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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> present trump faces a growing backlash over the response to the devastation in puerto rico. >> i am done being political crack, matters hell. >> the governor of puerto rico was so thankful for the job that were doing. >> chris: will discuss the humanitarian crisis and allegations the administration moved too slowly with fema director. then, president trump pushes his tax plan promising the surgeon economic growth. >> this can be remembered as the moment we took control of our
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destination and chose the future of american patriotism,. >> were reaching across the aisle to see if it's reasonable. we want to talk about what's good for the the american economy. >> chris: will as mick mulvaney weather getting tax reform passed will be any easier than repeal and replace plus. >> i've only pray to in this campaign. >> one more stunning victory in alabama's republican senate primary. will ask the sunday panel whether the gop is headed for civil war in 2018. all, right now on fox news sunday. >> hello again from fox news in washington. president trump travels to puerto rico on tuesday to see the devastation from hurricane maria firsthand. and it could get awkward. this weekend, the president picked fights with officials there over recovery efforts.
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since the storm hit 11 days ago much of the island has been without power, can it communication critical infrastructure. the mayor says people are dying because of the slow federal response. the president accuse the mayor and other local officials a poor leadership. in a moment will discuss relief efforts, first, let's bring in mike with the situation on the ground in puerto rico. >> this operated by the samaritan's purse operation just navigated the traffic bringing help to puerto rico. >> there's a lot of relief flights coming in. >> it carries power generators, water filtration kits tarts and hygiene kits. samaritan's purse a small, they can use their own transportation and work around the bottleneck that has left thousands of aid at the seaport unable to reach those who need it.
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>> we work to see those who may have fallen through the cracks that fema cannot cover. >> the 86-year-old gladys is one of those people, with no roof overhead, soaked installation on the floor, she has no ability to start cleaning up. >> she says everything is destroyed and i do not have a house, i will wait and see if somebody will help me. the roofing is similar to the construction of a mobile home and did not stand a chance when the hurricane move so slowly and powerfully over order rico. this is not unique. this is repeated over and over again through the neighborhoods creating tremendously. only 5% of power has been restored. the army corps of engineers is trying to lower expectations that the lights will come on soon. then the dam weekend by the hurricane, last night the
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governor gave an order to evacuate communities below that dam. it could fail. back to. >> mike, thank you. joining us now live from fema headquarters is the head of that agency, i want to start with a disconnect between what the trump administration is saying and what the situation on the ground seems to be. here is the acting head of the department of homeland security on thursday and the mayor san juan on friday. >> it's really good news story in terms of our ability to reach people in the limited number of deaths that have taken place. >> dammit, this is not a good news story. this is a people are dying story. this is a life or death story. >> with millions of people still struggling as we just saw, is it a mistake for folks in washington to say this is a good news story?
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>> i think the secretary's words are being taken out of context. we won't be satisfied until the situation stabilize. this is the most logistically challenging event the united states have seen. we have been moving a pushing as fast as the situation allows. every day we make progress in everyday we have some setbacks. for example, you don't just bring the commodities and you have to pump them down the roadway system that we have been working to get open. we opened 11 major highways. but there over 3200 different problems reported with assistance systems. where having to work through all of it. not only do we have enough commodity in a massive amount coming in every day, we've also established 11 regional distribution hubs where we have
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great communication 77 mayors within puerto rico were operating with the governor and those mayors in unified commands to chordate the dissemination of the commodities. it's not only these were having to push for. we have to work with the private sector to get back up to speed. this response is far more than what fema can do. were trying to get the private sector in an up and running. over half the grocery stores according to the governor are beginning to operate at a baseline level. over 300 pharmacies are beginning to operate. these are signs that routine is coming back in progress is being made. we have a long way to go. >> chris: i want to pick up on something, you said this is the most logistically challenging relief effort effort in the history of this country? >> absolutely.
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people have to take a step back and understand what's happened over the last 40 days. fema has led the response of the federal government on behalf of governors from texas, florida, south carolina and georgia to the virgin islands. and we have registered almost 3 million people for disaster assistance. was likely those were uninsured. we been able to get well over $1 billion in their hands. it's not only logistically complex just getting there and supporting an island hit not just buy one major hurricane but to within a ten day time, you can only show so much into an island because if you push too much stuff it could be damaged. we had to pull back not only equipment and staff because we don't want to soak up vital shelter space. we want to push forward and move more equipment in. the ports were damaged.
