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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and the ninth grandchild for president trump. and he issued a nice tweet. eric luke trump, 8:50 a.m. this morning. >> greg: it's my birthday. you can't steal my birthday. >> sean: thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. we are following two major breaking news stories. mitch mcconnell is threatening to stall president trump's agenda until next year. why won't congress pass the legislation, and why can't he simply get the job done? we'll be holding washington accountable. also tonight hillary clinton releases her new book. it is full of endless excuses as to why she lost the 2016 election.nt we will set the record straight, and we will record as donald trump calls her crooked hillary. this is something the destroy-trump-media will never do, tell you the truth, and it is something you will only see right here on "hannity," and that is tonight's opening monologue.he
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♪ senate majority leader mitch mcconnell continues to prove he's completely incompetent and incapable. just last month he complained and whined that the president had excessive expectations. really? watch this. >> our new president of course has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> sean: mcconnell is actually saying that tax reform may have to wait until next year. i don't know about you watching at home but i've had it up to here with mitch mcconnell. the only thing he does is come up with excuse after excuse as to why he can't keep the simple promises that he and others made to you, the american people. now he has said for seven years he was going to repeal and replace obamacare and then when he gets the chance he blows it,
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and now he's saying tax reform will have to wait until 2018? it is beyond unacceptable, and it shows you why he has the pathetic 18% approval record in his home state of kentucky. he's not leading, he's not getting the job done, so, senator, if you don't want to roll up your leaves and get to work on passing the agenda you promised and the president promised, maybe it's time to call it a career. get out of the way. let someone else who actually cares about keeping their promises to the american people, let them step up, let them start passing legislation. now, also tonight hillary clinton released her book. it's called "what happened," and by the way, it was all smiles earlier today while kicking off the book tour, signing copies in new york city. but tonight she should be anything but happy, because this book, and the media won't tell you, is full of excuses, lies, and fake news. she's in denial about why she
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lost this election. let's take a look at the long list of clinton excuses that gregg jarrett has put together. look at this. clinton has now given 32 reasons for why she lost. and the list grows and grows, and no person, no thing is spared. clinton has blamed everyone and everything but herself and her terrible campaign. gregg jarrett will join usle alg with sekulow for reaction. instead of writing a tell-all book, she could have saved herself a lot of time and just take a long look in the mirror, but, of course, this is hillary clinton we're talking about. she'll never pass up an opportunity, a, to make money, and, b, cast blame on others. it's what she did in an interview were cbs this weekend. just take a look at this. >> analysts who i have a great deal of respect for like nate silver burrowed into all of the data and said but for that comey letter she would have even though that was the primary
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blow to my campaign at the very end, it has to be looked at in context with the russians weaponizing information, negative stories about me, this whole wikileaks beginning toan leak in early october, of john podesta's emails, facebook was running negative stories about me for money, and then let's not forget sexism. endemic to our society. >> sean: these are just the tip of the iceberg for her blaming why she lost. in this new book hillary actually criticizes thea liberal mainstream media for all the scandals surrounding the clinton foundation. listen to this. >> i knew from experience that if i ran for president again, everything bill and i had ever touched would be subject to
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scrutiny and attack including theat foundation. that was a concern, but i never imagined that this widelyer respected global charity would be as savagely smeared and attacked as it was during the campaign there was twice as much written about the clinton foundation as there was on any of the trump scandals. >> sean: she's now painting herself as the victim. she's completely out of touch. let's set the record straight. let's give you the truth. she's out of touch with the facts surrounding the clinton foundation. take a look at the side of the screen. the clinton foundation took millions of dollars from countries like saudi arabia, kuwait, the uae and others,rs countries that tweet women, gays, lesbians, christians, and jews horribly. marital rape in these countries. many of them it's not recognized if you're gay or lesbian. many of those countries the punishment is death. by the way, you are not allowed
