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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 20, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> thank you so much to juan williams for being here today. it was a lot of fun and we will be back on monday at noon eastern, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: we will begin with a fox news alert, we are awaiting white house reaction after the senate took a big step closer to tax reform. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. senate republicans narrowly approved of $4 trillion budget plan last night. it paves the way for tax cuts that the white house has said it wants. rand paul was the only republican who voted no. but president trump this morning tweeted this "the budget passed late last night, 51-49. we got zero democrat votes with only rand paul, he will vote for tax cuts voting against." this allows for the passage of large-scale tax cuts under form
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number which will be the biggest in the history of our country. chuck schumer called the g.o.p. budget "nasty and backwards" saying "i think it will go down in history as one of the worst budgets congress has ever passed." about the tax code says he's optimistic." >> i think there's a very clear possibility the house clears this next week, that clears the way for the ways and means committee to relieve the tax reform bill and the timetable for the markup. the first action in 31 years since president reagan's reform in 1986, that begins very quickly. >> harris: let's bring louisiana senator bill cassidy who serves on the senate finance and health committee, good to see you, thank you for joining us. did we see the goalpost, did we see a field goal made here? how close to tax reform do you think we really are? >> i would say we have moved within the red zone.
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we are going to begin having hearings. we've worked for the last several years to come up with the information necessary having the budget resolution passed, now we have to cross the goal line. >> harris: i don't know why i started off with football, it is what it is. moving on, what does this mean in terms of attracting people to push tax reform forward? does this give you a look at okay, we've got all republicans, the president thinks he will get rand paul but what does it really look like for bipartisan? >> it depends on how it ends up looking at the end. the president we met at the cabinet room the other day, i was taking notes. at some point i came up with shorthand for "donald trump want something good for the middle class" because he said it over and over at different times in the conversation. we all want that. if this works for the folks in the middle class by increasing
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the child tax credit, cutting corporate rates, increasing the amount of money going into people's paychecks, hopefully democrats and republicans will get on board. >> harris: you worked with senator lindsey graham on health care and you know he's been one to say that if you don't get tax reform done you are dead in the water politically. >> there is a lot at stake here. not for the republican electoral issues which are obviously involved but for those middle-class families, for the world economy since we are the largest economy and we have to get going again. we are seeing very good times. since trump won the presidency drop growth is up, gdp growth is up. now we need to take it to the next level. >> harris: realistically speaking, you hear the president saying senator rand paul is on board, was he promised something? he said "no" to the budget and he's been saying no to tax reform and i was on board. i ask that with all sincerity because you will need him. >> i haven't been party to the
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conversations between the president and senator paul, all i can say is if we do something great for the middle class, help the corporate rate to keep these companies from taking their jobs overseas and have a pro-growth agenda, hopefully folks who care about our country and the middle class will vote for it and that's my goal. >> harris: you talk about the budget and you are asking for $4 trillion. looking ahead to getting health care done and you've got something on the table that looks like with tax reform costing an extra $1.5 trillion over the next decade, you've got to pay something for health care to get that done. you've got this bipartisan bill, how good does that look? the president has said it's absolutely a nonstarter if you give more money to the insurance companies but what does it look like for that to move forward? >> we have the votes on the senate side because we have 12 republicans. >> harris: will go to the
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floor? >> we have to make sure it will passed the house and the president will sign it. we have to strengthen it further. i endorse the bill, it's a good bill but it needs to be stronger to get the house and the president. lamar has said, if you've got a problem, give us the language make it stronger. i propose we put transparency in there. i love for a consumer to know the price of a ct scan before she goes to get it or not find out later. maybe that will strengthen internet for the house, democrats will approve and the president will sign. whatever we do, we need to make it stronger. >> harris: is there any time sensitivity with this, this is the first day that subsidies for the insurance companies will go away. the insurance companies have said "we didn't even give you our upgraded pricing this summer" you could see prices go up even further and you've got an enrollment period for people in november, talking about the
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time sensitivity. >> clearly it is time sensitive. if it's going to happen this enrollment period, it's going to have to happen now. one of the points i emphasized was that if we are going to give the cost sharing reduction payment, it could not be a windfall for the insurance company, it had to been at the person policy. i think that is her concern that remains with the administration and with some of the folks on the house side which again alexander has said. if you think we can get stronger language, give it to us and we will put it in the bill. we want strong language, we don't want a windfall for insurance companies, we want low premiums for americans. >> harris: you've got 12 republicans, 12 democrats who say they are on board with this bipartisan bill, president has said the deal breaker is no more money to insurance companies and bailing them out or propping them up or making them richer.
