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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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recovery. staying strong. god bless you. >> greg: excellent. that is it for us. it set your dvr dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up next. you and thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. what could be a catastrophic strike from hurricane irma with two nuclear power plants directly in the path of this hurricane. also, georgia, south carolina, north carolina are racing to prepare for the impact from the strongest storm ever reported in the atlantic ocean. this is absolutely a massive hurricane moving all across the caribbean. leaving a path of total destruction in its wake. president trump is now saying fema, the federal resources are all on the ground. estimated at this point to cause over $100 billion in damage.
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tonight, rick scott, newt gingrich, laura ingraham, luke rosiak from "the daily caller." sara carter. an update on the massive hurricane, also adam housley is in the key west area. and rick reichmuth. we will start with you. it's because we have a storm out here. three in the atlantic. it's obviously irma we are worried about. one of the longest lasting storms we have seen anywhere in the globe. it's about to move over really warm water, it didn't seem to so far. it will at least hold a strength over the next 24-48 hours. it will make a hard right turn. it will go from the east coast of florida to the west coast or somewhere in the middle. over the last couple model runs, we are seeing a little bit of agreement. we see agreement over a couple of model runs but right now, a similar scenario from our most
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reliable models. that will bring the center of a very large and very strong storm right here across parts of south florida, devastating impact. one of those places, the first place to see any kind of landfall could be key largo. that's where we find our adam housley. adam, what do you see? >> we are told that governor scott has shut down all the schools in the state of florida in the last hour in that will continue through monday because this storm is so massive. the evacuations began a couple of days ago. in fact, all due to the video coming in from the caribbean. you can see the destruction and some of these islands. turks and caicos is getting it as we speak. we also set up a drone to give you an idea of basically an empty freeway down in the south part of florida. most people who wanted to get out caught out in the last day or so. there are still a few stragglers that will leave tomorrow.
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people will move upstate. we are told those road rates are prepacked as people had north trying to get out of the path. we will have all the updates for you throughout the night tonight, tomorrow, and through saturday in the weekend. now back to "hannity." >> sean: thank you both. we will have more breaking news weather updates all throughout the hour tonight. hurricane irma is leaving a path of distraction like we've never seen before. take a look at these dramatic images of hurricane irma pounding several islands in the caribbean with sustained 185-mile-per-hour winds, they completely ripped apart buildings and homes and airportd even the infrastructure. here is the aftermath in saint maarten. most everything in hurricane irma's path was completely leveled leaving debris and destruction everywhere. a neighboring island, barbuda, they complained compared this o
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a bomb being dropped on the city. at 95 of the city homes and vehicles have been destroyed. how unprecedented this storm is, let's look at some of the headlines around the country. ... irma will be devastating for the u.s. "usa today," hurricane irma has the potential of affecting every major city in florida. "the new york post," hurricane irma is the size of texas. "miami herald," two south florida nuclear plants lie in irma's path. are they ready? scary thought. back to cbs miami. dried water in short supply. get this -- four navy ships and thousands of troops. the hurricane irma is stronger n
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all of 2017s other eight atlantic storms combined. that's how serious the storm is. joining is now on the phone is the florida governor, rick scott. governor, our thoughts and prayers are with you, sir. i've been watching the e.u. and every preparation possible i see is in effect. let's talk to the people in the path of this storm. what you want to say to them? >> i care about every person that lives in our state and i want everyone to be safe. the important thing is be prepared, follow the news. if you are in an evacuation area, evacuate media back immediately. i will do everything to provide fuel so you can get out, i've been working with the oil companies, the carriers, the retailers, i am trying to get more fuel into this state. we have three more tankers coming into tampa, the white house, fema, epa, department of transportation and
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department of energy. i want everybody to be safe. this is a massive storm as he said. it packs a lot of wind. here's the missing difference. this is way bigger than andrew 25 years ago. bigger in size, winds, way bigger and storm surge. you could see storm surge covering your entire house. that did not happen with andrew. we've got to this seriously. >> sean: governor, if you look at the model -- i know you expect this to first hit south florida. that means basically for miami and then to the west up to fort myers and maybe even sarasota and on the east coast. i know you are going to be heading west palm and even above that. broward county is now being evacuated. i guess the most important step to thing is the whole state is engulfed. as your state, and estimation,
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safe enough? >> absolutely. we have local evacuation orders. we have shelters in every county. we have safe shelters in york county. you can stay in your county but people further north, we are following all the traffic. highway patrol, our department of transportation, we are making sure that all of our evacuation routes are open. the big thing is, if you're going to evacuate, do it as early as possible. the later you do this, the more traffic you will run into. you can go to shelters. we have them in every county. to keep you safe. >> sean: yeah. governor, one of the things -- i did pull over to the white house and try to get some information. i don't general mattis is sending four navy ships. they have not just sudden fema but national guard troops are available to you and they have post-storm, all the food, water,
