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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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sacred ground. paul, we need more pushback like that.>> all right thank you all. remember, if you have your own hit or miss please be sure to tweet it to us. that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel. thank you for watching. i am paul gigot, we will see were here next week. >> british police make an arrest in connection to a terror attack on a london subway train. investigators arresting an 18-year-old man before armed officers raided a resident and a london server. evacuating neighbors. >> thank you for joining us on "americas news headquarters". >> investigators not revealing much information about the suspect in custody. they are saying only that his arrest is quote very significant. it comes one day after an explosive device partially detonated on a london subway
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train at the height of rush hour. injuring at least 30 people. isis is now claiming responsibility for the terror attack. kitty logan is live with details. >> we understand the arrest this morning has now been brought to london for questioning. he has not yet been charged. the 18-year-old man was arrested early this morning local time the home secretary as he says describing this as a very significant arrest.they also say that they have a number of items during the search of the this is -- it is not clear if the suspect was trying to flee the country at the time. the south west of london, is not yet known if this address is linked to the man arrested earlier. please also say that they are making good progress in general and finding out who left this
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device. thankfully did not do any fully. although certain people were injured. they have claimed responsibility but they're treating this claim with criticism. an counterterrorism police status by the arrest and still searching for other suspects. the terror attack here in london now the level has been raised to critical. >> thank you. >> north korean leader kim jong-un warning the rogue regime aims to reach military equilibrium that is a quote with the us. and it is closing in on the deal. this is just one day after north korea launched its longest ballistic missile test yet. it's a second missile test flight over japan. greg is joining us live in seoul, south korea. >> hello. these are the new images and new words, strong words coming
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from north korea. the state agency of the regime and north korea. releasing the new images showing the intermediate range ballistic missile which was launched friday morning local time. it flew something like 2300 miles into the pacific. that distance would put the us island territory of guam firmly in its grasp. luckily, it was not pointed in that direction. it was said to be in attendance according to the state news agency. the north korean leader kim jong-un, yes, he is reportedly issuing hefty quotes including saying that north korea would proceed quote at a full speed to a complete nuclear force and when that happens, he says the us would not dare to talk about a quote - military option. this comes at a time when the us trying to put a lot of pressure economic, diplomatic pressure on regional allies, folks at the un.
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they're trying to rein in the regime. also on friday, we had members of the trump administration talking about possible military action against north korea. now, some here in seoul korea looking at this rhetoric seeing possible transits he is looking for equilibrium. that could be a good thing. also he is saying that they are near completion of the nuclear arsenal. it could mean according to some that there could be near coming to the negotiating table. take a listen to what one analyst had to tell me. >> we got to talk and people do not like to do this. they do not like to think about this. but what has to happen is a senior american official or a trusted confidant of the president needs to get in the room with a senior north korean official or a confidant of kim jong-un. until the talk starts, this process that we are watching is going to go on and on.
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>> as with anything, with north korea, there are problems with this. in the past we have talked to north korea and it has not been easy. according to experts i talked with, pyongyang will probably not want to give up the nuclear weapons and all in the run up to that, it could be testing more missiles, more nuclear devices and still a lot of trouble here. back to you. >> thank you greg. >> hundreds of protesters marching in a mall in st. louis as the city raises for more demonstrations tonight. after a white former officer was acquitted in the fatal 2011 shooting of a black man. the judges verdict sparking violence that left several officers injured and the mayor's home vandalized. we are live in st. louis with more. mike? >> we had about 2 to 300 demonstrators back at it today. they did succeed in shutting down the mall for a short period of time. local leaders would really like
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to have it that way. to get out and make their voices heard and demonstrations do not go beyond that to destruction. but they crossed the line pretty early yesterday with demonstrators jumping on a police cruiser, kicking out the window, please respond with the right gear. had tear gas or pepper spray at that point. teargas came out later in the evening along with the pepper balls and demonstrators had bricks and rock that they were throwing at the time. a lot of windows were smashed out at local businesses. even the mayor's house was vandalized. here is the mayor. >> we did have 11 i think is the exact number of police officers that were injured last night.several of them were treated at the hospital. we thank them for their service of course. and we are just really happy that none of our citizens were hurt. >> for the businesses that has smashed windows, they now have boards on the windows. it is a pretty normal, warm
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saturday here in st. louis. please do not think it is over yet. the u2 concert was canceled tonight and that is because the manpower that would have secured the concert needs to handle the crowd control for these anticipated demonstrations tonight. not a lot of intel that there are outsiders descending on the city. the numbers are large but not overwhelming. police are just looking to see what happens tonight and they are hoping to get through this without too much trouble. >> and a lot of people are concerned about tonight because as you mentioned the weather is clear, the weather is good and some people would be hoping for rain, perhaps to keep the protesters off of the streets. but in all likelihood you might have more people on the streets because of the nice night. what are the police doing about that? maxwell, the weather usually does play a factor.we have seen that.a lot of kids get out and this is a big party to participate in the demonstrations. when the rain comes and is not fun anymore and they go inside.
