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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to dana. >> dana: if you put those four people in one photograph? three people and a dog. at this my last show but i will be back on monday at 5:00. never miss an episode of "hannity." "hannity" "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks to all our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. obama administration officials are at the very center of a shocking surveillance scandal that should terrify every single american who values their privacy and their freedom and constitutional rights. fox news reporting that former ambassador to the united nations samantha power made hundreds of unmasking requests in the build-up to the 2016 election. get this, averaging nearly one request per working day and what was a frantic effort to uncover the names of american citizens whose communications were literally being surveilled by our own government. this comes on the heels of
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another troubling discovery this week. former chum campaign chairman paul manafort was wiretapped by the federal government before and after the 2016 election. former director of national intelligence james clapper is now admitting the president trump himself may have been incidentally surveilled. here's the deal, tonight, we will break down these unbelievable new developments. of course the mainstream media refuses to cover them. and we will examine a two-tiered justice system in this country. needs to be exposed. it needs to be stopped. we are going to call out every single person and institution we need investigations. this is tonight it's very important constitutional opening monologue. over 70 years, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations have been the face of american diplomacy. under the obama administration, samantha power appears to have taken on a much different -- much more sinister role.
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according to brand-new fox news reports, samantha power had made hundreds of requests to unmask the identities of americans whose conversations were captured by the federal foreign intelligence reporting. get this, exceeding 260 requests just in the election year of 20 alone. sources are now telling fox news that samantha power also "even sought information in the days leading up to president trump's inauguration." according to the report, the sheer volume of unmasking requests from the foreign u.n. ambassador is unprecedented. with samantha power making these requests, nearly every single working day in 2016, we must ask the question -- was she wet but i think the tools of intelligence and using the intel community to spy on an opposition party during the 2016 presidential election? that's not the only shocking report we have tonight. just this week, we did learn
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that chum campaign chairman paul manafort was wiretapped by federal investigators through a secret fisa court order before and after the 2016 residential election. including possible commit occasions with the president were picked up. they published an article titled -- did obama know about comey surveillance? the piece openly speculates that high-ranking officials inside the obama white house and president obama himself may have been briefed on the fisa surveillance. unbelievably in march of this year, formal obama director of national intelligence james clapper said there was no fisa warrant. you may remember this. >> the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there is no such wiretapped activity mounted against the president-elect at the time as a candidate or
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against his campaign. >> anything at trump tower? >> no. >> sean: was that he suspected of lying to congress? paul manafort was wiretapped at trump tower. guess what? clapper is no singing of very different tune admitting that communications from trump himself -- then a candidate and of course the president-elect -- may have been captured by the surveillance. watch what he said last night. >> was a possible the president was picked up in a conversation with paul manafort? >> it's certainly conceivable. >> sean: we will have more, jay sekulow and sharyl attkisson -- she was spied on also. but first, the american people have been lied to. repeatedly. nobody on the left or in the mainstream media seems to care. let's talk about the russia collusion investigation for a minute.
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it's become very evident that mueller and his team are hell-bent in my opinion -- they want to indict paul manafort. and possibly even retired lieutenant general michael flynn. mueller is on a witch hunt and the media is helping him every day build this into a feeding frenzy. "the washington post" -- you know, they have so many false reports -- they reported on email exchange between manafort and a russian billionaire where manafort actually offered to give the businessman three things related to the campaign. the 2016 campaign. the spokesman called the email exchange innocuous and when you read the words of the actual exchange, he's right. manafort has been very open about his past international business dealings. it would not be a shocking revelation that he would have routine contact with the businessman. how are things going in the campaign? wow. it could have been as innocent as that. we believe you are innocent until proven guilty in this country?
