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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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different source? >> sean: it opens in theaters october 27th. this will not insult your intelligence or values. i hope you will think about watching it. >> the cost of obamacare has been so outrageous it is destroying everything in its wake. >> we can't find an agreement on how to fix the broken law so i will take action to provide more insurance to more people. >> john kelly making a surprise appearance. >> i'm not quitting today. i don't think i am being fired. >> when they contradict information on the record. >> 2 minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem, the players can't stand at attention
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they are undisciplined. ♪ >> it is friday october 13th and this is "fox and friends" first at 4:00 am, thank you for getting up super early and joining us today. let's get our top story, congress couldn't get it done so donald trump is taking repealing and replacing into his own hands signing an executive order targeting obamacare. what is different this time around? >> reporter: the white house announced it plans to start making payments to health insurers in an order known as cost-sharing reduction. those payments which donald trump threatened are a key part of obamacare and help reduce health insurance co-pays and deductibles for a lot of middle-class americans. the white house as it decided
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end those payments because congress never designated specific funding to pay for it. explaining in a statement there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under obamacare. in light of this analysis the government cannot lawfully make cost-sharing reduction payments. this could end immediately and that will rattle the already unsteady insurance marketplaces which will add pressure on congress to act. democrats are already blasting the move and some promising to sue the administration over the decision. chuck schumer said in a statement having failed to reveal the law in congress the president is sabotaging the system using a wrecking ball to single-handedly rip apart our healthcare system. in addition to ending the cost-sharing payment yesterday afternoon donald trump signed an executive order to expand access to healthcare by allowing individuals and small employers
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to band together and buy health insurance across state lines. >> this will allow thousands of small business employers to have the same purchasing power as large employers to get more affordable and generous insurance options for their workers. >> the white house is describing the latest moves as the first steps to repealing and replacing obamacare which it is still pushing congress to get done. >> in the meantime donald trump is taking a scalpel to obamacare with new options for americans. karl rove breaks down how the president plans to reshape the nation's healthcare system. >> he told the department of labor to find a way to expand the ability for people to use association health plans. if you are a fast food operator or landscape operator or cattle operator you could join other people in your industry across state lines and provide insurance to all the employees
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and get the same discounts. there are limits to how much you can do underregulation but it is a good step and the short-term limited duration insurance policies of people who by for a short time between jobs can't get insurance in the exchange and health reimbursement arrangements allow these accounts so players set up to pay for co-pays and premiums, these are all things that will help people get insurance. >> karl rove brings out his whiteboard. donald trump is expected to rip up the iran nuclear deal. this would put congress in charge of taking action. lawmakers would have to decide on re-imposing sanctions. fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel oliver north says this is the right move. spot >> the iranian nuclear deal is
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worse than obamacare. they can both kill you, just a matter of how many and how fast. heather: donald trump will layout the plan in a speech live on fox. to another fox news alert, raging california wildfires the deadliest in the state's modern history, 31 dead, hundreds still missing, 21 fires are still burning, 200,000 acres. that is as big as new york city. >> all around my house, helicopters here and everything and there goes the house, it was gone. i cried for a couple hours. i don't think i can cry anymore. heather: fire investigators looking at whether downed power lines could have ignited this fire. two north carolina prison employees are dead after a
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violent and fiery escape. >> we have massive casualty after that, multiple patients, some are critical. >> an officer struck multiple times with a hammer. >> justin smith and veronica darden were killed after inmates sent a sewing plant on fire in an attempt to break free. to employees and four prisoners were hurt, no one escaped. the new information, disturbing details in the harvey weinstein scandal. tm the reporting harvey's contract allowed him to keep his job even if sexual harassment came into play as long as he placed the settlement costs. police on both sides of the atlantic in london in new york city investigating. the news on the heels of another harassment bombshell. amazon's top boss suspended after a tv producer accused him
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of harassing her back in 2015. white house chief of staff john kelly setting the record straight saying he is not quitting and schooling the white house press corps in this. >> reporter: happy friday even though it is the 13th, still good because it is friday. good friday to everyone, the white house chief of staff pulling the curtain back and getting a few things off his chest. he's not quitting and not frustrated. looking serious when donald trump speaks, that is just his thinking face. the chief of staff confronting the press reassuring the american people he is staying put, taking a swipe at fake media reports. >> astounding to me how much is misreported. i will give the benefit of the
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doubt that you are operating off of contacts, leaks, but the advice i would say, develop better sources. i am not quitting today. i don't believe i am being fired today. >> reporter: kelly's first meeting with the press corps on the record so kind of unusual a general long known in military circles saying his role as chief of staff is the hardest job he ever had. donald trump doubling down on his fight with the media tweeting fake news is going all out in order to demean and denigrate, got facts to back him up. according to a new study 62% of donald trump's media coverage is negative, 62%. heather: over a year now.
