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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 18, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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lighting the electric cauldron before the start of a rams, redskins game before there were that 2028 similar picks. they're up against paris and for the 2024, and paris one. that will do it. thank you for joining us. "america's news hq" starts now. >>harris: important relationship, president donald trump has met with benjamin netanyahu a short time ago as the president is waiting for his critical speech to the united nations simply tomorrow. the president touted the opportunity for peace in the middle east. watch. >> the palestinians would like to see it, and i can tell you the trump administration would like to see it. we are working very hard, and we will see what happens. , historically, people say it cannot happen. i say can. >> under your leadership, the alliance between america and israel has never been stronger,
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never been deeper. >>harris: the president attending meetings at the u.n. today. pushing for what he sees as crucial reform to cut down on bureaucracy and red tape. chief correspondent, john roberts with me today. always good to see you. we are right here. i am feeling a bit of a snow melt, because that was a frosty relationship between the prime minister and barack obama. different with donald trump. >> we have seen this a number of times. a couple times at the white house. we saw today, saw it in israel. benjamin netanyahu is a big fan of president trump despite all of that pandering and talk with the campaign about what kind of an ally is president trump to israel. is he committed to israel? he wanted to start update u.s. on a good foot and who better to have a bilateral?
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the president would like to send a signal to the world that he would like to forge middle east peace. less is into how they got off on that bilateral meeting a short time ago. >> thank you very much. it is great to have prime minister netanyahu with us today. been friends for many years, and it is a real honor, i have to say. we'll be discussing many things. among them, peace between the palestinians and israel. a fantastic achievement. we are giving it an absolute go, and it is a good chance that it can happen. most people say there is no chance whatsoever. i have faith in the capability, and frankly the other side. i know they have a chance. >> a lot of people would say, it is impossible to forge peas in the live middle east. he has jared kushner and jason greenback going over there a number of times and they met
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with netanyahu. >>harris: a lot of people say that in the past, he is trying to forge a new way into the future. it is fun to sit here and look at this together, because you and i are noticing some of the same things. those two men in front of that particular group at the u.n. has very similar personalities. >> they do. the both very strong personalities. what is really interesting, more than anything, the policy but also the alliance between these two. they genuinely like each other company, and benjamin netanyahu, through a big piece of praise towards donald trump to start out this u.n. general assembly. listen to what he said. >> i want to say that under president trump, america's position towards the u.n. has been unequivocal. it has been strong. it's got both clarity and conviction. i want to thank you on the behalf of the people of israel
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and france of israel around the world. thank you mr. president. >> not everybody is in the benjamin netanyahu camp in israel, but remember all the hammering you make pandering that donald trump, what does he know about israel, what kind ally is seen. there it is from the prime minister of israel. he is never seen such strength. >>harris: this is the first type of speech in front of the united nations, and he has called into question the efficacy of the u.n. in this day and age. >> to put it in lightly. >>harris: whatever tone you will give tomorrow, i am sure helpful. john roberts, thank you. come back next time when you act in new york. meanwhile, president trump calling for the u.n. to shape up. watch. >> we encourage all member shapes to take bold stands at the united nations with an eye towards changing business as usual and not being beholden to
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ways of the past. which work, not working. >>harris: chris stirewalt, always good to see you. today is a big day at the u.n. for the president but what stands out so far? >> i think the first part, you and john alluded to it. the expectation about donald trump on the world stage. we were told he would be unsteady. he would make people nervous, the world did not know what to make of donald trump. we find ourselves now 8, 9, 10 months into it trump-ism and none of those predictions have come to pass. the order of things, the united states commitment to nat nato, indian russian aggression going back to most of the policy norms that trump's predecessors followed, it seems seen -- he seems to be getting better on
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with leaders release from the global community, we heard a lot of things about donald trump, but he is going to keep the american norms mostly in play. >> harris: when this president talks to nato, he did not miss words. does a tough afternoon. i don't know if he remembered, but he was calling for people to pay their own chair. does he take that tone tomorrow is a question that is hanging in the air. if so, what are the repercussions? >> the united nations. we have to remember what it is therefore. it is not there to do anything. the the united nations is there so all of the question the countries of the world even the worst malefactors, the bottom, thank thank you come to get together. the idea of eleanor roosevelt era, sometimes the united nations would lead us to one world government and set the standards for everything in the world, that has never come to
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pass. for one big reason. countries like the united states and our western allies and allies in the pacific, the things that we want, countries like russia and china do not. the things they want, we do not want. agreement and consistence is hard to find here the reason why u.n. is dysfunctional, why can't they do anything with north korea, because russia and china does not want to deal with north korea. >> harris: they are not at the table today, and angela merkel not at the table. talk about the absences, that speaks volumes, i would imagine, what you said about china and russia. december 26, 2016, the president tweeted this. the united nations have such great potential, but right now, it is a call for people to get around, talk, and have a good time. sad. how can you change it? >> he will drain the swamp message to turtle baked. he will drain that swamp while he drained the swamp in washington. the reality is coming he is not going to change very much,
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because russia and china does not wanted to change very much. they're not interested in accommodating america and the world. they want to focus and every american president has to focus on, is building the coalition of willing cooperative nations with a like-minded view about human liberty, human dignity, peaceful, all the values that we hold dear that are at the core of the packed americana. bringing those countries together, see you at the voting block to get as much good done as you can. >> harris: before he let you go, is this the body of people that deals with north korea? >> no, no, no. >> harris: can we step aside and go our own way? >> you make -- the united nations' for happy tripping. while we like peaceful things, discrete counsel involved includes hard policy and the international level.