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you would not know by watching the mainstream media. there report goes on to admit that there is no evidence that these briefings ever took place. that's what they are reporting. what you have here in my opinion is contact. it's not collusion. until evidence is provided, you have to assume it was just contact. we have retired lieutenant general michael flynn. he has served his country with honor and distinction in the u.s. army for over three decades. does he deserve the presumption of innocence? he's been subjected to unmasking. he's had his private phone conversations with a russian diplomat -- that was leaked to the press. that's a felony. a crime. i find to violation of the espionage act. a sealing crime we know was committed in the 11 month talking about that. as i said multiple times on this program, if there is actual proof, hard evidence of
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collusion. please show us. another interesting fact we learned this week, fox news reported that mueller's team interviewed rod rosenstein who happened to be the guy that appointed robert mueller. he is his boss. about what? the russia investigation. can anybody say conflict of interest? comey leaked to "the new york times" for robert mueller to be part of the special counsel? here's why it matters. it's now become evident more than ever that in america, we have a two-tiered justice system in this country. you, the american people, are being fed garbage, lies, half-truths on a daily basis. you're being betrayed by these institutions that are supposed to protect you and be honorable. in the case of the justice department, carry out the rule of law. you should be disgusted. i am. there are real crimes with real evidence of real collusion that is being ignored by the media,
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robert mueller, and even the attorney general jeff sessions. an investigation is to be opened into this unmasking and leaking intelligence scandal. why was samantha power -- the u.n. representative -- unmasking all the names of these people leading up to the election? merely one a day? was it politically motivated? it seems like it was a very good possibility. was she weaponizing intelligence in an election year to go after an opposition canada? and your former obama national security advisor susan rice. according to the reports, she also was responsible for rampant unmasking requests in 2016. including the identities of multiple trump officials. senior officials. then you've got been roads, former aide to president obama. according to mo reports, the house intelligence committee is looking to his request for unmasking americans. we want real crimes?
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look at the clintons. hillary actually committed felonies, real crimes, was directly involved in serious scandals. we are these investigations? like when she and her aides destroyed state department emails? that would be a crime they would have subpoenaed at the time and then acid watched and bleach bit the servers and cell phones smashed with hammers? that sounds like obstruction. she signed off to a russia collusion story on a deal they gave up to 20% of america's uranium to a russian company that donated up to $145 million to the clinton foundation, people involved in that deal? anyone hear the word bribery, paid to play? who can forget the time bill clinton secretly meets with the attorney general loretta lynch on an airport tarmac only days before the fbi's conclusion of its investigation into hillary clinton server? why is that not being
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investigated? where's the outrage in the media of this country? what about the investigation into the dnc server hack and why didn't the dnc -- why would they not hand over their computers that got hacked and the fbi let them get away with it? the bureau was only given access to forensic forms because the dnc would rather hire other people. speaking of dnc emails, if you are so about russia-mike collusion and you want the truth? why haven't you reached out to julian a julian assange of wikileaks? he told me it was not russia and it was not a state party. the source and the email hack. speaking to julian assange and speaking of mueller, what about his conflicts of interest? eight of the 60 members on mueller's team make political donations to obama, clinton, and democrats? that only the start. mueller and comey, best friends? and gregg jarrett continues to point out that a relationship could be a violation of two
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laws. comey may have broken the law drafting memos on government computers, removing those documents from the fbi. fully admitted under oath that he had his friend leaked the content of the memos to "the new york times" in hopes that a special counsel would be appointed and it was. we can forget about comey testifying that loretta lynch pressured him to call the investigation of the matter. he took the talking points as his own. where's the investigation into possible ukrainian -- ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire. officials scribbling to make amends with president-elect after quietly working to boost clinton. wow. also needs to be investigations into the disturbing amount of deep state leaks. if senate reports, almost a leak a day into the trump presidency. it's illegal. it's insane. a clear and present danger. not only to the president but to the people around him.
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the country. the constitution. our fourth amendment rights to privacy. really? where is the doj? when are they going to crack down on these leaks? anybody care about debbie wasserman schultz or her former i.t. aide to stafford? where is the special counsel there? why did the former dnc chair keep him on the bill? this is the danger. it's clearly in america today a two-tiered justice system. that's sad. that's real and scary. how can we believe in equal justice under the law? this is now becoming beyond a constitutional crisis in my opinion. joining us now, "new york times" best selling author of "understanding trump," newt gingrich. he also has a new online course called defending america. i know it is long and drawn out. everything you said is true.
