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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 1, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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including singer vanessa carlto carlton. she reached out to buy him a replacement piano at that one does not survive. again, another beautiful example of people reaching out. >> ed: good to see. have a wonderful long weekend. >> shannon: "happening now" starts right now. >> molly: a fox news alert with waters receding, focus is shifted to recovery efforts. hello everybody and welcome to "happening now," i'm molly line. >> leland: there is no home to come back to. i'm waylon bedard and for jon scott. the government saying it will take understandably years for texas to recover from this catastrophe. you can see it all their unfolding. roughly 100,000 homes damaged across southeast texas, nearly
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1,000 homes destroyed. 125,000 people have already sought federal emergency aid. now president trump wants to raise billions more for what will be a massive relief effort and as you can see, there's another storm already on the way out in the atlantic. president trump returns to texas sometime this weekend. forecasters also say irma could turn into a category five killer. we have live at fox team coverage. john roberts at the white house with the president's plan. senior meteorologist janice dean with the latest on harvey and irma as well. we begin with griff jenkins. while the rain has stopped, we understand there are still rivers that are continuing to rise, that has to add insult to injury. >> we are here on the river.
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we are in a community and north rosenberg texas that is underwater. there are communities around here, he has brought us on his boat, we are not able to take on the river because it is going to crest if it hasn't already at its peak, a record 56 feet. sheriff, first of all, some of the communities around here have expressed concern of these rising waters. what information do need them to know at this moment? >> early on, models showed that the river is going to crest to 59 feet. after a few days, we discovered it was projected to go to 57 and now it's 56 feet. we have a community to the north here that is protected by a system that can handle 58 feet. we are now in a community in the north side of rosenberg that is not protected by a levee system. the river has obviously exceeded
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its banks and you can see the devastation, 55 feet of water will give you in this committee, it's horrible. >> how far away are we from the river? we are tied up to a pole in the middle of this because the currents are so strong. how close are we? >> a couple hundred yards behind me is the river. you can see the current just in here. you would not want to enter this water because he will be swept away. >> what is the danger question ricky got motorists around here, you want to keep them on the roads. the threat is still very real here. >> we've got vehicles out this morning to make sure there's no one left in this community. we sweep these areas every couple days just to make sure that if someone was left behind that we could get them to safet safety. >> for some perspective, what level was this river a week ago, a month ago? >> about two weeks ago, the brazos river was at a record low to have feet.
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all that water coming down from fort worth, all that water, it flows into the river and eventually reach the county. >> this river has risen some 40 plus feet? >> 45 feet. >> how long will this community as you look at these homes completely underwater, how long will these homes be experiencing this flooding? >> up to two weeks. >> just a final note, are they going to be okay, these folks? >> again, if they've taken their family to safety, that's the only saving grace here. we've had two casualties since the hurricane came through and we want to keep it no more. speak out thus the situation on the bravos river.
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we will survey this area and bring it to you as we can. >> leland: you been doing incredible work out there. we saw some pet rescues yesterday. i'm curious as they have been through these neighborhoods continually, are they seeing the same problems with looters and price gouging that they've seen and houston and we've heard from a houston police chief about? >> a quick question from leland vittert, our anchor, have you seen these areas affected with the same sort of looting or price gouging that they've had in harris county? >> very little has been reported to me. we have the sheriffs counties office as well as agencies protecting some of these communities. we do the best we can to ensure that we don't have individuals out here looking to steal someone of their property. speak out there you go, leland. we had 14 armed robbers and one house in harris county.
