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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tonight and that does it for us. i'm jon scott in new york. be sure to watch fox's continuing coverage of irma and its aftermath beginning with "fox & friends first" 5:00 a.m. eastern later this morning. goodnight from new york. ♪ ♪ >> sean: thanks to all our friends on "the five." an important opening monologue tonight about how the country could come together during difficult times as we now remember today the 16th anniversary of 9/11. that's coming up in a few minutes. first, tonight, the city of jacksonville, florida is seeing record flooding. millions in that state are still without power and now tropical storm irma is bringing its devastation to the state of georgia. on the ground tonight in columbus, georgia, our friend geraldo rivera. what's going on? >> we landed in charlotte, north carolina, believe it or not. that was the chosest airport. we drove down to augusta,
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georgia, from augusta, georgia to atlanta, georgia is where what is now tropical storm irma was really visiting its wrath. trees were down about every quarter of a mile there is i great big tree across the road. all the way to atlanta. atlanta, hartsville airport, the world's busiest hopelessly disrupted today. thousands of flights cancelled. southwest had no flights. delta had a handful. they cancelled over 3,000 flights. rapid transit in atlanta closed. now we're down in fort benning, the sprawling army base that straddles the georgia-alabama line. this is the back side of the storm. not much going on. before i talk to the garrison commander we were at the chatahootchee river where there was flooding in 2009, hurricane
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irma came by and visited some real wrath on the peach tree state and now you have a situation where here in fort benning they are gearing up to help in the relief effort. before we get there, at the chatahoochee river, columbus, georgia, 30,000 of the folks in town have lost their power but as we were doing an interview with the mayor -- you watch. here is mayor tomlinson. >> we are about in the eye of the storm. we really have gotten to where we got past the northern part and it was about 40-50-mile-an-hour winds. we were expecting about seven inches of rain but the bottom half of the storm irma has sheared off and i think we might have caught a break. >> i saw two knuckleheads swimming through the rapids. >> you are right. they are knuckleheads.
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those are class-3 rapids, at this point higher than that because of the volume and they were very much in danger but luck was with them this evening. they got out. >> your first responders on the job. >> we have a swiftwater rescue team with class 4, class 5 rapids on the other side of the river we have to have that. every now and then there is a foolish person or two and they have to get them out of the river. >> this is colonel clint the garrison commander at fort benning, over 100,000 military personnel and civilians are at this base on a regular basis. we haven't seen each other since kuwait when you were a captain. usually the military is not involved in domestic affairs like storms and so forth but you are all geared up. how does it feel to be a first responder in a sense? >> this is what we do. we protect the american people. every single day.
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whether that's on foreign soil or here domestically, this is what we do, so we have been designated by fema as an incident support base. we will be ready to receive all the supporters that are going to head down to florida to help take care of the folks down there. >> thoughts on 9/11? >> today is our day of remembrance. the good thing about the storm was we were able to be home with our families for a lot of us to remember about things we all know. we had a lot of things scheduled today, a run, a prayer luncheon this afternoon, got wiped out by the weather but at least we had folks home with their families and they are all safe and sound and accounted for today. >> sean, i know you've got a round robin some of our brave reporters but the tropical storm is heading in to alabama, and then going all the way i think up to indiana but you have storm trackers with more expertise than i. i wish we could have visited your home down in florida together. i hope all is well with you,
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sean. >> sean: why does geraldo always have a police car next to him with the lights whizzing around? >> in this case it's to keep the traffic from killing me. >> sean: that's probably true. will you please tell our friends, all these people that sacrificed, offered their professionalism, their training and expertise, we thank them. they've done amazing work both in texas and florida. we can't thank these guys enough and on the 16th anniversary of nievenl and the five-year anniversary of benghazi, all those people, all those heroes, it shows how great this country can be, geraldo. >> roger that, sean. >> sean: hurricane irma left a massive trail of destruction throughout the great state of florida. on the ground with the very latest, southwest florida, my second home in naples, steve harrigan. steve. >> sean, it's pitch black tonight in naples, more than 200,000 people across collier
