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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, more awful news in the wake of hurricane irma. police launching a criminal investigation after city officials say six residents of a nursing home died. the facility is located just south of fort lauderdale. officials are not yet certain what caused the deaths, but the power was out and it got very, very hot. the other one had a 15 residents were evacuated to a safer area. so far, at least 56 people are confirmed dead following irma, including 18 here in the u.s. meantime, nearly 4 million homes are still without power in florida and rescue crews are going door-to-door in the keys to make sure everyone is okay. president trump and the
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first lady will visit the region tomorrow. fox news alert on president trump meeting today with a dozen moderate house members on both sides of the aisle. the day after he hosted a bipartisan white house dinner with seven senators on tax reform. this is "outnumbered," answer to smith pure here today, fox news contributor and reply can strategist, lisa boothe, the anchor of the intelligence report on fox business, trish regan, fox news contributor and democratic strategist jessica tarlov and today's #oneluckyguy, former chief of staff to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, josh holmes is here and he returns to the couch. you are outnumbered, great to have you. >> josh: i can't leave you have me back. >> sandra: why would you say that? >> josh: i'm out of my element. >> sandra: there's a lot going on in washington and we continue to watch the followed of irma down in florida. president trump is meeting with lawmakers this afternoon as part of his plan to push through tax reform. the president hosted a
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bipartisan dinner last night with three red state democratic senators and four republicans. senator joe manchin of west virginia sounding positive this morning. >> all the players were at the table and it was a great conversation. the president said this will not be a tax cut for the super wealthy. which is what some people want to demonize it as from the get-go. i was happy to hear that. >> sandra: a source tells fox news us as part of a new strategy of reaching across the aisle not of the former white house chief of staff reince priebus is gone. the focus is now on being effective rather than getting locked in by party politics. here's kellyanne conway. >> the president works closely with the leaders of his own party and he's also committed to working with those who are going to help promote his agenda. we need to talk about who donald trump is. he was a successful businessman
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on television for decades and he brings those skill sets and effectiveness to bear on this job. >> sandra: meantime, house speaker paul ryan says their release tax reform outline during the week of the 25th. josh, that's obviously a very important timeline and deadline. too aggressive? >> josh: no, i don't get too aggressive. they have to get going. this is clearly the issue that republicans rise and fall with the trump administration, our economy probably rises and falls with. there is no timeline. >> sandra: what's at stake? >> josh: both clinically and from a perspective. i'm encouraged that they're having democrats in to talk but a way to get in the house and the senate. your goal is to get the majority, whether it's democrats or republicans to get there, that's fine. what we should all be eyes wide open about is that these are not converted tax cutters.
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what we are dealing with is three senators who are happy to be up for reelection who happened to be in states that trump carried in massive numbers and they want their picture with the president whenever they can get it. >> sandra: does i concern you, trish? >> trish: actually, i think they might go along with this. cutting taxes does not need to be political. this is not need to be some thing that's owned by the republicans. jfk to cut taxes. the reality is the market wants it, the market expects this, the economy needs it. democrats, they know that and if they go against it, they're effectively going against the american people, going against a market economy. i don't think they have a choice. they need those pictures. >> sandra: jessica, you looked equally pleased about the democrats meeting with the president. >> jessica: adds better for our reelection chances.
