. they are very enthusiastic about it. >> greg: look at this crowd. >> kimberly: look at them all. there's dr. ben carson as well. >> brian: they took the wide shot. i appreciate it. >> kimberly: don't count the crowd size. >> greg: change your tie. >> juan: can you rub friends
6:48 pm
allow the lady to speak? >> dana: mcclatchey had about the dreamers -- to try to get the president to make a decision that would be in contrast to what he said on the campaign trail. this is the president taking in a lot of input from various people. when he goes to an oval office address, he will do it either on tax reform or immigration. >> juan: in september? >> dana: i don't think you need to give an oval office address on infrastructure. >> juan: what about this crowd? if you say to the dreamers you can stay -- >> dana: i'm not saying he's going to say that tonight. it's a decision he will make sort of -- >> juan: i'm not saying he doesn't want to help the dreamers out -- >> dana: he said we would find an elegant solution. >> juan: brian, maybe you can
6:49 pm
help me, talk radio -- >> brian: and not on aca. d aca. first off, anyone here between the age of two or three, if you start by saying look at the border crossings being down. the barriers being built. $1.6 billion to get it done in san diego. we will pick up where we left off. and then he turns around eight months from now, part of immigration reform number that's what lindsey graham said. he is the only guy they could immigration reform done. >> kimberly: dana is onto something. he's going to try to work out a deal. the only way -- the only success, he will have to bargain and do something to be able to get it accomplished. it would be a huge problem for him to -- >> juan: i am an old man, gregory. i remember when president bush does something like this. and man, they knocked him out.
6:50 pm
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♪ >> brian: tuesday night, the president is on a bit of a role. if you factor in his tweets on the protest in boston. and working his way onto the stage, the vice president get onto the stage. and he's going to do the introduction. actually, that is franklin grant. he is there. right after ben carson. guys, a lot of emotion in phoenix, arizona. the president's soon to step up to the microphone. greg, what do you expect and hope to hear tonight? >> greg: i expect the president to come on stage and juggle chainsaws and pass out kittens. that's my prediction, america. i expect a lot of reporters to use heat metaphors. it's 106 degrees. the temperatures and the tempers may be rising. attention might be boiling over. you mentioned this before. it's very calm. there will be a few networks that are disappointed. >> dana: i think the president will make some comments on his afghanistan speech last night
6:55 pm
because he speaking to the american legion tomorrow. if he wants to carry that through, he should do that tonight. perhaps get a little more detail and think the military for their response which is very positive. >> juan: i'm cagle glad to see alameda king. i wonder if that's a signal from the president that maybe he understands he screwed up. >> brian: a lot of his supporters, african-americans, who support this -- >> kimberly: i like the lineup of who they have. evangelical support with franklin grant. the community has been there for them consistently like they were during the campaign. i am looking forward to reading the transcript. i want to hear what almeda king has to say and also dr. ben carson and franklin grant. before i really believe the president got -- the first seven months, however appealing and replaced went.
6:56 pm
he moves on. >> kimberly: he's on a roll. >> greg: he should rip you to shreds. >> brian: is he always this angry, dana? >> juan: >> dana: apparently itt you. >> brian: we are minutes away from the president's appearance in phoenix. going well so far. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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>> that's it for us tonight. a president from coming up any moment in his rally in phoenix. vice president mike pence will introduce him. we will see you tomorrow for our analysis. sean hannity is up next. >> sean: many thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." mere moments from president trump's rally in arizona. vice president mike pence will take to the stage and introduce the president. joining us now, larry elder. hang on a second, mike pence is walking out. geraldo rivera, monica crowley. kaylee marketing is with us. welcome to a real news network. and gregg jarrett. all right, there is the vice president walking on stage. what are we going to see tonight? >> we are going to see the positive things that the mainstream media won't let you


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