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speak speak out [laughs] >> sean: you are laughing. speak outlook, the to be long is we have never in american history had as many different scandalous behaviors by a president and his team as we are now learning from barack obama and his team. this is -- excuse me, when i look at what samantha power was doing -- by itself, that was unbelievable. why does the u.n. ambassador have to unmask anybody? my number one goal in this conversation is to get across that the house and senate have to open up serious, in-depth investigations and need to bring power in under oath and go through every single unmasking. why did you ask for this? what'd you do with the information? what was the purpose of doing it? who else knew about it? do the same thing with rice and
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do the same thing with the attorney general lynch. and go right down the list. ultimately, they will have to ask president obama -- did all of this occur and you did not know it? do you truly want us to believe that the irs, the fbi, the justice department, the nsa, the state department, the cia -- all of these were being used for illegal purposes? and you as president did not notice it? i think that's astonishing. you are exactly right to take this length of time to introduce it. it is amazing how the elite media is avoiding bringing the docs together into painting the picture. they should be terrified. every reporter in the country should be frightened of the idea of the executive branch in this government as powerful as it is suddenly becoming lawless and deciding it's going to target individuals and go after people. to be one speaker, it's 24/7.
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everyone wants paul manafort indicted. >> sean: they really want the president but paul manafort is just collateral damage. you are right about the republicans, eight you are right about these investigations. they are not happening, though. the deputy attorney general -- he did not appoint a special counsel. i do not know what the attorney general is doing. there's a sense of -- okay, if we are going go after paul manafort and after a 30-year career military person like general flynn? ab you need to go after everybody else because the evidence against hillary alone, the questions about unmasking and surveillance leaks alone render a threat with the fourth amendment of the constitution and i don't see it. >> i am with you. attorney general sessions did
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not recuse himself from any of the things we are now discussing. he could instruct the fbi to open up a case but at the same time, i would say to the house and senate -- both parties, by the way -- when you start seeing the power of the fbi or the power of the cia, being suborned for political reasons, whether you are democrat or republican, you ought to be frightened about the future of freedom in america. we build very powerful institutions to defend us from foreign enemies and to defend us from criminals and of those institutions start being corrupted, we are in deep trouble as a country. >> sean: i've lost all these faiths in the media and these institutions. have you? >> yes, one of the great crises in american history. the one place you can imagine right this minute -- aggressively digging into this, the congress i cannot understand
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why the republicans in the house and senate are not being dramatically more aggressive. they are being handed story after story after story that proves there was something really sick in the obama administration. general clapper who i've known for years -- his behavior over the last year is absolutely beyond me. they ought to go through it step-by-step. i noticed they were to things very carefully if you go back to the part you played. nobody in his particular institution. that was functionally not being honest. >> sean: it sounded very clintonian. mr. speaker, we have more to get to. we need to talk to you next about health care. straight ahead.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the repeal and replace or at least on some level obamacare -- senator lindsey graham stop by my radio show yesterday to talk about the latest health care bill amendment. let's take a listen to this. >> rand paul was on yesterday and his biggest complaints are this. it doesn't repeal obamacare and taxes stay. is that true? >> no, not completely. we repealed the individual mandate and employer mandate. >> that's big. >> planned parenthood is defunded. that's defunded. money goes to the chip program. the pro-life community. we repeal the medical device tax. we take the other taxes and under obamacare -- the states get 40% of the money. massachusetts and maryland are high cost medicaid blue states. kentucky governors are on board
7:23 pm
because he believes he could do a better job with the money than obamacare does for kentucky. this truly is draining the swamp. repeal and replace. the presidents on board. >> sean: newt gingrich is with us. mr. speaker, is not pure federalism but as conservatives, i think governors -- legislators are going to be more responsible to the people in their state than the federal government and i think he will get a lot more bang for their buck. in principle, i like it. there's a few things i want to make sure happens. california is going bankrupt now. misappropriating their money. they can't come back hat in hand begging all these red states they came up with great innovative ideas to manage the money well. to give us more, we screwed it up. i'm afraid that will happen. >> they will try. the whole secret to the blue states is how much money they
7:24 pm
get and why they don't like the new formula. the new formula gradually moves towards every state getting towards per person the same amount of money. if you are a new york or california, you think it's a terrible idea because you want all the extra money. the fact is, a lot of states are going to do very innovative things. some are going to break through. others will copy the ones that are succeeding. that's how america is supposed to work. we spent the last 40 years trying to build a national system with national rules and national bureaucrats. it hasn't worked. this is a very clever step in the right direction. i really do give graham and cassidy credit for having had the courage and frankly, rick santorum. the former it's a really good step in the right direction. i hope they can get the votes to pass next week. >> sean: i hope so. i still want to see some of the
7:25 pm
language. i'm sure you do and i think everyone needs to see the language so we know exactly what we are getting into. there are always those washington, d.c., swamp surprises that the public find out later. we don't need to pass the bill to find out what is in it. i know you would agree with that. here's the thing, your four senators we are watching very closely. one is lindsey graham's best friend, john mccain. what's he going to do? lisa murkowski and susan collins -- what are they going to do? what are some of these other senators going to do? >> my sense is they have a better chance of getting lisa murkowski's vote on this than they did earlier. he is one of the points i would make to conservatives. there may be some horsetrading at the last minute to get the last vote. this is not a perfect bill. there is not going to be a perfect bill. this is so much better than obamacare. but such an important step in the right direction. i would say to all my
7:26 pm
conservative friends try to find a way to vote yes, not try to find a way to vote no. i think you have to do it in the context of the real world and the real world is the collapse of obamacare system which is leaving more and more counties with either one insurance company or no insurance companies. in terms of the average american, this is a very useful and positive step in the right direction. i have glimmering's that they may actually pull this together. >> sean: mr. speaker, i appreciate you. go on hand of the dot-com if you want to take a look at it, national defense. when we come back, don't miss sharyl attkisson. guess what? obama spied on her. she and jay sekulow are straight ahead.