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are you confident you can get beyond this? talking about time sensitivity, i don't mean to go back over an old road but now you've got a new element in that you are up against the clock. >> i can tell you people care about it, they know it's going to affect premiums and they'd like to see it done but i can't promise you it will be done. >> harris: if it misses? >> premiums will go up more than they are going up now. the insurance company severity priced it in. the obamacare premiums going up 100% since obamacare past and even more will go up more. that's the way obamacare has been structured, we are trying to fix it long term and i will go back to graham-cassidy. we think that is a long-term fix to replace obamacare with what we have. >> harris: are you going to try to bring that back at some point? >> the internal contradiction of
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obamacare on the individual market and the medicaid expansion population is going to continue to worsen. whatever we do, that gets worse. we do think giving the power back to states is better than washington bureaucrats, rhode island is different than alaska. let the states figure it out as opposed to one-size-fits-all from washington, d.c. >> harris: is this in senator mitch mcconnell's hands again? >> i think it is in the hands of can we get folks in the house on the president to sign on. whatever the senate does, we have to have the house and the president on board, i would say it is more in their hands. >> harris: we will be watching it, we appreciate your time, thank you very much. former attorney general loretta lynch meeting behind closed doors with house intelligence committee members as part of the ongoing investigation into russian investigation meddling but she will also likely be asked about a hillary clinton
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email scandal including that airport tarmac meeting where she was meeting with bill clinton during the investigation that involved his wife. her request that former fbi director james comey call the matter instead of an investigation. she was quiet as she headed into the meeting this morning, fox was there. >> did you tell director comey to call the email investigation a matter? did you make a phone call before the meeting with the bill clinton -- >> harris: let's bring in the president of judicial watch. the last we talked a few days ago you had just found out that there were documents the fbi has that they will release to you in some redacted form at the end of next month, you are waiting to see that but now there is movement on the hill with loretta lynch. >> let's hope they follow up and asked some questions, not only of loretta lynch but the fbi. remember what james comey said,
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he was concerned about the tarmac meeting but he was also concerned about the tarmac meeting not because it was an isolated incident because there were other issues with the juste department in terms of having an aarent bias that could be perceived at least by the public in favor of the clintons. i would be direct in making sure they ask all the questions about what loretta lynch was up to in terms of her communications not only with bill clinton on the tarmac but other clinton advisors or aides or maybe the white house about her handling of the clinton email investigation. >> harris: as you look at this, i want to go back to those 30 or so documents you are waiting to see. does this help you pinpoint what exactly you are looking for in those documents or is this something fresh and new? we can't tell what's in them yet. >> we don't know what's in them. i think what is interesting about the documents we did get
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which were redacted by this justice department, there were talking points that were created almost immediately after the meeting took place. that phoenix reporter who caught it, caught the meeting on tape with a camera. what were in those talking points? if it was an innocent meeting why did they need talking points that went paragraph after paragraph after paragraph. what was being said, what did they need to spin if it was a straightforward meeting? loretta lynch has admitted that that meeting cast a cloud over her investigation. if she never recused herself, why is that? >> harris: these are excellent questions. if there was anything illegal or untoward, what would be the accountability or responsibility she would be held to? >> that's true and you can't separate the clinton email investigation and the bias of the justice department. if you could see in all the
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cases we were pursuing at the time, they were defending hillary clinton in a way that made it look like the justice department was an extension of the campaign. at the same time, was loretta lynch approving warrants against trump and his team? did they use this dossier to justify wiretapping team trump? >> harris: you are talking about that fusion gps dossier we've been investigating to see if there are any facts in it, what's the factual grounds? >> who was behind it, what did she know about that? you have the unmasking. was she involved in the unmasking of individuals who they didn't need to know anything about other than the fact that they were trump people. that's the way it looks from the outside. i want to know what she said. >> harris: and whether those documents will show us any of
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that. we are getting a better idea of how long the list was of people who wanted to know the names that might have been scooped up as we were tryingo listen to reporters here. before i let y go, november november 30th, anything else they've told you about those documents will be receiving? >> no but since we last talked, we found out there are 2800 new documents that were government records so we will be getting those by the end of the year. we are just finding out this week that the state department has 40,000 clinton emails that they haven't even released yet. >> harris: the previous ones with her age, that will be interesting to look at because that figures into the email scandal which is what we are told they are focusing somewhat on with loretta lynch today. we appreciate your time, thank you. north korea is issuing a brand-new threat against the united states.
