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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 16, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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running over the person suspected of stealing his bike. can you see him slamming the wrong way. driver was arrested. the bike thief got away. rob: that was in times square. airport worker in thailand busting for stealing items from a person's bag. he was arrested. that would drive you nuts. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good monday. >> mitch mcconnell monday. majority leader will city dowsit downwith the president ae president today for a working lunch. >> if mitch mcconnell is successful, if not we are all in trouble. >> there is a season for everything right now it's a season of war against the g.o.p. establishment. >> bowe bergdahl is expected to plead guilty to charges of desertion. endangering fellow soldiers. >> to me life in prison. >> ending obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire. >> the president is not getting the affordable care
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act. the president is focused on middle class families who are paying 30 to $40,000 a year for premiums. >> is he going it the no fair league clib ca kaepernick filing a grievance for colluding with owners to keep him off the league. >> respect our country. respect our flag. >> i think i'm a great legislature. self-promotion is a terrible thing but clearly somebody has to do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all this time i was. steve: somebody forgot to wake up brian kilmeade after a couple weeks of doing the 10:00 show he is taking today off. ainsley: where is brian? pete: i don't know last minute i'm happy to be here.
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ainsley: maybhappy you are here. steve: thank you for joining us. as we heard in the cold monday griff depicted today as mitch monday. they will have lunch today and they have lots to talk about. although they did apparently talk together on the phone on saturday. they talked about taxes. they talked about the budget. and they talked about it looks like healthcare. ainsley: i was surprised this meeting didn't happen earlier when the healthcare, when they didn't get repeal and replace after three tries. i'm surprised that the president didn't say get your tail in my office now. pete: i think there was a cooling down period after that. ainsley: maybe they needed that. pete: president said you couldn't get anything done for me. he took pen and phone and executive actions on the iranian deal dessert occasiodessertification.obamaca.
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steve: i read a number of articles online over the weekend that talked about how this president is trying to erase all traces of barack obama's legacy. you know, regarding those things, iran and also healthcare. look, the democrats are all invested in the healthcare and nancy pelosi was on this week over the weekend where she made it very clear they would like to do something to particularly extend those insurance company bailouts which the president calls them or subsidies as the democrats call them because they -- the democrats feel that's the only way to have affordable healthcare going forward. ainsley: senator chris murphy is also speaking out about it over the weekend. here are both of them nancy pelosi and senator murphy both democrats, listen to this. >> what he's doing is hurting the american people. this isn't about policy. we have a path in the senate, bipartisan path, at least i wonder if he even knows what that path is. because, from what he says,
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it doesn't sound like he has knowledge, knows the facts, bases his decision on evidence. they have the majority in the house and the senate and the president's signature. they have the power to keep government open. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire just because the president is upset that the united states congress won't pass a repeal bill that is supported by 17% of the american public u. steve: okay. news flash, i don't remember anybody saying the last couple of years you know, obamacare is working great. obviously they have had to do something. and now the president has just gotten frustrated with mitch mcconnell and company not being able to do anything on the senate side of the congress. and so what's he going to do? he will cut off those subsidies. ainsley: is he pushing for a hard bar gone he negotiates and forces their hand. pete: you talk about the obamacare legacy. president obama set out to transform mechanic.
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a lot of voters didn't want they love america. president trump is trying to restore it. in healthcare the markets are so distorted premiums gone up so bad and choices so limited you have to take dramatic action if you want to restore market based solutions that bring costs down. president trump, because mitch mcconnell couldn't get it done in the senate took to his pen and said we will allow people to form these associations but the democrats are -- it's so predictable. they impugn the motives and they say no, you are hurting the american people. you hate people. you are literally. chris murphy needs to check out definition of the word literally. not literally setting anything on fire. is he giving people real and new choices. ainsley: conservative groups are now asking for mitch mcconnell to step down going back to working lurch they are going to have today. steve bannon giving a speech saturday to a group of conservative, religious type people. and he said he needs to step down. we need new leadership. listen to this. >> it's a season of war against a g.o.p. establishment [applause] we need to move with urgency. the president of the united
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states deserves respect and deserves their support. and you can come to a stick, a microphone and you can say i am not going to vote for mitch mcconnell for majority leader. steve: what he is talking about right there, as we do talk about the war on the republican establishment and we have put that picture of mitch mcconnell because, clearly, he is in steve bannon's crosshairs. because there are seven incumbent republican senators up for re-election. is he targeting six of the seven. the only one he likes is ted cruz. but the two conditions for the requirements for the senators is they have got to end this filibuster. vote to end the filibuster and the other one is they have got to disavow senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. they have got say you know what? he is not doing a good job. he has got to go. ainsley: i knew steve bannon had a lot of power working in the white house. i didn't know he had this much power to talk to alabama his guy won the election.
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and now is he going across america tour to try to get rid of the leadership in the government. it might work. pete: it's not just out power of the steve bannon the power of the grassroots. you go to any grassroots events these days and i speak at a good filibuster of them. there is no constituency for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan right now. there is a constituency for president trump and overturning the system that isn't working right now. this will be a midterm election referendum on mitch mcconnell. steve bannon understands that they also know there is 10 vulnerable democratic seats in the senate. they have an opportunity to pick up seats. ainsley: i like what lindsey graham said over the weekend. mcconnell is not the only problem we all are the problem. we have failed. we promised to repeal and replace obamacare. we failed. we promised to cut taxes. yet to do it. we are in trouble and we might lose the majority he says. steve: that's true. pete: mcconnell is the face of failure u. ainsley: he is the leader. pete: you are the leader. you take responsibility. steve: flies in the fails of the hand they have got. they have the majority in the senate and the house and they own the white house and
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they can't get anything done. pete: maybe they don't want this president to succeed. there is also this abiding sense he didn't play their game their way why should he get the wins? ainsley: jimmy kimmel was on one of the shows this weekend u. steve: cbs this morning. ainsley: yes. and the reporter was asking him if he regrets what he said. listen to this. >> it's a bit of a risk that you're taking talking about that stuff. you might lose the audience. >> three years ago i was equally liked by republicans and democrats and then the republican numbers went way down like 30% or whatever. you know, as a talk show host, that's not ideal. but i would do it again in a heart beat. >> so you don't mind if republicans turn off your show. >> i don't say not mind. i want everyone with a television to watch the show. but if they are so turned off by my opinion on healthcare and gun violence, then, i don't know, i probably won't want to have
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a conversation with them anyway. >> good riddance? >> well, not good riddance but riddance. steve: be funny at the very end. so there he is. he is doubling down. he is saying i do not regret the fact that i have gotten political on my show. keep in mind 20 years ago when johnny carson or maybe it was 30 years ago when johnny carson was there at the tonight show. you couldn't really tell his politics because he just was an equal opportunity. ainsley: things have changed. steve: joke bertha stuff. now you turn on the late nights. late night does certainly tilt to the left. alienating half the country. ainsley: is he making so much money right now he probably is at a point where he says i don't care. if i lose the audience i have enough in the bank and he sees this as a platform for his son and speak out for other kids who don't have the luxury. pete: it's not bold or courageous to speak the group think. to be in hollywood. ainsley: to speak chuck schumer? pete: to spew democratic talking points.
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they want to preach at america because they look down at america. you can't watch jimmy kimmel and have different views on the second amendment or how healthcare should be delivered even if you have empathy for his child and what he is going through. real boldness would would be a comedian who would stand up and make fun of nancy pelosi that i'm a great leader and master legislature. make fun of that. ainsley: make sure he understands the healthcare bill. if he is listening to chuck schumer and that's what the reports are saying they are good friends and understands his talking points. we aired that sound bite last week with the tax reform bill that taxes are going to go up for the poorest people and down for the richest people. if you read the tax plan, that's not at all what it says. so he has to be careful if he is going to trust chuck schumer with healthcare. steve: let us know. have you started watching less late night television now that it has become more political or do you love it? let us know tweet us or facebook us. ainsley: we wanted to late night to last and we wanted to watch football without any politics.
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what's happened? ainsley: wains. jillian: we can't do any of that we do begin with a fox news alert. some serious news happening right now. a desperate search for a missing person after a massive explosion at an offshore oil rig in louisiana. at least seven people hurt in the blast on lake ponch traipontetrain just outlines ofw orleans. describing the serrie moments when it went down. >> we were sitting in high house and the entire house shook. things fell off tables. sounded like a bomb dropping. jillian: officials say cleaning chemicals triggered the blast. finally turned the corner in the deadliest blazes in california history. calmer winds helping to con taint wildfires. 15 still burning throughout the state. thousands of homes have already been destroyed and 40 people dead. a sign of hope among the destruction. firefighters finding untouched personal flag surrounded by burned out homes and ash. in just hours, president trump will be back on the campaign trail.
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the commander-in-chief hoping to help republican south carolina governor henry mcmaster pick up steam keep his seat. the president will headline a campaign fundraiser for mcmaster in greenville today. all about 46 counties went to president trump. los angeles dodgers are now just two wins away from reaching the world series after a dramatic walk-off win against the chicago cubs. >> and he is gone. it is a walk-off home run for justin turner. jillian: justin turner smash ago three run homer in the bottom of the ninth to win 4-1. dodgers now hold a 2-0 lead in the nlcs number one -- number the two walk-off. the drama of october baseball is amazing. pete: same with the as throws and the yankees the other night. ainsley: walk off hit it out
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he got to walk? why do they call it. jillian: walk and not run all the way around? they won the game. pete: it ended the game. ainsley: i played softball i never think the that far. jillian: never hit walk-offs. steve: think of it as the mike drop. ainsley: got it, boom. i'm sure i'm not the only one that had that question. i am, gavin. my mom doesn't know what that is. jillian: it's like you seal the deal at the bottom of the ninth you win the game like that's it. ainsley: that had to be fun to go to home plate and have your whole team there again, i never had that. jillian: can you casually walk if you want. game is over at that point. steve: coming up on this monday, hillary clinton says she is going to donate to harvey weinstein's campaign donations. what about all the cash gave to the clinton foundation? pete: remember when nancy pelosi said this? >> i think i'm a great legislature. self-promotion is a terrible thing but clearly somebody has to do it.
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pete: clearly. well, this morning she is doubling down. we are not kidding. ainsley: i'm so glad she did it no. now we have something to talk about ♪ i'm the greatest ♪ i'm free to be ♪ olay regenerist shatters the competition. hydrating skin better than prestige creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless.