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medicine, supplies that obviously floridians are going to be needing. that's coming up after the storm. in preparation for this storm, explain what you are advising people because you actually lifted regulation to bring in more gasoline so people could travel to the safer parts of the state and also, what about food/medicine/supplies and things like that? >> starting with food, food and water -- we've worked with retailers to make sure we have enough good water. replenishing quickly. fuel, we talked about that. we do have some outages, we do have some people waiting and some lines. the federal government has waived a lot of regulations to help us in that regard. in regard to medicine, a lot of people trying to get the medicine early. all the tolls in the state -- to make it easier for people to get through and you don't get slowed
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down by the tolls. we are doing everything we can. fema, our utilities are focused on prepositioning people. as quickly as possible. our biggest concern is the lower keys. we have so many -- just one bridge, everyone would be stranded. >> sean: governor, have you spoken to the president? >> i have spoken to the president multiple times. i've spoken to the vice president. it seems like almost every cabinet member up there has called in support. they are doing the things i've asked for. i know the president cares about this state. i appreciate everybody's help. a lot of calls from governors around the country. office support, i am appreciative of everything they are doing. i want everyone in my state to stay safe and survive this. we will rebuild your home and
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possessions but we can't rebuild your life and your family. so stay safe. >> sean: governor, great advice for everybody. you know it's my second home. our thoughts and prayers are with you. we will be watching closely. i know the country will be ready with any help that our neighbors down their need. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: joining us now on this, joe bastardi. you track on this has stayed steady, moved a little bit west. when will be expect landfall and how bad is it going to be? >> the track as of the east coast of florida. but the florida keys as the governor mentioned, in 1935 -- it cut the keys off completely. this storm, if it's a little bit further west, it has the capability to do that. florida is going to get hit and have a catastrophic storm. where exactly it goes in yet is
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still to be determined. we have it up the east coast. national hurricane center does. but flukes in the florida keys should get out of there. if this thing comes west, you will cut the keys off. right now, the hurricane force winds start arriving on the south coast of florida probably around noon on saturday. in the storm makes landfall very late saturday night. somewhere between key largo and miami. that's our estimate now. it travels up the east coast and back out over the water and then comes through the carolinas and georgia. after that. it could still be very, very powerful at that time. >> sean: all right, for obvious reasons, there are some people that have contacted me and i guess i have a little bit of -- they have a little bit of joe bastardi blood in them is saying that they will ride this out. even people i know in evacuation zones. you have studied hurricanes your entire life. you know whether better than anyone i know. good idea or bad idea?
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my advice would be to leave if they tell you to leave. >> very bad idea and i will tell you why. go google the 1926 great miami hurricane. go google 1935 labor day hurricane. 1947 west palm beach hurricane. hurricane donna 1960. go look at what happened. hurricane camille, 1969. he flattened those areas that were hit directly. you don't stand a way, way of this storm. i'm going to tell you how bad this storm is. i would read all the time about storms of the past and people don't understand how bad it was in florida especially in the 1940s. i would say could not actually happen? could that actually happen? trains blown off tracks. guess what? this is the kind of storm that could do it. it's back and it's coming to florida. >> sean: let's talk. when you look at the cone that we've all been paying attention to, it engulfs the entire state of florida. i was talking to you on radio
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earlier. you were telling me orlando, central florida is going to get hit hard. they've even started evacuating places in georgia like savannah. how bad are those areas going to get hit, the middle of the state, going up to jacksonville marta? >> that cone is a cone of uncertainty. gary left or right. the cone is not where the hurricane is covering completely. let's say -- let's assume my track is right, up the east coast of florida. you will have wind gusts over 120 miles an hour, all the way up to cape canaveral. you will have in the gusts. 100-110 miles an hour. west coast would probably have some hurricane gusts but it would be as bad. what if it bisected the state? it would weaken if it did it but it would be hitting the east coast and west coast with equal fury, weakening as it
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comes forth. there are a whole bunch of different options over here. we hate to say that -- it's been easy to forecast the track so far. the problem is, where does it make that turn? it makes the turn and comes up over miami like i think it does, we will be dealing with a major hurricane hitting even further up the coast in savannah and up into charleston. that's where our track is taking it. this is a very, very serious storm and everyone has to take it very seriously. >> sean: joe bastardi from weather we will see you back here tomorrow. more at live coverage and other updates. coming up throughout the hour tonight on hurricane irma, later in the show. mommy come back, former speaker of the house newt gingrich will weigh in on april hypocrisy over daca. the president struck a deal with pelosi and schumer. laura ingraham will join us to talk about that and more on
