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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm one word together. i'm dana perino. we'll be back here tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. with those election results. make sure you tune in. goodnight, everybody. >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. football isn't just the most popular sport in this country, it is also one much the only institutions we have left that unites everybody here across race and income and geography. there are not many 6 those, no matter who they they voted for last fall, americans who love the same team can bond over football. no longer possible, sadly. now even the country's final nonpartisan refuge has been invaded by politics. on saturday, the president tweeted that nfl players who protest the national anthem ought to be fired and as if on cue the protests intensified. in london, players for the
11:01 pm
baltimore ravens and the jacksonville jaguars kneeled in contempt of the star-spangled banner while standing respectfully for god save the queen. in chicago the entire pittsburgh steelers team stayed off the field for the anthem say for a single player an army veteran who defied his own coach by walking out. his jersey by the way is the single most popular football related peels of paraphernalia on the internet right now. in washington, d.c. last night, virtually every player on the raiders sat in protest as military army guard carried an american flag on the field. the site of pampered millionaires giving finger tto the maid them very much disgusting no. surprise fans in stadiums across america booed when they saw this. players have a first amendment right to criticize their country. of course, nobody really contests that free speech lectures are a little hard to take from the very people who ryu teenly shut down the political speech of their
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opponents many cases not the point. scream obscenities at nuns, doesn't prevent the rest of us from judging you for doing it. what are these protests really about? some claim their core complaint is police brutality. final. protest that learn the facts. make your case. propose solutions. run for office. try to make the country better. but, no. that's too hard. it's easier to follow the demagogues and attack america itself. you win for bravery on instagram. why is it a big deal? why is it in the end dangerous for this country? for the same reason we sing the national anthem for the first place so often stand for the flag, say pledge of allegiance those traditions liberals sneered at. why are they important? because in the end love of country is all we have. we aren't like other nations witnationswith who he emergencys
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nation. shared belief in america, the country, is the only glue that binds us together. why are vermont and mississippi in the same country? because people in both places love america. what happens when they no longer do? many have accused the president of using the flag controversy as a diversification for more pressing topics like the threat of north korea or failure of healthcare initiative and as a political matter that may be true. but it does not change the inherent significance of what you just watched last night at the games. because, when our elites attack our national symbols as if they are worthless and loathe some. something important, something monumental have changed here. if the people who benefited most from america despise it and increasingly they do where does that leave the rest of us? burgess owens is a former nfl player, the reverend michael faulkner is a candidate for new york comptroller both of them once played for the new york jets and both situated to comment on this both join us tonight. reverend, i want to go to
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you first and ask if you understand why this is all a little hard to take. nobody can contest the first amendment right of these players to do what they have done. to watch the most celebrated pampered people in america attack not police brutality but the country itself, can you see why people find that so very disgusting? >> you know, they don't know how to express their anger. and, you know, and i push back a little bit, tucker, on the riches, most pampered, because they have had to go through a journey to get where they are. so they have gone through some things to get where they are. they are not pampered. they weren't born of means, many of them were born into low income families, et cetera. they have gotten where they have gotten because of talent and god-given ability. >> tucker: isn't that the whole point you? are right, of course. what you said is totally true. isn't that the whole point? in america, people from a low station can wind up being some of the most riches and pampered people in the country as they are. >> absolutely.
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listen, as an american, i have a responsibility to challenge power, to challenge authority. however, we're talking now about the setting of it. the setting for an nfl footing game and the stars of the game kneeling down before the game is not the proper setting for them to express their political angst and their opposition to what is going on outside of, you know, in the inner cities. >> tucker: right. >> it just takes away the political angst and it's offensive. and to be honest with you, i think we ought to talk about having that conversation, talking about giving them an opportunity to do something different because not standing for the national anthem certainly wouldn't be something i would do. >> tucker: right. these guys have plenty of -- look, they can say -- every word is recorded by dutiful dutl scribes in the sports press.