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molly hemingway at the top of the show said she is frustrated with this. when you heard kelly say he is not quitting, the entire room erupted in laughter. that is frustrating. it is not funny. listen. >> it was frustrating for me when he said he wasn't quitting today and the room erupted in laughter as if it were really funny, they write every few days how he is quitting and they have the resources and he denies that they act like it is funny. it is not funny to have so many stories based on unreliable anonymous sources and the public can't check these sources. earlier in the show someone from a different outlook saying trust resources they are good. no way to trust when they contradict information on the record and no way to check and hold them accountable and it is a huge threat in addition to external threats to freedom of press and internal threats and
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losing their standard. >> the press corps was laughing, he had a straight face. his comments were short and sweet but he didn't find this funny. >> it is not a laughing matter and these anonymous sources need to be questioned. we want to know what you think. can you trust the media or is there an anti-donald trump bias impacting reporting? wayne with jackie on facebook live and we will send responses live later in the show. coming up a high school teenager kidnapped and murdered. her accused killer an illegal protected by the dream act. after years being held by the taliban american and her family freed with the help of american forces. a former soldier hunted and killed the world's worst
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terrorists. why he says this is a game changer. hillary clinton interviewed for a new job. ♪ ♪ said goodbye to family ♪ said goodbye to my friends ♪ pockets in the heavens in hand ♪ ♪
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don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. heather: a bombshell discovery in the investigation of an illegal immigrant accused of kidnapping and murdering a
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teenage girl. daniel wrangell scheer was protected from deportation under the obama era daca program. he is accused of killing 18-year-old diana martinez who was shot to death in the woods in south carolina. the department of justice issuing its last chance for centuries is to refuse to cooperate with ice. of the cities including new york, chicago, philadelphia, new orleans and cook county, illinois, fail to change their immigration enforcement policy they can be forced to pay back millions of dollars in federal grant money. the doj giving them until october 27th to comply. after 5 years in captivity an american and her family are free, the us playing a major role in helping the pakistani military carry out the rescue is this a result of the trump administration putting more pressure on pakistan to cooperate? here to weigh in a special operations intelligence analyst,
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thanks for joining us. this family was taken back in 2012. the children were born in captivity. what do we know about who took? >> the how connie network likely pick them up when the family was on an adventure tour when they were backpacking through the mountainside, one of those dangerous countries, they were picked up and have been moved over the course of years between pakistan and afghanistan. heather: the time they have been held in captivity there have been youto videos, pleas from their captors to do certain things but fast-forward to 2017 and you have them free. why do you think now? >> probably what happened, the us military had information regarding the precise location and they needed to do something immediately and that is what we
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saw even though we saw the pakistani military conduct the rescue operation on the vehicle hostages were being transported in. this was a us-led operation. what was likely happening was the hostages were following by us surveillance in afghanistan and saw them crossing the border and they needed to do something. the reason it was a us-led operation, the pakistanis are not competent enough to track terrorist targets or go after hostages like this. heather: have they been is willing to help us out and why is that changing? as a result of the trump administration putting pressure on pakistan? >> it used to be the case when hostage was located, if there was any chance of negotiation to get the release the previous administration would go for that. i was part of a number of
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operations where we knew these guys were operated and were told to hold off on that. what we know is negotiations were taking place for years to get them released coming in the end it never happened so it is important an operation was conducted immediately to rescue them. heather: i know you just answered this, what donald trump is doing different than the previous administration. included in that is threatening to cut funding to pakistan among other things. it is this an indication of moving forward a positive sign things like this will happen with other countries helping us? >> absolutely. there is a new counterterrorism sheriff in town and we will see that more and more when it comes to these operations. it is rare for the us government to collaborate with a foreign country, conduct a hostage rescue on an american citizen. when you see the nuances and details of this operation that is a big deal that they trust
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the pakistan is enough to conduct this operation and told them you need to do this or we are going in with you. with the pakistanis risking a ton of funding on the war on terror it only made sense to do this so to put a pakistani face on this is a win for everyone. heather: appreciate you joining us and good luck to that family released after five years. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. a new round of on-field player protests during thursday night football and sheriff david clark has had enough. >> what is there to discuss? stand at attention, face the flag and give it to respect. heather: remember the state lawmaker punished after hoping for donald trump's assassination? do you think she learned her lesson? think again. wait until you see why she is back in the headlines this morning. ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first, thank you for joining us. the state senator who said she hoped donald trump was assassinated, she is back sparking more controversy on social media. carly shimkus from fox news headline serious xm 115. >> missouri state senator under fire this morning because she
