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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 27, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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take the tour. and we went 10 for 10 on how to make contact. >> we had a good time. >> thank you for joining us >> yeas are 216, the nays are 212. >> the budget has passed clearing the way for tax overhall. >> an fbi informant may be about to name names and provide evidence. >> the lawyer now saying her client was threatened by the obama administration to stay quiet. >> he was furious. he asked the people that he was, the fbi person, what's going on? why are they doing this? >> this epidemic is a national health emergency. we cannot allow this to continue. >> the assassination files of president john f. kennedy just released, revealing lee harvey ozwald met a kbg agent two months before the shooting. >> country music history was
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made last night. kenny rogers sung with dolly parton for the last time ♪ and we rely on each other ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ joy to the world ♪ so many things steve: 27th day of october, halloween next week. anxiously, just about 10 minutes ago, something really bad happened. steve: wha ainsley: what happened? steve: i was trying on my halloween costume next week and a paper cut. brian, can you see my pointy band-aid in our nation's
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capital? brian do you plan on soldiering on? steve: it happened less than two minutes ago. ainsley: he would morally take the day off but i would be sitting on the curvey couch myself so we asked him to stay. brian: you didn't comment on the music or anything like that. you haven't screamed out it's friday. i can't believe it. ainsley, i'm wondering, do you have a fever? ainsley: i didn't want to interrupt. he said the date. he did say friday but you didn't say it enthusiastically. steve: it's friday and i'm hurt. ainsley: it's friday. brian, have you book signings that you are doing and you are down in d.c. in our nation's capital. brian: i'm going to be on tucker a little bit later and heritage foundation this afternoon and virginia saturday. steve: brian, tucker is on a little later. 14 hours later. brian: he was walking out as i was walking in this morning. we have a.b. stoddard. charlie hurt is going to be joining us as well as a woman -- how do you say this
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name? heather nauert? steve: i remember her. brian: as you know we have ourselves glob trotting and making big inroads. everybody is commenting he seems to be on the same page as the president more than ever. i want to get her take on the state department. she is the spokesperson. ainsley: a fox news alert. thousand sands of newly released records revealing shocking information on the assassination of john f. kennedy. steve: among the most surprising a meeting between lee harvey oswald and kbg agent. brian: we have been tossing to him and he has been talking about it now he has new information for the first time in a long time. hey, griff. >> hey, brian and to you, ainsley and steve in new york. it's great having brian here. look, let's take a trip down memory lane it may take months for historians to fully process the significance of this relief and how it impacts what we know to the events leading up to that tragic day in
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class in 1963. learning a few striking details from this incidents once marked top secret. lee harvey oswald visited two months prior to kennedy's assassination. he met with a senior kbg agent from the 13th department. that's the department responsible for sabotage and assassinations. and the revelation that the fbi was aware of the meeting over a month before jfk would be killed. and then this document, in a memo from the cia to the director of the fbi about the anonymous call that was made to a british newspaper reporter with the cambridge news just 25 minutes before jfk's assassination, at none must telling embassy in london for quote big news and then he hung up. the veracity of the call with the british secret service mi-5. there are, of course, hundreds more documents to be reviewed that were
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released in the coming days may shed more light on the u.s. government's response to kennedy's assassination. although president trump did not release all of the documents expected yesterday saying he had no choice but to keep some of those files redacted for national security reasons. those documents expected to be released by april of next year. nonetheless, for all historians, a very interesting friday and the weekend to spend reading about the assassination of america's 35th president. steve: that's right. lots to go through. all right. griff, thank you very much. brian: i will say this. does this bother you guys at all that we have to wait another 180 days for the rest of the documents. >> what could today's cia or fbi possibly be upset about from the 1960's? ainsley: we waited so many years. why not wait another 180 days if it's best for our national security, brian? brian: so you are showing your maturity and i'm showing immaturity. walls that your point? ainsley: you are so inpatient thesimparentthese day.
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steve: let's talk about the big story of this week. we have been going over how during the obama administration how -- why did they okay that uranium one deal because there is an fbi informant inside the operation here in the united states, the uranium operation, who is feeding to the fbi. bribery going on here. there are s. all sorts of stuff that is so illegal. he talked undercover with the fbi for five years. and then when it was all done and they approved the deal, he goes why did you do that? i can't believe that. i'm going to tell my story. ainsley: brian, he wanted to blot whistle a long time ago and that's when they slapped that gag order on him. brian: he did. and not only that he felt according to his attorney by the russians as well as the previous administration. here is victoria tensing talking last night. >> he was furious when the sippous decision was made to sell to the russian companies the 20% of our
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uranium and he asked the people that he was -- the fbi persons what's going on? why are they doing this and. >> slans slapped with an nda. >> i will tell you what he said at another time. >> can you give me a hint. >> the fbi person was just as frustrated as my client. he said politics. steve: here is the thing about this particular guy he apparently hats dirt. he has enough dirt he sent three people to prison with his testimony a couple of years ago. so, brian, it looks as if now three congressional committees are going to be able to hear from this guy and interview him directly and one of their case workers. ainsley: this guy said, his attorney told sean last night that the obama administration was trying to silence him and now have you adam schiff, the democrat, who is trying to silence him again saying he wants -- he is floating the idea of a new investigation because he doesn't like that the president has done this.
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this is what he tweeted. he said if president personally intervened with doj to advance case against political opponent. it's beyond disturbing. i intend to pursue in a new probe. why doesn't he want us to know exactly what thin informant has to say, brian. brian: notice how he uses the name sean ivan though the name of the show is hannity. like you know him. number two, it's amazing. this informant has great courage he shows he is not only going to get people in trouble but countries in trouble. adam schiff came out as somebody who wanted to work in a bipartisan way to get to the bottom of the russia collusion trump investigation suddenly he is seeming very, very political as the worm begins to turn, he wants another investigation on top of the investigation because the president wants an investigation. my head is about to explode. steve: what the president did was he, according to his lawyer, don mcgahn. the president said he would like to facilitate the department of justice's full cooperation with congress to lift the gag order.
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in other words, hey, y'all work here in the administration, let's cooperate with congress. it's so unusual for mr. schiff, perhaps, because in the last administration, some times the white house tried to stonewall congress. now the president is saying hey, go ahead and help them out if you can. brian: and lastly, i just want to add this. a the house is going to get to look at the dossier. yesterday the speaker came out and other republicans came out and said hey, department of justice, you're on -- you have been appointed by a republican. havyou have a republican president. can you please cooperate with the republican house and the republican speaker and the dolls yea is finally coming out. and maybe now the president intervenes personally to make sure this informant is allowed to come forward. so maybe the white house -- and the justice department is beginning to realize they have the ability to do this, not just comment on this. steve: well, there is a doj restriction prevents the white house from engaging in criminal law enforcement. however, all he is really saying is cooperate.
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meanwhile, this is extraordinary. for years we have been telling you about how the obama administration, it was alleged interfered at the irs in slowing down of the tax exempt status for various conservative groups. and yesterday extraordinarily, the attorney general for the united states apologized to those groups as the settlement has started. and they have apologized and there is apparently some doe involved as well. ainsley: brian, that was about four years ago. remember the tea party was forming and any organization that had tea party in its name or had patriot in its name. the irs under the obama administration was saying we are going to delay that tax exempt status. people were very upset in those organizations. now they are getting not only an apology. apparently they settled lawsuits. they are paying some of these individuals to say i'm sorry. brian: they are. he is our guy, then he was doing the investigating. then former chairman of oversight jason chaffetz said this about the decision that came down yesterday. without much fanfare, without much warning.
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>> i'm glad there is an apology. but there are some people that should have gone to jail. they were taking away constitutional rights from law abiding citizens who wanted to participate and now they're finally coming around to apologize after the fact instead of actually prosecuting people. prosecute somebody. put them in jail. put hand cuffs on them. let the bureaucracy in the deep state know there is a consequence if you break the law and you take away somebody's constitutional right. so wrong. we're sorry. that's not good enough. brian: can i add to this? do you remember why this happened? the tea party did so well in the mid terms are in 2010. they wanted to make sure some theory rise that they were not a major factor in 2012 tore mitt romney. they were sidelined. they never got green lighted. they weren't able to mobilize. many people think that has a lot to do that mitt romney fell substantially short against president obama. ainsley: where did the money to settle these lawsuits? did it come out of their paychecks? the lois learners that worked under her or did it
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come out of our paychecks? tax dollars. steve: lois learner ended up retiring. thee scwishe quit a number of years ago. famous picture right there. the agency did delay some conservative groups from their nonprofit status. an attorney for the groups that got a settlement yesterday saying it was a great day for the first amendment. but it was way too long in coming. brian: didn't she smash her hard drive, too? steve: i don't know about that. ainsley: i don't remember. brian: jillian does the news. steve: it is 6:12 now here in new york city. as you just heard time for news with jil jillian. jillian: let's get you caught up with a fox news alert. james mattis visiting the korean demilitarized zone overnight. diplomatic solution as tension reiss main high over north korea's recent nuclear test. >> our goal is not war but
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rather the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. jillian: mattis has said the u.s. is prepared to take military action if the north doesn't stop building its nuclear arsenal. tampa police releasing a brand new video of a person of interest as the search for serial killer intensifies. see somebody running after the moment of three separate deadly shootings. >> i have come up with four reasons why this person is running. one, they may be late for dinner. two, they're out exercising. three, they heard gunshots. and number four, they just murdered benjamin mitchell. jillian: police stopping short of calling that person a suspect. but they do say he could be the key to solving the murders. guys, send it back to you guys, frightening. ainsley: i hope they find out who this guy is thank
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you. steve: coming up on this friday, a big win for president trump. the house clears a path for tax reform so cue the resistance. >> an assault. you know, rip off, a shakedown, a losing of the middle class. steve: sean did you havey, the congressman next. and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.
