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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  October 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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so that makes me feel really good. tyler, i cannot thank you enough. this was really moving. - thank you. thank you. - thank you so much. thank you for asking me to do this. - thank you. - i appreciate it. appreciate it.
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steve: minutes from our studio at the bars and restaurants of the hollywood elite and pretty much the only thing they are talking about right now is the growing harvey weinstein sex abuse scandal engulfing the entire world. here is an interesting thing about the rampant sexual exploitation in hollywood is the same sexual expedition that's been revealed in silicon valley.
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you saw a rush of historic stories after uber. why are the most sexist places in america the most liberal places in america is it just a quick didn't attract many on the right are saying it's an example of liberal hypocrisy. they say one thing into another. that is right. there are so many examples. they say the working people but want borders which hurt working people the most. they make you pay higher energy bills so they feel like bringing goodie goodies but by around the world in personal jets. they go on and on about russia but they are the ones who encouraged vladimir putin's aggression by giving him the green light to invade crimea in ukraine. yeah, they are critical. but, on this issue the sexual expectation of women i keep coming back to the central facts. the most liberal places america are the most sexist. what explains that the left may have revealed the answer in their own response. many on the left have correctly pointed out that at its heart this is about the abuse of power. that is pretty much the entire
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basis in the left ideology. i'm richer, more powerful and smarter than you. i get to tell you what to do. positive populism on the other hand which is what we argue for on the show is all about people power for everyone on an equal basis. first, that includes men and women. the idea that is so central to elite ideology that the powerful can tell everyone else what to do. isn't that exactly the attitude of all the sexually abusive pigs in silicon valley in hollywood. there are sexists on the right just as there are racists on the left but could it be that sexual exploitation and abuse are not a hypocritical exception to elite ideology but are actually an extension of it? now, as let's have a heated debate. i'm doing tonight by investigative reporter for the [inaudible], great to see you back. california congressman sits on the armed services and budget committee and host of kennedy on foxbusiness, kennedy is here.
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where have you been. >> i've missed you terribly. steve: the thing i want to know is is a problem just for hollywood or is it an issue for the elites more broadly? >> i thank you pointed out correctly because it's not about sexualization or sexuality or sexual freedom but about sexism. that is an extension of leftism which is ultimately sadism which is all about control. it is fine on one hand if you cloak the sectionalism and in the cape of the sexual revolution as long as you are controlling what and how that is expressed in it is ultimately so so controlling in the case of harvey weinstein. it's abusive and we are seeing the cycle of abuse play out and, now you are seeing police departments whether scotland
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yard for the nypd looking into some of these claims, the most serious claims, not just sexual misconduct but rape and opening up some of these older cases and now the audience no longer has or i shouldn't say the audience but many in hollywood no longer have news for harvey weinstein and as you pointed out its subjectivism. they don't need him anymore so they will discard him and probably send him to prison. steve: i think and i know there's a lot about what i argued and kennedy just it is what you won't agree with but you are on the left but i've never thought of you as an elitist. quite the opposite. >> thank you. steve: this is an idea that what
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is the heart of these abusive powers and that's an issue of not just for hollywood but other industries and our society generally. it's one of the things that is feeling it is populist rebellion all around us which is people are sick of being told what to do. look, this harvey is an extreme example of it and -- >> is it? i think it's rampant everywhere. steve: what -- >> people have had to step down because of the corruption and abuse of power in so many different ways. this is not industry exclusive. this happens in small towns across america and this is not something that is just been revealed. perhaps maybe it's been revealed because of these liberal communities where they are having more open conversation about it. with that being said what happens in hollywood and silicon
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valley there is another side to this. they are having these cocktail hours and off-site events which might be a little different in that maybe doesn't happen in omaha, nebraska at a corporation because they have to abide by standards and laws and maybe it's because of the industry. you go to these film festivals and meat in a cocktail bar and have a conversation and suddenly that abuse of power alerts because it's not under the confines of a nine-five job. i am so happy that rose and all these other women have stepped up and are having an open conversation and realize they are being supported today there is a conversation where they are stepping up and saying that i have experienced this too. then they don't feel shame when stepping up and countering that power. rose had an mba, it wasn't just about shame but legal ramifications. >> there are no criminal ramifications when you have an nda. that's what we learned from the doctor. i will say if these industries are policed by people who claim to be champions for women and people have openly been talking about harvey weinstein for decades and they have known that he was a latch and for some
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people the young vulnerable women who either try to get parts in movies or who worked in his office those are the ones whose lives were discarded and destroyed for a few thousand dollars in the cases where they reached a settlement. angie everhart came out the reporting in the new york post this weekend that she said harvey weinstein did exactly what all these other women said that things we won't repeat on a family show that she went and told all of her friends and they silenced her and said. [inaudible conversations] steve: as i was saying earlier, yes, were talking about hollywood but earlier in the year we talked about silicon valley and one of the phrases that you hear a lot is silicon valley women problem. what you make of that? it's the same sort of thing where it's been going on and everyone knows about it and the powerful people have kept quiet. >> you are right.
