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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 24, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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[♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice" -- >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag say get that son of a pitch off the field right now. he's fired. judge jeanine: president trump putting on a full court precedence athletes who disrespect the flag and the white house. the nfl in a frenzy. michelle malkin is here with reaction. trump putting america first and the north korean dictator on
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notice. governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in. who's the real rocketman? i hit the streets to get reaction to trump's new nickname for the north korean madman. what should we do with rocketman. >> i think we should blow his ass up with his rockets. judge jeanine: politics and sports collide as president trump is in a war of words with some of the biggest players in the nfl and nba over their lack of respect for the flag and the white house. the latest developments in north korea and iran and president trump's response to it all. but first my opening statement. the biggest issue facing our
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country today is the tiptoeing and political correctness that brought us to the brink of disaster in policy and sports. do we have the fortitude, courage and determination to stand up to those who threaten our values? last night in alabama president trump did just that and took no prisoners on the sports issue and the nfl players who disrespect our flag. last year san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who by the way is without a team this year, began the protest by taking a knee during our star-spangled banner. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners say get that son of a pitch off the field,
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he's fired. total disrespect of our heritage, that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. okay? everything that we stand for. judge jeanine: the fallout was swift and certain. nfl commissioner roger goodell called the president's comments divisive. saying they demonstrated an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, our great game and all of our players. that the president exhibits a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our community. roger, force for good? are you sure you want to get into this fight? roger, if my memory serves me correctly, your stance on some of the nfl players and the women they batter is somewhat
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problematic. think ray rice, josh brown, and a neuropathologist examining the brains of 111 nfl players found 110 to have cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy due to repeated blows to the head. instead of mouthing off how you are a force for good, roger, maybe you ought to get ready to reveal damaging information when the lawsuits start. think aaron hernandez. according to "usa today," nfl player arrests are not only disproportionate to the general population, but the violation associated with niece arrests is shock. and i'm not even talking about the homicide. instead of taking side against
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"the national anthem" maybe you ought to think about your stockholders, your investors, even though the stock market thanks to our president trump is at an all-time high. there is one area that is suffering greatly. companies that broadcast the nfl games are all down. do you think that just maybe there is a correlation between the nfl broadcasting stocks slum, the nfl tv ratings fall and the protests by these bozos. attendance is down at nfl games. sunday night football viewership is down 17%. espn has become more political and had to lay off employees because of its low ratings. and nfl players assistant
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director d. maurice smith says no one should have to choose a job that forces them to surrender their rights. he says they have quote thoughtful discussions in your locker rooms and board rooms. hey. the only people who choose a job that forces them to surrender their rights are cops. the ones who die protecting people. and it's the same liberals who want to protect the constitutional rights of people like colin kaepernick to symbolically reject america by taking a knee. they are quick to criticize tim tebow for taking a knee to thank god on the field. the golden state warriors refusing to go to the white
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house because they said the president made it here they are disinvited. the president disinvited steph curry, not the team. people watch the games to get away from stress and worry. all of a sudden football players are lovers of the constitution and first amendment. you are all full of crap, and that includes running-back leshawn mccoy who called the president a name i can't even say. if you want to raise your fist during "the national anthem" you ought. don't give me this crap that you want to support reform. tell me the last time you sat on a jury or joined a school board or fought for laws that help
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people you supposedly want to help. when was the last time you voted, wrote a letter to your legislator or congressional representative. you want to convince america this is about social justice and the constitution. maybe you ought to get off your butts and do something positive for the country that allowed you to make a fortune. america has been incredibly good to everyone of you from the time you displayed talent in sports as a youth. america aloud you to shine and become financially prosperous. there are so many of you who make tens of millions of dollars. why don't you get together and take care of the so-called social injustices instead of disrespecting our country, our nation, the country that has turned you into heroes while you train 8-year-olds who don't know any better to take a knee