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this morning someone was saying were not seen relief flights in san juan. were not using san juan to the degree we were. we wanted to open up support bases and other airports so that commercial flights can come back up in san juan. the problem is the way information is being misrepresented across the board. i don't have time for that. what we have time for is being focused. >> i wanted to pick up on the question misinformation. some people would say it's not surprising you're having trouble but it's not been reflected in washington. you have a disconnect between statements and claims of great news in washington and as you said understandable but tough situation continuing 11 days after. i want to pick up on this and the president. between september 19, the day
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before hurricane marie hit unless sunday, he sent to tweets in puerto rico. and 12 on sports controversy over the national anthem. yesterday after the mayor complained about the response he says the mayor of san juan who is very complementary only a few days ago has now been told by democrats you must be nasty to trump. poor leadership ability from the mayor and others who are not able to get the workers to help. i know you don't have much patience for this politics, but the president started talking politics. >> ray. i don't have patients for the fact of what were trying to do in successfully done is we've established a joint field office in san juan. you should go there and see that operation. we have daily conversation with the mayor's were working with the governor and his leadership to create unified objectives. if mayors decide not to be a part of the the response is
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fragmented. >> chris: is mayor cruise not participating in the fema effort? >> there is a good article in the washington examiner. the mayor out of -- is basically saying there has been excellent communication with not only the governor but fema and the way were trying to tackle this. we can choose to look at what the mayor spout off or others but we can also see what's being done. that's what i asked. >> fema got high marks with how you responded to the hurricanes in texas and florida, was part of the reason that you've had problems, i understand the logistics, it's more than just shipping stuff across the state but as part of the reasons why you had more pushback because
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the first responders and we learned this after katrina, the first responders is state, commonwealth the local officials that they were not as prepared. >> is different than what goes on in the united states. in some cases infrastructure was fragile, that's not an excuse, but that's the reality. you also have to understand that both territories were hit by two major hurricanes, not just one. infrastructure was damaged by irma and the marie comes in and finishes it off completely. by the time you go back and after maria one of the local responders and officials have disaster fatigue. the capacities diminish.
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not from a disrespecting standpoint, but from a truly, they've taken a big hit. a majority of the response is on the federal shoulders. were trying to push and push forward. we have nearly 13000 people working on both islands territories right now. trying to do what they can to push forward. in that capacity grows every day. there more success stories, not where we provided fuel to 700 gas stations. we know there's 1100 gas stations on the island. we got 700 back up and running. there are cars driving around in some cases. there are 16 deaths confirmed right now. my teams have been all over puerto rico into some of the roughest areas. that's not to say the number won't climb but in katrina there were over 1800 deaths.
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we have to filter out the noise and continue to push forward. my guys have been boston their reruns for almost 40 days now. it's been incredibly complex. not a person in this country that would change shots of me right now. >> chris: i have 30 seconds left. can you give us a projection to the folks in puerto rico oh week or two weeks from now how much improved all things be? >> weeks from now? the key is a couple factors. many days ago we assigned the corps of engineers to do emergency power and rebuilding the bridge. getting power back is important. in conjunction were trying to work with the private sector to get telecommunications up. about one third of the telecommunications has been put
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up after two major hurricanes. it is about one third back up and running. we have get power up, communications backup and that takes a long time. it was almost a total loss when it comes to the power grid. is going to be multiple months before power is restored to these areas and that's the reality. that's what we're saying before the storm hit. going into the storm we're setting expectations by saying this is going to be a nightmare for puerto rico. >> thank you. thank you for your time and in addition you also have to deal with the politics. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> chris: up next will bring in the sunday group to discuss the the sunday group to discuss the [notification tone]
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witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. >> we've saved a lot of lives in our brain to people for distribution. >> we are dying and you are killing us with the inefficiencies in the bureaucracy. >> chris: president trump and the mayor san juan painting drastically different situations of the situation. it's time for the sunday group. is a gop strategist. charles lynch of the washington post. donna edwards and the head of heritage action for america, michael needham.