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier today, the president issued a tweet addressing the daca so-called dreamers. ... clearly, president trump is trying to restore the rule of law and the constitution and not
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usurped the powers of the legislative branch but some democrats are just hell-bent on painting the president as unhinged. joining us now, "new york times" best seller author, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i want to get to this in a second -- let me stay on the hurricane if i can come up for one minute, mr. speaker. this is important. it's the only thing -- if the only thing the media can criticize is melania's shoes, and that's all they had. you saw the governor in local officials and federal government really come together in an organized fashion. next to zero complaints. i've talked to people in florida. they are working and coordinating in a similar fashion there. i've got to expect the same results. doesn't that tell you something about where people's mind-set is?
7:20 pm
>> look, i think the country is divided and encourage that you can have effective government that works and everybody, state, local, federal working in the same direction. you can have professional competence as the president said a few moments ago. you can have people committed to doing their job, the american people mobilized. houston, louisiana, florida, it's probably as big a natural disaster punch as we've had certainly in my lifetime. i feel it a direct level, i have a daughter who lives in florida. she's right in the middle of this. it's very sobering when you look at the size of this storm and the power. i think it's encouraging and by the way, on behalf of the president, part of the reason he cut the deal he did yesterday on a bipartisan basis -- to get 90 days funding. i think the senate has actually moved today on this, he was
7:21 pm
trying to continue the momentum of being together, of doing something together. and of showing that the american government can act quickly. if they can get the money out of washington to houston this week, setting the stage for potential challenges next week in florida, i think that's another signal that maybe some things are coming together and maybe president trump who has a background incorporated construction and in looking at this sort of thing, maybe he is able to pull the country together the way they came together in texas. >> sean: you've got to hope so. i look at this storm and it's chilling to see the cities that will be impact. the entire state is engulfed in this hurricane. as people are predicting, it could be one of the worst storms ever. both of us are conservative. we believe in limited government. more responsibility. opportunity society and the
7:22 pm
federal government plays an important role. safety and security and hopefully, they don't get in the way of prosperity which i argue that they often do. as of this one of the times the government to really up and help people? government worked this time. it's nice to see that it works occasionally. i'm not the biggest fan of it. it's because the fathers developed a constitution for a limited but effective government. they did not want a sloppy or incompetent government. they wanted to limit it in order to protect our freedom and privileges and rights as citizens. when they moved, they wanted to move very effectively. these are people who practice for eight years the art of war against the british empire. they knew what it took to be effective and they will look at what's happening in texas and say you know, the system is working at every level. you have local leadership, governor scott is getting great marks. he's an entrepreneur like trump.
7:23 pm
your federal leadership with trump. it's all pulling in the same direction. i think that's what's encouraging the american people. after all this good luck and nastiness, all these vicious stories, here you have the american government coming together in the american people coming together in a positive way. >> sean: i've been very outspoken and disappointed about the republicans not keeping their promises. from my perspective, and you know -- having accomplished a lot as a speaker, i would say they have 14 weeks to really get their act together and that would include changing the tax code seven brackets three. repatriating money from nationals. small business cuts. energy independence. build a wall. i am not that overly optimistic that these guys are going to get the job done. what are your thoughts? >> i am moderately optimistic on what i think is the guest assignment and i like what
7:24 pm
steven mnuchin has been saying, what he was saying in an interview or press conference. their commitment is to get all of the sun by thanksgiving. to be able to give the american people -- as steven mnuchin described it, a large postcard for the average american, they can pull that off, a 15% corporate rate, a big tax cut for small business, this would be the achievement. if i were them, i would mark every week against getting the tax cut done. we can get everything else done once the tax gets done. let's get it signed by thanksgiving so that the first quarter of next year, we see a real surge of economic growth. probably starting with the christmas period. the people see a big tax cut coming, you will have a big christmas in this country. >> sean: i had a front row
7:25 pm
seat to your ascendancy to become speaker. of the local radio radio guy in atlanta. i was mc the night you became speaker. you created a series called renewing american civilization. it was the foundation of ideas and solutions to make the country better. i always argue -- people ask me and i say you are a professed r and historian. you now basically are starting not roll up again with defending america. tell us how people can join that class of yours. >> just go to it's really on how to defeat the left intellectually. and remind people why america is unique and my american history matters and by being patriotic is important. i think defending america -- i
7:26 pm
think the web site has some very, very good ideas. it's part of something i used to do. i believe in teaching and in an informed citizenry. >> sean: we will put it up on "hannity" web site. we have a lot on hurricane irma as it continues towards the state of florida. and later tonight, "the daily caller," an investigation and explosive report. debbie wasserman schultz and her former i.t. aide, did the ita to plant evidence on her to get to the cops? first, president president trua deal with nancy pelosi. laura ingraham will weigh in on that and of course, hurricane irma. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for.