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country without electric power on day two, across florida more than six million people without power but there is help on the way. more than 50,000 power workers from across the u.s. and canada are on their way to florida to try and help get power up. of course, it's going to be tough in the heat with no air conditioning running. as far as the damage goes, you could get a good look at it throughout the day in the naples area. a lot of downed trees. huge trees pulled up from the roots, wind gusts over 140 miles an hour. downed power lines as well. tough to get around on the roads especially with the stoplights not working and stop signs knocked over as well. the challenge is going to be to get that power up but there is flooding. 3-4 feet of flooding especially in some mobile home areas and that's going to be a problem. the most dangerous thing people worried about before the storm was a possible surge of 10-15 feet. because the storm was weaker than expected on the back end,
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that did not happen, so while hard times here now, no deaths reported from the storm here. sean, back to you. >> sean: thank god. they were worried because hurricane andrew had a bigger surge and so they thought it was very possible. they took all the precautions and even the police department down there, collier county, lee county, i know the sheriff of lee county. amazing job they've done. steve, thank you. also on the ground live in florida tonight, rick leventhal in daytona beach. what's going on there? >> rick: sean, a county-wide curfew in volusia county because of the flooded streets, debris in the roads and the 150 traffic lights knocked out by this storm which dumped 8-12 inches of rain in a short time bringing tropical storm storm force winds. along with hurricane force wind gusts. worse than expected since the storm had turned west and spared the east coast a direct hit. we saw countless trees down and
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signs damaged and store fronts smashed and vehicles swamped and the hardest hit area was in ormond beach a few miles from us where the volusia county sheriff and roll locals said a toornd tupped down -- where a tornado touched down between 9 o'clock and 9:30 last night. badly damaged homes with roofs ripped off and deposited in neighbors' yards or a block away. people remain in the dark and they can expect the lights will remain off for some time to come. >> sean: rick leventhal. thank you. he's on the ground in daytona beach, florida. thank you. mike tobein. hit less hard than they anticipated. thank god. >> mike: the way one cop put it to me as the storm was abating, this town got lucky. the biggest issue they're facing
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like so many other issues is power outages, tampa electric alone 33,000 people are without power, crews were staged ahead of the storm but they were staged out of harm's way. that means they have to spend the day driving. the work starts tomorrow. there are communities that say it will be weeks before the power is turned back on. tampa electric says the lights will be back on in a matter of days. the biggest culprit is downed trees. she had a giant tree in her front yard. it came crashing down in the middle of the storm. she's just glad that no one was injured. there was a steeple on the historic new salem baptist church that got ripped off in the course of the storm. pastor benjamin curry was there. he thanks god no one was hurt and says with the new hole in the roof you can see all the way to heaven. schools are trying to get back to normal operations by thursday. clearwater international airport is resuming flights tomorrow. sean. >> sean: mike tobin, thanks so
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much. a lot of ground to get to tonight. when we come back tonight, good versus evil -- the best and worst in humanity. 16 years after 9/11, 2001, five years after benghasi rzi, texas, florida, we'll have a monologue about government good and evil, government working and not working and we have disturbing reports out of florida, looting taking place in the wake of hurricane irma and price gouging, the attorney general of that state, pam bondi is next and our monologue. straight ahead. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> sean: welcome back >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." tonight as americans come it terms with the devastation of hurricane irma we are reminded of the 16th anniversary of 9/11, 2001. heartbreak and loss. in the midst of that we see the very best and sometimes the very worst of people in this country and that's tonight's important monologue. ♪ >> sean: now we have tropical storm irma's pounding georgia on its way to tennessee. floridians are beginning to assess the damage and devastation caused by this historic storm and thankfully just like what we saw with
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hurricane harvey a couple weeks ago in texas, government, state, local, federal officials -- they're actually on their game. they were more than prepared. they have been responding in the best way possible to prevent widespread loss of life. it's good to see that. we're seeing the best from you, the american people, in areas directly impacted, neighbor helping neighbor and that has expanded with so many other american volunteering, donating money, food, water, supplies, baby formula, cots and blankets and pillows, everything that fellow americans need and like we saw in texas it's good to see as a small-government conservative finally government can work. there can be coordination between local, federal and state governments. governors have been great, the federal government had been great, local officials have been great. in florida we're seeing some of the very worst but it's a select few americans. take a look at this sad video. people looting during the hurricane. in fort lauderdale, authorities are saying that so far nine