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the united nations is not the answer to north korea. china is the answer to north korea. what happens in new york will include side conversations with a resolution on the floor. >> harris: bring it up because ambassador nikki haley says we are at a point where we will not be able to use diplomacy to avoid war. it is a fair question, and a fair observation on her part. >> i agree, 100%. >> harris: chris stirewalt. the stire is on fire. before the day of protesting and st. louis after vinyl we can 80 people arrested after a white police officer in the death of a black man. that situation is getting worse when writers through concrete at officers breaking storefront windows. will carr is there. will? >> the damage is widespread. over the past three nights, three separate parts of the city
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had been hit, including downtown. this may also this may also line, they came in and kicked in the window. we see in this after business. they broke a lot of windows. a lot of volunteers to help got the morning and painting the plywood, trying to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, because these businesses are still open. the st. louis police department. a picture to show you exactly what they're dealing with. objects taken off a one person they arrested last night. it includes full gear, gun, even a sword. businesses that are impacted are still trying to remain open. this sushi restaurant had 50 people last night when chaos broke out. listen to one of the employees. >> we had to let them go. it was at least $2,000. >> it has to be frustrating if you own a restaurant.
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>> we had to pay for the window an extra $5,000. >> one of the owners and employees do not understand, they actually understand the peaceful demonstration. they do not understand why anybody wants to come in and kicked in their windows. >> harris: i tell you. we see this in different cities, it hurts the local economy when small business have to do this. they create so many jobs throughout america. it is painful to watch that. tonight, what are they preparing for? >> more protests, the police department said they are on top of it. there is also bad weather in the forecast. i spoke to one business owner, and he said he is praying for rain. >> harris: will carr, thank you very much. is speaking of, another hurricane into the fine. still reeling from hurricane irma, and out in the direct path of cap three maria. more on the potential impact. president trump is calling for more form.
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we been talking to it -- will he get more informed that the u.n. so badly needs. that in morehead. >> from the inside, and he is going there for reform. i'm sure he will talk about that as well.
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>> harris: fox news alert. three potential storms and the atlantic threatening the caribbean and eastern u.s. the national hurricane center since hurricane maria is a category three storm. while hurricane jose could hit parts of the northeast. and then we are watching tropical depression lee. meteorologist adam klotz. we are more than halfway through the season, and the hurricanes
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are acting like it is starting at the beginning. >> it is acting like that for more than halfway through the season already over, have the total amount. over the total amount in a season, but it has been active. so far the biggest so far is hurricane maria. this morning it was a category . this one thrown up quick. that will happen this afternoon, next couple of hours. lingering through. wins currently at 120 miles per hour, a hundred 25 miles an hour. a powerful one. everything in red, that is hurricane warning. it stretches up and down, the u.s. virgin islands. it will be making that general path by wednesday. we'll be hitting puerto rico. all of those islands that already got beat up, unfortunately another big hurricane is heading that direction. here is our future radar. you see a very tight path tonight and over running closer and closer to the
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virgin islands. really happening early tomorrow morning. wednesday morning and the rest of that moving through. for eventually heading towards puerto rico. this is fairly slow moving, to define, it will only strengthen. currently i cat 3, going towards a category four. here's what it will look at. are moments really from becoming a category four. the big difference here, even though it is a similar path, you see this turn. likely coming up on the east side of bermuda. they'll be turning up that direction. even all of our models gives a pretty wide berth. suddenly, he turned north through the bomb us into the east. which means running up into the east coast. that is taken into saturday and sunday. we are days and days away. the next couple of days, these islands need to batten down the hatch at. >> harris: adam, we will keep
11:18 am
a watch. california wants to be a big safe space for illegal immigrants. lawmakers and callie just passed an immigration measure, which openly defies the trump administration initiative. a live report from there. president trump also made his debut at the united nations. he is prepared for his first and highly anticipated address to the u.n. assembly tomorrow. what he should and should not say. we will talk to the political panel. >> i am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the united nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just, and greater force for peace and harmony in the world.