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the indication right now is that they are spending saturday getting revved up, the booze comes out pot comes out, demonstrators come out. we are anticipating a good spirited demonstration. still a lot of emotion. one of the police officers told me yesterday that they are not through. so we are expecting to see this tonight and hopefully they can keep from harming any people in the town or the businesses. >> hopefully this will be peaceful. and you will be there of course to bring us the details as they become available to us. thank you mike. there a federal judge blocking the justice department's new rule. which requires same tri-cities to help enforce federal immigration laws in order to get funding. ellison barber is in washington with details. >> a small victory for critics of this administration stance on century city after a federal judge ruled friday attorney general jeff sessions cannot withhold public safety rent money. chicago through the department
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of justice claiming sessions overstepped his authority when he issued a new set of rules for justice department grant meant to help local and state law enforcement. the new rule says if a city or state wants the money have to let federal immigration agents access detention facilities. and give them a 48 hours notice before releasing someone suspected of being in the country illegally. the ruling in chicago temporarily stop that. it applies to the entire country. chicago is not the only place pushing back.california lawmakers passed legislation this morning that limits the operation between local police and federal immigration authorities. >> i think it shows that we are going to protect our immigrant communities. we are going to make sure it is clear that they can work with police and not fear deportation. >> the bill specifically prohibits state and local police from using resources, money or people to quote investigate interrogate, detain, detect or arrest persons for immigration
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enforcement. unless a person is a felony record, federal immigration agents will not have access to them. >> it is a clear message to the trump administration. in california we value inclusivity, and diversity. >> the only thing this provides essentially for his dangerous criminals. >> after the ruling chicago spokesperson for the department of justice told fox news doj will defend quote lawful and reasonable grant conditions that seek to protect communities. in washington, i am ellison barber. back to you. >> thank you. the us, china to step up in the standoff with north korea. will they actually listen? we will take a closer look, next. we have done eight or nine sessions of sections. i do not think it will work. if there going to work we should have done the maximum a long time ago and then i don't think kim jong-un cares about his people. so we have a lot of military mice there but it is only china and russia that can put
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the terror attack in london by pushing for a stronger version of his travel ban in the united
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states. the president is a tweeting this, then travel ban into the united states should be far larger, tougher and more specific. but stupidly, that would not be politically correct. jenny me now is a republican oklahoma senator, member of the homeland security and intelligence committees -- exhibitors that you join me. what you think of the president's tweet there saying particularly but stupidly, not politically correct as it relates to his travel ban? >> i think the grand challenge we have is that we have people around the world that do mean to do us harm and they would like to dig into this country and endanger innocent americans. there is a perception among americans that because we not had a major terrorist attack in the united states in a long time, that somehow everyone has turned away. they all treated the same. but for decades now, we've had terrorist organizations are actively trying to get into the
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country. whether they can electronically, they try to communicate with some humor physically try to travel here and do us harm. it is something we need to pay attention to and be aware of who is coming into the country and what their intentions are. >> senator, what you make of the fact that the travel ban has had a number of issues and a myriad of problems in terms of being fully cemented and accepted by the american people into the courts? >> it has been interesting. initially the wording of the travel ban was not what he will. the administration acknowledged that. they brought it back out looked at again and brought it back up. courts are just arguing for now. quite friendly they're having an argument now with the supreme court. they need to be allow that to go. the president has a responsibility to watch for national security. for the courts to step in and say that individuals that want to attend a university has a higher priority than that -- >> the president has basically
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the travel ban is being a principal cornerstone to his platform for counterterrorism. to what degree can travel ban impact the national security? because as you know senator, their critics is that we have to worry about homegrown terrorists as well.and the travel ban really would not go far enough in terms of proving that we have a threat coming into the country when it might already exist right here. >> of course that exists right here. we have seen in multiple areas. individuals from syria that tried to reach out to americans and ask them to join the faith and if they can't join i can fight wherever they are. we have seen that and multiple tax for those individuals from outside reaching into the country trying to influence them. and others that are trying to come in. the thing is we lose track. our intelligence community has done a fantastic job over the last several years. fbi, border patrol, individuals
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within the rest of the security apparatus doing a very good job in trying to monitor them. that is why we see a reduction in terrorism here in the united states. because of that. the president is a basically, continue doing that and continue to be more aggressive and not try to back up and turn the volume down. because nothing has happened does not mean we should be less vigilant. >> right. >> we should continue to be vigilant. it is not a ban on everyone coming and it is very targeted. >> based on that, there's a lot of extreme bedding that takes place in order to be sure that the people coming into this country will do us no harm. what would you like to see done senator given the fact that we still see terrorism as very active and isis is predetermined to strike where it may end where it can create and certainly their eyes on the prize of attacking any interest here in the united states or our allies. >> with me to continue to stay focused and vigilant as you mentioned. but is also very specific and research.
