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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 11, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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removed. disrespect our flag, national anthem they need to pay. boycott games and sponsors. rob: still worried about the money. stick with college football. there you have it. thanks for joining us this morning. jillian: keep those comments coming by the way. i don't think this is the last time we will talk about this. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> major win for president trump. nfl commissioner roger goodell wrote a letter to team owners that reads like this. we believe everyone should stopped for the national anthem. >> in just a few hours, president trump will hit the road to push his new tax reform plan. >> people wanting to see tax cuts and that's what we're doing. >> at least 17 fires have ripped through tens of thousands of acres. >> 17 people dead and at least 200 people missing. >> looks like a bomb went off. >> the measure people rose up and now they have reversed their decision and they are going to allow the video to stand and us to push it forward. >> it's a scandal swirling around hollywood producer harvey weinstein has moved from the tabloids to the
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pages. hillary clinton said not a single word for five full days. >> you are true, true champions and incredible patriots. you think you are going to be back here next year? i think so, right? [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home. steve: good morning, welcome. ainsley: hello. steve: you look at camera on tv. ainsley: it's wednesday. it's been a short week. quick week. brian: it's been a short week. there is a myriad of stories to cover.
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especially yesterday, the back and forth with the iq test and then the nfl moves forward. there is so much going on today. and we will see where we go from here. steve: there is. the president got a big win when it comes to the anthem protest. we will tell you about that in a minute. first, just a few hours away president trump is going out to joint andrews and hit the road for tax reform. what we can we expect? ainsley: joining us from washington, d.c. with all the brand new details is griff jenkins. >> good morning, the president is heading to harrisburg, pennsylvania this afternoon. he seems to like that place. it's his third trip since taking office. he will talk to 1,000 workers at the international guard there. many of them are going to be truck drivers. the group the president considers the life blood of our economy. literally when the trucks are moving so too is the economy. he is going to hit personal stories, those who stand to benefit most from this tax plan. here is what the president had to say looking ahead to today's speech. take a listen.
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people want to see tax cuts. they want to see major reductions in their taxes and major reform that's what we're doing. >> personal stories and what these truckers may want to hear today. i actually rod rode around with dave bales. his main concern at the time is you might have guessed it is healthcare. >> i can't afford to retire because of healthcare. the health benefits over $1,500 a month. social security benefits about 2,000. what are you going to live on, you know? >> dave may be has been to hear and the president also this week is not giving up on healthcare. is he planning to use the power of his pen to take action, guys, and sign a measure that would allow americans to buy healthcare across state lines something the president says wouldn't cost the president anything. we'll see and expect to perhaps hear more about that this evening as well as the president sitting down with our own sean hannity. i'm sure this, too, will
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come up. guys? brian: thanks, griff. appreciate it what could be negative going across state lines. making work with each other. driving prices down. he said that since day one. what are you going to do go to bat tore the insurance company because they don't want competition? steve: who knew the president could do that he had the power. he could have done that the first week. brian: you know who told him rand paul. he said give it a shot. ainsley: meanwhile the commissioner of the nfl is getting on board with the president. finally sending a letter to all the owners, i think there are 32 league owners saying he agrees all of the players need to stand up during the national anthem. steve: right. this is according to a letter, a leaked internal memo that wound um in the hands of a reporter who put it on facebook. and part of the letter says this: like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. it is an important moment in our game. we want to honor our flag and our country and our fans expect that of us.
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this comes just a week after he met with the players union and the players union says that the group decided the protests had to stop and the union said goodell assured them that they would respect the constitutional rights of each and every member. so, while everybody halls a freedom of speech to do what they want to do, what does that mean now if he is saying everybody should stand? are they going to mandate it? i don't know yet. brian: so far ratings are down in regular season games for espn 17%. and 17% on monday night football year to year. in that letter if you read the whole thing. he says we're going to talk over the weekend about different things you can do to address what the players say are the issues that is having them kneel or sit during the national anthem. they are not just going to say stand up and leave you alone. they have been saying we are going to put money there and talk about the programs and see if we can do something positive. ainsley: what is this about the talk of losing draft picks if they don't stand
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up? >> brian: there is something in the rules, the game day rules that say if they don't stand, you can be fined and draft picks. but clearly they haven't enforced that for over a year. and they are not going to publicity it now. newt gingrich was on with sean hannity last night and talked about this cultural battle. >> one of the things that is driving the he a let media crazy is trump has the inticket the taking the side of american people and american history and being willing to stand up to every politically correct nut job there is and break through. gives him support not measurable in traditional terms. if you go back and collect all the elitists who wrote columns how wrong it was for trump to do this, well, the average personal looked up and said no, that's exactly right. and when dave winston and his team did their poll and
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found out that the nfl had collapsed in favor. i'm sure at that point roger goodell suddenly in a moment of deep patriotism and desire not to go broke. steve: going to be with us here in about half an hour. brian: i don't think the 49ers is going to stand. there are 23 players now all of a sudden are going to stand because they were told to. they haven't stood for over a year. ainsley: it doesn't say what the punishment will be if they don't stand. he did say also in a letter that's important to point out, they had a committee meeting in september. he said he heard from a lot of the players. is he listening to their underlying issues why these are so important to him. he you does support all the players he says you need to stand during the national anthem. steve: result 3459ly this is what it comes down to. brian was talking about how the ratings for monday night football way down. also way down for sunday football as well. what does that mean? keep in mind the nfl makes so much money from tv ratings. if they promise a 10 and
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they get a 7, what that means is, which is what they got on monday night football, they are going to have to have a give back or make good on future game. and that means the nfl is going to miss a bunch of dough and then next time an nfl team wants to build a stadium with tax dollar, what is the town going to say? follow the money it looks like the money is starting to dry up. maybe the nfl saw the writing on the wall. brian: players get a percentage of the revenue. not just the owners. blow back by jerry jones from some commentators mike bilwill burn this is a plantation mentality. espn big blow back there. ainsley: it's the national anthem. it's the national anthem. the team owner mike sullivan who is the team owner for the pittsburgh penguins. i'm sure he is the head coach, he says when the president invites us to go to the white house because we won the stanley cup he
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said we are not saying no to that. we have kids from six different countries on our team and they are excited to going to meet the president and seeing what the house looks like. brian: the president was pumped up to. here he is. >> you are true, true champions and incredible patriots. now, with hockey seasonal again underway. i know ready to make another run at the cup. the nhl has not seen a three pete in a generation but i know you are ready for the challenge. do you think you will be back here next year? i think so, right? [cheers] >> i have a feeling. it's called winning. i know the capitols will be looking for pay back. steve: there is a team invited to the white house. they happily went. one of the team owners a fellow by the name of ron becker kel that guy is a great negotiator. why don't you renegotiate nafta for me. ainsley: he said they have been friends for a long time. brian: marcia blackburn wants to be the next senator
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from tennessee. she thought she would take out an ad on twitter. twitter said we are not going to do that. you are kidding me get people upset because i have a pro-life stance? they wouldn't let her air it suddenly h they had a change of heart. steve: she said planned parenthood stopped the sell of baby body parts. yesterday they back tracked. ainsley: reconsidering the ad in the context of the entire message we believe there is room to refine our policies around these issues. brian: because they let the pro-planned parenthood philosophy go forward. meanwhile congresswoman marsha blackburn will be joining us live at 8:30 a.m. steve: she believed the twitter back tracked the american people spoke um and said that's not right. ainsley: we are tired of the elites telling us what we can see and listen to. brian: somebody not elite and not tired jill i can't believe. jillian: not tired at all.
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ever. steve: bring it on. jillian: we begin with breaking news and a fox news alert. 200 people missing as wildfires burn out of control in wine country. >> my barn burned but my neighbors -- their houses are gone. jillian: gusty winds and no rain in the forecast this week. firefighters now facing yum hill battle to contain those flames. adam housley is live in california with the latest. he will join us in just a few minutes. breaking overnight two navy commanders of the uss john mccain fired after a crash that left 10 sailors dead. that crash ruled preventable. alfredo sanchez and jesse sanchez both relieved from positions for poor leadership and judgment. back in august the missile destroyer collided singapore. the commander of the seventh
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fleet was relieved from his duties after the crash. south korean media reporting that the house has scouted possible sites for his upcoming trip to arab sharks including the tense demilitarized zone south korea. the president also meeting with top generals just hours before the u.s. military flew air force bombers over the korean peninsula. in a drill alongside south korean and japanese planes. first time in 30 years the u.s. men's soccer team will not take the field for next year's world cup. it's not a joke, brian. >> reality setting in like a sledge hammer on the u.s. bench. jillian: 28th ranked americans losing to 99th ranked trinidad 2-1. losing their streak of seven straight appearances at the world cup. brian: think about nike their investment in russia. fox for the world cup rights and don't have an american
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team. steve: ranked 29th. jillian: i thought it was a joke. brian: can't lose to mexico and panama. my goodness. what a disaster. steve: what a pick me up. ainsley: can we have kleenexes. brian: i'm gone. ainsley: we're going to take a break to check on brian. hillary clinton finally condemning harvey wine stein. why did it take her so long and will she give back his cash? steve: what does compromise look like to nancy pelosi? republicans bengsding to the democrats' wishes. i guess she didn't get the memo. the democrats lost. ♪ just like yesterday ♪ get on my knees and pray ♪ we won't get fooled again ♪
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3:18 am
house correspondent from "the washington examiner" gabby moore. good morning to you. >> what's their strategy? >> it looks like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer wants republicans to cave to a party that's no longer in power. i think the comments we saw from the house minority leader really display almost a stunning sense of entitlement. they wants the white house to cave to them. they want the white house and republicans in congress to work with democrats to basically enact the progressive liberal agenda that pelosi and schumer have been trying to push through since the days of the obama administration u. steve: sure. >> really, that's not the strategy that's going to work here. i mean, what they should be looking to do is emulate the movants and the strategy and message we have seen from democratic senators like joe manchin and heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly in indiana who have been working with the white house on things like tax reform and looking
3:19 am
for areas to compromise. steve: to quote a famous american, elections have consequences and right now the democrats are the minority party. we do know that it looked like the president was going to be dealing with democrats when he had that meeting with chuck and nancy and they came out and said okay, weefs got a deal. the daca kids are going to be able to stay and they're going to be more money for security but no wall. and then when the president in the white house came out with that 70 point plan this past weekend, the big thing was they're going to build the wall. all the money for the wall. democrats don't like that. they don't have much game here because daca, the dreamer program is not a law. something inel substituted by the last administration. >> even forget the legality of that for a second. look at what's happened when democrats have, because of what they have done. they have constantly indulged this far left part of their base. they have attached themselves to the so-called resistance movement. what that has done has
3:20 am
prevented them from ever compromising with the white house without facing consequences. i mean, if you recalled last month nancy pelosi was interrupted during a press conference about daca a few days after she said she would be willing to work with the administration on immigration reform. she was interrupted by liberal immigrants rights activists who said she was anti-immigrant. steve: they didn't want her to work with the production at all. >> that's the consequences of spending years indulging this progressive liberal base that is demanding just policies that the average personal disagrees with. steve: well, the meter is running. >> they have until march the 6th to figure out a compromise or something going forward. gabby from "the washington examiner." gabby, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. steve: it's 6:20 here in new york city now. our next guest lost her husband, a police officer, at the hands of terrorists and then she befriended one of them. the incredible story of how that helped her heal coming
3:21 am
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brian: quick headlines now, if you wanted to fight a war on u.s. soil, that's what a man told police after allegedly leaving a jar full of explosive chemicals and nails at airport. according to the fbi 46-year-old michael estes admitted to leaving the explosive near terminal in asheville, lie about their sons joining it isis overseas. they moved from texas to syria to fight with the terror group in 2014. the parents first denied knowing about their plans but later said they knew about their plans and gave false statements. they reportedly struck a plea deal avoiding 8 years in prison for something
3:25 am
unrelated here is ainsley. apes ainsley thank you, brian. after decades of silence the widow of an nypd officer killed in terror attack known as the forgotten 9/11 is sharing her story. opening up about how she learned her husband was in danger, befriending the terrorists who killed him, and more. and it is all in her brand new book it's called "life detonated" the true story of a widow and hijacker. kerry joins us now. also the co-founder of survivors of the shield. thank you, kathleen for being with us. >> i'm delighted to be here. ainsley: your husband was killed by a terrorist september 11th, 1976. what happened on that day? >> i never thought of my life as a story. but i was teaching a writing course. and i asked my students to write about september 11t 11, 2011. while they were writing i wonder what they would think if they knew my story.
