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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 16, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and twitter. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." the negotiator at work. the president reaches across the aisle and anyone criticizing him doesn't know a thing about how washington works. tonight corey lewandowski and gop congressman ron desantis weigh in. plus a winner's welcome for a loser. hillary clinton still bewiched, bothered and bewildered about why she lost. do you really want to know what happened, hillary? you asked, so i will tell you. it's tonight's opening
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statement. and then. judge jeanine: what does that signify when the flames come out of the back? >> it goes faster. i'm taking a ride in a state of the art military jet designed keep us safe from the word's biggest threats. we are cleared for takeoff. justice starts now. is there a seat belt? hello and welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being us tonight. corey lewandowski, florida congressman ron deand is and dinesh difficul difficult disou. most of people learn from their
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mistakes. they figure out why and adjust. but when you keep together same thing over and over and don't learn from your mistakes, that's the textbook definition of insanity. so my title for hillary's new book is living in denial and in need of a lobotomy. do i have to go through this again? what happened? you lost, he won, karl today is a pitch. sorry -- karma is a bitch. we had it with the poor she nonsense. now bernie sanders, who by the way would have beaten you if the fiction wasn't in with your girl from friend debbie wasserman-schultz at the dnc and donna brazile sending you debate
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questions,. the fbi, anthony weiner, barack obama, matt lauer, the "new york times." what happened? you lost because people don't like you. they don't trust you. you are arrogant and condescending. you call them names like deplorable. and you have the moral core of a jellyfish. and you wonder why your accomplishments aren't recognized. your state department lied and said there were no emails on benghazi. you out and out tried was no classified information on your email server, and you did it for convenience when we all know you set up a private non-secure server so you and your girlfriends uma and cheryl allegedly doing state department work could raise money for the organized criminal end prize
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known as the clinton foundation which was nothing more than a campaign slush fund allowing you to take money from foreign governments and live a life to which government employees are unaccustomed. when the criminals started to surface, the clinton made sure the fix was in. since when in a serious federal investigation regarding our classified information do prosecutors hands out immunity deals with no goal of building their case. doing nothing more than grarntle them protection from future prosecution. since when are targets allowed to sit in on each other's interviews, then allowing the targets to claim attorney-client privilege. since when are evidence like laptops critical evidence destroyed. and no grand jury impaneled.
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hillary, you are good at it, and you are the epitome of public corruption. the fix? your friend barack obama in april 2016 there was no malicious intent on your part to expose our classified documents. shortly thereafter "the washington post" mimics obama saying there is no malicious intend and our secrets were never in danger. and weeks before 17 witnesses and the target herself are questioned, jim comey writes an exoneration of you as a criminal target using the same words. except malicious intent is not an element of the crime, folks. and anyone who tells you that a prosecutor drafts an exoneration memo of the target before the investigation is complete has
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never prosecuted a case, is a complete idiot or an out and out liar. and this week 1,617 new documents and a total now of 627 new emails never turned over by you, to paint a picture of a cold, calculated woman on the road to power by any means possible, using our state department as a pay-to-play. and the obama and the clinton holdovers, the deep state still at work even under president trump fighting to prevent the american people from seeing those dowmentds and emails, saying you, hillary clinton are entitled to your privacy. and you lament that benghazi hurt you politically? then have the unmitigated gal to say donald trump present --
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unmitigated gall to say donald trump presents a clear and present danger to the country? it was under your watch that four brave americans died in benghazi it was under your state department that they were refused the security they requested. and you had the gall to sweater man who made the video would go to a jail. but then against what difference does it all make? and you scold women in your book who didn't vote for you saying, you won't give them abc leweis. give -- them sbsl owrk --you won't give them abso? removing words like freedom, empowering women and making sure you don't sound sympathetic to
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women's plight in saudi arabia when you were raising money there. hillary, what do you call someone willing to give up everything she believes in, her moral core, for money? attorney general jeff sessions must open a new federal investigation into hillary clinton. and impanel a grand jury avoid the false clinton immunity deals. easily done because each one has been violated. hillary should not get a free pass because she lost an election. it's time to stop this psychopath from continuing her nonstop stream of lies and criminal activity. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page, twitter and instagram.
