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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> sean: i'm only one studio over from tucker and i can hearn you. all right, tucker, thank you so much. welcome to "hannity". we're broadcasting from the swamp, in other words, our nation's capital, washington dr. sebastian gorka and we made a promise to you. we'll hold washington accountable and why we're here. our exclusive sit down interview with speaker of the house paul ryan and ask him about the new tax plan, president trump's agenda and more.ul first we're following two major breaking news stories tonight. the president unveiled the gopst tax plan that calls for massive cuts, sweeping reform. is it enough? will it help you? we'll explain what it means for you and your family. the president is not backing down in the nfl anthem controversy and brand-new comments from the president. we'll play that and he spoke exclusively with "fox & friends." we'll play all of that for you.
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also tonight a "hannity"y" histy lesson on how the left, mainstream media have been disrespecting the flag, national anthem and our military for years. you won't get this anywhere else on your television dial. we have all of that in tonight's very important breaking news opening monologue from d.c. president trump hitting the road today to outline details of his tax plan and how it will impact you and your families. take a look. >> this is a once in a generation opportunity, and i guess it's probably something i could say that i'm very good at. i've been waiting for this for a long time. we're going to cut taxes for the middle class, make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday americans, and we arere going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country and most people thought left our country for good.
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we want tax reform that is pro growth, pro jobs, pro worker,y pro family and yes, tax reform that is>> pro-american. >> the president is following through on what he promised you on the campaign trail. here is what the president outlined today. he will consolidate the seven current brackets to just three brackets with new 12%, 25%, and 35%. he is going to double the standard deduction and if you are single, you won't pay taxes on the first $12,000 you make. if you're married, that increases to $24,000. the child tax credit will also be expanded and he will repeal the alternative minimum tax and he will end the death tax. double taxation. now the corporate rate will be lowered to 20% and a pass through tax rate to help small business owners and calling for a low repatriation tax, a tax rate foror multi-national
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corporations that targets money directly that's parked overseas because of the high taxation and regulation here and that allows these multi-nationals to bring trillions back to the american economy. let me explain. the corporate side of tax reform is so very important and here is why. when businesses pay higher taxes, it gets passed on to you, the customers. corporations don't pay taxes. now, if president trump's plan is approved, all these companies will have billions of dollars, if not more of extra money. they won't put it in their bankk account. guess what they're going to do? they'll invest, capital and manufacturing centers and factories which will create jobs for the millions of forgotten men and women in this country. that's what we need, that's what we want, that's what many of you voted for. and to add to that the house freedom caucus are now supporting the president's plan. so basically everything that the president is proposing is designed to help grow the preconomy.
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and the only thing i would add to the plan personally, give a tax cut across the board and let everybody have it. in many ways it's a lot like what president reagan did in the 1980s. he created the blueprint for economic success and it all adds up. here are the facts. reagan slashed over the course of his presidency the tope marginal rate from 70% to 28%. as a result, economic growth exploded. for example, 1984 gdp growth 7.3%. barack obama didn't reach 3% in a single year of his presidency. the only president in history not to do that. 20 million jobs were createdpr under reagan.on revenues to the government doubled by cutting taxes. and america saw the longestub period of peacetime economic growth in history to that point. and if americans, if you want more proof that works, just take a look at what happened when john f. kennedy, a democrat, believe it or not, cut the top marginal rate to 91% to 77%.
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same thing, million else of jobs created. gdp growth soared. today the left all they want to do despite all the tax cuts that the president is proposing for the middle class and corporations and small businesses, they do what they always do. write to the playbook. let's play class warfare. take a look. >> under this plan the wealthiest americans and wealthiest corporations make out like bandits while middle class americans are left holding the bag. >> what has been released today makes a total mockery out of the president's pledge that he wanted tax relief to be for the working class and it wouldn't be for the wealthy. >> it's a swindle of the american people selling the same blueprint the failed trickle down bush cuts.
