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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 22, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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to us. to all of us. the folks who pay the bills. good night. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier from dallas. on the republican effort to repeal obamacare, what many view as the last best chance for the g.o.p. is in serious jeopardy tonight. in fact, if there is a big change based on how senators are voting, it's essentially dead. that's because arizona senator john mccain says he will not support it. and his no, senator susan collins, appearing to go that way, and senator rand paul, three republican no votes that would protect the bill from passing. mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight with the news and
2:01 pm
perspective. good evening, mike. >> the republican health care reform bill is on -- second time in a row, he is a firm no. "we should not be content passing health care legislation on a party line basis as democrats did when they rammed though, care through congress in 2009. i cannot vote for the graham-cassidy proposal." republican leadership cannot afford another. top leadership member says it is not over yet. >> we still have an opportunity to do that until the end of next week, but the issue is not going away. we will be dealing with this going forward, because this individual marketplace is in free fall. everybody knows that. it's a question of when and how we are going to fix it. >> whoever votes against h care bill will forever future political campaigns, the republican who saved obamacare.
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attention has quickly shifted to maine susan collins. she's against supporting the graham-cassidy bill. she was also a no on health care reform in july. today, there was an effort by vice presidents before and the governor of maine to get her on board. >> a really big support of graham-cassidy. i really urge the senator to really give a hard look both senators collins and mccain to help people go back to affordable health care. >> collins is not the other one under pressure. lisa murkowski, who voted against the so-called skinny repeal bill in july is also feeling the heat. g.o.p. leaders have held meetings with her to see what it would take to get her on board. but a fellow republican issued the following warning about sweetener about sweet and there is. >> if people start making special deals, and certain states get special treatment at the expense of my state, i'm
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going to be very on the moves. >> murray, the top senator on the democratic committee, "i remain confident that we can reach a bipartisan commitment as soon as his latest approach is finally set aside as well. moret -- working on a bipartisan effects of obamacare until those talks stalled earlier this week. >> bret: what do you think? do you think the apparent forecast forecast bad things were tactile from efforts? what about is happening on capitol hill? let me know at @bretbaier. president trump is on his way right now to huntsville, alabama, which is ground zero, and a huge senate runoff, many characterizing as a referendum on his presidency. president trump will personally stump for income and
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senator strange tonight while supporters say challenger roy moore say he, not strange, represents the antiestablishment leanings of the trump faithful. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. we just spoke to the senator that president trump is helping for a runoff would make. senator luther strange. he told us that having a president come and speak on your behalf by a state he won by 62% in november -- i should stay with 62% in november, is about as big of a coup a candidate could have been a race this close. >> what's amazing is i voted overwhelmingly with the president in a shake-up at washington and giving solutions to the problems everybody faces in their lives. this is the person i would like to have do that, have a leader in the senate floor for me to get things done. i think it's critical. >> this morning, president trump
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tweeted, "will be in alabama tonight, luther strange has gained mightily since my endorsement, but will be very close. he loves alabama, and so do i." but big parts of president trum president trump's base will not follow his instructions for voting for luther strange, because they do not think strange stands up to send senate majority leader mitch mcconnell enough. in a big rally, sarah palin encouraged republicans to vote for judge roy moore. doing so is not defying the president, it's to deliver the best on his promises. >> a vote for judge moore isn't a vote against the president. it is a vote for the people's agenda that elected the president! >> before this runoff, there was a special primary where senator strange won just five counties and judge moore won 67. strange was alabama attorney general before being appointed to fill the senate seat left open when jeff sessions became
2:06 pm
u.s. attorney general. and moore is well known for being removed from the state supreme court because when he was asked to remove a statue of the ten commandments, he oppose. his platform is a strict conservative agenda, and that was in display last night. >> abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land. when we become one nation under god again, when "for justice for all" ratings across our land, we will be truly good again. and then we will be straight. >> something very interesting developed in this race just a few minutes ago. so presidents be if i'm coming to alabama tonight to stump for strange, but his hud secretary ben carson came out with a statement favoring his opponent moore. it's shy of an endorsement, but as the can
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-- happy to hear that moore entered the race. hopes everybody goes to vote on tuesday. carson never mentioned that the candidate his boss wants to win. bret? >> peter doocy in alabama. peter, thank you. is this runoff really a referendum somehow on president trump? can president trump get luther strange across the finish line placement let's ask lisa boothe, and juan williams, cohost of "the five" monday goes back to 5:00 p.m. eastern time. this slot, lisa, what do you think? it's really interesting to hear the hud secretary ben carson put out a statement, essentially, in support of roy moore. this is an interesting split. >> that certainly is a curve ball which we don't typically see. how many times have we been here before in republican party being labeled as a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party, antiestablishment versus
2:08 pm
establishment that i can go back to 2012 when i was working for a republican congress woman incumbent versus encumbered in. similar dynamic. >> but president trump has never been the establishment. >> but you also have abc news who has labeled this trump versus b5 land, some of the individuals endorsing trump and some of the candidates -- whoever wins this runoff primary is ultimately going to go on to become the senator of this state. this is a state that president trump one i can delete in republican primary, estate he won handily in the general election against hillary clinto hillary clinton. richard shelby, the senior senator from alabama won with over 60% of the vote in 2016. the last time former senator jeff sessions now attorney general had a democratic opponent, he won with over 60% of the vote. democrats are also defending in states that president trump won, they doing, it will not want to use resources in a state like
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alabama. >> that's the question, lisa. there's some $20 million possibly being spent on the senate primary. why, if it's just going to be republican like mike what's the big deal? >> they think they have -- obviously, we've seen the dynamic at play where luther strange is the incumbent. typically a party defends the sitting incumbent. he, as we know, was nominated by then governor bentley to fill that vacated seat by jeff sessions when he went on to be the attorney general. parties defend the incumbent, so that's what we are seeing from the nrc, those are the dynamics we see a president or the defend their o wn.
