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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  September 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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arthel: is a fox news alert. -- this is a fox news alert. the trump administration threatening to meet north korea's latest provocation with quote massive and overwhelming military response. after the rogue nation claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, it's most dangerous nuclear weapon to date. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm mike emmanuel in for eric shawn. the blast at a nuclear test site in northeastern north korea. the u.s. reporting magnitude 6.3 tremors centered in that area from that south korea calls an artificial earthquake. it reportedly rattled buildings in china and russia. our chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north lawn. >> mike, good afternoon to you. a lot going on this afternoon.
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the president a short time ago huddling with members of his national security team. secretary james mattis among them. mattis said the president wanted to go through all the various military options for dealing with north korea's nuclear program, made more urgent by the detonation -- detonation of what the u.s. intelligence believes to be a hydrogen bomb. national security advisor hm mcmaster and mattis went through all the options available to the president. here's mattis. >> -- our commitments among the allies are ironclad. any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. >> early in july, president trump as -- earlier in august,
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rather, president trump threatened north korea with fire and fury if kim jong-un attacked guam. today secretary mattis made that threat a little bit clearer, saying if kim jong-un threatens the united states, its territories or its allies with nuclear weapons, the u.s. will destroy north korea. listen here. >> we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea, but as i said, we have many options to do so. >> that really was a particularly remarkable threat and one designed to make kim jong-un think twice about doing anything like that. u.n. ambassador has asked for for an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council tomorrow morning. at the same time, as the president is weighing military options, he is also looking at more economic options, targeting trade with countries that do business with north korea, for instance. the president tweeting quote the united states is considering in addition to other options,
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stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. the president also considering tougher economic sanctions against north korea and others to cut off the flow of money to the regime. treasury secretary steven mnuchin telling chris wallace this morning on fox news sunday that he has a new package of sanctions ready to go. listen here. >> i think the president made it clear that he will consider everything, but we are not going to broadcast our actions and, you know, we will continue to look at all our options but my focus right now working with the president, with others, to make sure that we put additional economic sanctions. we work with china and others. china has a lot of trade with them. there's a lot we can do to cut them off economically. much more than we have done already. >> now, the last time president trump talked tough back in early august, north korea appeared to get the message, at least for a little while, and was kind of settling down a little bit. and then of course all of this bad behavior that's ensued ever
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since. mike, we will see if maybe the message sent by mattis this afternoon sinks in more deeply. >> ron -- john roberts on a very serious and busy day at the white house. thanks. >> that does it for us. we will be back at the top of the hour with more news with the latest on this developing story. >> we now join media buzz already in progress. it's probae consensus of the military establishment. i don't think the military wants a war. this is a war -- it hasn't worked well in the past, but it has saved off the situation up to this point and we haven't had direct diplomacy for many many years. other people would argue it hasn't been tried. howie: you look at the president's tweets, rogue
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nation, hostile and dangerous. only understands one thing. is twitter a good vehicle for these kind of threats? erin: i think mollie is right in some respects that this is not just about donald trump. but the media should do a better job of helping the american people understand the threat. i have gone to pentagon briefings where they say the u.s. is three years ahead of north korea's technology. "fox and friends" showed the difference in the technology north korea has and the bombs they are trying to create. we should see more segments like that. howie: we should educate the public about the situation and
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not just reduce it to donald trump versus kim jong-un. we'll have much more on the north korea threat. let me turn to the hurricane situation in texas. the media set this up as a major test for donald trump. after his first visit to corpus christi, many in the press accused him of insufficient compassion. >> very little in terms of empathy or emotion or talking directly to the people of texas. >> it was very striking he didn't mention the number of people who died or even sort of try to empathize with the fact that people are genuinely suffering. >> president trump went to texas but he forgot to bring any empathy for him. but he did bring a hat, a hat that is for sale.