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at the end of the day, people in congress, they serve their constituents, they don't serve the democratic party or the republican party. heidi heitkamp has a lot of conservative voters who like your style and that includes getting on air force one with president trump and standing next to him when he talks about economic reform. that doesn't mean that she goes for a 25% tax rate. if he leads with corporate tax reform, we talked about this, that will be very smart and he'll get a lot more moderate dems on board with it. the chuck schumer's of the world and nancy pelosi are dealing with much different landscape. >> sandra: let's talk about that for a second because they're going to be meeting at the white house with the president for dinner tonight. how does not go over with lisa boothe? >> lisa: there is a reason why those three senate democrats met with the president because president trump won their states by 42% in west virginia, by 19
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points of misery and 36 points in north dakota which was heidi heitkamp's estate so that's why those senate democrats want to be with the president, want to talk to him and guitar be a pax reform. he ran as someone who was a dealmaker, that's what he said he was going to be. he's looking at that from the perspective of looking at what happened with health care reform and reap against train to get that done through the reconciliation process. there were deep ideological divides within the own republican party and also the limitations of the reconciliation process. those same problems are going to present themselves as tax reform. that's why he's looking at democrats to court them. >> sandra: cannot highlight this once more? nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are going to be sitting down with the president. i should dig up some of the things the president has said
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about and called chuck schumer. they're going to be talking tax reform, dreamers, all of vessel. it's certainly a moment. >> josh: it certainly is a moment. the president has outlined pretty specifically what he wants to accomplish. he wants the small business rates down where that 15% is. all of those things are incompatible. there are incompatible with or democrats are. the question is are we having a real conversation or are we forming campaign ads for 2018? i certainly hope this is the real deal because i agree with you that there are huge play to go perils and there being a "no "no." >> jessica: to drive everyone's attention back to the quotes that leaked out about the conversations the president had
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with chuck schumer in the soup losey after he got praise everywhere for his deal. and he loved that. he said you've seen how good our coverages. nancy pelosi said i need you to tweet something about dreamers. and he did that. >> lisa: what's going to happen and josh knows this from working in leadership, basically they're going to release their members to vote how they need to to survive reelection and as we mentioned, president trump 15 states, they're going to vote how they need to vote. that doesn't matter what these to say, what matters is what heidi heitkamp, joe manchin, and a rail says. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. the supreme court has granted its request to keep from borrowing those refugees under its travel ban while the high court considers the bands
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legality. the justices are now set to hear arguments on the case next month. the travel ban bars at certain people from iran, libya, smalley, sudan, syria, and yemen from entering the u.s. meanwhile "the new york times" reports that president trump is considering reducing number of refugees admitted to the u.s. over the next year to below 50,000, the lowest number since 1980. josh? >> josh: i think with the supreme court did here is pretty important because it's illuminated lower court's ability for rampant judicial activism that we've seen over the last several months and impeding the president and his team for doing what they see necessary and important for the national secured of our country. at no point is of the position of the court to play that role. what they're doing is basically saying there's an injunction, let's stop it, let's take this case and review it in a month and will have our final ruling at that point. we're not going to let everybody
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endanger the national security of the working people as far as the trump administration is concerned by the ninth circuit ruling. >> sandra: is this a win for the trip at administration qwest market >> jessica: it's not terrible. i believe the supreme court said we're going to hear these arguments and let's leave everything as is until that point. i don't know how they'll end up ruling in the end and the lower courts are having important discussions about close family, aunts and uncles and wife have a job hero, what that means and whether you should come. the lower courts have also brought up things like why are there certain countries not on the list? i know they got it from the obama administration. >> trish: because they do a better job at understanding who is in their country that may be a problem and they share that information with them. they have no idea who is there, they don't know who's doing what. those of the places we need to look at.
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you could possibly be in a situation where the supreme court wouldn't rule on the side of the president and this one because were talking about the president of the united states who has far more understanding and is privy to much more knowledge than some judge on the ninth circuit could possibly ever be and if the president of the united states is saying this is a security concern, we are going to allow these people and for however long or whatever amount of time, that should be his prerogative because his job is to keep americans safe. >> lisa: president obama didn't start admitting more. jeez until 2016, well within his second term and almost on his way out so real political courage for you, president obam president obama. trish addressed the secured concerns. we know that president obama -- it's difficult to vent individuals coming from these places and jeff sessions said
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prior, not too long ago that there is the 300 refugees that are involved in fbi investigations in regard to terrorism. of course we should be looking at these countries. >> jessica: i agree that the president should have the safety of americans as is number one priority, boils of a president who called for the total shutdown of muslims entering the united states. that's all this began and people in the a clu lawsuit have had the president on the record saying -- >> josh: it's irrelevant. it's when the policy is constitutional or not. there is no court in america that is qualified to determine what is in the interest of the american people period, end of sentence. >> sandra: will under therapy read pressure building on fbi director james comey.