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silicon valley has a problem with sexual harassment and we have to do better but i agree that this is an issue of power. media personalities have this issue and their people and a colleague of mine in congress they just had this issue. i think what we have to say is not have liberal hypocrisy that were exempt from these issues but we have to deal with these issues as well and we need to not politicize and is a gender imbalance in power. steve: i agree. i'm not trying and i hope i didn't get that impression that i'm trying to put aside the intellect the right way but i do think it is connected to this power question about the elite telling other people what to do. that is an exertion in exercise of power that i think it goes right across so many of the issues that are fueling populism. >> i think there has to be greater humility and silicon valley and others about we like to think about were on the vanguard of progressive values
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and creating equality of opportunity and there has now been sexual harassment case after case and we've got to do better. no other way of saying it. i'm not going to apologize for some of the behavior but what we have to look at is in a broader context we have had men have had power in society in many positions and now people especially in the next generation are saying we are not going to put up with it. what was okay in the past is not going to cut it and we have new. steve: we have to leave it there for the moment let's see if anything changes. thank you very much. coming up after the break, a republican lawmaker is a victim of text censorship. swamp watch exposes the sucking relationship between american tech giants and the chinese government. by the way, our show is all about putting the power back in the hands of the people. many political heavy hitters want populist rebellion, on the
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steve: will come back. many in the elite thought and hoped that last year's populist revolution led to brexit in donald trump's election for the end. in fact they were just beginning. this is the way the whole point of the show. there are signs at 2018 is shaping up to be a big battle between the populist in the elitist in both parties. steve bannon has announced his intention to run populist primary care ended it against everything over public and senator upper right election
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next year. take a look at what steve bennett said to sean hannity. >> we are declaring war on the republican establishment that does not back the agenda that donald trump iran on. boating is not good enough. you have to have a sense of urgency. we are coming after all of them and we will win. steve: me while on the left the establishment democrats are feeling the heat too. not just the growing support for bernie sanders and his grass roots movement but with direct challenges to the democrat ruling elite. the liberal icon of san francisco, nancy pelosi, remember this? >> we totally agree with you but as we fight the fight for the dreamers which is our -- [crowd boos] you have asked some questions -- you have asked questions -- okay. stop it. just stop it. just stop it now. steve: we heard the leader of the democrats in the california
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state senate is going to run against senator feinstein. how impertinent? that was in response to the call this week from a leading california congressman for feinstein to be challenge. what was that about? that leading california congressman is right here. we can ask it. why did you think that senator feinstein should base a challenge mark. >> you start at the turnover rate in congress is less right now than european monarchies. 96% get reelected. we just bought an election where the overwhelming amount of people said we want change. we want new faces, new ideas, on for getting new voices and we could go into the details of feinstein's record in the war in iraq and other issues but the point is we need more innovative thinking. there are 32 million people in the state that could step up and lead. steve: it sounds like there is a combination of some policies and some precious. >> i think the seats are not entitlements for life. competition is good. steve: when we spoke before i
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remember you arguing for term limits. do you think we will see more of this sort. >> i hope so. i agree with huntsman who has been out there and it takes courage for a sitting congress member to step up and say these things because in the beltway it's very unpopular. out in the real world, tremendously popular and it's not just populism but is exactly what you said it's the elite control. when you see a lot of these senators like senator feinstein she's ruining all the lessons and she's learning the wrong lessons of the democratic party. even if she raises $60 million and wins the election and she may have control over the dynamics of the democratic party, if she wins it is just