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>> this is a dangerous thing to be playing when you think feeling are more important than fund. feeling don't save lives. they don't. howie: the press remove the yardstick. >> it was an unbelievable focus on empathy. last august there were deadly floods in louisiana, and president obama stayed in martha's vineyard. the media coverage said it's good not to go down there, it would just cause more problems. every single person was talking about empathy. it was bizarre actually. howie: i think it's fair, it's a comparison to bill clinton and obama.
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but to reduce it and put an intense spotlight on did he hug anybody. michael: i think that's fair, and i think obama deserves the criticism. mollie: he didn't get some. michael: i am saying he deserves some. he should have left martha's vineyard. and george bush went way too late and it hurt him in the polls. i think trump -- it's not a question of going. going is good. and he started out on the wrong foot about that thing about how great his crowd was. howie: the effort seems to be going all right so far. this reinforces the media never has anything good to say about
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the president. erin: i think the president walked into the media's trap on this. one story saying he didn't need a single victim or floodwaters, but he's trying to say he's working on this problem. but the president often steps into it when he shouldn't. because he later in the week he tweeted saying he saw the devastation firsthand. then andrew base who traveled with the president tweeted he traveled with the president and would not claim to have seen the devastation firsthand. howie: the rescue efforts were taking place and the flooding was out of control. the president went to houston yesterday, he visited a place where a lot of children were and
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he had this to say in an impromptu session with reporters. it's being done efficiently. there is a lot of love. it's been well received. even by you guys it's been well received. mike: i was watching the channels, nbc and be i msnbc *. mollie: when we have such a focus on optics, and the obsession with melania trump's stilettos. howie: we want to put up headlines on this subject. she for 5 or 6-inch heels.
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"vanity fair," who wears stilettos to a hurricane in. michael: that was heartless but silly. howie: it portrays the first lady -- michael: she is not the first fir lady to get picked on. hillary clinton got picked on when she wore a page pant suit to a press briefing. this thing he said about the media not getting in harm's way and being cowards as you off key. howie: a lot of journalists did go into dangerous conditions there. erin: when the president was focusing on tack reformulater in the week i saw a number of cable news chryons saying the president is pivoting to tax
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reform when there is a death toll in can. that's too much to say pause we expect the president to walk and chew gum at the same time. howie: these are on msnbc. trump talks taxes as gulf death toll climbs to 19. erin: i remember seeing that. on cnn as well. that was just irresponsible. when i talked about the media setting a trap for the president, they did that with that. mollie: you talked about how he fell into the media's trap. they meade it all about empathy. then you have the kid running up to the president and the family members talking about how much they love him. howie: the dual traps as you guys would put it. we'll go to houston and check in
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what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. howie: the "houston chronicle" is covering the monster storm. joining us is vernon loeb. what happened when you tried to walk to your newsroom to your home 4 1/2 miles away? vernon: i found water up to my waist two blocks from my apartment. i knew a big storm was coming, but i was emotionally unprepared
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for how much water was everywhere. our initial challenge was getting a few people into the newsroom and deploying from there. we basically told everybody if you can't get in, work from home. start reporting from your community and stand by and we'll send you where you need to go. howie: you say you were emotional unprepared for the sheer magnitude of this hurricane. you reported from afghanistan. and people kept asking you, are you okay? vernon: yeah, all week. it's one thing to go to a war and be embedded with soldiers. and get prepared for such an extraordinary event. it's quite another thing to have an extraordinary event come to your neighborhood. an entire city. i remember thinking as i'm sort of slogging my way into work.
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where is all this water going to go? i think the latest count is 27 trillion gallons. i thinker sort of reacted that way. your instinct as a journalist kicks in and you start reporting. howie: we have been showing pictures of your reporting in the "houston chronicle." people working dane night while they have their own flooded homes and their own families to deal with. vernon: this is the first time in my career that i put the entire paper on one story because nothing else mattered at that point. numerous staffers lost their homes. everybody had some sort of flood damage.
