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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> sean: many thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. three major breaking news stories. president trump continues to work towards keeping a very key campaign promise. he's now calling on congress to work to pass a massive tax reform plan. that should help you, the american people. of course after years of suffering under the obama administration. also tonight, the destroy-trump-media proves they don't care about the constitution, the rule of law, they are in full complete meltdown freak out mode over the president daca decision which of course is constitutional. and does not do usurped the power of congress.
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also tonight, the clock is ticking for leaders on capitol hill. 14 weeks they have to get their act together. and enact the president's agenda before the end of the year. tonight, webl will hold washingn accountable. we will lay out very simply for republicans what they need to accomplish. that is tonight's very important shnews breaking opening monolog. president once again left the sewer, the swamp known as washington, d.c., he left the area to take his tax reform message directly to you, the american people. earlier today in north dakota, president trump called for a dramatic reaganesque overhaul of the federal tax so desperately needed. let's take a look. >> our country and the economy cannot take off like theyok shod unless we reform, extremely burdensome. so complicated and burdensome, our tax cuts. if we want to renew our prosperity andd restore our opportunity and reestablish ourf economic dominance which is what we should be doing, we need tax
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reform that is progrowth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, profamily and yes, pro-american.rm my administration is working with congress to develop a plan that will deliver more jobs, higher pay, lower taxes for businesses of all sizes and middle-class families all across the nation. it's not only business taxes. it's middle income families. it's families at every type of level. every level. tax cuts. >> sean: here's a question, do they care about the 50 million americans in poverty, the 50 million on food stamps, 94 million out of the labor force? do they care that we have a 51 year low in terms ofy home ownership rate in this country? what the president is calling for today will have a profound positive impact on the forgotten men and women of this country. workers would have more money in their pockets after not seeing
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real raises in years, companies will be able to see lower taxes. they can hire more employees and invest in new technology. build factories in manufacturing just like president reagan's gdp growth, it will soar. washington will have more money to waste. the destroy-trump-media, they don't care about any of this. they are not interested in the truth, they are not interested in the business of offering solutions ton people that have been left behind. what is the media's main objective? they create false narratives, outright lies. their obvious goal is to try to damage, delegitimize president trump.. so instead of talking about his tax plan, new reforms, the media is hysterical. 24/7 hyperventilating about president trump and his decision to be constitutional on the issue of daca and give congress an additional six months to do their job and come up with a law-abiding constitutional solution. just take a look at how insane, how obsessed the media is init
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attacking the president and the attorney general. >> it is so obvious. not even a dog whistle anymore. it's just flat out bias. flat out discrimination that they are touting coming from this white house. >> increasingly, a sign out there that has been hung up outside the white house that says if you are not white, you are not especially welcome. that's so sad. >> is this a disability issue? -- stability issue? i feel like some might argue when you see him off prompter, he doesn't really seem to be there. he doesn't really connect with the reality of the situation. >> i don't think he really understood his decision. i'm nott being facetious. there are people inside the white house that were saying he really did not understand the impact of this decision. >> for years,re he's been an outspoken unabashed admirer of the eugenics based race specific immigration bans of the 1920s klan era in u.s. politics.
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jeff sessions is always good for this stuff but so has donald trump as a public political figure. >> sean: more lies. that was not the end of the media's hysteria. they also tried to spin the president's decision to respect the constitution, coequal branches of government. the reales balance of power. they tried to portray this. watch, the word of the day was "cruel, "cruel", and then "cruel" again. >> today's action by the president and jeff sessions is nothing short of cool and well -- lacking compassion. >> we are going to take them away? it without terrifying and scaring the bejeezus out of all these kids. there's a cruelty there. >> this is a signal. i can do something that a lot of people think is cruel. >> cruel, inhumane, unnecessary move that the trump administration did today. >> the decision was cruel. >> immigration advocates say the
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move to cut them off is cruel. >> zoom in on the statue of liberty. i expect she'd be shedding a tear. a dark day for our country. >> sean: oh, they got the memo. cruel, cruel. the president has already given congress eight now they have an additional six months. what the media hashe been trying to do, they've been doing this for months. they are creating lies into a false narrative. they want to smear this president in order to try to scare the american people into turning against him. they peddle nonsense, lies 24/7. what the presidentt actually did instead of stomping on the constitution,en shredding the re of law, even obama recognized he did not have the right to do it. he said it like 20 times. president trump is giving congress an additional six months to do their job, legislate, and come up with an solution. c
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members of the elite establishment media need to go back to school and take a class on how the government works. it actually takes congress.. they make the laws. we have three branches of government. the president, guess what? he signs the laws. there are limits to executive authority and power. obama said it himself. the media seems so absolutely apoplectic to just go after everything trump. let's have barack obama give a lesson. here is the former over the years before he signed daca it after he signed daca talking about his own limits of executive power. media, watch, listen, is this cruel? >> mock the constitution? don't make fun of it. don't suggest that it's un-american. to abide by what the founding fathers set up. it's worked pretty well for over 200 sometimes when i talk to
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immigration advocates, they wish i could just bypass congress and change the law myself.s, that's not how democracy works. the notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case. i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. that's not how -- that's not how our system works. that's not how our democracy functions. that's not how our constitution is written. the problem is, i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that areo passed. if we start broadening that, essentially, i would be ignoring the law. in a way that i think would be very difficult to defend legally. that's not an option.