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rescuers frantically searching for survivors under rubble. at least 273 people killed. another graham seen in puerto rico in the weight of two back-to-back wake of hurricane maria. the tragedy compounded by catastrophic flooding and roads of destroyed homes. north korean kim jong un is calling president trump deranged. south korean media reports that north is also testing a hydrogen bomb. diplomat from pyongyang could say it could be the most powerful detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." >> sean: the obama administration is spying and it continues to grow. sharyl attkisson wrote an op-ed in the hill entitled it looks like obama did spy on trump just as he apparently did me. as we told you earlier in the
7:32 pm
program, sources telling fox news the former u.n. ambassador samantha power was unmasking americans almost one a day. joining us now with reaction, the author of the smear, the host of full measure, sharyl attkisson and president trump's attorney -- and jay sekulow. sharyl, i want to hand it to you. you are right, it did happen. this unmasking at a level we never even imagined before. i want people to hear your story. this is so important. >> mind began before we heard about what the government had done to fox news, edward snowden. i had intel come to me and suggest i was being monitored by the intel community or actors in the obama administration because of the stories i was doing. people in the intel community helped me because they thought it was so egregious. that forensics on my computer.
7:33 pm
three independent exams have seen and proven forensics that they used government proprietary software to monitor my keystrokes, planted classified documents in my computer, watched much of what i was doing. x full traded files. listened in on my audio. we have dates and times as well as government owned ip addresses found my computer. >> sean: jay sekulow. this is not the country that i know with four at the moment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. that sounds to me like the weapon i think of the tools of intelligence to attack people they don't like or political opponents. >> we know that is what happened. let's be clear about a couple things, our friend james rosen, what happened the sharyl and others, the idea that you would realize the intel community to spy on your enemies domesticall domestically -- again, it's not only outrageous but it's
7:34 pm
illegal. couple that with the fact and we now know this, the unmasking that was going on, the u.n. ambassador samantha power unmasking basically almost a person a day and especially picked up towards the end of their political run, at the end of their term, president obama's term -- ask yourself this question. why did they decide at that point to quickly start unmasking and by the way, that means we are talking about american citizens as well. being unmasked by the u.n. ambassador. and on the national security council, that's great. the fact is, this unmasking which was supposed to not have taken place often, it was supposed to utilize minimization techniques. apparently these were advisory rules for the previous administration rather than the actual rules of law that apply. the tragedy in all of this is the american people -- they are the ones that pay the consequence. >> sean: if samantha power,
7:35 pm
susan rice, and been roads and in the case of samantha power -- unmasking a person a day? when does that become the rule of u.n. ambassador? that's beyond bizarre and that's unprecedented and raises questions that this was all political. here's my question with all the nonstop chatter in the media about russia, russia, russia. it's clear they have a big target on paul manafort. then you have all those people unmasking, surveillance, intelligence leaking -- those are crimes. all of hillary clinton's felonies. we've been over this many, many times. a leak in a. mueller and rosenstein and comey. where's the congress? where's the special counsel. what is the attorney general doing here and shouldn't he be playing a big role in investigating what seems to be real, demonic crimes and constitutional violations like in the case of sharyl? >> that they be doing that.