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to build a church or a temple in saudi arabia. that would be illegal. that's just the one country of the many that the clintons have taken money from, not to mention all the allegations of pay to play at the clinton foundation. you may remember back in august of last year when the a.p. published a story with the headline "many donors to clinton foundation met with her at state." and the report details, quote, "more than half the people outside the government who met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state gave money, either personally or through companies or groups, to the clinton foundation."" you donate, and you get a meeting. and the iranian 1 deal. hillary clinton was one of nine people to approve the transfer of up to 20% of america's uranium, you know, the foundational material for nuclear weapons. to who? vladimir putin, the russians. there is a real conspiracy. and then people involved in that deal kicked back as much as $145 million to the clinton foundation. oh, and bill clinton doubled his
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speaking fees in moscow. so sorry, hillary clinton. the media, republicans, they're not to blame for all the corruption at the clinton foundation, and, by the way, you and your husband are. next of course hillary's excuse for her email server scandal. she actually attacks "the new york times." "the new york times" over their coverage, blaming them. >> the "times," as usual, played an outsized role in shaping then coverage of my emails throughout the election. to me, the paper's approach felt schizophrenic. it spent nearly two years beating me up about emails, but it's glowing endorsement applies some sanity to the controversy. and then when it matters most the paper went right back to its old ways. >> sean: again, let's tell the truth, and let's set the record straight. that's laughable because remember wikileaks exposed them as only one of the many outlets
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that was caught red-handed. except the fox news to handle that was caught red-handed. they were colluding with the clinton the reason her emails became such a big story is because she broke several laws. remember? she had secret, top secret, special access program, and classified information on her server, you know, the server stored in the bathroom of a mom and pop shop. the fbi also told us that it's likely that up to five foreign intelligence agencies gained access to every single classified email and every special access program email on that server. and it even getsth worse. remember clinton's team deleted 33,000 emails using bleach, in other words acid watch after being served with a congressional subpoena. they also dispatched them with a hammer. and then to top it off, remember they did give the fbi
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blackberries, but they didn't have sim cards in them renderint them meaningless. there's also the fact that she changed her story and lied every step of the way when it came to use to the private email server. this is all pathetic, and clinton is delusional, the media won't tell you she can't come to grips with the reality she was a terrible candidate, and she didn't bother to campaign in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. unbelievable.mi joining us now with reaction editor in chief, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. you're laughing. >> i listen to you, and i'm like these are the golden oldies. you did not hit webb hubbell, broderick. >> sean: it's all a lie. she's now making money off a bunch of suckers that are buying a book that's full of lies and fake news.
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i think she believes it. >> bleach the book. take hammers to the book. that's what they should have done. i was thinking of the old quote from teddy roosevelt that if yoe could kick the person in the pants most responsible for your own troubles you wouldn't sit for a month, and hillary clinton has to think about that. even eleanor roosevelt, her idol talks about how we shape our own lives, and ultimately we're responsible before we die for our decisions and our fate, and yet every turn, whether it's going back to, you know, 1998 and monica lewinsky all the way up to the clinton scandals, it's never, ever, ever the clintons' fault, and i think that refusal to take really pretty much any personal responsibility of anyfa note is part of the reason why trump won because people are just kind of sick of that type of politics. i trump is not a -- someone who's going to apologize a lot, but he
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did expose the clintons for what they do and who they are, and i think that second debate, sean, remember the second debate where he stood next to her and he had all those women who -- >> sean: it was creepy. he was within ten feet of her. >> and all the women who bill clinton had abused, brodrick and paula jones and all the rest, and he said you're talking about locker room that i regret and i'm sorry for. yeah, that's bad, but what about what happened to these women? and he called out the clintons for what most republicans in public office were afraid to do which is their utter disregard for the norms of human behavior and how most public servants treat the oath of office, which is with great respect and great reverence, not that revolving door of influence that we saw at the state department, so you nailed it in your monologue. >> sean: let me ask you this, because mitch mcconnell said our
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expectations have been really, really high, that after, you know, begging for the house, the senate, and the white house and after seven and a half yearshi expecting health care that was really unfair of us to expecthe the job done. now, he's saying the tax bill may go into next year. now, my first reaction is one of anger and feeling of betrayal. >> that's rightful anger. the people expect action. if mitch mcconnell cannot get this done, and i know they're meeting in the white house i think they're having dinner, but if he can't get this done with the house and the senate and the presidency, then i think it's time for him and a lot of his colleagues to go into a different line of work. they're not all that good at politics, so maybe he rides into the sunset, does something in kentucky, maybe he can run a bourbon company and leave politics to people like donald trump who can cut deals and get results for the american people because so far they've given us
