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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 17, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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off to jail? >> talk about road rage or track rage. jillian: thanks for joining us on this tuesday. have a good day. rob: "fox & friends" begins right now. see you later. >> we are probably now, despite what we read, closer than ever before. >> we are together, totally, on this agenda. >> a rose garden truce, but what does it really mean? >> we are working very hard to get the tax cuts. we will continue to work hard to get healthcare. >> winners make policies and losers go home. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl pleading guilty to charges including desertion. he could face life behind bars. >> meeting at league headquarters to discuss the protest. >> black athletes kneeling, that was not against our anthem or our flag. >> honestly, that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. >> harvey weinstein and his brother are set to square off against each other at company board meeting. >> weinstein thinks that time will heal all saying
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writers and actors will want to work together again. >> a lot of people look at tom cotton and say that at&t tuesday is why look to have you in his cabinet anywhere maybe cia director. >> i think that job is filled right now. ♪ ♪ steve: when they wilt the couch, they built it for three people to sit right here. live from studio f but today our friend, brian is 258 miles south of us right now. ainsley: brian has a big interview today. interviewing the commander-in-chief. right, brian? brian: we are going to do it on radio. of course there is room for three. you could always take a piece off and use it as a contribute couch and keep it on the side. steve: good idea. brian: take a piece off. joel can do it. he has the strength of 10 men. ainsley: joel is our stage manager.
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he is ignoring you right now. brian: joel is our stage manager he gets more time than most of us. i will be on radio also be able to tape it bring you unedited version tomorrow. the bigger news is ainsley's book is now out. steve, can you confirm this, through your eyes out today? ainsley: i don't think that's the bigger news but thank you for mentioning it. steve: she came to my homeland in new jersey to talk to folks about new book. ainsley: that's the cover of the book. it's called "through your eyes" my dad and daughter are going to be on air with us at 8:20 today. dad spoke last night at the book signing, everyone was like wait, can you just sit down? we want to talk to your dad. is he pretty incredible. steve: he can sit right there in a couple hours. ainsley: it's great called"through your eyes "my dad told me a lot of things he learned which is a great perspective. is he teaching me. steve: two generations. three. brian: i barely get to learn
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anything. ainsley: get too high on your horse and realize you haven't learned anything from your kids. steve: the book is available. brian: you felt the pressure last night to get a good turn out because you own your state. today is ainsley's only long island signing book review in huntington today. if long island doesn't turn out, i'm worried it's going to damage my relationship with ainsley. ainsley: it will, brian. brian: do not let her down. go to huntington and show up and make the line out the door. ainsley: thank you, brian. steve: it's a date. ainsley: 7:00 book review. steve: check out ainsley for more information. ainsley: that's right. steve: on the other side of the where brian is standing right now was a lunch. i bet it was a good one. the president and mitch mcconnell came out. keep in mind they had not met face to face september sex when mitch mcconnell and paul ryan were kept off
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guard because the president agreed to do a debt increase deal with nancy and chuck heard how they were not getting along. yesterday, they are friends again, watch this. >> probably now i think at least as far as i'm concerned closer than ever before. and the relationship is very good. we're fighting for the same thing. lower taxes. getting close to healthcare. we will come up it in the early to mid part of next year. we feel confident we have the votes. >> we have been friends and acquaintances for a long time. we talk frequently. we don't give you a readout every time. top priority is tax reduction and i think what the president and i would both like to say to you today, contrary to what some of you may have reported, we are together totally on this agenda to move america forward. >> i really believe that we have a very good chance of
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getting the taxes done. steve: the president needs mitch mcconnell this week because they must vote on the budget resolution this week or taxes are done for the year. ainsley: steve bannon is not on the same page here. brian: i agree with you. number one, why are people confused that they have the same -- they had the same objectives whether it was going to be tax reform or repeal or replace. the order was the issue. one is a lifelong politician, the other is a businessman, they were going at each other. it's not personal even when they casually go at eve other. it wasn't personal with rand paul. they're friends. it's not personal with lindsey graham, they golf together. it wasn't personal with mitch mcconnell. they are over it.
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steve bannon came out and said i'm declaring war on every sitting republican up for re-election except for ted cruz. ainsley: who he said is officially conservative. brian: among the people conservative with that is newt gingrich who said this is wrong. >> i think that it is exactly the wrong strategy. i think you will notice when the president spoke, who did the president say are the problem? the democrats. the fact is the 48 democrats consistently vote no there are 10 democrats up for election next year in states that president trump carried. six of them are states he carried by big margins. if steve bannon would focus his energy and drive and fundraising on beating those six democrats, we would get virtually everything through the senate. ainsley: the president was asked about steve bannon. he said we are friends. we have been friends for a long time. steve is doing what steve thinks is the right thing. steve: sure, i have heard through my sources in washington, d.c. that senate leadership has approached
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steve bannon and said hey, steve, have you got to lay off mitch. have you got to lay off the establishment. ainsley: we need to be united as a party? steve: that's what they are saying. they said reportedly, according to my source. apparently the senate leadership said, look, if you get on board with us and keep quiet, we will, you know, mitch mcconnell will no longer be the majority leader come january, 2019. ainsley: really? steve: in return steve bannon said nope, not going to do it. brian: well, what mitch mcconnell said yesterday, guys, sharon angle, todd aiken nice people but plowed candidates. mitch mcconnell says have you got to put together people that will win. a lot of people just blame mitch mcconnell. murkowski, senator collins and john mccain did not vote along the party lines.
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i don't know who would have convinced those three to do that though. do you? ainsley: they asked them about all of these issues. they also asked them about hillary clinton, brian. the nfl. she goes over to london for her book tour and she says publicly over there knocking america saying i agree with what these guys are doing kneeling for the national anthem. the president said yesterday this explains the response that the voters gave in 2016. listen. >> honestly, it's that thinking that is the reason she lost the election. if hillary clinton actually made the statement that in a forum sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful? then i fully understand why she didn't win. i know i mean, look, there are a lot of reasons she didn't win, including the fact that she was not good at what she did. but i will tell you that is something that i had just heard about. i think that her statement in itself is very disrespectful to our country.
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steve: he also, at one point, said hillary, please run again. so that the nfl is going to meet with the players and the union and all the owners later today here in new york city. apparently roger goodell has a plan on how to address the people taking a knee and also having all sorts of demonstrations during the game. there is a story out there according to the daily caller that apparently the nfl is going to bank roll a social justifiable boot camp for pro-athletes and moorehouse college in february of this year. apparently over two days and show athletes from other leagues baseball and basketball how to get their message out. as some people have seen the way they are doing it is damaging the brands so they want to continual to be able to voice their opinion just not during the national anthem. ainsley: brian, what do you think about it? brian: a couple of things.
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no one ever gave can a rhyme abdul jabbar al class on how to get their message out. this is the wrong venue to get their message out. whatever they skidded into. for one thing i know a couple of law enforcement people texted me yesterday and said i'm out. they are indicating that the problems are with law enforcement as it relates to minorities in america. and that is too broad sweeping of a statement. and have you still concreted that diversification between law enforcement and players. and he feels like it's making things worse. i think the fact is now it is getting -- the fact is the league has not come out hard after this meeting. jerry jones style, which means it's going to go all the way through the playoffs. it's becoming trump against the players instead of the players against the flag. ainsley: you reap what you sow. steve: let's see what the nfl does later. today we will stand by for that brian, stand by in the north lawn of the white
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house. we will back to you in a few minutes. now over to jillian. jillian: i wish it would stop and go away. jillian: maybe today. we will see. let's get you caught up on the news of the morning starting here disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl now facing life in prison. he will learn his fate next week after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior to the enemy. captured by the taliban after walking off his most afghanistan in 2009. six soldiers died looking for him. president obama backlash for exchanging five you will taliban prisoners in 2014. tiffany morrison did not make it to sure after the blast and thought coast guard has suspended his search. seven others were injured. flames may have sparked after cleaning chemicals ignited. the cause is still under investigation. today harvey weinstein and his brother bobble are set to square off against each other at company board meeting. the disgraced hollywood
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mogul will be on speaker phone since he is at a sex rehab center in arizona. members are expected to formally fire is him. meantime tmz vowing to make movies again. saying writers and actors will want to work with him again down the road. yankees climbing back into the championship series with a win over the astros. >> 2-2 pitch. driven in the air to left. this ball is gone. jillian: oh, yeah. we had some clapping in our studio. ricky aaron judge hitting a three-run homer leading the yankees 8-1 win. houston leads the series two games to one. game four is tonight at yankees stadium. they are doing great. yes, they are. steve: unless you are a houston fan. ainsley: who live in new york. steve: that's where we are at. did you hear what nancy pelosi said about on
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obamacare? >> sabotage of the affordable care act? steve: is that true? sabotage? our next guest says he has one thing on his side, the democrats don't. the facts. you will hear them coming up. ainsley: crushing set back for bob then then did he see. what a judge just ruled about his corruption case in jersey. ♪ my mom's pain from
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♪ ♪ >> republicans have been doing everything they can for the last 10 months to inject instability into her healthcare system. and to force collapse through sabotage. >> it's a sabotage of the affordable care act. >> this is the give limit of eqf healthcare arson. steve: do their sabotage claims hold any weight? let's talk to the president of the research. >> hey, steve, what's up? steve: i'm just wondering. you're an expert. is president trump sabotaging obamacare? >> no. you know what's funny, steve. there is this kind of political dynamic where the president wants to say he
3:18 am
blowing up obamacare single handedly which he can't do. democrats want to scare people by saying it's trump's fault the premiums are going up. not our fault. both sides have this incentive to say there is this apocalypse going on. in fact, what the president said d. was very modest incremental and modest for the insurance market. steve: we will cross that off our list as not being accurate. here is republican u.s. senator susan collins of maine talking about the disadvantaged getting subsidies. listen to this. >> i'm very concerned about what the impact is going to be for people who make under 250% of the federal poverty level. because the depending that is available and the cost sharing reduction is used to subsidize their out-of-pocket costs. steve: okay. so you say the republican senator from maine is absolutely wrong. >> she is factually wrong.
