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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 13, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: buffalo lattes coming in hot. tim hortons coming out with a new drink that includes buffalo sauce flavor. only available in buffalo, new york. jillian: i love you but i'm not sure about that. happy friday. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. >> president trump taking things into his own hands when it comes to obamacare. >> president trump plans to cut off subsidy payments to insurers that would be the administration's most aggressive move yet to dismantle obamacare. >> sign an executive order to try to reshape the nation's healthcare system. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing. >> there is a very real legal element to the harvey weinstein saga. according to at least one news source the fbi is reportedly investigating him right now as is the new york city police department. >> i heard the tape that nypd, the special victims unit put together. make no mistake that tape would have been sufficient in my office when i was a d.a. to prosecute harvey
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weinstein. >> general john kelly making a surprise appearance before the press. >> talk about frustration. what are his frustrations right now? >> one of his frustrations is you, all of you. not all of you, but many of you. >> it is astounding to me how much is reported. i will give you the benefit of the doubt. maybe develop some better sources. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there is superstition ♪ writing on the wall ♪ steve. steve: y wonder choreographed that song for us friday the 13th right there on the wall. welcome to this friday the 13th edition. ainsley: don't remind us. i like when i find out it's
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friday the 1st at 9:00 at night. woo, we made it through. steve: the fear of friday the 13th is called? >> friggatriskaideka phobia. brian: president trump had his second shot at taking it out. ainsley: the first shot he signed executive order encouraging competition, more choices, lower cost and then he stopped the bailout for the insurance company. brian: which is about $7 billion. steve: sure. what he is doing today is previewed in this tweet that he sent out 18 minutes ago. the democrats, obamacare is imploding, massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. dems should call me to fix. what he is talking about the
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administration has been propping up the insurance companies that take part or as brian just mentioned $7 billion a year essentially what it's going to do is end the payments u here's the reason why this makes sense, because they were never approved. whether they carved up the law to obamacare they never said okay there is going to be this bailout for the insurance companies. in 2014 the republican party sued the federal government. in 2016, a federal judge said, you know what? the republicans are right, those payments are improper. ainsley: so because the government, our tax dollars have been bailing out these companies, they are able to stay in obamacare. and the president is saying that's not fair, this is not what the original intent was. we are spending $7 billion to keep -- to prop up these insurance companies and i'm tired of it, he said. brian: it's going to allow you or i to go across state lines to get insurance plan those maybe didn't have access to get some laws. i can't see people being upset by that more competition ideally would
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drive prices down. meanwhile, the theory was that they were going to pass some loose outline of a reform with this new healthcare plan for the republicans put forward repeal and replace. they couldn't get it together as we all know for various reasons. health and human service services secretary at the time couldn't do it. the president said you couldn't do at this will make a bunch of rules to try to fix it. here is what the acting secretary says it's been clear for many years that obamacare is a bad policy and also a bad law. we believe the last administration overstepped the legal boundaries by our constitution. congress has not appropriated the money for the csrs those subsidies for plans and we will discontinue these payments immediately. however, congresswoman who is a republican ross latent of florida says she is upset because a lot of her low income constituents are going to be left out to dry, she claims. ainsley: worried the insurance company will not have that anymore and pass on the cost to people they
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insure. steve: ultimately the people who are really -- you know, they are strapped, they would benefit, as we have learned for state medicaid. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi put out a joint statement and they say that what the president is doing is sabotage. says it is a spiteful act of vast pointless sabotage leveled at working families and the middle class in every corner of america. make no mistake about it, trump will try to blame the affordable care act but this will fail on his back and he will pay the price for it so the department of justifiable and the department of health and human services both have advised the president you don't have to make those payments. although it's interesting the wall street says the president told one lawmaker payments could continue if a bipartisan deal on healthcare was struck and apparently the deal on the talks is close. ainsley: because he is saying, listen, i will work with you. i want a bipartisan deal. i wants repeal and replace. this is just the first step to get us there.
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he is saying if the democrats don't like this, then maybe they will sit down with the republicans and talk about a better plan, a better option. he is saying i would continue the payments but this is my way of forcing them to do what i ran on, what i promised the american people i would do. brian: remember kathleen sebelius appealed a lot of this stuff on her own. they have passed a lot of blank pages with obamacare and then she was shown the door. coming up attorney general jeff sessions will be here live, senator rand paul. many people say rand paul and the president worked very closely on this where they looked and said what can we do through executive order being that congress has totally let him down. one person doesn't seem to have let him down despite the reports is general john kelly who is now chief of staff john kelly. to the surprise of many, he was must see tv in a surprise appearance yesterday instead of the press secretary. ainsley: he had a message for the fake news, the media, all the allegations, many have said he was going to step down from the job. this was his response.
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>> i would just offer to you that although i read it all the time, pretty con sis tently, i am not convict today. [laughter] i don't believe and i just talked to the president, i don't think i'm being fired today. and i'm not so frustrated in this job that i'm thinking of leaving. i would tell you this is the hardest job i have ever had. this is, in my view, the most important job i've ever had. i would offer though it is not the best job i ever had. best job i ever had as i have said many times is when i was an enlisted marine, sergeant, infantry man. i would just offer you the advice i would say, you know, maybe develop some better sources. some person that works way down inside an office or, well, just develop some better sources. steve: what he did was he came out and said, you know,
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the president has a problem with loot of you people here in the room because he will see things in print or on television that simply is not accurate. that's why mr. kelly, john f. kelly said you have got to develop better sources. keep in mind, there are people who work even in the white house don't like the president. would like to sand bag the president. so are these leaks, these there are anonymous sources often sometimes according to what we heard yesterday from the podium they are not accurate. you know what? for the most part, it was a brush back to the press. if you are going to prints something about this administration, please, make sure the sources are accurate. ainsley: one of the journalists looked at him and said what's your frustration? he said you are myer frustration well not you specifically the media. many of you are not honest. brian: he took out really the vangt fair article where he says the president is yelling out i don't like anyone in the white house. to keep former security guy except for a few people. and that the chief of staff kelly is upset on twitter about the president tweeting
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and unable to get total control of the president. he made clear yesterday i'm not here to get ahold of the president. i have no problem with his tweeting. a lot of it are the issues put in front of us that were left for us and he indicated irresponsibly for us that we have to deal with on a daily basis. steve: he didn't have problem with the little bob corker tweet. he didn't have a problem with the puerto rico tweet. he said it was exactly accurate. this is the kind of man lieutenant oliver north also a marine thinks is perfect for this job. >> is he a united states marine. is he a man who knows what it's like to be shot at by bad people shooting real bullets not just a bunch of blow hard sitting in the pressroom. he lost his own son as you pointed out in the last segment in this long war. his whole demeanor exudes confidence. he is not quitting. is he not going to be fired. self-not frustrated exsetting by inaccurate news stories that's fair. you have to ask yourselves this.
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why it so many of our colleagues in the media business believe that anonymous sources and disbelieve an official like john kelly speaking on the record? why is that? ainsley: that was your interview last night. brian: dave bossie called steve bannon about the other aspect of this story he told this reporter that the president only has a 30% chance of surviving four years because his cabinet is going to turn on him and vote him out. dave bossie said never happens, never said it doesn't think it what do you want him to do you? have the guy there who says there is no problem. then you have steve bannon here says it's not accurate. you can understanding why the president who does not like to take a backwards step feels as though he would like to get the truth out. steve: that's exactly when this are talking about, if you are going to print a story or put something online just please make sure it is accurate. all right, it is 6:11 here in new york city and it's time now for some news with jillian. jillian: that's right. good friday morning to you
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guys. to you at home as well. we do begin with breaking news and a fox news alert to get to. overnight a new orleans police officer shot and killed in an ambush attack. police say a suspect opened fire on four cops as soon as they got out of their patrol cars to investigate something at an apartment complex. one officer hit several times collapsing to the ground. but still returning fire at the gunman. that suspect is now under arrest and at the hospital. the identity of the fallen officer is still unknown. new orleans pd tweeting, quote: we have lost one of our brothers. new orleans pd grieves this morning. to another fox news alert now. the american woman and her family freed from the taliban have just boared a plane out of pakistan. caitlin comey and her husband from canada had been held since 2012. they have three young children all born while in captivity. the trump administration working with the pakistani military to carry out the rescue. it's unclear where they are headed right now. and two philadelphia eagles
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players including malcolm jenkins protesting the national anthem. the team later going on to win 28 20eu 3 over the carolina panthers. now threatening to quit if the nfl follows through on forcing players to stand for the national anthem. wide receiver richard matthews tweeting i will be done playing football. he has since deleted the tweet. a look at your headlines. look at your headlines. steve: so nobody did any kneeling? brian: just two fists. steve: the fear of friday the 13th. it's called fraig fraiggatriskaideka phobia. brian: president trump expected to rip up the iran deal today or is he? >> it's a horrible, horrible embarrassment to our country. brian: next guest one of the americans taken captive during the iran hostage crisis said it's about time
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announce later today, we believe, the fate of the iran nuclear deal at the white house. the question is should the president decertify the deal or not? it sounds like he is going to. our next guest was one of the americans taken hostage at the u.s. embassy back in 1979 and held hostage for 444 days. he says it's time for the president to get out of a bad deal. talking about the former vice council don cook joins us from our nation's capitol, good morning to you. >> good good morning. steve: sounds like the president is going to decertify this deal. why do you think the obama obama administration did this deal in the first place if it's such a bad deal? >> the obama administration had an idea that they were going to be the ones to have the magic surprise of foreign policy. they were going to be the ones who reopened relations with iran and established friendly relations. essentially they wanted to
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do the nixon act of reopening to china but in this case we opening to iran. steve: but it simply was not a good deal. that's why the presidents is probably going to decertify it later today. you say good. it's been too long anyway. right? >> i think the deal should be renegotiated or we should walk out of it the iranians told us they were not going to end the enrichment of uranium. and there is no reason for the iranians to enrich uranium other than to have a bomb. and evidently, at the very first negotiating session. the iranians told the u.s. that ending enrichment was off the table. and we should have walked out of the room right then. steve: right. so the way it works is if the president does decertify the iran deal and we're expecting the decision later today, is then congress would have 60 days to come up with something else, maybe impose new sanctions. but there is a lot of people who say that's a good idea.
