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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that we will build a economy that works for everyone. we're encouraged to see the unemployment rate has dropped and work force is at a 3 1/2 year high. this underscores the need for congress to work with us to grow the economy and create jobs. the importance of passing tax relief for american workers and business cannot be overstated. we have a once in a generation opportunity to create a tax code that is simple, fair and easy to understand. that means getting rid of the loop holes that benefit the wealthiest americans and lowering taxes on the middle americans and buy the great products made by american manufacturers. today the president signed a proclamation declaring october 6 national manufacturing day. this honors the men and women that create the products that power our communities, improve our lives and defend our nation.
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the people who has the president says believe in those beautiful words "made in the u.s.a." in addition to the 14 workers the president hosted in the oval office during today's proclamation signing, more than 500,000 people around the country are participating in thousands of events related to manufacturing day. among them, numerous members of the president's cabinet and other senior officials. our tax plan would lead to a great manufacturing boon. we would cut taxes on businesses of all sizes and restore their competitive edge to create more jobs and higher wages for our workers. our plan would allow them to bring back trillions of dollars overseas. the president will be back out on the road building support for this plan, which is really a jobs bill. he will be in pennsylvania monday and we'll have more details coming soon. with that, we'll kickoff friday with questions.
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we'll start now is. kind of fun. we should do this more often and not just save it for fridays. john decker. >> thank you, sarah. the body of another u.s. soldier has just been discovered by local forces in niger which brings to four the total number of green berets that were killed wednesday in niger. so far there's no response to this by the president, no tweet from the president, no statement from the president. can we expect some sort of reprisal by the u.s. military in niger as relates to what happened wednesday? >> i made a statement on behalf of the administration yesterday in the opening. obviously any time one of the members of our great military are injured, wounded or killed in action, that it's certainly something that we take very
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seriously. our thoughts and prayers are with those individuals. we're continuing to review and look into this. as we have more details, we'll let you know. cecilia? >> can you clarify the president's comments? was he referring to military action when he said "calm before the storm?" >> as we said many times before, the president has as i have from this podium on quite a few occasions, we're never going to say in advance what the president will do. as he said last night in addition to the comments, you'll have to wait and see. >> how seriously should american adversaries for that matter take these comments? >> i think you can take the president protecting the american people always extremely serious. he's been very clear that that's his number 1 priority. if he feels that action is necessary, he will take it. steve? >> when the president said he wants his military leaders to give them military options faster, does he feels like they're intentionally
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slow-walking these options to him? >> no, not at all. as you know, he's a person that likes to take action and take it quickly. i don't think you should read into anything beyond that. he wants options on the table so he can make quick decisions. >> is that a general comment or did he mean a specific country? >> a general comment. nothing specific that was in reference to. >> i have two questions. one on the soldier that was killed in niger and the other on daca. when was the president made aware there was a fourth soldier missing in action? when did he become aware that that soldier had been killed and discovered by local forces? >> i believe the notification was yesterday. i'd have to get clarification on the specific timing of when that took place. >> when was the president made aware that that soldier's body was found? again, i know that it was pretty soon after that had been
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discovered. as far as an exact time, i can't give you that. i know chief kelly kept him updated on that situation as it evolved. >> and on daca, the president welcomed hispanic american leaders to the white house. he did not mention his position to end daca during his remarks there. he did not renew his call for congress to protect those that will be vulnerable for deportation in march. why did he not bring that up? >> look, he's been clear. there's no reason to continue to reiterate the same position that he's held. he called on congress to act on it. you can expect in the coming days that he will lay out his responsible immigration reform. you can count on that to happen very soon. that's all part of the process moving forward. he hasn't been unclear about what his position is on that front. april? >> sarah, going back to the calm before the storm, when the