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>> juan, here's what i'm hearing, luther strange is on the senate budget committee. they need to pass a budget. that's going to happen december december 8th. it's just a matter of making sure that he gets that budget through. the fact that this has turned into a huge battle is not something they plan for. >> they really did not. i think it's really come as a surprise to them that in fact, roy moore has his political clout. most people in the state did not think roy moore was going to be such a dominant force come this runoff. there was -- remember, there was a member of republican congressmen running against both strange and moore. he got enough votes that he has now gone and with more. he was condemning moore earlier. in reference to the budget and to the control, you have to understand, bret, most people still think donald trump is the leader of the republican party. and as such, when you are talking about control through mitch mcconnell in the senate, he has got to try to exert some sort of influence. not only in terms of the budget you are describing, but just in terms of saying, "i've got my
2:11 pm
members' back. i'm with them, they are with me." in this case, you have luther strange who says he is a trump supporter -- it's not as if he is anti-trump. >> bret: yeah. quickly, lisa, the reason the budget is so important, they need the budget before they go to tax reform and that's why they need the vote on the budget committee. >> i think they do see luther strange is a more reliable vote for them, but he's also the incumbent. huntsville, alabama, where the president is going to be tonight, that's going to be important. that's where roy moore has been pulling the strongest. that's why we see the president there tonight. plus mo brooks, a representative of that district, has endorsed moore, which is why huntsville is important for president trump tonight and luther strange. >> bret: lisa, juan, thank you very much. learning more tonight what might come next for president trump's controversial immigration travel rejections. kevin corke is in somerset,
2:12 pm
new jersey, tonight for the president is bending much of the weekend. >> you are right. this latest travel ban is going to expand the field just a bit. ultimately, what the administration is trying to do have more cartage and case-by-case restrictions from different countries. let us show you the list of countries we previously told you about on this so-called travel ban list, some familiar names like iran, for example, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen, but that list is expected to grow by if you. i don't know, maybe six, seven, maybe eight countries. the restrictions, bret, will be handled by a case-by-case basis. a final decision is expected before the deadline. and once the president signs off, the white house plans to make the public aware of the list of countries and the restrictions for each one. now this is about compliance, bret. it's making sure the nations, not just the one on this
2:13 pm
-- they say that this is only the beginning. >> what the travel ban is is a first step -- a first step in better screening. better sharing of information. to encourage governments to meet the requirements that we have so it allows us to protect our own people. >> now while this obviously not likely ameliorate the supreme court battle over the travel ban and you heard the aclu come out tonight continuing the fight, there does appear to be, at least at this hour, some bipartisan appeal to the administration's latest approach. >> the way that this new ban has been explained, we will go buy a case to case basis, how they work with the u.s. mandates, that sounds sensible. i am hopeful, actually, this could end up being something we can have a bipartisan conversation about, putting
2:14 pm
national security first. >> also important to know, bret, this is simply a set of recommendations which means the president can make changes before he signs it. either way, we know that come sunday, there will be a new plan in place. this time, without, 88 restriction. bret? >> kevin corke live in somerset, new jersey. kevin, thanks. the administration is changing the rules of investigating sexual assault on college campuses. the obama standards that lowered the evidence necessary against the accused is no longer the only option. under the new policy, schools are free to decide whether to continue to use the preponderance of evidence standards or the one that calls for clear and convincing evidence. the search for survivors goes on in mexico after tuesday's earthquake. we will go live to mexico city when we come back. , the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
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>> bret: mexican officials say survivors are still being pulled from the rubble after tuesday's earthquake. the death toll is rising tonight and hope is fading by the hour. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in mexico city again tonight. good evening, jon. >> it's been attends an
2:19 pm
emotional day here which was until tuesday and a story textile factory which one man was pulled, a survivor earlier today. and as we speak now, bret, there is still the faintest of hopes finding yet more survivors. small group of rescue workers you see there in front of us have surrounded one spot where a dog apparently hit on a sent and they are now searching that area very carefully to see if there is the possibility that anybody is still alive there. it's been a scene of intense activity throughout the day as hundreds of workers have joined this effort, and then at one point just a couple of hours ago, all of those workers paused. in unison, took off their hard hats. they sang the national anthem together. and then this.
2:20 pm
that traditional mexican tribute to the fallen appeared to mark the point at which rescue workers were essentially acknowledging that this search and rescue operation at this sight had become nothing more than a recovery operation, bret. the dogs did a last sweep, the bulldozers moved into clear the record. as they did that, that dog appeared to get one more hit, and this is what we are looking at right now. still the search going on.
2:21 pm
we will keep you posted, bret. rescue workers will tell you that we are approaching the end of the longest period which you would expect anybody buried under this rubble to survive. they say that it's usually a 3-4 day maximum. but tonight at this sight, bret, there is still the faintest of hopes. bret? >> i hope they do find someone. jonathan hunt live in mexico city. jonathan, thank you. opponents of turkish president erdogan clashed with security during an event at a hotel in times square yesterday. demonstrator shouted "terrorist" at the leader. security for the turkish new york police, a handful of protesters were briefly detained, but no arrests were made. kurds will vote on a referendum on independence monday. the car to stand region has been pushing for autonomy from iraq for many years. the u.s., iraq, and several other countries are against this referendum. correspondent kristin fisher tells us why. >> the hope of in this -- the hope of independence filling across the kurdish region of iraq.
2:22 pm
it's a path that's being pushed by the region's president and his party. >> this referendum is a democratic process. it's to exercise the right of the people to decide their future. >> the kurds are the largest ethnic group in the middle east middle east. without their own country. about 30 million are spread out across turkey, syria, iran, iraq. it's the part of the word were a few people can agree on anything, yet this referendum is proving to be the rare exception. one of the only times of the u.s. and iran are on the same side. iran worries that a "yes" vote on independence may mobilize their own kurdish -- it made destabilize the region fighting the islamic state. >> there was a similar -- that was defeating da'esh. >> turkey is also against entering the country's president
2:23 pm
met with president trump on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly to reaffirm their rejection of the plan referendum and of the serious consequences that would follow if it occurs. but it appears that this outpouring of international condemnation is having the opposite effect on the iraqi kurds. >> the kurds are mountaineers and they are stubborn, so when the world unite against them, the kurds have rallied around the flag, the kurds see they have a good movement and a good international reputation having fought isis, and they want to capitalize lat. >> the trump administration is urging the kurdish regional government to delay the vote. a vote the iraqi government because unconstitutional. but so far, the president and his advisors aren't backing down. >> americans value their hard earned liberty. they must respect the legitimate wishes of others who are going through similar circumstances. >> now even if this vote happens
2:24 pm
and the referendum is passed, it what it's expected to do, it wouldn't immediately trigger independence. it's nonbinding. what it would do is give the kurdish regional government more power and more leverage to eventually negotiate a better deal with baghdad. bret? >> thank you. cuba's foreign minister says his country has not learned anything about the series of health incidents affecting u.s. and canadian table mats in havana that we've been telling you about here on "special report." the minister tells the united nations that the administration has found any evidence of who or what causes the illnesses. the symptoms are hearing loss and brain damage. here is the man who runs facebook seeking a new level -- a whole new level of power. we will have that story when we come back.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. the associated press reports
2:29 pm
that the department of homeland security has now notified 21 states that hackers targeted their systems last year, although in most cases, the systems were not breached. ap says states targeted included alabama, colorado, illinois, maryland, virginia, washington, and wisconsin. homeland security officials also tell the ap that in september, hackers believed to be russian agents targeted voter registration systems in more than 20 states. the disclosure to the states comes as special counsel robert mueller probes whether if there was any coordination during the 2016 presidential campaign between russia and associates of donald trump. we are following this, waiting for dhs to weigh in officially and get more reaction from officials to this news. we told you last night facebook will now give congress access to political ads it ran that turned out to be linked to groups associated with russia. this comes as facebook's ceo is doing the kinds of things that
2:30 pm
make people wonder if he has his eye on running an even bigger company. senior correspondent adam housley has that story. >> we are to bring facebook to an even higher standard of transparency. >> facebook is once again on the defensive and making changes after admitting that accounts with ties to russia purchased more than $100,000 in the ads during the 2016 presidential campaign. in a video message from billionaire ceo mark zuckerberg says the social media giant will turn over 3,000 rustling ads to congressional committees and missed getting possible influence. >> we will continue our own investigation on what happened to facebook in this election. we are looking at foreign actors including traditional russian groups and other former soviet states as well as organizations like the campaign to further our own understanding of how they used all of our tools. >> facebook says it only shows which ads were paid for it, not necessarily the people behind it. a detail the company says it's now in the process of changing.
