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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> dana: kennedy's more thing was fabulous. >> kennedy: rihanna's last name is fenty! >> kimberly: what was it? >> jesse: set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is next. >> sean: thanks to all our friends on "the five." we are following three big major new stories tonight. the clock is ticking for congressional republicans to keep their promise to finally repeal and replace obamacare. the president tonight urging the g.o.p. to keep their word andre get the job done. we will break down what needs to happen. also, president trump firing back at hillary clinton for attacking his major speech to the u.n. clinton called the address darkg and dangerous while completely ignoring her own role in aiding north korea and iran's nuclear ambitions. we correct the record.le we will educate liberals in the mainstream media.he we will give them a "hannity" history lesson. president trump has made a decision about the disastrous
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iran nuclear deal. is he ready to kill the agreement once and for all? we cover all of that into nights breaking news opening monologue. g.o.p. senators have until september 30th to keep their word and now kill obamacare or they will face consequences in the ballot box in 2018. they offered up an amendment gaining momentum and republicans in my opinion -- albeitp imperfect, need to seize this opportunity. president trump weighed in on the latest attempt to end obamacare at the u.n. assembly. let's take a look. >> i believe that graham-cassidy will do it the right way. tremendous report from republicans. 47-48 already, senators. responded very positively. for seven years, it's been repeal and replace. we know how bad it is. we've been looking at premiums
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go up and deductibles that have been through the roof. give a state like arizona, premiums are going to be worse this year than last year and last year it was 100% increase. 116%. there is tremendous support for it. it's much better than the previous shot, i thought that i would go to the oval office, sit down at my desk and they would be a health care bill my desk. i think we will do a great job if this happens, it will be a great thing for the country. >> sean: i will be the first to say this is not a perfecthe bill by any means but we learned a lot about republicans in the process, about 100 in the house. seven in the senate. no intention of really repealing and replacing obamacare. now the question is, can we begin the process of making health care better for you, the
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american people or this is what is going to come down to? skyrocketing premiums and deductibles and of course, lack of health care options. all around the country, its crushing average americans every day. here are the big things that cassidy and graham and what it does, it does replace obamacare subsidies that blocks grants to states in them they will have the flexibility to choose how best to spend that money instead of adhering to big government mandates. i've always believed in block grants. the massiveve budget busting it will be scaled back. and insurers will be able to offer catastrophic plans that people can actually afford. obamacare, it prevents consumers from even having that option. health savings accounts will be expanded as well as cooperatives. publicans need to get moving. they need to start keeping their promises. we on this program will continue to hold them accountable until it gets done and ultimately done right. also tonight, hillary clinton is refusing to go away.
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twice failed former presidential candidate attacking president trump. what i thought one of his best speeches at the u.n. including taking issue with his term "rocket man," the nickname for kim jong un. w >> i thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering. we call on all nations to work with us to try to end the threat posed by kim jong un. and not calling "rocket man," the old elton john song -- but to say it clearly, we will not tolerate any attack on our friends or ourselves. >> sean: north korea is not our friend. here is the problem. the left-wing media in this country -- you know what? they are losing it overe president trump just like hillary. we will give you the history
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lesson in a second. watch this. >> he wasn't a president. he was a preacher giving his dark worldview. >> it's difficult to applaud to a line that parts of the world are going to hell. this was a very somber speech. >> many examples of how intellectually confused if not outright incoherent this speech was speech was. >> it's really frightening to hear an american president talk about obliterating any other country. >> the rhetoric was irresponsible. it put many world leaders on edge. and frankly, it was contradictory in many, many places. >> a simplistic axis of evils speech on steroids. >> one more time. simplistic axis of evil on steroids. >> going back to the 19th century, for most of the people in the room, they will leave with a lot of indigestion. >> this was an unusual speech for an american president. does it have any of the hallmarks of unusual speeches by other countries' presidents?
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let's go down the history of weird u.n. speech is. >> it was certainly an unusualts speech. rocket man, insulting kim jong un. >> sean: here's what's nuts, they are more angry at donald trump than at the guy who is firing missiles over japan oa a regular basis that has nuclear capability that he may mary to icbm capability and threaten the whole world? we will have more on the insane liberal media, joe concha and leslie marshall in a minute. lemme give a little historyry lesson going after president trump. hillary has no business criticizing anyone on foreign policy. do you want to know why we are in the situation? her and her husband set the stage for this dangerous situation, the entire world with pyongyang. hillary also had a direct hand t and she broke it in an idiotic nuclear deal with iran. we know the disaster with the whole russia reset thing. since clinton, liberals, the
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mainstream destroy-trump-media seems to have forgotten -- here is the "hannity" history lesson. flash back to 1994. the year bill clinton thought it was a great idea to trust a dictator. in that particular case, north korean leader kim jong il -- kim jong un's father. clinton tried to bribe pyongyang into freezing and stopping the nuclear program. he gave them $4 billion of money and energy aid. he was so proud of the deal, he went on tv and said this is a good deal for the american people. look at where we are now, mr. clinton. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. south korea with support from japan and other nations will bear most of the cost of providing north korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing.