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president deals with world matters like this, all options are on the table. has this white house exhausted diplomacy? for him to say the calm before the storm, listening to what he had to say. >> we're continuing to put maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on countries like north korea. we're going to continue to do that. at the same time, the president will keep all of his options on the table. our position has not changed. it's been very consistent. >> is north korea the storm? >> that's an example. we have a lot of bad actors. north korea, iran. several example there's. >> i want to ask you about the contraception waiver. the aclu announced a lawsuit. they said the trump administration is paying for women to pay for their religious beliefs. the federal government cannot authorize discrimination in the
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name of religion or otherwise. what is your response? >> i would never get the aclu to take any of my talking points. the president believes the reason to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country. that's all today was about. our federal government should protect that right. as long as donald trump is president, he will. >> for the aclu, what would you say to the women out there or the families out there that now have to pay more out of their pocket to get contraception coverage that they choose and that they desire? >> this is a president that supports the first amendment, supports the freedom of religion. i don't understand why that should be an issue. the supreme court has validated this decision on many times over. the president is somebody that believes in the constitution. if people don't like what the constitution says, talk to
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congress about changing it. >> given the lawsuits that the aclu has fired, is the administration prepared to defense this contraception mandate back to the supreme court if need be? >> the supreme court made clear what the position is. it support what's this administration has done. >> but this will be a legal fight -- >> if it does, it shows that this straight is on the right side of the law. >> and on the calm before the storm issue. the president wants to preserve -- >> as long as you don't ask the same question. >> it's a follow up. you said the president wants to preserve an element of surprise. if he wants to preserve an element of surprise, why would he dangle hints about his actions in the first place. >> i don't believe he did. he didn't talk about any specific actions at all. matthew? >> two questions. first following up on the hhs change. does the white house have any estimates of how many people could lose access to birth control under this change? >> i'm not aware.
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i'd refer you to hhs for specifi specifics. >> the president repeated earlier today that the u.s. is the highest tax nation in the world. it's not true. so why does he keep making that statement? why does he stick to that talking point? >> there are specific sectors in the country that are among the highest taxed in the world and we'll be happy to provide that data. john? >> i have two questions, sarah. there's rumors that prime minister sabris will come here on the 17th, meet with the president and then meet with the vice president on the 18th. we've had no confirmation. is the prime minister invited and is he coming to meet the president and vice president? >> he is. i believe that date is correct. the 17th, i believe, that he will be here. >> the other thing, the administration has had a vacancy without a permanent secretary of
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homeland security for two months, which is a record for that position not operating with a permanent secretary. are we going to have an announcement on a choice for permanent secretary within days next week perhaps? and rumors are consistent, he will make elaine duke the permanent secretary. true or false? >> i'm not going to get ahead of any announcement that the president may make about a permanent person. i will say acting secretary duke is very competent, has managed the department well in a tough and trying time given the hurricane season we've had and certainly have not wanted to make big shifts in leadership during this time. while there's so much going on there, in terms of a timetable, we'll keep you posted when we have an announcement. >> that's what you just said about secretary duke, the
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testimony you gave as the president's opinion of her as well. >> yes. he's happy with the job that she's done as the acting secretary. >> senator cornyn said the immigration principles would be harmful to daca. daca should be kept separate about any illegal immigration. what is the white house's response to that? are you guys committed to attaching legal immigration to the daca debate? >> we want to make sure whatever we put forward is a responsible immigration reform and not one piece of this process dealt with separately. we need to make sure that we're addressing all the problems so we're not dealing with this again in two, four, five, six years but putting forward a very thorough and full plan. that's what you'll see coming from the administration in very short order. fred? >> thank you, sarah. two weeks. first, there's a view on payday
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lending. >> not that i'm aware of. >> just to follow up on that topic. there's been some house republicans who believe that there's already cause for firing richard. going back to his handling of the wells fargo case. why hasn't the president -- has he approved of the job he's done so far? >> when we have personnel announcements, we'll keep you posted. that's two already. i'm moving on. margaret? >> two quick questions. there's been some rumors about the future of secretary rex tillerson today. can you continue to say the president remains confident in him as secretary of state? >> he does. as he said yesterday or two days ago as i said yesterday, nothing has changed despite what you may read in the media or watch on tv. i would certainly trust the president in my comments far above those of other reporters.