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in a letter to the world, how that rogue regime is saying it won't back down from any sort of aggression from president trump as cia director mike pompeo says it's a matter of months before pyongyang is capable of attacking us on the mainland. stay close. >> they are closer now than they were five years ago and i expect they will be closer in five months than they are today. in the absence of a global effort to push back against the them. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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>> they are close enough now in their capabilities from a u.s. policy perspective, we ought to behave as if we were are on the cusp of them achieving that. you're talking about months. our capacity to understand that is in some sense irrelevant, whether it happens on tuesday or a month from tuesday, we are at a time where the president has concluded we need a global effort to assure that kim jong un doesn't have that capacity. >> harris: that was cia director mike pompeo responded to the question how close is north korea to the capability of striking the united states with a nuclear weapon.
10:19 am
north korean officials have sent a letter to the australian parliament morning they have not backed down. let's bring in fox news military analyst general jack keane. does this change anything or is this kind of what we anticipate anticipated? >> i think it's what we anticipated but i think also we have the director of the cia, open media discussing the fact that north korea is accelerating their program and getting to a point where they will likely have nucearized icbms. obviously they have a lot of concern here. kim jong un has calculated he's got a race to get this program,
10:20 am
nucearized icbms. once he leaves, that is his strategy. the problem is president trump is not going to do that and for ten months we've been trying to convince kim jong un of that reality. >> harris: i am looking at the polling right now that has asked americans whether they would support a preemptive strike. the way you lay it out is very frightening. if you want to avoid all that, while paul looked at this and they said 62% of people who were surveyed say no to a preemptive strike on north korea. republicans were asked the same thing, still well above a third at 41%. a lot of americans who say no, we don't want to preemptive
10:21 am
strike, what do you do? do you wait for a mad man to take a position and fire? >> i don't think so at all. first of all, those numbers don't surprise me, that is usually how america responds to the fact that we may be going to war, that is our history. here's what i think is going to happen. the 19th communist party congress in china is coming to an end. it will and i think this weekend or next week and what will happen is president xi will be solidifying his power base for the next five years. he is certainly going to be privy to what is taking place with the acceleration of their program. president trump is also visiting him next month. and i think out of this could possibly, more accelerated pace
10:22 am
on the part of china and also the options that are in front of us rvs, harris. kim jong un capitulates and we go into negotiations, that will take probably a year plus to make that happen. he capitulates that he is not going to continue testing, we verify the programs are being decommissioned. secondly, china or kim jong un's subordinates change him out. that certainly is a possibility as he gets closer himself to being more dangerous in terms of his willingness to use force. the least option is -- the lesser option is to begin a series of military options that could start with a naval blockade, shooting down missiles, et cetera, sometime kind of preemptive strike that
10:23 am
would lead us to a war. there are options that are clearly out there and i believe president trump and the president of china are working towards an option that will eventually stabilize the situation and get kim jong un to at least capitulate with or without him. >> harris: you have an opportunity to look people in the face and talk about what those options are. the one you mentioned about change him out, that's something that has to get his attention. that's permanent. we've got a situation with senator john mccain who wants to know how a couple of weeks ago and what's been called an ambush on american forces over there, what's the operation that was going on the left americans dead in a military operation? now just a short little while
10:24 am
ago, the secretary of defense mattis says he is going to meet wi john mccain. can you tell me what's going on with the fact finding and what we know and don't know? >> he's meeting with him this afternoon as a matter of fact. i'm going to see the senator after i'm talking to you. here is what the issue is. what's happening in northern africa is radical islam is spreading like wildfire throughout northern africa. we saw what happened in libya, radical islam has certainly spread there. we've got isis and al qaeda affiliates on the move in africa. our strategy started with the obama administration to partner with indigenous forces, bring special fortresses for forces d some drone strikes and other means to push back on the spread of radical islam. i think what we need here now,
10:25 am
given the administration and i have some empathy for them, preoccupied with north korea, iran, isis, afghanistan, they need a strategic review of where we are in northern africa, do we have the right strategy and the right resources? that's likely going to be a discussion with senator mccain and secretary mattis. i am also sympathetic to the pentagon here, this is a firefight that took place a continent away and to get all the details of that so we know everything that took place so we can talk intelligently with someone like chairman mccain and the job is the oversight committee of the pentagon, that does take some time. that little friction is going to go away, chairman mccain and secretary mattis are both pros. the secreta is gointo tell the chairman every thing he knows. the larger issue is why were those forces so exposed? is there anything we could have