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burgess owens, i'm wondering why the united states government should be subsidizing. this these guys hate the government. a lot of the stadiums they play in the majority are funded by taxpayers. the pentagon spends hundreds of millions a year advertising at nfl stadiums on broadcasts. why should they do this. if these guys hate america why are taxpayers picking up a lot of the tag? >> i don't think they should be. i think the free market is going to take care of that in itself. my whole concern with this whole process what the flag stands for. when i stood on the sideline i remembered getting teary eyed. i was so proud to be there and proud of the process. i also grew up in a time where 70% of black men were mentorinmentors to us. teaching us this country is the greatest play to be and grow in. we have come to the point because of liberalism. the democratic policies 70% of black men do not stay around. they don't have the parents and the fathers to tell them what they should be proud of
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and how they should stand up for this process. this is not a void. we are dealing with an ideology that first of all bans god, has destroyed the black family in the 1970s which we led the country in terms of the strength of our family unit. they have destroyed our history. no one even knows about how strong the black american history was. and now they want to take away out pride in our country. i think it's too far. this is one thing as americans we might disagree. mike and i might disagree on how -- what they can do on the field. at the end of the day, we love our country and we're going to make sure we stand against those who take away the hope of our kids. that's what these liberals are doing. >> tucker: i think that's right. michel faulkner, isn't this the whole point? these are people reveered by kids and by lots of americans and shouldn't they be, look, america is flawed. nobody argues that it is not. the whole enterprise is illegitimate and disgusting which is what they are saying and the american flag is a symbol of contempt.
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>> taking a knee, they don't get a chance to talk about their issue. first of all, they need to get up and do something about it. not just protest but need to get up and need to be part of the national conversation to make america better. to make their communities better, to take their responsibilities just like burgess was talking about. but, secondly, you know, i thought about it after i looked at, again, what pittsburgh did. maybe we should not allow them on the field unless they can't stand in honor of the flag and the national anthem. maybe they should not be -- maybe they should be restricted from the field unless they plan to honor the flag and honor the national anthem as all the fans do in the stands. >> tucker: that's a great suggestion. by the way, burgess, isn't that consistent with the way the nfl operates? if you want to wear orange socks on a team with white socks you can't. the owner of the team says you can't. why don't they here? >> let's take it a step
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further. the nfl corporate office in new york city. how about employees during lunchtime decided they wanted to demonstrate come back and find out their desks would be vacated. any day. this is what is happening. liberals at the top elitists they are using my race, they are bringing misery to my race and then using this misery to make sure they keep their power. we need to make sure number one, two things. we need to make sure that we're standing against corporate elitist, liberal elitist like the nfl. i will be boycotting every single team that does this. also have black conservatives get into the black community and let them see what the democratic party has for years done to them. it's not a black or white american problem. it's a democratic, elitist problem. >> tucker: you need to run for something so i can vote for you are. we are out of time. thank you very both. we're out of time. >> thank you, appreciate it, buddy puck tuck everything in menk about politics. no surprise that steltzer and jim acosta wildly speculating that donald
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trump doesn't really care about the flag and national anthem and our civic symbols instead he is just a racist. watch. >> there is an unmistakable racial element to this story and that's why i come counsel on the side of coferg this and covering it big. awkward subtext is a question we asked a few weeks ago on this program. is president trump a racist? >> why is it that the president was seeming to go after african-american athletes over the weekend. he wecht after collin kaepernick at that rally in alabama friday night. tom brady did not make it here to the white house this the new england patriots made it there were no angry tweets to the president directed at tom brady or other athletes. i don't think it's a stretch to say that it's a bit of a dog whistle that is being played out there. >> tucker: larger question is how did jim acosta wind up on television. meantime smaller questions with joe concha who writes about the media for the hill. he joins us tonight. if you are a reporter you ought not be speculating about people's motives
11:11 pm
