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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 20, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night each and every show, the sworn enemy that of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. stay tuned for "the five," coming up right now. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino and kennedy. this is "the five" in new york city. the world stage, president trump addressed the united nations today when he held no punches. the united states will not let their antics go unchecked. mr. trump, his heart this his hs for north korea. >> if we are forced to defend
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ourselves, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing, and able. but hopefully, this will not be necessary. >> kimberly: iran got a piece of his mind too. remember when he attacked obama's nuclear deal with the iranians? it doesn't see that mr. trump has changed his mind. speak out the iran was one of the most worst and one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it. believe me. it is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death and
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destruction. >> kimberly: all right, jesse, i will go to you. you are probably delighted to listen to this speech. very firm, harsh, specific words. two people that would do the u.s. harm. bad actors on the world stage. rocket man. they are on official notice. >> jesse: they are with time for you and to hear a little blunt talk. president trump delivered. great promise and great peril. there needs to be three pillars in order for the world to be successful. one, sovereignty. he elevated the concept of the nation-state back again. the nation-state protects borders, it protects its people. it does not try to impose its will on other cultures. it respects other cultures but it respects the rule of law. he did say he believes in america first. just like all countries believe in putting their country's interests first. second, prosperity. capitalism delivers well for human beings, not socialism.
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finally, security. he challenged all nations to confront the scorch of the modern world, these rogue regimes. to be accountable to fulfill the u.n. mission and to read these evil regimes from the world. he put into it us on north korea. you're starting your your own people and assassinating citizens. you are killing them. he shaved other countries that are trading with the north koreans. or arming them. if they threaten us or our allies, we will obliterate you. i consider that a very clear and deliberate and responsible articulation of the u.s. defense posture on the peninsula because you don't want to have any ambiguity. they can't be any miscalculations. i thought that was good. boy, did he put the iranian regime. they also destroyed their own
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countries since inception when they want them of their oil wealth and used it to fund terror abroad and used it to cause civil wars in the middle east. they are taking away internet access, shooting unarmed protesters in the streets and said we will look at this iran deal because he said the iran deal is a cover for the pursuit of nuclear weapons. that might be ripped up but on those two fronts, he said he's not the enemy of the people in those countries. he is the enemy of the regime. i thought that was responsible because he framed it as a way to say we are addressing a security threat but also a humanitarian threat and that appeals to a lot of people at the u.n. >> kimberly: dana, let's get your review of the president's comments. do you think you made some points not only here at home but on the world stage? >> dana: absolutely. the u.n. agency is always an important one in the first one is really critical.
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we spent the first eight months of your presidency getting everything in place. and then you start to define it. both intellectually and rhetorically, thematically what was interesting was we saw the convergence of traditional republican thought with his version of american nationalism. we start to see what the trump doctrine really would be. and his approval rating has picked up three weeks in a row. what happened three weeks ago? you start to have him -- well, six weeks ago, general kelly as they are. a different flow of information. all of this stuff starts to solidify. he spoke clearly and effectively and no ambiguity about how he felt and thought. what he will do is still open to interpretation and i think that's also part of his style. she said i'm not going to telegraph anything we are going to do. i thought that when he talked about sovereignty, he wasn't talking about walling off the
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cultures, necessarily although some people might want to take it that way. it was something to be said about europe and the migrant crisis. and what he thinks is the destruction of some of those cultures as we saw in the warsaw speech. all in all, i thought it was great. i also will just say i thought it was the most clear shot against socialism. >> kimberly: yes, definitely. >> dana: that the united nations has not heard in a long, long time. he paused for the applause. even when they were reluctanto applaud, he waited. that's a gift.e ivonne deal. and president obama going with the assembly wanting to be the good copy and wanting to be liked. there's a big difference. i think the president defines himself better when he discusses foreign policy. there may be elements that i disagree with. there may be elements that people of government disagree with but you cannot fault him
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for pulling back on his message. he did not treat it like a sermon. he treated it like a campaign speech. it was almost an interesting marriage of some of the planned helicopter speeches in the fiery campaign rhetoric. he had a lot of energy but a great deal of focus. the point about venezuela was absolutely spot on. he said this is not what happens when socialism fails. this is what happens when socialism does what it is meant to do. i thought those critical point. there is a lot for him to offer it for people to digest and for those who are looking for missteps, he was strong on north korea where it has benefited him in the past. the interesting point on north korea to play bad cop. i'm not confident that there is a good cop counterpart within his administration and i don't necessarily have faith that rex tillerson can fill that role. i think they are trying to find the other diplomatic side and i