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against america because they are taking their lead from all of you. because they don't know any better. shame on you. shame on all of you. shame own, too, roger goodell for not showing that you love this country as much as the president does when you haded the chance. -- when you had the chance. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook beige twitter and instagram. i will even read some of your responses in a few minutes. joining me now with reaction. michelle malkin. how are you, michelle? >> good, amen, judge. judge jeanine: what is going on? why is it when the president finally says, you know what? america needs to respect who we
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are, that the nfl, the commissioner, these guys all come out -- and i'm not convinced they know what they are objecting to. >> you have got left-wing elites across entertainment, and now infected in the sports world, judge, who are emerging. they have not gotten over the election results. so what we are seeing are a rash and outbreak of tantrums on every playing field. if they keep doubling down and these sports professionals boards. nfl will stand for no longer, fans are leaving. no fans left. you have got a playing field that has become noxious. as you point out, the numbers
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don't lie. i wrote a column about it this week that includes the nfl. viewership is down since the beginning of the opening season by 13%. we are seeing drops in attendance. we are seeing drops everywhere in advertising as well. and that's because there is no business enterprise that's ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base. judge jeanine: what's amazing is i'm not convinced these guys all agree or even know what they are protesting. it's like the women's march in washington right after the inauguration. we are not going to take it. take what? what rights are being taken away from you. i still haven't figured that one out. have you? >> no. you have a few militants like
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colin kaepernick who has been cultured in marxism. then you have you lemmings who go along with their black power salutes. colin kaepernick put cops depicted as pigs on socks he wore on the field. he went around sporting che guevara t-shirts. what we need is an internal revolt. there are many patriotic members of the nfl, but they seem to constitute a silent majority. judge jeanine: there was a group of 8-year-olds where one of the kids asked about what happened in st. louis and long story short the coach said it was okay for them if they wanted to take a knee during "the national anthem." these kids just turned at the
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age of 7 to the age of reason. they don't have the slightest idea why they are taking a knee. should there be some requirement at least in gram par school that we -- at least in grammar school that we do something about this? >> if there were a solid grounding in the constitution we wouldn't see this happening. we have elected and former elected officials calling for tomorrow there to be some sort of national take a knee day. a lot of these people need to take a knee on a pew and pray and reflect and adopt an attitude of gratitude. an attitude of gratitude for the blessings of this country. people who make an average of $2 million a year to be carping and moaning and adopting a grievance mongering stand without the
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proper perspective of history and our place in the world is an absolute disgrace. pen more so you have the former democrat congresswoman donna edwards who is calling all nfl players to quote protest the white supremacist president trump. how dare they race bait for a living. judge jeanine: north korea ratcheting up the rhetoric against the president. joining me now with reaction to all of this, form arkansas governor mike huckabee. we are learning that north korea and not just in terms of the language on both sides, but north korea is talking about a hydrogen bomb, and raining
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nuclear material over the pacific, and, you know, it is frightening now. we just heard there was a 3.4, some kind of earthquake or tremor, i should say, that some are actually attributing to the nuclear test that north korea itself did. a lot of tremors, a lot of problems in north korea. how does this all ends? >> i'm sitting here rinsing -- by the way, i think lot of americans ought to be thanking a knee to thank god donald trump is president with north korea and iran making the threats they are making. what we have been doing, both democrat and republican presidents for the last 25-30 years, believing in this magic diplomacy will make these animals calm down. it hasn't worked. it isn't work. and donald trump is the first president who looked them in the
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eye, went to the united nations and said to the whole world that this guy is crazy. and if he continues to do this we are going to destroy him. i know that scared the daylights out of some people. but i don't understand why they are not frightened of seeing san francisco vaporized for a guy who is just dying for the opportunity to do something that crazy. we have a president who takes it seriously when a person says we are going to blow you up. we are going to kill you. it would have been helpful in world war ii when hitler said he was going to murder all the jews. when someone says we are going to kill, first thing, believe them. judge jeanine: if there is a chance for peace, i think it other side has to believe or be convinced that we have not only