1:19 pm
we have individuals coming in, which no positive information. what happened earlier in previous administration was that refugees were, individuals coming into the country. as always we don't know anything that we assume everything is good.but donald trump's policy is saying now, we need to know who you are. it is not a matter of we don't know anything bad so you must be good. we need to bealls that we know who you are, we know what you are about, why you are coming and yes, you're welcome to come to our country. >> senator, quickly i do not want to put your foot quickly, they are suddenly not six majority muslim countries iran, syria, sudan, syria, libya and yemen. those are countries we know isis and al qaeda have a large stronghold in terms of recruiting people. so we should be mindful of that. do you think this is something that we need to be more mindful of as the president prepares to go before the supreme court in october? >> absolutely. it is not a muslim man. the largest muslim countries in the world like indonesia and
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others are not listed in this. we're talking about countries with no functioning government like yemen, libya. war-torn countries like libya saying, we do not know many of these people are and there is no government to be able to talk to to ask who they are. we should be more careful because we know that isis is involved there and the administration is taking very seriously. >> senator, thank you for your insight is always valued here at fox news. >> thank you. >> a federal judge in chicago ruling the department of justice cannot keep public safety money from cities that refused to uphold immigration laws. that ruling affecting the sensory cities, counties and states you see here on this map. jordan fabian joins me now. he is a white house correspondent for the hill. thank you for talking to us. in this 41 page ruling, this federal judge said chicago has run a quote likelihood of success in the arguments. as jeff sessions exceeded his -- why did the judge believe that jeff sessions exceeded his
1:21 pm
authority? >> the judge looked at the policy and thought that it was against the federal laws that would prevent the money from going to the cities. he said that chicago would be no different than any other city in the country that has accentuate status. therefore, the ruling would apply nationwide. the administration has options here to respond but it could take weeks if not months before the issue was withdrawn. >> so the reason he wanted to withholdings in the first place because don't know, was in his words to protect the public and he said in a statement i want to be that you for the policies also encouraged illegal immigration and human trafficking. by perpetuating the lie that in certain cities illegal aliens can live outside the law. in other words, he is saying local law enforcement is prohibited from doing its job,
1:22 pm
cities will be -- what did the judge not see it this way? >> i think the judge took a look at what the officials from the so-called sensory cities are staying and what they argue is that they decide to make their local police and agents, there can be abuses of the law because they are not necessarily trained to carry out the laws and can reduce trust between law enforcement and the community that they serve. which often times has many people living there illegally. so i think if you take a look at the arguments, with cities like chicago and now the trumpet ministration has a big legal battle in front of it. >> it does appear that gus bradley was appointed by former president ronald reagan and casey did not know. not you but the viewers. he basically explained he halted the doj policy nationwide because there is quote no reason to think that the legal issues for the president in the case are restricted to chicago. or that the statutory authority
1:23 pm
given to the attorney general would differ in other jurisdictions as you pointed out. but here is the question, here is the problem. this is the legal battle. the white house is now going to have to face. because by the city is refusing to help federal authorities enforce immigration laws, the question is, are they inevitably protecting illegal aliens who have committed crimes but they are being protected by state or cities? >> that is really the question of the matter. the trumpet ministration would certainly argue that they are. the mayor of chicago, and other officials would say we are not. when you try to enforce immigration laws they could end up rounding up people that are here illegally which has happened.but look, again, this is because of the central problem here and it is another problem where again, we are seeing a president trying to carry out his agenda on immigration and executive order rather than an act of congress. that is why we see this order get jammed up in the courts. we saw this with president
