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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 22, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> that was a spirited hour, i never know how you feel. have a great weekend, we will see you on monday, "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a fox news alert, a protest at howard university stopped a speech by former fbi director james comey. >> julie: mr. comey threatened by two dozen protesters before he could begin his address. >> i am announcing a new executive order to target individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. >> jon: tough talk with president trump on north korea's defiance, the rogue nation is answering with its own threats. holding out hope in mexico,
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rescuer still locating survivors buried in the rubble. the clock is ticking and victims can hold out much longer. and court action today after british police officially charge a suspect in the london terror attack. it's all "happening now" ." we begin with a fox news alert, senate republicans are scrambling to get enough votes to try to pass their new health care bill and finally repeal obamacare. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. the senate only has until september 30th to get it done, senator lindsey graham believes there is a good chance it will pass. >> i think so, i really do. i'll be honest with you, i've never been more excited than i am right now. if you want to end the march to single-payer health care this is your last best chance.
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i will make a prediction, a couple of democrats are going to come on board. >> there is really intense pressure, trying to see if they can get 50 yes votes to pass this reform bill by next week. president trump issued a warning to kentucky senator rand paul and anyone who votes against us that they will be forever known as the republican who saved obamacare. susan collins of maine voted against health care reform in july and today there was a push involving vice president mike pence and her governor. >> i'm really in a big supporter of graham cassidy, i encourage the senator to take a hard look, both senators collins and king to help people go back to affordable health care. >> if both paul and collins are nose, it could come down to
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arizona's john mccain and alaska's lisa murkowski. both said no in july, killing that health care reform effort. we expect a hearing will be held in the finance committee on monday. there has been talk about tweaking the bill to deal within unique aspects of alaska to get lisa murkowski on board. dianne feinstein tweeted this morning "california is the biggest loser if graham cassidy passes a 13% cuts to federal funds amounts to a $129 billion loss by 2026. another critic accuse the g.o.p. of having the wrong priorities. >> many of my republican colleagues want to substantially increase military spending, they want to throw 32 million americans off of the health insurance they currently have because supposedly they are worried about the budget defici
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deficit. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell says he intends to hold a vote on this next week, it's not entirely clear what he will do if he is shy of 50 vote votes. >> jon: republican senator chuck grassley wants to know whether the fbi warned president trump that they were investigating paul manafort on his ties to russia. if the fbi did not warn trump, grassley wants to know why. the senator writes a letter to the fbi, saying "i write to inquire about whether the fbi provided the term campaign with a briefing or other warning regarding attempts to --
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white house correspondent for the "washington examiner" joins us now. >> the fbi not yet responding to this, the fbi is kind of notorious for responding slowly to congressional inquiries. this is a really interesting line of inquiry from senator bradley. we have grassley essentially asking the fbi how he could be a conduit but not enough of a threat to warn the potential future president that he's working for that he could be a conduit for russian interest. there is tension between what did or did not happen with the fbi and interestingly, he cites a case from 2008 where senator john mccain who's been running for president had a hired manafort's business partner and grassley claims the fbi did provide john mccain with the defensive briefing to warn about the risks of having that man on his campaign so john mccain could take action. if that turns out to be accurate, that could prove crucial to asking why the fbi and the case didn't want to give the trump campaign the heads up. >> jon: from the sounds of
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things, senator mccain is none too pleased to have his name dragged into this business. >> john mccain is one of the most hawkish voices when it comes to rush out so he clearly doesn't want any and insinuation that he could have been compromised or linked any way to the collusion allegations that have befallen the trump campaign and paul manafort and his business partners. john mccain is disputing that this ever happened and clearly the senate wants to get to the bottom of whether or not a briefing occurred during the mccain campaign because that will help grassley and other conventional investigators to determine whether it was normal for the fbi to withhold that defensive briefing or whether that could have been a result of politicization of that probe. >> jon: chuck grassley is essentially saying to the fbi, if you warned of the trump campaign, you need to let us know because we in congress need to ask questions about how the