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that did not create jobs and only increase the deficit. >> sean: same boring talking points. then you have the mainstream media. an extension of the democratic party. all they did was echo those talking points. watch and listen to this. >> as you look at this plan, ars those cuts in balance favoring the wealthy over the working class?wo >> president says this plan will provide little benefit for people of wealth like himself. is that true? >> in a word, no. the majority of the tax plan, the benefits will go to the wealthy. >> if he is worth $10 billion and doesn't have to pay any tax on his estate, it would be a enormous bonanza for him and other wealthy people, right? >> absolutely. you can cut taxes on people in lower income but it is peanuts in the wallet depending on the windfall it would be. they are not mentioning the easiest stop for the wealthy and it is considered by everyone to be essentially unfair that
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people like hedge fund managers investmentalthy professionals pay such a low tax rate. >> sean: they don't know what they're talking about. the trump hating "washington post" a perfect example.'r they attacked the president'shi tax plan. look at the headline what it says. gop proposes deep tax cuts but provides few details how to pay for them. this is what the liberal press and people on the left will never, ever understand in spite of reagan and kennedy's success. the idea. it is not a zero sum game. you want to grow the economy. and if you do that, well, those people out of work and in poverty and on food stamps will have jobs and stop taking hand-outs and start paying taxes. in other words, you incentivize people and create an environment growth oriented. democrats, the media, they play class warfare. they've been doing it for decades. you have to remember this, democrats and the mainstream left establishment media they
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are not telling you that under president obama, they will never tell you this, 13 million more americans were on food stamps. 8 million more americans were put in poverty. 95 million americans were out of the labor force. lowest labor participation rate since the 70s and lowest recovery sins '40s. lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. president obama accumulated more debt than every othert presidet before him combined. great job, president obama. now, they also don't want you to know that here is the facts. the rich that they hate so much, the top 1% of wage earners in america according to the i.r.s. pay 39.5% of all federal incomen taxes. top 10% wage earners pay 70.9% of permanent income taxes. it sounds like the rich are paying their fair share to the bottom 50% pay 2.8% combined and we can't forget 35% of tax
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filers pay nothing. zero federal income tax. under president trump's plan they will even pay less. my advice to the gop is simple. stay the course, follow the reagan, the kennedy models and stick to the plan that the president is proposing. now also tonight president trump is not backing down in his fight to defend the flag, the national anthem and stand up for our military. the president called out the nfl national anthem protestors once again. good for him, take a look. >> the nfl is in a very bad box. you cannot havee people disrespecting our national anthem, our flag, our country and that's what they're doing. in my opinion, the nfl has to change or you know what's going to happen? their business is going to go to hell. >> sean: the president keep saying this issue is very simple. it is aboutt. respect. he never once mentioned race, not one time despite whatt the liberal media is saying to you when they lie to you. the military fight, bleed and die, why?
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so football players and others will have the opportunity. in the case of football players, to make millions of dollars for playing a sport on sundays. members of the military putpl everything on the line every single day for all of our freedoms. they don't do it for the money, they don't get paid a lot on privates make $40,000 a year. football players on average make over $2.4 million a year. the guys in the military don't do it for recognition but they love the country and willing to fight and die defending the country and they fight under that flag. you know what at a bare minimum every single american should stand with their hand over their hearts during the national anthem and honor them. the veterans, activeng duty military members, do they not deserve that honor? is showing respect to the military, is that really too much to ask? and as i've been saying, until the nfl fixes this and addresses this issue right now saturday is
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my football day. i'll watch college football and i think millions of americans will be doing the same. as you see they'll stop e watching. according to a new poll 64% of you the american people agree with the president's position. this is completely out of line. ratings for the nfl already down 11% just compared to last year which was a low year for them. we're seeing more fallout from the nfl controversy. the national anthem singer for the ravens, a veteran, he has now resigned and now a ceo that provides the wardrobe for nbc's on-air talent says he will no longer do that and he is also pulling his ads from stations that broadcast nfl games. the widow of navy seal chris kyle. she is speaking out with a verys powerful open letter to the nfl. let me read port of it to you. your desire to focus on division and anger has shattered what many people loved the most about
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the sport. football was really a metaphor for an ideal world. different backgrounds, talents, political beliefs and historiesi as one big team with one big goal, to do well, to win together. that was summed up perfectly. sports are supposed to bee the one thing that can unite us. an escape from politics. americans don't want to see players disrespecting the flag, not standing for the anthem and making cheap political points. what is their big political point? is it one universal point? the nfl they also continue to be exposed as total look at this quote from an article written by mark thiessen. the nfl operations manual says, "all players must be on the sideline for the national anthem. they must stand at attention. they must face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand and refrain from talking or face discipline such as fines,
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suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choices."th that's first offense. the mainstream media are pathetic. despite the president clearly stating again and again and again and again that his criticism of the nfl has nothing to do with race, the media are engaging in identity politics. so predictable, so pathetic and they lie almost on an hourly basis. it is so bad the information crisis in this country. take a look. >> this current nfl kneeler movement may have kicked off with kaepernick but he did not start the fire. >> 70 years ago this was a face of change and of social activism in sports. when jackie robinson broke baseball's color line in 1947. >> where is kaepernick a year later? >> still from a visible standpoint unemployed as far as the nfl is concerned.