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a bunch of goose eggs here. we've gotten almost nothing from the republicans. donald trump is sick of it. he's going to cut deals if he has to to move the ball down the field, and republicans can actually build out a movement that would sustain this party for decades, sean, if they actually followed the america first, make america great again agenda. they will blow the party into new areas of the country, that would be great. >> sean: kennedy did it and reagan did it. when reagan went from 70% to 80%. revenues doubled and we created 20 million new jobs. if we go from the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized rate to the lowest, if we go to a middle class cut, repatriation, seven brackets to three, and then add energy jobs, we can have that success and more. i don't think that's that hard, even if you have a senate lunch, the senate barber shop, the
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senate dining room, and the senate smoke room and brandy shop, you ought to be able to find an hour or two to get that done. >> and look, they find money for all sorts of garbage on capitol hill. they allocate billions of dollars that frankly we never see hide nor hair of again, and to what end? and this point we have a chance. it's the first time in 30 years to revitalize the american economy for a new generation of americans, long after mitch mcconnell is gone, long after we're this could sustain the country as china continues to bear down on us, continues to outperform and grow its military, we need an economy that works for the average person, and we tried the other way, we've tried globalization on steroids. it's made a lot of people rich but not the forgotten men and women. donald trump has to keep those people in mind as he does these negotiations. >> sean: laura, good to see you.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." in >> sean: welcome back to "hannity."at in her new book "what happened" hillary clinton takes shots at all the people she blamed for her embarrassing 2016d presidential election loss including james comey who i argue had to fix it. listen to this. >> for months after the election i tried to put it all out of my mind. it would do me no good to brood over my mistake, and it wasn't healthy or productive to dwell on the ways i felt i'd beene, shived by then fbi director james comey. three times over the final five months of the campaign. >> sean: here is jay sekulow and fox news anchor attorney gregg jarrett. jay, we had the issue of the records act. we also have the issue of 18 usc 793.3. correct me if i'm wrong. what about the hatch act?
10:20 pm
because i'm getting all these rumblings that comey is in real legal trouble now. any truth to that? >> here's what we're hearing on the hatch act. that's an internal -- if you're a government employee there are prohibitions on engaging in politicala campaigns. there was a report from the office of special counsel not to be confused with robert mueller. that was investigating or is investigating james comey's activity for exactly what you just said just moments ago, this kind of intervention in the campaign last year, and that could include being barred for up to five years from federal service including fines and penalties, but it points to something deeper.n there's an inspector general's investigation going on right now as to james comey as well. in addition to that, you've got senator graham saying last week he smelled a rat in the fact that the declination letter, and that's what it was, regarding the whole hillary clinton email situation was written at least
10:21 pm
two, maybe three months before they interviewed 16 witnesses,s, including the target, so he had already been transferring around this declination letter. all of this together, to me, points to the fact that there must be, there has to be, an investigation of james comey going on, and it should be at multiple levels. >> sean: i've got to believe this is going to happen, and i also think, gregg, that the dooo has been opened in a lot of ways because the fix was in. that means the attorney general now can begin his own investigation anew. we know she violated the law. we also know the leakers are violating laws. we hear jay saying comey potentially violated laws, debbie wasserman schultz is in trouble, uranium one is a big issue. there's no evidence on russia, but none of these things get investigated, and if we're going to have equal justice under the law in this country, doesn't that have to happen?ed >> it absolutely has to happen, and it has to begin by looking at james comey who appears toen have testified falsely under oat
10:22 pm
when he was asked did you determine not to prosecute hillary clinton before or aftert you interviewed her and she said afterwards. it's now emerged that he wrote a statement of exoneration of clinton two months before he interviewed her and top aides, so that would appear to be false testimony by comey, and it would also appear that his entire investigation of hillary clinton was nothing more than a charade. >> sean: it's a charade and a sham, and in light -- you know, i honestly think, jay, we're the only ones that point out the specific laws that she broke. we know mishandling of classified information happened. we know obstruction. nobody gets to delete emails. bleach -- use bleach pit and acid watch and destroy blackberries and iphones. if any of us did that we'd be in trouble. i would be asking both of you to come to jail and visit me. >> we would.