3:26 am
i started to write it down. and then i read it to the class. the room was silent. and someone said oh my god, what a story. and that's when i knew that i would write my book. ainsley: brian worked for the nypd. what was his specialty? >> he was a bomb squad expert. ainsley: on that day terrorists planted a bomb in grand central station they tried to hijack a plane. the plane never went down your husband was sent to grand central to go to the locker where the bag was being sent and inside. you saw it on tv. >> i did. i watched as he put that bag out of a locker. he put it on a pole and brought it out to the truck. ainsley: then what happened? >> then he disappeared from view. ainsley: this was all on camera? i can't imagine that because nowadays they would never let cameras in to see a scene like that. ainsley: you saw your husband disappear before your eyes and your life
3:27 am
changed. ainsley: you said i worried i would fall back into poverty. that somehow my boys would slide into the hardship i had experienced as a child. that was your fear? >> yes. ainsley: have you two boys with him. >> i do. >> have you since gotten remarried and have a little girl. maybe not so little anymore how old is your daughter. >> she is 35. ainsley: how are your children. >> it's been many years. we have adjusted. i wrote to the hijacker because i was looking for answers and couldn't find them. i wanted to know why the bomb exploded. ironically, it was she who helped me heal. ainsley: this was the wife of the man who actually made the bomb that ultimately killed your husband? >> yes. ainsley: she was on the plane one of the my jackers. she was an american? >> she was american-born. ainsley: this is a picture of the lady. and you became friends? >> i'm not going to call it a friendship. we corpsded for many years. and she gave me advice that helped me heal. ainsley: what did she say? >> she was very pragmatic and she understood what i
3:28 am
was going through and so she. ainsley: did she feel remorse? did she say i'm sorry. >> very much. so she divorced her husband. she was very sad and her letters really made me feel that i could heal from this. and so gradually i did. ainsley: what happened to her? >> i wrote to the parole board and she was released from prison. ainsley: wow did. she ever get back with her husband? >> he was released after 32 years. and he went to croatia to join her, but he put a bullet in his head shortly after he was released. ainsley: they wanted independence for croatia. and that's what they were fighting over. now, i know that n ptiond -- because i want to talk about your organization. you helped create survivors of the shield. the nypd told you that you would receive half of your husband's pension which was
3:29 am
about $900 a month. and if she -- if you ever got remarried you wouldn't get a penny. is that why you started this organization? >> it was. i needed to find someone who i could pass legislation with. and i did. i found two women. and we went to governor cuomo and we passed legislation that we would keep our pensions, even if we remarried. we had full scholarships for our children. survivors of the shield is still a strong organization today. ainsley: i'm sorry for the loss of your husband. >> thank you. ainsley: as a result some families are being helped. full pensions, college for their kids, takes a lot of weight off of people going through stressful situations. god bless you. kathleen murray more ran if you want to pick up the book page turner. life deactivated. >> thank you so much. ainsley: hillary clinton finally decided to denounce
3:30 am
her favorite donor harvey weinstein. one thing missing from her statements is what she is going to do with his money. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi ripping the plan to cut taxes. >> freedom caucus said we won't go for a bill unless the hard right, koch brothers, citizens for tax reform approve it. ainsley: grover norquist knows a thing or two about taxes. he has a different take. next, first we want to wish a happy birthday to luke robinson who turns 22 today and my daddy, happy birthday, dad, i love you. ♪ ♪ with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains
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wine country, 17 dead at least 200 missing.
3:34 am
steve: let's get ride to adam housley live from the suisun valley. >> to give you an idea where we are, we have a map we have made of a north bay area where the wine country is and where these fires continue to burn. we are expecting wind to come back again today. but prior to that take a look. these are where the fires are burning. suisun is one ridge over from napa valley, basically parallels napa valley if you will, a small area between napa and a town of fairfield has 200,000 people. back here live, i will give you a look over my right shoulder. the flames are starting to flare up in this area. this fire burning right now basically jumped three quarters of a mile last night. i was on the hillside on the ridge just over from napa when the fire jumped, when the winds started kicking up. take a listen. roughly 48 hours ago the fire is coming over the hill
3:35 am
the fire line is several niles long. marching towards the area twin scissors road neighbors county. the fire is burning fast. the weather has changed significantly. after roughly 36 hours of no wind. you can see the wind has picked up. you can see the smoke blowing. there are fire units here. we have senile helicopters flying through here. it's very difficult fire conditions as once again it's becoming a tough fight against this fire and others in this wine country region. that wind was stoked fires near sonoma county last night up near suisun. the evacuation down below, we ran across evacuations people trying to get horses and cattle out. right behind me called laying down. the fire is burning down the little hillside. laying low. when the sun comes up it will start picking up. that's when the winds will kick up. that's what everybody is worried about. back to you in new york.
3:36 am
steve: no kidding and no rain in sight. president trump is going to hit the road later today to talk tax reform, tax cuts in the state of pennsylvania, despite massive opposition from the minority party. >> so what the plan does is the top rate on the wealthiest comes down and the bottom rate on working class families goes up. what kind of plan is this? brian: right. if that was the plan, perhaps it would be disturbing, but maybe it isn't. will congress be able to get it done with senator schumer feeling like that? ainsley: here to weigh in is president for tax reform grover norquist. grover, is he right? is it going to go down fort wealthiest and higher for the poorest? >> no. schumer is lying. there are eight rates now. they are going to go down to four. the bottom rate is zero. the 10% rate goes down to zero. the 15% rate goes down to
3:37 am
12. all of the rates come down. so there will be 0, 12, 25, 35. everybody who pays taxes sees lower rates. the game that schumer is playing is he pretends there isn't a zero rate. but there is. and it has expanded under the trump republican plan. it's very dishonest and what it does tell is you schumer is not going to play any role in working with the republicans in congress or the white house to play any role in tax reform. i didn't expect him to. but this kind of dishonesty explains that he is not even part of the discussion. steve: well, you didn't expect him to so he is not letting you down. >> no, that is true. steve: the president sent out a tweet three or four minutes ago it reads it, grover. stock market has increased by $5.2 trillion since the election on november 8th. >> a 25 pest increase.