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>> we had a great meeting yesterday. with senator schumer. it was a very bipartisan meeting. we could have done a longer deal but that would have affected the
7:31 pm
military so we kept it for three months because of the military. we have a great -- for the sanctity of the debt ceiling, a great respect. chuck does and nancy does and we all do. that will never be a problem. debt ceiling will never be a problem. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today talking about the deal he made with congressional democrats on the debt ceiling which will prevent a government shutdown at the end of the month. many republicans are reportedly livid with the compromise. didn't the president get to the white house and promised to be a dealmaker? is this a good deal? joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor and nationally syndicated radio host and i don't have enough for the introduction. i want to get back to the issue, laura ingraham. we believe in limited government. the biggest criticism was melania's shoes which was pretty despicable in and of itself.
7:32 pm
i called over to the white house today. they have preposition troops, food, water, medicine, supplies, cots, baby blankets, formula. general mattis ordered four navy ships. they have thousands of people on the ready right now. where are we going with their criticism this time when government is actually working? >> the left and many republicans, many never trumpers are against anything that works well in the administration except for maybe getting involved in another war. they will be happy with that, some of the never trumpers. trump shouldn't wait for the acknowledgment that in the face of the worst natural disaster to the follower country, which it looks like this hurricane is going to be, this administration did everything possible to coordinate on a federal state and local level
7:33 pm
and be prepared in a way that i think it's really admirable. it's smart. it's what government really should do at a time like this. but i don't think we should hold our breath waiting for any acknowledgment of that. i don't think president trump cares about that at this point. he's worried about the people in south florida all the way to tallahassee. gainesville. it's going to be a monster storm. >> sean: is going to the carolinas. this is a scary moment. you would think that's what we want, to help out our friends in texas and now our friends in florida. we want them safe and secure. thank god we have meteorology they can tell us storms like that are coming. and of course we make the necessary preparations. when i go to this compromise deal. i agree with newt gingrich's analysis. the president wanted to give the money to texas and i was a big part of his rationale and with all due respect to mitch mcconnell, he hasn't proven himself capable of doing anything because expectations
7:34 pm
are so high. especially in health care. >> all the caterwauling we are hearing from republicans -- oh, woe is us. we are betrayed. where was all of their concern and urgency over the last six weeks? they took off for the august recess. they went home and do what they did at home. went to some picnics and state fairs, raise some money and took a little break -- at the time, i think the president begins to think we've got to get something done here. he wants to be a popular president. he's a conservative populist. that means at times, if republicans don't deliver legislation that he can sign on the critical matters that he campaigned on, he's going to look to move the ball down the field with another set of players. it sometimes, it's going to be people that you and i don't like very much and agree with on many issues -- on an issue like the debt ceiling, a conservative concern and rightfully so -- the president wanted to move this issue off the table and clear
7:35 pm
the deck for tax reform. if they do not get tax reform done, they are done. they are finished. paul ryan came out today and had an extra special spring in his step on tax reform. it will be funny to see what the democrats do to the republicans. >> sean: macconnell? >> no, ryan. he had an extra excitement. >> sean: i'm going to be fair. at least ryan got the health care bill out of the house. and the freedom caucus worked hard with him and got it done at the end of the day. mcconnell has no excuse in the fact that he feel so much pressure with expectations is mind-numbing. >> when charlottesville happened, these people are the first ones to give on background or off the record sniping at the president. a lot of these people who are grousing about donald trump. they are happy to say he doesn't understand how complex things
7:36 pm
are, he doesn't understand how legislation works. he says if you don't work with me, i'm going to work with other people. >> sean: people like ben sachs, flake, mccain. the things they say about him behind closed doors? >> they hate trump. >> sean: when we come back, and explosive report the mainstream media won't tell you about. debbie wasserman schultz and her former i.t. aid -- did the aid plant evidence for the cops defined on wasserman schultz? we will have more live reports on hurricane irma and the powerhouse storm as it continues to barrel towards the state of florida and engulfed the entire state. when we come back. two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve
