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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 9, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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page jackie ibañez fnc. heather: all right. thank you very much. thanks to everyone for joining us on first 4:00 a.m. show on "fox & friends first", i will see you tomorrow same time. bye. heather thanks so much. all bets are off at this casino, nate leaving the golden nugget casino under water. we are live to show you the destruction. >> also breaking overnight, president trump working to make america safe, the toughest immigration crack-down in american history. rob: mike pence sends a clear message, stand up and support our troops or he's not going to watch. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm julian miley, thanks for waking up with us. rob: of course, let's get right to extreme weather. hurricane nate slamming the gulf coast as category 1 hurricane and leaving behind pretty hefty trail of destruction. >> it's now a tropical depression moving north threatening to jump heavy rain. joins us from mississippi ellison barber. >> good morning, to both of you. hurricane nate is being blamed for at least 20 deaths in central america, the u.s. much luckier in mississippi.
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officials say no injuries or deaths associated with the storm but nate did leave behind power outages and debris like this sailboat you see behind me, this ship is stuck up on the beach and it's been here since sunday morning. no word on when officials will get that cleared. this is one example of some of the problems people are having to deal with in biloxi, mississippi, on the whole, the destruction here was minimal, however, this is the first time since 2005 when hurricane katrina hit mississippi that a hurricane has hit the state and officials say that's one big reason why they were prepared for this storm. >> we did not dodge a bullet in mississippi, we got head on at night by category 1 storm. if that same storm, nate would have hit us 15 years ago, the damage would have been much more extensive. >> nate led to state of emergency in louisiana, alabama
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and mississippi. alabama and mississippi, a hundred thousand people woke up sunday morning and didn't have power. crews worked late yesterday trying to restore it here in mississippi. mississippi power say they were able to get back the power for all of their customers here by last night. yesterday afternoon, alabama power said they had around 36,000 customers without power. that's something crews are going to working on today. we expect to get on update on how many people were without power in alabama. in biloxi casinos have water damage, storm surge filled lobby, parking decks, the hard rock casino were flooded as well. they looked like little oceans of their own so all of that are things that are going to be still dealt with today, julian, rob. >> the video is pretty intense.
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rob: after what we've had category 1 doesn't sound impressive but it is a powerful storm. moving onto politics here, the trump administration wants to play let's make a deal on immigration announcing plans for several major changes in exchange for extending daca. kelly: white house submitting a series of tough new proposals cracking down on illegal immigration that's raising concerns from various members of congress who have been working towards a bipartisan solution. but president trump is putting congress on notice, he wants his tough immigration policies enacted in exchange for 800,000 young immigrants currently protected under daca, that's the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. during white house conference call mark, white house director of affairs, it is time for congress to adopt the president's immigration priorities. >> this program is often
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depicted in the media, it's impacting young children, congress is addressing a program that has to do with working-aged adults. kelly: president trump's priorities include changing the way the country issues green cards to immigrants, stopping unaccompanied minors from entering the united states and building the border wall that the president promised. >> if we don't fix the law for illegal minors, if we don't close asylum loopholes, we will never have a secure border. kelly: senate minority leader chuck schumer and house majority leader, can't be serious about compromise if they begin with a lift that's anathema to dreamsers and the rest of the majority of americans, the president's goal is to give federal agents the tools they need to stop illegal
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immigration, julian, rob, one has to ask now, is it deal or no deal. >> kelly, thank you very much. we are hearing the 12 minutes las vegas cops try today breached the room. rob: officers speaking for the first time and details are incredible. will carl is live in las vegas with more on that. >> good morning, rob and julian, a lot of new information coming over the weekend including the fact that stephen paddock's brother is now in las vegas trying to find out elusive motive and we have also learned that forl authorities believe that paddock may have had undiagnosed mental illness and we are finding out more on preparation and exactly what he had on the note on hotel night stand. >> i did notice a note on the night stand near his shooting platform, i could see on it he
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had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop where the bullet was going to be for the crowd. so he had written down and he would know where to shoot to hit targets from there. >> we know that authorities searched his home. paddock and danley visited his hotels a number of times over the years. >> being in a room for three days in do not disturb situation, that would have triggered an alarm here and would have considered, would have been considered as potentially dangerous thing from person point of view and maybe we would want to inspect and see
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if they were safe. we would go into the room and want to know more. >> and while the investigation continues, call for gun control are swirling but senator diane feinstein says there's no law that could have potentially stopped the shooter. rob: let's talk more politics today and an issue that's been a talking point for a lot of weeks now and this is the nfl. the players taking a knee. vice president mike pence in indianapolis, a state he was running before he got the new job with president trump and he was at the game, the colts game there in indy and watched a number of players took a knee during national anthem and said, i'm getting out of here, walking out of the stadium. >> none of the colts players were taking a knee. some of the 49ers players did.