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two probes saying he may have broken the law. would he be prosecuted and should he be? hillary clinton speaking out about the benghazi terror attacks, calling it a political football. is that offensive and does it show she still doesn't get it? after the show, he can join our live chat by clicking the overtime tab at or go to and of course, you can tweet us, ask us questions, we'll see you there.
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♪ >> trish: the white house keeping up the pressure on fired fbi director james comey, suggesting for the second day in a role, that he broke the law. here is a press sarah sanders. >> the president was 100% right and firing james comey. he knew at the time it could be bad for him politically, but he also knew and felt he had an obligation to do what was right. comey by his own admission leaked information. he politicized an investigation by signaling to exonerate hillary clinton before he ever
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interviewed her or other key witnesses. >> trish: the white house is also hit comey in recent days with giving false testimony to congress. he is the focus of two probes oil us in a judiciary and home and security committees are also looking into his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. josh, i remember watching you during this and thinking did he just say that? did he really just admit that he sent that to his buddy at columbia university so the professor could link it to "the new york times" when donald trump keeps saying we have a problem with leakers and then we learned at the head of the fbi himself was one of those leakers and readily admits it. did he do anything illegal? >> josh: sarah huckabee sanders is defending the president and that is well within her right. that's what her job is and what she should do, but you said it at the end, there are at least two investigations where all of this is under scope. do you know what else is in
9:19 am
scope as the white house. if i am sarah huckabee sanders, the last thing in the world that i would want to be talking about is jim comey. he's got taxi for monies to get done, he's got a congressional agenda, he's a little bit in the mud here and you have a whole offense you can play. why would you want to look backwards -- >> sandra: you have watched the white house press briefings all week. she can't get away from it. it's every question if not every other question. >> josh: everyone knows what their point of view is on this issue. >> trish: i wrestled with this and i hear what you're saying and a lot would like to move on because you want to get reform through, but there is also what's called precedent and if it's okay for the head of the
9:20 am
fbi to leak oil for the head of the fbi to make a predetermined decision that he's not going after hillary clinton, there's something very wrong about that because that means in the future they may do that. >> josh: my only point to that is your absolutely right, but it's not determined in the newspaper, it is not determined in the tv, as determined by the investigations that are currently going on that from all accounts are going to keep that and scope. >> lisa: we've got a guy who is going to be a key witness and he's repealing light to congress under oath. you go through some of the things he said. he said pointblank he didn't come to the gym for a nation after he interviewed hillary clinton. we know that was a lie. he also said there was no classified information and his memos. that was a lie. more than half of the memos contained classified information. he chastised hillary clinton for doing the same thing he did. he leaked the memos four days
9:21 am
after president trump tweeted about the tapes. that's not true. or possibly not true. ego to a "new york times" article on may 11th that track the memos. got that from somewhere. i'm sorry, but he's repeatedly not told the truth. >> jessica: they are looking at him and they have to look at all facets of what went on and no matter the side of the aisle you're on. republic and democrats are not fans of jim comey right now. steve bannon did a 60 minute interview which is a huge mistake because you wouldn't have a special probe of it wasn't for the fact that president trump fire james comey. whether what he did was illegal or not, that's way above my pay grade. this is the point. if you are focused on reelection which i believe the president is -- everyone is to say their
9:22 am
seat, use that time as fast as you can to talk about the issues that matter to americans. there over this right now. the average american in the heartland, -- >> trish: people -- i think it's really strange that james comey himself was part of the leaks. hillary quentin targeting the media calling the right-wing outlets "dedicated propaganda channels that helped donald trump win the presidency." not sparing the liberal "new york times" either. is she still plane the blame game? after a terror attack in benghazi being added to her growing list of reasons? what you said about the fatal tragedy that is raising a whole lot of eyebrows. we've got it next. >> boy, ed was turner dave political football and it was aimed at undermining my credibility, my record, my accomplishments i work overtime when i can get it.