3:38 am
lowest unemployment in 16 years, and if congress gives us the massive tax cuts and reform i am asking for, those numbers will grow by leaps and bounds, #making america great again. i remember you were on a couple weeks ago talking about what this tax plan would do. one, it would jump start the economy and it would also then spawn all sorts of job creation. but there are other things that impact each and every person watching right now, right? >> oh, absolutely. it doubles the standard deduction, so for a married couple right now the first 12,000 is not taxed. that goes up to 24,000. that's the zero percent rate that schumer doesn't seem to understand. it's very important to people. all individual rates come down. the 30 million americans who are self-employed, who have subchapter s corporations pass throughs, 30 million. small businesses, they will
3:39 am
see a 4 -- on average over 40% cut in their marginal tax rate. not just the larger companies but the smaller companies who have been ignored for 30 years. this takes their taxes down to where they were in 1931. that's where we're going to see a lot of jobs and a lot of new businesses and the winner of tax reform, the biggest winner is the person who didn't have a job in the last eight years and who gets a job at 25 or 30 or $45,000 a year. brian: grover, what about the critics who say he is going to add to the deficit? >> there are two things. if we get economic growth. if you go from 2%, which is obama levels, french levels of economic growth, 2% up to 3%, over the course of a decade, even the cbo the government ngs own scoring says you get more than $2.5 trillion in additional revenue. so, the way to get the deficit down is to have
3:40 am
strong economic growth. we went to 4% with reagan's tax cuts. these tax cuts as written are as powerful as the reagan reductions. steve: and it sounds like the president is trying to make a little bit of that case talking about how much the economy has grown since he was elected. grover, thank you very much. we will be watching the president this afternoon to see what else he has to say about taxes. ainsley: thank you, grover. brian: the problem is he this will have to do it with 52 votes. not going to get to 60. steve: says a lot about the democratic party. ainsley: passes this year it effects us for april 15th, right? steve: don't know yet. the devil is in the details. brian: they are talking about retroactive. jillian: i want to give you update on stories we have been following for days now. why has it taken hillary clinton so long to talk about and at least release a statement about the harvey weinstein scandal? well, tmz is reporting harvey boarded a private jet overnight headed to sex rehab center in europe. hillary clinton did rebreak
3:41 am
her silence. i was shocked and appalled by the refusings of harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. while hillary is ripping her former donor, it appears she won't be ripping up his checks. there is no mention at this point what the clintons plan to do with weinstein's past donations. meantime his wife announcing she is leaving him hours after a bombshell report detailed accusations from three women who say he raped them. privacy not included. a couple vacationing at a florida air b and b shocked to find a camera hidden in a smoke detector pointed at their bed. the husband who works in technology was investigating a tiny hole in the detector that actually turned out to be a spying device. the homeowner arrested and charged. police say they found several other videos of guests dating all the way back to 2008. all right. if your child is a bully, you could be thrown behind bars. a city in upstate new york passing a new law holding
3:42 am
parents accountable for their kids' behavior. violators face a fine and 15 days in jail if their kid misbehaves twice in 90 day period. city officials says the new law is geared towards minors who repeatedly bully other children in public places. i had so many questions about this. it's a town outside of buffalo, yes, this goes up until your kids are 18 years of age. isn't that crazy? steve: maybe it's going to cause some parents to actually get involved in theiring child's life u personality responsibility. jillian: drive, now your parents are responsible if you are a bully? ainsley: i can't get past the air b and b. steve: smoke detectors. ainsley: that's disgusting. brian: violent started with the antipolice. black extremists at the newest terror threat. next guest the nypd officer says the danger real. ainsley: check this out. when the players took a knee a 77-year-old farmer took his message to the nfl
3:43 am
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3:46 am
if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. brian: envelope commissioner roger goodell taking a stand on the national anthem sending a letter to team owners essentially like many of our fans we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. what about the reaction in the community and law enforcement community. here to react former nypd officer dr. darren porcher. all right dr. porcher, how do you feel about this? is this a good move for the nfl? >> this is great move. counsel nation all th -- cowboyl the way. jerry jones stood with that organization and said look, you will stand in front of flag and support this flag. brian: the league is 70% african-american. one the quotes from michael will born from pardon the interruption this is a
3:47 am
plantation mentality you do what i tell you to do. do you buy that? >> not at all. the nfl is a business. the team owners represent their business. this is their brand. therefore, they will represent the brand that they feel is necessary to advance their cause. and take into consideration jerry jones he felt that the cowboyses stand for the flag and this is something that represents the united states and, therefore, i think he is doing the right thing. brian: there is no way i believe everyone stands this weekend. the 49ers had 23 players take a knee. what if these players refuse to stand and the commissioner asks them to. then what? >> the average player is making $2 million a year in the nfl. this is a job for these players. i don't think -- i think if you have all of the owners unite behind this cause, all of the players will stand. brian: november 11th a series of weeks saluting first responders, law enforcement and veterans. that's going to be awkward unless they solve this quickly. meanwhile the fbi warns. this get. this they warn americans have new domestic terror threat, black identity
3:48 am
extremists. what's that? >> well it, goes back to a lot of these police shootings. when we look at the shooting in louisiana, for example, you had a mad man that decided in retaliation for that to shoot officers. the same thing held true in dallas. you have another mad man that decided to shoot police officers. brian: who is a veteran. >> right. exactly. when we think about these african-american extremists. this is something that's a by product of i want to say black lives matter and a lot of these other organizations. and i don't want to say black lives matter caused it; however, they do have a responsibility to marshall in their following to ensure that -- i shouldn't say ensure. let them know that we are going to protest for peace and they failed at that therefore, they do have a level of com complicity. brian: bureau says by the way look out for black identity extremists. are you insulted by that? >> i wouldn't say i'm insulted by it i look at it this is the way things are going. whenever we have any threat, we need to look at that
3:49 am
threat and deal with it accordingly. if we have these black extremist groups that are participating or complicit in this. then we need to isolate and groups accordingly. brian: we will see what happens. great to see. >> fantastic, brian. brian: president trump stepping up his feud with north korean dictator kim jong un. now planning a personal show of force against the rogue nation. and when the players took a knee, a 77-year-old farmer took his message to the nfl. mowing it into his field. look at that you will meet him next. ♪ when the sun goes down ♪ that's when country comes to town ♪
3:50 am
i have a problem with donald trump's tax plan. a big problem. eighty percent (80%) of the tax cuts go to the top one percent. the richest americans. and big corporations get a huge tax break. but a lot of families like ours will pay more. millions in the middle class will actually pay higher taxes. that's right. higher taxes! to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. no early morning tweet can make that right. the trump tax plan is just bad for america.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: one farm owner is making sure that everyone knows his opinion on the nfl protest. gene hanson, he's from north dakota. he used a tractor to put a message in one of his fields saying quote: we stand for the national anthem in big, bold letters. brian: all right. even the president noticed posting this on facebook thank you gene hanson great american and farmer standing up for the flag and our anthem and our country. steve: that's right right now if there north dakota gene joins us via skype. good morning to you. ainsley: hey, gene. >> good morning. good to be with you. steve: gene, why were you so moved by these national anthem protests that you wanted to take your tractor to plow up your field and send that message? >> well, i just disagree with the kneeling for the national anthem i didn't think it was anything about black, white, or brown. democrat or republican. it was all about honoring our flag and our country. there is a lot of people that died for it.
3:54 am
i thought it should be honored. brian: what's it like getting noticed by the president? >> oh, boy, that's something. next thing best to it would be to shake his hand, i guess. ainsley: gene, i know have you plowed other messages in your crops, in your field. have you written vote trump, never hillary. g.o.p., get your act together. drain the swamp. and i think you did the prince symbol when prince died. how do you do it. brian: because ainsley has a farm. ainsley: you lose your crops doing that. >> it works best in harvest of beate bean field where can yu count the rows. count off 30 rows, let my disk down and head down the field, when i get to the 30th row i will stop and go back and do the other one and do it about three or four tractor widths wide. just timing and letting the
3:55 am
disk down at the right time and go disking. steve: sure. a lot of people have done things like this. but they use g.p.s. and they use all sorts of stuff. you just do it by counting the crop rows. gene, it's such a big message that you plow over your 850 acres out there. have you ever misspelled a word in one of your messages? >> i sure have. in fact, the one that i did here, it was the second one. the first one i did i was almost done with it and a passer by came by and wondered what the heck i was doing. i had two letters left. when i went back to work on it, i forgot one letter. >> what word did you misspell. >> i had to go back on the other side of the field and do another one. steve: what did you misspell? >> i left the h out of it. ainsley: obviously we all loved prince and loved his music. a farmer in north dakota, why did you like prirnsz? >> after prince died it was
3:56 am
coffee morning discussion one of the guys said you should do a logo of prince. i didn't even know what the logo was. i looked it up on the internet and i made a copy of it and i taped it to the hood of my tractor and i went out in the field and i just let her down and started going. and when i got done i took my airplane up and took a picture of it i couldn't believe it too close to call turned out the first time did i. brian: how about "fox & friends"? >> that would be a great one, i think. steve: we will put it on tv. >> there you go. brian: will good luck with the ampersand. steve: he did the prince logo. i think he can do it. gene hanson from north dakota. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, gene. steve: such an important point there is no spell check on a tractor. ainsley: i'm amazed he can do that. he is an artist. steve: he is, indeed. illegal immigration becoming a hot topic in the virginia
3:57 am
governor's case. endorsing republican candidate ed gillespie on the issue. ed gillespie is going to join us in a couple minutes. ainsley: plus the former speaker of the house newt gingrich will be live. tes tes and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699.
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those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah! tears of joy. (groan) pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today. steve: just a few hours away president trump is going to go out to joint base andrews and hit the road to push tax reforms. >> people want to see tax cuts and that's what we're doing. >> went to 4% with reagan tax cuts. these tax cuts, as written, are as powerful. ainsley: the commissioner of the nfl is getting on board with the president saying he agrees that all of the players need to stand up. >> it's all about honoring the flag and the many men and women that died for our country. >> at least 17 people are dead. 200 missing as wildfires burn out of control in california. >> my neighbors, yes, their houses are gone. >> president trump could be heading to south korea. >> sends a message to the
4:01 am
30,000 troops that their commander-in-chief is leading. is he leading from the front. >> for the first time in nearly 30 years the u.s. men's soccer team will not take the field for next year's world cup. >> reality setting in like a sledge hammer on the u.s. bench. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the radio's on ♪ you make me want to roll my window down ♪ and cruise brian. steve: welcome to 1987. we have colored television. ainsley: a pink hue this morning. steve: thank you very much for joining us and making us the world's number one cable news show thanks to folks like you.
4:02 am
brian: thanks to florida georgia line for staying together. ainsley: thanks for brian. steve: they sang that song first time ever on this program. brian: i said stick with cruise and stay together. steve: let me add that to your wikipedia. will somebody put that in his wikipedia right now. he pretty much made florida georgia line florida georgia line. brian: it's not at all accurate. it's unbelievable. steve: i have to look it up. brian: it's really bad. in just a few hours, president trump will hit the road to push for his new tax reform plan. he will be in pennsylvania. cue the girl u. ainsley: so what should we expect? joining us now from washington, d.c. with all the brand new details is griff jenkins. i'm sorry, i was off in space thinking about my wick peed i can't. brian: don't look. >> let me tell you the president is going to cruise perhaps with the windows down going to familiar ground harrisburg, pennsylvania making third trip since taking office.
4:03 am
he will be speaking at the international guard hanger and a lot of that audience is going to be made up of truck drivers. a group the president considers the life flood of the economy. in fact, here's an excerpt from his speech that the white house has just released. it speaks to truckers who says, quote, when your trucks are moving, america is growing. that is why my administration is historic stepping to remove the barriers that slow you down. america first means putting american truckers first. and the president, as you may have noticed, is up and tweeting this morning about stock market increasing by more than 25% since last november. unemployment down and urging congress to get behind his tax plan. is he tweeting, quote: if congress gives u.s. the massive tax cuts and reform i am asking for, those numbers will grow by leaps and bounds, make america great again. is he also attacking democrats on twitter saying, quote: the democrats wants marv tax increases and soft crime producing borders. the republicans want the biggest tax cut in history and the wall. so quite an active warning
4:04 am
buff the president heads to pennsylvania. but on that twitter feed we will be watching to see if there is anything new about tennessee senator bob corker. of course he has been feuding with them and corker could be a very important vote when the senate votes on tax reform, guys. steve: exactly right. brian: senator joni ernst says can we both please stop the president and senator corker calling for a cease-fire. steve: yif, thank you very much. meanwhile, it's hard to believe it was only 18 days ago but that is when the president of the united states was down in alabama, he was stumping for luther strange who was running for that open senate seat. and he said, essentially, that national football league team owners should fire players who kneel. and that spawned a debate all across the country. and it looks as if on this wednesday morning, the president actually made a touchdown. it looks like the president did win this particular phase of it because the commissioner apparently has sent a letter out to the team owners and it was apparently leaked or intercepted by a reporter
4:05 am
that said everybody should stand for the national anthem in the nfl. ainsley: here's the letter. here's a portion of what it says: like many of our fans we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. it is an important moment in our game. we want to honor our flag and our country and our fans expect that of us. he also said in the september committee meetings that he did hear from a lot of the players. listened to their underlying issues, why they are so important to them. and he is going to support their work and they are going to continue that dialogue. brian: again, is he urging. there is a union. i can't see seattle getting everyone standing. 23, 4ers took a knee. are they going to stand up this weekend. that's just the commissioner speaking right now. you would think they are listening but they are not under any obligation to listen. meanwhile, this is the president tweeting moments ago. let's read it together. it's about time that roger goodell of the nfl is finally demanding that all players stand for the great national anthem, respect our country. i can see now there is going to be push back from the
4:06 am
players. march tell came out. is he in disbelief he's tweets. is he a tight end with the packers. i don't think him or his brother are going to stand. ainsley: how are they going to enforce it though? steve: good question. roger goodell works for the owners. obviously the owners are in a pickle. they have billions of dollars on the line. what they are saying essentially and there is roger goodell commissioner for the nfl essentially is saying okay, we wants everybody who is out on that field to be standing. maybe they do what a team did this past weekend if you are not going to stand, don't go out. obviously, after the president said this regarding owners should fire people who kneel, it was a big, big story all over the place. so, with the news now, that apparently the president scored a victory on this, how did the mainstream media cover it? well, lightly. abc spent 16 seconds covering the. ainsley: seconds. steve: roger goodell said everybody should stand. cbs spent 22 seconds. nbc, look at that almost two minutes u.