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>> harris: the state of california and the trump administration could be on a collision course. lawmakers there over the beacon approved a bill to make california a sanctuary state. the entire state. many police from cooperating with federal law enforcement on immigration laws. jerry brown is expected to sign that bill into law, and this comes days after federal judges in chicago cannot hold funds. a formal obamacare campaign consultant is with us today. in the editor director, but good to have you both. marjorie, i will start with you. it looked on that we would have a state with a lot of sanctuary cities or jurisdictions. now we have an entire state. what is the angle for people in the democratic party with regard to this issue? >> i don't know if it is a democratic party issue.
11:23 am
i think it has to do with the practicalities of law and states like texas has said this as well. they realize there are states that have very, very large immigrant populations. their economies rely on them. they also know that most of the violent crime and issue they have are not related to the immigrant community. they are spread evenly across. what they are trying to do, again, they're not breaking laws. they are choosing whether on a request, not law, but a request by ice to hand people in the prisons. what they realize, the lot they put in place actually create fear in the community, and they got a conflict law enforcement and the immigration system and people running away from police instead of running to them when they need them the most, and that does not keep anybody safe. spew on the way that you talk about it, it is like you're talking about illegal immigration. that is not what we are talk about. we're talking the people came into this country and continue to do so illegally, and then giving them a safe space in
11:24 am
places like chicago where americans are dying every place. i want to go to them. >> she talks about that so many immigrants, the reason for that is because california has been looking the other way for many years. now instead of coming to terms with the problem, which is there the poster child for illegal immigrant crime, instead, they're going to create a situation where they give sanctuary to illegal immigrants. in 2015 was a century city case, where you have a name on illegal immigrant, five deportations deportations, that all could have prevented if they were not in a sanctuary situation. now, what is california responding with to make that using the entire legislature to armor the democratic party. ultimately to scald the president through legislation after legislation. now make in the entire state one giant's actuaries on. i'm not sure how that serves the people in california that are paying taxpayer dollars.
11:25 am
>> harris: what you say to that? that is most high-profile recent case, but this happens in this country. it is not just that one. what you say to those people? >> that happens to people regarding immigration status. i'm not dismissing that been a tragedy. by the way, that is why the exception is in cases of violent crime. or people that have criminal activity. the people they are talking but not withholding our traffic tickets and thing they're not egregious. the bigger issue has to do with immigration policy. in our country, we have not solved that, and it is indisputable that things like housing prices would go up 30%. right now, we do not have solutions to that which is why it is something we have to solv solve. law enforcement is being forced to deal with it in a way they know best, to keep everybody safe. not immigrant community, but everybody. >> people in california is a dissent on resources. they are getting things that would qualify as welfare of
11:26 am
public services. schools to in-state tuition, driver's license, to being able to use the road. >> are they not paying taxes? when they are operating within the system? >> how do you get to a point -- >> harris: are you suggesting that illegals are here on math paying taxes for those things? when you talk to people in border states like texas and arizona, they are talking about what they feel for those in the communities that are here illegally. we have two separate. legal versus illegal. >> i understand how it feels, because they broke the law or feels unjust, and that is why we need immigration policy to create a fair process for people paying back taxes, and as well as people propose. this sort of rhetoric is false logic. it is for a lot of people. >> that is not of feeling.
