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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. good night from washington, sean hannity takes over in new york city. >> sean: thanks, we have an incredible show tonight. welcome to be 26. this is a fox news alert. federal prosecutors have now filed terrorism charges against sayfullo saipov. if authorities tonight are revealing disturbing details about the radical islamic attack in new york city, killing eight, entering at least 12 others. the jihadist who carried out his savage rampage all of the name of isis, and authorities say he followed the terror groups instructions almost 280. the president is not demanding tougher immigration laws. more extreme bedding and is considering sending this "animal terrorists to guantanamo bay." we have been warning more attacks would happen if we did nothing. sadly this is exactly what is now playing out.
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we have a message for the left in this country, especially in politics. stop the politics. enough with the political correctness, protect the american people. tonight on this program we will explain exactly how these liberal policies have now resulted in a less safe america. you will also here to make exclusively from a former nypd lieutenant. he actually surveilled individuals at the specific mosque in paterson, new jersey, that this terrorist attendant. we have all of that and so much more intimate's breaking news open monologue. sadly, brand-new information about the jihadist that attacked new york city by using a rented pickup truck mowing down innocent people on a bike path. authorities are now revealing new details about the site says-inspired attack. let's take a look. >> it appears that mr. saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks. he did this in the name of isis
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along with the other items recovered at the scene was some notes that further indicate tha that. she appears to have followed almost exactly 280 the instructions that isis has put out in its social media channels with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack. >> sean: i told you i suspected that last night. if our own catherine herridge reporting the suspect did not show any remorse during an interrogation with authorities. another report says the terrorist is now boasting, and he said to be "proud of this attack." also tonight, there are reports that the mosque the terrorist attended in new jersey was previously under surveillance by the new york police department in the mid-2000's. this would be beyond disturbing, but unfortunately it is not surprising. we have seen these kinds of
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attacks take place time and time again. gutless politicians refuse to take the necessary actions from stopping this from happening in the first place. we will have more on that in a second. first, the president is responding to this terror attack and he's calling for tougher measures to keep the american people safe. isn't that what is most important? including and even diversity visa lottery program that these radical islamists he used to enter the country. take a look at this. >> my administration is coordinating closely between federal and local officials to investigate the attack. and to further investigate this animal who did the attacking. i'm going to ask congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program. diversity and diversity lottery.
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diversity lottery, it sounds nice, it's not nice, it's not good. this man that came in, or whatever you want to call him, brought in with him other peopl people. and he was the point of contact, the primary point of contact for -- this is preliminarily, 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him. so we want to get rid of chain migration. i would certainly consider that. send him to gtmo, i would certainly consider that. it's very simple, what we are demanding is a merit based immigration. we want people that are going to help our country. we want people that are going to keep our country safe. the one diversity, visa lottery, and then he brought in 23 others. we knew nothing about him. the white house is also saying that they can treat this jihadist as an enemy combatant. i agree with this, watch this. >> does the president believed
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the suspect should be classified as an enemy combatant? >> i believe we would consider this person an enemy combatant, yes. >> sean: the president rightly lasted chuck schumer on twitter. the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program, a chuck schumer beauty, i want merit based." the president's right, the diversity visa lottery program, that was chuck schumer's stupid idea in the department of homeland security has confirmed that the radical islamist in fact use that program to enter our country in 2010. as you just heard the president say, this terrorist was the point of contact for 23 more people that have or may have come into this country. senator chuck schumer, back in 1990 when he was a congressman, he introduced the bill creating this diversity visa lottery to allow immigrants to flow into the country. this proposal eventually became part of a large immigration
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package that was passed into law. back in 2013 chuck schumer was bragging about what he did. if there are so radio liberty quoted him. "i was the author of the diversity visa program, so i care about it," schumer said. is there any chance the terrorist could get into this country if schumer didn't author that bill? let me be clear, the odds are so much greater now because of the program. we would be a safer country if it weren't for this program. maybe those people would be alive today. in 2006, government accountability office report that actually warned about terrorists and other bad actors exploiting this visa program. congratulations, chuck schumer, your brilliant idea to be more inclusive, it may have contributed to americans losing their lives and being injured in new york city yesterday. and i have a question for the liberal senator, where your tears now? this is something you should actually be crying about.
