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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 30, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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omaha. the got e. get up included a robe, a duffle bag and fake rifle. he says he meant to be a nun. what a genius there. rob: happy monday, "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you later. >> the federal grand jury reportedly approves the first charges in the fbi's investigation into russia's alleged meddling. >> we don't know who is being charged. we don't know what they are being charged for. >> i don't know where is he going. it brings a lot of the questions to mind, especially who he hired at the very beginning. >> at least nine of them, that's more than half, were direct and repeat donors to barack obama and hillary clinton. it's mind blowing. >> the dnc antsd clinton campaign helped fund this fusion g.p.s. >> do you think this should have been disclosed earlier? >> i can't answer that. >> north korea possibly making new preparations for war by simulating attack responses. >> the houston texans staged the largest protest yet team owner bob mcnair comparing
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the teammates to inmates. >> going to take down the george washington plaque saying it makes some in our presence feel unsafe. >> that's in the left. here comes fisher. astros win it in 10. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: it is a rainy day here in new york city. holy cow. ainsley: it is cold. it is wonderful. brian: last time we were under attack in new york because the loud thunder and for the first time since
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sandy, we lost power five years ago and we got a generator this time. steve: and? brian: and life jackets in case it happens again. we had that five second pause where everyone looked at each other in the dark and it came on. first time we actually had a generator that worked. steve: you know what happens next? all the neighbors are looking exactly it's so unfair. ainsley: it was five years almost to the day. brian: yeah. i guess it was. it actually worked. and now our power is back on and i didn't oversleep. that's biggest fear you lose power overnight when it's dark and wake up 5:00 in the morning and realize you overslept by three hours. steve: that's why i have one of those hand crank and the phone is separate as well. i got three clocks in the morning. brian: we rented this car and there were hand cranks in the window and my daughter looked at this and said look what they invented. total reverse of what.
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steve: what kind of car was it? ainsley: that car? those cars. steve: you were in cuba 1962? brian: i know you are jealous but i mean i remember my dad saying i will not use electric windows and it will short and we won't be able to get them down. steve: now we know how they work. brian: to the top story tonight -- today. please don't heckle me from the control room. there is speculation mounting as we await the first indictment of the special counsel on robert mueller's russia probe. we expect it today. ainsley: today not tonight. it is an announcement that could be made today. steve: what do we know for sure? a lot of speculation. griff jenkins is going to know us what we know for a fact. good morning to you, griff. >> good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. we don't know for sure that speculation is highly intense here in washington. we could see somebody taken into custody this morning, guys. in this grand jury approves first charges, we will get a much better idea of where
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this investigation, special counsel is headed. we have no idea who will be charged or even what the charges are. but we have reported on some of the known targets of this investigation like mike flynn, the president's former national security advisor being investigated for conversations he had with russians during the campaign or paul manafort, the one-time campaign chairman whose house was raided back in july and whose son-in-law was questioned by the fbi. or it is entirely possible the person being charged is someone that we haven't heard of before. whoever it is, republicans are blasting these leaks of the charges which was sealed by a federal judge and democrats like adam schiff, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee says he has not been informed of the charges, but suggest who it is may answer some of the key questions. >> if it is paul manafort, and he has apparently told others that he expects to be indicted, it may help us answer one very central question in the investigation. the question is, who gave what to whom as a result of these overtures? >> schiff was also pressed
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whether he knew whether or not the president was under investigation. schiff would not comment. guys, we have teams all over the city if something happens, we will bring it to you the moment it happens. steve: excellent. brian: the white house says they know for sure the president is not under investigation and no one in the current white house is under investigation. steve: thanks, griff. what we do know, you know, down in washington, mueller's team has been talking to a grand jury since july. and on friday, they did get an indictment. the indictment was sealed by the order of the judge, but somebody blabbed to cnn. and that is against the through leak what is going on with grand jury. brian: don't you think it's telling they did it to cnn, too? and it took us a while to verify it. i think it's very telling. ainsley: says could face charges as well. >> we don't know who is being charged. let's assume the report something true, we don't know who is being charged. we don't know what they are
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being charged for. we don't know the time period. i will tell you, this the only conversation i have had with robert mueller, it was stressing to him the importance of cutting out the leak with respect to serious investigation. it is kind of ironic that the people charged with investigating the law and executing the law would violate the law and make no mistake, disclosing grand jury material is a violation of the law. so, as a former prosecutor, i'm disappointed that you and i are having the conversation because somebody violated their oath of secrecy. brian: it makes you wonder about the credibility of the whole thing. i also say, this i'm interested to see if it's related to russia and this administration or not or it's just something that it's paul manafort something that happened before he even joined the trump administration. ainsley: they are not aware anyone that works in the white house or anyone connected to the white house like don jr. or jared kushner. chris christie said yesterday, if you are being indicted, you know it. steve: if you are a target,
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you know people have been talking to you. susan collins the senator from up north she said there is no evidence of collusion, that's important. but there are a couple of stories out there that paul manafort apparently back in 2012 apparently he had some money infusions from overseas to the tune of $3 million. 12 different wire transfers and suddenly the feds were looking at that plus, apparently, according to the "wall street journal," he was being probed for money laundering as well. so, would it be him? would it be flynn? we don't know. as soon as we do know, we'll tell you. brian: just keep in mind this. just because they indict you doesn't mean you are guilty. then they get to fight back. mount a defense and find out what they have and go to trial and see where it goes from there. that's just their opinion about what they have arequired so far. i'm wondering if it's related to last week in the beginning of the week there is a lot of talk about g.p.s. and fusion g.p.s. and who hired what and who was telling the truth about
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that. and if maybe people were feeling pressure inside the mueller investigation to do something to let people know they were making some progress. meanwhile, let's talk about fusion gps. steve: that's right. and yesterday the president launched on twitter, a tweet storm, trying to shift the spotlight to hillary clinton, essentially saying that her funding' that operation -- opposition research firm, fution g.p.s. brian: right. steve: why aren't people looking at that so he started diveeght this. ainsley: the president said, this never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton made fake dossier now $12 million. the yiewrm russia deal the 33,000 plus deleted emails and the comey fix and so much more. instead, they look at phony trump/russia collusion which does not exist. the democrats are using this terrible and bad for country witch-hunt for evil politics but the republicans are fighting back like never
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before. there is so much guilt by the democrats and clinton and now the facts are pouring out. do something. brian: who is fusion gps and why are they pushing so hard to hold on to their financial records? well, this week, evidently, over the weekend they cut a deal with the house intelligence committee to reveal their financials, to find out how much they were being paid and who else was paying them. so one thing is abun dancely clear, the free beacon came out friday, thanks to byron york and said yeah, we were the ones who called fusion gps to take a look at two candidates, donald trump and one other. when it was clear that donald trump had won, we backetd off. now all of a sudden we are being linked to some investigation by the democrats picked up. said nothing they were doing had anything to do with the democrats had. there was no international component to it. there was nobody looking into russia. nobody hired christopher steele. we did open source background opposition research on the two frontrunners at the time. one of which was president trump. when the free beacon said when he got it, i backed out
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of it. so then they go ahead and end up writing up to $12 million worth of checks to christopher steele and his organization to find out things on donald trump and we're supposed to believe that john podesta knew nothing about it when his lawyer sitting next to him knew everything about it? that hillary clinton didn't know about it? how could you possibly prepare for a debate on international topics and not know where some of this -- some of the attack plan is coming from? steve: because it was ultimately a law firm which hired fusion gps. you got that attorney-client privilege thing you can look at the bank records don't have to say what they discussed. ainsley: not allowed to. steve: we may not know what they talked about. that kind of thing is off limits. brian: then there is that and then there is logic. if you are running an organization and $12 million has disappeared. do you say who is this going to? what are we getting for this? and, the way i understand,
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it is when you do a campaign, you have got to break out your starbucks trips, your pizza delivery, everything that you are paying for has to be labeled. mark elias and his law firm, $12 million or $9 million, whatever extraordinary figure, that is not okay. you have to break down how are writing those checks to. ainsley: that's the problem here. that's what everyone is upset about. they were writing it as legal fees instead of opposition research. steve: perhaps his charge was okay here is as much money as you need. go find as much dirt on donald trump as you can. it could be that simple. brian: right. say that have you got. steve: don't have to. it's opposition research. brian: no, no, no. you have to break down. steve: they had written legal services that's why they are in hot water. brian: not enough. you have to break it out what you are doing. because legal services is too broad. that is why all these rules exist. steve: right. they had to write opposition research they didn't they wrote legal services. brian: christopher steele
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$12 million. g.p.s. $12 million. ainsley: that didn't happen. that's the problem. you are right. hand it over toian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. we now know the name of the soldier killed in the helicopter crash in afghanistan. chief warrant jacob simsz died on friday. he was from afghanistan. he served tour in iraq and afghanistan. he leaves behin behind children. we do know enemy fire did not bring that chopper down. a packed passenger jet forced to make emergency landing for smoke in the cabin. the flight heading from germany to virginia safely diverting to boston. passengers met by fire crews on the runway and evacuated off the plane. the smoke purportedly started by a small fire in the gally where food is prepared. no one was hurt. houston astros now one win away from the world series title after a home run filled game five against the l.a. dodgers.
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curiel, high fly. high fly ball. jillian: astros putting the game away in the tenth inning with a walkoff hit for 13-12 hickory. houston now leading the series 3 to 2. two former presidents in the house for the win. >> let's play ball. [cheers] jillian: president george h.w. bush handing off the ball to his son george w. bush to throw out the first pitch. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. ainsley: if the astros win tomorrow they win. brian: yankees won win away and they lost both. steve: top democrats denying any knowledge about that dodgy dossier. but what did former president obama know. our next guest says follow the money and there's a lot of it. >> and nearly every houston texan's player taking a knee during the.
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campaign organization, ofa, obama for america, paid nearly $1 million to that same law firm that funneled the money to fusion gps, the farm behind the dossier. here to discuss the president of judicial watch tom fitton joins us from our nation's capital. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: since april of 2016, ofa, obama for america, paid paid $972,000 to perkins coie, the same outfit that was giving the money to fusion g.p.s. what do you think that's about? >> well, that's the question we want answered. the money, including a $700,000 chunk went over there around the time fusion gps began working for hillary clinton's campaign and the democratic national committee to find dirt on president trump or president-elect trump or candidate trump by traveling to russia and colluding with the russians.