11:27 am
that is subjective. >> harris: the last word, spencer? >> you have california citizens that are serving on the u.s. border control, and what you're telling them is their efforts to keep people out of the country are for now. when people do make it into the country -- the state of california's point, by doing this by saying, we are going to declare our entire state at saint tri-state, they're looking the other way. this by the way is an effort to scold the president. >> harris: marjorie fence, i thank you very much. good to have you both. hot topic when that happens to every american. president trump is ready to address the u.n. assembly. our next guest says, it is time for serious united nation refor reform. what should the president say, what should he not say? this as the united states finds powerful warplanes with tensions
11:28 am
with north korea are heating up your bulbar negotiations with allies look like >> we will have plenty of opportunity talk about that. they speak for themselves.
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>> harris: history being made for the president at the united nations. his first appearance before the world body, as a leader of the free world. he took part in several meetings already today. the big moment though comes tomorrow with his addressed to the general assembly. one that will focus largely on the threat facing the world, specifically north korea. that is what they're focused on with the sanctions at the u.n. last week. eric shawn is live at the united nations in new york. eric? >> back in 2005, i interviewed then at developer donald trump. he called this establishment corrupt and incompetent. we returned today, as president of the united states, and he is holding it like an account. he also met with israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, but all eyes are on the speech tomorrow to the general assembly in which she will take north korea to task. he is expected to call in the world tonight the threat posed
11:33 am
by kim jong un , even though the security without the met past nine resolutions they have basically failed to rein in that regime. the administration raised the prospect of possible military action if indeed diplomacy does eventually fail. >> as far as north korea is concerned. >> by the way, the north korean delegation will be in the general assembly as he speaks. we will see if they take his message to heart. >> harris: what about what else is expected to be talked about, and that is iran. >> he send you tall back tear up the iranian nuclear deal with the guidelines to give it. the prime minister of iran is
11:34 am
there today. earlier he met with the secretary general. he speaks on wednesday, he is expected to lash out at the u.s. as well as defend the iranian nuclear program. there will also be a massive rally against them just across the street, and the leader of the largest romanian proposition group says that he should be kicked out of the u.n. >> he is responsible for mass execution and iran. the slaughter, destructive efforts in iraq, terrorism and nuclear weapons. >> we'll see what the president's american first message with the diplomats here, who basically have to rely on the largest of american
11:35 am
taxpayers to basically fund most of this organization. back to you. >> harris: eric, thank you very much. north korea is now has more pressure on the country. it will only make it accelerate its nuclear program. the u.s. is pushing back on that. saying, exhausted diplomatic option spread that came from ambassador nikki haley, saint is tough to a avoid war. greg palkot is live from south korea. i've been reading recently, i don't know if they're following it in the same weight that we are following that here. some are not in favor of us getting involved even on their behalf. >> there are mixed feelings on that, harris, but obviously a lot of nervousness this time around that we have seen in our state here in south korea. action happened on sunday, a show of force by the u.s. and allied forces, to be one bombers
11:36 am
and four f34 fighters they came out of both guam and japan. also accompanied by south korea and japanese jets. they were involved in drills. reportedly, they made a very close maneuver towards north korea, and then dropped live bombs at a target range in south korea. this as officials here said today, north korea had in fact completed the development of that intermediate ranged missile, the one we saw launched last week. they claimed there in the final stages of an icbm, which can affect target mainline united states, and according to one south korean official, there could be yet another nuclear test at any time from this side in the north. >> harris: you are sitting in seoul, south korea, and planes across the border.
11:37 am
whether they hit things on the peninsula, they are fearing for the lives, i would imagine. are they watching us closely with what's going on with the u.n. and what do they expect? >> they are watching north korea in there watching the next couple of days, new york. president trump will be on late tuesday night here south korean time. i have to believe a lot of people will be staying up late. of course, officials and regional allies involved in the u.n. proceedings on thursday. they'll be a very important bilateral meeting between president trump and south korean president moon, and japanese payments are. and on friday from the north as foreign minister of the north will be there. last year he is pretty fiery defending the test. you have to believe it will be happened this year two. too. we heard a stark attack against sanctions that have been opposed
11:38 am
by the u.n. security council, and one final note, harris. no official word of any client contact between north korea and the u.s., south korea, japan. who knows. back to you. >> harris: greg palkot, thank you very much. we will continue on this ideal what can you get done at the u.n. president trump president trump is calling for major overhaul there. saying the u.n. has failed to meet its full potential. with you and getting most of its money from the united states, he is pushing to see results in line with our national investments. one on one. florida congressman francis rooney is a republican on the foreign affairs committee, we are so glad to have you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> congressman rooney, i know you wrote an op-ed ahead of showing our audience what you are saying, i want to dial in to what you think the president is doing on his first day debut and what needs to happen going into tomorrow. >> i think he set the table quite well in this meeting with secretary general calling for
11:39 am
reform to what everybody agrees with, a corrupt organization. >> harris: going into tomorrow, are you looking for him to have a certain tone say certain things? >> what i saw yesterday, they will focus around the peace, prosperity, and sovereignty. those three things, all of which blend into what we face with iran, north korea, and the problems with the u.n. >> harris: let's talk about your op-ed. it is getting attention today. will pop up words on the screen. tc must defend to stop legitimizing dictators. you and related agencies must be held accountable for what they do and spend, and peacekeeping forces to make sure they remain relevant and effective. which one would you like to start with? there are meaty stuff in there, and how far away do think we are from realizing all those things?
