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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 29, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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sean hannity's at 9:00 pm. rush limbaugh. sean, you're killing it. >>thank you, and great show. and that's a long list. appreciate it. welcome to hannity. we are live in florida where earlier today i did sit down with rush limbaugh in his radio studio. that interview coming up in just a few minutes. also, newt gingrich will be with us tonight. our opening monologue will focus on two points brought up by rush. trump's agenda, the nfl. we ever going to cover all that in tonight's florida live very important opening monologue. so today we travel down to florida to talk with the leading conservative voice in the country the one and only rush limbaugh. first, we ask rush about republicans in washington and
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what they must do to finally start passing you, the people's, agenda, the president's agenda. >>this is the deal. i really believe that if for just three months going forward, just three months, gut it up for three months and work with trump on his agenda on cutting taxes seriously across the board, immigration reform, the wall, what have you, getting rid of obamacare, which is an absolute crime what has happened here and what that's going to mean to the country. just try for three months. make it look like there's unity between the president and people of his own party, and they would own washington for a generation. >>great point, three months. this isn't that difficult. and where's the republican vision and action on passing the president's agenda? in other words, where is their spine, backbone inning fighting for their conservative
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principles, and where's their honor and dignity to keep their words and promises? we've discussed this on this program for years, cutting taxes and regulation, energy dependence. is it really that hard to get done? they've been promising to do this for years and years. where is this sense of urgency to help the forgotten men and women in this country? this is what the election is all about and it's what we tell you every single night. 50 million americans in poverty, on food stamps. right now, republicans do need to unite. three months he talked about. get the job done. take a look at how they did come together earlier together on congressman steve scalise. that's the type of unity that
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congress needs. on taxes, president trump did unveil his plan yesterday for massive cuts, sweeping reform in the mold of presidents ronald reagan and john f. kennedy. we have decades of hard evidence now to back it up. kennedy gave a speech about cutting taxes and unleashing the american economy. democrats in congress who opposed president trump's plan, maybe you guys should pay close attention because you have no agenda. watch this. >>the final and best means of strengthening demand among consumers in business is to reduce the burden on private income and the deterrence to private initiative which are imposed by our present tax mission. this administration pledged itself last summer to an across
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the board cut in taxes to be enacted and become effective in 1963. i'm not talking about a temporary tax cut, which would be more appropriate if a recession were eminent. nor am i talking about giving the economy a mere shot in the arm. >>wow, now president kennedy slashed the top marginal tax rate. millions of jobs were created and revenue to the federal government, lower taxes. it didn't go down. it increased. reag r here's what president reagan said back in 1981. >>if the tax cut goes to you, the american people, in the third year, that money returned to you won't be available to the congress to spend. and that, in my view, is what
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this whole controversy comes down to. are you entitled to the fruits of your own labor, or does government have some right to spend and spend? in a few days, the congress will stand at the fork of two roads. one road is all too familiar to us. it leads ultimately to higher taxes. it merely brings us full circle back to the source of our economic problems, where the government decides that it knows better than you what to do with your earnings and how to conduct your life. the other road promises to renew the american spirit. it's a road of hope and opportunity. it places the direction of your life back in your hands, where it belongs. >>he enacted historic tax cuts and reform. he slashed the top marginal tax
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rate. it took off in a way america has not seen since. in 1984 gdp hit 7.3%. obama was the first president in history to never have an entire year of gdp growth. again, they doubled and america saw the longest period of time of peace-time economic growth. what ronald reagan did worked, and it changed the trajectory of the country forever. take a look at what the president said while he was unveiling his new tax plan yesterday. watch this. >>this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and it's probably something i can say i'm very good at. i've been waiting for this for a long time. we're going to cut taxes for the