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pushing that site even further in the democratic party. we want to be united against donald trump and some of these folks need to start to realize it is time to recruit that next generation because there's a leadership deficit. either we deal with it now or we deal with it in the long run and we can coach the next generation. that is what she should be learning. she is in her 80s and i respect the work she's done and i don't agree with her record but we nurture that next generation so they can nurture the next so that we don't have a right populist wave which is what is happening now. steve: that is what bannon once. let's talk about steve bannon. >> let's mix it up. i've lived in california for the better part of 27 years and it's frustrating as a libertarian and an unaffiliated voter in the state. it is so stagnant and it's delightful and both parties seen its challenges to power because i know you talked about populist and versus elitism for what happened to individualism and the right of the individual regardless of party affiliations and when you have dinosaurs who are leading the state and the country like nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein that is an unfortunate casualty. steve: what you think about the
6:20 pm
argument that has been made for steve bannon to run these populist primary challenges but the effect of this will be to risk losing the seats and you'll end up with democrats who will make it harder for donald to get it done. >> republicans are making it hard for donald trump to get anything done. how much more complacent can congress possibly be president that is why they have such incredibly low ratings and republicans are very vulnerable right now because they can't get anything done on healthcare and republicans complained about president obama's use of executive order and put president trump is doing and using the exact same logic. he saying i can't get anything
6:21 pm
done and he will not pass laws and therefore i am forced to govern through executive which -- i fundamentally disagree with. he is talking to his own party and its these people these established people within the party, mitch mcconnell's of the world and the paul ryan's who just have the select talking points that resonate with no one. steve: kennedy -- >> is the economic side of poverty which is dangerous and. [inaudible conversations] steve: will have a discussion about that later on. keep that opinion. coming up, our conservative voices being silenced by silicon valley. will give you the details. next, as the communist party ruling elite come gather in beijing i will set out my plan for dealing with the threat from china. by the way, most people think i'm completely crazy on this topic. see what you think after the break.
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china, china, china, china, china. steve: china is a cruel, corrupt, communist dictatorship. it's a one-party state abusing women, imprisoning and executing citizens in denying its people basic freedoms. it's run by this man, next week will be re- appointed to a
6:26 pm
second five-year term by the communist party which stopped wednesday in beijing. many of you might be thinking that really communist anymore, look at their economy. communism is in the end about controlling the people. listen to this from "the wall street journal" top reporter in beijing talking about president critics. likthe vanguard of his economic policies are fake owned enterprises with limitless state wealth and endlessly obedient. for decades the elite in both parties here have been apologist for china. we were told that if we gave them the olympics it would make the human rights abuse better but it got worse. we were told that if you engage with china economy it would move china closely to a democracy but it moved further away. we were told that if we let china into the world trading system they would get richer and so would week. it didn't turn out like that.
6:27 pm
yes, the chinese got richer but here the only people who got were the elites, working americans saw the jobs go away in the house go down. china is our enemy not our partner. we made china rich and now using those ridges against us brazenly defining america by claiming territory in the south china sea. it's one adult, one wrote instructor plan is designed to make countries all over the world dependent on china. it is made in trying to 2025 plan is designed to topple america from global technology leadership is as you will see in storm watch our own tech companies have become china's stooges in a quest for world domination. donald trump was the only political candidate in memory made a case for standing up to china instead of sucking up. even he is now being pressured by the foreign policy establishment to be nice to china and hope they will help with north korea. mr. president, it is a waste of time. china doesn't want to help
6:28 pm
america. he wants to hurt america. china declared war on us a long time ago and instead of ignoring that we need to fight and win. just like we did the cold war. that means economically. so, here is what here has happened. we need a total economic boycott of china. all us companies should pull out of china immediately. if they don't, they should face legal sanctions as well as consumer boycott. all chinese companies should be thrown out of america and we should use the committee on foreign investment in the united states to block any further investment by chinese companies or the chinese rain in economy. at the same time, let's get the best chinese students in intrapreneurs over here so we suck the top talent out of their country and help cripple their bid for world domination. let me repeat, china is our enemy. let's stop the surrender and go out there and be done total economic boycott. it's the only way. here to respond is scott kennedy.