3:19 am
steve: um-huh. >> president obama had it in for president trump then at the time the candidate. he campaigned so close -- so much for president -- well, hillary clinton, that it hadn't been done like that in 100 years. and, look, then you had the dossier being used by the obama fbi, the obama justice department. maybe the obama cia to target team trump. you got questions whether obama the politician knew as a result of his running the dnc and political organization and these payments and, of course, what obama the president knew. either way, the questions need to be answered. steve: you want to know what did now former president barack obama know about the dossier and all this stuff, right? >> yes. i think it's a question we need answered because if the dossier, which is a political document created to destroy president trump or the candidate trump was used by his fbi and -- fbi
3:20 am
and cia, did they know that this was nothing but a political attack on trump? and they shouldn't really have anything to do with it? steve: yeah, tom, it sounds like the dossier was used to justify unmasking a number of names. >> well, we don't know what it was justified to do. it might have been justified -- it might have been justified to use the cia, the fbi, nsa to spy on team trump. that's the most disconcerning thing. did they use this to go after team trump and spy and, of course, the unmasking came and properly afterwards. thirdly, are we in the midst of a major criminal investigation against the president of the united states as a result of this dodgy dossier which was a political hit job on mr. trump? steve: right. all good questions. we just need some good answers. tom fitton. >> maybe mr. mueller can provide the answers. we asked the questions of the fbi and justice department. these aren't secrets. we can get the answers if the deep state would just answer the questions.
3:21 am
steve: more good question, when with are we going to hear from him. tom fitton, thank you very much for joining us live. george washington's church says a plaque honoring the first president is going to go. a debate coming up. ♪ let's see how far we've come ♪ and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (avo) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and get medical help right away
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♪ jillian: back with breaking news this morning. north korea possibly making new preparations for war by simulating attack responses. state media reports that north korea citizens are conducting blackout exercises and mass evacuation drills. meantime, the u.s. flew a nuclear capable b 2 stealth bomber over the weekend ahead of the president's visit to asia. another alert. boiling point after stripping of its powers. the independence president could be arrested if he shows up for work. but he doesn't seem to mind posting this photo from
3:25 am
inside parliament online. if he is found guilty of rebellion, he could spend 30 years behind bars. brian? brian: all right, ainsley. president trump could warn what happened if we keep erasing history. >> this week it's robert e. lee. i noticed that stonewall jackson is coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you know, you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop? brian: oh, man, was he ahead of his time? now it's happening, historic church in virginia where george washington frequented, he worshipped there. they will remove a memorial plaque honoring him because it makes some members feel unwelcomed. where do we draw the line david webb along with jamil obey. is this a good move? >> let's be real, fewer and fewer americans are religious at all. christian at all. 30% of americans under 30 don't go to church anymore. this church needs to make sure it keeps its pews
3:26 am
filled, rather, and it by doing -- by removing the plaque of george washington it makes everybody feel happy and comfortable and gets those coffers filled, that's what they are going to do. it's their right to choose it. brian: should we lose our founding father in order to make everybody happy? >> let's do it. let's make jamila happy. >> jamila. >> what we are doing here, look, the president is right. the dishonesty in the debate is to remove history period. do we not tell it. to jamil, i would ask this question, if we were to apply the logic of the at the pet actually pissed off which is what we are getting when are they going to protest at mosques because muslims owned slaves, mohammed observed slaves. jamila if did you go i will go with you. i have a national radio show and you can talk to the nation. but you won't do it. they choose easy targets. >> no one invited me. i would happily do that. >> they choose easy targets like the church, ignoring
3:27 am
the fact that it's about history and nothing else. and for those that are offended by a plaque somewhere in a church, there's going to be something that offends you about the church in general so you had best leave the church, period because of the history of religion. >> sure. absolutely. brian: jamila, let me ask you, i understand you don't want to upset people. >> i have never been invited to come on and protest against mosques and muslim slave owners. i would happily do that don't act like -- this is the first i have heard. [talking at the same time. brian] brian: believe me no one is going to a mosque wanted to protest mohammed and slavery. last time they made a cartoon they started shooting people. there would be no america, jamila, without george washington. it's not okay to make people feel better about themselves. here is charles barkley on the whole debate dating back to when robert e. lee and what he was like -- how he feels about it. listen.
3:28 am
>> i'm not going to waste my time trying to worry about these statues they got all over the country. i'm 54 years old. i have never thought about those statues a day in my life. i have never -- i think if you asked most black people to be honest, they ain't thought a day in their life about those stupid statues. brian: jamila, where do you stand? >> i'm no basketball expert at all and i know that's the area of expertise that charles barkley comes from. he certainly doesn't speak for all people of african dissent in america. that's his opinion. that's what he thinks. i'm not 54 years old so i don't have the length of time to think about these statues. to be honest, i think this is one little tiny church in alexandria, virginia. they decide that they want to remove a plaque from their pew, it's not erasing history. it's one church making a decision about the decor.
3:29 am
>> have you got to be honest here. >> jamila,. >> have you got to be honest here. >> i'm happy to be honest. >> let me make a point here. the point of this is that in telling history, we have to be accurate. >> yes. >> in telling history. for instance, you stated in the past when it comes to the church and to civil rights that humans did the work and the church was not really a part of it the church keeps african-americans as you put it in mental slavery. that's your opinion. charles barkley is entitled to his opinion. i'm entitled to mine. >> absolutely. >> so is every other american. >> that's not what we're talking about here. >> we have the perpetually pissed off this n. this country. >> yes we do. >jehmu, jamila,rather, do you sy rights? >> i guess. i haven't really thought about it i support the rights of everyone. >> those in our history who opposed gay marriage at one point, then they should be
3:30 am
removed from the public square applying the logic of the pet pet actually pissed off and that would include martin luther king jr. and barack obama because at one time they were against gay marriage. at what point do we. >> because telling them that. >> we are not static as a society. there is evolution. there is time and mill and when the protesters go back to africa where blacks also sold slaves, protest everybody equally or none at all, but the hypocrisy is clear to most rational americans. >> hold on, if we are going to talk about african slavery vs. the puke area institution chattel slavery in the u.s., those are two completely. >> who soldiers the slaves, jamila? >> there were a lot of -- let's look at england. let's look at france. portugal. >> jamila, did blacks own slaves in america, have blacks owns 3500 slaves down in louisiana at one time. either you apply your logic across the board or the fact
3:31 am
is your logic is not applied. >> this is a complete distraction from the point. a church has every right to take a plaque out of its pew. if we want to talk about chattel slavery in the u.s. and th systemic disenfran chaisement that three fifth of labor of white person that and those i considered were even considered human beings, that's a whole different issue and i'm happy to have that conversation. >> i don't feel disenfranchised. >> you don't have to feel disenfranchised. [talking at the same time. brian: thank you so much. quiet down. have to move you out. ready. >> sorry had to come to that. great debate. the problem with we moving his plaque, it's george washington's church, it's just not any church. it's where he was. meanwhile, straight ahead. switching gears, a bizarre screen on the racetrack. nascar fan tries to pick a fight with one the drivers and nearly every houston texans football player takes a knee during the national
3:32 am
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ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. ♪ cheeseburger in paradise ♪ heaven on earth ♪ steve: you know, instead of writing words you can send an emogi, brian, take a look, that is the emogi for google's cheeseburger. what do you think about that? brian: i like it. ainsley: do you see anything wrong with it, brian? steve: because the internet is melting down. if we could put side by side the google and the apple. now the apple is screen left. the google is screen right. ainsley: the one on the left looks bigger, more of a whopper. and the cheese happens to be in the right spot. steve: exactly.
3:36 am
structurally. brian: is that true problem. ainsley: the cheese on the right is melting on top of the bun instead of the meat. people are up in arms. people are losing sleep over. this. brian: there is a lot of reason to lose sleep. i'm not sure this is the strongest one. ainsley: exactly. steve: if you are on your phone all the time and you don't want to send that bad emoji. the ceo of google sent this tweet out yesterday, we will drop everything else we are doing and address it on monday. if folks can agree on the correct way to do this. if you can put that picture up back for just a minute, though. because there's a problem with both of them. >> the lettuce. steve: look at the apple one. the lettuce on the bottom. >> i never put the lettuce on the bottom. >> lettuce and tomato goes together. brian: lettuce does not belong on sandwiches, period. i'm going to have i salad or have meat. steve: can you have both, it's america, yo.
3:37 am
brian: do you want a crunchy noise on your burger? steve: don't you ever put a tomato chip on your burger? brian: not unless i'm drunk. [laughter] ainsley: subway sandwich put the chips. a deli sandwich. brian: have you done it? steve: bobby slay restaurants hamburger place. he is the one with the hamburger place. crunch aphi. he will put it on the sandwich for you. jillian: when did you put the chips on the sandwich only did it when you are drunk. ainsley: college. brian: unless a big stew can you break it up and have different sections of your plate. i would like some salad. can i have some chips. can i have a burger. not can i just put it together and get this over with? steve: you just don't like lettuce on a hamburger. brian: don't like it. steve: do you like cheese on a hamburger? ainsley: then that's a cheeseburger. one of my friends ordered a
3:38 am
bloodbloody mary and it came i thought i ordered a bloody mary not a salad. they had all the stuff coming out of the top of it. brian: you cannot have a bloody mary without horse radish. ainsley: weigh in on this. are the emogis better on apple phone or android? jillian: they are both bad at this point. brian: throw out the run down because we just destroyed it. steve: okay. just stormed off set. jilt jill let's do some news because this story is quite disturbing. even the royal family will not be left alone. isis fanatics making chilling threat against britain's prince george. posting the picture of 4-year-old on encringted messaging apt. shows him at his school starts early. isis threatened the queen of edge glapsd ahead of a world war 28 snreent 2015. last month challenged prince harry to a fight.