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legislature. self-promotion is a terrible thing but clearly somebody has to do it. ainsley: nancy pelosi taking a hit at president trump while bragging about herself. pete: that's right. first she was a master legislature and now she is great. if she is such a great legislature why is obamacare such a failure? is it time for the with the to cut off congress itself. here for the "wall street journal" and fox news contributor james freeman. james, we haven't seen a whole lot of good come out of what obamacare has done for the healthcare market yet she declares herself a great legislature. >> not so great for taxpayers, for patients, for consumers who see the premiums going up. but in terms of achievement, she did manage to get this thing through the house in 2010. and ended up 6 'of her 63 of her colleagues were no longer in congress against because of the election. she did manage to get it done and now their job is to try to roll it back.
3:19 am
ainsley: when the president ended subsidies for insurers. many comments. pure malice, spiteful, the worst thing the administration has done on healthcare yet. what are your thoughts? >> this let rick's is so over the top. payments flat out illegal. not donald trump, a federal judge said these are not -- were never prop united stated by congress. appropriated by congress. decided on his own to make these payments unconstitutional. got to stop. he is following the law, which i would think ought to be -- he ought to be lauded for. the truth is the subsidies will continue through other parts of obamacare, so, this isn't really saving us much money. i think it's a signal that he is determined to change this law. pete: james, you say there is another way to make congress really feel it illegal subsidies for members of congress. they get their own subsidies through obamacare. could that change? >> so, when they were working on obamacare, dismeart chuck grassley said well, let's eat our own
3:20 am
cooking here. let's force members of congress and their staffs to actually go in to these exchanges and get healthcare. and i don't think anyone probably wanted that in congress but they couldn't really say no once he had put it on the table. well, then, after it was passed, president obama had his administration rule that they could subsidize these plans which the law said they couldn't. so this is really one that would hurt congress. i think would motivate them and i think the president ought to move forward with it. ainsley: we will see if he does. thank you. james freeman editor and fox news contributor. pete: member of congress used the v.a. the v.a. would have been fixed a long time ago. >> you would think. pete: thanks. steve bannon declaring open season on the republican establishment. >> there's a time and season for everything. and right now it's a season of war against a g.o.p. establishment. ainsley: so is draining the swamp really the only way
3:21 am
for the president to get anything done? we are going to debate that next. ♪ come together ♪ right now ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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happened on saturday. the u.s. is calling the attack cowardly. and what could have been another major attack foiled, police stopped a would-be suicide truck bomber in afghanistan's capital finding two bombs hidden under boxes of toe nat tomatoes.
3:25 am
carrying explosives in 30 containers. driver tried to get away but was shot and injured by police. steve: thanks, ainsley. today the president is set to have lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. steve bannon warns the establishment and calls for mitch mcconnell's removal. >> it's a season of war against the g.o.p. establishment. >> we need to move with urgency. the president of the united states deserves respect and deserves their support. and you can come to a stick, a microphone, and you can say i am not going to vote for mitch mcconnell for majority leader. steve: but is that the only way to get anything done in washington? here for conversation this morning we have got katrina pearson. she is a spokesperson for america first policies and alex conat, the former communications director for senator marco rubio. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, steve. >> good morning. steve: let's start with you, what do you think of steve bannon's solution to get on
3:26 am
board blow up the republican party establishment? >> well, i think, steve, it's not the only thing that needs to be done as far as draining the swamp, but it's definitely the beginning. you know, we have had a leadership in this country for a very long time that has failed to lead on these particular topics. and this is a movement that's been going on for the last 10 years. this is not brand new. mitch mcconnell is someone who has been in office for three decades. and can't seem to get the job done. and you have to ask yourself after november, when had you a candidate who ran on repealing and replacing obamacare and flipped blue states to red, why can't we get this done considering the legislation had already passed under president obama by republicans? steve: all right. alex, she makes a good point. why can't republicans get anything done in washington? they have got the senate. they have got the house. they have got the white house? >> i completely share katrina's frustration with the current process. it's unexcusable that republicans haven't passed anything yet. the reason they haven't passed anything yet is
3:27 am
because they have such a slim majority in the senate. we only have a two seat majority. if we only lose two or three senators we will lose on any given vote. that's exactly what happened on healthcare reform where had you three senators vote against it. this is not mitch mcconnell's fault. mitch mcconnell is 100 percent supportive of the president's agenda and done everything can he to try to get it passed. one singular issue that president trump has delivered on so far the supreme court is due solely to mitch mcconnell. mcconnell deserves credit for that in order to finish the job we need to expand the majorities. steve: katrina, alex is saying elect more republicans. people out there watching are saying wait a minute they have got a majority right now you will. >> right. steve: while he listed judge gorsuch nomination and confirmation, a lot of the people out there thinking wait a minute, the only thing they have really gotten done was with nancy and chuck which the president pulled them aside and said hey, we have got to do something about the short time budget thing. >> well, electing republicans is what the republican voters have been
3:28 am
doing. so the question is why are we electing republicans if republicans aren't going to govern accordingly. you know, hat tipped to the supreme court, but it's not like the republican senate was going to confirm a democrat for that position. i don't want to hand out cookies when they are supposed to be doing what they said they were going to do. i will say to alex's points, it's not mitch mcconnell's fault that a couple of republicans couldn't get the job done it is the leadership's fault that they couldn't get folks together. this is a situation republicans have to face because the base has made those demands and they are still not listening. steve: alex? >> yeah, i just think that's wrong. look, if we're going to deliver on president trump's agenda, we need to elect more republicans next fall. that's why steve bannon is so wrong. he is targeting republicans who support the president's agenda over 90% of the time. these are republicans that have voted for obamacare repeal and replace who are going to be solid yes votes on tax reform. yet, is he targeting them. republicans are going to spend millions of dollars
3:29 am
fighting each other instead of doing what we should do is fighting democrats and electing more republicans so we can deliver on president trump's agenda. steve bannon is absolutely wrong on. this it's all about term limits and electrics are term limits. >> they need to get this job done faster, move forward. need to fight for what this president wants to do. >> that's what they're doing, yeah. steve: alex, what percentage of republican establishment members of congress are 100 percent on the trump train? >> everyone in leadership is 100 percent on the trump train. everyone in leadership voted for obamacare repeal and replace. they are going to vote for tax reform. in fact, they wake up every day trying to deliver tax reform for this president. i can't think of a single vote where any member of leadership has not sided with the president. that's why it's so wrong to target leadership instead of targeting democrats trying to grow our majority. >> mitch mcconnell himself said the president's expectations were unrealistic. that tells me everything we
3:30 am
need to know about this agenda. steve: oh those darn rotary club meetings was there and said that and now come back to bite him. steve: alex and karina thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: we traded five terrorists to get that man back. just hours from now disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl is expected to plead guilty. lieutenant colonel michael waltz led the search at one time for bergdahl. is he going to tell us what we can expect coming up next. plus, want to stop online bullying. just tack facebook and twitter. how would that work? we'll do some splaining. ♪ makes you feel all right ♪ i'll get you anything, my friend ♪ if it makes you feel all right ♪ i don't care toog much for money
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steve: well, it was just about a week ago we had a farmer by the name of gene hanson on and he had plowed that into that -- that sign right there into his 780-acre farm. we stand for the national anthem. why would he do something like that? we had him on the show and here's what he told us. >> can i make a suggestion for the next one? how about "fox & friends"? ainsley: yes. >> that would be a great one, i think. steve: we'll put it on tv. [laughter] ainsley: we promised him we would put it on tv. and here we go. look what he just plowed in his crop. "fox & friends," steve, ainsley, brian, and heather. >> heather childers. pete: that's a lot of acreage and letters to do
3:35 am
that. steve: here's the thing. unlike some of those people who do crop signs and whatnot where they use g.p.s. and things like that. he counts the number of rows. when we had him on, we asked him if he had ever misspelled a word he said oh, yeah, did i. someone came on over and i started talking to them and i forget where i was and then i misspelled the word. ainsley: i picked up my plow and went to the other side of the farm and did it all over again. steve: he is going to be on the program in two hours. we're going to say thank you to him properly. ainsley: great. steve: it is 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. attorney general jeff sessions following through on focus hate crimes involving transgender people. the doj send ago lawyer to iowa to help prosecute the murder of a transgender teen. 23-year-old jorge sanders galvez.
3:36 am
identified both man and woman. the trial starts next tuesday. the clinton foundation will reportedly not return hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by disgraced money up to $250,000 has already been spent on charitable projects. dozens of women are now accusing the movie mogul of sexual harassment and rape. weinstein also contributed thousands to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. she says she will donate that money to charity. an airport worker busted stealing items from passengers' bags. i know. none of us want to believe this happens. this is a viral video at this point now. the 27-year-old man unzipping suitcases and helping himself. authorities in thailand seghtsd up undercover sting operation after several passengers reported belongings missing. the worker confessed to the crime. one didn't say ney to this unusuanayniigh.>> lindsey and hz
3:37 am
checking in to kentucky super 8. the hotel has a pro-pet policy and so lindsey decided to test it out. she only had to pony up 10 bucks in pet fees. get it? also ended up taking liz to a stable for him to stay overnight. that's my dose of cheesy on this monday. back to you. steve: they allowed the horse to stay in the room. >> she ended up taking to a stable. the point walls they were going to allow the horse to stay in the room. steve: whoa. very good. who knew. jillian, thank you. pete: thanks, jillian. steve: later today bowe bergdahl the soldier held captive by the taliban for five years is expected to admit to a court he was a deserter. ainsley: after trading five tastes for his return the associated press reports that bowe bergdahl will plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior to the enemy rather than facing trial for abandoning his soldiers in
3:38 am
2009. pete: next guest led special forces search. green beret commanders and fox news contributor and author of the book warrior diplomat. is he retired colonel michael waltz who joins thus morning. obviously, this is a personal matter for you. what do you expect bowe bergdahl to plead this morning? >> this is justice 8 years in the making since he walked off his base in 2009. and this is justifiable for not only the soldiers and the men and women who were directly involved in the search for him. but all of the ones all across afghanistan who were starved of assets that they normally would have had, medevac, air support, drones, intelligence assets this they would have had in the fight but it was all diverted to look for bergdahl. i'm expecting to see this morning berg 2k58 plead guilty to misbehavior in front of the enemy.