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people have been arrested for looting. miami-dade county police tweeted out earlier today 28 people have been arrested and due to wawhat officials are saying, safety concerns that county is under a 12-hour curfew that start at 7:00 p.m. earlier tonight. thankfully authorities are doing an excellent job cracking down on despicable behavior. hay hopefully will hold these people accountable for their actions. there are reports of price gouging supplies that people need are in short supply due to the hurricane. hurricane irma price gouging, scam complaints exceed 8,000 and hurricane irma a case of water selling for $99.99 on amazon as residents fear price gouging. florida attorney general pam bondi will be here in a minute. sheal react to all this. i want to remind you. 16 years ago today america experienced pure, unmitigated
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evil, the attacks on the world trade center, the pentagon, the downing of united flight 93 that killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens. these are images that will forever be burned into all of our memories. and horrors we will never forget, nor should we ever forget. what we are about to show you is graphica. i know some networks won't show it. it's important we never forget especially in light of the recent deal. why would we give money to north korea and iran? it's insanity. we've got to know who our enemies are. al qaeda terrorists hijacked two commercial jets, flew them into the world trade center towers turning symbols of american strength into infernos, death traps, flames so hot people chose to jump to their deaths rather than be incinerated then 56 minutes after the south tower was hit it came crashing down, raining down tons of steel
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debris, gray ash and dust all over the streets of new york city and 30 minutes after the south tower fell the north tower came crumbling down leaving behind nothing but misery, death, destruction, despair on a scale this country had never seen before. while innocent americans were fleeing for their lives, we cannot forget this day -- the brave men, women, the firefighters, the police, the first responders, while everybody is racing to get out of those buildings they're going in the other direction, risking their lives, going into danger, trying to save as many of their fellow americans as possible. that day, 343 firefighters and paramedics lost their lives. 23 nypd officers were killed that day. 37 port authority police officers. they made the ultimate sacrifice. this is what america is. this is what we stand for. let me add one other thing. so many men and women around this country after 9/11 signed
10:19 pm
up for the military. 5,500 of them lost their lives. many others with life-debilitating injuries. all of them heroes. all of them fighting for us. all of them saving lives. they did it without thinking twice. they ran headfirst, all of them, into danger, and just days after the city and the country started to begin the process of recovery and eventually they started rebuilding in the same exact place where the twip towers once stood the freedom tower now sits there at -- the twin towers once stood the freedom tower now sits there the at 1776 feet tall. this is the determination america needs more than ever. the people in texas, the people in florida, the country, it's nice to see us unite for a little bit and for our leaders in government to do the same and start getting things done. the forgotten men and women in this country, you, the american people. i have been a small-government conservative my entire life, the
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florida attorney general will join us in a moment. the president, local authorities, our military, all work together. in texas they all work together in florida. it's refreshing. i would argue this. it's time for congress to follow that example. follow that lead. start doing your job. the american people are begging you. build on this success in texas, florida, georgia, other states. severely impacted by irma. give them the federal assistance they need to rebuild. and also, you need to start passing the agenda you all promised the american people who you ran for office. people voted for you for that agenda. historic, reaganesque tax reform the president is asking for. what's so wrong? what's not reaganesque about seven tax brackets to three, cutting middle class tax rates, slashing corporate tax rates to 15%,a, louing multinational companies to repatriate millions
10:21 pm
of dollars here so they can build manufacturing centers and hire new workers and create opportunity for americans and building at least 300 miles of border wall to protect americans from people like al qaeda, other terrorist organizations. and it might be a good idea to do it in the next 14 weeks. you all promised this. especially energy independence. the millions of high-paying career jobs we would have. replacing, repealing obama care. congress, get your act together. learn from the good part of the american people. they're leading by example. you're supposed to be servants. do your job. here now with reaction, florida attorney general pam bondi. i know it's a small minority, pam. it's very small. what does a case of water cost? four bucks, five bucks? maybe they want to raise the price a dollar. >> pam: sean, by the way.