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#judgejeanine. joining me now with reaction, president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski. good evening. >> great opening statement. i loved it. judge jeanine: how does a woman spend this time time talking about herself when she is a loser. if i were a loser like that i would be in a corner depressed and hiding. >> she continues to blame everybody but herself for the worst run campaign in the history of campaigns. she forgot where wisconsin was on the map. it wasn't that she was a woman. it's that she was her. that's why people didn't vote for her. it's because people knew who hillary was and knew they wouldn't protect american citizens if benghazi was an indication of the kind of responsibility she would have.
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judge jeanine: now, let's talk about the president. president trump has been doing some very interesting things lately. and there is talk that he is now reaching across the aisle especially if you listen to pelosi and schumer, that he's ready to deal with the democrats. what do you know to be the case, and what do you think the implications are? >> what i know is this president laid out a clear vision for america. the republican party failed to repeal and replace obamacare which they were supposed to have done by april. the american people were very clear. we want a change agent to go to to get things done. this president mentioned to get things done. he's a business executive. if that means the republicans are going to work with him. then he's going to put a coalition together because the american people deserve it.
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judge jeanine: i think the vast majority of americans agree with him. the dreamers, dak, they are here under no -- they didn't come here illegally, their parent brought them as children. but the interesting thing is, if he says he has concern for them and cares about them. i believe it is ultimately going to help him on both side. that it's not really a question of whether or not, you know, the right is going to dump him and the left is going to criticize him. i think it's good across the board. >> the most of important thing that this president can do, it's a pledge we made on the campaign to fulfill. he will build a wall on the southern border. it will stop the flow of illegal immigration into our country. it will save american lives. that has to be the priority.
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you cut the business tax down to 15% and you bring back all of that trillions of dollars sitting overseas. now we have a country putting america first. you stop the flow of illegal immigration. the rest can be dealt with later. but those are the priorities. judge jeanine: what do you say to people on the right who are very upset with the president? i say, god for him. i'm sick and tired of the paul ryans, mitch mcconnells saying the president comes in with unrealistic expectations. and the senators haven't had a chance to do it. this president has no choice. he's working for us, and he's bucking the establishment on both side, is he not? >> he ran as an outsider to
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washington. he didn't run as one of the swamp creatures. he ran as somebody to bring change. that means if you have to work across the aisle to bring the change you want, he will do that. they couldn't get past the procedural motion which is crazy. the president wants money for the wall. he pledged that. he pledged he will cut the corporate tax rate and bring money back from overseas and double the deduction for middle class working families. here we are in september past labor day and none of these things have been done. the republicans and democrats failed the american people for 30 years. you finally have a president who will hold him accountable. judge jeanine: do you think this is the end of the republican party? i believe middle america is fed up with the games manship. if the republican party had it way, this president would not
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have any legislative successes and he would be going into the mid-terms. there is legislation he signed. but is the republican party over? >> i think what donald trump showed you in the primaries and the general election were people aren't so concerned about the party. it's about somebody who is going to bring change to washington. we are $20 trillion in debt and republicans and democrats for 30 years have added to that debt. we haven't had a balanced budget for one or two years since newt gingrich was speaker of the house. what have republicans done to bring that debt down? washington, business as usual is over. donald trump came to washington to change it. judge jeanine: tough job for hip. but i still believe he's going to do it. corey lewandowski, thanks for being with us.
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hillary's america's author today fresh difficulisnext. and later, i'm in the cockpit bringing you along for a high-tech exclusive ride on board an f-35 fighter jet. justice flies on in a moment. am i pressing that button? >> no. we may need to press it later. >> is there a oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day
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and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. judge jeanine: a big week ahead for president trump. the critical speech comes as the u.s. and the world face an escalating nuclear threat from north korea. this as the house fights for healthcare. let's talk about the speech at the u.n. do you think that we can rely on
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the international community when it comes to kim jong-un and north korea? what is he going to say when he goes there? >> historically we haven't been able to rely on them. the u.n. last year did 24 resolutions, 20 of them were against israel. but if you are going to have a u.n., you have this plump kid with nuclear weapons. he's test firing missiles anywhere. if the u.n. is worth anything, this would be the perfect time to martian peopltime -- to marto stop this madman. judge jeanine: we have nikki haley, fantastic. but japan. they were scrambling the other day. and i think south korea is starting to panic. >> they should be panicking. judge jeanine: they didn't a
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month ago, saying we don't need that defense shield. we are good. >> no other president has wanted to deal with this problem. but this is a test. i have low expectations for the u.n. but if you can't deal with this issue when the whole world pretty much agrees this is a problem, then you are totally useless. let's talk about the deal making going on in congress, chuck and nancy saying they had a deal on daca and the president reaching across the aisle. can you blame him? >> i think he's frustrated with the lack of productivity he has seen out of the congress and particularly the senate. they are work on this new healthcare bill that is getting some traction. why did they take five weeks off? we should not have taken five weeks off. we had opportunities to do more things and this is a president who wants to get things done for business.