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the capability bust intention to use force as opposed to this namby-pamby tiptoeing around. other side has to know this a guy over there who will deliver the punch. from bill clinton paying them off on down, the tip controversying is not doing us any good -- the tiptoeing is not doing us any good. i'm incredibly worried about our electric grids with an electromagnetic pulse. it could send us back to the dark ages. >> that alone, the emt threat could be more devastating to the whole country than an isolated bomb attack. but let's keep in mind. what donald trump said at the u.n. finally caused china to intervene at a level we have
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been wanting them to do for a long time. instead of condemning what the president has done, they ought to be grateful he pushed the diplomacy route at a level it hasn't been before. maybe we'll avoid military conflict because the chinese and the rest of the world are convinced president trump is willing if necessary to engage militarily. judge jeanine: the success the president had at the u.n., juxtapose that to the president returning to domestic issues and obamacare, tax reform which we'll talk about, and it's got to be very frustrating. thanks so much for being with us this evening. judge jeanine: i want to take a moment to read your social media feedback on my opening statement. linda says roger goodell should
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be fired. we canceled our nfl package and are not happy with these punks. mary and says so tired of our p.c. culture, thanks for standing fast for the truth. so hard to watch the constant assault. coming up, our all-star panel is ready for battle. they react to my opening statement next. newt gingrich reacts to the obamacare repeal. on "street justice" i head out to see what you think of north korea's wise man, i'm nervous about things i can't control... affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone.
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lawrence, ways your take on this former congresswoman's suggestion? >> well, obviously i'm a man who believes in standing for the national anthem. but i don't care what these athletes are doing politically. i come to watch the game. half of the time when they are doing these political stunts, i am going to get my food tray to watch the game. i think people are getting way too caught up in this pissing match between the president and the nfl. we just want to watch the game. judge jeanine: that's not going to prevent you from going to a game? >> no, it's not. people talk about boycotts. at the end of the day, i want as many freedom my community getting jobs and those people of color investing that money back
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in tour communities. it's not enough for me to be boycotting. i wouldn't be able to see anything, it would be a boring life. >> you have the president standing up on the stage yesterday calling them son of a birks tchs and saying they should be fired. he had no problem calling people who were bigotly doing a white supremacist rally very good people. judge jeanine: he didn't call them very good people. he didn't call white supremacists very good people. he said some of them were very nice people at that white supremacist rally. but he has a problem with black men standing up to systemic
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injustice. >> people are upset about people taking the knee, and people on the left are upset when coaches or players decide to pray again. if you value 9 rights of american citizens you should respect sit across the aisle. it shouldn't matter if you agree or disagree with the speech. so there is going to be some kinds of consequence. people need to be fired on both sides is wrong. >> do you agree we shouldn't be doing what donald trump is calling for is firing people for their free speech. >> if coaches decide to fire them, that's their prerogative. he said the nfl owners should fire the black men for standing up. judge jeanine: this is about the american flag and so-called social injustice. >> this is about systemic
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injustice. judge jeanine: what did you say? >> this is about systemic injustice. black folks represent 14% of this country but 25% of the people killed by police. judge jeanine: why is it black lives only matter when it's a white person who is involved. but when black and black crime in the inner city is the issue, black lives matter. >> here we go. what we are talking about -- judge, what we are talking about is who has power. and white folks and police have power in our society. these folks are standing up to systemic injustice. judge jeanine: what about the fact that these players have tens of millions of dollars and were given a chance. >> they still have rights. judge jeanine: nobody is saying they don't have rights. >> many of those people because of the color of their skin maybe judged by a police officer
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differently than somebody like myself. judge jeanine: there are many african-americans who are racist as well towards white people. but that's not the issue here. >> white people have the power in this country. that's what racism is. judge jeanine: a country that has given you so much. >> that is maybe what you want to have a discussion about but we are talking about injustice. >> private businesses have the right to do of what they want to do such as fire who they want to. thankfully some of these people such as the owners as well as the commissioner saying it's up to the owners if they want to suffer the consequences. >> i'm a dallas:cowboys fan and we don't take a knee. if the owners want to allow them to kneel.