because aren't they fundamentally unoable? how could jim acosta know what president trump means? >> can i answer osmosis on that? you can look at all of president trump's tweets on this topic and it's all out there, race is not broached once. he has also verbally talked about this as well. you don't see race broached anywhere. since we have again, reporters and pundits that last month were playing mental health officials when it comes to analyzing the president's sanity, now apparently we are reading minds as well as far as that goes. just to answer mr. acos that when he said why weren't there any angry tweets at tom brady when he didn't show up at the white house for that celebration, brady's mother has cancer. and tom wanted to spend time with her at that time. that's why he couldn't go and that's why the president didn't respond but jim acosta doesn't report that. >> tucker: by the way, i was at the red skins game last night and watched the raiders kneel for the national anthem and a bunch of them were white. i think the sleeg overwhelmingly like 70%
11:12 pm
african-american players. is any attack on the nfl a racial attack? is that what they are saying? >> there tends to be this tick with our political media that all the time we insert a racial component to stories that don't warrant them whatsoever. let me give you another example with another story. brian fallon is a former press secretary or spokesperson for hillary clinton. he is now a political analyst for cnn. and he tweeted and i asked your producers to put this up because i want to make this an educational experience. this is what brian fallon tweeted out today. president trump's racist neglect of puerto rico is threatening lives. it's time to start carrying about the crisis there. that's what we are dealing with now. that when a hurricane hits a u.s. territory and we responded, i think, pretty well like we did with harvey and irma it's racism working its way into this. you were at that redskins game last night good thing you watched because not a lot of people did, tucker that was loyest rate the week three nbc sunday night telecast since 2006. that's when you know that this isn't just well, you know, some people are
11:13 pm
boycotting. no, this is a real problem for the nfl right now if those are the numbers that we are seeing. >> tucker: i think this is correct. i may be wrong but i think it's right. the teams with the most players protesting the national anthem and the flag were more likely to lose last night than to win. >> that's an interesting -- yeah, i can't comment on that. i didn't research that but, i do know that the nfl, tucker is, awfully hypocritical here when it comes to free speech. now, you may remember last year that horrible situation in dallas where a sniper took out five dallas police officers. >> tucker: yes, i remember well. >> and wounded several. dallas cowboys wanted to wear a little decal on their helmets to honor the dallas police department with the dallas police department logo. the nfl said no you can't do that with d'angelo running back pink cleats for entire season wanted to honor his mother because she died of breast cancer. no you can only do that when we are running our campaign in october. when avery williamson wanted to wear 9/11 cleats he made himself red, white and blue
11:14 pm
stars very fashionable. nfl said no you can't nfl victims. the nfl seems to be picking and choosing what kind of free speech can you have and when. overall i talked to a lot of people yesterday. i was out and about. the sentiment on the ground is that people agree with the president on this one. they don't necessarily agree with the way he presented himself. instead of saying sons of bitches and so on. completely contrast what is we saw in the media bubble. not just on the news. espn. universal condemnation of trump. this is like the 2016 election. the conditions on the ground what people feel is completely different than what people are thinking in new york and washington. >> tucker: that's always the case. they don't actually care what people have said in new york and d.c. >> only care with what each other think in their bubble. >> tucker: trust me i live here. he has been holding down the 10:00 p.m. slot for years and makes triumphant return to 9:00 p.m. we are honored to have the great sean hannity join us
11:15 pm
now. >> sean: i need help. starting my 23rd year on the fox news channel here next week. i have no idea what to do. no idea what to say. there is nothing in the news today. do you have any help? >> tucker: i do actually, i just got word about 60 seconds ago that alejandro villanueva, he was the player, the army veteran three tours walked out, is now saying that he did so by accident and he has apologized for embarrassing his team. >> sean: he was the hero. this guy is -- he won the bronze star. this guy served three tours of duty in afghanistan. i saw that. and then i saw his coach attack him after the game. and i'm like, really? really? this guy -- he tells a story about losing some of his platoon mates so inspiring it's amazing. i want to congratulate you. you have been a great friend. i'm just praying you give me a great lead-in every night. >> tucker: we're going to
11:16 pm
try. >> sean: no pressure at all. >> tucker: and you. and we have a live handoff i just heard. five second delay has been eliminate sod we'll be able to speak at the cusp of 9:00 p.m. every evening. i'm excited you are back ready to do battle. this is going to be awesome. >> sean: i said this on the five today. i never thought i would be the last person standing. if you watch the early days of "hannity & colmes." tucker, it's so bad. i am so bad. it is so humiliating. >> tucker: i was on it in the 1990s, i remember that well. >> sean: you were on in the early days. i feel blessed to be here. it's hard. we lost three quarters of our prime time lineup. have you been a big part in keeping this network strong. our entire lineup, i'm friends with everybody here. i have no -- i just feel very blessed. i will say this, it is so imperative for this country in this time where we have media institution that is trying to disrupt and destroy this country and destroy this president,
