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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 16, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with him. he may have a case but overwhelmingly most people saying, nah, he's trying to get in the light again. heather: conversation continues and certainly people should continue to make comments. as always, that wraps up 4:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends first", i will see you back here tomorrow same time, same place, until then have a great day, "fox & friends first" continues now. rob: it is monday october 16th, fox news alert, oil rig explosion, breaking overnight massive fire ball erupting on a louisiana lake the search having right now for the missing. >> president trump and mitch mcconnell coming face to face for the first time since the august obamacare failure. what to expect ahead of the big meeting? rob: hail mary play here, colin
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kaepernick accusing owners colluding against him. ♪ ♪ >> that'll get you going on a monday. good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm julian mele. rob: it may take more than that. i'm rob scmitt, it's one minute after the hour. president trump will meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in a few hours. >> first face to face meeting since republicans fail today repel and replace obamacare. griff jenkins live from dc with the preview of the big meeting, good morning, griff.
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>> good morning, julian and rob, welcome to mitch mcconnell monday, they are calling it a working lunch. the majority spokesperson saying that the president and vice president will sit down with mitch mcconnell to discuss fall agenda, passing tax reform and confirming judicial nominees but the main course here maybe more about the two leaders trying to repair a broken relationship that became public this summer as the two took shots at each other over the failure to pass health care. >> our new president has not been in the line of work and i think had excessive expectations. >> i'm very disappointed in mitch, but if he gets the bills passed, i would be happy with him and i will be the first to admit him. >> former white house chief strategists steve bannon is taking on the establishment issuing litmus test, face a wrath of primary challenge. this is other conservative groups, also calling for
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mcconnell's removal. moderate susan collins says bannon's rhetoric is what the american people are tired of. >> they don't want this hyperpartisanship, they want us to work together and they wants us to get things done. >> collins also criticizing the president's order on health care, move majority majority leader mcconnell has praised as a step moving forward. finally no word on what is being served today as the white house chef figures out what comfort food to serve. rob: thanks so much, griff. republican senator bill cassidy who coauthored one version of the health care replacement bill say it is biggest thing that congress needs to accomplish right now is lowering those premiums. >> he say it is real threat to gop establishment are the voters who are upset with congress for getting nothing done. >> the president is not gutting
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the affordable care act. let's just take the cost sharing reductions, they are unconstitutional and focusing on middle-class families who are paying and payments aren't unconstitutional according to court and first responsibility is to uphold that but we have to think about the family around the kitchen table, republicans have been trying to do so but coupled with flexibility so that premiums can come down, keep in mind, with those payments, that family is paying 30 to $40,000 a year. we've got to do something to lower premiums. i think what is a real threat to republican establishment is not addressing the needs of family around the kitchen table. >> disgraced and unemployed colin cap earn i think filing a griefance against the nfl. rob: now claiming that owners are teaming up to keep him off
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the field because of his unpatriotic protests, kelly wright with details on that. hey, kelly. kelly: good morning to you, are you ready for football? [laughter] kelly: colin kaepernick was not ready and opted out of his contract with the team, san francisco 49ers and as free agent he was hope to go sign on with another team in the nfl but there were no takers, you'll recall that kaepernick ignited fire storm of controversy when he began kneeling and protest against racism and police brutality and now kaepernick's attorney mark has filed a grievance against the nfl claiming nfl team owners colluded against admitting kaepernick to their team in a statement posted on twitter, athletes should not be denied employment based on political provocation by executive branch of our government. nfl players union supports grievance, roger goodell in recent interview denies nfl
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owners are colluding against kaepernick, speaking of goodell, nfl players disregarded his memo or didn't get the memo that all players to stand during the national anthem because many players continued taking a knee yesterday. in new orleans, for example, some fans began booing new orleans players. and in jacksonville, one person demonstrated against the nfl players from the air of former jags fan hire a pilot to fly a plane with a banner over the stadium for two hours, be american, boycott the jags and nfl. and then in california, american idol jessica sánchez sang the national anthem and then she took a knee. meanwhile nfl owners will be meeting here in new york on tuesday, they are concerned about these protests, eroding fan support, some want all players to stand during national anthem but some players say they