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judge jeanine: some on the right in his base are upset he's working across the aisle. are you? he you have to do what you promised the voters and work with who promised they would do it. the establishment i think never thought he could win and they never accepted he's president. so understanding the establishment exists to help the establishment is important. but here is the issue with the democrats. if the democrats take the house in 2018. they are going to try to impeach this president. they will not be willing partners on a lot of things. >> we cannot go into the mid terms with no legislative accomplishments. the president is a negotiator. he needs to wheel and deal. august 5 when you were on, this woman unnerves me.
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debbie wasserman-schultz. the individual imran awan. i said when can i report to my viewers that the debbie wasserman-schultz case is being reviewed by the congressional oversight reform committee. you said you didn't know. and now way want to know is, you say there has been an ethics complaint. >> here is what we know. there have been indictments since then of awan. there is a criminal case going on outside the purview of the congress. but what happened with this laptop. remember when she was yelling at the capitol police officer? the laptop was found. awan staged it. he want it to be found. judge jeanine: when is congress going to have a hearing. >> we want to, but we have not been authorized to have bun.
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judge jeanine: who is the leadership? >> the leadership by the committees and the leadership in the whole house. we have a number of us, we'll do our own hearing in we don't get it approved to do one of these. we just do it. judge jeanine: they will hold you as bait for a year and a half. give me a deadline. i'm bringing you in a couple weeks and you will tell me you got it done. house your house? >> i had part of my roof caused in. tornadoes spun off near us but no water damage. we are fine. judge jeanine: congressman ron desantis. thank you very much. put on your flight gear. i'm taking inside the cockpit of one of the military's most of lethal weapons.
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next, speak of secret weapons. my political panel is primed and ready for their saturday night faceoff. justice rolls on in a minute. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff.
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in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. [♪] patti ann: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm patti ann browne. protests in st. louis continue for a second night following a former cop's acquittal for murder. 11 police officers were injured friday night. several storefront windows have been broken the past hour. 33 people were arrested friday night. police were seen taking at least two people away. the florida keys are opening to residents. but people are being warned to bring all the supplies they will need.
9:30 pm
power, water and sewer is intermittent. they are told to bring all the food, water and supplies they will need to remain self-sufficient. judge jeanine: a ton of news on deck to cover with my panel. i want to start with the especially chris since you worked for comuk schumer. chuck says he and nancy had a deal with the president, and that it definitely involves daca and that the wall was not included in the deal. the president comes out and denies that that is the case. so. >> i didn't think he denied it.
9:31 pm
i thought it was actually the president basically didn't disagree with anything they said. he said he would talk about the wall at a later time. >> sanders denied it. the white house spokesperson denied it. >> i saw the president on the tarmac going to florida to survey the hurricane damage and it looked like he was agreeing with most of of what chuck and nancy said. judge jeanine: are you kidding me? >> i'm talking about the president in his own words, judge. judge jeanine: david, what do you think of this. is it a good idea for the president to be reaching out to the democrats? >> yes, it is far more to republicans' advantage that schumer and pelosi get their team on board with the republican agenda.