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judge jeanine: up next the one and only newt gingrich on the latest obamacare repeal saga. jeff sessions and all the congressional sca
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be an aftershock from the one two days ago. i'm lauren green. judge jeanine: president trump slamming senator john mccain for opposing efforts to repeal obamacare. earlier i spoke to new gingrich. he has a new online course called defending america. i asked the speaker about the appeal and whether jeff sessions will indict anyone in the hillary clinton foundation. the president seemed to have a perfect week. the world was coming together against kim jong-un.
12:35 am
domestically we have healthcare and tax reform and we can't get the republican party to support this president. we find out yesterday john mccain is not going to support. does mitch mcconnell still put the bill on the floor? what happens now? >> i think he's got a real challenge. rand paul said he would be against it. i suspect though i don't know susan collins may be against it. she has pretty consistently voted that way. they had a fair chance of getting senator mcclosky to vote yes. but they can't afford to lose all four of them. it's a huge problem. with senator mccain there was some hope because he's so close to lindsey graham. i think if you are mcconnell you probably don't bring it up. but you may bring it up just to put everybody on the line and
12:36 am
say look you have to live with this. we'll make one last rush at it. as you watch obamacare collapsing, the rising premiums, the number of counties with no understand company or only one, it's harder and harder to make a case for keeping obamacare. judge jeanine: one last question, you know, we find out this past week samantha power, she is unmasking one a day, unheard of in someone who is the u.n. ambassador. what we have in the obama administration. you have an fbi director exonerating hillary clinton. you have the attorney general violating ethics rules. you have loretta lynch going --r going after republicans. jeff sessions, the attorney general to start impaneling grand juries to go after real
12:37 am
crime in the obama administration. >> i think on all of these things for example on ambassador power which was absolutely extraordinary. why does the u.n. ambassador -- what was her reasoning? i think those are places where there is nothing to stop attorney general sessions from impaneling both prosecutors and the fbi and going after these people. clearly, there should be a fairly large amount of house cleaning at the justice department. i hope sessions will decide to tackle it. i know he got burned early on in his relationship with trump. but this so clearly wrong. i'm not a lawyer, but you are. as a historian i can't manage you would need any more evidence of how sick the system has become. i think the justice department should investigate it. judge jeanine: being a lawyer, a
12:38 am
judge or prosecutor, the facts are eminently clear. you have got clinton foundation, the email scandal, jim comey. perjury, conspiracy. a violation of the hatch act. i could go on and on. it's time for the republicans to start doing their job. i'm not asking you to go against democrats because they are democrats. but to go against real crime. debbie wasserman-schultz. why is she protecting that i am ran yoimran awan. >> the information technology guys, that thing is so weird it looks like he left a computer for the fbi to find. i don't know if that was revenge against debbie wasserman-schultz. but the more you learn about these guys, the weirder that one
12:39 am
story that would normally be a scandal it's existing in the middle of so many scandals, it's hard to focus on it. speaker newt gingrich, thanks for being with us. take care. coming up, we'll battle it out
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judge jeanine: next week is all about the president's agenda here at home. let's get to my advisory panel. you know, the president's
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approval numbers are going up. he had a great week. america first, all that stuff. he comes back to the domestic agenda. john mccain does a thumbs down. and says i cannot in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy bill. yet he campaigned on repeal and replace. why do you think's doing that? >> he said he didn't support the process, not having open negotiations. judge jeanine: years, we need to discuss this? >> i agree, they had years to couple with a plan. they voted 50 times on a bill. >> i'm tired of the excuses from washington. republicans asked for the house, they god it, they asked for the senate they got it, they asked for white house, they got it. now they have all the tools they
12:45 am
need to pass comprehensive healthcare reform to save the american people to give them relief from the horrible oppression of obamacare and they are not doing it. >> the cassidy bill won't fiction healthcare. judge jeanine: it stops the employer mandate. it block grants to the state. we know the people in the best position to solve a problem are the people closest to it. new york state, you have so much medicaid fraud it's not funny. i prosecuted it as a today.line it's a joke. this maybe would be an incentive. you want the money, you deal with it. >> you want to make something really political, take block grants and give governors the power to decide what to do with it in is a hybrid system.