3:39 am
crook armed with large knives are no match for this store clerk. surveillance video showing the moment two masked men burst into a convenience store in the u.k. they are immediately met by the cashier throwing store displays and bottles of alcohol. guess what? it worked. they got away without any money. angry nascar fan knocks the frontrunner out of the race. >> you shouldn't be driving like that. [bleep] [bleep] fan confronting denny hamlin after the race at martinsville speedway in virginia. hamlin bumped chase elliott's car in the final laps. elliott had been poised to win. after the crash kyle busch took the lead and won the race. a look at your headlines guys. send it back to you. steve: send it on over to janice dean who hats weather and plenty of it. janice: listen, i'm glad everyone made it in today. i know steve was texting me over the weekend about his flight from florida. we're very glad you are here
3:40 am
today. steve: thank you. ainsley: let's take a look at it we do have storm system. a lot of tropical moisture working its way into this coastal low. behind it seeing gusty winds and snow in the forecast. this is going to cause massive delays across the northeast and ripple effect across much of the country. if you have got those delays in the northeast you know there is going to be problems over the rest of the u.s. as well. here is your future radar we say goodbye to this system. on the back side of it lake-effect snow and some rain. otherwise as we get into tomorrow a better forecast. for now wind gusts 25 to 30, even 48 miles per hour across portland. a very, very significant storm system with wind advisories in effect for millions of folks. so, even if you are not experiencing the rain, the wind could knock you down. also, it could knock down some power lines as well. we have hundreds of thousands of folks without power this morning because of the storm system. all right. glad everyone is here today. hope you are safe at home as well. steve: thank you very much. brian, the wind knocked out the power to your house. do you have the power back
3:41 am
yet? brian: it came right back. janice: that's good news. i was particularly worried but this morning. brian: we have one big plug in our neighborhood someone keeps pulling tout. all you need is a stiff wind and lose total power it's back to 1810. ainsley: don't worry he has a generator though. it kicked in. brian: we jacked it up in case we have more storms. thanks, guys. meanwhile, governor christie says leaks about the mueller indictment could be criminal. >> there are very strict criminal laws about disclosing grand jury information. now, depending upon who disclosed this to cnn, it could be a crime. brian: is he right? law professor jonathan turley here to discuss that with steve next. ainsley: feminist like hillary clinton support women unless they back president trump. >> when i see women doing that i think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? ainsley: one conservative woman has a powerful message for those liberal feminists
3:42 am
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♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. ♪ ♪ steve: well, robert mueller it, sounds like will announce the first indictment or indictments later today. who will be charged? what will the charges be? reports out of the washington area indicate the arrests could be imminent. could the leaking of the information to cnn be a crime? >> there are very strict criminal laws about disclosing grand jury information. now, depending upon who disclosed this to cnn, it could be a crime. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is constitutional law professor at george washington university jonathan turley. thanks for joining us, professor. >> good morning. ainsley: you haired ththis leaks
3:46 am
going to get away with it like all the other leakers, don't you think? >> washington floats on a roaring and rolling wave of leaks. and this is not the first time that we've had grand jury information that's ended up in the press. there is a rule called rule 6 c that does make it a crime to release grand jury information. but there are exceptions. one of the biggest reasons you have information come out in a case like this is that prosecutors will normally let an attorney know if their client is the subject of an indictment, to give the person a chance to surrender. it is really considered to be not professional to just show up at the door of someone and arrest them if they are not a flight risk. so, the information post indictment does get out on some occasions. but governor christie is correct. there is a criminal provision for under rule 6 c for grand jury information. if it's leaked and falls under that provision it is a
3:47 am
crime. steve: if it was somebody from mueller's team that would be bad for the person's on mueller's team who leaked it. if it was an attorney for somebody who is going to get in trouble today is, that also a crime? >> no. if the prosecutors release the information to a target or, for example, if a witness is in the grand jury room, they are not subject to the same restrictions. ainsley: who are the most obvious targets? >> well, you know, this is like the academy awards in washington of who is in the indictment envelope. and everyone waits and takes odds on this. most of the sort of solid money on paul manafort because he's the one who was the subject of i thought a rather heavy handed no knock warrant by mueller's team not that long ago. he has a lot of financial dealings that have been raised as questionable.
3:48 am
manafort target rich environment because of money transfers. questions of laundering and fraud. so, he's at the top of most people's list. there is also general flynn, but with flynn, it's primarily what's called fara or this registration as a foreign agent. that's almost never prosecuted. and that would be a rather anemic start for mueller. steve: sure. professor, let me just quickly ask but, regarding paul manafort because you were talking about the money laundering and those suspicious wire transfers that we read about yesterday on buzz feed. those happened like five years before he worked for donald trump. if they were going to indict him on that, people are going to go that's the best you got? >> no, that's right. and but people also should understand that prosecutors will use whatever they have. it's very unlikely that mueller and his team are going to leave without indicting someone after spending all this money, a team of this size. but, more importantly, prosecutors will often indict someone to put
3:49 am
pressure on them. they are clearly trying to put pressure on manafort to see if he has something to offer above him and we know who likely that would be in the view of the prosecutors. steve: sure. ainsley: all right, professor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: feminists like hillary clinton say they support women unless those women backed president trump. >> when i see women doing that, i think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? ainsley: one conservative woman has a message for those liberal feminists. that's next. steve: plus, coming up on the program kellyanne conway is going to be joining us live, former trump campaign michael caputo and sarah carter, the investigative journalist all live on this mueller monday. ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ premilast).
3:50 am
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♪ ainsley: it's a common talking point among feminists claiming to support women unless, of course, you voted for president trump. listen. >> when i see women doing that, i think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace. >> there's just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women's lives are like today. ainsley: our next guest argues feminism has very little to do with women instead arguing, quote, it's elitist exclusive club where the rights of women are championed only if you are a certain brand of woman and only if it suits a liberal political agenda. joining us now freelance writer and former press assistant for senator rick san tore run lauren debellis
3:54 am
appell. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: i read it. but for the folks at home, what's your message. >> i think millions of people just like me who voted for president trump. there is 42% of us who voted for him and chose not to vote for hillary clinton. we are tired of hearing from people like her and michelle obama and liberal hollywood elitists that we should vote for somebody just because they're a woman. we're tired of being lectured to about what we should think and what we should believe and who we should vote for. we are intelligent people and we can think for ourselves. and the definition of feminism is to think independently. and apparently that's not what we're allowed to do anymore. ainsley: a lot of feminists say teaching tolerance of everyone, women's rights unless you think differently than they do. do you agree with that? >> correct. you're allowed to -- you're not allowed to think differently than they do.
3:55 am
if you do you are shamed and you are ostracized by them and by their -- the hollywood elitists that think like them. and we don't want to be lectured to anymore. ainsley: people are really -- they were so upset with hillary as you remember when she said the deplorables calling all the people who support donald trump deplorable, she lost a lot of votes because of that she is in that sound bite that we played at the beginning at the top of this interview. she said if you voted for president trump, you are disrespecting yourself. do you take offense to that that you are disrespecting yourself if you are a trump supporter. >> i absolutely take offense to that you know, again, like i said, we are a large grouch people. there are 42% of us that voted for president trump. and, you know, we are moms like i am, we are working career women, we are intelligence people. we can think for ourselves, we didn't like she said necessarily take our cues from our husbands and our boyfriends. we decided for ourselves who we could vote for and we didn't need to be told. and we didn't just get in line just because they told us to and vote for a woman. just because it was a woman
3:56 am
that's running. quite honestly, you know, that's what she ran on. you know, we were told that we were supposed to vote for her because she was a woman. you know, voting for someone just because all they bring to the table is their gender is honestly the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. ainsley: what is your message to feminists this morning? >> i think we need to be more inclusive. we need to support each other no matter what our views are. and i think that we need to stop lecturing each other. we can think for tourselves. and the definition of feminism is thinking independently. you know, we can decide for ourselves what we believe. we're intelligent human beings and we don't need to be told what to do. we can choose that for ourselves. ainsley: thank you so much, lauren. can you catch the op-ed on >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: kellyanne conway is here to react to that coming up. sorry, everyone, mau halloween
3:57 am
is ruined. all thanks to millennials. dean cane is going to try to break that one down.
3:58 am
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so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ♪ ♪ >> speculation mounting as we await the first indictment of the special counsel on robert mueller's russia probe. we expect it today. >> we could see somebody taken into custody this morning. >> this is like the academy awards in washington of who is the in the indictment envelope. >> the solid money is on paul manafort. steve: new report finds obama for america paid nearly $1 million to that same law firm that funneled the money to fusion gps. >> you got to question whether obama the politician knew and, of course, what obama the president knew. either way, the question needs to be answered. >> we now know the name of the soldier killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. 36-year-old army chief warrant officer jacob sims died friday. >> christ church in alexandria, virginia say they are going to take down that george washington
4:01 am
plaque saying the plaque makes some in our presence feel unsafe. >> those offended by a plaque somewhere in a church, had you best leave the church, period. >> that's in the left. here comes fisher, astros win it in 10. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ and i'm wiser and i'm older. ainsley: i asked the folks here i said is it going to rain all day today? what was your answer, steve? you said until noon. brian says no. and kelly our producer says yes. so i got three different answers and kelly says i'm just telling you what my cab driver told me. brian: you might want to ask
4:02 am
steve he has his iphone. ainsley: why don't we ask janice. steve: see my apple iphone here in new york city it's going to rain through the 10:00 hour. brian: right. it's going to be a rainy day. janice: you have a weather person here. steve: you weren't here, janice, where are you? janice: i'm here. i'm doing work. ainsley: janice, what's the answer? is it going to rain all over the northeast today? janice: there's a good chance. ainsley: there's what? janice: there's a good chance. ainsley: very ambiguous here. steve: welcome back to the weather channel. that's the latest on the day ahead weatherwise. it's mueller monday. let's start your top story. speculation mounting as we await what could be the first indictment in special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. brian: it's an announcement that could be made today, they say, maybe it won't. maybe it won't even come out this week. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in washington with more on what we can expect today. good morning, griff. >> goorngd, guys. if it's true that the grand jury has approved its first
4:03 am
charges it's very possible we could see someone taken into custody as soon as this morning. that will give us a better idea of where this investigation is headed once we know that. first, let's recap simply what we know. all right? on may 17th, robert mueller appointed to special counsel. then, july, july 26th, fbi raided the home of one-time campaign chairman of paul manafort. on august 5th. muferl impanels a grand jury. now, we have no idea who will be charged or even what the charges may be. but some of the known targets come to mind like mike flynn, the president's former national security advisor being investigated for alleged conversations with the russians during the campaign. or paul manafort as we mentioned, whose probe dates back to business dealings with the wrutions years ago. or it is also entirely possible that the person being charged is someone we have never heard of. and that will be telling, certainly in and of itself. whoever it is, republicans are blasting the leak of these charges, which were sealed by a federal judge and democrats like adam schiff, ranking member of the house intelligence committee says he has not
4:04 am
been informed of the charges but suggests it may answer some key questions. >> if it is paul manafort and he has apparently told others that he expects to be indicted, it may help us answer one very central question in the investigation. the question is, who gave what to whom as a result of these overtures? >> so, guys, no one is talking this morning. now, muriel's team or the targets we have mentioned it's pretty much wait and see, we have teams all over this town to see what happens. steve: thank you very much. keep in mind, this all got started after hillary clinton lost and there's a new ed klein book that is coming out. ed is going to be on the show tomorrow. essentially what he says is around christmas time barack obama and some of his top lieu tenants figured out okay, this is how we are going to destroy the presidency of donald trump. not only just destroy it, ending in impeachment. ed is going to be with us tomorrow. brian: that was also in shattered.