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♪ >> sandra: hillary clinton raising some eyebrows this money with a comment about the attack and benghazi the left for america instead. she was refunding to a question about her likability troubles. watch. >> take the benghazi tragedy. i had one of the top republicans, kevin mccarthy admitting, we're going to take that tragedy because we lost people unfortunately going back to the reagan administration and diplomatic attacks, but boy, it turned into a political footbal football. it was aimed at undermining my credibility, my record, my accomplishments and i get why people will say, with all this noise around her all the time -- >> sandra: the state department initially refused their services in libya
9:28 am
until two weeks before the fatal attack when a situation was already critical. that pressured them to stay silent and get on the same page with the state department with regards to security. >> they came back and said can you take care of our security? we were ready. unfortunately, told days later, the ambassador was killed. >> what did the officer say? >> she said we should not speak to other officials with respect to the benghazi program. >> was the officer tried to silence you? >> absolutely. >> sandra: an unbelievable revelation there. her new book could be offensive to many. >> josh: she has an astounding lack of self-awareness almost every time she goes on television. it's incredible to see that for
9:29 am
some reason, the benghazi controversy is generated out of an attempt to hurt her when ambassador and three others lose their lives and their administration basically tries to cover it up. i don't know how you formulate that, but every single time she's given the opportunity, it's like she's the victim of the situation. it blows my mind. >> sandra: eagle back to that response and your reminded she was answering a question about her problem as far as likability and she went there. >> lisa: she certainly demo through the way people have a problem with her. you know it's a political football, president obama and the administration lying about the origin of the benghazi attacks right after he had said that al qaeda was on the run and too much before an election. the democratic party and the administration stonewalling the process is not going to get to the bottom.
9:30 am
it should have been a part of partisan desire, both with the investigative party, but it should have been a bipartisan desire to get to the bottom of what happened to ensure that someone like this doesn't happen elsewhere in the world. that was political. >> trish: i've spoken to patricia smith who lost her son that night several times and every timex extraordinarily emotional and a lot of us are parents here on the couch and i can even imagine weighing through anything like that. then to be lied to and for hillary clinton to suggest that this is somehow a conspiracy against her, it is so disrespectful to the people that we lost to say, we lost people before and other administrations, the reagan administration, it happened under your watch. on up to it, it's the right thing to do. time and time again, she has been unwilling to admit where
9:31 am
she's been wrong. americans are very forgiving. will forgive just about anything, but when you aren't willing to admit when you're wrong and people's lives have been lost, it's inexcusable. >> jessica: i like that he came to me as if i'm hillary. i don't think she should have discussed this today. she called it a tragedy which is exact when it was i heard what the stevens family had to say and their big fans of hillary clinton. that is not just on her. we watched the 11 hours of testimony and the benghazi hearing. we can't say this wasn't a woman who wasn't horrified at what happened. especially because she willows so close to ambassador stevens.
9:32 am
she was asked to go on those sunday shows. susan rice ended up doing it. i do not believe hillary clinton was personally responsible, i believe the testimony has all but exonerated her from that, but that's not what you do here. >> sandra: she could still tell the mother, you have questions, we need to have accountability. we are going to work every single day until we answer your questions. >> trish: she never spoke to the mother and patricia smith told me she never had the decency, frankly, to do that and her son gave up his life for this country. it's an excusable. >> lisa: how narcissistic for her to make that about her. she's complete lee tone-deaf, completely out of touch. all she needs to do is watch an interview to realize why americans do not want her to be the president of the united states.
9:33 am
we can talk about it during the break. >> sandra: we can talk about it. more next. hillary clinton also blessing the media in a podcast interview promoting her book. she lashed out at what she calls the right-wing media, claiming her opponent had so-called dedicated propaganda channels. >> in this particular election, it was aided and abetted by the russians and the role of facebook and other platforms. we are late to that. we did not understand how a reality tv campaign would so dominate the media environment. what you got is a right-wing advocacy propaganda and you've got a mainstream media engaged. iphone >> sandra: she writes inr
9:34 am
book this "the times, as usual, played an outside role in shape in the coverage of my emails to all the election. it felt schizophrenic." she's going to fight president trump. >> i think trump, left to his own devices unchecked, would become even more authoritarian than he is tried to be. he likes the idea of unaccountable, unchecked power. we've never had to face that in a serious way in our country. >> sandra: sarah sanders didn't hold back when asked about hillary's attack and whether president trump is going to read the book. >> he's pretty well versed on what happened and i think it's pretty clear to all of america. it's sad after hillary clinton ran one of the most expensive campaigns in history and lost in the last chapter of her public
9:35 am
life not be defined by propping up book sales with false attacks. >> sandra: the president pretty well versed in what happened. thus name of the book. josh, it feels like she's always looking for blame somewhere else. >> josh: i love that line. he's pretty aware. if you take the last three months of what hillary clinton has blamed for her election loss, it starts with jim comey, somehow it's that right-wing chamber of "the new york times" "the new york times" -- coast before ed was schizophrenic because it wasn't entirely on her side. >> josh: the point is, it never gets to her. i don't know how it happens. this is an emotional experience.