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if, in fact, i could solve all these problems without passing laws in congress, i would do so. but we are also a nation of laws. >> sean: that's not how or constitution works and then he did it anyway. wow, here's what paul ryan told me about fighting president obama's unconstitutional executive order on daca. take a look. if the president follows through on his threat for executive amnesty, what do we have in terms of tools at your disposal to stop him from doing that? >> first of all, it's unconstitutional. we are already going through the court system on other unconstitutional executive orders that he's worked on it we would add this to the pile. >> sean: the president is respecting coequal branches of government and enumerated powers. he's literally restoring, right before your very eyes, the way the founders intended this to be.
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if the liberal establishment mainstream media disagrees with that, maybe they need to stop pretending and fully embrace their leftist ideology and admit they don't care about the constitution or the rule of law. all the presidentt did here and wants to do here is follow the law of the land and protect the american people.d for example, this is something that the destroy-trump-media will never tell you.u. which is why we take over for them. i've been down to the border many times. i've seen what goes on. crime, drugs, illegal immigration and even trafficking of people. they're good people that come into this country and want a better life but not everyone is good. i proved back in 2014 -- i've been there so many times. i sat in a briefing, a security briefing with rick perry. what we learned was shocking. over a seven year span, illegal immigrants, that's right, and texas alone had committed 642,000 crimes, including murder and other violent crimes against texans.
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watch this security briefing. >> they've been responsible for about 642,000 criminal offenses. you look up in the top left. sexual assault. close to 8,000 victims. >> 642,000 crimes. in texas. in texas alone. >> yes, over 200,000 individuals with criminal history reflects that they were committed over 642,000 crimes. >> that's the cost of not securing the border. >> sean: do you know innocent s americans, many of>> them have lost their loved ones and american families have suffered because american politicians refuse steadfastly to enforce immigration laws? what has the media done about it? on this show for years, family members who lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants, first hand of their devastating
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stories, more so than any other show we know. here's why it is important we bring this up. the media, the left in this country, they love to claim -- they have a monopoly on l compassion and acceptance and conservatives are mean-spirited and hard-hearted. you know what? they attack the president for following the rule of law, respecting the constitution, enumerated powers and coequal branches of government into actually enforcing immigration laws, advocating for extreme vetting to protect americans against our enemies. in reality, the left is a bunch of hypocrites. if they really cared about the safety and security of the american people, your pain and suffering, in other words, they show us phony compassion. if they really cared, they'd want to enforce the laws. where was media talk about the disastrous obama economy? 50 million americans in poverty. 8 million more than before obama was president. 50 million on food stamps. 13 million more after obama.
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lowest labor participation rate since the '70s. the worst economic recovery since hera '40s. lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. so, did you ever hear about this from anybody else other than us media? do they evenen care about the forgotten men and women in this country? no, it appears they don't. they have no standards. no moral values or decency. look at antifa. what took them so long to condemn out-of-control violence? how many people need to be attacked and beaten before the media's going to speak out against the radical antifa leftists? here's my larger point. trump ran on pro-worker, pro-american. you know what? it's time for congress, they ran on basically the same thing, they now benefit the american people and get their hands dirty, stay up late at night and do their job and get some sense of urgency about what they are
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supposed to do. they better be paying attentione that means you, mitch mcconnell. mr. 18% approval rating. they need to start passing tax reform. seven brackets to three. slash middle-class tax rate. if you slash the corporate tax rate to around 50% and allow multinational companies that have trillions parked overseas, repatriate the money at a low rate.0% that will create millions of jobs in this country. and help people out of poverty and get them off food stamps and get them back in the labor force. congress also needs to get moving. guess what? start building the wall. put doors all over the wall as long as people come here that want to participate and adopt our values and be a part of ourh family, we are fine with that. we do need to vet them. congress needs to pass legislation. bring back energy independence.t we have millions of high paying career jobs out there and waiting and we will be depending on countries that hate us for the lifeblood of our economy. finally, republicans in congress, keep your word.