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will continue to fight against racism and use this as a way of doing that. back to you. >> thanks, kelly, the meeting was previously scheduled. this isn't nfl meetings, they are going to be talking about this because this has become the forefront. one of the things that won't go away and a lot of people say colin kaepernick is a good enough football player to be on a team but owners have the right to say we don't want you on the team. rob: i don't think this takes collusion to get done, who wants to touch somebody that's controversial. it's not that we are going pull this on them, there's not much of a case there. >> i know and you have soft solid evidence and i'm cure use myself, what is the evidence that they supposedly have that they have a case. rob: a shot in the dark, who knows, if you ask people on the left, some people say that all of this controversy really has nothing to do with patriotism to this country, let's listen to
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that. >> i think that they should listened to, i think that the issues they are raising should be discussed in a serious sustained way and not just be put aside because the president is trying to make this about patriotism and it's not, the players said we are patriotic and we love the country but there are serious issues that we have to talk about and we are not as a nation having the conversation. i want that to be the conversation, not the culture war that is the president is trying to rely because he has nothing else done like health care, tax reform or infrastructure. >> this isn't about patriotism and you have the argument from guys who used to be nfl players themselves bike burgess in our last hour and say it is nfl isn't what it used to be. >> this is what marxists do, they destroy everything they touch, black family, whether the school system, the education, the entertainment and now the nfl. now we have a brand that was built through decades where we all come together and enjoy
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ourselves and see men, grown men compete and now here we are fighting -- we are trying to debate on whether the flag is something we should respect or not. we are in a war and not against each other it's against ideologies, socialism and marxism coming out of the black community. rob: they can say it's not about patriotism all they want. you want to have a discussion, that's completely fine and you can do in different venues, kneeling during national anthem with the flag, there's no other way to take that than lack of patriotism. >> a lot of players in the nfl who have ride alongs with police officers, who go to congress to try and talk about social issues and yet they are not out there taking a knee necessarily. rob: exactly. the ones aren't doing much other than that in that department. that's where you get the opinions. >> conversation is not over here that's for sure, we do want to get to fox news alert. intensifying search for a missing man after oil rig
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explode on a lake just outside new orleans. eight people on board but only seven made to shore. witnesses reporting loud explosion, a boom, officials now warning oil maybe leaking into lake, they are looking at reports of cleaning the blast. rob: two men armed in dangerous, a manhunt launched in missouri after william carter and joseph busted out of the count write jail early sunday morning. both facing serious charges including murder and kidnapping, police they escaped through -- escaped their cell through air duct and are headed toward the mississippi river. >> expected to make case today in corruption trial of bob
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menendez, accused of taking bribes in excuse for favors in washington. prosecutors fear ifs case dismissed, could pave the way to legalize paid to play politics. rob: los angeles dodgers two wins away from reaching the world series after a dramatic, walk-off home run against the cubs. let's see it. [cheers and applause] >> and it's gone. a walk-off home run for turner. >> love it. rob: every boy's dream. walkoff. i can't imagine. smashing a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth, tie game and they won it 4-1 giving them 2-0 lead and yankees go over to al return to new york for game 3 against astros who hold a 2-0 lead against them in the american league championship series. the yankees need to get to work.
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>> october baseball is just the best. 11 minutes after the hour. he deserted unit and today bergdahl is back in the headlines. >> it's so beautiful, harvey weinstein has already asked to give a massage. rob: it could have been too soon how late-night host james corden is responding to backlash about cracking jokes about the harvey scandal.
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rob: fife terrorists were exchanged for his return. julie: army veteran pete hegseth. pete: good morning. jillian: is he pleading guilty in terms of leniency from a judge. pete: whether he got some sort of deal from prosecutors, ultimately it goes before the judge and the judge will make the call in what he faces, the lesser of the two is what he will face, life in prison for misbehavior before the enemy or desertition cost. we don't know if he cut a deal. trial was supposed to start a week from now. it'll likely become a sentencing instead because he's likely to plea guilty. rob: a story that enrages a lot of members in the military and a lot of americans in general because you see the image of the five terrorist that is we had to give up to get him back and it's a very dangerous precedent.