10:26 am
done? 's we want to say those american lives. i wanted to make a point with the audience before we let you go, the friction you are talking about in recent days, senator mccain said he had a better relationship with former officials of the obama administration than he does with the current national security advisor and defense secretary. what you guys are talking about today and what this meeting will be about later this afternoon no doubt will touch on the relationship building that has two go into place going forward. general jack keane, we appreciate your time in speaking with us before you go talk with senator mccain ahead of his meeting with the defense secretary, thank you, sir. an emotional defense of president trump called to a gold star widow from a man who knows what it's like to lose a child to war. john kelly's review to one democrats account of that call. as critics from the left pounce on his remarks.
10:27 am
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10:32 am
president told the widow "he knew what he signed up for" and that the president did not know the dead soldier's name. john kelly himself, a gold star dad had this passionate rebuke. >> a phone call from the president of the united states and in his that way he tried to express that opinion that he is a brave man, a fallen hero. he knew what he was getting himself into because he enliste enlisted. he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message that was transmitted. it stuns me that a member of congress would've listened in on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. i thought at least that was sacred. >> harris: the reaction from the left was swift.
10:33 am
a former hillary clinton campaign spokesperson said this "general kelly is not just an enabler of trump, he is a believer in him." chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn, i tell you, this gets more oxygen now as representative wilson of florida keeps talking. >> this is going in so many directions. it's kind of hard to believe. clearly general kelly, this congress met member from floris ascending into this condolence call and chose to go ahead and make criticisms of what she heard public. there she was on television this morning commenting about it, let's listen to what she said. >> i wasn't listening in, i was in a car where a call was being
10:34 am
taken on a speakerphone. i wasn't listening in. please don't characterize it as that. >> kennedy: general kelly yesterday when he came out to the podium at the briefing room also criticizing wilson for making the dedication of the new fbi field office just outside of miami back in 2015 all about her when she stood up to make a speech about it, listen to this. >> in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building. and she sat down. we were stunned. stunned that she had done it. even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned. >> there was another layer to this onion that is just been revealed, while she took credit for naming the building, she did
10:35 am
sponsor and fast-track legislation to do that, she never took credit for the funding. in a statement to fox news just a short time ago's, sarah huckabee sanders to adjusting what general kelly said yesterday, saying "general kelly said he was stunned that she made comments about her own actions in congress, including lobbying former president obama on legislation. as general kelly pointed out, if you are able to make an act like honoring american heroes about yourself, you are an empty barrel." one more layer to this onion at that same ceremony, the former fbi director james comey who of course is not exactly a well-liked person around the white house, stood up and said of congresswoman wilson, representative wilson truly did the impossible in terms of having a building named as quickly as she did and we are eternally grateful. more to come in the briefing in about 25 minutes. >> harris: john roberts, you
10:36 am
set it up for us. meanwhile, president trump continuing his war of words with coresswoman wson and the media. he tweeted today "the fakeews is going crazy with wacky congresswoman wilson who gave a total lie." let's bring in mary kissel who is part of "the wall street journal" editorial page team and is a fox news contributor. as john roberts put it, we have so many places to take this but there are a couple of important places. that gold star family is the first and the person they lost in that ambush, senators on the hill along with the business secretary getting ready to meet in the next 90 minutes to figure out what happened with that operation. those are the news points but you have i understand words to say about fake courage. >> i think what you saw yesterday from mr. kelly, he is out of uniform now is real courage, real moral authority, standing up and saying to the american people that there are
10:37 am
some things that are sacred in this country and he wasn't just talking about sacrificing the fallen, we used to have respect for women, we used to have respect for women and life in the church. i think these comments were very important. we see a lot of political fake courage. students on campus standing up against micro-russians which are meaningless, media players getting gotcha moments, trying to dissect every word, let's see if we can get trump today. standing back and really looking at the real issues that matter to the american public. >> harris: such strong comments about where the moral compass lies, let's talk about politics for just a second. how do you take the oxygen out of the story and move on to the important points we've been talking about. for all those other gold star families, this elevates this one family above all the rest and we agree with all of them.
