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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 8, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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recovery. staying strong. god bless you. >> greg: excellent. that is it for us. it set your dvr dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington as hurricane irma moves closer to florida. we look at the preparations and the devastation this hurricane is left behind. hurricane jose is just behind irma and it's gaining strength. president trump on why he turned away from congressional republicans . why democrats are dreading the new hillary clinton book.
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we start with the most potent atlantic ocean hurricane on record according to the national hurricane center. at least seven people have died, whole islands ravage. hundreds of thousands are without power tonight and the worst could be yet to come. irma bears down on the u.s. southeast. we begin with senior correspondent adam housley on key largo in the direct path. >> good evening. the florida keys bracing for a direct hit, many who have never evacuated before have packed up and got out. >> i couldn't pack nothing. i have the clothes on my back. >> time is short before irma makes its advance with the first stop expecting to be in the florida keys. here, effects could be felt as early as friday night. >> there will be a handful of people staying. so we'll see what happens. if it gets real bad, we will take off. >> mandatory evacuations in place for the keys and much of south florida. >> if you are in the keys and so home, leave and get out. we can't save you after the storm starts. >> not everyone is ready to get out just yet. >> we are staying here. we're going to a friend's house. for going to ride it out.
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hopefully we are okay. >> tens of thousands already heeding the advice, departed by air, boat, car. roads jammed with traffic and snaking lines for gas, food, supplies leading to reports of shortages and price gouging. police escorting fuel supply trucks to critical areas. >> we have four vehicles and they are all full. we got the gas for the generator. we have four generators. everybody is scared. >> the governor of florida plans to activate 7,000 national guard troops and the president promising the federal response will be swift. >> we are very well covered from the standpoint of bravery and talent. we have tremendous people there representing us. >> >> last-minute preparations everywhere. businesses and homes boarded up, armies of volunteers filling sandbags especially around miam miami. >> hotel rooms rented in orlando. i'm not sure if i'm going up there. my wife says i am. >> any doubts about this
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hurricane's power, ask residents of the eastern caribbean, hispaniola, puerto rico. 70% of the island is without power in some areas could remain that way for months. >> it's really windy. it's rocking my carpet >> states of emergency declared in the carolinas and georgia. in south florida, the sight of so many devastating storms in recent decades, a brief window of hope before the worst approaches. for harriet madsen, her key largo restaurant has been a local institution for 35 years. >> we are being positive. we're going to stay ahead of it and hopefully all of us will come out in good shape. >> despite the evacuation orders roads throughout the keys appeared to be remaining open tonight. a lot of locals will say they will wait to the last possible
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moment to leave. we have seen some emergency crews reposition themselves in preparation for when irma comes ashore. >> bret: the calm before the storm in key largo. thank you. let's zero in on how some floridians are getting ready for irma or trying to get out of the way. phil keating is in fort lauderdale tonight. good evening. >> good evening, bret. people evacuating by land, vehicles, by air but tomorrow night 7:45 p.m., it's been set at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport, no more flights after tomorrow night. for miami, the last flight is at 3:00 p.m. seats have been scarce if not almost impossible to find. many of the flights were canceled. more than 2,000 of them, by multiple carriers in part because of crew shortages. to give the employees time to get home, to make sure their homes and families are safe. passengers arriving for
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departures packed for the long-haul, big suitcases and only buying one-way tickets, not knowing how long they will have to stay away. nor how catastrophic the damage will be. >> i wanted to give time for my staff to evacuate. we have a one-way ticket. it is in god's hands. >> 100,000 residents of miami beach under a mandatory evacuation. hundreds of people today taking advantage of free sandbags for hours until the sandbags ran out. there are no more left. the forecast honing in on miami, fort lauderdale, palm beach, daytona beach, jacksonville and beyond. people are getting externally nervous. >> it hit me this morning and now i am in kind of panic, freak out mode. people are starting to try to get out. they are realizing it's going to be difficult to get out because the roads are backed up and there are no flights. i think people are starting to
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freak a little bit. >> as a parent i don't care what happens to me. i care more about her. you can never be too prepared. >> seven counties in florida have mandatory evacuations. as well as voluntary evacuations. a number that's expected to gro grow. possibly by early tomorrow morning. 40 miles an hour is the critical wind speed that keeps first responders like police officers, paramedics, firefighters from coming out and responding. if you don't heed by the mandatory warning, as soon as the wind gets about 40 miles per hour and you get hurt, you are not getting help until after the storm passes through. >> bret: thank you. let's find out where irma is, where it's going, and what's next. meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center. >> lots going on.