4:05 am
they quickly pivoted to this. did they know that knowing that fusion g.p.s. was doing this investigation and weren't coming clean on who was actually doing it and pay fog it. now wee found out it was the democratic party and it was hillary clinton's campaign. ainsley: the white house is saying there is no indication that it's someone who works in the white house or someone who is related to it so that could eliminate don jr. could eliminate jared kushner. steve: and the president himself. the president from what when we have heard has never been a target. susan collins, the senator from the great state of maine said yesterday, i see a lot of the stuff, there is no evidence of collusion. ainsley: chris christie said the president was told he is not under investigation. steve: there you go. we just had jonathan turley on 15 minutes ago. the fact we are talking about it on this muellermond knowing that an indictment is coming up. somebody leaked from the grand jury. and that can be a crime, but then again, sometimes it isn't. listen. >> washington floats on a
4:06 am
roaring and rolling wave of leaks and this is not the first time that we have had grand jury information that's ended up in the press. there is a rule called rule 6 c that does make it a crime to release grand jury information. but there are exceptions. one of the biggest reasons have you information come out in a case like this is that prosecutors will normally let an attorney know if their client is the subject of an indictment, to give the person a chance to surrender. and so, the information post indictment does get out on some occasions. ainsley: if you are under investigation, you know it. brian: right. that's what chris christie's contention was yesterday. steve: and your lawyer might have blabbed. brian: the president has a different view on this. maybe you do, too. the big story is how did you even get this information, this dossier which the president claims and most people agree contains mostly erroneous material and salacious material that some
4:07 am
will never be corroborated and some say has been but the president will push back on that, he says this: never seen such republican anger and unity than i have the lack of investigation on the clinton made fake dossier. now it's up to $12 million, the uranium deal, the 33,000 plus deleted emails, the kooiman fix. instead they look at phony trump/russia collusion which does not exist. dems using thi using using thisd bad for the country witch-hunt for evil politics but the republicans. democrats the facts are pouring in to do something. steve: what he is trying to do is shift the spotlight back to hillary clinton and suggest that the fact that she funded the opposition research along with the dnc was a sign that she was working with russia. there should be an investigation. ainsley: fusion gps got paid at love money there is a report now that obama's campaign made 972,000. almost a million dollars to that law firm that secretly
4:08 am
was associated with the dossier. steve: and, in fact, i was talking to tom fitton in the last hour, and he said, for the most part, all prominent democrats work with that particular agency. ainsley: they made a lot of money. steve: they did, indeed. brian: got to get their financials this week. cut with the house intelligence committee to come clean? because they don't want you to know their client list. there may be questionable characters and countries on that client list that may blow up their company. bad thing working for and making a profit with. tom fitton joined steve earlier. >> president obama had it in for president trump then at the time the candidate. he had the dossier being used by the obama fbi, the obama justice department. maybe the obama cia to target team trump. you got questions whether obama the politician knew as
4:09 am
a result of his running the dnc and his while political operation and these payments and, of course, what obama the president knew. maybe mr. mueller could provide the answers. we have asked the questions of the fbi and the justin department. these aren't secrets. we can get the answers if the deep state would just answer the questions. brian: for some reason the fbi is not really cooperating. this week they are supposed to give us an idea whether they used this stuff to even get the mueller probe going. if james comey was using it for his investigation besides just explaining it to the president and president-elect, was he also using that as a way -- a jumping off point to do an investigation of international business ties? steve: right. but the fbi is under no obligation to release information to the press about what they are doing. the fbi is working with mueller and his special counsel attorneys. they don't have to tell us what's going on. brian: why not? steve: because if you tell us what's going on, then the people who might have broken the law might know that as well. there is no expectation of that being private until the
4:10 am
indictments come. brian: if you are using a privately run investigation to launch an investigation into our president, we should know about it. ainsley: yeah. we should. brian: if fusion gps's report has launched a federal investigation into our president, and you don't want to tell us if it did,ry have a problem with that. steve: we are going to find out. first, indictments come and process continues. ainsley: so many indictments and leakers whoever that leaker is, i don't think they will ever get caught. it will be brushed under the table. on this of these leakers will ever be caught. steve: as griff said earlier we have people all over washington, d.c. if there is an arrest, we will have it for you promptly. brian: no one is indoors except jillian. jillian: and you guys. right you? are indoors. brian: everyone else is outside. jillian: that's a shame because it's raining. good morning to you and good morning to you at home. a fox news alert.
4:11 am
an american held by the taliban in afghanistan is seriously ill and getting worse. the terror group claims king is suffering from heart and kidney problems and often loses consciousness. the extremist calling on the u.s. to meet their demands or else they say they won't be held accountable for his death. king and australian man were kinging at the american university in afghanistan when they were kidnapped last year. he lois his ability to talk and walk after being shot in the head in ambush attack. searching for disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl. today master sergeant mark allen's wife will take the stand as one of the final prosecution witnesses in bergdahl's sentencing hearing. bergdahl walked off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he could get life behind bars. a judge could declare a mistrial today in new jersey senator bo. >> bob: member then did he see's corruption case. argue the judge unfairly blocked testimony from key witnesses. one of those witnesses, mark elias who worked as a lawyer for the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. he is recently gaining
4:12 am
attention for his role in commissioning the trump dossier. menendez is accused of of accepting gifts for from a wealthy doctor in exchange for political favors. houston astros are one win ahead, after home run game five against the l.a. dodgers. >> high fly, 3 other 2. high fly. >> high fly ball. jillian: astro he is butting the game away with 13 to 12 victory. two former presidents in the house for the win. >> let's play ball. [cheers] jillian: president george h.w. bush handing off the ball to his son george h.w. bush to throw out the first pitch. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. better than the world series october baseball. guys, got to love it. ainsley: if the astros win
4:13 am
tomorrow they are the champs. jillian: they're the champs. >> brian: democrats denying any ties to the russian dossier. next guest who advised president trump says it's the opposite and special counsel needs to look into hillary's russian connection. steve: this guy might win the award for the worst halloween costume ever. he just walked into a crowded mall scrs dressed dresse that. ainsley: yikes. ♪ we can be like they are ♪ come on, baby ♪ don't fear the reaper ♪ baby take my hand ♪ we'll be able to fly ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. dear dauwith our used to mother-daughter matches. but i've been taking osteo bi-flex ease. it's 80% smaller but just as effective. which means, i'll run you off the court. hugs and kisses, mom. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ >> opposition research is part of the political process and it goes on all the time. >> how let the dnc be in the dark about the doe dossier. >> i wasn't aware of the research at all. >> opposition research is commonly done. it's just a part of how campaigns are run in a modern american election. >> nobody knows about it either. the left continues to dismiss the dossier as opposition research while denying any knowledge of its coming up next to the dnc. the next guest says it exposes the russian
4:18 am
connection to the clintons and democrats. former senior advisor to the trump campaign says he was unmasked as part of the probe into the dossier. michael, if that's what you think, we don't know for sure that the fbi used the dossier to unmask hundreds of people, do we? >> no, we don't yet. but we also don't know the fbi's role in the dossier at all. but, i guess we're going to find out and all i can tell you is that it was the most, you know, operative form of intelligence that was floating around in the media and in the obama administration at the time when all of us were unmasked. so, you know, a lot of us believe it was at the heart of that decision. brian: right. so we find out that they picked up the ball from "the washington examiner." "the washington examiner" pushed back and said wait a second. we did open source domestic investigation as opposition research. president trump wins, that's it. we stopped. this has nothing to do with it. they had a separate contract with fusion gps who was pushing back hard on holding back on their financials.
4:19 am
what do you think they are holding back on? >> i think they are holding back who their clients are and how much they were paid for this. fusion gps did what a lot of opposition research companies do in washington. when somebody decided to stop funding their research, they went and sold the product that was already paid for by washington free beacon to the democrats and the democrats then expanded it and involved foreign spies like christopher steele and the russian spies who sold christopher steele intelligence information. so, it went from being, you know, desk stop research into donald trump's businesses and apparently many other candidates to being a dossier put together by spies. it sounds like a lot of collusion to me. brian: what do you mean collusion with the russians? and with the fusion gps and the clinton campaign? >> well, i mean, here's the thing. the clinton campaign hired an attorney to hire fusion gps to hire a spy to buy intelligence information
4:20 am
from russian spies. i mean, if you call it opposition research, only when it's got democrat fingerprints on it. when the republicans were meeting with sources who claim to have bad information about hillary clinton, that was collusion. except this time there are real russian spies involved. to me it sounds like they were doing something really bad. brian: the link is, we don't know for sure if this document spurred the fbi to do this investigation. we don't know if this document allowed the fisa court to unmask hundreds of trump campaign workers. >> we don't. but we know it was bouncing around a lot. i first got calls on this as a trump advisor in may from reporters who said they got ahold of this thing that look as little bit weird. what do you think? started in may one month after hillary clinton paid for it. it kept going through the entire summer. i got calls at least once a week from legitimate reporters who were being sold this document. we also know it was bouncing
4:21 am
around in the white house under obama. brian: gotcha, michael. >> right. brian: all right. thanks. mike cat caputo, thanks so much. when we come back, more on this with kellyanne conway from washington.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
what people thought was an isis gunman. police called to -- were called to investigate this guy.
4:25 am
he was wearing that black robe carrying a fake gun at a mall in nebraska. could you imagine if you are shopping there and you see that guy? brian: this is halloween weekend. ainsley: the guy says it's a manages understanding. he was dressed as armed nun from the movie the town. steve: okay. bad choice. meanwhile, it is the largest single team protest in the nfl to date. all but 10 of the houston texans kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. the show of force in response to owner bob mcnair who compared the inmate -- the players to inmates when at a meeting he said we can't have the inmates running the prison. brian: dean cain played for the buffalo bills before becoming hollywood actor and went to princeton and joins us now. this is the kneeling story with a new twist. the owner was trying to do -- was trying to come up with a phrase don't let the inmates run the asylum like the coaches and owners are usually in charge.