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tax reform. that means more jobs, fairer taxes, bigger paychecks for americans. >> an assault. it's, you know, a rip off, a shakedown, a losing of the middle class. steve: the tax cut is a shakedown. house minority leader nancy pelosi unleashing democratic scare tactics after the house passed the way for tax reform. what's going to happen. sean duffy joins us from was saw, wisconsin. >> good to see you. steve: congratulations, i think your party is a little closer to an actual win which is unusual so far during this administration. >> not for the house. the house passes bills and usually the senate that fumbles. yesterday now both teams are on the same page and passes a budget. that's the pathway and vehicle that brings us towards tax reform. we just played a clip of nancy pelosi. steve, back in the early 2,000s in the bush tax cuts, they made similar claims about tax reform and how it was going to hurt the middle class. but when they expired 10 years later, they came to
3:19 am
the house floor and said oh my gosh these tax reforms, these tax cuts that bush passed were so great for the middle class we can't let them expire. this is the same playbook they always play. nancy pelosi also came out and said hey, listen, if republicans fail on tax reform, we're going to win control of the house. so the flip side of that is she stansdz if we pass tax reform great for the economy and middle income americans. they will keep control. this is a strategy to try to bring her in control of the house chamber. democrat play instead of an american play which is sad. steve: i know that the intent is -- it's a middle class tax cut and simplification as well. one of the problems for the republican party right now, not in the u.s. senate. because it would pass there. but in the u.s. house of representatives bunch of congressman who are republicans from those states that have the very high state and local taxes: i live in one of those
3:20 am
states, new jersey. here is one of the republicans that voted against it yesterday. what are you going to do about that? >> this tax package has to be revenue neutral. so this is the largest part of our revenue. 1.2, to $1.3 trillion is not allowing people to write off state and local taxes. high tax states, california, new york, new jersey where you live, illinois, we don't have any senators there but we have a lot of republican house members. so, the ways and means team is trying to work out a compromise with these guys how could we not let this affect the middle income folks and let only affect the steve doocys the world where you have to pay a little more maybe. somebody else who works at the studio might not have to pay that. that's not done yet. that's the big wrinkle that we have moving forward. can we fix that and get those republican members on board. and, if we do this thing is going to sail and grow the economy and help our middle income families out in the kin tri. steve: sounds like the details will be released next week. congressman, thanks for joining us today from your
3:21 am
home state of wisconsin. >> thanks, steve. steve: you bet. 20 after the top of the hour. she was the talk of the grammies when she wore this trump inspired dress. she may be headed to washington. firls she is headed here. the na. afi sure had a lot on my mind.
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steve: time now for "fox & friends" headlines. first up the head of the d.c. doesn't seem to know the basics of an american election. right? steve: the chairman tom perez making incorrect statement at the indiana university law school. of course, they would note difference. the electoral college is clearly laid out in article 2 of the u.s. constitution. maybe he would like a copy. and hillary clinton, that woman right there, pulling a
3:25 am
hue deanhue deany on 70th birth. first she is seen on crutches leaving her house in new york city. the picture obtained exclusively by the daily mail as you can see right there. hours later clinton ditched the crutches to accept the first ever wonder woman award right there here in new york city. she is recovering after falling earlier this month. all right. ainsley. ainsley: joy villa, becoming the talk of the grammys for hitting the red carpet inn you might remember the red and white, and blue make america great dress. the sales for the singer's album skyrocketing to number one on amazon. next move could be to washington. joy joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley. great to be back. ainsley: is this going to happen? are you going to run for congress? >> we're looking right now but i'm leaning towards a yes. ainsley: what state are you thinking? >> we're looking at florida.
3:26 am
i'm looking at california and new york. these are all places i lived and work and grown up in. so communities that i have a connection to. but it has to be, you know, tactical. it has to be strategic. it can't just be willy-nilly. i want to definitely win. if i run, i'm going to win. ainsley: florida is probably the state for that. >> right now i think. so there is such a need for good congressman, for good people in office to work putting forth the aims of the people. not just their own agenda. we have got the fredericka wilsons. we have got the maxine maxine waters. we have got nancy pelosis who are destroying this country. it's time we have strong women who step up, run, win and support the president in america. i would be honored to be one of those. ainsley: what would be your platform it? >> would definitely be on the president's plays form. tax reform, what is he doing with taxes is phenomenal. it would also be something about, you know, getting the money towards the people who need it, the families and also legal immigrants to
3:27 am
get, you know, more of merit based gifts and help rather than the illegals and helping our citizens, helping our people flourish and prosper. helping growth, economy, small businesses, small families. helping people actually live as people in america and not just this sort of elitist talk that goes on in washington. i would be running as an outsider but definitely running as a republican. ainsley: when you were working with a designer to design that beautiful dress and walk out on the red carpet, in hollywood, with a platform for trump, make america great again. you knew that could be a death sentence for new hollywood. >> oh, yeah. ainsley: did you ever think that would catapult you into congress? >> i didn't think so then. i have been on local, you know, assembly in santa barbara county at 16 years old i have been involved in politics. i never thought it could catapult me from a music career in looking at running for congress. looking to running to change the world. i really feel, ainsley, this is a calling for me.
3:28 am
i feel like this is where i need to be to change the world. to change the minds and hearts of people so that we could unify under our president and make america great again. ainsley: when you walked into the studio and sat down and we were looking at the graphics on the wall. it's you standing up in washington, d.c. i said do you have any aspirations to run for president, what was your response? >> yes. ainsley: i look at this graphic and it gives me chills there is the graphic right there. >>it definitely would not be any time soon i would be running for president. we have to start some place. but, i have to say what the president said if the country needed me. that's what he said 30 years ago. ainsley: first female president. >> it would be amazing. it would be about the people. about what the country needs. i'm a populist just like the president is. just like steve bannon is just like this new conservative movement is about people. and about, you know, what policies do the people want and need? not just the talking heads. not just the washington elitists. ainsley: i know your song make america great again or
3:29 am
your album, council graduate co. >> the song will be out by january. ainsley: how beautiful is that dress? vintage. >> it's vintage. ainsley: thank you so much. wish you all the best. all right go. to for more on joy's political run. we appreciate her being here. it is a side of the president that we rarely see getting personal about his brother. his brother's death and addiction. >> it was a tough, tough thing that he was going through. but i learned, because of fred. i learned. steve: more from the president talking about his brother coming up next. plus, how trump administration plans to build big beautiful wall. lee greenwood is 75 years old. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm
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free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ and defend her still nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. in the mirror everyday. when i look when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to...
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it was him winning the battle of new orleans that really cat pa putted him to national fame. it this is a british bayonet that a cypress tree had grown up around where the battle was fought. steve: that is brian taking a tour of andrew jackson's home. brian has a great new book that premiers this week andrew jackson miracle of new orleans. that's a fascinating place
3:34 am
out there. isn't it,. brian: brian it's amazing. when you walk into your trophy room and ainsley the same thing trophy room is there leaf people in the vestibules. that's what andrew jackson did. great moments in history stuff that the washington state gave him. can you imagine that years later they go into the woods where the battle took place and they notice a british bayonet sitting in the tree. they cut it out and give to to jackson as a gift bass because he won the battle. he left it out there so people before they see him they get 15 minutes with his best of stuff. so i just thought that was pretty cool. we got a great behind the scenes tour there it will be part of a special is that airs in a couple of weeks. steve: terrific. brian: meanwhile be at the heritage at 2:00. tomorrow i'm up early, no tie necessary. "fox & friends weekend." mcclain 1 to 2:30. hour off probably get a 7/11 sand wish. fred distributionburg and a sandwich or a wrap and then i will come back to the real
3:35 am
world. steve: when is what? brian: new york city. massapequa, long island and raise my family against all odds in a very rough neighborhood. steve: your neighbors are delighted to hear that. ainsley: brian, congratulations. we're proud of you. steve: meanwhile let's talk about something that happened a couple miles from where brian is sitting right now. yesterday the president of the united states declared the opioid crisis a national health emergency. what's unique about it though is how the president got quite personal, a side to him we don't see very often. ainsley: he was following the script there at the white house and following the teleprompter and talking about how he is launching this massive advertising campaign to tell children not it do drugs. the teleprompter stops and goes off script a little bit brian and steve. this is what he said h. to say about her brother who struggled with alcoholism. >> i learned myself i had a brother fred, great guy. best looking guy. best personality. much better than mine. [laughter]
3:36 am
but he had a problem. he had a problem with alcohol. and he would tell me don't drink. don't drink. but he would say it over and over and over again. and to this day i have never had a drink and i have no longing for it i have no interest in it. but it was a tough, tough thing that he was going through. but i learned because of fred. i learned. and that's what i think is so important. steve: and fred, brian, died in 1981 at the age of 43. ainsley: 43 years old. brian: it's amazing. because people who don't have to deal with this directly in their family think well, those people are undisciplined. they like to party and now, of course, they pay the price. that's just not true finding out more and more people are born with certain proclivities towards addiction not that everybody who has it does it sometimes you get in it because of pain medication. sometimes you do it because of one bad decision in college. regardless, people should
3:37 am
stop judging people like the president is not judging his older brother. his brother was almost explained to him i am helpless against this. and that is why the president has done what he did yesterday. however some say make this a federal disaster and make this -- tap into the relief fund the same way do you in puerto rico, texas, and florida. this way you unlock billions of dollars. i know we are going to talk to governor christie about that in a little while. ainsley: you know, brian, when i was growing up, nancy reagan came out with the just say no campaign. i was in elementary school then. i remember they passed out these little clips that you would clip to your lapel. i remember wearing it to the doctor's office. one said just say no and one said i will never smoke. i remember the doctor telling me that's so good just to hear that encouragement. i thought it made a big difference in our lives. i'm glad to hear him say he is doing. this. steve: this declaration only lasts 90 days. we lose 175 people a day to this problem. ainsley: gosh. scientists say you are
3:38 am
right, brian, it is a disease. it's not a moral failure. steve: it effects every family. brian: stop judging, start helping. jillian: we want to begin with a fox news alert now. americans isis could be slipping through the cracks and returning back into the u.s. according to security surveillance. 129 fighters left the u.s. to fight for isis. only seven have returned leaving dozens unaccounted for. sings the u.s. doesn't strip citizenship from those who join isis. a security expert tells us there is no way to prevent them from coming home. the border wall proto types are done and now time to see how well they work. over the next two months, the homeland security will test the design with sledge hammers, torches and pickaxes. prevent people from illegally interlgs u.s., stop them from climbing over or tunneling under. annual atheist group accusing a high school of violating the first amendment by holding prayers
3:39 am
before football games. >> we come to you right now in desperation of your wisdom, strength and divine stat tour. jillian: schools in alabama receiving a letter from the freedom from religion foundation requesting they stop prayers immediately to, quote, protect the freedom of conscious of all students. the school district has not responded to that complaint. nearly a complete showing of patriotism before the ravens crushing win over the miami dolphins during thursday night football. the entire ravens team standing during the national anthem. three miami dolphins players stayed in the locker room continuing their streak of protests. the ravens won 40-0. they were told -- the miami dolphins players were told you have to stand. if you don't stand, you don't come out here. steve: you don't want to stand, play hockey. jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you for your service is out in theaters today. the film tells the incredible true story of iraq war veteran battling
3:40 am
ptsd. steve: here now is the director of senior vice president of marketing and into the fox light host there is he michael tammero. >> that's right. i sat down with miles teller and jason hall the guy behind "american sniper" for their only fox news interview. this is what they had to say. >> miles, jason, thank you for stepping into the fox light. you describe this as your toughest role. how so? >> i think to try and embody somebody else's trauma is difficult. and especially for adam to kind of wrap up and be the sum of his experiences when he spent 1,000 days in combat. you know, that's really tough. >> what i realize is the battle, you know, it may be over there, but when they come home, it still sort of continues. this movie really made me aware of the way i wasn't before. >> previous long ago war they would ride back together or take a slow boat back from world war ii and they would have time to decompress.