10:22 pm
best monologue i've ever heard you do especially on september 11th. it was beautiful what you just said. >> sean: thank you. >> pam: what amazon has done, amazon -- these were third-party vendors. i was on the phone with amazon corporate. they brought in their entire team in seattle. they have their automated system. they brought in a team of people and started manually scrubbing it. they've already banned 500 third-party people from going on amazon and will selling. there is a lot of bad but there is a lot of good. we've seen convenience stores gouging. locally, 7-elevens were ridiculous. corporate 7-eleven called me and they donated to make up for these. we're going to go after the franchises, the bad ones but 7-eleven overall, the 10,000 stores were great. they've donated $150,000 to the american red cross and 100,000 bottles of water to our state. tomorrow home depot -- it's starting to rain on us right
10:23 pm
now. tomorrow, home depot, they are sending a convoy of trucks, sean -- 80 trucks down to south florida. water is going to be $2.97 a case, plywood generators, extension cords, we've seen a lot of good and if you're gouging in our state we're going to go after you and governor rick scott has saved so many lives. he said to say hi, sean, because he got the people out of our state. i'm so blessed to have him as our governor. >> sean: i'll be honest, and it was refreshing. we've seen when hurricanes can become a disaster. for example, katrina. but here is what i want to ask you. if you go back to ferguson, missouri, if you go to baltimore and all these people, all the looting and all that went on there we have video of these people. >> pam: sickening. >> sean: we can identify them. they never used the video and these people ended up getting away with it. are you going to search out people? we see their faces. we know who they are.
10:24 pm
>> pam: all of our sheriffs are all over it. our national guard has been fully deployed. i cannot thank them enough. federal assistance. coming in thanks to president trump. our state. we are going to be in good shape. if you are looting from our citizens we are going to go after you, if you are price gouging in our state i am going to go after you and i will shame you on national tv, i will call you out and we're going to now see people coming in from other states trying to sell generators for a thousand dollars to take care of -- to hurt people in need who have babies at home and no power. for the most part, the red cross has been amazing. people are working so well together. one thing if i can mention to your viewers, assignment of benefits. people are going to start coming to your door, wanting to repair your home. they're going to say they're contractors. make sure they're licensed. do not assign your insurance benefits over to any contractor. talk to your insurance company first. that's one of the big scams
10:25 pm
we're going to start seeing as well as charity scams and you and i were on earlier with reverend franklin graham who has a phenomenal charity. we're going to see the -- samaritan's purse,, all the good ones. >> sean: go after these people. i know it's a small minority. there is nothing worse than doing this to your fellow floridians. most people are not like this but those that are, i hep you throw them in jail. all of them. >> pam: that's right. thank you, sean. thank you. >> sean: when we come back, hillary clinton blaming everybody for her election loss. you won't believe what she's literally now saying and greg jarrett and larry elder reactions next on this busy news night. stay with us. unpredictable abdominal pain or discomfort and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." despite suffering a devastating loss in last year's election, hillary clinton won't go away. she's out with a brand new book entitled "what happened" she previewed her new book and not surprisingly blamed pretty much everything under the sun except herself for her loss. trump happened. >> i have respect for like nate silver burrowed into all the data and said but for that comey letter she would have won but even though that was the primary blow to me in the end it has to be looked at in context with the russians weaponizing information, negative stories about me, this whole wikileaks beginning to leak in early october of john podesta's emails, facebook taking money from russian companies to run
10:31 pm
negative stories about me and let's not forget sexism and misogyny which are endemic to our society. >> sean: i don't know what to say. here with reaction fox news anchor, attorney greg jarrett, and larry elder. fake news, facebook, voter i.d. laws, sexism, misogyny and the only thing she didn't mention in this case was she was an awful candidate, the right-wing conspiracy and donald trump happened. that didn't come up at all. >> greg: i keep a running tally. it's up to 26 people and events and conditions she's blamed. psychiatrists have a term for what she does. it's called projection. it's when you're utterly incapable of accepting personal responsibility, you blame others because you view yourself as a chronic victim very much like richard nixon when he famously said in his second watergate speech "i accept responsibility