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>> leland: that is good news from fort bend. give our best, great work. >> molly: we are tracking the remnants of hurricane harvey, heavy rainfall, even tornadoes possible today and parts of the southeast and meanwhile, hurricane irma across the atlantic. we have senior meteorologist janice dean who has more on the projected path. a lot of people concerned about that. >> let's talk about harvey. we have several reports of tornadoes. all in all, we have over 50 reported tornadoes from harvey and a really damaging one around the tuscaloosa area. still dealing with the remnants of harvey as we head into the long holiday weekend. unfortunately, it's going to rain on some parades here for saturday and sunday and then by monday, out of the picture. we have seen this storm do too much damage. there is the potential 4-6 isolated amount of 8 inches plus
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as we continue to watch the storm. 11:00 a.m. advisory on my hair down to a category two, but not to let your guard down. still a lot of warm water potentially here. high-pressure, that's the bermuda high. this high is very strong, they're going to continue its westward path straight westward. if the high breaks down and it's influenced across the east coast, then we are going to see more of a curving and that's what's happening right now with the models. still, we are 5-7 days out. we were watching this model yesterday. puerto rico needs to watch this, do minnick and republic of my cuba, and the bahamas. that is a very powerful storm there. you can see it's kind of curving up towards the north. again, i don't want to have people thinking everything is going to be okay, but still, we
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are 5-7 days out, but the models are trending towards perhaps curving away from the u.s. our other reliable forecast model, we can see the trough right there. the trough looks like it might potentially influence the storm even though that is a very powerful hurricane. still, watching it. both of these models together, that cone of uncertainty we talk about when it comes to forecasting these hurricanes, both of the models are in agreement over the next couple of days that this storm will continue to move north and there it is on saturday. a little too close for comfort obviously for the east coast and we'll still have to monitor this over the next couple of days. looking at all those computer models, still have to watch this over the next several days. we are hoping this remains what we call a fish storm come out remaining out into the atlantic, but we still have two of course watch it and we will do so hind irma, we might have hosea coming off africa this weekend.
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>> molly: it seems i can very busy season. thank you, janice. >> leland: president trump has took a personal stake in this recovery effort per your he says is going to open up his own checkbook for $1 million to provide relief for texas and louisiana as a cause for aliens more in federal funds for folks caught in an unprecedented disaster. john roberts live on the north lawn as this develops. john, it seems as though the white house and a texas delegation are agreeing on these numbers. speak out there working to get this as quickly as possible. the president the other day said the money will be flowing from the administration and from congress as quickly as possible per this morning, white house sources tell fox news that initial trends of money which will be administered through fema will be at the level of about $5.5 billion. yes, $5.5 billion. they're also discussing
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$450 million from the small business administration's program, so that totals up to just under $6 billion. that is just the very beginning. tens of billions of dollars more will be donated. some people are saying that that number could top $100 billion. i spoke with someone from the omb office a short time ago and they say there's no way to know at this point exactly how much money will be needed, but no question they're going to have to go to congress for that. there's a lot on congresses plate. that the debt ceiling, the 2010 budget talks on their way. don't forget, after hurricane sandy which hit in october 29th, it took them months to get that disaster relief out. the chief economic advisor saying this morning is not a debate, it's on a choice, we have dubbed the people. at the white house homeland security advisor tom bossert saying yesterday that the money will be there. listen.
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>> the disaster relief fund is strong. we're going to ask for some very responsible -- >> we're also waiting for an announcement from the president for the deferred action. it allows people in this country who are here illegally who are brought here as children by their parents to stay in the country. fox news was told yesterday that the president is expected to end dhaka as we know it. there may be provisions in there, certain modification that would allow the dreamers to stay until their work permits expire. that could be a period of two months' time. jason chaffetz says the president really doesn't have any choice on what to do about daca. >> we have to deal with it. locking on the borders, securing the borders, i reject it, this
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is what the president campaigned on, but he says he's going to have a big compassion of heart, he feels for the person who came here two years old and now finds himself as a 19 wrong, what are they supposed to do now? they find out they're not a citizen. >> the president could push back that deadline. asunder from north carolina tom tillis is off-loading an alternative proposal. it's called the conservative dream act. senator tillis telling fox news, and the weeks ahead, he will be working with colleagues i don't know if an announcement will come today from the president, they've got so many other things on their plate,
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particularly hurricane harvey, but at some point, the president is going to have to either push back that deadline for tuesday or come up with some sort of an announcement, so we'll see. >> leland: you broke this news yesterday on "happening now" ," anything out you can get, we appreciate it. >> molly: will have much more on the president's expected decision on dreamers. i'm next, why the president seems legitimately torn over these issues of children who are brought to this country by their parents as children. plus, are the political winds changing and washington because of this catastrophe? how some republicans are signaling that the political calculus has changed. somebody big battles coming up in washington. >> from the president to the vice president to the entire cabinet, there's been compassion from the very hard by the way they've been moved to see the
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devastation, but also there's been a deep commitment to ensure that they will do all they can to help rebuild texas.