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they will pay for an alternative power system for north korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons. the united states, international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. only as it does so will north korea fully join the community of nations. >> sean: a lot of good work adopted. so easy to figure out what happens next. appeasement, capitulation, of dictators, desperate, it never works. kim jong il quickly broke his word and by the end of the '90s, they began creating missiles. and in 2006 they conducted their first nuclear test. and once obama got into the office, north korea's aggression increased dramatically all while obama was literally cutting america's strategic defense capabilities. then of course, we got iran. hillary clinton leading the way early on, negotiating this disastrous nuclear deal of error. she paved the way for obama to
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give the radical mullahs in iran over $100 billion. plane loads of cash and other currencies. as terrible as that agreement is, that may soon be coming to an end. listen to what the president said earlier today. finally, watch. >> i haven't decided. i will let you know. >> sean: this comes after president trump ripped the deal during his speech yesterday to the u.n. the general assembly calling it an embarrassment for america. liberals are freaking out that the president dared to say what he said. let's remind the left what they are defending. the iran nuclear deal, that deal gave iran up to $100 billion dollars plus in immediate sanctions relief. it does not prohibit the development of ballistic missiles, tehran can partner with russia on defensive missile systems and iran can buy antiaircraft missiles.
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after eight years off conventional weapons and after five years, radical mullahs -- guess what? they did not have to destroy any nuclear related facilities. zero. they can deny access to certain nuclear sites and iran on the other side, they have 24 days notice of an inspection. they are still allowed to spin their centrifuges. those restrictions expire after ten years, 15 years. they are still getting nuclear weapons. see a pattern? bill clinton, north korea, hillary clinton, iran? it's dangerous for the entire world and they are upset about rocket man? here with reaction, michelle malkin, how are you? t >> good, how are you doing, sean? >> sean: i'm happy that he put a notice over this. he is not going to hold the world hostage, fire missiles over the allies, threatening guam and south korea without major repercussions in this cas
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case. to me, that strength. to the left, that's weakness. >> yeah, that's right. the themes thatid were hammeredy president trump, sovereignty, security and prosperity, theyer are somehow perceived in the warped minds of all of these liberal commentators gnashing their teeth "dark and dangerous" while they ignore all of the dark and dangerous evil that is looming in iran and north korea and venezuela? president trump's message on venezuela was extremely strong. you never hear the people on the other channels talk about the oppression and consequences of socialism and those people inn the dark and dangerous influence of that.on what are they used too? what do they want out of the so-called commander-in-chief? they want hillary clinton, miss pay for foreign policy. miss crony socialism herself to be doing the same usual litany of genuflection, capitulation and then rinse and repeat with
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toothless sanctions. the only thing they ever waive as their threat against these existential threats to americahe and the world. >> sean: that to me says it all. this is the same thing with iran. where we are with north korea today, we will be with iran in a few short years. that is this, if you take radicalism, radical mullahs in iran or you take this lunatic rocket man in north korea, you marry him to weapons of mass destruction and they can reach the continental united states, and we depleted our strategic defense during the obama years, we don't have a lot of good options. last night, newt gingrich was talking about kinetic options. we could wipe out the power. it would be the equivalent of electronic magnetic poles in the united states. very damning, not an option we would want to use but the other option is taking out their nuclear sites and fallouts and whatever he may do well we ares
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doing that. to south korea or japan or guam. not good options. >> not good options. as you laid out so clearly in your "hannity" history, we need a history lesson every night, sean. these are raw deals that were left on the table for president trump to have to contend with. f all of those years are capitulating to the bureaucracy and allowing them to acquire all of the weaponry and technology that we have to deal with and defending ourselves is somehow the real threat? you see the meme being planted on social media is that trump somehow the one threatening the lives of 25 million people. he's trying to save the lives. >> sean: i saw your tweet. we've been friends for so many years. i am frustrated with the republicans. s there are 100 in the house. there is the seven people that
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voted for repeal and replace in 2013. against it in 2017. a our options are limited by people that never had any intention of keeping their word. we are friends. you've had to deal with serious health issues with your daughter.u' you tweeted out about jimmy kimmel and i don't like to get involved in kids.. i'm not saying this is perfect but for the americans that only have one choice and all thoseer counties in america, for the americans that are seeing $8,000 increases in premiums? when the president and his administration -- the administered actions and governors -- you get twice the bang for the buck than anything from the federal government. it is not federalism but it is certainly better than obamacare. it's not the best option but i want to -- i am not endorsing it until i read it. it is certainly a start to let states handle it. what do you think with somebody that's had to deal with the health care system on such a deep and profound level? >> let me say a couple things. thanks for asking.