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please repeal and replace obamacare. get your act together. this is not rocket science. it's the things you ran on. president trump has a higher approval rating than the media by far and all of you in congress. what have you been doing all these years? here with reaction, kellyanne conway. i know i am long-winded but irs feel very passionately. it's time to stop the nonsense. americans are suffering here. they need jobs. they want toin get out of povery and want to get off of food stamps. it's an easy tap out. what is the media missing? >> they o are missing the fact that you have democratic senators joined him to her home state of north dakota, why? she knows 73% of north dakota's support tax reform. that's something that donald trump won on. you get a state where joe mansion in west virginia is up for reelection.
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that's a state bill clinton carried in 1996 and 20 yearss later, donald trump carried 43 points. he ran as a limited government conservative is going to repeal and replace obamacare, strengthen our borders, keep us safe. you raise a very important point. many americans want the dignity of work. they want to be self-sufficient and know they haveme high-paying jobs that are stable and secure. the best way to do that really is to lower taxes on our job creators, job holders, and job seekers. and repatriate all this wealth that is legally parked offshore. bring the wealth back to this country.y. it's very simple. the president laid it out today. i think north dakota, what happens when you allow energy -- entrepreneurship,
10:17 pm
on genuity, and competitiveness. we have to make our employer's competitive so that they can attract and retain an americanan workforce. the off shoring model under our current tax code does not work. off shoring model means we punish american companies for doing business here. it forces them to ship the jobs in the wealth they receive. the americans model under president trump simplifies the tax code and makes it more fair. middle class tax cut. it makes the employees more competitive. it's simple stuff. there's not a republican in the house and senate and many democrats as well who ran on this and make good on their promise their promise. >> sean: i am more angry at republicans. mr. 18% approval rating, mitch mcconnell -- i don't want to exasperate him. expectations were so high. he had eight months to do health care and did not get it i wouldn't ask you about the brain-dead robots in my profession, in thehe media. did you notice the "cruel, cruel, cruel?" i played a montage on radio that
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went on for minutes. they all used the same word. it is it by accident or by design? do they all tweet each other "let's use the word cruel today?" >> i don't think that benefits to hear the same coverage and same point of view. when it comes to an daca, we really need to talk about the facts here. the attorney general and dhs both concluded that there is no constitutional or statutory authorities for daca and that rather than take the g chance, n being sued by these nine state attorney generals, take the chance that what happened to daca, you would have an immediate rescinding of the program -- the president with a different route. he provided a longer runway. a six-month wind down.
10:19 pm
giving people noticed and looking for a more orderly and efficient process. i like to contrast it to the travel halt earlier in the year. same people were up in arms about that. that has statutory and constitutional authority. 8 u.s. code 18-82 gives the president broad authority under our immigration system to take action where heti sees fit. there you actually have a statute to read and they refused to do that here. there's nod statute to read and they refused to acknowledge that too. president obama himself admitted something we agree with completely secured leaders. it includes the immigration laws. if congress feels compelled toto act, will start a trend in congress. act. >> sean: i've got to go. >> president, he's waiting with pen in hand. repealing and replacing obamacare, he is ready. a businessman.
10:20 pm
he's accustomed to doing many big things in short order. he doesn't understand why the swamp and special interests move at a different pace. >> sean: listen, i don't get it either. i don't live in their world of vacations every other week in the fine senate dining room in their workout rooms. all right, i will keep you out of it. you work in the white house and kellyanne, great to see you as always. when we come back, the house intel committee has subpoenaed the fbi for information about the fake news russian dossier. is cnn going to cover that? dana rohrabacher is next. he met with julian assange. sara carter is here as we continue. [car] screech! (martin truex jr) hey bill, watch the car for me? (bill dance) sure! screech! hmm...
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." according to a report, the house intel committee has officially subpoenaed the justice department and fbi to debunk the russian dossier that made extremely obscene and fake allegations about then candidate trump. according to a byron york piece in the "washington examiner," the subpoenas are an indication of growing frustration inside the committee over the fbi and justice department's lack of cooperation in the trump-russia investigation. here with reaction, dana congressman, how is that possible?