4:26 am
and became huge headlines. >> very unfortunate choice of words. he missed analogy there, obviously. if he had said asylum. we wouldn't be talking about it now. he has apologized tremendously for it he was trying to refer to the league. steve: right. >> being the inmates, if you will. because the league is running things. steve: he wanted the league to crack down on the people who were not standing during the anthem. >> the truth of the matter i think roger goodell is very much to blame for this at this point in time. they are not clear on their policy. in the nba you are standing. you have to. it's a workplace. can you imagine doing that when you are working at that time in your office? steve: the league has been clear though. do anything you want. >> unfortunately like five police officers got shot in dallas and those guys couldn't be decal on their helmet. very specific when they want to be. ainsley: what about mcnair's apology. is that enough? he said i'm truly sorry to the players how this has impacted them and the perception it has created for me which could be not
4:27 am
further from the truth. our policy going forward will be making meaningful progress toward social issues that mean so much to our players and our community. is that enough? >> hard to say if it's going to be enough. if it's truly heart felt, i don't know the gentleman so, if it's truly heart felt i hope. so i would like to get past this as nfl fan. the whole anthem controversy. the nfl fans are very patriotic bunch and they don't like to see that. ainsley: no they don't. the players taking out anger on other issues veterans and the flag. >> that's what it' as and that's an awful thing. much better ways they can do that go about creating a situation where players and the league pushes towards working with the law enforcement communities within their communities. a lot of outreach. brian: you know what's coming up in couple weeks beginning of series of celebrations of veterans day and it's going to be contributes and law enforcement. see if people boycott and military upset by the way
4:28 am
they are portrayed. >> military march to the orders they are given and been given very clear orders on that. the real solution is with the league office. brian: have to do it with the union. union doesn't want to budge. they can't make a decision without any union movement. the union does not want to make the players stand. >> sounds like our congress. [laughter] steve: gridlock. >> they have got to come up with something. they really do. starts from the top. i blame goodell for that. steve: boycott is going to take place around veterans day. tomorrow is halloween. as somebody who used to pay a lot of money to dress up in a costume. >> yes. steve: apparently millennials will not grow up and they are ruining halloween. op-ed in the "new york post" yesterday that said halloween is blowing up because child hood is leaking further and further into adult life. millennials, in particular, aren't fully sold on the idea that they are grown ups. candy, costumes, silly pranks. gradually start losing interest for you about the
4:29 am
time you learn what a 401(k) is instead, childish behavior is losing all connotations of being embarrassing. >> that's pretty accurate. however, guy goes to a lot of comicons and dress up and doing those things, they are fantastic. i interact. steve: you are wearing the superman suit under your suit right now. >> i have it on. i'm not allowed to show that. brian: there is no crime. >> i saw something up there before i almost didn't make it in today. ainsley: there you are. >> i was 27 years old when i started wearing that costume. that was very clear for me. a lot of the guys, the comicons and things like that. even the 501 legion of people go through storm troopers. they enjoy it. well written article and hard to argue with. i guess that's how you feel exactly. brian: i'm totally anti-halloween. steve: you never liked halloween. >> it's for the kids. brian: i'm pro-kids halloween. not adult halloween. >> i have had a few halloween parties as an adult that are pretty fun. i will throw that out there.
4:30 am
ainsley: me too. >> my biggest problem what they are doing with halloween now the cultural appropriation police you can't wear some bray rows or someone flips out. you are actually honoring the culture by dressing like it is my opinion. steve: my problem at halloween certain big box stores they already have the christmas decorations up. >> skipping thanksgiving already. thank you so much. steve: you going to fly out? brian: on the second floor. meanwhile reports this morning of eminent arrest in the robert mueller russia investigation is that the case? kellyanne conway here to react from the white house next. ainsley: from the wrestling ring to the big screen to the white house? the new speculation that the rock is cooking up, excuse me, a presidential run. steve: that's what the rock is up for? ainsley: up for it? what do you think? ♪ who are you ♪ who who? ♪ who are you ♪ who who
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♪ brian: that is the cheeseburger where the cheeses in the wrong place. according to the internet, the google him og and go close to there will pull out all the stock later today because when you look at the apple selection, they have the cheese on the top of the berger. they are doing it clearly wrong. transferred you want to see the apple one, brian? people are losing sleep over this. the cheeses on top of the berger melting down. >> unconfirmed reports.
4:35 am
>> that is a separate issue. google is going to fix this later today because they aired it and put cheese below the mean. >> yours that the honor -- the ceo said. we will drop everything we can to address this on monday. in other words, no one is a great insult makers job really hard. transfer a love this will drop everything we are doing. >> when we searched for kellyanne conway, we got her. >> should be with us in a moment. brian: when the people go gold, it probably would've sat on top of the berger. ainsley: may be another countries that have a duet. people all over the world have these. the >> we are americans we don't care. ainsley: two things in the news today. more importantly we should talk about this.
4:36 am
you wonder why corker is in on train. john corker is neither. many people criticizing his republicans for being so far apart. the democratic ready so loyal to one another. now there's word john kasich could be running for president in 2020 and bob corker could as well. he said i'm focusing on the next 14 months of this term. i'm not thinking that far ahead. he didn't say no. true to read. so listen to this. here's governor john kasich. >> the bulk of the republican party and has been in the republican party since i was a college student is one that believes in the fact that america has a place in the world. reagan taught to bow to come advances humanity. i agree. the bulk of the republican party does agree that provide in america's special and has a place in the world which to
4:37 am
advance freedom and free enterprise and all those things. this move towards nationalism are looking inward will allow voices, but i don't happen to think it the bulk. >> that's an honest disagreement. do you believe he's the right? he says he wants more legal immigration, but not necessarily more illegal immigration. keep in mind, john kasich, although successful governor. no one stay last time. >> you think he would have learned his lesson after getting trump last time you would do it again. ainsley: the american people spoke. a lot of people will never forget the fact john case they didn't even go to the convention in his own state. >> we will see if senator corker wants to run a bad pick a bad pic of this energy just a little bit and take on the president in every way, shape or form.
4:38 am
no one rallied around him when he backed out. sit and reflect upon the president last week. instead they rallied around the president on tax reform. it is going to catch momentum he has to yet. brian: coming up, the church where first president were shipped as taking down the placket sign. is not a racing church washington history? >> the first time i kellyanne conway from the north lawn of the white house, she is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:39 am
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4:42 am
>> good morning. brian: more monday. all day in talking about how robert mueller will face the indictments later today. somebody blab to cnn, somebody leaked that. that may or may not be a crime. what are your thoughts? >> people are just speculating now. we don't know what's going to have been. as the president said, everyone is fully cooperating. three of them, one in the house, one in the senate did his large team of attorneys going forward. that the president has also made clear as recently as this weekend that he considers it a hoax and people should be looking into in a coronation is not collision between the clinton campaign, dnc, russian dossier. could you imagine paying $9 million nobody knowing you did that? it's not even possible. i have to tell you it's not possible. a lot on digital outcome of the
4:43 am
present was the best communicator, connect her. we had a different candidate in better message. >> did you finance opposition research? >> so that is very typical. let me tell you something. usually get that. you don't go and dig around with foreign national. >> i understand. it seems like every campaign for president does do research on the other side. >> sure. let me say by the time i got involved in the campaign, messages are very clear. donald trump is going to continue with the positive economic message. he was going to name terrorists who they were, and isis islamic terrorists. he promised a tax code. those are just better messages and he's a much better messenger. having said that, and i was a student of hillary clinton. remember the first time she tried to destroy the nation's health health care system some 25 years
4:44 am
earlier. and so, anything negative you needed to know about hillary clinton was right in front of you. she provided endless material and continues to. it was a very different situation because you saw in the polling, everybody's polling show a majority of americans consistently showed she was neither honest or trustworthy. they seated themselves i don't trust her but i think i'll vote for her. so anyway, that is the campaign. we would be happy to stop talking about hillary clinton on the campaign. she just won't go away. people are covering her like it's not fiction and they keep talking about what happened a year ago. whatever happens today with the mueller investigation, we don't even know that it has anything to do with the campaign. >> wife hillary or her campaign, why aren't they getting investigated for the uranium one dealer gps, the dossier?
4:45 am
>> most people doing the investigating flash covering the investigation, insight, voted for her and neither expected nor wanted the election results. they want her working behind that building. so there is part of that. it doesn't matter because the most important part of the non-investigation right now is the russians trying to gain advantage when hillary clinton was becoming secretary of state and trying to gain advantage last week with her, her has been another people in the obama administration. that should be investigated because that is not interfering -- possible interference with an election. that's trying to get advantage of federal government, with her country and that's worth investigating. >> a surge of treats yesterday from the president from the fake dossier come investigate the russian deal, no collusion and then out came a statement from ty cobb. the question are unrelated to
4:46 am
the special counsel with whom he continues to cooperate. why do you think those important for him to put out? >> people are probably out there making their own conclusions and they all sound very similar. the problem with the coverage every single time. the president is very focused on other things. what he said yesterday is no different than what he said all along except now he has the dollar figures. talking about the dnc in hillary clinton's campaign put away a nonsense for the president has said from the beginning people are cooperating and he thinks it's a hoax. the president continues to focus on what matters to people. last week was a tremendously successful week for this president. that is why people are focused on it. their focus on mr. mueller's investigation. >> this week i believe on wednesday, november 1st, kevin
4:47 am
brady and the house ways and means folks are going to start detailing what their tax plan is. we did a fox news poll within the last week or so and if we could put it up, clearly, look here come the people are frustrated about the way the government spends the money, corporate loopholes, to munch while the come and pay too little. clearly, people want according to our polling, some sort of tax reform. >> has come and they do. these numbers are so much more important than the silly approval rating everyone covers it is this actually matters to people. the numbers that matter to people as they feel like they are treated unfairly. they want tax cuts for the middle class can reduce the rate for job creators. claire mccaskill, democratic senator said she can live with a lower corporate tax rate. no surprise she is up for reelection. next year in state president trump won handily and carried over what the major candidate
4:48 am
with him across the finish line. you look at numbers like that in numbers like the consumer confidence numbers, manufacture and confidence, 66% to 96%. that is not a rounding number. look at the 53 highs of the stock market just in the president took over. trillions of dollars in wealth is created. the last time we had a major tax cut in tax overhaul like this in 1986. the president promises to build even bigger and bolder. he assigned 71 bills into law. 14 or 15 congressional acts. close to 900 regulations overturned that were duplicate is an burdensome to taxpayers, property owners, business, job creators. i think the poll you showed is so incredibly important because it's american than enough for themselves same day now he is
4:49 am
going to give them relief. >> john podesta told that intelligence committee they did not know anything about the 9 million fusion gps. debbie wasserman schultz didn't know anything about the three-point 6 million dnc spent. from what you know, do you believe both are lying? >> i believe in strange credulity that nobody knows what happened. i know she had hundreds of millions of dollars for the second time. somebody has to be responsive for this. it so curious to me that hillary clinton didn't know, i guess her campaign manager hasn't spoken. i want to say something. a lot of these folks are networked on cable television stations. they sat there for a year. they sat there for a year
4:50 am
silently, lying, concealing information possibly when all this conversation has been about the dossier in the trunk campaign. let me just make clear that dossier has never been verified. it is full of junk and lines. we wasted a year now of taxpayer dollars at the very least on investigation that so far has gone nowhere. >> ty cobb says the president had nothing but good things to say about the investigation. >> we hardly discuss this. i don't remember the last time i does us all the things you talk about including this weekend. he's preparing for his big asian trade. thus it to gdp for the second consecutive quarter over 3% even though we have a lot of hurricanes. it's a big number. a lot going on. thank you. >> thank you so much. brian: meanwhile, straightahead,
4:51 am
the church were george washington worshiped as taking down a flag in his honor. carly shimkus promising to walk on to her studio right now. hello, carly. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. with flavors you'll like new savory grilled mediterranean shrimp. and new sweet and spicy
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brian: there is outrage online as george washington's own church or miss a memorial plaque honoring the president thing and makes its own members of the church today feel unwelcome. ainsley: the internet is fired up over this one. fox news has made 20 for seven reporter carly shimkus. hey there, carly. reporter: good morning. he attended this church and church leaders are going to move
4:55 am
statues of him and robert e. lee. they make some in their presence feel unsafe or unwelcome bid some visitors who worship with us choose not to return. many in our congregation feel a strong need for the church to say clearly on the side of all are welcome, no exceptions. to answer your question, ainsley, so much backlash over this decision. congress says the church it is that although welcome, no exceptions except george washington. the next thing that has to do is mount rushmore. it must be torn down because it has washington on it. at least someone will come up with that idea. removing import memorabilia of our history is going to be a big take away from our children. these plaques were wrecked it in 1870. by taking them down, are we also taking away some of our history? >> no question it's unbelievable
4:56 am
it's coming down but i guess it is. last week we were talking about mark cuban, this week more speculation on the rock running. >> remember when he was going to run on "saturday night live"? well, wasn't a joke? this weekend in l.a., conti doubled down on the campaign slogan. take a listen. >> he says i think the people's president has a really nice ring to it. he is a registered independent though no word on that. my review is excellent on baywatch. >> it's a funny movie. brian: there's two people that agree with you somewhere in the country.