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we are on the same page in so many ways with our frustration at the g.o.p. establishment and how they have failed to deliver on their core campaign promises. dave scooped up and vacuumed up so much of the hard earned money of the rank and file promising to do a straight repeal. to do the thing that they did -- that they had obama veto. that is not what they offered. yes, we have to contend with something less than perfect. as long as we have people who are honest and say no, this is not the repeal we promise to yos but it's the best that we are going to get -- ultimately, what this is going to do is yes, we get the repeal of the individual and employer mandate. however, you still have the entire regulatory and subsidy structure that's causing so many of the problems that families across the nation have had to suffer because of obamacare. my family. >> sean: according to my sources, administratively, he will make it easier for
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co-ops -- my buddy in wichita, who i have been interviewing for years. it opens up the possibility of health savings accounts. two ideas we believe in and the republicans should have been pushing. >> no doubt. i will say this. n as the mother of a chronically ill child who has had to deal with the system, who's had three individual health plans canceled as a direct result of the burden of obamacare, i will say this -- i know that there are many republicans who are trying to do what they said they were going to do. t i support each and every one of them. i also know that you've got people in hollywood like jimmy kimmel who are going to demonize every last person who believes in a free-market alternative to to health care. what i have to say to jimmy kimmel and celebrities like him, how dare you tell us just because we have a different point of view and a different perspective on what the best delivery mechanism is fore health care -- that we have no compassion. that we are the cruel ones and we are heartless.
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i'm sick of that. i know there are millions ofha families like mine that feel the same way. >> sean: you have a sick child and you lose your health careca three times. that's unforgivable. that's for everybody. there are good options. i've been interviewing thesegr people with great ideas for years. we will talk more about it in the days and weeks to come.nd michelle, all the best to you and your family. when we come back, the mainstream media is losing it. absolutely losing it over rocket man. we will play that next, straight ahead. ♪ we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. ♪ ♪ let your data live wherever it needs to, but see it all in one view. the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours.
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for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> live from america news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez in new york, frantic search and rescue efforts following two devastating natural disasters, puerto rico remains in total darkness because of hurricane maria. authority is not assessing the massive wind and flood damage layer, but covering much of the island. the virgin islands also took a severe beating. maria has been downgraded to a cat a two storm, but right now we are told that she might regrade some strength. and rescuers are trying to clear debris as they search for more victims of the 2.71 earthquake. mexico city bore the brunt of
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the damage, some citizens pulled out alive, but the hope of more such rescues is fading with each passing hour, the death toll exceeds 200. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity" ." >> the united states has great strength and patience. if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> sean: president trump at the u.n. with some very tough words for north korea. and it's dictator kim jong un. we showed you in our opening monologue tonight, it did notwe take long for the d destroy-trump-media to freak out and lose it over the speech. many bashing the president for being too tough on the guy that is firing rockets over japan. in other words, rocket man. leslie marshall and joe concha.
10:23 pm
leslie, i would like to see the same anger over the iranian deae and the same anger over the rockets fired over japan as they show with the president saying he will defend liberty and freedom and our allies in the people of the united states over this madman. where's the outrage over the things that matter on your side? it never s ends. if trump gave $5 million to every american, it would still anger people on your side. >> we felt that for the past eight years in reverse, sean. i hear you. there's great, great anger both left and right with this madmanr the leader of north korea. anytime there's a missile launct is not just from -- people hear on television or radio, our citizens, and people throughout the world, more so people and south korea. who essentially would be the targets that we would put forth if we were to do with the president essentially threatened. that's what the outrage is about.