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he has put his money where his mouth is, nearly $1 millionn through community efforts to be a bridge builder. >> president trump decided histh political livelihood is widening the racial divide. why we have to ask does this man pick at the scab of ethnic anger? >> donald trump thinks i can get a victory and talk about entitled black athletes who make too much money. >> for somebody who is focused on stirring up his working class white base and thinks this is the way to do it. >> 40% of our active military members are racial and ethnicdo minorities and have a vested interest in racial justice. mr. president, don't you think they deserve better? >> sean: the destroy-trump-media has been so quickys to jump to judgment. like they always do and just trash the president. frankly, what are they doing? defending those disrespecting
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the flag, anthem and military. you know what? it's time for "hannity" history, try and keep up with this. you know what? you in the media like to always all you want to do is trash the president. what is he doing? he is defending those who respect the flag, the anthem and those that fought under that flag.fl this shouldn't come as a surprise. you guys on the left, journalists, frankly, have been mocking the national anthem and we haven't been paying attention for years. let me give an example. former cnn host bill press said this a couple of years ago. >> it is a major crusade of mine, a major cause of mine, and that is to get rid of the "star-spangled banner." the home of the brave? i don't know. >> are we the only ones brave on the planet? all the brave people live here. i mean, it's just stupid, i think.
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i'm embarrassed every time i hear it. >> sean: i'm embarrassed every time i hear the national anthem? wow. and he worked for cnn and nbc? other members of the liberal mainstream media have said similar things. bashed patriotic americans who salute and honor the flag. liberal bill moyer, pbs. don't we help on them? take a listen. >> the next time you say the pledge of allegiance, i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republican for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all remember, it's a lie, a whopper of a lie. we coax it from the mouths of babes for the same reason our politicians where the flag pins in their lapels.
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it makes the hypocrisy go down easier. >> what a pompous ass. tom brokaw didn't think we should be wearing the american flag. are we not all americans first? remember ted coppel, interview me for 50 seconds? and show 70 seconds of him looking great. he almost said the same thing. a blatant display of disrespect from people in the nfl and media. it fits perfect into their left-wing ideology. i don't get it. rush limbaugh said the nfl has now become a tool of the left. how sad is this? it's true, >> we're dealing with liberalism here and we're dealing with the left.. it is not how they operate. everybody knows how much i love the nfl and how bigger than life it's always seemed to me. it doesn't seem bigger than life. it just seems -- it seems like a
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tool now. it has become a tool. i don't mean slang for fool. it has become something being used by the political forces in the left to advance their agenda, which is an anti-american agenda. >> sean: here is what we all need to ask ourselves tonight. what are the goals of the nfl national anthem protestors? anybody know? is anyone going to talk about the nfl's inconsistencies and free speech and hypocrisy and the billions of hard-earned tax dollars that go to the nfl so they can build their stadiums and the money that the league literally was taking from theli military so the league can honor the vets they are being paid to honor them?? you know what? that was before they were publicly shamed. so who are the divisive people, the really divisive is it the nfl or the president? the left or the president?
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the media or the president? reaction, chief strategist for the make america great again coalition drr sebastian gorka and daryl parks. your thoughts. >> without question i thinkd people are missing the message here. this has always been about racial inequality in the country and drawing attention to the racial inequalities that people of color face every day in american. this has never been about disrespecting the flag or the anthem. we love america. it creates wonderful opportunities for all of us to succeed. now the message needs to be clear. the people who are crying out, the president needs to find a way to bring us together. so i call upon the president to find ways to bring us together. >> sean: daryl, isn't he bringing us together saying don't disrespect the flag and anthem and don't disrespect those who bled and died under the flag and respect the flag, respect the anthem, respect your
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country, respect the military. that's what he is saying. >> let me say this. he also has to say why are people feeling this way and inequality exists. what can he do to address this as the president?ua that's the question for the president. >> mr. parks, you say you lovefo the flag, you love this nation. well, love the flag as well. the red of that flag, the stripes in that flag, that's the same red as the blood of americans that fought and died for this nation. and we didn't look upon them based upon their skin color, the blood of a black african-american is the sameme color as an asian, as a white-skinned american. the people who fought on the beaches of normandy in vietnam, afghanistan, korea, iraq. it's a symbol of unity. if you can't see the flag and the anthem as symbols of unity but political tools, then perhaps you should think again about which country you're loyal to. >> here is the problem.