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think nikki haley might be the closest so i think she still needs as much more experience in order to fulfill that role. >> kimberly: venezuela, juan, i look at yourresident also sint venezuela in his address and he warned the u.s. to take additional steps to restore democracy to the socialist dictatorship on the brink of collapse. >> the socialist dictatorship of nicolas maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering on the good people of that country. this corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation by imposing a failed ideology. that has produced poverty and misery everywhere it has been tried. >> kimberly: juan, what do you make of this direct play, going on the offense against socialism and targeting venezuela especially as it's been so prevalent in the news? the unrest, loss of human life,
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loss of human dignity. his focus on that today and your overall thoughts? >> juan: it's to be applauded. there's no question that people watching what's going on in venezuela now -- largely rooted in what took place under hugo chavez and tied into fidel castro in that whole ideology in latin america that is very suspicious of the big american companies that do business there. some of their excess in the past. but i think really to bring in socialism and it has not benefited the people of venezuela. kimberly, when you ask me about my overall thoughts, this brings it into some clarity. here you have the president saying we cannot as a country, the united states, a superpower -- the world's only superpower -- stand by and watch what's going on in venezuela. at the same time, he says wait a minute, we are all nation-states and we have to look out for ourselves and our sovereignty.
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you can imagine the people and government of venezuela immediately react. what happened to sovereignty? what happened to the big nation, the powerful united states acting in an imperial manner and sticking their nose in our business? wait a second. hang on. it is the trump doctrine here? what is trump standing for? the same thing with ivonne. he says ivonne is terrible. i don't like the deal. it's an embarrassment for the united states, like khrushchev. banging his shoe. okay, tell us. has iran violated this deal? no evidence that they've violated this deal. on the one hand, he saying iran is so terrible -- they export chaos. i suspect terrorism and all the rest. he doesn't bring the evidence. then he says they are hurting their own people. they previously had a rich culture. instead, they've been degraded. we do sucking, i thought we weren't getting involved in nation building that he was so
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critical of? we aren't involved in pushing cultures on other people but when it's convenient to him -- that's exactly what he does. >> jesse: i take issue with exactly everything he said. [laughter] >> jesse: when you're talking about venezuela -- when we are interfering in venezuela and violating their sovereignty, we are not going down as in imperialist power like some spanish dynasty or the english going to take over. and make the whole country big plantation. no one saying that donald trump is going to invade venezuela. >> juan: no, no. >> jesse: he saying there is a humanitarian crisis in our hemisphere. people are suffering and it could have the potential of spilling over into the rest of south america. and causing the markets to implode. potentially. problems for our economy. we don't want that. let's slowly be sanctioned the
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regime. it may be send some warning shots so they can change their behavior. on the iranian issue, i think he was very clear. they are exporting terror and robbing their country of oil profits to spend the cost on civil wars. >> juan: this is all intervention -- >> jesse: violating the spirit of the iran deal. that's not the place to lay out all of the examples of the iranians violating the nuclear deal. when the time will come for that, the trump administration will do that. this was not the time. >> juan: if you're making your case to the world and by the way, here's president trump on the world stage as a world leader -- it was a big moment and i thought you know what? he came across as a strong figure. do i think that president trump today made the case? no mention of russia. i think russia is a problem in this world. no mention. he goes after iran. no, i let you have your moment.
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what is he say about iran? they are a rogue state but he doesn't say they've violated the deal because guess what? france, germany, all the other countries that participated and negotiated in the deal said we don't see any evidence of a violation. if they had violated it, what did trump say we should do? >> kennedy: >> kimberly: she'd e covering it right now. tina, what are your thoughts? >> dana: as i said, you start to see the defining but there are still questions as to what will you do about it, x, y, and z. we know there is sanctions in place on venezuela but there's an additional reason to be concerned about instability such as we see in venezuela. we know that radical islamists try to invade -- infiltrate in those areas. if it's a failed government, you can get closer to the united states. that's what they tried to do. >> kimberly: kennedy, they
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moved right into the failed states. >> kennedy: it's appropriate for the president of the united states to have an opinion especially if we are discussing events in our hemisphere which are not too far away. that's fine. none of the comments that you made about venezuela would be surprising coming out of obama or clinton or bush's mouth. it's very similar and we tried to parse these things out and find the flaws. that's a given but there is a big difference between expressing an opinion and really being in imperialist. i'm watching the ken burns documentary on vietnam. it's fascinating because if you see with the french did in vietnam over the course of 80 years in the mistakes that the united states made, you hope to god that we have internalized and learn from some of those things. having a strong opinion and actually invading and colonial lysing a country -- they are two vastly different things. >> kimberly: thank you for that.