2:31 pm
while some civil libertarians question the cooperation, lawmakers appear to be happy but say they're still a long way to go. >> i'm interested in what all the social media platforms know about the activities on their platforms, specifically funded by russia. i believe that's something that's worthy of an open hearing. >> president trump last in any suggested connections between russia, facebook, and his election, tweeting "the russia hopes continues. now it's ads on facebook. what about the totally biased media coverage in favor of cook and hillary?" this comes after a year when facebook face internal criticism that is trending topics favored liberal causes. and as zuckerberg may -- he has hired david plouffe and ken millman. another social media giant, twitter, is expected to brief the senate intelligence committee next wednesday.
2:32 pm
bret? >> adam, thank you. it was not the kind of welcome the former head of the fbi is used to receiving. james comey faced a hostile crowd to go along with the increasing hostility he's feeling coming from congress. chief intelligence for spiny catherine herridge is here tonight. with that story. >> former fbi director james comey received a rough reception at washington's howard university where he is now a visiting lecturer. with chants of "no justice, no peace" a group of 200 students say they disrupted over his policies alleging they undermined the black lives matter movement. comey talked over the -- because the real world is hard to find people who will listen with an attitude which might actually be convinced of something. >> [crowd chanting] >> in the real world and four
2:33 pm
rose in this auditorium is that people don't listen at all. >> comey's actions are under new scrutiny after chuck grassley spoke to christopher wray this week asking whether the road warned the trump campaign about the risk of russian interference. this comes after trauma campaign chairman paul was the subject of two surveillance orders, one before and one after the election. the fbi had to convince a national security court that surveillance of an american citizen was warranted based on the evidence. the grassley letter reads in part, "if the fbi did provide a defensive briefing or similar warning to the trump campaign, that would raise important questions about how the trump campaign responded," grassley wrote. "on the other hand, if the fbi did not ask the campaign, that --" after the controversial handling, comey became the subject of multiple investigations, including a possible hatch act
2:34 pm
violation which prevents government officials using their influence for elections, and they want him to the conflict testimony about the lenten email case lately next month, bret. >> bret: did senator john mccain save obamacare again, or did he kill a bad alternative again? we will ask the panel when we come back. (avo) lose weight and keep
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it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? >> senator mccain telling his good friend lindsey graham? >> senator mccain ran a campaign to repeal and replace obamacare. it was the campaign -- >> senator, yes or no matter? is he going to be a board? >> he's looking at it. he wanted to see if there was a bipartisan alternative. >> certainly not good passage for the bill, harris, but we still have a couple of uncommitted members.
2:39 pm
there is an opportunity from now till the september 30th, and michael next week, to get an affirmative vote. i'm hoping we will get a path forward, but senator mccain's announcement is not helpful to that end. >> bret: the graham-cassidy bill is on life support. may in fact be dead after john mccain statement this afternoon, saying "i cannot in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy proposal. i believe we can do better working together. republicans and democrats have not really tried. nor can i support it without knowing how much it will cost, how it will affect insurance premiums, and how many people will be helped or hurt by it." he wanted the full cbo score. let's put up the opposed definitely, that is now senator john mccain, and senator rand paul. we say "concerned" here, but it looks like and sounded like these senators, susan collins and lisa murkowski, were both heading to a no vote as well.
2:40 pm
that's where we are tonight. let's bring in our panel from washington. fox news media analyst howard kurtz, adam palmer, and jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. jason, your thoughts? >> well, i think a number of nos or concerns could grow, actually, bret. i'm not actually sure if mitch mcconnell will have this bill next week. i understand john mccain's concern here. i think it's a principle stand. he wants to return to regular order. he doesn't want to ram through something on a partisan basis the way the democrats did with obamacare. but the problem is i don't think there are really any good faith efforts to work with publicans on this they do not want to return to regular order. the bernie sanders, elizabeth warden, kamala harris wing of the party is ascendant.
2:41 pm
they are moving left on health care, bret. i think john mccain is on a fool's errand here. >> bret: there was a bipartisan effort from murray and the... who else... lamar alexander. they were moving forward with a save obamacare piece of legislation. it would've not done anything close to what graham-cassidy is doing. >> correct. these are deafly finding a way to move forward in a bipartisan manner and this moved in and it was a popular thing that everyone was talking about this past week. i think what this is is a rare real referendum on donald trump. he's unable to close a deal on this kind of legislation. there is no way for him to call up senator, "john, i need you here. vote for this bill." >> bret: you look at the wall street-abc bill, this question about working with a fiscal deal with the democrats,
2:42 pm
approved 71%, disapprove 8%. if this deal does fail, as it look like it's going to tonight, you would assume that president trump is going to like those numbers and just throw up his hands and start negotiating with democrats more? >> yet. it was a failure of the earlier health care bill, bret, that pushed mccain to meet with chuck and nancy. the isle is very frustrated with the g.o.p.'s leadership here. the easiest thing in the world would be for john mccain to go along with his party and his best friend lindsey graham and vote for this thing. it may be a good bill, but mccain is right. don't know how much it would cost them on don't know the impact of creating 50 different state markets given the state's rights aspect of this permit one last thing. we in washington talk about winning an issue. if this were to pass and it were to create chaos in the insurance market and a lot of people would be priced on the market, republicans went on the problem, it would no longer be obamacare. it would be trumpcare.
2:43 pm
may be they dodged a bullet here. >> bret: jason, maybe they go back to the murray-alexander negotiations? >> i don't think they do at all. i think they try and move on from this as quickly as possible. to follow up on what -- i think they already own this. this is not a voting morning obamacare. i think the republicans already own it, the control capitol hill, they promised for seven years to do something on this and they haven't delivered. i don't think republican voters are going to forget that anytime soon. >> bret: blood, anna, you are suggesting that is trump's fault, president trump's fault. >> donald trump was trying to make the argument over the past few days, phone call up to senators to try to gobble a dea deal. i think it's a real fools errand to think that democrats are all of a sudden besides the fact they are going to go with republicans on daca and immigration reform stuff that they are going to come together and say let's work together with republicans. all of their polling says they shouldn't, the midterm election,
2:44 pm
there is a very big difference on working on immigration reform and a piece of legislation they want to get done versus infrastructure and tax reform. it's going okay, panel. thank you very much. we have breaking news about the department of homeland security and all of the states that have been told that there have been hacking. we are going to update you on that story after the break. next up, members of the trump administration are taking some heat for using private planes.