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>> i want to ask you, the president can move markets, cause miscalculations. you mentioned north korea, iran with calm before the storm. an implication that there's some sort of forecasting of a military action. can you clarify if we're interpreting things correctly? >> i haven't been specific about anything. i've also talked about the fact that we're continuing to put maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on countries like north korea. i'm saying that all options are on the table as they have been and we're not going to announce what actions we'll be taking until that moment comes. >> why did he say that? >> can you be more specific about the president being open to legislation banning bump stocks? >> as i said yesterday, we want to be part of that conversation. we want more information.
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we're going to continue to do that over the coming days. that's the current position. hasn't changed since yesterday. >> thank you, sarah. two questions if i can. >> why not? >> i asked you about senator corker. >> just not three. >> just two. i asked you about senator corker and the comments he made a few weeks back. earlier this week he said that secretary tillerson, mattis and kelly are basically what is keeping the country separated from chaos and he said there's other people in the white house that aren't putting forth policies in a coherent fashion. do you have any response? >> i think the president is the one that is keeping the world from chaos. he has an incredible team around him helping lead that effort. he's had tremendous accomplishments on the international stage by working with allies and confronting enemies. we're going to continue to do that with the team as the
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president leading that effort. >> is general kelly -- >> i'm come back. >> getting back to the calm before the storm comments. there's a theory in washington and forgive me if you've been asked about it before, that the president subscribes to this mad man theory, that if he makes a lot of unsettling off-putting comments that sort of throw people off, that he likes to keep his adversaries guessing. that's the point of making comments like calm before the storm and so forth. what is your sense of that? is there anything to that? >> i think the president addressed this himself. he doesn't want to lay out his game plan for our enemieenemies. if you're asking, is the president trying to do that? absolutely. >> he's trying to throw people off? >> i won't say he's trying to throw people off but he's not trying to broadcast or telegraph his exact actions.
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i think we've seen what a failure it is when an administration does that and this is a president that will do it differently and do it better. >> just a follow up. so when people are -- they sort of catch their breath in this town, when they sort of hold their breath in this town, when he says something like that, you have a smile on your face. is that somewhat satisfy something. >> no. i picture people in this town holding their breath. that might be a welcome surprise for most of america. go ahead. >> sarah, one more thing to pick up on what margaret was trying to get at. let me put it to you this way. can you exclude the possibility that the president was actually just being mischievous? that he was messing with the press a little bit when he made that comment. >> i wouldn't say he's messing with the press. i say we have some serious world issues here. i think north korea, iran both continue to be bad actors and the president is something that will always look for ways to protect americans. he's not going to dictate what those actions may look like.
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i don't think there's anything beyond that that i can add on that front. >> and another question on iran. a couple days ago senator tom cotton gave a speech in which he says they believes the best outcome would be to have congress reimpose sanctions. we would use this period of 120, 90 days to renegotiate several terms of the deal. does the white house think that that sounds like applausable and good way to do with the iran nuclear deal? >> i'm not going to get ahead of the president's announcement on the decision he has. what i can tell you, the president isn't looking at one piece of this. he's looking at all of the bad behavior of iran, not just the nuclear deal as bad behavior. the ballistic missile testing, destabilizing of the region, number 1 state sponsor of terror, elicit nuclear program. he wants to look for a broad
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strategy that addresses all of those problems. that's what his team is focused on and that's what he will roll out to address that as a whole in the coming days. steve? >> is it the president's wish -- >> again, i'm not going to get into the details of the president's decision until he makes that. >> sarah, about cuba. cbs news is reporting that the story is going to a new level. there's americans that don't work for the government that saying they're subject to these attacks. there's a handful of americans that have reported these symptoms. what is going on here? how is the white house viewing this? how are we going to get to the bottom of it? >> something that we take seriously. we're continuing to investigate. the state department is taking the lead on this effort and we're going to continue to look into this until we get some real answers. >> just to drill down on what you said yesterday about the press. saying that we owe it -- i don't think anybody disagrees that we
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should be accurate. but do you and the president believe the president has a responsibility to be as truthful and honest and has he done it and those surrogates that have used alternative facts and would they not do that? >> absolutely. we all come here every day to give you the best and most accurate information that we can. april? >> going back to the answer about leadership and the president. is general kelly part of that leadership team with the president as he's leading in this white house? >> absolutely. >> does the president have confidence in general kelly? >> absolutely. >> today is friday. can we expect a resignation today? >> i don't think so, april. david? >> since we last heard from you, the form producer harvey winestein has become the subject