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posted a picture on twitter that compared donald trump to adolf hitler. she says she posted that picture because she was upset by the president's recentlys suggesting puerto rico needs to take more responsible for hurricane maria recovery. this is not the first time she posted something like that. in august she was investigated by the secret service because she wrote that the president should be assassinated. there are new calls for her resignation is morning, you need to redesign, saying things you don't agree with killing 13 million people are equivalent. way to keep it classy. this is disgusting by any standards but it appears you don't have any. she said she's within her first amendment rights to post them thing like this. and doing it for attention because we are talking about
1:25 am
her. >> a negative attention but attention nonetheless. >> anthony for dane has a problem with hillary clinton and how that went. >> she came down on hillary clinton for her comments about the harvey weinstein scandal, did an interview with cnn. here's what she had to say. >> i was shocked and appalled. it was something that was intolerable in every way. >> anthony fordane is no fan by donald trump posted this to twitter, i have to say hillary's interview was shameful in its deflection and disingenuousness. hillary clinton is not stupid or unsophisticated about the world. the weinstein story has been out there for years. secretary clinton was one of the most intelligent, well prepared politicians ever.
1:26 am
i hoped for a better response. this story is personal for him because his girlfriend is one of weinstein's accusers. she keeps coming down hard on the whole thing but hillary clinton is an element of the story because she didn't -- heather: no dinner invites. the final story involves nfl football and roger goodell's wife. >> roger goodell's wife jane skinner used a fake twitter account to defend his honor. here are some of her tweets. reads like a press release from players union. you could do better with firebombs. she said roger good dell courageous was in the end, leadership is hard, commissioner doing -- give him credit.
1:27 am
that was difficult. heather: you have 120 characters. >> she admitted it was a silly thing for me to do and done out of frustration. she's being a good wife. heather: the how many other people do that but having been caught? >> pretty creative. heather: she confessed and that is okay. appreciate it. time for you is almost half past the top of the hour and remember when president obama made these promises about obamacare? >> if you like your plan and you like your doctor you don't have to do with income you keep your plan, you keep your doctor. heather: that was not so true. donald trump's executive order, how is it going to change health care for your family? separating fact from fiction next. >> i am not quitting today.
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[laughter] >> i don't think i am being fired today. heather: details on that. what you think about chief of staff john kelly slamming fake news and challenging the media. your responses coming in. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪
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heather: we are celebrating the united states navy's 242nd birthday with your proud american photos. keep your pictures coming in. thank you so much for your service, we appreciate all of you. we could be one step closer to
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learning the motive of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. las vegas police will give an update this morning and this comes as mgm resorts which owns the mandalay bay claims stephen paddock opened fire on the crowd after shooting security guard, not 6 minutes as police claim. jason aldean dedicating his show to his victims. >> those who didn't get a chance. >> reporter: he ran off the stage during his concert in las vegas during the show during the shooter's rampage. finally the admission we have been waiting for from accused deserter bowe bergdahl, set to plead guilty to desertion and
1:33 am
misbehavior after being captured by the taliban in 2009 while on patrol in afghanistan. in 2014 the obama administration traded him for 5 taliban terrorists being held at gitmo. of convicted he could face a life sentence. freedom under fire. 60 american flags found burned to a crisp. this was at a veterans memorial park outside los angeles. the container was set on fire, it was meant to collect worn and torn american flags for the boy scouts to properly retire. >> appalling that somebody would do such a thing to our flag, our nation's symbol. it was devastating. heather: one person has been arrested and faces multiple charges. once again, nfl players disrespecting the national anthem during thursday night football, philadelphia eagles raising their fist before the
1:34 am
game against the carolina panthers blues not one player took any. eagles winning that game by carolina panthers 28-33, none of the carolina panthers did anything, they put their hands next to their hearts, tennessee titans player threatening to retire early if the nfl forces them to stand, he tweeted i will be done playing football. the post deleted shortly after. the national anthem controversy spiraling out of control, here's what sheriff david clark had to say about players disrespecting the flag. >> takes 2 minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem, stand at attention, face the flag for two minutes and 12 sections means your undisciplined. dying the death of 1000 cuts, roger goodell lost control of this and he is afraid that if he imposes a policy they have to stand at attention and face the
1:35 am
flag they won't do it and it becomes now what? the league has the authority, these are not rights, has the authority to set rules and procedures for their employees, players are employees. we have the tail wagging the dog. now i hear owners are going to meet in chicago, new york, to discuss this. what is there to discuss? stand at attention, face the flag and give it some respect. heather: you would think it would be simple. democrats slamming the president's health care overhaul. in some cases before they knew what was in it listen. >> i don't know what he is putting out today but it is sabotage of the affordable care act. quite frankly a real disservice to the american people. heather: sound like a lot of fear but what is the truth?