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american class, we are going to bring back the jobs and wealth that have left our country, and most people thought left our country for good. we want tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-workers, pro-family, and yes, tax reform that he is pro-american. >>the democrats have no solutions. they're coming out in full force against trump's plan. but that's not what reagan did. and what this obstructionist democrats won't tell you is this. top-earning americans already pay way more than their fair share. for example, the top 1% of wage earners in the country contribute 39.5% of federal income taxes. the top 10% of americans pay
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70 70.9%. and there's almost -- 35% of tax filers pay zero, nothing. and by the way, they'll pay even less under president trump's plan, which of course the media is not highlighting. president trump has momentum in growing the economy, which is why we need tax reform. we want the engine to soar. much better than obama. compare that to him. the first president in history to never reach 3% gdp growth. one side works, one doesn't. and since his election, president trump has worked with all of these companies to bring jobs back to america, to help the forgotten men and women. and the trump administration have either pulled or suspended
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860 burdensome obama regulations. putting the agenda in place to fix the economy shouldn't take republicans and congress longer than three months. and unlike the rest of the fake news channels out there, on this program we made you a promise on monday. we are interested in solutions. we want to help people. so, to congress tonight, it's time to get to work and get the job done. is three months of hard work serving the american people, is it really that hard? and also tonight the fallout continues in the nfl disrespecting our flag, national anthem, and our military. and i also asked rush about this controversy. he's a huge nfl fan. take a look. >>they're backtracking that. this is not about protesting the pledge. of course it is. they try to say -- it's how it all got started. if they really wanted to make it -- if one of these players or
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group could you and wanted a half hour on this show, would you give it to them. >>100%. >>why did that doing that? what's the point? whatever's happening in the nfl right now, it's not how you grow i it. >>that's a great idea. i'll be more than happy. i'll invite players, those who protest, you're invited on the show. and we'll do a town hall. you want to fill up a football stadium. we'll do that for you. all of you can come. all you have to do is show up. and by the way, if you're really interested in solving problems and finding solutions for this country, then i think it's time that we got a talk about solutions. and, you know what, we can solve a lot of problems. let's talk about reducing violence in placing like chicago. let's discuss ways to improve
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america's horrific broken educational system. how about helping the millions of people in this countries who have been left behind, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more americans in poverty under obama. what we don't need is people like the head coach of the san antonio spurs trying to divide the country further. >>the country's an embarrassment. whether it's lgbt movement or women's suffrage, race, it doesn't matter. people have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people, because we're comfortable. we still have no clue of what being born white means. >>that really helped the country? now, unfortunately, there are people like that, and especially on the left.
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they try 20 exploit the protest. and as president trump has said, this comes down to simple basic fundamental respect, respect for the flag, for our anthem, for the military that fought under that flag. the national anthem is something -- it should bring every single american together. for some reason, there are people trying to now use it to tear us apart. joining us now with reaction, the author of "liberalism or how to turn good men into wimps." i'm a huge fan. i would love to get your thoughts on this. >>how are you doing, sean? first oh all, i'm very proud to have a president who has the courage and the love for our country to have this come up as
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a topic. this is a national conversation we should have been having for many years. the problem in the black community is the lack of hope. it's been over eight, ten years with a black president that never addressed the issues that are happening in the black community. 77% of black men abandoning their family. the litany of failure, and it's all because of a democratic socialist agenda to make sure that misery is used as a political strategy. at the end of the day, we're going to have solutions and i'm very excited about that. >>all facts, all true. reverend, i want to ask you, the fact is, the reality is disproportionally when you talk about the 13 million extra americans on food stamps, those were the eight years of obama. and we doubled the national death. disproportionately, black americans, hispanic americans were impacted.