10:24 pm
the u.n. was founded on diplomacy. the states that the president used --. >> sean: the same u.n. that -- that is anti-american, leslie. you put faith in them? they are incompetent, inept, impotent. >> sean, the president of the united states, the leader of the free world -- >> sean: that pays the bill. >> and to play god and talk about -- saying -- >> sean: you've got it backwards. joe concha. >> let me give an example -- bias in broad daylight. there is a photo of secretary kelly, i asked your producers to grab that. because this is a perfect example. >> sean: guests that come with their own props. >> there's a photo of him and he has his hands in his head.
10:25 pm
this was supposedly taken during president trump's speech. this goes viral. twitter moments. basically the narrative is this -- kelly is exasperated. so surprised by what president trump is saying in the speech. here's the reality. i believe that probably a chief of staff probably saw a speech going out to the free world before hand. he's not surprised by anything. the narrative becomes >> sean: the president has been working on this speech for a month. so they lie. just like with the whole issue when trump tweeted out march 4th and said it looks like we are being spied on or whatever the term, eavesdropped on. they called him a liar. well, it was happening, joe. sara carter and john solomon, mark levin, myself and a few others were right. >> people will say right at that picture come from? if you take 1,000 shots of somebody during a 47 minute speech and you know this from
10:26 pm
when segments go on a media-itee they will get that one bad shot. your mouth is agape, you are rolling your eyes, whatever. >> sean: all of that on purpose?st and let me go to leslie. let me ask a question. do you think when bill clinton bribed north korea that it worked or the iranian deal bribery is going to work? do you really believe that capitulation and appeasement works? please tell me you are not that foolish. >> first of all with north korea, i hate to say that i agreed with steve bannon on north korea. a lot of people do. clapper and -- >> sean: stop avoiding my question. >> not china, not china. >> sean: will it work? do you believe that nonsense? >> if you feel that bill clinton bribed that individual -- or that george w. bush did as well.
10:27 pm
we have the same problem with the past three. >> sean: she won't answer. she won't answer. did bribery work? >> i am answering you, sean. >> sean: am i right or wrong? >> sean, what we have with iran -- the deal we have with iran, we put israel at further risk. actually without the deal. >> sean: you are living in a fantasy world. >> came to the speech and media reaction, there's a peer pressure that exists at other networks to be as provocative and negative as possible. van jones said that the president became president of the united states in a moment where he was -- it was during the joint session of congress ih there was a widow who just lost her husband and van jones said something positive. he was eviscerated on social media and by his peers. how could you say something positive about this president? that's what happens. you get ostracized when you go positive. >> sean: 11 months of lying
10:28 pm
and tick tock, tick tock. it will all be exposed. we will be on the forefront. leslie, if i ever want a dictator to be nice, i will give him money and say "please be nice." we will see if that works. coming up gregg jarrett and sara carter. and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back. it turns out i have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that's really frustrating. that's why i talked to my doctor about viberzi... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both abdominal pain and diarrhea at the same time. so i can stay ahead of my symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have no gallbladder, have pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." paul manafort was wiretapped by the federal government before and after the election, it has shocked many in the mainstream media but not veteran journalist cheryl atkinson who is out with the new op-ed titled "it looks like obama did spy on trump just as he apparently did to me." atkinson accuses the obama administration of weapon i think intelligence for years. meanwhile, fox news is reportino a new revelation. at the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has been interviewed by robert mueller steam.or
10:33 pm
-- team. wait a minute, he's the one that appointed mueller. conflict of interest? here with reaction, gregg jarrett from, sara carter. wow. so comey, mueller's best friend purposely leaked to get the special counsel, ends up being his best friend, rod rosenstein because sessions -- i don't know why he recused himself, recuse himself. then we have rosenstein beingg interviewed by mueller. tell me what's wrong legally with this. >> at the house of mirrors. everything's backwards and crazy. rosenstein should recuse himself. whatever, who cares. rr. rr should recuse himself. you can't be a prosecutor and aa witness, a key witness all in the same case. that's the kind of stuff you get disbarred for.ll you should be not only recusing himself, he should be disbarred
10:34 pm
for doing it. it is outrageous. it just shows you the entire thing is a charade and a sham that mueller and comey and rosenstein are colluding to get trump. >> sean: it certainly seems that way, sara. we don't have an investigation into hillary although the fix was in was comey to bring him back into it. comey should be under greater investigation. then we have all the other issues that have not been investigating the surveillance, unmasking, leaking of intelligence. trump was right on march 4th and you were right on march 8ths right on the show saying a fisa warrant was issued. >> sean, we said earlier in march -- john solomon and i uncovered the fact that there was a fisa warrant issued, it was located outside of trump tower. they were seeing these pings. there were pings and alpha bank and they have been asking for an
10:35 pm
investigation into this. they believe that they were hacked. and those pings were actually generated by somebody who hacked into their server. to make it appear with what they say allegedly that they are banks server was in communication with trump's server. even at the same time, i was hearing reports and john was hearing reports from our sources the people within the trump administration believed that there was wiretapping within trump tower. and now with paul manafort's revelation, we know that's true. it wasn't just paul manafort. it was everyone paul manafort was talking to. everyone he was talking to.. not just president trump. >> sean: i might have made a call or two. hi, guys. good to talk to y'all. >> you are in there. this is a serious, serious violation of our fourth amendment rights and when you think about what cheryl atkinson wrote, this is what is so important.
