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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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wildly inappropriate. >> i think it was because of us. the five did that. we control all news. >> never miss a crazy episode of the five. hannity is up next. >> sean: thank you to my friends on the five. this is a fox news alert. chaos erupt nothing the city of st. louis. 13 people were arrested and four police officers are. and a white police officer was found not guilty of the fatal shooting of a black driver the excop was charged with first-degree murder. he was shot after a high speed chase. it was caught on dash cam video.
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stockily argued in court he felt he was in imminent danger because he awe lammar smith holding a gun. it was found in his car and the prosecution claimed it was planted. joining us on the ground with the latest from st. louis. mike tobin, what is going on? >> reporter: kevin is a three- time convicted felon and the back bone of his argument. he gets convicted and the cop doesn't. how does that apply? >> i feel like the evidence in president guy's case was overwhelming and the evidence in my case was peon compared. >> reporter: what evidence dew have a problem with? >> by saying he will kill the
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[bleep]. >> reporter: cut your break. try to keep it clean. he doesn't use his license issued weapon. he used his own assault rifle, mind you assault rifle or going to do dangerous harm than using the regular nine mill meter. you know different style of weapon. >> reporter: he was convicted of heroin possession and. it was unjustified. what are you doing tonight? >> we are trying to show the world it is not a fair situation when it comes to black folk period. i am a three- time convicted felon and i was in front of a judge and mind you, i have been pen and i had a year ago had a judge trial on a possession of heroin, same
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thing that this guy is killed over, which they said he had guns. i am totally innocent. >> reporter: when you ran with that crowd, did you arm yourself? >> i was free cased in ferguson in 2011. i had a witness just like you, a person i never met and said this guy has heroin and all of this on him. and when they pulled up on me and my wife and son. they pulled us out of the car and 5 or 10 people have beguns. >> reporter: you contend if you were white it would not have happened. >> it was not fair. >> reporter: go ahead, sean. >> sean: it they find heroin on him or planted heroin on him? >> it was not fair in my case. >> reporter: you said the
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heroin was planted on you. >> it was. this guy, and i never met you. >> reporter: let me ask you as a felon, there could be trouble and could have serious consequences is it worth it for you to be out here? >> it is. the police officer admitted he didn't have any cause to pull me and my family out of the car. and they say do you have any. >> reporter: you are saying the white cop gets off and you didn't because you are not. >> i am a three- time convicted felon. >> reporter: sean has a question from new york. >> did he not see the high speed chase was anthony lammar smith and someone doesn't stop and listen to the cops that he's putting every person's house in jeopardy and in jeopardy.
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>> reporter: do you have seen the video and a high speed chase. when smith smashed the cop car he hits people's lives in jeopardy. >> as well as the cops. they went at a high speed. the police officer went at a high speed. what if i was coming out of the intersection. >> reporter: you are saying it was justified? >> missouri has a law to not pursue a chase. >> reporter: he had an ak 47? >> he was not in fear of his life. he would not have chased. >> reporter: thank you very much and we'll walk around. and from observing the scene you smell the marijuana coming out tonight and people walking around. and it seemed like they milled off. can i ask you a question.
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>> no. >> reporter: here is somebody who is out. >> what is your name. >> reporter: what are you trying to get done tonight. >> i am not trying to get anything done but getting our lives. >> i am supporting not black lives but a human movement. >> reporter: was there injustice in the ruling? >> of course, there was. >> reporter: did you watch the video by the way. >> i did. jeeshgs what did you think of that? >> i feel the judge had a responsibility not only to the community, but to set a pesdent for the world and that is. >> reporter: what about smith. >> i don't feel he was fair in the judgment. >> reporter: what about anthony lammar smith, he rammed the police cars and if you argue that the gun was planted. >> did he deserve to die?
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>> reporter: if he used the car as a lethal welcome. >> stockley was violating police policy and he will not be cull pupable a murder. how can you overlook that smith was violating but doesn't deserve to die. >> reporter: according to the judge's ruling one of the wounds of mr. smith he could have only made that open to the gun >> sean: i can't hear. >> the judge made his decision and we are not going back and forth. >> reporter: you still have my audio, sean. >> sean: we'll get back to you in a minute. and also on the ground in st. louis is will carr.