3:19 am
that's not how the cost sharing subsidies work. the way it works is obamacare requires, the law requires insurers to offer these very low deductible products to people whose incomes are near the poverty line. and then the obama administration, through the back door was subsidizing it illegally. so all trump did was end those illegal subsidies. the fact is there will still be financial assistance so that those individuals can afford their insurance. deductibles and insurance won't change one cent. not one cent. steve: finally we want you to talk about the fact that a million times we have heard people say premiums are going to skyrocket. what do you say to that? >> premiums have skyrocketed for years. since okay started doubled, tripled and quadrupled for many people. the financial assistance that obamacare has will kick in to make sure that again, people eligible for those subsidies they won't pay a cent higher. if you are not eligible for subsidies, the key thing to
3:20 am
do is not sign up a silver term. sign up for the new short-term option which the president legalized make your plan lower or sign up for gold or bronze plan. make sure your premiums don't go up more than normally. steve: excellent advice also separating fact from eviction. avik roy. thank you very much for joining us today from our nation's capital. >> you bet, steve. steve: panic at 30,000 feet. look at this. a plane packed with people suddenly nose dives mid-air. wait until you see what happens next. we got it and hillary clinton says she supports the nfl players who take a knee. but what she forgot to mention, well, she is part of the reason they are so upset. we have got an explanation on that coming up. ♪ waiting on the world to change ♪ we keep on waiting ♪ waiting ♪ waiting on the world to change ♪
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to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ menendez, a jury refused to dismiss any of his bribery charges yesterday. menendez is accused of accepting gifts from a wealthy florida doctor in exchange reportedly for political favors. and that's not good, according to the government. and meanwhile, the fbi dropping a brand new bombshell about the hillary clinton email scandal. the agency now confirms former director james comey started making up his mind months before the investigation was over. comey started drafting a letter before conducting key
3:25 am
would you haves, including speaking to mrs. clinton herself who knew? all right, ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thank you, steve. hillary clinton justifying the nfl anthem protest defending those players taking a knee. >> so you have to resist what are very clear what we call dog whistles to that base. that's what the black athletes kneeling was about. that was not against our anthem or our flag. that was actually i kneeling was s. a reverent position. it was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system [applause] i think it would be a grave error for democrats to recede from those fights and so, therefore, we have to stand up, fight back, resist. ainsley: president trump said that kind of thinking is exactly why she lost the election. and here to debate fox news political analyst and
3:26 am
caldwell strategic consultings gee an know caldwell and democratic strategist sitting next to me steve laser. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: i see you, you are just shaking your head when she says that. >> obviously, yeah. >> steve, as a democrat and former military, you are okay with her stance on thi this? >> i am. one of the things we military people have in common is a profound respect for the flag and the national anthem. but we also have a respect for what that represents. that represents the, you know, fighting for people to have their first amendment rights, their civil rights. so i respect that they want to protest and they want to protest in this manner. it is not the manner that i would choose to protest, but i respect them and i agree with a let of the issues that they are fighting for. ainsley: gianni, you a easy now -- >> hillary rodham clinton is responsible for advocating modern day slavery. i will tell you why. the '94 crime bill which
3:27 am
many have mentioned that led to the over criminalization of african-americans mass inauguration. 2.3 million in the criminal justice system. 1 million are plaque. the 94 crime bill led to the three strike rule. it took money, funding and education out of the prison system which led to a recidivism right of 75% after five years. so when we think about the issues in which these players and others are protesting oppression, systematic racism which does exist in america, we can thank the clintons for their role in that. a lot of people have mentioned that especially during this last election cycle. ainsley: how do you argue with that? he says they took away job training and funding and recidivism rate went up 75%. >> look, i live in harlem, what gianno says is one of the one or two things that i hear from the african-american communities when they criticize the clintons. in general they are in favor of them but no question that
3:28 am
was -- but that was definitely an issue. what i would say is that doesn't affect an individual police officer and how they treat an african-american on the street. that is an issue. we have to get into the communities. i think the police officers and their leadership have to get into the community, talk with the community about how the community expects to be policed. i think there is a middle of the road here. i think both sides tend to politicize this issue. but i think the majority of police officers are good folks who do the right thing, want to do the right thing. i think this is a solvable issue. i think everybody has to sit down and start talking. >> what you are say something very reasonable but that's not what we're hearing from the clintons. that's the difference. we can have a reasonable discussion like you and i are having a dialogue. >> we don't hear that from the other side either. >> we're having a discussion you and i are. >> unfortunately this gets politicized by other people. the people who support the police officers, which i understand, they don't -- they're not willing to acknowledge that there is anything wrong going on here. so we have a problem that both sides really don't want
3:29 am
to budge on this issue at all. ainsley: don't you feel like anything this president says though the clintons and democrats are going to hate. they are going to go against it when they could have a dialogue and talking about this. and maybe it shouldn't be done during the national anthem. >> i have got to tell you it's not just democrats. have you several republicans, several elected republicans in the senate who have publicly broken with donald trump, flake, mccain, collins. we can keep going on. that number seems to be growing. before trump and his supporters address democrats, they need to address their own party. >> here's the issue though. and the reason why the democrats lost was everything was anti-trump. there was no message there continues to be no message on how you are going to help the american people. so where there is an entryway which we see for them to jump in and say trump is wrong. that's what they do. that's where it becomes problematic. nothing about the american people and how we are going to help our country move forward. it's how can we hate donald trump and hang on to something he says to make
3:30 am
him look bad. i would be honest president trump has said some things that makes himself look bad. however, we see the democratic party isn't coalescing the american people and hard working people in america to bring about jobs and economic comment. >> that's fair i think going into 2018 you will see democrats come out with some strong policies. >> if you are not doing it now you won't do it then. ainsley: gianno, steve, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: what does think about the war against the g.o.p. establishment? >> i know how he feels. depends on how are talking about. there are some republicans, frankly, that should be ashamed of themselves. ainsley: the white house director of legislative affairs mark short joins brian live at the white house down in washington. that's coming up next. and nra spokeswoman dana loesch hit with death threats from gun control advocates. do you think that's making her back down? think again. but, first, happy birthday to allen jackson, the musician turns 59 years old today. happy birthday. ♪ but i learned how to swim
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now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? steve: steve it is chilly here in new york city. brian is down at the white house. brian, i don't know what the temperature is like when you are at. when i walked out the door this morning at 3:00 hour, it was 37 degrees at our house. ainsley: we were not
3:35 am
prepared. brian: you have this tradition you walk out with tank top and boxer shorts. steve: wait a minute, have you been outside my house watching me walk out at 3:00 in the morning? ainsley: you never invited me. i want to see it, too. take a picture tomorrow. brian: here is the big cheating thing. bret baier you have been outed. there is a heater here. there you go. that's why i seem to be withstanding the rugged conditions. meanwhile, before we bring in my next guest, everyone out there is wondering first and foremost, when will we see tax reform in this country? i don't care what they agree on. we need to see something. yesterday we got an indication as the majority leader and president met the press at the white house. >> don't forget, it took years for the reagan administration to get taxes done. i've been here for nine months. a little more than nine months. i can say the same thing for healthcare. if you look at obama, first of all, you look at clinton, they weren't able to get it done. >> the goal was to get it
3:36 am
done this calendar year. but it is important to remember that obama signed obamacare in march of year two. obama signed dodd frank in july of year two. we are going to get the job done and the goal it to get it done by the end of the year. brian: i'm reading the president's mind. he is saying to himself i'm not waiting that long. mark, great to see you. >> thanks. brian: you got the job of herding cats downtown to make sure something gets passed legislatively, a lot of people taken aback by mitch mcconnell saying it might take until 2018. is he right? >> well, look, he said his goal was to get it done this year. we need it to happen this year. we need to turn this economy around. it's begun to turn under the president's leadership. we actually created 1.7 million jobs. unemployment the lowest it's been in 16 years. the economy only grew 1.8% in obama years. lowest since the great depression for any president. we need to really boost it by making sure we provide tax relief to the american
3:37 am
people and help keep jobs here in america. we need it done this year. brian: first things have you got to do is pass a budget. that could come as soon as this friday. what stands in your way. >> we think we are going to get the budget completed. we hope the vote is completed before the end of this week. unfortunately it looks like again this will be another partisan vote. we hope that democrats will partner with us. we believe it would have been better if they partner with us on repeal of obamacare. we hope they will partner with us now on tax relief. it looks like pretty much a partisan straight line vote. brian: have you mined the field so-called moderates with tester, manchin. have you tried. >> we have been meeting with them repeatedly and continue to try to court their support. we certainly need their support. we think it will be a better bill if we can get bipartisan support on tax relief. if we can we will make sure we can deliver for the american people on republican vote. brian: one person standing in your way was the president's golf partner over the weekend senator rand paul. do you think the president was just trying to beat him in golf or trying to win him
3:38 am
over with the budget and tax reform. >> the president has a good relationship with senator paul. we are hopeful he will come around. right now he is still a no on the budget. we hope he will turn his vote because we need him. the budget is a pathway to tax relief. rand is somebody who has always supported limited government. it's important we begin to provide more of the american people to keep their own money it doesn't belong to the government. and rand, i think, understands that. brian: speaking of senator joe manchin yesterday off camera, he said if the president would just give us something, i could deliver six to eight democrats. give me something on tax reform. what would you be willing to give and is he -- was he saying something that you find, do you have a problem with? >> i think senator manchin has been working with us in good faith. i have met with him several times. in fact, i met with him just last night. continuing to talk about ways we can partner on this. we hope that he will see that this will actually benefit companies in west virginia, too. where they can help create jobs and keep more employees here in america. brian: right. hut iranian deal. you have the budget. have you repeal and replace
3:39 am
obamacare. alexander and murray working on something. there is a lot on your docket including, as i mentioned, immigration. where do you start? what's first? what's second? what's third? >> i think by the calendar we need to get the budget completed that will pave the way for tax reform. at the end of the year they will come together with a spending bill. continue rebuild in the military and begin to fund the border wall. many democrats, don't forget, many democrats in 2006 voted for the secure fence act. they all voted for 700 miles of border wall. but now they don't want to fund it for political reasons. they don't want the president to have a win. we think it's important to our national security that we begin to build that border security. so that will happen at the end of the year. as we turn the page to next year, that's our opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare because it is still falling apart as we know. >> he works, gets up early in the morning and works late in the night to try to get something done. and i know you have a lot to do before 2017 is done. marc short, thank you very much. back to the studio. he has wrangling to do so i
3:40 am
have to let him go. steve: he has stuff to do. indeed. 20 minutes before the top of the our. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: businessman who and on the show shark tank is found dead nit river u pulling the body out of river with a gunshot wound to the head. on shark tank he pitched emergen see. none of the sharks made a deal women h he was reportedly $3 million in debt. dana loesch forced to pick up and move her family after death threats from gun control advocates. one guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when police were hear, threatened to shoot me in my front yard. loesch says some of the threats even targeted her kids and that they only emphasized the need to carry. >> my advocacy for second amendment rights isn't designed to magically put a
3:41 am
firearm in the hands of someone else. i just want people to have that choice. and all of this is really underscored why i carry. it makes me so grateful that i can protect myself. jillian: chelsea clinton weighing in to support loesch calling the threats awful and unacceptable. passengers horrified as their plane suddenly nose dives. 145 passengers flying to bali scrambling to put their oxygen masks on and some even sending goodbye messages to family as flight attendants panics. pretty much preparing like we thought there was a good
3:42 am
chance that we were going to go down. jillian: wow, the plane turning around and safely landing back in australia. airasia blames a technical issue will that is frightening. i would want to know that the flight attendants are calm and helping me stay calm. steve: technical issue? what is that? ainsley: how wonderful that flight attendant carld so much to the other people. instead of strapping herself in she is running around taking care of everybody else. steve: all about safety. ainsley: coming up a big question about the future of president trump's cabinet. >> people look at senator tom cotton and say that attitude is why president trump ultimately will look to have you in his cabinet somewhere. and they are talking about maybe cia director. ainsley: what does senator tom cotton think about that? brian's one-on-one interview next. steve: army sergeant bowe bergdahl pleading guilty yesterday to desertion. what happens next? one man i know has some answers. it's that man, the judge is next on "fox & friends" live in new york.