10:32 pm
and not the blame." like nixon all the scandals thar synonymous with the name hillary are self created. nobody forced her to set up her private email server enobody forced her to pocket $225,000 from goldman sachs, nobody forced her to use her foundation like a personal piggy bank that smacks of influence peddling and self dealing. she did it all on her own but she's utterly incapable of the courage of honest self-reflection. >> sean: that's so well said. i wish i said it that well. really well said. i'll steal every word and plagiarize it and she will blame me. she does blame talk radio and, of course, fox news channel but larry, the media narrative her is she's brilliant. she's so smart. if you watch her campaign, she was boring. she was dull. she had no urgency. and she was basically a walking bumper sticker, talking point of
10:33 pm
every campaign the democrats have ever run. i never saw anything that inspired anybody. and then all the scandals that greg mentioned. >> larry: i don't know whether or not obama is on greg's list but obama should have been because this election was a referendum of the eight years of obama, and he gave us the worst economic recovery we've had since 1949. the first recovery where we haven't had a single year of 3% growth, and the difference between 2% which is what we've had and 3% is a million jobs times the length of the recovery. if obama had done nothing but practice his jump shot we would have had seven million more jobs. what's she going to say? she hasn't made any criticism of any decision he made. how could she? she was ok with all of them including the mandate which obama did not want during the campaign so she can't criticize any decision he's made economically but when you ask americans who voted in 2016 the number one concern was the
10:34 pm
economy and jobs. >> sean: absolutely. forgotten men and women. i guess the media and liberals -- they love to diagnose donald trump's mental state. i'm looking at the hillary. would it be wrong to say narcissistic personality disorder, greg? >> greg: absolutely it would. >> sean: self-analysis here. >> greg: there is none. wouldn't it be refreshing if she said "i ran an abysmal campaign, i was a lousy candidate, i never truly understood what americans care about, i never developed a message that resonated with voters." again, that would require a measure of honesty and self reflection, and she can't acknowledge the truth and she never will. >> larry: sean, she could have said "my husband governed from the center. he cut capital gains. he did the welfare reform act of 1996. my boss governed from the hard left." but she can't say that.
10:35 pm
>> sean: stay right there. we're going to have more with greg and larry right after this break and also coming up tonight a blockbuster interview. "sick minutes" white house former chief strategist steve bannon making major headlines in his first interview since leaving the white house. the man who killed billion dollar and a good friend of mine who lost her brother. one of the pilots on 9-11-2001. straight ahead. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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>> ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." last night "60 minutes" aired the first tv interview with chief white house strategist steve bannon since he left the white house. he attacked the washington establishment hard. they deserve it. and so much more. let's take a look. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. they do not want donald trump's populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. it's obvious. the drain of the swamp thing with mitch mcconnell was day one. >> you accept no responsibility for the failures of this administration? >> when you say failure, it's eight months in. give me a failure. obama didn't have obama care for the first 18 months. you're holding him to an unfair standard. he asked the percentages of still winning and the recommendations, and reince said
10:40 pm
you either drop out now or you lose by the biggest landslide in american electoral history. i said you have a 100% -- a 100% probability of winning. >> you asked him to double down on his rhetoric in terms of appealing to his base. >> appealing to the american people and the working class people in this country. absolutely. >> i don't think there is any doubt that if james comey had not been fired we would not have a special coup. we would not have the mueller investigation. we would not have the mueller investigation in the breadth that clearly mr. mueller is going. >> someone said to me that you described the firing of james comey -- you're a student of history -- as the biggest mistake in political history. >> that would be probably -- that would be too bombastic even for me but maybe modern political history. >> sean: as we continue with larry elder, greg jarrett, i
10:41 pm