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>> reporter: we are in the middle in the past 2 or 3 minutes, we have seen 2 or 3 american flags be burned here and they are showing them on fire. i am going to walk over and show you sean. you have a burned flag down there on the ground and i am joined here by bobbi. bobbi, tell me why you decided to come out tonight. >> for one, i came down here, for one, i came down here to unite. unite everybody down here. and all it one. everybody come down here. >> reporter: do you agree with burning the american flag like they did? >> yes, and no. it had to be done, but no it is not appropriate. but it stands for something and means something. >> reporter: why did it have to
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be done? >> for one, we have too many police brutality. i was a victim as well. >> in what way? >> reporter: mike brown. he is my cousin. >> i went to school over. there>> reporter: you are from this area? >> from st. louis borp and raised. i have been here all day. >> reporter: have you followed the case? >> all the way. >> reporter: what did you disagree with the judge's conviction. >> he didn't get convicted after there was evidence. how can we continue letting this happen? how? >> reporter: and what in your mind shutting down street and doing marches for 11 or 12 hours, how does that help with everything that is an injustice. >> how do you feel it don't
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affect the community and world. >> the white news media, that's part of the problem. >> what do you hope to see come out of this and deputy. >> i think change should happen and will happen. >> reporter: it is a political process. >> hell no, the political process is broken. >> reporter: you can see they are out here and destroyed several flags and it is much of a block party. they are dancing and laughing to a certain extent and earlier before the sun went down, things got volatile between the protestor and police. we have seen them march forever several miles across st. louis but the most part it has been
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peaceful. >> sean: we'll join you live. kevin, you have been there all week and it is scary and you felt people were preparing for some type of response and all throughout the week. tell us what you know? >> i got in early monday morning for personal business and other business and i moved throughout the city there was a tenseness of the city and forgot about what happened. and started listening to the stockley verdict and when i went to restaurants, hey, are you going to be around on friday and being that i was a management consultant on the town, friend asked me if you are there. we evacuated our employees and they are coming home.
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you could feel the tension. city. i was seeing members of the national urban league. i can't say they are doing anything but protest. but you started to see people flown in. and there is a lot of the observations i could give you. i will let you direct what you want to know. what i found most interesting it was millennial whites that were protesting. the trust fund babies or people who said i was here when history was made. and i think a lot of that history, i believe they want to see something happen tonight. it is it still young. >> sean: it is still young and you have to hope and pray they will be okay. he smelled weed in the air and this guy has a history of unlawful use of a weapon and stealing and driving with a revoked license.
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we have dash cam video and we have another video from a building nearby that when you see the beginning of it right here. it is it a very long video and goes on for a lengthy period of time and you see the high speed chase. and copes go from there and the cop hits a tree and beyond that explain what you saw and especially the cop taking the gun and into the police car. >> are you talking to me, sean? i know you can't see it. you have seen the have a lot. >> yeah, the first thing about the video is how many people could have been kill would by the guy in the high speed chase. and one of the people said the cop shouldn't be chasing them.
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but at that point he was a menace the police thought. you can't see what everybody talked about the weapon. you see two police officers get out. and he engages smith on the other side of the vehicle and talking to him and giving him a chance to say something and then the shots rang out. and i know a lot of people and rightfully so, the cops said we'll get this guy and used the word mf. but you are talking about a guy's excited utterance and he knew he was on voochlt what is miss nothing the whole thing, what we come back to and you alluded to it. what was smith's responsibility? should he have got out of the car and surrendered? we overlook that and everyone looks at what happen in the end
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game. he tried to hit the cops with his car. that alone allowed the cops to use lethal force. i am not exanerating that guy. but people want to back seat drive this thing and put police in the line of fire i find ridiculous. >> sean: let's go to the shooting part in particular. the shooting takes place and putting aside his background, he takes the cops on a long high speed chase and putting everybody at risk. and they get to that point and they department find lammar smith's finger prints on the gun and they found the cop's prints on the gun. and the prosecution said he didn't have the gun in the car. but the other video shows the cop taking the rifle out of the
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car and putting it back in the police car; is that correct? >> that is correct. >> i do understand how people want to look at dna evidence and whatever. i have no knowledge of it. the judge was able to look at what the evidence was. there is going to be speculation on that and probably rightfully so. but you have to balance this and look at st. louis. the city that i live that shrunk from 860000 to 318000 people today. we had major companies who are moving their employees, 4 or 5 this happened people for one company and thousands of another, who are moving their employees out because they feared for the safety of the employees. it is businesses that are
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bookkeepereded up. it looks like hurricane harvey or irma hit st. louis all because people were threat eping to burp -- burn the city to the ground. >> sean: we'll if back to the reporters on the ground and much more coverage on this busy breaking news of hannity. witht originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. hey hun,
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>> sean: protest in st. louis after the acquittal of a former white police officer charged with first-degree murder following a 2011 shooting of a black man. will, what is happening now? >> reporter: sean they are continuing to move through the streets on the central west end of st. louis. it is it a popular out and trendy area for st. louis. and if you are not prepared for this type of protest. you want to talk to you? >> i am out here because i feel awful about this. >> reporter: what made you stied. >> he was killed because he was
7:22 pm
a black man. >> reporter: what made you come out here? >> i want to show support for my community. >> reporter: have you kept up with the details of the case? >> reporter: what did you disagree with, with the judge's decision. >> i respect the judge pro defense, but i am ashamed it is not shown to all criminal defendants. black or brown. >> reporter: did it bother you he was in the chase. >> that doesn't justify killing him. >> sean: will can you hear me. >> reporter: i have one question. what is that, sean? >> sean: black lives matter were screaming why would she carry a sign of we want cops dead now.