6:29 pm
director of the project on china. scott, how crazy do you think my plan for total economic boycott of china really is? >> i think your heart is in the right place but i think in terms of practicality and what it means for american interest you probably are going to have a difficult time implementing it and it will probably backfire. i can see the reasons you want to do it with their more effective ways that we can deal with it and china's arrival to the boycotting. steve: do you accept the central premise which is that china is actually, especially this president of china, xi jinping is not interested in some kind of operative cozy world where we all benefit mutually but he just wants to crush america wants china to be the dominant player
6:30 pm
and in the end that will hurt people here are short. >> i do think that xi jinping is less interested in integrating into the global economy and world rules according to the current rules and our rules in the liberal international order but there are though benefits and he would like a more liberal global globally and the question is how will we achieve the goals that you clearly set out and the rules of the road that america stands for. steve: tell us about that. what are some of the steps which mark. >> i think we need to be much more careful about our high-tech trade and investment that we have with china because there are certainly national security concerns and we could be much more vigorous about that and i think we also need to work with american allies that are getting hammered by china in asia and in europe. we are now turning them against us because we are not prioritizing china relative to
6:31 pm
korea, the challenges we have with germany and be of great ways to operate with them. there is also potential penalties in limiting chinese investment if we don't get reciprocity with investment in business in china. steve: but we never get reciprocity. what i worry about is that we will try these things but it's the same stuff we've been hearing for a very long time now. >> i think the problem is the more you trade and integrate and become interdependent the harder it is for us to act strategically. china is a big monster challenge, arrival in many ways and that makes it incumbent upon the president and congress and industry to work together in certain areas and to cooperate with allies. i think the chinese were quite fearful of the president when came into office but they have slowly grounded him down and he
6:32 pm
is, as you said before, he is normalizing on china and he may develop a backbone but it is not in the way the administration is working right now, they are not bringing forth and organize strategic effort of what people call. steve: i appreciate using it. let me broaden it out of from the purely economic and the cultural side of this. i remember back in england when i was growing up his coming-of-age politically the big thing that we were all that was animated was fighting apartheid and everyone to the seriously and there were consumer boycotts of the rest. the chinese regime from a human rights is far worse. why isn't it that big cultural issue here in america today question. >> i don't think the reasoning is the same. i do think there is a big cultural issue. the working class stayed home for the democrats this time or some voted for donald trump and if you look at the convention, the national democratic convention and he sought no ttp
6:33 pm
signs all of history that was representative of the economic issues that we face after the trade policies. you saw with our two democratic candidates they had incredibly differing opinions on trade policy including china and many votes regarding china. i do think it exists. it is also not as racial as it was with apartheid. it's to economics. clearly they are treating workers horribly in china but i think it's also just not been represented in the media as much. unless you are reading long exposés in "the new york times" every sunday which is an elite circle is reading it. steve: they do good reporting. >> but not everyone reads that who has the interest to protect those workers. steve: your very pro- trade and
6:34 pm
you disagree. >> i don't totally disagree with you about intellectual property theft in these big tech companies have sold themselves in order to obtain bigger market share in china and that's important because china says if you want to do business over here and want to make money you have to give us your trade secrets so they are stealing and to your point, they are concentrating on the hands of the chinese state which is a single party system and i agree with you about the hopes of economic domination. every economy and every actor who wants to be a hedge fund they all act in their best interest but that was the point of donald trump's campaign. i understand that. however, it is really a practical and goes to your naïveté about running a business or having factories that have a chinese component. the people who benefit most from those relationships are people who have to watch the money. they had set up shop in places like walmart so if you want to pick a bosch on manufacturing between us and china you are going to hurt working-class
6:35 pm
american. steve: because i think it comes back here. >> at what cost though? >> i am very bullish about the united states out competing china. in the 1960s samuelson said that russia would overtake us and we won the cold war. japan and germany would dominate the post-cold war economy. that looks foolish. people consistently underestimate the entrepreneurship, free market system. china has got a consumer demand problem, there over investing their elites and they don't have the demand to grow the economy. what we should focus on is what will make us great which is making sure we still have our research and development, making sure were having a worship, invested in places left behind and i don't care about whatever they're not anywhere near the united states. >> but they're having trouble with their economy in its much smaller than ours and we also have a lot of job growth right now and gdp growth. you can't ignore those. worker sellers have to come up and a big part of that is crony capitalism and big business in
6:36 pm
this country being a bag with big government. steve: we will have to leave it there for a moment. we will keep talking about that. scott kennedy, thank you for joining us. coming up, we will look at the dangerous trend that we've been discussing of silicon valley and its power. this time, iphones, ipads, i corruptions you look at the shocking relationship between apple and china.