3:39 am
later on in the month we will see a sentencing phase where i expect and i hope is he given a dishonorable discharge, reduced to private, deprived of all back pay, hundreds of thousands that's been accumulating for him. he doesn't even deserve the honor of being called a p.o.w. in my mind. he needs to be called a disserter. and given zero benefits i don't even want to see him held in the same sentence as a pow or veteran who served honorably. finally, we will see what type of jail time he gets. is he up for life in prison. that's what i hope and expect that he gets. and that's justifiable in my mind. he may get as part of the plea bargain some type of time served for his five years in captivity u. steve: well it, says something that he would go ahead in front of this court and say i'm a disserter given the fact that the obama administration, a number of officials praised him so highly. you know, colonel. >> to be clear, steve, the national security advisor went on national television, susan rice and said he
3:40 am
served with honor and distinction. we clearly see that that's not the case. steve: sure. so the question is going forward if he winds up in jail for a very long time, life, maybe something like that, there have been a number of stories where people have said, you know, during the search, a number of american soldiers were killed and then. >> yep. steve: other people have been on television and said no, that never happened. you're the authority. were people killed looking for bergdahl? >> look, there is zero doubt in my mind soldiers were injured, soldiers were killed directly in the search and then what's more difficult to prove like i was saying indirectly. how many were harmed because they didn't get that medevac as fast as they should have because it was dedicated to look for him. and one of the key aspects of this case, in fact, was that the judge allowed as evidence and, you know, a navy seal, several army sergeants that were wounded on operations they normally would not have been on. my own men were actively baited into ambushes and
3:41 am
were sent on operations and i had to send them that we normally would not have done if it were not for this search. and if i can give you one other point that's really not being discussed is we have those five taliban commanders. some of their most senior that are out recruiting, fundraising and serving as a morale boost for the insurgency today where we still have soldiers. how about accountability for them and how about accountability for the no concessions policy that we violated because we still have hostages all over the world and our negotiators have been undermined by this act o that the obama administration took. ainsley: at least is he pleading guilty. that make as lot of people feel a sense of relief and justice knowing is he going to get punish you had. >> 8 years we have been waiting on this day. ainsley: that's right. okay. pete: colonel michael waltz. >> thank you, i appreciate it. ainsley: comedian george lopez goes after president trump jokes and gets booed off the stage. carly shimkus is here with
3:42 am
what is trending. >> tax breaks while its players kneel during the national anthem. the time for those tax breaks to end. we'll debate that ahead. ♪ i love it when you go crazy ♪ you think all my inhibitions ♪ baby, there's nothing holding me back ♪ you take me places that tear up my reputation ♪ manipulate my decision the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last. i would definitely recommend pronamel strong and bright to my patients to keep their enamel strong, help to keep stains away, and polish their enamel. they're going to get whiter, brighter teeth. this is a really great product for my patients. ♪ at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied.
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3:46 am
takes 10 minutes and it's more echo friendly than using soybeans or corn. ainsley: best smelling gas. steve: yeah. pete: caffeinated while driving. pete. steve: you know collin kaepernick he started the protest during the national anthem police brutality. it was mushroomed and some members of the nfl have taken a knee. now, apparently he has figured out that the reason he can't get a new job in the nfl after he opted out of his contract last year is because the nfl teams, all the guys got together, the openers and decided we don't want him on our team. is he a troublemaker. ainsley: is he saying they colluded. pete: you missed one part of your time line he took a knee. and then he stopped being able to complete 15-yard outs and passes to receivers which is not a very good quarterback anymore. steve: are you saying that's the reason he is not
3:47 am
currently employed. pete: maybe. i feel like if he was going to lead a team to title he would be on a team. instead distractions. owners saying i do want this backlash on my team right now? this distraction? my locker room? ainsley: he opted out of his contract so he could go to another team? isn't he out of a job because he chose to. pete: yeah. he chose to take a knee. steve: pretty much. in addition to filing a grievance against the nfl owners, he also in his grievance mentioned the executive branch of the united states government suggesting that president trump coerced the league into keeping him off the field. the president has talked about the anthem and mr. kaepernick and over the weekend in his weekly radio address, he addressed a little bit about that. >> america's men and women in uniform have carried our flag into battle and given their lives to protect it. every day millions of american citizens raise it, salute it, and honor it on
3:48 am
the home front. before watching a football game, you want to see those players be proud of their country, respect our country, respect our flag and respect our national anthem. and we think they will, we certainly hope they will. steve: so mr. kaepernick has hired mark geragos the celebrity attorney based out of the west coast who has in the past represented michael rider anwinona ryder and michael jackson. ainsley: he said i hear you. he has talked to some of the players he said i'm listening to you in your efforts. i appreciate your efforts but i think you should be standing for the national anthem. is he denying any black balling of quarterbacks or any of the team members who refuse to stand. steve: by the way, his former team, the 49ers were booed as they kneeled for the anthem again. they have now lost six games in a row. pete: we're also hearing that hillary clinton on her
3:49 am
blame tour in the u.k. -- book tour, sorry, book tour, just sounded off and said she supports the kneeling. ainsley: in london. pete: in london wor loan londong about how she supports the kneelers. pete: fbi happened to find new documents about it. will this ignite the entire scandal? former congressman jason chaffetz here to react the tom of the hour. ainsley: halloween costume of the wall. look at that sparking a lot 6 talk online. carley shimkus is here to talk about what's trending coming up next. ♪ why do you build me up ♪ butter cup, baby ♪ just to let me down ♪ let me down ♪ and me around ♪ and then worst of all ♪
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♪ ♪ ainsley: this morning social media outrage following a football announcer's joke. listen to this. >> let's face it, the giants are coming off a worst week than harvey weinstein and they are up by 14 points. steve: that quip forcing al-michaels to apologize with more 24/7 headlines reporter carley shimkus. >> he decided to nip this one in the bud. his name started to trend on twitter immediately. i knew that things were going south. he apologized for this just a little bit later on in the game. take a listen. >> sorry i made a reference earlier. tried to make a flip about somebody obviously very much in the news all over the country. not meant in that manner. so my apologies.
3:54 am
and we'll just leave it at that car ca. >> so this became a big topic in the giants bronchos. mixed reaction to this. i am not offended by al-michael's joke on harvey weinstein as i am by harvey weinstein. another tweeted nfl things can't get any worse. al michaels hold my beer. liberals can't handle a harvey weinstein joke okay with the crude and nasty jokes on "saturday night live." interesting how that works. big question is should comedians or people in the media be making jokes about this at all. steve: we are on now the 16th day of october big question for many people is what kind of a costume are they going to be selecting for halloween and now we found out the party city has figured out something that is getting a lot of publicity. >> yeah. so is this offensive or funny? party city released this costume that looks like a bring wall. they do not say that it's suppose you had to be president trump's border
3:55 am
wall but some people are assuming that's what it is supposed to be. and are offended. jason on twitter said it's cultural appropriation halloween isn't for you, here's a directly racist costume straight from party city but be on twitter. shout out to party city for selling the most stupid and ignorant. that's not supposed to be a border wall. this is not a racist costume. this is a reference to pink floyd the wall album cover. >> the write something a little bit similar. you know this is going to get a lot of college students all fired up. pete: thanks for finding me my costume. ainsley: a lot of people not offended by it they like it. steve: george lopez is in trouble because he was at a charity function and he really ripped into the president. >> yeah for juvenile diabetes. he was at this charity function and then he was told to stop making fun of the president because all the jokes wer jokes were pretty
3:56 am
political. steve: asked by a guy who just donated a quarter of a million dollars. >> here is how he responded to that it's about the kids, all right? i apologize for bringing politics to an event. this is america. it still is. all right? >> i apologize to your white privileged. >> some say he was booed off the stage. ainsley: i apologize to your white privilege. >> he wasn't really apologizing. a lot of people on social media took note. would hollywood ever learn no one wants politics in their entertainment. one more tweet. millions of white americans are struggling to pay bills, feed their families, go tell them how privileged they are. that joke did not sit well with a lot of people. steve: a lot of stuff trending on this monday morning. >> better believe it. ainsley: they just want to find a cure. they don't want all the politics. >> you are absolutely right.
3:57 am
ainsley: jason chaffetz, laura ingraham and nigel farage, they are all going to join us live coming up ♪ all right ♪ americans. and big corporations get a huge tax break. but a lot of families like ours will pay more. millions in the middle class will actually pay higher taxes. that's right. higher taxes! to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. no early morning tweet can make that right. the trump tax plan is just bad for america. when we love someone, we want to do right by them. what is this? (chuckling) but habits are hard to break. honey, where are the habaneros? and then there are things we can't control, like snoring. (loud snoring) now the answer is right under your nose. introducing theravent anti-snore strips, clinically shown to reduce snoring
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steve: president of the united states michigan mcconnell expected to have lunch today. they have a lot to talk about. >> if we are successful, mitch mcconnell is fine. if we are not, we are all in trouble. >> someone been in office three decades and can't seem to get the job done. >> right now it's a season of war against a g.o.p. establishment. >> today, bowe bergdahl is expected to admit is he a deserter. >> he doesn't even deserve the honor of being called a pow. he is needs to be called a deserter and given zero benefits. >> president trump is ending obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire. >> the president affordable care act. what the president is
4:01 am
focused on middle class families who are paying 30 to 40,000 adds year for premiums. >> it was about a week ago we had a farmer by the name of gene hanson. >> "fox & friends" steve, ainsley, brian, and heather. ♪ ♪ steve: it is monday morning, october 16 ut, 2017. you are watching the morning number one cable news show. brian is not here. in his place we have two people. takes two to fill in for brian. pete: 100 percent. steve: former congressman jason chaffetz. pete: my grievance was filed for the weekend because they
4:02 am
played life is a highway, rascal flatts edition. i said no we need the original from tom cochran. we got it today. ainsley: we like rascal. pete: rascal is fine he followed on tom cochran. steve: little bit what is happening today, congressman, looks like the president is going to sit down with mitch mccouncil. figure out how to get the budget done and figure out if they can do anything with taxes. explain their relationship, would you? >> come in and big group hug and kiss each other on the cheek and say come on, let's have a hotting to. i just don't -- look, when the team isn't performing well, and putting wins up on the board, a lot of people on that team want to see a change in the coach. donald trump, all he wants are bills to sign. he just wants to president left to him got enough. looking to congress and don't fundamentally
4:03 am
understand why we don't have repeal and replace for obamacare where is the tax reform bill. we talk about all these principles, introduce the bill so we can build the momentum to win the vote. steve: does mitch need to go? >> again, i don't know what the cases is to keep him. with all due respect is he a very nice gentleman and very accomplished. have you got to actually produce things and they haven't been able to do that. i do think the pressure should be put also on senator mccain and, you know rand paul and those that actually voted no on -- were going to vote no on these things. but it is the majority leader's job to bring up the bill and actually push to get the votes. if people vote no then they know who to blame. whether you don't even vote then you have to blame the leader. ainsley: we heard nancy pelosi and also this weekend chris murphy, senator chris murphy the democrat from connecticut was on the shows talking about it. nancy pelosi said that if the president doesn't do what they want him to do,
4:04 am
they will shut down the government. she says if the government shuts down, it's the production' fault and chris murphy as well. >> what is he doing is hurting the american people. this isn't about policy. we have a path in the senate, bipartisan path. at least i wonder if he even knows what that path is. because from what he says is it doesn't sound like he has knowledge, knows the facts, bases his decision on evidence. they have the majority in the house and the senate and the president's signature. they have the power to keep government open. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire just because the president is upset that the united states congress won't pass a repeal bill that is supported by 17% of the american public. >> first of all, i love that nancy pelosi actually said out loud on a sunday morning show it's not about policy. it's sort of like what she
4:05 am
said originally we have to pass this bill in order to find out what's in it. the bill originally was passed on a bed of lies, $2,500 savings. you're going to be able to keep your dowk tore. remember, it was a federal judge who ruled that you can't do this. so president trump is following the law by pushing this back and then he is doing something really good, clean-up we have all wanted, which was to be able to sell insurance products across state lines. the president is actually doing the right thing. pete: briefly on this as well. steve bannon come out time to go to war gerns the establishment republicans. is it time to challenge establishment republicans? >> i challenged. they will have to stand on own individual records. firing on each other will surely push us into the minority. if you have to spend all your millions of dollars of resources. be careful on those battles that you pick remember the
4:06 am
democrats ultimately battling against. hard to look into the camera or go before voters and say, look, if republican also just vote republican, we can actually pass these things. steve: when you were the head of the oversight committee. i know you were trying to get into what exactly went on on that tarmac meeting between the former president bill clinton, whose wife was being investigated by the fbi. >> right. steve: and the attorney general for the united states. they sat apparently in a plane and had a chat for a half an hour. we were told nothing happened. judicial watch has sued repeatedly and now it looks as if they are winding up with foia requests at least 30 more pages of documents regarding that. why is it judicial watch is so much better at getting documents from the government than the congress is. >> i'm actually writing a book about this and how the deep state works. look, they have been able to get to the courts and force the issue. of the untold story, what people have not been focusing on is there is an inspector general report going on. michael horowitz is the
4:07 am
inspector general at the department of justice. he has 450 employees. they have started this investigation. you haven't heard a single leak, unlike what mueller is doing. you haven't had a single leak. and sometime in 2018, probably in the first half he will go probably before the oversight and government reform committee is and look at this report. it will start with that tarmac meeting and go all the way through the firing of comey. and it will be probably the most definitive report. and that is going to be an explosive time. my guess, and this is purely a guess, they covered these documents. the department of justice realized the enemier general has them. now we have to release them to judicial watch. there are probably more. to think there is only 30. if there is one, there is a lot more than 30. steve: we can screw with congress but can't screw with the judicial branch. >> yes. congress doesn't have a way to get to the courts. when i issued a subpoena on the department of justice, guess who i needed to get to enforce that subpoena? the department of justice. steve: good luck.