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then there are our european allies who say, you know what? we're not so much in the sanctions business. we're okay with the way things were. >> well, there are two responses. one i'm not necessarily sure that our european allies are 100 percent behind the deal. the french have already indicated that the 15-year window, which would allow the iranians after 15 years to essentially carry out their nuclear program unrestrained. i'm not sure that they're okay with that. the second thing is that the iranian economy is an oil economy, basically. and this makes them particularly vulnerable to u.s. sanctions. >> in the first instance because american companies still dominate the oil industry worldwide. and, second, the oil industry, oil markets are conducted in dollars. and if you can't operate in dollars, you're going to have a tough time selling your oil. steve: let's see what the president does later on
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today. done cooke u.s. embassy in iran who has held hostage for 444 days, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. steve: all right. 6:20 now here in new york city. a high school teenager kidnapped and killed. her accused murdererrer illegal alien protected by the dream act. this story is going to have you upset on this friday morning. and leftist thugs on the attack at the university of california berkeley campus. this time targeting conservative students. we're going to talk to one of those students coming up next. [shouting]
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whichever audience you're looking for, we'll find them we're the finders. we work here at comcast spotlight, and we have the best tools for getting your advertising message out there. anywhere, any way your audience watches. consider them found. steve: a fox news alert. it is now deadliest week for wildfires in california.
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31 people killed and hundreds still missing. will carr in california where authorities are in rescue and recovery mode. will? >> good morning, steve. and as the sun comes up. cadaver dogs are going to be navigating this neighborhood. they are going to run into cars like this that are crump would and charged as they go property by property and home by home looking for more victims. 31 people killed. we're told that number is expected to go up as they continue to find bodies. yesterday they found some in homes in the santa rosa neighborhood. authorities say that those bodies were just ash and bone. that's how hot this fire was. at the same time, we're continuing to hear stories of survival, including one couple that jumped into their neighbor's pool to try to survive. they held on to each other for warmth as the flames burned everything around them. we also heard from one woman who lives in this community yesterday. as she talked about her home
3:25 am
being destroyed. >> people were going every direction. trees were down. it was apocalyptic. it was insane. i have lived here 13 years. we don't know what the next move is yet. >> this morning there are 8,000 firefighters on the front lines. and we're told that the weather could get worse heading into the weekend. that's a big concern. also, a big concern in this neighborhood, authorities have told us there has been some looting. at least five people arrested and yesterday, steve, we were talking to a couple officers, they said they ran in and arrested one man who, it's really hard to believe that you would come out and try to loot from. this they told us he was trying to steal a gun safe. they caught him in the act. steve. steve: will carr live in santa rosa, california, thank you very much. awful story. bribe brian, off to you and ainsley. brian: here is another awful story in my view. antifa targeting students at u.k. berkeley. targeting any students is the problem.
3:26 am
next guest says he is one of those targeted. ainsley: joining us now campus naid. you are here to tell us what is happening at berkeley with republicans. what's the latest that's happened with you. >> it's unfortunate every time i come on this air nothing has changed. it has become socially acceptable at uc berkeley for conservatives to be physically beating, chased and stalked. had an article about antifa stalking me when i was grabbing dinner with friends. they posted my location online. 6,000 followers attempted to plot against me. so absurd they are even protesting me having dinner. but with every attack it shows the left is clearly desperate. students are saying enough is enough. and we are fighting back against them. we are breaking the shackles of leftist control for our university that for too long have robbed students for the opportunity of hearing a
3:27 am
different perspective on campus. we are not going to be intimidated by their attacks. keep on fighting. brian: the last time here you said the numbers were growing. the number of republicans on campus. the fact is you are targeted now it is not pushing people away. it's getting people to your side? >> exact limit. >> students are tired. left is clearly desperate. every attack is a sign desperation from them. they are trying to preserve the status quo and maintain ideological echo chamber. we are fighting back and leading a new free speech to allow students to hear different free speech on campus. it might be a radical idea. conservatives have good solutions to problems facing our country today as well. so video we are showing it looks pretty scary. i'm sure your parents are worried. why is it worth it to you. one of the rest rooms kill all ucbcs which is u.k.
3:28 am
berkeley conservative students. >> when i walk on campus every day i'm we minded i'm not welcome. i see kill college republicans. this is an important cause to fight for. if we surrender our first amendment rights on campus. university institutions are going to fail their duty to provide students with the ability to critically think. and i believe this is an important issue. that's why i'm going out there every day and fighting despite the threat. brian: what is the faculty doing? are they alarmed as most faculty should be about this type of physical threats and attacks? you have been bunched. you have been kicked. have you been spit on. >> so the berkeley you will staff fighting against and one attempting to preserve the status quo are professors. the administration and of course the city. every time i show the university administration with list of attacks with video proof and photographer. the university fails to do anything about it or discipline students. the truth is they don't care about conservative students and professors are encouraging this type of
3:29 am
behavior. brian: they are encouraging? they are encouraging the beating, kicking, punching and intimidating? >> well, before the disaster riots there were professors, actually health students coordinate and plan riots. meetings on campus, professors met with students in organizing those riots. and, of course, professors never actually defend us and we never see it. ainsley: what if the tables were turned? what if it were conservatives going after liberals on your campus? >> see the double standard clearly. imagine if conservatives started i object tim dating leftists on campus. see massive outrage from the administration and of course students. because we are evil republicans it's therefore justified to con standly harass us. brian: 50's getting kicked, beat up, punched my location being revealed. i wouldn't be going to that school but you are sticking it out and writings them checks for their tuition even though they don't deserve it that weed, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: harvey weinstein
3:30 am
scandal continues to grow as authorities from new york and london investigating. he is in legal trouble. now amazon has a harassment scandal of its own. and executive on leave no. details next. ainsley: what happens before a hard day of work at a coal mine. more of this awesome moment coming up. ♪ banner yet wave ♪ when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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3:34 am
steve: who is in the kitchen? brian: that is the mother-in-law in the kitchen. ainsley: when were you there? brian: i was there over the weekend. the whole family works in the restaurant. they have hard time getting staff. steve: that's great. brian: she is 11 years old. she works. steve: about time. >> mrc and wowo had a big event there through the radio station. ainsley: you are on the radio there. brian: big event. amazed with this restaurant because the whole family of seven works in the restaurant. they gave us all gifts. they are watching right now. they are all home schooled. steve: thank you, antonio. where was it? brian: in elk hart, indiana. steve: do you know what elk hart, indiana is famous for? >> rv capital of the world. ainsley: can you only thrif if you have rv. steve: 80% of the rvs are made new eckhart indiana.
3:35 am
ainsley: they park on thursday night and game is on saturday. that's awesome. steve: that's great. thank you. ainsley: thank you very much. brian: there you go. ainsley: melania was wearing a tie the other day. just like that. there you go. thank you so much. that's so sweet of you to send this. brian: just have 33,000 jobs unfilled. the economy is booming. they need people to fill the job. mike rowe situation. steve: by the way, how is the food at the restaurant? brian: unbelievable. in fact, they have won the north american pizza making championship. steve: north american? brian: world games in italy. ainsley: only problem with the story is you didn't bring any pizza back. brian: i don't know if it works well on the plane. ainsley: all weekend long everyone is going to go in there i saw oot. on "fox & friends." jillian: i'm thinking how much i love my new gear. steve: we'll share. brian: these are the --
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patrick is the dad. mom is erin. together they keep the whole thing going. mom will go back and wash the dishes. steve: thanks for your support of fox news channel. time for the news. jillian: we do have serious news to get you caught up on. illegal immigrants accused of murdering teenage girl protected from deportation under the daca program. the bombshell revelation as ice issues a detainer on 19-year-old on daniel originalfully mexico. police say he has confessed to dragging 18-year-old diana martinez gonzalez into the woods in south carolina shooting her multiple times in the head. it's not clear if the victim knew her killer. she didn't make it to the white house. but she could be headed to one of america's top universities to teach. the new york daily news reporting hillary clinton is in talks with columbia university about becoming a professor there she is a former law professor so it wouldn't be out of her wheel house. police called to medical clinic when a doctor forces a patient to leave his office. >> can you get out of here.
3:37 am
>> get out of my office. >> i will file a complaint. >> do you want to be seen or not. >> i want to go home and get in my bed. >> that's fine. get the hell out. get your money and get the hell out. see you later. >> the woman upset over a long wait time posting the exchange online. the doctor has apologized. saying he overreacted after the woman abused his staff. he is now under criminal investigation. this is what we mean by a proud american. a coal miner singing the national anthem for heading under ground for a day of work. ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ jillian: wow, what a voice. that's josh stowers sending for his co-workers in west virginia. all of them as you can see bowing their heads in respect. the person who posted this video on facebook writes, quote, there is no kneeling in this bathhouse.