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those policies didn't work. kennedy's policy's worked. reagan's policy's worked. and trump is proposing the same thing. >>well, first of all, i'm glad to be back with you, mr. hannity. it's been a long time. >>you're welcome. >>and why haven't you come to visit my church yet? >> i never got an invitation. if you're inviting me, i'll come. >>you just mentioned about a town hall. we would like for you to come to south st. paul. >>i will come. >>you will come? you promise? we'll look for you. >>i will come, yes, sir. >>yeah. in my opinion, no president can solve all the problems that we have. i think that president trump has done some good things, and there are some things that he has done that i disagree with. but, basically, i disagree with the way he talks. i think his rhetoric is
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disparaging. i think it's discouraging. i think it downs people. >>i don't mean to interrupt you. reverend, we have kids dying in chicago. we have millions of americans in poverty, on food stamps, can't get a job. with all due respect, how somebody talks is not impacting people's lives every day. and if i ask you what is the real reason the players are doing this, i bet you can't give me a coherent answer. >>i think i can. and let me do it metaphorically speaking. let's say, for example, yeah, metaphorically, every sunday i ask people to stand and turn to a certain hymn in our hymn note. now, what if someone in the congregation decided not to stand? would it be appropriate for me to say to my ushers, "hey, next time they sit down, throw those
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sob's out of the church"? >> did anybody die? and i'll throw this to burgess owens. can owens come to the town hall? >> i would love to be there. >>people decided fighting under that flag, sir. >>can i please add in here, let me tell you what our flag and country represents. it's a place of hope and second chances. we have these young mean that are millionaires. they have no idea that they're the solutions. they've been brought up in a socialist liberal environment. let's not talk about the way a president talks. let's talk about what they do. personally, i'm sick and tired of us being portrayed as a
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hapless race. we're the freest country in the history of the mankind. we just elected a president for eight years. and here we are talking about oppressi oppression. give me a break. let's educate our kids. let's man up and tell people, "if i can do it, you can do it." we can get our country and race back, to be a race that i grew up in, a very proud, productive christian race. >>mr. burgess, some of the things you said i agree with. but you're not looking at the fact that a president of the united states, a person who holds the highest office in the land, has to exercise a certain measure of decorum. and president trump doesn't do that. and that causes an issue. >>you're worried about decorum and kids are dying. how many kids were shot and dying in chicago, obama's
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hometo hometown? i think he mentioned it three times in his presidency. >>how about the leadership in the black community? how about if we, instead of looking for a president to be our god or answer, how about the grassroot leaders in the community that can reach out and mentor these kids? let's not talk about the president of the united states when we're lacking in terms of the leadership within our black community at this point. >>i don't think that's true. >>i've got to run. i'm out of time. but i will come to your church. burgess, i would love to go with you. i look forward to it. let me know when you want me. and coming up, my
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>>i don't. i'm totally satisfied with radio. i want for nothing. i love it so much. but this is special, because i'll tell you, the reason america is still america is in this room. >>you mean the camera people and you? >> all of us. but you and me, it's an honor to do this. it's great to be back on fox news. i'm grateful for the opportunity on the week you're going back to 9:00 pm. >>i want to start with tax cuts. all the years you've talked about it. kennedy, reagan, how it works. what do you think of the tax plan? >> well, it's good overall. there's some things about it -- let's look at the elimination of the deduction state income tax. do you know who's going to hate that? california, illinois, all these blue states. that's going to cause a shortfall for them. those taxpayers are not going to like it. but here's my basic problem with
12:24 am
this. i keep hearing everybody say growth, growth. but the top rate probably isn't going to come down, or much at all. and that's where the growth is. those the people that own small business and spend. we still give a tech system and a way of explaining it that's rooted in class envy. we're going to give the lower class, middle class, upper middle class a break. but the rich, we need to soak them. they don't need a tax break. why can't washington do with less for once? we got growth from reagan. how? look what happened. why not do it again? the reason is everybody's afraid they'll lose votes in the middle class because there's far more of them than the upper bracket. the top 10% are paying 70% of
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all the income taxes. and how can you say they're not paying their fair share? if you want growth, lower everybody's taxes across the board. >>you're going to have a corporate tax. trump wanted 14. it's going to be 20. you're right. new york, california, new jersey, illinois, they don't get to deduct -- i'm in new york. it's 10%. but they'll pay more. >>i talked to some very powerful people. i'm a powerful influential person of the media. they're laying this all off on the president. they know that i'm going to interested across the board with
12:26 am
everybody. they're saying we need to do this to reboost the economy. well, why are you going to leave out the people of higher? why don't we use those people as role models, inspiration? it's typical class warfare. the president's insisting, the president said that guys like him don't need a tax break. they're laying this all off on him. when i hear, "we have to find a way to pay for it," that's democrat talk, paying for tax cuts. the first day it's presented is never going to be how it ends up, if they get a vote on it. there's some great things in it. but the thing that bothers me is that we still want to demonize and punish achievers.