4:08 am
>> so you are just at a stalemate. you have to have congress to get directly to the courts. that's what judicial watch is able to do. tom fitton, more power to you. he has been very effective. ainsley: hillary clinton was on last week and talking about the money she got from harvey weinstein. got $250,000. she is going to give that to charity and find a way to use that money for good. turns out now she is saying this morning that they have already spent that money. the foundation spent it, so she can't pay it back. >> i don't know how you look anybody in the eye and be able to say this was an appropriate use of this. i mean, oh, well, i give 10%. i'm going to give it to charity. well, i have already spent the money. it's just -- she is just demonstrating every single day why she is not the president of the united states. ainsley: she spent it. $250,000. she has that in her bank account, give it to charity. >> there is no excuse for this. every single day we hear stories about mr. weinstein and then have you somebody who isn't -- she is arguing
4:09 am
that she wants to lead with women and women's issues and then this issue comes up, and she is like no, i'm going to go ahead and keep that money. pete: another issue came up recently across the pond hillary clinton on her book tour. just moments ago said these comments about the nfl kneelers. take a listen. >> so, you have to resist what are very clear, what we call dog whistles to that base. that's what the black athletes kneeling was about. that was not against our anthem or our flag. that was actually kneeling is a reverent position. it was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustifiable in our criminal system. [applause] i there it would be a grave error for democrats to recede from those fights and so, therefore, we have to stand up, fight back, resist. pete: president trump says stand up. a president hillary clinton would have said take a knee. sheenchts is overseas.
4:10 am
ainsley: in london. >> it's interesting that she would draw that parallel. they were taking a knee only during the national anthem. and so it's pretty hard to make an argument that it's not against the flag and if it's not against the united states of america. and if the democrats are going to continue to fight this fight, they will lose every single time. steve: something entrepreneurship has tweeted out about was regarding the nfl. maybe it's time that they lose their tax benefits. i know they gave up certain tax exemptions but they still get a lot of tax subsidies. and you, in fact, introduced some legislation. >> yeah. i actually had a bill that said to the nfl i did this a number of years ago. said the nfl was structured as a not-for-profit. are you kidding me? and actually give some credit to roger goodell because i worked with him. they pulled back some of that but they do give subsidies. remember, they were getting money from the national guard, from the military. pete: to build stadiums with tax dollars. >> i don't think the nfl wants anybody to look under the hood how they publicly
4:11 am
finance these stadiums because i think you would be appalled on what the taxpayers are paying in order to build an nfl stadium only to have people go and disrespect the flag. steve: if the backlash continues they are going to do everything they can to stop the kneeling? >> look, i don't think the american public -- i think they are winning this fight and they are understanding that the flag and the country comes first above and beyond publicly financing of these stadiums. but they should pass this legislation to take away their tax exempt status. there is no reasonable to do that. pete: no brainer. congressman, thanks a lot. good to see you. ainsley: right behind is you jillian. jillian: i'm sure we will hear more are a the nfl owner's meeting this week. happening now a desperate search for a missing person after a massive explosion at offshore oil rig in louisiana. at least seven people hurt in the blast in lake pontchartrain just outside of new orleans. people who live nearby describing the serrie moments this all went down.
4:12 am
>> we were just sitting in my house and the whole entire house shook. things fell off tables. sounded like a bomb dropping. jillian: officials think cleaning chemicals somehow triggers blast, their concern oil may be leak into the lake. disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty in court today. 31-year-old charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. bergdahl captured by the taliban. five years later the obama administration treate traded fie terrorists to get him back. is he facing life in prison u earlier michael waltz explained what he wants to see happen to bergdahl. >> i expect and i hope is he given a dishonorable discharge, reduced to private, deprived of all back pay. hundreds of thousands that's been accumulating for him. he doesn't even deserve the honor of being called a pow in my mind. he needs to be called a desserter. jillian: colonel waltz lid the special forces search for bergdahl in afghanistan in 2009.
4:13 am
and the green bay packers could be without their star quarterback for the rest of the season. >> and rogers is hurt. he took a big hit at the end of that play. just as he got it out it looked like he might have landed on that right showered shoulder. jillian: breaking collar bone throwing shoulder. loss to the minnesota vikings. that could cab huge blow for the packers. steve: i broke my collar bone once it hurts. jillian: i don't have personal experience but i will take your word for it. ainsley: how old were you? steve: i was in high school. pete: were you tackled by a 250-pound linebacker? steve: no. i think i just fell down. pete: hillary clinton not done with blame game yet. her newest scapegoat nigel farage. >> you had what farage campaigning for trump and the like, you know, the big lie is a very potent tool.
4:14 am
pete: the big bli nigel farage. nigel says hillary is just in denial and he joins us coming up. steve: collin kaepernick has been out of the envelope all season after anthem protest and he knows why. collusion. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators,
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4:18 am
steve: former nfl quarterback collin kaepernick now filing a grievance against his national football league. pete: that's right. he claims the owners are colluding to keep him off the field for punishment for national anthem protest. ainsley: rob schmitt joins us now with details. rob: collin kaepernick seeming desperate lawyering up and filing a grievance alleging that every single nfl owner conspired to keep him out of the league. kaepernick's attorney made this statement if the nfl is to remain a meritocracy peaceful political protests which the owners themselves made great political theater imitating moments ago should not be punished and athletes should not be denied deny denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the executive branch of our government. the union has a duty to assist mr. kaepernick as we do all players and we'll support him. kaepernick, of course, started the trend of kneeling during the anthem
4:19 am
as a way to protest police brutality against the black community. many saw it as clear sign of disdanel for the country he lives. in the president jumped in to this conversation a couple weeks ago and inspired more kneeling before nfl commissioner faced with declining ratings told players they should stand for the anthem. cowboys owner jerry jones took it one step further and threatened to bench players who kneel. basically trying to say everybody was in on this. and everybody said we can't have this guy in the nfl anymore and i mean, that's a really big claim. steve: it is a big claim. rob: how do you prove that? why would anybody want him on the team when he is to divisive in that way? i don't think you need to collude. ainsley: he might have had a case if he hadn't gotten out of his contract and if you were a really good player. rob: you could allege he still belongs in the nfl for talent reasons. who wants to touch him? i don't think you have to get together to decide that. steve: it's not a lawsuit it's a grievance though. because is he no longer part of a team. what does he want? does he want money?
4:20 am
or does he want his job back? rob: i think he wants his job back. i think that's exactly what he wants and probably running out of money. you know these guys spend a lot of money. it's an expensive life. pete: isn't there stale canadian football league? he can go up there and kneel for their anthem u. ainsley: thanks, rob. steve: critical moment in court today for new jersey senator robert menendez. could the judge dismiss part of the corruption case against him? we will talk about that. ainsley: hillary clinton's latest scapegoat for election loss? nigel farage. >> you had, you know, farage campaigning for trump and the like. the big lie is a very potent tool. ainsley: well, farage says that's ridiculous. he is going to join us next. pete: i am going to ask him what the big lie is, too. ♪ you know who is to blame ♪ you know what i'm saying ♪ we keep on playing ♪ head games ♪ that's all i get from you ♪
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4:24 am
ainsley: we have quick political headlines for you. today a judge might mov might mo dismiss charges against robert men mendez. defense says the alleged bribe hasn't been leaked to any specific actions. prosecutors are worried that a dismissal could legalize pay-to-play politics. the oldest member of the u.s. senate now facing a primary challenger from within her own party. seeking her fifth term 84-year-old democrat dianne feinstein will run against 50-year-old state president pro tem kevin daily okay. he has fighted to take the fight to trump after feinstein she hoped trump could be a good president.