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dead and injured new yorkers. regardless of whatever talking points this liberal echo chamber in america is going to be spewing about all this, there is nothing that says america has to take in anybody from any country. foreigners have no right to come here, it is a privilege, and president trump and congress are well within their constitutional authority to restrict access of whoever they see fit to come into the country. there's no way to ascertain what is in the hearts and minds of people who want to enter this country. do they want to bring us harm, or not bring us harm? to the brain, say if they grow up in a country that persecutes women and christians and jews . are they bringing those cultural mores within? is where president is calling for a common sense approach. we need now, badly, extreme setting. especially from these countries with these deplorable human
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rights. we need extreme bedding from societies and cultures that conflict with our constitutional freedoms and values. the bottom line, we need to know for sure who was coming into this country, and if we are not 100% sure, sorry, americans americans' safety comes first. if you wouldn't welcome somebody into your house, let them eat dinner with your family, if you knew nothing about them? i don't think you would. why shouldn't the same standard apply to our country? the current system, the democrats are trying to defend is beyond stupid. they are not protecting the american people. it's reckless and it's creating a very clear and present danger for you, the american people. you have people like chuck schumer. they need to answer this question. his immigrant diversity really more important than the safety of the american people? because at the end of the day it's that simple. do they care more about letting people into this country who could cause us harm, or is their
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first job and responsibility to protect the american people? the answer should be obvious, but for many on the left it is not. take for example the surveillance of the mosque that we note literally in this country, there are them out there that give rise to radical ideas and beliefs. it's happening inside this country. we just told you that the mosque that this terrorist attendant was monitored by the fbi in the early 2000s. guess what? incomes comrade mayor de blasio, he shut the program down. he actually praised the decision of himself saying "this reform is a critical step forward in easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve so that our crops, our citizens can help one another go after the real bad guys." here's a news flash for the mayor of new york city. keeping that surveillance program intact may have prevented a terror attack like yesterday from ever happening.
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blase or doesn't care about that he's more concerned with being politically correct. god forbid we hurt the terrorists feelings. god forbid we risk defending people against those who want to kill us. they are both clueless. he, along with governor cuomo, another clueless one in new york, are also shamelessly politicizing this attack. they are going after president trump. they were asked about gun control by the liberal media during a press conference earlier today. pretty unbelievable. watch this. >> would support very thorough vetting. not of groups of people just because they belong to a group -- this is a very crucial distinction. if there should be very, very careful vetting of anyone where there is an indication of a concern, but not because of their religion. not because of their country of origin.
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and there's a much bigger conversation we should could ht gun safety. the nypd has always believed rigorously that we need to keep the guns out of the city and that gun safety laws are here to protect us and protect our officers. >> the president's tweets i think were not helpful. i don't think they were factual. i think they tended to point fingers and politicize the situation. as far as the gun laws, i am increasingly proud that new york state passed some of the smartest gun laws in the country. i think it is madness the number of assault weapons we have in this country. i think it endangers law enforcement. i think it costs us untold numbers of deaths and i hope one day we will have federal policy that actually brings sanity to the gun policy laws in this
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country. >> sean: don't they both have armed guards constantly, 24/7 around-the-clock? they are protected with guns. if this is breaking, prosecutors now say that the terrorist suspect asked to hang in ices flag in his hospital room. number two, prosecutors say the terror suspects that he felt good about killing innocent people. you look at people like the mayor of new york, the governor of new york, massive hypocrites. they are accusing president trump of politicizing the tragedy, which is exactly what they just did earlier toda today. what does gun control have to do with this? the jihadist used a pickup truck, he didn't have real guns, and we know that even the strictest gun law wouldn't have stopped a terrorist. just take a look at what happened in paris in 2015. paris has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, and it didn't matter. jihadists still slaughter over 125 people.
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de blasio, cuomo, they don't know what they are talking about, they are completely wrong about what it's going to take to keep the american people safe. again, they've got armed guards, and as a result of their liberal policies of reminding the governor, reminding the mayor, don't want to be so inclusive, excepting of refugees, unvented immigrants about their comments about conservatives in new york. remember governor cuomo? i had governors from all over the country inviting me to live in their states, which by the way don't have a 10% state income tax, after you said this about anybody that's on the other side politically then you. let's remind people. >> the problem is not me and the democrats. their problem is themselves. who are they? are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-
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anti-gay? is that who they are? because if that's who they are, and they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. that's not who new yorkers are. >> sean: wait a minute, i'm pro-life, i believe in the second amendment, it's clear what our founders and framers want and governor cuomo, i'm the one that is saying that maybe if you come from a country that kills people for who they are, being gay and lesbain. they are being thrown off buildings, people with those values want to come here to america. it tells you all you need to know about governor cuomo. he thinks he's going to be president one day. as the bottom line tonight. america's safety is at stake tonight. these policies pushed by the likes of schumer and cuomo and de blasio, they are putting all of us in harm's way. here to react to all of this, former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka. former senior intelligence officer, current lieutenant colonel, schaefer.