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this is where it all started with collin kaepernick and this is one of the thicks unfortunately it's taken to a whole new level because you have vice president mike pence. he walked out of the game, there's a big conversation here and let's bring you mike pence tweeted. at a time where so many americans are inspired with courage, resolve and resilience, now more than ever we should rally around the flag and everything that units us. well, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. rob: that's one issue in the country. that's not a fair point. >> i wonder, rob, how does it end, i dent see an end in sight. rob: right, if you talk to jerry
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jones, this is the owner of the dallas cowboys, this is a business decision more than anything else and here this from him, if there's disrespecting the flag, we are not playing, period. this according to dallas morning news. i'm going to create the perception of it. he understands that this is not a good moment for the nfl and this is killing the ratings, this is killing their popularity, he's not going to have it. he's a businessman. >> sunday is spent now talking about this instead of what people use today enjoy with football, sitting back with friends and family and watching favorite team play. it's not about that anymore. rob: people right now hate politics. there you go. we do want to hear what you think about this, our viewers have been vocal on this issue as a number of other issues, if you want to send it to us, however you want to get it on over and get comments in the show. >> they'll be a lot of them, i'm
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sure. rob: absolutely. breaking right now reports of people hiding inside of their wineries in northern california, at least five wild fires burning out of control and we have video that's stunning. >> police stop terror aplaque with multiple attackers just in time but took a year for the public to find out. why? that's coming up next. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. rob: terror target new york city. new details of foiled terror plot has been revealed. >> taking down three would be-be terrorists. even targets concert venues like las vegas, why are the details just coming out now?
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rob: dr. darren, thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me, rob. rob: obviously there's been a delay here. this is old news to some respect. tell us why would there be a delay, that's on purpose. >> normally what we have, this appears to me as agreement, we arrested the defendant and we attempt to gain that information the find out who is complicit in the criminal activity. so the defendant exchange information and prosecutor introduces liniancy. they haven't been sentenced yet. two additional defendants. one was arrested in philippines and the other arrested in pakistan, they were waiting these two additional defendants to come here to the united states.