3:43 am
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steve: sergeant bowe bergdahl seen right there set to learn his fate perhaps next week after pleading guilty yesterday to disserting his unit. six soldiers died looking for him and five terrorists were traded to get him back. and he could face life in prison. ainsley: so what happens now? here to weigh in on this is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. you were telling me during the break you are furious about this. >> i'm furious this is a plea agreement rather than a trial there are so many aspects to this case that the american people have a right to know about and we'll never know about it. defense counsel was prepared to call their first witness barack obama. what was the reason for
3:47 am
which he made the trade? isn't it true you called my client a hero? what was basis for your claim of heroism? the american people need to know of the personal involvement of the former president of the united states in this case. why did you trade this low ranking person with a spotty record for five senior taliban from gitmo who you knew would be back to killing people and opposing us the minute they got on foreign soil? steve: he didn't want that embarrassment? >> of course not. i don't know if the defense department did this as a favor for their former commander-in-chief. it certainly seems that way. bergdahl's lawyer, eugene fidel is the best military criminal defense lawyer in the country. sea civilian. is he not in the military. i don't know if bergdahl could afford him. he is the best there is. he is the one prepared to cross-examine barack obama. he was not there yesterday when the plea agreement was entered. which tells me this was
3:48 am
against his advice. steve: oh my goodness, yesterday we played a clip of bowe bergdahl. it documentary aired a clip of yesterday where bergdahl essentially said he can't get a fair trial. it's a kangaroo court and he blamed donald trump for not getting a fair trial. >> i profoundly disagree with him. steve: that wasn't brought up in court yesterday. >> no. there is a lot of myths about military justice for the most part the juries are as fair and as balanced and as interested in doing the right. yansd where he was terrified. trump made some very strong statements about him when he was candidate trump. but the wrongness here is the absence of transparency and the questions to which the american public will never have an answer. ainsley: will never know. >> what's going to happen to him? i don't know. the original investigator here was a general who spent weeks investigating. said this kid is so deranged it would be unfair to try him. they threw that report out
3:49 am
and hired another investigator. so he has mental issues. he was in captivity for five years. i don't think they are going to give him life in prison. but they have to give him something because six people died trying to rescue him. steve: absolutely. stay tuned we should know next week. thank you. >> where is kilmeade. is he about to talk to our next guest, judge. come up, the rumors are swirling about senator tom cotton. there is brian right there. possibly joining the president's cabinet. what does he think? brian has that one-on-one interview coming up next. before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track.
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♪ ♪ brian: a little while i will be able to interview the president on radio and bring it back for television. last night i had a chance to catch up with senator tom
3:53 am
cotton. there is a lot of senators out there that have been sparring with the president from the republican side. it's not this senator from arkansas. i asked him about his relationship with the 445th president of the united states. >> thank you so much for being here. >> glad to make time. brian: in a time where there is a lot of republicans and foreign sparring with the president. why is it? >> american people elected donald trump to be our commander-in-chief. if we want to keep our country safe and secure, it's important that the commander-in-chief succeed. i think donald trump by and large is getting things right. is he certainly much more consistent with decades of bipartisan foreign policy leadership than barack obama was for the last 8 years. so when the president does things like tells congress and tells our allies that the iran deal is not in the united states national interesti argued at the time that we shouldn't have certified the deal. i understand why the president did at the time. but i am glad he decided not to certify this time around.
3:54 am
brian: you have to work with senator corker on this. do you feel as though his personal amos animosity will prevent him from succeeding in this area. >> they may have things to work out on the personal level. in relationship to our relationship with iran and the threat they pose to the united states. we are all in agreement. it's a matter of trying to bring a large majority of our colleagues in the congress along with us. brian: you were quoted as saying. this when you think the president is wrong, have you the duty to present to him better facts if you are an advisor. if you want it your way, then your job is once the president makes a decision is to execute the president's decision if you feel strongly enough then you have to resign. are you recommending people secretary of state tillerson doesn't agree with the president, rather than have a different public statement or private statement that leaks out, just get out of there. >> the simple fact of the matter is the american people elect a president ultimately to make these decisions. if one feels strongly enough that he's taking the wrong course, then one really needs to resign.
3:55 am
otherwise, one has to execute the president's guidance even if one disagrees with it. brian: people looking at tom cotton and say that attitude is why president trump will look to have you in his cabinet somewhere. they are talking about maybe cia director should pomp pompeo and rex tillerson moves on. >> i think that job is filled right thought. one of the things about being a just senator you answer to the people back home in arkansas. brian: let's move on and talk about healthcare. susan collins said the president did something irresponsible taking the $7 billion away from obamacare. do you feel the same way. congress did not appropriate this money and doesn't have the legal authority to keep spending it. the federal judge has reviewed the matter and said it was unconstitutional for president obama to spend those billions of dollars congressional approval. president trump is trying to restore the rule of law and constitutional government by giving issue back to congress that should be congress' responsibility.
3:56 am
brian: on sunday lindsey graham said this if republicans don't deliver offer healthcare and tax reform we are going to disintegrate as a republican party. >> what worries me more about who is a party and who is up and down i serve all people of arkansas and all americans. brian: impressive guys. comes out and becomes a congressman and senator and hit it off with the president of the united states. from the white house and new york, this is what we have straight ahead. more live from this location, including kellyanne conway coming this direction. senator john mccain taking a shot at president trump warning against half baked nationalism. we'll go over that and see how they feel about it dr. sebastian gorka will weigh in next hour. that's what he looks like without glasses. one former football fan taking fury over the anthem. anthem protests to new heights. this the guy who flew this banner over the jacksonville stadium calling for a boycott. he joins us life next hour.
3:57 am
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♪ >> we are probably now, despite what we read, closer than ever before. >> we are together totally on this agenda. >> we hope the democrats will partner with us on tax relief. but it looks like this will be pretty much a partisan line straight line vote. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl pleading guilty to charges including desertion. >> i'm furious this is a plea agreement rather than trial. >> i don't think they will give them life in prison but they have to give them something. six people died trying to rescue them. steve: the nfl is going to meet with owners to address the people taking a knee. >> black athletes kneeling, that was not against our anthem or our flag. >> it's that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. >> the reason why the democrats lost so badly is because everything was anti-trump. there was no message. >> world we have organized for the sake of some half baked spurious nationalism
4:01 am
is as unpatriotic. >> mr. president. >> interesting the way that news conference was run. journalists, and i have been in those groups. sounded like a pack of jackals and the president looking like the dignified fellow up there taking the question. ♪ ♪ 12340e ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ and i can't stop myself from smiling ♪ if i'm drinking. steve: michael buble' opens the 7:00 hour from new york city. thank you for joining us on a very busy day. it's so busy we sent brian out of town. he took the bus. he is in washington, d.c. brian, with the bus is it really only a dollar? brian: it is a dollar. have you got to stand and have you got to hold the
4:02 am
thing like a subway. it's fantastic. ains tans is a beautiful day here. brian: that couch looks empty without me. ainsley: it is without you. brian: not many people know this but ainsley naps during the break u. steve: she is not a napper this week. she was up late last night. big day for ainsley. brand new book is available at book stores and online everywhere. i have read it it's great. it's called "through your eyes." i love the way you start it you talk about before your daughter was born, you put together a list of stuff you wanted to do in your life and her life and as soon as she was born you realized wait a minute, she is making the list. ainsley: you realize can you learn so much from your children. in the book i talk about what she has taught me. i got to witness the first time she saw rain for the first time. saw a dog for the first time. she is calculate ling, i turn around and see there is a dog right under her feet. she has never seen that before. as a parent, we get to raise these human beings.
4:03 am
we get this great gift from god. so that's what the book is about. and i just got a note from a friend that said "be sure you enjoy this moment." that is what my daughter taught me, brian. brian, can you relate. have you three kids and you have three kids, steve. the gifts they give to us every single day. steve: i'm related to famous tv correspondent. when he was a year and a half-year-old, the first time he saw snow, look, mommy, cheese. because it was the way my wife grated the cheese. ainsley: that is really cute. steve: things we learn from our kids. brian: i'm waiting for your daughter to meet my dogs. and that will be a whole different experience. ainsley: she has to get a little bigger that be that your dogs will trump her. they will attack. brian: number two was, i want to tell you how i'm concerned about bands and divightd up the money like elo and big bands. i'm worried because now your daughter is going to say hey, it's about me.
4:04 am
i'm a co-author. your dad is going to say wait, it's about me. i'm a co-author. i'm worried how you are going to divide up all the revenue. ainsley: they can have it all. i'm giving some to folds of honor. the rest will go to my daughter's college and dad can have every penny i make: steve: let's talk about the bills of the united states. it was not expected that he was going to drag mitch mcconnell out into the rose garden yesterday. it was a raucous 45 minute press conference after their lunch. you know, we wondered whether or not they were going to get together and get along because, the president by all accounts was steamed after mitch mcconnell told reporter club rob meeting out in kentucky the reason things hngt gotten done fast enough for the president is because he had excessive expectations. the president got steamed at that. famously blamed mitch mcconnell for not passing obamacare. ainsley: steve and brian he said we have been friends for a long time. we talk on the weekends. yeah, we have had our differences but we are still
4:05 am
friends. when we all announced yesterday they were going to meet for lunch oh my goodness what s. this going to be like. they have been friends. they have been communicating. this was an opportunity, i think, for the national stage to see they are getting along and they are trying to work out their differences. brian: they have the same objective. just because they don't golf together doesn't matter. they have the same objective. it was the order in which they were going to introduce legislation. i also thought it was good thing that mitch mcconnell brought up a push back on steve bannon because steve bannon has been teeing off on him saying i'm going to get rid of mcconnell and get rid of everybody except ted cruz. he brought up yesterday richard murdock christine o'donnell. all candidates had tea party support and tea party, great people but they didn't have the widespread support to get elected. there is a danger in pushing someone forward because you're angry if they can't get elected. that's what the republicans are up against. one guy who is relieved is marc short. he is in charge of getting something done legislatively.