11:40 am
>> i think when secretary general guterres wanted the reformed to be agile, flex will, and efficient, he has work. these are actual tragedies from different parts of the u.n. can singin agencies. i never liked the u.n. human rights council for what they have done to support dictators. you read about all this abuse by the peacekeeping missions, it hasn't stopped there. >> harris: congressman rooney, we heard you ambassador nikki haley say we are running out of diplomatic processes to avoid war. what do you think of on the foreign missions committee, when you hear those words? >> i think she is pretty accurate. we had three presidents, each with eight-year terms engage with north korea, every time north korea would act up a little bit.
11:41 am
we have some kind of measure, some kind of agreement. we let it go away, and they do it again. i think the kim family wants to do more than we do, and they proceeded on the road despite our efforts. we have a problem. >> harris: are we closer to war with that rogue regime as we often call it, crazy, however you want to term it. i'll be closer to war with them that we have ever in your lifetime? >> i do not know. we could be? i have to do think the tougher we are on them, the less chances of war we will have. the more chance of an engaging russia and china. if it were me, i would say to kim, if you want to talk to somebody, talk to china. we are done talking to you. >> harris: >> harris: what wouly to china? >> i would say what we had been saying, what secretary tillerson said, you guys had the geography, the dominating trade relationship with north korea.
11:42 am
you can stabilize the situation, and secretary tillerson said, we do not want it, we do not want unified peninsula. we want to leave it alone. we -- >> harris: is that really what kim jong un wants? killing his relatives and threatening to shoot at people in south korea, you don't see a unified peninsula. do we know truly what he wants? >> i do not know. i tend to think he is diabolica diabolical, and will stop at anything to preserve his power just like his father. i would rather -- i would rather err on the side of his intellect been him a madman. >> harris: thank you. join us from florida, we have been praying for your people in that state as we have across texas and louisiana. at this hurricane season, we'll talk about that coming out. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> harris: here it is.
11:43 am
coordinating the cleanup effort. the governor is getting help from a familiar face at the white house. former president obama has been making some serious cash since leaving the oval office. how is he doing a? the criticism he is getting from within his own party. stay with us. ugh. heartburn.
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>> shepard: on the fox news deck, meeting the next hour with the president of france. we will bring you that when it happens. it comes with north korea at terrorism and climate change topping the list of issues. president trump also calling for changes at at the united natios which he calls incompetent. today, a different tone. what can we expect from the president's big speech? that is top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." we will see you then. >> harris: president trump is jumping in to help out alabama senator, luther strange. he is holding a campaign style rally three days before the
11:47 am
tightly contested republican runoff to fill the senate seat hold by jeff sessions. the president treated this. i will be in alabama on saturday night support luther strange for senate. big luther is a big guy that gets things done, trump road. it sets up a showdown between president trump and steve bannon, his former chief strategist back in the former chief justice. he's encouraging consecutive ce power brokers to get behind. rick scott is leading the recovery after hurricane irma, and he has someone from the the trump administration helping him. health and human services, tom price, visiting parts to see the damage and help with recovery. peter doocy spoke with secretary price and law enforcement in miami. >> we were there not a marathon, florida, the florida keys near a very damaged
11:48 am
hospital, and a belt and it to bright emergency room with a network of ten in the parking lot of marathon, florida city hall. they have all kinds of specialists to treat people with storm related injuries or injuries they cannot get treated for anywhere else. since everything else is closed. >> they'll be more people coming back in, moving back in, moving back and come in the normal course of life. individuals have health challenges. with what is going on out here, dell have more. the good news is, the partnership that we have with the state of florida, the florida government is able to bring in people who have the talent to care for those individuals. >> that sophisticated network went up in about three hours, and most of the medical professionals that we met inside mobilized from new england a few weeks ago. most of them for harvey, then irma, and then with maria possibly heading for the state, they have no idea when they will be home, harris.