9:36 am
losing an election is an emotional experience. go away, collect yourself. watching this play out in public as alarming. >> jessica: you say that. personally, i thought it was too early and i've been feeling better. since the book has come out and people can go and read it, i think she made a really important point about the lessons of the selection, what she did wrong, i know she went after biden and obama. >> josh: russians, "the new york times." >> jessica: what i would say about "the new york times" coverage of it, they also broke the story. the near times and never anything to her. they broke the story. michael mcfall made a really interesting point. he said he felt the russian part in the election was very small.
9:37 am
he said the margins were also very small. >> lisa: the russians didn't prevent her from going to wisconsin. she had more advertisements running in nebraska then michigan and wisconsin combined. she's the one that did that. if she wants to know why she didn't won or why democrats rejected her and then 2008 primary, read her own books. go watch her interviews, hillary clinton. have some self-awareness. realize that you are out of touch, people don't connect with you, you are narcissistic and you're a liar. >> trish: ultimately, she was the problem. >> sandra: she seems to have doubled down a bit in this book as well. the deplorable's comment, she doesn't truly believe that trump
9:38 am
supporters were defended by tha that. >> jessica: i thought that was h minus mistake. >> sandra: bernie sanders unveiling his single-payer health care. whether medicare for all stands a chance and whether it will be a litmus test for democrats weighing a 2020 presidential ru run.
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. gothinsulate. for 100 bucks, it's the boot that stands up... without putting much down. cabela's iron ridge boots. great price. lifetime guarantee. only at cabela's. ♪ >> trish: bernie sanders is playing to unveil his single-payer medicare for all bill and the sun this afternoon. at least 15 democratic senators are already on board including some potential 2020 contenders names like elizabeth warren and cory booker. even joe manchin is saying single-payer health care might be some thing to consider. republicans say it not so fast. watch.
9:43 am
>> we can take the bernie sanders approach which has become the litmus test for the liberal left. of course, this is going to result in much higher taxes and a lot fewer choices. >> trish: we just hit $20 trillion in debt. i guess nobody pays attention to that stuff because handouts are nice, but realistically, why can't we do this? >> lisa: it's good we have you and you do. ernie sanders should know this because his state of vermont canned single-payer before they could and lamented. there was economically, this wouldn't work. from a political standpoint, republicans that use with senator barrasso are looking to hang this over the democratic party just like you did with
9:44 am
obamacare. we look at 2010, i was looking at the national republican congressional committee at the time and they voted for obamacare, lost by six percentage points of the ballot. republicans are hoping to utilize this in a similar fashion. >> trish: josh, does this go anywhere? >> josh: just about the time is targeting concerned with where republicans are, democrats, chiller true colors. if you're an american, you are absolutely fascinated by standing in line for your medical care or waiting three weeks for a surgery. there's a reason why everywhere else in the world comes here. >> sandra: fox news alert, we want to jump in here. six people are dead, 115 evacuated due to intense heat, let's listen. >> also, the agency for occupational health that governs
9:45 am
these types of facilities to determine the regulations or any other violations. right now, this is a criminal investigation. we have six confirmed deaths and i'd like to turn it over now to the doctor who can speak to the conditions of some of the other patients here. [speaking spanish]
9:46 am
>> sandra: fed as the hollywood, florida, police chief providing an update on what he has announced as a criminal investigation into this nursing home in hollywood, florida. six people, he just confirmed dead in that nursing home. they had to evacuate 115. the nursing home put out a statement just a few moments ago, detailing exactly what happened saying they evacuated early this morning due to a prolonged power failure the transformer which powered the facilities air-conditioning system as a result of the hurricane. unfortunately, early this monday, several patients experienced the stress and there were three fatalities. as we heard, six confirmed deaths and that nursing home. we'll stay on that story for you and meanwhile, will go back to our discussion.