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south florida is the big concer concern. 16 million people under a hurricane watch. he will go to a warning sometime tomorrow. we are confident it's going across florida. exactly where, we still don't know. in the short-term, we have the last images of fall agenda
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and monitor hurricane irma. >> bret: speaker ryan aghast with the marathon next hour. john roberts, thanks. this is a fox news alert. officials at aqua facts, one of the country's three largest consumer credit reporting agencies says a cybersecurity breach of its computers could affect 143 million american consumers. for context, that is just under half the population of the united states. criminals exploited a website application site. the information accessed includes names, credit card, social security numbers, birthdays, addresses, drivers licenses numbers. the company is setting up a special website out consumers determine if their information has been impacted. stocks next. dow lost 23. s&p 500 down a half.
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nasdaq gained 4.5. president trump says war with north korea is not inevitable. he says military action is still an option. if it happens, it will be a very sad day, he says, for the communist regime. >> for 25 years they've been talking, talking, talking. the day after an agreement is reached, new work begins in north korea. continuation on nuclear. so i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen. >> bret: the president's comments, south korea braces for another big missile test from the north anytime now. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has elitist. >> south korean marines in exercises close to the north korean border. this in response to offensive activity by the pyongyang in the area. as officials say a possible new
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icbm launch by the north could be on a trajectory deeper into the pacific. more threatening to the u.s. and regional neighbors. >> translator: avenue north korea follows this path, it will not have a bright future. this is a message that should be sent to north korea to make it change its ways. >> this adding urgency for the u.s. military to deploy thaad antimissile launchers south of seoul. there were some protests. china sees it as a threat. >> translator: we are deploying the thaad in response to north korea's nuclear and missile threats. >> in pyongyang, orchestrated celebrations honoring the scientists. "the wall street journal" reporting foreign trained north koreans could be key to the nuclear and missile programs. this amid reports the assets of kim jong un can be frozen by new u.s. backed u.n. sanctions. also oil imports, textile exports, north korean foreign workers could be cut.
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strong measures russia is rejecting. china is dragging its feet but agrees the u.n. security council should take further action. >> translator: what i can tell you is the governments of china and the united states or of the same opinion in terms of realizing the do -- denuclearization of the peninsula. >> the former south korean foreign minister and ambassador says there's not a minute to waste. >> it's major, in addition to the size of the bomb, it makes it possible for the north koreans to load it on long-distance missiles like the icbms. it's a game-changer. >> he says he is overall satisfied with the attention being paid to the north korean crisis by the trump administration. he says the threat is very real. to his country, to the u.s. >> bret: greg palkot and
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seoul. thank you. president trump is the commander-in-chief at some in congress want their constitutional duty back to decide when the u.s. goes to war. the battle over that the battle over that authorization next. you won't see these folks at the post office. the battle over that authorization next. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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authorization for the use of military force would tie the commander in chief's hands. virginia democrat tim kaine and arizona democrat jeff flake authoring an amendment. if it is approved, it will elect congress to set parameters on geography and military action. tim kaine says he is surprised by the pushback. >> very unwise to continue to let war happen on autopilot. that's what we are doing now. i don't think that letter will be a significant factor. >> congress approved it after the 9/11 attacks to sign off on the military response. ryan talked about a new authorization that would address the nature of the current fight against terrorism in hot spots around the globe. >> it's in our interest. i want to make sure we have one that works for our war fighters.
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>> nancy pelosi has favored congress giving consent on current u.s. military action. pelosi maintains its possible for a new authorization to be good for the commander in chief. >> they would probably give president trump even more authority than what's in the original. i think we should revisit it but i don't see it happening. >> sources say they do not expect the flake-kane effort will have the votes, especially the concerns from the administration. the more likely scenario seems to be congress acting if the president and his team outlined what they want. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. education secretary betsy devos says she will get rid of obama administration rules investigating sexual assaults on campus. those rules lowered the standard of proof for schools to rule on complaints. betsy devos has acts of misconduct are atrocious and must be confronted head-on.