4:07 am
brian: meanwhile the other subplot is going on in espn turns out al-sharpton is demanding that that female anchor get her job back and not have her two week suspension and then have you bob iger who might be running for president. he is getting pressure to put the anchor jemele hill back on right now. he is worried about his own prospects how it is going to look for the african-american vote perhaps what he is going to do. ainsley: her mind she might think it makes her look better there are a lot of people who do support her view. plus, she is probably still getting paid and she is getting to take a two week vacation. steve: al-sharpton did yesterday thrown boycott espn for suspending her. the twitter espn and advertisers will hear from us. speaking of the media, rush limbaugh had this to say regarding the fake news because, you know, there are stories out there, john kelly is going to get fired as chief of staff. all these different things
4:08 am
seem to be driving the narrative in the mainstream about this president and this administration. rush had a potent observation yesterday regarding the media and this country. listen to this. >> with donald trump as president, the drive by media cannot drive by stories as they please any longer. remember what the definition of drive by media is. they arrive on the scene of some event and they blow it up, and then they leave. and everybody else has to pick up the mess with donald trump as president, the media is not allowed behave as they normally behave. every issue of the drive byes want to blow up, donald trump stays on that issue and counters them and fights against them and does not let them automatically create and drive the narrative. donald trump serves as a road block, if you will, to
4:09 am
the drive by media. steve: what do you think about that? email us at friend ainsley: sources saying a white house has sent a team over to the korean peninsula to the dmz line separates north korea to south korea over there to scope out the area. there is talk to the president might be going there in the next month to go and maybe work on a deal with north korea. we have a lot of troops in south korea right now. so, he is possibly going to go over there and everyone is worried about north korea and what is going to happen. brian: talk about china. then is he going to go to south korea and have an advance team saying why not have a show of force there as he walks the dmz line. last night he sent two strategic bombers over the korean peninsula. he also had some ships go right by those chinese manufactured islands that we were told not to go by. we are doing it anyway through the region. is he definitely showing some strength.
4:10 am
michael waltz, former green beret guy was on last night. said what does this mean for the peninsula. listen. >> it sends a message to the 30,000 troops that we have in south korea whose lives are sitting over there on the line. the 25,000 soldiers, sailors, and airmen and women that we have in japan and not to mention the ones that we have in guam that their commanders in chief is leading. is he leading from the front. and that he is no longer going to accept the same old, same old that we have had for the last 30 years as the north koreaible regime has strung us along and is now on the brink of having an icbm that can strike the united states. brian: meanwhile the "new york times" reporting today that south korea got hacked and they were able to find out information about a would-be plot to take out kim jong un. steve: can you imagine when the president starts his asian visit on november 2nd if he, during his visit to south korea, actually went to the dmz where you are
4:11 am
right there on the line with north korea? that would send such message. ainsley: i think about that interview with otto warmbier's parents and what kim jong un and his regime did to this kid ripping out his teeth one at a time and put it back in there he came over back to america where he died a few days after seeing his parents. he wasn't with it, they said. he was blind, he was deaf. he was in a coma. beyond a comb marks his mom says. brian: they have a few more of our guys right now. that's what they are rumored the back channel that tillerson was dealing with to try to get those people out. steve: so anyway, the president may go to the dmz between north and south korea according to one reliable news source. it's 7:11 here in new york city right now. a tale of two time lines regarding the las vegas shooting just emerging. brian: and illegal immigration becoming a hot topic in virginia's governor's race. the president endorsing he had glepsz on the issue. the -- ed gillespie joins us live next.
4:12 am
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we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. >> i had to make it clear that i support local law enforcement. i don't support sanctuary cities. we don't have sanctuary cities. >> you refuse to say that in the event that one were established you would ban
4:16 am
that. >> being anti-ms-13 is not being anti-immigrant. it is important we want these people gone. it's our communities that are most vulnerable. we cannot allow for the establishment of sanctuary cities. brian: wow, virginia race for governor putting illegal immigration in the spotlight. the closely watched swing state contest a possible referendum on president trump's first year in office. joining us right now is g.o.p. nominee for governor who almost was a senator ed gillespie who is national security advisor to president bush and former rnc chair. big resume. why do you want to be governor, ed, going to be anything but easy. >> well, i love virginia, brian, and we are in trouble here. the fact is we have had six straight years where our economic growth rate has been below the national g.d.p. rate. we used to always lead it and now we are lagging it growth last year in virginia was 0.6%. and we were 39th out of 50 states and in wage growth we were 44th out of 50 states. i know virginia can be number one in the country. in job creation and wage
4:17 am
growth with the right policies. but we don't have those policies right now. we're not going to unless i get elected governor. brian: for the longest time if you are against illegal immigration you were put in a category of being anti-hispanic. how have you separated yourself from the normal mantra? >> well, i'm the son-in-law of an immigrant. and i know that people who come here legally contribute to our economy and to our country. and become patriotic americans and we are a welcoming commonwealth here. the fact is when someone commits a violent crime, murder or other violent crime and they are here illegally, we need to cooperate with federal authorities and comply with the federal immigration laws and those people need to be deported. and i heard the clip that you ran and i was actually quoting an hispanic faith leader in northern virginia where ms-13 has committed what's been publicly reported 8 murders since november in northern virginia alone. and he was the one who was saying, you know, it's our community that are attacked
4:18 am
by ms-13. we want them gone. and i was quoting him. and the point i made to my opponent, the lt. governor who voted against a ban on sanctuary cities and in the debate would not say he would ban them even if they were established here in the commonwealth. i want to prevent them from ever being established. he said we don't have any. he made clear the other night he wouldn't ban them if the they are. i was quoting this gentleman and he was saying these are in our communities i was saying to him, ralph, it's not young women from your neighborhood or mine who are being forced into human trafficking by ms-13. we have got to step up and make virginia safer and i will. brian: right. ms-13 for the most part they come over as unaccompanied minors. they get put with a sponsor family. for the most part that family has loose reign reins. it looks like you have the same problem in virginia.
4:19 am
he said ralph your opponent run fog for the governor of virginia is voting for the violent ms-13 killer gangs in sanctuary cities. vote ed gillespie. guess what communities get hurt the most? working class hispanic communities get terrorized first and foremost by these ms-13 illegals. >> that was the point i was making about this hispanic faith leader in northern virginia has a big community. and he was saying, look, you know, these ms-13 gang members, they are completely -- they don't represent at all what, you know, hispanic values are. and i know that to be true. i have a lot of support in the hispanic -- amongst virginians of hispanic dissent. there is no doubt about that. this is a very important issue. because if you are not able to cooperate with federal authorities, you allow for sanctuary cities to be established in your state, we have seen states where that's been done and has not
4:20 am
made their people safer. i believe leadership is not just responding and reacting to problems, it's getting ahead of them and preventing them. and that's why i would support are a law here in virginia that says that no city or county shall be able to defy federal authorities when it comes to complying with immigration laws. my opponent voting against a bill like that. and he says well, it's because we don't have any of those. but then when i asked him in the debate what if a couple of cities became sanctuary cities, in that instance would you retroactively ban them? and even then he wouldn't say that he would. and so it's clear, is he just against a ban on sanctuary cities and is in favor of allowing them in the commonwealth of virginia. that's consistent with the vote he cast on the floor of our state senate. brian: ed gillespie almost next governor. they needed extra weeks in the recount to decide he did not have enough votes. this time he wants to make sure. ed gillespie good luck to be the next governor of
4:21 am
virginia. it looks like it's going to be a tough race. >> i feel i'm going to win it everywhere i go. thanks, brian. brian: the ruling that could allow accused criminals to -- personally. really? ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's.
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4:24 am
♪ jillian: good wednesday morning to you. back with headlines now. tmz harvey weinstein boarded a private jet headed to sex rehab in europe. his friend hillary clinton finally breaking her silence releasing a short statement saying quote: i was shocked and appalled by the revelations of harvey weinstein the behavior described my women coming forward cannot be tolerated. no mention what she'll do about his past campaign donations. meanwhile his wife announcing she is leaving him hours after a bombshell report detailed accusations from three women who say he raped them.