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lieutenant who actually surveilled individuals who attended the mosque in paterson, new jersey, where this gentleman attended. this was in the early 2000s. you were in the new york city as a lieutenant, counterterrorism task force, right? >> intelligence. >> sean: how many years were you with that department? >> approximately 14 years. >> sean: as part of that, the commissioner at the time was ray kelly, if i recall. ray kelly said we've got to follow leads wherever they take us about radicalism so we don't have another 9/11, right? that took you two -- evidence took you to this mosque where this guy had attended. >> what happened after 9/11 -- we didn't know what we had in front of us in new york city. we started to get sources and to run investigations. what we realized was these people that were in new york city that we know about people. >> sean: you were profiling people because they were muslim. >> absolutely not.
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the intelligence game is simple. if you develop intel, they report back to you and you are able to figure out who the bad guys are. >> sean: you surveilled a specific mosque? was the radicalism? >> absolutely. people from new york led us to this place in new jersey and what we realized there was going on, not only in this mosque in paterson, but in jersey city, all up and down the east coast. there are certain things that are being said, at meetings that are taking place, things i can't go into obviously. >> sean: you would define it as a radical islamic thought? >> absolutely. >> sean: was it also plotting and planning radical islamic terror? >> absolutely. >> not only thought, but hatred. hatred to america, hatred to our way of life, the way we think, what we do. >> sean: how many people do you think in the course of this surveillance program that the nypd had, which i thought was a smart idea, it's like stop and frisk, smart idea, saving lives. how many people would you say
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individually you knew were radicalized by your surveillance of this particular mosque? >> from this particular mosque i would have to say it would be at least over 20 people. >> sean: in one mosque. how many in other places? >> that's not going to say they're going to go do something. but they are talking about it and their thoughts are not -- not the same as our thought process. they don't love this country, they don't like the way we are. they think it should be changed. >> sean: if it's 20 and that mosque, estimate off the top of your head, how many and all of your surveillance? >> would have to be over a thousand. >> over a thousand in the new york metropolitan area? >> you have to understand, and if i could just backtrack, not only i worked the whole east coast because of ray kelly. we were put into place to go outside of new york city. wherever there might be chatter of terror. and we found it. >> sean: all of a sudden de blasio becomes mayor, and that program. >> ends some of the surveillance
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programs. >> sean: you can't do your job? >> exactly. you put police officers in the position when you give them a lot of resources, they will do the job. they've been basically handcuffed in a place where it's very difficult to get their job done. >> sean: let me bring you win, de blasio ends the surveillance program. they found over a thousand people they believe are radicalized. they are now free to do whatever they want, nobody is checking into them. schumer authored the diversity visa program. people can come in, no vetting. bring 23 more people with him, we know nothing about them. this is spectacularly stupid and dangerous to the american peopl people. >> yes, it's a matter of life and death. if it's not just about de blasio. it's not just about cuomo. it's about the obama administration. i want to remind your viewers, in case they haven't heard of before, in 2011 under pressure from the so-called muslims to go
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civil rights organization that does not represent muslims in america, the white house vowed to their pressure until the fbi in an unclassified memo from the white house, they wrote to the then-attorney general after the chairman of the joint chiefs, the most senior military officer in the pentagon and set from this day forward there are certain words and phrases that you are not allowed to use when you're training our agents and our military in counterterrorism. if that included jihad. that included discussion of islam. if you are trying to go into battle trying to understand the enemy and you are not allowed to use the words that they use to describe themselves. this is the insanity of the last eight years. >> sean: lieutenant colonel schaefer, let me get your reaction to all of this. >> everything that has been said here tonight, the leadership in new york are aware of. surely chuck schumer. all the intel lieutenant is talking about was available to them, they've been briefed on