4:57 am
carly, thank you very much. ainsley: leaks about the molar indictment could be criminal. >> very strict criminal laws about exposing grand jury creation. >> the publishers clearinghouse turned back primetime
4:58 am
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ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. steve: speculation amounting as we wait what could be the first indictment in special counselor robert mueller's russia probe. >> we could be seeing somebody taken into custody this morning. >> whatever happens today with the mueller investigation, we don't know if it has anything to do with the campaign. >> the dnc and the clinton campaign helps fund this fusion gps. it has been disclosed earlier. >> you know, i can't answer that. >> the houston texans stage the largest protest yet. >> rodger goodell is very much to blame on this at this point in time. they're not clear on their policy. in the nba, they're standing. you have to. >> a disgusting aim from isis aimed at 4-year-old prince
5:01 am
george. the sick plot just uncovered. >> here comes fisher. astros win. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: all right. we've got a fox news alert. we finally have a name. breaking right now about who might turn themselves in this morning in special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. brian: we might have two names. griff jenkins is live in washington. hey, griff. >> hey, guys, here's where we are. we knew from the leaks that somebody could be taken into custody this morning. now moments ago, there were reports coming out of multiple news organizations that it is going to be former campaign manager paul manafort and a
5:02 am
business associate of his rick gates. that is not confirmed by us yet, but it is certainly out there. the reports are that manafort and his associate were turned to surrender to the authorities. and this is going to be a significant development if it is true because it tells us where this investigation and this special counsel is headed. but first, let's recap quickly how we got here. all right? may 17th, robert mueller appointed to a special council following the firing of james comey. then july 26, fbi raids the home of paul manafort and questions his son-in-law. and then on august 5th, mueller impanels a grand jury for which these charges are apparently coming from. but we have no idea that it is going to be manafort for sure or if it's going to be someone in addition to manafort. one that comes to mind, mike flynn who was under scrutiny
5:03 am
for his contacts with the russians and actually fired for misleading vice president pence over that. or any of the other known targets of this investigation, guys. steve: all right. so, griff, so paul manafort is a name we're familiar with because he was, as you mentioned, former campaign chairman for donald trump. but this former business associate of his, rick gates, i'm reading in the new york times mobile site, it says he is a long time protége and jr. partner of mr. manafort. his name appears on documents that mr. manafort's firm sets nup cypress for businessmen in eastern europe, records by the new york times show. do we have any idea what sort of time frame we're talking about? because earlier, that buzzfeed article that came out yesterday suggested that manafort had suspicious wire transfers back in 2012, 2015, many years before he joined trump. >> that's right, steve. so manafort is known here in
5:04 am
washington as a very powerful lobbyist and his dealing certainly have gone all over the place. in this case, they go back as far as 15 years and former prosecutors have been saying over the weekend that this is very constructive where this has been going back to business dealings and ultimately what are russian oligarchs or bringing it into a narrow charge of indictment on a specific conversation that happened over the campaign. so it will certainly be telling and nobody knows perhaps better than robert mueller now how far back these dealings go or how widespreadsher. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, griff. brian: evidently the report goes on to say the fbi probe is looking into 13 suspicious wire transfers. as mentioned even before the show started, the big question going in on, did any of this happen during his months with
5:05 am
president trump? ainsley: he was on investigation for federal tax law and money laundering and then not disclosing his foreign transactions as a lobbyist. steve: right but if the new york times is mentioning manafort and gate, and they were together and there's a headline right now paul manafort who once ran trump campaign told to surrender, as was mr. gate. the two of them set up a firm, manafort's firm set up in cypress to receive payment. i mean, we've heard about other business dealings in eastern europe, but we had not heard about cypress. so given the fact that paul manafort has dealt internationally for decades, probably a pretty good opportunity this was a while back. ainsley: we interviewed jonathan who's a constitutional law professor, and he was talking about the lyric could also be in trouble here. listen to this. >> washington floats on a roaring and rolling wave of leaks, and this is not the first time that we've had
5:06 am
grand jury information that's ended up in the press. there is a rule called rule 6c that does make it a crime to release grand jury information. but there are expectations. one of the biggest reasons you have information come out in a case is like this is that prosecutors will normally let an attorney know if their client is the subject of an indictment to give, the person the chance to surrender. so the information post indictment does get out on some occasions. steve: so maybe that's it. maybe it was in an instance where one of the attorneys for either manafort or gates initially leaked this information to cnn -- brian: but they denied it to us. steve: but cnn and new york times are the source for this particular story. so maybe the attorney called them back and said, by the way, they were both told to turn themselves in later this week. ainsley: if they're not a flight risk -- normally, they wouldn't go to your door and not give you warning and just arrest you. brian: but they give you an
5:07 am
opportunity. they say it's going to be a big deal, or we're going to come in on your own and work out a time, in which it won't be sensationalistic, there won't be a line or red carpet. steve: yeah, but look what mueller did. they rated manafort's place early one weekday morning at 6:00 this the morning. whoa, what are you doing? in the meantime, the president of the united states yesterday was trying to shift the spotlight toward hillary clinton and set her funding, as we have heard, she and the dnc funded fusion gps through the law firm to the tune of something like $10 million. said her funding of the opposition research firm was a sign that she was working with russia, the president said essentially. through a series of tweets. brian: all right. so we're going to look into that. allen dershowitz is coming up at the top of the hour. keep in mind, just because you're indicted, doesn't mean
5:08 am
you're guilty of anything. you stop being -- now you can start defending yourself. ainsley: yep. the president tweeted this: never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton made fake dossier. now, $12 million? the you are yanium russian deal, the deleted e-mails, comey fix, and so much more. instead, they look at phony trump collusion, which doesn't exist. the witch hunt for evil politics. but the rs are fighting back like never before. there's so much guilt by democrats. clinton and now the facts are pouring out. do something. steve: that's right. hillary clinton through a spokesperson said she didn't learn about the dose yay until after the election but had she known, she would have passed it along to reporters to investigate. kellyanne conway was on with us a half hour ago, and this is what she said about hillary clinton and put it all into perspective this way. >> most people who would be
5:09 am
doing the investigating slash covering the said investigation, ainsley, voted for her. and neither expected nor wanted the election results. they want her to be working behind me in that building. so there's part of that. the other thing is they'll say, oh, she lost, so it doesn't really matter. it does matter. because the most important piece of the noninvestigation right now is the russians trying to gaining advantage when hillary clinton was becoming secretary of state. that's not interfering -- possible interference with an election. that's actually trying to get an advantage with our federal government, with our country. and that seems worth investigating. brian: also, keep in mind also, you listen to peter king yesterday, you listen to tray gowdy and susan collins. they all agree on one thing. from what they've seen, there's no evidence of collusion so far, and this has been going on almost a year now. ainsley: uh-huh. brian: meanwhile, democrats say it doesn't matter who paid for the dossier because it was
5:10 am
them. here's a ranking member, he just wants to get to the bottom of things. let's listen to some sincerity. brian: i think that's a fact of considering the credibility of gps. >> had this been disclosed earlier? >> yeah. i can't answer that. i certainly would like to know who paid for it earlier. but nonetheless, that's just one factor to be considered. it doesn't answer the ultimate question, which is how much of the work is accurate? how much of it is true? and my colleagues don't seem particularly interested in that question. but that is really the most important question for the american people, and that is how much of this allegation christopher steel makes and the reports that he hears are true about the russian government wanting to help the trump campaign. now, a lot of that has been corroborated. steve: all right. that's his point of view. so if you're just joining us right now, the breaking news, according to the new york times, paul manafort and a former business associate by the name of rick gates were told to surrender to federal authorities and apparently
5:11 am
they will some time this morning. brian: all right. ten minutes after the hour, jillian. will you please tell us what else is happening in the news. >> i will definitely do that, and we do have a fox news alert to get right now. so let's get you caught up on this breaking news. an american hold hostage by the taliban is seriously ill. suffering from heart and kidney problems and losing consciousness. they want the u.s. to help relief afghan prisoners in afghanistan or else they say they can't be responsible for king's death. king and an australian man were teaching at the american university in afghanistan when they were kidnapped last year. he lost his ability to talk and walk after being shot in the head in an ambush attack searching for disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl. will take the stand in bergdahl's sentencing hearing. he walked off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he could get life behind
5:12 am
bars. and weather now, hundreds of thousands are without power as damaging winds and torrential rain batter the east coast. power lines falling and bursting into flames in new york. and a mother and son rescued in their car after rain flooded the road. >> i was sitting in the backseat and started, like, getting -- started rising. >> parts of rhode island and massachusetts could see wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. the houston astros are one win away from the world series title after game 5 against the l.a. dodgers. >> high fly ball. >> astros putting the game away in the 10th inning with a walk off hit for a 13-12 victory. houston now leads the series three games to two. two former presidents in the house for the win.