talk about five forces against the president. one of the five forces is the republican establishment. weak republicans. the never-trumper republicans. then i watch mitch mcconnell. "the expectations were too high on health care." i agree with bannon. they are not a positive force for change and they're deeply involved in the sewer and swamp. thoughts? >> larry: for seven years they have been talking about repealing and replacing obama care and the reason for the unification was because of barack obama. barack obama is no longer there. now the republicans have been exposed. a number of these republicans are not true fiscal conservatives. they don't really believe in repealing obama care. they believe in repealing it and replacing it with another government scheme. that's the problem. many of these guys are not people that are truly principled and the fact that obama has gone away shows this and trump unfortunately is the vehicle for this. donald trump won. these guys did not expect him to win, they have no idea what to do with him, he's not a
10:42 pm
convention will population, he's a populist as steve bannon has pointed out. >> sean: let me go to you, greg. i disagree on the comey part of what steve bannon said. if somebody is so unethical and so conflicted and now we know the fix was in, before he was interviewing hillary or all these witnesses he was writing her exoneration. that's not equal justice under the law by any measure. >> greg: comey should have been fired a long time ago. he usurped the authority of the attorney general. he broke all the rules in making his public announcement. and then he blatantly misinterpreted the law. i never understood how he could exonerate hillary clinton given the plethora much incriminating criminality. now we know. senate judiciary has comum come up with a document -- has come up with a document exonerating
10:43 pm
her before he interviewed the top aides. how is that possible unless he was told to do it or he decided to do it on his own? either way, it's interviewing with the due process of law. that is obstruction of justice. there ought to be a special counsel other than his good buddy robert mueller to open an investigation, to convene a grand jury and decide whether james comey has committed crimes including obstruction of justice. >> larry: greg, he would have to be told what to do. obama said on serl occasions he didn't feel hillary had done anything. i have known her a long time -- >> greg: i suspect loretta lynch which is why she ought to be under oath and the target of a special counsel because it looks as though promises were made to the hillary clinton campaign. what happened on the tarmac inside that plane with bill clinton? even james comey said the reason
10:44 pm
he took it over was because he was suspicious of the motive and reactions of loretta lynch. >> larry: that falls to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. all trails lead to barack obama. that's why this investigation went supernova. that's why it went away. >> greg: you may be right. >> sean: i think there is something to that but the bottom line is i don't think we're done with the email server scandal. i don't think we're done with comey, with lynch, with ukraine election interference nor uranium one or debbie wasserman schultz. when we come back, president trump remembered the 9-11-2001 attacks. to make sure terrorists never again have a safe haven to launch attacks against this country. debra burlingame. straight ahead. join us next straight ahead. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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>> these are horrible, horrible enemies. enemies like we've never seen before. but we're insuring that they never again have a safe haven to launch attacks against our country. we are making plain to these
10:49 pm
savage killers that there is no dark corner beyond our reach. no sanctuary beyond our grasp. and nowhere to hide anywhere on this very large earth. >> sean: president trump earlier today at the pentagon wering the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks. joining us now the man that killed osama bin laden, the operator, former navy seal, fox news contributor rob o'neal. every time at this time of year, rob, i play on my radio show the michael w. smith song and we interspersed audio from news report, "the tower is hit, the next tower is hit, field in pennsylvania, towers crashing down" every time i hear it brings me back like it's yesterday. you had the unique opportunity to kill the guy responsible. do you ever reflect on that? >> first of all, thank you for
10:50 pm