7:23 pm
>> reporter: you are carrying the black lives matter sign and called for officers to be killed, do you agree with that? >> you said group calls for officers to be killed. >> i don't understand anyone kill would but i understand why the communities are outraged. >> reporter: why do you decide to carry the sign. >> because black lives matter and people don't acknowledge that. >> reporter: there are so many different messages here and tonight one of unity and earlier today it was a message of anger and are we saw people jumping on one police car and smashing in the wind shield. and 13 people arrested and four officers were hurt and tonight, it is more of the chanting and marching and singing out here as people continue to walk through the streets of st. louis, sean. >> sean: thank you.
7:24 pm
we appreciate it and also on the ground mike tobin. you are in a different part of the protest? >> reporter: just a lot of marching and it is manifested as a big old block party. you can see this guy over here came out with a helmet on and expecting trouble and you can see people with gear and face mask and kind of anticipating what we saw pepper spray and gas. can i ask you questions. >> they are not anticipating violence. >> what are you anticipating? >> this protest has been and it is hope wanting action. >> reporter: i am wearing the mask because i am asmettic. i want to be safe. >> reporter: what are you
7:25 pm
trying to get done here? >> stand in solidarity because of the black people shot. >> reporter: in this case you are demonstrating b. you know mr. smith rammed the vehicle in the police. and the judge didn't support that the weapon was planted. why should the police officer be convicted. >> the cop said while he was driving we are going to killed the [bleep] and he shot him five time and there is no need for that and he goes back to the car and sits down in the seat. >> reporter: the judge didn't support that the weapon was planted. >> i don't have going to say. >> reporter: fox news channel.
7:26 pm
they are shouting me down. >> and a woman putting her hand in front of your camera. and what evidence are they finding here and the high speed chase. and ramming the cop and we see another video of the cop that was dash cam and he's putting it in the back of his car. are you okay, mike? >> reporter: you want to make a point. what is your problem with the evidence? >> hold on,>> reporter: so what is your problem with the evidence? >> my problem is it is [bleep]. >> reporter: go ahead. >> it is blatant disrespect when we see evidence of murder, okay.
7:27 pm
>> reporter: what evidence? >> excuse me. >> reporter: what about the gun in the car? >> what about the gun in the car, evidence shows that the gun belonged to the officer. the dna was jason stockley. >> reporter: expert witnesses asked mr. smith on the weapon doesn't mean he didn't hold it at that point. >> the only dna on the gun was jason stockley. >> reporter: but [inaudible] [crowd noise] >> reporter: you want to make -- all right. come on, really? >> we got to go, sean. >> sean: get out of there
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safely. and make sure he gets to safety and it is scary out there and you can see what is happening. we have more breaking new and protestors walking the streets of st. louis. dana knows this case inside and out and we'll show you more dash cam video, straight ahead. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. expestandard.e lexus rx with advance safety... lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache and vomiting. reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you can talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at >> sean: protest tonight in the city of st. louis after the acquittal of a former white police officer charged in a murder of after a shooting of a black man after a high speed chase. here is radio show talk show host. dana. what about the clergy to the judge. the blood will be on your hands if jason shockley is acquitted of murder. are they judge and jury and
7:33 pm
executioner. >> apparently. the evidence is clear and first of all, the prosecution as you know, they had the responsibility of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that jason shockley did not act in self defense. he claimed that he acted in self defense. they failed to prove it. it is not the judge's fault but the prosecution's fault. and all of these individuals made about the system. i bet none of them voted for the judge when he was voted for reelection. and voter turn out in st. louis is abysmal. how many people participated in the changes of the system. >> sean: blood willob the judge's hands. we are running the dash cam video and it is a long video.