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the current rule led to what critics called kangaroo courts. ignoring the rights of the accused. >> instead of working with schools on behalf of students, the prior administration weaponized of the office for civil rights to work against schools and against students. >> bret: advocates for survivors of sexual assault say betsy devos is out of step with reality and only a small percentage of rape reports are proven false. democrats are said to be dreading next week's release of hillary clinton's book. sections already leaked future criticism, sometimes harsh, of then president obama. vice president joe biden and bernie sanders among others. chief white house correspondent james rosen takes a look at what we know about what happened and reaction to it. >> with her third memoir entitled "what happened" hillary clinton's account of her life story runs 1,709 pages and
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includes stinging criticisms of senator bernie sanders. his attack caused lasting damage, clinton writes. paving the way for trump's crooked hillary campaign. he got into disrupt the democratic party. >> and some excerpts, secretary clinton take some responsibility for the decisions of the campaign. the thinking that went into them and how do we learn from that? >> mrs. clinton says president obama urged her to grit my teeth and lay off bernie as much as i could. i felt like i was in a straitjacket. as for former vice president biden, he proffered his own account. >> what happened was this is the first campaign i can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for. that is how to maintain a
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burgeoning middle class. >> i find this fairly remarkable, counters clinton, considering joe himself campaigned for me all over the midwest and talked plenty about the middle class. she also voices regret that she accepted aids advice and did not hit back hard against then fbi director james comey after he labeled her use of a private email server extremely careless. nbc news anchor matt lauer also draws fire for what clinton considers inequitable treatment afforded her and donald trump during a televised forum last fall. "i was ticked off. nbc knew exactly what it was doing. the network was treating this like an episode of the apprentice in which trump stars and ratings soar. i can't say i didn't fantasize about shaking some sense into lower." that's the same reaction from some democrats, dismayed by the publicity tour. jared huffman of california told
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politico it's difficult even for former supporters of mrs. clinton to endure "the media cycles about the blame game and the excuses." >> bret: james, thank you. former white house strategist steve bannon says members of the president's staff who not agree with him should quit. bannon talks with charlie rose of cbs. he says the example of economic advisor gary cohn who did not like the president's response to racial violence in virginia. >> if you're going to break with him, resigned. the stuff leaked out by members of the white house was unacceptable. if you find it unacceptable, you should resign. i am talking about gary cohn and some other people. if you don't like what he's doing, you don't agree with it, you have an obligation to resig resign. >> gary cohn should have resigned. >> absolutely. >> bret: bannon left his job at the white house last month. up next, the latest on hurricane irma and hurricane jose. also live to houston to update
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recovery efforts from hurricane harvey. here's what some of our affiliates are covering. fox 35 in orlando. space x executes a new mission ahead of the incoming storm. it launched of space plane. this is the second time space x has launched a national security payload in the first time launching the x-37 b. fox 5, all public students in new york will be offered a free lunch. school starts today there, about three quarters of the city's 1.1 million students qualify for free or reduced price lunches there. many of those eligible do not receive them, often because parents neglect to fill out the required paperwork. live look at st. louis from our affiliate fox 2. big story there, the city plans to go after amazon's second north american headquarters. the company is searching for a
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home for the $5 billion facility. cities and regional economic development organizations have been invited to submit proposals. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. we have the latest information on hurricane irma, 40 miles south of grand turk island. sustained winds of 175 miles an hour. category 5 strong, very dangerous moving west-northwest at 16 miles an hour according to the national hurricane center. at least seven people have been killed as irma rocked the caribbean islands. forecasters predicting an eventual turn north which is right now slamming into the middle of florida with miami and the keys in the most dangerous area. as we have been showing you, every night on special report, there is still a norm is work to be done and the devastation left
1:32 am
behind by hurricane harvey. will carr is in houston. >> good evening. there are real concerns from some residents here tonight that have hurricane irma directly hits florida, they may not be enough federal money or resources. some neighborhoods are still swamped with floodwater. we had to wade into this neighborhood with the home owners today and they walked in for the first time to see exactly how much damage their home had. at about five or 6 feet of floodwater in here. it's receded over the past 24 hours. we want to show you what they've seen. when you walk in, you're going to see furniture toppled throughout the house. thankfully they've had flood insurance but 85% of those impacted across the area did not. throughout the day, we've been talking to home owners. there is a mix of emotions. you'll be talking to them and they will be joking and smiling and then they will shed a tear.