2:16 am
i think one of the reasons why it was introduced so soon was in the wake of the terrorist attack, i want to say domestic terrorist attack in las vegas. >> i can understand the police and fbi not wanting to scare the public unnecessarily, at the same time as member of the public who walks down the streets, i would like to know this information. >> you make a good point. common citizen looks at it this way, however, law enforcement is trying to gaynor extract as much information that's relevant to potential terrorist attacks forward. they want to connect with every single person that's involved with this and we take into consideration and wiretap, so to speak, they want to access that entire network and bring them in therefore they can arrest them and prevent further damage or i want to say danger from what happened to us as society. think, if they immediately made mention of the first person that
2:17 am
was arrested, everyone would be out in the wind. this is purely in protection of us as free society. >> i talked to either a police officer or fbi agent once told, if you could hear the things that we hear, if you could hear surveillance, you would be squared of leaving the house specially living in manhattan. how hard to keep this city, so big, so many moving targets, how hard to make that safe? >> that's a statement that came from general mattis and i remember when he made the statement distinctly, however, it's a difficult task but i truly believe that we have the finest law enforcement in the world and fit for the challenge and therefore they are going to implement all of the nuances in the technological advances and law enforcement to protect us as free society. >> by the way not just the people who reside in manhattan but the millions of people who come here to visit every year, every day. >> although we have an official
2:18 am
tally of 8 and a half million people, that number is close to 12 million as you look at surrounding counties. rob: tourists from all over the country and all over the world. >> exactly. rob: it's incredible job to keep the city safe. we appreciate your help. >> we appreciate you guys for letting the public know what's happening. >> the video is insane, a man hanging on to the hood of a school bus, the kids inside are absolutely terrified, the story behind this video is next. rob: wow. plus before she was a tv host, what did julian mele do? >> come on over. i won't mess up your order, i think. rob: i can't wait to see this. we are heading to julian's hometown in pennsylvania. >> do we have to? ♪
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. rob: you have seen her covering the latest breaking news here at fox news studio and live coast to coast as well, but where did it all begin for julian mele? where did all begin? >> you'll find out. [laughter] welcome to my hometown of glenside, pennsylvania. my very first job when i was 16 year's old in glenside, o'neil's food market, a family-owned grocery store and one to have coolest things about the place is you know everybody, hi, keith. it's been forever.
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>> yeah. >> this way. okay. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you're ready to come back to work? >> come on over, i won't mess up your order, i think. >> you're a natural. >> i actually like bagging, even still today when i grow to a grocery store it was bagging myself. how are you? 17.96, please. it's coming back to me. billy, how are you? do you remember me? hi. [laughter] >> what's going on? [laughter] >> what else are you going to be doing while coming back in town. hi. did you miss me?
2:24 am
[laughter] >> you're use today that by now. >> we have various photos, wait, this is your favorite picture? why sit your favorite? >> this was in '86, one of the first dance recitals. >> ballerina, there. >> we used to sit outside in the driveway, do you remember mom and dad would pop this thing up and all the neighborhoods would play? >> hey, guys, come on the food is ready. >> i'm ready. >> hi, julian. [laughter] >> rumor has it there's a cake here. >> there sure is. how did you get started making this for us? >> actually it was great, great
2:25 am
grandmother. before we go to new york we have to go golfing. i haven't golfed in a while. i'm rusty. hard to believe that it was two years ago that i started. >> nice hit. [laughter] >> that was good. >> excuse me, sorry. i took it. >> are you going to give me that one? >> no. >> very good. >> all right. >> all right. there no givemies in golf. we are going to find out. rob: you have a good swing. >> i'm getting there. rob: but we will find out from your hometown.
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reports of people who are hiding in wineries in northern california in wine country, napa, sonoma, that area, filed wiser out of control, we have video and it's stunning. >> late night tv wastes no time to push for gun control, did they finally go too far?