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it. what makes it far worse is that these people are not only negligent, they are purposely setting up, as i said this morning, it purposeful push to make us like europe, to make us as vulnerable. the lieutenant talked about these on assimilated enclaves, which are like open pits of gasoline waiting for a flame. you saw the terrorist finally take that and like that flame. that's what we have to deal with. i was mortified last night to hear governor cuomo lied to the people of new york and to america. he knew at that point in time that this guy was not a "lone wolf." the lone wolf -- >> sean: this was a known wolf. >> absolutely. this is a vector, a known doctor and it was disclosed today -- i heard last night that the nypd had notes that were released later. they knew last night that this guy was part of a larger network. they are lying to the american
6:21 pm
people, their line constantly. it cannot be continued. >> sean: these policies have put americans at risk. we would use common sense. people would be alive today. you agree with that? >> yes. >> sean: if you agree with that? because i agree with that. >> how many cases have we seen when an individual ends up killing people after months of planning and the intelligence community, the fbi was warned about them. and somebody shot it down. >> sean: we got to take a break. i have a huge announcement tonight coming up. really good news in spite of all of this sadly. also, we will investigate the investigators tonight, a powerful monologue that you won't hear any well or else. more analysis throughout the entire hour. stay with us, when we come back we will expose some of the medias most despicable, shameful coverage of this terror attack in new york city. it will blow your mind. if you want to join us, go to
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twitter. do you think the jihadist who carried out this attack should be sent to gtmo? something we will be debating later, straight ahead. ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." following the new york city
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terrorist attack on most unpredictably and sadly in the mainstream media, they are just having a hard time understanding the mind-set behind these actions. shortly after the horrific incident, you have liberal fake news cnn's fake jake tapper while he described the phrase shouted by the terrorist, "allahu akbar." he said that sometimes can be something said in beautiful circumstances. let's play it. >> the fbi is taking over this case because it appears now that this is terrorism. >> "allahu akbar," god is great, sometime said under the most beautiful circumstances and too often we hear of it being set in moments like this. >> if they had a lower third on cnn and it actually said the terrorist -- not terrorist, the suspect was saying god is great in arabic. that's actually called "allahu akbar." tapper has since been levying multiple attacks on the fox news channel report in the comments in context that you just listen to.
6:27 pm
"fox news is lying. i said it can be said and beautiful moments, wedding, birth, too often in times like this, horrific terrorist attacks." and yes, i know they do this all the time. a still literally the day after this horrific attack they would launch this smear, it's sick. that's why you have low ratings. tell your audience the truth. meanwhile, chris matthews over at conspiracy tv, msnbc. he asked whether suspect might have anger towards us. watch this. >> why would he have an animosity towards the united states? to have anything with geopolitics in the form it's over union, like the chechen ants who created the horror at the boston marathon. >> way too soon to answer that question. he was earning a living in the united states, earning a living as a truck driver. seems to have been integrated into society. >> sean: really?
6:28 pm
really? this is a worldwide, global, radical jihadist war that they are fighting, and have been fighting for a very long time. you remember 9/11 2001? wake up. joining us now, we continue with former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka and american first action spokesperson, david clark. it is rather mind-numbing, the chiron that says he said god is great in arabic. we all know what "allahu akbar," the context in which this was used in this case, like it has been used so many other times in the past. it infuriates me that the media in this country, they no longer care about truth and facts. over there, fix news, conspiracy theory tv, all they care about is donald trump and destroying the president. that's it. there's no truth anymore that they tell their audience.
6:29 pm
if they are all a bunch of sheep that report the same lies. that's my feeling, what is yours? pickle first of all, its shameful conduct on the part of cnn, msnbc, "the new york times," "washington post," "huffington post" ." they become terrorist sympathizers. but what happened yesterday is what will happen when you try to play social engineering and experiments with national security. this diversity lottery, when i first heard that, powerball is a more effective lottery than this thing is. this attempt at diversity, you cannot do this with national security or domestic security. this attempt at multiculturalism has been a disaster. cultures do not blend, they clash. >> sean: let me go to sebastian. when you were at the white house, i would watch her do interviews and you were once on the fake news network and you actually set the cartoon network gets higher ratings when you guys do.