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the liberal media takes no time to tear apart mr. trump's first address to the u.n. some of the wildest reactions, next. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: welcome back. while several of president trump's allies called his u.n. speech one of the best ever, many in the mainstream media had a different take. >> if you read the president's words, the conditions with north korea would be if forcing to defend ourselves, you can read that to open up justification for a preventive against north korea. >> that's a potential justification but the words totally destroy a nation of 25 million people -- that borders on the threat of committing a war crime. >> why does he have to be so provocative all the time customer if we are talking about annihilating millions of people. this is not baby stuff. this is a guy leading the apprentice and now talking about nuclear war. i can't take it. >> this was not a speech, this was a sermon and he was not a president, he was a preacher
12:20 am
giving his dark worldviews. about threats and conflict. >> jesse: a war crime, dana perino, is that a fair criticism? >> dana: does anyone actually say that kim jong un is threatening a war crime when he says he's going to destroy the united states? retaliation would not be a war crime. i don't think. in the history of the world. retaliation against innocent people would be a war crime. i understand this -- some in the media still relitigate for themselves their coverage in the lead up to the iraq war. i actually think the intelligence here is not in question. >> jesse: rockets flying everywhere. >> dana: this is a very different situation. >> jesse: kimberly, you knew this was going to happen. he gives a very, very pro-american, pro-human speech that was well received by most people but the media seizes on
12:21 am
the one assertive comment he makes about north korea. come on. >> kimberly: i would imagine that they thought carefully when they put that line in there. based on their intelligence gathering at what they know, what works for them, this has become a full-time job dealing with the rocket man. he has a funny name but he's a really bad guy. but he won't live forever. but you know, that family carrying on in a way that they have, is probably even worse, more impetuous, more radical than his father. he murdered everyone in his family pretty much at this point. >> jesse: it the way he eats too, he can't live forever. >> dana: afraid he is going to like the nickname, rocket man. he loves american pop culture. he probably loves elton john. he likes the image of being a rocket man. the way he translates it to his people -- probably like i'm the greatest person that ever were to walk this earth. >> jesse: do think trump made a bad nickname choice, dana? the president has never made a
12:22 am
bad nickname choice. >> dana: i like ones that are not about americans. >> kimberly: the greatest. >> kennedy: i'm wondering if -- if he has to pay royalties for elton john. it's quite possible. it's not surprising to see people react with hysteria. they haven't quite gotten the concept that that's not the best way to counter this president. if you're going to level his critique, do it calmly and rationally. they never are capable of restraining themselves and step back permanent and even to some basic fact-checking. terry moran is going off and all of a sudden he's an international lawyer ready to -- i think that might be putting the cart in front of the horse. the problem, nothing else has
12:23 am
worked. even libertarians i've spoken to -- they talk about the fact that you've got a guy, never mind intelligence, you've got a guy who is armed. he's got nuclear weapons and he's talking about hitting american targets. he's talking about annihilating our country. he is telegraphing that himself. >> kimberly: he demonstrated the capability. going further in terms of distance and capability. a real threat. >> jesse: all right come along. speak to the question is our behavior. there's no doubt about what kim jong un is up to. what strikes me is the president who was previously talking about fire and fury, look, there've been more test than ever, a higher grade of admission in the missiles and going farther. more of a threat to our allies in the region. now he comes back and he says you know what? we are going to totally destroy them. media on the left -- from your
12:24 am
perspective, from my perspective, people that are media saying wow, that's kind of incendiary language. talking about nuclear war. everyone says no, no. it's not nuclear war. it is. that's what he's talking about. you know what? if you're going to destroy them, you've got to think about consequences. this is president trump who loves not only nicknames -- which i think is a act of genius on his part, he comes up with the greatest nicknames. what is russia going to say, what is china going to say? south korea is right there. japan is right there. what are you saying? is this just for an american audience? this is another version of the inaugural address with all kinds of harsh language. or is it for a world state? i want to give him credit for being the american leader on the world stage. it's hard sometimes. >> jesse: if anything is incendiary, it's a rocket man. wiretapped as president trump alleged, months ago?