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steve: china is our enemy. it's accrued, communist dictatorship and wants world domination. instead of standing up to the brutal beijing dictators are biggest tech firms are sucking up to them swimming in a swimming in economic treason. storm watch.
6:41 pm
a few weeks ago apple ceo tim cook explained why he has become so politically vocal of late with his aggressive attacks on the trump administration. >> apple has always been, at the core, about changing the world. arguably you can't change the world if you are ignoring the world i think that silence is the ultimate consent. if you see something going on that is not right, the most powerful form of consent is to say nothing. steve: changing the world. my goodness. the is he the new gandhi or what. if you see something, say something except when there is money to be made. in july doing the bidding of the communist apple took down several apps that have allowed chinese human rights activists to mitigate through virtual private network. now, they will be able to use
6:42 pm
that method of evading the authorities. authorities remember who imprison and execute dissidents on an industrial scale. as you said, tim cook, silence is the ultimate consent. you are getting pretty good at it. when beijing asked you to shut down apple's books and movies in china you can send it. when beijing asked you to invest $1 billion in a chinese competitor to american companies like lift and over, you consented. when beijing asked you to put your data center in china, you consented. human rights activists ask, what happened if the chinese want your user data like photos and e-mails belonging to antigovernment protesters or dissident writers? again, you said you would consent. when the us authorities ask for your user data to invest with the investigation of the san bernardino terror attack, you do not consent. in fact, tim cook, you wrote 1000 word letter not consenting. let's review. you bend over backwards to please a murderous authoritarian
6:43 pm
dictatorship but make a huge show of defiance of the democratic government investigating the terrorist of 14 people. i wonder why could it have anything to do with china's 1.3 billion people in the fact that 90% of the chinese smartphone owners don't have your richard iphone. tim cook, we are fine with the businessman who is honest about making money but what makes us sick is that 145 million-dollar a year hypocrite tackles on about changing the world when his real motivation is greed. the tim cook is not the only one desperate to suck up to china. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has learned mandarin and in a display he attended a white house dinner with his pretty wife he asked xi jinping to help name his own baby. they've lost a chinese version of the facebook app to get in the chinese market and built a censorship tool that can stop
6:44 pm
certain stories from appearing in the news back on facebook feed. will they call that dictator book? what about amazon? will they faced on the chinese dragon? if only. just like apple amazon and vpn services from the chinese version of its [inaudible] with the direct orders of china's ministry of in this nation technology. pathetic. what is really going on here is bigger than censorship and crackdowns on dissent. there is no mystery about it. the chinese have announced their intention. made in china 2025 plan aims to replace foreign cooperation like artificial intelligence and semiconductors so chinese companies in chinese military and the chinese government can never be challenged by another country. china's plan is to dominate the world through their own technology superpower. not exactly their own but they mean technology stolen from us and our tech firms are helping
6:45 pm
them do it. san diego-based [inaudible] produces and licenses computer chips that go into every wireless device in the world. now, they are helping chinese tech companies like [inaudible] to break into world markets. they work with beijing to create a chinese startup called [inaudible] handing over the technology and $140 million in funding. they are even helping the chinese government develop supercomputers. something the us government has explicitly discouraged american companies from doing. meanwhile, the biggest competitor is added to. they are working with the chinese to develop high-end mobile chips. hewlett packard is working with chinese companies to create competitors to their own products. ibm is giving china the technology to get into the lucrative business of mainframe banking and it goes on and on and on.