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>> leland: a fox news alert as hurricane harvey may be shaping a new political reality for president trump as well as republicans on capitol hill. instead of battling over a possible government shutdown and debt ceiling, leaders on both ends of pennsylvania avenue, special republican leaders seem to be coming together to fund a massive relief effort for harvey victims with a price tag in the tens of billions of dollars, let's bring in glenn hall, u.s. editor for "the wall street journal," part of the program as well. i guess this proves all politics are local. >> absolutely. we have to factor in just how important houston as to the economy, the energy economy in particular, so there's a lot at stake in terms of getting it back up and running. >> leland: who would have
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thought you'd have ted cruz championing a $70 billion government bailout? >> he's certainly facing a lot of heat for his past votes against relief efforts for sandy. as you point out, constituents are relying on him to help rebuild. >> leland: the texas coalition holds a lot of sway with the republican caucus as well. how long does this republican kumbaya last? just threw harvey relief or do you get the debt ceiling too? >> there'll be changes to some of the dynamics, but they have to get the relief taken care of, they have to show the government can respond to a crisis, they can't afford to have a government shutdown in the middle of all of this. they'll have to get the debt ceiling raised, they'll have to get a continuing resolution on funding, but i don't ask peckham to go more. >> leland: one thing we've been hearing on capitol hill
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trying to tie this together, the bigger it is, the hardener is to fail. you tie tax relief, harvey, debt ceiling, put it all to one and everybody has a vote for it. >> it's dangerous to politicize the relief efforts for the harvey victims, especially right now and we know how bad it is. if they were to tie too much to that and create a bigger debate, i don't think it would help the government. >> leland: this comes when there could be a fracture driven within the republican party over what to do about the daca program. you heard from john roberts over the break about possibly the president essentially ending daca as we know it, possibly only allowing people to stay until their current work permits expire. it is a sticky situation for the president. listen to chris stirewalt.
8:20 am
there was a sound of a chopper, but no sign of chris stirewalt there. he essentially said that we are in a sticky situation between a rock and a hard place. politicians make up the squid, they have a huge burst of ink, but when they find a new place. you can hear chris say just those words. >> what most politicians do when their car between rocks and hard places is turn inky like the squid. they put out the cloud of anger and then they can find a new rock to hide behind. >> leland: chris said it so much better than i ever could. now the question to you, mr. hall, does this look something like the first travel ban? trump space loves it, liberals go crazy and when you boil it all down, not much changes. >> is a tricky situation for the president. he said he would get rid of it. as he further analyze the
8:21 am
situation, he started to worry about all the people who would be impacted. i think the best outcome for him is a congressional action because that eliminates the executive overreach. it allows him to make good on that and it is congress is placed to legislate. >> leland: very quickly, hundreds of ceos have come out against the president's plans. we know he's tight with the business community. is that change anything? >> i think he does heed the advice of his executives, but in the end, he has to make this call and he's under a lot of pressure from both sides. >> leland: glenn hall, we appreciate it. will read about it on tuesday, maybe labor day. >> molly: we want to show you these incredible pictures 'ictu we have peter doocy, he's on a chopper. they're heading for a heavily damaged area northeast of houston, and quotable pictures and a lab report coming right u up.
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>> molly: a fox news alert. rescue crews are still searching for survivors in texas as floodwaters from hurricane harvey just beginning to recede. peter doocy is in a helicopter, he's surveying some of the hardest hit areas right now over lake lane, texas. peter, tell us what you see. >> what we're seeing right now is an area that was completely underwater just a few days ago. the water was up to the rooms of houses. if you look now, it is starting to pan out the window.
8:26 am
you can see that the cleanup effort is really beginning. just about every single thing that was inside every single structure is being taken outside right now. that's homes, that solo apartments. if you look, we have a supermarket parking lot right here. this is where the air and marine operations with cbt was taking off from going to rescue people, then coming back. it looks like there's a lot of property damage. as the water levels go lower,
8:27 am
all this stuff has to come out because it's all moldy or it's completely water damaged and i'm going to ask the pilot to take us over the neighborhood. any chance we can go over the neighborhood really quick, just right over here? >> molly: we are beginning to lose your shot, it's breaking up, but looking at these incredible pictures, the efforts underway to clean things up.