10:36 pm
you can't target american citizens in these overseas fisa warrants. i don't think the america people really understand this. what you can do is target overseas -- foreigners. if they are talking to someone in the united states, the numbers are completely masked. the names are masked. >> sean: they are supposed to be. minimization is supposed to occur. >> think about this, sean. what happened was -- if what we are hearing is true, they were actually targeting the people within the trump campaign. >> sean: a political opposition. using the weaponry that is also powerful to keep americans safe. we have no fourth amendment protections -- and it appears that it happened. we have not even mentioned samantha power and unmasking and susan rice and ben rhodes. let me get gregg to weigh in. >> fisa warrants should not even exist.
10:37 pm
they are stirred chambers. they are secret. you can conjure all matter of fabrication including anti-trumj dossier which was apparently used to get the manafort warrant. it was totally fake. i think of the judges who approved the warrant new thatt the evidence was fabricated, they would be more than angry. we should not have fisa courts. i understand electronic surveillance, americans talking to terrorists abroad but fisa courts and spying -- on americans including a presidential candidate, an incoming president. >> sean: americans should be off-limits. un-american. thank you both. when we come back, members of a youth football team took a knee during the national anthem. judge jeanine pirro has a lot to say about this. she will be debating. when we come back. hey, big guy! come on in!
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♪ ♪ adapt supply chains based on trends, tweets and storms. and make adjustments on the fly. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours. >> live from america news headquarters. i am jackie ibanez, new reports on the cyber attack from equifax, "the wall street journal" reporting that hackers broke into the company of systems in march, two months earlier than they disclosed. it allowed the hackers to probe systems vulnerability and eventually gain access to data including social security numbers of 143 million american americans. apple has problems with the new apple watch, they say that the
10:42 pm
watch has issues with its most important feature, the ability to make phone calls and access data without having an iphone nearby perked activity. a wi-fi glitch that apple is working on. the apple watch starts at $399. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity," for all of your news headlines to log onto, you are watching the most powerful name in news. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." members of a youth football teao outside of st. louis took a knee during the national anthem in protest. i want to make something clear, i'm not attacking kids. they were eight or nine years old. they are innocent in all of this. i have questions for their o coaches, the parents. have you told these children what makes america great? or do talk about what makes america a horrible place do talk about the men and women that sacrifice blood, sweat, tears and death and sacrifice for their freedoms? why are they doing this? joining us now with reaction, dennis kucinich and the host of
10:43 pm
the hit show "justice" with judge jeanine pirro. is america fundamentally a good and great country? fundamentally? >> yes, i love the country. i would not take a knee for "the star-spangled banner" but it's protected by free speech. >> sean: that's not what i'm asking. is america -- has it been a country that in the wisdom of our framers and founders, they put in place a system where we correct wrongs, correct injustices, make a more perfect union -- is that fair? >> that's what it's all about. i keep a copy of the constitution with me. >> sean: i know you do. >> this is our guide. d in times of trouble, we can gos to it. when you have young people who are involved in nonviolence -- constitutionally protected protest, that's not a bad thing. you have to go back to the civil
10:44 pm
rights movement. dr. martin luther king. >> sean: these kids look pretty young. i do not know their exact age. they look young enough for me to think that i don't think they are fully versed in america's good and bad. >> these kids are eight years old. the coach said he took advantage of a teaching moment to talk these kids when they asked about what was going on in st. louis. he circled the team and tells them that's one of the kids says this is because blacks are beinh killed by cops and cops don't go to jail. right? the coach brings him around and says okay, if you want to take bended knee -- the teaching moment was when this coach should have said this is a country where we respect the flag and "the star-spangled banner" and if you wanted to make it a teaching moment, talk about law and justice and authority and respect. unless you want to dissect the trial and explain to them about justification and a jury
10:45 pm
verdict, he shouldn't let them do it. period. >> sean: this was my thought, dennis. i was watching the video. i saw it on "fox & friends" and i was thinking do the kids know how many other americans fought, bled, died, sacrificed for your right -- for their constitutional right to take that knee.e. i kind of suspect if i ask them, a lot of them wouldn'tf know. it goes to me, he goes to that coach in the parents. are they serving these kids well by not explaining the full context and texture of the country before they act in a way that i would argue they probably did not know completely what they were doing? >> i was rereading dr. martin with the king's book, written in '64 why we can't wait. he talks about young people, children being involved in the civil rights movement.