6:46 pm
these american tech companies are colluding with china to help them hurt america. it is economic treason of the highest order and one more reason for total economic boycott of the cruel, corrupt, chinese communist regime. coming up after the break, twitter and youtube sensor from conservative voices. does silicon valley have too much power? we will debate the next. ♪
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steve: text giants based back [inaudible] after mass to [inaudible] facebook eo came out in support of airing the ad. watch this. >> the question is should the divisive political issue ads run? our answer is yes because when you cut off speech for one person you cut off speech for all people. steve: this is the latest example of conservative voices stifled. let's get our panel take on this. congressman, you represent many of these tech firms in the argument against them is they
6:51 pm
have too much power. they have become too dominant and i know you are also very interested in the question of antitrust and breaking up comfortable monopolies. do you apply that logic to the tech firms and whether they should be regulated? >> on a case-by-case basis antitrust law should apply but here's the relevant point. donald trump is an example of text lack of power. no one in silicon valley wanted trump elected. trump used twitter and social media to win and bernie sanders used it. silicon valley was more all for hillary clinton. these platforms obviously should not be censored that ad and obviously we have to figure out what the right goals will be to have robots debate but these problems are anti- institution institutional. steve: are you concerned about the power? >> no, because there's competition.
6:52 pm
you don't know where tech is going to go in five years. my eight -year-old asked me if i could get in instagram account when i am 13 and i said i don't think so because i don't think instagram will be the thing you want to be on. at that point it will be something completely different. what was fashionable ten years ago certainly isn't today. it is not the same sort of concentration of power that we saw with some of the utility companies that were broken up by the government because they had an interdependency with the government and as we seen on the show that is the most pervasive and toxic relationship. the fact there is petition and new companies and they are constantly challenging one another, i think, it's one of the brightest spots. lift challenges over and they take the model and they try to do it better and back when competition succeeds and. steve: that's a very articulate version of the model that was made in favor. people say that is fine in theory but actually when facebook saw the instagram was its competitor it bought instagram. >> the various of entries is high now.
6:53 pm
it's not the early 2000 and it's not the '90s. you can't just have a couple hundred thousand dollars and have a company or even a couple thousand dollars. you will not start this book in your garage anymore. you have to have tremendous access to capital and be on the ground floor of the entire industry. who will meet with facebook? that's why they buy out the small little competitors that can be integrated in. with that being said i would say we have to look at this from the cable standpoint. would cable news be up to put an ad like that on air and those are the challenges that these new platforms -- not new anymore but they're facing now is one of the reasons why bernie sanders and donald trump were able to score is because they didn't rely on cable news and the news network. he barely got any time he barely had any on air but he was still able to rise because he was able to get his message out on other
6:54 pm
problems. will it be so easy next time around if they have rules that are constricting ads? steve: progress with, you know these people who run these companies. do you get the sense that they understand the scale of the backlash from all sides that are coming at them? >> i think they are starting to think about their moral obligation and taking that seriously. look, these are platforms that were abused in certain cases that have false stories out there and there are problems that have extraordinary ability to shape democratic conversation in the question is what is their moral responsibility. whether china or united states and that has to take place. >> is government what is going to determine the moral. steve: i'm so sorry. after the break, personal reflections from me on the california wildfires.
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words about the horrific wildfires raging in northern california. it touched me personally in a way, the incredible bravery of the people who put themselves in harm's way on our behalf. thankfully our house is a long way from the fire but we woke up with a powerful smell of smoke all around us. friends told us about seeing fires rage toward them as they fled. most made it, but as we know too many didn't. the firefighters kept fighting day after day. it's simply heroic. the true power of community and the truth good heart of america. as one survivor put it best, even though our house may go, our home is solid. thank you for watching tonight. there's a big treat for you next week as judge jeanine will be joining us right here in los angeles. if you can't wait till then, i'm heading to new york and
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will be hosting fox news tonight monday and tuesday) the fox news channel. we will see you back here when the next revolution will be televised next sunday. next week news sunday" is back. >> i am sitting in for chris wallace. president trump takes a met barack obama to biggest accomplishments. first, the iran nuclear deal. >> in the event you are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated. >> will examine the presidency strategy with national security advisor general hr mcmaster. it is a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then a stunning letter to obamacare as a present or does the federal government to stop


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