3:38 am
steve: that is awesome. time now for some news with janice dean and i say the news because so much about the wildfires down south and the snow up north. janice: absolutely. we would love to get some of this moisture across the northwest down in california. that is not going to happen. we are dealing with i mean, dry conditions for the foreseeable future for california. past six hours you can see no rain in the forecast. for the foreseeable future we have elevated fire danger for awful these areas where dozens of wildfires continue to burn across northern california, southern california and, of course, we are watching very carefully the san jose santa rosa area. elevated fire danger continues not only today but through the weekend. there is the forecast rain fall getting all of this rain and mountain snow for the northwest. nothing in to california where it remains dry. i wish i had better forecast. then have you relative humidity and that's going to remain low throughout the day today and into the weekend. we have that moisture across
3:39 am
the northwest, it's not getting in some cases like 10% relative humidity is not helping, folks. we have been talking about this fire now for almost a week. the tubs fire. 34,000 acres and 10% containment. i mean, it's just -- it's heart breaking here because we have firefighters out there. the fire weather outlook, again, through the weekend is going to be elevated if not critical with gusty winds, low relative humidity and the temperatures going um. i wish i had better news. i have a firefighter as a husband. and the folks, you know, the work that they are doing out there is, you know, unprecedented in some cases. steve: no kidding. those pictures will carr just brought us unbelievable. janice: heart breaking. ainsley: we have disturbing details in the harvey weinstein scandal. brian: listen where this story is coming. carley shimkus sirius 115 with the details. is he getting in so much more trouble. >> continues to grey. i don't think we see this ending any time soon. weinstein sexual harassment
3:40 am
allegations now reaching outside the u.s. police on both sides of the atlantic in london and in new york city are investigating him. the new accusations dating back more than a decade. there's now more than two dozen allegations against the movie mogul. some from high profile actresses including angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow. counselor to the president kellyanne conway weighing in last night on the scandal on hannity. >> any woman out there who remains silent as as the next generation suffers sunday the sexual predatory culture in this man, then they are complicit here. they have no right to stand up and say that they speak for women. >> the "new york times" shedding light. explosive report last week. tmzs t mtion is reporting weinstein's contract allowed him to keep his job even if sexual harassment suits came in to play. as long as he paid the settlement costs out of his own pocket. now, one of weinstein's
3:41 am
accusers actress rose mcdid you goen accusing jeff bezos of doing nothing. after she told him about being abused. in another amazon executive roy pryce also under fire this morning. studio head roy price is now suspended after a tv producer accused him of harassing her in 2015. brian: every organization is now examining women coming forward. according to this 20 women who said he harassed them. three alleged raped, four said he exposed himself. seven women allege he assaulted them. 17 say he made unwanted advances, this guy thinks is he going to rehab himself back to the top of the mountain? >> i mean, video to say there is absolutely no chance that he could ever have a stab at another career move again in his life. actress cara della model as well. she came out. one of the things that she said really struck me. she said when her confrontation with harvey weinstein occurred she felt powerless. can you imagine being put in
3:42 am
that situation. it's just something that you really need to think about. and it's -- it appears to be the reality right now. brian: you are $24,000 a year waitress who has aspirations of being a movie star. this guy can make your life. set you up for generations. what stands in your way, unwanted advances? >> unbelievable. ainsley: i don't think this is going to be the last of it more and' cans with accusations coming forward. brian: today going to europe. steve: they were worried about that. carley, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. steve: coming up on this friday, david bossie is going to be joining us, advisor to the president. senator rand paul and u.s. attorney general jeff sessions. a busy two hours straight ahead. ainsley: plus, president trump using the power of the pen to do what congress isn't doing. getting rid of obamacare. buas democrats scream sabotage. what impact will the president's actions really have? steve: dr. marc siegel separating fact from fix. is he making a studio call.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. ainsley: president trump dealing a second blow to obamacare overnight. announcing he will stop the bailouts to the insurance companies. meantime the democrats are claiming sabotage after the president signed his executive order on healthcare. >> i don't know what he is putting out today i do know it's a sabotage of the affordable care act and quite frank lay real disservice to the american people. steve: here to separate faction from fiction on the president's action on healthcare yesterday and what is he do today dr. marc siegel of the fox news medical a team. so, yesterday, with the executive order, he allowed
3:47 am
people to buy insurance across state lines and whatnot. but now it looks like is he going to cut off these bailouts to insurance companies. what does that mean? >> the bailouts are ridiculous, steve, because the insurance companies are the ones that are in the market if it works for them, whereas patients are trapped in the market. you have a mandate that says you have to buy what is essentially a junk policy. democratic critics are calling the new options junk policies. the actual junk is in the exchanges themselves. you have a policy with a high premium, a very high deductible. you get to the doctor's office. your doctor isn't taking it. steve: it covers everything. >> it's mandated to cover things you don't need. ten essential benefits but those benefits are not necessarily the ones you need. the nice thing about the association plans is it allows you, if you are in a small business or in a trade association, something like the american medical association or the writers guild, if you are in one of those associations can you buy across state lines a policy that's tailored for your actual health needs.
3:48 am
that's something that will work in the doctor's office. not something where you are 28 years old and you are buying a policy that covers health service you are never going to need. ainsley: dr. siegel, the democrats, of course, are being critical of this plan. in fact, tim kaine, senator tim kaine he tweeted this out: it would allow cheap low quality plans onto the market that could discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, seniors, women. it aims to push healthy people into junk plans leaving only the sick at risk on aca plans essentially destroying the insurance market. fact or fiction? >> that's fiction, ainsley. i will tell you why. it's a myth that the small business market wasn't affected by obamacare. in fact, these regulations. 10 essential benefits affect small businesses. but if you have a small business employer, you know what? it's a great idea to group up and to be involved with small businesses across the country and get a plan that will be cheaper because it will be more negotiation
3:49 am
involved there will be more choice involved. guess what? the benefits that are in that plan are the same as in a large corporation would have like mcdonald's. it the it's not like you are getting a junk plan. you are getting the same kind of plan that large businesses are successfully using across the country. steve: so if now the executive order the president signed yesterday allow us that to happen and now they are not going to pay their pet insurance companies, as the president tweeted out this morning, these bailouts ultimately doesn't that force the democrats' hands? aren't they willing to be willing to go back to the table and neck united states something better? >> ultimately they have to do that. obamacare is not working. we are seeing in states like alaska and arizona doubling of premiums over three years. if you are a family, you can't afford a $6,500 deductible over a year. do you know what that means? that means you are coming to see a doctor like me. i say hey, i need an
3:50 am
ultrasound. i haven't met my deductible yet. steve: what's that costing me? >> how is that work being insurance. the mandate forces to buy something healthcare promises. that's not working. inel surers are smart. they are running away from it that's why 1300 counties in the united states have one insurer. how is that competition? so if you use trade association plans or you allow small businesses to group up, you are going to introduce more competition, more choice, that's going to bring premiums down in the long term. this is a very good first step. it's not about dismantling obamacare. it's a first step in the right direction of restoring the marketplace. ains thank you, dr. segal. >> good to see you. > ainsley: good to see you. is bill upset hillary failed to listen to him during the campaign. ed klein with secrets between them come up. ainsley: s stands for smart and spying. how the latest and greatest
3:51 am
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♪ brian: new privacy concerns this morning. center around google's latest smart device after a reviewer of the google home mini discovered it was recording his conversations. steve, you said this all along. ainsley: that's not the only intruder on our privacy. steve: here with more kurt the cyberguy is with us. it's troubling because a lot of people have gizmos like this. >> i do. ainsley: i do, too. >> hackers have gotten into this before. you say wait a minute a second, i still like this stuff. i want the convenience of being able to say alexa, what time is it?
3:55 am
it's happened at your house, didn't it? there are things. that's google home, the home mini, been announced. that was not a few things being recorded. it was like 24/7, everything was being recorded and being sent back to google. it really boils down to so all these devices are out there that continue to have one little glitch after another, whether it's intentional hacker trying to get through or whether it's just a software glitch. there's two things to think about. one is these devices are given to us for our convenience and they have suckered us so good that we think we have got to have them. but, at the same time, these companies are really the new big brothers, what they want is the personal data that they are able to connect with. for example, amazon is coming out with a slew of new echos, one of which sits on your nightstand and looks like a clock radio. it's brilliant. that right there is amazon look. that will take a picture of
3:56 am
you when it decides. not when you decide in your bedroom when you are getting dressed. brian: for what reason? >> so amazon can sell you the clothes they want to he will is you. the consumer sell would be hey, we will help you have style, brian, finally, and then -- just kidding. you look very dapper. steve: the probable is can we trust them to keep our information secret? >> that's the big question. and. >> all right. so here are some things can you do right now. no matter what these devices are take a little tip here. turn off the microphone that's on top of them and then also read all the fine print. i know it's arduous to do it. look and see what kind of privacy you are giving away when you have got. this can you do what i do, grab some electrical tape. if mark zurich berg at facebook is taking electrical tape to the camera of his device, that means something. brian: take out the microphone, why do you have it? >> when you are using it, turn the microphone. >> that's the trade-off.
3:57 am
ainsley: wants people at amazon to hear. >> exactly. steve: are these still on? >> no, they are not working. steve: thank you very much. brian: okay, google, go back to sleep. david b possie is coming up next.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ brian: entrepreneurship taking things into his own hands when it comes to obamacare. >> president trump plans to cut off subsidy payments to insurers, that would be the administration's most aggressive move yet to dismantle obamacare. >> sign executive order to try to reshape the nation's healthcare system. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing. > steve: president trump is set to announce later today, we believe, the fate of the iran nuclear deal at the white house. >> at the very first negotiating session the iranians told the u.s. that ending enrichment was off the table. and we should have walked out of the room right then. >> general john kelly making a surprise appearance before the press. >> frustration. what are his frustrations right now? >> one of his frustrations is you, all of you.
4:01 am
not all of you but many of you. >> it is astounding to me how much is reported. i will give you the bev of the doubt. maybe develop some better sources. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ got a strange magic ♪ gotta strange magic. brian: another thing. this band is so huge i don't know if owe any money. ainsley: elo? brian: 25 people in the band. steve: great music back in the 70's. hey, joining us right now we have the former deputy campaign manager for donald trump and somebody who was with elo for four years. [laughter] electric cello. >> my daughter does play the
4:02 am
cello, i missed her concert last night doing brian's show. ainsley: how long has she been playing? >> a lot of years. she is a junior in high school. plays a tremendous cello. brian: in fact, we have some tape. can we roll it? >> i should have sent it. my wife sent it to me because i missed it. steve: if you have alexa, we will just hack into it. all right, david is joining us, breaking overnight, we know yesterday the president of the united states signed an executive order making it easier for folks to buy insurance across state lines and this morning the news is that the administration is going to stop the bailouts to insurance companies and he just tweeted this out in the last hour. ainsley: he said the democrats, obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies stops. dems should call me to fix. brian: but he also says if lamar alexander and patty murray work out a deal in congress he might restore the 7 billion. congress was supposed to put that in there the previous president put it in himself
4:03 am
because they needed subsidies to keep it alive. >> this maybe a major frustration for the president. this is not what he wanted to do, obviously. he wanted to have congress fix it he wanted to repeal and replace. steve: he had a majority in the senate. he could have had it. >> john mccain single handedly saved obamacare. and then have you other senators who obviously participated. brian: murkowski and collins. >> and others. i think that this president has said i made a promise to the american people and now i'm going to keep it i look as it as a promise made, promise kept once again that he is saying i'm taking -- the power that i have through executive order, which is not law but it is an executive order that is going to allow him to take steps to force congress to handle it. steve: but, david, you know, a judge, a federal judge after the republican party sued the administration, a judge came back and said republicans are right, these payments to the insurance
4:04 am
company, this bailout sill legal. >> well, exactly. and that's what this president is trying to solve. is he saying i can do only certain things with an executive order. this is one of them. and i'm going to take action. because this is so important to our, the future of our healthcare system and the future of our economy that i have to take this action. i wouldn't want -- i don't want to do it but congress is forcing my hand. ainsley: of course democrats are not happy with it. >> good. ainsley: some are saying spiteful. some are saying sabotage. this is what nancy pelosi had to say. >> i don't know what he is putting out today. i do know it's a sabotage of the affordable care act and quite frankly a real disservice to the american people. ainsley: how does she know? she hasn't read it i don't know what he is putting out today. >> she didn't know what was in the bill until it was passed. let's remember this is not her first rodeo in jockeying with language. she is going to be against it that's a good thing. that means the president is doing the right thing. is he going to force them to
4:05 am
have to take action. brian: just so you know obamacare was really something that hurt the democrats for years and put it around their neck, you can say the republicans had success running against it the words that they're using, the messaging they are saying is sabotage. now, as it collapses they will try to pin it on president trump. you know communications matter. do you think he is prepared to push back on that? >> absolutely. he has said from day one, since his first day of his candidacy, obamacare is failing. it is imploding on itself. people, the american people have no choices in three quarters of the counties in america today, no choices. only one provider. the premiums, whether it's in arizona or any other state have skyrocketed. i just was in a store the other day, and the guy who runs the store, little mom and pop store said to me, dave, they are doubling my premium. they are killing me. i don't know how to solve this problem. and that is what average americans are seeing it their premiums.