10:25 pm
if you have subpoenaed and you are the -- how are they not turning this over to you? especially now that we know it's false and phony and fraudulent? >> obviously what's happened is that theci fbi and various peope in our intelligence community have been politicized byli this rule of liberal left democrats. eight years of control of our executive branch of government by one of the furthest left presidents we've ever had, if not the furthest left, this is politicized and degraded the quality and standards of our intelligence community in the fbi. this is what obama left us. how horribleni is that? >> sean: you met with julian hoassange? >> yes.
10:26 pm
>> sean: i've interviewed him five times. radio andak tv. wikileaks has never been proven wrong in 11 years. you told me on radio that you believe him. he'st told you that you can pre and he would be the one person that knows where the information came from that leaked on the dnc. he said he had incontrovertible, irrefutable evidence that shows russia was not involved. >> that's correct and when we realize that that's the case, that russia was not involved in hacking or stealing those emails from the democratic national committee and then having them disclosed -- we have to understand this massive propaganda campaign, this historic con job that happened after the election to prevent our president from exercising the powers granted to him by the voters. this is one of the great crimes, political crimes, against the
10:27 pm
american people in our history. >> sean: how confident are you percentage wise that it never russia? >> i would suggest i am 99% sure that it wass not russia. julian has made very clear that it was not a redline on him. people say "who do you believe, intelligence services or julian?" we're not talking about trust or believing someone. when this man says you have hard evidence, that's what you do. you have hard evidence. when he shows us the hard evidence and we have proof -- >> sean: do you think it could be related to the reason why, i am asking, it could be related in any way to the 30,000 deleter emails, the bleach and acid wash? the destruction of iphones and blackberries? and debbie wasserman schultz,
10:28 pm
that she has with her i.t. guy? do you think they they are all related? >> they tried to mobilize and disrupt our new president. negate what happened during the election. that's number one. they lost the election. number two, however, they have been able toto distract us from the real story here, the real crimes that were committed in russia with the russians, the hillary clinton foundation. podesta. all of these people who are working with the russians. >> sean: i've got to run. will the american people get the absolute truth and will it prove that the media and democrats have lied about this? will this all come out? >> i have submitted to the foreign affairs committee a request for an investigation into hillary and others. >> sean: and they will be proven to having lied to the american people? >> that's right. >> sean: when we come back,
10:29 pm
why is thehe house intel commite having trouble getting answers in a debunked russian dossier about president trump? gregg jarrett and sara carter will be back with answers. and true, that's texas. where we always welcome you, that's texas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪
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>> a fox news alert. florida residents bracing as the hurricane makes its way towards the sunshine state. could bring catastrophic wins, 185 miles per hour and could hit miami had on early sunday. the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic. already a chain of small islands in the caribbean. so for at least eight reported deaths. some of the worst damage seen in bermuda. destroying every building left the island, 1400 residents homeless. also serious in saint barth's,
10:34 pm
and puerto rico. it could ravish the entire coast from miami to jacksonville. and heading to savannah, georgia, and the carolinas. heavily populated in the areas they are. we will keep an eye on it for you. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the house intel committee has subpoenaed the justice department in the fbi for information about the fake news trump-russia dossier. sara carter and gregg jarrett. sara, we will start with you. this was such a big deal and didn't james comey want to pay this guy all this money for the phony russia hookers, going to the bathroom on a bed story? that was all false? >> this is something i've been looking into, sean.n this is one of the questions they wantt answered and have ben stonewalled on. they've been stonewalling
10:35 pm
members of congress, devin nunes, trey gowdy. on all of these questions. they want to know that the fbi verify anything in that dossier before they used it? to do anything like issue fisa warrants?th >> sean: then they get the intel we know now it's false? >> yes, and allegedly they are looking at who paid him. what we are hearing and this is information, it was possibly a never-trumper at work. to put the dossier together. this is what the committees want to know. the house committee, the intelligence committee wants to know what to the fbi use? what were they looking at? did they verify anything in there before they went forward
10:36 pm
with an investigation and if they didn't, that raises an enormous questions, sean. that means they would have started this investigation. remember, they brief the president and a lot of it has been proven false. >> sean: and this part of comey -- steele paid russians to get for phony information and comey wants to hire the guy. the same comey -- that t exonerated hillary. >> it smells of corruption and a cover-up and crime. an abuse of power for government official to develop opposition research on a presidential candidate. you are not allowed to use your public office for political purposes. the only way to get to the bottom of this is to force the department of justice and the fbi to turn over the documents and testify and if they don't, the committee should move one of two things. criminal contempt, as inin the