7:34 pm
this is it a high speed chase. everyone in harm's way as this guy crashes in to police officers. and take us at the point of the shooting which we will not air. we don't want the audience to see that part, and not only the police dash cam and that was other evidence. the police putting the gun inside of the back of the car. they claim there is no dna print and so it could not be his gun? go from there. >> unfortunately they were not able to prove that accusation that they brought up. the prosecution wasn't. when jason stockley. shots are fired. he was reaching for something in the car and that made officers fear hear their lives.
7:35 pm
stockily was rummaging around in the pack seat, he was going for a 50 aid kit and there was a portion. video where he brought his own personal fire arm and put it in the back seat of the police krudzer and that is against the police department policy. happenable. and he made clear the revolver in question from what i remember was a large caliber. >> he put a rifle in the back of the car, correct. >> in the back of the police cruiser. he had taken in the cruiser? >> sean: yes. >> he put a rifle in the back of the cruiser and that is one of the things that the former police chief suspended stockley was because he had his own personal fire arm with him along with the department- issued fire arm. his did not fire.
7:36 pm
i when you went to mike tobin he talked to individuals that are protesting and they said he used his ak- 47. the fire arm he had was not fired. that is it something that some of the protestors are being told and believing. >> sean: that was not the firearm. >> that was not fired, right. right. and so ultimately the bottom line is this, using a vehicle to mow down police officer that is assault with a deadly weapon. that's what happen when they approached anthony lammar smith and he was in the parking lot of church's chicken and they saw what they assumed was a drug deal. they engaged and he did not follow orders. he gunned the vehicle and hits one of the police officers can
7:37 pm
can've and charging at officers, that is assault with deadly weapon. you don't have freedom to mou down officeringly. you could lose your life. if you are not following orders and look like you are reaching for a fire arm. you may lose your life. stockley won because he had argued that he was defending his life. and quite frankly when you look at the video, you cannot dispute the video. sean, i have to tell you as a st. louis native this is the same thing as the mike brown case. hands up and don't shoot. individuals who were selected. those witnesses said that never happened. that whole lie went around the world and i am so tired of this happening. you have video evidence. don't run down cops and you will
7:38 pm
not get shot. police lives matter, too>> sean: dan, stay there. geraldo rivera is with us tonight as we put up images of what have is going on, on the ground and we'll look at what is happening. geraldo, what is your take on it? >> first of all, i have covered urban police wroshg for half a center and early days in new york city, there is no doubt that the whole notion of throw down guns was a relatively phenomenon in urban police departments. decades ago, but they are not unheard of in police work. let's be share here. >> sean: the whole thing is it on video. >> my thoughts are bouncing out here. when you have a low down heroin
7:39 pm
dealer and multiconviction and in trouble with cops, you know for years and a real thug, you know, as the judge suggest that person, in the judge's experience is usually someone with a gun. and the issue is reasonable doubt. and as the judge struggled with the verdict. the judge came to the conclusion that the prosecution for all of their sincerity did not manage to meet the burred ep. did the cop get a gun out to plant on the perpetrator after he was killed? the judge felt that the prosecution did not make that argument beyond a reasonable doubt. and i see the demonstrators, they seem genuinely concerned. the fast majority of them. television is not a mill at that
7:40 pm
point and antifa kind of crowd. it is it people who are agonizing. >> sean: most part peaceful. nlook men are at risk with the encounters with the cops. >> sean: we see black lives matter t- shirt and signs and people holding them geraldo. and we'll throw it to first to dana and you listen to the chants, what do you want, dead cops. pigs in a blanket and fry them like bacon and seems to be mainstream and no one cares that those things say those things about cops in particular? >> no, i remember that all too well. everybody to st. louis and after ferguson when organizations and organizers began to bus in
7:41 pm
protestors. and remember, the number much arrest in ferguson were people who didn't live in ferguson. and you have what began as a genuine conversation between members of the black community and it was high jacked, sean. acorn dissolve would and became a community called moore. they are the ones who paid protestors in ferguson. they high jacked those protest and got all of the camera time. we know they were paid and when the checks were not cut they protested. and that had a protest on twitter. >> sean: the most amazing thing of darren wilson. people in the community, if not all, the vast majority that were black citizens in ferguson, that
7:42 pm
testified on pehalf of darren wilson and confirmed and corrob rated his story. >> sean: a protest in reaction to's former police officer acquitted. hannity continues. re truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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7:46 pm