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campaign responded. >> if that warning occurred in the trump people took no action to remove paul manafort from the proximity, that would clearly be very serious for the campaign and they would need to answer for why they ignored warnings from the obama administration. if the mccain campaign was provided a warning but the trump campaign was not provided a warning, congressional investigators could ask questions about the fbi, why they decided not to tell president trump he was vulnerable to unwitting russian collusion and basically put him in the scandal he is dealing with now. >> jon: this comes against the backdrop of the revelation that samantha powers was asking for the unmasking of these names, something like 250 times in the final year of the obama administration. may be related but maybe not, there was an awful lot of interest in the obama
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administration about civilians who were talking with foreign governments. >> exactly, there hasn't been much attention paid to the unmasking but it's a really interesting development because comparatively her predecessors maybe one or two dozen american officials and here we see samantha powers unmasking more than 260 names, some just before she left office. it's hard to know why she would need to unmask identically idef americans if she was leaving the job in a few weeks. >> jon: if you are a u.n. ambassador you are not supposed to be delving deeply into matters of spy craft. interesting stuff, sarah westwood, "washington examiner"" >> julie: a fox news alert, puerto rico begins recovery after hurricane maria. people there living and assessing the destruction of
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this deadly hurricane that has now been blamed for at least ten deaths. there is still no power across most of the island and in the southeast area where the hurricane made landfall, there has been no communication at al all. planes are finally beginning to travel in and out of puerto rico again, hurricane maria remains a category 3 storm with winds of 125 miles per hour, warnings are in effect for turks and caicos along with the southeastern bahamas. the hurricane is expected past the east of those islands varies on the worst. >> jon: still had on "happening now," the war of words rages on between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un, how the u.s. is responding to the latest threat. plus the new questions about former fbi director james comey and what he knew about russian
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>> jon: actor anthony michael hall pleads no contest to an assault charge after prosecutors say he shoved his neighbor last year. the actor will now have to complete 40 hours of community service and will be on probation for three years, he is known for his role in several 80s teen movies like the breakfast club and 16 candles. >> julie: a sharpened warning from north korea after president trump announced new sanctions against the country, a top north korean diplomat threatening the north could test
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a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. secretary of state rex tillerson responding to those claims this morning, listen. >> what will the u.s. to? >> we will continue our efforts in the diplomatic arena but all of our military options the president said are on the table. once we can assess the nature of this threat, the president will make a decision. >> president trump also speaking out about the north korean threat in a tweet saying "kim jong un of north korea who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starting or killing his people will be tested like never before." what do you make of the back-and-forth harsh rhetoric between president trump and kim jong un. >> the rhetoric is unrelenting. every day we see a new threat
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traded by one side of the other. certainly the president's speech at the u.n. general assembly was rather clear and strong and of the response from the north korean regime has been equally clear and strong. one of the things i want to note here, the war of words is not necessarily the same as the war of deeds. if you want to know what's going on, look at what they are doing and what they are saying, what they are doing is more significant in the long run. >> julie: this is the strongest morning yet from north korea. that diplomat we spoke about is a foreign minister. i want to quote his warning that this could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test
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over the pacific ocean regarding which measures to take, i don't really know, it is what kim jong un does. is that something kim jong un will actually follow through on or is it just bartok? >> it's hard to say, it really depends on the psychology of kim jong un and the degree that he feels his back is up against the wall. i will say that an open air test of a nuclear weapon would be a remarkable event, it would be a historic event. not just for north korea but northeast asia as a whole, you can already see the chinese government, the japanese government, the south korean government responding. open air testing has been off the deck table for decades and the ocean has been off the table even longer. >> julie: the question is, how prepared is our missile defense program to stop it if you were to shoot off one of these missiles? we need to be ready and if it happens or shouldn't we be shooting it down?