having me on the anniversary of such a special day and i hear those things, it brings me back and it's surreal how fast time flies. i can close my eyes and see my team going up the stairs to get osama bin laden and i can remember the feeling of what it's like to know we're facing death ourselves but it's worth it for the innocent people that died in the towers, the people on flight 93 in pennsylvania and the people in the pentagon and i was down there today at the 9/11 memorial. it's incredible to go there and i like to go there a lot more than just on the memorial because it makes me realize what's important. like president trump said in his speech today. that we realize when major catastrophes like that like the terrorist attacks and the hurricanes we realize how small our differences are and once united as a country we can defeat anything. he made that clear. >> sean: i love the fact that he's taking it to them and he's serious. did you read about bin laden's
10:51 pm
son? >> i did. >> sean: i think you saw some of his kids. do you in particular remember him? do you remember if he was there that day is he is going to yune these terrorists? ros his younger son, hamza was not there, his older brother kalid was there. we took care of him quickly. that's the same fate hamza is going to reach. we've got men and women looking for him and it's a bad day when we find him. if that's all they have is a kid because we've hit al qaeda hard and it is the same ideology that isis has, that al shabab have, uniting under this radicalized version of islam. they're scraping for something. he's going to rattle the sabre but he's not be going to do much. >> sean: rob, you did a great service along with all the members of seal team six. none of you knew you were coming back. great heroism and the people that fought in afghanistan and
10:52 pm
iraq and those that came back with the most severe injuries. debra burlingame. lost her brother 9-11-2001. you have become such a powerful voice against radicalism. we're seeing the impact naive as north korea if we bribe them they're going to stop their nuclear program, president obama makes an idiotic deal with iran, i think back that you lost your brother that day. are we really that stupid that we don't understand the mentality of evil in our time? >> we're not that stupid but we have a leadership -- and i'm not confining that to politicians but also the cultural leaders, the thought leaders in our country, the heads of middle east studies departments in colleges and universities who
10:53 pm
are obsessed with something called hate speech, and worrying about the other, and if we had those people running the show in world war ii we might have had quite a different outcome there. the way president trump talked today about the enemy was very important to me. so important to me and so refreshing to me that i knuckled into the rope line so i could thank him for simply saying that our loved ones were murdered that day. that is the first time i heard a president since 9/11 use the term "murder." and i felt it was really important to thank him for that and he said something interesting to me. he said, "my people didn't want me to use that word." and i decided to say it anyway." and i said "i'm glad you did." and i've got to tell you, sean. i heard from 9/11 family members
10:54 pm
today. i hadn't spoken to them. they said, "did you hear? he used the word murdered." it bothers us when we hear uniform misms like they were lost or they were taken from us and when we seize these mass-casualty attacks, outrageous attacks in nice, in orlando, in london, in brussels -- >> sean: san bernardino. >> where they're targeting innocent women, children, civilians, there is all this worry about using the wrong word to describe the killers who did it. it was refreshing to hear this today. one of the things that -- if i may say, i learned was reading one of the affidavits from khalid sheik mohamed taken from him and entered into evidence in the trial he said they planned a second wave of attacks but were
10:55 pm
knocked on their heels. with what they didn't imagine was the aggressive response by the americans and that's what gets it done. >> sean: it was the right thing. >> yes. >> sean: debra, i've gotten to know you over these years and your voice with all you have been through has been extremely powerful over the years. my thoughts and prayers are with you this day too. >> i appreciate it so much. you have been a very good friend and a good friend to the american people. >> sean: same with you. thank you. debra burlingame. when we come back, an important message from me to a friend of our family on the fox news channel. once there was a little pig
10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
college. i want to say to my friend our thoughts and prayers are with you, we love you and we're thinking about you in this most difficult time. thanks for being with us. this show will always be fair and balanced. more of the "the" tucker carlson is up next. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but the threat remains. florida's governor warns that the biggest threat is now rivers overflowing throughout the state. of course, it will be a long road to recovery from devastation and the keys and the gulf coast of florida. in naples on the west side, they took a direct hit. steve, what does it look like? >> tucker, there is a down dowe trees all over the place in the naples area, downed power lines, when you combine that with stoplights and stop