10:46 pm
i see this as an expression. i think you and the judge are 100% right in terms of we need to teach children about our country and the people who sacrificed for it. >> sean: do you think they probably don't know? >> i have to tell you, there were some sharp children out there. >> come on. bottom line. the right to protest and the right for freedom of speech and to assemble, that's wonderful and i want to teach the kids that too. civil rights, we have to teach our kids that. not as it goes against the symbolism of "the star-spangled banner." the american flag and everything we stand for. the justice system. authority. right and wrong. law and order. when you juxtapose those two, it's a different game. it ain't a teaching moment then. >> sean: all right. thank you both for being with us. passionate debate.ig he the way, justice judge
10:47 pm
dineen. you never want to miss it. 9:00 p.m. coming up next, the egyptian president el sisi next. president liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier this week i sat down with the egyptian president. i asked president el-sisiis what
10:51 pm
he thought of president trump and more. watch this.s. >> there are very distinct differences with the views and ideologies of president obama and president trump. you were pretty impressed with president trump. what are the differences from your perspective? >> let me say that from thero first time i saw the debates of president trump and i anticipated not only in the election but in success in leading the united states and in the full meaning of the term. i hope americans will share with me even in the opposition, president trump is writing history for the world and for the united states and we should help them do that.t.
10:52 pm
>> sean: but there was a difference with president obama supporting the muslim brotherhood.ce supported mohamed morsi. donald trump does not. he has a very different worldview. have you noticed the distinct difference in change in how the united states is now approaching you under the new president? >> i want to tell you that you need to look at the outcome that happened in the region without mentioning certain policies or persons. and what it brought to the region, the realities taking place in syria and iraq and yemen and nigeria and libya and all the consequences on the security and stability in the region and worldwide. >> sean: you said about donald trump -- his unique personality, capable of the
10:53 pm
impossible. i understand your position on a two-state solution. could there be another camp david accord? jordan, maybe including other states with israel? to sit? and doesn't any concession by israel -- don't you need a precondition of the recognition of their right to exist? wouldn't you need securable borders for israel? would you recognize the right to vote? >> i will say that i will always express it this way. the people themselves, the leadership that are convinced with peace. our goal is to highlight all of these positive things. and to give reassurances to
10:54 pm
accommodate the concerns of the parties concerned with peace. for example, i understand and appreciate that the israelis have security concerns with respect to the safety and security. i agree with these concerns. there has to be a solution for a two state -- palestinian and israeli state. where the israeli citizens and the palestinian citizens -- their safety and well-being and security are preserved. p let me tell you, because for all the people who are hearing me now, i'm from the region and if we are able to bring about this thing to our region, we will usher in a new age for a turbulent region that has suffered for years. we will be ushering in a new horizon of interaction and i am
10:55 pm
talking about 50 islamic and arab countries -- israel will reciprocate. there will be open borders. i say to president trump, you have an opportunity to solve the issue of the century. this is the issue of the century and this is the major prefixed of terrorism. >> sean: when we come back, an important reminder as "hannity" continues. nder as "hannity" nder as "hannity" continues. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." unfortunately that's all the time we have left. this show will always be fair and balanced and starting monday we moved back to our old time
11:00 pm
slot, 9:00 p.m. eastern. we hope to spread the word, that happening monday september 25th. we are not the establishment mainstream media, we will never be the establishment mainstream media, thank you for your support, thank you for being with us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." what if one of america's two great political parties changed completely and nobody noticed? we don't need to guess, it happened. the national press corps stairs transfixed at the president's twitter feed, the democratic party has morphed into something that bears no resemblance to what it was even ten years ago. for many decades that party was a coalition of liberal intellectuals, the organ for the country's working class. that last group kept the democrats grounded in the vicinity of reality and with them the democrats