4:06 am
he joins us 20 minutes ago and said this. >> we need to turn this economy around. it's become under the president's leadership. we actually created 1.7 million jobs. unemployment out lowest it's been in 16 years. the economy grew only 1.8% in the obama years. the lowest since the great depression for any president. we need to boost it by making sure to provide backs relief to the american people and help keep jobs here in america. we need it done this year. steve: key is they need to do it this week. they have got to pass the budget resolution this week or else taxes are dead for the year. here is the critical parted ainsley and brian. the fact that thad cochran, the senator from the great state of mississippi, he is not going to be back this week for a vote. he is not in great shape right now. don't know when he is going to return. that means mitch mcconnell can only lose one republican and that's why so many people out there who voted for republicans and had hopes in president trump being able to do a lot of
4:07 am
stuff look to the establishment as part of the problem. steve: establishment during the swamp. brian: worried about one guy. senator rand paul. more than they say they are -- talk to senator mccain today. going to talk to bob corker's people today. but the one person they are worried about is rand paul hot president golfed with on sunday. i don't know if that came up or not. ainsley: what does rand paul not like about tax reform bill? brian: more budget spending. steve: he does. the other side of the white building that brian is standing in front of right now is the rose garden. there was that freewheeling news conference. if you milled it, we have a little sound of some of the action. it was crazy. keep in mind people didn't realize the president was going to come out with mitch mcconnell and usually they make a statement. but, instead, turned to 45 minutes where the president was barked at by all sorts
4:08 am
of reporters who were trying to get their questions out. brit hume, who has been around washington for a long time, he has never seen anything like it. watch this. >> interesting the way that news conference was run. and i'm not sure how much conscious thought went into it. but letting it become a free for all that it was instead of having a system where you raise your hand at the president calls on those whom he wishes to call, this was wide open. and the result was it ends up leaving the journalists and i have been in those groups sounding like a pack of jackals. dignified fellow up there taking the questions that may have played to the president's advantage but he certainly took at love questions. ainsley: oh, gosh, the joys of being a reporter. right, brian and steve? we have all been in that scene where you are hoping the president answers your question. they are all screaming and raising your hands. it helps if you are tall. brian: or had a milk crate
4:09 am
box some people h i'm going to ask him today. why not do the traditional way put 10 names down on the card and do what president obama did give 45 minutes for each answer and he just took his time. ainsley: there is a new sheriff in town he is not really traditional, brian. brian: make it a little easier on yourself, i mean perhaps because took three or four questions for the same person, one person needs to get it into. writing to shoulder's families back and forth and quickly fixed that usual one area. and 45 minutes answering all questions. they jump on one area and say this is a controversial answer and that's what everybody else led with. i think is he going to find that frustrating. steve: later in the day he did say that is what he had heard. he was told in the past. because it was so wide ranging and people were barking out questions from every angle, some of the highlights, president will declare opioid a national emergency probably next week. he blamed cuba for the sonic attacks on our diplomats. he blamed big pharma for the fact that in the united
4:10 am
states drugs are two, three, four times more expensive than they are in other countries. ainsley: he also talked about hillary clinton when she was over in london. steve: and he hopes she runs again. ainsley: he said -- she is thought supporting the national anthem, supporting the protests, he said that's why she lost in 2016. steve: um-huh. so brian is going to be interviewing the president in about two hours. get ready, brian. you won't have to bark at him by the way. that's good. brian: i won't. we have omb director mulvaney at the bottom of the hour about the chances of tax reform and why he is so mad at the senators. ains avians thank you, brian. we can't wait to hear that interview. we will play some of that tomorrow. he will be on the radio show today. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. a major win on the war on terror. u.s. backed forces taking over isis's home base in raqqa, the capital of syria. marv symbolic blow to the terror group which used the
4:11 am
city as a base to plan international attacks. brand new video of a woman celebrating her new freedom putting in perspective the joy felt of people trapped under isis control in a city since 2014. she is seen ripping off black robe and kissing the ground. a state of emergency declared in florida over a speech. the event featuring white nationalist leader richard speneller is scheduled at the university of florida on thursday. governor rick scott making the call for county where protests are already taking place u spencer took part in the charlottesville rally in august which ended in the death of a young woman. more protests this time over the national anthem. take center stage at the nfl owners meeting today. they will look to find common ground with players on social issues. collin kaepernick the one who started the anthem protest is not expected to be present. he just filed a grievance accusing owners of conspiring imagainst him. roger goodell has made it clear he wants the players to stand for the anthem.
4:12 am
senate officially confirms calista gingrich the wife of former house speaker newt gingrich who-to-everybody as ambassador to the vatican. backing the 70 to 23 vote including senate minority leader chuck schumer. she currently serves as the ceo of gingrich productions she is author, filmmaker and former congressional aide. congratulations to her. we talked about that last week on the show when he was here and he was very excited. he said he will split the time. receive steve she could not appear because she was still under confirmation consideration. she is probably the first ambassador to the holy city who has ever written a children's book. just thinking. ainsley: not a bad place to go visit. ainsley: vatican is the smallest country in the world. it's its own country. steve: own army swiss guard. jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: it is not just male or or female one state made a third gender legal across the board. steve: taking a shot at president trump last night warning against half baked
4:13 am
nationalism. ainsley: sounds like ice cream flavor from jerry garcia. steve: it's not. going to get this man dr. sebastian gorka all excite you had. ♪ jump ♪ might as well jump ♪ around the world who are not in school today. girls are not in school because of economic issues and they have to work. there's early child marriage, there's war and conflict. at the malala fund we help girls stay in school. there are some really amazing people around the world doing incredible work. the malala fund invests in education champions who work in the community and do advocacy and pave the way so that girls can actually go to school. to have the expertise of our financial partner, citi, guiding us is very important. the fact that citi is in countries where girls are vulnerable
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steve: senator john mccain seen right there using a notable award ceremony last night with joe biden to take a few shots at president trump. >> to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of some half baked spurious nationalism, cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems. [cheers and applause] >> is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma. ainsley: here to react is former deputy assistant for president trump dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, what do you think about that? >> very disappointing. you can be a hero but you can also know -- also not know what you are talking about. john mccain hasn't seen a war he didn't like in the
4:18 am
last 20 years. that's not hot president is. the president believes that it's america first and the idea that you just criticized him from the sidelines. this is a man who doesn't want to be interventionist. he uses force where it's necessary, for example, with his crew cruise missiles and 21,000 bombing in afghanistan. to say we need more of the kinds of things we saw in the last 16 years. senator mccain, no we don't. steve: let me ask you because have you been down in washington a lot in the last year. what do you make of this civil war that steve bannon has started against the republican establishment? because yesterday we saw the president out with mitch mcconnell. they were all buddy buddy. the president needs michigan this week. because he has got to get that budget thing through or there is no taxes. >> i gave a speech for the family research council where i said very plainly what has the establishment g.o.p. done for this president in the last nine months? and that's a very short list. this president came on an
4:19 am
agenda, november the 8th was a clear message to the rino establishment that you can't get elected on an agenda, come to d.c. and then renege on it and not come through with all the things you promised. it's time to rattle those cages a little bit. i think mitch mcconnell's cage was rattled. it's about time. this president was the outsider. he wasn't part of the g.o.p. establishment. and there is a reason a man who never held public office is now the president of the united states. ainsley: is there something happening behind the scenes? it just seems odd to me that you have steve bannon who left the white house and he has this agenda to try to do things on the outside that he couldn't do on the inside. but then you have the president in the rose garden with mitch mick council and they had said some negative things one another and now they are buddy, buddy, what is happening? >> the president is the master of the deal. right? he is going to work with people who he thinks he can work with at the current time. remember, the president's platform was make america great again. not make the g.o.p. great again. and he'll work with anybody.
4:20 am
if you don't work with him g.o.p. remember that dinner with chuck and nancy. that's a message. that's a broadside to the g.o.p. i have got to get things done. you don't want to help me, i will talk to somebody else. steve: the last time that the president came face to face with mitch mcconnell is the day after he did the deal with chuck and nancy. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are like, he what? are you kidding me? >> this is a guy no breaks the mold. you can't judge this president by prior political trends or categories. is he here to get stuff done. and get on board or get out of way. steve: exit question, do they get taxes done this year? >> yes, they have to. steve: all right. good enough. the "wall street journal" likes to hear that because they have been talking all about it in the op-ed pages in the last week or two. sebastian gore gorka. >> thank you. ainsley: d.e.a. was blocked from taking action. ed davis says this makes him
4:21 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: it is time now for news by the numbers. first, three. that is how many genders california now recognizes. the new nonbinary gender law will ease the process of changing the gender option from birth certificates, i.d. cards and drivers license. a doctor's statement no longer required to make the change. next, three. that's how many u.s. citizens were busted for smuggling illegal immigrants in our country. border patrol agents found two mexican men and a woman found stuffed in the trunk two separate cars at arizona check point.
4:25 am
612,000 that's how many campaign dollars anthony gonzalez has to run for ohio or has to run for ohio's 12th congressional district seat thanks to former nfl teammates including peyton manning. gonzalez played with manning on the indianapolis colts before retiring in 2012. steve? >> thanks, ainsley. president trump's aid who run the dea under fire after explosive report makes serious allegations about his role in the nation's opioid crisis. >> this is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors' offices that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs. steve: here with reaction is former boss and police commissioner and fox news contributor ed davis. mr. commissioner, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you. steve: when you saw that 60 minutes story that talked about how they purport that
4:26 am
the drug industry itself could be in some part responsible for the opioid crisis, what did you think? >> it made me sick to my stomach. just in my hometown in july there were over 130 overdose deaths. it is an epidemic. steve: just in july. >> no, over the course of the year up to july. and so for a six month period there were over 100 deaths. the number of overdoses occurring around the country in cities big and small is devastating, so to help congress not pay attention to that when this bill was being considered is just -- it's hard to believe. >> i think mitch mcconnell took a vote and nobody objected to it. >> different kind of a bill. it was about patient's access to narcotics. steve: which sounds good. >> it does sound good. unfortunately it was wrapped around an in attempt to gut the enforcement power of the dea. i worked these cases years ago in the drug enforcement
4:27 am
administration and it's the only oversight we have. steve: the president of the united states was asked about it yesterday. this is what he had to say. >> we're going to have major announcement probably next week and on the opioid massive problem. and i want to get that absolutely right. this country and, frankly, the world has a drug problem. the world has a drug problem. but we have it and we're going to do something about it. steve: also, there is a story out that the guy, his nonominee for drug czar may have had some sort of connection to it. so they are looking into his nomination. >> i was happy to see that. steve: also, let's talk a little bit about the war on police officers. according to the statistics, 118 police officers were killed in the line of duty in the calendar year of 2016. >> it's terrible what's happening out there. people missed. this they see these things reported day in and day out. usually in the local news. they don't make the national media like they should, i
4:28 am
think. and i don't think people understanding officers sacrificing their lives in the volumes that they are in the united states. steve: what's changed,. >> well, i mean, quite frankly, some of these incidents are due to a mentality that exists out there that police are the enemy. and i think that that's driving part of this. there is no question about it. steve: we have had guests on, commissioner, in the past that have talked about the ferguson effect. since whatever happened in ferguson happened where there are all sorts of allegations and, you don't know exactly what's true. some police officers are reluck tantaros to actually do their job because they're afraid they are going to get in trouble or worse. >> right. i think that's an indication of what can happen when police don't get their handle on these incidents when they start to unfold. it's important to get the truth out there immediately. and, quite frankly, that didn't happen in ferguson. it took four or five days before people started to report on what was happening. and in that vacuum, all
4:29 am
sorts of people were being heard and stories not true being broadcast as if they are. steve: sure. fast forward to today, so many more jurisdictions now have police cameras, body cameras on the police officers. it's been very helpful. >> it has been. you know, 99% of what the police do is heroic and courageous and very beneficial to our business it show that part of what they do. there is a small percent that we have got to address and pay attention to. but, if we just get the word out on all the positive things that are happening policing around the country, we will be much better thought of. steve: case in point after the massacre in las vegas, las vegas police, they released some of the body cam video and, you know, you saw what those guys were up to. they were running toward the shot. >> i was in las vegas that night. and i heard the radio calls of the police officers going not only to the shooting location but also to other locations where reports were coming in. it was chaos.