1:24 pm
obama as well. with daca and the 2014 policy was that when i got locked entirely. >> thank you very much jordan. >> thank you. >> one lucky boy who got to be the president while mowing the white house lawn. >> doesn't even stop! he just keeps going. >> the president is watching me, i have to keep on. the white house calling for china's help in raining and north korea. what will it take to have beijing play a bigger role for us? if you've been struggling with belly pain
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1:29 pm
large on the agenda. kristin fisher is live from somerset new jersey with a lookahead to the president's big meeting. kristen, good to see you. how is the president preparing for his first un general assembly? >> he is prepping for a lot of the big meetings with world leaders next week in new york city. he is also preparing and fine-tuning the big speech that he will be delivering on tuesday. his first address to the un general assembly and we got a little bit of a preview of what we can expect to hear in that speech from his national security advisor and the as ambassador to the un, nikki haley. >> first, to promote peace, second to promote prosperity and third, to uphold sovereignty and accountability. a peaceful world depends on the contributions of all nations. >> i personally think he slaps the right people, hungry people and comes out with the us being
1:30 pm
very strong in the end. >> not to talk to figure out who exactly he will be slapping in that speech. he will be slapping terrorists all over the world.especially one that just carried out the big terror attack in london. it will also be slapping the north korean leader kim jong-un who launched three missiles and test his country's largest nuclear weapon ever in the weeks after the president threatened pyongyang with "fire and fury". you also slap places like iran and venezuela. >> the president will do that well. over the president will be slapping in the speech as nikki haley puts it but who will he be actually reaching out to hug? >> yes, that is a phrase that nikki haley used when she spoke at the briefing yesterday.he will be hugging our typical allies. he will be meeting on monday with leaders of france and israel and then of course, is also going to meeting with the british prime minister theresa may at some point next week.
1:31 pm
about a lot of things but of course, the terror attacks that just took place in her country. listen to what he said about her yesterday while speaking at joint base andrews. >> i spoke with a wonderful woman, british prime minister, theresa may. this morning, i relayed america's deepest sympathy as well as our absolute commitment to eradicating the terrorists from our planet. radical, islamic terrorism. >> the president using the phrase that his predecessor so often declined to use. as for what we can expect for the rest of the weekend? the president, nothing set on the calendar today or tomorrow. though tomorrow evening he will be leaving his resort in bedminster, new jersey and going to new york city where he will be spending the next few days for the un general assembly. kelly, and all of you in new york, brace for some pretty bad traffic was the presidential
1:32 pm
motorcade is coming to town! >> not too much of the presidential motorcade but all of those from the un as well. so -- >> right! >> thank you. the trumpet ministration urging more cooperation from china and pressuring north korea. national security advisor, hr mcmaster calling them rising nuclear tensions with the rogue regime a quote global problem just hours after the north launched yet another ballistic missile that flew over our allies in japan. they said also a military option is on the table. joining is now, we have riley walters, a research fellow at the asian studies center. whenever we talk military options here, you want to know exactly what, if, when. military options are on the table. the president say, we will see. what do they mean by military options being on the table? what will it take for us to get involved militarily?