1:33 am
a true surge of so many emotions. this is susan thomas. susan lives here. she spent the last couple days with her mother. her mom's home got flooded. she just returned here. susan, how are you and your family coping? >> we are doing fine. i'm confident god is good all the time, not just in the easy times of life. we'll be fine. we have lots of sweet neighbors that come together in good times and bad. we will be okay. >> there are two different types of hurricanes. having just gone through this, any advice you have for anybody in the potential path of hurricane irma? >> set your priorities and hold loosely to your worldly possessions because they are just things. >> great advice. best of luck to you. >> bret: will carr in houston. thank you. good advice. we now know where the money donated by president trump on the first lady will be going for hurricane harvey release. white house statement says the american red cross and the
1:34 am
salvation army will each receive $300,000. samaritans purse and reach out to america get $100,000 apiece. eight other groups get $25,000. the donations are said to be coming from the president's personal funds. president trump's eldest son spoke with senators and staffers from the senate judiciary committee today. the latest major turn in the investigation into russian interference in last fall's election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> restricted media access, this is the only photo of donald trump jr. at the interview with senators. in a prepared statement the president son said "i did not collude with any foreign government and do not know of anyone who did." on the june 2016 trump tower meeting, trump, jr. said it was set up after a tip from a long time entertainment fixer who claimed the russians had damaging information about
1:35 am
hillary clinton. "i thought i should listen to what they had to say. to the extent they had information concerning the fitness, character, or qualifications of a presidential candidate. i've no advanced knowledge of who would attend." >> there is no basis right now to conclude whether there was collusion or not. or whether there was obstruction of justice. or not. that's the remaining area of the investigation that needs to be fully explored. >> special counsel robert mueller wants to question white house staffers. while on air force one, source is a president trump and his aides discussed the preliminary statement. at that point, the president thought the meeting pertained to adoptions. fired fbi director should testify again, according to --
1:36 am
>> this doesn't add up. >> in a statement, donald trump jr. said the session went five hours. he answered every question. until both sides had exhausted their lines of questioning and he trusts his interview will satisfy the committee. >> bret: catherine herridge, thank you. the president explains himself on his deal with the democrats. we will get reaction from the panel when we come
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>> we had a great meeting yesterday with nancy pelosi and senator schumer. it was a very bipartisan meeting. >> compromises. not dictating what should happen but working together.
1:40 am
>> i was proud of the senate emma craddick leader chuck schumer. he could speak new york to the president. >> chuck schumer is minority leader, not majority leader, just natives of the most powerful man in america for the month of december. this is an embarrassing moment for a republican-controlled congress and a republican administration. >> 80-17. >> bret: the vote this afternoon, the senate passing the debt ceiling rays, continuing resolution and funding for harvey. now it goes to the house. also today, the president tweeted this morning a clarification saying: "for all of those -- daca -- that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about. no action!" and then we get the play-by-play about why that happened. >> he called, and i said thanks for calling. this is what we need, the people
1:41 am
need reassurance from you, mr. president. that the six-month period is not a period of round up. i asked the president to do it and the tweet appeared. >> bret: chuck schumer was speaking new york. what about this? let's bring in the panel. tom bevan, editor-in-chief of lifezette, laura ingraham, and michael crowley. there are conservatives who have real concerns and think this deal puts them in a tough spot. >> where were they for the last seven weeks? ben sasse and these people turning themselves inside and out. mitch mcconnell looks like he lost his best friend. what do they think was going to happen? they kept telling donald trump don't worry, this is a complex process, obamacare repeal, but we've got it. then they said we almost have it on the skinny repeal. it's going to be pretty good.