2:45 pm
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert update in the story we told you from the associated press, that 21 states notified of a hacking attempts, the official statement from the dhs, the dhs notify the secretary of state and other chief election officers in each state of any potential targeting we were aware of in the state leading up to the 2016 election. be on the record statement says they will keep this information confidential and lead it up to the state whether it will come forward. a number of states are now coming forward, information, on background. an official tells us the majority of the 21 states, only predatory activity like scamming was observed. in some states, attempts were
2:49 pm
made to compromise the networks in that state, but they were unsuccessful. and a small number of states, according to this official, a number of the networks there were successfully compromised, but goes on to say in no case were the targeted systems involved in tallying of votes. so again, the department of homeland security alerting 21 states of some election hacking believed to be by russian agents before the 2016 election. we are following this breaking story and getting more reaction from the administration. meantime, some of the president's cabinet members are opting not to fly with the public on commercial airlines. instead, they are going private. that's causing some headaches for the administration as the media pounces. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> in proposing an 18% funding cut for his own agency, tom
2:50 pm
price has touted the tough choices he has had to make. >> a tough exercise in reforming our federal programs to make sure that they use their job and use tax dollars wisely. speak of the six term congressman from georgia, an orthopedic surgeon, has -- vehicle don't fly over our country and lecture us what it means to be an american. >> now the hhs office of inspector general is investigating price's own use of pricey jets. ward follows from the political story, its facts undisputed by hhs reporting that the secretary's office has chartered 200 private jets for his
2:51 pm
official travel, including five chartered flights in one week earlier this month, even though cheaper commercial travel options were available at an estimated cost the taxpayers of $60,000 in that one week alone. >> we have a rule in the house that you cannot travel on private... it's just not right. >> and hhs spokesperson released a statement saying the travel department continues to check every possible source for travel needs, including commercial. but commercial travel is not always feasible. president obama's two hhs secretary told politico they almost never used project jets, except two trips to remote parts of alaska. steve mnuchin requested a government plane for his honeymoon, but defended the request. >> this was nothing about the convenience, this was purely about national security. >> even as he withdrew it. linda mcmahon, the former wrestling executive, pays the difference between commercial and private charter anytime she opts for the latter, and education secretary betsy devos flies private jets but picks up all costs, even though she could legally seek reimbursement. >> a no-no for a cabinet security unless they are paying it back personally. you would think a congressman who grew up in washington and understands washington sensitive
2:52 pm
using criticisms are about no better. >> mcmahon, devos, and mnuchin enjoy a wealth -- in excess of 14 million, playing for the private flights, presumably wouldn't be much of a problem. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. back with our panel. jason, your thoughts on this? >> i am not impressed with secretary price's defense of not flying commercial. shortly after he became secretary, he missed an event because of backups at an airport, like all of us have been through, and now feels the need to fly on private planes. i think if secretary price cannot fly except for, you know, taxpayer funded private jets, president trump should find a new secretary. >> bret: and the? >> it's such a complete unforced error. as the package said, he is a longtime member of congress.
2:53 pm
he reeled against this when he was in congress. a parental story, reporters, when you look at these public disclosures, there's a reason for them. it's very hard for me to understand why his team, which has been around him for a long time, let this actually happen. >> bret: there are two parts to this story. once this cascade started happening with the price element of it, there was a look at all the cabinet secretaries and some organizations talked about betsy devos, the education secretary secretary. "the hill" we did the headline that said "devos uses jets for private travel. you had to get down to the story where it said, she pays for it and it doesn't take reimbursement from the government. two sides of it. >> a number of misleading headlines from betsy devos. it's true, she's taking private aircraft. she is a zillionaire.
2:54 pm
it's not only off the charts, it's exactly what people hate about the swamp. the spin is so lame, you know, trying to connect better with americans and in one particular case pending $7,000 on a jet to the aspen ideas festival. i guess there's a lot of ordinary americans there. if there wasn't so much other news, hurricanes, earthquakes, doubled from constantly making news, this would be a much bigger story. secretary price is lucky that it's not the lead story. >> bret: i mean, do you think there is going to be a big change here, jason? >> i don't think there needs to be a big change. i think it's unfair to conflate these two stories. mnuchin, devos, linda mcmahon are wealthy people. they spend their entire lives in private sector. they aren't there to leech off taxpayers. this is a hit job.
2:55 pm
there is really some fake news going on when it comes to what they've been doing in terms of their travel. i think the press would do better to focus on their policies and stop trying to impugn their character with stories like this. that's what this is very tom price i think is a completely different league here. >> bret: listen, what looks like what's going to happen with us next health care, obamacare repeal effort, anna, this is not a good week for the hhs secretary. >> indeed. i think that is very accurate. i think the real question is going to be, can they do any cleanup on this or do they just hope there is another, kind of, tweets torn by the president, or the north korea crisis, where as it all of a sudden as we were saying, gets pacified because they're such a dilution of information coming from the white house and the administration. >> and it's critically egregious -- >> bret: it does happen, the shiny thing. look at the shiny thing over here. but this is still a big story. >> when you are cutting your own
2:56 pm
but budget benefits of people, and you read about these private jets, it just makes people crazy. >> bret: okay, panel. thank you very much. that does it for our number one of an extended "special report." i am in dallas tonight, not in washington, as you can see. after a short break, we will go live to south korea ongoing tensions there. we will break down the latest alabama senate race, the primary splitting the republican party. plus, we've got the breaking news about the 21 states getting notified by dhs of hacking before the election. keep it here. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys
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exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. the department of homeland security has notified 21 states that hackers targeted their systems last year, although in most cases, the dhs says, the systems were not breached. the associated press first broke the story, saying the states included alabama, colorado, illinois, maryland, virginia, washington, and wisconsin. homeland security department issued a statement saying it does not publicly disclose the sovereignty and security information, but on background, the officials say there is only preparatory action in a majority of the states, and in some states unsuccessful attempts were made to compromise their networks and information.