2:17 am
misbehavior before the enemy is the charge, potential of life in prison. tell us about that. >> it's different than treason, treason to join the enemy, you shamefully abandon, which he clearly did, abandoning his post and walking off base. what the prosecutors knew he could do is likely get the charge to stick which comes with life in prison and anybody whose looked at this case understands what happened the precedence that it sent, you don't want a bergdahl to walk and if you try for treason and don't get it -- rob: the value of american soldiers being captured now because they know what they can get for them. pete: it's five of the worst for auditor bag. that's what happened. the worst guy in your unit that stocks gear up and walks off base to people, special
2:18 am
operators looking for him distracted from the mission and we take five of the worse of of guantanamo bay that other americans had to capture and put lives on the list, a price that charged our entire country the least he can do is serve bars the rest of his life. julie: can you make an argument against life in prison? pete: i wouldn't. most of us look that he should be put to death for it. this is a treasonous act. there's evidence that needs to be -- but there are much harsher sentences. when you raise your right hand and deafen country, you have to trust that those who are serving will have your back. you put all of that at risk. a lot of people will be paying attention here. the judge is unlikely to be lenient in this case. rob: the soldiers who died searching for him?
2:19 am
pete: a week from now if the sentencing happens, you will hear from member that is were injured, those that were killed can't speak for themselves but those injured will speak up and talk about i was on this patrol because of bergdahl and the voices of those no longer here, you know, he'll be likely sitting in prison thinking of those faces for a long time. rob: thank you. pete: appreciate it. rob: 19 minutes after the hour now, remember the mysterious tarmac between bill clinton and loretta lirchl, ag for president obama just before the 2016 election? well, the brand new evidence that has just been uncovered. jillian: awesome displace off the field, nfl player getting baptized in front of his teammates, that's next. dale.
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. jillian: good morning, welcome back, poorly received joke about harvey weinstein. >> right here in la it's so beautiful harvey weinstein has already asked tonight to give a massage. i don't know whether that was that you like the joke or you don't like that joke, if you don't like the joke, you should probably leave now. rob: sadly for the late-night comedian his joke fell flat on the crowd with a lot of the outrage online which is what she does best, outrage of everything online. carley shimkus, i mean, it's a joke. carley: as you could tell he was trying to be funny but as you could tell the audience did not laugh nor did people on social
2:24 am
media, now he made the joke at a gala on friday and was hit with immediate criticism from some of harvey weinstein's accusers so much so that he has issued apology on twitter. to be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter, i was not trying to make light of harvey's inexcusable behavior but to shame him, the abuser not his victims, i'm truly sorry for anyone offended. that was never my intention. but i have to say, he is still getting hammered on social media. i'm of the opinion that if you need to explain your joke, it wasn't funny and in this case it wasn't just unfunny, it was inappropriate. susan chimed in saying, it wasn't that you called defense, you exploited the misfortune of others to try to be fun you but then you were not at all funny. rebecca chimed in said, really poor taste, really bad timing, really not funny at all. saturday night live also addressed the situation but they
2:25 am
kind of took a different approach by making how common sexual harassment is in hollywood. so that appears to have gone over better than what james corden did on friday. rob: what is the difference? it's the same joke. >> carley: she should be able to make jokes but such a sensitive subject. jillian: saga continues, carley. carley: the man that started the national anthem protest colin kaepernick has lawyered up and filed a grievance against the nfl accusing them of colluding to keep him out of the league. now his lawyers issued this statement saying that the league has deprived mr. kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation from mr. kaepernick's leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice. a lot of other people on social media are saying, yeah, we don't agree with that, jay says so i guess you're allow today sue a company if they don't hire you, this is getting ridiculous, grow up, people.
2:26 am
jd tweeted, should tim tebow join the collusion lawsuit too, people are not obligate today hire a player. jillian: it's funny that you brought up tim tebow. i covered the eagles when tim tebow was at camp, he didn't make the team going into the season and i had the same exact thought. i'm glad to know that i'm not alone. carley: also should be pointed out that colin kaepernick opted out of his own contract, so -- rob: yeah. i don't think that holds any water. this is one of your guys. jillian: my team. carley: very special celebration for philadelphia eagles wide receiver marcus johnson before thursday's game. johnson was baptized in the away game hotel pool. everybody joined in and watched him get baptized. i think this is very nice. he posted that picture to twitter saying, first time being baptized, corporate worship is a
2:27 am
beautiful thing, cleans and reborn in jesus' name. jillian: it's been a long time since we've had a good season, 5-1, they are enjoying every moment. carley: they won thursday's game, maybe god is on their side. rob: we appreciate it. 27 minutes after the hour, nancy pelosi pretty high opinion of herself. >> i think i'm a great legislator, self-promotion is a terrible thing but clearly somebody has to do it. jillian: panel weighs in next.