9:47 am
>> trish: basically, bernie sanders would want to turn into europe. >> jessica: i don't like bernie sanders. i've never liked him. >> trish: x not just bernie sanders. elizabeth warren, cory booker. >> jessica: joe manchin has not signed on. it's important to remember that we would want single-payer, we know we can get it passed. this is been a goal of liberals for a long time. we have to acknowledge how our system works, we're a diverse nation and it's not successful in a lot of places. what i'm concerned about is we are playing out the same thing within our party as we did in 2016. camilla harris, cheatham california. that's fine coming want to go to sickle pair, cool. you're not going to win a
9:48 am
national election this way. i was looking at data before he went on. 48% on both sides. we're not going to win if we do this. fix obamacare, nancy pelosi is right. >> trish: we still have the best health care system in the world because we saved more lives than any other country. outrage today at a high score math teacher after she refused to let students wear make america great teachers in her class and liking the slogan to a swastika. with the school is saying. ugh. heartburn.
9:49 am
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tow, and more - any time of day. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> lisa: high school teacher in georgia has been pulled from her classroom after likening the slogan make america great again to a swastika. to a first dunes were ring trump campaign t-shirts to clasp your she told those students something that was caught on viral video. >> you cannot wear a swastika to school. please go back.
9:53 am
>> lisa: the school district quickly issued an apology saying her actions were wrong as make america great again shirts were in by the students are not a violation of her schools district dress code. the teacher in a properly shared her personal opinion about the campaign slogan during class. josh, i can't say the word, but no wonder. what you make of this? >> josh: reminder 1 billion, nothing compares to nazis or swastikas. whether it's college, universities, we see it every day or in this case, thank goodness for this enterprising student who captured, this
9:54 am
person has no business teaching. >> sandra: to that point, we want to get us in here, the river ridge high school principal sent the student of that teacher, the parents are concerned about their learning here, sent the parents a letter friday announcing she was not teaching effective immediately adding that the school assigned his hips to teacher and will continue to search for a new permanent math teacher. they didn't technically say she's been fired from the school system. >> lisa: you mention the student a posted it. the group that released this video, how important do you think it is for students to capture things like this and expose teachers that clearly cross the line, even to the schools standards? >> josh: what's holding them accountable? you see whether in college or high school, key people on payroll. having people collect pensions for decades after teaching kids absolute filth. i think it's really important
9:55 am
that people have this information because then people know what their kids are learning. >> lisa: trish, you're a parent. what's he going to for parents to push back and schools to do some self-examination? >> trish: not everyone he could be a card-carrying member of the left. these are gross estate must be making about anybody who is opposed to donald trump. don't forget, you fat howard dean out there saying -- there's a woman in missouri calling for the assassination of donald trump. there are outrageous things that have been said and done purity of college campuses, all during the election basically calling it hate speech if you put up a trump signed for the president. this the replica nominee for president.
9:56 am
>> sandra: we can agree there's collective outrage on his couch about what we just heard. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. i was playing golf a couple days ago...
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love golf. and my friend mentioned a tip a pro gave her. did it help? it completely ruined my game. that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you with investment management services. >> thanks to josh holmes, we are staying right here for "outnumbered over time" on the web. you can find us at
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josh holmes, it wasn't bad, right? >> no, thank you for having me. >> "happening now" starts now. >> melissa: a fox news alert from fox news global headquarters in new york, president trump set to meet with a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers an hour from now at the white house to discuss tax reform. >> jon: this follows a dinner the president hosted yesterday with several democratic and republican senators on the same issue. meanwhile, the president preparing to see firsthand damage from hurricanes before when he travels tomorrow to florida. we are covering all the new "happening now" ." the effort to return to normalcy still a work in progress. where things stand right now in the sunshine state and beyond. >> he went outside


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