3:01 pm
and in a few states, they were successful. however, official saying in no case where the targeted network systems involved in the tallying of votes. again, dhs notifying 21 states of hacking before the election in 2016. we are going to continue to follow the story and get reaction and fallout. of course, as the special counsel, robert mueller continues to investigate any connection between the trump campaign, the trump team, any trump associates, and russia in trying to interfere with the 2016 election. i am bret baier reporting tonight from dallas. this is hour number two of our weeklong expanded "special report." arizona senator john mccain living up to his maverick reputation again tonight. he says he will not support the latest effort by his republican colleagues to get rid of obamacare. it could be the fatal blow to
3:02 pm
the measure, as you look at the votes. so now what? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill tonight. >> bret, good evening. senator john mccain dealing a devastating blow to republican health care efforts, he cannot in good conscious support the graham-cassidy bill. mccain saying this afternoon, "i take no pleasure in announcing my opposition. far from it. the bill's authors are my dear friends and i think the world of them. they are acting consistently with their beliefs and what is best for the country. so am i. a key member of the senate republican leadership says the concept of allowing states to innovate is smart." >> design solutions to fit their population. this is consistent with how we think we need to approach this issue and i'm hopeful we will still have a path forward. but certainly, senator mccain's announcement is not helpful to that end. >> chuck schumer said, "john mccain shows the same courage in congress when he was
3:03 pm
a naval aviator. i've assured senator mccain that as soon as repeal is off the table, we democrats are intent on resuming the bipartisan process." with mccain and kentucky's hard no on graham-cassidy, the senate will be split 50/50, meeting republic and leadership cannot afford to lose another republik and senator to pass the bill. there is a lot of attention on maine senator susan collins who voted no on july on the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare. collins sent today she's leaning against supporting graham-cassidy and says she's trying to do what she believes is the right thing for the people of maine. today, there was an effort to pressure her into supporting this bill. >> we are encouraging today senator susan collins to join us in this effort to give the people of maine, to give the government of maine, the resources and the flexibility to be able to craft solutions that will improve the lives and improve the health of the people of maine. >> this felt like the same situation as it was back in
3:04 pm
july. with republican sources saying they are getting close to 50 senators supporting the bill. the difference this time, those close to leadership hope, was that mccain opossum's best friend, lindsey graham, who authored the bill. spent 25? >> bret: more on this with the panel print mike, thanks -- this is in response to kim opossum is highly personal attack on the u.s. leader. with his response to president trump's blistering speech to the united nations general assembly tuesday. all of this comes against the backdrop of north korea's ambitious nuclear weapons program and new defiance and aggression from iran. we have fox team coverage. john huddy is in jerusalem with the latest video evidence that iran is not backing down with the u.s. we start off with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot in seoul, south korea. hello, greg. >> is early saturday morning
3:05 pm
here in seoul. the folks in this region are hoping for some kind of a break after a very noisy and potentially dangerous week. pyongyang residents taking in their leader's latest diatribe against president trump, following the president's u.n. message challenging north korea, kim jong un called president trump "mentally deranged" and a dotard," or a mentally challenged old man. -- pay dearly for his speech totally destroying the dprk. according to his foreign minister, that could mean an h bomb blast over the pacific ocean. president trump responded via twitter. "kim jong un of north korea, who was obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starting or killing his people, will be tested like never before." north korean nuclear muscle flexing got the attention of japan too. >> if they decided to conduct a
3:06 pm
hydrogen bomb test with an icbm in the pacific, we cannot deny the possibility it might fly over the country. these kinds of actions cannot be tolerated. >> along with the treasury department measures to target the funding of north korea's missile and nuclear programs, president trump noted yesterday, china's apparent willingness to get its banks in line. beijing today wasn't so sure. >> as far as i know, what you mentioned is not consistent with the facts. in principle, china has always implemented the security council's resolutions. >> cutting the cash flow to the north and its weapons development is key to 28-year-old kim jong un, who -- who defected to north korea a few years ago on a business trip via the south korean embassy in beijing. he claims to have worked in the government's trade and currency offices. he fled, he says, because he grew disillusioned with kim jong un and had it this morning about the young leader. >> may be, he's very dangerous.
3:07 pm
>> very dangerous. why? >> he's smarter and stronger than you think. he wants to live long. yeah. all the power and all the authority. >> kim jong un's foreign minister is not expected to speak before the u.n. general assembly on saturday. expect more fireworks. hopefully for this region, only of the verbal kind. bret? >> bret: greg palkot liber early saturday morning in seoul. thanks. iran is warning president trump in breaking the west's nuclear deal with iran. the islamic republic decided it would be a good idea to show off any weapon that could inflame the middle east in a major war. correspondent john huddy reports from our correspondence room. >> named after the iranian city known as the city of blood
3:08 pm
during the iran-iraq war. the weapon can carry multiple warheads and has a range of 2102 -- it was paraded in tehran by iranian president house on >> we shall boost our defensive and military power to the extent deemed necessary. we will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country and our land. >> a defiant tone after the united united nations general assembly, accusing iran of building dangerous missiles and using oil profits to support hezbollah and other terrorist, a speech rouhani described as ignorant and hateful. rouhani warned president trump about walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal. rex tillerson said thursday that iran is complying with the agreement, but saying the u.s.
3:09 pm
has significant issues with it. president trump called the deal in embarrassment during the u.n. speech tuesday, and shared by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who in his own u.n. address warned about iran's conquest throughout the middle east and using ballistic missiles to threaten the entire world. >> iran's curtain of tyranny over lebanon and elsewhere, and it pledges to extinguish the light of israel. i have a simple message for ayatollah khomeini. the light of israel will never be extinguished. >> israeli leaders including by mr. netanyahu have warned about iran's increasing foothold in syria and iran's support of hezbollah both in syria and lebanon. there have been reports that israel launched an air strike and the pond and has the law weapons depot, this time on the outskirts of the damascus airport early friday morning.