11:17 pm
delegitimize him, that there's got to be some other voice out there. and, you know, you. >> tucker: you don't think that everybody in the entire media should be singing off the same song sheet? you think there should be some diversity in america's media landscape? is that what you are arguing, sean? how dare you. >> sean: i'm saying it. i know media guys are hoping i will fail miserably. >> tucker: they are. >> sean: there are a few cable wars. the best thing that happened to me, i will tell you a quick story, of my entire year in atlanta second professional radio job in the early 1990s, i went up against a legend, the best, a guy by the name of kneel boortz. when i came to new york i went up against bob grant who also was a legend. when i started in cable it was me and alan against larry king, geraldo, and brian williams. i'm used to a good fight. and so i'm really excited --
11:18 pm
i have got to tell you one last thing. we have two massive, massive, things we're going to say on the air tonight about upcoming guests. >> tucker: what are they? >> sean: getting used to say tune in at 9:00. >> tucker: tease don't tell is, that what you are saying? >> sean: i am saying i love you, tucker, at some point in the next hour it is going to be revealed. but you have been amazing the audience has been so loyal. have you filled one of the biggest gaps. i am prud to be a friend and colleague of yours. you are going to die by the end of this next hour. >> tucker: producer just said in my ear. >> sean: charlie chung newt gingrich's mom between you and i. >> tucker: if the rumors are true it's a big deal. i'm not even going to speculate about you having a pontiff on tonight.
11:19 pm
>> sean: so far nobody has it. >> tucker: i will sit in the studio after it's done with cameraman and watch breathlessly like golden retrievers out the window. sean this is an amazing time. we love our audience. we are going to serve them every night with news and information and hard-hitting opinion. do you great debates that they will not get anywhere else on television. and i never would have thunk it. i'm the last man standing. i will tell you that. >> tucker: i love it. >> sean: that was not in the prediction papers on october 6th, 1996 when i started. >> tucker: i will never forget it during the dole campaign. 31 minutes from now. >> sean: it's elm bare rasing. it's so humiliating. >> tucker: congratulations, sean. see you in 40 minutes, man. be sure to tune in:00 p.m. sean hannity at a new time slot. up next, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all cubans are created equal. waited, what? tell you about the school in arizona that has taught
11:20 pm
students a gender neutral version of the declaration of independence. our founding documents bolder rised by the p.c. cadres. hurricane dozens of americans. real killers were global warming skeptics. charged with murder. charged with murder. talk to an actual scientist ♪
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want a snack? charged with murder. talk to an actual scientist sure! alright, looks like we've got chips, popcorn, pretzels? pretzels! plain, sourdough, spicy, sesame, honey mustard, chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, this one's in german, it says, "reindfleisch?" plain. great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. check out the best of the best hand-picked fall shows on xfinity x1, online, and the xfinity stream app. thirsty? ♪ >> tucker: the declaration of independence is justifiably one of the most famous documents in human history. history by the way that it helped change forever. thomas jefferson's immorlings words echo
11:24 pm
through the ages we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. well, except at sulk elm tri school in arizona taught that jefferson was a sexist bigot. during a lesson for fourth grade classroom a teacher at that school crossed out the word men and told her students to cotc out and say all humans are created equal. hanson fell lee at the hoover institution out in california and wise man himself. he joins us here tonight. professor, why should we care? i sense this is a big deal rewriting one of our founding documents. tell us why we should care about this. >> well, any time a person tries to change language, it's usually because the reality is on unpla unpalatable. in this case supposed to identify by superficial parents and that should be superficial to our character. that's an agenda that nobody really wants to buy into. so whether it's human or mankind or overseas
11:25 pm
contingency operations or man caused gassers in the case of not wanting to talking about islamic terrorism or illegal ail i didn't know becomes migrant. when you start to see words change their means it's usually on the left not empirical call not have a message nobody wants to buy into. they try to do linguistically what they can't do politically. >> tucker: it's brilliant analysis. what you are saying is that it's propaganda. they are distorting reality in order to change outcomes. >> yeah. and they are also ignorant and classical languages always have two words. one for male and one for male and female that's called mankind. and greek and homo, latin. et cetera, et cetera. when people say mankind they don't think of testicles. they think of all of us together. everybody knows that what a waste of time when students are half educated as it is with these studies courses. they should be looking at the essence of the