4:25 am
steve: so it's on. hillary clinton continues to play the blame game over her lost last year. newest excuses brexit and a guy by the name of nigel farage. >> the amount of fabricated, false information that your voters were given by the -- i'm not as familiar. i'm very familiar with what the side said because they transported a lot of that on behalf of trump. you had, you know, farage campaigning for trump and the like. the big lie is a very potent tool. pete: here to react former u.k. imedz party leader nigel farage. it was all you, all a lie and all a conspiracy to defeat her. >> absolutely. i'm a terrible person. i'm unacceptable human being. and as she said, i was sorry
4:26 am
she didn't call me deplorable. i would have enjoyed that. sngts it interesting? i mean, she is going around the u.k. selling her book 20 pounds a copy. clearly the clintons haven't made enough money yet. it's all about why she lost the election and it whoop a that brexit, the phenomenon of brexit which spilled across to the u.s.a. is the reason that she lost. she is basically saying that i lied to the british electorate. what she is doing here is not defending her own position but acting as the high priestesque of the globalist movement. she wants tore brexit. i will tell you what, she is making a sad, sorry spectacle of herself. steve: well, when she says the amount of fabricated false information, you know she wants to say #fake news but that belongs to the other guy. >> well, that's right. it does. and the honest truth is if you look at her record and her husband's record,able it
4:27 am
on nativity tax be it on china, be it on many other trade deals, they consistently told the american people these deals would be good for america and they turned out not to be. and, remember, that had miller become president, she wanted america to join, as she described it, a hemispheric common market. hillary sees the european union as a prototype of a bigger form of global government. she hates brexit. she hates me and she thinks it gave trump the edge. ainsley: how much relevance does she have now. she is trafling the world and everyone is saying she is blaming everyone else that she lost the elections. how much relevance does she have. >> none of it is her own fault. she can't recognize the fact her own sense of entitlement is what put off some american voters. i don't think she is hugely relevant vanity unless she is deciding, perhaps, to have another tilt at the presidency. now she denies that in public. but if she is not doing it,
4:28 am
why is she going around the world making these big political arguments that she wants everything that happened in 2016 to be reversed? pete: she also famously said she wanted a borderless world. isn't she the one that in front of rich audiences will speak their language of globalism but then try to go to the voters and hide it that strikes me as a lie. >> well, her husband was terribly good at that bill often appeared as populist in elections. yet when he was elected governed as a globalist and exactly the same thing would happen with hillary. when she is with her friends on wall street, and the multinationals, she sings a very different song. i have to say it is a sorry sight to see somebody who is incapable, incapable of recognizing their own deficiencies. she is deep in denial. and i just think she would recognize. she lost. it's over. move on. steve: all right, his name is nigel farage also known
4:29 am
as the big lier according to what we just heard. thanks for joining us from l.a. pete: we have a big fox news alert here breaking just moments ago. bowe bergdahl breaks his silence on the day of the plea deal and is he going after president trump. ainsley: have you heard steve bannon's bold prediction about the president election? >> president trump is not only going to finish this term. is he going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020. [applause] steve: is that possible? we're going to ask dr. larry sabato about that. he is peering into his crystal ball this monday morning ♪ big disgrace ♪ kicking your can all over the place ♪ singing we will, we will ♪ rock you ♪ we will, we will ♪ rock you ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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carolina. and then 11:00 p.m 11:00 a.m. on sunday bookstore called fiction addiction. steve: if you would like to know exactly where she is and shake her hand and say thank you for doing the "fox & friends" show and writing this book about your relationship with your daughter, go to ainsley earhardt ainsley: that's right. thank you all for your support. please come meet me so i am not sitting at a table by myself. steve: i have feeling you have plenty of company. ainsley: folds of honor. some of the proceeds go to that organization. we have dan rooney who started that organization. pete: you were talking about the dollar amount you are up to. impressive number you are giving to that organization. ainsley: you all have done that have you bottom you bought a book and puts kids through college that have lost someone who has fought our our country. lost a parent. steve: meanwhile, 25 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian: i read it. it is a beautiful book. ainsley: thank you. thanks to our producers too
4:35 am
for letting me talk about it our families are awesome. i love it. jillian: come on, guys, get you caught up on headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. breaking just moments ago disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl appearing for the first time on camera ahead of a plea deal today. bergdahl expected to plead guilty to desertion and dismafemisbehavior before the enemy. he says he can't get a fair trial because of president trump. >> may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs. they got what they wanted. the people to the pointed of saying yeah, just shoot him. can you never convince those people to change their minds. >> does it hurt. >> it does hurt. ainsley: the interview part of a documentary that was filmed last year, bergdahl faces life in prison. hillary clinton taking her never ending blame game book tour overseas to the u.k. the failed candidate admitting she didn't want to attend president trump's inauguration. >> and you were reluctant to governmental i did not want
4:36 am
to go mary he willla. i looked for every reason to go. we called the bushes and said are you going? the younger bushes came and the carters came so bill and i sort of sucked it up and did it but, ug. >> clinton taking time to blame james comey, the russians and wikileaks for crushing election loss. do you remember this horrifying video of cheerleaders being forced into splits? you can see she is literally in tears. the coaches responsible will not be charged. district attorney in denver rolling insufficient evidence against denzel williams after police investigation. williams came under fire after video surfaced of cheerleaders desperately asking him to stop the training technique known as, quote, power stretching. the coach lost his job. small gesture goes a long way. marines surprising 84-year-old widow with new flags after hers were stolen from her front yard in ohio. the act of kindness bringing her daughter to tears. >> guys took time out of
4:37 am
their day to do that is phenomenal and i'm so proud. i was so proud of my dad all of our life. >> naomi's husband was a marine and korea war veteran. they were married 62 years. ainsley: thank you so much, jill i can't believe. we have all heard stories that have impacted our lives. grew up listening to her grandmother's stories about hiding a jewish family on greek island during world war ii. years later yvette tracked down family in israel. evil does not always win. the lessons that she learned from them would help evette with her own family coping with tragedy. new book "something beautiful happened" story of survival in the face of evil. the author evette joins me now. she is also a contributor for my we know her well.
4:38 am
congratulations on your book just released last week. >> yes. ainsley: tell us the story. i know the story about your grandmother. a lot of the people watching might not know it. >> i have shared with you many times the story of what happened on our tiny greek island. i grew up listening to my grandmother's story about how she was one of a group of islanders who risked her life to save a jewish family from nazis. ainsley: did they hide in her house? >> they hid in her house as well as on the priest house on her island. the entire island worked together to keep the secret to save this family. i grew up listening to the story. i wanted to find this family. i wanted to find them and maybe hear what they knew about my grandmother. i searched and searched for years. dead end after dead end. finally with the help of my friends at my heritage i was able to track down the family and they had no idea about shared history. like so many holocaust survivors women didn't talk about the war. ainsley: what did you discover. >> they were incredible. >> like so many sur viferls ever the holocaust the women never spoke about what happened.
4:39 am
so it was a mystery to the families how their mother survived the war. and when i finally called them, there is our reunion right there when we finally met in greece. when i called them i was crying my grandmother risked her life to save yours. what are you talking about? they had no idea. because of our search and research, we were able to open this incredible history for this family and rewrite their family's history answering all these unanswered questions. ainsley: a few days later, what happened to your family? >> this is where i lose it. so, three days after, i'm sorry, three days after i found the family, my grand mother saved from the nazis there was a shooting in kansas, you will recall. you guys covered it exclusively. there was a neo nazi white supremacist who wanted to know what it felt like to kill jews before he died. he went to a jcc in kansas and he killed two people. and then he went down the street and murdered a third. he wanted to know what it felt like to kill jews and he killed three people none of whom are jewish. two of them were members of my family. my 14-year-old nephew and
4:40 am
his grandfather were killed that day. and that was three days after i found the family my grandmother saved. ainsley: your son had a hard time? >> we have all had a hard time. that night, the night of the murder, i was putting my son to bed and he was crying. and my children had witnessed this search. they had witnessed me searching for this family. i said to them when we finally found them of course they were tears of joy. i said look where you are come from. look, goodness won. the nazis were defeated your grandmother risked her life to safe them. goodness will always prevail. always do your best to put goodness of in the world. the night of the murders my son turned to me with tears in his eyes mom, yonged, you told me nazis were gone and families survived how could this happen? as a writer, a journalist, as a mother first and foremost, i really wrestled with this for a very long time, what do i do with this? how do i -- does this make any sense? how do i make sense of the story for my children and for all of us? and that's where my book "something beautiful happened" was born.
4:41 am
it's my attempt to make sense of this story because 70 years ago during the holocaust and today in kansas our family has refused to let hate have the last word. immediately after the shooting, my cousin mindy who is home watching in kansas today, she lost her father and her son that day. immediately, immediately she and the rest of the family, her mother melinda included stood up and they launched a foundation called faith always wins and they are dedicating to promoting goodness and acts the of kindness. we don't want family members to go what we have gone through. no family should lose someone through an act of hate. ainsley: have you been through so much. how is mindy doing? >> she is inspiration. she is you incredible. she a power house. immediately, the night of the murders, when they told her that her son did not make it, her first act was to say something good has to come from this. and she immediately said we will donate his organs and make sure that he is remembered for being a catalyst of love and change
4:42 am
in this world and not as a victim of a hate crime. ainsley: that's your next book. track down the people who have his organs. >> there you go. ainsley: find out what they are doing good in the world. >> that's exactly it. we all have to do. this. ainsley: we have to pick up and move on. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. >> that's true. together as unified voices we can put goodness and love into the world. that is how you drown out the hate. the light in the darkness. ainsley: that's right. congratulations on your new book. >> thank you so much. ainsley: all the best to your family. bless you, mindy, my word, you are doing so good things for other people "something beautiful happened" if pick it up. do you have a website? >> yes we have ainsley: did you hear steve bannon's prediction about the next election. >> president trump is not only going to finish this term is he going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020. [applause] ainsley: what does larry sabato think? he is looking into his
4:43 am
criminal tall ball straight ahead. think you have a right to free speech? not if you are a conservative student on one campus. the outrage is boiling up. ♪ just keep your eyes on me ♪ i think you're holding back ♪ she said shut up and dance with me ♪ this woman is my destiny ♪ she said oh w are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. we brewed the love, right guys? nature's bounty knows healthy cholesterol starts in your gut. so we made cardio-health, an innovative way to support healthy cholesterol containing lrc, a probiotic strain that helps you metabolize dietary cholesterol.