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rob: all right, fox news alert happening right now. at least five different wild fires tearing through california's, northern california's wine country. evacuations underway as the growing flames are threatening homes and businesses as well. >> adam, you joined us for 4:00 o'clock hour and things are only getting worse. >> i just got a tweet from the sheriff that says, this came across the scanner, quote, we
2:30 am
are in survival mode, don't take any chances, don't get hurt, that from the sheriff across police scanner in napa. it's not just napa. the wine country, one of the busiest tourist areas in the country, believe it or not. just hours later now the area is being evacuated, in fact, significant areas along silverado trail, my brother said he watched a winely -- winery literal i will go up in flames. you can't put out anything and might land in your yard which they're telling you what not to do, it's not just napa. you look at the national weather service, they have a map up right now that shows five major fires, east sides of napa on silverado trail, for those who have been as tourist, all on
2:31 am
fire, on the west side, you have fire toward park road area, going to carneros. it's not just wineries and ranches and stuff like that, full-on neighborhoods that are under evacuation, over in sonoma county over the hill, you have kenwood, windsor, all have fire burning as well. mandatory evacuations, between santa rosa, all areas, some of them are more country, but there's a lot of large neighborhoods, and this has been going on for several hours, the winds have been gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour, it's very dry, they had a very wet winter in california and that's all helped to fan the flames, it's pretty bad right now. rob: yeah, adam, the after the winter you had, and you got water and you finally got it and so dry this time of year, it's been long since you've had
2:32 am
right, it's just right for that kind of fire. the wind also in california, hot and dry, windy, nightmare scenario for firefighters. meteorologist adam klotz in the weather center on that. >> here is what the forecast early this morning. not a lot of activity as far as rain. that would be popping up in this model. temperatures right now currently in 50's or 60's, but you'll be climbing back up into lower 80's before the day is over. no rains inside, winds getting up consistently, 30, 35 miles an hour but gusting to 40-50 miles an hour and no rain in the forecast, things are not looking good. as far as any improvement in the forecast to help fight the fires, on the other side of the country, the story continues to be everything we are talking with what once was hurricane nate. that's a cyclone, fancy way to
2:33 am
say it's a rain-maker. new york city will be getting the rain soon. it's just a fast-mover, completely off the east coast by the end of the day today. rob: we will keep the fires out west. we will see exactly what we are talking about and could be bad. president trump throwing a brand-new bargaining chip on the table to fulfill campaign promise, the white house vow to go support daca if congress funds the border wall. looking to make a deal, ultimatum, part of 70-point enforcement plan to crack down on illegal immigration which includes rewriting the law to eliminate loopholes that have been taken advantage of for years. >> in we don't fix the law for minors or asylum loopholes or resources necessary to adjudicate cases, we will never have a secure border. rob: customs and border control there.
2:34 am
input from the justice, state and labor departments along with homeland security immigration agencies, all of that together, julian over to you. >> time for football right now and a wild day in week 5 for the nfl with big scores, some bigger injuries and one to have league 's rivalry, wide receiver, chris carter, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us now that you're in the same building. >> good morning. >> congratulations. cowboys and packers. if you give rogers time and he will get it done. >> why didn't dallas take more time off the clock, they needed a touchdown, it's hard to build appropriate amount of time. they played too much man to man coverage. a lot of time on the clock. rogers if you give them the time, the best quarterback i
2:35 am
have ever seen throw the football and he proved that. he only had 181 yards passing. they held him in check until the last drive and puts them over the top. >> these are the games they were winning last season and can't get it done. >> totally different team. they've had 15-point lead twice this season, so dallas cowboys fans, that defense, secondary, they have two rookies playing a bunching, lack of pass rush, that's why they have been losing games and running and milking out the clock. >> let's talk about injuries, two big ones to talk about starting right now with j.j. watt as you know last season was much for back injury, comes back and now fractures the left on first drive. >> one of the most dominant players that played in the nfl specially in the last ten years, huge injury to the nfl, not only is he one of the names, but
2:36 am
these injuries in the last couple of years they bring into question j.j. watt, how much -- how many more years can be as dominant? this is a serious injury, big guy, two back surgeries this off season. unfortunate news for the texans with j.j. watt. >> sometimes you watch the injuries and watch the replay, but hopefully it's not that bad but with odell beckham, jr., hopefully it was not that bad. you saw it right away. >> we knew it was going to be something, i thought he was in a bad spot landing, a lot of times it happens. he has ankle fracture. something that won't hurt his career compare today j.j. watt who has had a number of injuries, odell was very young. this is his fourth year. he wanted this to be the best year of career. he's looking for a huge contract extension. the giants and odell will
2:37 am
recover from this. i don't know about the giants. >> they're 0-5, they are at the bottom and they are struggling and lost wide receivers but one yesterday. >> there were some on our show, nick wright, he thinks giants is a super bowl team. >> oh, no. >> we have coach eric mangin, new england insider, big show, big topics, looking forward to the show with nick and jenna, it's been amazing four weeks so far. >> awesome, we are looking for it as well. thank you. rob, back to you. rob: thanks so much, 37 minutes after the hour, saturday night live turning into a late-night lecture on gun control. >> why is it so hard to get gun control in this country? i mean, who are the delicate snowflakes that we are allowed to tell you're not allowed to have 40 guns anymore, earl.