3:10 pm
the idf would not comment on that, but if true, it certainly would be the first time. to be 25? >> bret: john huddy live in our newsroom. we could be seeing changes soon to president trump's travel ban. kevin corke, who was in new jersey tonight, with the latest on that information. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, bret. the president and the administration replaced its current travel ban with a new one that will have more targeted restrictions. it will also vary by country. that's the biggest change we learned today. this will happen before sunday's deadline. but when it does happen, we expect a-9 countries to be impacted by the new restrictions, by the administration. let me share some of the guidelines we have learned here today after a conversation with administration officials. the full list of countries affected will be announced after the administration has rolled out its newest restrictions. by the way, they have already been notified. some of the country is affected
3:11 pm
include cambodia, at trio, guinea, and sierra leone. the tailored -- relevant circumstances. each country will face recommended sanctions. these are the countries that are currently on the list of those that are travel restricted. iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen, a list expected to grow. but the restrictions, again, will be handed out on a case-by-case basis. the ban expires sunday, bret. final decision will -- the white house will announce a list of countries been vice president mike pence calling the move "the right approach to preserve the security of the american people." >> we have to continue and we will continue to make sure anybody coming into the united states of america does not represent a threat to our communities and family. >> now, the latest approach isn't likely to eliminate the supreme court battle over the constitutionality of the president's ban, but the aclu is weighing in tonight. let me share part of a statement
3:12 pm
that we have just received from the organization. saying this in a statement, "the devil is in the details, and we are watching with great skepticism." -- to make good to ban muslims from the united states." these are just recommendations, which means the president can make changes before he signs the new order. one way or the other, we will know by sunday, and this will not have, like the previous ban, a time limitation. bret? >> bret: kevin corke live in somerset, new jersey, where the president will be. the dow lost 10 today, the s&p 500 was up 4 points. for the week, the dowel grew a point of a percentage point. the s&p 500 was of a fraction. the nasdaq lost a third. survivors are still being pulled from the rubble in mexico city as an around-the-clock rescue operations there continue into the fourth day following
3:13 pm
tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. city government says 60 people in all have been rescued since the quake hit. the official death toll tonight stands at 286. with more than half of those in the capital. things may be getting even worse in puerto rico. the national weather service is warning that a dam is failing in the northwestern part of that island and could cause flash flooding downstream. buses are evacuating people as quickly as they can at this hour. the rain is also not letting up. an additional 6 inches is expected to fall through saturday. in meantime, in texas, used in landfills are extending their hours in an effort to help with the cleanup with damage caused by hurricane harvey in this state. the mayor sylvester turner of houston announced today that landfills will be open 24 hours a day and garbage trucks expand their pickups to help clear flood related trash. president trump is on his way to alabama right now, so why is the antiestablishment president
3:14 pm
campaigning for an establishmen establishment, so-called candidate. looking life there in huntsville. we will talk about it all next. (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:17 pm
>> bret: president trump will appear as soon in a rally for alabama senator luther strange. the senator is in a tough as nails primary runoff down there with a republican who says he represents the trump base much more than strange does. correspondent peter doocy is in huntsville, alabama, tonight. >> the swamp can't win here -- >> if sarah palin things -- luther strange wins. she came to alabama to rally for his challenger judge roy moore,
3:18 pm
because she thinks she thinks moore is most aligned with the platform that made trump popular. >> the president needs support to keep the promise is that elected him. so we are sending trump someone who has our backs, not mitch mcconnell's. >> elise two former trump white house advisors agree with palin, the president is picking the wrong side in this place. steve bannon is picking roy moore, and so is sebastian gorka. >> when judge moore wins, it will given an opportunity to say, hey, guys, let trump be trump. >> last night, in a lincoln-douglas style debate, strains reminded -- who the president is endorsing. >> immigration is a critical issue. who the president thinks it's
3:19 pm
>> judge roy moore, who became a hero to many conservatives when he was removed as chief justice of the state supreme court for not removing a statue of the ten commandments, dismissed the importance of the president's support. >> i can't tell you what the president thinks. i can't tell you every move he makes, when he goes to the bathroom, when he doesn't. like my opponent. >> the challenger's moore level accusations against strange that he gave former governor robert bentley, who designed, resigned or inappropriate -- hoping to fill jeff sessions' empty seat. >> he'll do anything to get his job. and that is called lack of character. sir? thank you. >> didn't hear anything about the issues or any solutions or anything he's going to do to help the president. >> strange denies any wrongdoing, and says if he loses this runoff, his replacement might not be a reliable republican ally. >> if my opponent wins, there
3:20 pm
will be in another no vote for everything. what the president needs is another problem solver. >> his opponent roy moore got an almost endorsement from hud secretary ben carson. carson said he's happy that moore is running for the senate because he reflects the state's judeo-christian values that were so important in the country's founding. but that was a break from his boss president trump who wants strange to win and will take the stage for another two hours or so but there's already several thousand people waiting for him. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live in huntsville. peter, thank you. let's hear from sebastian gorka, former deputy assistant to the president and a supporter, as you heard, of roy moore. he's in washington tonight. we should point out that we invited the strange campaign to participate in this segment. they did not accept this offer. dr. gorka, thank you for being here. >> it's my pleasure, bret. >> bret: i want to ask you about this breaking news, the department of homeland security notifying 21 states, russian
3:21 pm
hackers attempted to breach their systems before the 2016 elections. just wondering on your thoughts on that, why it almost take a year to tell us those things? >> i don't have inside knowledge on why it took so long for the dhs to make that decision. all kinds of forensics computing matters that have to be run to ground. my reaction is it's very good that this information is out there. it shouldn't surprise anybody. the idea that russia trying to undermine democratic elections is a new thing. somebody should crack open a history book. they've been doing that since 1917, since the soviet union has been formed. it's not news, but it's great to have this as a wake-up call for us to understand just how much of a antistatist let me put in his regime are
3:22 pm
>> even compromise had to deal with the vote tallies. but the president says this is a hoax, the russian interference. >> looked, there are two issues here. what my former colleague kelly and called the "russian concussion" and the delusion of the confusion. the president told me in the oval office they will not find any connection to me because there isn't any. that's just hyperbole. that's clinton possessed, the left-wing media unable to take the fact that they lost the collection, "the new york times" thought hillary was issuing 92% on the day of the election. decades and decades and decades of -- let's separate the political fluff, this hysteria from true intelligence work, which is what the dhs is talking about today. >> bret: i appreciate you taking that question. the race down in alabama.
3:23 pm
president trump is endorsing luther strange. you have always supported president trump. why are you not supporting him here? >> i'm supporting his agenda. this is not about who the president has endorsed with great pressure from mitch mcconnell. let's be accurate about what happened tonight. i was told steve law, who runs mitch mcconnell's pack for this race, when he heard i was coming on, he got a yellow belly and just random. that tells you the establishment is afraid of the president's agenda winning in alabama on tuesday. >> bret: yes, dr. gorka. what i'm saying is you are separating the president from the president's agenda. how was that the same sentence? isn't the president in charge of his agenda? >> you have to read my resignation letter to the president. you can read it at we left the room, steve and
3:24 pm
myself, because people who had nothing to do with the make america great again agenda were outnumbering us, their voices were becoming louder. that is a temporary state of affairs. the president has gone with the forces of the establishment on this one can the din. guess what happens? when judge moore wins on tuesday, it will strengthen the president because now he will be able to go to the establishment g.o.p., to the swamp dwellers, and say, "hey, guys, we are back on my agenda. this wasn't worth it." the president is going to stay. he's going to return to their make america great again agenda. we have to help him and we are going to do it from the outside by endorsing people like judge moore. >> bret: i only have a few seconds here, but isn't it kind of ridiculous when you think about it that the republicans are spending some $20 million on a primary where likely the senators will vote the same way? >> well, i don't think he would. it's a real embarrassment that mitch mcconnell has spent $9 million on a professional
3:25 pm
lobbyist who was put in place as a senator by a governor who then had to be removed from office. what does that tell you? we could've spent those $9 million on lots of really important things for americans. yeah, it's a sad indictment of the g.o.p. swamp dwellers. >> bret: dr. gorka, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: up next, more details on the election hack from the dhs announcement and the panel coming up. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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3:29 pm
chief white house correspondent catherine herridge. what do we know about these attacks? >> well, bret, this quantifies some testimony we heard earlier from the senate intelligence committee as part of their russian investigation. senior homeland security official testified that nearly half of states were affected, mostly scanning of their system, but none of the vote tallies were changed. >> early september, we determine internet collected election related networks in 21 states were potentially targeted by russian government cyber actors. important to note that none of these systems were involved in vote tallying. a number of these systems were successfully exploited. they made it through the door. >> we don't have all 21 states, but we have a handful based on media reports and our own reporting here at fox news, they include alabama, arizona, colorado, connecticut, iowa, maryland, minnesota, iowa, virginia, washington state, as well as wisconsin.