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congresswoman, you can hear the frustration and exhaustion and his voice, he makes some good points and it's tougher providing these resources to an island where a lot of the roads have been wiped out. how fair do you think the criticism of the administrations responses? what you make of president trumps tweets? >> we need to realize that puerto rico is already in a fragile economic state. that combined, i understand the points but also the mayor of san juan. whenever you have a crisis like this and infrastructure crisis, you would expect there to be different vantage points through which people would see that. with the president he continues to punch down. you understand the mayor's frustration. there's no reason for him to tweet like that and imply that
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the people of puerto rico are lazy and not paying attention to their own needs. i don't understand the resident punching down. i think he should seek higher ground. and do that by length support and get the job done. >> we know when the president gets partial punch back. whether he should have are not as a separate subject from the response to this hurricane. the reality is that it's a small island hit by hurricane and hit directly, communications were put down, knowing what needs to get in was challenging. i think they did a fantastic job and are doing a fantastic job in light of a tragedy and one that we need to come together to figure how to deliver both compassion and relief. there have been not necessarily from the mayor san juan but a
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lot of opportunistic attacks on what's been a difficult and tragic's situation. >> i agree with that, to think it's a mistake? we haven't heard this from the president and the acting head of dhs to say things are great and doing well when obviously it is not? is that a mistake in adding to the frustration of puerto rico? >> it's obviously adding to the frustration. i think you just on the fema administration frustrated they're doing everything they can. there's one person who said recently why didn't they pre-position support and relief efforts? where do you pre-position things in an island that's about to get hit by a major hurricane. i think they're not grounded in reality of a logistical situation.
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>> will turn to another story, that's the resignation late on friday of tom price. after revelations that he spent close to $1 million on either private planes or government chartered planes in just a few months that he has been the secretary. president trump was not happy. >> i feel badly because secretary price is a good man. were looking into it. >> chris: price is not alone. bp administration scott pruitt and steve mnuchin, rines and key, and virginia secretary david shelton have off on a private or government planes at taxpayer expense. how big of a deal is this? how about the fact that various democrats when they are in position of power did the same thing? >> i think if we didn't have a big story about puerto rico and the nfl, this would've been a
7:23 pm
bigger story. goes right to the perception of the trump administration to some extent created by the president himself in his expense and secret service that their lease with the taxpayers dime when it comes to the personal comfort. i think it's significant that the president asked tom price with such speed because it shows in a sense there is some price to be paid for what happened on healthcare. if secretary price had really performs more dynamically and on a more impressive job getting to the health care bill he may have had more of a purchase of the president's loyalty which we know is a fleeting thing to begin with. but this firing is also about the fact that the president was upset about what happened on
7:24 pm
healthcare. that's also part of the story in my went down so quickly. >> isn't this part of what voters hate, the idea that public officials are living large on the taxpayers time? i want you to pick up her say that this was also about the fact that he was not seen as being a big player in trying to push obama care repeal and replace? >> i think there's a good rule and government, in this case fight across the country feels good and that qualifies as something you don't two. read a very populist time. we think of traveling of government officials they think i'm not going to be happy until were sitting in the middle seat next to the bathroom.
7:25 pm
price took this way too far. a million dollars in private flights none of which seem to justify that kind of expense. this has more to do with his overall standing within the administration and how they felt like the repeal and replace effort was managed from a department point of view. >> chris: i want to go post price. with the failure of repeal and replace one think the administration hopes to do is through regulations or executive order is on do some obama care, say what you will, about tom price he knew the situation well. will be harder to do that with him out and how hard will it be to get a new hhs secretary with the battle lines already formed? >> tom price for the healthcare system. i don't think they'll have trouble getting someone through, the core problem is most of obama care is regulatory authority given to washington taken from the american people.
7:26 pm
the republican party spent eight years senate wants to repeal that authority and what we have learned is that's not true. probably 15 or 20 want to repeal obama care. the challenge president trump is can have us finding a way to get the republican party to congeal around of plan that goes with promises they made to repeal which frankly the vast majority of republicans don't believe in. >> you have a candidate for secretary? >> i think you could look at someone like ron johnson who knows healthcare well, there's many people on the outside but i don't have just one name. >> he's out, who will replace him, we'll see you a bit later. seeking a win, president trump
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>> chris: president trump unveiled the republican plan for overhauling the tax code this week, calling it a once in a generation opportunity. there are already serious questions about who benefits from the plan and how much it will add to the deficit. we'll discuss that with the director of the office of management and budget, mick mulvaney. before we get to tax reform reform. i want to ask about the top price travel controversy. you sent out this memo on friday to all executive agency had sane they all need prior approval from the white house chief of staff to plan a government or private plane. you added that every penny we spend comes from the tax player.