8:28 am
they are trying to get things cleaned up, a long hard task ahead under very difficult circumstances. we really thinking of them and thank you peter for hopping up there and getting us that bird's-eye view. >> leland: the other people showing up in southeast texas, looters and they are forcing many flood victims, the people you just saw there cleaning out their homes to take matters into their own hands and protect themselves. >> it's already started. ethic it's a combination of desperation. people need things, don't have cash. >> leland: why our next guest says it's hard to prepare for scenarios like this. also, to a very important story. what is being done to make sure
8:29 am
pets aren't being left behind and those that were are rescued. there is an unprecedented effort right now to rescue animals that were left behind and stranded. back in a minute. >> we rescued my cat who has been with the family for my 15 years and it's devastating if we couldn't have rescued him. i'm glad he's safe. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at if you could book a flight, yeah! now business is rolling in. then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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>> molly: emotions running high and southeast texas as residents and business owners try to fend off looters. one very tense encounter was caught on camera. >> i'm not scared to shoot you. i will cut your [bleep] and hal half. >> we need more real men out here to protect where we live. >> molly: he is saying it like he means it. and another incident of looting at a store in houston. the owner says he was unable to get there and could only watch the footage sec's them ransacking his business. the commissioner of the suffolk county police department, the law enforcement agency on the ground during a super storm sandy. thank you for joining us to give us a little insight. when you watch these videos and you see this unfolding, one of the thing the authorities are saying is they will not tolerate
8:34 am
this, the robberies, the thievery, they say they're going to come down very hard on these folks. what can they do to stop this sort of thing and the wake of the storm like this when it's so difficult to get around? >> first of all, on behalf of the suffolk county police to permit, our thoughts are with all of the individuals. you need to make sure you report looting immediately. quick responses keys, suck medication is critical and you lose capacities in terms of medication during super storm sandy for example, large areas lost a cell phone service, police were able to commit again via radio, but there was a disconnect with residents on the ground. you have to develop ways in which you catch these people. patrol is one way. one of the things we saw with harvey's lessons learned. and katrina, the rescue, the folks on the ground conducting rescues would mark homes within x after they rescued folks from the homes and cleared out the
8:35 am
homes and they would market for other rescuers to know the homes were already taking care of. that was an indicator to looters and criminals that they would go into those houses and steel. harvey, they've known geo-located the homes that they already did rescue operations and that's a great lesson learned and i come lament them for that. >> molly: technology has made the recovery so different. what do you say to folks are seeing this unfold, worried about their belongings, worried about their homes or maybe at their homes and they see this happening in their neighborhood? >> first of all, your life is much more important than any personal belongings. never put your life or safety at risk to protect personal belongings. it's very important to take precautions and making sure your committee getting with family members, if there are any people who are vulnerable and your family, particularly the elderly, try to get in touch with those individuals. the best thing to do in an emergency is call 911. we see folks from the media
8:36 am
playing a role, but the police department has made clear to the residents of the infected areas, if there's an emergency, use 911. >> molly: having covered super storm sandy, you've seen it all as well. from the flooding in vermont which was incredible in the amount of damage still weeks and months later and places like staten island. when looking at this scenario in a similar way, we can expect weeks, months, years of recovery. logistically, what are the challenges for the community? >> utilities are always an issue. you have large power outages. super storm sandy was electrical fires, we saw power outages and that caused all sorts of logistical nightmares. traffic lights go out and we had to put posts at. there are things you have to predict to.
8:37 am
>> molly: we we're thing everyone texas as well. we're just getting word that the river has crested, record numbers here a few weeks ago, at 10 feet, now over 55 feet. this is something to be warned about, the rivers had you have to quest even on the sun was ou out. now we sing these record numbers and a very challenging situatio situation. >> leland: griff jenkins is out with the sheriff on that river. new concerns from a group that may be helping to boost iran's nuclear program. there is now a warning from an african official for the u.s. government about also bob and caught on video, reporter stepping in to help a driver surrounded by floodwaters from harvey.