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>> interestingly enough, the russians have also deployed some of their theater missile defense systems to the region in recent months. there are a couple things we should look out for, one of them is it is not clear yet that the north koreans have something, it's not clear whether it is quite that big. it's not clear that they can install it on top of a missile so if they were to do such a test it's probably likely they would use an aircraft or a ship to carry it rather than a missile at this point and that's a lot harder to figure out. >> julie: whether they have the technology or not, we should assume they do and that's what u.s. officials are doing. since president trump's speech at the u.n. when he warned korea it would be destroyed if it threatens our allies, it seems as though they are trying to move a bit more towards
10:18 am
diplomacy when ambassador nikki haley dialed back the rhetoric, saying obviously no one wants a war. the question is, is it too late after pyongyang's latest threat? >> threats are words and deeds are deeds. the threat has always been there for north korea, the question is whether north korea is more willing and more able to execute on the numerous incessant threats it's made in the past. i think it's worth noting that diplomacy is in full force right now with the chinese and japanese now seeing part of the problem in north korea and the united states is taking measures short of war including the sanctions. those sanctions are rather broad ranging and designed to target entities that do business with north korea, not just north korea itself. >> julie: christopher swift, thank you so much. >> jon: the wheels of justice turning with a suspect officially charged in the london
10:19 am
subway bombing. i had, and update. plus, this. the miracle of life amid the death and devastation in mexico as a survivor of that massive earthquake is pulled out of a collapsed building. the latest on the search next.
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10:23 am
london subway. the 18-year-old man appearing in court today charged with attempted murder and causing an explosion. he was arrested last saturday at the port of dover, a departure point for ferries to france. the attack injured 30 people at the height of the morning rush, but london police chief says the bomb was packed with shrapnel and the bloodshed could have been much worse. >> jon: scenes of hope playing out in mexico after tuesday's deadly earthquake as search teams pull more survivors from the mountains of rubble. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in mexico city. >> we are at the scene of one of those increasingly desperate search and rescue operations now. on the right-hand side here, of
10:24 am
what was a four-story textile factory, about 100 workers were where this earthquake hit, you see that bulldozer. that is a clear sign to those waiting to find those missing. they do not believe in that part of the building there are any survivors. you can see another group of rescue workers working by hand, nothing more than sledgehammers and a crane that is helping them lift a huge slab of concrete that has pancake down on each other. they believe there is still a slim chance they could find further survivors. that is why they are working so carefully. every now and then you see them turn around, raise their clenched fist in the air and call for silence. that means they want to listen and see if they can hear any sounds that might lead them to a survivor. we have also seen dogs out ther
10:25 am
there, they sit for any signs of life. there was one moment of good news, earlier at this exact point, a man was pulled out alive from the wreckage. as time goes on, obviously those miracles become fewer and further between. any rescue worker working these kind of situations, they will tell you the maximum they believe anybody can survive in these kind of conditions under that rubble is 72-96 hours. in other words, the maximum is four days. we are approaching the 72 hour mark right now so a lot of the families of missing loved ones beginning to lose hope and beginning to feel the government might soon declare this a recovery rather than a rescue operation. to end on an optimistic note, that same veteran rescue worker pointed out that he was working
10:26 am
the last advocating devastatine here, they found a man alive seven days after the earthquake hit. >> jon: we just heard what sounded like optimistic screaming behind you, i don't know if you were able to interpret that from your position, doesn't mean anything? >> the shouts will go up quite frequently, when they are pulling out some of the huge pieces of concrete and steel. you can see these lines over there, the way you are hearing the noise, those are all volunteer workers and official rescue workers, passing buckets and wheelbarrows full of tons and tons of rubble. they are clearing a path and telling each other what to do, while that may have sounded like an optimistic shouts, it wasn't, that was just them telling each other what to do. when they feel optimistic, conversely is when silence falls on this crowd, that's when they feel they might have something.
10:27 am
we have not had a call for silence in the last 30 minutes or so and it's this area behind me over this shoulder where if there is anybody alive, that is where they believe they might find them. as it stands right now, here at this textile factory there are still eight people, eight women unaccounted for. those are the ones the search goes on for right now. >> jon: jonathan hunt, our chief correspondent in mexico city, thank you. >> julie: heartbreaking. democrats are hoping veterans will help them regain power and at least one congressional chamber during next year's midterms. why my next guest is calling it a long shot for the democrats against the g.o.p. plus, former fbi director james comey facing more questions about his handling of hillary clinton's email investigation and now one senator wants answers from him about russian interference in the trump campaign. boost. it's about moving forward, not back.