10:23 pm
>> we would do more than that. we'd represent you. in addition to that, let me say something else here. when james comey got on his -- made a statement about how he was just shocked and appalled at what had happened with former president clinton and then the attorney general loretta lynch on that tarmac and he had to take action, he bypassed everything. he took on the role as attorney general. loretta lynch was severely compromised without question. here's what you have. james comey thinks he's above the law. he thinks he's above the rules and regulations, and in a sense, james comey is creating his own really constitutional crisis here. you've got this idea that there are policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines, and he ignores them. that's not the way it's supposed to be. >> sean: what i want to know is
10:24 pm
where is the scope as it relates to the trump, russia collusion, no evidence story, dana rohrabacher meets with julian assange, the one guy that knows where the information came from, the dnc emails, et cetera. he doesn't want to talk to them, and they keep expanding out the investigation. and in that sense, this is -- there's something radically wrong, and then they had comey getting his best friend on purpose by leaking to the "new york times." >> and the other point you made earlier, sean, is what about the 30,000 destroyed emails? congress had issued a subpoena -- i >> sean: 33. >> 33,000 emails. congress had issued a subpoena to preserve and produce all of her emails. instead, she destroyed 30,000 of them, and there's to way to prove the content of them because she cleaned the server destroying any incriminating evidence.
10:25 pm
but destruction of evidence by itself, regardless of whether those documents exist, she admits she destroyed 30,000, that by itself is obstruction of justice, it is beyond me how she has not as yet been held for an indictment on that count alone.n >> i'm holding in my hand three freedom of information requests that we just sent out on this whole matter of the declination letter, about being written three months before the interviews took place. look, there is no justification for prejudging this case or any other case before the main witnesses are interviewed, by the way, including people on her staff that were also allowed ton be serving as her lawyer. i mean this is unprecedented. >> what prosecutor has ever done that? >> sean: thank you. somebody who does know the
10:26 pm
clintons really well mike huckabee as we continue tonight right here on "hannity." ♪
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it's what you do. i will have nachos! ♪ >> live from american news headquarters, i am jackie ibane ibanez, the deadly assault being felt throughout the south. three people died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a home in florida's orange county. four others were hospitalized. they have been using a portable gasoline generator. irma with 19 deaths in the u.s., 15 in the caribbean. many people without powers for weeks and the florida area. meanwhile, bernie sanders is planning to unveil his proposal to government run health care for all americans. the democratic party's progressive basis endorsing the plan. others see it as a huge tax
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increase. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity," for all of your headlines log on to have a great night. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." hillary clinton has a lot of excuses for why she lost in 2016 and the presidential election. in "what happened" she details some of those excuses including the controversy over her private server which according to clinton was just a dumb scandal driven bipartisan politics. like she told ed henry. did i clean it with like a cloth? >> i never meant to mislead anyone, never kept my email use secret and also took classifieda information seriously. during the campaign i tried endlessly to explain that i'd acted in good faith. i tried to apologize, though i knew the attacks being lobbed at me were untrue or wildly overstated and motivated bipartisan politics. sometimes i dove deep into the tedious other times i tried to rise above it all.