1:36 am
here to separate fact from fiction, nicole safire. very early this morning. what is? what is the biggest thing people need to know in terms of what they think is true and what is not true? >> yesterday marks the most progress in changing the health care system since donald trump has taken office. he has single-handedly attempted to deregulate the insurance market while dismantling what was imposed by the affordable care act which is what he said he was going to do during the campaign. that causes confusion. senator schumer and nancy pelosi say he failed health care. he is the only one making moves. republican failed to band together and democrats worked in opposition. what he has done in his executive order, trying to expand associated plans which means people can come together
1:37 am
to have price competition and get lower premiums by working together and getting insurance together. heather: they can make purchases across state lines. >> purchasing across state lines would hopefully create market competition. talk about restaurant owners having to use the more farmers having them together, smaller differences coming together. they also want to expand hsa, pretax dollars for health care which is great for them and expanding short-term health insurance. you graduate college you are able to have short-term insurance that is less regulated and more affordable. heather: all of that combined means lower costs. in theory it should. this is temporary. >> this is a stopgap but the biggest thing came after the executive order was signed. heather: you mentioned problems democrats have with that and
1:38 am
this would happen on subsidies which we knew was another promise donald trump said he would do. this is sabotage and will be what causes obamacare to fail. >> whatever rhetoric, he is being active, taking action against the affordable care act cutting off cost-sharing reductions or the insurance bailout. quick unraveling of the affordable care act. people won't, the insurance companies are going to be pulling out, raising premiums and you will have fewer people insured because they can't afford it or their won't be any claims available to them. this will make congress come together. they have to put together a bipartisan plan. heather: a strategic move to hopefully bring this together to get something done. >> this is a temporary fix, not
1:39 am
a solution. heather: we will have you back. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. we told you about wildfires scorching 200,000 acres so far. that is as big as new york city. we are live with the latest on a frantic effort to contain those flames. hillary clinton interviewing for a new job, teaching her kids, retailers make black friday earlier and earlier every year. apparently america has had enough. the plates to retake thanksgiving up next. ♪ i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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1:43 am
in rescue and recovery mode. >> cadaver dogs will start coming through these neighborhoods. it is a car graveyard. they have to go through all of this and go property by property, search every home for bodies because 400 people are still missing across this area. they discovered some bodies yesterday. authorities said they were ash and bones. this is a meticulously slow process going through dental records as they try to identify the victims, 31 dead but that number could go up throughout the weekend. we are continuing to hear stories of survival, one couple held onto each other in the neighbor's pool is flames surrounded their community, burning their home and their
1:44 am
neighbors home. we heard from one woman whose home was in this community as she returned to see what is left. >> people going every direction. it was apocalyptic, insane. >> we don't know what the next move is yet. >> 20,000 people still under evacuation as firefighters are on the front lines and the weather could get worse this weekend. the fires could ramp up. >> the family jumped into their pool to survive the flames and the flames burned down there house? >> reporter: that is right, they are lucky to be alive. heather: good luck to all those folks. another earthquake shaking the shores of north korea near its main nuclear test site sparking fears of another bomb test. amy kellogg has a look at international headlines.