7:31 pm
just because something is legal doesn't make it right. why did you feel the need to write that? >> i thought it was the clearest way to articulate what the president believes. one of the reasons behind why the president was so upset about what happened. i got that memo from the lawyers and was fairly sanitary and i just wanted to make it explicitly clear that this is the policy. just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right. my guess is with the things in different agencies will find out that it's entirely legal and the question is whether or not it's right. that's a lens the president wants to look at this through. >> as i discussed with the panel tom prices alone. at least three other members of the cabinet as well as the head of the pa has talking taken
7:32 pm
private or government flights in the needed to go one hurry and they got approval from their government agencies. >> there are times on this type of travel is appropriate. some of the places secretary think he went, there's no commercial service there are anywhere near where he was going. the question is this, are we doing the best we can to be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars. are these choices, are they the absolute last option we go through to get through? it's unfortunate what happened with doctor price but the president saying it's not to happen again. >> you are now in a conference in canada where were talking to from. please tell me if we commercial. >> not only did i fly commercial, i paid for it by myself on visiting the college
7:33 pm
with my son. and that's also funded. >> good, let's turn to the tax reform plan that the president and republicans in congress rolled out. >> eliminating tax breaks and loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy, benefit of tax reform go to the middle class not the highest earners. chris: director mulvaney, independent experts say what the president just said isn't true. i want to put up this chart. nonpartisan tax policy center did this analysis, it shows the middle fifth of households in america those earning between 28,000 and $86,000 a year, they'll get average tax cut of $660 next year. mane while the top 1%, people making more than $730,000 a year will get an average tax cut of almost $130,000 next year. now, i understand that this
7:34 pm
isn't done yet but they are only basing it on the plan as it exists at this point but according to their analysis, that middle fifth, gets one and a half percent of the total benefit of the tax cut while the top 1% gets 8 and a half percent of the benefit. that doesn't seem fair. >> sure, a couple of things. i can't see the graph that you have shown up and i think that particularly organization did, number one they didn't do any dynamic scoring, they assumed no benefit to the overall economy which is absurd to think that -- chris: sir, i'm not talking about the economy, i'm talking about the benefit -- >> let me finish. chris: tax cut they get. >> i got it. you can be the go into a tax cut of a family to realize how much better off they are going to be, but beyond that they have to make assumptions because we didn't put framework yet about where those particular tax rates
7:35 pm
kick in. there's nothing in the document yet about that, not because we are hiding it but because we are working with congress to try to accomplish the rate kicks. in. after that 12, 25 and 35. it's impossible to do what the national tax center just did, so my guess is and i think that's going -- not surprising former chief economist for democrat vice president doesn't like -- chris: it's a nonpartisan group, first of all, sir. secondly, you know can talk about well, it's going to kick in at this level or that level but if the middle-income person is getting 600-dollar tax cut and the top 1% is getting 130,000-dollar tax cut. i thought the point that the wealthy weren't going to get a health cut at all.
7:36 pm
>> i'm laughing because i was -- i've done a couple of these interviews and i was on one of your sister networks and accusing the tax plan of not giving any tax cuts to the wealthy, they were accusing of raising the taxes on the wealthy and another network accusing of giving all the benefits to have wealthy. sounds like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the real details are there. we are looking at the middle class, making sure they can pay less and this doesn't get nearly enough attention. it's easier for them to pay. almost 90% of american families, not businesses, the families actually pay someone else to do their taxes. so there's another benefit we are trying to give to them. chris: the second thing we are trying to give lower corporate tax rate to spur the economy. that's what the president's attention is. the president's attention is on the middle class making sure that simple, fair and better and on the corporate tax rate to get folks to invest in america again. his focus has not been on the impact of top 1%. chris: let's get to the other
7:37 pm
issue you were discussing and i interrupted you and forgive me for that and that is the issue of cost because senate republican budget plan calls for a tax cut that is going to cost the treasury 1 and a half trillion dollars over the next ten years and some outside experts say that the plan that was unveiled this week actually will add $2 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. back when you were in congress, you were a deficit hawk, what happened, sir? >> i think the 2 trillion number is coming from the same organization that did not score dynamically -- let's talk about because i've been candid about this. we need to have new deficits because of that. we need to have the growth, chris, if we simply look at this as being deficit neutral you will never get tax reform and tax deduction that is you need to sustain 3% economic growth. we really do believe that the
7:38 pm