4:30 am
but they handled it very, very well. steve: it's an important and tough business. commissioner, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. thank you. steve: coming up on this tuesday, president trump prom misted to cut taxes for the middle class. what does the white house define as middle class? what are the numbers like? white house budget director mick mulvaney knows all about those. is he going to join brian on the north lawn live coming up next. how far would a guy go to get away from a wife who might nag him from time to time? what this guy just did made him famous. ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up again ♪ you're never going to keep me down ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up again ♪ you're never going to keep me down. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ rocking on the radio ♪ praying easy down the road i go ♪ i keep rolling like an old
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banjo ♪ free and easy down the road i go. steve: what a loly shot looking down at the white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue. on that north lawn you can see if you look really carefully you can see brian kilmeade. brian, go ahead and wave. wave, brian. you and mick. brian: we don't have an overhead shot. sorry. steve: we just saw you. brian: we both looked and saw the guy on the patio. we were wondering who is that? we don't even know. ainsley: i saw that guy on the patio. i are standing there with mick mulvaney the white house budget director and, brian, he is from south carolina. >> which means i'm freezing this morning. brian: he can't handle it. his blood is to thin. we have a heater here that's heating mostly him. mick mulvaney a lot of pressure on your shoulders because by this friday you say the budget has to be done. tell the people why it matters. why does friday matter? >> friday matters for a couple different things. the president and i think most folks in the republican party and the american people want tax reform this
4:35 am
year. brian: yep. >> in order to get that done we really do need to stay on schedule. means we need to pass this budget on friday. if you don't pass the budget on friday doesn't mean tax reform is done forever. it means we are off of schedule. why is passing a budget -- why do we talk about budgets and tax reform together is because if you pass a budget, you only need 50 votes in the senate to pass tax reform. if you don't pass a budget, you need 60 votes to pass tax reform in the senate. my guess is in this environment, washington, d.c., there won't be 60 votes for any tax reform package. the budget is a critical part of taxes. brian: senator thad cochran is sadly sick. might be out the whole week. one vote if you vote by friday. then you have a situation where senator john mccain doesn't seem to be on board with up. senator rand paul disujted seem to vote for any budget. how do you plan on getting to 50. >> i talk to rand a bit. we are close. i tonight talk to john mccain much. i know rand fairly well. is he trying to get to yes. is he working with the senate republican leadership to figure out how to vote.
4:36 am
republicans need to figure out a way to pass stuff not to look for reasons to pass stuff. we broke down on healthcare and folks looked for reasons to vote no. they needed to look for reasons to vote yes. brian: you are from the house. you said flat out you do not know what's going on with the senate. you are frustrated. >> i am frustrated. the president is frustrated. i think most people back home are frustrated. they ran, promising to repeal and replace obamacare. they haven't done that they ran promising tax reform and we're sort of hitting a hurdle on that. yeah, sooner or later we want the folks in the senate to deliver on their promises. i know that many, many of them want to. they can't seem to get over that last hurdle. mane that will change this week. brian: who do you blame. >> i don't blame anybody. i'm in the business of trying to get stuff passed. we will look back afterwards if it doesn't work and start to lay blame. right now we are focused on how do we get this passed because we need it badly. brian: let's look at tax reform tore a second. making it simpler. how do you three bracket. what the income and how do
4:37 am
you break it down. >> we don't look at three. we look at four. that doesn't get discussed much. zero percent bracket exists now isn't very broad but gets bigger. brian: can you explain that. >> doubling the standard deduction to $24,000. first $24,000 of income is zero percent. brian: what is it now. >> a lot of folks at so% going to zero. 15 going to 12. brian: that's the tax cut for the lower class. >> all the way down. some of the lower 30 rates go to 25%. everybody's rates go down. haven't seen the brackets yet, brian. that's where we get so frustrated in the office across the street office of management and budget. raise taxes on this group or that group. you can't do that yet until you start talking about where the brackets kick. in are we going to start that 12% rate up to 10,000 or 150,000. brian: what do you think. >> i don't know yet. that's one thing i want to make very clear to you. there is no secret list of where the brackets are not something locked in a vault in the white house behind
4:38 am
us. this is part of the ordinary course of business in passing a piece of legislation. you sit down with republicans and democrats in the house and the senate, and hammer out of these types of details. it's really really hard to do. it's why it's taken 30 years to do real tax reform. it's the right way to do it. that's what needs to start. it can't start until the budget passes on friday. brian: you want to get passed that pretend it's monday and it's passed. when can we see how you view the brackets or how you negotiate with the brackets. >> like to see the house start having hearings right away. the senate having hearings right away and sit down with actual math and say look, if we set the brackets here, this is what the taxes look like. if we set the brackets there, there is something else. but, keep in mind, there is another thing to this not discussed in addition to the brackets is the simplification. keep in mind that 90% of the households in this country. 90% of families, not businesses. families pay someone tolls do their taxes. that's an additional burden on them. trying to simplify this so folks can file they're own taxes because that's cheaper for them. brian: a lot of guys say
4:39 am
mick mulvaney used to be a deficit hawk and this is not kind to the deficit. how far do you feel about that. >> nothing could be further from the truth. my concern for the deficits is what drives all of this. you will never balance the budget in this country again at 1.8% or less growth. it's just not going to happen. we have appetite in this country for certain level of government. it's been clear to me now we are not going to fix that through spending alone. we can fix it through slowing the rate of government. but growing the size of the economy. it's that economic growth of healthy american economy that machine that creates wealth for the rich, the middle class, and the poor alike also creates wealth for the government because we get the money from taxes. if we can grow the economy, can i grow the revenue side of the equation and help balance the budget. brian: there you go. mr. office and management and budget catch up with you on radio shortly. always ready to go. he says he lost his job. you always say you have love your job. >> i have great time. brian: you are very good at math. steve: very good at making it simple. easy to understand. ainsley: chesskiss, keep it
4:40 am
simple, stupid. i think we are going to hand it over to jillian. steve: we are. news time. ainsley: i didn't have it in the prompter. i'm going to go with this. jillian: good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. the mandalay bay security guard shot during the las vegas massacre has mysteriously vanished. jesus campos has not been seen since he went to a health clinic. that was moments before he was scheduled to be interviewed. officials deny ever treating him. he was shot in the hotel minutes before the gunman murdered 58 people at a music festival. the bodies of green beret killed in ambush attack in my gear now back on american soil. excourting black and johnson remains to a funeral home. staff sergeant dustin wright also killed in the attack returned home to georgia. a navy widow on that plane with his remains is outraged after she says delta airlines stopped her from
4:41 am
paying tribute to the soldier. dr. pamela gawd dry told her a flight attendant told her it was against company policy to sing the national anthem. >> i'm humiliated by my lack of courage to sing the national anthem in my own country on american soil. jillian: delta does not have a policy on the national anthem u an american hero who fought for our freedom overseas now facing a brand new fight right here at home. navy veteran joe allen served in vietnam. his condo association in connecticut forcing him to take down his military flag or face a fiancing it doesn't fit requirements. >> they're sitting here fat and happy, so to speak, and enjoying the freedom and then they pick on somebody that really tries to conform to all the rules that they come up with. jillian: a hearing to discuss the issue with the board is set for next month. you know, some people just go to extreme measures, right? how about this? they go to extreme measures
4:42 am
to get out of marriage. >> marriage, family, they're prisons. man made prisons. you're doing time. jillian: so how is this for an exit plan? 62-year-old malcolm applegate from the u.k. reportedly couldn't handle his wife's nagging so he went camping in the woods for 10 years. he says his wife demanded he stop working such long hours so he just left. he didn't tell anyone. and now he lives in a shelter and raises money for the homeless. there you have it. steve: i'll be right back in 10 years. oh, man. jillian, thank you. ainsley: thanks, jill i can't believe. it's at the top of hillary clinton's long list of excuses for losing the election. facebook and russia. but did the $100,000 that was spent on facebook really determine the outcome of the entire election? even one of hillary's former campaign strategists says absolutely not. no way. he joins us live next.
4:43 am
steve: one former football fan taking his fury over the anthem protest to new heights. the guy who flew this banner over the jaguar stadium calling for a boycott joining us live. ♪ ♪ when in unfamiliar waters, hundreds of miles from base--
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4:47 am
let's talk to hillary clinton's former 2000 will campaign advisor and chairman of that harvard harris poll and managing partner of the stagwell group mark penn. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so when you hear hillary clinton, who you used to work for, make it sound like people were able to buy $100,000 worth of facebook ads in russia. could that possibly have tilted the election? >> well, i was really intrigued by all the stories i saw about this. i said look, we have got to be careful about fake news about fake news. the truth is, when you take a look about what we know about these ads, there is $100,000. 56% were after the election. maybe somebody should have told them when the election was, that gives ads. most of them were not to the swing states. maybe half were. that's 22,000. most of them didn't mention candidates. $13,000. we spent $2.4 billion of authenticated money on the
4:48 am
presidential campaign and hillary's pac put $6 million into these swing states in just the last week. so, come on. facebook ads here were not the reason. if we believe fake news about fake news, we may want to overregulate the internet. that is dangerous. ainsley: mark, when i found out you were coming on and i read your op-ed about this and looking at the statistics. hats off for you wanting to report the truth. why did you decide to do this and come out publicly because it's going against hillary clinton, who you worked for. >> well, because i think it's not about against hillary. there is a lot about what hillary said technically correct. these were ads for mysterious accounts in russia. we can't overexaggerate the effect here. lots of people from indiana to pennsylvania in the working class switched their votes from obama to trump. that was a huge phenomenon. it didn't happen on the bafers of $100,000. we had two televised conventions. we had billions of dollars spent on these campaigns. we had two 90 minute
4:49 am
debates. we can't lose sight of the value of our democracy. i think that's critically important. regardless of who wins or loses an election. and how i or others would vote in it. brian: mark, you were on this program as the head of the harris poll you told us a couple of months ago you are the only poll i saw this with. but you saw a majority of americans feel that this russia thing simply is hurting america. it's tearing america apart. >> i think 60% see the investigations generally as hurting america. at the same time, americans, you know, often have two thoughts on saying things, they like investigations. one of the things findings that really caused me to write this op-ed was more people believe russia affected the election than have evidence. i said do you think russia affected the election? i think more than 40 percent said yes. i asked do you have any evidence for that? a lower percentage said yes. usually we look for beliefs to be formed on the basis of evidence. not to come first. this is really something we
4:50 am
have to watch out for for our democracy to function as well as it should. >> it's really interesting when you look at the numbers. you brought it to light for us. you said her budget was 2.4 billion and russia spent 100,000. a drop in the bucket. >> both budgets were 2.4 billion. but she had an over $400 million advantage in fundraising. steve: all right. well, she needs an excuse for losing. so i guess that's what she is going to say. mark penn, we thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thanks, mark. >> thank you. steve. steve: scalise and counts lore to the president kellyanne conway both going to join us live coming up. ainsley: one former football fan taking his fury over these national anthem protests, look at that to new heights. the guy who flew that banner right there over the jaguar stadium calling for a boycott. is he going to join us next. steve: hop in the way back machine on this day in history in 1988 the first issue of national geographic magazine was released.