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i put a narrative in play monday, the second day of the storm. a 6,500 word narrative. two of the writers told me i would love to do this but i'm watching the water creep up to my front door. let me get back to you. one of them actually evacuated his house. he lived in an area that got hit by tornadoes on day one. i had evacuees working on this narrative. howie: it's heartbreaking to hear these details. journalists take a lot of abuse, and some of it is well deserved. something like this happens you see the value of journalism in a crisis. vernon: it was inspiring to me to see everybody step up and be available and say i want to do
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more, where can i go. we had a bunch of people who just won't stop working. you do reach physical and perhaps even more important emotional exhaustion at the end of the week. we are starting to tell people to go home and take a day off. but most of of them i can't get to stop. howie: vernon lobe, thanks for joining us from houston. ahead. is the press rooting for president trump to keep obama's dreamers program?
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shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. howie: president trump reacting with tough talk on twitter as north korea con ducts an underground test of a hydrogen
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bomb. james rosen joins us. it seems like kim jong-un has his own media agenda. he was quiet during charlottesville. and he does this test as the hurricane news is starting to fade. james: during 2014 when the united states was preoccupied with the threat of isis and beheading american journalists. kim jong-un laid low during that time. but this speaks to a rationale n rationality that isn't often covered by the western media in our portrayal of him. howie: you are saying he's describes as an erratic madman and that's off the mark? james: his concepts of
2:25 pm
rationality differ from our own. one of the people he killed, a relative of his, was destroyed by anti-aircraft fire which is not a typical means for execution. the north korean regime over time has displayed a sort of rationality in its pursuit of nuclear capability. when to seek talks and when to give concessions. they are fond of saying, if the americans, you have the watch, but we have the sun. howie: a lot of journalistic reports are staying we are not speak with one voice. president trump said talking is not the answer. jim mattis said we are never out of diplomatic solutions. rex tillerson, is he a factor here or is foreign policy being
2:26 pm
run out of the white house? james: he's a factor. he seize the president weekly. heads of state respect tillerson and say he has genuine influence with the president. but tillerson is frustrated that he's probably going to leave after one year. you hear he's also staying simply because he believes that his time is needed right now. we hear that about other officials surrounding the president. but it's true that the united states has not spoken with one voice on north korea. but that's also true in the middle east the rift between our gulf allies. we didn't speak with one voice on that either. howie: the press does tend to pounce on every little difference. james rosen, thanks for calling in. as the president decides on the
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in every... single... one. so, fire up the grill before summer's over, and finish summer strong with oscar mayer. howie: reaction from the state department after north korea boasting about its most of powerful weapons test, a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on an icbm for delivery. reporter: rex tillerson has spoken to the foreign minister. the president's national security team monitoring events closely. they are meeting what they call their pressure campaign against north korea. the secretaries traveled to the region repeatedly said all options are on the table and have tried to convince allies
2:31 pm
and adversaries to cut some of north korea's funding. additional sanctions have been passed against north korea. south korea says it will seek the most of powerful u.n. sanctions to completely isolate north korea. that would require china and vush to again sign off on additional sanctions on the security council and that seems unlikely. the russian foreign ministry says sergei lavrov emphasized there is no diplomatic way to overcome the tensions on the korean peninsula. and he said any further strengthening of sanctions on the dprk are counter productive and dangerous.
2:32 pm
treasury secretary steve mnuchin said on "fox news sunday" that he's drafting a sanctions proposal to cut off trade to north korea. howie: russia's position is basically do nothing. even as much of houston was first being submerged by the catastrophic flooding, the "washington post" focused on a story about russia. the "new york times" said an email from american businessman telling cohen, our boy can become president of the united states. but the effort went nowhere. >> apparently no one in the
2:33 pm
presidential campaign no one thought to mention for five months of the presidential campaign the trump organization was aggressively pursuing the building of a project in russia. that the government was going to finance. >> that's a big, big part of the puzzle. howie: the email that helped elect our boy president. mollie: i thought they would say something what more proof do we need of a secret trump-russia connection. how about any proof. anything that leads us to something substantive. people making claims. but the deal never happened. there is still no evidence of collusion. all these stories make it seem more like we have people who are unwilling to accept a legitimate
2:34 pm
election. howie: the trump campaign folks were so non-wired, he sent his email to a general press inbox and got no response. but candidate trump was talking about russia when his people were trying to do a deal in moscow. your take on the story. michael: it's an important story. just flip it. if president hillary clinton fired an fbi director who was conducting a probe into her campaign, i think conservatives on this network and other conservative media outlets would have a hue and cry. it's not as if the media has to wait until it has a smoking gun in its hand to write news.