4:06 am
and that's why the president -- ainsley: do you know where americans go now if they are able to buy insurance across state lines and competition. where do they go? >> i don't know the answers yet. i have think that will come. brian: maybe we can give cell number. >> the help desk. [laughter] steve: some other news today it sounds like the president is going to decertify the iran nuke deal. when he was running it was very clear. he thought it was a gigantic give away to the iranians. it was a bad deal for the united states of america. now it's going to kick the can back to congress the last 60 days to figure out we had somebody on earlier who was one of the guys taken hostage by the iranians. he says it's about time. listen to this. >> the obama administration had an idea that they were going to be the ones to have the magic surprise of foreign policy. from the very first, the iranians told us that they were not going to end the
4:07 am
enrichment of uranium. and there is no reason for the iranians to enrich uranium other than to have a bomb. and evidently, at the very first negotiating session, the iranians told the u.s. that ending enrichment was off the table and we should have walked out of the room right then. brian: also put off the table any reduction in terror activities in the region. didn't walk away. all did he was give. in he is not just walking away from the deal. he is not asking to reimpose sanctions. so he is not going to ask congress to do that. he is not abandoning the agreement. he will blame the president in his speech today for signing the deal and creating havoc in the region. is he going to look to deny iran funds for their terror activities and call the iranian. ainsley: who have given money to syria. brian: iranian revolutionary guard a terror organization. >> again, the president has been very clear on this since he started his campaign for president almost a year and a half, two years ago.
4:08 am
this is another promise made, promise kept. he is, again, showing the american people that congress is broken. he is going to show just how ineffective they are by sending it back to them and saying you now under corker-cardin have 6 60 days to review and come back. they can't tie their shoes or order lunch in 60 days. it's going to be an educational moment. brian: tax reform, immigration reform and want to get it all done before christmas. >> they are working two and a half days a week. hard to get anything done. brian: stay in session. >> i love the leadership doing that i think it's the right move. it's the right message to the american people. we are staying here to get your work done. ainsley: did you see general kelly walked into the briefing room and he had some advice for the media. because some people are spreading rumors. brian: about him. ainsley: that he wants to leave the job. this is what he had to say yesterday in the briefing room at the white house. >> i'm not quitting today. [laughter] >> i don't believe and i just talked to the president, i don't think i'm
4:09 am
being fired today. and i'm not so frustrated in this job that i'm thinking of leaving. i would just offer to you the advice i would say, you know, maybe develop some better sources. some person that works way down inside an office or -- well, just develop some better expwrowrs sources. steve: essentially what he was saying is, whatever your sources are, you, the assembled white house press pool, sometimes they are not right. if somebody down the food chain hey i have a scoop, calls a reporter, next thing you know it's on their website and it's wrong. >> certainly. and that's gone on in administration after administration. steve: for years. >> we have all seen that but general kelly walked in to that press briefing room and really showed -- you know he is a four star marine
4:10 am
general. he educated the press about himself and his style. i was impressed. i thought he did a great job. i thought he handled the press corps incredit i can incr. steech steven how often do you wake up and open a major newspaper and you read something that you know for a fact is just not right? >> >> oh, every day. every single day. steve: seriously about fake stuff. >> the per available problem -- look at the vanity fair piece that was about -- you know, one of the reasons that general kelly -- not one of the reasons he came to the podium but talking about the infighting and how much he hated it and he is going to leave. it's all fake news. it's why the president continues to say the mainstream media is fake news. they want to perpetuate the stories. they want to sell newspapers. is he doing a great job. he's trying. when the mainstream media says is he not dealing with issues, he is only dealing with putin or --
4:11 am
brian: brian what about when he came out and said out loud i hate everybody at the white house. >> it's fabricated. it never happened. brian: what about when steve bannon told him you have only 30% chance to complete your four years. you talked to steve bannon last night. >> i did. steve said he absolutely never said that it is a complete fabrication. look, steve and i are working towards president trump's re-election. we are working hard -- steve bannon is out there working hard. he doesn't believe any of that he believes the president is going to get reelected. ainsley: has it back fired on the mainstream media. >> i think the american people are waking up to the fact that they have such a hatred for this president that they can't tell a straight story anymore. and that's -- it's an unfortunate place for our media to be. brian: on the outside it must be frustrating. dave bossie thanks so much. sorry about the nationals. 9-8. >> terrible.
4:12 am
jinx. ainsley: it's friday. jillian: we got that going for us. let's begin with a breaking news story we want to give you information on. american woman and her family freed from the taliban are just boarded a plane out of pakistan. flight reportedly bound for london. their final destination is unclear. caitlin comey and her husband from canada have been held since o2012. o2012 two young children born while in captivity. working with the pakistani military to carry out the rescue. house speaker paul ryan send ago strong message to congress. get them moving on a tax deal. >> we're going to stay here until christmas if we have to. we are going to get this done. it's just that important. jillian: warning comes as ryan says pass tax legislation this year. the goal is for the house to pass it to the senate next month. the defending world series
4:13 am
champs carrying a 9-8 lead into the ninth inning closing the door on the washington nationals for the victory. the numbers celebrating game 5 win with champagne in the locker room. they play the los angeles dodgers tomorrow night. ainsley, i'm sorry to say in this locker room anyway we are not seeing the person flag speedo or whatever the heck we saw earlier in the week. ainsley: we are seeing so much champagne being wasted. brian: and a lot of goggles. ainsley: thanks, jillian. we have a fox news alert. an officer ambushed overnight appearing to have been targeted and killed for wearing a uniform. the breaking news just coming in. steve: then we all know what hillary clinton has been up to lately. she has been on what seems like the world's longest book tour. but the real question is where's her husband bill? we have the inside scoop from ed klein.
4:14 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a new orleans police officer is shot and killed in an ambush attack.
4:18 am
steve: the suspect opening fire on police officers as soon as they got out of their patrol car. brian: all right. so rob schmitt has been follow this story all morning and has the latest. hey, rob. rob: we are still trying to figure out a motive here. at this point it's unclear what prompted the attack. although it does appear that the officer killed was part of a group of four officers on routine patrol at apartment complex in east new orleans. one of the most dangerous parts of that city. when the gunman opened fire on them. it appears just one officer was shot. police not giving out a lot of information at this time. no details on the officer's identity at this point. just one of four was shot. we do know police fired back at the killer and wounded him. a local newspaper reporting right now that the killer ran off and hid in an apartment and eventually surrendered after a couple of hours of negotiation, sometime around 3:00 this morning. the suspect was arrested and taken to the hospital. he was shot as well, of course. here's the police chief and the mayor at a press conference very early this morning. >> it was a subject who
4:19 am
fired upon our officers, striking one of our officers several times. >> we talked to these officers at the graduation and of course we say this all the time about how dangerous this job really is and unfortunately tonight, you know, our worst nightmares, you know, have come to be. rob: certainly is a dangerous job. the chief of police has already spoken to the officer's family. the biggest unanswered question was whether or not this was a planned attack or ambush on a police officer or a group of police officers or if the killer was doing something and didn't want to get caught evading police for another reason. that's what we still have to figure out and waiting to have an answer on. we will get that later this morning, i hope. steve: awful story out of east new orleans. ainsley: thank you. steve: coming up on this friday, we all know what hillary clinton has been up to. a book tour, one of the longest of all times. the real question is where is her husband? the next guest says the two of them are not talking and he has some other stuff you haven't heard anywhere else.
4:20 am
ainsley: old glory is flying again after flags were stolen the pate patriotic way e saved the day ♪ american day ♪ in america's heart ♪ go on, raise the flag ♪ i got stars in my eyes to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped!
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4:24 am
military member or two going above and beyond the call of duty to replace old glory at several homes in a utah neighborhood. multiple families reported missing flags throughout the summer. police officers still looking for suspects in that case. brian: hillary clinton continuing her what happened book tour as she does have new claims that she and her husband former president bill clinton aren't speaking. he was heart sick over the book. ainsley: over the book. not that they are not speaking. it's all in the soon to be released called all out war, the plot to destroy trump. steve: the author ed klein joins us now. ed, we are going to talk about the relationship of bill and hillary, regarding the publication of this book. first, what are your sources? >> what are my sources? i have sources both with bill and his inner circle and also with hillary. i have been using these sources for 10 or 12 years already. so, they have always proved correct. brian: what's the tension?
4:25 am
>> the tension is that, listen, these two have been in the past not talking like the monica lewenski scandal. i think this time it's more important. as i say in this new book all-out war. he went to her a month before the election and said, look, i have done inner polling, it shows that you are losing this election. she said you're nuts. everybody tells me i'm winning. he said you are not polling, number one. they stopped polling. brian: true. >> number two, you haven't spent any time in the rust belt states. she said you know, you don't understand modern data collection techniques, bill, you are really out of touch. basically she called him an old fool. and she didn't listen to him. and then when she wrote the book, she gave him two boxes full of these man scripts. he took a red pencil to it and tried to edit the book. she would have nothing to do with it. he told her she looked angry
4:26 am
and out of touch. and she wouldn't listen to him. ainsley: we asked her time and time again to come on our show and she refused to do it. some of her people, the people that have worked for her a long time that i'm friends with said that was one of her biggest mistakes we have a lot of independents that watch our show she could have gotten those votes. i heard they don't live together. what's the latest with. >> they they haven't lived together for a long time once in a while they got together for photo on ops and things like that. he spends a lot of his time at his library. brian: apartment. >> he has a penthouse apartment in little rock. he has parties there often. she doesn't know what his personal life is. they actually haven't talked about their personal lives. but they have been on the phone together for years and years talking about politics. but now that she has lost it, looks to me like the clinton dynasty is over and they don't have much to talk about anymore. steve: looks like he was right and her campaign team
4:27 am
which was the most expensive ever assembled in world history they blew it. >> charlie rose once called bill clinton the greatest political animal of our time. and he is. brian: right. >> he is. he is brilliant. she would not listen to him. brian: talk about harvey weinstein and the dips enginous that i picked up when she finally spoke about it. >> the clintons were very close as you know to harvey weinstein. he gave her tons and tons of money. bill clinton hung out with harvey in hollywood with all the girls and so forth. they knew about this as you did almost everybody in hollywood. i knew about harvey weinstein years ago. it was not a secret. and it certainly wasn't a secret to the clintons. steve: one of the things mrs. clinton said of course i will return the money but i can't -- there is nobody to return the money to there. >> yeah, well, she could take the money and give it to. ainsley: the clinton foundation. [laughter] >> right, right.