4:51 am
ainsley: my mom still has them all. 1979 mother teresa of india was awarded the nobel peace prize. steve. steve: y wonder sang this number one song. ♪ i just called to say ♪ (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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4:54 am
steve: remember this, members of the jacksonville florida jaguars kneeling during the national anthem at a game in london last month. ainsley: now former fan of the team, former, i should say, was so outraged that he hired a pilot to fly a banner over their stadium before the game on sunday. it read, there it is right there "be american, boycott the jags and the nfl. steve: joining us right now to discuss that former jaguar's fan terry smiley joins us today from jacksonville. terry, why did you take this so personally that you rented a pilot to fly that
4:55 am
over the game? >> >> it's one thick to do something like that here at home when the jaguars did that over in london i was so appalled to it i had to do something about it i had already started doing bumper stickers and i was having a sign built to go in the back of my truck, a big four by 8. and a friend of mine doing the sign for me said man, it would be nice if somebody would get a banner and fly it over the stayed yule 30 minutes later i had a contract. ainsley: i see at games will you marry me, that kind of thing. now, this is obviously taking it to another level because of the national anthem protest. i wondered how much does it cost. let me ask you, was it worth the pennies? was it worth all the money i should say? >> yes, it is expensive it's worth every nickel of it i went ahead and did the contract before i told my wife about it i figured i could get forgiveness for it after that. she was all for
4:56 am
it when i told her what i was going to do. steve: we described you as a former fan. what will it take to get you back as a fan of the jags? >> i'm a fan of the jags -- i was a fan of the jags. i was a big green bay packer fan. i would like to see the players started playing football. they have the right to protest. i have the right to protest. i'm going to continue to protest when they did that in london i felt that was a slap in our face. i really believe i'm representing 60 to 70% of americans. and for them not to be standing for the national anthem and then now some of the programs aren't showing the national anthem. eventually we f. we don't stand up for it we won't have it before these sports games. ainsley: terry, thank you for your patriotism. i know you are doing it again for veterans day. >> yes. i will be flying it on veterans day november the 129 before the jaguar's game. steve: all right. >> their social media is asking for a full boycott of
4:57 am
the nfl on veterans day weekend. i hope that will continue into monday night football. steve: we have seen that terry smiley, thank you very much. we are going to step aside. steve scalise coming up next.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
trump: we are probably now, despite what we read, closer than before. >> we are together totally on this agenda. >> they ran on promising repeal and replace obamacare. they ran on promising tax reform. we want folks to deliver on their promises. >> i am furious this is a plea agreement rather than a trial. they have to give him something because six people died trying to rescue him. >> forcing dana loesch to move her family after death threats from gun control advocates. >> why i carry. >> some half-baked nationalism is as unpatriotic.
5:01 am
>> you can also be a hear but you can also know what you're talking about. john mccain hasn't seen a war he has liked in the past 20 years. >> the bigger news is that ainsley's book is out. ainsley: i don't think that's the bigger news. but what we've learned is my dad and children are going to be on air with us at 8:20 today. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: welcome to the 8:00 hour of fox and friends. we are live from new york city today up here on the mezzanine level. and today brian kilmeade is at 1,600 pennsylvania avenue where in an hour and 20
5:02 am
minutes, he's going to chat about the news of the day with the president of the united states. ainsley: that's exciting, brian. brian: yeah, it is exciting. and also a tractor going right through the white house. i don't know if they ordered it. i don't know if it was supposed to go there. can you guys see that? ainsley: yes, we can. brian: how does that get into the driveway? ainsley: doesn't it seem every time we talk to someone at the white house there's construction going on there? there's some machine beeping. brian: there's nobody else in america that has a tractor in the driveway with a huge bucket on it. what could the president need? this is an emergency? what could they be working on? steve: brian, think about it. this is so easy. it's a great, dig digger. it has a great, big scoop on it; right? you know what he's trying to do? he's trying to drain the swamp. he needs something like that to drain the swamp. ainsley: unless he sees someone like you out there, brian. he's, like, go pick up that
5:03 am
guy. brian: how does he pass security? i couldn't even bring my wallet. steve: you're missing the festivities here in new york city because ainsley's brand-new book officially premiers today. it's available all over online in bookstores called through your eyes. ainsley: yeah, i know. i'm really excited about it. thank you, all, for supporting me. brian has his book coming out next tuesday. we'll talk about that. but, yeah, if you want to get it, it's ainsley. brian: and what's happening tonight, why the pressure on me and the people of long island. book review. ainsley: so last time i was in new jersey in his neck of the woods and now i'm going to your neck of the woods. they love you, brian, because that's where you go to sign copies. brian: my brothers are going to go. ainsley: they are? brian: they will be going there. they don't want any special treatment. you just sign whatever. if you have an attitude, it's no problem. ainsley: i'm going to make
5:04 am
them get to the back of the line, brian. steve: yeah, right. somebody who's going to be at the front of the line is kellyanne conway. brian's going to be talking to her live at the white house very, very shortly. plus, we're going to have steve scalise in a couple of minutes. right now, though, we have some news. ainsley: jillian has some news. >> i'm just wondering where brian's wallet is. a major win in the war on terror. u.s. -backed forces taking over isis's home base in raqa. used the city as a base to carry out attacks. and a brand-new video of a woman celebrating her freedom, ripping off her black robe and kissing the ground. really puts it into perspective the joy of people under control of isis. bo bergdahl set to know his fate next week.
5:05 am
after walking off his post in taliban in 2009. six soldiers died looking for him. president obama igniting backlash for training five gitmo prisoners in exchange for bergdahl's release in 2013. judge andrew napolitano joined us earlier saying he is furious former president obama wasn't forced to take the stand and answer for his decision. >> why did you trade this low-ranking person with a spotty record for five senior taliban from gitmo who you knew would get back to killing people and opposing us the minute they got on foreign soil? >> bergdahl faces life in prison. the center stage of nfl owners meeting today. colin kaepernick who started the protest not expected to be present. he just fired a grievance of owners conspiring against him. nfl owner rodger goodell has made it clear that he wants
5:06 am
players to stand for the anthem. we'll be outside with a preview in just a few minutes. a little girl tells her class all about a welcome home sign she made for her military stepdad serving in iraq. he was due home in a few weeks, so she had no idea what was going to happen next. [crying] >> caitlyn's stepdad surprises her at the school in kansas. the 10-year-old is so excited, she bursts into tears. every time ids a video like that, i get chills. steve: it's really awesome. jillian, thank you. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, another popular surge. this one in austria where a 31-year-old right wing conservative sebastion is set to become the world's youngest head of state. ainsley: it is just the latest blow to the european establishment. steve, former head of strategies and now the host of the next revolution right here
5:07 am
on the fox news channel. this guy is 31 years old. >> it's just unbelievable, isn't it? but you know what it tells you? because the big issue for him in his election campaign was immigration. and it tells you that people have had enough of this elitist ideology of open borders. and that's got two parts to it. the first is absolutely no control on immigration whatsoever. many people that want to come in, they should come in. and the second part is if you oppose that in any way, you're a racist. that's the ideology. and people have had enough of it because they can see that the elites who push this ideology, they're not affected by it. it's not their jobs that go away. it's not their pay that go down. not their local service. and people have had enough of it, and you see this popular surge all over the world now. steve: it's kind of like what's happening here in the united states. some people are unhappy with the political establishment. not happy with the austrian
5:08 am
political establishment. >> that's exactly right. and it was the movement that put donald trump in the white house. and you can see it's happening all over the place, and you're going to see a lot of it next year in 2018. it's part of this rejection of the same old policies that really have worked only for the richest people in society. and working people, you know, their incomes have been flat for decades. it's not even a political thing. left, right. it's not republicans or democrats. it's the lazies. ainsley: it's interesting to see this culture and people really to come out and speak vocally about how they're against the establishment. we're seeing it right now in the white house. you have mitch mcconnell with the president in the rose garden. you have steve bannon who left the white house, and he's out there saying we've got to get rid of mitch mcconnell and all of these establishment swampy republicans. >> it's a really interesting time because you see the president kind of in the middle of it. well, i can work with mitch mcconnell. but at the same time, steve's doing what he's doing and he's right. the president has got to try to bring everyone together. but in the end, what matters is real results for working
5:09 am
americans. their jobs, their pay, the condition of their schools, those are the things that's going to determine who wins this battle between the elites. ainsley: the president just wants to get things done. he's, like, i want tax reform. i want are he peel and replace, make this happen. >> exactly. i was pretty -- brian's been reporting on it all morning. but this idea that maybe now it's not this year, it's next year. i remember a few months ago, paul ryan sitting down and sean hannity going it's fine. we've got this. obamacare is going to get repealed and are& replaced. we're going to do tax reform and infrastructure. no one even talks about that anymore. he said that would happen in the first 200 days. whatever happened to that? steve: well, because, you know, infrastructure, they were saving that for last because that's the one thing that they knew they would be able to have democrats on board, and they could do something bipartisan. what they weren't counting on were a number of establishment republicans going rogue and not voting for what they had promised the folks. >> that's exactly right. and that's why the president's right to be angry with them. but most importantly, the
5:10 am
voters, the people of america are right to be angry with them because they've been there for so long, and they kept saying give us the power, give us the white house, it never seems to happen. steve: but what are the republicans in the senate saying? you know what? we need more republicans in the senate to ensure we have a larger majority, and then we can get stuff done. but then you see what they're doing right now, and it's, like, why bother? >> i so agree with you. you know, the thing is what kind of republican? newt gingrich said this yesterday. and i have a huge respect for him. but when he said all we need is a few more republicans. well, if it's the same kind of republicans that we've had up until now, what difference is it going to make? steve: what difference does it make? ainsley: steve, thanks for joining us. >> great to see you. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: and your show this week saturday and sunday. >> yeah. but there's one before that. i'm doing a brian kilmeade here on fox and friends and tonight, i'm hosting fox at
5:11 am
10:00 p.m. steve: a little ot. >> exactly. steve: coming up on this tuesday four months ago, house majority steve scalise nearly lost his life during that congressional baseball practice. now he is back on the job, and he will join us live coming up from new orleans. ainsley: plus, brian is going to join us from the white house lawn. steve: and look who's in the greenroom. ainsley's dad and daughter are here to celebrate the release of her brand-new book. it's a family affair straight ahead on fox and friends. ainsley: oh, i love them so much. hey, little one. love you.