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so take the power back and come to, because at lendingtree when banks compete, you win. >> fox news alert. i am meteorologist rick reichmuth. we continue to track hurricane irma and it is still an incredibly strong storm. at the press pressure is following a little bed. it is not a good sign. on satellite imagery, it's a really well organized storm. breaking the turks and caicos. very dangerous overnight. and then the future radar luck, what we think the radar will look like. that goes out across the bahamas tomorrow afternoon and evening and towards saturday. and move in towards south florida, around 24 hours from now. by saturday afternoon, some very
7:41 pm
strong rain moving in. all of our models continue to pull up towards the northwest and this sharp right turn. coming into better agreements, certainly the entire peninsula of florida under the gun for this. possibly directly in fall from this, key largo. where we find adam housley. adam, how's it looking? >> rick, because of those models and information coming out of the caribbean and video we have seen of the destruction, a lot of people here who wrote out other hurricanes decided to get out for the first time. hurricane andrew 25 years ago, a number of people we met who stayed here for that event decided to leave this time. we put our drone up to give you an idea of how many people have already left the southern tip of florida. the freeways are pretty wide open. we are told north estate is much different. the florida keys -- people really did listen to this time. take a look.
7:42 pm
all right, he basically says the people did see that video and people were worried about what they've seen and decided to get out. to keep you updated with this hurricane, until then -- >> very well covered from the standpoint of bravery and talent. we have tremendous people representing us from the coast guard to fema to everybody else. we've spoken to governor scott on numerous occasions. they, likewise, are very well prepared for the people of florida. we just want you to protect yourself. be very, very vigilant and careful. again, the governor is working very hard. fema, the coast guard, all of our people are very well prepared. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today assuring the people of florida that the government is as prepared as possible for hurricane irma. this of course could deliver a catastrophic strike on this state. in order to give you a better
7:43 pm
idea of just how dangerous and destructive this storm is and could be, let's take a look at a couple of headlines. "usa today"... hurricane irma, has the potential of affecting every major city in florida. new york post. "miami herald." and "the washington post." and "the daily beast." look at this. stronger than all of 2017s other eight and eight atlantis c storms combined. mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. you are in a direct path here and asked the president mentioned earlier, it means it's evacuation time for everybody.
7:44 pm
correct? >> correct. just about 40 bridges that connect he west to the mainland and all the florida keys. a lot of opportunity for one to get damaged and cut off all our supplies returning or evacuating. that's why we started the evacuation early. it continues today and tomorrow. >> sean: okay, when did you start the evacuation and how soon do you believe that this enormous task will be accomplished? >> we started with tourists on wednesday morning and residents on thursday morning. which goes on through tomorrow. running our bus service starting from noon today, all of our buses shuttled and residents of to miami to our shelter as you had just talked about before, it's very difficult on us
7:45 pm
because the hurricane could go into miami also. but it's much higher ground than down here in the keys. it still will be a safer area but not absolutely perfect scenario, definitely. >> sean: mr. mayor, are there any people resisting the evacuation, sir? >> i've been here my whole life, fourth generation. this is the first time that so many people have evacuated. they are definitely heating the warning. they've seen the power of this storm coming across. they know what the '35 storm did to the keys. people are taking it very seriously. >> sean: good job, sir. our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in the keys. coming up, "the daily caller" out with an explosive new report about debbie wasserman schultz. her former i.t. aid. something the media is not covering. did the stafford plant evidence for the cops defined on wasserman schultz? we have that report, next.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." mar breaking news on the story with debbie wasserman schultz's former i.t. aide, imran awan. a new report that reads in
7:50 pm
part... exclusive police report indicates wasserman schultz i.t. aide planted computer for investigators to find. that's not all. fox news has confirmed that imran awan's wife, also if former house staffer has struck a deal with federal prosecutors. she will return to the united states from pakistan and face charges. here now from "the daily caller," luke rosiak and our friend from circuit news, sara carter. luke, i want to start with you. you have a computer or laptop. the big fight she had with the capitol police officer over the capital. she is being rude to this guy. it appears this i.t. aide left it in a phone booth, in a building where he had no real business of being in, not even the building where her office was. and it's his username, debbie wasserman schultz. it sounds to me like there might be a little separation here and