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of sexual harassment allegations. and there's been some democrats that have had donations. it's been suggested that latinos in hollywood would be deported if the president is elected. does the president these the donations should go back? >> that's a decision for the individuals to make. whether or not that is money that they want to take, that's up to them. that's not a decision for us to make. >> one more -- i'm sorry. why hasn't the president fired the irs head? he talked about the scandal. why does he still have a job? >> i'll have to ask him and get back to you. >> las vegas question. the president talked about the police and their response after the mass shootings. nevada -- >> can you speak up a little
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bit? >> nevadians credit federal monday programs to train them to deal with terrorist attacks to deal with the great response. you have cuts in those programs in your budget plans? are you rethinking that? >> i think at this point we're continuing to move forward. if there's a moment where we feel like the safety and security of american citizens may be at risk because of cuts, i think we would have to re-visit it at that time. jim? >> sarah, the nation lost 33,000 jobs in september. i was curious what the president -- how the president feels about that and he's stepping up his efforts to convince congress to pass major tax returns because of this surprising job loss in september. >> i think today's report shows the devastating impact of the hurricane season. while many displaced weren't able to work, the economy remains extremely strong. the people continue to have jobs, which is why the
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unemployment rate fell. i think one thing to really know and something that this administration wants to focus on certainly moving into the future, i think tax reform play as big role in this. one of the big identifiers that i think we should look at is the drop in the unemployment rate, including new loads for african americans, teens and women, which is certainly a great step forward in this process. >> president trump has repeatedly said that we should let obamacare implode. there's a new report in "the washington post" that set that president trump personally directed administration officials to deny a request from republican governor of iowa to fix the obamacare market in that state. is that true? >> i'm not aware of that specific directive. so i'd have to check into that and get back to you. >> if it is true -- >> i'm not going to comment on hypotheticals where i don't have the information in front of me. >> i want to ask you about the iran recertification process.
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regardless of what the president decides, when he makes this decision next week, would you rather not have to do this every 90 days after that? >> again, as i said earlier, we're looking at something that is a broad strategy, doesn't just address one part of i ran's bad behavior and addresses a wide range of issues. so that would be our focus. hopefully they would begin to not be a bad actor around we wouldn't have to do this at all. our goal would be to address a number of factors, notice just one or two thing. peter? >> a second question. the president indicated that he wanted pakistan to go against agents of chaos. the foreign minister was here in the white house this week to meet general mcmaster. have you seen any change in
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pakistani behavior? >> nothing specific that i can weigh into at this time. we'll keep you posted. >> will the president campaign for the candidate in virginia? >> i'm not grog to way into specific races and the actions we may or may not take. that's a great place to end this for friday. i hope everybody has a great rest of the friday and a good weekend. thanks, guys. >> shepard: the white house press secretary, sarah sanders wrapped up the briefing. that started after president trump with a wink and a warning after remaining what he meant when he called a meeting with the military meliters the calm before the storm. >> thank you very much. what did you mean by that? >> you'll find out. >> thank you.
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>> shepard: the president made the original comment last night at the white house. at that time he was meeting with his military leaders to talk about major foreign policy issues, including iran, north korea and isis. listen. >> this is the calm before the storm. >> what storm is that, mr. president? >> thank you all for coming. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> shepard: you'll find out. we were hoping to find out more at the white house briefing today. kristin fisher is live in the briefing room. we did not. >> we did not find out any answers to that question. that has been the million dollar question all day here in washington and around the world. what was president trump referring to when he said that
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this is the calm before the storm. you know, reporters in this room ask that question about as many times as you could possibly ask the press secretary. they asked her, you know, was this intended to keep our adversaries guessing? perhaps was president trump being mischievous or maybe he just messing with the press. here's exactly what she said. listen to this. >> as we said many times before, i know the president has, as i have from this podium on quite a few occasions, we're never going to say in advance what the president is going to do. as he said last night in addition to those comments, you'll have to wait and see. i think you can take the president protecting the american people always extremely serious. he's been very clear that's his number 1 priority. if he feels that action is necessary, he will take it. >> was he referring to north korea? was he referring to superior is fighters in niger after the loss of green berets this week or maybe iran?