4:25 am
and mgm resort which owns the mandalay bay hotel the sheriff reports that the gunman shot a hotel security guard before opening fire in las vegas. may not be true. the company only saying, quote: what is currently being expressed may not be accurate. and finally, hundreds of people paying their respects at a vigil for a texas tech police officer shot and killed by a student. investigators say hollis daniels admits to shooting officer floyd east jr. in the head it happened at the campus police station after hollis was arrested for drugs. officer east leaves behind a wife and two little girls. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. the war on cops moving from the streets to the supreme court now. the high court is debating a case that will decide how and if officers should be shielded from liability. the case stems from a 2008 incident where multiple party goers were cleared of trespassing and they later sued d.c. police officers who were held liable for nearly a million dollars in
4:26 am
damages and legal fees. there is worry that the ruling could make officers hesitate now to enforce the law. here to explain this is peter can earsonil a attorney for civil rights. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: cops arrest more than 20 kids or 20-year-olds partying. they dropped the charges. they took them to the police station and questioned them. 16 of them sued d.c. saying that they were arrested. for trespassing charges. they were not trespassing. they were called by this girl named peaches to come into the house and party with them. now the supreme court is arguing whether or not cops should be held liable. what do you think? >> this has to do with the doctrine for qualified immunity which doctrine says public officials including cops may not be held personally liable for performance of official duty provided they don't variety a established law. in this case the two lower courts said that the police
4:27 am
officers did not have reasonable cause to charge these individuals with trespass because the party goers didn't know that they were trespassing and cops very reasonably argued that they had a reasonable belief that they were trespassing into hold cops to a standard of determining with some degree of certitude that somebody knows something spans cybil. expose cops to liability as it did in this case a million dollars worth of liability. still the ability of cops cause them to be reluctant to enforce the law even minor crimes relatively minor crimes which then would cascade into violent crimes. and the affect here could be something significant and profound. because we saw similar dynamic play under the ferguson effect, which is a term that was coined by heather mcdonald of the manhattan institute to describe the spike in violent crime that occurred
4:28 am
immediately after the ferguson incident, the michael brown shooting where cops were starting to withdraw from active and proactive policing because they were vulnerable to prosecution. they were subject to obama justice department, doj dissent decrees and even the city administrators were telling them to draw back or change their police practices and despite a two decade substantial decline in the crime rate, from 79.6 incidents per 1,000 individuals to 18.6 and a drop of 30% in the homicide rate, extraordinary right after ferguson there was a significant spike in violent crime. homicides went up 30%. the number of blacks killed in any given year rose in each subsequent year by 900. so, when you have this kind of withdraw from policing, which this could auger, i doubt it's going to happen in this case, but the case is being decided by the supreme court. if you have got a restriction on the document of qualified immunity, cops are going to be reluctant engage in proactive
4:29 am
policing. ainsley: you said a spike in crime rate. what about a decline in the number of people signing up to be officers now? >> well, what we have seen is the city of baltimore, which is the subject of, as you know, riots, protests, and the mayor famously said they wanted to give space for -- they wanted cops to withdraw to give space for those which to destroy, go ahead and destroy. when you have changes in police practices like that, the city of baltimore is having a significant problem recruiting police officers. they had an expansion of overtime because they couldn't get enough police officers to staff regular shifts. this has implications down the road on the street, real world and, again, it doesn't have to be violent crimes that are being interdicted if the broken windows kind of public order policing that start to diminish and then there is a cascade effect of violent crime. ainsley: peter, when we were at the convention in philadelphia i talked to one officer he said i take my
4:30 am
uniform off before guy home because i don't want anyone to see me in the uniform because he was fearful of his safety. thank you for joining us. peter car kirsanow we preached it democrats votin voting for ts agenda. i guess she didn't get the memo because they lost. ♪ proud to say ♪ that we're all-american ♪ in god we trust ♪ livin' the dream and never giving up ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: all right. we're back with a fox news alert. it could be one of the worst natural disasters in california history. ainsley: at this hour massive wildfires continue to burn in wine country leaving 17 people dead. and at least hundred are missing. steve: it is just a terrible story. and joining us right now from suisun valley adam housley who grew up in that part of california. adam. >> yes, steve, we have been
4:34 am
told more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed by these fires. they are continuing to burn in wine country. right now the winds die down right before sun-up. the fire has lane down here. things are expecting to get going again. giving firefighters a little bit of a break right now. as for the missing person numbers. sonoma county alone which is just to our west we are told about there are about 254 missing person reports that have been filed that doesn't mean they are all people in hospitals or dead, unfortunately, but people that can't be found. communications are down. the sheriff came on early this morning here and said that they have cleared about 50 of those. meaning they have found 50 people so far. bring that number back down towards 200. the communications are very difficult. cell phone is down. there is a lot of power out still in many of these areas. right now we are located suisun over the ridge from napa, this fire is now 25,000 acres it burned through here pretty good last night. the wind kicked up and at one point it jumped three quarters of a mile. guys, i give it back to you.
4:35 am
here is a weird instance. my parents and friends on the west side of napa -- sorry, east side of napa where the trail is a couple days ago evacuated to the west side of the valley about two miles away, i will get it out right. they wept two miles away to the west. now the people on the west side of the fire other there have to evacuate to the east side. back to you guys. steve: it is just a mess. adam joins us from california where some are still out of control. brian: let's bring in newt gingrich former speaker of the house and 2012 g.o.p. candidate. seems like 10 years ago. fox news contributor and author of a brand new book called "vengeance." he has a gift first and foremost for ainsley. >> this is ellis the elephant. ainsley: calista has a new book come out, too. she is not allowed to come on tv because she is to an to be ambassador. >> she can't come on. so i'm allowed to come and say remember the beadz is her book about president's wives. steve: we are going to talk about your book in a second. first, let's talk about
4:36 am
this. it looks as if donald trump one won the debate over whether or not players should stand for the national anthem. roger goodell put out the message, it was leaked internal league memo like many of our fans we believe everyone that should stand for the national anthem. it is an important moment in our game. we want to honor our flag and our country and our fans expect that of us u what do you make of that? >> took roger, what, two or three weeks of public humiliation to finally get the message. trump has this unique ability to understand where the american people are and what the american people value. and, of course, the washington elites don't get any of that so they are sitting there going boy, this is really stupid. meanwhile by 65% the american people are going, no, no, no, we are with him. if you saw the collapse, it was dave winston did a poll where the nfl is now the least respected of the major sports. two years ago it would have been the most respected. brian: look at most of the
4:37 am
owners, most of them seem to be supportive of the g.o.p. and most of them, a lot of them are self-made multimillionaires tend to profile that way. >> i think they were a little bit frightened of their players, frankly. didn't want to get into a fight. wanted it to all go away. trump wouldn't let it go away, no, no. let's have a fight over. this the result was when the country paid attention, the country said of course you ought to respect the flag. and, you know, i think the most devastating single thing i saw, i think it was on twitter, was a veteran who had lost one leg, who said this is what taking a knee for your country means. and you looked at that and he said stand up for the flag. i mean, it was just devastating. brian: the guy that is right stad the whole thing is not even in the league anymore. this guy took the league from somebody who seemed to have skidded into the cause. ainsley: let's tawckets about immigration reform. so much going on. obamacare repeal and replace. nancy pelosi said a few weeks ago she had dinner at the white house.
4:38 am
nancy and chuck. the polls showed that america really liked that they liked the fact that they were compromising. now she is saying to his 70, 90-point plan, how many points it is, she is saying we don't like it. you need -- our idea of compromising is doing what we want. here's the quote from her. there is nothing in it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as americans. right now we are trying to get republicans to vote on what we believe. >> nancy -- i saw this interesting article the other day about the average age of the democratic leadership now. nancy is caught in a time warp. i mean, she now representation a world that's disappeared. and i do think the country by the way would like to see compromise. i do think the country values the idea of getting together of politicians putting the country above partisanship. but, that has to require listening to each other and finding some common ground. ainsley: are you saying she is too old? is it fair to go after someone's age? >> i don't think it's her age. i think it's her head. she is trapped in a world,
4:39 am
san francisco 25 years ago, and then her attitude is why aren't you for everything i believe in? isn't it so obvious to you i'm right? steve: you are giving advice to the democrats you need new ideas? >> including nancy. she wants to stay as leader, she ought to try to enter the 21st century. we had the same experience yesterday o encore rhea. jimmy carter stood up and said i launched this. i'm available. steve: let's sign him up. brian: let's talk about another major issue. decertify the iranian deal and send it back to congress to vote whether the sanctions should be reinstated a report came out today from a group called the ncri that says there is a new military location for what they say is a nuclear weapons plant. this is a national coup sill of resistance iran group. outgrowth of the mek. do you think this is going to play a role? is this a group you respect
4:40 am
and know anything about? first of all it's a group i have worked with in the past back when i was speaker. they have been falsely accused of being a terrorist group by the iranian government. our state department and its bureaucratic wisdom had decided to listen to the iranian government under clinton. the fact is they would have been the best source of information inside iran. they have huge personal networks extended families. so they're probably right. i don't see how the president given what he said at the u.n. and given what he has said publicly, how does he now certify what he said is the worst deal we ever made? steve: he can't. so then he kicks it back to the u.s. senate. and, of course, bob corker is there. and he is one of the guys who said okay, mr. president, to the last put, let's go ahead and we are going to sign on board. what's interesting about this though going forward is there are a lot of powerful democrats who do not like the iranian deal. >> well, and corker didn't like it either. but he was dealing with
4:41 am
obamacare. corker and cardin wrote in a provision which is allowing the president to suspend it and provision is very broad. it says not just the nuclear stuff but if in your judgment it's not in the national security interest of the united states. steve: bob corker gave donald trump the out. >> corker gave trump the out and i think trump will take the out. and i think he should. we need a strategy for taking on iran. ainsley: should congress reimpose sanctions? they have 60 days to decide. >> i think they should and i think they should make them tougher. brian: the problem is it's just us. the rest of the world is. in russia and china are doing business. so is europe. >> notice what we are doing in north korea. we are saying, you know, if your bank deals with them it will not deal with any u.s. bank. we are still the biggest economy in the world. we are still the center of the world financial system. steve: china is squeezing north korea like they have never squeezed them before. brian: supposedly, that's what they say. real quick, senator bob corker came out and said and passed a referendum that said can you pals this treaty without the majority of senate votes. there was only 40 plus votes
4:42 am
for this treaty. could you tell me legislatively what this deal is? why it was passed? why -- how he was in cahoots with president obama to do this? >> no, i don't think he was in cahoots. he was faced with reality if he had passed a bill he had liked, obama would veto it he wanted a bill signed and he specifically wanted the provision that trump is about to use which allows the president to pull out of it. brian: why would you ever have a provision in that allows less than 50 senators and you are in the majority less than 50 senators to okay a plan? why do you that? >> it was the price of getting obama to sign it. brian: why not just reject it. >> if they rejected it then they would not have an ability to withdraw from it. brian: they wouldn't have senate approval on it? >> it would still be there because had you kerry and obama. who by the way cared more about the iranians than about the congress. ainsley: thank you. congratulation tosca his that, she is moving to italy. steve: we are going that
4:43 am
talk about her book and his book called "vengeance." twitter changing course after not allowing an ad by marsha blackburn. brian: roger goodell is suddenly feeling patriotic telling players to stand for the anthem. one cop says too late. he joins us live. >> roger goodell don't care about the flag. he don't care about american people. he don't care about these athletes. he don't care about their cause. he don't care about none of that. when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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4:47 am
terrorist is behind the wheel of a rental truck and is he plowing in to somebody's wedding. >> right. i think the book starts about as fast as you could possibly start. the opening line is something like death was coming -- was coming to washington. this there are two really important stories in vengeance. steve: it is fiction. >> it is fiction. she is our marine major who has played a role now in three novels. but two key parts. one is we suggest that the terrorist could get two super tankers full of oil and swap them to the north koreans for nuclear material. and there is a lesson here for people to think about. it's not just, you know, stopping missiles. once you have certain kinds of weapons, there are lots of ways to deliver them. have you got to think about lots of different ways to get threatened. the second is something where i think we have to restructure our national security system which is really put it right in the middle of vengeance which is
4:48 am
you can't think in terms of verticals. u.s., iran, u.s., isis, u.s., korea. you have to think about how do these people network in the iranians, for example, have at least 19 missiles they bought for the north koreans. the north koreans were building a reactor in syria. there are networks of relationships of people who hated us and who empower each other. and that's a big part of what vengeance is all about is trying to take the daily news and make sense out of it in a deeper way but do so as a very, very entertaining. friends who read the prepublication copy it was like they couldn't go to bed at night they stayed up and tried to figure out what's coming next. steve: that's great. ainsley: calista and ellis have a new book. >> ellis and calista co-authored remember the ladies. ainsley: i like the ladies. >> it's actually a letter from abigail adams to her husband when you are writing the constitution remember the ladies. it's about the president's
4:49 am
wives. and i think the pictures in it are fabulous and really aimed at 4 to 8-year-olds. i think it -- calista's commitment is to help young americans learn about american history since so many schools won't teach it anymore. i think this is volume 7 in which ellis keeps teaching people about america. steve: i'm sure she is watching. congratulations calista. she can't be here because she sunday consideration. brian: she is allowed to watch television just can't be on television. >> if i'm here with ellis the elephant and her book she better be watching. she watches you guys. she gets up with you guys every day. she is party of the friends in the morning routine. ainsley: she is moving to rome. >> she is moving to rome. i will be there two thirds of the time and here one third. ainsley: congratulations to both of you. brian: at least we have a place to stay when we go to italy. >> "fox & friends" from rome.