12:25 am
some stunning details, up next.
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♪ >> kennedy: according to rev report, the fbi says that the former campaign chairman paul manafort -- he was once a resident of trump tower, vindicating president trump's tweets where he claimed president obama wiretapped trump tower. jesse, this is a lot to get into it a lot that i just because now we are finding out the paul manafort was in fact targeted. it was he targeted under section 702 of the fisa act?
12:30 am
and some of the contacts he's had with russian and eastern european officials who might have been surveilled themselves by our intelligence agencies? did they use that stooping to tie him to the president? and unmask him? >> jesse: one step at a time. the story could be fake news. we don't know that. it could be retracted. i'm sure cnn would love to retract this because this vindicates the president. let's assume this is correct for the sake of the discussion. cnn is suggesting that the obama administration did wiretapped an apartment trump tower. and potentially wiretapped conversations between paul manafort and trump during an election. and wiretapped conversations between manafort and president trump after he was in office. that's pretty astounding. there's reports out the says for the second fisa warrant, they
12:31 am
used as justification to the judge, the fake trump dossier which has been widely discredited and used and manufactured by that democratic attack machine and allegedly also paid for by the fbi. the fbi has not been forthcoming about how it obtained that dossier. james clapper, obama's intelligence guy said that there was no wiretapping of any trump people in trump tower. james comey said no wiretapping, not during the campaign. either someone is lying or the story is fake news. i don't think we know yet. >> juan: can i just bash my head on the table? >> jesse: please! please do! >> juan: that's a whopper what you just said. let me get this straight. >> jesse: i was quoting cnn's report. >> juan: vindication?
12:32 am
according to cnn's report -- >> dana: was manafort being surveilled? >> juan: according to cnn -- >> jesse: in trump tower? maybe he's being surveilled at trump tower. it's possible! >> juan: that's vindication? let's go back to the facts. >> jesse: you said it wasn't impossible. now you are saying it's possible trump told the truth? you just changed your story. >> juan: the justice department -- trump's own justice department said there's no evidence at any time that president obama wiretapped donald trump. which is the claimant made in trump's famous march tweets. no, no. >> jesse: he owns the apartment, right? >> kennedy: why are we getting caught up in this 1950s lingo? you don't necessarily need wires in order to get all the information and conversations
12:33 am
that you want. >> juan: there was no authorization from obama and no political motivation. >> kennedy: let's say that a fisa judge gave intelligence test the intelligence apparatus the freedom to go ahead and gather some of that information. which could have been emails, phone conversations, cell phone conversations. you don't need wires to tap in. >> juan: but it was paul manafort. not donald trump. >> dana: does all missing the point. america deserves more information about why a presidential campaign of the party out of power was being surveilled. i do think the point is that manafort never should have taken the job in the first place. this goes back to 2014. lots of business dealings. if it's not fisa, it's fara. if i walk into a bar in the bar is being surveilled, does that mean i am being surveilled?
12:34 am
i think manafort was very -- he did it for no pay. it was very irresponsible. if they were wiretapping manafort inappropriately, fine. >> kennedy: but when is it appropriate? if you haven't done anything wrong, you can still be caught up. that's very problematic. >> kimberly: what dana said -- what we've been saying is manafort -- what his business dealings and interactions were. and he improperly disclosed some of those and put the president and what has turned out to be a compromising position. if you know in good faith that you have that and you will take a role for free or not, okay, with the president of united states customer gap to be very forthright and forthcoming at the you know what? >> dana: i don't think it's spying -- if you are manafort and you are dealing -- if you go
12:35 am
back and look in his client list and you know the kind of things he's been involved in, yeah, you might assume. >> jesse: he's kind of a shady guy. >> kennedy: but the person who hired him to be a campaign manager also has some responsibility but i also think the president, being touched by this form of spying -- >> dana: we don't know yet. section 702. all of the wiretaps. >> kennedy: whether it fisa or a federal judge issued it. >> dana: fbi and then fisa. >> kimberly: then fbi did it and comey, how can he not know if his own fbi was doing that? that's another problem. by the way, who would have access to that information and then yes, the president could have been caught up in it. going well into 2017. again, it puts the president and a compromising position. >> dana: i think paul manafort
12:36 am
is staring down the barrel of the gun. the o.j. of the fbi. i'm there to flip into has to make a lot of people very concerned because it's not that he was calling president trump after the election even. now you actually have -- who else? all of these people being called into talk to the grand jury and investigators who know that they could possibly be on tape. i don't necessarily blame president trump. i think paul manafort made a terrible decision and put the president and a bad spot. >> kennedy: take responsibility for your campaign in the people you hire. have a better vetting process because if you've got someone who is so filthy and scummy that they are talking to foreign governments and they are going to entrap you and ensnare you in their deals and potential future legal problems, you have to make sure you've got a clean slate. >> kimberly: not so much on collusion but financial crimes. >> juan: just before we go, let me say to jesse -- this does not vindicate the president for saying the present obama
12:37 am
wiretapped him. >> jesse: vindicated. everyone in the audience knows. >> juan: fantasy. fantasy football. >> kimberly: >> dana: your fantg to come true very soon. are republicans going to finally kill obamacare? stay with us.