7:36 pm
sean, if it was done properly and there is an investigation going on, we would not know that. i would hope that the whole aspect of the leaking scandal that is taking place now for months and months and months including conversations that the president had with foreign leaders -- this is not something that should be tolerated in any administration no matter what your political leaning is. it's outrageous and illegal. we know it was taking place. what we are hoping is that there is actually an investigation going on. i don't know this for a fact. speculation on my part. i don't have any independent knowledge of it but you necessarily would not. he would necessarily know that there was. you can be hopeful that there is in fact an ongoing investigation. national security matters will stop. >> sean: sharyl, i've had good people in the intelligence community tell me that i was on unmasked. i've never been able to corroborate that.
7:37 pm
i'm watching what happened to you. what recourse as a citizen with constitutional rights do you have because you can prove your case question marks become not much. the only reason i can prove it is because i had help from people inside the obama intel community that thought this was so egregious they gave me the tools that i wouldn't normally have had to find this information forensically. i have a 2.5-year-old lawsuit. against the department of justice. the current department of justice continues to fight rather than directing them to tell the truth and follow the law and get the facts. they are continuing to fight this in federal court. that's the only recourse and most people can't do it. it's very expensive and time-consuming. it's very hard to sue the government. we have to go through a lot of processes and get permission. almost insurmountable. >> sean: we will continue our investigation. thank you both. wow. scary. lou dobbs is next. you were made to move.
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at >> the treasury department's authority to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods, services, or technology with north korea. i'm very proud to tell you that as you may have heard moments
7:42 pm
ago, china -- their central bank -- has told their other banks, it's a massive banking system, to immediately stop doing business with north korea. >> sean: that was the president earlier today announcing a new executive order on north korea. joining us now with his reaction, fox news business anchor -- number one in business for how many years customers >> years and years. >> sean: [laughs] lou dobbs. the president had a huge success today. he got the chinese to do something we wanted them to do. that is, now they are involved. >> and they are doing something substantive and real and no one can simply dismiss what this president has achieved diplomatically. that is to have these chinese banks bring down the hammer on any flow of capital to north korea or from north korea.
7:43 pm
immensely important. >> sean: they've been starving their own people for years. >> absolutely. >> sean: we read a story about the persecution and murder that kim jong un is doing against its own people. now that china and banks pull business and now that the president is calling on other nations to do the same, how much pressure does this put on north korea? does that stop him? >> i don't think it stops him. for the first time, think about this, an american president is succeeding and has succeeded in putting max to to to maximum economic pressure on north korea because he believes he and china can stop the monster that has been created over the last 50 years. that's where the responsibility lies in china knows the world is about to understand that fully in the month of had. >> sean: what to make up the hysterical media reaction? they are more angry about the
7:44 pm
term rocket man than they are at the guy creating such destabilization, firing rockets over japan, and our ally, threatening guam, our territory and intercontinental ballistic missiles could hit new york city and boston. >> this shallowness of the ideological automatons that make up the far left of the democratic party -- i'm talking about nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the entire national security apparatus of the obama administration. they are working harder to be demonstrable to the trump administration which has already achieved more with north korea and presidents bush, clinton, or obama. for them to engage in this publicly is simply to reveal to the american people what the american people are learning -- it's just simply fatuous nonsense emanating from the mouths of these politicos of the left. >> sean: if this is not an abject lesson of bribery of
7:45 pm
dictators, it does not work. we will be in the same position a few years from now with iran. is not going to work either. well i got you here, i want to pick your economic mind and talk about graham-cassidy. here is the starting point which i'm trying to explain to people. when you have 100 republicans with no intention of keeping their word and seven senators have voted to repeal but never had intention to do it when it mattered, it puts everyone in a difficult spot to repeal and replace obamacare. as a conservative, i love the idea of federalism. this is not pure federalism. >> amen, brother. >> sean: love the idea. i want to see the bill first but when california goes single-payer, and they misappropriate the funds and they are out of money, they cannot come back at hat in hand to kentucky and all these red states whose governors will come up with creative solutions for health care. that's my fear.