2:38 am
rob: selective outrage coming up next. you've been to julian's hometown a few minutes ago, next we will go to mine. next we will go to caramel, indiana, stay tune. what started as a passion...
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rob: late night tv hosts waste nothing time pushing for gun control in the wake of what happened in las vegas and saturday night live was no different. >> the investigation into the tragedy in las vegas this week has sparked a larger debate in america between people who want common sense gun control and people who are wrong. >> 30% of americans own all the guns in the control.
2:42 am
the 3% that needs to feel secure all of the time. rob: increasingly political snl, what the show didn't mention hollywood producer and big-time democratic party supporter harvey weinstein and the numerous sexual harassment claims against him. the topic today is hypocrisy, here the weigh in chuck roca, chad, comedian and blogger, thanks so much for coming, we do appreciate it. i'm pretty pragmatic about gun control. i don't like the fact that people can shoot 500 people in 10 minutes, who are comedy writers to lecture about politics and policy and answers on gun control and you have to at least admit that there's got to be some kind of hypocrisy. the harvey weinstein story was so easy, so many good skits on that and they didn't touch it. sexual harassment don't have a part, i think the guys are trying to get ratings and that's
2:43 am
why you have seen so much about donald trump. he's the president of the free world and open market and they get out there and try to get ratings up and they want to talk about what they want to be talking about. i wouldn't say more about weinstein, i'm a democrat, harvey weinstein or president of the united states, sexual harassment is wrong and we should be addressing just like gun control. rob: i completely agree with that. what do you make of them not touching it or and i think you have a good point to make on the fact that dnc is donating all the money that harvey donated to them, they are going to send it somewhere else, tell me about those two things? >> in terms of the money, first of all, i believe it's only 10% of the dnc said that they would return from almost as oppose to long history of $300,000 of donations apparently. they are only going to give 10%, $30,000 but they are giving to it liberal organizations that help elect democrat women.
2:44 am
because it's women, therefore it's okay. but it's a show-game. shifting money from check to go savings account to say we are going the give money to planned parenthood, emily's list. but hypocrisy of not mentioning weinstein. in his statement himself, weinstein blames the nra. he said i'm going to channel my anger about my behavior against wayne la pierre. i've never seen someone blame nra for being a sexual harasser themselves. i don't understand it. this is part to have big problem, hollywood, media, academia, all institutions are in echo chamber and that's why they are going to lose again, not only this coming year -- rob: let's go with chad more on that he's a comedian and know it is industry pretty well and
2:45 am
there's a point to be made. there's no conservative voices coming out of hollywood, if you think about how they produce television, i lived in la for three years, their market is the midwest, these are the people that usually are red states, ones that are watching all the shows because people on the coast don't have much time. people in the midwest and red states watch a lot of states and don't have venue for what they believe in, what do you say to that, chad? >> our first guest said it's all about the ratings, in theory yes, the ratings are starting to tank. we don't want to get lectured for an hour that are posing as late-night comedian. harvey weinstein thing is not funny, the issue in las vegas is not funny. late-night comedy has become unfunny, and be the way, harvey weinstein, obviously donations to dnc, support of hillary clinton, he visited the obama
2:46 am
white house 13 times which causes me to recommend that they changed the sheets but i did hear he liked the shower water pressure. rob: thank you so much for joining me this morning to talk about this and we will see if there is any change but do i think you're right. it's gotten to the point where everything is political now and i just think that at some point it's going to get old and i think we are going to see that, all right, guys, thanks for coming on. coming up next we are calling must see tv, we will take you to my hometown. i hope you enjoy it. we are going to central indiana. first let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> congratulations on the show. i know that you're not looking forward to it but we are. the white house announces a ground-breaking demands when it comes to immigration reform. we have the details from white
2:47 am
house official and what it means for this president and for the people who put him in and also talking about the nfl, two owners demand their players stand, will others do the same thing? and the vice president makes a stand, we will tell you the inside story on that. kellyanne conway will join us live with problems of senator corker and more. he and the president going at it. the big debate on guns, no better to talk to than dana lash. huge show on monday. we are taking attendance and i urge you to please get dressed. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them.