5:13 am
president george h.w. bush handing off the ball to his son president george w. bush to throw out the first pitch. game six is tomorrow night in los angeles. so we'll see you tomorrow. brian: there you go. steve: george h.w. bush lives in the area, so that explains why he was there. meanwhile, straight ahead on this monday, the house intel committee will now get access to the bank records from the firm behind the antitrump dossier. what could they say? sarah carter has been on this investigation for months. she has the inside coming up next. brian: and it has been breaking the internet. where does the cheese go? in the bun or on top of the barriering? your e-mails next. put some meat on that mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military,
5:14 am
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. steve: fox news alert breaking moments ago reports that former trump campaign manager paul manafort has been asked to turn himself into in connection with robert mueller's russia probe. in addition to mr. manafort apparently, sarah, rick gates, former business associate told
5:18 am
to surrender today, does this suggest today that they're looking into things manafort did when he was campaign manager? or things he and mr. gates did years ago? >> oh, i think this certainly suggests that they were looking things in a they did years ago. they expanded this investigation. remember, this didn't solely focus on russia trump. i mean, they kept expanding and expanding, and that's what we kept hearing is that the breath of it had widened. so i think what they did was looked further back into his past. there's suggestions of money laundering, movement of money wire transfers overseas, and i think that's what we're looking at here. i think we've known about this for weeks. people suspected that it was paul manafort. although, nobody had evidence of that because that was left up to robert mueller to disclose. so i think that's one of the things they're looking at. brian: it looks like gates pollening time protége did survive after manafort did leave. and then they say to the new york times new questions about the russia interference into the 2016 election.
5:19 am
he was abruptly forced out of a lob ideologue group to advance president trump's agenda. and then that's what happened. manafort came in to wrangle delegates as soon as some of these eastern european contacts were unveiled. the president one weekend just said, listen, i'm making a change. here comes kellyanne conway, steve bannon, and david bossie, and things got, you know, on track, and he won. >> yeah. because there was a lot of that concern over his pro russian, ukrainian connections on behalf of my. so i think the president made the right decision at that time, and he asked them to step aside, and other people came in and took over. and i think right now what we're waiting to hear are, like, what are these charges, exactly? how expansive are they? how far back did they go? and are there any more charges in the future by anyone else? but i think by looking at this on its face, if this was the first charge, this is probably the biggest charge, so i don't expect a lot of others to be charged here. but then again, i don't have
5:20 am
insider knowledge into this. this is just based on what i know. steve: sure. one of the stories we're following is apparently president obama's camp, what is it? organizing for -- or rather obama for america paid close to a million dollars to the law firm that funded fusion gps. do we have any suggestion that the former president himself funded the dossier? >> no. we don't. what we don is roughly close to a million dollars, i think it was around $975,000, a little bit more than that went to the firm. what's interesting is that it happened at the exact same time that the dnc and the hillary campaign were also paying millions of dollars, apparently, for the expanded research on this dossier, money that is allegedly had gone to christopher steel. and remember, christopher steel also paid the russians out of his money. steve: oh, boy. >> so this is the big concern here, and this is the reason senator grassley has been
5:21 am
asked over and over again for the fbi to give him information as to what they use. brian: and now there's finally word that he's going to get it. thanks so much. appreciate it. meanwhile, coming up next, patriotism problem? not here but maybe there. we'll talk about it when we come back n the finger lakes is helping build the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging. fueled by strong university partnerships, providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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. brian: time now for your news by the numbers. let's get started. the first number is 742 bucks. that's the number the awakening made this weekend, which has only shown at ten locations and is the weinstein's company first release since harvey weinstein's first sexual harassment's story went. and then after locking himself inside a store beer cooler overnight, he told police once he was locked in, he thought he might as well drink. and finally, number one.
5:25 am
reese's peanut butter cups is the top candy according to a survey. thanks for all the children for participating. and boston baked beans, and good and plenty licorice coming in last. i never heard of that last one at all. ainsley: we saw the picture. we know what they look like. we just didn't know they were called nickel lips. thank you, brian. is patriotism problematic? the economists suggest that america's quote love affair with uniform men is saying soldiers in combat are romanticized, and that could lead to bad decisions when it comes to federal funding. here to react is fox news contributor rachel. good morning, rachel. >> good morning how are you? ainsley: i'm good. when you read this article in the economist, what was your reaction? >> not surprised. look, the
5:26 am
military's one of the last institutions in american culture that still has the universal trust of the american people. i mean, everything from the government to the church to even the boy scouts. i mean, americans are losing faith in so many institutions, and it doesn't surprise me that they're doing this. this is i think really the first volley in trying to take down -- they're calling it the american -- like we have some sort of complex. worship complex of our military. it's not true. what we do, we appreciate our military because we understand that our freedom and our way of life depends on people volunteering to put their lives on the line to protect us, and i think our gratitude as a nation is important for recruitment and for retention. ainsley: well, the article starts out criticizing, or it was just very negative about all of our kids, school children sending over letters to our soldiers that are fighting overseas and how they really -- you know, they appreciate it, but they really don't understand what we're going through, and then it gets to general kelly, chief of staff for the president,
5:27 am
and then his speech, which i thought was wonderful two weeks ago or a week and a half ago. and i had to read this twice. members of armed forces are often patriotic but many see their forces as a way to make a living. what do you think about that? >> i can tell you, nobody gets rich joining the military. you just don't do that. you -- my father was away for an entire year when i was a grade schooler serving in another country. so, look, this is, again, an effort by the left who i think has tried on many different areas to break down, i think, this last-standing institution. and, by the way, i just want to mention one of the things that the military, it brings us so much pride, you know, in these football games when the plane flies over the field, it's a great recruitment tool. it all makes us sound warm and fuzzy. that's the sound of freedom. under the obama administration, they made it
5:28 am
harder to do those kinds of flyovers over football games. so, listen, this is kind of a concerted effort. this article, i think, is one of the first volleys, this is what's coming. ainsley: this article says america's uncritical soldier worship, as if that's a bad thing for us to worship and think that our military are heroes. the very people that are protecting us so that we can go to the cafe and eat lunch and not have to worry about a suicide bomber. >> absolutely. look, i would say to you that the military is the number one purpose of our government. so they suggest in this article that our soldier worship complex is what gives the pentagon an advantage. no, what gives the pentagon an advantage is that this is the main purpose of government. and, by the way, under liberal presidents, the funding has been reduced and under republican presidents, it has been increased. so this is just a philosophical debate about our values, about our priorities, and i would suggest to you i rather see my money go to fund our veterans and our military
5:29 am
that keeps us free than so many of the wasteful bureaucracies. ainsley: than russia collusion? than all the money we are spending on russia collusion? i agree with you. i would real estate see all of our tax dollars go to our troops. coming up next, more breaking news on washington. paul manafort reportedly said to go turn himself in. lifelong democrat allen dershowitz with what that means. coming up next when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. right now, former trump campaign chairman paul manner fort is turning himself in tied to the russian investigation. brian: these pictures showing him leaving his home in alexandria, virginia. not a happy man, obviously.
5:33 am
and this happened moments ago about. p. trying to confirm these reports. ainsley: the new york times is reporting manafort and his former business associate rick gates were told to surrender to federal authorities this morning. again, the charges against them are still not clear. steve: there are images out of washington, dc where mr. manafort and his lawyer are actually walking into the front door of the fbi field office. joining us right now, walked in our front door, allen dershowitz, lifelong democrat, and author of trumped up. you actually predicted what is happening right now in this book. >> sure. it's all about leverage. they're going after manafort on something that apparently has nothing to do with trump. years ago. his own business. steve: tax fraud. >> yeah. but what they're saying to him is we gotcha now, and we don't care about that. but if you can tell us something about trump and the campaign and collusion, we'll give you a get out of jail card free. so it's all about leverage. that's the way prosecutors work. brian: and gates lasted a little bit longer. long time protége with the
5:34 am
international contacts. and after manafort was jet sinned, he stayed, and then went to a super pac, and then told him to leave the super pac. the one thing is the trump people did move quick to get rid of manafort once his european ties came up. >> sure. and that will help trump distance himself. but manafort knows where the bodies are buried. he was an intimate. and if anything wrong happened in the campaign, and there's no evidence anything did, manafort would know about it, even if he wasn't directly there, he would have heard about it. so this was an important event for mueller to try to get leverage over this intimate. you know, the first rule in american crime is if you're going to commit a crime, commit it with somebody more important than you are so that you can turn them in, they can't turn you in, and that's what's going to happen. now, there may be a deal in the works. he may be trying to make a deal with the prosecution. he may be dangling the information she wants to trump to pardon him. i don't think trump is going to pardon him. he could, of course.
5:35 am
politically, that would be difficult. legally, unconstitutional, no problem in doing it. but manafort now is the first domino. and what mueller wants to do is see him as the first domino, the second domino, the third domino, ultimately trying to get to the third domino. ainsley: what if manafort doesn't have anything on the president? no more russia collusion? are we done with this? >> and he's going to twist in the wind. if he has nothing to offer, he's just going to have to defend himself on these financial charges that have nothing to do with trump. this shows the danger. steve: that's the fbi field office right there. we are told that mr. manafort and his attorney walked in the front door just a couple of minutes ago, and there's one of the dogs. brian: what's he going through right now? >> well, he has to meet with the judge. he may be fingerprinted, they'll set a date for various legal proceedings. he's in the system. as they have him now. we'll see later this morning what the indictment actually
5:36 am
alleges. brian: we will see this? >> i think we will and whether it's defensible. whether it's something a criminal defense lawyer can defend or whether it's a open and shut case based on documents and financial papers. steve: we understand according to the president's attorney, they say, the white house says they have no concerns that mr. manafort has any damages information on donald trump in exchange for a deal. >> well, he doesn't know that. there's no way he knows that. it's more wishful thinking. he may be right. but the only people who know that are the president himself and mr. manafort. and the president probably has a pretty good idea that he doesn't have anything on it. look, if the president hasn't done anything wrong, then -- steve: did they collude to win the election? >> well, that's not even a crime. sometimes prosecutors can twist you not only into singing but into composing.