11:26 pm
declaration, equality. all mental are declared equal that was radical thing to say in the 18th century. instead we get caught up on agenda of some half educated activist sort of like we are seeing in the nfl that we are missing the larger -- >> tucker: you said that was radical concept in the 18th century. it was. it's also radical on september now. i don't think the radical left think everyone is equal. hierarchy based on race and sex and sexual orientation. >> they have to because once the agenda of equality of opportunity was largely achieved, we're humans. we are particular individuals. when we don't quite become equal, even though the opportunity is the same for a variety of reasons the left comes in and says we're going to insist on a quality result. just give us enough power and money and influence and we'll do it for you. there is no space, tucker, anymore that we can find a refuge from politicization. >> tucker: i know. >> emmys, oscars, everything
11:27 pm
is political because the left is trying to do what it can't do at the ballot box. >> tucker: that's exactly right. >> foundations. >> tucker: the rest of us are in church or sleeping and they never sleep. victor davis hanson thank you as always. >> great to see you. >> tucker: hillary clinton's latest explanation for her defeat, women don't recognize all the sexism in the world. up next, i will ask a democratic strategist whether this theory makes her defeat any more expolitic cable than the prior explanations did. what exactly does it mean? there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more:
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>> tucker: hillary clinton has found a lot of people to blame for her defeat in the presidential election last fall. bernie sanders, james comey, jill stein. most people sort of scoff at those explanation so now hillary has a different one. she is accusing women of sexism against themselves. watch this. >> i think it's about the stage that a young woman finds herself at any particular point in time. actually the research is pretty clear if you are a young college educated young woman and starting off in the workforce, you are pretty much at wage parody with your young college part college male. by the end of your 20's you no longer are. if you decide if do you to be married and have a family you fall even further
11:32 pm
behind. you don't yet understand all of the sort of invisible signals and attitudes that are at work that can hold you back. >> tucker: christie setzer democratic strategist president of new heights communications and she joins us tonight. criminals city, it's great to see you. >> it's great to be here. >> tucker: hard to imagine a more pray tonnizing explanation. hillary clinton loses majority of their women out of their 20's. majority of them. women who have this the experiences she just described and basically saying you don't understand what it's like to be a woman in america. they do because they are and they voted against her. >> i don't think she is patronizing married women. specifically talking to the bernie supporterers in their 20's who didn't support her. don't get me wrong, i don't think it's a good idea to tell people who didn't vote for that you they were wrong. i don't think that's actually an excellent strategy. i will say as a woman who is 40 years old that this actual spoke directly to me
11:33 pm
and my experience which is, yes, for the early stages move i career, did i believe that i was given every opportunity by the time i was in my late 20's did i see the men who had exactly my same level of experience getting tapped for much bigger jobs and very few of the women. so i do think that if you haven't ever experienced that, then you don't actually connect with hillary on that point. you don't necessarily see her as somebody who has had a lot of sexism thrown at her h a lot of the different challenges thrown at her and come out on the other side and still fighting. >> tucker: i can spoke to you but it didn't speak to the majority of women in your position because they actually didn't vote for her. that's what i found so striking. life progression when you get to the end of it you know the truth. get to the end i don't want hillary rodham clinton. >> right. >> tucker: what struck me more is that having a female president substantively different than having a male president and we need one. >> sure. >> tucker: my impression was we were supposed to believe that the differences between
11:34 pm
men and women are so minuscule that can you actually change your sex just by saying. so you don't need surgery. can you say i'm a different sex and we have to agree that you are bowers the differences are so small. she is saying the differences are so profound that different country if you have a female president. i'm serious. how does it work? >> you are conflating two different things. >> tucker: no. same thing. gender. >> let's talk about the idea that you want to vote for somebody who has understood where you are coming from, right? and whether that person is male or female, you want somebody who you think can look at your life and say i get it i understand you probably had the same fears, worries, hopes and aspirations that i do. and i think that she is saying and i believe this. that women have a lot of things in common and often have a lot of the same experiences, hopes, fears, as expirations, et cetera, in a way frankly that i don't believe that donald trump would understand where i'm coming from, where i
11:35 pm