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>> there are a few big names from the great state of indiana like our vice president mike pence, pop super star michael
2:51 am
jackson, nba legend larry byrd but do you know who else calls himself a hoosier, rob, do you have any idea? rob: that guy, that's me. i credit a lot who i am to this place and now i'm going to let you see how i grew up in case you care. maybe you do. [laughter] >> welcome to caramel, indiana, suburb of indianapolis, great place to live and great place to grow up. i was here through high school and now i'm back to show you where i'm from. >> get off my lawn. >> what, man. >> come say hi. say, hi, nora. >> hi. >> cracking. >> i met you sixth grade, seventh grade?
2:52 am
>> probably. >> this is bob over here on the right. this is what the the collage. high school sweethearts. you're up here. your are you -- you had to make something. >> i got points deducted because you were a distraction. >> it's the bomb. >> it's been a while. >> pretty surreal. first time back in old high school since 15 years. i can already feel a lot of the teenage angst that we remember starting to bubble up. the school has over 5,000 students. i can't believe how big it has gotten.
2:53 am
junior year locker was somewhere right in here. this is where we had gym class. it was a guarantied a. >> welcome home. rob: nothing like a trip home. did we catch many fish? >> the story of what makes our family, i guess, very unique is this picture. you guys all came from iran. >> just become very much religious country and -- rob: ruled the quran. >> we decided to come out and i
2:54 am
came over and stayed with uncle steve when i was going to school in cincinnati. >> we probably started dating 1970 and we got married in '76. rob: golfing in the front yard. >> we found out i'm pregnant. he bought you a golf club. rob: plastic one. >> no kidding. rob: we are here at brookshire golf club. i worked here through high school. me and my dad played golf since i was a little kid. >> you were playing golf when you could barely walk. rob: i do remember that. >> you still have a good swing, kid. >> rob, why are you so shy and embarrassed. [laughter] >> i'm so glad that's over.
2:55 am
>> your parents are so proud of you. rob: that's fox news country. you go indiana and fox news is on tv. it's so funny to be working here now and seeing that come to fruition. >> haircut from back in the day. rob: don't get me started. we will stop right there. 55 minutes after the hour. some nfl coaches and owners standing up for america telling players to stand for the national anthem or else. >> your comments are pouring in and we are going to read them straight ahead.
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rob vice president mike pence out in indiana walking out after players took a knee. >> vow to go put patriotism first threatening any player if they don't stand for anthem. rob: owner should have said this week one, too late now, bye. >> second, fire them, plenty of young talent willing to play. rob: damage is done, they'll be standing simply to get a paycheck, she said she's done with the nfl. >> teresa e-mailed us, i was
3:00 am
happy to see vp left the game, fans should do the same and ask for money back. this is a conversation that's not going end any time soon. rob: it absolutely is. 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. every day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is exactly what the base wants and also speaks to the issue of law and order. >> vice president mike pence left the indiana colts game after football players took a knee during national anthem. >> walk out as gerture of patriotic principle. >> the las vegas cops try today breach the room of paddock. >> we were tripping over guns. >> could there have been any laws passed that would have stopped him? >> reports of people hiding inside of wineries in northern


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