9:32 pm
let's remember. republicans control the house and the senate. and we heard a couple weeks ago how oh, my gosh, there is a great 3-month deal negotiated between chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. had paul ryan and mitch mcconnell not wanted to do it, it wouldn't have happened? why? the majority party is the one that decides what gets voted on. if they didn't want it voted on, it wouldn't have happened. judge jeanine: i lot of way you are spinning. you are both spinning and i get. but if the majority party were in favor of this president and securing his presidency they wouldn't have been messing up legislationing for 9-10 months. >> if the president wants to get things done, he will need to work with more than just the republicans. he has to work with all 535 members of the house and senate and there are some democrats
9:33 pm
there. i think chuck schumer and a lot of democrats want to see infrastructure done, and i think this president will have willing partners with them. and he learned that he can't work with republicans who have not really governed and don't appear to know how to get things done in congress. judge jeanine: they said they were going to vote on it. when they got to it matter, they didn't vote for it. then you have got the mitch mcconnell thing. but haven't the republicans put the democrats in positions of strength by not supporting the president and his agenda. >> this one of the rare segments where you and chris are making the same point against the point i'm trying to make. 53 pieces of legislation has been sent from congress to the
9:34 pm
president. all legislation working in the obama administration regulations that hurt job creation. you look at what just happened. we had the debt ceiling legislation and the hurricane relief legislation. you have tax reform potentially coming down and judge gorsuch. you take those three things alone, that's a successful first year for the president and the republican congress. judge jeanine: david, if you have got the house, the senate and the president on the same team, everybody saying we are replacing and repealing obamacare and you haven't done taxes yet and you have 53 pieces of legislation that's great. but you have no major accomplishments because of the republicans. >> there is no question. we did not get the ball across the goal line on healthcare. there is still a chance to do that. i made the point republicans
9:35 pm
need to by thanksgiving get tack reform done so it can be done by the first and second quarter. i'm an eternal optimist and i think it's going to happen. >> for all of the writing about obamacare, the republican congress got sworn in on january 2. they should have had a bill on the president's desk on january 20. judge jeanine: chris, let's talk about the wall. >> one of my favorite ping floyd on bums. i loved it. judge jeanine: the president appears to have empathy for the dreamers. but he also appears to be strong on the wall. what do you think ultimately happens, chris? >> i think ultimately he will get a strong border security package. that does not include the wall. judge jeanine: ways a strong
9:36 pm
border security package if it's not a wall. >> the wall is a waste of money. there is a thing called a ladder. a shovel you can go under it. and most of people oversay their visas. judge jeanine: david, last word. >> we are going to have border security that will have a wall. we had this discussion earlier about what the president said and what he didn't say. the president said there are parts of the wall being refurbished now and made stronger. there are four model types they are working on. there will be a wall with border security and it will include more agents on the border to do work. it can look at immigration reform to keep people from coming here illegally. judge jeanine: david alegalla, chris hahn, thank you for being here. next, dinesh d'souza joins me to talk hillary and her
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ridiculous book. then your inside look at the military's high-tech fighter. military's high-tech fighter. don't go away. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon
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judge jeanine: developing tonight, new fears over antifa violence and alt-left activists that continue to disrupt our country. here with us is the author of "the big lie," dinesh d'souza. what is the big lie? >> the idea that fascism and nazism are a phenomena of the right. ever since trump's election the
9:42 pm
big story about trump and the republicans is that the right is fascist. this is used not tomorrow as an insult but as a protect for the left to do all kind of extreme tactics from violence on the campuses to disrupting the inauguration. mainstream democrats not even attending the inauguration. all of this is based on the idea that trump is somehow a fascist. he's like hitler in the 1930s. not only is trump not a fascist. but fascist and nazism have always been phenomena of the left. hitler was a national socialist. the left has tried to take the socialism out of national socialism and smear the right for something it is inference i canally not. judge jeanine: the left and the
9:43 pm
antifa, the ninja clad individual are, you know, claiming that defending the country and stopping the fascists from gaining ground. and they are admittedly committing violent acts saying not all speech is acceptable. how do they realign the whole thinking with the constitution. how does law enforcement and a lot of these cops stand down when they come out. >> the reason is the antifa guys claim to be anti-fascists so they act like the fascists are on the other side. antifa guys look like mussolini's brown shirts from the 20s. they carry weapons. i know there was a death in charlottesville. but these antifa guys are allied
9:44 pm
with people in hollywood, the mayor of berkeley, the deans on major campuses and the democratic party. judge jeanine: it was a woman who was hit by a car. she was killed. that's as violent as violence can get. and that was not antifa. >> i agree with that completely. but what i'm saying the real danger in our culture doesn't just come from the fascism of the street but the fascism of institutions. so when google can fire a guy for writing a memo and hollywood boss can drive people out of the industry because they are on the wrong side of the political aisle. when universities can destroy the career of academics because they don't tow the party line, we have to fear these institutions more because they have more power.