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we just don't know. as the white house press secretary made clear, she's not going to give more details. she will leave that up to him, shep. >> shepard: kristin, the white house talking about the trump administration's new limits on mandatory birth control coverage under the affordable care act or obamacare. the new policy lets employers refuse free contraceptives by claiming a religious or moral objection. the american civil liberties union has filed a lawsuit and others are planning to do the same thing. back to kristin fisher, a touchy subject there today. >> right. so before these exemptions were strictly limited to religious beliefs. now they've been expanded to include moral objections as well. there's a lot of questions about what constitutes a moral objection, how will that be determined. the white house says that will be determined by the state. this is a pretty significant
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roll back of the contraception mandate by this white house and the aclu has now threatened to file a lawsuit. just a moment ago, the press secretary was asked what does the white house think about this? could it go to the supreme court? here's what she said. >> i would probably never use the aclu to get my talking points. the president said the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country. all of us do. that's all that today was about. our federal government should protect that right. as long as donald trump is president, he will. >> the flip side is coming from democrats. nancy pelosi called this new rule despicable because what this means is now that potentially hundreds of thousands of women across this country will no longer have access to free birth control if this rule goes forward, shep. >> shepard: thank you, kristin. let's turn to chris wallace now, the anchor of "fox news sunday"
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live with us in d.c. with a smile the president says, you can take this meeting to be the calm before the storm. what are we supposed to think? >> well -- look, we don't know is the answer. the president refuses to answer. you saw sarah huckabee sanders, his chief spokesperson refused to answer. my guess is the president is sitting there with a top brass of the most powerful military on earth ever and saying it's the calm before the storm. he's not saying we're about to strike north korea, we're about to strike iran. he's not going to tip his hand on imminent military action. he's saying, we have the most powerful military and don't mess with us. we can do whatever we want. do i think he's laying out a specific -- something that will happen in the next days, weeks, hours, months? no. i think he's saying we have that
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capability. there was a very good question asked in the briefing, this president like richard nixon subscribes to the bad man theory. one of the effective tools a president can use as the most powerfulman on earth is to lay out to adversaries that he can do anything. you better be concerned. there's an interesting story that came out last week that his trade representative was going to south korea to negotiate a new south korean trade deal. the president said to him, we're going to only give this 30 days. when the trade representative said, all right, i'll tell them 30 days. he said no, no. i might drop out at any point and pull the plug on this at any moment. the point being that south korea should not be at all confident in that they have an idea what this president will do. my guess is that is basically
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what the president was saying here. >> shepard: if you're in new orleans or in gulfport and you say this is the calm before the storm that means there's a tropical storm or hurricane headed and hell coming. when you say it with your military leaders behind you, this meeting of the leaders is the calm before the storm, you're suggesting that some sort of conflict is brewing. are you not? i don't know what else it could mean. here's the military leaders, calm before the storm is coming. it's not exactly a calming, comforting thing. >> it isn't. but i don't think he wants iran or north korea or the leaders of those regimes to be calm and comfortable. it's like when he said to north korea, you know, if they push us too far, we'll rain down fire and fury on them. he's not saying i'm about to do it. he's not saying next tuesday at 3:00 p.m., we're going to take this particular tactic. he's saying i have that capability and prepared to use it if necessary. >> shepard: there's a new poll out from associated press.