3:41 am
these guys are now put on a plane, boom, boom, boom. one stop, two stops. you are home and cooking pancakes. >> one chocolate chip smiley face pancake for you. >> he doesn't like chocolate. >> okay. i guess i missed that point. >> doing these movies and playing roles, how has it shaped your perspective on sort of the wars we fought and men and women who have been doing battle day in and day out? >> it sort of gave me a perspective on i guess. so obstacles and hurdles that these guys have to go to when they get home. now can i help lend a voice to this cause because i absolutely really have so much respect and now just even more empathy and compassion for these servicemen and women. >> miles, jason, thank you so much. if you have one movie to see. make sure it's thank you for your service. it opens up this weekend. >> thank you for looking after my son. >> we are brothers. we look after each other ♪ i'm only human after all ♪ don't put the blame on me.
3:42 am
ainsley: great title. great music. >> for many the battle continues when they come home. this movie is really a sensitive portrayal of what these men and women are going through. ainsley: i want to see this movie because i want to understand what exactly they are doing. what they're going through for our country and how we can help them coming home. i bet it's going to be very cathartic not only for soldiers but spouses. >> the reaction they have gotten from servicemen and women has been fantastic. saying just that it is a great betrayal for them. jason hall between the "american sniper" and this movie is providing a service. his own service in his own way by telling these stories. steve: it's like a documentary practically. thank you so much. ainsley: out in theaters today. >> out in theaters today. ainsley: great. steve: bombs apparently not done dropping about the real russian scandal and dirty dossier. more on the money trail coming up next. ainsley: plus sebastian gorka, governor chris christie and geraldo rivera. ♪ i'm just saying it's fine by me ♪ if you never leave ♪ and we can live like this
3:43 am
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for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. we now know that hillary clinton and the dnc funded the trump dossier. but kim strossel, a great writer in the "wall street journal" writes this today. he says that more russian bombshells still to come. in fact, this is the quote: there is something fusion cares about keeping secret even more than the clinton dnc news. and that something is in those bank records. if the has subpoenas and owe those records don't be surprised if those records include money connected to the russians. so could more bombshells be indeed on the horizon? joining us now is charlie hurt and a.b. stoddard and listen to a.b. on the weekend 124 on the potus channel and sirius.
3:47 am
a.b. is, kim on to something? >> well, i think it certainly has to be investigated. any connections to kremlin agents that help them with research. fusion g.p.s. and any kind of russian money. i'm with senator grassley on this. anything russia needs to be investigated. we're a year away from an election, and this administration is not doing anything. and neither really is the congress about what russia did to meddle in our elections and what they're doing now, perfecting their active measures. they are very aggressive in troop power. they have taken us for willing or unwitting duplicates through facebook unwn other means. brian: we discussed this last night. there was a story yesterday as soon as trump won stuarted with anti-trump campaign to foment more anger in our country. what would it mean if there was a russian connection and proven clinton financing to the tune of clinton and dnc financing to the tune of $9 billion? what would that mean? >> it would certainly flip
3:48 am
the scriment for this entire time we have been hearing democrats talk about the importance of getting to that very little connection. but the other questions that still need to be answered, there is not a single democrat that worked either for the dnc or for the clinton campaign who has acknowledged that they knew that these payments were being made. >> how crazy is that? >> it's insane. brian: former dnc head, the current dnc head. >> the clinton camp which amongst other things is outrageous. among the other things that i think is important to point out. it also points out that the democrats are cutting ties from the clintons for the first time in 25 years. they are like yeah, this is your problem. we're not going to take water for this. brian: i want to move to another topic i thought it was extraordinary. the "wall street journal" writes today it's time for robert mueller to step aside on the investigation. here san excerpt. >> it's no slur against mr. mueller's integrity to say he lacks the critical distance to conduct a credible probe for a bureau he ran for a dozen years. he could best serve the
3:49 am
country by resigning turmoil over that conflict of interest. >> i don't know how robert mueller in the stage of the investigation is he as special counsel steps aside and one else, i don't know if you do a two track where someone else has to investigate the fbi's role in any of this stuff. as you know, robert mueller is investigating something that basically is an obstruction of justice charge that began with the president firing comey and i don't know that he steps aside from that. brian: real quick, charlie. the problem is that if mueller okayed using the dossier to okay subpoenas or fisa warrants, that's a private contractor and that's the fbi using that. and they are going to continue to pay, reportedly, for the research after the election was over. >> yeah. no, the real problem here is that the fbi has, whether it's comey or mueller the
3:50 am
fbi has fingers all over this dossier. that creates a real conflict of interest if they are the ones doing the investigation into it and a.b. is right there. are some questions now. i have been in favor of getting rid of this investigation for a long time. because i feel like it's turned into a political circus. but, at this point now. >> is he investigating the president obstructing justice. that's not a political circus. is he going to find -- is he finding some facts. i don't think is he going to use the dossier. brian: fascinating conversation. so is the pregame. because we talked about our families. now can you go back and raise your families that don't even know you are up yet and the fingerprints are on the table so we can't deny you were here with bret baier. brian: a.b. and charlie thanks so much. brian: we have a fox news alert. thousands of documents released from the jfk assassination. what about those not released. we will look at that at the top of the hour. 75% off a tablet and luxury towel set for 40 bucks? could this be true? mega morning deals are coming your way. look at that back drop. it looks pricey. ♪ you shop around
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clearing the way for tax overhaul. >> if we pass tax reform, it's great for the economy. it's great for middle income americans and republicans are going to keep control. >> hillary clinton and the democrats denying and deflecting the dossier scandal and uranium one deal. >> she pretends like she is dumber than a bucket of hair when it serves her purpose and the brightest person in the room when it helps her. >> newly released records revealing shocking information on the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> lee harvey oswald visited the soviet embassy two months prior to kennedy's assassination. >> i really feel, ainsley, this is a calling for me.
4:01 am
i feel like this is where i need to be to change the hearts and minds of people so we can unify under our president and make america great again. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ keep on rocking in the free world. ainsley: brian wants us to mention that it's friday and he always wants us to mention the music. it is called rocke rocking in te free world. brian: i know one thing neil young is not watching. steve: i know people of that era in the entertainment world who were rock and rollers who do watch this program in the morning. brian: who. anybody from the birds? steve: name one person in the birds.
4:02 am
brian: clanclapton. roger good win? ainsley: if you are from that era in the. email steve: brian is down in washington. he is selling his book. is he going to be at the heritage foundation this afternoon. we will give you all the details coming up. right now we have a fox news alert on this friday. thousands of newly released records revealing shocking new information about the assassination some years ago of president john f. kennedy back in 1963. ainsley: one the most surprising things, a meeting between lee harvey oswald and the kbg agent. brian: i have seen griff jenkins hanging out in the newsroom today. you are pumped up for this. all the topics we give you are doing jfk new information. what do you have for us. >> it's very exciting with historian now with a best-selling book you will like this.
4:03 am
it will take historians a long time to process the significance of this national archives release and what we know about the events leading up to tragic day in dallas. first glance hundreds of documents once marked secret there are shocking new details. for starters, this cia document showing lee harvey oswald met with a senior kbg 13th department. responsible for sabotage. he met two months prior to the kennedy assassination. the fbi was aware of this meeting a full month before jfk would be killed. there is this document. a memo from the cia to the director of the fbi call made from the british with the cambridge news just 25 minutes before jfk's assassination. the anonymous caller telling the reporter to call the american embassy in london for some, quote: big news. and then he hung up. knowledge of this call came from information gleaned by britain's mi-5. there is more.
4:04 am
it includes cia mafia plot on fidel castro, apparently, and death threat on lee harvey oswald made to the fbi on the day before he was killed. president trump chose not to release all of these documents, brian, because he said some had to be redacted for national security reasons. those to be released later. brian: i wonder what was going on behind the scenes he? wanted to release them all. evidently pressure from the fbi or cia to suppress them. what could possibly be in there that would make someone hide somebody's identity all these years later. all those people have either passed on or retired. why not let them all out? >> well, that's a good question. conspiracy theorists will be talking about that all weekend. they wanted to protect former and current assets. this happened in 1963. you are very old you if you are still an asset for the cia or fbi. brian: 1964 j. edgar hoover was looking into the links
4:05 am
of jack aruba and possible meetings he was having before the assassination took place. griff jenkins it says in the prompter thank griff. >> you're wick. i can't wait to read your book. brian: thank you very much. steve and ainsley. more to talk about assassination of jfk. i would argue most people are going to be talking about water cooler about what griff just had. steve: loot of interesting stuff. 1966 apparently the kbg had information that lbj the president of the united states was somehow behind the assassination. interesting stuff. i wonder what's left? brian: that would be big. ainsley: that would be. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the dossier. the dodgy dossier which, as we know, slimed now president trump. and we do know in the last week, it has come to light that apparently the dnc and also hillary clinton's campaign actually financed it to the tune of approaching $10 million. ainsley: but everyone it seems, all those democrats that were in power at the time: john podesta and
4:06 am
debbie wasserman schultz steve and brian, all saying they are denying any knowledge of this. this was divuttle denying it over and over. watch this. >> when did you learn the dnc and the clinton campaign were behind the dossier. >> i wasn't aware -- >> then how can you dnc be in the dark about the dossier? >> i wasn't aware of it. >> what do you think about the new leadership statement basically kicking the can back to old, your leadership saying the new leadership didn't know. >> like i said i wasn't aware. steve: so, brian, apparently behind closed doors debbie wasserman schultz and also john podesta who is the campaign manager. they both told congressional investigators they had no knowledge of who paid for the dossier. but what's interesting is while john podesta was sitting there in the hearing room saying i don't know anything about it, sitting right next to him was his lawyer, mark elias who worked for the firm, the law
4:07 am
firm that actually hired fusion g.p.s. now, here's the thing. it is against the through lie to congress. and i think the people who interviewed debbie wasserman schultz and mr. podesta probably have more questions today. brian: right. so if you are a lawyer and you are representing john podesta and podesta is either pretending or actually doesn't know that $9 million or maybe more than that has been spent to get this dossier and move christopher steele's investigation forward, let's say he was that in the dark, which i find extremely hard to believe, is he extremely hands on. extremely experienced. your lawyer is sitting there knows evidently engineered the entire thing, but he is representing a client. i mean, has the lawyer -- by the way, rather than me ask questions, i might as well just tell you it was my idea. that didn't happen. but the whole thing is beyond belief. i never thought the result of this investigation by "the washington post" that revealed this and somehow they got this information we imagine from fusion g.p.s. i never thought the answer
4:08 am
would be "i don't know. i never knew." brian fallon, "i didn't know" i'm the spokes personal. hillary clinton? i don't know. i didn't ask her. ainsley: can i understand why the spokes personal didn't know because they are just briefed on whatever the president at the time or whoever is running for president wants to talk about. but, when you're the head of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz at the time, when you are the head of the campaign john podesta at the time. and you don't realize where 5 million out of one bank account is going. where 3 million is going out of the other bank account to total at least $8 million, you can't tell me -- that's not -- you are not knowledgeable of that right? steve: that's why they always hire a law firm to handle that stuff. that way have you got the campaign. have you got a law firm. and then. ainsley: who told the law firm to go and hire fusion g.p.s. steve: that's what everybody wants to know. it clearly, you would think for that kind of money the campaign manager, mr. podesta or a number of people have said hillary clinton herself had to know with that much money. gregg jarrett who is a legal
4:09 am
analyst, a lawyer himself here on the channel, he says, you know what? the clintons are very good at this kind of thing. listen to this. >> the clintons are escape artists that would make hue houdini proud. they usually dummy up. hillary clinton, i will give you an example, interviewed by the fbi said 39 times "i cannot recall." it was so short because she could only recall her name and date of birth. she pretends like she is dumber than a bucket of hair when it serves her purpose and the brightest person in the room when it helps her. steve: did he say dumber than a bucket of hair? i have never heard that. brian: i always dump my buckets of hair right before they get full. a couple other things happened yesterday. by the way, everyone out there wants to know where this is going. keep in mind, do you know who is ticked off, the "new york times" reporter.