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. ♪ >> dana: republicans in the senate are making one last push to repeal and replace obamacare. john mccain who famously voted against the last repeal effort said he is considering supporting the new legislation but time is quickly running out. the deadline for passing the bill with 50 votes is september 30th. after that, it will take 60 votes and that's of course nearly impossible given the intense partisan disagreement over obamacare. canaday, you talked about this
12:42 am
earlier today. what i understand is that the president has been more engaged. and today, vice president pence left new york and went to talk to the senators before coming back in order to put the pressure on. do you think it will happen? >> kennedy: i think that has a really good chance of passing. of course with those critical votes. rand paul already said he is a "no." lisa murkowski and susan collins are leading towards know and john mccain -- because as lindsey graham's bill and the governor of arizona has already said he gives the stamp of approval, i think he has senator mccain and that leaves collins and lisa murkowski. this is when the president can come in and dangle a shining luer in front of one of them. it's very interesting. it blocks grant money to the state. the state decides what they do with that medicaid money. that was the big snare for lisa murkowski and collins in the last go around with health care repeal and replace. it could be bad news and good news for them but if there is a
12:43 am
way of tinkering with legislation and making it more level -- which they found under obamacare, you could see them turn in the end. >> dana: jesse, it's going to pass. it's going to pass in the senate. >> jesse: the only time you were wrong. >> dana: i know. but i could still be right. >> jesse: [laughs] whatever you say, dana. >> dana: they could get this cbo -- the number that tells you how much is going to cost, if they can get that and get this passed by saturday, they are in. >> jesse: yeah, you can see trump having repealed obamacare, tax reform, and massive border funding all by the end of the year. that could be huge turnaround from what we found the first six months of the year. i am cautioning the republicans. when you take it with health care, make it a soft off-ramp for people because you don't want to disrupt the markets and strip health care away from people especially with the midterm elections around the corner. they have to do this in a
12:44 am
responsible way. i hope it works out because i agree with you. i think it has a good shot. >> dana: the senator as i understand, kimberly, they have a lot of eagerness to succeed here. >> kimberly: i mean really, with their excuse? they've been handed the white house, the house, the senate and still they cannot get things done. it's not a very becoming look for their constituents back home. their approval rating is -- just when you think it could not go any lower, it could. this is their final shot. the buzzer is running out. let's see if they can hit a three-point shot. >> dana: it almost seems like the democrats thought republicans did not do it so i guess we will tinker with it later. all of a sudden it's like a sneak attack. it could actually get done and democrats are doing red alert. call your congressman. this could actually happen. >> juan: yeah, it's pretty right. what everyone's talking about. the whole discussion about governer ducey in arizona and mccain said he was concerned and wanted to hear from the
12:45 am
governor and he says he's on board. even though this plan would more than doubled the number of people without insurance in the state of arizona. and then there are a lot of questions about the matter of principle on mccain's part. the big thing to me is -- and this goes back to what you were talking about, jesse. let's say it happens. what's the response? you talk about a soft off-ramp for people. the reality is it does away with a lot of the protections, the consumer protections. pre-existing conditions. it damages -- it does away with a lot. >> kennedy: it actually does not. >> juan: importantly, it puts a cap on medicare and medicaid spending. >> jesse: expansion. >> juan: know, a set amount of money. a block ramp to the state. and in the state puts different rules in place, to your point. they can do away with other things. that's where all of a sudden, i think there is no soft off-ramp. there's going to be an explosion
12:46 am
of anger. >> dana: we will just encourage. >> kennedy: there already is the implosion of obamacare. it is heartless and cruel to keep this. >> juan: you can't say that to more than 50% of americans who support obamacare. >> dana: we will continue to talk about this over the course of the week. go online and see how you feel about both sides. president obama is going to cash in on wall street, of all places. stay tuned.