9:21 pm
i think when people are loyal to the flag, loyal to the anthem, but people still see the injustices in the streets that still exist throughout america. we have to address that. yes, we show allegiance but we also see what's happening in police brutality and inequities that exist throughout the country. those things have to be addressed and should be addressed. >> sean: you were wrong on travon martin and ferguson. a lot of people wrong in baltimore. the cambridge police didn't ask stupidly. did they? >> when you see the caskets come home from the battlefields with dead american soldiersst and marines in them, do we think about that flag having a skin color? do we think about that flag belonging to a political party? is it the gop's flag, the democrat's flag? does it belong to the urban cities, does it belong to the fly-by states? no.
9:22 pm
none of those dead americans aro honored by the flag in ways they're on it because the flag is a symbol of our nation. it's a symbol of our unity. and if you don't want to have a united nation, you don't have a nation.nt if you don't respect the flag, then you don't respect the lives of the people who died for that nation. it's that simple. >> sean, if i may, without question when we see this flag this is also the same flag weyo see young african-american boys also laying in caskets. many of us have seen the caskets and the lives of our people who have died for no reason at all under law, under the flag. >> sean: but that's what he just said.un >> the question we have to ask. nobody -- let me finish. >> i just said that. why aren't we respecting the flag?
9:23 pm
if dead african-americans, david asian americans, dead white americans are respected by the flag on the casket, why do you want to disrespect the flag? >> i think you are missing the point. when african-american boys are dying in our streets and the people who kill them are not being brought to justice, that is the injustice. >> sean: what did obama do withs all the shootings in record numbers? nothing. he didn't go to his home city. he mentioned it three times in his presidency. >> sean, without question wewe also waiting for president trump to go to chicago as well, too. that hasn't happened. >> sean: thank you both. powerful debate. appreciate it. holding washington accountable.e speaker of the house paul ryan. breaking tonight new comments from president trump on the nfl. he spoke to pete hegseth. we'll give you a preview of that only on "hannity" tonight. ♪
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bad tax code. it is a relic. my administration has been working closely with congress to develop a framework for tax reform. >> sean: that was the president earlier today announcing his tax reform proposal. tonight we went to the capitolta and spoke with paul ryan.. take a look. >> sean: mr. speaker, how are -- >> let me start with today's plan. this will impact a lot of people. first question everybody is asking me, are they getting it done? >> we better get it done. the answer is yes, this is one of the most important things we can do to help all americans in the country. this is the kind of plan that day of planet donald -- donald trump going on. this is about economic growth, about bigger paychecks, more
9:29 pm
jobs, it's about a fairness system in our tax code so we're really excited about this. that's why we spent all this time working with the president and yes working with the senate and house to make sure we're on the same page so we work off the common framework to go from here to get this done. >> sean: we'll get to the process in a second. let's go over the plan. seven brackets to three. middle class tax cuts. standard deductions, childcare tax cut expanded.ct eliminate the alternative minimum tax. corporate rate 20%. the president said he wanted 15% when he was running. 22.5% is the industrial average. so we're below the worldwide average. repatriation of trillions over seas to bring money over. >> that's right. >> sean: put it on a postcard or do it online. give more detail. >> you said a lot right there. here is what this is about. delivering middle class taxpayers tax relief.ha there are a lot of people in this country working paycheck to paycheck. a lot of people in the country because of the slow growth economy never got the raise. a lot of economic anxiety. it's about them.
9:30 pm
letting those hard working taxpayers keep more of their own money and giving them a tax break but also simplifying the system so much that nine out of 10 taxpayers can fill out their taxes on a postcard. cleaning it up and simplifying it. by getting rid of loopholes it's more fair. it's fairness, unrigging the economy, it's getting all the connected crap out of the tax code, excuse me for saying that. this tax code is -- >> sean: 31 years. it's fine. we say a lot worse. >> 31 years of special interests carve-outs put in the tax code. as a result of that people pay higher tax rates. get the junk out of the code, lower the tax rates. >> sean: let me go to criticisms right off the top. some people say why not across the board states like when you move the state, local incomeme i live in new york, i pay 10% federal california 13.5%. no longer deductible.