10:32 pm
once i even told a bad joke. no matter what, i never found the right words. so let me try again. it was a dumb mistake, but an even dumber scandal. >> sean: joining us now fox news contributor mike huckabee. one of the things we're talking about is equal justice under the law. if you have equal justice under the law, you don't get to have a private server. that was wrong. mishandling is a crime. deleting classified top secret special access program information, that's a crime. bleach bit, acid watch, banging out with hammers, phones, and blackberries, that would seem like obstruction. you know the clintons well. it doesn't seem like something to be sorry for. five foreign intelligence agencies got the information. >> sean, forgive me for laughing during the whole segment, but what i'm sitting here thinking is the only thing worse than
10:33 pm
reading the 512 pages would be to listen to that entire book on audio. and i just cannot imagine that, and part of it is that she has this cafeteria full of excuses was to why she didn't win, but in a serious note, one thing ihy want people to remember, she was an appointed federal official at the time that these things were happen. she was not just a candidate. she was the secretary of state when she had a private server. she had access to classified information. she was a federal employee. she was under all of the restrictions and all of the confines of what that means. and the press has spent so much time talking about some meeting that one of donald trump's sonss had when he was not a federal employee. he was simply the son of the candidate, and it's just bizarre to me that anybody could with a straight face say that this was not a serious issue of what hillary clinton did.
10:34 pm
>> sean: governor, i want to move on to another issue. we've been talking about this a lot. i want to move on to the agenda of the president, and i'm arguing republics don't have an identity anymore, and mitch mcconnell says well, there'ses been excessive expectations when people thought that if they got the house and they got thehe senate and they got the white house, and they got a presidente that wanted to repeal and replace obamacare that after eight months they might have the job done, but he says our expectations were out of whack. now he's actually saying that the tax bill might slip into next year. you know, besides raising my blood pressure and wanting to go apoplectic over this, i'm thinking if you can't get the job done, go get out of the way. let's let somebody who can get the job done. do i have excessivele expectations? >> no, i think you have the expectations that were given to you by senator mcconnell who said give me the senate.
10:35 pm
we can't do it with the house alone.en m and we need the white house. you have all three. you've had seven and a half w years to prepare. and this is not about excessive expectations. this is about minimal expectations. you were sent there to cut taxes, sent there to repeal and replace obamacare, defund planned parenthood, stop the t iranian deal, make america strong, build the wall. these are the things you got the votes to do, so just do it. >> sean: it's not that hard -- >> just do it. >> sean: i agree with you. so seven brackets to three, middle class tax cuts, corporate tax cuts, and repatriation and energy independence, i'm not asking for too much. i'm just asking for what reagan did that created 20 million new jobs. i don't think that's that hard. >> it's not that hard, and it would have an incredible impact upon exploding the economy with
10:36 pm
extraordinary growth. growth is far more important than anything else we do because that's how we pay for the entitlement. that's also how we bring down the debt. we'll never be able to tax people enough. the only way to get our economy under control, our debt undero control, have the defense budget we need, get people back to work and getting paychecks instead of welfare checks, it's real simple.k grow the economy, and a tax plan like donald trump has suggested will do that. >> sean: when mitch mcconnell interjects himself in a primarye of alabama, and the people in alabama, a poll shows that he's at 18% approval rating in the state of kentucky. >> it does, and one of the things i supported roy moore, i don't have anything against luther, but it's real simple. i want someone who will go and challenge the establishment, and not be a part of it, and i'm convinces roy moore will at
10:37 pm