have been, where i would like to go. >> tucker: yet, again, the majority of 69-year-old grandmothers voted for trump. >> sure. >> tucker: here is my question. what are the specific qualities. >> yeah. >> tucker: that would make a woman a different and better president than a man? and i want to warn you this is a mine field of stereotypes here. >> yes, it is. >> tucker: as a liberal have you got to pretend that no generalization is allowable about women. how are you going to answer my question? >> i will answer your question by telling you what my experience has been and what spoke to me about her campaign. there was a moment in which hillary clinton hillary clinton sat there giving testimony on benghazi it came to be the 13th, 14th hour of her testimony. she had exhausted everyone else in the room. she answered question after question after question. she was proving yet again that she was smarter than almost everyone there. she could answer. she had not just stamina, skills and smarts, she basically based everyone
11:36 pm
down. i think women across america in that moment said good for you. good for you, lady. >> tucker: so she has enormous stamina. i have outlines thought that about her. she is pretty tough except when she is playing the victim. what was female about this. hit this the whole campaign. i'm a woman. by the way i'm a here here. woman, woman. who cares? i don't understand why it's important if men and women are basically the same. >> i don't think men and women are basically the same. i don't think anyone is arguing that. >> tucker: what qualities do women have that men don't have that make them better presidents? >> again, in the same way that you might believe that african-americans are facing different things each day than white men are experiencing. that it's not too big of a leap to think that women are facing different things each day than men are say, for example, the universal experience of women. let me finish, please. >> tucker: that's not the argument, right? >> experience of being in a
11:37 pm
meeting, saying something, the point is not heard. a man says it and suddenly that's a great idea, right? these are small and subtle things very relatable experiences that again, you know, if you are a woman and you listen to hillary clinton and you say i get it. i have been there. frankly she is going to look out for me in other ways because she knows what i have been through in this way. >> tucker: final question, do you think women have better judgment? do you think they are stronger under pressure? like is there some quality of being a woman that i can thats you a better president potentially? because she kept suggesting that. i never figured out what she was talking about. i'm not against a woman president. i'm not arguing that? >> i do. i think women are sort of as in a way anybody not typically in as poff power. women are pa ware -- women are more aware of, you know, both the ways women treat men, men treat women black,
11:38 pm
blah blah blah blah. not necessarily, the world she has secretary of state. understand diplomacy and where people are coming from that makes her unpathetic. >> tucker: women have a lot of power certainly in my life. thank you, christie. >> thank you. >> tucker: president trump expanded his travel ban saying it is needed to keep the country safe. in response the mayor of london compared him to isis. nigel farage here to discuss
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
>> tucker: president trump travel ban has expanded. the trump administration removed sudan from the list of countries restricted while adding chad, north korea and venezuela. in response to these new restrictions, the mayor of london is he deek khan took the moderate position that president trump is moore like isis. watch. >> because what you are saying is not dissimilar to what dash or isis.
11:43 pm
what do they say? they say there is a clash of civilization. it's not possible to be a muslim or werner. the west hates us. and you are inadvertently playing their game. >> tucker: nigel farage is the former leader of uk independent party. will spends his time pointing out the dangers. how did this guy end up being the mayor of london, nigel and is he for real. >> he has lost the plot. how on earth can you compare trump to isis. isis is a barberrist murderous regime that inflicts countless misery on as many people as it can donald trump, whether you like him or not, and maybe the man doesn't like him, but trump actually is standing defending our judeo-christian culture and he is doing it in the face of extraordinary opposition from judges in america from, people in his own party. but, honestly, do i think is
11:44 pm
he deesadiq khan -- they are ludicrous. >> tucker: what do they do when they look mayor. seed of the british empire. this was impressive place for hundreds of years and this guy is running it? >> yes. i mean, look, let's be frank. is he not particularly high caliber. he has been elected in a city that is now increasingly a labor left of center city. i mean, do remember that a lot of people in britain are a nervous. a little bit politically correct and scared of saying some things. it's also worth remember that over the course of his career sadiq khan himself has made real mistake who he shared platform with. shared guys with guys who had islamic views pretty unsavory. i honestly think conservative britain looks
11:45 pm