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thing but clearly somebody has to do it. rob: nancy pelosi defending herself, touting herself as a great legislator going onto say that president trump went rogue with the iran deal and with his decision on health care, the president set to meet with mitch mcconnell. is there time to find out ways to cut off congress and do it himself. here chuck rocha a and alexandra. chuck, we will start with you. nancy pelosi sounded like donald trump taking some of the self-promotion to heart. >> rob, you're exactly right, but the thing about nancy pelosi and democrats for the most part in this town and i am a democrat, don't blame us, we have no power, the american people wanted a republican president, house of representatives and senate, the republicans live today control everything. that's one the lunch with mitch mcconnell is so important for president trump, he needs to
2:32 am
show accomplishments and as much he would like to do everything himself and be emperor president he has to do it through legislative model and work with the guys whether he likes them or not. rob: that's been the biggest issue. it seems like there's a bipartisan effort to kind of stay away from the president, that nobody really wants to touch him at certain times because it's almost scary for republicans that are thinking about 2018 and beyond rest of their career and they don't know what he is, they can't figure him out, he's not one of them, do you think that's true? >> well, look, i think the american people sent donald trump to the white house in november because he was the change agent, he was a big problem-solver who was out to tackle some of the nation's most difficult problems. i think the meeting with mitch mcconnell today is a good thing. obviously there's a lot to accomplish on health care and tax reform and it's important to know that the administration and the senate have worked hand and glove on a lot of important
2:33 am
judicial nominees that president trump has sent through, most importantly neil gorsuch to supreme court but i think what's really interesting about nancy pelosi calling herself the master negotiator, you know, i checked the calendar and it's not april fool's day, she's managed to negotiate herself and democrats out of 60 seats since 2010. she has challenges from the left in her party, when she was running for minority leader, she had challenges. for her to say that is absurd. rob: chuck over to you real quick, obviously you have mitch mcconnell here pushed the president to back luther strange, that was a disaster, say that is the president has high expectations of what congress should be able to get done but people hate congress because they can't get anything tone and is it too high expectation to get one thing done in first year in office? >> i don't think so, you can get things done. bannon out there running
2:34 am
primaries against incumbents that mitch mcconnell has to work with every day. there's so much bad blood in the water. we have a really small timetable, they never come to work here in washington. rob: i've completely agree with that. a lot of the disdain comes from. alex, over to you, talking about obama, upset a lot of people by reducing the subsidies to the insurance companies that kind of assist lower-income people or make it easier for them to pay insurance premiums. the republicans say these were illegal payments to begin with and way that is the former administration tried to make a failing system like obamacare work by paying illegal money into it, what is your take on that in. >> well, i think since we are close to halloween it's important to remember the frankenstein of a law that democrats created, one section to help out low-income families that -- that had -- had
2:35 am
appropriations that were approved by the house of representatives. the other section, the subsidies to the insurance programs, however, was never approved through appropriations and that was because president obama didn't want to be seen as giving the subsidies to insurance companies, he wanted to be seen as giving the tax cuts out. rob: insurance companies that had been making a boat-load of money, chuck, i will let you have the last word on that obviously a cord has -- court has deemed that the payments were illegal. it's people's lives and it's their insurance but there's a point to be made in that regard, isn't there? >> you can make a point. i do political campaigns for a living, i'm not a policy expert. what i do know when you start taking people off of health care, you will have people voting and remember the election. rob: that's the other side, we do appreciate it. jillian over to you. jillian: u.s. and south korea sending more than 3 dozen
2:36 am
warships off the coast of north korea to prepare missile launch from the rogue nation. drills involve 7 fleet aircraft carriers, uss ronald reagan along with other 40 vessels, this comes as tensions continue to escalate with director -- dictator kim jong un who has detonated six nuclear tests despite un ban. national security adviser hr mcmaster backing president trump's stance on the iran nuclear deal, mcmaster telling fox news sunday trump's move to rework the deal has international support. >> our european allies, the e3 are called, are supporting much more rigorous enforcement of the jcpoa and monitoring, this is not a trust-worthy regime. comprehensive monitor asking in order. jillian: president trump threatened to throw out deal if
2:37 am
congress -- former president bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch. the emails found this summer in freedom of information request by watchdog judicial watch. last year limp met clint own on private claim in phoenix days before the fbi closed investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, the documented will be released next month and we will see what's inside of those. hillary clinton continuing her seemingly never-ending blame game book tour overseas. >> i think that the combination as i explain in the book of the comey letter and then slowly over time, i have to admit, i knew that the russians had stolen emails from the democratic party, stolen emails from my campaign chair, we didn't fully understand the impact. rob: just not a good look. it's been almost a year now,
2:38 am
clinton telling a crowd in the uk about her book called what happened and admitted that she tried to get out of going out of trump's inauguration. bill and her sucked it up and they were there. jillian: coming up the pc police officially going off the rails. >> thomas the tank seng going gender-neutral? what? rob: prescriptions filled without leaving the house or even clicking a mouse.