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♪ >> juan: preincident obama railed against wall street while in office and past a meaningful reform but now that he's left the white house, president obama is giving speeches to some wall street firms and getting paid as much as $400,000 per appearance. what to say, kimberly? >> kimberly: free-market! woo! jesse is. >> jesse: yeah. >> kimberly: it doesn't bother me. >> jesse: yeah, capitalism. like what happened?
12:51 am
>> juan: what happened? remember hillary clinton -- hillary taking money from wall street. >> dana: as oliver call on the left, she was. from the right, the call was for her transcripts so you can see if she was being transparent behind the scenes. president obama isn't going to run for anything else. i'm all for successful people doing well. >> juan: you know what, kimberly kennedy, i think to myself. no breakup of the big banks. record profits on wall street despite increased regulation. i think to myself, i think the left is disappointed. >> kennedy: good. [laughter] >> kennedy: this is how the free market works. he's not peddling influence and power. he did not create the obama foundation to take $25 million -- he's doing it transparently, taking $400,000 a pop so people can listen to him it's been a boring yarn about his time in office. hey, it works both ways. they are getting something, he's
12:52 am
giving something. that is capitalism. >> juan: he still exercises influence. tremendous influence, especially in democratic party politics. i wonder if the left is going to be upset with him. >> kimberly: what about the wall street money? >> juan: "one more thing" coming right at you. stay with us. ♪
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>> kimberly: time for "one more thing." i want to take a moment to say that we are praying for the people of puerto rico, my hometown, who are currently bracing themselves for a potentially devastating direct hit from hurricane area which could be the category category 5 hurricane to strike them in close to a century. it's expected to make landfall by the morning and it could cause its life-threatening flash floods and mudslides. our dear producer lives in puerto rico's we are praying for her and many others as well. happy birthday to robert meyer, i called him today. his wife emailed me out of the blue. happy birthday to you, sir. we think you are watching the show. >> juan: hurricanes everywhere. upsetting news from mexico, a terrible earthquake rocked mexico city this afternoon and the surrounding area, 7.1
12:57 am
magnitude. this is the second big earthquake to hit mexico in the past two weeks. well over 100 people reported dead. reports from mexico city have toppled buildings, millions without electrical power. a bad situation. reuters reports it hit hours after people took drills on the devastating anniversary they killed thousands of mexico city 30 years ago. picking up from what kimberly said, our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors to the south. >> kimberly: so tough. >> jesse: breaking news from australia. this just in. a koala bear survived 10-mile journey in the wheel arch. it suffered superficial injuries and was covered in grease. the koala bear was named kelly and was released back into the bush. when we have more details on the koala bear, we will bring them to you.
12:58 am
>> kimberly: they would have to put a tracking device on the qualifier. thank you, "national geographic." dana. >> dana: we talked about president trump speech, there were a lot of things covered like hot button issues he has to deal with but he also mentioned the president's malaria initiative. it was started by president bush in 2005. a big success story. >> the stage continues to lead the world in humanitarian assistance. we have invested in better health and opportunity all over the world. through programs like pepfar which funds aids relief. the presidents malaria initiative. >> dana: it's an amazing. 1.7 million children's lives have been saved since the pmi began. malaria keeps markets out of school than any other disease. it's a really great program. go to
12:59 am
>> kennedy: i have something equally -- are your friends and colleagues and all the haters draining your energy? don't ever worry again because gwyneth paltrow on her web site is selling psychic vampire repellent. so you can spray it all over your person and the trainers will never disrupt you ever again. i cannot wait to see the yelp reviews. for psychic vampires to keep them away. i cannot wait to see some of the reviews. [laughter] >> kimberly: thank you dr. pollock for helping my sinuses. never miss an episode of "the five." tomorrow, we are at 9:00. but on monday,
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier the white house. we are covering natural disasters happening now. on the left side of the screen, scenes from mexico following today's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. at least 44 people are dead. the number is changing by the minute. buildings collapsed in central mexico. thousands fled into the streets in panic, some remembering 32 years ago. a huge quake on this date in 1985 that killed thousands. on the right side of the screen, hurricane maria, now a category 5 storm with 165-mile-an-hour winds battering some of the same parts of the very being hit days ago by rr


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