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steve: senator ted cruz issuing a warning to republicans saying they could see a blood bath in the mid terms next year if they fail on tax reform and healthcare. this as former white house chief strategist steve bannon predicts a big win for president trump in 2020. >> president trump is not only going to finish this term, he's going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020. [applause] steve: wow. what a prediction. so what do the races look like today? joining us right now with a look into his crystal ball the director of the senator
4:47 am
forever politics at the university virginia you know him you love him larry sabato. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: what do you make of steve bannon's prediction that president trump will be reelected with 400 electoral votes. >> steve, there are four possibilities, president trump will be reelected overwhelmingly. president trump will be reelected by a little. president trump will lose by a little. president trump will lose by a lot. you pick the one that makes you the happiest. we are more than three years away from the election. i mean, it's a bold prediction. it's free speech. people are allowed to do whatever they want. i think it's a little bit early. don't you think? steve: if it's too early to be talking about 2020. let's talk about 2018 and the mid terms. right now, given the fact that republicans have not been able to get a doggone thing really through the u.s. senate, it doesn't look good for them, does it? >> yes. except that it is a little less than 13 months ahead of
4:48 am
the 2018 elections. you know, senator cruz said there would be a blood bath. actually he was saying if, if the republicans don't get some accomplishments there will be a blood bath. is he probably right on that. other senators have said the very same thing. they have a year to produce and tax reform is their best shot that could change the picture. these are politicians. they know how quickly the ground shifts. steve: sure, absolutely. let's just is a imagine if you will for a moment, if the mid terms were tomorrow, you know, democrats need to pick up a bunch in the house and a number in the senate. what are the possibilities of that? >> i think democrats would gain seats in the house. but not enough to take it over. they need 24 shifts. it doesn't sound like much. you have got 435 seat house. but it actually is a lot, given the way the lines are drawn and given the power of incumbencies. i don't think they take over the house and in the senate. republicans would actually add seats. why is that?
4:49 am
because republicans only have nine seats on the ballot and only two of them in arizona and nevada are actually vulnerable. the democrats have 25 seats on the ballot. 10 of those democratic seats are in states trump carried. sometimes by as much as 25 points. steve: um-huh. >> the democrats have much more at risk than the republicans do. that's not to say republicans couldn't blow it if they don't pass something substantial. steve: well, right now, the quarterback on the republican team is president donald trump. i know you have had some critical things to say in the past number of months. but, looking politically at the possibility that he would be reelected, we're not going to do that. but how is he doing his job in your estimation right now? >> i would say, steve, that he is about where he was on election day. yes, i know polls have him in the 30's, but we're having the same problem with polling now in my view that we had before the election
4:50 am
last november. is he underrated in the polls. he does better on election day. and, don't forget, there are two parties involved. the democrats have, at our count, 32 people, either running or considering running. and, you know, that's a lot of people. and, you know, somebody great could be nominated and somebody awful could be nominated. steve: stay tuned. all right. larry, you're great. thank you very much for joining us today from virginia. >> very nice, steve. thank you. steve: all right. what do you think about that? email us at think you have a right to free speech, not if you are conservative on campus. outrage boiling over. we will tell you about that plus, laura ingraham and columnist michael good win are going to join us on the final hour of "fox & friends." walt disney distributed alex comedy recognizealalice comediy.
4:51 am
1967 nato headquarters opened in brussels, 1999, mariah carey was topping the charts with her song heartbreaker ♪ go and break my heart ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
outraged from students and professors on campus. joining us now is one of
4:55 am
those students, his name is nicholas, also a campus reform correspondent as well. nicholas, thanks for being here. >> good morning. pete: as a fellow princeton alum, when you see a student writing in the paper that conservatives don't have a right to free speech. where does that logic come from? >> well, truth be told, i'm not too sure i hit the nail on the head. i am reading a article not only conservatives dems, free speech isn't a right itself. pete: what's the argument? >> i believe the argument right now is that conservatives have been heard before. one of the other lines were conservative argue. s were strong they would be convincing. if they were convincing there wouldn't be opposition. since there some session we can do away with them. pete: since there is opposition we can get rid of them. we asked bourn come on this program. he cited exclusivity to the daily conservative which i don't believe is a real thing. if nbc had called me and said come on and defend your beliefs, i would have been happy to do so.
4:56 am
have you ever had a conversation him? do you feel like he would be reasonable toward conservatives? >> i haven't had a chance to chat with him himself. although i look forward to the opportunity. i do have to say so far princeton, i have had a great experience with free speech itself. the university has been dedicated to open and free inquiry. i'm very grateful for that i see across the country. leadership institutes campus reform is reporting on many cases where that's not the cases where students have disdain for some of our most fundamental rights as a country. pete: what you are say something princeton is not a safe space because free speech still lives. >> free speech is live at princeton. the university does a great job at promoting it. the daily princetonian they published my response to mr. bourn's article which i was was thrilled will. our president made sure opportunities are available for students across the spectrum. pete: see if they i had get rid of woodrow wilson off the campus. stilliness still going on. >> no doubt. pete: good man. thank you.
4:57 am
final hour ahead. laura ingraham joins us live next. plus, country music legend dolly parton will be here live in studio. don't miss it ♪ a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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sometthat's when he needs the way ovicks vaporub.'s sleep.
5:00 am
proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. >> it's a seasonal war against a gop establishment. >> today, bo bergdahl is a deserter. >> he doesn't get the honor to be called a pow, he needs to be called a deserter. >> colin kaepernick accusing nfl owners to keep him off the league. >> that was actually kneeling as a referenced position. >> so you don't mind if republicans turn off your show anymore? >> if they're so turned off
5:01 am
with my opinion, i don't know. i probably won't want to have a conversation william anyway. >> it was a week ago that we had a farmer on. >> look at what he just plowed. fox and friends. steve, ainsley, brian, and heather. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: did you see that just a moment ago? coming up. plus, we've got dolly parton this hour on fox and friends. ainsley: people say what's your favorite interview? definitely the president. but she's right up there. i've interviewed her before. she's just precious. she is teeny tiny. she's full of love.
5:02 am
and we'll ask her about that comment when she's sandwiched in between the two liberals at the oscars. steve: meanwhile, let's dial in laura ingram, the founders of life's debt and the host of the new 10:00 p.m. show starting on october the 30th, the ingram angle. good morning to you, laura. >> good to see you guys. ainsley: congratulations on the new book. and we've been seeing all the promos for your new show. we're excited about it. >> i know. i actually haven't seen it yet. but i've been hearing about it. i better watch it and see it. ainsley: you look great. steve: we are starting this hour for a fox news alert because bo bergdahl is expected to plead guilty today, laura. and it's interesting. about a year ago, some documentary filmmakers made the film that we're looking at right here. they sat on the video for over a year and now abc is releasing the video on the day of the plea deal. why exactly is he going to plead guilty? listen to this:
5:03 am
>> may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs that got what they wanted. the people who are to the point of, yeah, just shoot him, you can never convince this people to change their minds. it does hurt. steve: from the people who are in our control room who have seen the video, apparently, he says he can't get a fair trial, and he blames among other people, the president of the united states donald trump. . >> well, isn't that a shock coming from a deserter who put his fellow soldiers in jeopardy and not focusing on his duty to honor and defend the military to our constitution. bo bergdahl is playing the blame game. we have a lot of people these days pointing fingers at others instead of looking at themselves in the mirror. you heard hillary yesterday talk about how it's the russian deal that caused her to lose the election and now we have bo bergdahl.
5:04 am
i should remind everybody that the judge and the bergdahl case told potential jurors that, you know -- and they didn't strike them if they voted for trump. couldn't strike them off the jury. however, you could say that we're going to ask you about social media posting about donald trump and so forth. bergdahl is a deserter, he's a traitor of the country, and he's blaming the president. okay. fine. i think we know what time it is here. and it's ridiculous. >> it's monday. absolutely. at noon today, the president will be sitting down with majority leader mitch mcconnell. plenty of them for discuss. this, of course, last week as the president signed on executive actions on obamacare. democrats don't like that. they're suddenly now threatening to shut down the government but want to blame republicans for it. where does this political tap dance go from here? >> well, republicans have to be very careful how they message this obamacare move by the president. the president was correct in using his article one power. his regulatory authority, his discretion here.
5:05 am
the obamacare exchanges are collapsing. congress could not get its act together. the house at least passed something. but mitch mcconnell, how many swings and misses key have on this issue? donald trump got elected on part of the wall, repealing obamacare, obviously trade and leftist policy. the democrats are really good at resistance. they've been doing it since trump was inaugurated. but if i'm trump, and i have mcconnell in a room, i would say bring me more legislation that i can sign that we can go around the country barn storm about to the american people and economic renewal on this tax reform and all the other priorities that we have. but i need you to support what i've done on this -- on the regulatory front. and mcconnell is the one who is in about what? 18% approval generating? so i think trump has three times the approval generating,
5:06 am
approximately, as mitch mcconnell. maybe two and a half times. but it's ridiculous. ainsley: all right. what do you think about colin kaepernick filing grievances now against the nfl owners? he says the league has been colluding against him because he's been unsigned now for six weeks. >> so we have hillary blaming the russians, bergdahl blaming trump, and kaepernick blaming the owners colluding. is there a pattern here? no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. if colin kaepernick wanted to kick off this big protest as he did last year, then. okay. he did it. and now he sees the results for the nfl. a lot of other people followed in his footsteps, and they decided to kneel. take their protest to the field. and it didn't work out well for them. steve: right? >> if he wants to protest, god bless him. go ahead and protest on his own time. he hasn't been selected and everyone who i know who is a better expert on football than i am, he's not one of the top
5:07 am
players in the league, number one, and he's a disruption to the league. it's been a disaster for the nfl, this protest mentality. play the game, play it as best you can, and merit should be the ultimate -- you know, the ultimate king -- linchpin here, not anything else. but, again, it's all blaming other people. you're responsible for your own actions. steve: right and this is a grievance. it's not a lawsuit, per se. but, laura, you're a lawyer. can't companies hire anybody they want to for whatever reason they want to? >> there's no -- again, if we had a legal system that was serious about dismissing frivolous lawsuits, this one would clearly be dismissed, and i would slap sanctions on his attorney if i represent judge. this is a frivolous lawsuit. it has no merit. no basis on fact. what he wants to do is get publicity for him and get
5:08 am
documents of discovery. they get e-mails sent between owners about him, then they can prove some type of civil case that he could have. but i think it's very weak. but, again, people file lawsuits all the time in the united states that bankrupt other people. not the nfl. and they should be dismissed. it's another example of a stupid lawsuit that frankly should receive sanctions on the other end. pete: well, laura, this just in. colin kaepernick has a supporter. hillary clinton at the london literature festival decided to chime in on whether we should stand or kneel during the national anthem. take a listen to what she said. >> so you have to resist our very clear what we call dog whistles. that's what the black athletes kneeling about. that was not against our anthem or flag. actually, kneeling is a referenced position. it was to demonstrate in a
5:09 am
peaceful way against political injustice in our system. i think it would be a grave error for democrats to recede from those fights, so, therefore, we have to stand up, fight back, resist. pete: is this where our politics are today, laura? one says stand. the other says kneel? >> stand up, fight back, resist. hillary clinton progressive once again why she was not fit for the presidency. she is always -- there's a choice, she will always go on the other side of the issue. maybe if this had to do with trump, she would say something different. but that clip demonstrates once again why it's not the russians, it's not jim comey, it's not donald trump being a celebrity that defeated her last november. hillary defeated herself. she cannot -- she cannot deviate from identity politics. she has no solutions for economic prosperity for this country. her foreign policy ideas are way off the mark, and she
5:10 am
wanted open borders, she wanted to continue the transpacific partnership. all of this stuff that hillary clinton was for, the voters rejected. and she keeps progressive it. every day she's out there, she makes me more glad we elected donald j. trump. ainsley: speaking of losing. jimmy kimmel was interviewed, and he said he didn't care about losing the republican base. listen to this. >> it's a bit of a risk you're taking talking about this stuff. >> three years ago, i was equally liked by republicans and democrats. and then republican numbers went way down. like 30% or whatever and, you know, as a talk show host, that's not ideal, but i -- i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> so you don't mind if republicans turn off your show? >> i don't say i don't mind. i want everyone with a television to watch the show. but if they're so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then i don't
5:11 am
know. i probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway. >> good riddance? steve: does not get regret getting political. >> yeah. that was a real probing interview. look, he -- by all accounts, people i know who know him say he's a great guy, and he's -- i mean, i know a lot of people are really close friends of his, and they really like him. i think, jimmy, you're making a huge mistake. politics and comedy, yeah, they do intersect every now and then. but when people tune in at the end of the day and late night shows, they want to laugh. they don't want to feel like they're under attack. they don't want to feel like the guy they voted for is just a horrible, rot onperson. it doesn't work. ask oprah how it worked for her after 2008 when she made such a big stand for obama. she kind of retreated. i think smartly from interjecting politics in her
5:12 am
show. he says he doesn't care, and he probably doesn't have anything to say to them anyway about trump voters. if i were kimmel, i would want to appeal to all people in the audience. brian: if i'm fallon, i'm happy. come on over here. steve: this is not a theory to you, because you wrote a book about it called shut up and sing. >> yep. steve: now you have a new book out. it's called billionaire at the barricades. it's about donald trump, and you have steve bannon, and you guys are hitting the road; right? >> yeah. we're going to be in scottsdale, arizona tomorrow at the hilton. make sure to go to for details. it's going to be a lot of fun. it starts at 6:30, 7:00, so everybody show up, and we're going to have fun with bannon. it's always a good time. steve: all right. we'll be watching. laura, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, laura. steve: coming up on this monday, hollywood elites connecting the harvey weinstein scandal to president trump. >> this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere.