1:42 am
mccain comes in and blows it up. time after time after time, donald trump trusted what was going on on capitol hill and they could not deliver a piece of legislation to his desk that could be signed. it wasn't possible. someone who is a conservative populist, when he wants to move the ball down the field, he's going to find another player to throw to. the only one was going to be nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. the republicans have no one to blame but themselves. >> bret: what they say behind the scenes is that he took the first offer. he blindsided them, and now come december, as you heard in the sound bite, chuck schumer and the democrats have a chip to play in the negotiations of whatever is happening. tax reform, whatever is happening. >> trump was clear. he did want a bipartisan win. the problem is, no one to trust. 48 hours ago, nancy pelosi was
1:43 am
calling him a political coward over over daca. the first time he doesn't get democrats what they want, they are going to feedback calling him a racist or whatever. >> to your point, this poisons the well going forward. republicans in congress are never going to know when trump might sell them out, when he might tell them one thing on monday and doing something else tuesday. certainly if you imagine the worst-case scenario. there is movement for impeachment, democrats are not going to be defending him. have all of the surreal plot twists, this is one of the big ones. the final point i would make, steve bannon early in the
1:44 am
administration was talking about of populist coalition that would involve working closely with democrats on something like major infrastructure project. i think the bannon vision which is trump's him -- it's not partisan. puts democrats and republicans together. i don't know for saying that but there's a predicate to this kind of thing. goes back to whether republicans like mitch mcconnell or paul ryan should trust donald trump. >> bret: the politics. we are talking about the republican side and the right and conservatives having a problem. on the democratic side, there are people on the left, the populist left or farther left to say don't get too close to this president. this is the bad guy. when they start making deals, they have some kind of problem from the left. >> i think there is a problem from the left. >> bret: dianne feinstein says maybe he has a chance of being an okay president.
1:45 am
>> she had to walk it back and there was alarm about it. there was pressure on schumer, you're going to be hearing more of that. >> this is the trump vision. he campaigned as a conservative populist. every president has had a populist moment. reagan to clinton, obama had a little populism and now we have a president. up against the wall, he is. we have natural disasters, seven times they voted to repeal obamacare and couldn't deliver a bill. >> bret: you don't have a problem with the daca statements? >> that's not where i am but donald trump did not run on deporting the daca kids. he ran rescinding daca. how many other republican candidates who ran for president would have said no daca.
1:46 am
i don't think any of them. they all would have let the daca kids stay. he is doing what he thinks is the right thing at the right time. americans are sick of the republicans. 15% approval for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. >> bret: if they are sick of the republicans come 2018 and they lose, if democrats have gavel control of the committees, it's not a good thing. >> if they don't get tax reform through by early december, not christmas eve, early december, mid-november, it's done anyway. >> bret: "washington post" headline "trump-schumer agreed to pursue plan to repeal the debt ceiling as far as the vote overall. here's an interview i did before he got in the race in 2015. >> we owe $18 trillion. we're going to 21,000,000,000,024.
1:47 am
24 trillion, that's the magic number. that's the point of no return. where there quickly. we're going to end up being another greece and may be detroit. we need proper leadership. >> bret: you don't hear the concern about the debt and the deficit now. >> you heard it from him on other issues. he hasn't been strict. it's an amazing transformation. you think where the tea party started, it was about ideological purity. it drove the republican wave. now i have a president who's a pragmatist. he wants to get something done. he doesn't have the same ideological moorings around issues like debt and deficit. >> he is not a libertarian. libertarians can't win national elections. >> bret: next up, hillary clinton's new book about last fall's election and how democrats are not happy to
1:48 am
relitigate it.
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>> part of what i'm writing is okay, i'm going to talk about what i think was in my controlling what what we could've done better. wish we had. whatever political party or philosophy you have, you can't be all right with the idea that a foreign adversary was trying to influence the opt from -- outcome of the election. >> bret: the book is coming out and the tour will start. hillary clinton's book "what happened," ripping on bernie sanders, president obama, vice president biden.
1:52 am
senator sanders. "my response is that right now it's appropriate to look forward and not backward." another democrat from california, jared hoffman saying "she's got every right to tell her story, whom i to say she shouldn't." but it's difficult for some of us, even like myself who supported her to play out the media cycles about the blame game and the excuses." >> this is not what democrats want. they want to move forward. hillary clinton is not a popular figure in the country right now. brand-new nbc poll showed her approval rating at 30%. lower than the worst donald trump has pulled since he took office. the clintons represent a chapter of the democratic party that's closed. you can't blame hillary clinton for wanting to point some fingers. this was a devastating loss for her. she has some fair points. i think some of it probably seems like sour grapes and i know her detractors think she's
1:53 am
a whiner. on the other hand, no candidate has had to suffer something like the russian influence the 2016 election which even if it didn't alter the vote tallies, even if there was no collusion by the trump campaign, you cannot rule out the possibility that it did influence the outcome of the election. that's a hard thing for her to deal with. finally, bernie sanders, he really did bang her up pretty well. you can relitigate the question of whether he should've campaigned so hard. at the end of the day, she did not have to give those speeches for wall street money she didn't need. she should also be looking at the things she did to expose herself to some of the critiques. >> bret: this is not party unity if you are hammering the guy who is leading the left side. >> the clintons have always had trouble with the concept of personal responsibility. going back to the vast right wing conspiracy comment to always pointing the finger, blaming someone else. she ran an abysmal campaign.