4:10 am
you know who got this story "the washington post." anyone who thinks people with an agenda are moving this story forward? they're angry because mark elias lied directly to them. steve: because they have been asking for a year. brian: they have been asking for a year. did you pay for the dossier? we are going after trump. did you guys pay? they emphatically denied it then it's proven to be incorrect. now when this informant comes forward and has more information, look for this thing to explode not just from us but from other entities. steve: right. brian: feel they were lied to for a very long period. steve: also this morning we will be talking extensively about how yesterday the house of representatives by a narrow margin inch closer to tax reform. it sounds like now they have passed the senate budget blueprint. what's going to happen on november 1st is they are going to go ahead and tell us what the details are and then they are going to start the debate the next week and then they are going to vote on it two weeks after that. brian: wow. see if it happens. steve: it could be a win, finally, for the president. ainsley: they say it could happen before christmas. it has to happen before christmas, right?
4:11 am
let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: i have am thinking about the bucket of hair thing. i do have a fox news alert to get to right now. let's start off with that defense secretary james mattis visiting the korean demilitarized zone overnight. mattis emphasizing the push for diplomatic sliewption as tensions remain high over north korea's recent nuclear tests. >> our goal is not war. but, rather, the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. jillian: mattis has said the u.s. is prepared to take military action if the north doesn't stop building its nuclear arsenal. we're now learning a second protester may have come within feet of president trump on capitol hill. [shouting] treason. jillian: now, in addition to the screaming man who tossed the flags at the president. another personal claiming to be a tourist reportedly got
4:12 am
past security and joined reporters. he didn't protest or yell anything but later bragged about making it inside. that incident yo is now under investigation. tiger woods will be back in a florida courtroom today hoping to resolve his florida dui charges. police found him asleep behind the wheels of his mercedes. he had five different drugs in his system including painkillers, ambien and thc the active ingredient in marijuana. today is he expected to plead guilty to reckless driving charge and enter a program that will help him erase the arrest from his record. a look at your headlines on this friday. second it back to you guys. steve: all right. thank you very much. coming up, republican senator jeff flake says he is done with washington and the left, well, they had a field day with that dr. sebastian gorka says it's a win for president trump. he will join us next to talk about draining the swamp. ainsley: plus, a disturbing halloween display, there it is, targeting our president. who thinks this is okay? read that ♪ we're not going to take it
4:13 am
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today, a focus on innovation in the southern tier is helping build the new new york. starting with advanced manufacturing that brings big ideas to life. and cutting-edge transportation development to connect those ideas to the world. along with urban redevelopment projects worthy of the world's top talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state visit ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: thanks for waking up
4:17 am
with us. senator jeff flake announcing this week he will not seek re-election. i'm sure you heard about that earthquake. some say his exit represent as quote realignment of the republican party or are we >> the witness: ing the draining of the swamp. here to weigh in the make america great coalition and deputy assistant to president trump is dr. sebastian gorka. what's happening between the careers of flake and corka besides their career trajectories. what's the big picture. >> the big picture is november the 8th, the spirit of november the 8th is continuing and going to continue into 2018 and establishment g.o.p. has had its cage rattled by steve, by myself, and by the people who believe in the president's agenda. brian: if you are senator marco rubio he tweeted this yesterday the republican party is going through a moment of reassignment. internal debate about what the party is going to be about and what it is going to represent for years to come. they used to been cutting
4:18 am
the budget and deficits and world trade. global trade. they have changed a little bit. a lot of people who had sparred with the president in the past are on board like marco rubio. >> absolutely. that's a very significant statement. not only that look at the body language of mitch mcconnell last week in that impromptu press conference in the rose garden with the president. brian: friendly. >> yeah. to the president. but, otherwise, outward leaning. he looked worried. he looked concerned. so he should be. because it's been too long. it's been business as usual in the city. this really is the swamp. people have had people selected and not elected. luke at luther strange, selected, right, by corrupt governor. what happens? mitch mcconnell spent $32 million in alabama, judge moore for whom i campaigned spent 2.4 million, less than 10%. what happens? trounces him. brian: mitch mcconnell doubled down and he said steve bannon i'm not afraid of him. and is he going to put out a bunch of candidates that can't get elected. he may like them but they are not going to win the
4:19 am
general. i guess maybe they look at what's happening in arizona and think that the republican seat is at risk. >> mitch mcconnell, if you are doubling down, have you no idea who steve bannon is. i have worked with steve bannon for years. we worked together in the white house. he is the most strategic mind in d.c. and you better watch out, mitch. brian: do you believe the president and steve bannon and mitch mcconnell are all speaking in the same way and who do you think the president wants to see prevail? >> i will let the president talk for himself. but i know that the relations between the president and steve are very, very good right now. brian: and right now the president, his mind set, as he sees the script get flipped with the russia investigation, he seems to have a bounce in his step that i have not seen since the day after he won the election. >> was i in the oval with him once, just the two of us. jared had made his little press conference about russia. brian: jared kushner. >> the president was so
4:20 am
frustrated he said they are never going to find anything on russia related to me because there is nothing. what's happened right now who are thing has boomeranged back on hillary and the dnc. this has to be a great feeling for him. because the collusion, the uranium one, the dodgy dossier, it all goes back to the democrats. >> all right, dr. gorka, can you go back to your practice. thanks so much for helping us out today in washington. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it meanwhile, come up straight ahead on this show from d.c. and new york, we promise you have never seen a police chase like this one before. wait until you hear who is behind the wheel of that car. plus, parents, feel constant pressure to get everything right? but our next guest says the key to happy kids is letting go. really? looks like he is holding on. god bless the broken road that leads me straight to you ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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4:24 am
♪ ainsley: quick headlines for you. it's the netflix series that shocked the nation. now potential new evidence could change everything for steve anstephen avery. >> what do you want to say today? >> i'm innocent. ainsley: avery's lawyer claims that's bobby dassey, the brother of linda dassey lied during his testimony claiming he could have killed photographer teresa halbach. they both were sentenced to life behind bars. a would-be robber is no match for this clerk. surveillance video showing the clerk knocking the man out with a powerful punch after he threatened him with a box cutter. he was arrested and walked away with a nasty black eye. steve: meanwhile, when it comes to our kids, parents
4:25 am
feel constant pressure to get everything right. our next guest is here to tell us that the pressure is off. mom set free is an invitation to parents to stop worrying and instead embrace god's role in heir children's lives. ainsley: jamie cunnion is the mom of four boys. we all need to hear this would you you are setting moms free. >> i do, too. steve: what's your message. >> message is to encourage moms to find relief to get it all right. moms are under so much pressure. we think about all the messaging that we receive as moms, which is you are to get it all right for your kids to turn out all right. steve: like what? >> you have to be a perfect example for them to follow. you have to perfectly orchestrate their lives. their entire future is hinging on your ability to perfectly orchestrate every detail of their lives. when it comes to their faith life we are told that the strength of their faith hinges on ours. we are carrying around all of this pressure and parenting with these
4:26 am
clinched fists that are trying to control outcomes. ainsley: that's so truth. how do you break frew. >> you break free by realizing your job is not to play god's role in your kid's right. it's actually to point your children to god. it's to embrace your significance in your kids' lives in light of god's sovereignty which basically just means that he is in control. point your kids to that. steve: be a good role model and your kids will pick up on it and figure out how to do it themselves. >> be the childre you want your children to become. loving and parent and giving and generous. all of these things that are impossible to attain. so the goal is to say okay, what can i be? i can be a mom who is honest about my struggles and my weakness. i can be a mom who points you to grace, that reflects god's love for me in all of my weakness so that you can receive that in yours. so, we should -- we play a very significant role in our
4:27 am
kid's lives, very significant. but when we take that and we try to control outcomes, we lose all of the joy and all of the wonder and all of the adventure and anxiety is the result of that. ainsley: with more women working nowadays, we are trying to work, trying to be good parents. we try to spend time with them. feel guilty go to the office. sign them up for every class. if they are not walking by one, we feel all the pressure. that's different. our parents kid is sick, got a cough. >> feed them, love them, and throw them outside. ainsley: what changed? how did we get to this place? >> what's happening is moms feel so much anxiety and what we know now is that we have never seen a generation of kids who feel so much anxiety. right in the national ininstitute of mental health says anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the united states. affecting 1/3 of adults and adolescence. and they are saying the
4:28 am
biggest single stressor on teens right now is the feeling they can never do enough. i have done enough and now i can stop. they feel like they don't measurable up. a lot of that pressure they are experiencing, obviously, comes from social media and other things that would be an entirely different conversation. a lot of that pressure comes from us. ainsley: they feel our anxiety. >> they feel our anxiety. we are putting it on them. ainsley: as my mom would say let go and let god. >> that's what mom set free is about. steve: very good the book is called "mom set free." thank you for joining us live. ainsley: god bless you. what a great message. steve: next up on friday morning rundown disturbing halloween display targeting our president right down there. yeah. you will see it donald trump. who thought that was a good idea? ainsley: plus, donald trump getting personal talking about the opioid crisis and addiction. governor christie is leading the charge to battle this health emergency. he is going to join us live next. ♪ i was working for a living ♪ working for a living ♪ working for a living
4:29 am
♪ living and aworking because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day women's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one-a-day women's. with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body no two of us are alike. life made more effortless through adaptability. the perfect position seat in the lincoln continental. ♪
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4:32 am
♪ i said yeah, yeah ♪ song on the radio. steve: this morning, brian is live in washington, d.c. there was a big empty spot on the couch. and this guy, who is looking for work, just wandered in. >> i will be retiring soon. ainsley: brian, he is auditioning for your spot. >> sorry, brian. not true, brian. brian: governor christie and steve and ainsley, you are my witness. i always said before you thought about running for president the first time with mitt romney. i said this guy would be a killer talk wh talk show host because have you this thing called an opinion on everything. have you this knowledge. i never wanted you to do the sports host. i thought just as a news guy. have you thought about hosting your own show? >> i haven't thought of much of any of that yet. i'm only 81 days from retirement, not that i'm counting. and we're looking forward to what's going to come next.