4:50 am
ainsley: telling players to stand for the national anthem. one former cop has a message for the league. >> roger goodell and nfl is full of crap. ainsley: he is not done. is he going to join us live next. brian: i saw his lips moving after you killed the audio. beat down in aisle 4. this guy picked the wrong place to rob. steve: first on this day in 1961, ray charles was topping the charts with this classic "hit the road, jack." ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ don't you come back ♪ prevagen. the name to remember.
4:51 am
i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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4:54 am
>> roger goodell and the nfl is full of crap. roger goodell don't care about the flag. he don't care about american people. he don't care about these athletes. he don't care about their cause. he don't care about none of that. he care about that green. steve: the money. a former arizona police officer making his message to the nfl clear even as the commissioner states everybody should stand for the anthem and that's not all he has to say. that former officer, brandon tatum, who retired from the force yesterday in tucson joins us live from tucson. thank you very much, brandon. >> thanks for having me. steve: okay. now why, again, is the commissioner full of crap? >> well, because this is a financial stunt. i mean,. steve: a stunt? >> he done this a long time ago. it's a complete stunt. he should have done this a long time ago. he didn't do it. now is he getting pressure. the president is talking about, you know, tax benefits, you know, veterans
4:55 am
day is coming up next month. he has to make a decision on the nfl will completely collapse. that is my opinion. steve: yeah. brandon, does president trump win this round? >> i mean, he is pulling the mike tyson. is he knocking them out in the first round. it's not even close. steve: yeah. going forward, while the commissioner says everybody should stand, we don't know exactly what the league is going to wind up doing. you have said you are not going to watch the nfl anymore. if they come out as a league and they say okay, everybody is going to stand and everybody does stand, will you return to watching the nfl? >> no, i'm not going to watch it they should have set the standard a long time ago. it's a little too late for me. they still disrespect the country. they still disrespect the flag. they didn't stand up for it. they are doing this for political gain or financial stunts. that don't bode well for me. steve: brandon, when you saw those players kneel during the national anthem. as a police officer, what
4:56 am
did that mean for you? >> it's frustrating. it makes me very upset. i mean, i think that most police officers share that man, this country has been good to us. i mean, people of all races. this country has been good to law enforcement. first responders, military. and that's what the flag represents. it represents unity. all of us, different background, coming together, joining as one. people are fought and died so that we could do these things. to see them making millions of dollars and disrespecting the country, disrespecting the flag is frustrating to me. steve: well, let's see what they do. there are games coming up very shortly. let's see who does. brandon tatum, congratulations from your retirement. >> thank you for having me. steve: i have a feeling we will watch you more on television going forward. what do you think of his comments. or tweet us. speaking of twitter, twitter changing course after censuring a republican lawmaker for being pro-life that congresswoman beings marsha blackburn is going to
4:57 am
join us live in the next hour. another school district erasing history kind of removing the robert e. but leaving the lee. ♪ hey, hey, hey
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
5:01 am
>> they've attached themselves to the so-called resistance movement. and what that has done has prevented them from ever compromising. trump: you are true, true champions and incredible patriots. you think you're boob back here next year? i think so; right? [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: florida georgia line. steve: you know, if you were with us an hour ago, brian -- it was brought up once again, brian is taking credit for georgia line becoming famous. brian: right. steve: and i suggested that somebody go ahead and go into his wikipedia and make sure
5:02 am
that it says that and thank you, america. many of you had. currently, brian wikipedia reads -- currently, it's like this. brian: look at the picture. steve: brian kilmeade is a fox news channel personality, cohost of fox and friends has written several nonfiction books. made florida georgia line famous by telling them stick with cruz and stay together. ainsley: people love wikipedia. that's why we have it for accuracy. brian: that's the first real thing i've read on wikipedia since the 1980s. steve: you're tripling down. you're taking credit for florida georgia line.i remember when they were here last time, and they said -- ainsley: nope. brian: well, they've gone onto other things.
5:03 am
somebody's responsible. steve: it does say the reason it's in there is because we told them to go ahead and say that. brian: by the way, guess who told the beetles to break up? it was also me. i said it's enough. iit is time to get out now. steve: wikipedia, editors, get in there. brian kilmeade is the reason the beetles broke up. in the meantime, three minutes after the top of the hour, president trump is going to hit the road to push forward tax reform. so what can we expect? brian: joining us right now from washington with brand-new details is griff. hey, griff. >> this may make wikipedia at at some point. the president making his third trip there since taking office. he likes it there. talking about tax cuts with truck drivers who will make up a large part of the audience. the president considers truckers to be the lifeblood of our economy and in an
5:04 am
excerpt from his speech that was just released within the last few hours. he says quotes when your trucks are moving, america is growing. that's why my administration is taking steps to remove the barriers that slow you down. america first means putting american truckers first. now, for what else these truckers may hope to hear from the president. i hit the road with a trucker back during the campaign trail. his main concern at the time was health care. take a listen. >> right now, i can't afford to retire because of health care. the health benefits are over $1,500 a month and social security benefits about 2,000. what are you going to live on, you know? >> well, may be pleased to hear this news. the president hasn't given up on health care. he's expected to use the power of the pen this week to buy people health care across state lines. something truckers cross every day. guys. steve: griff, thank you very much for the live report. you'll be able to see the
5:05 am
president's comments right here on the fox news channel. ainsley: meanwhile, the nfl commissioner is getting on the phone with the president. he just penned the president and said i think all 32 teams should stand up for the national anthem. brian: should. doesn't mean they are. i like your last guest. but there's no way rodger goodell is not a patriot. he's just a great guy. he started out as an assistant with the jets. worked his way right up. great american success story. you can't question his patriotism. this is a difficult situation. he also has to deal with a union, so he can't come out and say my way or the highway. that's just not the way it works. steve: look, the nfl has been clueless. blindsided by the national anthem controversy. got started 18 days ago when the president of the united states down in alabama at that rally said owners should fire people who neil at the national anthem during these nfl games.
5:06 am
and that has spurred the debate. the reason 200 players took a knee the following week. it wasn't so much the anthem but they were protesting donald trump. who, newt gingrich is the big winner during that? watch this. >> trump has this unique ability to understand who the american people are and what the american people value. and, of course, the washington elites don't get any of that. so they're sitting there going wow, this is really stupid. meanwhile, by 65%, people are going no. no. we're with him. i think they're frightened with the players, frankly. didn't want to get into a fight. wanted it to go away. and trump wouldn't let it go away. he said no. no. let's have a fight over this. and when the country paid attention, the country said, well, of course you ought to respect the flag. steve: we had former tucson police officer on with us a little while ago, and he said, you know, from the nfl, it has just been crap. ultimately, the reason they're doing this is about the money. and if you look -- and brian was detailing in the 6:00 hour, the fact that monday
5:07 am
night football, even though they had that brand-new star wars trailer, had the lowest ratings they had this year. and nfl's thinking. okay. if the tv advertisers -- let's say they got a seven in the seven-metered market. let's say the advertisers were promised a ten. that means they have to give them a make good, which means other free ads for them. also, it's impacting their bottom line, and it is a lot about the money. steve: i think the criticism for rodger goodell is that he waited for so long because the president was saying instantly these players need to stand up. all of these military veterans were saying we have sacrificed so much. many moms out there have lost their kids because they fought for this country. the national anthem is not the time to do that. you're right. brian: but i just want you to look at the big picture. remember the ray rice situation? they said waited too long, the video came out. huge controversy. remember tom brady, deflate gate.
5:08 am
elliott suspended for domestic abuse. so every thing that he came out with, it seemed to always go the legal aspect. so all of a sudden he's watching colin kaepernick, and think so to himself i don't want to exacerbate this situation. next thing you know, it's over a year, and he finally has to take action. but you have a union. for example, the nba dodged a bullet. but in the cba, they have to stand during the national anthem. if they take a knee, they could literally get ramifications. you can fine. steve: right and the problem is the nfl didn't crack down then, and that's where we are now. will the teams going forward the other one suggestion by the commissioner that everybody stands? stay tuned. ainsley: meanwhile, we know what a tyrant, what an evil individual kim jong-un is. we saw what happened with auto warmbier. so no one wants them to develop a nuclear weapon that could kill us.
5:09 am
so the dmz line is the area that divides north korea and south korea in half and there's no military installations or personnel activities allowed in that area. so the president, allegedly, we're hearing from sources is sending someone to the korean peninsula to scope things out so that when the president goes, there's word that he might go to that area in about a month. so they're just clearing out sites for the president's activity. steve: so it sounds like they sent an advanced team to the dmz. so the president is scheduled to visit asia. south korea is on his agenda. so there's a possibility, and this would be iconic photograph of the president of the united states standing at the dmz looking, as they always do, with binoculars right over there with north korea. brian: yeah, it would make sense. he's also going to go to south korea and also going to go to china. so it's going to be a big november for the president of the united states. as well as look at general
5:10 am
mattis. also mattis said on monday when he came out and said i told the army be ready. and then if you see what we did yesterday, we sent a u.s. super sonic bombers over the peninsula and also ships to the manufactured island of china. so we're flexing our muscles in the region. steve: we're making sure they understand we're serious about this. ainsley: we have more headlines for you. jillian has the latest for us. >> good morning, guys. we do begin with a fox news alert. and brand-new video of the flames incinerating california's wine country. right now more than 200 people missing. >> my house survived. my barn burned. but my neighbors, their houses are gone. >> with gusty winds and no rain in the forecast this week, firefighters now facing an uphill battle to contain the flames. adam is live in california with the latest.