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learn more at appointments available now. >> leland: the son may be out in houston, but the dangers may far from over. the water in many places is still rising after the effects of harvey are being felt all across the country. remnants from the storm are moving east, flood warnings remain in effect for parts of tennessee as rising waters have obstructed a number of roadways there. caught on camera, a reporter from fox affiliate wh pq abandon his live chat to help a driver stuck in the floodwaters. >> you need to be careful. speak out somebody moving >> jeremy can you scream out at them and find out if they're okay? we are on it, we are calling emergency responders right now.
8:42 am
>> i believe jeremy might have lost his microphone. >> there is a little girl, you need to be careful, jeremy. good grief, that's a little gir girl. thank god he got her out. >> leland: there is jeremy coming to the rescue. it's important to remember there are flood warnings in other parts. oftentimes, you put on microphone to save other people, we also saw griff jenkins saving some folks as well. you don't want to become part of the story, but if you are able-bodied and able to help, that's what you do. >> molly: if you're in a position to do it, you're glad to do it. if you're fortunate enough to be somewhere where you can help, you want to jump in and help. speaking of help, emergency crews rescuing tens of thousands. many working to get pets and animals out of harm's way.
8:43 am
launching pretty large scale evacuation's, getting those stranded pets to safety to reunite them with their owners and side temporary shelters. joining me now is chief veterinary officer of humane veterinary. doctor, give us an idea of what your teams are doing on the ground and what your challenges are. >> the challenges are many. to get some idea of magnitude, american humane has been rescuing animals for over 100 years. we've seen many floods, floods in the past, and this is a magnitude that we haven't quite seen in some time. when you consider that 100,000 homes of been destroyed and about six to 5% of americans own a pet, that gives you some perspective on how many animals are in harm's way. we're talking thousands, potentially tens of thousands of animals.
8:44 am
american humane has come in and brought our two large rigs with supplies and food to help with the effort. we have one staged outside corpus christi and one in the houston metro area. reusing those rigs and our team to deliver food, we are delivering 100,000 pounds of dog food to residents in the area because you have to remember that with floods come food supplies get destroyed and homes and stores. the team a set of houston are helping shelter animals who were displaced from their homes delivering medical care, food and supplies. >> molly: we're showing you something and cred will pictures of people rescuing animals. one of the shelters i was reading had a monkey show up. a pretty wide variety of animals and harm's way. people want to be reunited with them. the water is rising. we've seen videos the last couple of days of people barely making it out with a trash bag and know she was. people are heartbroken if they
8:45 am
have to leave an animal behind, if they can't find their cat before they rush out the door. what are the challenges for people going out there to try and get these animals? it can be a little different to wrangle an animal into a boat versus a human being who can take direction and all of that. >> exactly, animals are frightened, scared, they're wet, they're hungry. they're experiencing what people are experiencing, but it's harder to commit a gate with them and they're not sure if you're trying to rescue them or do something else. it is challenging and you touched on it. people are already experiencing so much during this disaster. they lost their homes, many of their possessions and now they're faced with the challenge of caring and comforting their pet, if they're able to bring them with them or just the thoughts and think on this for a second, that your pet is out there. there lost, they're scared,
8:46 am
maybe not eating, they're exposed to chemicals and toxins in the water and greasing the images here and they're heartbreaking. that adds another very difficult layer. the rescue efforts are ongoing. we have rescues by boats, field operations are ongoing by land, and this will go on, not just for weeks, and i really want to underscore this. the residents of houston, the pets of houston, they're going to be hurting for a long time. when the media trucks go away and they stop cycling in the news as much, literally for weeks and months and months, the cleanup effort, the reunification effort will go on and on. >> molly: all across america, there are animal lovers and they see these photos and they want to help somehow. >> thank you, we are a national charity and many of the groups who are helping are as well. we can't do the life-saving work without the donations. they mean so much to our work,
8:47 am
so those who have given, thank you so much. going forward, if you would like to give, you can visit our website at backslash harvey. i'll tell you the vet who has been involved in relief in the past, this is our third flood in under a year. we did louisiana, west virginia, and now houston. your donations, your support does go to saving animals. it does go to providing shelter and few joe food. we will be on the ground as long as needed and continuing the good effort. >> molly: we know there are people out there who might be watching and they're hoping they see their dog or cat is being loaded and taken to safety. how do you reunite these animals with their owners? >> the first step you should take his reach out to your local