2:35 pm
if news pops up, write it. howie: robert mueller has obtained an early draft firing james comey it was opposed by counsel because it had an angry tone. erin: it changes the white house story a little bit. what we understand from that story is vice president mike pence was in that room and knew of that draft as well. sufficient to look at that timeline and what the white house has been saying. it shows their story isn't completely lining up with the many different stories donald trump has given. mollie: there were many reasons donald trump gave for yes fired comey. among them the mishandling of his job throughout the previous years. we learned that comey decided to exonerate hillary clinton months
2:36 pm
before the investigation was actually done. further verifying this was a person who had problems with his job. howie: msnbc and prime time devoted a lot of hours to these stories. cnn went to houston and did a lot of reporting on the hurricane as did fox in prime time. there has been chatter in the press about president obama making a decision in the future about barack obama's dreamers program. that decision expected tuesday. take a look. >> mr. president, a decision on daca? >> sometime today or over the weekend we'll have a decision. we love the dreamers. we love everybody. howie: we love the dreamers. is there any question in your
2:37 pm
mind that the press by playing up the dreamers, paul ryan and other republicans saying don't end the program will couple with a fix in congress. that the press feels this is a humanitarian issue. michael * i guess. i don't know if it's fair to say that as a statement about the entire media. but overall i suppose there is a consensus that that is the case. it's driven by completely legitimate factors in a democracy. there are immigrant advocate groups out there feeding media organizations to these kids who are dreamers who went to harvard or whatever. you are not going to do those stories? of course you are going to do those stories. howie: the president seems conflicted about this. he has take and hard stance on immigration but he has sympathy
2:38 pm
for the dreamers. i am not seeing much coverage of this program. mollie: there are a lot of failures reporting this program. 10 state attorneys general have given the government until november 5 to rescind this program. they successfully sued the federal government. so this entire thing fails on the rule of law question. and that's what i think is interesting. the media don't care about rule of law or see how rule of law is a way -- enforcing rule of law is a way to be charitable. there is a lot of emphasis on dreamers but not on citizens. howie: it was very controversial when president trump did this in 2012. mostly because he acted
2:39 pm
unilaterally. even obama said it was temporary. erin: republicans say they want to act. what i would say is this. the media is covering this in such a way that show there are points stacking up against republicans. another republican orrin hatch and others are coming out against the president. the media is missing a big shift going none the business community, i'm sorry to say, the business community is moving to the left. and republicans are moving with them. you are seeing that on tariffs, you are seeing it on this issue. transgender in the military and what happened after charlottesville. mollie: the important thing is for the media not to just be beholden to corporate issues, but the american people might be at odds with the corporations.
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we have just gotten word that president trump attending church near the white house in what he calls is a day of prayer was asked by a reporter. will you attack north korea. the president's response was "we'll see." joining us is jennifer griffin. the generals have a lot of responsibility in this. reporter: based on the conversations itch had with senior military official and commanders, and those doing the planning for any sort of military strike. i would say these military commanders know the cost of what a military plan -- how the potential for it to go wrong in this case and what the down side is in terms of the realities of
2:45 pm
the korean peninsula. you have a situation where across the north korean border to south korea, there are tens of thousands of artillery units with their eyes set 30 miles south on south korea's capital seoul where there are 25 million people living. i'm told within 4 minute 800,000 round of artillery could land on seoul. there are very few clean military options. there are military options but you have to look at what secretary mattis said sitting side by side with his south korean counterpart at the pentagon. he said we are not out of diplomatic options. howie: that was noteworthy. a new tweet from the president today. i told south korea their talk of appeasement with north korea
2:46 pm
will not work. they only understand one thing. the seems in the international community that sanctions are better because of the risk of war. but kim jong-un is being so provocative. reporter: that's true. but wednesday the meeting mattis had with his south korean counterpart. the media made a lot out of the fact the president tweeted that moment that the time for talking was over with north korea. the defense secretary mattis said we are not out of diplomatic options. many people in the media took that to mean he was contradicting the president. mattis spoke to us in the pentagon the day after, and he was hot under the collar for being misinterpreted.