5:13 am
after all, we have someone admitting to be a sexual psalter in the office. ainsley: it's deeper than we all thought. coming up. pete: and a middle school cutting to kill a mocking bird from its reading list because it made people feel uncomfortable. well, history can be uncomfortable. seriously. we'll bring it to you. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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5:17 am
ainsley: hillary clinton attempting to tie president trump to the harvey weinstein scandal. >> there cannot be tolerated anywhere. after all, we had someone admitting to being a sexual psalter in the oval office. steve: that in report will not return weinstein's donations and many in hollywood are trying to take the same approach trying to connect mr. trump to mr. weinstein. ainsley: larry elder joins us now with his opinion. larry, do you see the connection at all that she thinks weinstein and president trump are doing the same thing? >> nice try. first of all, president trump has not admitted to being a sexual psalter at all, so
5:18 am
that's #fakegnaws. but don't you think it's fascinating the hypocrisy here. not only did hillary refer to donald trump as an admitted sexual psalter, she also demented the bravery of these women coming forward. called them courageous. where was that support when paula ford came forward. what about kathleen willey when chauffeuring 60 minutes and talked about an incumbent president who committed sexual abuse three or four days later, said, well, even if you believe what kathleen willey is, it isn't sexual harassment because after she told -- after bill clinton was told to stop, bill clinton stopped. incredible. and, of course be juanita goes on dateline, nbc accuses bill clinton of rape and two days after, to my knowledge only one national reporter ever even asked bill clinton about it, and that was sam donaldson and clinton said i'll refer
5:19 am
you to my lawyer. that was it. during the whole campaign, hillary was never asked by a reporter about these women. but now these women coming forward against harvey weinstein are considered to be brave and courageous. phony, critical, double standard. steve: we've got a series of tweets to show you that folks are lining up to make the connection. first off, josh, saying so now that we've dealt with weinstein. what are we going to do about donald trump? josh says of course he's a sick person who destroyed lives. epitomizes what these people have. and says it's time for congress to step up and remove the predator in chief. you say? >> for crying out loud. harvey weinstein has had now i think 30 accusations of sexual assault, including five accusations of rape. whatever donald trump has done is child play compared to this. it's total hypocrisy and
5:20 am
hollywood knew about this. there were jokes about this. seth mcfarlane made a joke about this. there was an into come based on harvey weinstein. there was a joke in 30 rock. so where were all of the a listers who could have done something to make sure that young actresses were not subject to this behavior anymore? i can understand why a young actress might not say anything. but some who are established and say they knew, and they didn't take action? these are social justice warriors zero tolerance when it comes to donald trump but when it comes to kennedy, i guess they have a very different standard. this is a phoniness that america reacted to, and this is why donald trump became president of the united states. ainsley: larry elder, thank you so much. >> you got it. ainsley: a middle school is cutting to kill a mocking bird from its reading list because it makes some people feel uncomfortable. what do you think? steve: and what really happens to your luggage after you
5:21 am
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5:24 am
. >> good monday morning to you. we're back with a fox news alert, search for a person after a massive explosion in a offshore oil rig in louisiana. at least seven people have been hurt in the blast just outside new orleans. now, people who live nearby describing the scary moments at this all happened. >> sounded like a bomb dropping. >> they think creaming chemicals caused the blast. firefighters say they finally
5:25 am
turned a corner in the deadliest blazes in california's history. the wine country wildfires, 15 still burning throughout the state. thousands of homes have already been destroyed and at least 40 people are dead. but a sign of hope among the destruction. firefighters finding this untouched american flag surrounded by burned out homes and ash. and just hours, president trump will be back on the campaign trail. the commander-in-chief hoping to help south carolina's republican governor henry mcmaster pick up scenes to get his seat. in greenville today. last november, all but 15 of south carolina's 46 counties went to president trump. ainsley. ainsley: thank you,an jillian. a classic novel so the chopping block. the mississippi school district removing to kill a mocking bird from a junior high reading list. brian: why? because administrators say the book's language makes some people feel uncomfortable. and the same lesson can be
5:26 am
taught with different books. steve: carel swain is a former teacher of politics, how our children's hearts and minds should feel. good morning to you, professor. >> good morning. steve: okay. so to kill a mocking bird. there's some language in there that people don't like and some people apparently feel it makes people uncomfortable. so do you agree the book should go? >> of course not. i believe that administrators need to teach students about history and classic works of literature as opposed to making students uncomfortable. that particular book helped really ignite the civil rights movement. pete: that's right. in some ways, the theme humanizes social status. accountable, as well as race. so history is uncomfortable. bad things have happened. why do we attempt to erase it rather than discuss it?
5:27 am
>> i would say that it's ignorance and that the administrative instead of actually teaching and showing students the importance of great work of literature, they would rather just aqueous to political correctness. and that's a consequence all of america's students are worth all. the administrators could have handled the situation by excusing the students who were complaining and letting everyone else have the educational experience. i think it's very wrong for a few people to hold everyone else hostage. ainsley: you know, we've been talking a lot about the monuments, now they're pulling books off the shelves. these are history books. and we can learn a lot from the mistakes in the past. what can we teach our kids in the past? >> well, first of all, we should be teaching them about the great nation that they live in. and i know that race makes
5:28 am
people feel uncomfortable. but we're not solving the problem by just allowing a small group of people to dictate what everyone else does. it's important for us to come together around history to avoid repeating some of the mistakes of the past. steve: professor, there are so many books out there that have what apparently this all right. would feel to be inappropriate language or, you know, that uncomfortable characteristic. where do you draw the line? you say all of these books, we're going to put them in a box, and they'll be there, but nobody should read them. >> i would say that we should not ever remove the classic books. the classic books of literature. i would not want my grandchildren reading, you know, 50 shades of gray or something that was pornography. but the books that have
5:29 am
educated generations of americans, those books shrubberied, and we need to change our approach to how we handle education in america. i believe that the administrators at colleges and universities as well as public schools now, that they are really practicing educational malpractice. and as a consequence, we are not raising young people who are prepared to function in today's society of the world. they cannot be the future leaders of tomorrow if they're totally ignorant about their own history. pete: in other words, almost completely summed up by the title of your book, about how liberalism steals our children's hearts and mind. what goes in is different, you're going to get different kinds of kids. ainsley: former professor at vanderbilt and at your school. princeton. pete: yeah. ainsley: thanks, carol. pete: a fox news alert.
5:30 am
lieutenant colonel michael waltz who led the search for bergdahl here to react. next. steve: and remember the farmer who plowed this for plowing his field. wait until you see what he did for fox and friends.
5:31 am
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what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. steve: this is a fox news alert. we're looking at our first look at disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl. expected to plead guilty on desertion charges after five soldiers died looking for him. ainsley: moments ago, we heard from bo bergdahl for the first time, and he's going after
5:34 am
donald trump. >> may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs that got what they wanted. the people who are to the point of saying, yeah, just shoot him, you can never convince those people to change their minds. >> it hurts, though? >> it does hurt. brian: he's alluding to president trump who says he should be treated as a traitor. we're bringing in right here lieutenant colonel waltz. first of all, colonel, you see the images of what will soon be former sergeant bo bergdahl. what does that image invoke for you? >> you know, in many ways, my blood is just boiling this morning. you know, so much for taking some type of accountability for standing up for what you did wrong, for admitting that you put so many of your fellow soldiers, which is just an unforgivable sin in my mind at risk. and instead, we're going to point fingers and say not my
5:35 am
fault. you know, it's sad, but i'm not surprised. steve: colonel, it sounds like he's saying if anybody other than donald trump is president, i would have fought this thing. but donald trump said so many things on the campaign trail about me, i can't get a fair trial. >> well, that's one, a cop out. and number two, that's really just kind of an insult to the military justice system. you know, i think that has run a very fair, very deliberate process. steve: he called it kangaroo court. >> yeah. right. i think judge nance by all process that's the colonel sitting in this case, and he is also seen by the entire military command led by a four star general that's really going to oversee this entire thing. so i want to assure everyone that united states military is not running a kangaroo court. ainsley: colonel, we're -- he's going to get so much press today. and that makes my blood boil because there were six people that died trying to find him.