tax code is what's holding back the american economy. the reason we have been growing at 1.8% for the last eight, ten years which is way below historical average is in large part because of tax code. it is important to us to get the biggest, broadest tax reduction, tax cut, tax reform that we can possibly get because it's the only way we get back to 3% growth. that's what's driving all of this. how do you get the american economy back on the historical growth rate of 3% and out of these 1.8 and 1.9 in the previous administration. chris: i want to pick up on this because some of your fellow colleagues and the trump administration are not just saying that it's going to unleash massive growth, they are saying more than that. here is treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> $2 trillion of additional revenues. $2 trillion of economic activity and not only will tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down
7:39 pm
debt. chris: but the fact is there is no evidence that tax cuts pay for themselves. the reagan tax cut back in 1981 added $208 billion to the deficit over four years. the bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 added 1 and a half trillion dollars to the debt over ten years. mr. mulvaney you can argue that tax cuts spur economic growth. i think that's a perfectly legitimate argument, there is no evidence that they pay for themselves. >> well, just look at the facts and you can go back, chris, and make an assumption and run some numbers but if we have 3% growth, which what we are trying to get, where we are at, by the way, right now, maintain that, if we benefit, the budget very nearly would be balanced this year, that's how big a difference it makes, that addition of 1% over ten years. over the next ten years, if we
7:40 pm
can grow 3% instead of 1.8% and has been the average turned prefción administration, if we can get 3%, 2 and a half, $3 trillion, 12 million jobs paying into medicare and social security. growth is what's driving all of this and growth is what our focus is, which is why we are willing to accept increased short-term deficits in exchange for the long-term payoff. chris: that's the point i want to make and you seem to be agreeing with me. growth is a great thing and there's no question taxes can produce growth although it isn't just tax cuts, in fact, in the 90's bill clinton had cuts and there's a lot of factors you would agree other than fiscal policy and the chairman of council of economic advisers for ronald reagan said that the benefit, the payback from a tax
7:41 pm
cut is 35 cents on the dollar. in other words, he's say if you cut taxes, a dollar you add 65 cents to the debt. >> i'm sorry, i'm not familiar with that math. in fact, i'm trying to sit here trying to respond to it. there are a lot of fiscal policies that we have to put in place already, chris, and i don't want to draw attention away from the regulatory reform. we are at 3% already. i think i was on your show and you had criticisms from some of the same groups saying that we wouldn't get 3% in this administration and here we are in the first eight months. growth works, but what we are doing in the administration in terms of spur growth work and what we are working on right now that the tax cuts add to that. 3% economic growth is possible and that is the way you can balance the long-term. without 3% you will never balance the budget and as the
7:42 pm
budget director you asked me an opening question, what happened to me, why am i interested in deficits, the only way you balance the budget long-term is through sustained economic growth and that's why everything we are doing in this administration is aimed to that end goal. chris: director mulvaney, thank you for sharing part of your weekend was specially on a college trip with your son. we will track the progress of the tax package, thanks, again, sir. >> thanks. chris: up next roy moore's victory over a candidate backed by president trump in alabama senate primary remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back,
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chris: we mentioned earlier that you used to be the staff to mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader and most observers read moore's victory and establishment, party leaders in congress and was under populist movement, am i right? >> well, i think it's a lot more complicated than that. the reports was at the right part of the president for the better part of last eight months and eight months later it has to be somebody else's part. go down to alabama and target somebody with 100% voting record
7:47 pm
with president trump's agenda and luther strange. wouldn't support cassidy and when you have trouble ultimately means they are voting for tax reform. unclear what they are trying to accomplish here. chris: would you agree because mitch mcconnell was one of the targets of the moore campaign and the whole idea and mitch mcconnell was seen as detriment to the party. there's no separation between the president and mcconnell on that. if they are going to focus on something, honestly, on the legislative side, we've had never trump talk in legislators, each and every time we are talking about repeal or replace or tax reform, they are frankly
7:48 pm
not quite on board yet, we are talking about somebody -- chris: michael, at moore's victory party on tuesday night, steve bannon said they are not done yet. here he is. >> the question was called today in the state of alabama, sovereign, the people are the money and alabama answered today, the people. chris: how much trouble are mitch mcconnell and colleagues in? >> josh's answer response is everything that's wrong from the republican party. republican establishment somebody else to blame, right now is steve bannon, four years briefly it was me, at the core of the problem right here is that the republican party primarily speaking for donor class. donor class thinks economic opportunity is going great in america, the middle class
7:49 pm