4:33 am
i really don't know yet, brian. we will see. ainsley: his wife did say he has to get out and work. >> give me two weeks off. february 1st she is like back to work. steve: you will get up in the morning and your lunch box will be on the dining room table and she is going to expect to you go out and go to work. >> the way it will probably work if i want the lunch box i have to do it myself is the tway will work. as long as i get out of house. whatever i bring with me she would be fine. ainsley: you are making her lunch. >> there is no doubt about that. i owe her big time. steve: governor, let's talk about stuff in the news. regarding the so-called dirty dossier, dodgy dossier with donald trump filled with allegations, none of them verified that we know of at this point, it sounds like the democrats, dnc, hillary clinton paid for it. and now apparently the fbi has agreed with paul ryan, we will go ahead and give the congress the contents of the dossier in a week or two. >> listen, is anybody falling down shocked over this revelation?
4:34 am
this is like announcing that the sun will come up tomorrow. you know, and the fact is we all knew the democrats did. this everybody knew. this is the way the clinton campaign has played this game going all the way back to the 1980s. they complain about being picked on. but then, they are the ones who are doing the dirty work. and they have done it, going all the way back to arkansas in the 1980s and continued right through 2016. the great thing is they have that great look on their face who, us? the american people know it's them. steve: is there anything illegal about what happened? >> i don't think so. but, i mean, listen, the folks who know a lot more about this than i do because they are examining it and investigating it will make that determination. but, what it is is distasteful. and it's one of the reasons hillary clinton lost because that's what people know the clintons are all about. steve: brian? brian: you know what i'm amazed at, too as you look at what is unfolding and you know a lot of these people
4:35 am
personally, governor. not many people are questioning robert mueller's integrity and what he did heading up the fbi. but, can you possibly feel good about getting to the truth now, knowing that robert mueller possibly could be mixed in this investigation, knowing about fusion g.p.s., knowing that maybe the fbi used some of that material to further a probe and maybe unmask people in the trump campaign? could robert mueller, who is best friends with james comey and some others be covering the tracks or be going at this for puristic stand. >> everybody has got to be held to the same standard. i remember democrats yelling and screaming about the need for jeff sessions to step aside on certain things. they seem to have opinions on everything. the fact is if the facts that you just laid out are true, then somebody with bob mueller's integrity will step aside and should, if in fact those facts, as you
4:36 am
laid them out are true. and that's, you know, what you want is an investigation of all the stuff that lays it to rest. we don't want to have like the kennedy assassination investigation, which is in the news now where 54 years later people are still wondering whether think know what they need to know. steve: before the dnc and hillary clinton started financing this dossier and it became the russian dossier, apparently it was started by opposition research on behalf of a republican candidate for president. you were a republican candidate for president. >> i was. steve: start with your campaign or one of your fundraisers or anything. >> it did not start with us. ainsley: do you know. >> i don't know who it is. i know it wasn't us. ainsley: let's move onto the opioid crisis. i know you and the president have been tackling this and made it a national emergency. the president spoke yesterday at the white house. really touching speech because he talked about his brother who died at 43 years old. how can this help the millions of americans dealing with this at home. >> the president gave
4:37 am
historic speech yesterday. the things he did yesterday declaring national health emergency, saying he was going to get more funding for treatment and deal with more people who are addicted and significant upramp in our advertising to younger people as to why not to start with this stuff at all. going after the doctors in this country who are overprescribing. 85% of all the opiates in the world are consumed in the united states. steve: wow. >> 85%. it's outrageous. we are the most overmedicated country in the world. we are now paying the price for it. we are paying the price for it now. four out of every five new heroin addicts started on prescription opiates. so this epidemic started in doctor's offices and hospitals not on street corners. ainsley: it's in the media and shows now i don't know if you watch this is us, the actor in this shea, everyone loves that show. he is addicted to pain killers. these messages are being spread. >> ainsley, it's an enormous problem in this country,
4:38 am
64,000 people died last year drug overdose. think about this 175 people a day. we are having a 9/11 every two and a half weeks in this country, what i want to say to folks who don't want to tackle this aggressively if we had a terrorist organization killing 175 americans on american soil every day, what would we do to stop it. steve: pull out all the stops. >> that's what we need to do and that's what the president did yesterday. i'm so incredibly proud of this president the way he stood up yesterday and like you said spoke from his heart. that was not on the teleprompter what he was saying yesterday about his brother. he but the that in himself. he stopped in the middle of that speech. the prompter stopped. and he talked about his older brother who died of alcoholism. what i said to the president yesterday when we spoke is by talking about his brother yesterday, he went on this issue from being just a president to being one of the families who have suffered through. this. brian: you always talked about your buddy from law
4:39 am
school best looking guy brightest tammy. he ended up divorcing and sadly lost his life. people have got to stop judging people addicted saying they are just weak. that's not true. i hope we get over that stillma. you add this though. we are going to talk about super storm seangsd and when we learned. i want to talk about federal disaster relief. if the president declared the opioid addiction crisis federal disaster relief fund, we would have unlocked billions of dollars. that would have been the solution that i imagine you would have embraced the most. why do you think did he that? >> that wasn't what i embraced the most, brian, video gone either one. either what he did yesterday or the stafford act. there wouldn't be billions of dollars unlocked now because of what happened in houston, in florida and in puerto rico. because that money is being spent faster than appropriated by congress. and they are having to appropriate more. this is going to be taken care of by the public health emergency fund which congress now has to step up and appropriate the money. i heard nancy pelosi say yesterday where's the money?
4:40 am
i said read the constitution, mrs. pelosi. congress appropriates the money. the president has now said he wants the money answered wants it to be aggressive. brian: how much? >> listen, it's going to be billions of dollars, i think probably tens of billions of dollars over the course of the next few years, brian, need to be spent to increase treatment to help prevention and to help, also, interdiction. we need to stop this fentanyl coming in from china. i was so happy the president yesterday said he will bring this up with president zi personally and examine is he going to help. most of the fentanyl killing the americans is coming from china. steve: let's go back five years ago. we all in the northeast remember super storm sandy. it was a hurricane and became a super storm. brian had a lot of damage at his house. ainsley: it was only category 1. >> initially. got together with another storm on shore and the worst storm ever to hit the east coast in our country's history. steve: look at what happened down in texas and florida as you were just talking about,
4:41 am
parts of new jersey are still messed up. >> sure, well, parts of new jersey, i will tell you, this we where 85% recovered in five years, which is well beyond what florida has done in the past, louisiana, mississippi, or even right here in new york. we start with 365,000. can you see it. 365,000 homes destroyed or damaged. we're now down to 1200 families that are not in their homes. so, for those 1200 families, it's an awful thing and they want to get back in their homes. 365,000 are back. that roller coaster everyone is looking at now on the boardwalk right where that was is a new roller coaster that people are riding now. the jersey shore. the tourism numbers are better today than they have ever been. brian: jersey strong. >> you bet. brian: senator menendez, the trial not going well. you are the jury exexpert pert. if he is convicted and democrats smart enough listen there has to be some type of values in ethics, have you got to leave. can you give us some names
4:42 am
the governor of new jersey would put forward? >> absolutely not. i can tell you it will not be steve doocy. that much can i tell you. he has ruled himself out immediately. i don't know if you are still in the race or not but doocy is out. brian: i would represent massapequa and still have a run with kevin james who plays the fictional person with kevin can wait. what kind of timing are we on with this trial? how close are you watching it? this could be one of the biggest decisions you make. >> listen, the trial is ongoing, my guess is given the way it is going it will probably be done by election day and we'll see what happens. we will see what the jury says. you know, brian, if there is a decision to be made, i will make it. ainsley: we know that. >> i won't hesitate. we will make the decision and do what we think is best for our country. ainsley: that's why, brian, you think he would be so good on a talk show. we brought him in so you could watch this, brian, we brought him in so he can toss to janice. he is auditioning right now. steve: and action, governor. >> janice.
4:43 am
janice: meaningful. ainsley: short and sweet. >> i will tell you, i'm looking over there and it looks damn cold in the midwest. janice: come over and do the weather, governor christie. come on over. here is your audition. do you want to do the clicker. >> you do the clicker. i'm not good with the technology stuff. janice: midwest. >> if you're in bismarck this morning, get bundled up quick. don't go out there and think it's still the fall. it's not. it's winter. listen, with the wind chill, look at what you are going to be doing in rapid city? in rapid city you are going to be freezing your rear end off. you are going to want to want to find a plane and fly east. get out of rapid city it's terrible. i don't know what all this green and white stuff is. it cannot be good. up there, that's got to be bad stuff. although down here in denver, it looks okay. but it might be cold there, too. i don't know. but i don't know. janice. janice: don't call them out.