4:28 am
where it always goes anyway. right? brian: what has happened since the clinton foundation since the election? >> nobody is donating to it anymore. why should they? brian: no influence. >> when they were possibly going back to the white house, and could do sec and fda and all these regulatory things for people. tons and tons of money flew into it. now there is no reason to. ainsley: is it true he threw her book into the trash canal. >> whe when she said you are an old fool. he took these boxes of manuscripts and threw them in the trash. ainsley: we reached out to her campaign and they declined a comment. congratulations on new book. when does it come how the? >> october 30th. order right now on amazon. brian: what's the name? >> all-out war, the plot to destroy trump.
4:29 am
brian: i didn't pick that up. it seems to be going so smoothly. sanctuary cities on notice. the warning get in line or else. steve: former attorney general loretta lynch not out of the woods yet. could she still be questioned about the clinton server scandal? oh, boy. ♪ are we out of the woods ♪ are we out of the woods ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: look at those american flags flying outside of fox news here on sixth avenue. we are always so thankful for the men and women who serve our military. today we are celebrating the navy's 242nd birth day. steve: that's right. joining us now is captain kevin mcgowan and students from the naval class of
4:33 am
2018. [cheers] steve: tell us what the commands college does. >> steve, first, thank you "fox & friends" for having us here. it's an honor and privilege to be in new york for the navy's 242nd birthday. this is a very, very special program in our 61st year. 50 officers for a year of studying at the naval war college. focusing on peaceful use of the sea power partnership and as you know maintaining -- it's very much a steam sport and the navy truly values. brian: how much do you look back at what the navy has accomplished up to this point? >> a great deal. we cannot think about the future without also thinking about our history and the war college has been around since 1884. it's the oldest of the war cleanings. looking back on success helps us think about the future. ainsley: leah, we wanted to bring you into this segment. you work for the company. and also here at fox news channel. what does it mean to you? >> serving in the united
4:34 am
states navy has been the greatest honor of my life. i think today i'm just really thinking about the young men and women who have volunteered to go out and serve our country and to be deployed worldwide to protect our freedom. and i'm just so honored to be part of all of that ainsley. ainsley: look at the navy is going back to the sail and away -- is that true? >> that's not really true. steve: such a beautiful cake carlos the cake boss made your cake. >> oh my goodness. >> thank you. so in recognition of the 242nd birthday of the united states navy, i cut this cake. steve: all right. >> very good. i will have to go right through there thank you. ainsley: thank you for your service [applause] steve: are you hungry? i actually have to cut a real piece. >> sugar. >> can i do that sir.
4:35 am
very, very good. ainsley: look at these faces? look at these men and women's faces. they are the ones that give up so much for our great country and go and serve. we sore honored and grateful. god bless you all. god bless you all. >> thank you so much. steve: one of the things i don't know if you can really tell, but it is kind of chilly here in new york city and janice has got the weather. janice: i have got the weather but i have a special guest. are you going to come out here? where are you from. >> snowden from memphis, tennessee. janice: tell me about your service. >> 20 years this week being in the marine corps and i have enjoyed every minute of it. janice: you want to do the weather with me, right? >> absolutely. janice: what is the weather here in new york city. >> the weather looks amazing right now. it looks like it's about 60 degrees and partly cloudy. janice: what are you doing right now do you want to be my assistant? >> i would love to be your assistant. janice: do you want to say hi to anybody at home? >> i want to say hello to my lovely wife holly and kids. janice: how about a tv
4:36 am
career after this. >> sounds great. janice: do you want to do the weather though? >> [applause] janice: cooler than average. we do have fires across california, unfortunately. looking at elevated fire danger for northern california, southern california. this is going to be our big story not only today but through the weekend. we have firefighters out there with unprecedented conditions. unfortunately we are going to be dealing with not only the lack of moisture, but very gusty winds across the northwest. because of that system. they are getting the rain across the northwest. it's not getting into areas that really need it. there are the dry conditions that remain in the forecast for the next five to seven days. we are watching california and look at that relative humidity, this is something we are going to be watching the next couple of days. steve: it is chilly in new york. my wife sent a text message can you turn on the heat upstairs? janice: we know too because ainsley is wearing winter
4:37 am
coat. ainsley: i know and i'm eating cake. steve: thank you so much. janice: we love you. ainsley: brian, this one is for you. brian: put that sword back in the holster. ainsley: jillian is in the studio. jillian: i don't have cake in here. jillian: good morning, get you caught up on the headlines today. first time getting to hear that sound that may be linked to mysterious sonic attacks that physically hurt 22 american diplomats in cuba. some victims even got brain damage. they say it sounded something similar to which by the way has been deemed safe for you to listen to. ains april the state department has yanked since the attacks. cuba has denied any involvement. loretta lynch isn't out of the woods just yet. the former attorney general along with u.n. ambassador samantha power will have to answer questions from congressional investigators about russia's alleged election meddling.
4:38 am
powers will meet with the white house committee today. she heads next week. the panel is also expected to press her on hillary clinton's private email server and the unmasking of trump campaign ads. is your halloween costume racist? if you are not sure, ohio university students put -- ohio state university flow chart. the chart is in a student magazine support costumes that make fun of president trump but it warns white students not to dress up as prince or wear headdresses of other cultures. this high school custodian lives for it. watch. >> get it up there. woo! jillian: kevin freidman greets students high fives every friday. his coworker posted the video on facebook calling him, quote, the coolest
4:39 am
custodian around. high five. steve: very nice. thank you very much, jillian. captain, what did you just present? >> i just presented you a plaque representing the 51 officers from 49 countries in naval command college class of 2018. ainsley: that's why they all have different colored uniforms different countries. >> thank you again. [applause] steve: meanwhile straight ahead on this friday the justice department putting sanctuary cities on notice get in line or else. christian adams joins us live next. brian: remember the state lawmaker punished after hoping for president trump's assassination do you think she learned her lenge? think again. wait until you hear what she just said making headlines this morning. ainsley: who wants cake? here did you go. ♪ where the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ there's a lady that stands
4:40 am
in harbor for what we believe ♪ choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery
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♪ brian: all right. some quick headlines right now. let's begin with the fbi. they are now investigating whether local officials mishandling fema supplies to puerto rico. there you see them depicted in that shot. receiving complaints that critical supplies are being withheld. one official is accused of stuffing his car full of goods. we heard this was going to happen. president trump is nominating another woman for the top spot. there she is. she is sitting right there in the back for his administration. she was the former cyber security expert kristin nielsen. shoe now she will be homeland security secretary. she takes over john kelly who by the way is now the chief of staff. he has been -- she now has to be confirmed by the senate and the president is
4:44 am
saying can we pick up the pace a little bit. speaking of picking up the pace let's go downstairs. steve: showdown over sanctuary cities continues. the department of justice issuing a last chance warning to these jurisdictions. comply with the law or risk losing millions of dollars in federal dough. ainsley: j. christian adams works at the public interest legal foundation. great to see you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. what's your reaction to this? >> this is a good things. jeff sessions should be applauded for the tough stance against lawlessness. sanctuary cities are havens of lawlessness where illegal aliens and corrupt politicians are not doing anything about the illegal aliens. and they are colluding with them to not cooperate with federal authorities when they catch them. that's against federal law and jeff sessions is right to say you're not going to get federal money if you're not going to follow federal law. steve: j. christian and explain to me, our viewers
4:45 am
get it, if something is against the law it's just against the law and you have got to cooperate with the feds. how have they gotten away with it so long? recommendation well, because barack obama was president and eric holder was the attorney general. and they allowed it to happen. and they didn't enforce federal law because they agreed with the policies. steve, this is all about politics democrats run these cities like philadelphia, chicago, new orleans, the places that are sanctuary cities and counties. they like these policies because it helps them win elections. don't forget illegal alien children will be eligible to vote in 18 years. but it's worse than that, steve, because illegal aliens and aliens are getting on the voter roles in places like philadelphia. we have found alien registrations in philadelphia. they are voting, so it helped democrats win elections to have sanctuary cities. ainsley: how do they get to vote? how is that even fair? >> look at pennsylvania. there is a huge scandal right now in pennsylvania
4:46 am
that we originally found a year ago that aliens were on the roles in philadelphia because all you have to do is mark a box that says you're a citizen. can you lie. it's an honor system all around the country. so that's how aliens are getting on the voter roles. but in philadelphia, it's worse because some of them actually mark no, that they weren't a citizen but philadelphia election officials registered them anyhow. steve: let's see, so jeff sessions is going to give them the last chance. my question to you, j. christian is, all right, for these five or so jurisdictions, big sanctuary cities, what is the possibility they are actually going to go, you know what? you're right. we are going to start following the law. >> well, if you know anything about democrats, they are addicted to federal dollars. so my hope is that they will say, you know what? the millions of dollars that people in iowa and wisconsin and south dakota are paying to politicians in philadelphia, the politicians in philadelphia are going to say, you know what? we want millions of dollars.
4:47 am
but you never know. ideology runs pretty deep in these places. and i would also not be surprised if they say well, it's worth it for us to have all of these aliens in this city because we want a permanent transformation politically to take place there. ainsley: the attorney general jeff sessions did release this statement. he said i urge all jurisdictions found to be out of compliance in this preliminary review to reconsider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents. what's your reaction? >> it needs go-to-go beyond these five places there are sanctuary places all over the country. essex county, new jersey, we found more aliens on the roles there. these are sanctuary counties right outside no, where entire counties are sanctuary. the policy that jeff sessions is doing is great. but it needs to go beyond these five places. steve: you know, when we did hear about how they -- a couple months ago where they were talking about how jurisdictions might lose these grants, it was just -- i think it was $2 million in
4:48 am
chicago alone. but you say forget about that, cut off all the federal funds. >> wouldn't that be nice? but the immediate way they can solve this, of course, is the law enforcement grants. look, the law -- the federal law says if you want federal money, you have to cooperate with immigration authorities. and so this is the easiest money to cut off, but, frankly, congress ought to look at something far more effective because most of these big cities, they couldn't survive without federal handouts. ainsley: okay. well, jeff sessions is going to come on. is he going to talk about his statements that he made in 40 minutes. stick around for that thank you j. christian adams for being here with us. >> thanks a lot. steve: meanwhile, coming up on this friday, he was by the president's side as he signed the executive order on healthcare yesterday. senator rand paul here with the path forward on repeal and replace. ainsley: navy pilots have been reporting problems with their planes as you know. former f-18 pilot leah gabriel got an inside look how it is being fixed now.