10:37 pm
eric holder case in which people can be held criminally responsible for civil contempt, in which you sue the fbi and force them through federal judge to turn over the documents. >> sean: the fact he had a conclusion before an investigation, on top of everything else that we know was comey, leaking to get a speciall counsel is beyond corrupt. here's my next question. ti just had dana rohrabacher on. i've interviewed julian assange five times. julian assange iss the one guy n the world that's telling the truth. he's never been proven wrong in 11 years. unlike "the new york times" and "washington post" and cnn. here's my question. does mueller have an obligation to go and try and find out from the one person who knows where the information about emails, dnc, all came from? >> absolutely does but don't expect him to do it. that would be fidelity -- robert mueller appears to me, this is my opinion to have an
10:38 pm
agenda. he is in bed with james comey for an act of retribution, the firing of comey, to go after the president of the united states. he has a complicit mainstream media helping him along. >> sean: what do you think, sara, about julian knowing the answer? apparently dana rohrabacher wants to be with the president that may be because anything russia related, they are probably lawyers say no. i want to know what message dana has and julian assange has evidence that proves it was never russia and the media and democrats lied to us for a year? how big a scandal is that? >> it's a huge scandal. it would only do mueller justice to go out. the one person that knows this is going to be julian assange. he is the one person that got the information. if he wants to close this case and loop itnt around full-circl, he has to go to julian assange and he needs to speak with him because he information as they
10:39 pm
are. >> sean: thank you both.on when we come back it, i went one-on-one with jorge ramos last night about president trump's plan to be constitutional and let congress decide on daca. geraldo rivera will weigh in.n. tomi lahren and dr. gina loudon and jessica tarlov will react to hillary clinton's new campaign loss excuse. she's come up with another one. it's not her. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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>> sean: you cannot ask that the united states burned its constitution and stop all over it in the process of doing what yous want. you have to understand we are a nation of laws. do you respect -- >> we are talking about children that are already here. >> sean: they are here illegally. >> your children and my children. >> sean: jorge, i love your heart. >> you do not understand. what's really -- know, i do understand that's a lot. >> sean: you can't burn the constitution just to do what jorge ramos wants. back to "hannity," part ofof our fiery debate right here on this program. joining us now, i'm president trump's daca decision, geraldo rivera who would not admit i was right constitutionally last night and ari fleischer. geraldo, the enumerated powers, coequal branches of government,
10:44 pm
president obama -- i just played it earlier tonight, he admitted he did not have the authority to do daca and he did it anyway. that's a lawlessness. >> on the rideay over here, i am broadcasting from cleveland, ohio. john kasich, the republican who was the second to the last in the standings -- >> sean: how many states did he win? >> he won the buckeye one. this state. he said he would have ohio be a sanctuary state for any dreamer who is being deported. it shows the division even within the republican party about this issue. >> sean: legally, trump is right. you should be happy. he's given congress six months more to do their job. >> it should take six hours, not six monthsth to get this done. these are the most vetted group
10:45 pm
of immigrants in the history of this country. we know exactly who they are. they've been fingerprinted, background checked, they have no criminal record. they are either in school or employed or in the united states military. what we do with the 500 daca dreamers who are in the u.s. military?? will we deport them?e i pray that my friend, the president of the united states, it seems to me -- he's given every indication -- will protect this group of young people. they are now in their early 20s and -- >> here's my problem with what geraldoo is saying. i made george w. bush proud of voter and republican. i'm proud to say i t want a compromise. it has to be based on the rule of law. presidents cannot be willy-nilly. does president trump have the right tore say the irs should sp enforcing a corporate tax rate? as long as they put down 20%-25%, oh, let it go.
10:46 pm
you can'tor do that when you are the president. >> sean: obama admitted it admitted it. >> he went down in reelection and did the opposite. that's degenerative of our ability to be a democracy. the antagonism and animosity -- here's the compromise, it's crying out. the democratss should give president trump the wall. tough border enforcement. republicans should give and legalize dreamers. it'd be appropriate and fine. >> sean: geraldo is clapping in cleveland, i guarantee it. >> the rest -- whatever the experts say, the point is you secure the borders. >> sean: good to see both your. hillary clinton continues to make more excuses for her big election laws. now she's blaming bernie sanders for her "crooked hillary" nickname. tomi lahren, dr. gina loudon, and jessica tarlov weigh in next.