5:37 am
into making something up against somebody. so they're discredit to make a deal, both sides. brian: but if you're a lawyer there -- if you're my attorney, and you see that i'm being lured in, aren't you going to stop me from doing that? >> not necessarily. if you can get yourself out of trouble by turning somebody else in, a lawyer is going to help you try to do that. now, if the lawyer knows the story isn't true, he's not allowed to help him construct a false story. but many witnesses construct false stories in order to help themselves get out of a jam. ainsley: is he behind bars? >> oh, no. no. no. they'll let him go. bail will be set relatively low. he's not going anywhere. look,. brian: let me just kind of get the big picture of this strategy. is it a possibility that they're doing the investigation and saying. okay. i've got a problem with this guy. and they're just bringing him in. or do you believe there's a grand strategy? >> i think there's a grand strategy. brian: what makes you think that? just because of your experience?
5:38 am
>> that's the way it always works. look, it's a win, win. if he only gets manafort, at least he has earned some of his money. the special prosecutor. and if he can turn it into somebody a little higher and a little higher and a little higher, the dominoes begin to fall. so it's a win, win strategy for prosecutors and, of course, it creates vulnerability for the target. steve: we understand from our producers manafort and gates are apparently being processed separately this morning at fbi field office. we've got the live shot for a washington, d.c. apparently shortly they will be transferred to a federal district court somewhere in the washington, d.c. area for arraignment, i would imagine. >> some kind of preliminary hearing. remember too, there was a little bit controversy about why this case is in the district of columbia. that's very, very favorable jury for prosecutors. somewhat unfavorable for people like manafort who live in virginia. so we're seeing it beginning. we're seeing the process unfolding, and we have no idea what this will result in
5:39 am
because we're not privy to what's in manafort and gates' head. steve: sure. but ultimately, i would imagine the people in the white house are going to start talking later today about, well, if that's all they've got, something -- the guy who ran the campaign last year, something he did five, ten years earlier, we're okay. >> they are okay if that's all they have. all they have is money laundering and some financials. but if they can lead him to somebody else, it doesn't have to be president trump. somebody who's closer in the campaign who can then be indicted who can lead them to somebody else, that's the way prosecutors operate. brian: now, professor, another thing that a lot of people are asked me about, especially over the weekend is okay. you start investigation, and maybe donald trump had a business deal, they didn't like it. a problem with the casino in 1998. look, there's some illegal activity here. if manafort can be arrested and indicted on something unrelated to the campaign, couldn't the president? >> well, first of all, presidents probably can't be
5:40 am
indicted while they're sitting in office. you probably have to wait until they leave. but that's the danger of a special prosecutor. he has to go after somebody. he can't just spend all the money and do nothing. and so even if he can't find anything related to what he was ultimately appointed for, if he can find little things, that's going to be a victory for him. that's the democracy of criminalization, criminal differences today. steve: he got something today. >> he got something today. brian: really not much going on. >> an important day. steve: actually, i think jillian would disagree with that. she joins us right now with some other news. >> if there's not much else going on, i'm out of a job. even the royal family will not be left alone. isis fanatics making the chilling threat against britain's prince george. terrorists reportedly posting a picture of the 4-year-old on a encrypted instant messaging app. shows him at his london school saying quote school starts
5:41 am
early. isis has also threatened the queen of england ahead of a world war ii event. and just last month, terrorists challenged prince harry to a fight. we're now learning how an escaped inmate from west virginia got all the way to the rio grande where he was caught trying to cross into mexico. police nabbing todd and a get away driver who they say picked him up from jail. it took prison officials two days to realize he was gone. four officers has now been suspended. he was charged of attempted murder on a police officer after stealing a car. and no match to this store clerk, surveillance video showing the moment two masked men burst into a convenience store in the uk, immediately met by a cashier throwing bottles of alcohol to chase them away. and how to be? it worked. they got away without any money. and this cheeseburger emoji causing a friends online. we've been talking about it all morning. can you see what's wrong with this picture?
5:42 am
the cheese is underneath the hamburger. who does that? compared to competitors, google appears to be the only tech company putting cheese below the patty. google ceo responding on twitter saying quote we'll drop everything we're doing and address on monday. votes can be the correct way to do this. we want to hear your comments. and cheese on a hamburger is based on which side of the equator you're on. what? south, it goes under. all right. i worked at a restaurant in my younger days, and we were taught to put it under the burger to keep the bun from getting soggy. interesting. and according to john, he says as long as the cheese is between the two pieces of bread, it works for me. ainsley: that's true. it all tastes the same. brian: way to get to the bottom of that, jillian, it worked. steve: indeed. janice, it looks bad for google. i googled it, and it showed that the cheese should be on top of the burger.
5:43 am
>> why don't we have cheeseburgers to figure out? steve: i'm for that. >> ainsley yesterday was asking if the rain is over for new york city. this is for you, ainsley. we're almost done. by the time you leave today, the rain will be out of new york city. however, still looking at potentially rain in the forecast for new england over the next couple of hours. snow on the backside of this, i'm going to take drop those temperatures. the good news is once this is out of the way, we have a better forecast for our trick-or-treating. a little bit cold, but we'll deal with it. no moisture in the forecast for the northeast. that's the good news. a little bit of lake effect snow on the backside of this and wind advisories throughout the day today, is so that's going to cause travel delays, in some cases 50 to 60-mile per hour winds. we have trees and power lines down all across the northeast. but thankfully, brian is okay. a little bit power outage earlier today. brian: yeah, again, it's about ainsley's weather. you make us seem like the most selfish anchors in america.
5:44 am
>> i got encino florida too. i'm working hard. steve: paul manafort and his associate turning themselves into the fbi. details coming up next. brian: back to washington. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,
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prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. brian: all right. here we go. it started. we have a fox news alert. reports right now show former trump campaign chief for a couple of months, turned himself in tied to the russia investigation that he's doing. ainsley: told to surrender to federal authorities. steve: griff jenkins is life in washington with the details. right now it's not related to russia. it's related to the russia investigation. but this has to do with tax fraud, perhaps. >> well, guys, it's moving quickly, and we're going to find out, perhaps, now what the home raid on manafort's home was all about and now
5:48 am
turned up evidence used to prosecute him now. apparently told authorities that he would be possibly charged and so maybe more of that is going to come out. and it's worth pointing out, guys. just take a deep breath and remember that the fact that we're following this play out right now in realtime came because of a leak, which could potentially have broken the law. this investigation, these charges of this grand jury sealed by a federal judge, but it has leaked out. so the leaks once again is going to become part of this story as we go. but the news now, manafort turning himself in there to the fbi field office as well as the reports, although we had not confirmed. also, his one time associate rick gates that was a lobbyist with him that has international connections and certainly according to these reports, part of this investigation that mueller's into, as some of your guests have suggested that perhaps they want to use this leverage
5:49 am
of something that happened years ago to press for something more current that happened with contacts with the russians or other related issues from the campaign. but for now, the movement we saw, manafort with his attorney going into the fbi office, it's going to be a very busy monday. brian: but do you get the sense that we're going to see this indictment? what's in it? what are the charges? >> well, brian, that's a great question. the fact that this was leaked in the first place, the answer to that question will be "yes." it doesn't look like there's a lid on these leaks that's coming "fast and furious" this monday morning. steve: griff, thanks very much. we just mentioned this a moment ago. if you're just joining us, mr. gates and manafort are being processed separately at this point. we do have information manafort went into the fbi front door office with his lawyer. we don't understand if gates did. they are processed separately and moved into a district court somewhere in the
5:50 am
washington area today. that's where we could see the official charges. brian: coming up, newsweek under fire for asking why all the conservative loud mouths are irish-american. tom is irish and american. should i conclude that he's a loud mouth? we'll find out. steve: but first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> robert mueller made his first move. what does it mean? what have we learned? the judge is here to tell us what's important. peter king reacts to all of that. and who is rick gates? all questions today. we'll lay it out for you. and is the republican majority seriously considering raising taxes on some americans? what is going on in the gop, the so-called grand ol' party? you will get the tax plan this week. we will go through it today. sandra and i will see you in ten minutes. brand-new week in america's newm
5:51 am
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5:54 am
. ainsley: well, newsweek magazine is under fire after publishing an opinion piece that many are calling racist. steve: in the op-ed title why are all the loud mouths irish-american? writes quote we have angry loud mouths with names like o'reilly, buchanan and back there steve bannon. why have a bunch of people in a earlier people might have been called, he wrote? brian: joining us now, irish-american loud mouth tom. he's got a great radio show. and although he's not talking now, he will shortly. >> shut up. brian: you're irish, tom. >> kilmeade, i'm angry. this is unbelievable. brian: is this allowed? >> there was a lot of -- yes, it is allowed. we're not that loud, though,
5:55 am
are we? irish people? brian: i'm only half irish. i only know a little bit of this article. >> first of all, have you ever done hannity? he doesn't really yell that much. brian: yeah, he does. >> when he gets mad, he puts you in a headlock. >> who you know yells? lawrence o'donald. but it doesn't sound like yelling to this guy. it sounds like music because it's liberal yelling, you see? brian: he only yells when there's hammering. >> exactly. ainsley: you get offended by it? did you get offended by it when you read the article? >> i did not. i was shocked. listen, i was shocked at the stereotyping of irish people in the article. i was reading it this morning. i almost dropped my whiskey. i swear. steve: read a quote out of it. >> by the 1960s, irish catholics have finally made it and been white. many were attempting on pulling up the drawbridge. irish america has lost all of its qualities becoming one more version of whiteness ethnicity.
5:56 am
has this author ever heard of irish spring? we want the whole world to smell like irish people. we're very open and inclusive. steve: and the writer himself admits he is one quarter irish; right? >> yes. one quarter irish. and are you -- what's your heritage, ducey? steve: i'm irish but mainly scandinavian, but i'm up there on the whole kind of island thing. >> it's all white stuff. i didn't know -- we weren't white, then we became white. brian: right? >> then we became white supremacists. it all happened so fast. brian: it's unbelievable, tom, that they can pull this off without insulting. any other ethnic group, they would be protesting outside news weekly if they is still had an office. >> he's a college professor, so it's anthropology. steve: can you stick around? >> yes. steve: a little bit more of tom in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra.
5:57 am
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>> after months of working in the shadows mueller could be putting his cards on the table. he entered the f.b.i. field office. there are lots of different reports swirling at this


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