9:31 pm
so while their rate may be lower they'll end up paying more. >> when you double the standard deduction and give more benefits like eliminating the marriage penalty and larger child tax credits. people will see a big break. >> sean: the other question is should we be having some states subsidize other states with big government and high taxes?bs we want to get rid ofac that so that it's just fair across the board for everybody. >> sean: you acknowledge people in states that are taxing on a bigger government >> if you have a bigger government your government is bigger. why should we incentivize big government? by getting rid of loopholes and deductions we can give everybody in the middle class a tax break. we want to reduce thesewe deductions and get rid of the loopholes so everybody can keep more of their own money in thean first place and you decide what to do with your money. if you have kids we'll help you with that. expanded child tax credit and raising the standard deduction
9:32 pm
simplifies things so much so that people just don't pay taxes on the first $24,000 of money they earn. >> sean: i love the corporate tax, corporations can then4, invest and manufacturing centers and factories and create jobs. i love the repatriation, again that's trillions of dollars parked overseas. hopefully they will invest in wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and states that are depressed. but the one thing that i thought was a little different from the reagan tax cut, he went from 70% to 28% the top marginal rate. >> 70% over the course of his presidency and 58 to 28 in '86. >> sean: over the course of his presidency.hi wouldn't that be another part of the equation? it's all about growth. >> right. >> sean: i have a "washington post" article today. gop proposes deep tax cuts, provides few details how to pay for them. i can answer that question. it's about growth. wouldn't cutting everybody's
9:33 pm
taxes when the top 10% already pay 70% of the bill, the bottom 50% basically pay none? >> i would say this first of all for high income taxpayers they've done really well. it's the middle class that has gotten squeezed in this country. on income tax rates for people's personal taxes what the president feels strongly about and congress agrees the middle class are the people who need the tax break. low and middle income are living paycheck to paychecke worried about losing their jobs or having gotten a raise in years. this is about them not highh income earners getting a break. >> sean: when we come back the speaker talks about president trump and mitch mcconnell. why can't they do a thing in the senate? new comments from presidentdo trump about the nfl. he spoke to pete hegseth. we'll give you a preview straight ahead. you a preview straight ahead. per roll
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>> se >> sean: my interview with speaker of the house paul ryan. when i was here in february you gave me a 200-day agenda. you said we would repeal and replace. let refugees build the wall. not education right away. the house as accomplished a lot more than the senate. i understand that you can claim success but if mitch mcconnell can't even appoint 2/3 of the president's appointees nine months in and mitch mcconnell and you have passed 270 some odd bills that he hasn't taken up. >> the point is we're on schedule in the house. we passed the healthcare bill in may and the repeal and replace of dodd-frank. we did case law, sanctuary cities, we did military and veterans and education reforms and school choice and pro-life
9:39 pm
legislation. we passed 337 bills in the hous as of this week. >> sean: you have the different administration. >> this is more than obama, bush, clinton and h.w. bush. more bills have passed the house this year under donald trump at this time than obama and both bushes and clinton. the challenge we have is this chart. 274 of them are still being -- are still in the senate. we haven't gotten them over the finish line in the senate. is that frustrating for the house? you bet. they have a couple of problems. you mentioned it, they have to do people and personnel. we don't have to confirm judges and cabinet secretaries and assistant cabinet secretaries. >> sean: they aren't doing a lot of that. >> chuck schumer can take 30 hours per person and he can gum it up. they have the filibuster rules in the house. the reason we're using reconciliation for tax reform is
9:40 pm