least challenge it. i don't want anymore members of their club. >> sean: i don't want any more members of their club, the senate dining room, barber shopn workout room, how about the senate work for the people room. let's have one of those rooms. good to see you, governor. thank you. f when we come back the u.n. approves tough new sanctions against north korea. colonel oliver north is here to discuss. no good options there. straight ahead. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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>> we think it's just another very small step, not a big deal. rex and i were just discussing not big -- i don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15-0 vote, but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. >> sean: that was the president earlier today saying the unanimous decision by the u.n. security council yesterday will place new sanctions on north korea. it is only the beginning. the new sanctions did stop shore of the trump administration's tougher stance which was to ban all oil imports and freeze the international assets of leader kim jong un. here's reaction of oliver north. i think kim jong un has sufficiently garnered the attention of the entire world. bannon was on "60 minutes," and
10:42 pm
i think the biggest key besides incinerating this place would be for china to step up considering that's their region of the world. is china capable of cutting the cord? >> great question, but before i go to that i want to, first of all, go on air and help you for helping the fox camera team in florida saturday. you responded like a u.s. marine quickly, and thank you for that. that's all i need to say about that.. >> sean: nobody knows what you're talking about. he was homeless in a hurricane, though. i'll put it that way. >> there you go, buddy. well done.n terrific. >> sean: no problem.y. >> back to the answer to your question, the president, first of all, must continue to make the point that the democratic people's republic of korea arel, -- nuclear weapons and icbms. an extension threat and a clear and present danger to the american people.he
10:43 pm
he needs to keep saying that. k that u.n. resolution, 16th anniversary of 9/11, hopefully the best we could hope for, but the asset freezes are wholly inadequate. none of those clowns has a checking account at wells fargo or bank of america. $725 million in north korean textile sales. do you have north korean jeans? i don't. it's a drop in this bucket. if they want to shut off funding from north korea and their nukes, call the supreme leader ayatollah in tehran. that's where the bank roll is coming from this thing. you also said it correctly. the only way to pressure the chubby dwarf in pyongyang is to let him know the u.s. is deadly serious about our last option, and our last option ought to be military action, and that's going to take more than words, it's going to take action. here's what i suggest. >> sean: if he's going to put -- colonel.
10:44 pm
>> president trump needs to do this right now to send a clear signal to beijing that we really are deadly serious. we've got to show them. first, deliver biological and chemical protection equipment tt the republic of korea. ask israel publicly to provide iron dome, iron beam and sling systems to deal with the north korean artillery to protect seoul. return the tactical nukes that we withdrew in the 1990s. number 4, deploy another strike group to the region, more long range aircraft and air tankers, and get this, deploy search and rescue assets and ask if we can base some of our assets to china to recover air crews because there are going to be crews shot down. it's unlikely he'll agree, but it's a very clear signal. it may wake him up.
10:45 pm
>> sean: he said little fear, firing over japan, and he's threatening guam. i would argue the next time heea fires a missile or even puts one on a launch pad, we really don't have a choice. don't we have to take it out to send the loudest message? >> look, and unfortunately i know a little bit too much about this to be able to talk about it on tv, but i have to be very careful. t it's important to understand that we learn a lot about their systems by getting the telemetry that comes back.e it's a very important part of the information that we have without using another "i" word. so for example if we shoot one down coming off the pad, it's in the air, it's not going to hurt anybody on the ground, we may be okay, maybe not. remember what the chinese said. what the chinese have to bemb convinced, sean, is that we will take very serious militaryd, action if this doesn't
10:46 pm
it's not a matter of shooting down one or two because he's got mobile missiles he can deploy relatively quickly, and if he has the warheads we think he has he can deliver one on the united states in the space of 45 minutes. that's all the warning we're going to get. so for example -- if we have the hospital ships in okinawa, that would give a very clear signal that the united states is deadly serious. pay attention, because you can stop this. and that's what we need to do, before we pull the trigger, because i think once you pull the trigger, sean, you're going to have a war, and it will be a very quick war. it will be unbelievable, but quite frankly they can stop this. if we have to launch a military operation, we're going to have to use surface and undersea air, u.s. air force and navy strike aircraft, we have to decapitate the leadership, take down all their air defenses, cyber attacks, special weapons we
10:47 pm