6:30 pm
by the way -- there's a reason that nobody wants to watch them. people no longer trust cnn. they don't trust conspiracy theory tv msnbc. isn't that the real reason? >> i'm still trying to struggle with what kind of mind goes on live television several bodies on the streets of manhattan and a child, and talks about the beautiful phrase "allahu akbar." where does that motivation come from for jake tapper? the desperation of trying to explain, they did this because of animus to america, foreign policy. i've got a news flash for matthews, for jake tapper, for the former president of the united states, you know why what happened yesterday happened? because they hate who we are and what we stand for.
6:31 pm
we are the pinnacle of judeo-christian civilization. we believe in the dignity of the individual. we believe the liberty and democracy. that's why they are coming here to kill us. if president yesterday tweeted after the attack that an attackt happened in manhattan. it wasn't an attack, mr. obama. it was a jihadi terrorist attack. >> sean: last word, cheryl clark. it's interesting. after all that has happened around the world, still people don't want to use vetting. if they still don't want to secure the border and i'm thinking these policies now are endangering good, innocent americans. these people that were mowed down yesterday riding their bicycles, taking a walk on a beautiful autumn day. it's just ridiculous to me. >> no doubt about it. there is some good news here. president donald trump is the only elected official in the
6:32 pm
beltway in washington, d.c., gets it. i heard his press conference this afternoon. it was brilliant, it was spot on. not only has he identify the enemy and identify what the problem is, he did it during his entire campaign. i think is one of the big reasons he got elected. but he's also going to do something about it. i was glad to hear that he's going to suspend this crazy diversity lottery program until congress can get their act -- congress has been a problem to both parties. they refused to tackle immigration to make this country safe, but like i said, without a commander in chief now was going to do everything. >> sean: i live on the president -- these are soulless animals. if you can mow down innocent people and slaughter them, you are evil. this is evil in our time. let's wake up. for all the rest of you in the media, wake up. thank you both, appreciate it. so much more to come. a good announcement coming up later in the program. you also don't want to miss a
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special hannity investigation into robert mueller and the corruption. we will investigate the investigators. we won't hear this anywhere else, we continue a powerful debate next. ♪
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>> mr. president, do you want the assailant from new york sent to gtmo? >> i would certainly consider that. >> are you considering that now? >> sent him to gtmo. >> sean: the president earlier today when asked if he would send this terrorist who killed eight and injured more in new york city to gtmo. joining is now with reaction, geraldo rivera. gregg jarrett, the author of brand-new book, just out today, hunted in america. pam geller is with us. i assume rivera and pam will be fighting, so i will start with greg before the fight begins. legally -- this is a global war
6:38 pm
on terror. if you send them to gtmo that they have the same rights because they are then enemy combatants. this might be the first time we disagree. it why do you think maybe it's not the best idea? >> if you try to send him to gtmo there will be a protracted legal quagmire that will last for years. it would have to be done under the 2001 use of military force authorization from congress, which was designed for taliban and al qaeda. >> sean: that authorization continues. the lawyers will get involved, it will take five or six years, it might not be resolved. the most efficient way to prosecute this guy and sentenced him to death is to let the feds do it. they've already filed charges. >> sean: because of legal technicality that isis didn't exist when the authorization occurred, you are saying lawyers will tie this up in the courts? >> absolutely. some have been there for 14
6:39 pm
years. you have to be brought to justice. they've only obtained seven convictions at gtmo, four of which were overturned. >> sean: obama open the gates and set them free. >> almost all of the terrorists who have been charged in the united states have been convicted. >> sean: the career which led to bin laden thanks to waterboarding of only three people. of only three people ever got water boarded and he was one of them. that's how we got the career. geraldo rivera, you and pam last night passionately disagree. enemy combatant, not an enemy combatant. we can argue that, but the more important question to me is you have a mayor of new york that ends a surveillance program. i just interviewed a detective that for years was surveilling, including that particular mosque saying he knew 20 radical thoughts -- people who are radical thoughts within that mosque, a thousand nationwide. de blasio ends the program. schumer. i author the diversity visa program. that's what got the sky into the
6:40 pm
country. does this not highlight that the presidents right on vetting, on building the wall, protecting the country, protecting the american people first? >> i think yes, yes, maybe, i'm not sure. if i can just comment very briefly on the gtmo versus new york. i've been to both guantanamo bay and to the metropolitan corrections center for federal prisoners are held. gtmo compared to that is like a spot. it's a vacation spot. when he's in solitary in metropolitan correctional -- is going to wish. >> sean: i forgot. obama -- >> wait until he's in the metropolitan correctional cente center. gregg jarrett is absolutely right, it's not going to happen. in terms of the politicizing of this, i for one believe that the president of the united states has the exact right to politicize at this moment just