4:49 am
she joins us live with the exclusive report. steve: first on this date in 1792, the white house corner stone was laid. ainsley: and in 2011, 33 chill lane miners were rescued after two months under ground. steve: chris steenelaguliara toe charts with "come on over, baby." ainsley: i didn't think i would ever hear you say that steve. when you really want to save big
4:50 am
on a hotel just go to priceline. they add thousands of new deals every day at up to 60% off. that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. yeah ash and i share everything - dresses, makeup, water bottles... we do? mmhmm. we share secrets, shoes, toothbrushes... what? yeah i forgot mine so i've been using yours. seriously? what's the big deal? i mean, we even dated the same guy. who?! uh, go to priceline and get the hotel deals you won't find anywhere else.
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♪ ainsley: navy jet pilots fearing for their safety have been reporting problems as you know with their planes. brian: fox news correspondent leah gabriel got an exclusive look inside the navy's lab where this
4:53 am
problem is being addressed firsthand. leah, is it being addressed. >> the navy says it's putting in unconstrained research approach. i have visited the air station in maryland, that's where research development test and evaluation is done for naval aircraft. the heart of where the navy is trying to solve these problems. take a look. >> this is a breathing regulator which would control the flow of oxygen up through the hose to the mask. every time you take a breath, this regulator would allow the oxygen to flow to the mask. >> at this altitude system's laboratory experts like dennis are working with the navy to address what are known as physiological episodes which are when pilots become impaired while flying, sometimes because they're breathing bad air. the issue has been jeopardizing flights in the t-45 trainer and the f-18 hornet at an increasing rate. >> when a jet as an oxygen problem, the navy pulls the equipment out of the jet and brings it here to the river.
4:54 am
for example, this component is an oxygen con sen traitor from a t-45. >> each component of the system is evaluated for its own performance. this lab will put all the components together to look to see how it did as a system. >> in fact, they can replicate the exact flight profile where a problem was reported to determine what went wrong with the system. >> so, this chamber is the simulated cockpit and so this chamber would be the pressurized portion of the aircraft. this chamber, as you can see has got two breathing similarities, mechanical breathing similarities. >> we have collected a tremendous amount of data. now we are getting into the analysis. that's starting to inform some of the things we think we need to address. >> navy admiral joiner was hand picked by the top brass to address the physiological episodes. she has been on the job since late august and says they have been making modifications like adding a
4:55 am
new carbon monoxide removal tool and t-45s have a new warning system for pilots. >> what was your feeling when you were asked to take over this, you know, being somebody who has been out there flying jets and being in the midst of combat operations? >> i think when i looked at it, is the trust and confidence given to me to do this mission. this is probably the most important thing that's going on in naval avenue united nations. heavy responsibility combined with, you know, just really wanting to lean into the problem and get to work. >> and admiral select joyner says the navy is doing just that leaning. in t-45s have been modified. those that have been modified are flying again. we learned pilots have reported six more incidents. as for f-18s they never stopped flying despite these issues. yet, we are told it will take more time to isolate and fix the problems they are having. simply, guys, because they have more complex systems than the f-18s. steve: what does that mean? >> the f-18 is just a more
4:56 am
complex aircraft than the t-45. everyone who flies jets for the navy has to fly in a aircraft. it's not a weapons system like the f-18 is. there is a lot more you are dealing with f-18 also has two engines. it's just overall a more complex piece of the puzzle they are looking at. another part of the complexity is now that they have alerted pilots to these issues, pilots are noticing how they are feeling more and so they are seeing increase in the reports. but physiological episodes could mean you are not feeling well that day. that's one of the points engineers made to me. it's a little bit nebulous when they are try position isolate and fix these problems. the navy says by using unconstrained resource approach they are really working hard on this right now. ainsley: sitting here looking at her, she flew these planes. that's awesome. >> i did. we were talking about how it's the navy's birthday and such an honor to have been a part of the navy and go and report on these stories that are so important. these are our sailors and marines' lives that we're talking about. brian: all right, lea, thank you so much. huge hour coming your way
4:57 am
and final hour of the week. america's top cop jeff sessions live. steve: look who is in the studio geraldo rivera weighing in on obamacare. come on over. ♪ start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. . .
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steve: breaking overnight the administration will stop bailouts to insurance companies. ainsley: he said the democrats obamacare is imploding. >> this president has said i made a promise to the american people and now i'm going to keep it. steve: president trump is set to announce later today the fate of iran nuclear deal at white house. >> at first negotiating session the iranians told the u.s., ending enrichment is off the table. we should have walked out of the room then. ainsley: fox news alert a new orleans police officer is should and killed in ambush attack. >> general john kelly making a surprise appearance before the press. >> what are his frustrations
5:01 am
right now? >> one of his frustrations is you, all of you. not all of you but many of you. ♪ ♪ ainsley: when we hear that song, brian requests to play it, it send as message to all of is ex-girlfriend, how do you like me now. brian: that is not true. what are you talking about? ainsley: toby keith, doesn't he sing the song, what is the song toby keith sings, basically how do you like me now? steve: ainsley, call you out. i think that is hashtag fake news. ainsley: red, white and blue.
5:02 am
steve: he sings a lot of songs. as you saw on the ticker, we have geraldo coming up. he is right over there and the attorney general for the great united states of america with us coming up. brian: rand paul too. if the run-down is correct. ainsley: it's correct. good lineup. we also have a fox news alert. president trump delivering major campaign promise, take it in his own hand repealing and replacing obamacare. brian: not that he will rip up the iranian nuclear deal he will change it. steve: kevin corke on the north lawn. what do we know about the day ahead? reporter: very busy day, guys. first let's talk about health care. swinging the proverbial axe at obama care, cleaving $7 billion in insurance company subsidies. taking every opportunity to decontribute the law he says was
5:03 am
when they rammed it through congress. you heard the president talk about. let me share a white house statement. this is it, folks. we'll stop bailing out insurance companies. here is what is reads in part, based on guidance trot department of justice and department of health and hewlett-packard services that there is no appropriation for cost sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under obamacare. in light of this analysis the government can not lawfully make cost sharing reductions payments. the president on twitter as he is wont to do, democrats obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. should be have stopped. dems should call me to fix. democrats as you can imagine are really up in arms about this. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, joint statement. sadly instead of working to lower health costs for americans it seems president trump will
5:04 am
single-handedly hike americans health premiums. here is the real rub. it is a spiteful act of vast pointless sabotage leveled at working families and middle class in every corner of america. harsh words indeed but the president obviously not, listen he is not worried about what they think. what hopes the american people want, for him to do something about obamacare. you saw him use power of the pen to sign an executive action designed to increase competition to allow small business collectives to farm over state lines. guys, that is part of the day. don't forget we have the president as you pointed out making comments about the iran nuclear deal. he is not expect the to recertify that. he will kick it down to capitol hill. i'm out of time. so back to you. steve: great report. kevin, thank you very much. look who is here, geraldo rivera. >> hi. steve: what do you make of the president piece by piece since
5:05 am
congress can't help him do anything about obamacare, he will do it with his pen and do it by other methods? >> the reason i am lamenting the action is, i am advocate of a bipartisan approach to the nation's health care situation and i don't understand why particularly this president, who is not dogmatic, not like a traditional republican, why he of all people can't reach out to his fellow new yorkers, for example, chuck schumer -- steve: called them last week. take one more stab at it. >> but instead he did the fiat i think is helping accelerate the doom of obamacare. it is passiving a agressive in my view. you call it bailout of insurance industry. steve: right. >> i call it subsidy for people who can't afford health insurance. if he does away with the subsidy, what are those poor people going to do? that is ultimately problematic. ainsley: ultimately will it
5:06 am
force the lawmakers in washington to come up with a bipartisan deal? >> i don't buy it, ainsley. they are so dysfunctional lawmakers. you fact you give them incentive to do something, doesn't mean something can get done. they don't talk to their own committee opposites in the other party. they can't craft a compromise bill. my goodness, why don't they sit together, for once in eight years, sit together come up with something that works. brian: they are. patty murray, senator lamar alexander working on bipartisan deal went on a shelf, because they were giving a shot at lindsey graham deal. it will allow insures to go across state lines and insurers go across state lines to get a better deal. form associations and groups to get a discount f you're "lone ranger" deli down the group, get series of delis get a better policy. >> i'm for a republican, for anything that increases competition. i have no understanding why insurance stops at hudson river
5:07 am
when you have new jersey on other side for example. i think interstate commerce is what made america great. that is a good thing. i really do believe though, when you give healthy people an out, low-cost insurance, you get low cost, what does that leave? it leaves older, sicker, less economically viable folks to fend for themselves. and if you take away their subsidy also, net result, let's be very clear about this. net result will be more and more millions of low income americans who can not afford health care insurance. i fundamentally believe that is unfair. brian: he put together a plan that needed $7 billion that wasn't there prior, wrote it from the executive branch, not legislative brand. i'm tired of going to my savings account to pay for a bill i don't like. >> why is rand paul, he will be on the show, why is he hanging
5:08 am
out with the president now, they have been at odds since the campaign? steve: good question. >> they're hanging out, rand paul fundamentally doesn't bring in public insurance. he briefs in private. you take care of yourself. i take care of myself, that is the way he goes, ayn rand libertarian approach. i get that the country evolved past that, we are compassionate, generous people. we all our citizens not to die for wont of a doctor. brian: rand paul wants them to die. >> rand paul doesn't care if they die but politically that is not his problem. i asked him specifically, is it not a fact that millions of low income americans will heretofore be denied health insurance, yes or no? yes or no? exact question. then if you want to construe it into the rich will live, the poor will die. steve: most low income folks are
5:09 am
on medicaid. which helps them. >> remember a lot of them. medicaid expansion is another aspect of this embattled law. ainsley: we want to talk about puerto rico. you're from down there. your family lives there. >> i was there four months before the storm hit. the island survived. the solar panels, pool everything is fine. i'm so glad you asked me about puerto rico because i want to say this about the president. he has been getting the worst, most dishonest press about his visit to puerto rico. it is staggering to me how unfair, how grotesquely unfair reporting has been. for example, i can attest because i saw it with my own eyes, that 90, everyone he came in physical contact with or lined routes were enthusiastic about his visit. what i can't understand is why the president, my friend, insists on tweeting in a way that scares people and --
5:10 am
steve: read the tweet in the teleprompter. >> that we can't keep the militariry under would ever circumstances forever. we know. that they were seven years in katrina, in louisiana for hurricane katrina. or harvey or florida from irma. makes it seems if he thinking of puerto ricans different scale what is deserving and what is not. that is so sad because i believe that the federal and other responders are doing the best job they can. the president is right about something else. he is right about the fact that the infrastructure in puerto rico was an absolute disaster before hurricane maria. it is dysfunctional system. it is a corrupt system. the power authorities should be in jail. they have used private, the public puerto rican electric authority as their own private piggybank. they should privatize energy in puerto rico. brian: see if the tweet makes
5:11 am
you feel better. came in. why don't you read it? >> this a reading lesson. will people of puerto rico with unmatched spirit, know how brad things were before the hurricanes. i will always be with them. they were awful before the hurricanes. 70% of puerto rico was out of power before maria hurt, from irma, a glancing blow. one fire at power plan, three days the entire island was out. bring in whoever ge, chinese, somebody to buy the power company. run it as a business, give people reliable -- i can't have my aunt ellie sitting in the dark anymore. steve: nobody wants her sitting in the dark. >> we got her a generator. steve: start from scratch. there was no grid. >> for instance, why didn't, they knew hurricanes were coming. they knew it would be catastrophic. 16,000 miles of lines.