5:12 am
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visit steve: we are so proud to be able to bring to you right now republican louisiana congressman. he's also the house majority with steve scalise joins us from his hometown of new orleans. good morning to you. ainsley: good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. great to be both of y'all. steve: great to have you. we were talking with steve scalise during the commercial break just moments ago. and will you share with our audience about what you said after you got shot, the outpouring of love from people all around the world that you got because so many people think, oh, they're in congress.
5:16 am
they're not very popular. that's not what you saw. >> no. i really saw the great side of what makes america great. i -- you know, for the first few days, i was completely out of it because i was in surgery just trying to save my life. but then once i came to and then in the days and weeks beyond, i started seeing just unbelievable love and support from all around the country. just people that were praying for me that never met me before. and, boy, it just touched you in a way that it shows you how -- how much people really do care and, you know, you see the bad side of america, but there's so much more good, and i got to see and feel that directly. ainsley: what are your injuries now and what's the recovery like? >> i still have a lot of weakness and nerve damage in my legs and, you know, working on walking again. i'm on crutches, so i can get around. but, you know, there's still a long way to go on rehabilitation to walk like i used to. and maybe even run one day too. steve: well, it's great that you're going to be able to join us, and it's terrific that you're back at work. ainsley: let's talk a little
5:17 am
bit of political business with you. we heard the president yesterday talk a little bit about how they would like to get something done in the senate regarding health care. and apparently lamar alexander, the republican, is working with democrat patty murray, and they've come up to do something about the subsidies to insurance companies going forward. a lot of house republicans don't like those subsidies because you view them as bailouts. how do you feel about this? >> well, if you look at this cost-sharing subsidy, it was part of the overall repeal and replace effort of obamacare because, you know, even obamacare recognized that the insurance market was going to collapse and people wouldn't have any choices like they don't right now. so we still want to get this fixed. we want to get health care right. we want to lower premiums. our bill did that. the house bill that passed did all of those things. i hope the senate continues to work to get this done. it's not only an important promise that we made, but families were struggling from the cost of health care. and they're going to continue
5:18 am
to go up because obamacare doesn't work. and, you know, the fact that you need these billions of dollars to prop up the insurance industry shows you that obamacare is raising costs so much that you're literally seeing companies go out of business and stop offering choices. steve: so it is a bailout. you feel it's a bailout. >> well, it's part of the failures of obamacare because insurance companies are losing money, families are paying more. everything is upside down with obamacare. let's keep the repeal on replace. i'm glad the president continues to push on this issue. ainsley: the nra spokeswoman dana loesch, we ran some clips of her saying that she's getting death threats. she had to move. some threats against her kids. we want to hear your reaction after everything what happened in las vegas and after everything that happened to you. >> it's difficult to have an open house and sell your home conventionally when you're still in it, and you have a security threat. i don't hate anyone that disagrees with me. my advocacy for secretary amendment rights isn't
5:19 am
designed to magically put a firearm in the hands of someone else. i just want people to have that choice. and all of this is really underscored why i carry. it makes me so grateful that i can protect myself. ainsley: that was interesting. she said i'm not just trying to put a firearm in the hands of everyone. she just wants to be able to protect herself. how do you feel after you were shot and everything that happened in las vegas. >> it's what our founding fathers envisioned. if you go and look at the writings of our founding fathers, they believe strongly in the rights of people to arm themselves for self-defense. and that's something that's still strong today, and you see threats against it. but, look, people need to tone down the rhetoric. this is part of our constitution in our country. go read what thomas jefferson wrote, what john adams wrote about the importance of people having firearms to protect themselves. it's part of who we are and part of the fabric of our nation. steve: steve scalise joining us today from new orleans.
5:20 am
thank you very much. what are you doing back home this week? >> going to speak to different groups today. i'm going to be in louisiana tomorrow just meeting with a lot of people, people i hadn't seen in a long time. i've been out for four months. it's great to be around the district again. ainsley: i have to tell you, everyone was praying for you. all of our viewers and to see you this morning. thanks for being here. >> i'm a living miracle but thanks for the prayers, especially. great to be with you. steve: steve scalise. still ahead on our tuesday telecast, john mccain taking a shot at president trump. we're going to ask kellyanne conway about that when she joins brian live at the white house coming up. ainsley: and today is the day my new children's book comes out. we have some very special guests here to help celebrate. hi. come on up.
5:21 am
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♪ ♪ steve: we have some very exciting news to share on this tuesday morning. >> ainsley is releasing her brand-new book through your eyes today. ainsley: and here to celebrate is my dad wane and my daughter haden, and we are just so thrilled. thank you, all, for supporting us and for making this all come true. dad, you taught me so much. and i wrote the first book because dad used to leave
5:25 am
notes next to our cereal. the first book i wrote from when i was pregnant with her. this book after haden. >> i was going to ask you what does this book teach you? and my theme is all of us have been so blessed with children and so many times we forget that. and they can be good, and they can be bad, but you have to have faith to get over the bad, and we thank god that we're blessed with me. because so many people lost children, and i thank goodness that it has not happened in my life. but i cannot imagine losing a child. through their eyes, to me, is a better book than the first book, to be honest with you. and i've been very pleased with what ainsley has done with it. and it's a great lesson for all of us. steve: ainsley, i love the way you start the book where you talk about when you were pregnant with haden that in
5:26 am
your head as soon as she's born, we're going to do this and this and this and during her lifetime, she's going to do this and this and this. and then when she's born, you go wait a minute. i have my list but what she winds up in her life is up to her. ainsley: i know because you have all of these expectations and all of these things that you want for your kids and then you realize all you want for them is to be happy; right? >> and i'm proud of you, ainsley. because many years ago, we were both talking about books, and i said to you it's when you have kids that you really get it. and to write about what you know. and that's exactly what you've done, and i'm so proud of you, you know? it's a big thing to have a book out there. but this is such a special book as well and the illustrations are amazing. ainsley: they are beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. look at this, guys. ainsley: they are gorgeous. and a lot of the scenes are in center park, which is where i spend a lot of time with my daughter. haden is telling me to be quiet. says the moment we met, i wrote down a list of all we
5:27 am
would do of whatnot to miss. we would sore through the skies in a super fast plane, speed past snowy hills on a passenger train. steve: i love that. ainsley: and then it says but on the trip to the park, you opened my eyes, taught me life is a gift every day a surprise. and then through the book, we talk about all of the things that haden has taught me. i was with her when she saw a dog for the first time, and she just squealed in excitement. and i thought this is a child, a gift from god, and she saw a dog. a human being seeing a dog, and she we take for granted. or rain, and we had to run upstairs to get our jacket. and she just loved it. loves to swing. just the simple things. >> what's it like being a granddad? >> it's just wonderful. we have haden as our oldest and then our son trent had two twin boys, so they will be a little over a year now.
5:28 am
so it's -- ainsley: mama's not going to ever let you go. you're in my life forever, baby girl. steve: tell us a little bit about the impetuous for the first book, which is the notes you would leave. because my wife used to put notes into the kid's lunch boxes. you would leave them on the breakfast table. what would they say? >> put them in the lunch bags and that sort of thing. and most of them i was a big fan of john wooden and dean smith, and the practice plans would have a quarter a day on the practice plans. that's where the idea came from. mainly from dean smith in north carolina. steve: kids, get out there and win one for daddy. >> that's right. ainsley: a lot of the money goes to full of honor, and i know the guy that started that is going to be with us on thursday. great man. dad worked several jobs. put himself through college. worked several jobs to put all three of us through college and now some of this money is going to go to help the kids
5:29 am
fallen soldiers go to college. so not only is my goal to send her to college, but other kids to college. so thank you, dad, y'all are amazing people, and i'm so blessed to be born into this wonderful family. thank you, all, for supporting this. and, by the way, i'll be in huntington, new york tonight at 7:00. tomorrow in brooklyn, and then thursday night in connecticut. friday, myrtle beach within friday columbia, and then sunday greenville, north carolina. and then next week, we'll talk about that next week. but there's the schedule. you can go to ainsley earhardt what do you want? what do you want? >> will you put makeup on me? ainsley: put some makeup on ms. dean. beautiful. >> can you wave to everyone and say thank you? steve: haden and wane, thank you very much. check out the book.
5:30 am
>> congratulations, ainsley. ainsley: say hi. steve: all right. still ahead on the show, senator john mccain taking a shot at president trump yesterday warning against half-baked nationalism. counselor to the president kellyanne conway joins brian at the white house to respond to that coming up. i was a good soldier. i had purpose and i loved it. you never told me you were a hero. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human ♪ i make mistakes get down! ♪ i'm only human ♪ it's all it takes ♪ don't put the blame on me thank you for looking after my son. we're brothers. we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r. ♪ don't put the blame on me
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5:34 am
cookbooks. he has a brand-new out. >> what is he cooking for us today? i'm hungry. steve: good questions. we're going to go downstairs in just a minute. not only has it been a big day, ainsley has debuted her new book. but brian is going to interview the president just about an hour and a half right there from the white house. >> and look who's next to him. brian. >> and first, before we get to the president in about an hour, we have kellyanne conway. counselor to the president joining us right here in studio, which is our studio on remote. this is usually your place. >> it is. welcome to the white house. brian: well, first off, thanks for the invite. the president is going to meet with us on talk radio today. first off, can you give us an idea of what it was like behind the scenes, not only behind closed doors and then in front of cameras, how important that is? >> the country saw it on full display. these are two men forging together to get the agenda passed. we need tax cuts. the middle class in this country need tax cuts. job creators are great employers in this country need
5:35 am
to have rates so that they can increase their growth, expand their businesses, invest back in their workforce and their inventory, and we also need to repatriate these funds across seas. they talked about tax reform. they talked about this real logjam in nominations. we've got about 39% of trump's nominees have been confirmed compared to 65% of president obama at this very point in his presidency. that is unacceptable, and it is for for one minute petty, partisan reasons. six of the seven dod nominees that are languishing in front of the senate, they've been ready since summer. one of them is the assistant secretary dealing with counterterrorism. we need him there. deputy secretary of hhs spent 180 days to confirm this man. why? brian: right? >> so it's all unprecedented and this president and leader have put together a really great list of
5:36 am
constitutionalist judges up and down the federal -- up and down the federal judiciary. we need them confirmed. we can't have vacancies on a judiciary without the core backlog. brian: i agree with you. he has met with lindsey graham and rand paul and mitch mcconnell. what does that say about the way the president operates? it's not personal? >> no. it's not. it's about personnel, and it's about negotiation and deal-making. but within the structure of the president's agenda. his issues and ideas prevailed. the other sides failed almost a year ago. so if you support the president's agenda, great. come and give good ideas about how to improve a bill or how to perhaps bring other people to the table. but this is the donald trump we've all known for a very long time, and this is him as president. you've got a deal maker disrupter behind us in the white house, and i think that the trump page is something that swamp speed is still getting used to. but i thought it was a very productive conversation.