6:41 pm
as democrats or liberals or anti-gun people have the right to politicize the las vegas mass murder when it happened about gun control. with so many issues competing for center stage, the time to do it is when the iron is hot, when there was blood in the streets, you make your point. i think that it is deplorable that some people are pointing to governor cuomo as the problem here when you have terrorism is the problem. >> sean: it is terrorism, but when you have a diversity visa program with schumer that lets anybody ends. and this guy brought 23 more people within. we don't vet them, we don't know anything about them. this is the point i made last night. if you grew up in a culture and society that abuses women, kills lgbt and persecutes christians and jews, we need to know if you are bringing those sick mores and values with you. >> it's nonsense what he said. they politicize it by bringing guns. he didn't use guns, he used a
6:42 pm
truck. i'm not surprised that rivera would side with terrorists. in the wake of the attack on me, the assassination attempt on me, he says every time i see her on television i want to take a shower. he hates me more than the terrorists so i can't take too much. >> that's true. that's absolutely true. i don't hate you more than i had the terrorists, i just think you are a very unhelpful commentator. >> because i won't align myself with the jihadist force. >> because you don't listen to reason and you are a radical. that's why. because rational is what you call unreasonable. it's understandable because you can't think critically. the idea -- you made it about me when you said that you want to take a shower every time you saw me on television. you made it about me and i want to point that out to the viewers out there. at the jihadist -- i'm explaining. [indistinct] >> the relevance is you attacked
6:43 pm
me after they tried to kill me and what i wanted to say to you is we have to declare war on the jihadist doctrine. i'm talking. we have to declare war on the jihadist doctrine. >> sean: i will give you 20 seconds. we are just out of time. i would keep this all night. this is a one hour special. >> here's my final thought. tonight we are all argentinians. five of the eight on the 30th class reunion came to new york on a holiday, five of the eight from argentina were slain. tonight our hearts go out to them. >> sean: let me think you both. we will have you all back. greg, i told you they are going to go at it. >> i arity took a shower, i'm good. >> sean: when we come back, shocking things you won't hear anyone else about the special counsel. we investigate the investigators, and some good news coming up, and announcement straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we told you earlier this week there's a major crisis in this country. equal justice under the law, and everything that we hold sacred as a country is now under flagrant assault by an overreaching, highly unethical group of investigators. those led by the special counsel robert mueller. tonight we will do what the mainstream media will never do
6:48 pm
because they are ideological in every sense of the word. you want the truth, we will investigate the investigators and tonight expose their corruption in their massive conflicts of interest. we will have all of that and more in this very important monologue. ♪ since we are the complete opposite of the destroyed trunk media and since we really care about truth, at the end of the day don't you deserve the truth, we will tell you about something you will not hear about anywhere else. if the massive conflicts of interest coming from the special counsel robert mueller and his team. if this is beyond shocking, it is beyond disturbing. the special counsel's investigation has become a partisan witch hunt that is now rotten to the core. this is the type of thing frankly, sadly you would expect in a banana republic. not in the united states of america, here's why. take a look at the side of your screen. these are the political donations that key members of mueller's team have to democrats over the years, including, look
6:49 pm
at that, hillary clinton and barack obama. when you add it all up, it's over $50,000. you would have to be stupid to think that investigators donated all of that money to people like clinton and obama, but they are going to be fair and unbiased in our investigation against donald trump and a republican. just imagine if the tables were turned and it was a republican donors investigating democrats. the left, the media in this country, they would be apoplectic and they would be calling for the special counsel to be shut down immediately. isn't this the height of hypocrisy? must start with a special counsel robert mueller himself. a lot of people have been saying sterling record, above reproach. sadly that's a lie. mueller has glaring conflicts of interest. for example, as we've been telling you on this program, back in 2009 when he was the fbi director, the fbi uncovered a russian bribery plot involving, let's see, money laundering and
6:50 pm