5:11 am
that's coming up in just a few minutes. now to a fox news exclusive. just days before president trump is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal, it appears the country's weapons program is fully operational. we obtained a report from the national council of resistance from iran that shows at least four nuclear development sites have been secretly reconstructed and used to avoid international expects. the president has called the obama-era agreement the worst deal ever. three weeks after monster hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. president trump is sending more aid down south. the commander-in-chief asking congress for nearly $5 billion to help the u.s. territory pay its bills. hurricane maria is estimated to cost puerto rico between 45 and $95 billion. a lot of money. a look at your headlines, guys. brian: got to rebuild the whole place. thank you, jillian. ainsley: a sanctuary showdown is happening between california governor and the sheriff in the state.
5:12 am
our next guest is stepping in and stop what he calls a reckless law. brian: and marsha blackburne for being pro-life. the congresswoman here. next. can you make this louder?
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
ainsley: well, it's a sanctuary state showdown in california between the governor and the sheriff. starting in january, police will be barred from asking people their immigration status. and jail officials can only transfer inmates to the feds if they've been convicted of certain crimes. well, now sheriffs are calling on lawmakers to step in on this warning this might increase the chances of another high profile tragedy. joining us now is jonathan thompson. executive director of the national sheriff association. good morning, jonathan. thank you for being with us. >> good morning, ainsley. nice to be here. ainsley: thank you. so what's your fear? >> you know, this is reckless. the irony of all of this is that they just outlawed crime fighting in california, and they did it with something called the values act. and that's what's really troubling to most of us because the values that the legislature and the governor are honoring are those of thugs, rapists, murderers, and serial criminals. and this is what's really
5:17 am
dangerous. it's a slippery slope. and that's the problem. we have to have congress do something. and dhs here in washington has been part of the swamp problem. obama holdovers are dragging their feet, and they will not move this. the president has spoken to us about it. he's eager to get this done. thank god the justice department is moving with all speed. but we still need solutions, and we offered solutions. twice. here we sit in california, someone's about to be harmed, and it's preventable. that's the crazy part of this whole thing. ainsley: if you look at kate steinle's story. that guy was thrown out of this country so many times and kept coming back and now they don't have their daughter at the thanksgiving table anymore or the dinner table. when governor jerry brown hears, i feel he's giving more rights to the illegal immigrants than the tax-paying
5:18 am
citizens. >> that's exactly right. this is nothing more than a political stunt he's playing to an audience for something other than his citizens. ainsley: but what is his argument? how does he justify it when he talks to the kate steinle family? >> that's a great question because there are 17 other kate steinles in this country. and now, i fear for more and more of this. sheriffs said we can work around this. but we shouldn't have to. we should be listening, working with our partners in the federal government. we're not asking sheriffs to be immigration officers. what we're asking them to do is uphold the law and work with our partners and federal law enforcement. nothing more. nothing less. and i have -- i have no reason to believe that the governor is doing this for anything other than political gain, and i don't know what he thinks he gets out of it because clearly, it's clear to us that we're talking about criminals. dangerous people. we're not talking about people with parking tickets and people that have paying jobs. we're talking about people that are systematically in our systems. we have to get them out of the
5:19 am
country and move on. >> it's almost like the sheriffs are being handcuffed instead of the criminals. >> that's a terrible system that we're building. and that's exactly right. as i said, we're outlawing crime fighting. why don't we just say, hey, take away the badge. take away the sidearm and please don't do crime. we really don't want you to do that. ainsley: well, we had another guest that says crime rates are now going up as a result. >> yep. ainsley: and you're seeing fewer and fewer people that are signing up to be officers. >> it's a tough profession. and, you know, it's dangerous, and these guys live very, very difficult lives all because they want to help us and serve us. and that's the troubling aspect, and i can't for the life of me understand what this california legislature or the governor were thinking of. it probably felt good. but the results are going to be dangerous and horrible. we know it, and they should expect it. . >> well, i hope you're wrong when it comes to another tragedy. we don't need anything else. >> well, we need the congress and dhs to step in right now.
5:20 am
we have been negotiating since february. we need dhs to take the lead and do something. we're waiting. swamp. the swamp may be here, but we need to drain it right now. >> jonathan thompson, thanks for being with us. thanks for what you do. >> you bet. thank you, ma'am,. >> you bet. hillary clinton finally condemning weinstein. but why did it take her so long? and will she give back the cash? and in just a few hours, president trump is going to hit the road to push his new tax reform plan to the people of pennsylvania. what can we expect? former labor secretary nominee is here with some insight coming up next i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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5:24 am
thursday morning headlines for you. first of all, a group of robbers stopped by tackling them to the ground. you can see entered a grocery store in indiana threatening a cashier and demanding money. people in the store then jumped into action, held them down until the cops arrived. good for them. and another robbery thwarted across the pond, as they say, in london. a gang of they've seen with actions and sledgehammers meet their match when an older man comes after them with an umbrella. this exclusive daily mail video shows the crooks trying to break into a london jewelry shop. when a hero runs out swinging his umbrella and chasing them away. there you go. brian: penguin used to use an umbrella. ainsley: so did mary poppins. in just a few hours, president trump hits the road to push his tax reform plan to people. brian: former labor ceo andy
5:25 am
puzder. welcome back. >> great to see you, brian. brian: first of all, appertain small business perspective, i think wants help the most, is he? >> yes. this plan is great for small businesses. particularly the lower tax rate for pass through entities, which are small business -- like the trucking companies we're going to talk to today. when they're paying taxes, they're paying this higher individual rate, and they'll be able to pay 25%, which would be great for growth. they can buy more trucks, they can invest, they can hire people. it's an excellent tax plan. ainsley: the ceo of cke restaurants, which is the parent company of hardee's and carlos jr. >> correct. i was. ainsley: so you have a lot of experience. what's best for small businesses? >> yeah. we have a lot of franchisees, we're about 95% franchised, and these people need help. it's going to cause them to build more restaurants. a lot of them are past entities. there's huge advantages -- the simplification is something
5:26 am
people ignore. simplification for small businesses and for regular individuals is huge. a lot of money and a lot of time are wasted in going to these -- i don't prepare my own taxes, and i'm a lawyer. i can't figure out the forms. steve: that's okay. >> so it's a very positive pro growth plan. the growth comes from the big business segment. it doesn't come from tax breaks to the rich as the democrats like to scream. it comes from incentivizing businesses. steve: but the democrats do say that people are going to make out like bandits are the rich, are corporations, and the middle class get screwed. >> they're really going to say that with no matter what plan we come up with. but the focus should be who benefits from any part of the plan. you have to look at it as a whole. but the real question should be is does this generate economic growth? will create better paying jobs, it will reduce income inequality. we've seen eight years of increasing government and increasing taxes and regulation leads to increased income inequality, closes paths to the middle class. let's try to approach incentivizes businesses to grow and get some economic
5:27 am
growth. brian: and being around some small business owners even over the weekend and indiana, they feel as though the mandates on health care and the minimum wage getting jacked up and the things that's affecting them the most, such small margins of profit. >> in restaurants, in particular. but in most retail, the margins are very, very small. i know people think you make 50 cents on every dollar. you literally make pennies on the dollar. maybe five, six cents on every dollar. so there's not a lot of room to substantially increase wages or health care cost unless you're going to increase cost, and then poom don't come in the restaurants as often and your business goes -- so it's kind of a never-ending cycle where we could incentivize growth and bring more people in, create more jobs, raise wages -- you know, wages just in september, the last 12 months, wages are up 2.9%. that's the highest they've been up in eight years. brian: naturally, they went up. it's a response to economic conditions. >> it's in response to economic conditions, reductions and religious, and the incredible business and
5:28 am
consumer optimism we've seen since last november. steve: as somebody who ran a big company, can we ask you for a minute about the nfl? >> sure. steve: because the president of the united states, it was 18 days ago, he said the owners should fire people who don't stand during the national anthem. it has been a big debate. let's say somebody at one of your places wanted to have a protest like the players have had. what would you do? >> well, first of all, being a very patriotic american, i would try to talk them out of it. but the -- if they do it in front of your customers, if they're doing it on a stage where they're in front of the people that generate the revenue for your business, you really have to have a discussion with them about how it's going to hurt the business, hurt their jobs, hurt their income. where else in the world could people, these mostly football players. where else in the world could they make the millions of dollars that they make from a lot of patriotic americans? you know, my family, my cousin married lennie dawson.
5:29 am
kansas city chiefs and browns always big games. i grew up in cleveland. but i'm having a very difficult time watching the games now because i don't want to support people that don't support our country. steve: you're not the only one that feels that way. ainsley: what if your employee says my cause is more important than this job. i'm still going to do it. >> i would say i'm absolutely supportive of the first amendment and your right to protest. but don't do it in front of our customers. don't do it in a way that hurts our business and damages everybody who works for this enterprise. if you want to protest, protest on your time. not on the time that we're paying you for. brian: just keep in mind too that it's a union. and as much as you're the ceo, you have to answer the union. you can't be the king. >> yeah. i think the owners are meeting this coming week. there's always a rule that says you have to stand for the national anthem and hold your helmet in your right hand and there's no penalty. and i think the owners are meeting next week to discuss whether there should be a penalty for disrupting the national anthem. and i think it will be good
5:30 am
for the game and the fan base. but i think this is going to hurt the nfl for a long time. steve: i think you're right. the ratings have gone down. did he wait too long? >> yes. rodger goodell waited too long. this president really understands what motivates the large portion of the population. brian: you were probably watching in the greenroom because we just got cable there. >> i love this. steve: did you? >> yes. steve: thank you. someone go on ainsley's wikipedia right now and say ainsley built studio f. brian: with her hands. >> i actually had to hire somebody to cleanup my wikipedia -- steve: what would you like in it right now? >> well, just the truth. brian: that's what we all want. ainsley: brian's is truthful.
5:31 am
he's the reason there's florida georgia line. >> and breaking up the beetles. ainsley: coming up, changing course after marsha blackburne for that pro-life stance. the congresswoman is going to join us next. steve: plus, another school district erasing history, kind of. removing robert e but leaving lee. [laughter] where are we?
5:32 am
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>> i'm a tennessee conservative and politically incorrect and proud of it. i'm 100% pro-life.
5:35 am
i fought planned parenthood, and we stopped the sell of baby body parts. thank god. steve: okay. and that is the ad that everybody has been talking about on twitter regarding congresswoman marsha blackburne, a tennessee republican congresswoman who is running for bob corker's senate seat that's going to open up next year. congresswoman, twitter did not like the fact that you referred to the sale of baby body parts, did they? >> they didn't like it at all, so they decided to sensor it and say you can't promote it on our platform. and block me from their ads platform. so they said that it was something that would be inflammatory, that it would cause a negative response. we went back to them, and they said if you take out that pro-life language, then you can put it back up. so they doubled down on censorship, and i said fine. i will double down on standing by my word and double down on
5:36 am
pro-life. brian: had a chance to talk to you a couple of nights ago. and what has happened since you brought this to light and let the world know how you stand and how you're being treated? >> brian, i have to tell you. the american people have just risen up, and i said this is our first senate conservative victory. because we stood firm and twitter reconsidered, and they are going to allow us to put my campaign announcement back up to push it out on their platform, which is exactly what we're going to do. social media and twitter are important platforms. but the liberal left cannot continue to think they have the right to sensor free speech. and especially with campaign messages with which they disagree. and this is not the first time they have censored a pro-life message. they blocked the mainstream media, blocked out some of the coverage on the trials back in 2013.