11:49 am
>> harris: and they are heroes in the scenario. remember last saturday night, when they were still talking about all the hospitals being shut down for now. a temperate hospital. how long will that be? >> i spoke to florida governor today, rick scott, who said he plans to have it there indefinitely. >> basically, you have to be there as long as you need to. one of the hospitals, has a lot of damage. they have been a godsend to help people. people are coming back. where asking everyone to be careful, but we know some people are not. >> we have now come to miami with secretary price. he is visiting folks inside a shelter right now. obviously, huge push by hhs before the storm, because president trump declared emergency declaration in advance, they got a lot of resources in place ahead of the storm. have to figure out now how to coordinate best with the state of florida and what they need for the next couple of weeks and
11:50 am
months. >> harris: irma, harvey, all of them. a long-term commitment. peter doocy, thank you very much. big names on wall street appeared to be opening up the vaults, shoveling tons of cash into former president obama's pocket. what is he doing for those big paychecks?
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> harris: the justice department is opening an insider trading investigation at echo facts. several top executives sold shares just before the news broke about massive hack. the hack and between six's response already under investigation by the federal trade commission as you know from our reporting periods between six said last week, hackers gained access with names
11:54 am
and social security numbers for over 433 consumers between mid-may and july were affected. president obama is cashing in, making some big dollars with a series of speeches to wall street firms. some big ones. kristin fisher is life. it's america. capitalism shines. we like it. politically for his party, how is his cash flow looking? >> $400,000 a speech, and this is according to a report from bloomberg. the former president was paid that amount to speak to clients of northern trust corporation and then last week he spoke to the carlyle group, when the world's biggest private equity firms, and next week, he is expected to speak at a health care conference for investment bank cantor fitzgerald. the spokesman for the former president said, his paid speeches and part have allowed him to contribute $2 million to chicago programs giving job training and employment
11:55 am
opportunity to low income youth. harris, these are the exact same kinds of speeches i got hillary clinton into so much trouble during the campaig campaign. >> harris: it she wrote a book called "what happened." she even admitted those were an issue for her to get to lighthouse. >> then candidate trump accused her of being owned. bernie sanders said this. speak what you have $225,000 from speeches from goldman sachs. you have to be really good, but she is not good. in her new book, hillary clinton admits that those speeches hurt her. she said, when you know you're doing something, and you know there is nothing more to it, and nothing sinister, it is easy to assume that others will see at the that was a mistake. i should've realized it was a bad optic estate away from anything having to do with wall street. i didn't. that is on me. it now appears that mr. obama has not learned that lesson, or perhaps he does not share that belief.
11:56 am
then again, he is not going to be running for president in 2020. >> harris: fair point. another reason for her to be mad at bernie sanders. i could imagine. kristen, good to see you. we are coming right back. eg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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>> harris: i love that picture. california can soon become the first state to ban puppy mill sales. a bill approved by lawmakers could make the sale of animals from massive breeding operations and could require stores to sell cats, dogs, rabbits from local places. private breeders a bone, so to speak. though still be allowed to sell to individuals. the bill is on the governor's desk awaiting a signature. tomorrow, history at the united nations for president trump making his first speech to the u.n.'s simile. we talked about this outcome at north korea, iran, and also the present making it very clear that the effectiveness and
12:00 pm
legitimacy at the united nations do not improve, the u.s. will take a look at how we fund, and how we participate with united nations. that making news this hour. i am harris faulkner. here is shepard. >> shepard: it is at noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the united nations where president trump is making his debut as a leader of the free world, and an organization who once called weak and incompetent. the u.s. is putting on a show of force after the latest missile launch. we are live at before and south korea. his personal lawyer who was involved in talks of a possible trump power in moscow tells fox news he's about to meet with dots in a committee. lawyers talking about the russia investigation at a restaurant as a reporter sat at the next table. the lawyers reportedly debating how much to cooperate with the special counsel. putting documents


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