9:45 pm
in the 1950s when the democratic governor tried to block black kids from going to school and exercising their basic rights. eisenhower sent in the national guard. the first amendment is one of our most of fundamental rights. when campuses try to create this violence to obstruct our first amendment, trump should send in the national guard. next, the what it is over. bubble in and get ready to soar and fight some bad guys. my look inside an f-35 fighter jet is next. whoo! testing, testing... is this thing on?! huh? c'mon! your turn! mmmm... where do pencils go on vacation?
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judge jeanine: it's a dangerous world. the high-tech threats we face around the globe require our government be on the cutting edge of innovation. production of the f-35 fighter jet is being ramped up.
9:50 pm
it's a truly remarkable stealth fighter. recently i had the chance to visit lockheed martin's facility. and i got to fly in an f-35 simulator. here we are in arlington, virginia at the lockheed martin fighter demonstration center. we are going to be flying an f-35 which is wane amazing stealth vehicle that you have been hearing a lot about in the political arena. we are going to show what an amazing plane this is. is there a seat belt? this is our camera?
9:51 pm
i'm here at the center with al norman and bob robino. both of them are former navy pilots. what would you say the f-35 has to offer that in other plane has to offer. >> the f-35 is the first and only multi roll fighter available to the world. it combines stealth, mission system avionics and network centric operation. connectivity between airplanes to allow pilots to go places they couldn't go before, to know things they could never know before, to execute their mission and come home safely. judge jeanine: what does it signify when the big flames come out of the back. >> it makes you go faster.
9:52 pm
this is what we call the control stick. judge jeanine: am i precious that button. >> we may press it later but we don't need to press it now. judge jeanine: between all of would you would see on an old airplane, the dials. none of that is visible on this f-35. is this a new way to fight? is this offering us the ability to stay safer? >> it's also a new way to think. >> your mission is to attack a control tower at an enemy airfield. we are going to do that with 2,000 pound bombs we have internal to the aircraft. this is what you will be using to drop. these circles, they are squares with circles around them. those are bad guy airplanes. >> we want to give our men and women an unfair fej they have to
9:53 pm
gone into combat. give them ability to execute the mission and come back safely every time. i'm going to push go. you are almost there in range. push and hold the button. you can watch your weapons bay door open. it shows you a couple seconds to impact. a couple flashes, and you just took out that lang a. that -- that hangar. instead of those non-operating those. there are a couple of f-35s on the deck. you can see the airplane right there.
9:54 pm
it's going to come in a minute. you keep look up. we'll go to zero when we get up to the ship. do it now. correct. look down to your left. there is the ship. you will line up at that yellow line. push your left foot. >> this is amazing. it flies itself. >> just keep coming, coming. there you go. you heard the tires. judge jeanine: it gives the pilots the ability to think. actually the pilot is thinking. i wasn't thinking much. can i stand up again, i assume? >> there you go. wow, everything that i saw in
9:55 pm
the cockpit i'm seeing. >> all that information still follows you. if you look down between your legs you can see what's below you. >> that's incredible. it's beautiful and clear and worth every penny. we'll be right back with a tribute to my special friend. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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judge jeanine: before i say goodbye, tonight i want to take a moment to thank all of you, my wonderful followers on facebook, twitter and instagram. as many as you know, especially those who follow me on social media, i am an animal lover in this year my 13 -year-old standard poodle mickey moto passed. it was unexpected and i want to think so many of you who sent messages of condolences to me and to certainly one who was with me now. it was from you that i first heard about the rainbow bridge, a beautiful journey that a pet takes after death where all animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor and made holy and strong again. just as we remember them, in our dreams, in days and times gone by. as we all know, the one absolutely unselfish friends a man can have in the selfish world is her dog.
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i miss mickey moto, lancelot does as well. thank you for watching and thank you for caring. have a good night. >> i don't like lou dobbs. >> i knew we stayed too long. greg: you are wrong, man. lou dobbs is a beautiful man. yes, remember this? >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for


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