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24% of americans say the united states is heading in the right direction. 67% disapprove of the president's performance. normally when things like this happen, he will try to take some action to change the polls. i wonder how concerned they are if at all? >> look, he's been low in the polls for quite a period of time now. he basically has support of 34 to 40, occasionally picks up into the 40%. he's under water in almost all of the polls. he's not running for re-election for more than three years. i think he feels in reasonably strong shape. he doesn't act like a fellow that know what's he wants to do he's gotten high marks on some things. very high marks on the reaction to irma and harvey and texas and florida. not nearly as high marks on his reaction to maria in puerto rico. this is a president who will bump along. no question about it. there's times when people are very supportive and think he does the right things and times
12:33 pm
when he upsets people. >> shepard: and also in the news, this contraception change. how is that flying there politically and otherwise? >> look, it's the usual suspects. if you're a strong supporter of birth control, you're outraged by this. the president is dramatically increasing the exceptions. let's go back. obamacare as part of offering employers, offering healthcare services to their employees, they have to offer as a free benefit birth control. now we have the fight in the supreme court when obama was president. the hobby lobby, groups that were exempted. now the president with his hhs regulation is dramatically increasing the exceptions and is going to make it easier for groups, nonprofits, to proper if its, religious organizations,
12:34 pm
nonreligious organizations if they have a religious or a moral objection, they can say that they are not obligated to provide birth control to their employees. the aclu is already filing a suit on this. this will undoubtedly end up in the courts. >> shepard: it is a bit confusing as birth control prevents abortions from ever happening. if you allow them to have birth control, family planning comes along more easily and without the controversy that comes along with abortions. it just seems to be working against itself in a way. >> well, yes, but that's the tenant of the catholic church. they don't want to do anything to interfere with life. abortion interferes with life. they think that birth control, artificial birth control interferes with life. there are plenty of religions
12:35 pm
that hold to those tenants even though your point about the lack of birth control possibly leading to unwanted pregnancies is also true. >> shepard: all right, chris. what's happening this weekend? >> i feel like you put me through my paces today. las vegas is a big story still. a terrible story. we're still left a week later with the question why and when will people be talking to you? steve wynn, one of the kings of las vegas. the head of two of the biggest hotels and casinos in that town. interestingly enough, wynn decide add year ago that las vegas was a soft target. when you hear the kinds of things -- we'll have an exclusive interview sunday -- that he did to try to harden the wynn hotel and to harden the encore hotel in terms of bringing in former seal teams six members, former cia officers, hidden detectors, hidden profilers in the casinos. just trying to protect his
12:36 pm
properties. but now there's a new threat, which we saw from stephen paddock, which is knocking out the windows and firing down from the 32nd floor. one of the things we'll talk to steve wynn about, how do you handle and prevent that we'll be talking to eric pratt, the executive director of gun owners of america. interestingly enough while the nra is saying maybe we should regulate and restrict the bump stocks, eric pratt says no. we'll talk to him. >> shepard: we'll watch this sunday, chris, on "fox news sunday." let's go to michael crowley from politco. i'm having a hard time getting away from the calm before the storm thing, michael. he said it. nobody asked him anything about it. it just came out of his mouth. if you look at the video, he has a big smile on his face when he's talking about this. almost feels like a tease during a reality show. seriously. well, you'll see.
12:37 pm
calm before the storm! >> he's a reality show star, shep. he brings some of that to the presidency. i don't say that lightly. i think the guy really does have a sense of drama like, this it's entirely possible that he's sort of working the audience. it's possible this. a throw-away comment that took on a life of its own. initially. now he's running with it. he's enjoying it. nobody knows what he's talking about. there aren't officials around him leaking there's some secret meeting. i would say my main guess is this is a continuation of a mind game he's playing with north korea. he's trying to get inside the head of kim jong-un. i don't know for sure that this is part of it, but it would be consistent with things like trump calling him nicknames like rocket man and little rocket man. making the north koreans think they don't know what trump's next move is. he could be a little crazy.
12:38 pm
the guy waving the gun around. you think i'm crazy? think i'm going to take the chance? it would be consistent with that. >> shepard: you said i hope the cia is right in his assessment of kim jong-un. >> right. the cia believes that kim jong-un is fundamentally rationale. the key way to translate that is, he's not suicidal. he's not going to go down -- he doesn't want to go down in flames. he likes his life. north korea is a miserable play overall. he lives comfortably. there's liquor and women and nice technology if he wants it. so that's good news if we're worried that he might do something totally irrational and unexpected. what is amazing at this point, it's the american president people are trying to decide, is he acting totally rationally. maybe that trump is trying to present himself -- there's a theory, the mad man theory. >> shepard: everybody is talking about that today. chris wallace mentioned it.