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now it's good for us all. like those who like. sweet those who prefer heat. sfx - a breath of air and those who just love meat. oscar mayer deli fresh. sweet! ♪ >> jon: the former director of the fbi james comey is becoming the focus of a senate committee that is looking into russian meddling in the election. >> julie: senator chuck grassley raising the questions in a letter to the fbi. asking if the comey ever warned president trump team about an attempt by the russian government to infiltrate the campaign.
10:32 am
chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. >> the letter asks whether the bureau warned the administratio administration -- campaign, rather of the risks of the -- if that's true, the fbi would have had to make the case to a national security course that this extraordinary step was warranted based on existing evidence. the letter leads reads in parte fbi did provide a defensive briefing or similar warning to the trump campaign, that would raise important questions about how the trump campaign responded. on the other hand, if the fbi did not alert the campaign, that would raise serious questions as to what factors contributed to his decision and why it appears to have been handled differently in a very similar circumstance
10:33 am
involving a previous campaign." ." howard university's convocation this morning, the fired fbi director made a rare public appearance and was heckled by two dozen students calling themselves h you resist. chance included "we shall not be moved" and "no justice, no peace." comey talked over the demonstrators, as you will hear. >> the rest of the real world is a place where it's hard sometimes to find people who will listen with an attitude that they might actually be convinced of something. instead, what happens in most of the real world is if people don't listen at all. >> after this july 2016 announcement where he took the unusual stance of publicly recommending against criminal charges, he became the subject of two investigations.
10:34 am
that investigation revealed that comey began drafting the clinton exoneration statement before all that evidence was gathered and months before clinton's fbi interview in july of last year and there is a second separate investigation of his actions during the campaign season by the justice department internal watchdog, the inspector general in that report is expected early next year, all coming together at a time where he will be likely an essential witness in the special counsel case. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: democrats are hoping that military veterans can give them a leg up in next year's midterms. the party is trying to make inroads with this important voting bloc with the promise of better jobs. dozens of military service members are also running for congress on the democratic ticket. adjourning has now, an attorney and democratic commentator and
10:35 am
former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. the voting block represented by the military and veterans doesn't necessarily monolithically vote republican but typically it has been a republican block, why do democrats think they can make inroads this time? >> because down is up and up is down for the g.o.p. right now under president trump and i think it's smart of the democratic party to expand its reach, military veterans typically about 60% or more vote for a republican candidate because republicans typically were a strong military and typically were kind of law and order parties but all of those things seem to be up for grabs this year and the democratic party is doing what it should do, reaching out. >> jon: the last time around, president trump won about 60% of
10:36 am
military veterans and military members. do you see that number radically changing in 2018? >> i don't and the reason is because we've delivered for not only the current military but our veterans. and that's the big difference. delivering on your promises i think will make a big difference in retaining both current military votes. we have a very popular va secretary who has made it available for private care to go around the system when the system isn't working for them, whistle-blowing protections have been increased, the ability to fire people who are not delivering for our military, raising military pay for current military and increasing the budget are all things i think you're going to fare very well when the military both current and retired are thinking about who they want to represent them. >> jon: taking them for granted, isn't that -- >> we should never take any constituency for granted and that is the point, we didn't. we got their boat, we earned their boat and we delivered for
10:37 am
them. >> jon: 's it was under the obama administration that the idea of slashing the military budget was proposed, obviously that made it through a bipartisan congress but it's something republicans have been trying to undo and president trump has been trying to undo, doesn't that speak to the needs of active duty service members? >> not necessarily because it depends on the places where the increases are going to be and of the places where the cuts were. what was missing from everything that was just said about what's been done for veterans in this current administration is help that actually gets into their hands. are they getting more services? are they getting better treatment? we don't have numbers on any of that yet, there's a reason why there are typically republican voting fabric do my veterans who
10:38 am
are interested in the democratic party and there's also a reason why more and more veterans are running for office as democrats. i think that the g.o.p. is right to feel like they are back on their heels on this issue. >> jon: do you make any predictions? >> we are not back on our heels, we have a fantastic record that we can both seek current military and veterans. we are not worried at all, we take no constituency for granted, we are not rocking back on our heels and we look forward to the debates that are going to happen in the fall as to where the military vote will go. >> jon: it's going to be an interesting election in 2018. to say nothing of 2020. thank you both. >> julie: of the latest republican battle, the establishment versus the outsider. alabama senator luther strange versus judge roy moore in a primary runoff. just how big are the stakes were president trump and the g.o.p.? our political panel is on deck.