kickbacks and extortion and racketeering. mueller was the head of the fbi. the fbi knew in 2009. if they had an inside informant. if they had tapes, they had documents, they had emails, and yet as far as we know mueller did nothing to stop vladimir putin and the russians from trying to corner 20% of america's uranium market, the foundational material to make nuclear weapons. that's scary. that would mean mueller would be complicit in that huge, massive scandal, and we will have a big breaking news story tomorrow or you on that issue. by the way, that includes barack obama and also other key administration officials, and we know bill and hillary clinton are up to their eyeballs in this. you can't ignore the fact that also mueller's best buddies with the disgraced former fbi director james comey, who by the way in the end could end up being a key witness in this investigation. according to fox news legal analyst analyst gregg jarrett, that could be a violation of two federal laws. it's also a massive conflict of interest. we can't forget that the day
6:51 pm
before mueller was named special counsel, he actually interviewed with president trump. if he wanted his fbi director job back. because of that alone, mueller should have never been appointed to lead this investigation. he didn't get the job. then there's this guy andrew wiseman, pay close attention to his name. he's now mueller top investigator, at least one of them in the russian pro. remember, he's the obama-loving federal prosecutor. he donated over $4,000 to the former president and the dnc. he also has a very deeply troubling history of using strong-armed prosecutorial tactics. our colleague gregg jarrett did some digging into his past. here's what he found. backdoor in the the enron accounting scandal. he was a hard-charging prosecutor on the task force that brought a controversial obstruction of justice case against the accounting firm. arthur anderson, it eventually put the company out of business,
6:52 pm
cost tens of thousands of people their jobs. what he did was so egregious that in 2005, imagine this, the supreme court of the united states -- how often do we hear of unanimous decisions? they overturned his conviction, a 9-0 unanimous ruling. but his troubling behavior doesn't even end there. his criminalization of a business transaction between enron and merrill lynch, that sent people to jail, that was overturned by the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals. critics have accused him of using intimidating tactics, intimidating witnesses, creating crimes that don't exist, and in one case in particular, actually withholding evidence that would have helped a defendant, really? just like mueller and so many other obama officials, he is also tied to the corrupt uranium one deal in the ensuing cover-up. if we will have a lot of news tomorrow, pay attention. he ran the doj's fraud section
6:53 pm
during the russian bribery scheme and gregg jarrett actually picked this up, kudos to him. his name, his name at his signature are actually on the bottom of the plea agreement signed by the russian businessman involved in that case. another name and signature on a document is not the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, another conflict. he's the one who appointed robert mueller as special counsel. rosenstein seems also complicit in this uranium one scandal because back then he helped oversee the investigation as a u.s. attorney. all of the key players involved in this are actually an embarrassment to the justice system. all of them have major conflicts. all of them, mueller, wiseman, rosenstein. they should have recused themselves. how could they be capable of investigating themselves? this entire russia investigation was supposed to be about so-called russia collusion. but so far no evidence, zero,
6:54 pm
zip. here's something the media will never tell you, because they are so corrupt. if it was anyone else besides mueller and the rest of this corrupt cast of characters, they would all be investigating the clintons and the clinton campaign in the dnc and frankly obama. except they can't because they are all compromised in investigating uranium one deal and other things. because we now have incontrovertible evidence of all this wrongdoing -- here's why they will do nothing. these people are all part of the d.c. judicial swamp. notice that they are in one investigation one year, the next when the next year, they are after. real investigations into the clintons would expose all of them and their complicit behavior. we will have a lot more on this tomorrow night. if more coming up. ♪ even if you're healthy.
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here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as many of you know the motive i
6:59 pm
am the executive producer of "let there be light." thanks to you for a huge opening. this weekend we will be at least 300 more theaters and we are still staying in the 373 we have. we may be over 700. you made that happen so many more people can see the motive. find out the location at my website. it touched their hearts. >> it was not what i expected. it was better. >> very moving. >> very inspiring. >> what i loved the most about this motive was the strength of this woman in the motive. >> they are sending a great message into the world. doing a great service for all of us. >> sean: if you you go will never figure out the ending and
7:00 pm
bring tissues. tomorrow night massive huge breaking news. president obama, you may want to watch. thanks for joining us. she's here and doing amazing. we are proud of her. you are doing incredible in the ratings. i hope you say here now. >> laura: thank you and i can't wait it see your motive. do you get a director's chair. i would pay to see you on the red carpet. >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: good evening from washington. the willful blindness of the left in the wake of terrorists attacks. that's tonight's angle. any time there is a terrorist


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