10:38 am
>> the way you take the oxygen out of this is to let mr. kelly statement stand. and not say anything else because i think he acted as the adult in the room and as i said before, he's got the moral authority to speak. look, we have a president who takes his politics very personally, we know that, that's who he is. he feels the need to respond and the democrats always want to bait him because they know he will respond. you saw that just now with the tweets. i think the president should let mr. kelly statement stand, if you wanted to make a statement just say "i agree with what he said, we honor our gold star families, period, that's the end of it. >> harris: really quickly before i let you go, does this policy was changed president's making those calls, they have a lot of ways they can reach out to families, not everybody gets a call. we know from former presidents george w. bush and obama, unfortunately there were so many more debt at that point that a personal call was not always an
10:39 am
option. >> it's always a tragedy whenever a president feels like he has to write a letter to a family or take a call, it's a personal decision of how the president handles it as mr. kelly outlined yesterday. my hope is that we don't get into a situation where we need to be making that many calls. >> harris: amen to that. mary kissel, "wall street journal" editorial board, thank you very much. former president obama is returning to the campaign trail, he already has. he's implying that president trump has helped set the country back 50 years. is it appropriate for a former president to criticize his successor? and what happened to giving president trump a chance to lead? a power panel is going to step in and weigh in, syse.
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>> harris: a former president with some free time, he is using it to slam president trump without tensioning his name.
10:44 am
at one rally for a democrat in new jersey, former president obama said the current political climate makes it seem like the president has moved back 50 years. >> instead of our politics reflecting our values, we've got politics inspecting our communities. instead of looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way, we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. to demonize people who have different ideas. >> harris: we will bring in tammy bruce and an executive in residence at american university of former ohio state. tammy, i am going to start with you. fresh ideas, fresh faces and the democratic party or tried and true with the former president?