1:33 pm
>> a military conference can be very escalatory. usually people consider either preemptive or preventative attacks. both can of course escalate quickly. i think the focus should of course continue to be diplomatic and economic actions by both. you are -- forcing them to engage in organizations that have been asked for and future sanctions as well. >> it all falls on china. the question is, how do you force china to do this? because for years they could have cut pyongyang off years ago but they still supply oil to north korea. i mean, in the now north korea has this missile that they launched over japan this week and in particular, talk about the missile that was launched. as it is extremely alarming if you do not know what is capable of. >> sure, the heart during 12 was lodged over the northern territory of japan. and it -- they could be more vocal in the anticoagulant
1:34 pm
rhetoric. but through the history of both the un with russia and china has been reluctant to implement sanctions against north korea. the us can act unilaterally by targeting chinese entities that have been found to have the north korean regime. either with limiting their access us financial markets or even finance. charging them money to pay for it. >> and so, secretary rex tillerson said in a statement on thursday, we call on all nations to take new measures against the regime.china provides its oil, russia -- they both must indicate their intolerance for the requisite missile launches taking direct actions of their own. what will it take for china to cut them off? >> i think will be hard to cut off all ties for china. certainly they have a long history. but they can move more towards
1:35 pm
a more diplomatic solution. they say that they are opposed to a but obviously, they have been reluctant. the us again, they can target chinese entities. they can talk with the chinese government officially and unofficially. seemingly it is more and more likely that donald trump will visit china in november. and north korea will certainly be at the top of the talking list. during that time he can encourage both the chinese government as well as to just sort of passed through his own party congress to be more vocal against helping of north korea or not just the government but chinese entities within china calling out those companies that have been shown to have the regime. >> what about the toughest un sanctions? how does this sit with north korea? >> kim himself would be certainly a hard one to dissuade. it seems more and more likely
1:36 pm
that he is coming to a pinnacle in his nuclear ambition. but the missile tests will potentially be continuous for long term. these sort of sanctions and diplomatic actions are meant to target more of the elite, the people i work for kim, the people that work for the people who work for kim. sort of incentivizing them to change in the long run. and that is the emphasis. we have to recognize that north korea is in possession nuclear capabilities but in the future, we want to incentivize change to get away from this rhetoric that they continue to espouse about destroying the us and our allies. >> kim jong-un has used some very strong words and basically warning retaliation with tough sanctions if they are implemented. you suggest that the us should target more chinese banks. so in the united states and how we can put pressure on chinese
1:37 pm
officials in the banking system. chinese officials need to cut the banks of also. it is not just the united states. so they basically need to block funds that go into north korea. so china's banks right now, what are they doing in order to monitor them and try to assist in this issue? >> certainly. the thing that we want to be very explicit about is that the us is very intolerant of this regime and that we will increase cost for north koreans and entities that help north korea and its missile and nuclear programs. and by enacting all of these programs is what we are trying to do. we are trying to show that the un or the us, un and china can for our unaccepting and will increase the cost for these things. now china can be more implemented two of the un and its actions. certainly, the un itself can
1:38 pm
implement greater scrutiny against chinese actions. north korean actions and of course, those other countries, not just china and russia southeast asian countries that have been helpful of the kim regime. >> we will hear a lot about this at the un as the president also will be speaking for the very first time at the un. and nikki haley. we will stay tuned to that, a very busy week ahead. thank you very much it is appreciated. do not miss tomorrow's "fox news sunday" interview with hr mcmaster. check your local listings for can also tune in at 2 pm and 6 pm eastern time here on fox news. there you can call this reaching out to the grassroots. president trump inviting an 11-year-old boy virginia to the white house after the boy broke the president offering to help cut the white house lawn. frank already runs his own lawn care business and says that he admires the president business skills.
1:39 pm
frank explaining to fox and friends earlier why he kept mowing the grass as you see on the rose garden lawn while the president was actually trying to talk to him. >> i knew he was very impressed and i thought he was going to talk with me but -- it was actually pretty cool when he came up. >> he may be mowing lawns now but frank says that he hopes to one day become a navy s.e.a.l. that is all right. >> more fallout at one of the top credit reporting agencies. and the president meets not once but twice as democratic leadership talk about doctor. look at this mean for the -- >> we hope that it is a bipartisan bill that has
1:40 pm
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equifax after massive hack at the credit reporting giant. they may have exposed the personal information of up to 143 million people. now to technology and security executives are leaving the company effective immediately. as a review of the data breach underway. >> the president trying his hand at bipartisan politics. this week discussing the obama era daca immigration policy with chuck and nancy as he is now calling senate minority leader, chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi. there white house dinner ending with both sides agreeing to work on a deal on daca that also funds edit security
1:45 pm
measures. now joining we have our democratic strategist and former president of young democrats of america and lawrence jones, the host of the lawrence jones show and a conservative commentator. thank you lawrence and i -- where trying to find a way to parts all this and a bipartisanship agenda. >> i think this is a step in the right direction and in the last eight months you have the gop who has the majority in both the house and the senate. and then having donald trump in the white house as president, they have not been able to get anything done. so i think that donald trump has been a little burned by the situation. and so he is trying to say okay, we'll try and work with democrats to get this done. see if i can get some wins. they are both kind of the same age, the court in new york in