5:12 am
why did they attempt to cut trees down over power wires? steve: as they restored the grid, maybe bury the cables. that will not be a problem. >> bury the cables. ainsley: that is outrageously expensive to do. brian: is that the president's fault they were not cutting trees? >> i want to make that clear. puerto rican electric power authority, prepa. they are bankrupt. $16 billion in debt. they bought sludge and charged consumers first rate diesel. they bought sludge to fuel generators and charged for diesel. these are crooks. they're crooks. brian: aid not getting to the people. that really frustrates the president. >> they're so needy. brian: because the government stopping delivery. >> government is so devastated. largest natural disaster in modern history in terms of people affected. steve: great to see you, geraldo. ainsley: don't be worried. you will not run into rand paul
5:13 am
in hallway. he is in washington. we have him live. steve: all right. ainsley: thanks, geraldo. he was by the president's side signing that executive order on health care. senator rand paul is here with a path forward on way forward. steve: remember the missouri lawmaker was punished for saying she hopes the president would be assassinated? guess what she is up to lately. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> we're back with a fox news alert. overnight a new orleans police officer shot and killed in ambush attack. a 30-year-old suspect opened fire on the cops as soon as they got out of their patrol cars to investigate something at an apartment complex. >> it was a subject who fired upon our officers, striking one of our officers, several times. >> one officer hit several times collapsing to the ground, while one or two officers fired back at gunman. that suspect is under arrest at the hospital being treated for gunshot wound. the identity of the fallen officer is still unknown.
5:18 am
new orleans police department tweeting quote, we have lost one of our brothers. opd griffs this morning. breaking now, the american woman and her family freed from the taliban have board ad flight from pakistan. the report is reportedly heading who donald lon. caitlyn coleman and her husband had three children born in captivity. the pakistani government carrying out the with the military for the rescue. raging wildfires among the deadliest in the state's history. 31 people killed. ones more are still missing the intense flames destroying an area the size of new york city. officials looking into the possibility that the flames could have sparked from downed power lines and blown traps former. -- "transformers." brian. brian: thank you, jillian. minutes away attorney general jeff sessions joins us live. that is what he looks like when he is smiling.
5:19 am
♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
♪ of. >> since i started running, and since i became president of the united states i just keep hearing repeal, replace, repeal, replace. well, we're starting that process, we're starting it in a very positive manner. i can say when you get rand paul on your side, it has to be positive. that i can tell you. brian: he turns around and got a pen more the moment because senator rand paul and president worked together. with us now, rand paul himself. what role did you play on the president pushing forward the executive order yesterday? >> for several months we talked to him about the idea, we talked to the secretary of labor about the idea, they have always been excited about it. we're tremendously excited it came into fruition.
5:23 am
will take a while and evaluate the regulations. insurance takes a year to be sold in advance. unfortunately people buying across state lines will take a year or so to happen. we're excited about it happening. this is one part of the marketplace that works. people don't realize, 50% of the corporations, 50% of people that buy insurance buy it across state lines through these type of plans. this is mostly good insurance. if you work for coca-cola, pepsi, amazon, microsoft, this is kind of insurance you get. we let individuals join associations to get the same good insurance big corporations get. brian: here is what tim ryan said, he wanted to replace nancy pelosi, he says this dismantles coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions and further disadvantages the sick and middle class. what is your reaction? >> he is confused. the group coverage requires no discrimination, and protects against preexisting conditions and has since 1996. this would be the same insurance
5:24 am
you have at a big corporation. if you work for a big corporation, let's say you work for ford or general motors, if you get sick, you're not fired. they don't not hire because you have a preexisting illness. people are protected in these big corporations under big corporate, cross state erisa plans are protected. that is all we're doing set iting up so individuals get it as well. brian: senator paul, another challenge that some of these insurers might selling plans that are not comprehensive enough to give people coverage that is necessary that was there under obamacare, or was that the intent to loosen up the regulations to give people these very light plans? >> it does loosen up regular lace. it is unknown whether you get some that are catastrophic plans, really high deductible and don't cover much. you may get leverage to get even better plans. for example, the national restaurant association representing 15 million people. if 15 million people represented by one person, my guess the leverage with the insurance
5:25 am
company will provide very good insurance. i anticipate people will get very good insurance at much less expensive cost because we're empowering consumer to have negotiating power. brian: of course, you have a lot of respect for the power of congress. you know executive orders drove you nuts when president obama was doing it. you have another one here, this will expire when this president leaves in four or eight years. do you feel personally responsible at all that the president has to go this route? >> the interesting thing i look at executive orders this way. if you take an executive order, create new government program, or create a big new immigration program, controverts the law that is wrong. actually what president trump did yesterday, he looked back at original law, said, do you know what? do people have the right to associate? under the first amendment we're guaranteed the right to associate. i think there is way of looking at this that says you know what? all the president did yesterday was allow people freedom to associate, i think it's a great idea. brian: senator, something else coming your way. i think house speaker, speaker
5:26 am
of the house says i will stay to christmas to get tax reform done. do you feel as though you will go to work, you personally will go to work on tax reform to try to get to a yes, or just stay in your corner let the legislation come to you? >> i have been the biggest proponent of cutting taxes in washington. when i ran for president i had a large tax cut. i agree completely with the president. i talked to him yesterday, we're both on the same page but i have warned them there is a problem with the swamp putting this bill forward. people in the middle, who pay 25% rate, if you take away two of their big deductions but leave the rate the same, there is big danger a lot of people in middle class will get a tax increase. i warned them of this. i think they're aware of it. the president looked at his people directly, yesterday, pointed a finger at them, i will not raise taxes on middle class. i take that to heart, i believe the president. the bill has to be fixed. the reason i'm making noise bit,
5:27 am
i want to be yes, but they have to fix the bill so we don't have big increase on middle class. brian: what are those deductions that worry you? >> the deductions are not important to me whether you get rid of them or not, but you have to adjust the rate or bracket so you don't have a big tax increase. if the rate stays same, get rid of deductions, don't changes the brackets you have a big tax increase. they're aware of the problem. we're hoping it gets fixed. the reason i'm making a lot of noise now, once there is coming out of the committee, there is no fixing. amendments never happen. they don't pass. i want it the first time to get it passed. brian: our audience, want to know middle class, what do you understand it to be? >> according to tax code those pay 25% bracket, starts for family at 75,000, goes up to 300,000. some might say that rich people. that is the upper middle class. that is ones affected if we get
5:28 am
rid of deductions and leave the 25% rate the same. you have to understand that in the beginning because we don't want, like in my state, it would be 200,000 people with a tax increase. these are the solid middle class. they're business owners. they're doing pretty well. we don't want to punish them, they are the engine of employment and small business. brian: the president will not get another four years if working class and middle class are left behind again. >> it is not his intention. i'm worried about the swamp creatures up here get so obsessed with policy and getting rid of state income tax deduction, they forget primary goal of conservatives is lowering taxes, not just tax policy making sure everybody's taxes are lower. brian: at some point we have to go into entitlements. senator rand paul. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead, attorney general jeff sessions joins us live. he is taking on sanctuary cities once and for all, certain cities specifically. anna kooiman. you know she loves to work out. expecting a baby. do those two mix?
5:29 am
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forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ steve: this is fox news alert. overnight, president trump has pledged to halt the obamacare subsidies and some states are already threatening to sue. the administration will stop bailouts to insurers which are to the tune of $7 billion. you see him yesterday signing the executive order, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. according to the administration, that should save people a lot of money. meanwhile what is going on with the very latest on bailouts? got to ask u.s. attorney general jeff sessions. he join us from the department of justice. mr. attorney general, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. good to be with you this morning. steve: i know members of the republican party referred to
5:33 am
these as bailouts to the insurance industry to the sign of $7 billion -- to the tune of $7 billion. why did the administration look to the department of justice on guidance what to do regarding this? >> there is controversy from just the beginning. just one of many problems with this rube goldberg health care plan. the question was, steve, can you actually -- the president, the executive branch, spend $7 billion a year to subsidize the insurance companies? without an appropriation of congress. it is clear, we believe, that the appropriation must come from congress. the president can not do it. a federal judge has already held that is the case. the congressional research service also held that some time ago. so the president has decided that we need to end this process and get on lawful basis. steve: mr. attorney general,
5:34 am
explain this to me. when obamacare passed a number of years ago, this wasn't in there. how did they just invent it? >> i think it was in there but, originally the president asked congress to appropriate the money. he had difficulties with that. so they just started spending the money on their own. the executive branch can not spend money under the constitution that the legislative branch has not appropriated. steve: tell you what, congressman in california, now the attorney general, xavier becerra said he will sue. he said, this morning we are prepared to sue. this is sabotage. nearly everyone from california to maine has family who can't afford health care without the affordable care act around its subsidies for the families. millions more would be left in the cold without coverage. what is your response to the attorney general in california. >> it is time for congress to fix this bill. that is what needs to happen. congress has got to get
5:35 am
together. republicans and democrats have to come on board. they have got to develop a plan that will actually work. it can not continue in this fashion. it is in a death spiral it seems to me. all i can say is that we're confident that the judge in virginia that is already ruled on this is correct. and that, these expenditures can not go on without congress 'support. steve: let's switch gears, mr. attorney general, i know you have been on the program in the past how you would like to cut off federal fund to sanctuary cities. you earlier -- a court in the great state of illinois said you can't do that. now you're giving sanctuary cities one last chance to go ahead and start enforcing the law. tell us what you're doing. >> we would like not to have a problem. we would like for them to get every grant that comes out of the department of justice because we would like for them to be in cooperation with
5:36 am
federal officers but these cities have passed laws and regulations in their cities requiring their police officers not to spend one dime or any of their time while on duty to communicate with the federal officer is to find out immigration status of a person they arrested, let's say for drug dealing. not even ask. they're prohibited from doing that. they're prohibited from telling federal officers that they have somebody that has been convicted of a serious crime, that is due to be deported. they won't tell them that they have them. so they're not able to, feds are not able to deport them. this undermines relationships that are in an astounding way. steve: what sort of money are you talking about cutting off? the law enforcement grants or all federal fund? >> just the law enforcement grants. it is not lawful, let's say cut off medicare fund or highway fund in that amount but a number
5:37 am
of law enforcement grants we don't think should be given to jurisdictions that explicitly reject cooperation with our federal officers. it is just, unbelievable to me that we would have that. it means that these individuals who should be removed from the city, these criminals, are able to be released back into that community. steve: do you think there is a possibility any of these sanctuary cities will say, you know what? the attorney general's right, let's start enforcing the law? >> yes. in fact miami-dade met and we -- they have been approved. the milwaukee has worked with us and they're approved. las vegas was on a list and we find that they're in agreement. so yes, a number of cities are reviewing this situation and will not be on a list of cities that are not cooperating. steve: the attorney general of the united states of america, jeff sessions, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you.