they shouldn't filibuster. >> sean: a simple majority in the senate? >> any house member says yes. i would like to see them do majority votes. we've talked about it a lot. they don't have the votes there. that's the flat, simple answer. >> sean: what do you do to get the votes?'s isn't he in charge of the rules? >> i don't think there is enough republicans to vote for that.. they worry when liberals take over government liberals will ram through liberal things. >> sean: you know what congress's approval rating? yours is double what congress is. it's 15%.ub i think -- in fairness to you, you will talk to me. mitch mcconnell won't even takee my call. i think the audience that i hear from every day and they write and they write me on social media and they email and they -- they are voicing their frustration. congress's approval rating 15%. they want to know this is going
9:41 pm
to get done. >> i wasn't looking for thisov job. i was a person not looking for n leadership job. you don't want it. these jobs are a lot harder on the inside than they seem on the outside.nt you have to rally support and get things done and get consensus and deal with the rules and the situations as the exist. not the world you wish you had. in the house we've been productive and passed our agenda, all of our appropriations bills ahead of schedule. the first time since 2004. healthcare is a perfect example. we passed a repeal and replace health care bill in may. >> sean: how frustrating was it for you to see john mccain. who promised 100 times to repeao and replace, because i'm frustrated. >> we are the ones who passed it. and to see had not asked --
9:42 pm
>> sean: it wasn't easy. >> but it is extremely frustrating. the point i'm trying to get at,h there are still things we can get done even with the rules they have over there. you know what the congressional review act is in you can rescind obama regulations. we've done 14-in-law this year alone because they can't filibuster that. the tax reform bill we'll do it in such a way they can't filibuster that and we can limit the debate on it to get it done. we're working with the world we have in front of us, to get around this crazy filibuster rule and get these things done and that's the plan we have. i believe if americans see thei congress giving them a postcard tax form, giving a middle class tax break, getting rid of the special interest loopholes to make it more fair and lowering taxes on businesses to bring jobs back from overseas and make it easier for businesses to create more jobs here, that is going to be something that is going to be good for all americans. bigger paychecks, more jobs, faster growth. we get that done i think people will be happy with congress and
9:43 pm
with the president. we will have kept ouran word. >> sean: let's talk about congress and the president. i know people that sit in senate, private closed door meetings and they write me what's said. i will give you names, john mccain, 10 or 12 senators that don't want the president to succeed, republican senators that openly trash the president. what is your relationship with him? >> it's very good. it is the opposite. >>ho sean: are you happy with this? >> i'm very happy with it. you don't have that in the house of representatives. you don't hear that kind of talk from the house of representatives. >> sean: i have not heard it from house members. >> i think the president is giving us the leadership we need to get the country back on the right track. >> sean: you think anything on the agenda that's not conservative? any big disagreement you have with him? >> no. >> sean: so it really comes down to the senate.
9:44 pm
that's where people need to focus their attention. >> i love to bash the other guys. i can control what we can control. we're doing our job in the house and rooting for our friends in the senate to get it done. we're disappointed in healthcare but we have a chance to get the big things done. >> sean: will it be done by december? >> that's my plan. the senate has something to say bit. -- about it. if paul ryan has something to say about it, the answer is yes. >> sean: the whoever group are on board. >> we're on board and get it done. like i said, we have to get this stuff to the senate. the great thing about this particular issue, they can't filibuster it.ea that's why i think we're goingic to get it done. >> sean: last question. when you -- when you show the chart that you guys have passed record number of bills and you show that the house has passed these laws, you feel you are treated -- you think your
9:45 pm
-- you are grouped in because f the senate's failure? >> nothing is fair in this world and nothing is fair in politics and we're used to that. i think really what matters to people is that we help there lives. it does matter that the house pass these bills and we feel very satisfied for having done that but we have to get them into law. we have to get these done so that actually improves and affects people's lives. that's how we'll be judged.. >> sean: holding washington accountable. when we come back, what do the military, those that fought, bled, died, those that love their country, what do they think of the nfl controversy? that's next. the nfl controversy? that's next. coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces.