1:46 pm
the boroughs, have similar attitudes about things. i can see why would be an easy conversation for them to have more so than mitch mcconnell or paul ryan. >> lawrence, thank you atima omara. mitch and paul. let's do it that way. can mitch and paul ever hope to get along with chuck and nancy? and donald and trying to find agreement on daca great. >> i think this should be an agreement but not before border security. and not before having immigration reform plans in place. then we can start talking about daca.i think there is more pressing issues than daca for the country to be focusing on such as jobs improving the economy, tax reform as well as healthcare. that we start talking about people that are not american citizens and finding solutions for them. >> as long as your time at that
1:47 pm
the president is going to give congress six months to write this ship as it says on daca and because of that it is something that people are now focusing on. it would appear to be the case in congress. you will recall that the house speaker, paul ryan, was ready to talk about funding and programs that they add with regards of tax report. that he was asked the pudge about this program and about the fact that the president met with democrats. so the president is kind of shielded or actually turned a tight on this. what do you think about that? >> the president does not have the authority to make immigration policies such as what president obama did with daca. but the former president said he did and signed an executive order. to be the president sent this to congress is because this is their role in congress to pass a law on this. so they have six months until to get this done. but i guess it, the people will be very upset if they don't get
1:48 pm
the agenda done such as healthcare as well as tax reform. i do think we have to figure out what we are going to do with these dreamers but not before we start handling issues that affect the american people directly on a day-to-day basis. the american citizens. >> what about the comments that lawrence just made there? obviously we have a big agenda. the president of the big agenda. you want to take care of all of the above but now he has been able to actually send us to congress, he talked to democratic leadership about solving the problem because he cares about the dreamers and he cares about moving the country forward with border security but also with other issues that are very important to the american people, healthcare, finance, everything. >> yes. in lengthy months and gently tried to move forward with tax reform, healthcare you know
1:49 pm
certainly addressing some forms of immigration but every time he has turned to his caucus which has the party in power, they always fumbled the ball literally like yours from the goal. and so for him, he is unique because of nancy and chuck and he is having a good conversation. have been able to get more done with him in regards to agreements in the last two weeks. then other republicans have in his party in the last eight months. and they are in the majority. >> me ask you this question before we let you go. this is the fact that i want to ask. the president, he is showing leadership and reaching out to both parties. is he not? and if he is doing that, why can't a republican controlled congress get behind the president's agenda?and it seems democrats are willing to talk to him and meet him at some point along the way to do that?>> i will say this, the president should be applauded for sitting down with the democrats.bill is not that get the conservative confidence
1:50 pm
off the wrong track. yes we want to get dacafinished by the democrats expect the republicans to go along with not having border security with comet it seems that you will have , then republicans will not -- >> lawrence jones and atima omara thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> people allowed home to assess damage after hurrican irma. but now officials are warning of a new crisis that can emerge. we will explain in a live report, next. don't hook it kid. and if that's still not enough, we'll help your kid's kid prepare for the future. looks like he hooked it. we'll do anything... takes after his grandad. seriously anything, to help you invest for the future. ally. do it right. >> former governor rick scott
1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
wrecked into the depth of eight nursing home patient this week amid power outages.after hurrican irma. governor scott tweeting i'm outraged over the debts at the rehabilitation center. we must understand trances as any healthcare provider knows to do as your patients are in danger, they must call 911. this as people in the florida keys continue to clean up with the wreckage and damages. many others are still trying to manage without power. and the residence were just allowed back home today and florida keys. many of the homes are destroyed. >> marathon florida is an essential part of the florida
1:55 pm
keys. it was one of the hardest hit places by hurricane irma as you can see by the damage. authorities today just a few hours ago finally started to let some people back into this community. unfortunately, not only were homes destroyed but they were kept away from their homes for nearly a week. there is still not power, no running water, no air conditioning or sewage. but people are grateful that they can at least get back in to see the damage. just a short while ago we spoke with a woman just serving her property and here is what she had to say. >> i was pacing the floor. and trying to calm down. not easy. you only have a certain amount. pretty clean people, i did not want any dirty clothing. i know it's stupid, i know. i'm thinking how we will get it all back. because of our age. >> those people had no insurance facilities of total loss. and for the people who decide
1:56 pm
to come back here it is still a risk.there is no air conditioning, no running water, no electricity. they say that's a deadly combination like we thought that hollywood florida nursing home and there is also no functioning hospital so it is still very dangerous situation for the folks that may decide to come back to their homes in the keys. >> thank you. >> what a day. good to be back with you. >> is not over yet! >> that will do it for us. >> i know you will be home somewhere watching.but hey, news did not stop here! we will see at 7 o'clock for the "fox report". andre is an air traffic controller. when it comes to planning the best routes, nobody does it better. he's also a championship-winning football coach. look at that formation. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for andre, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple,
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