12:27 am
>>i worked at restaurants since i was 12, worked in construction for years. i was demonized for saying i never got a job from a poor person, ever. >>right. well, see, you're not supposed to say those things. you're not supposed to say things that contradict the narrative, which is all about getting reelected. it's all about trying to claim that they have things in common with the middle class, the downtrodden, and so forth. that's why i don't think it's really about growth. it's about politics and getting votes. >>let's talk about the republican party. we saw what happened with healthcare. let's get your general impressions on healthcare. and i'm convinced there's a pretty significant percentage of republicans in the senate, they do not want this president to succeed. >>i agree with you. i think it goes further than that. i don't think they expected him to win. i think they thought trump was going to lose.
12:28 am
they weren't preparing to govern. they hadn't laid any plans for it. they have become accustomed to being the "loyal opposition" which means caving and giving the democrats what they want after putting up a good front. gave them all of that. and you're right. they don't want to do it. i think that the voters come second. it's kind of like this nfl thing. the owners there have a real conundr conundrum, real dilemma. who do they choose, players or customers? that's a tough decision. republicans in the senate and the house, who do they choose, donors or voters? the donors want amnesty.
12:29 am
you could tell they want to repeal or replace it. they were just saying the words. and they all have their own individual reasons, but i think it's donors influencing more than voters. we'll see. but this is an embarrassment. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that's being totally squander squandered. we're never going to have this chance. >>they were smart, they would govern for generations. >>this is the deal. i really believe that, if for just three months going forward or if they had three months in the past, just three months, gut it up for three months and work with trump on his agenda, on cutting taxes seriously across the board, immigration reform, the wall, what have you, getting rid of obamacare, which is just -- it's an absolute crime what has happened here and what that's going to mean to the country.
12:30 am
just try for three months. make it look like there's unity between the president and the people of his own party. and they would own washington for a generation. >>i think you're right. i'm looking at the republican party. i think trump has a strong identity. ran on a platform, sticks to it. every speech sounds just like his campaign speech. where's the brilliant ideas? how many years on radio -- you talked about health savings accounts. we don't hear about the wall. i don't see them embracing strong ideas and selling them. which i think they would win on the -- >>look, there isn't much conservativism in the establishment. there are republicans and democrats, but it's basically people who are pro-government, pro-washington, think government and washington is the center of the world. they'll give occasional mentions of these things that you mention, these policys to placate voters. but going back to an original
12:31 am
question you had here, they don't want trump to succeed with his agenda. they can't afford that. i'm not exaggerating here and trying to say things for a sound bite that fox replays the rest of the day. >>five days, rush. >>they don't want -- they can't afford for him to succeed with his agenda. they can't afford it. the lid's blown. the gig is over. the joke is revealed. if an outsider with no prior political experience can come in and fix messes that people have been promised would be fixed for 30 years, how does that make them look? they can't allow that to happen. >>when we come back, limbaugh will weigh in on the nfl, the national anthem controversy,
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>>welcome back to hannity. as we report from florida
12:36 am
tonight. rush limbaugh has been one of the strongest voices against the nfl. >>let me go to the nfl. i want to read what you said because i've listened to you all the years you've been on radio, and you're probably the biggest nfl fan i've ever known. you love the pittsburgh steelers. >>i do. >>you saw what happened in the pittsburgh game. and you actually said that -- you pointed this out. it's bigger than life to you, the nfl. and for the first time in 45 years, you weren't excited and that the myth that you've always had about these players and the nfl is gone. >>totally gone now. >>totally gone. you can't recover it? >> well, maybe. i hope. see, that's the thing. i woke up sunday morning after president made his comments in alabama on friday.
12:37 am
i'm looking at the way the media's covering it. the left has hijacked the game. it used to be a respite. it used to be a place you go to escape all this. you think of the players, they can do things we can't do when they're performing at optimum level. it is just incredible to watch, the talent on display. to watch them get caught up into something that i don't think they understand. they're backtracking now. they try to say -- it's how it all got started. if they really wanted to make it -- if one of these players called you and said they want a half hour on your show, would you give it to them? >> 100%. >>why did they do that? they're not accomplishing anything except harming the
12:38 am
enterprise. >>you said if owners are clueless, this is about race. i think the most profound thing you said is they're now being used by the left in this country that wants to take away institutions and that the nfl is to the left. >>people don't look -- when i say what i'm going to say, people are going to react, "come on, are you serious?" i just want to tell you i am. and this is why i'm so concerned. i do believe that the left wants to cause great damage to the nfl. what does the nfl stand for? masculinity, strength, toughness. so what are they doing to it? you go to college campuses now and you'll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. it's actually happening. it's patriotic.