4:44 am
that's snow. the white is snow. >> and green is rain. janice: sunday and monday got a big old storm. it's coming. >> oh, no, no. thank you, guys. janice: congratulations. i'm out. what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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4:47 am
bob massi joins us from las vegas. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, steve. steve: do you think that the average american is frustrated with the amount of money spent on social security? because i think most americans feel like whatever we put in to that, we should
4:48 am
be able to draw from that account when we retire? >> >> yeah. every time i listen to the pelosi and schumer about this tax reform and then i look at these numbers, i say what are we going to do in this situation? we the baby boomers, what are relieving behind for our children and grandchildren. of course i'm frustrated. remember that movie dave his brother was a cpa and they went through and said what about this and what about this? at some point, when do we look at this and say enough is enough, we can't keep spending this because what's going to happen to the generations behind us? it's hard to believe that it's gotten this out of hand. steve: sure. and the impetus for that particular poll was the fact that as congress starts to do something about taxes in this country, it's like we spend so much on taxes, so much out of our pocket, and, yet, when washington, d.c. winds up with the money, whatever the amount is, they spend that and then they spend even more. >> most people who have been
4:49 am
blessed that have to pay taxes, we don't mind. what we mind is the way that it's expended. what it's spent on. you and i both know, steve, there are people in this country that have basically dealt a bad deal in life. steve: sure. >> those people deserve certain type of entitlements and help from the government. no question. but there are those who now have become so co-dependent on welfare and there's no impetus to work, those are the people that we -- that offends us and want them to get to work, and that's why this tax reform is going to force some of these things. this idea about how the middle class is going to get ripped off is just -- you get so tired of the same rhetoric that it's time for somebody to step up and say, look, let's look at where this money is being spent. let's look at the surplusage and use the taxes for the right reason. that's why we shouldn't be in this spot. steve: isn't that one of the
4:50 am
things the president of the united states, donald trump is doing right now? he is looking at various programs. >> yep. steve: he is saying we don't need the bureaucracy to be as big. we can streamline. we don't need as many federal employees. we can cut regulations. all that stuff. >> look, obama was pretty smart in the reason that he got reelected for many reasons, he federalized the country. these people fire their employer and end up getting checks every month. he is pretty smart in that regard. any time you start hearing about what you just said, the immediate reaction is well, we don't care. he wants to give it back to the states. let the state of nevada decide, the state of california, let the states decide some of these issues and quit spending all this social security money. steve: bob, take a nap because you are working tonight. property man air fridays at 8:30 p.m. eastern right there over on our sister network fox business. thank you very much, bob. >> see you in a couple weeks, buddy. i will be on the couch in a couple of weeks with you. steve: excellent.
4:51 am
coming up next on the couch is geraldo rivera. also we have stuart varney and heather will be joining brian in washington. amazon wants key to your house taking package delivery from your front porch to your front door. would you let them in?
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: amazon wants a key to your house. online retailer taking package delivery beyond the front porch. they are offering service that would allow the delivery person inside your house to drop off packages. iit is called amazon key. as can you imagine people are outraged about this. do you think it's a good or bad idea. here to break down convenience debate kurt the cyberguy. >> convenience right here and privacy right here. privacy is a big loser on this one. i will tell you something, this is really good out of the gate for amazon to come up with this because 31% of packages go missing from
4:55 am
front porchers according to a survey done this year. ainsley: thaferred all packages, basically. >> right. people have problems with packages being delivered. amazon has this great idea how do we get the packages safely inside your house and call it a day? that way we get our boxes when we get home and they don't get rained on. the problem with this is it involves a cloud cam from amazon. a camera staring from the inside of your house toward the front door within 25 feet automatic lock. ainsley: you will buy the system. >> buy this for $250. guess what, they will install it for free. which is pretty cool. except for the fact that what i have a problem with is, this is a complete stranger coming into your house from amazon. all right. they say they vetted this person. but, come on. these are still strangers coming into your house. unanswered concerns here. let's look at this. they are going to know who is coming and going from your house. they will know when you go to work and when you don't. we are not monitoring all that stuff. guess what maybe not today but there is nothing
4:56 am
stopping them from doing this tomorrow. and what about your dog? your dog's at home. you better not do it have your dog near the front door. guess what? we don't put our dogs in other places where they can't -- anyway, twitter is going wild on this. this look at this one right here key that allows couriers to open up your front door and dropping off packages sounds great to me, shake that person silly until they look at the picture. look at that anyone home? it's me, amazon, showing that classic frightening. people are really not -- it's not sitting well with them. calls, customer service it says i use amazon key service and now my x box is missing. also they let my cat out. people joke about it. the reality is this has just been announced november 8th it will come out. put in your zip code and find out if it is going to be in your neighborhood. 37 different communities around the u.s. have it. go to we will show you how to get there. ainsley: you just can't forget when they're coming to your house. >> i'm not letting them in. are you going to let them
4:57 am
in? ainsley: no. we have door men. we live in apartment complex. thanks. kurt. up next geraldo rivera is joining us live. what's in your wallet? you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me.
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5:00 am
a ♪ >> the yeas are 216, the nays are 212. >> the house narrowly approving a 4 trillion-dollar budget, paving the way for tax reform. >> this is a shake down and looting of middle class. >> the democrats oppose everything the republicans put forward. >> they both told congressional investigators they had no knowledge of who paid for the dossier. >> it is outrageous. >> this epidemic is a national health emergency. >> 64,000 people died last year of drug overdose. 175 people a day. we're having a 9/11 every 2 1/2 weeks in this country.
5:01 am
>> newly released records reveal shocking new information about the assassination of john f. kennedy. steve: something really bad happened. i was trying on my halloween suit. paper cut. ♪ ainsley: it is the best day of your life if you're delivering a baby today. congratulations. steve: i won't be. ainsley: still a good day for you pause it is friday. brian is in d.c. if you're just waking up, buy and i were making fun of steve, steve announced at top of the show at 6:00 a.m., that he had a paper cut.
5:02 am
steve: it was a killer. nothing worse than that. brian: somewhere in washington, d.c., somebody's water broke, they will have a baby today. that is good news. ainsley: probably about 10 per hospital i would say. brian: what did you say? >> how would you know somebody is about to deliver a baby? what is your news source? >> i know the stats. i know that is what ainsley wants. it is a great time to deliver a baby. ainsley: it is. friday that is a great day. the whole family can join you in the hospital. no one has to go back to work tomorrow. brian: we'll talk more about birth a little later in the show? ainsley: that is different channel. >> let's bring in geraldo rivera. he is here today. he is in the box in cleveland. >> i have five kids already. steve: we're talking about the national archives released thousands of documents regarding jfk. there are bombshells in there,
5:03 am
apparently the kremlin thought that lbj could actually behind what happened. they had some documents to that extent. but i remember back in the day, didn't you, on your show, weren't you the first to release an and air the zapruder film? >> we were indeed in march of 1975 i got my hands through ritchie havens and other activists on the original abraham zapruder home movie of the assassination of the 35th president in dealey plaza in dallas t was quite stunning and dramatic. my investigation over the years and i probed it intensely as anybody, still comes out with the official conclusion that lee harvey oswald and lee harvey oswald alone, this communist with kb-g ties carried off the murder of the young and gracious 35th president. brian: let me ask you something,
5:04 am
geraldo, say he pulled this off, acted alone, why still do we have to wait 25 years for these papers. why do we wait 180 days more. they're pushing the president not to release them at all. what is the problem? if there is no there there, what is the problem? >> talking about keeping unnecessary secrets, brian. this is perfect example of that. 54 years after the fact. 25 years after the 1992 said in 25 years you must release. the intelligence agencies petitioned the president to withhold some of these documents. i mean 99.9% are now released. when you withhold, even only several hundred you give people the impression that you have something to hide. now they say there are people named, living and dead, that would be embarassment to the various agencies or would tip off our adversary as to some
5:05 am
intelligence-gathering techniques. that is bogus. chelsea manning releasing everything. edward snowden releasing everything. at this point the only thing that those documents could say that a space alien kid the president and not lee harvey oswald. i think the murky circumstances, the fact this guy was a shmuck little nothing and pulled off this profoundly distressing crime, we can't agree history has already spoken on it. steve: he was in cuba. went to the soviet union. was in mexico city a week before. a lot of people were not happy jfk was president of the united states. that's why. he wasn't just a guy hanging out with a bad day. we can't unwind what happened in las vegas still. this guy was hanging out with our enemies. >> all true but all the things you mentioned the most intriguing part about the new document dump is the revelation that the soviet union, our cold
5:06 am
war, adversary was fearful that because lee harvey oswald had been in moscow, had contacted kgb agents, had gone to mexico to the russian embassy in mexico city, the soviet union feared that the united states of america would blame them and use the assassination as an excuse to start world war iii. i think that is the most intriguing part of the new documents but it does absolutely nothing -- in my opinion, you know, i think i'm being pretty prudent, about it to affect the outcome that the warren commission was essentially correct, that oswald and oswald alone had done it. >> when you originally aired the zapruder film, our producers went through the archives, they found you, 1972, dealey plaza. 75. >> 1975, yep. when you go there, it is still
5:07 am
haunting. i love the hair. it is still very haunting because you have the book depository has been preserved obviously as, shooting the sniper's nest that oswald built there. you know the thing about the film, i spoke about it, last week a little bit, so here's the vehicle going this way. oswald is up here. so the vehicle is going this way. oswald shoots but the head of president appears to go backward. if the oswald shootings up and behind you think the head would go forward, it went backwards. we immediately flagged it. i'm one of the reasons these conspiracy theories all the years later because i showed the film. forensic scientists have shown physiologically what happened was absolute predictable reflex, given where that bullet entered the president's neck. ainsley: i can't even listen to what you're saying geraldo. i'm so focused on you. you look like paul rudd in
5:08 am
"anchorman". steve: jeans, jacket. you know what? you were an anchorman. brian: one thing during your stand-up, you were pointing and waving. people are recognizing you. they were recognizing you. how are you doing? ainsley: as you were talking. >> i was a rock and roll newsman. ainsley: geraldo, we were talking yesterday, brought to our attention, all the money, millions of dollars spent on fusion gps for the dirty dossier. dnc was involved. the clinton campaign was involved. the head of dnc then allegedly gave millions of dollars, doesn't know anything about it? she was interviewed yesterday. here is debbie wasserman schultz. >> when did you learn the dnc and clinton campaign were behind the dossier? >> i wasn't aware of that at all. >> how can you led the dnc and be in the dark about the
5:09 am
dossier? >> i wasn't aware of the arrangement at all? >> what do you think about the new leadership statement basically kick being back to the can of old leadership, that your leadership did know -- >> i wasn't aware of the arrangement at all. ainsley: i wasn't aware of the arrangement. there was an arrangement. she is not denying that. but doesn't know anything about it. do you buy it, geraldo. >> there is no such crime as collusion. i believe that when the republicans were the target. i believe that when the democrats were the target. there is however a caveat. i believe the biggest danger, to general mike flynn, former nsa who got fired because he misrepresented his ties or his former clients. paul manafort did business with the ukrainians that was shady. here debbie wasserman schultz
5:10 am
and john podesta. if these people lied, that is where the peril is. not russia affecting election. unless they were stubborning hacking. the peril they face they told congressional investigators that they didn't know something that they clearly knew, if that is indeed the fact. if you lie, that is where the peril is. never the crime. it is always the cover up. >> what about the russians paid for some of this? wouldn't that be a problem? >> it depends on what -- russians are, you know, we, do the same thing. i mean, our hands are not clean. not only do opposition research, but you also do surreptitious ads to favor or disfavor the candidate that you like or dislike. we try to, you know, if the kennedy documents were as intriguing as this, this is -- it is about the
5:11 am
"game of thrones." that is what it is. >> you can't lie about it. can't say legal fees. you have to say it is opposition research. >> when you speak to a federal agent, you don't even have to be under oath. if you speak to a federal agent, you lie, like martha stewart, that is a very serious crime. u.s. attorneys take it very seriously and you really go to jail. steve: geraldo rivera, thank you very much. have a good weekend in cleveland. ainsley: thanks, geraldo. brian, steve, hand it over to jillian. jillian: we do have breaking news, so let's get to a fox news alert. defense secretary james mattis visiting the korean demilitarized zone emphasizing a diplomatic solution as tensions remain high over the north korea's nuclear test. >> our goal is not war but complete verifiable and reversible and denuclearization of the korean peninsula. jillian: mattis says the u.s. is
5:12 am
prepared to take military action in the north doesn't stop building their nuclear arsenal. tampa police release video of person of interest for search for a possible serial killer intensifies. he runs moments after first of three separate deadly shootings. >> i have come up with four reasons why this person is running. one, they may be late for dinner two, they're out exercising. three, they hurd gunshots. and number four, they just murdered benjamin mitchell. jillian: police stopping short of calling that person a suspect, but they do say he could be the key to solving the murders. nearly a complete showing of patriotism before the ravens crushing win over the miami dolphins on "thursday night football." the entire ravens team standing during the national anthem. three miami dolphins players stood in the locker room continuing streak of protests.