at what sadiq khan says frankly shakes their head and examines their shoes. >> tucker: that's very british of them. i have to say. so do you see across europe as you look at what just happened in germany and as you look at what is happening in spain. is the coming apart? it looks that way a little bit from here. >> yeah. in many ways it is. i mean, look, have you heard the story over the course of the last few months, the populist revolt is over. macron has won in france. merkel is back in germany. but the truth of it is what you saw happening in germany yesterday was for the first time in decades a passe that is unashamedly german. a passe that is talking about their own identity, running their own country, deeply skeptical of being run from brussels, getting 90 seats. yesterday is a big day in germany. and for those who comfort themselves that macron won
11:46 pm
in france well in the first round of the first presidential election nearly 50% of candidates voted for successionists. so the message here is we may not have had the big seismic shocks of brexit and trump that we had in 2016 happening in '17. but believe you, me, the momentum, the movement of those that say we don't want to be elected -- run by unelected super national -- that is still growing. that is still gathering pace. and you believe me, tucker, in 10 years' time, this european union as you see it today will not exist. >> tucker: that's right. this entire financed based international order is on its way out. nigel farage, thanks a lot. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, recent hurricanes harvey, irma, maria have killed dozens of americans and many more across the globe. now, global warming activists are saying that skeptics of climate change
11:47 pm
should be charged with murder for those deaths. up next, we'll see what an actual scientist thinks of that proposition. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: 2017's intense hurricane season has emboldened some climate activists. in a recent piece for the "outline" a writer brian merchant asserted the quote climate change denia change dend be a crime. what he calls climate denial should be punished as quote premed indicated murder. whoa. what is an actual scientist think about this notion? a death penalty defense
11:52 pm
disagreeing with climate advocates. curry a climate toggle gist, form everywhere chair of the earth and atmospheric climates. judith curry, thanks for coming on tonight. do you think that people who raise questions about climate change should be prosecuted for premeditated murder? >> well, of course not. i think it's a rather ludicrous proposal. i hope that nobody is taking it seriously. climate change is a very complex issue. and i'm concerned that we have oversimplified both the problem and its solution. and we need to have a wide ranging debate about all this. and people trying to stifle it are short changing science, the policy process and our democracy. >> tucker: but why would we have a debate on something that's absolutely settled about which we know everything? isn't a debate just allowing
11:53 pm
industry to destroy the earth for profit? >> we understand some basic things like we know that the climate has been warming. we know that humans have been emitting carbon dioxide. we know that core bon carbon die warms the planet. however, there is widespread disagreement on how much of the recent warm something caused by humans. how familiar climate will change in the 21st century. is warming bad or not? and what, if anything, can we do about it? all of those issues are topics of intense debate. very complex topics. >> tucker: what do you mean is warming bad? we know that -- and i think i'm quoting al gore and leonardo decaprio here when i say it's existential threat to the planet, judith curry. how could you even raise the question is it bad?
11:54 pm
what do you mean by that? >> well, i don't think anybody thinks it's existential threat to the planet who is seriously looking at this problem from an academic perspective. climate has always changed. whether warming is extrip sickly good or bad, that's a value judgment. there is a lot of uncertainty about what might happen, what are the impacts and whether they are bad or good. whether they are bad or good is fundamentally a value judgment. and some regions might benefit and some might be harmed. i mean, that's just part of the way weather and climate works. >> tucker: are you surprised to learn that al gore studied theology and not climate toggle in college? >> no. [laughter] >> tucker: and with that
11:55 pm
dr. judith curry, it is always great to see you. i hope you will come back any time. thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> tucker: a big night at fox news tonight. sean hannity is our neighbor again. this time at 9:00 p.m. eastern, which is about 5 minutes exactly from right now. be back in a second. we will see him.
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how holts. as we wrap up here in washington it is a big night. you probably saw the five return to 5:00 pm earlier tonight. sean hannity is back again at 9:00 pm eastern. he's got some big announcements in store tonight. we're all going to be watching. >> sean: two. >> tucker: two. sean hannity ladies and gentlemen, have a great show. >> sean: thank you, welcome to hannity t we are following two major breaking news stories tonight begins a new chapter in the cable news wars. we're now back live at 9:00 pm. we'll have more in just a minute. tonight the president takes on the nfl and players who refuse to stand for the national anthem and our flag. vice-president mike pence is at a political ral lit tonight and he's standing with president trump in that race for the send sat in. we'll have his comments. steve bannon will join us in his first cable interview since leaving the white house, also tonight newt gingrich, laura ingle i think and these announcements.


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