5:37 am
great display of the two of them out there in the rose garden. but the president took many questions. leader mcconnell did. and they're showing this working together. contrast to the democrats, somebody talking about last year's election, and then you have the group of democrats talking about 2020. guys, you did nothing in 2016. brian: so the president has lisa murkowski to try to win over and susan collins and john mccain. and judging by mccain's comments last night, it's going to be tough sledding. listen. >> to fear the world we have organized and led the three-quarters of a century to abandon ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of some half-baked spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic
5:38 am
than attachment to retired dogma of the past that americans consigned to the sheep of history. brian: so it seems many people are saying half-baked nationalism is referring to the president. what's your reaction? >> well, i just don't see that in the president's agenda or in his philosophy. he is governing as a center right president who believe we pay too much in taxes, that we're overregulated, and we have not taken terrorists seriously. hasn't even been willing to call them terrorists for the last however many years. this country is more safer and prosper us under donald trump. and look at the stock market. the s&p 500, the nasdaq, dow jones. record highs again yesterday. the stock market loves this president. and many people feel safe and secure. so i would focus on the areas where agree. brian: but does it seem like there's interaction between them? because with so much on the line, it doesn't seem like
5:39 am
you're going to get john mccain's vote for anything. >> he has invited many of them to the golf course, and he said more importantly here to the white house. he has been working the phones constantly. wen doing that his entire career. has brought that successful business model into the white house. and we hope we can rely on senator mccain's vote. on any number of issues that senator mccain has promised the people of arizona he would do, lowering taxes, getting stronger against terrorism, obviously, again, being for free market and being for prosperity and security around the globe. brian: for is on for 40 plus minutes with mitch mcconnell had a press conference. right out there. hands up. no names on cards. whatever you had comment. one of the questions was about the green berets who lost their lives when they land in niger. did they contact the families? and he said, well, i wanted to contact them directly. that's one of the things i wanted to do. and people are going to town on his answer. first, let's hear it. trump: the toughest calls i have to make are the calls where this happens.
5:40 am
soldiers are killed. the traditional way if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls. a lot of them didn't make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate when i think i'm able to do it. brian: surrogates from both administration bush and obama said wait, we made a ton of calls. this president is wrong on that. what's your reaction? >> i think what the president is saying is there's a lot of different ways to meet with the families. sometimes you write, sometimes you call, sometimes you meet in person. and we don't make public and we do that because these are very private moments. but i appreciate fox news showing the first part of the president's comment. because he said these are the literally the toughest calls he has to make. and think of everything that he has done since he got here that this is one of the toughest calls he has made. he's made a lot of tough calls.
5:41 am
the dropping the moab on syria. and this is a man who has great capacity for people. people remember how karin owens at the joint session back in late february and what a moment that was for the nation, how spontaneously the president recognized him. i thought that was a moment where the commander-in-chief slash president of the united states showcased, really, the -- how we can all he will -- elevated us all to be our most compassionate selfs. but i think he's making the point there are many different ways to reach out. you can also -- sometimes you receive in person and sometimes you write a letter. brian: and have you spoken the president about this? maybe regret bringing up past presidents and what they've done? >> i think made very clear there what he meant and what he was saying. and his focus, again, brian is always about the grieving on the families, on the loss of life, and on protecting our soldiers. i mean, if i can think of two or three main reasons, motivators for donald trump to run for president in the first
5:42 am
place, first responders are great veterans, our military, our law enforcement are up there. brian: so we have i think nick boyer who was a special operator who was with colin kaepernick and first was upset that colin kaepernick was kneeling and then said okay. i understand why he's doing it. not that i agree with it. he said he hopes the president and colin kaepernick would speak. do you think the president would be open to speaking to colin kaepernick? >> i'm not sure mr. kaepernick has called the white house, which is an active place. i will say there's always room for discussion for any number of individuals. and it has worked on some of the issues in my portfolio. but this is a president who has made very clear he's willing to sit down with chuck and nancy, as he says, or democrats who are willing to support his agenda and his pieces of agenda and negotiate. on this issue, i personally think that there are many ways for you to express how you feel on any number of issues and every president seems to
5:43 am
be in some of the cultural questions of our day. but at the same time, if you actually want to take a stand and make a statement in the way some of these nfl players are doing, why is it just -- the national anthem before game? are you civically active? are you educating younger people? are you organizing and volunteering in your own communities? so that's -- brian: he's upset about the anthem. he's not upset about the fact that there's protest. >> the anthem means so much. brian: no, the president is upset it's during the anthem. >> it is. you and i have freedom to talk to each us today in front of a white house in a democratic nation. and i think the president is on the winning side of the issue. brian: thank you for letting me take your spot today. i had to push her over. we're going to speak to the president in about an hour. kellyanne conway, thank you so much. meanwhile, nfl owners meeting about the kickoff and the national anthem protest will
5:44 am
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5:47 am
steve: fox news alert and the president as if he's going to have to find somebody else. >> withdrawing his name from consideration in drug. tom is a great man and congressman. steve: he had to step aside after it was revealed that he had some sort of involvement with opioid regulation in the country. more on this a little later on. meanwhile, 13 minutes before the top of the hour. national anthem protest taking center stage as the nfl kicks off its owners meeting later today. ainsley: some players are invited. but colin kaepernick who started the protest is not expected to be there. fox business network tracy joins us live with a preview. hey, tracy. >> good morning. now, this meeting happens every year. but this year, the main issue
5:48 am
will be those protests during the national anthem as nfl commissioner rodger goodell. the head of the nfl players association, team owners, current and former players meet here for the annual meeting. now, last week, the nfl said they're not going to mandate players during the national anthem. but here at this meeting, they're expected to come up with some sort of solution to end these controversial protests. the nfl wants to find a compromise that still allows players to use their platform to make awareness on issues that matter to them like social justice and equality. now, this whole issue might have blown over. but just a few weeks ago, president trump made some fiery comments at a campaign rally for republican senate candidate luther strange. he called on players to be fired who didn't stand for the anthem. you know, of course, this didn't go over well with some players. it's been a battle ever since. but yesterday at a press briefing, the president reiterated his stance.
5:49 am
here's what he said. trump: when you go down and take a knee or any other way, you're sitting, essentially for our great national anthem. you're disrespecting our flag, and you're disrespecting our country. and the nfl should have suspended some of these players. >> meanwhile, colin kaepernick, the player who started all of this and has since been without a job, well, he's filed a grievance with the nfl saying that teams colluded against his controversial protest. now, this grievance likely to be a topic here at the meetings. but the main challenge will be for everyone here to come up with a solution that worked, that will make the players and the fans happy. back to you. steve: good luck with that. all right. tracy live on the streets of new york. >> thanks, tracy. steve: coming up next, chef is making your food dreams come true, at least for janice. pancakes for breakfast and pasta for dinner without
5:50 am
gaining a pound. ainsley: what? really? he says it's true; right? bill, you have to watch it. >> fake news. [laughter] >> good morning. there is a claim of victory in raqa, syria. full report in moments. big meeting, nfl owners and players today, can they get a resolution? mike huckabee here to respond on all of that when sandra and i see you in ten minutes. top of the hour [notification tone] ♪ i love your vest. your crocheted purses have wonderful eyes. ♪
5:51 am
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ainsley: how would you like to eat pancakes for breakfast and pasta for dinner without packing on the extra pounds? steve: i have never seen ainsley and janice so
5:54 am
excited. award-winning chef has a brand-new cookbook out today. turn into recipe into guilt free. it's healthy and delicious, and it is on the set. >> first, steve, don't let the pan burn in the kitchen. okay. i'm calling it healthy and delicious because it's common sense healthy and delicious. there's no diet plan in this book. i don't want you to read about diets. just live a healthy lifestyle. full color photograph and they're gluten free or finely sugar free or diary free. so making protein pancakes. >> when you did you start cooking healthy? >> i started in 2005. my doctor told me i had the metabolic age of a 65-year-old man. and i had to change that. >> what are you doing? >> two scopes of my protein
5:55 am
powder. obviously, i'm a little toward my own. >> and we can get this online? >> online on amazon or on my website. and this is pancake batter. >> can you taste the protein batter? >> you can. it tastes actually just like a regular pancake. >> and we were talking earlier in a greenroom. i have ms. we talked about this. and how you control some of these illnesses with your diet. >> exactly. plant-based diet. this is mostly about plant-based. 168 vegan recipes in the book. will help reduce inflammation. this is a natural seeper i made simply by blending blew berries in a blender until they got hot. steve: you know, the thing that people don't like about healthy food is the taste. all of this is an explosion. >> how about that? this is pasta pasta. >> so i made a regular italian
5:56 am
style sauce. >> a little cheese. >> a little cheese. >> i replaced it with veggies, so you get rid about 70 grams of cashes. this is protein pizza made with spinach. >> who put that bite in there? >> that was me. steve: oh, that's delicious too. >> what about the avocado toast? everybody loves that. >> yeah. crazy avocado toast. give that a bite. >> what is the chocolate thing you have here? >> this is my chocolate. >> just let it break. just let it break. ♪ ♪ you always pay
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>> rocco's new book is called "healthy and delicious." it's out today. as he puts the veggies in the blender. >> 140 calories per portion. >> thank you, sir. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert on what might be a major victory. reports that u.s.-backed forces have driven isis from its headquarters in syria. the town of raqqa near the iraq border in eastern syria. the terror group's capital going back to 2014. breaking news this morning on a tuesday. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. welcome to "america's newsroom." sandra, hello. >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith, a commander with the troops says isis has been defeated and they're sweeping the city for any final threats. this after reclaiming the city's hospital which was doubling as an isis command center. >> bill: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot in london with more details. what are we learning, greg? me


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