haven't used elsewhere, and they're going to have to use carrier pigeons to communicate afterwards. >> sean: they'll be incinerated. >> yes, they will. >> sean: safe at home.e. thank you. you can watch colonel oliver north "war stories" on the fox business network. when we come back a new study reveals how bias the liberal news media coverage is. it is so over the top. straight ahead. eyes every day. i should know. i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose. it helps me make more of my own tears, with continued use, twice a day, every day. restasis multidose helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." a new study proves what we've been saying all along. the mainstream liberal media are out to take down president trump. they tracked the evening newscast from abc, cbs, and nbc, and they found a staggering 91% of the coverage of the president was negative. joining us now monica crowley is back with us. 91%. >> uh-huh. >> sean: i don't think it can get worse. >> well, it can, sean. so don't temp the mainstreamon media to actually make it worse. if you spend five minutes
10:52 pm
watching any of the major coverage of president trump, this study doesn't come as a surprise, and what we do know, sean, is that over decades the mainstream media has demonstrated a really pronounced leftist bias, but what we're seeing now is the level of intensity and the level of activism. the press hates and fears donald trump. they hate him personally. they don't like him personally. but they also hate what he represents, which is the forgotten man, economic nationalism, patriotism, enforcing laws, particularly on immigration, his personall wealth, and when you marry that, sean, were the idea that they also fear him because they know if he succeeds, then their level of influence and power is going to be diluted to a level that they cannot stand. so because they cannot tolerate him or his policies because they fear him so much, they've got to pull out all of the stops to try to destroy him.
10:53 pm
>> sean: have you ever watched or read in "the new york times" or "washington post", or any of these other cable channels or networks, you know, we try tow talk about solutions on this program. we give very special examples on the economy. we go over on a regular basis the economic plan to help the people you're talking about, forgotten men and women, we talk about solutions for the budget, we talk about solutions to grow the economy, create jobs, energy, secure the border, national defense, when do they ever, because i don't see it, talk about how to help people oo offering ideas that help people? >> they don't because they're not interested in that. they're interested in attacking this president and his agenda. again, sean, because he represents something totally different. they've never had to deal with a president like this who comes out of the business world and a who is, as you say, focused on those agenda items that actuallw
10:54 pm
are going to deliver tangible results to the american people,a particularly on the also on national security in terms of giving them a better life, increasing their wages, and keeping them and their families safe. n that's what the president is focused on, actual tangible practical results, and neither party, the establishment onn either side, as well as the mainstream media, they're not interested in that at all because if he actually gets this government working and gets the economy humming, then they know that their influence again is going to be much reduced. therefore because he's a threat to them, the pile-on continues. it's going to go all eight years, sean. >> sean: they had no criticism over the hurricanes in texas or florida. thus. when we come back tomi lahren gets the final word.en you know who likes to be
10:55 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." fox news contributor tomi lahren has the final word. tomi. >> i have the final word for hillary.s what happened? you happened. you continue to blame everyone. funny thing is, you had a lot of help from... obama, michelle, joe biden, debbie wasserman schultz, the dnc, fbi, late-night tv. you still lost. you are as relatable as cardboard. it's not because the country wasn't ready for woman. it's because the country isn't ready for a liar. or an entitled political princess. don't start with the sexism charade. the most important thing to hillary is hillary. that's the final word. >> sean: as always, thank you. that's all the time we have.he set your dvr so you never miss an episode. remember we will never be the establishment "destroy trump"
11:00 pm
media. we are fair, balanced, and we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you probably thought espn stood for entertainment and sports programming network. now it looks like endless stupid political nagging. the network has drawncr criticism for pulling robert lee off a uva football game because his name bore some resemblance to that of a dead confederate general. now it gets better.e jemele hill has gone on a bizarre twitter rant. learning this. donald trump is a white supremacist surrounded himself with white supremacists. more than a do