12:39 am
you've got the flag, anthem, uniformed military personnel. all the things that the left wants to erase from this country. they don't like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism. and that's why the players are being used here. they think it's about police brutality, righting social wrongs. this is an attack on the nfl as an institution for shaking it down and lowering its profile and impact on american culture. we're in the midst of a culture war. everybody knows it. the left does everything it can. so when i see the owners, they've got to be scared to dea death. on the one hand, if they side with their players, that's just
12:40 am
driving the central fan base away. i almost think that is part of the strategy. if you did want to damage the nfl, what would you do? you would do something to cause its fan base to leave it. what's happening? >> this isn't the going to end well, is it? >> well, i hope it does. see, i love this so much, that i live in constant optimism this can be overcome and we can get back to it. but the problem is, sean, everybody in management, everybody in corporate america is under the false impression that this is a leftist liberal country. it isn't. it's made to look it because the media is and the media promotes it and the media narrative is that america has progressed and now conservatism is a minority. everybody in corporate america thinks they need to find a way for people to pay them, their
12:41 am
product or whatever. look who advertise with the nfl. ford -- everything that supposedly causes climate change. guys, beer. who's being assaulted and attacked in all this? and the owners and the commissioner -- i don't know what their individual politics are. i don't think they understand what's happening to them. i don't think they understand. they think they're relating to the majority of their fan base. they're not. they're driving them away. and i hate it. i don't want the nfl to get smaller and become insignificant, be taken over by a bunch of wusses. i don't want it to be taken over by left-wing social justice causes. use something besides the nfl sideline, the flag, something that people use to escape everything leftist. >>i'll give them hours on my show. >>you hear that? >> hours. >>let's see if they take you up on it. >>tell me what you care about. i'll have a big debate.
12:42 am
i'll do hour-long debates. >>you know what you're going to find? >> what? >> i think a lot of these players really believe, hands up, don't shoot -- they really believe. >>never happen. >>but the media says it did. and civil rights community continue to say it did. you can't blame them if that's the only media they trust and watch. there's that aspect of it. there are also -- the police brutality overall that they think -- more blacks are killed in chicago by other blacks. >>nobody talks about it. >>because it doesn't fit the narrative. if they were really concerned about all of the horrible things happening to them, it isn't happening in the nfl. 75% of the league is
12:43 am
african-american and wealthy and adored. it makes no sense. it saddens me. i loved it. i didn't watch football sunday. i couldn't. >>i watched college football. >>i'm not a big fan of that either because of cheap uniforms. >>they do look not as flashy. i'm going to be playing golf on sundays now. it's just not -- sean, it's not the same. you're watching it and the media can't wait to tell us of all the discord. >>they never show the fans booing. >>they'll show you the players dissing the flag. >>all right, we're just getting started. we will have part two of our interview with rush tomorrow. but when we come back, newt
12:44 am
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>>and welcome back to hannity. joining us now, the author of the number-one new york times best seller "understanding
12:48 am
trump," newt gingrich. his online course is entitled "defending network." it's up on my website i think back, and i was with rush today. and he played a very integral part in 1994 when you brought the republicans to congress. when i was thinking as i was interviewing him today, you kept your promises and you made a difference. you balanced the budget, welfare reform. you had major transformative things happen. rush is saying three months, if they just get their backbones stronger. >>it was great to watch him tonight on your show, first time i've seen him on tv in a long time. you're exactly right. without rush, we might not have won. he was the clear voice for
12:49 am
millions of conservatives all across the country, many of whom would stay in their car to listen to the last half hour. rush has had a remarkable historic impact on the country. his instincts are as good as they ever were. he analyzes things from angles nobody else can match. it was great of you to have him on tonight. >>listen, there's no doubt he understands the left. but i want us to focus a little bit more on -- he sort of laid out a challenge, i felt, to the republicans. for three months, just stick to your agenda. suck it up. let's get these things done. you guys made these promises. they can literally govern for generations. and i agree with him. >>i agree. look, i brought a prop tonight. i don't usually do this. you know that. this is the paul ryan postcard