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." hillary clinton's blame game continues. she has aco brand-new book entitled "what happened." trump happened. it was her former competitor bernie sanders who "paved the way" for thener candidate
10:51 pm
donald trump to give the nickname crooked hillary. president obama urged me to grit my teeth and lay off part bernie as much as i could. i felt like i was in a straitjacket. here with reaction, tomi lahren. dr. gina loudon. jessica tarlov. does she ever blame hillary? when would she ever blame hillary for being a horrible candidate that is corrupt? >> she's like a sit there and say hey, she's a horrible candidate but she's talked about some of her weaknesses as a candidate. h >> sean: she blames, tomi, everybody but herself. >> of course she did. it's important to remember that she had to get help from the dnc just to beat bernie. now she wants to blame bernie. the liste. of people that she hs yet to blame is probably a shorter list than the one she's already using to blame everyone and their mother for her loss. hillary, what happened?
10:52 pm
you happened. >> sean: ouch. >> it's more than what -- it's important to discuss the dynamic within the democratic party between the progressive left and a more moderate part. bernie sanders went out and said she was more -- >> sean: you know this is a true. >> i am not a fan of that. >> sean: let me ask gina loudon. i'm going to rely on the fact that you are a psychologist. don't ever psychoanalyze me. you can do tomi and jessica. >> she does me all the time. [laughter] >> sean: there is something wrong if you don't have any introspective qualities.e for example, i do a lot of wrong things in my life. but i know it. i know every time i do something wrong. it's like ding, ding. a little voice in my head yelling at me.. i do it anyway. basically declare i am nuts. >> [laughs] in writing this tell-all, i believe hillary exposed herself
10:53 pm
in ways that no pundit or collusion evidence, no one could have ever done. who writes a tell-all, sean, bashing and blaming her own party right after a national election? you write a tell-all years later. this tells you that for hillary, once and for all, case a closed, the american people know it ---- it was always about one thing. it was all about hillary. >> sean: what is the diagnosis? >> you can't do that. >> sean: all right, i won't ask you to do it. >> you don't like it when people say trump is insane. >> sean: that's okay. it's because you can't diagnose -- there's trumpp derangement syndrome. >> gina is up there. talking about obama and his conditions. let's lay off the mental illness. >> sean: how does she not
10:54 pm
recognize that she's crooked? hello, mirror. take a look. >> even if we are not talking about how crooked she is, we know how i feel about that subject. she did not show up. she forgot the average american. that's on her. you can't blame anyone else for that. we can talk about her mental capacity or mental state, i don't care about that. show up where the traditional democrats would have voted for you. you didn't show up. you lost. get over it. go back to whole foods. >> sean: thank you for being with us. terrence williams is back. go to bed, he has the final word. straight ahead. little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. chances are, the last time yoyou got, i know-- i got a loan 20 years ago, and i got robbed. that's why i started lendingtree--
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no, you're never alone, because our claims reps are available 24/7. we even cover accessories and custom parts. we diget an early start! took the kids to soccer practice. you want me to jump that cactus? all right. aah! that lady's awesome. i don't see a possum! ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." conservative social media sensation terrence williams, our friend, expect to give us the final word tonight. take it away. >> hey, sean hannity. you ain't going to believe what kirk dunn wrote a book. hillary clinton. guess what it's called?
10:59 pm
"what happened." girl, bye. we know what happened, all right. [laughs] you got walked in the election and donald trump became your president. that is what happened. but what we don't know is, we don't know what happened to them 33,000 emails that you deleted, they smashed up computers, they smashed up blackberries. we don't know what happened to all of that. we don't even know what happened when you were supposed to do your job and save benghazi. we don't know what happened. we don't even know what happened with the money you were supposed to give them. what happened to it, hillary? let us know what happened. you can tell us what really happened? then you need to go home and you need to go to bed. and that is my final word. >> sean: thinks. he also sent me that t-shirt. "you need to go to bed." by the way, i'll be doing it -- thanks for being with us, as always, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the show is not the establishment,
11:00 pm
destroy-trump-media. we are there fair and balanced part. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. everybody! >> goodbye! >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. hurricane armand is one of the strongest terms ever measured in the atlantic ocean and now it's making its way through the caribbean. south florida residents have already been ordered to evacuate, governor rick scott a ford it is warming storm is more powerful in 1992's hurricane andrew that devastated parts of that state. rick reichmuth is our chief meteorologist at fox, he's been tracking irma since the very beginning, he joins us now. what's it looking like? >> in the bahamas, i also want to show you, take a look at this, tucker. three hurricanes out there.