1:54 am
it wasn't the russians. i didn't turn the vote out in michigan. it was hillary clinton ignoring the call of desperation from the rust belt, ohio, pennsylvania and a sense of privilege and entitlement. a view of politics that people rejected in the bushes and the clintons. sanders is pretty popular. he turned out tens of thousands of people in the stadium. nice try, hillary, but a major fail. >> bret: it's going to be an interesting tour when you have people like seth meyers saying bernie sanders didn't tell you not to go to wisconsin. public opinion is someplace different. >> this is clinton, as laura said, this was the end of a dynasty and she was responsible for the closing of the chapter. she's going to do whatever she can to rehabilitate her legacy. democrats be damned.
1:55 am
she's going to do what she has to do for herself, her family, her legacy. but i agree she ran a terrible campaign and i think a lot of people are going to see it as blame shifting, finger-pointing and it's not going to go over well even among her fellow democrats would like to move on. >> i think president trump probably welcomed her reappearance in the public stage. barack obama has laid low. democrats feel like trump's at his best when he has clinton and obama as foils. he got a lot of traction attacking them in the campaign. there's that factor. you want to be careful about trump being able to play some hits from 2016. >> bret: we have invited secretary clinton on "special report." we will see if she takes us up on it. when we come back, one girl's dream to tour country ballpark
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♪ >> bret: finally come out tonight, one little girl is on a quest to throw out the first pitch at every major league baseball stadium, and she will do it with a hand made by a 3d printer. the 7-year-old was born without three fingers on her right hand. she taught herself how to throw a baseball with her three deprinted hand. she has already thrown out pitches for the nationals. teams across the country now are reaching out, the cincinnati reds, st. louis cardinals,
1:58 am
oakland a's. more have already responded. we say, go get 'em, we hope you make it to every stadium. to update you on our biggest baseball fan, panelist, colleague, and dear friend, charles krauthammer, charles had planned surgery. it went well, but the recovery is taking some time. he is still recovering. we hope and pray charles will be back here on the panel soon. thank you for all of the good wishes, thoughts, and prayers, i have passed them all on. thanks for inviting us into your house tonight. that's it for tonight's "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum with ♪ >> it is friday, september 8th, a fox news alert. sights set on the sunshine state. hurricane irma leaving behind a deadly and
1:59 am
devastating path as it barrels towards the coast of florida. the brand new warnings as hundreds of thousands are forced to evacuate. heather: a fox news alert. a massive earthquake striking mexico overnight. happening now the brand you new threat of a tsunami. "fox & friends first" starts right now. flrs of ♪ heather: you are watching first, i'm jackie ibañez in for rob schmitt. heather: i'm heather childers. let's get to that fox news alert for you. brand new advisories overnight have more of south florida under a hurricane warning. the monster storm now on a direct path for miami. jackie: mandatory evacuation orders cover 1.2 million people in florida. heather: all the colleges and schools are closed today
2:00 am
and monday due to the storm. jackie: we have fox news team coverage with jillian mele. first griff jenkins is live in key larlg where people only have a matter of hours to evacuate. griff? >> that's right. here are in key largo there is a ghost town there is a sense something erie is coming and we know what that is it the is worst storm to think the area. can you see this gas station absolutely boarded up. everything looks like this down here. we saw very little traffic every now and then. a car or two will pass. but basically, you need to have gotten out. the video from yesterday, fox put a drone up in the air just a snarl of traffic mess with thousands upon thousands of people trying to get out. you saw people boarding their places up and also securing their boats and pattening down the hatches. in fact, the florida county, monroe county. that's this area. monroe count