5:38 am
steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. time for headlines with jillian. jillian: good morning steve and you ad home. hope your more morning is off to a good start. we could be one step closer to learning a motive to the deadliest mass shooting in history. las vegas police are expected to give an update. mandalay bay resorts which owns the hotel disputes timeline given by authorities. they claim stephen pad stock opened fire first shotting a security guard. police say he started shooting six minutes later. missouri democrat is at it again. she tweeted this picture comparing president trump to hitler. the image is re-creation of a controversial dove ad feature as back woman. >> translator: forming into a white woman. this comes two months after the state senator posted on facebook wishing for president trump's assassination. she was removed from committee assignments as punishment. this is what we mean by
5:39 am
proud american, a coal miner, singing the national anthem going underground before a day of work. >> ♪ oer land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ jillian: that is josh singing for coworkers in west virginia, all of them bowing their heads in respect. the person who posted it on facebook writing quote, there is no kneeling here in this house. boy, does he have a good voice. down to answer sy. i guess casual friday. ainsley: we're in our workout clothes. she shared her baby news. anna kooiman is here with tips for modifying workouts to make them baby friendly. joining our former weekend co-host, anna kooiman and cara faulk, a instructor with barry's boot camp. i taken one of your classes.
5:40 am
it is amazing. barry's bootcamp is all over country. what makes good for training? >> modified for pregnant people or people trying to get into fitness. on treadmill short period of time and floor back and forth. get your heart rate up and down. and up and down. >> i used take the clays here in new york city. obviously i'm not doing that type of working out now. not doing boot camp. in first trimester doing yoga, tennis, walking. wasn't doing a whole lot. exhausted, right. you're feeling nauseous and all that. my doctor given me all clear doing anything that feels good. you have exercises that can help us. ainsley: show us what to do. tell me how to do it when you're not pregnant. >> we will do the non-pregnant version and show an that the pregnant modification. she will use the band. ainsley and i use the weights.
5:41 am
you will stand on the band and hold. now you can do this with one foot, to be most modified, both foots, feet. bicep curl with 10 to 15 reps here and then we'll switch to back of arm and tristeps. hinge out hips and kick back. say thing with the bands. three sets of 10 to 15 reps here. listen to your body. that goes for all women. traveling or something you can pop this in the suitcase. goes for everybody. ainsley: what is the second movement? >> squat press. ainsley and i press weights up and overhead. three sets, 10 to 15 reps here. for anna, we'll modify. without weights, squat in front of a chair. easy pee-zy over the chair.
5:42 am
ainsley: no weights. for anna. talk to your doctor, second tip was what? >> don't start anything new. if weight training was not a part of your regimen before pregnancy, don't start now. she was doing this long before, she will be good to go. have a conversation. don't want heart rate to go high. should talk while you're working out. heart rate is up so high, you can't converse. too high. second part we'll sit you down for the shoulder press. grab the weights. ainsley: while you're doing that, we'll talk about anna. she will hosting good day l.a., if you're living in that area. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, an friday. your parents are joining you there. because they haven't seen you in a while. >> so make you sure tune in. ktt-tv. stream it live at, stream it live if you're not in the l.a. area. ainsley: coming up harvey
5:43 am
weinstein scandal continues to grow. with authorities from london and new york. harvey levin is here with the latest. fits in the air instead of niece on the ground at last night's nfl's game? a victory for president trump? we'll talk about. ♪ ♪
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ing. brian: fox news alert now. looks like maine center susan collins is not leaving the senate. the republican announced she would stay out of governor's race in maine, saying i want to continue to play key role advancing policies that strengthen our nation and help hard-working families to improve the health care system and bring peace and stability into a troubled, violent world. as you know she voted against the health care plan. that is the way she was contributing to it. steve: i saw that.
5:47 am
meanwhile the president trump got nfl to stand up for the flag but national anthem protests appear far from over. brian: last night players from the philadelphia eagles stood for the star-spangled banners but some raised fists. will this appease fans. steve: fox business correspondent charlie gasparino is out in l.a. having fun. you wrote a great column for "the new york post." when you look at demographic, people that watch football are trump fans. trump understood the fans of football better than the nfl. >> yeah. i think the nfl, these players are playing with fire with this thing, purely from a business standpoint. look at it this way. you have a product. the product comes out maybe every sunday. on that sunday, guess what you do to people that want to buy the product? well you piss them off. that is exactly what they're doing. look at demographics, football
5:48 am
watcher, makes less than $100,000 a year. skews male. heavily, white, lower middle class white guy who skews serving in the military. the guys presenting that product to the person, who you want to watch the show so they can buy all the crap thaw sell, shirts, advertising. brian: beer. >> guess what? you get them mad. you annoy them. this was harvard, mba case study, they do this at harvard mba, do case studies, students how do we make this situation a better business situation? this would be so easy to figure out. stand for the anthem. do not disrespect it. and you know, take your protest somewhere else, but just don't do it in this one, single, solitary venue. i'm telling you they're playing with fire here. i can't believe roger goodell didn't put end to this last year. i spent time talking to joe lockhart, a pr guy about this.
5:49 am
brian: if he said to the players, kaepernick, you stand you, you're fined, he might have 100 players immediately sitting down. you see how they're taking them to court. ezekiel elliot, goes to court again. tom brady brings them to court again. he saw this as another potential firestorm. by doing nothing it didn't go away. >> no, i don't know about that. listen, here the thing. one thing to, with tom brady deflated balls, take them to court. that is sort of a sideshow. i thought that was a pretty dumb case to begin with. anyway, be that as it may this, is literally thumbing your nose at the, at a symbol of national unity that your core audience cherishes. steve: exactly. >> think about that. every player should know that. money that comes into them is from people that appreciate that one symbol. steve: sure. >> would have taken the lead, roger goodell, a little nuance,
5:50 am
instead of politically correct. i like roger. good guy. he played with fire because he is so politically correct. now he has a huge, huge business problem on his hands, i'm telling you. steve: charlie gasparino, joining us from l.a., talking about how trump approval numbers gone up, while nfl numbers gone down. thank you. brian: november 11th, saluting military three straight weeks. we'll see how that goes. >> harvey weinstein scandal continues to grow with authorities from new york to london investigating, apparently his contract let him get away with it. harvey levin has that story. brian: >> it is shaping up to be a busy friday morning. we're waiting a speech from the president one hour from now dealing a major blow to obamacare overnight. that is not all. later today, president trump announcing the iran strategy. a busy day. senator ted cruz joining us in studio. marcia blackburn, jason
5:51 am
chaffetz, kevin brady joining bill and me at the top of the hour. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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steve: new fallout this morning over disgraced hollywood heavyweight harvey weinstein of the former executive is being investigated apparently coast to coast. ainsley: here with the latest, "tmz" founder, harvey levin. he is a lawyer. harvey, good to see you. >> good morning. brian: your cameras picked him up going into his suv? >> it was an independent camera guy who got him. and he said, look, i'm depress, having a tough time. the fact we know his daughter called in a suicide attempt or at least he was suicidal that day according to her when she called 911. let me tell you what i think the big story is right now.
5:55 am
the weinstein company is saying oh, my good, we didn't know, we fired him immediately. you will not believe the contract that the weinstein company gave harvey weinstein in 2015. it tolerates sexual harrassment, not one instance, not two, but infinite number of cases. all harvey weinstein had to do, is pay any judgment or settlement that a woman might have gotten as a result of it. and, a fine. what they do, the company gets $250,000 the first time he does it. 500 the second 750 the third. for every instant after that, harvey weinstein pay as million dollars to the company and he is good to go. there is no other action. that is the way the contract has been written. on top of that i have seen the provisions of this contract, i don't think they have the right to even fire him the way the contract is written. harvey weinstein may have a good
5:56 am
case against the company because he may have wrongfully been terminated. it's a mess at the company. the fact that they have this contract that tolerates sexual harrassment, again, not once, twice, but, infinite number about of times is amazing to me. brian: we only have a minute. objectify this week, tyler perry. what stands out. >> you will hear a guy, by all rights should be dead. he was poor, abused child in so many ways, tried to take his life at one point of the way he pulled himself out and lived in a geo metro for a long time. the way he did this, so incredible to become the guy he is. it is so inspirational, i can't wait to tell you. ainsley: very strong christian. his faith helped him a lot. objectified sunday night atite p.m. we watch every sunday. steve: we do indeed. more for example and friend in two minutes.
5:57 am
i have a problem with donald trump's tax plan. a big problem. eighty percent (80%) of the tax cuts go to the top one percent. the richest americans. and big corporations get a huge tax break. but a lot of families like ours will pay more. millions in the middle class will actually pay higher taxes. that's right. higher taxes! to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. no early morning tweet can make that right. the trump tax plan is just bad for america.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> before we leave, thanks to our friends at telaflora for the beautiful fall bouquet. >> it's friday. >> bill: good morning, fox news alert now. this will be a pivotal day in washington, d.c. president trump gives a speech this morning to the conservative values voters summit. no sitting president has ever done that before amid two major breaking stories. the president strikes a critical blow on obamacare and today is decision day in the iran nuclear deal. a lot popping already as we say hello on a friday. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. his address comes as the president announced overnight he is undoing federal subsidies to insurance companies that participate in the obamacare exchanges. the move drawing heavy fire from democrats. >> bill: he was up ear


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