2:39 am
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this is not a cloud. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. ♪ ♪ rob: welcome back, children's classic is latest victim of pc police.
2:42 am
thomas the tank engine now facing a change as some say is off the rails, two of thomas' male friends will be replaced by female trains. the un helped create the characters to make the show more inclusive. katie calls the move silly. >> if you want to bring in more women to a show, fine, if you want to entice young girls to watch a show that's about train, foster interest in them, i think that's great, but often two of his guy friends seems a little unnecessary. rob: change comes after claims that the show is sexist and also antienvironmentallists. there you have it. jillian: whataburger employee
2:43 am
fired, restaurant's manager response, quote, i don't get into politics. officers ended up being served by another employee, the fired worker was out of line. rob: good for the manager. golf is always hard. i don't remember being easy. we are still get to go know each other in "fox & friends first" set, nothing like a friendly competition to help just do that. jillian: we headed out to a place where we both share a deep passion, one better than the other, we went out to golf course, check it out. rob: we are here on long island, home to one of the toughest golf courses in the country which is the best, and found out that we love to play golf. jillian: toughest courses in the area. rob: best way to introduce you to new york golf, tough like everything else.
2:44 am
there you go. jillian: yes. no pressure, rob. you have been playing since you were four. rob: right. [laughter] jillian: nice. rob: nice shot, look at that, look at that. [laughter] rob: good try. what did you get there? >> 7. rob: first hole. ♪ ♪ rob: 17 holes, 196 yards right into the wind.
2:45 am
jillian: a lot of sand. rob: a lot of sand. jillian: why is this hole so wonderful? >> iconic hole, two u.s. opens, toughest holes on the course and signature par 3. rob: has the little green. >> very small green. very small target and challenging shot. ♪ ♪ jillian: the shot was pretty tough. rob: yeah, this hole is tough. really deep bunker. jillian: i haven't learned sand yet. rob: i will try. i didn't say i could. jill illinois nice. rob: look at that. look at that. jillian: beautiful. rob: hard hole. jillian: yes, very hard hole. rob: maybe the hardest one on the course, i don't know.
2:46 am
jillian shot four under par which is a perfect record. jillian: a lot. rob: we did math in course one. there you go. jillian: i've never done that. i'm trying. i started golfing in april of 2015, march or april of 2015 with my dad, actually, this a video from first time out in course in aruba, my parents go every year. rob: you got it. swril jill i'm trying, i'm taking lessons still. rob: two year's in, you were playing similarly well. most people stink for the first ten years. swril jill you are really good. rob: huge advantage. i started out as a child. my first thing that my dad got me was plastic golf club. there's me and dad. in florida somewhere. for two years in, you're doing
2:47 am
pretty good. jillian: thank you. rob: it was a fun day although it was four months ago. jillian: really cold and windy. rob: 46 minutes after the hour, jimmy kimmel getting even more political. >> if they are so turned by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then i don't know, i probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway. rob: all right, his message for republicans in this country coming up next. jillian: right now let's check in with steve doocy who is coming up on frosm -- "fox & friends". steve: all the kneeling during national anthem, maybe the nfl should lose any tax breaks they might get. nigel farage will be dropping
2:48 am
by. remember the farmer who used his field to plow out a message to president trump, he plowed out a message for us, busy three hours kick offs 12 minutes right here in the channel you trust for morning fuse, "fox & friends" back in two minutes. ♪ so you're looking for male customers, ages 25-54,
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rob: all right, welcome back, no republican viewers, no problem. the latest message from jimmy kimmel who says he doesn't care if republicans change the channel. >> if they are so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then i don't know, i probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway.