5:13 am
ravens won 40-0. this morning new signs that disrespect is hurting the nfl. "fox news poll" shows the league's favorable rating dropped 20 points since 2013. only 46% voicing support. by the way the miami dolphins players have to stand or not come out on the field. ainsley: i like that. that is why some of them stayed in the locker room. steve: i mentioned hockey earlier, those nfl players that don't want to stand for the anthem can't play hockey. ainsley: they're taking a stand early on. steve: look at this. disturbing halloween display. see that? my goodness. targeting the president. who thought that was good idea putting it on the front lawn? ainsley: microsoft and google, amazon posting gigantic profits. stuart varney says that is good news for your wallet. he is next. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
steve: major market surge as amazon, google, microsoft, yesterday posted gigantic profits. the company earnings making their founders some of the
5:18 am
richest people in the world. what was behind the stock market surge. ainsley: stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network. here are the answers. >> we're frankly broken away by this and we're astonished this is the time of year when the big companies start to report their financial performance. yesterday afternoon, 4:00 eastern time, out came amazon, google microsoft with their latest performance. ainsley: how -- >> once a quarter. 13 weeks. yesterday was absolute stunner. profits through the roof. dominance of technology just simply astonishing. the result, stocks, amazon, google, microsoft, have gone straight up. amazon's stock is up $80 per share. google is up about $35 per share. microsoft is up 6%, which is astonishing for a company of that size. the result of those price movements, jeff bezos, founder
5:19 am
of amazon, big shareholder, his net worth overnight went up $6 billion. ainsley: with a "b." >> with a "b.." larry page, sergey brin founders of google up almost a billion each. bill gates, up almost a billion. >> if we have a question we go to google. you have a microsoft software. you buy something, you go to amazon so you don't get into the car. >> bottom line, these are american companies. if you throw in facebook, alphabet, couple others, you're looking at global, i forgot the name. i'm very sorry, they dominate the world of technology, which dominates almost all sectors of all economies. you have no idea how powerful the big five american technology companies are. ainsley: now they're expanding, buying whole foods. they will deliver groceries. drugstores delivering drugs. >> why do you think cvs, corner
5:20 am
drugstore, made a bid, think they're making a bid for aetna, health insurer. why would they do that? amazon is coming on strong. a son wants to deliver your prescription drugs to your door. amazon wants you stopping going to the doctor and pharmacy waiting around for prescription. they want to get involved in all of that. they want to do that for you so the competition has to get together to counter amazon. ainsley: for the customer, all about convenience. >> is it every. steve: questions, yes or no. too late to buy those stocks now? >> i have no comment on those whatsoever. i have owned some might be soft. owned it for 15 years. put it like this. i'm not selling. that is all i am saying. ainsley: his show starts in 40 minutes. >> does as a matter of fact, 9:00 sharp. steve: we'll see you then. thank you. >> ainsley: happy friday,. >> thank you. ainsley: a movie about faith family, finding hope. the two stars of "let there be
5:21 am
light." kevin sorbo, sam sorbo, their kids are in the movie and sean hannity is the executive producer. they join us next. well, like most of you, i just bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website,
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♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. the head of the dnc doesn't seem to know the basics of american elections. >> this is not a creation of constitution. it doesn't have to be there. jillian: wrong. chairman tom perez making that statement at indiana university law school. the electoral college is clearly laid out in article 2 of the constitution. hillary clinton leaving her
5:25 am
daughter's house on crutches. hours later, clinton ditches the crutches to accept the first-ever wonder woman award. she is recovering after falling earlier this month. steve: meanwhile kevin sorbo making his directing debut and his wife sam cowriting in a film today about faith, family and finding hope. it is called, "let there be light." sean hannity is executive producer of i will film. he joined us with this message. >> this movie touches your heart, mind, and soul. we don't run away from fifth but don't hit it over your head with it either. he starts out as a atheist. he wrote a book called aborting god. he is debating a christian minister. the crowd is with the atheist. you begin to understand what brought him to this point in his life. ainsley: joining us two stars of
5:26 am
the film, kevin and sam sorbo. >> hillary would say got rid of crutches. did the michael jackson moonwalk. i had to say that we'll get to the movie. more important. ainsley: the movie comes out today. i have seen it. it is wonderful. i cried the whole time. >> you look a little teary right now. ainsley: allergies i will say. steve: someone get her a claratin. ainsley: i need one. look what has come to fruition today. >> amazing story. we're sitting here with a finished film, less than two years of concept. >> three to five years, typical, idea to get green lit and make it to theater. pretty amazing. >> why did you write it. >> i was tired of the typical hollywood fare. underbelly of the beast is tip cam expression of hollywood. hollywood leads culture.
5:27 am
i've been saying that for a while. story-tellers make the culture. i want to tell a story that might lead culture in a different direction. we need to bring faith, family and virtue back into our society. i had idea for this movie. i thought t would make a great film. i called dan gordon. he jumped on board when he heard idea. two weeks later, sean hannity called kevin, i want to do a faith family film. >> outof the blue. steve: does hollywood want to make this kind of movie? >> they haven't been doing it. they came up with "noah," "exodus." hired athiest directors. they fell after the faith based crowd after opening weekend this is not story about noah. this is old hollywood movie prior to the '60s, character development, story lines. i want to go back to the movie. >> you feel the film hopeful.
5:28 am
hollywood is selling disaster, blow them up, shoot them up, not feel good movies anymore. i want a feel good movie that upholds virtue. >> reflects the box office this summer, a huge drop. >> we have a clash of world views. there are go faiths out there. there is one that believes that life is valuable. there is one that believes survival of the fit evident. steve: we have a clip. this first one, kevin, your character seeing your son. >> your dead son. ainsley: we'll talk about it. >> he looked at me. and he said, daddy, let there be light. all i wanted to do was, to put my arms around him. then i -- he said it again. he said let there be light,
5:29 am
daddy. i and honest to god, i don't know what to do with it. ainsley: wow. very emotional. the film deals with you being alcoholic. y'all get divorced. >> we have been divorced eight years by this point. ainsley: you lose your son. started dating models. you wanted to get her back. ainsley: i love your strength in this. your sons are in the movie. they did a great job. >> they have been taking classes for three years now. dan gordon, the other cowriter, people don't know dan, dan is great writer, up for academy award for denzel washington, the hurricane. he said put your kids. i got too much on the line, guys if i feel you can't do it. you're not doing it. ainsley: they did a great job. >> first people in the history of hollywood to put family
5:30 am
members in a movie. >> people love the movie, because they leave the heat hopeful. they are taken on emotional roller coaster. go to let there be light, look attest moan ya'lls of people leaving theater. support this. this is independent movie. it is produced outside of hollywood. it is only independent until it gets in the theater. we're dependent on people. ainsley: our viewers are loyal. sean hannity is in the movie. support him. deionne is warwick is in the movie. >> thank you for being on. how hard is it for being secretary of state. >> some days i feel like i need to do that, curley up in a ball.