10:45 am
>> they have tried and true but it is not working, clearly. we know they have a problem with leadership, that's clear when it comes to the problem the party has had. the problem for the ex-president is that he's using the same kind of approach you use last year year which obviously failed, when americans voted and his coalition did not come out because after eight years of discussions like this from community organizers, they realized they needed results and action and that's why president trump was elected and his coalition did not come out. the question is, is anyone going to listen? what kind of an impact will this have for the subject matter about dividing people, the fact is, more people at least are coming together economically because of the remarkable economic news. one of the last appearance is the president made, president obama at the time where he mocks donald trump, saying he was going to keep the carrier company in america and keep those jobs, do you remember
10:46 am
that? he ended by what's he going to do, wave a magic wand? the next thing we know it was about business. i think the american people -- i am not worried about him being up here and talking because it's going to remind the american people what we rejected. >> i think we do need to remember as the segment started out, this is a political context. it's not like he was making a speech specifically to rebuke president trump even though he didn't mention him by name. >> harris: do you think he was talking abut anybody else? >> i'm saying he was certainly intimating that but i think he was also talking up at the current climate in the united states. there is one of division and animosity, there is no way around that, whether it is on twitter, on television, in congress and on capitol hill. >> harris: let me ask you this because i wanted to ask someone of your political ilk this for a long time. you had a president who, north
10:47 am
of 40 45 times fixed it because even when he had the majority still couldn't do some of the things he wanted. >> which is exactly what's happening right now. >> harris: you can't play like it didn't happen for him. >> i am always want to play fair when it comes to that and i agree -- >> harris: are you glad he's back? is that what your party needs, a former president? >> he can say whatever he wants. the base loves president obama. it's not going to bring a coalition together to bring those out? >> that still is a question. we've looked at the vagary of hope and change and we like the idea and excitement of the groundbreaking nature of this presidency. the results, not so much. what's shocking is the $5.2 trillion back in the economy because of the stock market. the lowest number of people on unemployment, effectively the
10:48 am
highest number of people working in 44 years. but this is what they are afraid of. real results i counteract the nature of what the democrats -- >> let's see if the republican congress will have real results. i think that's going to be incredibly important. so much of the success has been predicated on the assumption that tax reform is going to go through. >> are you disappointed it's still about that? that you don't have a more bipartisan effort? >> i couldn't be more frustrated and i will tell you as minority leader and ten years serving in the ohio senate, we were be able to pass things in a bipartisan manner. >> they don't want things to get done, they want the status. >> harris: i had a lawmaker tommy recently that there was a hole you fell down to get into the swamp. there is a news anchor at another network who used her mom
10:49 am
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>> harris: just when you think you've seen it all from the mainstream media, there is. an msnbc anchor brought her mom on air to lecture president trump. watch. >> mom, you watch our show hopefully every day. president trump watches a lot of cable news. >> i voted for you, i'm disappointed in the job you are doing. you're not ready for all the things that come down your way but please, work a little bit harder, listen to all the women around you and do a better job. there's always tomorrow. >> do you think i'm one of those
10:54 am
women he should listen to? >> harris: yikes. power panel is back. is she representing your side? >> i don't think so. if you want to -- this is obviously a stunt, for ratings and eyeballs to get people to watch the show. if she wanted to actually prove a point, to say there are people who voted for donald trump that are disappointed, get a panel together. >> do some work but i also think it's some kind of desperation. every time they push back, all the complaints make them look like fools because it doesn't come from a legitimate policy-based point. it's personalities and it's personal for them and that's what creates a bad dynamic, even
10:55 am
an opinion to come from a fact based framework or some experience versus your mom. she seems like a lovely woman and i'm sure they had a great dinner that night but it's not helpful. >> it's interesting, sometimes you will see some response to this, this got nothing. if it was a stunt, what? >> i guess it didn't work. it worked to the extent that we are talking about it, i don't know if people were actually watching it with the goal was. if you want to reflect with the american public, there are people who voted for trump who are disappointed, get a panel together of real americans, not your mom. >> i think for those of us who do support the president we know this is a complicated relationship, we know we have to have his back and encourage him to do the right thing. in the overall framework i think he is the perfect man for the perfect time. that is a larger conversation of how complicated this is, the choices we make in order to be partisan to the united states and understanding why trump is
10:56 am
successful. i think it's more important -- >> if we don't talk about that the democrats are going to continue to fail. >> harris: very candid. great to have you. thank you for being here. we are awaiting the white house press briefing, set to start at any moment. stay with us. americans,
10:57 am
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11:00 am
press availability for himself, we are waiting for that white house press briefing to start. when i mention will be the budget passing overnight for the republicans, no doubt that will be asked about and a host of other things. that wraps of "outnumber overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: this is a fox news alert as we await the white house briefing. president trump getting a chance to advance his agenda after the senate passes a budget, setting the stage for one of his major campaign promises, tax reform. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino live from washington today, and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> dana: the vote last night was close, 51-49, after a marathon voting session on the senate floor. the bill's passage cannot allow republicans to overhaul the tax code without any support from democrats. republican senator tim scott of south carolina served on the finance committee and that was quite an impressive thing for e


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