7:46 pm
>> i think your fears are absolutely justified. we are watching california -- is heading straight for not a train wreck but a train wreck over a cliff. it's economically impossible to achieve with what they are trying to to do. single-payer at the state level? they are an economy that's one of the largest -- >> sean: state income tax. to speak of the state in the use and make union and productive people are fleeing california. a high network. the idea of graham-cassidy, block grants. all great to rally to. no, as a senator, i took seriously what the leadership of the republican party said when they took control of the senate and the house. they are going to have committees. >> sean: good to see her. when come back, "hannity" shoot when come back, "hannity" shoot
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>> are generations moral integrity, stability for what our children learn. we must turn our focus to the message they expose to us on a
7:51 pm
daily basis through social media, bullying, experience online or in person. >> sean: how did the left and liberals react? they attacked the first lady online. one person tweeted... just watched melania trump's speech. for some reason, it may be think of the blueberry girl from "willy wonka," whatever that means. hillary clinton even took a shot at the first lady for not doing enough. really? joining us now, fox news contributor tomi lahren and jessica tarlov. when we criticize mattel obama, conservatives, when she injected herself into politics and said for the first time in my adult life -- michelle obama -- i am out of my country, the left went nuts. they made fun of melania's shoes which she wore to the kirk and harvey's aftermath. where are you defending women
7:52 pm
here? >> right here. >> [laughs] >> sean: hillary clinton did not appear to speak at the point hillary clinton made with a policy point. that's completely sound. don't pick on her outfit. it was fabulous. melania trump picking up cyberbullying as her patron saint because after what donald trump tweeted last weekend? the golf ball hitting hillary in the back -- >> sean: are you that humorless? >> you really laughed at that? if that had been a conservative, if the golf ball had gone -- i laugh at you all the time on the internet, don't worry. >> sean: tomi can hit harder than me. tomi, you just don't do with the left does. conservatives would not do at the if they did do it, they'd be ridiculed and raked over the coals. >> here's my question for jessica, isn't it supposed to be a platform the left loves? we are talking about being an advocate -- anti-cyberbullying, it's not partisan at all.
7:53 pm
it's a human thing. yet the attacker for what she's wearing. again, there are the feminist? they never come out. >> the tumnus are everywhere. they are just not supporting kellyanne conway who advocates or policies that hurt women. >> sean: stop it. stop. >> why? >> we are not talking about kellyanne conway. we are talking about melania trump. >> that does not support maternity leave. >> sean: what one at a time. tomi. >> we are talking about melania trump advocating for an end cyberbullying. the left goes after her and ridicules her. i don't see the feminist coming out saying leave a woman alone. leave an empowered female alone. i don't see the feminists doing that. >> i totally take your point. at think melania should not be ridiculed for her outfit. i was outraged when people went after michelle obama because she wore j.crew.
7:54 pm
and melania -- the issue with her taking up cyberbullying when her husband is the biggest cyber bully of them all. that's the problem. why is she not advocating for this at home? >> sean: you attacked kellyanne conway. >> i like kellyanne conway. >> sean: for you to say she doesn't advocate for women? she is the first woman to ever win a national campaign as a campaign manager. >> a campaign that was awful to women. >> there are many democrats that are pro-life, joe biden is pro-life. >> sean: why are you attacking her? >> i am attacking the agenda she supports. >> sean: women are strong and independent. >> i have great respect for what kellyanne conway achieves. i like kellyanne conway a lot. it's the agenda she and the trump administration go for. >> sean: what about trump's agenda? >> what's interesting is you've got president trump who has empowered many women. look at his press secretary,
7:55 pm
white house communications director, campaign manager. he has empowered women but no, the left likes to forget because he sent off some meme tweets. that's all they can think about. not the steps and actions of president trump to actually advance women. >> please, tomi. >> sean: argue so sensitive, the people on the left? your sticks and stones thing? liberals are vicious to conservatives. constantly. >> i think both sides are vicious. >> sean: call out your site appear >> i call you out and i for liberals to attack on the basis of core policies and not for passion even though i did like that outfit. >> sean: thank you to you both, more "hannity," next. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. it could save your life. 3 toddlers won't stop him..
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8:00 pm
your help. they shall always be fair and balanced, will never be the establishment, destroy-trump-media. thank you for being without us. we'll see you here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for more than half a century, hollywood liberals and america's foreign policy establishment eyed each other with suspicion. from vietnam to iraq, actors were often thest harshest critis of whatever wars washington was pushing at the time. a lot has changed, though.h. the rise of donald trump has caused elites from across the spectrum to realize they have a lot more in common with each other than they do with thecr american middle class.s. suddenly, liberals in l.a. are warming to the idea of pointless foreign wars. rob reiner is an actor, a director, a liberal. he now has a group designed to investigate russian interference in the last election.