12:50 am
income tax return. their estimate is that 85% of the people who currently are itemizing, under the new republican tax cuts, this is all they'll fill out, which will give them a second tax cut of all the money they're currently spending to get some tax preparer. it saves literally billions of additional dollars. if by thanksgiving, the paul ryan income tax postcard becomes law, i think you're going to find out that they are doing exactly what rush suggested. this is visible. it applies to virtually every average american. it is clear. they're going to be producing these so that everybody can have a copy. you can show your friends and neighbors, and you can ask them,
12:51 am
"you want to keep the current system with its swamp-like complexity, or do you want to go to a very simple lower-cost simple that both saves you money on taxes and preparation?" i think this is the start of what rush is talking about. >>i remember every interview. and i was in atlanta at the time. and every interview you did leading up to the election in '94. you would go into your pocket and pull out the contract. the only really big criticism i have, and it's kind of laughable in a way because the blue states deserve the government they voted for and put in power. you elect your politicians and your 10, 12, 13% state income tax, it's not going to be deductible. and by the way, i'm going to get
12:52 am
punished, but that's fine. in a lot of ways, it's interesting because you can analyze it two way. the rest of the country's been subsidizing them. your thoughts. >>well, first of all, let me come back to this. i would urge every republican in the country, just as i used to pull out the contract, pull out the paul ryan postcard and ask your constituents. but here's the second thing. for most of the people on long island, by the way, maybe not you, you've done really, really we well. but for most people, by the time you get to doubling the deduction and lowering the rates, the number of people in new york who are going to need some kind of deduction for state and local taxes is going to drop dramatical dramatically. the average guy isn't going to notice it because they're getting a great tax cut.
12:53 am
and if you throw in the amount they save from not needing a preparer, they're going to be much better off. if you're a rich guy, all the liberal democrats tell us they want to soak the rich, guess what, they're the ones in the blue states that are about to start screaming because you have to be pretty darn wealthy to be affected by not having the state and local taxes. and i have to say as a conservative, i'm not that sympathetic. >>yeah. >>i'm not sympathetic when democrats show up and go, "oh, gosh." you all remember, florida is only an airplane away. >>all i need is six months and a day and i'm a resident of florida. those are the rules. with all that said, this is where my job is. i'm in florida today. but it works just as good in florida. satellite is great technology.
12:54 am
all right. so here is the next important question. one -- what do the republicans need to do? i like this plan that the president proposed. he's sticking to his campaign promis promises. they better have amnesty. they might go back to healthcare in january or february. they really need to. your thoughts? >> well, look, i want to be very simple-minded because i used to do this for a living. they ought to focus from now to thanksgiving on one thing, get the tax cuts passed. if they have a signing ceremony the week before thanksgiving, if american businesses go from one of the highest tax rates in the
12:55 am
world to a really competitive tax rate, if we bring back trillions from overseas, then they've had a good fall. >>when we come back, a question i don't think rush was ready for. we'll i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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>>welcome back to hannity. tomorrow we have part two of my exclusive interview with rush limbaugh, including his answer to this question. my last question, you're going to hate this question. and so, i'm giving you the heads up. you're not going to like this question. your tv show is a big hit. when you come on tv, people want to hear from you. you have the highest rated nationally syndicated radio show in the country. huge audiences, people who listen all sorts of ways. i think people would like to see you on tv. rush, the question i posed him. tune in tomorrow night, part
1:00 am
two. we'll have a lot more of that interview. we'll also ask rush about deep-statennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnf "the five." "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. we will have an exclusive interview with tom price on the controversy regarding his use of private flights, what the secretary did and said about that today. how president trump is reacting to the news. that's coming up shortly. first we begin tonight with the crisis in puerto rico. the administration trying to counter a narrative that it has been slow to act as the mounting nightmares at the port of san juan continue. homeland security advisor tom bossert will join us in a moment and explain the federal response and where it is. leading off the coverage, chief white house correspondent john roberts with a reptn