socialist issues are a problem, donor class is very good at navigating washington, d.c. that's not what republican voters are feeling right now. republican voters are economically anxious in globalization and republican donors think that washington, d.c. is deeply corrupted and republican voters think that most of our nation that citizens of this great country. we are not going to be help to the party until they start to understand there are concerns which keep popping up and costing seats. get roy moore in alabama. we have to understand that institutions matter. we need to have a functioning republican party and we need to have a functioning senatorial committee, campaign committee within the party and until the republican party says that the voters of this party have the right to be truth and have a seat at the table and we come together we will keep having
7:50 pm
that. >> if you're talking about the truth here. is it mitch mcconnell to repeal and replace? >> 52 republican senators who aught entically want to repeal obamacare? >> i don't. i think we've demonstrated that. were they lying? >> i think we have a lot -- >> that reality that somehow mitch cock connell is short-coming the agenda. chris: is mitch mcconnell part of the solution or part of the problem? >> i think that mitch mcconnell has done a good job. i don't think mitch mcconnell is 100% responsible for everything. mitch mcconnell is a leader of the party and the buck stops with leadership and when you look at the party, it is the party that does not understand that the economic opportunity that donors feel is not shared
7:51 pm
by americans across the country who have anxiety on wages and see prices going up. mitch mcconnell does not understand that lobbyists know how the navigate washington, d.c. doesn't mean that the american people feel that they have access to the power and mitch mcconnell is part of the leadership of this party that's grotesquely out of touch with the base. look at the 2012 republican autopsy which was heroically wrong about everything on what the party needs to get right. look at the fact that 16 out of 17 people who ran for president who were going to be, you know, serious candidates and donald trump won because he's in touch of what voters of the party believe. chris: congresswoman edwards, how much are you enjoying the party inside the republican party? >> it's like the dismembers of the republican party. i'm not -- chris: yes, you are. [laughter] >> but i looked at alabama, but the down ballot races, a handful of states where democrats won
7:52 pm
low margins, this does not go well and this right here does not back to. bannon basically is saying we are going to oppose the incumbent with somebody more of a conservative hard-liner, we saw that play out in 2010 and sometimes races that seem winnable for republicans ended up unwinnable when somebody was too far from the right. >> steve bannon loves stage dramas and putting himself in the center of it and the current one, i guess, the civil war in the republican party test.
7:53 pm
1123. >> gillian: one. three. though, that it is absolutely the case that there things
7:54 pm
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7:57 pm
>> there has to be room at the table to have their feelings that the country and express themselves in whatever way they choose. this way that some do. the president should recognize that the fundamentals of the country. our free expression. i want to bring it back home where desmond --dash. >> the president says this whole country's involvement in it is not about race, about respect for the country, respect for like a national and the protest has the congress one said started out about racial injustice and police brutality. it was a comment this week from
7:58 pm
the leading the people from this country, not one individual. >> can you separate this race? >> that's very tragic our nation is coming apart on these civic issues. the way the president has engaged this issue have not helped our nation heal. let's not pretend that barack obama did not help, there's nothing unifying of when parents of goodwill i try to have a conversation about balancing the rights of transgender students versus privacy and purity. barack obama goes from the department of education opposes the progressive view of how the question should be answered. it is deeply concerning the way our nation is coming apart. we need to come together on the issues. it's not going to start politics, will start with each of us.
7:59 pm
both parties and past presidents have taken actions that have brought us for their part. >> we have about one minute left. people keep saying, did the president just pop up on this? or was this a political strategy? >> he certainly highlighted something of great concern. a lot of americans football fans. he is simultaneously's useful to be concerned about racial inequality but also respecting the plague. respecting what it says to service members during the national and. that's what he was highlighting. >> i do not want to say it is making the lake a political football, but it is. that has only happened in the 1988 campaign and even that was not as english as this one. thank you pennell for putting in extra work. see how the players and crowds respond during the plane of the national anthem. that's it for today, have a
8:00 pm
great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. harvey levin: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is... okay, are we starting? i'm harvey levin. this is the story of one of the most successful tv personalities and music producers in history, simon cowell. but before he became a household name, simon had his fair share of failures that left him flat broke. it's gotta be a little humiliating at 30 years old to fail so hard. but he would bounce back in a big way, producing a slew of shows and then conquering television with "american idol." what do you think of katy perry doing "idol?" good luck. ( laughs ) harvey: his personal life somewhat turbulent. an affair with a married woman would lead to his greatest joy, a son cast in his own image.


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