12:39 pm
i read it on my feed. what prompted this? where did this come from? >> i think it's the way trump approaches these issues, this goes back to the nixon administration where he tried to cultivate an image that he was capable of doing anything, going nuclear, for instance against the chinese and trying to scare your opponent by making them think you're not a rationale actor. what is amazing, we spent this time trying to decide if the north koreans are national. now they're trying to see if donald trump is rationale. does he play by the other rules that american presidents have? they felt like american presidents would stay within certain boundaries and not initiate military action. or is he really going to go for it in a way we've never sen before? they don't know right now. trump likes that. >> shepard: michael crowley, foreign -- senior foreign affairs correspondent for politco. thanks as always. >> thanks. >> shepard: ahead, the investigation into the las vegas concert killer.
12:40 pm
new reports on what the gunman had in his room and questions now. listen to the question they're trying to answer now. was someone else in his room? as the agent chase down clues and survivors face changed lives, this week a retired carpenter drive to chicago to place 58 white crosses on the strip. one for each person killed. here one woman sits near the cross for her cousin, 20-year-old bailey schwietzer. the news of las vegas is next. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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12:44 pm
>> shepard: breaking this hour. investigators in las vegas are trying to figure out whether anybody else was in the las vegas killer's hotel sweet. that's according to nbc news. officials tell nbc that they found a phone charger in the room that does not match the gunman's cell phone. in addition, records show somebody else did access that room while his car was gone. there could be a few explanations for this. but they really don't know the correct one yet. this development as investigators are trying to determine why the gunman fired on a country music festival killing 58 and injuring more than 400. dan springer live in vegas this afternoon. dan? >> shep, still no clear motive. there's a news conference in about 30 minutes. they didn't have one yesterday. so we hope to get more details,
12:45 pm
a picture is emerging of stephen paddock that payments him as a loser, aloner that would go to prostitutes. prostitutes have been talking to him and he was cheap and never showed emotion while he was with them. it appears the mystery woman that he was seen with gambling hours before the shooting was a hooker. his girlfriend said that he gained a lot of weight in recent weeks and became obsessed with marilou danley's ex-husband. but she told police she had no idea that he was planning mass murder. the car at mandalay bay had 50 pounds of tannerite and ammunition and fertilizer. and there's now reports that paddock tried to buy tracer ammunition at a phoenix gun show. he was unable to do so because the gun dealer was sold out but the associated press is recording that he had 1,000
12:46 pm
tracer rounds but didn't use them. tracers could have made this shooting more deadly, more accurate because he would have been able to see where the rounds were going. that rapid fire hail of bullets lasted ten minutes. we just interviewed an off duty emt that was at the concert with his wife. he used his belt as a tourniquet on a man's leg and carried several to a tent including a woman shot in the back. the emt has been able to side the woman who he's rescued and saved at the hospital. he feels like he's family with them just emotional stories, one after the other. >> shepard: thanks, dan. live in vegas. thousands gathering to honor a formal national guard sergeant and las vegas police officer killed in sunday night's massacre.