7:51 pm
maybe he didn't think debbie wasserman schultz was going to protect him that's what it sounds like to me. there is something in kind of incriminating on that laptop. >> and then a copy of imran awan's i.d. it was in a phone booth where really he would have no business in this building with his bosse. she said first it was her laptop and then she changed her story and said it was his. the username on it is hers. this i.t. staffer ran and took this laptop, seemingly intentionally for police to find. >> sean: this is a guy that she knew double billed. no experience from his family. one guy worked for mcdonald's and was fired. a car dealership and no experience with i.t. she kept him on even though she knew he double billed and then the busted up hard drives inside
7:52 pm
this guy's garage. >> a few months after the dnc is hacked, capital police tell her that he is suspected of cybersecurity violations. she said he she was aware of da transfer violations. she keeps him on and he uses this continued access to her office building and take this laptop and plants it for police to find. then she threatens consequences if they don't return it. you have to ask, is this -- is it possible that your judgment is this bad? are these the actions of someone who has just been hacked and do they take hacking seriously? this guy was somehow being framed when she's the victim here? it's your laptop that's gone missing. first editors and cops can't look at it because it's got congressional information on it but she just wants to protect his rights. >> sean: sara carter, let me
7:53 pm
go to you. if you look at the bizarre nature of all this in the new couple it with okay, what could debbie wasserman schultz we wanted to hide? why were there busted up hard drives in this guy's garage? i've got to ask myself, could it be in any way connected to what happened in she was removed as the dnc chair on the eve of the democratic convention? what is she hiding here? >> luke's story is explosive. it's probably one of the biggest stories of the year the no one's really paying attention to. at least in the mainstream media. we've got to ask ourselves, what she blackmailed by these guys? luke wrote a very intensive story where he even interviewed the stepmother that was blackmailing them. what were they standing to these overseas servers? this is a huge national security risk, sean. going back to debbie wasserman schultz -- what is she hiding?
7:54 pm
i don't believe that debbie wasserman schultz doesn't really understand what's going on, that she believes this is islamophobia. i think what happened here and in discussing this with luke, what happened here is that he was threatening her. this is something everyone should be looking at. the fbi as well as the capitol hill police. >> sean: absolutely. let me ask you one other question. dana was on the show last night. 99% certainty he believes julian assange will be able to prove there was no russia-trump collusion. and today, note evidence that trump interfered with the russian probe. what does robert mueller doing? what is james comey doing? they want him to testify again because they smell a rat. >> he needs to testify again. we know now that all the way back in april, comey was already writing hillary clinton's
7:55 pm
exoneration. we want to know why he was doing this and at the same time, president obama was saying similar things. taking direct obama's from president obama? that's very interesting because he has accused president trump, and, allegedly, for asking for loyalty. there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and as far as julian assange, sean, he's still important. he's the one person that could actually answer these questions. i believe it's the duty of the special counsel to reach out and find out what julian us assange knows. and then to make it public. that's the only way to resolve this. >> sean: good point. luke, great work. atrn sara, great work as always. more "hannity" after this break. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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like not having to think about healthcare at all. surround yourself with healthy advantages at >> sean: i hope you'll stay with the fox news channel. continuing coverage of hurricane irma. that's all the time we have left this evening. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of florida. you're in an evacuation zone,
8:00 pm
please evacuate. we want you safe and back here. this show will always be fair and balanced whenever the establishment media. see you back here tomorrow nigh night. >> this is a fox news weather alerts. hurricane irma not losing steam as it makes its way towards florida. category 5 storm blamed for at least 13 deaths in the caribbean. the massive storm could slam into the sunshine state had on this we can before moving up the east coast towards georgia. rick scott issuing an urging warning. listen. >> possessions can be replaced. your family cannot. this is serious, and we cannot take chances. it is life-threatening. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. >> half a million people have been ordered to evacuate in miami-dade county. countless others have chosen