2:47 pm
he said just base said we are not out of diplomatic options didn't mean we shouldn't talk to kim jong-un or that we don't have military ass. the potential for miscalculation given the unpredictable nature of north korea, the risk is high and mattis knows that. howie: jennifer griffin, thanks so much for calling in. after the break we'll go to houston and talk about the personal challenges of covering a disaster of this magnitude.
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howie: what's the personal impact on journalists covering this flooden and devastation in houston. griff jenkins joins us. is it a little intimidating? griff: absolutely. the biggest challenge has been mobility. the magnitude is more than a week, 51 inches of rain. it's gladded out. the road, the highways. so getting from one place to another has been very difficult. we have had to get boats and paddle ourselves. we have had to tuck our way into law enforcement boats. mobility is the biggest challenge. my cameraman david williams and producer a.j. hall. i could not have been with a
2:52 pm
better team that was more fearless and willing to go everywhere we went to bring you the story as it unfolded. howie: is it a bit overwhelming? you are in a position where people are dying, tens of thousands of people have lost their homes. the emotional impact on you as you tell these stories. griff: any reporter's job is to harness and this was a story, the nation's fourth largest city. i'll continue telling that story today. in this one area the residents are furious they couldn't be evacuated or told to get out earlier. so while it feels like most of of the area is under recovery. one part is still flooding and they will be under water for weeks.
2:53 pm
i want to add one of the differences in covering this, twitter was created a year after hurricane katrina in 2005. when this was unfolding when it was hitting hard. we were seeing people tweeting directly. sheriff gonzalez told me i'm at such and such 12th lane. so social media propelled us to be on the tip of the spear. we were trying to overcome the mobility challenges, but we had a better sense of where this story was hitting the hardest when on social media it just blew up. we realized, it's literally everywhere. howie: it's fascinating the victims reached out to first responders and journalists can use it to get out the story. griff jenkins doing a terrific
2:54 pm
job for us in houston. thank you very much. griff: thank you. howie: sarah palin loses a lawsuit. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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howie: we have just gotten the video of a pool reporter having a chance to question president trump as he came out of church about the tensions with north korea. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? howie: "we'll see" is what he said. some people show tenacity and courage. these qualities were on display when houston was under water and reporters turned into
2:58 pm
responders. >> we have a boat coming. we have a boat coming. i'm going to flag these guys down. there is now water filling his cab. i'm trying not to break your ear drums as i scream, i can't imagine how terrifying it would be to be stuck right there right now. you are stuck in that place, your car is filling water. help is on the way. he's incredibly lucky. howie: khou was knocked off the air for hours. >> get out, dude. get up out of that water. don't fall backwards. no, ma'am, we have a car in a ditch.
2:59 pm
we just pulled a fella out. lord have mercy. are you all right? >> i want to thank these guys for saving my life. >> if no one was here doing a live shot, that fella would be gone. howie: it's an important remind her however divided we are in the political and media world. a federal judge has thrown out the sarah palin lawsuit against the "new york times." on connecting her to the gabby giffords shooting. the judge said she is a public figure. check out our facebook page.
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give us a like. this is labor day weekend and look at all the breaking news we have to deal with. this is a fox news alert. the trump administration threatening to meet north korean aggression with a massive and overwhelming military response. after the kingdom claims it successfully tested its most powerful nuclear weapon yet, a hydrogen bomb. i'm mike emmanuel in for eric shawn. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the regime reportedly detonating the nuclear device at its nuclear test site. south korea saying the blast set off a quote artificial earthquake. the u.s. recording magnitude 6.3 tremors centered in the area


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