5:36 am
and they're not being talked about today. tell us about those individuals. >> well, you know, i would invite cbs and anyone else who's airing this footage of bergdahl, let's have on the family of lieutenant darren andrews that he testified next to who lost their son, who left behind a pregnant wife and a young son who died on a mission looking for bergdahl. have my men who were actively obligated into ambitions by the taliban trying to obligate us into compounds that were rigged to explode. have on the wounded navy seal and the army national guard sergeant who suffered life -- you know, life-altering and career-ending injuries out on checkpoints searching cars trying to find him. you know, the entire theater was diverted for this one, young man who decided that he was upset with his chain of
5:37 am
command, apparently, and purposefully created this diversion so that he could complain about what we were doing in afghanistan. pete: like you, colonel, seeing those six images of the men who were lost searching for someone who walked off his base, that makes my blood boil as well. thanks for your expertise. i know this is a powerful day for you. >> yeah. stay on it. ainsley: thanks for serving, colonel. >> all right. steve: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. we have a whole bunch of other news too. pete: jillian, what have you got? >> good morning, guys. it's monday. attorney general jeff sessions following through on his promise to focus on hit remains. involving transgender people. doj sending a lawyer to iowa to help prosecute the murder of a transgender teen. 23-year-old george is charged with shooting and killing 16-year-old johnson in march of last year. johnson identified as both a man and a woman. the trial starts next week. the clinton foundation will reportedly not return hundreds of thousands of dollars
5:38 am
donated by disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein. the money, $250,000, has already been spent on charitable projects. dozens of women are now accusing the movie mogul of sexual harassment and rape. harvey weinstein also contributed thousands to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. she says she will donate that money to charity. this one's going to anger you. an airport worker busted stealing items from passengers bags in a now viral video you can see the 27-year-old man unzipping suitcases and just helping himself. authorities in thailand setting up an undercover sting operation after several passengers reported their belongings missing. the worker confessing to the crime. and another message in the field. this time, just us. fox and friends. brian suggested the idea when he was on our show last week. brian: can i make a suggestion for the next one? how about fox and friends? >> that would be a great one.
5:39 am
steve: we'll put it on tv. >> if you recall, jean hanson, sent a message to the nfl saying that we stand for the national anthem. and, of course, it's going viral. but i don't know. right now, i'm feeling like that person who was not invited to the party. ainsley: maybe we'll put a big one that says jillian. steve: the reason he put our names and heather is because he was interviewed by heather in the 4:00 a.m. show. ainsley: if you interviewed him. i said to pete, would you salute it too? and he said actually, my middle name is brian. steve: straight ahead on this monday, democrats scream sabotage after donald trump starts dismantling president obama's legacy. but my next guest who voted for president obama says president trump doesn't owe him anything. ainsley: and she was right in the middle of the trump bashing session at the emmys. but what really happened?
5:40 am
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want in on the secret take the olay 28 day challenge. millions of real women see results starting day 1. "there is not a friend i have, that will not own this product"" visible results or your money back olay. ageless. ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. stopping cyber bullying with a tax. the british government is now considering a proposal asking social media companies like twitter and facebook to fund the support of hate crimes. the tax would be voluntary, at least at first. and your car may need a couple cups of coffee in the morning. simplifying a process that can turn used coffee grounds into biodiesel fuel. it only takes ten minutes and is better than using soybean or corn. steve: meanwhile, nine months in his administration,
5:44 am
president trump giving a one-two punch to president obama's achievements. >> i just keep hearing repeal, replace, repeal, replace, well, we're starting that process. iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. we cannot and will not make this certification. pete: here to react, new york post columnist and fox news contributor michael goodwin. michael, thanks for joining us this morning. you had a great column saying president trump doesn't owe obama anything. and the two big things he did last week are just part of dismantling something he disagrees with. >> right. and what was really striking is just how the continuation of the campaign in terms of the media's coverage of these things as though everything trump does is wrong and therefore, if you are changing anything obama did, well, you have to be wrong because severing perfect. so whether it's the failures of obamacare, the failures of iran deal, those are the two big obama issues. the press doesn't acknowledge
5:45 am
problems with either one of them. so as i say, the media bias never takes a holiday. steve: well, maybe the press doesn't recognize the problem. but look at the democrats. the democrats have said, look, obamacare is messed up. we've got to fix it, and they would like to, you know, do a tinker around the edges with it. and then if you ask chuck schumer about the iran deal, i'm sure he would go, yeah, it's a stink bomb. i can't believe we signed it. >> yeah. but now he says let's not scrap it. so the democrats are united that everything obama did was perfect and the media echoes that all the time. and so what we have here is the president -- look, i'm not saying everything trump does is rate. but i think his policy choices, not his tweets, not his personality. but his policy choices have to be discussed thoughtfully and in ways that look at the problems, not just if he's changing it, it must be wrong. pete: well, on this point, let's let the media and the democrats speak to themselves on this. listen to this. >> never, though, have we seen the president so seemly bent
5:46 am
on reversing, even obliterating his predecessor signature accomplishment. >> every time he talks about anything that president obama did, he talks about it in these very caustic terms as if he's jealous or envious of the esteem in which obama left obvious. >> it's frankly a disservice to the american people. steve: okay. none of that shocks us because for the most part, the democrats and mainstream media try to defeat donald trump and now that he's president, they're trying to screw up his administration. >> nancy pelosi used the term sabotage. so did the new york times editorial page. steve: wait, are you saying collusion? >> but it's this echo of the democratic talking points. i think we have serious problems in this country. and for the media to denounce everything the president does where the criticism is the news without any consideration of the problems he has
5:47 am
inherited and what he's trying to do about them. he may fail. but let's at least give him the opportunity to make his case instead of just denouncing him knee-jerk every time he opens his mouth. i mean, these are serious problems. they cannot be ignored. pete: and, of course, since the media doesn't do its job, isn't introspective to why the policies work. >> many of these is because the media never challenged obama on anything. they were cheerleaders for obama, and they're still cheerleaders for everything obama did. steve: all right. donald trump does not owe president obama an apology. that is the topic of michael goodwin's column. check it out. it's in the new york post. >> thank you, sir. steve: thank you. hey, i was a little distracted. look who's over in the corner of our studio. dolly parton's brand-new album. we're going to talk to her coming up next. brian: but first, let's check in with sandra smith for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> hello, pete and friends.
5:48 am
a lot going on this monday morning. first, we'll have an oil explosion off the coast in louisiana. the coast guard we are told is on the way to help rescue. also, a big meeting happening today between the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on the fall agenda. we've got a big line up for you coming up on this monday morning. america's newsroom. top of the hour helen: fand every year,, we get a giwe split it equally. except for one of us.
5:49 am
i write them a poem instead. and one for each of you too. and one for each of you too. helen: cool. that actually yours... that one. yeah. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency. last i checked, stores don't take words. man: some do. oh. (alert beeps) not everyone can be the poetic voice of a generation. i know, right? such a burden. pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today.
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ainsley: she is definitely one of my favorite interviews and one of the most iconic country artists of all time. ♪ ♪ ♪ jolene. ♪.
5:52 am
steve: she's actually mouthing the words here in the studio. that country music star, superstar dolly parton has a brand-new album for kids, and she joins us right now to tell us about i believe in you. good morning to you, dolly. >> well, hello right back. i'm always excited to be here with all of you. but i'm excited about my little children's album. after all, i've written hundreds of songs for kids and, of course, i have the imagination library where we give books to children from the time they're born to when they start school. so many of the songs are included. so it's a wonderful album with singable melodies, teaches little kids how to be better little people. so i'm excited. steve: what's the secret to that? teaching kids to be better little people. >> well, all the songs in the album talks about things. there's one about bullying. it's called making funny, funny. and one is about responsibility where they can
5:53 am
sing it. so i tried to put singable melodies with messages. and the i believe in you is kind of based on the little engine that could. that's our first book that we give out through the imagination library. and, by the way, all the money from the album goes to the imagination labor to put more books in the hands of kids. ainsley: it is such a great program that you started. for folks at home that don't know about it, what is it, and how can they get more information? >> well, it's called the imagination library. i started it 22 years ago in honor of my own dad who couldn't read and write. oy started it in my own county, got my daddy involved, and he took such pride in it, and he got to live long enough to see it do well. but it did so well, that it went all over tennessee, the united states, in canada, now we're in several places around the world. so so it's where we give books to children. from the time they're born, they get a book once a month with their name on it. and until they start kindergarten. so until they're five years old. it will teach them to read, love books, to inner mingle
5:54 am
with their families as well. brian: your father was obviously a big inspiration in your life. the inspiration he gave you and for this children's album. where does it come from for you? >> well, my dad was a really, really special person. like so many country people and the schools are far away and the kids were many, so a lot of people didn't get a chance to get an education. they had to stay home, they had to work to feed the rest of the family, and that was the case in my dad's case. and he was so smart, i was wondering what might have been. and i get my work earthquake from my dad because he was such a hard worker. i get my creative and spiritual side from my mom, so it was a good combination. steve: he was a hard worker not just working 9:00 to 5:00. >> oh, that's true. steve: the reason i mention 9:00 to 5:00 because at the emmys, i'm sure your ears were burning because people were saying the most antitrump moment of the emmys were where you and jane and lily who all started 9:00 to 5:00 were there, you didn't -- you looked very uncomfortable, you didn't say a word. what was going on?
5:55 am
>> well, lily and jane and lily and jane, and i'm dolly, and i can't tell everyone what to do. but everybody knows i don't do politics because my mother was a democrat and my daddy was a republican, so i'm a hippo crat. and i don't want to make any of them mad at me, so i don't play politics. i'm an entertainer. i don't usually voice my opinion in a situation like that. but i wasn't just happy to be back with them to get that standing ovation about the movie. i was there about the movie. ainsley: were you a nervous wreck knowing you don't want to talk politics? >> yeah. i was a little nervous, but i knew i wasn't going to play the game. but a lot of people got mad at me since i didn't say something. but i didn't know what to say. but i always go to a boob joke if all else fails. brian: disarming across the board. no, i think a lot of people, when you start playing politics, you're ticking
5:56 am
somebody off. >> it broke my heart, though, people were mad at me. what was i supposed to do? so i just did me. so that's that. ainsley: dolly, i love your story because you didn't grow up with much. how many kids? >> there were 12 of us. my dad got to see the imagination library come to being good, and he loved it when the kids called me the book lady. he took such pride in that. so, yes, they were there. they saw me career really doing good, and they were very proud of me. steve: well, you're not just the book lady. you're also the singing lady. and check out her brand-new first ever children's album is called i believe in you. dolly parton. ainsley: we love you, dolly. thank you for all that you do. steve: thank you. ainsley: more fox and friends coming up just moments away >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> sandra: eight people were on board at the time. one person describing the blast as sonic boom. a live report coming up. a big meeting later today at the white house, president trump will be sitting down with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to lay out their fall agenda. their first face-to-face meeting since trading barbs over the failed obamacare repeal vote in july. i'm sandra smith. >> good


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