5:31 am
steve: we have up next state department spokesperson, heather nauert. ainsley: do you every wonder keeps hillary up at night. >> you want to know what i worry about? the republican party is imploding. >> rnc chairwoman ron that mc daniel is here to prove that is not true. ♪ sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
5:32 am
accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
5:33 am
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♪ [inaudible] >> yeah, some days i feel like i need to do that. curl up in a ball. brian: when, exactly do you feel like doing that? joining us heather nauert,
5:35 am
spokesperson for that very man, our secretary of state. great to see you. you live here now. you come here. we meet halfway. >> still home in new york. this is my weekday home. brian: have you seen the secretary of state have days like that? he gives off impression that he unflappable. >> he is unflappable. has a good sense of humor. there are days we feel like oh, boy, there is a lot going on. brian: what is he doing? >> he was in 11-day trip, in saudi arabia, iraq, afghanistan, geneva, talking about syria, political process in syria. we just now, u.s. coalition forces, backed by 73-member coalition defeated isis in raqqa. for folks that forget what raqqa represents. we remember the nice terror attack. we remember the brussels terror attack. those were plotted from this town raqqa. the fact that the coalition was
5:36 am
able to liberate raqqa and take out isis is not getting enough attention. brian: the most important time arguably now, who will fill the vacuum that isis is crushed or dispersed? >> yeah. brian: how do we have a horse in that race? who do we back? >> this is a lengthy process, okay? now that isis has been defeated from one of its so-called twin caliphate capitals, mosul a few months ago, and now racca, what we need to do is stablize that area. those are efforts that the u.s. government is heavily involved with right now. brian: don't you believe russia and syria have a different view of stabilization? >> we're to the there just yet. let me get back to russia in just a second. stabilization is demining the area. getting rid of booby-traps isis set. getting electricity back on. getting clean water, so people, eventually, hundreds of thousands of people who lived in raqqa start to go home. a part of that, while that is happening, there is a parallel
5:37 am
process. that is standing up civic councils, raqqa civic councils. they handle security for key buildings, hospitals schools. brian: where is russia? >> we stand that up right now. the coalition backs that, eventually, why the secretary was in geneva to talk about the long-term process. we don't see a future for bashar al-assad. not at all. brian: but he does. >> don't think the syrian people do either. brian: but iranians do. >> eventually we like to get to an election process. that is way down the road. we still have a lot more work to do. eventually we think we'll get there. brian: you know iran and russia they only see a future with assad, and they have a huge say, and they are protecting him, even though he is a brutal killer, the most brutal in the world. >> assad was on his heels when russia came in essentially back in 2015 or so. we have, many americans may be surprised to realize this, one
5:38 am
area we see eye-to-eye with russia, there aren't a whole lot areas we see eye-to-eye, this is one of them. we had a cease-fire in southwest part of syria since july. brian: underreported. >> underreported. that cease-fire saved lives. eventually we get stabilization and get people back home. brian: you see the poll, we asked american people who is the biggest threat to us, "fox news poll." rogue nations 33% now, as potatoesed 12% in january. terrorist groups 27%, superpowers 16%. read between the lines. that rogue nation is north korea. >> i think so. brian: do you think the american people are wrong? >> no, they are clearly a rogue nation. not only in the region but worldwide threat. we've seen two successful u.n. security council resolutions which is huge, backed by both russia and china. they're supporting it. we at state department pushing ahead with the peaceful pressure
5:39 am
campaign which pushes for denuclearization of korean peninsula. you saw secretary mattis talking about that very same thing. brian: standing a the dmz line. >> talking about diplomacy is the first approach. coming from the secretary of defense, that is huge. brian: he is never shy doing that unlike what steve ban none said, there are military options which makes people in the area nervous but do they agree, heather, does strategic patience have to change? not the president or administration rattling came. that cage was going to rattle, we're calling it out? >> strategic patience was policy of the previous administration. that did not work. look where we are with north korea, where they're launching ballistic missiles over japan, threatening our allies, our steadfast, ironclad allies. testing advanced nuclear, doing nuclear testing that is unacceptable not just to the united states but the world community. that is why the world community is backing us.
5:40 am
brian: especially with the president heading to the area. locally here there is big concern, getting a lot of light, when you were news host with us, one of the stories came across peter schweitzer about the uranium one, an american company, 20% was sold to the russian government, to a russian company which is run by the russian government. what do you think is the state department's role signing off on that? the secretary of state said i was one of many people that signed off. >> you're referring to the previous secretary of state, hillary clinton. this predates me. we're solely focused at deemed of state on success of raqqa, and we have civilians on the ground in raqqa working on destabilization efforts. we're heavily focused on north korea. we're focused on all those things, not looking back at previous administration. there may be people in our office looking into that. that i'm not aware of. brian: you're not aware of that? >> no.
5:41 am
brian: over last three weeks seems as though from my view, secretary of state and president seem to be more on the same page as ever. can you possibly bring us inside the conversation from a couple weeks ago, talk about both ceos are getting used to each other? >> it's a relationship where the president has brought in people with lots of different viewpoints and different perspectives and policy backgrounds and different backgrounds and secretary of state rex tillerson is certainly one of those. they are not always going to agree on policy. that is in part why the president brought together such a diverse team, so they could have democratic debates. ultimately our policy the president's policy. we go ahead and we march forward in advancing the president's policy priorities. that is where we are right now. brian: do you see a change? >> see a change in what? brian: over the last three weeks? >> no. there have been bums along the road as there would be in any administration, but this secretary fully backs the president of the united states. i know the president backs secretary tillerson.
5:42 am
brian: i've been doing polling behind your back. you're doing incredible job. >> thanks, brian. brian: other people that work for us now that. i like to open up to the crowd. heather, do you have a question. ainsley: hi, heather. do you miss as much as i miss you? >> i miss you so much. i see you every morning. i get to get dressed with you all now. steve: heather, be truthful. do you miss getting up 2:30. >> i was walking in here. i don't miss getting up at 2:30 in the morning but i have later nights. brian: would you toss to them. >> brian, that is it in washington, d.c. let's hand it back over to brian and ainsley. >> she is a pro. ainsley: happy birthday. >> bless you all. ainsley: all the dresses in her wardrobe came from heather. all the pregnancy dresses i wore on air were hers.
5:43 am
you're a good friend. steve: straight ahead on the program, ever wonder what keeps hillary clinton up at night? >> there are a lot of things i worry about. this is actually on my list what i worry about, the republican party is imploding. steve: the republican party chairwoman, ron that mcdanielle, she is that is not true. rona mcdaniel. >> hi,. >> we have a winter coat for 40 bucks. ♪
5:44 am
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5:46 am
jillian: hope you have a good start to your friday. back with quick headlines. a community outraged over a halloween display targeting president trump. a man upstate new york putting a fake body bag and grave stone on his lawn, d. trump.
5:47 am
burn in hell. >> he is everybody's president. he is making everybody money, big money lately. we need to cut this out. jillian: the man who put the display up says it was meant to be a joke. a boy lead as police on a 100 mile-per-hour police chase. >> off the road. driving down the ditch. we'll not let him get back on highway. jillian: remind you he is 10. ohio state troopers forced to to crash the car when the boy refused to stop. >> he is out. 31. he is out. jillian: the boy was not hurt. he allegedly kick and spit at troopers as they took him into custody. this is not first time he stole a family car. >> there are a lot of things i worry about. this is actually on my list, what i worry about. the republican party is imploding. steve: hillary clinton painting
5:48 am
a drill picture of the republican party but but donations tell a different story. rnc out raising dnc two to one. here is rnc chair, ron that rona mcdaniel. >> we have doubled dnc. we have six the cash on hand. she should worry about the dnc and shambles she left her party in. steve: i heard a story couple weeks ago where democrats were beating you guys. >> go to the rnc. we outraised them by double. six time the cash on hand. we're investing in the ground game. we're in 18 states already. we're preparing for 2018. doing all the infrastructure that the party can do. we're in a great place as a party. steve: looks like the democrats are in a bit of a pickle with
5:49 am
this dodgy dossier thing. hillary clinton campaign financed russian angle of it et cetera. what is your observation what is going on? >> there are questions to be answered. the first would be debbie wasserman schultz and john john podesta didn't know about the dossier. they didn't know who authorized. they should know now. maybe they didn't know when they testified in front of congress. but they should have went back to the organizations who gave authorization to employ this law firm and pay fusion gps. why did they lie it about for a year? why weren't they transparent. steve: the rnc does opposition research all the time, right? >> we do it in house. hire outside vendors. steve: ever used a russian group? >> we never used a russian group. i tell you know know about it if i was rnc chair. steve: supposedly the fusion gps was getting paid by the democrats, some republican candidate hired them to do
5:50 am
opposition research on donald trump. do you know hot candidate is? >> i don't know who the candidate is. there is very clear distinction, once the dnc and clinton campaign paid fusion gps that is when christopher steele came in doing the russian dossier. >> it wasn't russian stuff. >> the republican was not engaged with that. once the dnc and clinton came in, the fake dossier which we know was part of foundation for comey investigation, part of a witch-hunt from against the president came from the dossier. the democrats have not been transparent or honest how this started. we need answers. steve: we need answers. we have plenty of questions. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. megamorning deals. how about a winter coat for $40? the exclusive deals for "fox & friends viewers coming up next. first's let check in with sandra to find out what happens on channel in nine minutes. >> steve, a great show. the attorney for the fbi
5:51 am
informant who blew the whistle involving the controversial uranium one deal. says her client was threaten repeatedly. she joins us live. kellyanne conway as well. "america's newsroom," top of the hour. life made more effortless through adaptability. the perfect position seat in the lincoln continental. ♪
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♪ ainsley: it is time now for some amazing deals and some amazing products exclusively for "fox & friends" viewers. >> we have more megamorning deals. go to first up it is makeup time. >> make up brushes, take 24 hours to dry them. not with this. it has a motor. put it inside. any soap and water will do. hold the button, spin, until all the dirt comes out.
5:55 am
you slowly lift to try. you lift it again. 30 seconds, completely dry. $29. you have to spin it for 30 seconds completely dry. it comes with brushes or use your own. you fit the rubber sleeve on. everything spins. steve: how much is that? >> $29. that is 67% off. steve: what about the purse. >> made in italy, less than $50. who else has italian bags for less than 50 bucks. suede, leather. they can be worn different ways. this is the shortest version. you are wearing the cross body or hide it as a clutch. all the holiday parties where the clutch is for my lipstick. typically $199. today you save 68%. they're only 39 bucks. look at the great colors. steve: jump down to the end, talk a little bit about the coats because everybody is
5:56 am
wearing a coat. >> really, we're jumping, are we? these coats are all designer. they are great deals. $39 to $59. the men's coat, izod. we all know that brand. this is two coats in one. there are faux fur lined coats, down coats. 39 to $59. >> what about the candles? >> you get four of them. they have a wooden wick, they make it sound like a crackling fire. steve: i like that. >> sniff that. come on. four of them. holiday parties. great hostess gifts. four for $32. >> retail for $100. steve: wireless ear buds. >> charging case. click it twice to call back the number you were talking to. >> $29. ainsley: more "fox & friends. >> don't forget megamorning deals. of the ♪
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i have a book signing today and tomorrow i'll be at books a million in ehrhardt, florida. i'm taking off the coat. i'm going to florida, baby. >> bill: good morning, everybody. there are new claims of intimidation to the obama administration bully a witness into staying quiet? that's what the attorney for an f.b.i. informant who blew the whistle on the uranium deal saying her client was threatened to stay out of public view. that's about to change. you've almost made it, folks. it's friday. >> sandra: actually friday. we thought it was yesterday. we made it. i'm sandra smith. the claims come only a day after the justice department lifted a gag order on the informant allowing him to testify what if any corruption he witnessed as the uranium company sale went down. his lawyer said he


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