5:37 am
and steve scalise and i sent a letter about that at that point in time. and this is just a continuation of the left trying to sensor and trying to determine what people are going to see on their platforms. ainsley: well, clearly, it's a tough topic. to think about baby body parts. i know it's a tough topic. but you strongly believe it's something that we need to discuss. why? >> ainsley, preserving the sanctity of life and making sure that we protect women. we protect babies. and that we carry forward with this pro-life message. it is vitally important. and it's something that the american people agree with. and they agree that we should protect life, and they were very much opposed to what was transpiring with the sale of these fetal tissues and body parts. brian: but you did win and twitter is running is, so that's a victory. >> it is. it's a victory for conservatism, it's a victory for free speech, and we're going to continue that fight
5:38 am
every single day to make certain we preserve our ability to have free speech in this country. steve: sure. somebody who is free speech, as we all do. steve bannon. steve bannon has been very vocal since he left the white house, and he said he would like to work to get rid of every republican who is in the swamp, in washington, except ted cruz. and that would include you. so what's your message to steve bannon? >> oh, i know steve bannon well. and what he's looking for is those that are part of the swamp, part of the establishment, and i'm not. and i look forward to continuing my work in the house to push forward to get things done. you know, i stand with the president of the united states. when it comes to getting health care done and tax reform and building that wall and making certain that taxes for the middle class, for hard-working americans that they get tax relief. so i stand with the president, and i think what steve is pointing out is that the
5:39 am
senate is totally dysfunctional. and as my constituents in tennessee say, you know, they need to stop acting like they're playing in the sandbox, and they need to realize. ainsley: if the senate is dysfunctional, why do you want that job? >> because i think they need a chief mama in charge that can help straighten them out and get some things done. the american people are unbelievably frustrated and rightfully so with the u.s. senate. brian: bob corker. ainsley: you know what's interesting. it's like the president. twitter wanted to silence you, but you've actually gotten more publicity about this and people who might not have heard your message are because it's been breaking news. >> that's exactly right. ainsley: we wish you all the best. >> thanks, ainsley. thanks, guys. see you. steve: all right. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour and jillianfulness some news and the latest on the former first lady. hillary clinton. >> oh, yes. the news everybody's been waiting for. good morning to you. let's get you caught up on this story. the latest on the harvey
5:40 am
scandal. tmz reporting that harvey boarded a jet overnight heading to a sex rehab in europe. hillary saying quote i was shocked and appalled by the revelations of harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. but while hillary is ripping her former donor, she won't be ripping up the former check. there's no plans on what they do with his past donations. his wife leaving him after bombshell reports with accusations from three women saying he raped them. and more canceled their nfl sunday ticket subscription. the commander in fort myers is saying he's losing money from that decision but he's not okay with these athletes voicing their opinion at the expense of everybody else. >> i think if they understand
5:41 am
the way we live on the battlefield, they'll understand that the person next to you is your equal no matter what. >> well, the vsw will show nascar and baseball instead. a high school named after a confederate general is renamed, but it got some people scratching their head. robert e lee high school in san ontonio, texas will now be called legacy of educational excellence or lee for short. the school board president says the change is cost effective and will help the community heal. a look at your headlines. >> brian, i heard you reacting to that to that one. brian: unbelievable. it's outrageous. also, we have breaking news from my wikipedia. >> is it updated again? ainsley: someone else added to it. it says credit for the beetles split up. former astronaut. kilmeade was the first man to walk on the room. ainsley: how long were you there? brian: i was 4. but it's true. i was in line. ainsley: and then you were responsible for hostess
5:42 am
twinkies. but then they took that off. brian: hey, let me tell you straight ahead. and it's a fox news alert. it could be one of the worst natural disasters ever. wildfires raging out of control in california's wine country. we're live in the fire zone. ainsley: plus, you know her, and you love her one day at a time. but this morning, valerie is here with bacon and carmel for breakfast. we are cooking with our friends. steve: bacon ♪ there's nothing more important than your health.
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steve: this is a fox news alert. it could be one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. brian: at this hour, wildfires continue to burn in wine country. leaving 700 dead and two missing. ainsley: let's get to adam who is live in the valley. what's the latest there, adam? i know you grew up in that area. >> yeah. ainsley. right now, the fire is pretty
5:46 am
low. it's cold out here, which helps firefighters a bit. the wind has died down overnight but expected to come back. a red flag warning in effect. we have a map showing you where this is all located north of san francisco. three counties side by side. the fire is burning between napa and sonoma and also. where i'm standing is an area, right over the ridge. the fire jumped here last night. we were out when the fire came over the ridge right before sundown and the conditions were rough and allowed this fire and the two others on the other side all to stoke up and expand pretty rapidly. take a listen. >> roughly 48 hours ago, it's now coming over the hill. you can see the actual fire line is several miles long. marching toward the area in neighborhoods county. this fire is burning fast. after roughly 36 hours of no wind, you can see the wind has picked up, the smoke blowing,
5:47 am
there are some fire units here. we have helicopters flying through here. but it's very difficult fire condition as once again, it's becoming a tough fight against this fire and others in this wine country region. >> because that wind came back so viciously, it caused people to have to evacuate. people didn't really expect to evacuate because the fire turned in a different direction. we saw people trying to throw cattle into -- get them out any way they could, i should say. we actually pulled over and got out and helped help me get those cattle into the carriers to get help me off. and people were coming in from other areas to help folks out. >> we came over here to help these people evacuate their cattle. and we actually came over to evacuate horses because we have a good horse trailer, so we were able to help them get all their cattle. >> and they did get them out. guys, i mentioned this before. what's pretty crazy is the fact that you have lots of life and lots of homes. people early on in napa county, for example, all evacuated to the west. and stayed with friends over
5:48 am
there because the fire was burning along the east, which is now burning here. last night, the fire over on the west side had everybody evacuate to the east. so people are staying with each other in their homes evacuating back and forth trying to avoid the fires. steve: adam housely, thank you very much. all about the wind. janice dean is tracking the latest on the conditions out there. janice, they need the wind to stop, and they could use some rain. >> they're not going to get either of them, unfortunately. we do have a system across the northwest. that's bringing them rain and mountain snow but california is not getting any of it. so you look at the rainfall and snowfall across the northwest. but lack at california. it remains dry. and that, unfortunately, the storm up north is going to lead to gusty winds south of that region so the elevated fire danger across northern california. red flag warnings are up. we're going to see the potential for gusty winds in the sonoma area today as well as southern california. so fire weather watch there. red flag warnings in effect. i mean, this is a big deal.
5:49 am
obviously, firefighters need all the help they can get. winds are going to be gusting today. no rain in the forecast. and, unfortunately, this fire is 0% contained. i wish i had better news. no rain and windy conditions today. steve: not the forecast they need. jd, thank you. ainsley: thank you, janice. steve: 11 minutes from the top of the hour. you know her and loved her. valerie is here to start your day with my favorite. bacon and caramel for breakfast. good morning, valerie. ainsley: we're cooking with friends. but first, let's check in with sandra smith to see what's coming up at the top of the hour. hey, guys. >> a big speech coming up on taxes by this president. the long-awaited details of the president's plan, it's going to be a big wednesday. we've got kellyanne conway, counselor to the president coming on with us. also, congressman from the house freedom caucus. will this get done? taxes by the end of the year. we shall discuss. join us. america's newsroom top of the hr
5:50 am
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ainsley: she won our hearts starring as barbie cooper. brian: but these days she's winning our appetites in our kitchen with our own food network show. steve: i love that show. i watch it all the time. here with her bacon carmel, author of a brand-new cookboo cookbook. >> thank you for having me here, guys. steve: what is a scuffin. >> it's a cross between a scone and a muffin. >> i did. someone came in and tasted and
5:54 am
someone said is it a scone? is it a muffin? and i said it's a scuffin. i like to bake my bacon in the oven. it's a lot less mess and less grease. you chop your bacon up, soften it with a little bit of sugar. you always mix up your sugar and butter together, whether it's white. so you get that creamy. then you add in the flower, you add in all the other ingredients, and it comes out to this beautiful batter here. steve: just like that. >> yes. and what you do is you take a scoop. and these, i love using these things. steve: is that a skuffinometer? >> it is now. it has just been renamed. and i always give you the same, exact am. they come in tiny and all the way big like this for meatballs. and you take your finger, or you can take a spoon, and this is what makes these guys so amazing, besides the bacon is you add a little carmel sauce into there. and then -- this is -- this is the carmel and the clotted
5:55 am
cream because, you know, scones always go with clotted cream. and this is super easy. both come in jars, make your life easy because they just made these by hand. mixed carmel and the clotted cream together. and you can dip that in there. and here's your scuffin with some bacon and carmel. brian: sometimes there are people who almost forget to cook. you are a machine. it's unbelievable. ainsley: used to television experience. >> my parents came, they take forever. and we're, like, come on. let's move it. steve: the scuffin is cooked delicious. >> i know my husband is over there is, like, can i have a scuffin too? are they fresh? where did he go? ainsley: how many kids? >> i have one child. now i'm eating. and four grandchildren -- grandchildren. stepchildren. ainsley: did any of them go
5:56 am
into the acting world? >> no. my boy is a musician, though. he takes after his dad. brian: i remember the story he was in his bat net, and you looked down, and he was an infant, and he looked like he was playing the guitar. >> i have a picture of that. brian: that is absolutely incredible. and i lived in malibu for a while, and i was in the supermarket, and you were ahead of me, and i was afraid to talk to you. steve: somebody put that in his wikipedia page. afraid to talk to people at grocery. brian: i thought you were going to say i'm a big star. but you're so nice. steve: valerie, thank you. >> thank you for having me, guys. steve: that's delicious. back in a moment
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the big question, valerie bertinelli, stick around for the post-game show. >> will you?
6:00 am
that's the question. he goes and does radio for three hours. >> part of the wikipedia page now? why am i so scary? >> valerie's home cooking. check it out. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news today now today is the day president trump takes his message on tax reform on the road heading to battleground pennsylvania where he speaks to a rally of truckers. we'll see it live later. the group he calls the backbone of america. if the trucks are moving, america is moving. good point and good morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the president selling that tax plan this afternoon. this morning he is calling out democrats tweeting the democrats want massive tax increases and soft crime-producing borders. the republicans want the biggest tax cut in history and the wall. the president also spoke about taxes yesterday promising a big solution to a big problem.


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