13 people arrested and four police officer were hurt so far. it is in response of a white cop being innocent. and i remember in ferguson you were an outspoken critic of the governor. and things are peaceful but some people are arrested and we had incidents with the police, but do you think they have learned and contained the way it should be. the national guard is on stand by i understand. >> i hope so, sean. governor greitens stepped out in a proactive manner in advance of this and credit to him for that leadership. now, sean, you made reference to
7:47 pm
ferguson which unfold would in august of 2014. let's place this incident in context. this was more than three years or approximately three years before ferguson. this was a 2011 case. who was in office in 2011. eric holder was the attorney general and familiar would by loretta lynch both in the obama administration. aren't we entitled to ask why they didn't file civil rights charges in the case? >> sean: when the incident was happening, we saw the lack of coverage and we had all. videotape of all of the people committing crimes and it was never followed up. we see a window broken there. >> yes, but we had the obama justice department was suing over the united states for
7:48 pm
aemgedvilles of civil right and browbeating them in to settlements, including ferguson. and they filed cases all over the country. but they did not file here. the rich calla hanspent his life as a prosecutor and judge and he looked at this case and declined to prosecute. it was not until a few months ago, when outgoing prosecutor in the city of st. louis filed the charges and leaving kim garden to bring the case this year. kim gardener is criticized for her incomp tents and weakness on crime each by the paper in st. louis.
7:49 pm
>> looks like they are building the american flag. we'll take a break and we'll have more from st. louis. this is a busy breaking news night here on hannity. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. if they knew just howers rich they were.ed the average american home value has increased $40,000 over the last 5 years. but many don't know you can access that money without refinancing or selling your home. with a home equity loan, you can pull cash out of your house for anything you need- home improvement,
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sflshgs protest in st. louis
7:53 pm
after the acquittal of a former police officer was acquitted of a charge of first-degree murder. here so far peaceful and will american flag broken and broken window and you saw what happened to mike tobin he had water powered on him and look at the dash cam video. what do you think? >> it is good that most is peaceful and unfortunately. people are itching to agitate and there was more preparation and police were put in place and they were protesting near the courthouse and down the block from that. and we were there in 2014 extensively and along with being
7:54 pm
in ferguson. there are concerns that people have. if they voice them. they should act on them correctly. we are seeing the police using pepper spray against the crowd. it is getting hostile and we saw what happened to mike tobin and they are throwing things with an officer and none of this is good. and everybody needs to calm down and keep it calm. we know what happen in ferguson and baltimore. >> the people that want to take advantage of this. they will wait until dark and police don't have clear sight. and they did it at night and the police had no clear line of sight around the police station
7:55 pm
and this is what they take advantage of it. and we have to watch out for the groups that are coming nothing here to agitate rather than address the community's issue and concerns. and the judge is clear they didn't meet the standard and there is a question there. people can act out in violence and you saw the police car and businesses burned and that does nothing for the community. >> we have to take a break there. you can see a broken window in the back of the car and pepper sprayed fired and more confrontation and we'll have more hanity after the break.
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like not having to think about healthcare at all. surround yourself with healthy advantages at >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." that is all we have this evening. we will be monitoring event in st. louis. our thoughts and prayers are with those people. i hope they're sensible, go back
8:00 pm
home, and stop any potential violence. we hope you have a great evening. we'll see you on monday. ♪ >> brian: here we go. it's a fox news alert. tonight, right now. protests in st. louis, missouri following acquittal of a former police officer back in 2011 for a shootingme death of a black man, 24 years old, good evening, everyone. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am brian kilmeade. my privilege to fill in tonight and we have a lot to discuss. let's begin here. protesters and riot police in the streets of st. louis right now as they have been throughout the day, but as the darkness falls, the crowds mount. let's go to fox correspondent mike tobin who is in the field. mike, what's happening there?ik >> how are you, brian? well, they have taken off for a march up euclid toward the center of town. tough to get a good estimate on numbers. people like to throw out