8:48 am
municipality or agencies. they act as a command center for these situations. your local shelter nearest you should have information on where you should go to find your pet. if they don't know, they will do for you to someone else who may. it's a process. understand that these situations are chaotic and there's a lot of disarray. when the waters recede, we'll get some clarity on these things, but the search and rescue efforts are ongoing. people may think or assume that they're not what their pet, that hopefully an agency has rested their pet, but that may not be the case. their pet may not be recovered for weeks on the road, sometimes months we've seen where pets and person are finally brought together again. be diligent, be patient, but yes, as soon as possible, reach out to the local agency and see if your pet may be there. >> molly: we're hoping to see a lot of those reno occasions soon. dr. stuart, thank you, we
8:49 am
appreciate it. we have your website on the screen, incorporated you for joining us >> leland: fox news alert as we are getting a stark warning about al-shabaab, the terror group in africa. the al qaeda affiliate has now seized control of irani and minds and try to send that to iran. uranium being a precursor for nuclear weapons. catherine herridge live in washington. i thought with a nuclear deal, iran didn't need anymore uranium. >> thank you, leland and good morning. this information obtained by fox news was sent mid-august to the foreign use and bass at and it's a warning as well. somali officials say the al qaeda affiliate wants to work with iran and support its nuclear ambition. the letter reads in part, also
8:50 am
al-shabaab has obtained the al-shabaab is the al qaeda affiliate and while the u.s. military has made significant process, the somalis say the terror group is working to expand its partnership outside the region. stay to permit had no comment for fox news on the letter, but did not dispute its credibility, referring our questions to the embassy of somalia. the embassy confirmed the letter is authentic. this doesn't seem to be a typical partnership, but you see these differences can be put aside in many cases if there's a common goal. >> leland: that common goal being terror. catherine herridge, thank you. >> molly: the federal government taking another step towards building a border wall. that story coming up, also new details about that project, even as spending for the wall is up
8:51 am
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> leland: will be hearing a lot about the border wall as congress gets back to work. the fight over funding for it and we have new information now as the trump administration is getting a little closer to actually building that wall. >> molly: customs and border protection announcing for companies will getting contracts to build concrete prototypes of that border wall. william la jeunesse is live with more. >> molly, eight months into prototypes, who will give them the best bang for the buck? for more prototypes next week. each company is going to build a 30-foot long, up to 30-foot tall
8:55 am
concrete wall. the model they're using is based on the one you see in yuma. that's the fence on the mexican border, then you have a wide flat dirt area with agents patrolling in their vehicle, then you get this tall secondary fence. in the middle coming of your cameras, lights, and sensors. these prototypes, the secondary fence will be concrete, not metal. a much more difficult to breach or penetrate. it gives the agent more time to capture these immigrants. >> we are partnering with the industry to identify the best way to build new and replacement infrastructures along our border before we make further investments. >> how much will that cost? each prototype, about 400000-5 400000-$5,000 each.
8:56 am
the president wants another 1.6 billion for 74 miles of new wall or barriers. and $2.6 billion next year. the prototypes will be tested in san diego against the concrete jaws, the letters, the cameras. everything immigrants currently used to breach the border. the administration does not want to build an entire wall along the border, but add to that 350 miles or so offense we already have built. the price tag, that's going to be controversial, of course and also potentially compromised by the cost of hurricane harvey. some lawmakers are saying no wall, give the money to texas. back to you. >> molly: the cost is a big question. thank you very much to william la jeunesse with that story. we appreciate it. >> leland: getting more information on the president's trip to texas tomorrow to check on the relief and recovery effort. that's the second hour of "happening now" ." ♪
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>> leland: as we are learning from the day, sony people need help done in texas. on the bottom of your screen, the best way to help. it will be back here in an hour. >> fox news alert, the floodwaters may be going down my but the danger is far from over in texas. the water is still rising. one week after harvey made first landfall. this is a town with more than 100,000 people remain without drinking water for a second day. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, abby huntsman, former national security staff are under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner is here, commentator and fox news contributor, rachel campos-duffy and today's #oneluckyguy, veteran journalist and fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera and he is outnumbered and you bring your


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