12:46 am
lamar alexander suggested a plan that would change obamacare. >> mccain voted for repeal. he campaigned on this as a signature issue in 2016. where is he. if he's unhappy with this solution from his good friend lindsey graham, why doesn't he author a resolution? >> because he doesn't like donald trump. this is called payback. at the ends of the month it's over for the republicans. we go from 50 to 60 to get something passed. is this the ends of the republican party? >> i hope not. i don't agree with republicans a lot. we need two strong parties. we'll have that lamar alexander bill put on the floor.
12:47 am
we'll have a temporary fix. a band aid fix. but republican voters will be upset about this. they will punish republicans. we are going to start primarying some of these rinos. we'll start firing republicans who campaign on one thing and don't deliver. the republican party has been afforded every opportunities. 31 republican governors in this state. you have the house, the senate, the white house. the time for excuses are over. that doesn't mean we'll vote for democrats. it means we'll fire the candidates we very many. judge jeanine: let's talk about alabama. tults day there is a senate race, primary vase between judge roy moore and now senator luther strange. the president goes to alabama supporting athleter strange.
12:48 am
why would he do that? >> for the life of me i can't understand why donald trump was getting involved in the primary aspect of this. no matter what he will ends up losing. if strange wins that will be a huge boost to him, but amount in not likely to happen. if strange wins and trump erased a 25-point deficit. if roy moore wins that creates another issue. >> president trump is big on loyalty. senator luther strange has shown tremendous loyalty to the president. and he is willing to go to the mat for senator strange and demonstrated if you show me loyalty, i'll thereby and have your back when you have need me. >> it's a one-way street. he has gone after jeff sessions numerous times. >> he's actually standing up for
12:49 am
luther strange against all odds. it would be so easy -- >> this an isolated incident. but it doesn't make sense. his numbers are going up. why risk taking a loss now. >> the president shows loyalty to those who show him loyalty. judge jeanine: i like nice discussions. when we come back i head out on to the street to hear what you think of rocketman. >> the man is kim jong-un. should we go after him? my name is jeff sheldon,
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judge jeanine: we take "street justice" to rock theman. who is he. i hit the streets to find out. so, who is rocketman? and what should we do to rocketman? donald trump has some ideas. but i wanted to know from new yorkers what they thought. who is rocketman? >> who is rocketman? >> i don't know. a tv star? judge jeanine: who is rocketman? >> he will stop john. >> the north korea dictator.
12:54 am
judge jeanine: kim jong-un. judge jeanine: what should we do with rock theman? >> i think we should blow his ass up with his rockets. just blow him up with his rockets. judge jeanine: who is rock itman? >> the guy from north korea. judge jeanine: do you have think he will get his? >> we'll have to wait and see. judge jeanine: what should we do to rocketman? >> blowing him up. judge jeanine: who is rocketman? >> the north korean president. what should we do with rocketman? >> i have no comments. judge jeanine: what do you think about the speech at the u.n. that was all about u.s. first. good or not good. >> good.
12:55 am
>> good. judge jeanine: how tall are you? >> 6'9". >> used to. judge jeanine: why did you give it up? >> i got old. judge jeanine: who is rocketman? >> kim jong-un. judge jeanine: what should we do with rocketman? >> i think we should try to work it out. judge jeanine: we have been trying to work it out for 15 years. what should we do to kim jong-un? >> strap him to the rocket. judge jeanine: that's an idea. judge jeanine: do you think the world is a safer place? i'll tell you what, the world is a fatter place. who is rocketman? look theman is kim jong-un. the gyre from north korea.
12:56 am
>> he is completely security. judge jeanine: what should we do to him? >> smoke him. blow him up.
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trent eight is next. goodbye. >> stop the hammering out there. where is the hammer? is it on yet? go up there and stop the hammering. stop the hammering. greg: sorry, larry. that was me. [cheering]


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