10:39 am
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>> jon: the last day of summer turned into a winter scene on a major highway. snow conditions being blamed for a 16 vehicle pileup in california. police say one man died when his truck slammed into another truck on interstate 80 just east of sacramento. the crash shut down westbound traffic for hours, drivers stuck in the back up later reported white out conditions and even heavier snowfall. >> julie: president trump heading south as he gets ready to hit the campaign trail with alabama senator luther strange,
10:43 am
it is the insider versus the insurgent, with both candidates taking the gloves off. >> the 60 vote rule, i am opposed to 60 vote rule from the very beginning. why did luther strange just weeks ago suddenly decide he would reverse course? i'll tell you why. he will do anything to get his job. >> i didn't hear anything about the issues or any solutions or anything he's going to do. i think you could stay here for 15 segments and you won't say hear anything about anything he's accomplished or anything he's going to do to help the president. >> julie: let's bring in our panel. thank you both for coming on. president trump, he has tweeted many times in support of strange, this week three times, saturday once.
10:44 am
making it very clear who he is behind. you've got steve bannon, which is sort of strange because he was pretty much vanished if you will from the white house, he is supporting strange's opponent roy moore. ethan, what do you make of this? this is awkward. >> it is very awkward and as somebody who is not a republican and generally opposes president trump on almost anything, this is one of those rare moments where the lesser of two evils here, roy moore is on record saying horrible things, he was removed from the supreme court because he doesn't understand how our judicial system works, how can he become a senator? the republican party needs to distance themselves from roy moore as quickly as possible, which they didn't do with donald trump. this is just bad. i am not a republican, i don't support the republicans but this
10:45 am
one of those rare times were luther strange, the great state of alabama needs to get behind him and not go back to the dark history of that state and some of the things roy moore stands for. >> julie: what he that is referring to basically, he is known for upholding the placement of the ten commandments ten emac statue. roy moore refused a federal court order, he also refused to abide by the u.s. supreme court decision to allow gay marriage. what are the main issues driving voters in alabama? >> this race is national in the sense that america is engaged and political culture war. today it's about what our people's rights in the public square? what i think is happening in alabama is voters are wanting to elect the least politically correct person because they want to send a message that people
10:46 am
should be free to say and express what they want in this country. if i was advising roy moore i would advise him to communicate very differently than he does. but there is a reaction of the country again, the far left, the people who are actually espousing violence to silence the opposition. this race is national in the sense that it is an antipolitical correctness race and right now moore has the advantage over strange. and that is why you are seeing all the energy and enthusiasm. >> julie: i think john hit the nail on the head here, he talks about antipolitical correctness. roy moore is the anti-politically correct candidate but yet our president who campaigned on the anti-politically correct campaign is not supporting the politically incorrect candidate here. he is actually going behind
10:47 am
senator strange. is it the political correctness that striving these voters? i guess it's hard to say, senator strange was unable to get the 50% of the vote in the primary and he's not doing so great in the polls, the president even admitting it's going to be a close race. what is it going to come down to? >> it's a little bit like the 2016 presidential election, the difference here is the people who are supporting roy moore also some percentage of them are supporting racism, white supremacy, white nationalism. they want to go back to it before the supreme court had the heart of atlanta hotel ruling which is about racism, they want to go back to a time where we had white supremacy, roy moore is a christian supremacist, there is no such thing for anybody who's bothered to read the sermon to call himself a christian is to me. people who support him want to go to a dark period of our history and i think it is
10:48 am
dangerous and not antipolitical correctness, it is anti-american. it is weird for me to say that i support luther strange but when roy moore is running against him, the people of alabama, i am appealing to you to not turn to the darkness of your own history and look toward the future. >> julie: considering the backlash that occurred in charlottesville, if you look at those who criticize the white supremacists, trying to use president trump as an enabler, the president has been trying to distance itself is much as possible from people like that and i guess roy moore would be someone i guess you could argue potentially falls into that. i guess i will leave it with you john, your final thoughts on how that's going to play. >> this race is a lose-lose for trump, if more wins he is going to be seen as politically as people says he was and if
10:49 am
strange wins he will be accused of demoralizing some of his bas base. 2016 was not evidence of a resurgence of racism and white nationalism, i was very critical of a lot of what trump said during the campaign but why did people in a third of counties that supported obama support trump in 2016? the reason they did is because hillary clinton's ideas didn't work. they voted for the candidate they thought would do a better job of growing the economy. i don't buy that, 2016 did not show that but there is a militant left-wing fanaticism that wants to silence people who disagree with them. >> julie: that's all the time we have what we appreciate you both coming on. >> jon: the houston area continues to clean up after the devastation caused by hurricane harvey. a 50 billion-dollar project, can it keep floodwaters from causing more destruction in houston? and who foots the bill?