1:45 am
this happened last time they had a bomb test. >> they are thinking the latest concern about the nuclear program is it may be deforming the crust of the earth according to south korean scientists who detected a small earthquake in north korea near the nuclear testing site which may have been a further nuclear test but this is the latest in a series of aftershocks triggered by the largest test last to date. the area has seen mudslides in the aftermath leading to speculation the site may no longer be used for testing. yesterday the foreign minister accused donald trump of, quote, having lit the wick of war. we heard about europe being overwhelmed by the migrants and refugees arriving here but canada has had a challenging few
1:46 am
months with numbers up fourfold in august for asylum-seekers, no one agency is under fire for its handling of this. using a questionnaire that asked those requesting asylum their attitude about islamic state and women not wearing a job. the document was, quote, inappropriate and inconsistent with government policy. one of the world's most famous travel moguls is getting in on the first new form of public transformation in a century, richard branson made an $85 million investment in the brainchild of elon must called hyperlink. plans to produce the highest of high-speed trains that flyby magnetic levitation in a vacuum and they will go at speeds of nearly 700 miles an hour. richard branson is very excited
1:47 am
about taking passengers from london to edinboro in just under an hour with magnetic levitation. heather: thank you, amy kellogg, appreciate it. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. equifax hit by a second cyberattack, what this means for your privacy. >> i know it is important but i want to know whether or not you agree with the president. heather: maxine waters playing a game of gotcha with secretary ben carson. wait till you see what happens next. keep sending your american photos to celebrate the u.s. navy's 242nd birthday. ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. heather: welcome back. maxine waters taking on ben carson by interrupting him again and again trying to get him to bash donald trump about recovery efforts in puerto rico but it didn't work. >> puerto rico is very important. >> what i want to know is whether or not you agree with the president who is threatening to abandon puerto rico recovery efforts? >> i think i just said i have no intention of abandoning puerto rico. >> you don't agree with the president? heather: earlier this year waters threatened to, quote, take carson apart if he didn't
1:52 am
meet her standards as secretary of housing and urban development. she didn't make it to the white house but she could be headed to one of america's top universities to teach america's youth. new york daily news says hillary clinton is in talks with columbia university about becoming an ivy league professor. columbia has also not commented. more trouble for equifax. 145 million americans information was hacked. the irs is temporarily suspending its $7 million contract with the company, the move coming as equifax denies another reach. >> reporter: there are so many problems with this story and it doesn't seem to end but equifax is denying there was a second breach. there was a problem with its website. the credit report, people who
1:53 am
visited that page the last few days got an error message that said this page is under maintenance. that is alarming considering what happened. equifax investigated, shutdown that page and saying there wasn't a second breach, one of our third-party vendors, there was some malware running through to aqua facts -- equifax's site. they are fixing the problem. that cause the irs to suspend that $7.2 million contract equifax had to verify taxpayers identity. heather: after what happened you can't blame them. more checks and balances in place. let's talk about last friday, keeps getting earlier and earlier. >> reporter: one company owns 62 malls across the country saying
1:54 am
we are stopping thanksgiving day shopping. we want our employees to spend the holiday with their family so they are not going to open their malls across the country. 62 locations in north carolina, tennessee, texas, pennsylvania, just a few of them. they have the hashtag make thanksgiving yours. they want it to be about the holiday. heather: last year there were commercials like that. heather: not about the sale but about family and giving thanks. thank you so much, appreciate it as always. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. white house chief of staff john kelly shutting down the fake news and challenging media. >> develop some better sources. i am not quitting today. i don't believe, just talked to the president, i don't think i'm being fired today. heather: a lot of comments on this one and we will share the next. ♪
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heather: white house chief of staff john kelly setting the record straight saying he is not quitting. he also skewering the white house press corps. >> it is astounding to me how much is misreported. i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call them. maybe develop some better sources. heather: we asked can you trust
1:59 am
the media? jackie ibanez joins us with your responses and lots of folks awake. >> reporter: going off what they are saying absolutely not, you cannot trust the media. facebook live really been at it, let's look at those comments. can't trust no one anymore, can't even trust espn without slamming trump. chris said mister president, i voted for you but you have overstepped. the media is there to keep us honest. run says msn lost its reason to be news sources, money says we need other media that represents both sides, not just their biased attitudes and opinions. they have loved doing this, going back and forth. heather: they trust us to bring their opinions and be fair and balanced at the same time.
2:00 am
thank you for joining "fox and friends" first at 4:00, hope you have a great weekend and lucky friday the 13th. "fox and friends" first continues right now. have a great day. rob: it is friday, october 13th a major blow to obamacare, donald trump taking a scalpel to healthcare carving new options for the american people, whatever this means for you and your family. >> you are operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call the buyer for advice, develop some better sources. jillian: that message from the white house chief of staff john kelly from his press conference and what he has to say to the fake news media. rob: the season for shopping. black friday