3:30 pm
what's key here is investigators have told fox news they believe the russians were looking specifically at the voter registration databases and their concern is that in the future they might try and corrupt the databases so that if you go to vote, your name will not match what's already in the system. this will not prevent you from voting, but it could be a deterrent or at least slow down the process, bret. >> bret: to be clear, what was said in the sound bite, there was no vote tally affected what they saw. some of the networks were compromised. i guess the question is what took almost a year to live by those states, what's the reaction, response on the hill? >> since the story was broken by the associated press about 40 minutes ago, we have a response from a senior democrat on this senate intelligence committee, mark warner of virginia, "it's unsubtle it took almost a year after the election to notify states that their election systems were targeted. dhs, homeland security needs to notify states and localities in
3:31 pm
real time when their systems are targeted and the elephant in the room, if you all, is the 2018 election in what's intimated to be an aggressive cyber response in russia and other countries, bret. >> bret: catherine, thank you. americans have been fighting and dying in afghanistan since shortly after the 9/11 attacks. now they are finally receiving a bit of gratitude from the afghan government, specifically. correspondent lauren green shows us tonight. >> my husband -- i truly feel my heart is in afghanistan. >> for 16 years, americans have fought and died in afghanistan, waging a campaign to oust terror groups like isis and al qaeda. for the first time, the afghan government officially thank them for their sacrifice. afghan president greeted u.s. veterans and gold star families and thank them at a private event at new york city.
3:32 pm
all presidents have either served afghanistan or lost a loved one in the fight. >> i'm grateful on behalf of grateful people, grateful state, grateful commander-in-chief, a grateful president, i want to say thank you. >> americans presence in afghanistan makes it the longest war campaign in our history. more than 2200 soldiers have died and more than 20,000 wounded. captain austen bond in 2011 led infantry through fears conflict >> this is something the vietnam generation was never able to experience. and to see that our sacrifices made something in afghanistan, they continue to mean something. >> jane ward and now works with the afghan embassy here in the states. she believes is a nice way to honor her husband, army specialist christopher horton, and the people he died trying to save. >> my husband a boss of his blood is in the soil. he gave his life there, for me,
3:33 pm
to see afghanistan succeed means my husband's life was worth it. >> 1100 american soldiers are still in afghanistan working alongside and training afghan soldiers. president trump announced an additional 3,000 will be sent to one now grateful country. bret? >> bret: lauren green in new york. lauren, thanks. time now for our segment, "whatever happened to." tonight, you may not number the name, but if you saw it, you probably remember the interview. congressman michael grimm went from the house of representatives to the big house, but now he's back. here's senior correspondent rick leventhal. >> i pray to you every day -- because that means the world to me. >> michael grimm was arriving star in the republican party. the only elected republican in congress representing a segment part of new york city from 2011
3:34 pm
until 2015. what a federal investigation into a restaurant he once owned lead to charges of fraud and tax evasion. and then this happened. >> people say, what is your biggest regrets, it's probably, number one, what is in the top three, that interview. >> grimm said the reporter and local network -- >> i walked in. i say, mom, i know. no, you don't know. do you know who you look like what's mike i say, no, mom, who do i look like? "you look like your father."
3:35 pm
well, i'm my father's son. "your father is a roofer. he can get away with that. you can." >> grimm pled guilty to a tax fraud, resigned from service, congress, and served seven months in a minimum security prison camp. >> i wouldn't wish on my enemies. >> grimm says his case was politically motivated and his crime deserve no time. >> in the entire history of new york city -- the entire history! there have been tens and thousands of civil clients at the department of labor for restaurant owners, but the exact same conduct. i'm the first to be criminally charged. >> now michael grimm says he's ready to work for the people again. >> should i run? >> if you do, you win. you've got my vote, but he. >> i don't run unless i know i can win. when i go out and shake these hands, people hug me, they tell me, you have no idea how many
3:36 pm
people are behind me, i just know it. i feel it in my heart. >> the man who took grimm's seat in congress, dan donovan, says he's not going to step out of the way. he will have a fight on his hands in the republican primary next june. bret? >> bret: rick, thanks. if you have a story you'd like to see an update on, "whatever happened to," let me know @bretbaier on twitter, or facebook at bretbaiersr. is the obamacare repeal effort really dead? seems like it. we will ask the panel when we come back. dynamic performance, track tuned handling, and aggressive styling. the bold lexus is.
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3:40 pm
>> if people start making special deals and certain states get special treatment at the expense of my estate, um, i'm going to be very unamused. >> i was on the floor of the senate when john mccain walked up and said thumbs down. thumbs down. talk about frustration. spring went well, he said thumbs down again. senator john mccain saying he can't vote for the graham-cassidy bill, and that essentially killing it. tonight, although some of the supporters and coauthors say there is still a chance, lindsey graham saying my friendship with john mccain is not based on how he votes, but respect for how he lived his life and if the person he is. i respectfully disagree with his position, not to proceed forward with graham-cassidy. obamacare is collapsing in arizona, south carolina, and across the nation. i feel an obligation to fix this
3:41 pm
disaster and intend to push forward for a state centric health care versus washington knows best health care and we press on. but they pressed on against the odds. take a look at the votes opposed, senator mccain, senator rand paul, and the concerned senator susan collins, and senator murkowski. but seeing closer to no then yes, although it's not official great let's bring in our panel from washington. kimberley strassel, and a.b. stoddard, associate of -- kimberly, your thoughts? >> republicans are disappointed in mccain and i think they have a right to be. the stated reasons he gave why he is saying no, they again do not hold water. he said he didn't want it because he didn't have a cbo score. but the reality is the cbo score here is irrelevant because you don't know what the states are going to do with the money they are block printing.