10:50 am
plus, a shipwreck out in the open after nearly 100 years, what caused the william h sumner to become visible on the north carolina beach? >> here's an up close and personal view of at least partly how they were built. in the 20th century, early 20th century. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy,
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>> there is breaking news in the health care debate, one of the key senators who was on the fence about the graham cassidy bill now says that person is leaning against it. we will tell you who it is and how this is breaking, plus president trump about to head to alabama to campaign for senator luther strange after the so-called doozy of a debate last
10:54 am
night against roy moore. that's the guy steve bannon wants. we are going to talk live, our our with senator strange. it we will highlight a few of the four-legged heroes helping the dire situation in mexico. "america's news headquarters" straight ahead. >> jon: the remains of a shipwreck from nearly 100 years ago suddenly becoming visible on north carolina beach, the william h sumner ran aground after sailing too close to shore. the ship has been preserved in the sand and salt water ever since, low tide revealing parts of the sunken ship to beachgoers this week. some people on the beach that the wreckage was simply telephone poles but then they realized the logs were interconnected. >> julie: new information on a possible solution to minimize the damage caused by massive hurricanes.
10:55 am
live in galveston, texas, . >> this is called the coastal spine proposal, there are many figures floating around as to how much it will cost. six, 18, 11, $15 billion, that's a whole lot money but not really say proponents of the system when you consider how much money the government spends on hurricane and flooding relief. those in support of this giant structure say it will also protect extremely valuable assets to the region, like the houston ship channel. one of the busiest in the u.s. the concept rather simple, build a series of flood walls and levees in addition to a huge gate that could be closed prior to a hurricane, protecting the seaport and coastal communities from deadly storm surge. >> we are talking about saving people's lives, saving jobs and communities. a lot of people are doing hand-wringing.
10:56 am
we've seen two category fives in a category 4 after the season. it is time to do something. >> researchers at texas a&m university developed the idea and 2008 following hurricane ike which did $35 billion of damage to the region. groups like the galveston bay foundation say no real environmental impact studies have been done and they want to be sure the system does not negatively impact marine life. they are not necessarily opposed to it, they would just like to see some more options on the table. it would be put back here in the waters behind me and the people who developed the idea are pretty certain it could mitigate a lot of damage from the storms. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: call it a comeback in your cereal bowl, why the original tricks will once again be in the grocery store with its rainbow colors and flavors, the final 30 next.
10:57 am
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>> julie, so excited. classic trix is returning. >> original recipe is back. thanks for joining us. >> "america's "america's newsroom headquarters" starts now. >> fox news alert, breaking developments on obamacare reform as we learn a critical no vote from a republican senator. here's the news on it. it's on there in the bottom box. arizona senator john mccain says he will not vote for the graham-cassidy bill. he issued a statement saying, "i cannot in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy proposal." this comes as maine senator susan collins released a statement saying she's not fully on board yet either. "i'm leaningns


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