2:52 am
>> there you go. jimmy kimmel has been under fire for increased political content and decrease in viewers over the past few weeks. jillian: tillerson firing back at bob corker after republicans suggested that the president is castrating his diplomatic efforts. >> you don't want to say anything about the senator calling -- suggesting that you've been -- [laughter] jillian: corker has been publicly feuding with president trump who refuse today endorse corker before announcing he would not seek reelection next year. rob: fox business alert, massive recall for popular martha stewart property, urgent warning over these cake knives that could be cutting more than than your dessert. jillian: tracee carrasco from fox business what you need to know if you have them in your
2:53 am
kitchen. tracee: this is the martha stewart collection white wear cake knives and silver set and reportedly these handles could break off when you are using them. there have been several reports of happening and people needing stitches, january 2014, july of 2017, sold at macy's stores online and at military exchange so if you've got one, take it back to the store. rob: okay. we will keep on eye out for that. this is not a new thing, prescriptions being delivered to the home but this might be a little bit better, how does this work? tracee: yes, essentially you never really have to leave your home at all anymore because you might -- you don't have to wait in line at pharmacy. this is a company, they are pairing up with alexa echo and google home and so it's called nowrx, basically you use voice command and order prescription, refill it and then eventually you will have it delivered to your home. they are still waiting for approval from google and amazon
2:54 am
to do this. it's going to start out only in silicon valley and then expand hopefully next year, but making life easier, i guess. jillian: coffee and cars, what is this about? tracee: garbage from gas tank, resears in united kingdom have found a way to extract the oil to power up car, they're able to simplify the process, it only takes about ten minutes and do it without using harmful chemicals. so, yeah, it's not just fueling us anymore, you'll soon be able to fuel your car. jillian: okay, from research out of the uk. rob: very interesting. tracee, thanks so much. jillian: you crash later in the day. that could be potentially very dangerous. six minutes until the top of the hour, colin kaepernick says nfl owners are sabotaging his career
2:55 am
and keeping him off the field, does he have a case? your comments as you can imagine have been pouring and we will share some next. rob: what really happens to luggage after you check it at the airport? wait until you see what this baggage handler was caught doing in the cargo hold, this will tick you off a way to start your monday. [laughter] i didn't pay for anything. (sigh) you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. (alert beep) are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah! tears of joy. (groan) pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today.
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rob: we're back and talking about collin kaepernick and this lawsuit he is going to have against the nfl i will. jillian: a grievance. he is a free agent by choice. which is true he left the 49ers. should actors also sue if they could not get a part. steve: that's not donald trump by the way. should sue for loss of viewers and loss of revenues. jillian: have jobs this is bawl talent and collin has none any long. he had some in the super bowl. i would argue they haven't -- not the time and place for that. rob: first the good. marines surprising 84-year-old marine widow from ohio with new flags after hers were stolen. >> once a marine, always a marine and the marines stick together no matter. what. rob: we love that her husband was a career war veteran.
3:00 am
jillian: new york city driver caught on camera running over the person suspected of stealing his bike. can you see him slamming the wrong way. driver was arrested. the bike thief got away. rob: that was in times square. airport worker in thailand busting for stealing items from a person's bag. he was arrested. that would drive you nuts. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good monday. >> mitch mcconnell monday. majority leader will city dowsit downwith the president ae president today for a working lunch. >> if mitch mcconnell is successful, if not we are all in trouble. >> there is a season for everything right now it's a season of war against the g.o.p. establishment. >> bowe bergdahl is expected to plead guilty to charges of desertion. endangering fellow soldiers. >> to me life in prison. >> ending obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire. >>


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