12:47 pm
friends and family say charleston hartfield was one of the greatest americans they ever knew with a heart of gold and that he died trying to save others. images in our slide show for you this afternoon. here you can see the former sergeant's widow and their two children at the front of the procession last night. the couple apparently high school sweethearts back in the day. on the night of the massacre, hartfield was at the country music festival when the bullets hit the crowd. hartfield immediately took action to save lives before a bullet struck and killed him. here you can see his fellow officers holding candles. he also coached his son's football team and recently wrote a memoir about serving on the las vegas police force. his friends said the decorated
12:48 pm
iraq war veteran was most proud of being a father. sergeant hartfield, father of two, soldier, dead at 34. the gulf coast is preparing for another hurricane. right now it's a tropical storm. tropical storm nate has killed 21 people in central america and headed our way. forecasters predict it will make landfall. right now they're they're saying it's going to be a cat 1 hurricane this weekend somewhere along louisiana, the panhandle, in that area. while it's not as powerful as storms that slammed texas and puerto rico, nate could bring dangerous flooding, winds and storm surge. rick reichmuth is tracking the storm. hi, rick. >> right now the storm is just off the coast of the yucatan
12:49 pm
peninsula. last couple images here from the satellite looking more organized. that's not a good thing. it's tracked further to the east and maybe more time over water. water is plenty warm. the worst thing going for the storm and the best thing for us, it doesn't have a lot of time till it moves to the coastline. more rain across central america associated with this. the rainfall totals are going to be in the general 2 to 4 inches range just because it's moving so fast. get up here in the southern appalachians, that's where we'll eek out five to seven inches of rain and cause localized flooding. it's moving quickly right now. 21 miles an hour. right now it's in the caribbean by about 36 hours from now. we're talking about a landfall somewhere in the central gulf coast area and moving on very quickly. maybe up to category one hurricane, a storm tropical storm. either way, the impacts will be the same.
12:50 pm
storm surge and heavy wind. >> rick, thanks. >> you bet. >> we heard a lot of absolutely heart wrenching news this week. so ahead, a story that shows hope and love are very much alive and well. it starts with a little girl that spent years waiting to be adopted and the moment she finally learns it's happening. you can see her reaction. we caught up with her for this week. >> it's really important for me to have a mom and a dad. because now i have someone that actually cares about me and i know they wouldn't leave me. >> shepard: she has a message for all the other little children waiting for adoption. that is next. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go?
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>> shepard: after waiting more than two years a 11-year-old
12:54 pm
girl got the best news of her life. she was finally getting a family of her own. it happened at a school outside salt lake city. she and her parents spoke to fox news. >> my heartfelt like it was just like going to explode literally going to explode. >> a school security camera caught this life-changing moment. an ecstatic 11-year-old. tannah butterfield learning she was going to be adopted with her brother and sister. >> i didn't know what was going on. i said what? she's like squeezing any cheeks saying everything went okay at court. you're getting adopted. she was like super happy. she started dragging me around the room kissing my face. it was awesome. >> her school's office manager is a friend of the family and she was the barer of good news. she posted the video to instagram writing this is pure
12:55 pm
testament. in a world full of strife, there's still joy in every day moments. >> to tell everybody that they get to be part of a forever family is something i have never done before. it was a feeling i never had before. >> i watch it over and over and over. it was so happy. the best feeling. >> jen and jeff fisher have two biological condition. now they are counting the days until the three children become part of the family. >> it's been a long, long journey. it took a long time. but it was worth it. >> they'll be mine instead of just plane somebody else's father. now i get to play the actual role. >> i would tell other children waiting to get adopted that you will get adopted and you will find good people and you will
12:56 pm
always have someone to love you. >> shepard: tannah's adoption is set the 15th. they hope to have it done sooner. we'll be right back. 4 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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last i checked, stores don't take words. man: some do. oh. (alert beeps) not everyone can be the poetic voice of a generation. i know, right? such a burden. settle up with your friends on october 17th with the bank of america mobile banking app. >> shepard: on this day back in 1979, pope john paul ii was the first pope to visit the white house. he arrived in d.c. in an open-top limo. he met jimmy carter, the first lady and their daughter, amy. he shook hands with the crowd on the south lawn. the pope visited six cities on that trip to the united states. the crowds were so big, "time" magazine called him -- i should say john paul superstar. the pope would survive a shooting and became a saint after a president first welcomed the pontiff to the white house 38 years ago today. should news break out, we'll
1:00 pm
break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the markets are off a tad bit today. this has been the calm. the storm is next. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: all right. shep, we're awaiting a police briefing on the las vegas mass shooting. when it -- when they come to the microphone, we'll bring you there. meantime, we're keeping a very close watch on stadium events on the reports that stephen paddock may have been targeting other events. we're at national's park where steve scalise will be throwing out the first pitch tonight. boston, home of fenway park where the shooter reportedly scouted out nearby hotel rooms and chicago's grant park, the scene of a major marathon this weekend. that's where stephen paddock booked a hotel room overlooking