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>> >> sean: welcome back to "hannity". president trump spoke with "fox & friends" earlier tonight host pete hegseth about the military controversy. what does the military think? >> you started a national conversation this week over the nfl. your critics say it has been a distraction but you say it's critical. you talk about words like patriotism and citizenship. >> it is an important issue. i'm doing a lot. the nfl cannot disrespect our
9:50 pm
country. they cannot disrespect our flag or our national anthem.ou and they can't have people sitting down or kneeling down during our national anthem. i saw this a year ago with kaepernick. i thought it was terrible. then it builds up a little bit and more and more and you see what's been happening and you see more and more and more and i came out and made a statement in alabama the other day and i think it's very disrespectfuld o our country and the world picked it up. guess what? most people agree with me. and the nfl is in a box. they have to do something about it. >> sean: the rest of that interview with president trumpey will air tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." joining me now pete himself. pete hegseth is with us and brett devvicovich. it's about respect for those that fought, bled and died some of them fighting under that
9:51 pm
flag. simple. >> yes, the president message is stand-up. very simple. the interview goes on and takes on owners, you want to see it tomorrow morning and clear about where he thinks the blame lies. we are in a culture war, a dynamic where too many people take for granted this flag that gives us the freedoms that we have and we go on sunday to watch a football game, i don't want -- when i'm deployed overseas watching armed forces network hoping to watch a football game in iraq and afghanistan which i did many times. i don't want to tune on my tv and see protests of a flag that i'm wearing on my shoulder while carrying a rifle to fight for my freedom. it is very, very clear, sean, this president understands that and he is throwing down the gauntlet. he is not wrong and he is daring people to say why people shouldn't be standing for the anthem. >> sean: brett, you wrote drone warrior and become a best seller and turned into a movie, which is awesome for you.
9:52 pm
i really think people we haven't listened to are you and pete. >> i'm embarrassed for our troops overseas wearing the flags. as pete said. these troops are taking the fight to the enemy who wants to hurt americans sitting there noo burning our flags and then they have to go -- our soldiers have to turn on tv to see we're at war with ourselves back home. to see that nfl players are sitting there basically disrespecting our national anthem, our american flag andsi basically spitting on it. >> sean: the worst part was the ravens and jaguars. they are playing in great britain. they kneel for the national anthem but stand for "god save the queen?" i'm like wow. >> that's the hypocrisy of it. i don't pretend to speak for all veterans but i like to speak with people with common sense.r
9:53 pm
>> sean: every friend i have is in your corner. >> here is the thing. the problem i have with this ise they aren't taking real action. the physical act of taking a knee, what does that actually do? gets people talking about it. great. you have our attention. we've been talking about it for over a year now since kaepernick did it. what are the actual tangible measurable steps you're going to take to do something about it. i'm not seeing that. >> sean: we could do so manyth different examples.. pete, you look at kaepernick. he had cops depicted as pigs on his socks and r.j.3 i was a huge fan of his gets in trouble for wearing a shirt that says no life in jesus and a reebok shirt. you can't even honor the slain officers in dallas. that's against the rules. >> kaepernick chose the national anthem. he chose this as the issue. you could protest in any other way.
9:54 pm
just like owners and roger goodell can choose to enforce this rule on their books. they choose to enforce every other one but not this one, which means political correctness reigns supreme and their left wing ideology. they want to be liked amongst people so they choose not to enforce this and allow the protests, against their own rules, while enforcing all the minuscule rules that fans are sick and tired of and why president trump has made this as example. it is not going anywhere, sean. a lot of americans, vast majority of americans side with him. it will hurt the nfl.ic they have a big choice to make. >> sean: i was going to ask you where does it end? >> what about the olympics? are we going to have to see as our country is standing up there getting their medals people sitting in the stands? we're the beacon of freedom. >> sean: nearly $100 a ticket.
9:55 pm
family of four, $500. parking, two beers, two hot dogs, four hot dogs and you're out $700 or $800. a lot of money, pete. >> i could turn the channel is what i've done. i'm a vikings fan. if anybody kneeled i wouldn't have watched the game. that's going to be their problem. it's a cultural flash point. it won't go away. >> sean: pete's interview with the president on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning.. more "hannity" straight ahead.
9:56 pm
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>> sean: quick programming >> sean: quick programming note. an exclusive one-on-one interview with rush limbaugh, rare and an opportunity to hear from the king of conservatism himself. that's tomorrow at 9:00 eastern. our new time here on the fox news channel. please tell your friends. set your dvr. we appreciate you being with us. thanks for your support. this show is not the abusively
10:00 pm
bias left wing, ideological destroy-trump-media. we will be fair and balanced. stay tuned. dana perino is coming up next. dana, congratulations on your new show. she is hosting fox news live tonight. >> dana: i'm dana perino and welcome back to "fox news tonight." we begin with our topth story. a major announcement from president trump with his effort to put more money in your wallet. >> we're here today in indiana to announce our framework to deliver historic tax relief to the american people. we're going to cut taxes for the middle class, make the tax code simpler and more fair for everyday americans, and we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have leftg our country. and most people thought left our country for good. >> dana: joining us th