3:42 pm
he said that he wished there was more of a bipartisan process, but the reality is that democrats are never going to agree to any bill other than an insurance bailout. and truly, if he didn't care about by cartman ship, he would be sending these monies back to both democratic and republican states that can choose to use of the way they wanted to. >> ab, is it fair to say that he twice now kept obamacare alive? >> well, yes. i mean -- look. anything as the bill author said could happen over the weekend. they could change some things, tweak it in a way to pick up some other support. maybe they can bring lisa murkowski or susan collins around. and maybe it won't be john mccain who killed the bill. but i happen to agree with john mccain that anything that's going to last is going to have to be bipartisan. republicans railed against this bill and so did i on the show with you, bret, for so many
3:43 pm
years -- we went including john mccain, we should point out. >> a bipartisan bill jam through without consensus for lasting change. he was right when he said that anything they jam through -- by the way, doesn't look like it can even pass the house right now even if it had, if it does squeak through next week, it's just going to be something that continues to create uncertainty and will phase change in the next power shift in congress. i think he's right about that. yeah, there are others that think that john mccain is taking one for the team, they don't want to vote for this, they know it can die in the house. a cbo score will surface. when they have, in the past, as irrelevant people think the cbo is, let's create a backlash is against these bills for the 17% approval rating. i think of further eroding republicans credibility with voters on this issue. they need to figure out something that stabilizes the marketplace, while the insurance
3:44 pm
companies are making their decisions were rates for '18 and in the future. jamming through this bill is going to come back to haunt them. >> bret: the only bipartisan thing happening up there on health care, byron, was the alexander-murray effort, lamar alexander, alexander murray, that was money to shore up insurance companies to prop up obamacare, wasn't it? >> precisely what a lot of republicans don't want to do. but i think it's time for everyone to just admit there is a significant number of republicans who just don't want to repeal obamacare. back when the house was voting on this, a number of members told me that -- they kept saying that there is 20-40 people here, republicans, who don't want to do this. they don't want to repeal obamacare. when the vote happen, they lost 20 republicans. 20 voted against it, they passed it right at the number at 217. those 20 house republicans are equivalent to 4-5 senate
3:45 pm
republicans, and they do not have that margin. they can't lose three or more. i think basically this is happening because republicans don't want to do it. >> bret: kim, what does this say -- or does it foreshadow anything about the upcoming tax reform vote and battle that we will see in coming weeks? >> look, what do we have again? we have a republican caucus that made a promise, ran on it for 7-8 years, and once again is failing to fulfill it. that's going to depress a lot of people out there as they head into this now even more hurt to do tax reform. believe it or not, with all the differences in health care, tax reform is harder when you add in all the provisions of all the different lobbyists. this is not a good foreshadowing. one other thing, by the way. people talk about a bipartisan health care bill. the reality is you can never get that because people's views are so divergent on this. you have total free marketers on
3:46 pm
one side and bernie sanders, medicare for all on the other. the one area there's always been bipartisanship on until recently is the idea sending money back to the states and letting them craft their own solutions, which is why it's such a pity that this one bill is not moving forward. >> bret: all right. next up, the fight electing round for the president's travel ban. we've got winners and losers, plus the breaking news about the election hacking all next. don't let dust and allergens get between you
3:47 pm
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3:49 pm
>> this is something that we are looking at. how to protect the american people better. how to ensure that we know who these people are who are moving,
3:50 pm
so part of the strategy must be to interdict these networks, interdict them from how they use information to communicate but how they move physically as well. >> bret: national acute comic security advisor talking about the travel ban, the original exit in order back in march. other countries may be added to that as it continues to wind its way all the way up to the u.s. supreme court after -- we are back with the panel. byron? >> the whole point of the 90 day travel ban was to give the bureaucracy time to come up with new standards to deal with people coming in the united states from terrible like the countries, and they've been doing just that. they've come up with these standards, talked to every single country in the world about them, and countries that live up to the new standards will be fine. those who can't or won't we'll have some restrictions on people
3:51 pm
who came here. basically what has happened is the administration has done what they said they were going to do when they did the initial travel ban. >> bret: a.b.? >> these issues are really important to trump's base and he'll talk about it in alabama. all the countries have seen the legal hurdles, when it was perceived as a religious test, it was unconstitutional pure they will be fine with the country specific restrictions and put it behind us. he will claim a policy when back when it's all said and done. >> bret: kim, i want to turn to the hacking story and the department of homeland security putting out this statement, the 21 states alerted tonight, or today, that they had received hacking from russian agents prior to the 2016 election. the news was that it happened, but it essentially was the same that we heard from congressional testimony that they may have gotten into a few but no vote tallies were ever changed. >> we've known a long time they did in fact to attempt to break into systems and we were also
3:52 pm
told very definitively that they didn't manage to. the new news here was the 21 states, the names of those states, or some of them, who have chosen to divulge they got a phone call. you are going to hear some complaining about why they took so long. it's probably a wise decision given all the upset about the rush of meddling in the election, probably put them to pass before the names are out of there. >> bret: obviously, bob muller's investigation continue continues. winners first, then losers. >> my winner of the week is betsy devos who formally revoked that title ix guidance about rate accusations rape accusations at colleges. this is the administration working with universities to find justice instead of against them during my losers of the week are students at howard university who protested and held up james comey's former fbi
3:53 pm
jane comey's ability to speak at a common station there. everyone deserves to be able to have a voice on campus. this is, once again, wrong. >> bret: a.b., winners and losers? >> my winner is shannon green, new show, you go, girl. my loser is valerie plain -- tweeted out an article, "america's jews are driving wars." however, she got a headline and tweeted it in. >> bret: on rosh hashanah, i think. byron, winners and losers? >> the winner is nikki haley who had a very good week at the general assembly. got a lot of good notices, probably rose in the estimation for the president. the loser is lawrence o'donnell, the msnbc anchor who has taught us once again that if you are in a television studio with a
3:54 pm
camera and a microphone, people can see and hear what you do and you shouldn't throw a tantrum. >> bret: that is true. the mics are always hot. panel, thank you very much. i just want to say that the winner of the week is the "special report" staff. we did two hours, 5:00-7:00, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. i'm in dallas today. the staff ended -- a fantastic job. when we come back, next panel, this week's notable potables. ♪
3:55 pm
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3:58 pm
>> bret: with ten hours of "special report" this week, there were, no doubt, plenty of chances to get plenty of news. here are this week's "notable quotables." >> this will be the largest audience to witness the emmys period. >> i think people who are suggesting otherwise don't fully understand this bill. >> i don't understand because i'm a talk show, right? >> when somebody is working 100 hours a week, they are going to make mistakes. >> it is very disturbing. we are watching kim jong un advance his technology. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission. >> that is a pregnant trump original. >> talking about the fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue, having a great parade to show our military strength. >> i can't tell you what he thinks, every move he makes. >> having a relationship with him is so important if we want to get anything done.
3:59 pm
>> looking for anybody who may have survive so far. >> people have been so far resilient. >> the border between u.s. and mexico -- the list of laws violated by the president's administration in order to build his campaign wall is almost as long. >> in the united states, anybody can sue, but the united states of america has a border. >> do you want to hear and answer, or do you just want to chant? just stop it now. just stop it now. >> what's up with aliens? i want to know. >> classified information. >> bret: one week right there. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we are going to have live coverage of that rally down in alabama here on the fox news channel. that is it for this week's "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid from dallas tonight. as we mentioned it earlier, it has been a week of 2-hour it
4:00 pm
shows starting monday. our friends at "the five" are back at their original spot. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum will be at 7:00, and that show, from new york, starts right now. >> martha: good evening, everybody. i martha maccallum. three big stories tonight, one more surreal in some ways than the next. first up, the president on the way to this spot in alabama. he is supporting luther strange for the open jeff sessions senate seat. the other republican has steve bannon, sarah palin, and now current cabinet member ben carson fighting against the president and send it strange. strange, right? okay. we'll take you to the live rally, moments away. then there is